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I have a dream!

January 30, 2009

 (Note: the Spanish translation will come this Sunday in a separate “page” titled, “Giros, vueltas y sueños”. —-> La traducción en español aparecerá en una página separada, a la derecha de este blog en inglés  y titulada, ‘Giros, vueltas y sueños’.)

I suspect that if God led me to write these blogs, this one will be the most important in the sense that it will prove to the reader a few things:

1. God has a particular plan for each of us because we are not copies but originals with a special print in our fingers and in the magnetic field of the electricity that runs our body. Amazing uniqueness… So, this plan for each of us He handles it with certain turns to the right or left (T) via His Holy Spirit.

2. He also equips us (E) with a particular family and education and geographical places that we have to go to in this road to Emmaus of each of our lives, and as He accompanies us, sometimes with us not recognizing that He is fully present and next to us, and sometimes just looking back and making a list, like I am doing today, of each moment that revealed His presence in our life but that we may not have recognized at the time!

(T) and (E) will mark different events accordingly.

Therefore, after reading this message, any person who does not even believe in Him will have to conclude that the following stories can only be understood under the light of the supernatural…. This post will be long… but you have an entire week to read it. Sorry, and that is why I will not write another until 8 days from now… I actually prayed a lot hoping I did not have to reveal so many details, and the more I did, the more I became convicted that anything that reveals His glory in our lives must be shown to others as an example of His crazy love, His mercy…At the end I will tell you about my dreams… So, here we go…

Family: (E) I was an only child to my mother. My maternal Grandma was my main caregiver and gave me profound love… I was born when she was only 38 years old and I was her only grandchild for 18 years… This woman was a very religious lady… I remember her often saying these one-liners: a) “Wasted time even the Saints cry about it.”  b) “Never leave for tomorrow what it can be done today.” She would get up around 4:30 AM every day to pray the Rosary. I remember waking up and seeing her example of the time given to God.

There is no doubt that God provided a solid formation. I remember vividly visiting my Grandma’s father and sisters home, and how they would take turns reading excerpts of the life of St. Teresa of Avila everyday at the main meal (lunch for us in Latin America). I grew up thinking that Saints were my friends and angels my pals! And I still do! Also, my maternal and paternal roots were graced with very well known novelists, poets, musicians of sacred music, composers and sculptors of religious art. I wrote a lot of poetry as a young woman, (E) and this background helps me now to write with ease.


1. My understanding of Jesus as present in the Eucharist when I was just over 6 years old and this great love for Him that dominated me since then, was an encounter with Him that in retrospect showered me with graces for all my sudden turns and decisions.

(T) As some of you know, I “demanded” to be in this particular boarding school for my first grade, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, and where I then was taught about her love for His Sacred Heart. My call was to sleep and be close to Him because I loved Him sooo much (E)… I still remember! How to explain this love? There are not words adequate to do it…

2. (E) You also know that I attended night school and became a secretary by age 11 enabling me to write all these blogs very fast …!!! It also enormously helped me to shine during my medical studies because I typed my papers with ease and not depending on anyone to do it for me.

3. (E) I was taught English from first to third grade and then I moved to the public school system. For my 7th grade, I attended Lincoln High School, a private school and an expensive endeavor that we hardly were able to afford… This served me in order to be chosen as an exchange student to come to the U.S. and years later as well, to study the latest American medical texts, which as yet did not exist in Spanish.

4. I became a physician in a foreign medical school (my country had not med school at the time) with  high honors, which helped me not to pay tuition…  During my medical studies I remember clearly about my love for Him… We lived in a small apartment in a well-to-do area, although we were not rich at all, but I would not attend Sunday Mass with the rich at the nearby Christ the King parish. Instead, I would go with the poor, at St. Don Bosco Church! All throughout, my love for this God/Man was kept intact and magic and I basically never worked hard at it… It was His mercy… He had a plan, as He has for each of us…  

5. (T) After graduation, I accepted a position as intern in a local hospital of this foreign country but just one week before starting, I woke up one day and knew I had to move to my home country… To the astonishment of many, especially my professors and classmates, I resigned the position and I moved to the capital city where I had been born. I had to take and pass a test in order to be able to start my internship… My father helped me with monies to survive this time of preparation for the test and I passed it. I started my internship doing “straight medicine,”  that is, rotating only in the medical wards because I wanted to be a cardiologist… I hated the operating room atmosphere with passion…

6. In the mean time I knew I wanted to be trained in cardiology in the US and again, I had to take another test in English at the American Embassy to be able to do so… It was a very difficult one which I passed without problems… Once more, English was of great help…. However, this “turn” at the last minute that brought me to my own country of origin was essential in order to process my “green card”, versus coming with a student’s visa just for training and having at the end to return to my country. Besides, I could not have processed the green card from the foreign country where I had studied medicine… God knew it. I simply had not thought about it.

But in order to process the green card, I needed a job in “X” hospital and applied to 5 different hospitals in MI, PA and NJ.  . (T) Then, I made a deal with my Lord that I would choose whatever hospital would answer first if any… The one in Detroit did but all five accepted me. It is today that I realized that Detroit’s Cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament or to the Eucharistic Jesus! Huh!  I found in this hospital my husband to be and who was a resident in Pathology.

7. I arrived in the U.S. on a July and that October I applied in the same hospital for a residency position in Internal Medicine in order to eventually do my specialization in cardiology. The residencies are assigned by the following January through at matching program for the whole country. I got the residency spot and it would start in July… Yet, in May I woke up one day to know that I had to become an anesthesiologist… (T)  I resigned the position, again to the amazement of many and very unusual for someone like me because I am a perfectionist, always on time and always very responsible. Then the problem was that I could not find anywhere a residency in Anesthesiology … Yet, a Jewish hospital next door and still in Detroit created a residency for me… I am sure that my Lord was into it and big time… I had a wonderful chief of the department, a Jewish anesthesiologist who sat with me for weeks to train me in the art… It is interesting that some 6 years ago, I learned that the mother of my paternal great grandfather was a Sephardic Jew.

This turn provided a “hospital based” practice, and so important in order to move with my family as needed, and it did happen many times because my husband’s pathology job needs dictated it… With a practice in cardiology, I could not have done so. Since then, I never recall hating the operating room… I also never remember wanting to be a cardiologist ever again.  If I had to choose Anesthesiology all over, I would…

8. I was offered to stay in this Jewish hospital as a staff member. I declined. Why? I have no idea… I am sure that the Holy Ghost was mediating this decision. I found a job, which two years later produced this quarter of a million dollars a year. I was there for 5 years as my husband’s jobs in pathology were poorly paid and scarce… Finally, he found one near Ann Arbor. I left all the money behind and moved the family there. By now, we had Mercedes Benz cars and later a Cadillac. I had studied interior decoration and had a home in a luxurious neighborhood in the suburbs of Detroit. I left it all and moved to the same little hospital where he was chief of the pathology department. I made $15,000 in the first six months. So, for obvious reasons, I had to move to teach at their next door famous university. Within one year, my husband prevailed with the idea of returning back home, but to my country of origin, not his in the Caribbean, in order to give back to them what we knew…

I decided to move up the First Holy Communion of my second son, so that he did not have to end up receiving instruction in Spanish, which he hardly knew, for this great encounter with Jesus. Because of it,  I met this great nun, Sister Mary Faith who was the Director of Religious Education of my parish. Based on the way I talked about the Eucharist, she thought I was a member of the Word of God Community (Pentecostal Catholic Movement) in Ann Arbor… Soon after, she introduced me to the 500 member prayer group (one of three) that would weekly get together and I was “baptized in the Holy Ghost” on May 19, 1977 (Re-affirmation of my Confirmation). In hindsight, I had moved to Ann Arbor in order to encounter the Third Person of the Trinity in a personal way… It was after this that the author of the Bible (H.S.) made me fall in love with the written Word of God… (E)  

9.  (T)  We finally moved to my home country, only to come back to the U.S 18 months later. Socialized medicine was not what we thought. When you take the money aspect out of it, doctors do not excel in their practices as much … They see a stipulated or required number of non emergency patients per day and then go home… In order to see a physician, patients have to wait some 2-3 months…In general the treatment of the sick was inferior, at least according to my standard of care. I found out how doctors would see patients in private practice and without waiting for so long, but the cost was out of pocket. At the end, the richer did better than the plain worker. And this is probably what socialized medicine means all over the world and not this perfect solution that we think it is.

10.  (T) So God brought us back to Ann Arbor and jobs in pathology were again very scarce. Therefore, my husband decided to get training in another specialty and chose to apply for a residency in Anesthesia… and got it in a very good university in Northern Ohio. I found work at a nearby major famous Clinic. As we looked for a home, I ended up contacting via phone(by the mercy of God…!!) a real estate woman  and she was Catholic and a parishioner of a Jesuit parish. She found us a home within this parish and near the rapid transit transportation system in order for my older 2 boys to attend in the following years, a far away but excellent Jesuit high school … Eventually, I was invited to move to reorganize the anesthesia department of another hospital in the same city. An again, in this latter place, a quarter of a million dollars/year came to my pocket.

However, some 2.5 years later, Satan struck and my bosses, male and female physicians, terminated my contract for no good reason. Many of the nurse anesthetists and some anesthesiologists thought I would take them to the Court system… I knew that my Lord was against it… In fact, to this date, I have not hated or resented them at all for even one second. Grace was abundant. In hindsight, it amazes me how God allowed these difficulties for my own walk to Calvary, and therefore, He provided me with patience, tolerance and lack of resentment. My attitude touched them very deeply and months later, one of them apologized to my husband for the injustice. I stayed home for one year to let them cool off so that I would not be poorly recommended for another job…

It was during this year that I understood my call to contemplate the mercy of God and I sensed the need to write a book on the subject… (E) I had been equipped with a major cross since my salary was very important for our household. My husband was an anesthesiologist by now but working with an HMO and with a very low salary. I had finally experienced persecution as Jesus talked about it and yet, this year off gave me  plenty of time to savor the writings of Catholic saints and mystics like St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and other Carmelite saints.

11. (T) After this year off, I went to practice at a small Catholic Hospital in Indiana . It so happened that this hospital was one of the 17 chosen by Joint Commission in the whole U.S.A.  and the only one in Indiana, in order to implement the new “agenda for change.” Joint Commission is an association that reviews hospital policies, procedures, and their implementation in order to avoid medical errors; they in turn, give hospitals what we call “accreditation” (E). The Lord was equipping me big time… as you shall see.  

12. Three years into this practice in Indiana, I traveled to Houston, TX for a medical conference… I always read the Gideon’s Bible when staying in hotels and in this particular Thursday May 4, 1989, the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus to heaven, a day that I had attended Mass since it was required of us in those days, I found the third chapter of Joshua to be a summons. There, Joshua crossed with Israel the parted Jordan River in order to enter the Promised Land, and I heard a word of knowledge… that we would be offered jobs for both of us upon my arrival to Indiana and to follow the call.

It was so. On this Sunday evening of May 7 and just hours after my arrival from TX, we received the call  from the HMO in Ohio where my husband had worked (and in the very same city, which I had left because of the major professional persecution suffered), and they offered us jobs:  I, as the chief of the department because of my longer years in the specialty. My husband would be a regular anesthesiologist with them as before… The offer was huge. We moved. (T) This allowed my younger set of boys to attend the same schools of their older brothers, the same Jesuit high school.

13. Just two months later in the new job, my experience of coming from one of “the famous 17 hospitals of the agenda for change,” permitted this hospital to be accredited although nothing had been done prior to my arrival. Joint Commission felt that since I knew this agenda for change, still new in most places, I could implement it and gave us a pass. This marked another important moment for my experience with this accrediting organization as you shall see (E). The new department was in shambles. I found three anesthesiologists who had no idea of the art of anesthesia. I was able to obtain from a local university anesthesia department to take them for a refresher course of 3 months each. They refused. So, I also refused to continue being the chief of the department where patients were not given the best and “safest” care possible and despite that the HMO offered me more money to stay!

14. I looked for another job and found it as assistant professor of anesthesia in this well known University where my husband had trained… Yet, a major persecution ensued. The foreign female physician acting as chief of the small hospital in Indiana gave a terrible report to this University. According to her, I was supposed to be the worse anesthesiologist and unable to get along with others. It was this major famous Clinic in this city where I had worked before, which convinced this University’s legal department that this was an error since with them I had practiced above average and had gotten along with everyone. But because this account  from Indiana had been sent to them, they agreed not to report me to the National Physician Data Bank in D.C. but could not give me the job… That same year, the Federal Government had established this data bank to keep track of poorly trained physicians.

It cost me $5,000 in legal fees and after three months of back and forth talks before this deal, the Holy Spirit was the one who gave me the wisdom (as promised by Jesus Himself) to tell my wonderful Christian lawyer (very religious) how to “force” the legal department headed by a Catholic ex-judge to agree to these terms…I lived His Word… He will give us the words to defend us in front of judges when unjustly persecuted… Huh! Yet, the cross was heavy… but He was walking next to me. Had I being reported to the National Data Bank, even with a lie, I would not have found a job ever!!! Who wants to employ a dangerous anesthesiologist? This  woman who lied never became a cause of resentment for me… Grace was abundant… Amazing. This is the freedom that Christ offers… and that no one else can give us.

15. Jobs were scarce in anesthesia in the mid 1990’s, and therefore, I had to travel away to temporary jobs to Indiana and Michigan. Because of it, someone introduced me to “barley grass”… a wonderful natural product that gives energy and is the best detoxifier for our bodies, according to a Japanese scientist, Doctor Hagiwara… My love for Naturopathic Medicine had started and that would take me to discover sources for depression and memory loss for my own life… Huh! 

16. (T) Eventually I found a permanent job in the last city where I lived for 10 years before coming to retire  here some 6 months ago. Had I become assistant professor, I would have missed this last appointment, one of the most important ones in my life time, and one that would prepare me with much prayer united to suffering, for this moment of telling the world in the most public way, all about His love and mercy in my life.  

So, I started the new position in this large and great hospital but which I had to eventually leave because of the abortion on demand issue. For the following 12 months I couldn’t find jobs any place in the States where I  had a license to practice medicine and as my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Then, a job of director of a surgery center became available right at the same city where I was living… and they gave me the position instantaneously because of my “experience” with Joint Commission… God made sure with twists and turns that I would not be able to leave this assigned city before its time.

And why was this last assignment the most important? Because this time I could have said “no” on my own to the last 5 years when I did not have a permanent job. It did not depend on other people’s will imposed on me like with jobs. He was waiting to see me take charge of this “yes” to His will and pursuit it with “gusto” even when I was totally wondering the reason for it, and doing it just to honor Him and to tell Him how much I trusted His mercy. Other moves He had orchestrated. But  in this one, He showed me His will for later but allowed me to decide if I would submit letter by letter to it, that is, of walking on water while looking at His Countenance with a profound yes to wait, even that many voices around were testing me with disappointment and lack of support. It was graduation time… I had to walk the talk…

So, look at the sequence: the Lord prepared me with my first persecution that took me to “one of the 17 hospitals.” Then, I was directed in Texas through the Word of God to accept the job in this HMO hospital to become more experienced with Joint Commission to help me for getting my last job… but in the city where later I would suffer the second persecution so that I would never miss my call to the appointed last city and in order to graduate…! Had this big sign not been given in Texas with the announcement of the future jobs, we would have never even considered the move again. The Lord knows when we need signs and wonders! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!

This time, God allowed me to pass this surgery center and get accredited with the highest percentage ever in the US for a surgery center, 98%. Shortly after, the main shareholder and co-owner of this health care center with a Catholic hospital, left and the latter took charge and  let me go because I was too expensive (money wise). This led me to “walk on water for 5 years,” without a job and paying high bills. I took temporary jobs of one month each (2005 and 2006) that could have become permanent but far from this famous last city… In the two occasions, circumstances blocked my staying there, even that both groups had given me the job. One of the groups suddenly retrieved the offer… despite that they had told me just 2 days before that I was very good at what I did… I would have become the chief of surgery for their group at a surgery center belonging to the same small Catholic hospital in Indiana where my female physician persecutor still lived but not practiced there… They knew all about her and how difficult she was… So, why did they change their minds? No doubt that God was orchestrating this whole thing…

The second job, one year later, was not the type of practice that would fit my standard of practice… My salary would have been $25,000/month, but my Lord gave me the freedom to choose. I chose what would be right in His eyes… Two years later and when the time of the will of God came to move here, I placed my house in the market and sold in four months, escaping this economic crisis and selling right away among other 7 homes in the same block, and some had been on the market for more than a year!  Of course, it was the perfect home for a younger man who had suffered a stroke and needed a home with wide halls to maneuver his wheel chair… It was all planned from heaven for them and me… They were very religious Methodist’s.

Besides, I wrote a book on Divine Mercy during my 5 years of walking on water. I spent many hours in front of His Eucharistic Presence. These five years were necessary to re-enforce my relationship with this God whom I had met at a small age, by saying “yes” to a situation that was unusual, and so much so, that required total trust in His mercy or “faith without fear.” I was recharging my spiritual engine with a yes to this cross that I could have changed any time I had wanted, and sell the house 3 years earlier, before the real estate housing debacle. But my Lord was not done: the day I closed the sale of my home, my last persecution had started… Someone accused me to the State Medical Board that I had an alias and had tried to kill the accuser, and this did not come from a colleague of mine…Yet, the accuser gave the wrong name and address to this Board and I was exonerated. Jesus announced to us that this would be part of following Him, and I felt actually grateful… By now, I had become wise in the subject of crosses…

Of course, by this point, I simply feel that these horrible persecutions, professional and from other people, were temptations from Satan to many in order to destroy this moment where I have to shout from the house tops and through this long blog, that God exists and that He is alive. He is crazy about us. Yet, any hatred and/or resentment would have hardened my heart and I would have lost His Presence, but His mercy liberated me of any bad feelings toward my persecutors. Besides, through these heavy crosses I became totally detached from money (and fat salaries), luxury, possessions of any kind including from my own life, and for many years, some 10 plus, I do not even know anymore what loneliness is all about…

I am sure that you are exhausted of these many stories, just as I am, and in my case especially because they remind me of the darkness that I have lived from other human beings. Yet, it offers a peek into His mercy in my life. To close I must say that I have lived these many instances of His mercy with many turns and equipping events because they were essential in order to fall more and more in love with this God/Man. Discipleship when lived according to His stipulations, it is a life transforming instrument to enter deeper into the intimacy of His love and mercy for us. If we “try” to do our part, He overwhelms us with His tenderness and care as a mother would feel for her baby.

Corollary: You have read about the many life changing turns I have made. I have experienced the blessing of not resenting persecutors or registering loneliness (in the latter years). These stories can demonstrate how He has been my Shepherd and that although under periods of grave persecution, I was not in want of anything! Therefore, now I try my best not to even suggest to God what I want. His will has been soo perfect, so life giving, so transforming, that I know that whatever He wants, any mixture of crosses and blessings, is the most perfect plan for me. It does not take much intelligence to realize that.

“To do Your will is my delight; my God, Your law is in my heart! I announced Your deed to a great assembly; I did not restrain my lips; You, Lord, are my witness.” Psalm 40: 9-10

But anyone would argue, “Well, this is in your case. You worked hard at it all your life.” I would answer the following: these stories no doubt that are tied up with my encounter with Him as a child because every turn and decision was showered by His mercy and I hardly worked too hard at it. In fact, these last five years in my previous place of residence were dark in many angles and the hardest part was to keep believing (trusting – faith without fear) two things: that human beings could make mistakes and my work was to love them regardless (words of My Master), and that God has loved me sooo much that He could not change this pattern just for these years.   The moment I chose that road of “love”, obeying His will plus loving my neighbor, His mercy kicked in as if by magic… Well, His magic is grace. This grace/mercy sits at the door of ALL our hearts waiting again for our unconditional “yes”. Isn’t this what the Bible teaches and that Jesus came to model?

Yet, this encounter with Him is available anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Otherwise, He would not be a just God. I was just called by name to receive it as a child. There is only one key to enter into this relationship: saying yes to grace (by saying yes to His will) that waits to help us to live as disciples and with a full desire for self-denial, embracing our crosses as they come, and doing what He did, because His road takes us to our own perfect death of self-will and resurrection, which means peace, joy, forgiveness for others, lack of loneliness. If we fight His will, we are fighting our “resurrection” on this earth. We are renouncing to be free… Free at last!

And here are my dreams…  I have a dream that someday we Christians go to the Scriptures, get the information or map and “try” to live it; then go to the Sacraments and with proper preparation receive them, and all this united to constant prayer in order to be equipped to voluntarily say yes to every present moment without being carried kicking or screaming and whether the moment is full of anguish, illness, fear, poverty or disillusion with the lives of others around including governments. I have a dream that no Church’s human behavior of any kind may interfere in our “resurrection”.

I have a dream that one day we all gather in churches as one Body of Christ and worship together. I have a dream that one day we see all children in all stages of development and say with Jesus, “Let the children come to me (let them live) because to them it belongs the Kingdom of heaven.” I have a dream that when the time comes and I enter a hospital for the treatment of a fatal illness, I may be treated not like one who is wasting health insurance money, but as an image of God. I have a dream…

I have a dream that one day we all Christians “desire” to follow Jesus’ life in order to have His mercy drop over us like the rain in the spring to make flourish the seed of our lives. I have a dream that one day we keep looking only at Him as we “walk on water,” as we fulfill His will that it is sometimes challenging, and never keep looking back or to the future or at others, in regards to how fast or slow they are walking to Emmaus, or doubt like Peter that with Him all things are possible… And I must reiterate that all things are possible for God and to those who believe and not just some things or most things. So it is possible to fulfill all these dreams…

I have a dream that one day we finally get it and know that He is waiting for us to go meet Him in a personal way, and for my Catholic comrades, He is totally present in the Tabernacle as 2,000 years ago. I have a dream that one day and because we seek His will with great determination, desire and care, we may not miss any visitation He carries out through other people, events, circumstances, crosses, etc.   I have a dream that one day we stop wondering about what could the future bring and we all may chant with St. Teresa Benedicta de la Croce (Edith Stein) her prayer that says, “Lord we do not want to know your ways since we are Your children. You are a Father of wisdom and a Father also to us. If you lead us through the darkness of night, we know You are taking us to Yourself.” And I have a dream that we all respond, “Amen” or “so be it.”

It was reported today that good students in high school will send an average of 35,000 text messages a year PER STUDENT!. They text message in the classroom… and just as they wake up and before they go to bed. This insanity of our present generation reflects ours… Sorry!  Who is responsible for it? Each one of us is… These kids are filling up an inner void they have for God… but do not know it! I can only say again that upon meeting Him by grace as a child, He has always filled that void even when I was not aware of it.

But I have another huge dream that soon… a bunch of us will address this malady with seriousness and believe in the power of our prayer, and in the power of our ongoing conversion in order to become His disciples and to be sent to give witness of His majesty and His love and mercy… Let’s dream together and let’s pray together with our lips, hearts and also with our actions, and let’s text message Jesus all day with our love.  He is good at answering à I now realize that by having encountered His love at age 6, I kept loving Him without knowing it, or said in other words, I kept text-messaging Him and He answered with signs and wonders, turns and twists and more love than I could have ever dreamed of. 

Then, one day we will say, “Our dream is over because we are ‘Free at last, free at last…’ ” Thanks be to God for sending His only begotten Son to rescue us and to stay with us while we fulfill these dreams.


















The ways of God

January 24, 2009

In my human plans, I was going to mention all these life changing turns I made throughout my life in a sequential calendar way, from my youth to now… But, it never occurred to me that yesterday this God of ours was going to play tricks on me and made me take some turns that resulted in a merciful act for someone else! I realized I should mention it because it depicts well what He does when He wills our walk as we obey…

As a rule of life, when I have to do several things like shopping at different places, going to the post office or putting gas in the car, etc., I normally pray on the morning of and let the Holy Ghost give me the sequence and times for these things. So, yesterday I did so since I was going to 12 Noon Mass and I had some 3 hours before to do some of the things and after Mass as well. I sensed a certain sequence and followed it.

I needed to pick up some naturopathic products in my preferred “Whole Foods Market” nearby my church but noticed that I found everything as if by magic… There are so many products that many times either I take forever to find them or have to look for an employee to get them for me… Not yesterday… It was simply magic… They just appeared in front of my eyes. I immediately realized that this was probably a sign and that I should alter the schedule since I had time to stop at a nearby supermarket and still make my Holy Hour or adoring Jesus in the Eucharist prior to Mass.

Sure enough, I also found everything very quickly at this supermarket and please, notice the timing… There is a time for everything under the sun… (Ecclesiastes 3:1) and this includes His mercy. There were three cashiers opened for business and for no great reason I decided to choose one of them. At almost every place, cashiers ask you, “And how are you doing today?” For some years, always, always and without thinking I answer, “With the grace of God, I am doing great.” Sometimes I add, “Without His grace I do not know if I would be doing well.” 

This cashier, may be 30 something, smiled from ear to ear and said, “You are right.”… I added, “And it is the truth… I felt in love with Jesus at age 6, and He is so ALIVE among us. The sad part is that many  seem not to know it.” Still smiling, she took a tiny step back and shook her body and said, “You give me goose pumps.” At that precise moment, I realized that while saying my last statement, I had felt a discharge of power that had gone out of me. She registered it or said in other words, the Holy Ghost had moved in her heart! Without thinking much I asked, “Do you have depressions in your family.” Instantaneously, she responded with a big “Yes.”

I then shared this blog address and sent her to January 6 to read about carrageenan and aspartame and why. She was very receptive (and not like some who look at me like if I were lying to them). I could sense so much humility and holiness in this woman! At the end she said, “Do you know that you were sent to me?” I assented but she had no idea that this meeting had been truly planned by God and later modified further by finding so fast what I had to buy, and precisely to meet her in the time of God.

The night before, I had been rearranging bunches of papers that I brought when I recently moved and found a cardboard with a message that I had written and said, “Spiritual servanthood is a visitation to others in Spirit and Truth , but always willingly going in haste to do it. I was called to do a job – to serve them with the message anew of His mercy. Now, I am sent but after recognizing why I want to do it! — To glorify my Dad! My fiat (yes) is beyond a yes. It is a way to say to my Father, “I love You and therefore, I want to please You.” Feast of St. Juan Diego, December 9, 2007.

I realized right and there that I had just lived the above words: first and through grace, I affirmed the majesty of God to this humble woman (visitation in Spirit and Truth) and then, the mercy of God made itself present, that is, the knowledge that depression  was present in her family… This information may be a life changing event for her or her family although I will never know!

That same morning and before all these events, I was saddened when I learned that in N.Y., the present Governor has added a new tax on some sodas because of their sugar content, and this to help out with the rampant increase of obesity and of course to create revenue. It could mean that some years down the line, Coca Cola, Pepsi and the like, may not even sell “regular” sodas… And everything will be tainted with Aspartame… Worse, it could become the custom over this whole land. Even now, people from N.Y. may remember the tax and opt to buy the so called “diet” pops…They will choose a very toxic product that excites brain cells instead of regular sugar that is not a toxic, and one which depresses some of us. Worse, the literature has pinpointed to the higher incidence of brain tumors since the 1970’s… Precisely when this low calorie sugar came into vogue… And we also have had several public figures being treated for brain tumors…

Well, this is another example of when years ago I was guided to make a specific turn and found a gift for me and many others. First, my little son at age 8 wanted diet pop. I used to drink pop with saccharine, but I found this new product and thought that may be the flavor was much better, especially for an 8 year old… It is amazing that this moment was most likely another sacred moment because I remember the exact supermarket, city and actual scenario when I chose this new product … This led us to know that we get depressed with Aspartame, most likely due to a our genetic makeup… Had I not picked up the new product for just one member and noticed what it did to him… we may have not suspected it as the source of depression and headaches for me, as well. And since saccharine disappeared from pop…we would not have had a choice and would have taken it.   

In the same way and as written before, jobs were scarce in the 1990’s and I had to work for 3 months in a State far away from my home… Every two weeks I had to fly South West airlines to visit my family… If I had not had repetitive instances of eating the same cottage cheese in these flights (not even knowing that carragenan existed) in order to notice the depression that followed, and had I not being led by the Spirit to buy the Weight Watchers brand in the city I worked, which had carrageenan as well, I may not have being able back at home to compare brands and discover this sea weed… So, today I could be living in a nursing home depressed and with Alzheimer’s… No doubt that every turn in this story was guided from above.

I want to leave you with this last thought: we have to follow what He said… Just reading about it will not do… Remember how Simeon was led by the Spirit to the Temple to meet the Messiah King. This story is a big hint for us… Also in Luke 12: 22, 26, 29-31, Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life and what you will eat or about your body and what you will wear. ..If even the smallest things are beyond your control, why are you anxious about the rest…? As for you, do not seek what you are to eat and what you are to drink, and do not worry anymore. All the nations of the world seek for these things, and your Farther knows that you need them. Instead, seek His kingdom, and these other things will be given to you besides.”

His Kingdom is within us. He has ordered us to seek it. His Kingdom has been described as His lordship over us. But His lordship cannot be just a concept or words or wishful thinking, but an experience where we do not worry about anything and if we do, we ask for His mercy. Where led by the Spirit, we do what He did and we love, we forgive, we serve and we suffer. Where we follow Him by leaving everything else behind because we are servants but also His children as well. As this cashier felt goose pumps, I knew that we both were present to His lordship in each other. A very sacred moment indeed!

Corollary:  the Holy Spirit has led me to what my body needed to prevent depression and loss of memory, so I could live a decent life and share the gifts with others. I only had to say “yes” to all things that came to me, to the turns to right or left as I submitted to His lordship. In these stories you can see very clearly how at times He led me through difficult paths (jobs far from home) but in order to create the events and hints to solve each puzzle. Yesterday, He led me to be a Good Samaritan but He took care of each detail, of each turn, so that I could take care of my neighbor’s wounds. This is why at Holy Hour and Mass that followed, I knew I had to thank Him in a brand new way for having called me by name, for engraving His Name on my heart, for His lordship over me, for my childhood encounter with Him, and all other wonders of His mercy.

Naturopathic pearls from Newsletter of Feb. 2009 by Julian Whitaker, MD. He reports that in a recent meeting at U.C. San Diego School of Medicine, worldwide experts on Vitamin D said that supplementation with this vitamin during pregnancy and infancy, may reduce the risk of a child developing Type I (juvenile) diabetes by 80 to 90%.  They also said that most of the world’s population – including 85% of Americans – is deficient in Vitamin D at this time of the year, every year.  “You’d need to eat 2 o 3 daily servings of salmon or sardines, drink 5 glasses of fortified milk, or take a spoonful of cod liver oil just to get the meager RDA of this vitamin, which isn’t enough.” Dr. Whitaker has been prescribing 2,000 to 4,000 IU to patients in his clinic in Newport Beach, CA, in order to keep good levels through blood measurement or between 40 to 70 ng/mL.

“Ultraviolet –B (UVB) radiation from the sun penetrates the skin, and reacts with cholesterol to form vitamin D. The UVB makes up a very small portion of the spectrum of sunlight, and the angle of the sun during the winter makes impossible for UVB to reach much of the Earth. Even if you sunbathed for hours on a cold, sunny day, you would not get enough UVB to enable your skin to make this vitamin. So, unless you take vitamin D supplements, your levels plummet during the winter months.”   

I add that vitamin D is a requirement for the proper absorption of calcium. Some authors have said that vitamin D serves like the gate keeper, the porter in the intestines, by opening the door for calcium to travel through and enter the blood stream. And as I reported before, good calcium levels are important for running the electrical circuits in our entire body, to prevent osteoporosis and to decrease the deposits in the plaque that occlude the arteries. Asking your physician for a measurement of Vitamin D levels on a yearly basis, may not be a bad idea, according to this science.


Los designios de Dios

En mis planes humanos, iba a contarles todos los giros que he hecho en mi vida pero siguiendo la secuencia del calendario, desde mi niñez hasta el presente… ¡Pero nunca se me ocurrió que este nuestro Dios iba a jugarme una trampa porque ayer me hizo tomar unos giros que resultaron en un acto misericordioso para otra persona! ¡Me di cuenta que tenía que mencionarlo porque ilustra lo que este Dios hace cuando Él manda y nosotros le obedecemos!

Como una regla de mi vida, cuando tengo varias cosas que hacer como ir de compras a diferentes lugares, o al correo o a poner gasolina en mi carro, etc., generalmente yo oro en la mañana y le pido al Espíritu Santo darme la secuencia y horas para estas cosas. Así que ayer así lo hice ya que iba a Misa del medio día y tenía 3 horas antes y tiempo después de la Misa para completar lo que quería hacer.

Necesitaba comprar algunos productos naturopáticos en mi tienda preferida que queda cerca de mi iglesia y me di cuenta que pude encontrar todo como si fuera magia… Hay tantos productos que muchas veces o me tardo demasiado o tengo que buscar una empleada que me los encuentre… Pero no ayer y todo pareció en frente de mis ojos como si fuera por magia. Inmediatamente me di cuenta que esto era una señal y que debía cambiar mi itinerario y hasta tendría tiempo para ir al supermercado cercano y hacer  mi Hora Santa, o adorar a Jesús antes de la Misa.

En el supermercado  también encontré todo muy rápidamente y por favor noten el elemento del tiempo… “Todo tiene su momento, y cada cosa su tiempo bajo el cielo…  (Eclesiastés 3:1) y esto incluye Su misericordia. Tres cajeras estaban abiertas y yo escogí una sin pensarlo mucho. En Casi todos los lugares las cajeras preguntan, “Y como le va hoy”. Por varios años, yo siempre, siempre y sin pensarlo, respondo, “Con la gracia de Dios me va  muy bien”. A veces añado, “Sin Su gracia no sabría si me va bien.”

Esta cajera, quizás de unos treinta años, se sonrió de oreja a oreja y me dijo, “Tiene usted razón”… Yo agregué, “Y esto es la verdad… Yo me enamoré de Jesús a la edad de 6 años, y Él está VIVO entre nosotros. Lo triste es que parece que casi nadie lo sabe.” Todavía sonriendo se hizo para atrás un poquito y dijo, “Usted me produce ‘carne de gallina’ ”. En ese preciso momento me di cuenta que al yo decir mis últimas palabras, había sentido una descarga de poder que salió de mí. Ella la había recibido o dicho en otras palabras, ¡el Espíritu Santo había movido su corazón! Sin pensarlo le pregunté, “¿Sufre usted o su familia de depresiones? Instantáneamente ella respondió con un gran “sí”.

Entonces compartí con ella la dirección de este “blog” y la mandé a leer el día 6 de enero con la información acerca de carragenan y aspartame y por qué.  Ella se mostró muy receptiva (y no como algunos que me miran como si estuviera mintiendo). Pude reconocer su humildad y santidad. Al final me dijo, “¿Sabe usted que me fue mandada?”. Yo asentí pero ella no tenía idea de cómo este encuentro fue verdaderamente planeado por Dios y modificado más tarde al  encontrar todo lo que compré tan rápidamente, precisamente para encontrarnos en el tiempo de Dios.

La noche anterior había estado organizando varios papeles que traje cuando me movilicé a esta ciudad, y me encontré con una cartulina que había escrito y decía, “La servidumbre espiritual es una visitación a otros en Espíritu y Verdad pero siempre con gran deseo y yendo de prisa. Fui llamada a hacer un trabajo – a servirles con el mensaje renovado de  Su misericordia. Ahora, soy enviada pero después de reconocer por qué lo quiero hacer— ¡Para glorificar a my Papito! Mi fíat (mi sí) es más que un simple sí. Es una forma de decirle a mi Padre, “Yo te amo y por lo tanto, quiero complacerte”. Fiesta de San Juan Diego, Diciembre 9, 2007.

Me di cuenta ahí mismo que yo había vivido estas palabras: primero y a través de la gracia, había afirmado la majestad de Dios a esta humilde mujer (visitación en Espíritu y Verdad) y luego, la misericordia de Dios se hizo presente, esto es, el conocimiento que la depresión era parte de su familia… Esta información puede que tenga un efecto  de gran magnitud en su vida aunque nunca lo sabré.

Esa mañana y antes de estos eventos, me había entristecido el saber que el Gobernador de Nueva York había añadido otro impuesto a las bebidas gaseosas debido a su contenido alto de azúcar, y esto para ayudar el aumento tan obvio de la obesidad y para generar más ingresos. Esto podría significar que dentro de unos años, Coca Cola y Pepsi y otras sodas puede que no se vendan con azúcar. Y todo estará lleno de aspárteme. Peor que eso, podría convertirse en la costumbre para todo este país. Aun ahora, la gente de Nueva York recordando el nuevo impuesto comprarán las so llamadas bebidas dietéticas… Y así escogerán un producto muy tóxico que excita las células cerebrales  en lugar del azúcar que no es tóxico, y un producto que produce depresiones en algunos de nosotros. Pero peor que eso, la literatura ha indicado que la incidencia de tumores cerebrales ha aumentado desde los años 70, precisamente cuando este azúcar sin calorías, se hizo famoso. Aún más, tenemos varias figuras públicas sufriendo de tumores cerebrales…

Bueno, este es otro ejemplo de cómo hace algunos años fui guiada a tomar un giro específico y cómo me encontré con un regalo para mí y para otros. Primero, mi pequeño hijo de 8 años quería una gaseosa dietética…. Me maravillo al pensar en ese momento, uno que probablemente fue también un momento santo porque todavía hasta recuerdo el supermercado, la ciudad y la situación precisa cuando escogí este producto nuevo… Esto me llevó a conocer que nos deprimíamos con aspárteme, y muy probablemente debido a nuestro código genético… Si no hubiese comprado este nuevo producto y habérselo dado a un solo miembro para determinar sus efectos… nunca lo hubiésemos sospechado como la fuente de depresión y de dolores de cabeza para mí también. Y ya que la sacarina desapareció de estas bebidas, no hubiésemos tenido ninguna otra alternativa sino que beberla.

En la misma forma y como lo escribí antes, trabajos en anestesia eran raros en los años 90 y tuve que ir a practicar por 3 meses a un Estado lejano de mi casa… Tenía que volar cada dos semanas  en las aerolíneas South West para visitar a mi familia… Si no hubiese tenido estas instancias repetidas de comer el mismo queso cotage en estos vuelos, (y sin saber que carrageenan existía) para poder notar la depresión que le seguía y si no hubiese sido guiada por el Espíritu a comprar la marca de queso Weight Watchers en la ciudad donde trabajaba, el cual también tenía carrageenan, no hubiese podido comparar marcas con el queso que comía donde yo residía, y no hubiese descubierto esta yerba de mar…. Así que hoy estaría viviendo en un asilo de ancianos deprimida y con Alzhéimer… No hay duda que cada paso de esta historia fue guiado desde arriba…

Quiero dejarlos con este último pensamiento: tenemos que hacer lo que Él dijo… Solamente leyéndolo no basta… Recuerden cómo Simeón fue llevado por el Espíritu al Templo para conocer al Rey Mesías. Esta historia es una gran señal para nosotros… También en Lucas 12: 22 ,26, 29-31, Jesús dijo, “Por eso les digo: no se inquieten pensando en sus vidas y qué van a comer ni con qué vestido cubrirán su cuerpo… Por tanto, si nada pueden hacer en estas cosas tan pequeñas, ¿por qué se inquietan de lo demás? …Así que ustedes no se preocupen buscando qué comerán o qué beberán. Por todo esto se inquieta la gente del mundo, pero su Padre ya sabe lo que necesitan. Busquen más bien Su reino, y Él les dará lo demás.”

Su reino está dentro de nosotros. Él nos ordena que lo busquemos. Su Reino ha sido descrito como Su señorío sobre nosotros. Pero este señorío no puede consistir en sólo conceptos, palabras u optimismo ilusorio, sino una experiencia donde no nos preocupamos por nada, y si lo hacemos, pedimos Su misericordia. Donde guiados por el Espíritu, hacemos lo que Él hizo y amamos, perdonamos, servimos y sufrimos. Donde lo seguimos dejando todo atrás porque somos sirvientes pero también Sus hijos. En el momento que la cajera dijo que tenía carne de gallina, yo supe que estábamos presentes a Su Señorío en cada una de nosotras… ¡Sin lugar a dudas, un momento muy sagrado!

Corolario: el Espíritu Santo me ha guiado a saber lo que mi cuerpo necesita para prevenir la depresión y la pérdida de memoria, de manera de poder gozar de una vida decente y para pasar este conocimiento a otros. Yo sólo tuve que decir que “sí” a todo lo que llegó, los giros a la derecha e izquierda. En estas historias pueden ver claramente cuántas veces Él me guió a través de caminos difíciles (trabajos lejos de casa) pero para poder crear eventos y señales para resolver este rompe cabezas. Ayer, me guió a ser una buena samaritana, pero Él se encargó de cada detalle, de cada giro, de manera de que yo pudiera atender las heridas de mi prójima. Es por esto que en la Hora Santa y Misa que siguieron, sabía que tenía que darle gracias en una forma nueva por haberme llamado por mi nombre, por haber gravado Su Nombre en mi corazón, por Su Señorío sobre mí, por mi encuentro con Él desde niña, y por todas las maravillas de Su misericordia.

Perla naturopática del boletín de febrero del 2009 por Julian Whitaker, MD. Él reporta que en una reciente conferencia médica en la Escuela de Medicina de la U. de California en San Diego, expertos sobre la vitamina D del mundo entero, dijeron que suplementando con esta vitamina a la mujeres preñadas y durante la infancia, puede reducir el riesgo a desarrollar la diabetes tipo I (juvenil) en un 80 a 90%. También dijeron que la mayoría de la población mundial – incluyendo el 85% de americanos – está deficiente en vitamina D en esta época del año y cada año.  “Usted necesitaría comer de 2 a 3 comidas diarias de salmón o sardinas, o beber 5 vasos de leche fortificada con la vitamina, o tomarse una cucharada de aceite de hígado de bacalao para obtener el mínimo nivel establecido (por el gobierno), lo cual no es suficiente.” El Dr. Whitaker prescribe de 2.000 a 4.000 unidades internacionales  a sus pacientes en su clínica en Newport Beach, California, para poder mantener buenos niveles en sangre y que son entre 40 y 70 ng (nano gramos) por litro.

“La radiación ultravioleta – (UVB) obtenida con el sol, penetra la piel y reacciona con el colesterol para formar la vitamina D. Esta radiación UVB forma muy poca parte del espectro de la luz del sol, y el ángulo del sol durante el invierno hace imposible que esta radiación UVB pueda llegar a la tierra. Aun si alguien se asolea por horas en un día con sol pero frío, no se podría obtener suficiente UVB para que la piel pueda hacer esta vitamina. Así que, a no ser que se tome un suplemento con Vit. D, sus niveles son muy bajos durante los meses de invierno.”

Yo añado  que la vitamina D es requerida para la absorción del calcio. Algunos autores señalan que la vitamina D sirve de portera en los intestinos, abriendo las puertas para que el calcio pueda pasar a la sangre. Y como reporté anteriormente, los niveles normales de calcio son importantes para el paso de la electricidad en nuestros cuerpos, para prevenir osteoporosis y para disminuir los depósitos en la placa que ocluye las arterias. Pedirle a su médico que le mida sus niveles de vitamina D parece ser recomendable de acuerdo a esta ciencia.

Following Jesus

January 21, 2009

This topic of what it means to follow Jesus but in my personal walk with Him, continues here but it will take several blogs to cover its many aspects. However, after much prayer and looking at the national events of January 20 plus expecting those of January 22, I have to tell you that I have a lot of hope… A half century ago, when I arrived in Los Angeles as an exchange student at age 17, my Bostonian foster parents told me that I could not make friends with Mexico- Americans, Jews or Blacks… No other rule was given or explanation of the why it had to be so!

I lived and practiced discrimination under this guidance from very good people who treated me very well, and now in retrospect, it helps me to remember them and to be able to realize that cultural trends are great transformers of our very plastic brains… It is interesting that they had no problem about my Hispanic ancestry based south of Mexico, but I could not make friends with some Latinos… So, I lived firsthand but in reverse, what Dr. King was experiencing in the South.

It was soo good when yesterday I saw such trend being reverted… In this sense, God has shown grace to this our USA. How many prayers people have said during these 50 years to have this answer today? Probably millions of them. And since for God all things are possible, we also can expect changes in the name of the right to life, since all the world is in His hands, as I heard it being chanted just this morning. However, just like Dr. King and followers did who preached freedom and equality but with peaceful means, the time is here for us to preach the right to life for another group of human beings, our babies and elders. In our case, we need to preach it with our lives of discipleship… Yet, not with words (so tiresome and boring) but in Spirit and Truth, and follow the Master as He hinted us to do. (It rhymes… Hmm)

Our Lord was so clear! John 12: 24,26 – “Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit. Whoever serves Me must follow Me, and where I am, there also will My servant be. The Father will honor whoever serves Me.”

It is obvious that if He went to Calvary, we must travel there through our many crosses, minor and huge, but with a big “yes” during this earthly journey… Unless we die and fall to the ground, we may not do too much else for ourselves and others. His will is such… His Words are not just interesting passages with the right for us to choose, or which ones we like to follow… but they are clear statements. I must say that early in my journey, and no doubt by His grace, possibly because I encountered Him as being ALIVE in the Eucharist before age 7, I sought His will with fidelity without I even knowing what I was doing.

This came to be apparent so many years later and once I connected the dots. In retrospect, my obedience through grace must have facilitated the many occasions where signs, wonders and miracles came out of the blue; so I can assure anyone that He is alive on this earth… and only waiting for our yes in its fullest meaning at every present moment through the death of ourselves like the grain of wheat; also understanding that our Daddy will honor us and in huge matters… Huge!  I have more than 10 instances of “life changing experiences” where I took a left or right turn in a miraculous way. I have debated much regarding if I should tell you about them, and the more I thought of not bugging you with these stories, the more I knew that they will prove to any of you how involved He is in our lives… I am sure that you have your own stories, but maybe you may not have made a list of the many times you found yourselves walking with Him in route to Emmaus!

We all have been given talents to multiply and not to keep them buried in order to give Him glory; therefore, I will not be boasting about these talents as mine, but given to me.  We can only boast in Jesus Christ and His power. There is no question that my obedience to His will (although not knowing much about it during my early years of this walk with the Lord), brought me the knowledge of when to turn to the right or the left, and each move produced extraordinary fruits for me and my family. A priest said recently that even the demons know Jesus well as we read in the Scriptures talking to Him! So, knowing Him per se is not the only requirement for these signs and wonders to happen, but ALSO our “constant” prayer as we obey His will day and night, with great gusto, in the darkness of our crosses or in the mountain top experiences as we delight in His Presence.

In my next two blogs, I will enumerate them in a hopefully succinct matter of how I was guided to the right or left, and this have kept me “awake” and falling in love with Him more and more, to the point of hoping one of these days to go “home” to my Father and remain at His feet like Lazarus’s sister, Mary, staring at His Countenance forever and ever. I cannot wait! It is soo exciting… How I wished I was Mary Magdalene and scream to everyone, “He is alive. Come and see!” Therefore, I must exclaim:

 “The Lord is my Shepherd and there is nothing I shall want… You guide me along the right path for the sake of Your Name. Even when I walk through a dark valley, I fear no evil for You are at my side…  Only goodness and love will pursue me all the days of my life; I will dwell in the house of the Lord, for years to come.”  (Psalm 23). No doubt that the Psalmist knew what he was chanting!

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…


Siguiendo a Jesús

Este tópico de lo que significa seguir a Jesús en mi caminar con Él, continúa aquí pero tomarán varios “blogs” para cubrir sus varios aspectos. Sin embargo, después de mucha oración y contemplando los eventos nacionales del 20 de enero, más esperando los de enero 22, les tengo que decir que tengo mucha esperanza… Hace medio siglo, cuando yo llegué  a los Ángeles  como una estudiante de intercambio at la edad de 17 años, mis padres bostonianos “adoptivos” para ese año, me dijeron que no podía tener amigos méxico-americanos, judíos o negros. No me dieron ninguna otra regla ni la explicación del por qué no podía juntarme con estos grupos sociales.

Así que viví y practiqué la discriminación bajo la guía de muy buena gente que me trató muy bien, y ahora, en retrospectiva, me ayuda recordarlos y a darme cuenta de que tendencias culturales son grandes transformadoras de nuestros cerebros que son tan plásticos… Es interesante que nunca tuvieran ninguna objeción por mi ascendencia hispana de un país al sur de México, pero no podía hacer amigos entre otros latinos… Es así que yo pude vivir en carne viva aunque al reverso, lo que el Dr. King vivió en el sur de E.U.

Fue tan especial cuando ayer vi revertida esa tendencia discriminatoria… En este sentido, Dios ha mostrado gran gracia para nuestros Estados Unidos. ¿Cuántas oraciones se habrán dicho durante estos 50 años pasados? Probablemente muchas. Y si ya que para Dios todo es posible, nosotros también podemos esperar grandes cambios en el nombre del “derecho a la vida”, ya que el mundo entero está en Sus manos, como esta mañana lo oí cantar. Sin embargo, así como el Dr. King y sus seguidores hicieron, y quienes predicaron libertad e igualdad en forma pacífica, el tiempo ha llegado para nosotros también predicar el derecho a la  vida para otro grupo de seres humanos, nuestros bebitos y viejitos. En nuestro caso, necesitamos predicar con nuestras vidas de discipulado… Sin embargo no con palabras (qué aburrido y cansado), sino en Espíritu y Verdad, siguiendo al Maestro como Él nos indicó hacerlo.

¡Nuestro Señor fue tan claro! Juan 12:24,26“Yo les aseguro que si el grano de trigo que cae en la tierra no muere, queda infecundo; pero si muere dará fruto abundante. Si alguien quiere servirme, que me siga; correrá la misma suerte que yo. Todo aquel que me sirva será honrado por mi Padre.”

Es obvio que si Él fue al Calvario, nosotros debemos ir también con nuestras cruces, menores o grandes, pero con un gran “sí” durante nuestra estadía en esta tierra… A no ser que muramos y caigamos a la tierra, no podremos hacer gran cosa por nosotros mismos o por otros. Su voluntad así lo establece… Sus Palabras no son solamente pasajes interesantes con nuestro derecho a escoger cuáles queremos seguir… sino que son declaraciones claras… Debo agregar que temprano en este viajar con Él, y sin duda debido a Su gracia porque tuve un encuentro con Él al saberlo vivo en la Eucaristía antes de cumplir los 7 años, yo traté fielmente de hacer su voluntad sin saber ni que lo estaba haciendo…

Esto fue aparente muchos años después y una vez que conecté todos los puntos de mi trayectoria. En retrospectiva, mi obediencia a su voluntad a través de la gracia, debe haber facilitado muchas ocasiones donde señales, maravillas y milagros me llegaron sin ton ni son, y por esto puede asegurarle a cualquiera que Él vive con nosotros… sólo esperando nuestro sí en su significado más completo para cada presente  momento a través de la muerte de nuestra voluntad como el grano de trigo, y también con el conocimiento de que nuestro Papito nos honrará en asuntos inmensos… ¡Inmensos! Yo tengo más de 10 instancias de experiencias que cambiaron totalmente el rumbo de mi vida y donde tome un giro a la derecha o la izquierda en forma milagrosa. He pensado mucho si les contaba acerca de ellas, y entre más rehusaba molestarlos con estas historias, más supe que les probará a todos cuánto Él está envuelto en nuestras vidas… Yo estoy segura de que vosotros tenéis  vuestras propias historias, ¡pero quizás no hayáis hecho una lista de los muchos momentos que os encontrasteis  con Él en el camino a Emús!

Todos hemos recibido talentos que tenemos que multiplicar y no enterrarlos, y esto para darle gloria a Dios; por lo tanto no estoy haciendo alarde acerca de estos talentos como si fueran míos, sino como recibidos. Nosotros sólo podemos alardear de Cristo Jesús y de su poder. No me cabe duda de que mi obediencia a Su voluntad (aunque sin darme mucha cuenta en mis años primeros de mi caminata con el Señor), me dio el conocimiento para saber doblar a la derecha o a la izquierda, y cada giro produjo frutos extraordinarios para mí y para mi familia. Recientemente, un sacerdote dijo que aun los demonios conocían a Jesús muy bien como lo leemos en las Escrituras cuando hablaban con Él. Así que conociéndolo a Él por sí mismo no es el único requisito para que estas señales y maravillas pasen, sino TAMBIEN  nuestra oración “constante” a medida que obedecemos Su voluntad día y noche, con gran gusto, ya sea en la oscuridad de nuestras cruces o en las vivencias en la cima al experimentar Su Presencia.

En mis próximos dos “blogs”, enumeraré estas señales y maravillas y espero que en una forma sucinta, de cómo fui guiada a doblar a la derecha o izquierda, y esto me ha mantenido “despierta” y enamorándome más y más de mi Señor, hasta el punto  de esperar con ansias mi retorno a la casa de mi Padre uno de estos días y permanecer como la hermana de Lázaro, María, contemplando Su Faz eternamente. ¡Cuán difícil se me hace la espera! ¡Es tan excitante! … Cómo desearía ser como María Magdalena y gritarle a todo mundo, “Jesús está vivo. Vengan a ver.” Por lo tanto debo exclamar:

“El Señor es mi pastor a mí nada me falta… Me guía por la senda del bien, haciendo honor a Su Nombre. Aunque pase por un valle tenebroso, ningún mal temeré, porque Tú estás conmigo… Tu amor y Tu bondad me acompañan todos los días de mi vida; y habitaré por siempre en la casa del Señor.” (Salmo 23) Sin duda que el Salmista sabía lo que cantaba.

¡O gracia tan maravillosa; qué dulce  es tu sonido que ha salvado a una miserable como yo!…


Jesus and our prayer

January 18, 2009

What do I understand as prayer? Prayer is relationship. Prayer is a constant awareness that we are in the presence of God but in relationship with Him. But this relationship must be lived and there are a couple of things that I have learned that I would share with you today. I believe that there are two forms of prayer and it is not what you may be thinking… There is the regular prayer in all its forms: verbal with praise, adoration, thanksgiving and the more quiet one like meditation and contemplation. Yet, I discovered that there is an ongoing prayer and I figured it out with the following hints from Scripture. If we look at the lives of those who were very obedient to the will of God, we find many fruits in their lives!

1) Abraham had so much faith that he left everything (many riches) in his own town somewhere in Iraq (?) and obeyed God and traveled to a distant land. Fruits: he ended up having a covenant with God and so much intimacy, that the Lord confided in him His plans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. This intimacy rendered a descendant born to him in his old age and from Sarah whose womb had dried out…

2) Moses was another great intimate of God after he obeyed God as he took Israel out of captivity and brought them to the Promised Land…

3) The Virgin Mary said a big yes to God’s will and not only became the Mother of the Messiah, but she was also graced with so much love for neighbor that she ran to help her cousin…

4) Jesus Himself obeyed His Father and gave us the status of children of God and to inherit eternal life.

5) His disciples all left everything behind and after His crucifixion, they continued spreading the Good News to the whole world and to the present day!

Notice how in all these cases, God called them to do very unorthodox things for the time they were living. However, none of these Biblical figures of purely human origin (Jesus apart Who was divine) missed the call, and most likely because they radically trusted God’s love for them, one that would not be able to confuse them.

1. Is there a hint in all of the above? You bet… It is apparent that our Yes to whatever He wants of us, whatever He allows in our lives, becomes the highest form of constant prayer with extraordinary fruits! With our resolute “yes”, it is then that we keep praying all day without words but in action, “Come Lord Jesus, come – Maranatha.”

Again, during the day, as we go about doing what we have to do in any kind of work, outside or inside the home, our “Yes” is a constant prayer… Said differently, If we are fully committed to say yes to every present moment as it comes, without editing it in any form or shape, we are praying… In fact, if the present moment is very hard and painful, we are praying even more with our yes to it. And why? Because we are praising Him, because we are glorifying Him if we submit to His will 100% of the time, and it is so since it represents our love for Him with all our heart and mind and soul.  

2. However, we also need to take time to be 100% present to Him in prayer with our intellect in all its forms as described above. It is a time to intercede for our neighbor and for ourselves not to mess up in our “Yes” stance. It is a time to seek His Holy Spirit, to find His Truth for every little right or left turn (Isaiah 30:21).

But what also became evident to me is how we have been working so hard “to march for life” and talking about the right and dignity of all created human beings. We have prayed for years about this problem and have seen some positive changes but we are ready to lose all we gained. Then I remembered Matthew 7:21-23. “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name? Did we not drive out demons in Your Name?’ Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from Me, you evildoers.’

I wonder if we have to become serious and say “Yes” to all, good or bad in our lives by following His will 100% of the time in order for our prayers to be heard!  Is it possible that if a few of us had done that, then our power of prayer may have ended BY NOW the 1970’s famous law against life that now threatens to be broadened? And this fact made me believe that may be God is trying to tell all of us about our hardened hearts and how it may lead to empty (powerless) prayers and actions.

I have understood further that the will of God for each of us is a fluid reality. It is particular for each present moment. It may be the same as His will for yesterday, but we must be opened and alert to do something different that may be radical even within our main call in life. It is here where our hardened hearts become a nightmare because many times we miss the new road. Is it possible that may be we think we are following Him but not with the “determined determination” to live the Words He left us in Mathew 7? Is it possible that we have not followed Him with a huge “yes” as the one that  Abraham, Moses, Our Lady and the Disciples proved to render extraordinary fruits…? Otherwise, how can we explain our failure in bringing down these evil laws after 36 years of prayer? Hmm!

Corollary: One thing is super clear… My prayer is a relationship with God and in order for my prayer to be heard, this relationship must be lived as Abraham, Moses, Our Lady and the Apostles lived it, and not edited for my convenience!.  He left us the clues necessary for evangelization to the ends of the earth, and even at Gethsemani He cried, “My Father, if it is possible let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.”  (Mathew 26-39) After watching this scene 22 times in the Passion of the Christ movie, how can I forget when He said to the sleepy disciples, “Watch and PRAY.” ? (Matthew 26:41) Or, like saying, “Pay attention to My Words and pray for yourselves so that you can follow them…”

So, when we pray, let’s also make it a love affair with this God by saying “yes” to His will with a renewed enthusiasm and just as He did, in order to follow Him. Every suffering we have of any kind, little or huge, should be embraced as He asked us, in order to back up our prayer for “life” issues, and who knows if by next January we may look back and smile… because He always went to pray, and promised us that if we needed something, we had only to ask and knock… Is it possible that the “asking” consists of our verbal prayer and the “knocking” means our “yes” to our Father’s will for everything, good or bad? We should remember that His will is to love Him and to love our neighbor, especially our enemies, as we love ourselves… Are we ready not to resent anyone no matter what? Are we ready to faithfully deny ourselves daily, embrace our crosses dearly and follow Him 100% of the time in all He did, taught and modeled for us? Are we?


Jesús y nuestra oración

¿Qué es lo que entiendo por oración? La oración es una relación. La oración es un estar consciente de que estamos en la presencia de Dios pero en relación. Pero esta relación debe ser vivida y hay un par de cosas que yo he aprendido al respecto y que compartiré con vosotros. Yo creo que hay dos formas de orar y no es lo que están pensando… Está la oración regular en todas sus formas: verbal con alabanza, adoración, acción de gracias y la más silenciosa como la meditación y la contemplación. Sin embargo, descubrí que hay una oración constante y lo entendí con varias señales en las Escrituras. Si miramos las vidas de aquellos que fueron muy obedientes a la voluntad de Dios, podemos encontrar muchos frutos en sus vidas.

1) Abraham tenía tanta fe que lo dejó todo (muchas riquezas) en su pueblo en Iraq y obedeció a Dios y viajó a una tierra distante. Frutos: terminó con una alianza con Dios y eran tan íntimos que el Señor le contó sus planes para destruir a Sodoma y Gomorra. Esta intimidad le proporcionó un descendiente nacido en su avanzada edad y de Sara, cuyo vientre estaba seco…

2) Moisés fue otro amigo íntimo de Dios y le obedeció sacando a Israel de Egipto y llevándolo a la tierra prometida.

3) La Virgen María le dio un gran “sí” a la voluntad de Dios y no sólo se convirtió en la Madre del Mesías, pero también recibió la gracia de un gran amor por su prójimo y corrió a servirle a su prima…

4) Jesús mismo obedeció a Su Padre y nos dio nuestra condición de ser hijos de Dios y de ser herederos del cielo.

5) Sus discípulos lo dejaron todo atrás para seguirlo y después de la crucifixión, continuaron llevando la Buena Nueva a todo el mundo y hasta el día presente!

Noten como en todos estos casos, Dios los llamó a hacer cosas muy poco ortodoxas para el tiempo en que vivían. Sin embargo, ninguna de estas figuras bíblicas de origen puramente humano (aparte de Jesús quien era de origen divino), fallaron en recibir su llamado y en obedecerlo, y muy probablemente porque confiaban radicalmente en el amor de Dios por ellos, uno que no era capaz de confundirlos.

1. ¿Encontramos una señal en estos ejemplos? Claro que sí… Es aparente que nuestro Sí a todo lo que Él quiera de nosotros, a todo lo que Él permite en nuestras  vidas, se convierte en la oración constante más elevada y con frutos extraordinarios! Con nuestro sí resoluto, es que oramos todo el día sin palabras pero en acción, “Ven Señor Jesús, ven – Maranata”.

De nuevo, durante el día cuando hacemos todo lo que se espera de nosotros en cualquier trabajo, dentro o fuera de nuestras casas, nuestro sí es una oración constante. O dicho en otra forma, si nos mantenemos totalmente comprometidos a decir que sí a cada presente momento que nos llega, sin editarlo en ninguna forma o manera, estamos orando Aún más, si ese presente momento es duro y doloroso, estaremos orando todavía más con nuestro sí a ese sufrimiento. ¿Y por qué? Porque estamos alabándolo, glorificándolo si nos sometemos un cien por ciento a Su voluntad, y simplemente porque representa la mejor forma de amarlo con todo nuestro corazón, mente y alma.

2. Sin embargo, necesitamos también tomar tiempo para estar un ciento por ciento presentes ante Él en oración con nuestro intelecto. Es un tiempo necesario para interceder por nuestro prójimo y por nosotros mismos para no interferir en nuestra decisión de decir que sí en todo. Es un tiempo para buscar al Espíritu Santo para encontrar su guía en cada movimiento a la derecha o la izquierda (Isaías 30:21).

Pero lo que también se me hizo muy evidente es cómo nosotros hemos trabajado tanto en  “marchas por la vida” y hablando sobre el derecho y la dignidad de todas los seres humanos creados. Hemos orado por muchos años por este problema y hemos visto algunos cambios positivos, pero estamos listos a perder lo que ganamos. Entonces me acordé de Mateo 7:21-23. “No todo el que me dice: ¡Señor, Señor! entrará en el reino de los cielos, sino el que hace la voluntad de mi Padre que está en los cielos. Muchos me dirán aquel día: –¡Señor, Señor? ¿No profetizamos en tu nombre, y en tu  nombre expulsamos demonios, y en tu nombre hicimos muchos milagros? Pero yo les responderé: – No los conozco. ¡Apártense de mí, malvados!”

¿Yo me pregunto si tenemos que ponernos muy serios y decir “Sí” a todo, lo bueno y lo malo en nuestras vidas al seguir Su voluntad 100% del tiempo para que nuestras oraciones sean escuchadas? ¿Será posible que si algunos de nosotros lo hubiésemos hecho, entonces el poder de nuestra oración hubiese terminado EN NUESTROS DÍAS, la famosa ley de los años 70 contra la vida y que amenaza a ser extendida? Y este hecho me hizo creer que quizás Dios  está tratando de recordarnos de nuestros corazones endurecidos y que quizás nos ha llevado a oraciones y acciones vacías.

He entendido aún más que la voluntad de Dios para cada uno de nosotros es una realidad fluida. Que es particular para cada presente momento. Puede que sea la misma a Su voluntad de ayer, pero debemos estar abiertos y alertas a hacer algo diferente que puede ser radical aún dentro de la vocación en nuestra vida. Es aquí donde nuestros corazones endurecidos se convierten en una pesadilla porque muchas veces perdemos el camino. ¿Será  posible que pensemos que estamos siguiendo a Jesús pero no con una “determinada determinación” para vivir las Palabras que Él nos dejo en Mateo 7? ¿Será posible que no lo hayamos seguido con un “sí” gigante como el de Abraham, Moisés, la Virgen y los discípulos y que probó producir frutos extraordinarios? ¡Ja!

Corolario: una cosa es súper clara… Mi oración es una relación con Dios y para que mi oración sea escuchada, esta relación debe ser vivida como lo mostraron  Abraham, Moisés, Nuestra Señora y los Apóstoles y sin editarla para mi conveniencia… Jesús nos dejó los indicios necesarios para evangelizar hasta el final del mundo, y aun en Getsemaní Él lloró, “Padre mío, si es posible, aleja de  mí este cáliz de amargura; pero no se haga como yo quiero, sino como tú quieres.” (Mateo 26:39).  Después de ver 22 veces la película “La Pasión de Cristo”, cómo podría yo olvidarme lo que Jesús le dijo a sus discípulos soñolientos, “Velen y oren… pues el espíritu está bien dispuesto, pero la carne es débil.” (Mateo 26:41).  O casi diciendo, “pongan atención a mis palabras y oren por ustedes mismos para que puedan vivirlas “

Así que cuando oremos, hagámoslo como si fuera un amorío con Dios a través de nuestro “sí” a Su voluntad pero con un entusiasmo renovado y como Jesús lo  hizo, para poder seguirlo… Cada sufrimiento que tengamos de cualquier clase, pequeño o inmenso, debemos abrazarlo como Él nos lo pidió, para poder ser la espina dorsal de nuestra oración para los asuntos pro-vida, y quién sabe si para el próximo enero volvamos a ver atrás y nos podamos sonreír…  porque Él siempre tomó tiempo para orar y nos prometió que si  necesitábamos algo, solo teníamos que pedir y tocar… ¿Será posible que el “pedir” consista en nuestra oración verbal, y que nuestro “tocar” signifique nuestro “sí” a la voluntad del Padre para todo, bueno o malo? Debemos recordar que Su voluntad consiste en amar a Dios y a nuestro prójimo, especialmente  nuestros enemigos, y como nos amamos a nosotros mismos. ¿Estamos listos a no resentir a nadie y a toda costa? ¿Estamos listos a ser fieles en cada día a negarnos a nosotros mismos, abrazar nuestras cruces y seguir ciento por ciento del tiempo todo lo que Jesús hizo, nos enseño y modeló? ¿Estamos listos?


Our hardened hearts (our minds are closed)

January 15, 2009

 As promised I will discuss my experience with euthanasia. We have so many names for the same: assisted suicide (if the patient agrees to it; sometimes is assisted homicide as probably it was the case in my own experience…!). It is also called the practice of ending life in a painless manner. The word euthanasia comes from the Greek and it means “good death.”  In religious terms, all death is good since it simply starts our final journey to see one day, the Trinity. However, for the world, euthanasia is good for purely human reasons.


Here is my story: in 1996, jobs in anesthesiology were scarce and I had to work in temporary ones, in order to just give vacations to the anesthesiologists of different hospitals. I took a summer assignment in a resort place near a lake in the Midwest. One Thursday I had and emergency case where we had to operate no matter what physical  condition the patient was in. The case was of an 80-year-old woman who apparently had cancer of the pancreas and involving most likely the liver. She was very sick since her liver function in the laboratory studies revealed that there was an obstruction in the bile duct system and these studies were also very abnormal as to the health of the liver itself. I decided to use what we call “Cadillac anesthesia,” term used in ancient times when we had to do the best with less… that is, the best we could create for a patient like this one, instead of giving intravenous drugs like Pentothal, which  would put her to sleep plus gases to keep her asleep, but both needed to be detoxified in the liver, which was very sick, and therefore, it would take much time. Obviously, the latter were not the best choices for her. Therefore, I gave an epidural to this patient, just like we give for women in labor in order to produce a minimal toxic chemical over taxation to her liver.


Generally speaking, the new generation of anesthesiologists (from the 1980’s on) have not been trained to use epidurals for this kind of cases for many reasons, and one is that we have much better muscle relaxants and monitoring systems (compared to the late 60’s and early 70’s), and so it is better for the patient to be put to sleep and left for several days afterwards on a respirator, waiting for all the anesthetics to clear in their own time, while the patient is kept sedated so that they don’t suffer the imposition of having a machine breath for them.


I wanted to avoid exactly that scenario since this was a very small hospital unknown to me, especially its ICU experience in keeping her on a respirator for some time for which I was totally responsible since it was due to my anesthetic, and I knew that I could give this woman a safer anesthetic as we did in the late sixties when I trained in this art. The case took 10 hours.  I ran blood gases to be certain the patient was well oxygenated and not retaining any carbon dioxide, and I kept the patient slightly sedated throughout using amnesic drugs. At the end of 10 hours there was no endo-tracheal tube to remove and she was wide awake with zero discomfort… (This is why we call it a Cadillac type of technique).  Postoperatively, I kept her with a drip of morphine in her epidural catheter in order to block all possible pain, another advantage already built in in this technique. The surgeons were amazed and thankful… There is nothing like having at the end a wide awake patient and painless… Well, the practice of anesthesia has always been considered an “art”.


The patient was a smart lady with a Master degree in music from a very well known university and she was a beautiful patient and we became great friends. We planned the whole thing in my visit to her the day before. She was left in the intensive care unit with this drip through her epidural for pain control. There were orders to the effect of checking her respiratory rate every hour on the hour to ascertain that the morphine was no affecting her respiratory rate by dropping it to dangerous levels, a complication of this technique that has killed patients without intent.


On Friday, when I visited her in post anesthesia rounds, she was sitting on a chair next to her bed and very happy, with no pain whatsoever. I talked with her about God, knowing now that she was terminal. She had been given only 6 months to live but I never learned how much she knew… She said she was Lutheran and I asked her if she was a practicing Lutheran. She was not… I asked her if she wanted to see a Lutheran Pastor. She assented. I then worked diligently with other hospital employees in this hospital of this small resort community, trying to find a good Lutheran Pastor. I did and called him. He came to visit her on Saturday!


After this first post operative visit on Friday, I checked her chart and noticed that during the night her respiratory rate levels had dropped to dangerously 8 times per minute (due to the morphine). I inquired from the nursing personnel and there were no clear answers. I, therefore, wrote an order to keep a close look on these dangerous levels of bradypnea (slow respiratory rate), and to treat it according to my orders in the protocol for this morphine epidural drip, which also included to call me to the hotel and let me know so that I could come to the ICU and re-adjust the drip at any time of the day or night.  I commented how well she was doing to some ICU personnel and a nurse said to me, “I bet you that she will not make it out of here alive.” I dismissed the comment as strange but never paid too much attention to it…


On Saturday she was even better and planning to go home in a few days. A second son from out of town had arrived and she was very happy. She had only these two sons. I discontinued the drip of morphine. I did not even charge for this visit or for the supervision and management of the drip used to control surgical pain in the immediate postoperative period. It was my contribution to her well-being. From then on, she only may have needed some oral narcotics, or at the most, a few intramuscular injections of morphine, if at all. When I visited her on Sunday she was comfortable, sitting by her bedside and soo happy for having being visited by the Lutheran pastor. Very early on Monday, much before my first case in the operating room, I went to intensive care to see her, thinking that by now she may have been transferred to a regular floor. I arrived to find a nurse cleaning her dead body to be sent to the funeral home!


I inquired if she had thrown an embolus from a deep vein clot, not uncommon for these cases, although she had been mobilized from the very night of her surgery precisely to avoid stagnation and formation of clots. Of course, this was the benefit of being pain free and not suffering from excessive sedation from anesthetic drugs! I was given a mumbled strange answer, which actually did not clarify the case. I went to the chart and looked at the doctor’s orders of late Sunday. There it was, a continuous intravenous morphine drip had been ordered for expected needs of surgical pain 48 hours later (?), and they called the protocol, “comfort care.” That was the hint and hidden order to euthanize her. My friends, the code names in our medical lingo for the killing of babies in the womb and of terminal patients, are: VIP (voluntary interruption of pregnancy and not a “very important person”) and “comfort care


I then checked the doctors progress notes and sure enough, “comfort care “ had been discussed with the two sons, and they had decided to help her with this protocol… It only meant that because her expectancy of a “good life” was nil, and she expected 6 months of suffering and a slow death from this non-curable cancer, they had decided not to allow her to suffer. Since she discussed her plans with me of all the things she wanted to do after her discharge from the hospital, I know she was not consulted. I believe that some doctors and nurses were possibly well meaning and believers in helping patients this way, but the only problem for me was that they forgot to ask the patient to make the decision herself of choosing death!


My spirit was sick… My own colleagues and fellow health providers (the word health sounds controversial and ironic when confronting this malady of euthanasia) who have sworn “to first do no harm”, had failed me miserably! To this moment, I know I was sent to this community to learn firsthand about euthanasia. I must add that I quietly started inquiring around about this town… There was a group headed by a consecrated religious woman… and that met regularly to indoctrinate on the right for a patient to take his/her own life! This last fact disconcerted me even more. There were times when I would wake up in my hotel room and wonder if I was just having a bad dream! This is a great example of very hardened hearts…

You  may like to keep up with the following laws as of 2008.


Currently, 35 STATES have statutes explicitly criminalizing assisted suicide.

NINE states criminalize assisted suicide through common law. This case was in one of these States!

THREE states have abolished the common law of crimes and do not have statutes criminalizing assisted suicide.

In Ohio, that State’s Supreme Court ruled in October 1996 that assisted suicide is not a crime.

In Virginia, there is no real clear case law on assisted suicide, nor is there is a statute criminalizing the act, although there is a statute which imposes civil sanctions on persons assisting in a suicide.

Only Oregon permits physician- assisted suicide.

Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and the Netherlands have “diginity clinics” for patients from all over the world to come and choose to die.

However, continuing the theme of the need to forgive others no matter what, we know that from Isaiah 6:9 to John 12:40, Acts 28: 26 and Romans 11:8, God has allowed many of His children to have a hardened heart. We all have been in one way or another. Just remember the disciples after seeing Jesus feed 5,000 men with 12 wicker baskets full of fragments left over from the 5 original loaves and 2 fish, how they were clueless as to what had happened, and just hours later (Mark 6: 45-52) “they were astounded” when they saw the storm in the lake that was pounding on their boat being stopped by Jesus… They had not understood the incident of the loaves. On the contrary, their hearts were hardened…” (Their minds were closed) Ouch.  To miss such a miracle seems not possible, and we have been in front of great miracles in our own lives of all kinds, and we keep not understanding who this Jesus is in our lives.

He visits us through many people, events, circumstances and give us a particular set of parents and make us prophets, kings and priests by Baptism; He then places His own Holy Spirit within us and finally, feed us EVEN DAILY if we want it, with His own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity (idem to the multiplication of the loaves of the story), and yet we act with hardened heartsOuch and Ouch… The only good news about this is that He allows our hardened hearts to give fruit as in Romans 8:28. When the “blind man since birth” became healed and the disciples asked Jesus why this happened to him, Jesus answered, “Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him.” John 9:2-3.

What I have learned and I am very certain about it, is that I must try my best to “watch and pray” so that my times of visitation are not missed due to my hardened heart. Here is where prayer is so important. Going back to the image of the kicking Jesus of Notre Dame, I may catch the ball (His mercy) that He throws me, if I am trying to be a disciple the best I can (with self denial, embracing my crosses, following Him especially with love for His will and my neighbor), so that I carry it to the end zone for the salvation of one soul or souls (touchdown). However, the works of Satan would be around chasing me, trying to tackle me so that I do not get to the end zone… Between that and my own crosses and my own flesh, I may get sooo distracted that important people, events and ways may come to me, to help me defy or escape my tacklers, and I may be clueless… because my heart is hardened, just thinking of how I can do it myself… and of course, lacking the trust that He is the Commander in Chief and He manages this game… I am just a player serving Him.

Sadly, through brain plasticity we have become used to take over because the media constantly tells us that we have to be ourselves (whatever that means) and take action and that we can get whatever we want if we try hard… Just look at the retirement plans… I had several financial advisers come to offer their help in the 70’s and 80’s, when I was making one quarter million dollars a year! I call it: “monkey behavior.” We do what the other monkeys do… We plan this retirement on a beach or a mountain, and all the money we need to be so… We forget that we are just servants…Well, I did not plan anything. I gave the moneys away upon His guidance and it worked very well. I have all I need: so much joy and peace, super weather, love from family, and yes, God and mammon do not mix. I know because I have lived it. The Book is right. We also forget that many a time, the retirement plan is used by someone else since we die early or in our USA, we lose the money because the economy plays a trick in our calculations…Our monkey behavior is the product of our hardened hearts, since we cannot see the Truth, understand it and less live it…

The way I learned to stay away from this hardened heart status  is prayer and prayer and prayer asking for His mercy so that “I can see” (like the man of the story), as I repent (with real purpose of amendment, especially of the times when I do not fully love Him or my neighbor) and believe in the Gospel and do what It says regarding the two  most important commandments and no matter what; that is, no excuses… The Gospel also says that His mercy will be there to assist me in everything, and through the Holy Spirit within, I can do mighty things (for my own spirit and other’s)… In fact, all battles are already won through His mercy…  Nothing new… It is in the Book of instructions… And the result will be what He said, that if “I see”… I end up making visible the works of God in my life, and this glorifies my Daddy in heaven… How simple…

Let us keep praying as a Body in order to conquer our hardened hearts… It is not just a reflection but a Truth that we must deal with… I love to remember His Words… because they are powerful… Matthew 7:21. “No everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.” His Words are clear and SCREAM for our attention for action…


Nuestros corazones endurecidos o mentes cerradas

Como les prometí, les contaré de mi experiencia con eutanasia. Tenemos muchos nombres para lo mismo: suicidio asistido por un médico (si el paciente lo quiere; otras veces es homicidio asistido por un médico y lo que es probable que yo viví en esta experiencia…!) También se llama la práctica de terminar la vida sin dolor. La palabra eutanasia viene del griego y significa “buena muerte”. En términos religiosos, toda muerte es buena ya que comienza nuestra última caminata para ver algún día a la Santísima Trinidad. Sin embargo, para el mundo, la eutanasia es buena pero con raciocinios puramente humanos.

Aquí está la historia: en 1996, los trabajos en anestesiología eran escasos y tenía que coger  algunos temporales para darle vacaciones a los anestesiólogos del hospital que visitaba. Acepté una asignación en un lugar de veraneo cerca de un lago en el medio oeste de los E.U. Un jueves se me llamó para una emergencia donde tenemos que operar aunque el paciente esté muy enfermo. El caso fue de una mujer de 80 años quien aparentemente tenía cáncer del páncreas y que envolvía el hígado. Estaba muy enferma ya que los estudios de laboratorio mostraron que había una obstrucción del conducto biliar y que el hígado estaba con mucha disfunción. Decidí usar lo que llamábamos hace muchos años “anestesia tipo cadillac” (claro refiriéndose a este carro de lujo), término que sugiere que teníamos que hacer lo mejor con lo poquito que teníamos. .. Y en lugar de darle pentotal sódico para dormirla y gases para mantenerla anestesiada, los cuales se detoxifican en el hígado y el cual estaba en muy malas condiciones, y por lo tanto, estas drogas toman días para desaparecer del organismo de un paciente, opté por darle una anestesia epidural similar a la que reciben las mujeres en labor de parto, para poder reducir a un mínimo los tóxicos que llegaban a su hígado.  

En general, la nueva generación de anestesiólogos (de los años 1980 en adelante) no han recibido adiestramiento con esta técnica de epidural para casos de cirugía abdominal por muchas razones, y una es que tenemos ahora mejores drogas para relajar los músculos y facilitarle al cirujano su trabajo, y muchos mejores sistemas de monitoreo, y entonces es mucho mejor poner el paciente a dormir y después de la cirugía dejarlo entubado, sedado y con un respirador para darle tiempo al hígado a que metabolice la anestesia.

Yo quería evitar precisamente eso, ya que se trataba de un pequeño hospital el cual yo no conocía, y especialmente no sabía de la experiencia con un respirador en cuidados intensivos y del cual yo era responsable porque se debía a mi anestésico. También sabía que podía darle un anestésico muy seguro  como lo hacíamos al final de los años 1960 y principios de los 70, cuando me adiestré en este arte. El caso tomó 10 horas. La monitoreé midiendo los gases sanguíneos para comprobar que estaba bien oxigenada y sin retener dióxido de carbono, y mantuve a la paciente ligeramente sedada. Al final de las 10 horas, no había un tubo endo-traqueal que remover y ella estaba totalmente despierta y sin dolor… (Es por esto que llamamos a esta técnica, Cadillac…)  En el posoperatorio, la mantuve con un goteo de morfina a través del catéter epidural en la espina dorsal para bloquear todo dolor, y esta fue otra gran ventaja de esta técnica. Los cirujanos estaban pasmados y agradecidos. No hay nada como tener un paciente totalmente despierto y sin dolor al final de una operación en el abdomen y tan larga. Bueno, la práctica de anestesia siempre se ha considerado un “arte”.

La paciente era muy inteligente con una licenciatura en música de una universidad muy conocida, y también era una paciente muy linda y nos volvimos grandes amigas. Habíamos planeado todo en mi visita pre-operatoria. Se le llevó a la sala de cuidados intensivos con este goteo de morfina epidural para controlar el dolor. Deje órdenes para que se le chequeara su ritmo respiratorio cada hora para asegurarme que la morfina no le bajaría sus respiraciones a un nivel muy bajo, y una de las complicaciones de esta técnica es que el paciente puede morir sin maldad alguna porque la respiración disminuye a niveles incompatibles con la vida.  

El viernes cuando la fui a ver, la encontré sentada a la par de la cama y muy feliz, sin dolor alguno. Le hablé de Dios, sabiendo que tenía una enfermedad terminal con 6 meses de vida, aunque nunca llegué a saber si ella lo sabía. Me dijo que era luterana y le pregunté si frecuentaba alguna iglesia. Me dijo que no. Le pregunté si quería ver a un pastor luterano y dijo que sí. Con diligencia, hablé con varias enfermeras para localizar una iglesia con un buen pastor, lo llamé y el sábado él vino a visitarla!

Después de esta conversación del viernes, fui a chequear su cartulina y noté que durante la noche anterior su respiración había bajado a 8 por minuto… (Debido a la morfina). Le pregunté al personal de enfermería y nadie me dio una respuesta clara. Entonces escribí una orden para monitorearla con más frecuencia y de fijarse en estos niveles tan bajos; también de tratarlos con las órdenes dejadas en el protocolo del jueves, incluyendo que se me llamara a mi hotel para venir al hospital a cambiar el goteo personalmente, ya fuera de día o  de noche. Le comenté a una de las enfermeras cuán bien estaba la paciente y ella me contestó, “Le apuesto que no sale de aquí viva.” Yo no le puse mucha atención a ese extraño comentario…

El sábado se sentía mejor y hasta hacía planes para su regreso a su casa en pocos días. Un segundo hijo que vivía lejos había llegado a verla y estaba muy feliz. Tenía solo dos hijos. Discontinué el goteo de morfina epidural y no le cobré por el manejo de la misma para quitarle el dolor quirúrgico. Fue mi contribución para su bienestar. De ahí en adelante podría necesitar narcóticos orales o quizás una pocas inyecciones intramusculares de morfina. Cuando la visité el domingo estaba muy tranquila, sentada a la par de su cama y muy feliz porque el pastor luterano la había visitado. Muy temprano el lunes y antes de comenzar mis casos en la sala de operaciones, fui a cuidados intensivos a verla, pero pensando que quizás ya la habían transferido a una sala corriente. Cuando llegué, una enfermera estaba limpiando a cadáver para mandarlo a la funeraria!

Pregunté si había sufrido de un coágulo en el pulmón proveniente de una vena profunda de las piernas, no poco común, aunque que ella había sido movilizada desde la misma noche de su cirugía precisamente porque no tenía dolor para hacerlo y para evitar casualmente el estancamiento de la sangre y formar coágulos. Me dieron una respuesta como entre dientes, que no me aclaró nada. Me fui a revisar la cartulina y leí  las órdenes del médico del domingo en la noche. Ahí estaba, un goteo intravenoso de morfina para tratar el  dolor quirúrgico y esto ya 48 horas después (¿?)— y ordenaron el protocolo llamado “cuidado para confortar”. Esta era la señal de una orden oculta de eutanasia. Mis amigos que leen esto: los nombres códigos en nuestra lengua médica para matar bebitos en el vientre y pacientes terminales, son VIP (voluntaria interrupción de preñez) y “cuidado que conforta”

Entonces chequeé las notas de progreso del médico de cabecera y claro, el protocolo de “cuidado que conforta” había sido discutido con los dos hijos, y ello decidieron usarlo. Como ella tenía solo unos meses de vida y una buena vida no era posible ya que se esperaba que sufriera mientras la muerte le llegaba lentamente, habían decidido no dejarla pasar por esto. Ya que ella había discutido conmigo los planes que tenía y todas las cosas que quería hacer después de salir del hospital, estoy segura que no se le consultó. Yo creo que algunos médicos y enfermeras posiblemente quieren ayudar de buena fe a estos pacientes, pero el problema para mí fue que se les olvidó preguntarle a la paciente si quería adelantar su muerte!

Mi espíritu se me enfermó… Mis colegas y proveedores de salud (la palabra salud suena controversial e irónica cuando se confronta la eutanasia) quienes han jurado “primero no hacer daño”, me habían fallado miserablemente. En este momento, me di cuenta que había sido mandada a esta comunidad para aprender personalmente sobre la eutanasia. Comencé entonces a investigar calladamente la comunidad en general. Se me dijo que había un grupo dirigido por una religiosa consagrada y que se reunía regularmente para adoctrinar  a otros en el derecho que tienen los pacientes de terminar su propia vida. Este hecho me desconcertó aún más. Hubo momentos que me despertaba en el hotel y me preguntaba si todo esto era sólo un sueño! Este es un gran ejemplo de corazones muy endurecidos.

Tal vez quieran enterarse de las siguientes leyes sobre eutanasia en el 2008:

Leyes de suicidio asistido Estado por Estado.

En este momento, 35 Estados, tienen estatutos que explícitamente criminalizan el suicidio asistido.

NUEVE Estados criminalizan el suicidio asistido a través de derecho consuetudinario. Este caso pasó en uno de esos Estados.

TRES Estados han abolido el derecho consuetudinario y no tienen estatutos que criminalicen el suicidio asistido.

En Ohio, la Corte Suprema Estatal falló en octubre de 1996 que el suicidio asistido no es un crimen.

En Virginia, no una ley clara sobre el suicidio asistido, ni hay tampoco una ley que criminalice este acto, aunque hay un estatuto que impone sanciones civiles en personas que asisten al suicidio.

Solamente Oregón permite el suicidio asistido por médicos. 

Bélgica, Suiza, Luxemburgo y Holanda tienen “clínicas de dignidad” para que los pacientes de todas partes del mundo acudan a recibir su muerte.

Sin embargo, continuando el tema de la necesidad de perdonar a otros a todo costo, sabemos que desde Isaías 6:9 a Juan 12:40, Hechos 28:26 y Romanos 11:8, Dios permite a muchos de Sus hijos a endurecer su corazón. Todos hemos sufrido de lo mismo en una forma u otra. Recuerden a los discípulos que después de ver a Jesús darle de comer a 5.000 hombres con 12 canastas llenas de fragmentos que habían quedado y comenzando con 5 panes y dos pescados, cómo nunca se dieron cuenta de este milagro. Y unas pocas horas después, (Marcos 6: 45-52), se maravillaron cuando vieron que Jesús terminó con una tormenta en el lago. “Ellos no habían entendido el incidente de la multiplicación de los panes. Al contrario, sus corazones se habían endurecido” y en otra traducción dice que “sus mentes estaban cerradas.” Auch. No entender este milagro parece imposible, y sin embargo, nosotros también estamos enfrente de grandes milagros de todas clases, pero nos mantenemos sin entender quien es este Jesús en nuestras vidas…

Él nos visita a través de muchas personas, eventos, circunstancias y nos da un par de padres muy particular y nos hace profetas, reyes y sacerdotes en nuestro Bautismo; luego coloca Su propio Espíritu dentro de nosotros y finalmente, nos da de comer cada día si  así lo queremos, su propio Cuerpo, Sangre, Alma y Divinidad (idéntico a la multiplicación de los 5 panes), y aun así, nos mantenemos con corazones endurecidos…. Auch y más auch… La única buena noticia es que Él permite que estos corazones endurecidos existan para dar frutos como en Romanos 8:28. Cuando el ciego de nacimiento fue sanado y los discípulos le preguntaron a Jesús por qué esto le había pasado a este hombre, Jesús contestó, “La causa de su ceguera no ha sido ni un pecado de él ni de sus padres. Nació así para que el poder de Dios pueda manifestarse en él.Juan 9:2-3.

Lo que he podido entender y estoy muy cierta de ello, es que debo tratar lo mejor que pueda que debo “observar y orar” y así no fallar debido a la dureza de mi corazón en reconocer mis visitaciones  . Aquí es donde la oración es muy importante. Volviendo a la imagen del “kicking Jesus” de Notre Dame en Indiana, yo puedo llegar a recibir el balón (Su misericordia) que Él me lanza, siempre y cuando esté tratando de ser una buena discípulo (negándome a mí misma, abrazando mis cruces y siguiendo a Jesús especialmente con amor a Su voluntad y a mi prójimo), de manera de llevar el balón al otro lado (“end zone”), para la salvación de una o varias almas (touchdown). Sin embargo, el trabajo de Satanás estaría siempre a mi lado persiguiéndome, tratando de pararme para no poder llegar al “end zone”… Entre esto último y mis propias cruces y mi propia carne, me puede distraer tanto que ignoro a gentes, eventos y caminos importantes que me llegan, todos para ayudarme  a derrotar o escapar del demonio, y puede que yo esté sin entender nada porque mi corazón está endurecido, solo pensando como lo puedo hacer yo misma.. y claro, faltando en mi confianza que Él es el comandante jefe y que es Él el que maneja este partido… Yo sólo soy una jugadora a su servicio.

Es triste que a través de la plasticidad cerebral nos hemos acostumbrado a querer ser nosotros los encargados de nuestras vidas porque los medios de comunicación constantemente nos dicen que tenemos que ser nosotros mismos (lo que sea que este término signifique), y que tomemos acción porque podemos obtener todo lo que nosotros queramos si lo tratamos de hacer… Se nos presiona a poner atención a los planes de retiro… Yo tuve varios consejeros de finanzas que me seguían tratando de manejar mi portfolio en los años 70 y 80, cuando ganaba un cuarto de millón de dólares por año. Yo llamo a eso, “conducta de monos.” Tratamos de hacer lo que los otros monos hacen…

Así planeamos nuestro retiro en la playa o en la montaña, y todo el dinero que nos costará nuestro retiro. Se nos olvida que somos sirvientes…  Bueno, yo decidí no planear nada y a través de Su sabiduría, darle el dinero a los pobres y me trabajó muy bien. Tengo todo lo que necesito: mucho gozo y paz, un tiempo soleado y tibio en el invierno, amor de mi familia, y sí, Dios y el  mundo (maimón) no van juntos. Y lo sé porque lo he vivido… La Biblia está correcta. También se nos olvida que muchas veces, el dinero del plan de retiro termina en otras manos porque morimos antes de tiempo, o como en los Estado Unidos, perdemos el dinero ahorrado porque la economía nos falla en nuestros cálculos… Y esta conducta propia de monos es producto de nuestros corazones endurecidos, ya que no vemos las Verdad, no la entendemos y menos podernos vivirla…

La forma que yo aprendí para librarme de un corazón endurecido es con oración, y oración y más oración pidiendo por Su misericordia, de manera de que “yo pueda ver “ (como el hombre de la historia), mientras me arrepiento (con verdadero propósito de enmienda, especialmente por los momentos en que no amo a Dios o a mi prójimo), y creer en el Evangelio, haciendo lo que me manda en cuanto a los dos mandamientos  más importantes a todo costo; esto es, sin excusas… El Evangelio también dice que Su misericordia estará siempre asistiéndome en todo, y a través del Espíritu Santo dentro de mí, yo puedo hacer grandes cosas (para mi alma y la de otros)… De hecho, todas las batallas están ganadas a través de Su misericordia… Nada nuevo… Todo está en el Libro de instrucciones… Y el resultado será lo que Él dijo que si veo… puedo hacer visible los portentos de Dios en mi vida, y esto glorifica a mi Papito en el cielo. ¡Qué simple!

Mantengámonos orando como el Cuerpo de Cristo para conquistar nuestros corazones endurecidos… De nuevo, esto no es una reflexión pero una verdad que tenemos que entender… Me encanta recordar Sus palabras porque son fuertes… Mateo 7:21 ‘ “No todo mundo que me llama Señor, Señor, entrará al Reino de los cielos, sino solo aquel que hace la voluntad de mi Padre en el cielo.” Sus Palabras son claras y GRITAN llamando nuestra  atención para que actuemos…





What does it mean to follow Jesus?

January 12, 2009

I will resume the topic of discipleship as defined by Jesus and as I have experienced it in my own life. I have written about denial of self and embracing our crosses with “gusto,” for they are roads of sanctification. Otherwise Jesus would not have placed them in the definition. Now, to follow Him is a long topic. He left so many hints, so many! After prayer, I felt drawn to start with one of the hints. On Mathew 12, we find the disciples going through a field of grain on the Sabbath and eating some of it because they were hungry. Immediately the Pharisees called Jesus’ attention as to the unlawful action of His followers. Jesus tells them of two occasions in the Torah where the same was done and it was not a sin…  On verse 7 he said, “If you knew what this meant, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice,’ you would not have condemned these innocent men.”

In Matthew 22:36-40, the Pharisees wanted to test Him and asked Him a question:  “Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest? He said, ‘You shall love the Lord, your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is like it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.’”

So we are dealing with two main topics for which He gave us many hints besides the above verses: (1) God’s Mercy and (2) our love for Him and neighbor. However, some years ago, when I was contemplating the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15: 11-31), something was very evident. Everybody refers to this parable as the best description of the mercy that God the Father… (or the crazy love) that He has for us that He even sent His only begotten Son to rescue us…(John 3: 16)

This parable is a great portrayal of what we need to do no matter how sinful we are. We just have to repent and ask for forgiveness to our Dad in heaven. But I found something else in this parable besides this greatest description of mercy… His older brother became angry about the party that his dad had thrown for his lost son who had spent his inheritance doing very worldly improper things.  The older son argued with his father and said “Look, all these years I served you and not once did I disobey your orders… ” There it was— he had been obedient to his dad but he was not showing “mercy” towards his brother; he was not loving him.

I immediately realized that I had to be very careful… I could do all the time the will of my Father in heaven but if I did not love my brother and sister, and in this case, if I did not forgive my neighbor completely, I was not fulfilling the two commandments… How many times have I resented people for persecutions that they inflicted on me and worse, most of them with no apparent provocation, based on lies and misunderstandings …? Tons of times

If I were to follow Jesus, that is, His hints in the Word and His own example, I would have to repent ASAP from any lack of love including total forgiveness for my neighbor, and beg Him for His grace and mercy in order for me to be able to see His own Face in my persecutor. I finally understood the parable of the prodigal son and I even identified myself with both sons… With the prodigal one because I have received so many graces through the Sacraments, the Church at large, good friends, great sons, and so, I have failed to multiply my gifts; even worse, many times I did not use my graces for the Kingdom; in the other hand, I was like the older son because I was resenting those who had persecuted me… Ouch!

But I have to report that when I recognized my dual behavior as the two sons in this parable, I repented and tried hard to amend my ways, and sure enough, His mercy was abundant and I started working more diligently for the Kingdom (for the salvation of souls), and at the same time and to my great surprise, I would no resent others for more than a short while… What a power… Even now, it still hurts what they did, but I have no ill feeling towards anyone. On the contrary, when I pray for them, I do it with “gusto.” “God is good and His mercy endures forever,” said the Psalmist, and we just have to ask for His mercy… and to cooperate with Him to receive it by repenting and trying our best to “follow Him,” to do what He modeled to us, from the pulpit of the crib to the pulpit of the Cross.  

I want to quote St. Faustina in entry No. 678 – “The essence of the virtues is the will of God. He who does the will of God faithfully practices all of the virtues (And I remind you that the will of God is first and foremost to obey the two most important commandments of love of God and of neighbor) …Sweeter to me are the torments, sufferings, persecutions, and all manner of adversities by divine will than popularity, praise, and esteem by my own will.”

This gives us a very clear picture that to follow Jesus, we must definitely try to love God and neighbor, and that asking for His mercy with a resolved heart to change our previous behavior, is clue to be successful; and in this way, we become true disciples. It is also interesting that we find in the words of St. Faustina that she was fully practicing discipleship: she denied herself by not wanting to seek anything even good if coming out of her own will; she was also embracing her crosses because they were sweet since they proceeded from God’s will. Wow! And being His “secretary of mercy,” she was acting in this manner because she was constantly bathed with His mercy…

It is so important to establish here that this is not a reflection and leave it as a hard thing to do. No, this is the Truth that we must desire to accept and practice, knowing that His mercy comes and finishes the job in our hearts. Our work is mainly to recognize our sin and to repent, but wanting to truly amend our ways.  If we just believed this Truth and followed through, we would be surprised by the power of His mercy within our hearts… And once we see this change in ourselves by God’s love, then we grow in faith and hope and even in charity, and big time! There is nothing like seeing the resurrection of our souls from our sinfulness. 

Ever since and as I learned through the years the importance of my commitment to simultaneously love God and my neighbor, and not as a spiritual schizophrenic, dividing these loves: that is, serving my brothers and sisters but refusing to do God’s will in everything else, or vice versa, I have made a faithful attempt to practice this dual love in every present moment. These are a few examples of my reformed behavior:

1. In the expressways, I love to speed (would not have minded to be a Nascar driver!) but of course I cannot beyond the particular limit, not only out of respect for the civil authorities (by Jesus’ recommendation) but to protect my neighbor; yet, when my neighbor passes me at huge velocities, or worse, slides in front of my car no matter what to make a particular exit, I used to be very mad with that person… Well, nowadays I get mad for seconds and turn around and love  my brother by asking God for His mercy to protect the life of my offender and to save his/her soul and I do have love for them; I mean what I ask of God!

2. There are some political figures that I simply used to detest… I resented them big time especially for their position in “life” issues. Just imagine if the Virgin Mary would have thought of ending her pregnancy because it meant meriting to be stoned to death, since she was pregnant and single… No doubt that Jesus was an inconvenient pregnancy for this 15 year old.  Or imagine the lesson we have of Jesus in his human nature, just a few cells, since His Mom left immediately after His conception (by the Holy Ghost) in order to serve her cousin Elizabeth, and how these few cells made John the Baptist jump with joy in her mother’s womb… Or think of the excited John, a fetus of only 6 months that still needed his mom to feed him in order to finish his formation, and we have many fetuses between ages 6 and 9 months of gestation, who are decapitated through late term abortions! Ouch and ouch…

So, I have suffered from major resentment for them but only until some months ago when I repented for this sin and asked God for His mercy to love them as my most dear brothers and sisters, and especially those who call themselves members of my Church… I had to separate the sinner from the sin, since all of them are images of God and loved by Jesus just as much as any other. And indeed, shortly after, I felt so much love, that it was then that I was ready to intercede for mercy for them. Without love and total forgiveness since they do not know what they are doing, my prayer would not be that powerful… I remember here the words of St. Paul of Tarsus that love can do all things (re: future of FOCA)

3. Another major source of resentment has been the stand of some of our feminist voices of wanting to claim the right to choose to do what they want with their bodies… For some of us born ages ago and who no doubt have suffered some discrimination due to our gender, the question of the dignity of life as a right for all humans, was always as clear as crystal water. Contraception was never an issue in my life as a married woman even before the encyclical of Humanae Vitae was written by our Pope Paul VI. My neighbor came first (those babies God wanted me to bear to this world as I cooperated with His plan of creation) and God’s will also came first, so that He would decide what to do with my own physical body… And He did a precious job… He spaced my 4 sons… and decided to sicken my womb, so it needed to be surgically removed! His mercy is endless and just! In my next blog early next week, I will share with you my experience as a physician and how they euthanized a patient of mine…

I know that some of you, who are praying as the Body of Christ for mercy for us and the world, may feel weak and let a day or two pass by. To those, please remember how powerful you are as intercessors… You must be carrying some cross of some sort, and that cross united to prayer and faithfulness to love God and neighbor at all cost, is a heavenly credit card that will buy huge miracles for you and us and the rest of the world . Also, remember your responsibility as a member of this Body — we belong to each other. Soon we will talk about following Jesus  as He did pray to His Dad, and also regarding what He said that whatever we need we have to ask for and knock… and therefore, we will get…Prayer is not a choice but a mighty need… with mighty potential to open wide His ocean of Mercy! The Lord Jesus is our quarterback. He throws the ball (His mercy) and we catch it with no effort if we follow Him as disciples (obeying His will and loving our brothers with automatic forgiveness obtained in a personal process of conversion similar to my stories above) and through prayer for ourselves and others, we take it all the way to the end zone to save other souls (touchdowns)…. This is what the “touchdown or kicking” Jesus painting at Notre Dame University stadium in South Bend, IN, reminds me of!


¿Qué significa seguir a Jesús?

Continúo aquí el tópico de discipulado basado en la definición que Jesús nos dio y lo que yo he entendido en mi propia vida. Ya he escrito acerca de auto-negación y de cómo abrazar nuestras cruces pero con gusto, ya que son caminos para nuestra santificación. De otra manera, Jesús no las hubiera incluido en Su definición. Ahora seguimos con el tópico más extenso. Él nos dejó muchas señales, muchísimas! Después de orar, me sentí guiada a comenzar con la siguiente señal. En Mateo 12, en un sábado, los discípulos y Jesús caminaban a través de un campo sembrado con granos, y porque tenían hambre, los cortaron y comenzaron a comérselos. Los fariseos inmediatamente le llamaron la atención a Jesús con lo que parecía una ofensa contra la Ley. Jesús les recuerda que en las Escrituras, lo mismo se hizo dos veces y no fue considerado un pecado. Y en el verso 7,  Él les dijo, “Si supieran lo que significa: ‘quiero misericordia y no sacrificio, no condenarían a los inocentes.”

En Mateo 22:36-40, los fariseos querían poner a Jesús a prueba y le hicieron esta pregunta: “Maestro, ¿cuál es el mandamiento más importante de la ley? Jesús les contestó: Amarás al Señor tu Dios con todo tu corazón, con toda tu alma y con toda tu mente. Este es el primer mandamiento y el  más importante. El segundo es semejante a éste: Amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo. En estos dos mandamientos se basa toda la ley y los profetas.”

Así que estamos hablando de dos tópicos principales y Él nos dio muchas señales acerca de ellos no sólo con las palabras de arriba pero en otras partes: (1) La misericordia de Dios y (2) nuestro amor por Él y por nuestro hermano/a. Sin embargo, hace algunos años cuando contemplaba la parábola del hijo pródigo (Lucas 15:11-31), algo se me hizo muy evidente. Todo mundo se refiere a esta parábola  como la mejor descripción de la misericordia de Dios Padre… o el amor loco que Él nos tiene, y por el cual mandó a su único Hijo a salvarnos… (Juan 3:16).

Esta parábola es la mejor representación de lo que debemos hacer sin importar cuántos son nuestros pecados. Debemos arrepentirnos y pedirle perdón a nuestro Papá en el cielo… Pero yo vi algo más en esta parábola además de la descripción de la misericordia del padre para su hijo. El otro hijo y hermano mayor del hijo pródigo, se puso furioso que su padre hubiese dado una fiesta para recibir al hijo perdido quien había malgastado su herencia en cosas mundanas y muy impropias. El hijo mayor ofreció a su padre el siguiente argumento: “Mira cómo todos estos años te he servido y nunca desobedecí tus órdenes.” Ahí estaba la señal — él había sido obediente a su padre pero no estaba demostrando misericordia para su hermano; no estaba amándolo. Inmediatamente me di cuenta que yo debía de tener mucho cuidado… Yo también puedo ser fiel a la voluntad de mi Padre en el cielo pero si no amo a mi hermano/a, como en esta parábola, si no perdono a mi prójimo completamente, no estoy cumpliendo con los dos mandamientos más importantes… ¿Cuántas veces he resentido a muchos por persecuciones que me hicieron y lo peor, la mayoría de ellas sin provocación aparente, o basadas en mentiras y malentendidos? Toneladas de veces

Si fuera a seguir a Jesús, esto es, todas sus señales para seguirlo incluyendo Su propio ejemplo, tendría que arrepentirme inmediatamente por mi falta de amor que incluye el perdón total de mi prójimo, y además pedirle Su gracia y misericordia para poder ver Su propia Faz en la persona de mi enemigo. Finalmente había entendido la parábola del hijo pródigo y hasta me había identificado con los dos hermanos… Como el hijo pródigo, yo también había recibido muchas gracias a través de los Sacramentos, de la Iglesia en general, de buenos amigos, de hijos magníficos, y había fallado en multiplicar todos estos regalos; pero lo peor es que no usé estas gracias para bien del Reino de Dios; por otro lado, también yo soy como el hijo mayor porque estaba resintiendo todos aquellos que me han hecho daño… Auch!

Debo reportarles que cuando reconocí la dualidad de mi conducta como la de los hermanos de esta parábola, me arrepentí y comencé a tratar de enmendarme, y por supuesto, Su misericordia fue abundante y comencé a trabajar con mayor diligencia para el Reino (para la salvación de almas), y al mismo tiempo, y me tomó por sorpresa, ya no resentía a mi prójimo por más de un poco tiempo. ¡Cuánto poder! Todavía hoy, me duele lo que me hicieron, pero no los resiento. Al contrario, cuando oro por ellos, lo hago con gran “gusto”. “Dios es bueno y su misericordia es eterna”, dijo el salmista, y nosotros solo debemos pedir por Su misericordia y cooperar con Él para recibirla, a través del arrepentimiento y tratando siempre de seguirlo, de hacer todo aquello que Él nos modeló, desde el púlpito del pesebre hasta el púlpito de Su Cruz.

Quiero aquí citar las palabras de Sta. Faustina (678) – “La esencia de las virtudes es la voluntad de Dios. Aquel que obedece la voluntad de Dios practica todas las virtudes (Y yo les recuerdo que la voluntad de Dios es primordialmente obedecer los dos mandamientos más importantes: amor a Dios y al prójimo) … Lo más dulce para mí son los tormentos, sufrimientos, persecuciones, y toda clase de adversidades permitidas por la divina voluntad, más que la alabanza, popularidad, gran estima de otros, si lo obtengo por mi propia voluntad.”

Esto nos da una idea muy clara que para seguir a Jesús, debemos tratar de amar a Dios y nuestro prójimo, y que si pedimos Su misericoria con un corazón resuelto a cambiar nuestra conducta anterior, es la clave para el éxito, y en esta forma nos convertimos en discípulos. Es también interesante que en las palabras de Sta. Faustina encontramos que ella estaba practicando su trabajo de discípula: se negaba a sí misma y no quería ver ningún éxito salir de su propia voluntad; a la vez, abrazaba sus cruces porque eran dulces ya que procedían de la voluntad de Dios. Uau! Y como era Su “secretaria de misericordia”, ella actuaba así porque estaba cubierta por Su misericordia…

Es muy importante establecer en este momento que esto no es una simple reflexión y dejarla como si fuera algo difícil de hacer. No, esta es una Verdad que debemos desear, aceptar y practicarla, sabiendo que Su misericordia nos llega para  completar la transformación de nuestros corazones. Nuestro deber es principalmente reconocer nuestro pecado, arrepentirnos, con gran propósito de enmienda. Si sólo aceptáramos esta verdad  y la obedeciéramos, nos sorprendería el poder de Su misericordia en nuestros corazones. Y una vez que veamos estos cambios y todo mediado por el amor de Dios, hasta crecemos más en nuestra fe, esperanza y hasta en caridad y en abundancia! No hay nada como ver la resurrección de nuestras almas desde los despojos de nuestro pecado.

A través de los años pude comprender la importancia de comprometerme a amar simultáneamente a Dios y a mi prójimo, y no vivir como una esquizofrénica espiritual que divide el amor: esto es, servir a mi prójimo con gran fidelidad y desobedecer la voluntad de Dios en todo lo demás, o viceversa. Desde entonces, he hecho un esfuerzo por practicar en cada presente momento el amor a Dios y al hermano. Estos son algunos ejemplos de mi reforma:

1. En las autopistas, a mí me encanta correr (no me hubiese disgustado ser una chofer de carros en una carrera de Nascar…), pero claro, no puedo ir  más allá de la velocidad límite no sólo por respeto a las autoridades civiles (por recomendación de Jesús), sino para proteger a mis compañeros y choferes de otros carros; sin embargo, cuando my prójimo me pasa a grandes velocidades, o lo peor, cuando se meten delante de mi carro a toda costa para poder llegar a una salida específica, pues antes me ponía furiosa con esa persona…  Bueno, en estos tiempos me pongo brava por sólo unos segundos e inmediatamente  me esmero en amarlos al orar por misericordia para proteger sus vidas y para salvar sus almas!

2. Hay ciertos políticos que usaba detestar… Los resentía por su posición contraria al derecho de la vida. Imagínense a la Virgen María  si ella hubiese pensado en terminar su embarazo porque significa que moriría apedreada ya que estaba preñada y soltera… No hay duda que la preñez de Jesús era inconveniente  para esta niña de 15 años. O imagínense la lección que tenemos de que Jesús en su naturaleza humana, representada por sólo unas cuantas células, ya que su Madre había salido corriendo a casa de su prima Isabel poco después de su concepción (por obra del Espíritu Santo), hiciera que Juan saltara de gozo en el vientre de su madre… O piensen como el mismo Juan, un feto de sólo 6 meses, el cual todavía dependía de su madre para su manutención y crecimiento, ya tenía una dignidad y conocimiento del Mesías, y nosotros decapitamos a fetos de 6 a 9 meses de gestación a través del aborto tardío… Auch y auch!

Bueno, sufría de gran resentimiento hacia ellos hasta hace unos cuantos meses atrás cuando me arrepentí de mi pecado y le pedí a Dios por Su misericordia para amarlos como mis más queridos hermanos y hermanas, y muy especialmente aquellos que se llaman miembros de mi Iglesia…. Tenía que separar el pecador de su pecado, y amar al pecador por ser una imagen de Dios…como estoy segura que Jesús lo ama… Y de verdad, muy pronto comencé a sentir gran amor por ellos, y fue entonces que sí podía interceder por ellos pidiendo por misericordia por sus almas. Sin amor y perdón total, ya que ellos no saben lo que hacen, mi oración no tendría poder…

3. Otra fuente de resentimiento ha sido la postura de voces feministas que claman por el derecho a escoger lo que ellas quieran para sus cuerpos… Para algunas de nosotras que nacimos hace siglos… y que hemos sufrido discriminación debido a nuestro sexo, el tema del derecho a la vida para todos los seres humanos, siempre fue clara como el agua limpia. La contracepción nunca fue una opción para mí como mujer casada aun antes de que la encíclica Humana Vitae fuera escrita por el Papa Pablo VI. Mi prójimo tuvo prioridad (aquellos bebés que Dios quería traer a este mundo a través de mi cooperación con Su creación ), y lo mismo tuvo prioridad Su voluntad, para que Él decidiera lo que quería de mi propio cuerpo físico. Y él hizo una labor maravillosa… Él me mandó 4 hijos separados con tiempo para mi práctica de medicina y  para mi conveniencia… y decidió darme una enfermedad para mi vientre y así tener que ser removido quirúrgicamente. Su misericordia es sin fin y justa. En mi próximo blog a principios de la semana que entra, les contaré sobre cómo terminaron con la vida de una paciente mía.

Yo sospecho que algunos de vosotros que se han unido en oración como Cuerpo de Cristo para pedir por Su misericordia para nosotros y para el mundo entero, pueden sentirse débiles o tentados a no hacerlo por un día o dos. A vosotros les digo que por favor recuerden su poder como intercesores… Deben estar llevando algún tipo de cruz, y esa cruz unida a la oración y a la fidelidad de amar a Dios y al prójimo, es una tarjeta de crédito celestial que puede comprar muchos milagrazos para todos nosotros y para el resto del mundo. También recuerden nuestra responsabilidad como miembros del Cuerpo de Cristo, porque nos pertenecemos unos a los otros.

Muy pronto hablaremos de las sugerencias y ejemplo de Jesús de orar a nuestro Padre en el cielo. Sólo tenemos que pedirlo. La oración no está en la categoría de escogencia: la oración es una necesidad poderosa… y con un potencial enorme para extraer Su océano de misericordia. Jesús es nuestro “quarterback” (lo siento para aquellos que no conocen el fútbol americano…). Él lanza el balón (Su  misericordia) y nosotros lo recibimos sin esfuerzo alguno si vivimos como Él nos recomienda (amando Su voluntad y amando a nuestros hermanos y hermanas con perdón automático obtenido en un proceso de conversión personal como lo  narrado anteriormente), y a través de la oración por nosotros mismos y por otros, corremos sin parar hasta el otro lado (end zone) y salvamos almas (touchdowns). Esto es lo  que la pintura del “touchdown o kicking de Jesús” en el estadio de fútbol de la Universidad de Notre Dame en Indiana, significa para mí…





Three gifts for you (like the Magi) in Naturopathic Medicine

January 6, 2009

My friends: this will be the gift I bring to Baby Jesus in your hearts for the sake of your body, and especially, your mind. There will be “three gifts”…. Hmm. I have no doubt that his information, which some of you know in general because I talked to you about it, will leave you with details of my personal experience in these important issues for the good of your bodies, and you will be surprised of what the Internet says about it, as well…

I. In the mid seventies, I was having discomfort when I would brushed my teeth. My dentist said that my gums were set low and that was why the bottom of my teeth was  sensitive. He asked me to use Sensodyne, a tooth paste that helped with the discomfort… This started the “mercy of God” delivering a major gift to me… I used it for years, but some 15 years later (with my brain naturally aging), Sensodyne became fluorinated… I had no paid attention that all these years I was not taking extra fluoride, although tap water was fluorinated. So, I suddenly started losing my memory.

Somehow I noticed the fluorination of this tooth paste and discerned (I am sure that by God’s mercy) that may be fluoride was involved and started using Sensodyne in a pink form, which had no fluoride, and not the green with a peppermint flavor (my favorite) … Within a couple of months I recouped my memory. My memory was always very good, and the Nuns in my first to third grades had trained us to memorize everything… Good plasticity exercise, except that they had no idea what they were doing. Eventually all Sensodyne tooth paste became fluorinated but  I did not pay attention, and I started to lose my memory again. I then realized that the pink form had fluoride and chose a different toothpaste with no fluoride… My memory came back!!! By now I eliminated all tap water and used bottled water.

I arrived to this west part of the country on July 8th of 2008. I had being drinking coffee bought at restaurants for the last month of my attrition of the contents of the house once I closed on it on June 9th. Of course, all commercial coffee is made with tap water which is fluorinated… Upon arrival to this area, I used a different brand of water, “Arrowhead”, because the one I drank where I came from, is not sold here, and within a month’s time I started losing my memory again, slowly but surely. A little over two months ago, I switched to Evian bottled water and to distilled water for making coffee at home. Sure enough, my memory came back… Third time around!!! On January 1st. 2009, a new law was enacted for this State and all water bottles must show the source of the water. Arrowhead claims that it comes from a mountain natural spring… However, the news said that many bottled water was just tap water (and therefore, fluorinated…) or it could be that this mountainous water is high on fluoride!

For years I have not really understood why no one mentions fluoride as part of the reason for Alzheimer’s with alarming changes and the futility of its use for our teeth… I had asked my dentist in 2002 about the importance of fluoride to avoid decayed teeth, and he said that it was important only for the first 20 years of our life as all our teeth are formed by then (including our wisdom molars). Finally, I went to the Internet in the last week or so, and I was amazed that the literature is clear about the DANGER OF FLUORIDE…. for so many of our organs, and yet, no one has done anything about it… In fact, in the Internet they recommend Evian water for its very low content of fluoride…. So, I have gathered 54 pages in a separate page of this blog site titled “Fluoride and memory”.  You do not have to read it all, but it will be there for you not to even take the time to go to the Internet, and you will have a proof of the danger of fluoride for our bodies.  It is alarming. It was also alarming for me to know that babies lose IQ points with fluoride… Ouch! I do know that in my particular case, I DO LOSE MY MEMORY WITH FLUORINATED WATER (tap) AND WITH FLUORINATED TOOTH PASTE, and three times I proved to it myself. If this is not an act of God’s mercy, well I would not know how to call it! I realize that I would be by now in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s… I have been using for some years, a tooth paste for babies called “Children’s Tooth Gel”, made in Germany by Weleda. There are others with herbal content, zero fluoride and NO carrageenan.  Another one, “Tom’s” tooth paste is not fluorinated but does have carrageenan, as a thickener (more details on carragenan below)… All found in Health Food Stores.

II. My personal story regarding carrageenan as written to friends in 2004

My first experience with food additives came in 1984 when I bought diet pop containing Aspartame (Nutrasweet) for one of my sons, then 8 years old, now a physician. He requested it and 3 days later he was in a deep depression! We all tried it, and it did affect all of us. I can become depressed and experience headaches if I consume Aspartame regularly. But in 1992, I was blessed with another event that revealed another additive that could make us depressed. I ate cottage cheese in an airplane and two hours later I became very depressed. It lasted for about 4-5 hours. Shortly after, I made the same trip and the same happened. By pure chance (and God’s grace), I happened to eat a very well known brand of cottage cheese in the city I was visiting and I became depressed again. I came back to my home city and compared brands with the one I normally used, and the additive Carrageenan was the apparent cause. I then consumed other products with Carrageenan, and every time I would become depressed within 2 hours and would last some 5-6 hours! This finding is not known by anyone. At least, I have not found it in the Internet either… I have passed it on to friends for years and some have found out the reason for their depressions…. It is clear that no all depressions are due to carageenan, but some are and probably due to genetics.

Carrageenan is a water-soluble polymer, a thickener derived from red seaweed, used by the food industry to give body and solubility to foods from which fat has been removed. It can be found in commercially made puddings, ice creams, yogurt, cottage cheese as already established, soy milk and condensed milk and low calorie salad dressings. It has also been used in cosmetics and toothpaste. As of this writing, July 2004, it is also present in Slim-Fast, Ensure (used a lot for elders as a source of protein)  and Pediasure (for babies…). I wonder, how many old people are we making depressed with Ensure? It was patented in the 1930’s. It is also called a gum, among others, like locust bean, guar and xantham. These two last gums lack any depressive effects on my family, so I buy products that use those thickeners instead. Carrageenan is apparently cheaper than these other gums and this explains why it is so popular. It is considered a natural product because it is extracted from seaweed by using powerful alkali solvents. Carrageenan is as wholesome as a natural food additive as MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is extracted from rice, and Aspartame   (Nutrasweet, Equal)  that it is extracted from decayed plant matter that has been underground for millions of years. 

There are two forms of Carrageenan: low weight (dangerous) and high weight molecular Carrageenan considered to be safe and which has been given by the FDA the GRAS status (safe for human consumption). Unfortunately, studies carried out by an American expert in this substance, Dr. Joanne Tobacman from the University of Iowa Medical College, have revealed that gastric enzymes, acid hydrolysis (digestion) and some intestinal bacteria can shorten the Carrageenan polymer, converting the safer (GRAS) high weight molecular form into a degraded, low weight dangerous form, poligeenan.

Dr. Tobacman’s studies have demonstrated that in the animal model, degraded Carrageenan causes alterations and malignancies in the gastrointestinal tract. In 1982, the International agency for Research on Cancer found enough evidence in animal models linking degraded Carrageenan with gastrointestinal cancers to state that it posed a carcinogenic risk to humans.  Dr. Tobacman has also explained that the higher molecular weight Carrageenan may also be associated with the promotion of malignancy in the gastrointestinal tract.

In the Journal Cancer Research of July 15, 1997, Dr. Tobacman published an article titled Filament Disassembly and Loss of Mammary Myoepithelial Cells. In this study she found that very low doses of Carrageenan disrupted the internal cellular architecture of healthy human breast cells. She concluded saying, “: The widely used food additive, Carrageenan, has marked effects on the growth and characteristics of human mammary myoepithelial cells in tissue cultures at concentrations much less that those frequently used in food products to improve solubility.” I contacted Dr. Tobacman and discussed these studies with her. Although at the time (one year ago), it was not conclusive that Carrageenan could also be involved in breast cancer.

I cannot scientifically prove that this additive has caused depression in my family, but personally, I am sure that it does. I can only tell my story and alert many other families that have genetic links to depression to prove or disprove my personal finding in their own lives, by paying attention to any symptoms of depression after the consumption of Carrageenan. Therefore, read labels. The evidence that Aspartame also causes depression in some of us, as well as headaches, seizures and other pathological entities has been proven in the literature. It is an excitotoxin for brain cells.

The book “Excitotoxins – The Taste that Kills”- 1997 by Russell Blaylock, MD is worth reading. He says in his book: “NutraSweet is made of 40% of aspartate, and like glutamate (MSG) is a powerful brain toxin which can produce similar neuron damage.” In another section under conclusions he writes: “It is becoming increasingly evident that many if not all of the neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc) of the central nervous system begin with an impaired energy production system. This leaves the neurons vulnerable to excitotoxin injury.” He also gives some advice on which vita-nutrients help mitochondrial (intra-cellular – nuclear corpuscles) energy production in brain cells. I daily take them all!

III. Calcium, osteoporosis and drugs to prevent it

A.  Electricity, calcium and the prevention of osteoporosis

In 1972, a physician who was a Professor of Anatomy at Yale, Dr. Becker, published a book describing how we are electricity. It was well known much before the 1960s that medical technology could capture the electricity of the heart (electrocardiogram) and of the brain (electroencephalogram). However they did not have the technology to measure the tiny electrical current of each cell. After this technology appeared, it was learned that each human being has an electrical current that produces an identical magnetic field in all cells, unique in the whole Universe for each particular person, like a fingerprint is anatomically. These were named lifelines or magnetic lines or magnetic field imprints. It also became apparent that disease had to do with the derangement of this tiny magnetic field imprint. These magnetic fields are susceptible to be altered when the electrical flow in the body is blocked and this could happen with too much acid (low pH), free radicals (products that come from own metabolism or from toxins like air pollution, mercury, insecticides, food preservatives, gasoline products, etc.) or certain hormones produced in excess, like cortisol, when the body is under stress. (Notice how unique we are… We are peculiar to our God. Even our finger prints and our electrical magnetic field for each of our cells (billions) are identical and unique… in the Universe… Wow! We are not repeatable… We are not copies but originals… Amazing grace!)


The above findings gave the clue to why calcium and magnesium would be very important minerals versus sodium or potassium. In good amounts, they simply keep the pH of the body at its best functioning level, almost neutral but slightly alkaline (pH of 7.4). It also explains how the huge amount of free radicals present nowadays compared to 100 years ago, basically scream for supplementing our diet with antioxidants in order to saturate these free radicals and therefore, avoid disruption in our cell lifelines or magnetic field imprints.  A new branch of science had begun, energy medicine, by which we eat to keep our lifelines undisturbed, to keep our electrical currents flowing without external influences or blockages that could modify these magnetic fields.

Finally, in the early 1970s after President Nixon went to China, acupuncture made its debut in America. I did practice acupuncture but never understood why it worked. Not even China could explain why, except that their prior cultures had found out how certain points in the body interconnected by different sets of imaginary lines of energy called meridians, if stimulated, could take pain away and alter the course of disease. These meridians are actually electrical highways that wire the whole body. Energy medicine literature teaches that the needling of certain specific areas (with acupuncture or acupressure) will restore the electricity flow and therefore, the lifeline or magnetic imprint will be normalized. India brought to the West after the l960’s when Yoga and the like became in vogue in the West, the name chacras… Even today, it is considered in some religious circles a “new age” term, simply because new agers got hold of this electrical science not knowing what it was. It is not new age.  It was another finding or energy medicine from ancient India that stimulating certain points of the body (9 of them), one could obtain certain results for health and mental stability, etc. 

The 9 chacras are actually transformers of electricity… Like the transformers in our streets that transform electricity from the power plant to 220 voltages for use in our homes, chacras are places where electricity is regulated to promote the proper flow and the creation of magnetic fields that are compatible to the particular and unique cell magnetic imprint.  In the 1980’s, a lady doctor from India but living in Los Angeles, found out by chance, that if she did acupuncture in certain parts (some corresponding to chacra centers), when eating or even holding in her hand a substance to which she was highly allergic, she could modify the reaction and even cure these allergies after several treatments. Reason behind it: the needling produced harmony between the magnetic field of the offending allergen and the particular magnetic imprint of the person… Why does it occur? In the divine plan, our built in transformers when stimulated (chacras), harmonize magnetic fields. No other human science available at present has been able to explain how, but it is a topic that physicists will explain some day. And it sure works because I have a hand held electrical device from Australia that I use for pain, stimulating 8 of my transformers and it takes pain away… It is electro-acupuncture…

 Summary of important points:

1. Calcium is essential to our health from the point of view of nutrition and to maintain the best pH to obtain the best voltage to carry food into the cell and to avoid acidity that deranges our magnetic imprint further.

2. When the body senses that ionic calcium levels are low, it borrows from Peter (bones for example) to give to Paul (to give to so many important reactions in the body to keep our physiology working for best energy, cell nutrition and immune system health.) But at the same time that the body pulls calcium out from tissues that normally have calcium (bones), during this process of realizing that levels are low, the brain orders to save calcium in other parts of the body to be used later if calcium keeps falling, most specifically in our teeth (plaque) and in arterial plaque. If we keep adequate levels of ionized calcium, the body not only doesn’t borrow it from bones ( and  we prevent osteoporosis), but even further, takes it away from its deposit storage places like plaque in teeth and arteries and it avoids arteriosclerosis of our arteries like coronary artery disease! …

3. Personal experience of the above assertion: In 1999, I had started work in a different city but lived in 5 hours away. My own dentist would not work on weekends when I visited my home. I did not want to start with a dentist in the place where I was working and living in a residential hotel during the week,  since I did not know if eventually we would move here to stay, and it was the hospital that I eventually left because of the abortion on demand issue. So I went without a tooth cleaning for two years. When we sold our home and moved to the city where I worked, I immediately secured a dentist and had a regular tooth cleaning and my hygienist defined my plaque as moderate and tenacious. She predicted that I needed two more visits (6 months apart) to take it all off since I had not had a good cleaning of plaque for 2 years.


 I had just completed my studies on calcium and had learned what it is important for calcium to be absorbed, which is: the presence of an acid stomach content when Calcium is taken orally (calcium taken with orange juice for example); good vitamin D levels; traces of Boron and good magnesium levels. I started taking my calcium properly and used a liquid form with everything, including acidity from the LifeTime brand, and six months later, when I returned again for my teeth cleaning, my plaque had disappeared as if by magic. They even thought they had the wrong chart… My teeth status did not correspond to the story in my chart of six months before… My body, when given enough levels of calcium, decided to remove its safe-deposit from my teeth plaque (tooth plaque made of calcium deposits and bacteria). I assume that this occurred also in my arteries because after 6 months of this regime, my aorta, carotids and lower extremities arteries were clean as a whistle, as we say in medicine, by CT scan. (Update: as Dec. 8, 2008, my arteries are still free of plaque… and no signs of osteoporosis!)

B.   Although researchers don’t know why, small number of patients taking bisphosphonates (Boniva, Fosamax)  develop osteo-necrosis of the jaw, a condition in which the bone tissue in the jaw fails to heal after a minor trauma such as a tooth extraction causing the bone to be exposed.  Symptoms include jaw pain or inflammation, gums that don’t heal, loosening teeth, or a feeling of numbness or heaviness in the jaw.


Well, here you have your three gifts… In all three discoveries I can see the mercy of God through the Holy Spirit, guiding me and leading me to prevent major health problems, from preserving my memory, to not allowing me to suffer from depression by eating a “natural sea weed,” to giving me the insight to avoid osteoporosis and collaborating not to disrupt my electrical fields to avoid disease in general… Amazing!  I just discovered some notes written in my Bible from 1985, and I was called to constantly call for God’s mercy with the Jesus’ Prayer… All these years especially after reading the Way of the Pilgrim, this Russian man who walked for years and constantly begged God for His mercy with “Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner,” I did beg for His mercy, and my Lord answered  by keeping me informed about the danger of these products and the importance of calcium levels! 

I always like to remember how Daniel, in Daniel 2:17, summoned his friends, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah to pray for God’s mercy, so that he could interpret  King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and escape death. Later in the story, they survived walking over fire singing and praising God and saying, “Do not take Your mercy from us for the sake of Abraham…  (Daniel 3:35). I remark, “How powerful is His mercy… if asked with Trust…”

In another similar story, (Acts 27 and 28), Paul as a prisoner and companions were taken to Rome. In route and after shipwreck, Paul in Acts 27:35 and with deep faith, celebrated the Eucharist (he took the bread, gave thanks to God, broke it and began to eat) and fed them (with the Bread of Life) and they felt encouraged… and even that they may not have survived the furious storm, His mercy, Jesus Himself, led them and they safely arrived in Rome.

I am saying our communal prayer at the 3 PM hour… I cannot forget what Jesus promised to St. Faustina: (entry 1572) – “Immerse yourself completely in My Mercy, adoring it and glorifying it; invoke its omnipotence for the whole world and particularly for poor sinners. In this hour (3 PM) you can obtain everything for yourself and for others for the asking. Mercy triumphs over justice. Try your best to make the Stations of the Cross in this hour.”


Mi regalo de Reyes

Mis amigos: esto es un regalo para el Niño Jesús que reside en vuestros corazones para vuestro cuerpo, pero especialmente para vuestras mentes. Serán tres regalos… Hmm.  No tengo la menor duda que esta información, la cual algunos de vosotros la conocen porque les he platicado de ella, les dejará los detalles para el bienestar de vuestros cuerpos pero en mi propia experiencia de estos importantes temas, y se sorprenderán de lo que el Internet dice al respecto.

I.Por la mitad de los años 70, comencé a sentir un poco de dolor cuando me cepillaba los dientes. Mi dentista me dijo que como mis encías yacían muy bajas, la parte baja de mis dientes estaban descubiertos y por lo tanto, muy sensitivos. Me dijo que usara la pasta de dientes Sensodyne, y que me ayudaría con la molestia… Como verán, aquí comenzó mi Señor a mandarme un gran regalo… La usé por largo tiempo pero unos 15 años después (y con mi cerebro naturalmente más viejo), a Sensodyne le añadieron fluoruro. Yo no había notado esto y además estaba tomando agua de la cañería que en E.U. contiene fluoruro. De pronto comencé a perder mi memoria.

En alguna  forma noté la presencia de fluoruro en la pasta y discerní (y sin dudas por la misericordia de Dios) que probablemente era el fluoruro y comencé a usar la misma pasta pero de color rosado que no tenía fluoruro, y no la verde con sabor a menta (mi favorita). En unos dos meses recuperé mi memoria. Mi memoria siempre fue muy buena, y las monjas me adiestraron en mi primer hasta tercer grados a memorizarlo todo… Un ejercicio para la plasticidad de mi cerebro, excepto que ellas no sabín lo que estaban haciendo… Eventualmente todas las pastas Sensodyne fueron fluorinadas y yo no puse atención y comencé a perder mi memoria de nuevo. Me dí cuenta que la pasta rosada ya tenía fluoruro y compré otra clase sin fluoruro… Mi memoria volvió a la normalidad de nuevo!!! Para entonces, decidí eliminar toda agua potable y usaba agua embotellada.

Yo arribé a esta parte oeste del país el 8 de julio del 2008. Había estado tomando café de restaurantes por todo el último mes después de la venta de la casa y ocupada en desocuparla botando cosas, regalando otras y empacando lo que iba a traer conmigo. Y claro todo ese café esta percolado con agua potable… con fluoruro. Al llegar aquí, tuve que usar un agua embotellada diferente a la que usaba antes pues no la encontré, y es “Arrowhead”, y un mes después comencé a perder mi memoria. Hace como dos meses, comencé a tomar solo el agua embotellada Evian y usé agua destilada para hacer el café. Y claro, mi memoria se recuperóLa tercera vez!!! El primero de enero del 2009, una nueva ley se activó en este Estado y toda agua embotellada debe mostrar de dónde viene. “Arrowhead” dice que es agua de un arroyo montañoso… Sin embargo, las noticias locales de este mismo día decían que se había comprobado que mucha agua embotellada es agua potable (y por lo tanto con fluoruro), o podría ser que esta agua montañosa tenga altos niveles de fluoruro!

Todos estos años, yo no he podido entender por qué nadie menciona al fluoruro como parte de la razón para la enfermedad de Alzheimer en forma alarmante y acerca de lo fútil que es el uso de fluoruro para nuestros dientes… En el 2002, le pregunté a mi dentista acerca de la importancia del fluoruro para evitar las caries, y me contestó que era sólo importante en los primeros 20 años de vida hasta que todos nuestros dientes se formen incluyendo las muelas cordales. Finalmente y sólo hace una semana, revisé el Internet y me asombré que la literatura está muy clara sobre lo peligroso que es el fluoruro… para muchos de nuestros órganos, y aún así, nadie ha hecho nada al respecto. Así que copié unas 54 páginas en inglés (10 en español) y las estoy publicando en una página separada que aparece al lado derecho de este blog, en la sección de “pages” bajo el título de “Fluoride and memory”. No tienen que leerlas, pero al menos no tendrán que tomar el tiempo de ir al Internet, y además no les dejará duda del horror del fluoruro para nuestra salud. ¡Es alarmante! Me alarmó mucho también saber que los bebitos pierden con fluoruro puntos de su cociente de inteligencia o “IQ” … Auch! Lo que yo sí sé en mi caso particular, ES QUE YO PIERDO LA MEMORIA CON AGUA FLUORINADA (potable) Y CON PASTA DE DIENTES FLUORINADA, y tres veces lo pude comprobar! ¡Si esto no es un acto de la misericordia de Dios, pues no sabría cómo llamarlo! Me doy cuenta que en estos momentos podría estar en un asilo de ancianos con Alzheimer’s… Yo he usado por varios años una pasta dental para niños llamada “Chidren’s Tooth Gel” hecha en Alemania por Weleda. Hay otras con contenido de hierbas, sin fluoruro y sin carragenan. Otra pasta, “Toms’s” no tiene fluoruro pero sí carrageenan (más detalles de carragenan más abajo)… Todo se PUEDE COMPRAR en negocios que venden productos para la salud, como vitaminas.

II. Mi experiencia personal con carrageenan como se los escribí en el 2004 a algunos amigos/as.

Mi primera experiencia con aditivos a las comidas me llegoó en 1984 cuando le compré una cola dietética que contenía Aspartame (Nutrasweet) a uno de mis hijos que tenía entonces 8 años, hoy un médico. Él me la pidió y tres días después tenía una depresión profunda. Nosotros todos la probamos y a todos nos afectó igualmente. Personalmente, yo me deprimí y comencé a tener dolor de cabeza tomando Aspartame con regularidad. Pero en 1992, fui bendita por otro evento que me reveló otro aditivo que me deprimía también. Me comí un queso cotage en un avión y dos horas más tarde me deprimí. Me duró como 4-5 horas. Poco después, volví a hacer el mismo viaje y comí el queso y me deprimí de nuevo. Por pura casualidad… (y la gracia de Dios), compré queso cotage en la ciudad que visitaba de una compañía muy conocida y me deprimió también… Cuando regresé a la ciudad donde vivía, comparé ese queso famoso con el que yo normalmente comía y solo carrageenan fue la diferencia. Entonces consumí a propósito productos con carrageenan, y cada  vez me deprimía unas dos horas después. Este hallazgo nunca lo he encontrado ni en el Internet…

Se lo he pasado a algunos amigos/as, y hubo algunos que me dijeron que habían encontrado la causa de sus depresiones periódicas… Está claro que no toda depresión se debe a carrageenan, pero algunas si son y probablemente con un componente genético.

Carrageenan es un polímero soluble en agua, un espesador derivado de un alga marina roja, y usada mucho por la industria para darle espesor y solubilidad a los alimentos a los cuales se les ha extraído la grasa. Se puede encontrar en productos comerciales como pudín, helados, yogurt, queso cotage como había dicho, leche de soya, leche condensada y en aderezos de ensalada bajos en calorías. También se usa en cosméticos y en pasta de dientes. Hasta este presente momento de Julio del 2004, está presente en Slim-Fast, Ensure (que se le da a los ancianos como fuente de proteína) y Pediasure (para bebitos…). ¿Yo me pregunto, a cuántos viejitos estamos deprimiendo?  Se patentizó en los años 1930. Carrageenan es tan saludable por ser un producto natural como MSG (glutamato monosódico) que se extrae del arroz, y Aspartame (Nutrasweet, Equal) que se extrae de plantas muertas que han estado enterradas por millones de años…

(Aquí dejaré de traducir algunos detalles muy técnicos… por falta de tiempo). Sí agregaré que una doctora de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad de Iowa, ha hecho muchos estudios sobre Carrageenan y ha encontrado que disturba los tejidos mamarios y es probable que ayude a producir cáncer de mama; también ella ha encontrado que produce cáncer gastrointestinal en animales.

Yo no puedo probar científicamente  que este producto produce depresión en mi familia, pero personalmente sí sé que lo hace. Lo único que puedo hacer es contarles la historia y si alguno padece de depresiones, pues podrían saber si es por carrageenan, tomando el producto y analizando qué pasa en las dos horas siguientes. Por lo tanto, siempre lean las etiquetas en la comida preparada comercialmente. En caso de Aspartame, hay mucha  evidencia científica que produce depresión, cefaleas (dolores de cabeza) y hasta convulsiones. Es una toxina que excita al cerebro.

El libro llamado “Excitotoxins  – The Taste that Kills” – (“Excito-toxinas – El Sabor que Mata”) escrito por Russell Blaylock, MD, 1997, vale la pena leerlo. Él dice que “Nutrasweet (Aspartame) está hecho de 40% de aspartato, y como el glutamato (MSG), es una toxina cerebral poderosa la cual puede producir similar daño a las neuronas.

III.Calcio, osteoporosis y drogas para prevenirla

A.Electricidad, calcio y la prevención de osteoporosis

En 1972, un médico Profesor de Anatomía en la Universidad de Yale, el Dr. Becker, publicó un libro describiendo como nosotros somos electricidad. Ya se sabía esto muy bien en los años 1960 y se tenía la tecnología para capturar la electricidad del corazón (electrocardiograma) y la del cerebro (encefalograma). Sin embargo no había la tecnología para medir las corrientes eléctricas diminutas de cada célula. Después de que se pudo hacer, se supo que cada ser humano tiene una corriente eléctrica  que produce un campo magnético idéntico para todas las células de esa persona, único en el Universo, como anatómicamente son las huellas digitales. Se les llamó “líneas de vida” o líneas magnéticas o huellas de campos magnéticosTambién se comprendió que las enfermedades se debían al trastorno o desorden de estos campos magnéticos diminutos. Éstos son susceptibles a ser alterados cuando la corriente eléctrica  en el cuerpo es interrumpida o bloqueada  como podría pasar con acidez extrema o pH muy bajo de la sangre, radicales libres (aquellos productos que provienen de nuestro propio metabolismo celular o de toxinas por polución del aire, o mercurio, insecticidas, preservativos de alimentos, productos del petróleo, etc.) o ciertas hormonas producidas en exceso como el cortisol, cuando nuestros cuerpos están bajo  mucho “stress”. Noten cuán peculiar es nuestro Dios. Hasta nuestras huellas digitales y las huellas de campos magnéticos son únicas e idénticas para cada célula (billones)… en todo el Universo… Uau.. Nosotros no somos copias sino originales. ¡Qué gracia más maravillosa!  

Lo encontrado fue la clave para entender por qué el calcio y el magnesio  son minerales muy importantes versus sodio y potasio. En cantidades normales, estos minerales mantienen el pH del cuerpo (grado de acidez) funcionando en su mejor forma, con un pH casi neutro o ligeramente alcalino (pH de 7.4). También explica por qué la cantidad inmensa de radicales libres presentes en nuestros tiempos comparado con hace 100 años, básicamente gritan por suplementos para nuestra dieta, como anti-oxidantes (Vit. C, E, etc.) para poder saturar estos radicales libres, y así evitar la disrupción de nuestras huellas de campos magnéticos… Una nueva rama de medicina había nacido, la medicina energética, que nos enseña que nosotros debemos comer aquello que ayude a no interrumpir o desorganizar nuestras “líneas de vida”, para mantener corrientes eléctricas fluyendo sin fuerzas externas o bloqueos que puedan modificar estos campos magnéticos diminutos.


El calcio es esencial para  nuestra salud desde el punto de vista de nutrición y para mantener nuestro mejor pH y así obtener el mejor voltaje que cargue la comida y entre a cada célula.

Cuando el cuerpo (cerebro) se da cuenta que los niveles de calcio están bajos, le pide a Pedro (nuestros huesos) para darle a Pablo (para dárselo a importantes reacciones químicas que mantengan nuestra fisiología normal para producir la mejor energía, nutrición de la células y el sistema de inmunidad). Pero al mismo momento que el cuerpo saca calcio de otros tejidos que normalmente tienen calcio, como los huesos, durante este proceso de realización que los niveles de calcio están bajos, el cerebro ordena que se almacene calcio en depósitos especiales para sacarlos en caso de emergencia, específicamente en los dientes (placa dental) y en la placa de las arterias. Pero si nosotros mantenemos niveles de calcio adecuados, el cuerpo no solo no le pide prestado a los huesos (y así se previene la osteoporosis), sino que lo saca de sus almacenes, dientes y arterias… y claro evita la aterosclerosis arterial… Hmm.

Experiencia personal de lo escrito arriba: En 1999, estaba trabajando en una ciudad a 5 horas de donde yo vivía y mi dentista no trabajaba los sábados. Por lo tanto, no podía hacerlo cuando iba a casa cada fin de semana. No quería usar un dentista en la ciudad donde trabajaba porque no estaba segura si me quedaría trabajando en esta ciudad y hospital de donde salí eventualmente por el aborto en demanda. Así que pasé dos años sin una limpieza dental. Cuando finalmente vendimos la casa en el otro lugar, entonces busqué un dentista y me hicieron la limpieza y la muchacha me dijo que tenía una placa moderada pero muy tenaz de limpiar, y que por lo tanto me tomarían otras dos limpiezas cada 6 meses para quitarla…

Acababa yo de completar mis estudios sobre el calcio, y aprendí lo que es importante para que el calcio se absorba o sea: la presencia de acidez en el estómago (tomado con jugo de naranja por ejemplo), buenos niveles de vitamina D, y de magnesio, y trazas del mineral borón. Comencé a hacerlo precisamente después de la limpieza dental y use un producto líquido de la compañía Lifetime, que trae todo junto. Volví en 6 meses para otra limpieza y no tenía placa dental… Hasta creyeron que tenían la cartulina errónea y no la mía…  Bueno, mi cuerpo al recibir suficiente cantidad de calcio y ser absorbido sin dificultad, pues decidió quitar el calcio de los almacenes… o sea de las arterias y de los dientes. Y tiene que haber pasado así  porque mis arterias como aorta y carótidas estaban limpias poco después por CT scan (Este pasado 8 de diciembre del 2008, todavía permanecían limpias… y no encontraron osteoporosis…)

B.Aunque los investigadores no saben por qué, un número pequeño de pacientes que toman bisfosfonatos (Boniva, Fosamax) desarrollan una osteo-necrosis de la mandíbula, una condición en la cual el tejido óseo no sana después de trauma menor como la extracción de un diente, causando así la exposición del hueso. Los síntomas incluyen dolor, inflamación, encías que no sanan, los dientes se aflojan o hay sensación de estar el tejido anestesiado o pesado.


Bueno, aquí tienen sus tres regalos… En los tres descubrimientos he visto la misericordia de Dios a través del Espíritu Santo, guiarme y llevarme a entender posibles problemas de salud de gran magnitud, desde preservar  mi memoria y a evitar el sufrimiento de la depresión hasta cómo evitar la osteoporosis y la interrupción de mis campos eléctricos… ¡Qué maravilla! Hace poco que descubrí unas notas escritas en mi biblia en 1985 y la cual me llamaba a pedir misericordia a Dios constantemente con la Oración de Jesús… Todos estos años y después de leer el libro “La Vía del Peregrino”, este caminante ruso quien le pedía a Dios su misericordia con “Jesucristo, Hijo de dios, ten misericordia de mí, un pecador”, yo hice lo mismo y mi Señor me respondió llevándome a entender estos tres posibles problemas de salud.

Siempre recuerdo la historia de Daniel, en Daniel 2:17, quien llamó a sus amigos, Ananias, Mishael y Azarias para pedir por la misericordia de Dios, de manera de poder interpretar el sueño del Rey Nebucadnezar y así escapar la muerte. Más tarde en la historia, ellos sobrevivieron parados en el fuego mientras cantaban alabanzas al Señor diciendo, “No nos dejes sin Tu misericordia, en el nombre de Abraham(Daniel 3:35). Yo añado, “Cuán poderosa es Su misericordia… si la pedimos con la confianza de que Dios verdaderamente nos ama…”

En una historia similar, (Hechos 27 y 28), Pablo como prisionero y sus acompañantes, fueron llevados a Roma. En ruta sufrieron un naufragio y con mucha fe Pablo celebró la Eucaristia (Hechos 27:35  “Tomó el pan, dio gracias a Dios, lo partió y comenzó a comer) y también se lo dio a los acompañantes los cuales se sintieron alentados… y aunque hubo la posibilidad que de no sobrevivieran las fuertes tormentas en alta mar, Su Misericordia, Jesús mismo, los protegió y los llevó a Roma.

Estoy rezando nuestra oración común a las 3 PM… No puedo olvidar las promesas de Jesús a Sta. Faustina (anotación 1572) – “Sumérgete completamente en Mi Misericordia, adórala y glorifícala; invoca su omnipotencia para el mundo entero y particularmente para los pecadores. En esta hora (3 PM) puedes obtener todo para ti y para otros tan sólo si lo pides. La misericordia triunfa sobre la justicia. Trata lo mejor que puedas en hacer el Viacrucis en esta hora.”