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Theology, Psychology and Sanctity (TPS)

June 2, 2016


In these almost 8 years of writing blogs, I have never felt so insecure about transcribing what I hear my God teaching me! There are many reasons to feel in such way. For example, toxicity around in my environment makes me very sleepy all day… My attention span gets a little fractured with this sleepiness and to top it off, the state of the world is coming apart faster and faster… With these disastrous news all over, and I will mention a few of them, some not well known by all, I ask myself what is my responsibility in front of my Jesus Who died for us precisely to give us His love and mercy? I hope that you will not get offended when I am done with this message and also, hopefully, I will be shorter than other blogs and precise in case you do not agree… I will skip many details of my day to day life, and again, in order to focus on the important message that I must share with you.

I want to emphasize that the reason of daring to write on sanctity associated with theology and psychology, is because the time is short before something drastic worldwide may happen and destroy many more lives than even today. My closing statement will be the clearest explanation of what I found to be my (our?) responsibility for the present times.

If you add to the above difficulties, my need to finish the book that will bring so much good to many patients with dementia and depression, well, I tremble even more. However, I did work on it for a few hours, better than previous months… Of course, my Mother has been asking me to manage my time almost to perfection; that is, staying away from much TV viewing even if it is EWTN… The truth is that this July I would I have spent 8 years in retirement and without too much work at home, time that I should have used better and gotten this book done and published. There have been a couple of times that I cried for being so “stupid” and not realize that I had not chosen my brothers and sisters ahead of my rather easy life, of course, with much pain and health problems. I suspect that my health issues have been a way for me to start paying for my sin of not writing this book some years ago!


Wednesday, May 4 – I remembered this great date when on a Thursday in 1989 I received in Houston, TX where I as attending a medical meeting, the order from my Lord to accept jobs that will be offered to us when I returned home to South Bend, IN. And you know this story since I have recanted it several times before. I came back to South Bend, IN on Sunday May 7, and the same evening, we received a call from Cleveland that they wanted me to be Chief of the Anesthesia Department at Kaiser Permanente Hospital and my husband to work as an anesthesiologist. He was a pathologist for several years before he trained in anesthesiology, so I had more experience for the chief position. Our coming to Cleveland re-directed my son’s education. The two youngest were able to attend St. Ignatius High School, where their older two brothers graduated from.

The Jesuit formation that the entire family received through them attending this secondary school, like getting to know St. Ignatius and his famous 40 day retreat became a great gift for us as a family… I started using the book written by a holy Jesuit priest, Fr. Horgan (I have forgotten the name of this deceased priest from Detroit, MI), and he takes the reader though the 40 day retreat. Here was the beginning of something that it is only now that I understand as a must for each Christian family: to work on the restoration of the “family temple” starting with the parent own journey of letting Jesus run his/her life and where God is worshiped forming us parents to guide our children to become saints, even when we hardly notice that we are doing it. Therefore, this restoration of each “family temple” has to do with our need for an ongoing conversion and participation  in the Life of the Catholic Church as members of one Body, one Body in Christ.

So, our formation with the Jesuit spirituality was a gift, and this move that God procured for us ended in a greater gift to be invoked in a future restoration as a family even when the children have left the home and gotten married. Let me add that I was called to take this restoration seriously through Ezekiel chapters 40-44. He was told by the Lord that Israel had to restore (actually reconstruct) the Temple which had been destroyed. Our coming back to Cleveland also helped my third son to choose Theology and pursuit a degree and he chose the Franciscan University of Steubenville (much closer to Cleveland than to South Bend), something I mentioned in my last blog. This led him to find his holy wife who also attended this university. There is no doubt that God’s plan is super perfect and that if we had not followed His will, we would have missed many graces! Doing God’s will is simply a must! Daring not to obey Him can result in a tremendous spiritual loss.

Thursday, May 6

By chance I turned on EWTN/Spanish and was astounded to hear all about the life of Sor Maria Romero, now Blessed and in need of a miracle for canonization… (“Sor” in Spanish means Sister)

She was born in Granada, Nicaragua on the 13 January 1902 as one of eight children from a middle-class family. Her father was a government minister. As she was found to have a talent for art and music, her parents saw to it that she was trained on the piano and the violin. Later, she went on to become a student at a Salesian Sisters’ school although in 1914, when she was 12, she was stricken by a year long bout of paralyzing rheumatic fever. Her recovery was deemed to be miraculous and led to a total confidence in Our Lady Help of Christians and to the vision of her Salesian vocation.

In 1931 she went to San Jose, Costa Rica, which became her second country and by 1933 she was teacher of music, art, and typing in a school for the daughters of the wealthy. Many of her students were won over to her way of life, and worked with her to help the poor and abandoned.

Her ministry became focused on social development, helping the rich to see how they could help the poor. She set up recreational centers in 1945, food distribution centers in 1953, a school for poor girls in 1961, and a clinic in 1966. In 1973, she organized the construction of seven homes, which became the foundation of the village of Centro San Jose, a community where poor families could have decent homes.

She died of a heart attack on 7 July 1977, at age 75, in the Salesian house in Leon, Nicaragua where she had been sent for a rest. Her mortal remains were sent back to San José, Costa Rica, to be buried in the Salesian Chapel. She was beatified on April 14, 2002 by St. John Paul II.

As a result of what she felt a Marian miracle, Maria joined the Marian Association, "Daughters of Mary" on the 8 December 1915. In 1920, at age 18, María joined the Institute of the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians. Her spiritual director Fr Emilio Bottari gave her a prophetic recommendation: "Even though difficult moments will come and you will feel torn to pieces, be faithful and strong in your vocation". For María, these words sustained her for the rest of her religious life. On 6 January 1929 in Nicaragua, María made her final profession. Her writings indicate that she attempted to live the religious life, the interior life after the example of Don Bosco. She is considered the first Saint for Central America to become when canonized and she is well known as the Mother Teresa of this area.

I grew up knowing of her since she lived for most of her life in my city of origin, San Jose. This EWTN program truly left me full of joy and I thanked God for our present state of media communications!

Monday May 9

I know of a family which has children not yet baptized. I felt like getting involved in this as I did in Toledo, OH many years ago when I found a woman in a supermarket with a beautiful 18 month baby girl who had been denied baptism in her parish because the mother was not married and living with the father of the child. I tried to plead with the parish pastor of this woman to no avail. So, I went to the Bishop, a great friend of mine at the time and he fixed the entire problem… So, this type of story sounded similar to the present one.

On this day as I was cleaning some dishes (my kitchen sink is by a window and the sun shines in the mornings), I noticed that it was very cloudy and I was actually happy not to deal with the hot sunrays. Suddenly, the sun came out and I heard the following,“Say the words of the Chaplet of Mercy as you do your chores and offer it up for the parents in atonement for not having baptized their children and asking for mercy for them! Watch what will happen when you ask for My mercy in something as important as this.”  Then the sun left and never came back and cloudiness reigned thereafter. My Lord and I use this as a sign when He wants to call my attention. I realized that in this special Year of Mercy, of course, He is all ears to help us… (More on this subject later on).

Saturday, May 14

I had been worried about what to do with the toxicity that surrounds me and its effect on all my organs. During my 8:30 AM Rosary, I was sent to review after I finished de Rosary, page 769. I did check on it and it was Daniel Chapter 3. The three friends of Daniel were in the middle of the fire and did not get burned. My Mother said, “It is the same for you. You will not be permanently touched by the fire of environmental toxicity! Just be calm and let your life become a light for others to see!!! The more you embrace this cross of pain due to toxicity that ruined your immune system and cause allergy to so many foods with severe pain in your knees, that much faster you will witness how He can protect you like in the case of Daniel’s friends WHO SHOWED TRUST IN GOD’S MERCY as they sang and worshiped God in the middle of the fire.”

What an amazing teaching from my Mom. Complete TRUST IN GOD’S MERCY is the key to receive it and enjoy His love IN ACTION for us…

Sunday, May 15 – Pentecost Feast

I remembered the gift of knowing the Holy Spirit since I was a small kid. My maternal grandma, my main caregiver and very young, early 40’s, she would speak often of the Holy Spirit. He was such a reality for me that for many years as a practitioner of anesthesiology, when I had a difficult spinal anesthetic to give, like for older patients who are difficult to bend at their waist and with much calcium in the bones of the  spine in my way to find the cerebrospinal fluid to deposit the local anesthetic, quietly I would pray to the Holy Ghost to guide the needle. And yes, I would always have no trouble…But it would be in another date in May when I would honor the Holy Spirit much more…(Read next story).

Thursday, May 19!!!!!!!

This is an amazing anniversary. 39 years earlier I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Charismatic Movement. For us is a way of re-affirming our Baptism (age 4 months in my case) and Confirmation (age 4 years), but with this Baptism consisting of other members of the Church praying for us and calling the Holy Spirit… this re-affirmation of these Sacraments is done as ADULTS and new blessings pour over us.  

As you know because many times I have mentioned it in previous blogs, my email address and the name on top of this blog is MAGON 519. Magon has to do with my name but 519 is to honor and worship the Holy Spirit for this date in May 19 of my charismatic baptism; this was done to have Him always be in charge of my emails and these blogs, covering me from writing something against God’s will. It was precisely on this date that He came to give me ideas to approach the parents for the Baptism of the children mentioned above. He was celebrating our anniversary and did it in a formidable way!!!

Friday, May 20

From very early on this day I was asked to constantly thank God for everything but especially for my health issues expecting them to be solved, as Franciscan priest Solanus Casey (today in the process of canonization) used to say,  and whose body was found incorrupt and lies in a Franciscan convent in Detroit, MI. He wrote that thanking God for an important reason, it reaffirms that we trust in His mercy to solve the matter. Therefore, I should thank God and often for the finishing of the book and for a publisher!!! But there is something else I should mention and that is avoiding to give thanks trying to believe it will happen; it is NOT the way to do it. In the act of thanksgiving, one has to ask for the grace (if not present yet), to truly believe it will happen as a matter of fact and precisely because of His mercy. God will give this assurance because it has happened to me!

Monday, May 23

On this day I started ruminating on how our merciful God has shown us HOW TO BECOME SAINTS… It is the core of this message and for this reason, I will place it together with more information gathered in other days to make a BIG POINT at the end of the blog… A big point that contradicts what I hear in programs full of psychological do’s and don’ts, and which does not fit the theology that our Lord came to reveal to us, ties with the first statement of this paragraph, and that is, how our Lord had a plan to show us the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE… or His way of doing things to become saints. 


Here I will enumerate A FEW horrors that exist in our world and that most of us ignore after we hear of them. It is true that we cannot be every place preaching the Gospel but it is also true that we can become great disciples according to Jesus’ definition of discipleship, and in the process ask for His mercy to end these atrocities against Life and the Truth… Of course, there are hundreds of other ways how our world is losing its mind and destroying lives, physically and emotionally. These are only a few and some that we hardly hear about!

1. In a program from ABC news, anchor David Muir showed his visit to Mexico and found people with disabilities kept in CAGES…or tied up to chains.

2. While this is happening right now and not treatment is available for these disable human beings, a Rembrandt painting was auctioned and sold for one million dollars…

3. I am subscribed to a journal which deals with naturopathic medicine also called functional medicine, or that part of medicine that considers nutrition as a way to prevent diseases. In this April 2016 issue, they published an extraordinary article regarding the toxicity of fluoride!!! Here are a few lines from this long article. I am sharing this scientific knowledge for you to keep this mineral in mind for your own health.

Title: Prenatal Fluoride and Autism

Increasing evidence reveals that exposures to some widely used chemicals are implicated in the growing pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity. Fluoride is the most controversial of these chemicals, because it is the only one intentionally added to the drinking water of more than 200 million men, women, and children in the US.
Topical fluoride in toothpaste has been used since the 1950s to reduce tooth decay. A primary mechanism of fluoride’s ability to prevent dental caries is its strong antimicrobial effects. It is well established that fluoride can inhibit the growth of bacteria, says Robert Breaker, PhD, a National Academy of Sciences award-winning molecular biologist. He admits, however, "There has been little understanding of its precise effects on cells.”

Fluoridated Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid is arguably our most precious bodily fluid. Early in the second trimester, a fetus begins swallowing amniotic fluid, which passes through its digestive system and kidneys, is excreted as urine, but then swallowed again – recycling the full volume of amniotic fluid every few hours. By the time the child is born, they will consume up to 15 ounces of amniotic fluid per day.

Gut Bacteria and Autism

Antimicrobials, including low dose antimicrobials in food and water supplies,  indiscriminately affect all members of the gut microbial ecosystem, especially decreasing the levels of beneficial bifidobacteria and increasing the levels of potentially harmful clostridia, as seen in the microbiota of autistic children.

In 1997, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) established 0.7 mg of fluoride per day as a tolerable upper intake level (UL) for infants 0 to 6 months old. Fetal blood levels of fluoride can vary widely, but they average about two thirds of maternal levels. Therefore, when a pregnant woman consumes 3 mg of fluoride, her fetus is exposed to the equivalent of consuming about 2 mg of fluoride – an amount nearly three times the tolerable upper intake level of a 6-month-old infant.

Lack of Fluoride-Pregnancy Research

"Overall, the available studies of fluoride effects on human development are few and have some significant shortcomings," concluded the National Research Council in 2006.

Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix

Fluoride’s role in the growing pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity requires urgent and thorough investigation. We cannot afford further delay, because it may turn out that, as with lead and alcohol, no amount of fluoride should be considered safe during pregnancy.

The good news is that on November 19, 2015, the US National Toxicology Program announced plans to conduct new laboratory studies to evaluate the effects of fluoridated water on "developmental neurobehavioral toxicity. The bad news is that this could take many years.” (End of quotes)

NOTICE how little we are doing to stop such neurotoxicity upon a baby who is not killed in the womb but that is not protected from years of suffering after birth!!! Have any doctor of yours know well the action of fluoride in the water upon our health? The sophistication of the I-phones impresses me daily… As you know, recently I bought one on sale ($100) and have not yet understood most of the things one can do with it. However, when it comes to our health, how much do we know in the handling of all possible disasters that are around and that try to give us cancer, heart attacks, and the like? Why is it that in this time of exuberant media communications, no one seems knowing much about this deadly mineral fluoride?

4. A few days back, since our local NBA team, Golden State Warriors continues to do so well, the pertinent local NBA representatives organized a showing of the two MVP trophies given to a Warrior’s player, this person being Stephen Curry who shoots 3 points from all distances… Huge amounts of people came to TOUCH THESE TROPHIES. A 12 year old boy told the ABC reoirter that he had called in sick so not to attend school and be able to come and BE WITH THE TROPHIES… Ouch!

5. $52,000 was collected from all over the world to buy more serpent venom antidote to save a dog which had been bitten in the process of protecting a child from a serpent.

6. A major controversy is going on as to why an almost extinct monkey was killed to protect the life of a 3 year old that was able to get into the animal cage area in the Cincinnati Zoo. Many have said that the animal should have being tranquilized instead, despite the video of the 10 minutes that the child was pushed around by this huge monkey, suffering from a concussion and a broken bone… The tranquilizer needs time to work and the child’s life would have been in danger, but fans of the monkey believe that we cannot kill a member of an almost extinct animal group!!!Since the child does not belong to an extinct human group, it seems obvious for many not to spare the life of the child as the first choice!

7. In this general area where I live and maybe some 20 miles away, there have been in this month of May, 26 shootings of cars that travel in the expressway that passes by this area!!! Also, the killing of people in universities and colleges around the country is now becoming a normal event.

8. The news is full of stories about the government ordering all schools to open the bathrooms to any transgender member… It is also happening in many other areas. I wonder how is it that no one is paying attention to the fact that many NON-TRANSGENDER men for example can simulate they are in order to enter women bathrooms and assault them! This is besides the fact that who is going to chaperone the entrance to every bathroom? We are acting like fools… and endangering the lives of many young lives.

9. On May 26, there were 4,000 migrants coming out of the Middle East in one day!!!

10. On May 31, the ABC program Nightline with David Muir reporting showed the CAPITAL OF HOMICIDES… The country’s name is El Salvador in Central America! (Notice the name of the country… It was named after Jesus, the Savior…). They reported that one human being is killed every hour! These are very well organized gangs which operate beyond El Salvador. Their motto is: “kill, rape, control…”

In this same country, Muir found 169 men jailed in only FOUR CELLS… Some were incarcerated waiting for a hearing on the following day but since it never happened and one year later, they are living as sardines in a can. Muir was able to talk to one of the gang leaders named “the nail” or “el clavo” in Spanish. He said that from jails, the leaders give orders to young people to kill. If they do not do it, shortly after they are killed for disobeying. The victims of these crimes have been found in common graves and their bodies are dismembered. Some young men and women escape this horror and pass through other countries to enter the U.S. Some are deported and they are killed for doing it after they get home

 11. Again regarding the NBA (National Basketball Association for those in far away countries that read this blog), on Saturday, May 28, the local team, the Warriors won their second game and Oklahoma Thunder and the Warriors became tied 3 to 3. They needed a seventh game to find out which western team will play the Cleveland team, champions of the eastern part of the U.S. The seventh game would be played here in Oakland and the prices to get in were the following: each seat would cost $960. However, each seat right in the floor at the level of the players would cost $29,600!!!! But of course, homeless people would be spending another night in the open without a roof or food… (By the way, the Warriors won it and will appear May 2 playing the Cleveland team for the championship). I imagine that the ticket prices will be much higher!!!

12. Man destroys tabernacle and desecrates Eucharist at Colombian chapel

These events took place a few years ago but I am sure that hardly any one of us even remembers or knows about this atrocity in a Catholic country…

1) Bogotá, Colombia, Aug 26, 2009.- Bishop Fabio Duque Jaramillo of Armenia, Colombia has condemned the recent act of profanation against the Eucharist which took place at the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, saying, “When the rights of God are trampled with impunity, the rights of man are in danger.”

The desecration occurred when an unknown man entered the church, broke open the tabernacle, removed the Hosts and threw them to the ground. The bishop said in a statement after the sacrilegious act that, “this was not a robbery motivated by the economic value of the sacred vessels, as the assailant did not take any object of value of the parish.”

2) Armenia, Colombia, Jul 23, 2011  – Bishop Fabio Duque Jaramillo of Armenia, Colombia has denounced the actions of a man who destroyed the chapel at the San Marcelino Parish Center for Evangelization, stole several chalices, and trampled on consecrated hosts.

13. There is a horror going on in our U.S.A. political life and at times I wonder why is it happening? The candidates attack each other in the most non fraternal way, and the crowds seem to follow with the wrong reasons as to why they will vote for them. “Lord, have mercy on us all.”

I am sure that some of you never heard the details of some of these horrors and I am using them led by the Holy Spirit, in order for some of us to TURN AROUND and do all necessary to ask for God’s mercy for these incredible times. WE ARE SOO POWERFUL AND ABLE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING AROUND… The problem is that we do not believe in the power behind our lives: Jesus the Lord… O yea, we say that we do but act contrary to the statement. When we pray, we beg… for our will to be done. When we learn about the horrors going on in other parts of the world or even nearby with the killing of drivers in the expressway, we tend to complain and even talk about it but without any energy to use OUR POWER to bring God into these problems and thank Him AHEAD OF TIME for what He can do. Of course, our power relies much upon the embracing of our crosses, denial of our wills and following Jesus and doing what He did… He loved to the end. But how can we love? It is super simple: you ask His mercy to shine this grace upon your heart and it happens and you thank Him for doing so before it happens!


This is the section that will be the most difficult for sharing the subject of TRYING to become a saint for the good of others!!!

All that we need to do is TO OPEN OUR EYES AND NOT BE CONFUSED. Here are several points that I want to bring about and that I learned via television and Internet.

1. I keep hearing how a great number of good Catholics plan the evangelization of our human race. In general, they state that we have to become disciples and that we need great leaders to teach it. Yet, a leader has to become a disciple but first he/she needs to be evangelized… So, they start by training leaders to do so via parish missions that reinforce the need to pray, read the Bible and preach the Word of God to others as a form of service. They also are encouraged to participate in feeding those who need assistance and raising resources to do so. It sounds very good but is lacking something and I will discuss it later.

2. Other groups speak of the psychology behind our becoming great leaders or spouses or parents, etc. They give great insights of how to understand the other and how to examine ourselves and our needs and so on and so forth.

3. Some will speak of our need to find our particular graces, of using them and this process will lead us to be holy. This is true; even our Holy Father is calling us to make memory of our blessings; however, how do we find our particular graces?

I have a total different view of the road to holiness based on Our Lady’s teaching. Some will say that she did not speak much while on earth… Yet, they fail TO SEE that she spoke volumes with her actions. These actions are the ones that I need to emulate and of course, as guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit just as she was, I will thank God for the job He will do in my life…

On May 23 and while praying the Rosary at 8:30 AM, I understood many things with the Bible’s depiction of Our Lady’s life from the Annunciation to her ending years living under the roof of the apostle John. It happens to be the Gospel for May 31! This is what she did:

1. She is 15 years old, a teenager, when an Angel appears and announces that she would be the mother of the Messiah to come by the action of the Holy Spirit. Her reaction is multiple.

1) She wonders ONCE as to how it could happen since she did not know a man (perhaps thinking of her engagement to Joseph)

2) She says yes to the proposition!

3) THIS “YES” MAKES HER merciful and runs in haste to visit AND HELP her cousin Elizabeth who is 6 months pregnant in her old age.

4) THIS YES MAKES HER an evangelizer as she takes her Son in her womb to Elizabeth and with Him, she also gives her cousin the arrival of the Holy Spirit to her soul and to the 6 month fetus, John who dances for joy for his Pentecost in the womb.

5) THIS YES MAKES HER embrace any upcoming possible suffering when the family and friends and Joseph find out that she is pregnant out of wedlock.

6) THIS YES MAKES HER a servant to her neighbor by helping her cousin in her old age.

7) THIS YES MAKER HER a great prayerful woman in front of her cousin as she recites the Magnificat, a summary of who she is for God and what God has done for her.

8) THIS YES MAKES HER the best servant for the Lord by collaborating with Him and bringing to the world the Savior and King to save us.

9) THIS YES MAKES HER a true warrior and co-worker with her Son and becomes a great mediator between God and the human race.

10) THIS YES MAKES HER bypass all psychological facets like thoughts, fears, worries, anxieties, need to be in charge of her own life and therefore,  experiencing total denial of self with total obedience to the Holy Trinity. In one word, she became the best lover after God Himself, of the human race.

11) THIS YES MAKES HER the perfect wife and mother, who kept saying “yes” to God’s will as her Son grew up to die on a Cross.

12) THIS YES MAKES HER the most holy example we have after her Son, full of grace and dedicated to save her children on earth, as her Son indicated from the Cross. She never finished this job because to the present time, she collaborates with all of us to bring us the answer to become holy without dos and don’ts… We simply have to say “yes” to the will of God, pray much asking for God’s mercy to keep our lives spiritually clean with many graces and embracing suffering as her Son did, to become co-partners to save many souls.

As for all of us and following her example, we do not have to find our particular blessings and use them… No… If we say yes to God’s will day and night, and this is her example, our obedience WILL PROVIDE when and how we learn about our graces and in what matter we have to use them, all through the power of the Holy Spirit. Of course, we should be aware and conscious about unique blessings we are ready to receive as children of our God and desire them. Yet, He has ways to let us know which they are and how/when to use them if we simply keep faithful to His will. This rather easy way of living (easy because the graces that God gives us are sufficient for making things easy) will bring us help when sin is calling us to do what it is not His will. Remember, I AM NOT A THEOLOGIAN but IT HAS HAPPENED IN MY LIFE…

I heard in television a beautiful priest (beautiful because of his humility) mention in his homily how afraid we all are of the homeless… Yes, I experienced it when in Toledo, Ohio, I became for two years the taxicab driver for a homeless man, Mike, 50 + years old. I have written about this man several times in these blogs but need to share how God can change us 100% towards any animosity or fear for the homeless. In 2005, I noticed that none of the daily Mass goers in my parish Christ the King would talk to Mike. By now, I had been blessed with the grace to love them enough to serve them and protect them. Remember that in this period I was doing the will of God against my will and had no job and no permission to sell my home… Simply said, the will of God for me was to wait and let Him guide me.

Very holy parishioners of our daily Mass group would give me money to give to him for Christmas but not one would get close to him and give the money directly to him. Also, every month, Mike and I had to pick up his check received because of disabilities and severe diabetes and ahead of his social security age. This would be in a post office between my home and the parish. Then, we would have to go further west to the only Kroger supermarket that would cash the check. Finally, we would have to cross Toledo from west to east to get him to a very cheap motel ($10 per night) for him to have some roof for a few days.

A few days later, I would find him back at my parish entering the church when they opened at 6:30 AM, sometimes trembling with coldness… I would then give him a few dollars and take him to Macdonald’s because other fast food restaurants would not allow him inside. After two years and with my home in the market, I asked the Lord to take him if at all possible ( weeks earlier Mike had accepted to go to confession with my pastor), since he would miss me too much, and yes, on April 14 of 2008, 4 months before I came to California, he was found dead in the cheap motel. So, I could not feed him 3 meals, but at least, he would have breakfast during the working days of the week.

But here in California, wherever and whenever I find a poor person sitting by the street and obviously homeless, I give them as much money as I can afford. Normally it is $20. Many years ago, it bothered me that this money could be used for drugs or alcohol. However, the Lord said that HE WAS PRESENT IN EVERY IMAGE OF Himself EVEN IF THEY WERE HOMELESS…!!! I then realized that my love for the person and to God in that person would provide graces for them not to use the money for the wrong reasons. If it did not happen, it was not part of my plan… It was up to God. This grace of loving the poor has been given to me. I am sure that even in such things, my yes to God’s will, as poor as it is at times, fortifies my soul and I was able to LOVE without much difficulty.


We cannot EXPECT TO CHANGE THIS “MESS” of calamities and destruction of life in the entire world SIMPLY BECAUSE THIS MESS STARTS WITH US!!! We, Christian and Catholics, are disciples of Jesus Christ, His followers, and with Him, through Him and in Him, we can bring a new Pentecost to every heart on this earth, from Isis to the Benedictine monks in all convents in the world and to all contemplative nun Orders.

The Catholic Church received a special visitation by the Holy Spirit in 1967 and we had many getting to know the Holy Spirit and becoming baptized in the Charismatic Movement. However, without any emphasis in the Eucharist Presence and Our Mother in heaven, both of which were not worshiped (The Eucharistic Presence) and venerated (Our Lady), the so called Charismatic communities disappeared. We missed a chance to bring peace and love to the world via the Reign of God through the power of the Holy Ghost, the love of the Father and the Son, and that is a new Pentecost!… I remember that we called it a Pentecost, but it was half way true. The Spirit showed up but our embrace of the Holy Trinity was partial and the evil’s enemy, our Lady, was ignored.

It is after1967 when God sent us a lady by the name of Mother Mary Angelica Rizzo who established a network of communication and we became One Body through technology. I wonder what would have happened without the obedience and sanctity of this woman from Ohio, U. S. A. Notice that God chose this country. How many of us have thanked our God for choosing an American in the middle of so much technology mostly based in the U.S. as well?

With EWTN, our Lord had given us Americans a leading role in bringing a new Pentecost and the establishment of the New Evangelization, plus He sent us several Popes who were made for each era and two of them already declared Saints!!! The times for just thinking about theology and teaching it through the Bible and the many Encyclicals and books our Church possesses were presented via EWTN and are partially fulfilled. At the very same time, much psychology appeared in many Catholic meetings and retreats besides forms of prayer, like “Centering Prayer” and its association to Asian religions. Everywhere I found enormous amounts of lies and pagan rituals within these groups, including in some convents, especially nuns. I lived it in Cleveland in the 1990’s.

Through these turbulent years post Vatican II, I remember how much we were sent to take over our spiritual lives and pursuit happiness but sanctity was not clearly sought for. Some of us survived these years and also, these years were the ones when I suffered severe persecution in my professional life, giving me time to do much reading, like the life of my beloved St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. Sister Faustina, now a saint and her diary came to me in 1985. That particular Diary became pieces for using it so much and eventually, I bought a second one! Since 1946, I already had learned the chaplet of Mercy in Spanish, although I could not make as yet too much sense of the mercy of God in itself. I visited in private audience with now St. John Paul II on May 9th… 2002… A book on mercy was in the works since I was asked to do it at the end of the 1990’s and again, after another persecution. Suffering was apparently the source of many graces for me to survive these difficult years in the Church after Vatican II.

I entered California in July 2008, and 3 months later I had a site put together by my database computer engineer son with whom I live. It was to be to post blogs on the Mercy of God… However, I did not know what the word blog meant… My memory was leaving me for at least the last 10 years (dementia)  but in 2009 I received the answer and detoxified myself with natural products and recovered my mother language, Spanish, almost 90%. The English side also was recovered… Now, I am losing the memory in English because I became allergic to all detoxifying natural products and I still live in the midst of much environmental toxicity, a nearby huge expressway and the Tesoro Petroleum Refinery. And of course, the cross continues with severe pain in my knees due to allergies to everything… Do I have a way out of it? O yea, I have one but need lots of money for injections of the natural detoxifier that our livers produce. I also would consider an ADULT stem cell transplant. But the greatest way out of it is God Himself. He can do all things in my body and mind to overcome so much suffering.

It is this moment in my life, much of which you know very well, has led me to try to live the “yes” of my Mother Mary with great desire, and it is working… big time.

On May 30, I received a reading in the Bible hinting to me as to how to aspire to live my life through the mercy of God and go and work for the Kingdom in many other ways. As you know, death for me is gain as St. Paul said… Yet, I doubt that my Lord is ready to dispatch me. So, I have to continue writing and sharing with words and possibly personally in order to insist that we have to change the mess we are living because WE CAN DO ALL THINGS… THROUGH HIM WHO LOVES ALL OF US SO MUCH. Here is the teaching:

In Ephesians 2, St. Paul calls for unity of the Church as Christ’s Body. In chapter 3, he speaks of he and us being commissioned to preach God’s plan. In chapter 4, he talks about the diversity of gifts given to us in Jesus Christ; in verses 23-24, he wrote, “Be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and put on the new self, created in God’s way in righteousness and holiness of truth.”  In verses 25-32 he enumerates the rules of the new life.

In Ephesians 5, St Paul reminds husbands and wives how to live this way. In Chapter 6, how this new life is lived by children and parents, slaves and masters, and reminds them how to battle against Evil. In verses 10-18, he writes, “Finally draw your strength from the Lord and from His mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens. Therefore, put on the armor of God that you may be able to resist on the evil day, having done everything, to hold your ground. So, stand fast with your loins girded in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the gospel of peace. In all circumstances, hold faith as a shield, to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Holy Spirit, which is the word of God. With all prayer and supplication, pray at every opportunity in the Spirit…”

This excellent plan appears in every Bible and we should at least pray for ourselves to follow it. God does the rest. But again, we cannot continue passing judgment on what is going on and actually growing in resentment against our brothers and sisters. That is an infantile behavior. We can know all the theology of the world and not know Jesus personally… We can understand the psychology of our present times, or how to deal with all our problems to grow in holiness, and yet, not know Him on a personal basis. In fact, we can easily think that we have a personal relationship and not have it at all, the moment we worry about the present times. Our only worry should be about our lack of faith, hope and love. Talking about it will never solve anything. Yes, we may lack substantial catechesis but not realize it.

There is a fast way to change our spiritual life and that is to say yes to God’s will. It means to give this first step that consists in obeying His teaching as best as we can plus opening our arms to embrace what is difficult in this present moment while keeping a decent prayer life at all cost, not begging Him for His love (He already loves us to pieces), but begging Him to do whatever He wants in us because we are ready to obey Him; this will open the river of His mercy and we will SEE and BE spiritually HEALED, plus with our Mother at our side, Mr. Satan will not have much success if any. He will try but every time the power of the Spirit within will deal him a major blow.

Many years ago I needed all kinds of retreats and talks to keep fresh my duties in my relationship with Him. Now, I have tried very hard to totally give myself to Him as my Mother did, while praying at least 3 Rosaries a day to get me to change my habits of bystander or of being “balconeando” as our Pope says.  In other words, I cannot place myself in a balcony to see down in the streets what is going wrong but not getting involved in giving my life for others and start by obeying His will for me while carrying my mini cross and as He did for us (mini cross because I am not actually being crucified as He was). My resolute constant “yes” will give me the power to work for the Kingdom; it will reveal my blessings and graces and how to use them for the good of the Body of Christ. Of course, we have to know what those gifts could be and remind ourselves of their efficacy for our interior life…

My plan then consists of only one thing: to submit to Divine Providence agreeing with whatever God wants of me, and my faith will grow with my hope and love and I will truly be participating in bringing others home. Evangelization would become a reality in my life. I say it not because I am there; I say it because I have seen ongoing changes in my spiritual life that leads me to believe that the “yes” to the Father’s will is the key to become an evangelist, but one that moves others to act right away and not keep “balconeando.” Who does the change? The Holy Spirit in others will hear the call with my “yes” and will move them to change. Of course, it is up to each one of us to want to change, but He does the work once we do… That is the most important theological fact that I should know and that this yes shows Him my love and will lead me to bring others home. Why do I say yes? Am I insecure? No, and on the contrary, I am sure because my Lord Jesus and His mother did it as well.

I hurt when I think that we have so much power as a HUGE Church founded by God Himself and that our yes is also full of power, and yet, Satan is doing so much damage. Worse… Jesus described these times prior to the end and we are not hurrying up and wanting to do His will 24/7.  The Internet, television and radio manage our lives. Distraction and therefore lack of attention to what is essential in our spiritual life are the products of so much information. Our brains are totally trained to hear and hear as we sit in front of a TV set, or hear the radio while we drive, or sit and enter the world wide huge place of the Internet. Prayer time is in general small because we are addicted to our “intelligent” phones… Actually, in spiritual terms we are becoming stupid if we follow that trend.

As in the times of Ezekiel chapters 40-44, it is time for us to rebuild our inner temples, our family temples and the Temple of our Church. We do not need new rules unless the Spirit of God deems it necessary. What we need is to obey the rules we have, period! We have to do God’s will 24/7. This includes the other Commandments… since by doing God’s will we are loving Him with all our heart and mind and soul. This will convert us and make us lovers of our neighbor, faithful seekers of the Sacraments and prayer warriors as well… In the United States we are very close to get a new President and it is up to us to have God choose whom He wants… even someone not named as yet… This entire program will lead us to become saints. Yet, our sanctity should be sought just to please God and to be an example to our neighbor, and never to feel super holy for the tasting of it. If we have to take a 360 degree turn in our lives because God so wants it, the Holy Spirit reigning within us will help us make the decision. The best and purest holier discernment comes from our constant yes to our God’s will for each one of us. And such yes entitles a big yes to ALL SUFFERING… Whatever makes us suffer, that we accept… Prayer should be an important action in our lives and no matter what. And the rest is history…

ONCE MORE: I am not a theologian… Therefore, I am only sharing my experience of keeping and bettering my personal relationship with Jesus, my Lord. Through many years I found out that the more I accept His will for me and better under extreme suffering, that much more I do not feel lonely ever… I forgive others much easier. I have more patience with my neighbor and I end up loving those whose behavior leaves much to desire. Therefore, I am not asking you to follow me… I am asking you to follow Him with the conditions He gave us and seek the help of our Mother for this journey of discovery of our power to change the entire world…

May the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary bless you abundantly.  On June 8th I will be celebrating the anniversary of my First Holy Communion done on a Friday, feast of the Sacred Heart!!! Remember that I was attending St. Margaret Mary Alacoque grade school! Thank you for all your prayers. As you can see, I am delayed in posting this blog because the topic was not easy to put together and because I asked the Holy Spirit to edit it over and over in order not to confuse anybody… Thank you again for your assistance with your prayer. Without it, I could not do it. I INVITE YOU TO RESTORE YOUR TEMPLES AND THAT OF OUR BELOVED CATHOLIC CHURCH.          The Holy Spirit will do it if just obey God’s desires for us.

P. S. – I HAD PROMISED to write about heart attacks and how to clean the arteries from plaque. I have looked for a document that I wrote for friends some 10 years ago and I am sure that I placed it in one of my many flash drives. However, probably my Lord did not want it in this blog. I hopefully find it for next month and if not, I will have to write it all over but perhaps the next topic will be easier to put together.