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What steps are we taking to build our faith, our lives on solid ground?

June 28, 2014

This blog is written in honor of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Here it is another sharing of how God has guided me this month. Two of my sons came to visit from Alabama and Los Angeles and being still reacting to all foods with much knee pain, I had to plan everything very slowly and cook ahead of time, etc. Therefore, I did not spend as much time just listening to Him and even in the days prior to their arrival (June 19) I could not even attend Mass. Of course, I kept myself updated as to the readings for each Mass and celebrated them via EWTN. At the same time, these special times are precious in order to practice my total allegiance to God’s will and I was given this mantra to say as often as I remember it:

“This moment is as perfect as it can be. I do accept it. Blessed be the Lord.”

I must tell you that it does work in so many ways. Graces abound when one is totally committed, as Our Lady was, to say yes to everything that needs to be done in His time and regardless of any discomfort in my knees or any suffering for that matter, like shopping and having to walk in supermarkets big chunks at a time. My one daughter-in-law, because she is pregnant and for their one year old son, needed special food and all organic… So, I had to make lists of everything and look for baby items which I had no idea that existed. And the actual reason for their visit was for two of my sons and me to meet the baby. On Sunday June 22, they proceed to Omaha, NE to meet his four cousins… and aunt and uncle. However, despite much busyness, the Rosaries never stopped, from two to 4 of them daily, because as you will see, Satan kept busy… and I had to be alert to his doings in order to say my mantra with even more fervor but not as lip service, but out of my heart with a big yes painted all over my words. In times like this, I wonder why we Roman Catholics do not practice faithfully our “yes” and at least see the graces that it brings and as I did…

So, because of being a busy mom and grandma, this blog will be somewhat shorter and you will be happy about it. My son from L.A. has transferred all my blogs to a Sam disk out of my concern that this site may crash, and most of those blogs were long, too long in my point of view. Yet, every word that was written had passed for at least to reviews under prayer to edit them according to what the Holy Ghost wanted and therefore, I should not apologize for their length. Also, this blog will not follow in its entirety, the calendar sequence. It will be divided in 4 sections:

1. The action of Satan in my life

2. Some interesting stories.

3. Examination of conscious as members of the Body of Christ to identify our personal sins that could be affecting the entire Body.

4. A call to action

1. The action of Satan in my life

1) As mentioned in the last blog, I had a sudden appointment with Dr. K. B., the expert on allergies, for Friday, May 30, and I suspect that it was Satan’s idea to change the appointment without I being notified until the automatic call of May 29… Yet, I could not truly say so. Now, I know it was part of Satan’s work. First, it left me with much pain and disenchantment and without answers for my health… exactly as I was starting to edit the blog for last month!!!. Second, on his same May 30th, I received a piece of mail and the story is next as I shared it with a friend.

Story to friend: on Friday, May 30 I received in the mail an envelope from Macy’s Department Store. Some two months ago, I had bought a couple of things there for a total of $74.67… They insisted that I opened an account with them and even sent a supervisor to insist on it. I did not want to and yet, did not know if it was God’s will that I would return to Macy’s for evangelization purposes. I accepted the offer. About one week later, I received a joined American Express Card/Macy’s card with a credit of $7,000, but I never called to put this card into use…! Then, I received a white card from Macy’s by itself. About 2 weeks later, I received another but this time red card from Macy’s with the statement that I owed the 74 dollars and due on May 14. They said to destroy the previous one!!! As you can see, the confusion had started.

I personally went to Macy’s and paid this money with a check on May 13 or 14… On this Friday, May 30, the piece of mail from Macy’s was a horrible story BUT I DID NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPE so I did not get upset precisely after the visit to this doctor… The Holy Spirit was there. I opened it up on Sunday and it said that my check had been returned by my bank because it had no funds. Now they were charging me $25 for being late and wanted me to pay the bill again. It was then when I identified Satan working overtime. On Monday, June 2 at 9:30 AM I was at my bank and dealt with a lady who opened this account in 2008. So, we knew each other. I asked her to investigate why the bank had not cashed this check and it turned out that there were no checks presented to this bank at all for this sum between May 14 and June 2. Worse, the letter gave the last four numbers of the bank account that refused to cash it and this account does not even exist. Here we have CONFUSION, LIES, etc…, the typical actions from Satan.

I told her that I needed a letter saying so because they would not believe me that the account does not even exist. I was not worried if I had to repay the money, but about destroying my credit history and in such unjust manner. She said she could not give it to me but to go to Macy’s and tell them. I refused this counsel… Why would they believe me? She then called Macy’s directly and after I had talk to this central office using this bank’s phone and identify myself, they passed me to a “specialist” to solve the problem… All the while, I was using much time of the bank that actually had nothing to do with them…This Macy’s lady specialist was as lost as the son of Lindbergh in the 1930’s… Finally, when I had to threaten her to call my lawyer for them to accept their huge mistake, she gave in and said that so far, my name had not been sent to the Credit Bureau and even deducted the fine… I paid right and there through the phone with my checking account number.

I left this bank realizing that Satan was truly upset and had I opened this letter on Friday, my blog would have probably not being even posted. On this same day, after the bank I proceeded to go to Mass with Holy Hour and did pray a total of 5 Rosaries during the day… I knew that my Mother had to be in charge of whatever was going on. Even more, I accepted the bad moment and offered it up. After all, I cannot be afraid and only see my Lord winning my battles, and this battle was one of the weirdest I ever lived and that He won, including moving the heart of this employee, a Catholic who knew me! (End of story)

2) As you may remember, I only drink Evian water because it has the least amount of fluoride. And yes, I could buy a small machine that can be attached to the kitchen faucet that will clear all fluoride, and it will be much cheaper. I have the web site address but it needs to get done and so far I have stuck with Evian. I make my coffee or tea with Evian and cook my meals with it. I like to go to Target to get it because it is the cheapest or $9:41 for a six pack of large bottles. Once in a while, like every month or 6 weeks and according to their employees, they reduce the price to $6.99. On June 10, I went to get more Evian and there was none. I found an employee for this section, a very helpful and nice young girl. She looked it up in a gadget that she had in her hands and found some info: the vendor will not get any more until June 17, which means that the product will get to Target on June 19 or so. On June 13, I had to shop in this store and decided to check the Evian section, not expecting to find any since these machines are usually very reliable as I have had employees use it for other products. Ah, but there were 4 six packs and right on the back, which means that there were more in front that had been purchased! Why the confusion? Why was this little machine lying? This story seems minor but for someone like me with sore knees, going to a store, getting out of the car and walking a great distance as it is in this case to be able to get to the Evian section, these little details become very important.

3) On June 24th, as I turned this computer on, the image of Our Lady Queen of the Universe that I have in the screen was gone. The background was blue. The site for my documents where I had this blog already started was not to be found… I wanted to cry… With having to write this blog so late in the month and my eyes needing to rest somewhat between writing sessions, I could not believe that I had lost it all… Normally, each month and every time that I write something else in a new blog, I send the document with the new changes to a Sam disk, just in case the computer fails to turn on… But unfortunately, I had not done so. At one point, I could not even turn off the computer to re-start it… Finally I did and everything came back O.K… Satan was furious and I was exhausted!

2. Some interesting stories

1) Month by month, I find more examples that our world and all of us are at times simply blind and deaf to the Truth. Jesus had already talked about it and on this day I received this reading:

 (Unbelief and Belief among the Jews) John 12: 37-38 – “Although He had performed so many signs in their presence they did not believe in Him, in order that the word which Isaiah the prophet spoke may be fulfilled.” Verse 40 explains in short words about becoming deaf and blind, but I prefer to write how Isaiah said it in his time and as follows.

Isaiah 6: 8-12 (When Isaiah is called by God) à Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” “Here I am,” I said; “send me!” And He replied: “Go and say to this people: Listen carefully, but you shall not understand! Look intently, but you shall know nothing! You are to make the heart of this people sluggish, to dull their ears and close their eyes; else their eyes will see, their ears hear, their heart understand, and they will turn and be healed.”

“How long, O Lord?” I asked. And He replied: “Until the cities are desolate, without  inhabitants, houses, without a man, and the earth is a desolate waste. Until the Lord removes men far away, and the land is abandoned more and more.”

Isaiah 7: 4; 9b. – The prophet was sent to the king of Judah, Ahaz with God’s message à “And say to him: Take care that you remain tranquil and do not fear.  Unless your faith is firm you shall not be firm.”

My opinion: The Israelites had many proves that God was with them, and the 40 years in the desert would have been sufficient to recall even years later, but they doubted His love over and over and acted as pagans. I could add that their story is like ours now! He even had to send different prophets and mention that their behavior was going to make them deaf and blind, but they did not get it. I wonder if we are at a stage of our journey and history as a world, where Isaiah’s words are necessary to be recalled. And if we are blind and deaf, our need for conversion is simply a major issue that needs immediate attention and each one of us must start doing a review of our own lives and see where we are already deaf and blind, or must compare our behavior with what He told us to do when 2000 years ago He preached to us!

2) Thursday, June 5

9 AM – I wrote this in my journal: Jesus yesterday and my Mom today are insisting that to say “yes” just to avoid becoming afraid, that is, not to fear in order to trust to obtain His mercy, is not the right disposition of saying  “yes’ to God’s will! It is done out of self-indulgence and self- protection. It points at me trying to control how much of His mercy I get. On the contrary, if I say “yes” to His will primarily to give Him glory, to proclaim my love for Him and to be perfected in trust to get His mercy in order to bless my brothers and sisters, then I will have purity of intention! I should always come last.

He asked me not to forget to call my childhood girl friend M.E. in Costa Rica. I had checked with her via e-mail to find out when it was best for her and she had chosen this evening and time. So, I did call her at 6 PM, 8 PM her time. After 15 minutes of trying to pass on to her my blog for May and the importance of not being afraid, the phone conversation was interrupted. She needed this conversation because she is short of money and has to bake some pastries to sell to supermarkets. So, she is thinking to sell her condominium and rent a small apartment and use the money from the sale to survive this period. Also, one of her two sons is living in Cartago (nearby but another province) and needs to move to San Jose where she lives. This man who is 50 plus, has made tons of money and lost it all. He has been married twice. First, a Catholic wedding followed by divorce and a Christian wedding to a Protestant woman. He had children with both. Now he has separated from the second wife. He had a very good education with the Salesian’s in San Jose but at this point he does not believe in anything. He wants to come and stay with her in San Jose… My friend is not too happy about it…

Therefore, this very religious woman and mother, needed to understand that fear should not be in her agenda because God would win all her wars, and worse, any fear would be equal to doubting His love and mercy for her and her son, which in turn would detain God from getting this battle done with.… I was starting to tell her that God would give her and very clearly the go ahead or not for the sale of the condominium and that if her son came to live with her, it would be a tremendous way to love him where he is at, and then Satan could be defeated, and she also could help with her suffering of having to live with this son at this time in her life in atonement for his sins.The following day I learned from M.E. via e-mail that the Institute of Electrical Services for the entire Costa Rica had suffered a mishap in its installations, and the entire country was without electricity for some hours…  It had never happened before…I will never know but I wonder if Satan was into this.

So, I took parts of the blog and translated them. My friend knows some English but she has some problems with her eyes and reading the blog in English could be hard for her. I translated portions in the next three days and after she received them, I called her and she started crying. This was exactly what she needed, she said… and that is, to eradicate all fear because God would battle for her and fear is simply a waste of time. I am glad that I was sent to translate parts of the blog to show Mr. Satan that he cannot do what he pleases with any soul. I suspect that she will receive her son and this one may suddenly change his ways. This story confirmed for me that we are in a constant “spiritual battle” with evil forces, and it is up to us to keep calm and fight back under God’s will for each occasion. If she were to receive her son with any kind of resentment or fear, pure love could not be expressed in order for the Holy Spirit to work on his soul. She has been a Charismatic since the 1970’s… and believes in the Holy Ghost’s power as I do.

3) Sunday, June 8th – Pentecost Feast.

On this day, I celebrated the anniversary of my First Holy Communion at age 7 on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus… By this time, I was attending this small school of Nuns of Divine Love who had come from El Salvador to open it with perpetual adoration. As a 61/2 year old, I had asked my family to send me to this school for my first grade and despite the expense that WE COULD NOT AFFORD, in order to live in the convent and sleep near Him… My love for Jesus had started and those memories are crystal clear, even today. He was real to me… It is almost impossible to describe how I knew even then that He was present in the Eucharist but suffice to say that His Existence as a Man and God was not seen but felt, just like when we talk on the phone with another person, and as we do, we have this clear image of the other person at the end of the line even that we are not seeing him/her.

4) On June 10th I called the same company which I used in 2002 to examine my blood for allergies to foods, after my mercury intoxication at the dental chair. As you remember, I was left in limbo by the allergist who sent me to the Internet to figure out how to get a complete examination of my blood for recent and delayed allergic reactions to foods. The entire test cost me $1,148.00, but it includes 300 foods, colorants added to food, metals and medicines like antibiotics. Someone would come to my home to draw the blood, after I received a pack of tubes and gloves, etc. to be used by the laboratory technician coming to do it.

I eventually received the small package and called the local laboratory to come to draw my blood. Ah… but I did not know that I had an appointment with a daughter of God on June 16th, and I am referring to the lab technician who came and was very nice, 40 years old but looked 24; she has a 20 year old daughter and an 17 y/o son, lives with a boy friend and IN THE LAST WEEKS, HAD REMOVED… 5 dental silver fillings from her mouth, precisely to stop the presence of mercury… and they were taken out without precautions because the lady dentist did not believe in problems to do it this way… Her father is Protestant, mother Catholic, she has been baptized in our Church, but now she is a “spiritualist” and does exorcisms… She eats only organic food. She received the story of my favorite two gifts for people: how to reverse dementia and how to prevent depression if due to carrageenan… SHE WAS SIMPLY FASCINATED… She blessed me one hundred times, it seemed. I WARNED HER about the possibility of developing problems of allergies to many things after these extractions and contamination with mercury, if her own “natural detoxifying” work of the liver was not the best.

It is interesting that there are two local laboratories that draw blood for the company Alcat in Boca Raton, FL which will do the actual testing, and I chose one of them and she was sent! Of course, I need to pray for this young woman, and she said that she would love to call me if she had any questions… Salvation is my most important prayer for this soul and she will be part of the community Rosary. AGAIN AND AGAIN: evangelization is the work of the Holy Spirit, and our job is to be sufficiently prepared through prayer, especially Rosaries, and with a decisive yes to God’s will in our heart and mind with the right intentions as mentioned above, and voila, He gets our customers even to come to our homes…

5) Tuesday, June 25.

I had made plans with my Lord not to attend Mass on this day and work on this blog instead. I did have to go to the pharmacy to pick up some more Tramadol (the narcotic for pain in knees) and I hated that I had to do so because I wanted the whole day to write this sharing… This pharmacy is in the outskirts of Walnut Creek and it takes me like 20 minutes to get there, but I had no other alternative. After I picked up the prescription, I was strongly led and with permission from above… to stop at a supermarket in Pleasant Hill to pick a few items I needed to cook some steaks for my son, and the meat was already bought and it could not wait. In the supermarket, I was looking for masks, since the many chemicals one uses to clean bathrooms are dangerous inhalants to someone like me… I tried to find the masks to no avail. Suddenly, an employee called Lisa passed by and I asked her. Two days before, there were 3 boxes with masks but on this day, they had been moved. She tried to find someone who could tell her where they were moved to and this person did not return her call. In general, she was the most beautiful helper possible, trying to do as much as she could find the masks. So, I told her that she would be rewarded with two gifts… I told her about the reversal of dementia and how to prevent in some of us depressions by not taking carrageenan. And yes, she also suffers from depressions and did not know anything about it. She was fascinated…

Of course, in her presence I used the opportunity to give glory to God for this miracle of passing this information on to her, and even told her that I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and decided to stop at this place with God’s guidance, and how it was planned by the Lord for me to give her this information out of the love He has for her. She was even more fascinated. Once again, He had allowed me to bypass going to Mass and to let the Tramadol come down in number of pills left, in order to force me to place the order in the pharmacy to pick up on this day and at this precise hour. It is obvious that all along, His mercy was operative in order to help Lisa. His love and mercy for her was more important that even going to Mass on this day and the wrting of this blog. Yet, he needed me and my information to be passed to her. He also had prepared this meeting by having someone else move the three boxes of masks within the previous 24 hours when Lisa was off, and impeded Lisa from finding the employee who would know where they were moved to.

We are one Body in Christ and this makes ALL OF US, messengers of love and mercy on His behalf. Therefore, being attentive to do His Will is essential in order for Him to win the battles of His children! Our job is to accept and remember to live in community under His love and mercy and become evangelists the moment we wake up each day. I even lived this truth in the recent visit of my sons. Very slowly but I had to prepare the best for them and what they needed food wise, cooking their favorite meals, in order to be a conduit of His mercy and love for them. No matter what my tiredness and pain in knees would be, my duty was to leave in them not the taste of the food that they would forget fairly soon, but my love for them that will become a permanent remembrance of their mother who believes in Christ. In fact, my daughter-in-law came to the kitchen sink where I was cleaning some dishes and said, “But you are working too hard.” I answered, “No, it is my duty to serve all of you because you are images of God and it is my delight to do so since I love you very much. Otherwise, if I say that I am very religious and treat you with a half way effort, then I would be a joke of a believer. Jesus would do the same thing!” She smiled from ear to ear with a grateful look in her eyes. His love and mercy had penetrated not only her mind (which has a PhD) but her soul!     

3. Examination of conscious as members of the Body of Christ to identify our personal sins that could be affecting the entire Body.

On Monday, June 23, I sat to hear what I was supposed to write in this blog. My sons, daughter-in-law and baby had left early Sunday. I finally could sit and try to understand what the theme of this month would be. I prayed the Rosary with EWTN, and shortly after, I knew I was ready for dictation. This is what I understood and wrote in my journal:

There is no question that we need a conversion NOW! The feast of St. John the Baptist is coming on tomorrow à and he said, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” I suddenly understood that WE MUST GO TO CONFESSION AS A BODY, THE BODY OF CHRIST, and in order to confess our sins, WE MUST IDENTIFY THEM FIRST…

1) But what have we done wrong?

– In our recent past we have allowed the passing of the law for abortion on demand and the wide practice of killing babies. We have also allowed same sex marriages, and we have some responsibility in it by us not being changed enough to become light in their lives! We have talked much about it but done little. This is my question, “Have we entered into a serious conversion of our hearts to love those who are doing these abortions and the women who get the abortions or the men or women born with this same sex attraction?” Have we? Do we really want their conversion and salvation or is it just lip service? Love can do it all… Have we spent time becoming disciples of Jesus in order to open wide our hearts to the Holy Spirit so that He can also change theirs through our love? Do we resent anybody in the abortion industry or gay agenda? But why? Would that be what Jesus did? I do not think so!

– In our own personal lives we have kept God’s commandments half way. Examples:

a) We may be going to Mass every Sunday and even to daily Mass, but do we do it to use this togetherness to socialize or out of habit, or do we do it out of true love for God and neighbor trying to be changed for the sake of others? In the case of a priest, do they celebrate Mass as part of the “jobs” to be done that day, or as a need to bring Jesus to others? Do they thirst to be close to Him at the Consecration?

b) Do we know what it is to love God?  Do we understand that when you truly love someone, you only think of doing what the other person asks of you, and in this case, to do His will? Do we understand that doing His will means to offer a blind “yes” to everything that comes each moment, especially suffering, and use such suffering for our own ongoing conversion and that of our neighbor and in reparation for our sins?

c) Do we have a serious prayer life and no matter what? Or, is our prayer done when it is convenient for us and just because we have to do it and worse, never do it because we are in love with Jesus and want to commune with Him?

d) Are we a light for others just by witnessing a relationship with Christ? Do we know what a personal relationship with Jesus is? Do we think that doing a few things daily like some prayer including one Rosary, going to Mass and keeping God out of our agenda for the rest of the day is to have a relationship with Him…?

Let me give you a little example of how this relationship with Him works. On Thursday, June 26, I wanted to attend Mass simply to be with Him during these hours that I am writing this blog… and most especially because I have been led to write things that may make others feel bad. It is a great responsibility for me to “hear” well what the Spirit says, since Satan is always around and he may try to tell me things for me to write which are not from God… I got ready and left my home at 10:35 AM to be at church by 10:45 AM or so and do my Holy Hour and attend the noon Mass. When I tried to enter the expressway, I could not. All this time I was praying and asking the Holy Spirit to take over. I then proceeded to continue and find another way that also uses the expressway to get to the one I could not but at another point much to the south, but ended up in a main street near my home! I had not advanced at all! (This sounds like we do in our spiritual lives, going around and around and ending at the same stage of growth!).

 I finally said to Him, “Jesus, you are my Shepherd. Lead me to whatever You want.” I had started to surmise that may be He did not want me to go to Mass for whatever reason. However, this major street had also cars NOT MOVING at all. At the same time, I understood that with the extraordinary 10 minute homily given by a Bishop and Benedictine monk from Kansas who celebrated the EWTN Mass on a somewhat similar subject of this blog, I had much to add to this message, which was almost finished except for editing… I felt that I had to extensively quote this homily to pin point that the Holy Spirit was speaking of the same topic and further understood that if this was the will of God, when I tell Him yes to all He decides for me, He planned my exit from my home exactly when the traffic of the two main ways to get to Mass were interrupted. I recognized that I needed more time to add a few things. IT IS SO CONSOLING TO SEE A GOD taking action in every present moment of my life, that not doing His will would be the most stupid thing for me to do… No way, José!!!

2) Have we truly done some examination of conscious regarding our present “Christian” practices and programs (retreats, devotions, novenas, etc.) and see if they are truly changing the Church? It is obvious that what we have done in the last century has not been enough because we are still suffering from major setbacks when it comes to lure others to the Church, and actually we keep losing Catholics for the pews. Yes, each Easter we add new members to our ranks, but as far as Catholics attending Sunday Mass on a regular basis, those numbers have come down year after year since Vatican II. There is no question that we are not living the times when St. Peter brought in 3,000 believers after just one talk about Jesus.

— Rood cause analysis (as we do it in our health centers to exterminate any errors from the health care practice)

This is an analysis of the possible reasons why we fail our plan of action and since we still are not seeing fruits of a serious spiritual growth in our  lives and the life of the Church.


1) Are we aware of any resentment for the Church for whatever reasons? And resentment equals lack of love, the actual redeemer of souls.

2) Is it too constrictive without choices that appeal to us? Do we pick to do only what takes the shorter time?

3) Are we too lazy for a serious revamp of our spiritual lives?

4) Are we attached to seeking fun in all we do?

5) Are we fearful to encounter our shadow (our sinful patterns)?

6) Or is it due to subconscious issues not resolved and that these rules remind us of?

7) Are we lacking trust in God’s power, love, mercy, justice?

8) Or is it due to poor catechesis in our childhood of God’s existence, if any.

9) Are we coasting well without too much involvement with God, and therefore, not needing Him?

10) Are we unwilling to re-define true happiness in our personal lives, or are we believing that the happiness defined by the Media is the last word?

11) Are we unwilling to start because it is too late in our lives and we have done O.K. so far?

12) Are we suspicious about the fruits of this way of life as being “too good to be true?”

13) Or is it pride of what we know and read and hear, and the belief that there is nothing else we could learn? Or are we comparing ourselves to other human beings and not to the saints in heaven? If we compare ourselves to Al Capone, we are truly saints already!

14) Are we willing to accept that all present programs everywhere, from prayer groups to retreats to reading good books ARE NOT AN ANSWER since we do not see a majority of people in a serious pursuit of holiness of life?

15) Do we believe that if we seek God in every way: prayer, reading the Scriptures every day, even if just one page, or serving others in whatever type of life we lead (house wife, nurse, doctor, lawyer, painter, roofer, teacher, etc.) or servicing the poor as we find such need, this represents the WAY,THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE?

16) Do we realize daily that we were created for a PARTICULAR work for the Kingdom of God not assigned to anybody else, but we were also created to become saints as we fulfill it?

17) Are we ready to say yes to every cross for God’s glory?

18) Are we willing to at least daily try to ask God to keep us in His ways as we memorize them, the ones He came to model for us, and as His Mother did too?

19) Do we ever feel lonely? If we do, we must be sure that we are not in the conscious company of the Holy Trinity within, WHO TAKES ALL POSSIBLE LONELINESS AWAY! (And I am not talking about depression)

20) Have we ever made a list of people that we resent? Have we prayed Rosaries and offered Masses for ourselves in reparation for such sin, to be healed of resentments and for the grace to love our enemies or those who have harmed us?

21) What about ambitions? Even Satan tempted Jesus with actions that fulfilled ambitions… Let me review some items regarding ambition of any kind.

a) Any of our ambitions could intercept the real work for which we were created! And in doing so, we could be successful in the world’s eyes but a total failure in God’s eyes…

b) In my opinion, there are only three ambitions allowed: (1) to do God’s will, (2) to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus FOR HIS GLORY, (3) and to be part of the salvation of many souls… Part of these allowed ambitions is the fact that we should seek holiness of life and to become saints. But wanting to become a saint is never done to show others that we were blessed with holiness… No, the most important reason is to be able to witness to others (via word or our life style) that holiness is possible and give them hope, enthusiasm and desire for them also to seek it.  On the contrary, if we do not have the ambition to become saints, and this was my temptation for most of my life, since it was just great to be in love with the Crucified and live a quiet intimate life with Him, we are blocking our blessed ambition of saving souls.

c) If we are teachers of the Faith, our ambition should be to be witnesses, that is, to live what we teach, and then we can teach as having authority and not as another scribe! (Gospel for June 26 – Matthew 7: 29).

d) And this applies to all ambitions like to be rich, super educated, and why not, to become a Bishop… Every time that we stay away from the true will of God for us, no matter how high we go, our true ambition to give glory to God and to save souls becomes diminished. God can use all of us and do marvelous things, but we have to seek how to give the most glory to His Name, and that is accomplished by doing His will at all cost…

4. A call to action

No matter what our work in life is and how many sins we own, if we proceed in the way of the Cross with a purpose in mind, that is to save our brothers and sisters, we can change the entire world starting with our own Catholic Church. We cannot continue just looking at the sins of those who are forcing us to abort babies’ through the payment of the insurance for abortifacients. WE NEED TO CONVERT NOW… We need to get after those persecuting us, and offering all our different crosses for their salvation as well as for the grace to LOVE THEM AT ALL COST… If we look at their horrible sins against us, against unborn babies and the elder and trying to redefine marriage, WE ARE CREATING MORE RESENTMENT IN OUR HEARTS TOWARDS THEM. Satan has to be attacked through love for our brothers and sisters and carrying our crosses with great gusto in atonement of their sins.

And I am super sure that when we adopt a merciful position towards our persecutors who are at the verge of forcing unjust laws for us to pay for the death of human beings, God will march in and win the battle. How? When? It is all up to Him Who did it for the Israelites in the desert and even after they crossed into the Promised Land. If we keep being “afraid” of what the future will be in this aspect of unjust laws forcing us into sin, we are DENYING THE MERCY OF GOD FOR US…We are not trusting in His love for us… We simply have to conquer the evil in other human beings with LOVE. Are we ready to so? Are we ready to ask day and night for a conversion of our hearts to love our enemies? Are we? Are we ready to love them by offering up all our sufferings in expiation of their sins and for their salvation?  Do we really believe in God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible? Do we believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God? Or do we recite the Creed on Sunday’s just out of habit?…

My question is: why is it that we are not following Jesus who loved His own enemies? The battles He can win, but we have to win the battle in our hearts against our neighbor. We are being tempted by noticing the splinter in our neighbor’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in our own eye. Jesus said in Mathew 7, “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the splinter from your eye,’ while the wooden beam is in your eye? You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will SEE CLEARLY to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye.”

After this long examination of conscious   of our possible numerous sins, I would like to quote most of the homily from the EWTN Mass of June 26, celebrated by Bishop James Albers, OSB, from St. Benedict Abbey in Atchison, KS.

This is about 90% of the homily of Bishop Albers on the Gospel of Matthew 7:21-29 regarding the man who built his house on rock versus the fool who built his house on sand.

If we could foresee a threat to our lives and loss of our well being, we could probably take precautions of whatever difficulties are coming our way; we ask ourselves then what steps are we taking to build our faith, our lives on solid ground? Have we built so as to survive the storms and flood waters, the trials and crisis that come our way? (Notice how I borrowed his statement for the title of this blog!)

We might note that Jesus prefaces this morning’s Gospel passage  with the warning, “We may fool one another with our own words but God cannot be deceived.” He sees the heart as it truly is with our motives, intentions, with our desires and choices.

Our character is revealed in the choices we make, especially when we must choose between what is true and what is false. When we get caught up in the daily routine of our lives we tend to prioritize our activities, giving more importance to certain things over others, many times out of necessity; sometimes out of our desires.

However, our choices on how we prioritize will affect our ability to move toward the good or the ill; on weathering the storms of temptations and sin. It is then, when we choose to give less priority to God, in our parish life, our families, in our own prayer that we begin to find ourselves on the fringe. When we choose to draw ourselves away from interaction with those God has placed in our lives, we find ourselves on the fringe; we find ourselves slowly becoming strangers to them and they to us, and Christ becomes a stranger to us. We begin to find ourselves on very shifting grounds. All our choices leave us unable to endure all relationships with family and friends and God becomes depleted from lack of nourishment.

We celebrate today the memorial of St. Jose María Escrivá, the founder of the religious Order Opus Dei… St. Jose María understood from the fruit of the Second Vatican Council, the evangelizing mission of the Church. This mission focuses on promoting among Christians of all walks of life, to see in the middle of all ordinary circumstances of life, an encounter with Christ, especially through the sanctification of our work. St. Jose María encouraged that we as Christians should have a unity of life, not segmenting our interior life from our professional life or our social life or our family life. He encourages us to recognize that it is just one life made of flesh and spirit, and it is this life which has to become in both soul and body, holy and filled with God. And these are the choices that we as Christians, as Catholics, must make to experience an encounter with Christ in a way that penetrates our entire lives providing a firm foundation to weather these storms that God sends our way. Ultimately it comes down to our choice or whether or not we enter completely into the Sacrifice of Christ, the rock under which we firmly build our lives.

From the font of this Eucharist that is Christ, from our experience of Him in family and community life, in the daily labor, in our communal and personal prayer, we find nourishment  to live our sacrifice in God’s will, preferring not being whatever to Him Who gives us life, and in this we are able to weather any storm. (End of homily quotes)

And to end this month’s message, let us encourage each other to become serious about our call to be saints because we are a super power… If we have the faith the size of a mustard seed, we can move mountains. Jesus could not lie to us. We simply have to sit with our own conscious and find those sins that are impeding our growth in holiness, proceed to repent and BELIEVE that the Kingdom of God is at hand because  He, Jesus the Messiah King, is here with us. His Mom is as present as ever, not in Body and Blood but as a powerful intercessor for us at the Throne of Mercy. Let’s follow her example and say yes to everything that happens to us, good or bad… Our Father would never allow anything to happen to us that we do not need in our formation to become saints. And the most important reason to become a saint, after giving glory to God for being so loving and merciful to us, is to save sooo many souls who are dying daily and missing eternal life, a life of happiness and peace that we could  never imagine to be experienced and possible on this earth.

At the very last minute, my Lord wants the words of Isaiah to the Israelites of his day   and for our times as well, to be copied here for all of us to meditate upon.

Isaiah 43: 1-3a; 4-5a; 6b-12a; 18-; 20b- 28. Isaiah 44: 1-3

 But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob, and formed you, O Israel (and us over all this earth in 2014), FEAR NOT, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name: YOU ARE MINE. When you pass through the water, I will be with you; in the rivers you shall not drown. When you walk through fire, you shall not be burned; the flames shall not consume you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your savior.  Because you are precious in My eyes and glorious, and because I love you, I give men in return for you and peoples in exchange for your life. FEAR NOT, FOR I AM WITH YOU. I will say….. Bring back my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth: everybody who is named as mine, whom I created for My glory, whom I formed and made. Let out the people who are blind though they have eyes, who are deaf, though they have ears.

Let all the nations gather together, let the peoples assemble! Who among them could have revealed this, or foretold to us the earlier things? Let them produce witnesses to prove themselves right, that one may hear and say, “It is true.” You are My witnesses, says the Lord, My servants whom I have chosen to know and believe in Me and understand that it is I. Before Me no god was formed, and after Me, there shall be none.  It is I, the Lord; there is no savior but Me. It is I who foretold, I who saved. Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not; SEE, I AM DOING SOMETHING NEW! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? In the desert I make a way, in the wasteland, rivers. .. For I put water in the desert and rivers in the wasteland for my chosen people to drink, the people whom I formed for Myself, that they  may announce My praise.

Yet you did no call upon Me, O Israel.  You did not bring Me sheep for your holocausts, not honor me with your sacrifices. I did not exact from you the service of offerings nor weary you for frankincense. You did not buy Me sweet cane or money, nor fill Me with the fat of your sacrifices; instead, you burdened Me with your sins, and wearied Me with your crimes. IT IS I, I, WHO WIPE OUT, FOR MY OWN SAKE, YOUR OFFENSES; YOUR SINS I REMEMBER NO MORE. Would you have Me remember, have us come to trial? Speak up, PROVE YOUR INNOCENCE! Your first father sinned; your spokesmen rebelled against Me till I repudiated the holy gates, put Jacob under the ban, and exposed Israel to scorn.

Hear then, O Jacob, my servant, Israel, whom I have chosen. Thus says the Lord who made you, your help, Who formed you from the womb: FEAR NOT O JACOB, my servant, THE DARLING WHOM I HAVE CHOSEN.  I will pour out water upon the thirsty ground, and streams upon the dry land; I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT upon your offspring, and my blessing upon your descendants. (End of quote)

TO PRAY FOR EACH OTHER and for our Priests, let me remind you that there is a prayer on the “pages” side of this blog site and in two languages (it was posted in 2009) when I used to translate the blogs and it is titled (1) “Daily Prayer.” It is a nice prayer that can help us ask for a change of our hearts and minds. I will copy some of its content below. Also there are two other sections in the same “pages” side.

(2) “Intentions” for our prayer

(3) Plan for “praying” together – and below (next) I copied just a few lines from it which refers to the theme of this blog.

The topic I want to stress is that we are responsible for each other because we are parts on One Body, the Body of Christ, and we are responsible even for others outside our Christian beliefs. How good is it to chant over and over a very well known song that we are one Body in Christ and do not act on it? And also, the Bible is clear of why we have to pray for each other (Jesus did in John 17 an even prayed for that unity of hearts), and care for each other.  The Good Samaritan understood it to perfection. We were created in love, out of love, and to love. Others should know we are Christians just by our love!

(1) “Daily Prayer”

“O Jesus, direct our minds, take possession of our whole beings, enclose us in the depths of your Heart and protect us against the assaults of the enemy. O Lord, inflame our hearts with love for You, that our spirits many no grow weary amidst the storms, the sufferings, the trials. You see how weak we are! We want to be transformed into Your mercy, and to be Your living reflection. O Lord may the greatest of all Your divine attributes, that of your unfathomable mercy, pass through our hearts and souls to our neighbor. Grant us the grace to suffer without complaining, to bring comfort to others and to drown our own sufferings in Your most Sacred Heart.” (Adapted from prayers of St. Faustina from her Diary, entries 76, 94, 162 and 224)

Our God, remind us that we must have a new understanding of You, a new love for You, where the only appetite permitted is the desire for the perfect fulfillment of Your will for us and the carrying of our cross with great zeal. That the main condition for this transformation is total renunciation of our will to any attachment, desire, dreams; to any fear or anxiety; to any memory or feeling that keep us distracted from living our life together, You and us; we in You adoring You, loving You and giving You thanks day and night, as the Heavenly Host does in heaven; repenting constantly from anything that we do to oppose this way of living, trusting in Your love and mercy for us, the mercy You promised for all generations.

Therefore, Holy Trinity, each of us says to You, “I am the servant of the Lord. Do unto me according to Your will.” We renounce our self will, intellect (imagination and memory), our flesh, the world and Satan and all his demons. In the power of the Holy Spirit, we cover ourselves with the Blood of the Lamb.

Our Lady Help of Christians, Our Lady of Guadalupe, under all your titles guide us in the midst of this time of darkness and take us to Jesus, and  lead us into the field of this battle as we proclaim the infinite mercy and love of God the Father, the love that He has for us as that of a mother for the baby in her womb (Rahamin!). . Holy Angels and Archangels defend us and keep us.

At this moment we seek awareness of Your presence, Holy Spirit. Surface out of the depth of our beings and pour Yourself over us. Overwhelm us with Your Presence and Your Gifts and Fruits. Show us the barriers of our not accepting You in our lives. Reign over our impatience, our running away from reality, our rebellion, dislikes and grudges that harden our hearts, and our resentment of peoples, events, situations, circumstances and conditions as You will them. Reign over our arguments, our criticism, our condemnatory judgments; reign over our violence of thought, word and deed, and the compulsions of our thoughts and plans. We repent from everything that separates us from You.

     Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us! Melt us, mold us, heal us, use us.

          Spirit of the living God, fall afresh in us.

 Prayer for Catholic Priests: (Extensive quotes from words from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)

O God the Father, the singular force behind human fragility, hear us as we pray on behalf of our brothers who preach Your Word to the ends of the world.

1. Free Your priests of all corruption from sin, from all temptation from the evil one.

2. Be with them in their moments of weakness, of fear, of emptiness and of loneliness.

3. Because the missionary dimension of priests is born from their sacramental configuration to Christ, the Head, may they be able to fully participate in this “new way of life” that Jesus Himself inaugurated. May they witness this new life; may it be identifiable and recognizable in their judgment of faith, personal witness and attire.

5. May they live the “truth”, radiating as lamps of light of faith, hope with concrete works of charity, never discouraged in their personal lives by obstacles, temptations or the powerful force of secularism and indifferentism.

6. May their knowledge of the Truth be translated into:

a. The proclamation of God for the man of today, as the first twelve uneducated Apostles did in their time, introducing how God has acted as well in their own lives, and through the same Truths.

b. May they be able to do in their parishes what the primitive Church did with the catechumens, which was not simply a catechesis, something doctrinal, but  a place of the progressive experience of the life of faith, which becomes comprehensible only if it is interpreted by life, carried out by life.

c. Therefore, may they be able to create venues to live the Word, to follow the Word, to make it comprehensible and realistic, corresponding to real forms of experience. Or like bringing together the Word with the witness of a just life, of being for others, of being open to the poor, to the needy, but also to the rich, who need to be open in their hearts, to feel that their hearts are called.

d. May they create parishes where people find an integral human formation that completes their personality. In other words, for them to know the face of God, which has been shown to us in Christ.

7. May the mercy of God help all responsible ecclesiastical authority to promote and coordinate the different spiritual and pastoral initiatives that seem useful to make the role and the mission of the priest in the Church and in contemporary society, increasingly perceived.

St. Joseph and St. Jean Marie Vianney, pray for them at the Throne of Mercy. And this we ask in the Name of Jesus.  Amen.


1. On July 2, I have an appointment with my retinologist to check up my left bad eye, but mainly to ask his counsel as to how to get another ophthalmologist that may order glasses for me and possibly from a better laboratory… I need to see better and I wonder if just going to an Optometrist is fine. Please keep me in your prayers and also Dr. B. to be able to give the right answers according to God’s will. He is a very religious man! Thank you!

2. I am also having days where my bowel movements are black, which are signs of bleeding at the level of the stomach or small intestine. It it were from the colon, they would not be as black. And this happens every time that I eat something beyond chicken, avocados and sweet potatoes. Recently, I bought some rice bread to eat with some cheese left over from the recent visit of my sons, and sure enough, I had black bowel movements So, I need prayer for this battle. Death is not the problem. Death is gain for me. Yet, I  have been told more than 100 times that I have much to do on this earth for the Kingdom, and I doubt that He could dictate the blogs and at the same time confuse me with these statements regarding my future job for Him. As you may remember, years ago I was told that I would die on a Thursday, August 21, and this year, 2014, August 21 lands on a Thursday. The next one will be in 2025. On the other hand, what I need prayer for is that if my death is not imminent, to find a doctor that can treat these many allergies to all foods, colorants, etc, and I will know more detail with the result of the new test which is coming in a couple of days. I have thought that may be an adult stem cell replacement is the answer, but it is a very expensive test. No doubt that this battles is the Lord’s… but your prayer would be greatly appreciated.

(As always please oversee my spelling errors…)