1. God will win all my battles but I must cooperate in the endeavor. But how?

2. By indifference to all attacks from Satan and the world from the outside and from within (flesh) which produce:

  • Discouragement

  • Fear of rejection and persecution

  • Division

  • Trying to anticipate what the future holds for me

  • Attempting to flee my crosses.

3. How to cultivate indifference?

·         Practicing the essence of discipleship: Yes to God’s will with annihilation of my will and offering up the pain of doing so for the salvation of others, the Church, etc.

·         Daily communion with the Eucharistic Jesus

·         Constant prayer during the day as needed and remembered.

·         Rosaries to engage my Mother in helping me, as I ask her with each Hail Mary to pray for me.

·         A permanent refusal to flee God’s plan and therefore and to let every present moment be whatever and thank God for it.

·         Refusal to dwell on the crosses themselves (pros and cons) or refuse to make sense of the crosses, present and perceived to come. To remember that many a time, my crosses may look like a scandal to others.

·         To remember that suffering (crosses) is the best soil for my faith to grow, since suffering serves as a purifier or detoxifier of my soul from fears. Lack of fear, at the end, makes my faith grow, or it becomes TRUST in God’s mercy.

·         I must turn off the switch of human understanding and logic of things happening. Many of my crosses or calls are totally illogical and Abraham and Moses could agree with me. I must seek to know the least so that I can do the most agreeable to God according to what the Holy Spirit leads me to know and do.

·         I must seek silence within to all that challenges my peace and joy with a constant attitude of servanthood, as Our Lady did  because God knows it all and I am just a servant who wants to obey Him at all cost.

·         I must give to God all that disturbs me and ask for His mercy many times a day.

·         I must understand that I must only know one thing for sure: that I am an image of God redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, wearing three hats: prophetess, priestess and queen, all received at my Baptism, in order to pursuit my salvation and that of many others. I must understand that these gifts were given to me along with the other Sacraments  and His Holy Spirit so that I grow in my profession of discipleship with the summary of steps given above.

·         I must remember every day, that I am called to be holy and given all the help needed by grace and signs and wonders.


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