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Gratitude: an important step for my daily conversion!

December 8, 2016

I dedicate this blog to my Mother the Virgin Mary, on the occasion of the celebration of her Immaculate Conception.

As promised last month, I will try to report a few stories from October that I did not add because my eyes were giving me too much problem and I had to post the blog right away in order to cover the subject of prayer for the then upcoming U.S. Presidential election. These are the important points to report:

1. On Sunday, October 16, there were several “Blessed” men who were canonized and one woman. She was a French Carmelite nun by the name of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity. In the mid 1980’s, I became interested in Blessed Elizabeth’s spirituality and the time to understand it was during a year that I did not work following my first major professional persecution in Cleveland, OH and to no fault of my own. I needed to let the storm subside so that my two persecutors (chief anesthesiologists) would think of what they had done and not write something horrible about me when asked as a reference for a new job.

Many people around me like other doctors and nurse anesthetists kept insisting that I should hire a lawyer and fight this injustice. I checked with the Lord and He led me to just stay home for a year, since I had plenty of money in the bank. God knew what He was allowing to happen and sure enough, they apologized to my husband for the things they had done, who was an anesthesiologist working with the Kaiser Permanente group but using the same operating rooms at St. Luke’s hospital. Well, God’s plan is always SO PERFECT that to this day I am grateful for what happened since I met (spiritually) my later on great friend Eli, as I call her ever since.

In fact, recently during his recent visit my theologian son told me that when he studied in Rome in the 1990’s, he found Blessed Elizabeth to be very popular and he knew her from my attraction to her spirituality. It is interesting that by November 23, a little over a month after her canonization, I had in my hands a Rosary dedicated to St. Elizabeth, which my daughter in law gave me as a gift and that was given to her by someone who was present at her canonization. It is amazing what God does and when we cannot go to Rome, Rome comes to us… Since from childhood I am a Carmelite by knowing St. Teresa of Avila through my grandmother and having St. Therese of Lisieux perform a daring drop of her picture on me at age 2, but returning to the wall as my grandma ran to console me (she thought I would wake up and cry); well my Carmelite attraction was clear and decisive and even the Lord chose to console me (with my poor health) with this rosary by the splendid gift of my family member and which came to her from someone else. There is no doubt in my mind that He can do all things… Now I am using St. Eli as one of my main intercessors at the Throne of Mercy to obtain some healing for my body, a body sickly but with two arms!!!! See below.

2. On October 17, by pure chance again (no doubt that God wanted me to see it) I watched an episode in EWTN titled “Armed with Faith,” presented during an episode of the program “At home with Jim and Joy.” The guest was a man who had been born without arms. He has written a book, “What is your excuse.” His name is John Foppe. He was the fourth son of 8 boys. Please stop here and if you have not seen this presentation, just think of yourself having no arms from birth and also born with some irregularity in his hips. Now think of your daily life and how could you survive without arms!

His mom and brothers helped him with many personal chores until age 11 when she realized that he had to learn to do it all by himself. At that age, his first major problem was getting dressed, especially putting his pants on and securing this clothing piece at the waist level. Again, please think of yourself getting dressed without the help of arms. In my case this story has led me to thank God everyday for all my organs and body parts. Even today on early December, I am still asking my Lord for pardon for ignoring such gift as my arms! I could go on and on and pin point the many gifts we have been given with our brains… I sometimes laugh about the beauty of our God, the most Holy Trinity, Who went as far as inventing the sexual act and the anatomy necessary for it… To me, this is a great proof of His desire and enticement to procreate. Amazing funny and loving God that we have!

John Foppe eats with his feet! He drives with his feet. He is married and has a child. However, he was also born with a genetic deformity in his hips, and the latter is giving him some problem as he has to bend his lower extremities to an extreme to be able to eat, drive, write, etc. You can find more about this person at the following sites:  –

He is a motivational speaker and executive director of St. Vincent de Paul in St. Louis, MO. The DVD of Foppe’s story can be bought from EWTN and you may refer to it as HDAWF

Among the things that Mr. Foppe said: 1) Always there is a reason for our suffering. Our inconvenience is what God uses to show the good of things. (In his case, John has great determination and has learned to value his struggles). 2) The strongest the trial, the strongest the truth. It is living day to day to have God reveal Himself. 3) God is in all these pendulum swings but always with Easter in the other side! 4) At the end of the day, faith comes with the purpose that God has! 5) In whatever reality you live, you have the capacity to bring others to Christ!

3. As you can figure out, the previous story was related to the proper handling of extreme suffering. The very same day in the Journey Home program, I found a couple who suffered from infertility. The wife’s name is Neesha Oliver and she has a blog site,

From her blog in 2015, she wrote, “Being a housewife and a mother were always linked in my mind. I never really imagined being one without being the other, and if I ended up being one and not the other, I definitely thought I would be a mother before ever being a housewife. However, I’ve found myself in the opposite situation.

“I’ve really enjoyed being a housewife, but I can’t deny that I’ve had my moments of feeling odd. Sitting on the opposite side of the coin than I thought I’d be on has its challenges. It’s strange being a housewife to take care of my family of two – me and my husband. I’ve had my moments of feeling like somehow I’m less than other women who have children and are stay-at-home mothers because I have less to take care of.”

Her husband wanted to become a Deacon and moved from church to church trying to find a way to do it. He started in a Nazarene Church and then moved to the Episcopal Church. Eventually the Lord guided them to the Catholic Church where they finally found the VALUE OF REDEMPTIVE SUFFERING… and allowed by God for the good of others. (This was a wonderful teaching for me…)

4. Regarding redemptive suffering, the Lord did not stop there in his teaching for me. Just this past weekend of December 3-4, there was a telethon in the Hispanic channel for the maintenance of a place in San Antonio, TX, which gives children and young adults born with disabilities, a chance to develop skills to give them more mobility and sometimes even the ability to walk. This was another reminder to many of us who brought children into this world with normal brains and other organs and who grew in perfect health… The presence of autism in many human beings gives me a terrible sadness because the parents of these children not only suffer from the pain of their difficult behaviors but also pose the question: who is going to take care of them when we die?

Therefore, every day I should wake up and thank God for so many gifts that our families and ourselves have received Do we do that? Well, in my case, I never did it until very recently… I am ashamed and feel guilty for ignoring the HUGE GRACES RECEIVED and that I never truly paid attention to… Now, when I am cooking or passing the pages of the Magnificat Missal, which are very thin, I thank God for my arms and hands! Gratitude, gratitude, screams for attention on our part!

Tuesday, October 18

On this day I understood that my “yes” to God’s will goes hand in hand with my constant desire for the salvation of all peoples. Put in a different way, my obedience to bring others to Jesus (like He said, to go deep into the water to catch more fish, which was also handed to me in a little piece of paper in 2003 at Paray-le-monial by a Visitation nun) depends on my constant “yes” to His will. My ongoing conversion is crucial to be able to have a healthy amount of caught fish to bring to Jesus. This double work means the best scenario to obey the two most important commandments: love of God and of neighbor.

This completes the sharing from October

For the month of November:

Week of Thanksgiving Feast: my third son and family were in transit to visit us from Omaha, NE.

Monday, November 21

. They were arriving in San Francisco airport during the morning hours; they would rent a car and come to Walnut Creek, a nearby city where they had reservations in a hotel. It is amazing about the technology of this present age. With the famous I-phone GPS, my son Omar and family were able to arrive to the hotel by mid day. He drove at least one hour in very busy expressways and made it without incident. I had no Tramadol left for the pain in my knees; so my son Ernie went to eat with them that night. I had told them that I could not receive them because I was without pain medication and did not want the children, ages 11, 8, 5 and 3, to see me in such condition.

Tuesday, November 22

This family went to the beach by invitation of an Omar’s friend and the children were super tired when they arrived to their hotel. On this date, Tramadol was available since the famous narcotics laws for pharmacies are very strict and with reason. Of course, there are many people who are taking them and the vigilance must be strict. However, Tramadol became a narcotic as recent as August  2014. Out of the blue, the Government’s respective agency declared it a narcotic. My own doctors told me that they never found a patient becoming chemically attached to this drug. I can confirm it. When I have had to take narcotics for surgery reasons, for example, there is a sense of satisfaction and well being. With Tramadol, there is none ever. I have wondered if Satan had convinced the FDA to do so knowing by then that I had pain in my knees and my great allergy to different oral narcotics related to codeine. However, God has allowed it and this is another chapter of suffering for each month. Suffering with its redemptive power becomes an important help for the salvation of many!

Wednesday, November 23

Finally I was able to receive my son and family and that is when my daughter-in-law gave me the great gift of the Rosary of now St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. This time, after we fed this family with the Olive Garden Restaurant’s food, which they love, they departed to their hotel and I spoke to my friend now St. Eli; I asked her to pray for me regarding my problem with so much toxicity around and the need to move out of here. She said and clearly: “I will pray for you if you promise me to do two things: 1) always do the Father’s will at all cost! No distraction should come between your yes and honoring the Holy Trinity with your acceptance of His will, like embracing this pain in your knees without any questions. 2) Open page 222 in the Scriptures.

I did and in Judges: 6: 34-40, Gideon asked God to send him signs that he should fight the Medianites. The description is long but God did all what Gideon requested. Then, in chapter 7 (a must read chapter for all of us), God said to Gideon, “Call all who want to fight against Median.” Gideon did and 30,000 responded. Then, God said, “Well, you have too many men and when you get the victory, all will think that it was due to the number of fighters against Median.” Then, Gideon was asked to describe to the 30,000 all the possible consequences for their lives and asked them to leave if they felt afraid. Only 3,000 stayed. Still God asked Gideon to repeat it and only 300 soldiers were left. Gideon divided the 300 in three groups of 100 and proceeded to attack the Medianite camp and others who by now have joined them. And YES, they claimed a victory of Israel over the enemy camps.  It was obvious that God wanted to prove to Gideon that He was the one in charge of their protection and not related to the number of fighting Israelites. This also proves that what God wanted was to increase the faith of Gideon and his people. How interesting is to see our Lord how He treats all of us with such mercy and deep love, like that of a mother to her children and uses all opportunities to teach us how to follow Him..

Then St. Elizabeth said, “In the same fashion that Gideon was able to be victorious with the help of God, you must go and proclaim the Gospel.” I immediately realized that the war is God’s and that I only have to say “yes” and expect my health and other issues to be remedied by Him, and proceed to proclaim HIS LOVE FOR ALL OF US, most specially by what He does with mine… In fact, with this great show of power from the Lord to Gideon, my immediate response was to say, “Thank You for what He will do in my life,” and did it with lots of confidence that I could do it. I knew that He would take me away from this area and stop so much toxicity that is ruining my body. It is affecting my kidneys with polyuria (excessive urination); it is affecting my body weight with weight gain with little eating since I can only eat two meals a day of chicken with avocado or sweet potatoes plus one glass of milk in between the two meals to take medications to which I am a little sensitive to. I am losing my memory again… especially in English (fact that does not bug me too much because I know that with detoxification I can reverse it). Yet, in the mean time, I HAVE TO SAY YES TO ALL OF THIS DESTRUCTION OF MY PHYSICAL BODY, and say it with total certitude that He is in charge…

 I am in a process of conversion regarding my desire to be an instrument (as Gideon was) of His mercy for others. I also understand that the loss of memory and weight gain is simply a way to prove to the scientific community of these truths (when I publish my book)… Then, overweight people will not be seen as people that eat too much. Some of the overweight population simply does not have a good efficient NATURAL DETOXIFICATION process by the liver and too much toxicity tells the brain to retain fat… And this is a true scientific point… You can be in all sorts of diets and gain weight after a good amount of lost pounds, and all related to the fact that NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO IT AND THAT GOD HAS USED ME TO PROVE IT IS A FACT… Like Gideon, my Lord is using me to prove this point and help many of His children… In fact, I just read in AOL about the 10 reasons to gain weight (besides overeating) and none mention toxicity as one of them.

I agreed with my sister St. Eli and promised to do what she was asking for since God was using her as an intermediary to make me understand many things regarding this point.

Thursday, November 24 – Feast of Thanksgiving

We all went to Mass to my parish. After receiving Jesus at Communion, He was clear and said, “Your illness will be cured in order to preach the Gospel with your life as a source of inspiration and most importantly for my Priests. Their lives are not easy and good examples of people seeking a life close to Me is an incentive for them. The world around has taken over and even those who regularly attend Mass. The attention of the world is into hearing  the latest news and to pass judgment on every aspect of daily life. Do not fear. Just do My will and proceed daily with trust based on knowing that I will take care of everything, if you go and proclaim the Gospel WITH YOUR LIFE BUT NEXT TO ME. Never forget what St. Elizabeth asked of you. This friendship started years ago precisely for you to have her intercession at this time of much need in the Christian world.”

I suddenly found myself asking Jesus for one thing only: for the grace of a constant conversion aided by a feeling of constant great gratitude; I offered my repentance for my weak faith and the fears that make it weak to begin with. At this moment, I had no agenda regarding my health or how to proclaim the Gospel with my life. I only felt the need to be converted every day of my life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit until my time to go to my Father’s home. At this time, my total faith that He would take care of my health and moving out of this so toxic area was deep and actually trusted this fact like never before.

I cooked a meal for all of them and that was easy for me, since the Olive Garden was closed… It had turkey and everybody liked it. During this longer visit with my son, wife and children, I was full of stupefaction by the way these children behaved… I HAVE NEVER SEEN FOUR YOUNG CHILDREN GET ALONG SO WELL AND BEING SO OBEDIENT TO QUIET DOWN WHEN THEY STARTED TO MAKE MUCH NOISE. It proved to me that the faith of their parents is so deep and their prayer life as a family is so effective, that the Holy Spirit was the One raising these children by directing their parents.

AGAIN, this is a war in many families… Satan feasts on causing problems in families with their children’s behavior and uses this topic for parents to be constantly advised by Christian and non Christian people as to how to raise children but on their own power. They hear what to do and what no to do;  when to start and how to prioritize the raising of their kids. Obviously, since faith is rare among these counselors and I mean real faith, not just to believe in God as a concept, the Lord is never mentioned as the One raising the children by guiding the parents… With the Holy Spirit’s guidance as In the case of Gideon, the parents simply trust in Jesus and are guided by the Holy Spirit to do the parenting according to God’s will… Again and again, “the Lord is our Shepherd and there is nothing we shall want,” says Psalm 23.

Friday, November 25

My visiting “holy” family departed very early from San Francisco airport and eventually got to their home in Nebraska. 

On this day, Fidel Castro passed away in Cuba at age 90. He was educated by Jesuits and came with good intentions to fight the government of a Cuban dictator by the name of Fulgencio Batista… In his time, Havana was full of prostitutes and other visitors coming from other countries including the U.S. to spend weekends swimming in pools of moral pestilence and casinos. Well, the story of Fidel we know well and he became another dictator with socialist tendencies and destroyed many lives who opposed him.

 I wonder what could have been done if the mostly Catholic Cubans had truly asked their Patroness in heaven to help this man change this horror. This is a short story of this title of the Virgin Mary in Cuba from the Internet:

Our Lady of Charity also known as Our Lady of El Cobre or Nuestra Senora de la Virgen de la Caridad is a popular Marian title of the Blessed Virgin Mary known in many Catholic countries.

Several known Marian images with the same title exist around the world while a particular Hispanic image is pontifically designated by Pope Benedict XV as the Patroness of Cuba. The present image is enshrined in the National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre and was built in 1926 situated in village El Cobre, near Santiago de Cuba. Pope Pius XIgranted a Canonical Coronation towards the image on 20 December 1936. The feast day of Our Lady of Charity is September 8; the solemn Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.[1]

After what have seen recently in the political scenario in the U.S., WE CAN DO THE SAME EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD… We simply need to PREACH THE GOSPEL WITH OUR LIVES AS WE SUBMIT TO GOD’S WILL regardless what the cost is. With God, we could win any war and hopefully, MANY OFUS WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT GOD CAN DO, as He just did for us… In all instances, our Mother would be around taking care of us.

Monday, November 28

At 3 PM, I had a revelation: I was led to understand the importance of the mercy of God to solve my health problems, eyesight to be corrected, and all other needs like finishing the book, which will reveal to the world huge truths about dementia and depression. The immensity of the latter is beyond understanding. I was called to pray a Rosary and a Chaplet of Mercy every day for a month at the 3 PM hour, and asking Our Lady of Guadalupe to pray for me, since it will be under her intercession with this title that I will get the help needed.

I have seen another program regarding the story of Our Lady in Tepeyac, Mexico. Since my eyes are worse than ever… regarding the use of this computer with much discomfort every time that I use it for more than 30 minutes, I have not been able to translate the entire story of her apparition and as related in the last October’s blog. Now, I have much more to pass on since the same priest who explained so many things about her coming, has continued explaining how the Franciscan priests who came from Spain to Mexico, thought that the painting as it appeared in St. Juan Diego’s cloak was from Satan since the Indians fell in love with her!!! In 1523, three Franciscan priests had come from Spain. One died shortly after. In 1524, 12 more arrive. In 1554, a Dominican priest who in time would become the Archbishop of Mexico City, arrived and the rivalry between the two Orders increased!

By 1546, some 15 years after her coming in 1531, the locals in Tepeyac were inventing that this picture actually was a copy of the one of Santa Maria de Guadalupe from Extremadura, Spain. Others said that the image was painted by an Indian on orders of a cleric. The confusion was huge and Satan was working over time (notice how he confuses, divides, accuses and gives fear). The Archbishop of Mexico City, the Dominican, was the one who defended the 1531painting as the original and according to the story known from Juan Diego.  In this program, Father Chavez went into great length to prove that all these suppositions were simply impossible to sustain. I hope that one day, and with the help of her intercession, I will be able to translate the entire story.

In the mean time, I have started the task of praying at the 3 PM hour. There is so much to be done since the times are getting worse by the hour with much confusion!  On this same day, it was announced that Amazon, based in Tracy, CA, was receiving 620 orders per minute via Internet as people buy things to “celebrate” Christmas. They have robots to bring the items to the employees to be placed in boxes to be dispatched everywhere. If this is not crazy, well, I do not know what to call it! As you may know since I have written about it in previous blogs, I do not give gifts to others for Christmas (except a few dollars to my grand kids) nor expect anyone to give me anything and my sons know about it. The moment they  became teens, we stopped placing Christmas trees and interchanging gifts.  As for me, Christmas is every day since He is here with us in every Tabernacle.

Tuesday, November 29

1:45 PM – I suddenly found myself thinking of the many programs that discuss the topic of how to be holy, the do’s and don’ts. Yes, many will say that reading the lives of the Saints is very important. Others write or speak about the struggles with suffering and how to handle it. Others claim that evangelizing with words is a road to sainthood. All of these possibilities are part of the road to holiness but it is a tough road to follow and to remember to do at all times.

I understood the following to make it an easier road:

1. Never look back except when led by the Holy Spirit. This is because some memories may lead me to resentment again…

2. Never plan or wonder about the future unless guided by the Holy Spirit. This is because fear can easily creep up and interfere with my faith in His love for me.

3.Live the NOW in prayer and with the suffering allowed by God saying Yes to it and in thanksgiving for His Presence within, His love, His mercy, His promises and for realizing that at each minute we are on the way with His protection and care, while surrounded by Angels, Saints and our Mother

4. As this is done, the following happens!

1) All fear disappear, or any fear that rises up is handled right away and ignored (It has happened to me).

2) Faith, hope and love increases as if by magic and in surprising ways.

3) Attachment to worldly desires also disappears.

4) Serenity, peace and joy augments. There is no loneliness.

5) The run towards the heavenly residence proceeds without too many stops and distractions in trying to do the “right thing.”

6) There is plenty of spiritual gasoline, interior power, ongoing conversion and a deep sense of being in heaven while still on earth.

7) This routing is clearly explained in the Bible BUT by doing POINT 3, the world with its huge electronic communication capabilities will fail to brainwash us to become independent and do that what pleases us.

8) Love for money, prestige, power and control lose their dominion over our minds and souls.

5. The net result is the ability to preach the Gospel with our lives, although our transformation is actually the grace coming again when we live point 3 with all our desire to do it for the glory of God and for the salvation of all souls.

Thursday, December 1

The news came out about an upcoming movie titled, “The Pope.”  For what I saw in the commercial for this movie, it is a grave insult to our Catholic Church since they are going to invent lies. I would like to ask you, and if you agree to do it, DO NOT GET YOUR MIND INVOLVED IN ANY  RESENTMENT TOWARDS THOSE WHO ARE PART OF THE MOVIE IN WHATEVER WAY like the actors, the producer and the director of the film. In this way, we will defeat Satan who will lose the battle of seeding us with lack of love for them, dividing us, confusing us. And please think that all opposition to our Faith is a great opportunity for us to recognize the people behind it and pray for them like never before and save their souls!!!

We are here to love everybody, regardless of what they do or not; we are here to save souls at all cost… If self denial is needed on our part, let’s act like Jesus would act and forgive them from the start. Ask Him for the grace to love them and proceed to include them in your Rosaries. Our Mother will obtain the rest at the Throne of Mercy to save them. We cannot speak about mercy and turn around and fight them even in our thoughts. If it becomes the will of God that something gets done publicly against this sort of persecution of the Church, the Holy Spirit will let those Catholic members know and even more, WIN THE WAR!!! The more we talk publicly about it without guidance from the Spirit, that much more we entice many to go and see the movie and in general, we could become commercials for this persecutory film.

On this same day of December 1, I was given a nice teaching on how to seek my conversion. It came BEFORE SEEING THE NEWS ABOUT THE MOVIE MENTIONED ABOVE… My Lord was preparing me!

I understood the following:

Those who attack us personally or the Church are our best reminders to practice our second most important Commandment to save their souls. We must proceed and do the following:

1) Mention them in our Rosaries

2) Offer all our suffering for their redemption

3) REFUSE the devil’s attempt to make us sin with hatred or resentment.

4) Each day upon waking up, give thanks to God for another day of living loved by Him, guided by His Spirit and persecuted as a TRUE worker of the Kingdom.

5) Keep clear in your mind at the beginning of each day that God’s will for that day and my total desire to obey it opens the door to my constant living in the Holy Spirit. Each day is a Pentecost for my soul since I was Baptized and Confirmed in the Spirit’s love, and this means that He will keep me in route to my Father’s home. This plan is perfect for my soul as long as I live this understanding and truth.

Matthew 7:21, 24-27 is clear!

“Not everybody who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of My Father in heaven.

“Everyone who listens to these words of Mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock. The rain fell, the floods came and the winds blew and buffeted the house. But it did not collapse; it had been set solidly on rock. And everyone who listens to these words of Mine but does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand. The rain fell, the floods came and the wind blew and buffeted the house and it collapsed and was completely ruined.” (End of quote)

Each day then becomes a reminder that all I do on the following hours is to check with Him regarding what to do first. Sometimes I have to shop in two different places. I then ask where I should go first. I do it because He may have some customers for evangelization purposes and sometimes because I can find the items I need on sale, as an example. I did happen on Dec. 2. I needed the water I drink Evian (which has the least amount of fluoride) and not always I can find it. I was led to go to a supermarket which I had visited the day before but in a different location and had none. I went then to the same supermarket but on a different place and sure enough, I found lots of Evian on sale, important because it is expensive. I exploded with thanksgiving to my Lord… Once this is established as a routine, the Holy Spirit is summoned to take over every decision on my part.

However, if on the contrary I constantly worry about how to follow Jesus, how to deny myself, I AM DOUBTING His love and mercy to guide me! It is a matter of give and take. I give Him my attention and recognize His love and mercy for me and He takes over… I hear so many ways described as to how to establish a personal relationship with Jesus. Yet, we do not give Him space to guide our lives and day by day, to grow in this personal dependence on His love that it is the equivalent to a close relationship with Him.

With this certitude we find ourselves in storms but also certain that He is in charge. In this area, I need much conversion since many times I find myself wondering what is next! Not such thought should come since no matter what suffering is present, whether physical or mental or spiritual, all will take me to advance in my love and trust in His mercy. Any little wondering regarding what will be next (pretty much what happened to St. Peter when he doubted as he walked on water toward Jesus and his doubt made him fall in the water), totally closes the door to the gifts of faith, hope and His love is not felt because of the wall placed by any worries or fears, etc.

Saying ‘Lord, Lord,’ will not work. What works is the expectancy at all times of His love and mercy without any worry or fear. Unfortunately, this is what we do and as the world does: we have methods and ideas to get from point A to point B. However, in the spiritual world we simply thank Him ahead of time for the beauty of His will in our lives for each day. We thank Him for His direction as long as we have agreed to do His will and ignore ours, the basis for self denial. We should be as well super happy for the results to come that will guide us to give Him glory.

Saturday, December 3

10:45 AM – I found myself worrying about how to put together this blog since I had so much information. My Mother came and said, “Again, thank God for having so much information available. Grow in certitude that the Holy Spirit will organize it according to His will. Never forget that this blog is His, not yours. The only thing you should do is submit to the difficulties with your yes so that He can honor your constancy and your desire to do it for His glory and the salvation of souls.

“Never forget that the Holy Spirit is the Love between the Father and the Son and that such Love is directing this operation! This love between them is the most extraordinary gift for the human race, and so much so, that it was sent to all the earth after my Son’s ascension to heaven.

“From now on, every time that you speak of the Holy Spirit, like when you start your prayer or when all are present at the beginning of the Mass, as you say ‘In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,’ you should think that it is in the name of the Father, Son and Their mutual love. If you call the Holy Spirit at any moment during the day, think immediately that you are calling the LOVE between the Father and Son to assist you with direction and thank God for this gift of His Love because IT CAN DO IT ALL.” (End of her teaching)

Since I am not a theologian, I want to remind you that I have felt comfortable with the Holy Spirit being the love between the Father and the Son as I have read it from St. Augustine. Yet, I will place this weekend of Dec. 10-11 in the section of “pages” a series of questions and answers regarding the Holy Spirit according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in case anyone feel like reviewing what we believe as a Church.

This picture of the Spirit as the mutual love between the Father and Son goes back to St. Augustine who wrote: “And the Holy Spirit, according to the Holy Scriptures, is neither of the Father alone, nor of the Son alone, but of both; and so intimates to us a mutual love, wherewith the Father and the Son reciprocally love one another. (Augustine, On the Trinity XV, 17.24)

Wednesday, December 6

At this late time and not finished with this blog, I went to Whole Foods Health Store to buy several organic foods. I really wanted to finish this blog first but from tonight on, there will be heavy rain in the area and I do not want to drive in those conditions, since my sight is not perfect and walking with a cane makes the wet cement become dangerous for me. As I gathered in this store all I needed, I proceeded to the cashier’s area and there were only two open! A woman named Dora and probably in her 50’s arrived to one of these stations while another person was being served with a full cart. The other station was also full of waiting clients. Dora insisted that I would go first since she was in no hurry… I insisted that she had arrived first and in all fairness she should go ahead of me. She would not do it and I went first… She then came to unload my cart so that I would not work much at it…

At this point, my cane was hanging from the side of the cart but she did not know me at all… She could not figure out how painful my knees were and of course I had had to take 3 Tramadol’s for pain before I left my house… I asked her about her first name to pray for her and called her an angel. She insisted that it was wonderful to help me!!! Since there was someone ahead of us, I was able to tell her that dementia was reversible and how the food thickener carrageenan could cause depression in some of us. In fact, I mentioned that just yesterday, the famous singer Naomi Judd came to explain at ABC how she suffers from depression that is untreatable!!!!!!  Dora was fascinated with my gift…

I realized by now that God was doing His work for both of us. In my case, He was saying, “We need this story to be included in this blog. I am happy that you obeyed and came today. For Dora, she will make use of this knowledge for her good and the good of others.” I also remembered my Mother recently telling me that I had to be relaxed regarding the blog because the Holy Spirit was in charge, and indeed He was… He had moved Dora to insist in making my life easier and acting with so much love for neighbor that He blessed her with the important health knowledge. Amazing God… He is simply a dream…


A new year is coming. I am certain that I will continue finding ways for my further conversions, but one thing is certain: from now on GRATITUDE MUST BE A WAY OF LIFE for me. Years ago, I wrote a thanksgiving list to God but I hardly go over it on a routine basis. Yet, now I can SEE how important is to realize how many gifts I have received and for which I should thank God on a regular basis. As of late, every time that I open my Bible looking for a page, I thank God for my arms and hands… If my eyes continue to suffer, by 2018 when I have to renew my driver’s license, maybe I will not have enough vision to pass the tests. Yet, I am already accepting such difficulty. He will never allow anything that will not bring many graces from suffering for my conversion and the salvation of other souls.

Recently I have been told that I have permission to see football or basketball games (the latter especially because my local team is the most extraordinary one, the Oakland Warriors with the star players of Steph Curry, KlayThompson and Kevin Durant!) BUT provided that I pray for everyone in the stadium and for both teams, never wanting one team to win against the other (He said that it was inconsequential who the winner was. What was important would be to pray for their salvation) and asking for God’s mercy for their souls and do it always, often and with love. And yes, I have been given a profound love for all at each game.

 I can watch the news as well but always also praying for all who appear in the TV screen. I have also have given orders to avoid programs where I will easily feel resentment for those in them. One example is “The View” with a great actress, Whoopi Goldberg and companions. The group is always discussing political issues but in terms that are hard and unloving. Well, the Lord said to avoid watching such programs since I can easily and automatically switch to resentment and even with a slight sentiment of hatred for them. Worse, I am adding sins to the life of “The View” members by the promoting in my mind of such negative feelings.

IN SUMMARY, there is no question that my ongoing conversion includes how to use my time to give glory to my Lord and asking for His mercy to save many souls, all wrapped with a blanket of spiritual gratitude. Therefore, any television viewing must keep me away from fracturing in a thousand pieces my obedience to the Second most important Commandment, that of loving others as I love myself.

Please pray for me! Satan is constantly harassing me. He tries very hard to make me feel inadequate to preach the Gospel with my daily life. He also often obstructs me. Example: I have tried hard to purchase the DVD mentioned before by Dr. Mark Hyman from the Cleveland Clinic, one that will give an answer to everyone who watches it regarding how to prevent diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, all done by the way we eat. At one point I called the San Francisco Public Broadcasting group (KQED) where the program was made and the lady who answered did not even know what program I was talking about. She went into their Internet site and told me that there was no mention of such title. My son helped me by finding two PBS’s stations in two different States (even that the program was taped in San Francisco) and found that they were selling the DVD. Finally, during the last local showing of this program at KQDE in San Francisco, at a time when they have several people waiting for calls, I did call and finally was able to order several DVD’s for my sons, EWTN Fathers and companions and for a couple of friends. Of course, they refused to accelerate the sending of these DVD’s and I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks!!! I am certain that Satan was doing his best to stop my gift from reaching 7 different people!

May you have a wonderful blessed Christmas and an extraordinary new year of 2017. Thank you for your prayers.

“Thank You Holy Spirit for directing me for the writing of this blog and in this way, in allowing me to be your servant.”