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Reporting from my poustinia

September 24, 2009

There are still visitors to this site and I am posting this new topics in hopes that the Holy Spirit may alert whomever He wants, that there is posting of new material! I do not intend to renew the posting of blogs, at least at this time. I only want to share what the Holy Spirit has led me to do.

1. Friends in the Faith: much I have learned since I wrote last on May 31, 2009. As never before I understood the work of Satan from Genesis to today, and how I have to proceed in my own life to tie him up and more importantly, on behalf of the Roman Catholic Priesthood in this year of praying for them. It also has been very important to me as I notice tremendous evil forces trying to divide us in the USA like never before. Everything becomes a controversy; hatred has surfaced in ways I never thought possible. A recent survey in a town in PA concluded that people are not finding any moral leadership anywhere! Ouch! We need to stand against the “serpent” and I am sharing what I finally understood in the Scriptures and in my own experience.

You can find this story to the right in the section of “pages”, and will be titled, Satan, the Cross and the power to bind him.

2. I also posted “another” page with the protocol to treat H1N1 virus as presented in a recent show by Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiac surgeon at the prestigious Columbia University, NY, and the information was gathered from national experts on infection diseases.