Learning to improve my discipleship

April 9, 2017


I am super late again this month in posting this blog because of two reasons: 1) I received the topic for this blog fairly late. 2) My eyes have shown more problems when typing for long periods and even this computer has been playing games. For example, out of the blue, everything gets colored in orange and purple, including Our Lady Queen of the Universe that appears in the screen before I do anything else. Of course, I still fear (unfortunately) that the entire blog could disappear and never be found. The question was: it’s this from God or Satan? I still do not know and for both possibilities I must act as a true disciple: patient and trustful that my Lord and my God is in charge… At the end, He will decide and I will say yes to it!

So far, this Lent of 2017 has become rich in realizing that my work as a disciple of Jesus needed some reflection in order to find out what is still missing and what I can do to receive His grace to become a better one.

Something that touched me profoundly and that I reported in the last blog for February posted on March 10, was to reflect much on my interior “broken Christ.” His love expressed in His conversation that inspired Fr. Ramon Cue, S.J. to write about it, touched me profoundly. Sure, I knew and know that He loves us; however, in the case of the broken Christ, He opened my eyes with the details of His love for us. I had never gone so deep in realizing the profound tenderness of His love… In fact, I felt moved also by the idea that our Father, our Daddy, sacrificed His Son to bring us to change our ways and at the same time, to elevate us to be His kids as well, which we always were but now being shown to us in a clear way through the sufferings of Jesus.

In the following days, I found myself thinking and perhaps too much, regarding our future move. My son is working in training some of the already existing employees to cover all the things he is responsible for.  It will be sometime before June (perhaps one month before) when he will look for another job. This is good for me to pray much in order for him to find exactly what God wants for both of us. Please if you could keep Ernie in your prayers… However, I kept wondering about the huge amount of work I need to do in throwing away many things, giving away others, and perhaps selling a few things. I bought a treadmill back in 2009, when I was accepting the wrong idea of weight loss through diet and exercise; I want to give this item away; yet, I cannot deal with E-bay as a conduit to do it. I do not trust the Internet that much!


Wednesday, March 15

Only a very few times in my life, have I found myself talking to and receiving direction directly from my Father in heaven. On this day, I heard, “Listen to your Father” and as the sun came to the room where I was sitting, which is the typical sign that I am used to receive when the Lord is ready to enlighten me. I said, “Dad, what do you want to tell me?” I prayed, “Come Spirit of my Dad (knowing well that the Spirit is the Love between Father and Son) and speak to my heart and soul. Te amo (I love You), Holy Trinity.”

I was directed to the bottom of page 999 of my Bible (Joel 4:17-21). It dealt with the “SALVATION OF GOD’S ELECT” and in those days, this referred to Judah and Jerusalem and that they would receive many blessings. I understood that it applies to all of us and in my case, that all be well with the move and the selection of the city and job for my son. It gave me much peace. My Daddy was right there within me, instructing me through His Word that I should not think much about the whole thing because He is in charge!

My Mother intervened shortly after (as I was thinking again about the move and the amount of work to be done, especially because of my poor health) and she said, “You will lack nothing. Some suffering will be there but needed to be offered for the many that lost the way.”

Shortly after, I heard the Spirit sending me to page 769 in the right side and middle of the page. It was Sirach 44: 14-21. I heard these words, “This story reminds you of the many of our ancestors who had their work cut out, like Noah and Abraham. As it was with them, so it will be with you! You are writing history with your life and many will convert. At this moment, there is no reason or need to wonder about how you will be helped and where you will go.” I felt much better.

Saturday, March 18

In a Hispanic TV channel, I found a horrible story (later I did find two more which will be mentioned on the particular day). Here is the story: on March 7, a young female teenager who was living in a place for homeless youth in Guatemala, made public that the girls were raped daily and that they felt this was like living in hell. Nothing was done on the next 24 hours and who knows how much this girl and others suffered from the men that were taking care of the facility after this problem was revealed. The following day, March 8th, probably out of desperation, the girls set some mattresses on fire and most of them died when the fire destroyed many parts of the home.  

I mention this because Satan’s fury over the world has no limits. It is possible that it existed in previous centuries. However, they lacked the means to pass the information to the entire world minute by minute. In the other hand, how is it possible that in this so called Catholic country, nothing had been done and that seriously ill men were doing such thing?

Tuesday, March 21

Apparently, God was after me to show me the state of many souls in order for me to pray more and more and not ever complain about my pain… I came to my room and fell asleep in my chair and suddenly woke up for the 11 PM local news. After it, the late program of Jimmy Kimmel LIVE came on and as I was taking some medication for pain, I heard this male guest showing Jimmy what he does. He is an architect and told him how he had fixed his own home. For example, he said, “I built a special room for myself, just to be alone to have peace and to relax by doing X sexual activity.”  He did not say “X” activity; he mentioned it with its real name. Everybody laughed… I almost passed out. He could have mentioned this special room just to rest by himself, but did not have to tell us the details of his job within the room… I felt nauseous. This and the previous story in Guatemala forces me to understand my need to sanctify my discipleship (as Jesus has explained and which will be discussed later) so that my prayer for all these horrible events bring their salvation and protect those who hear it so that they do not do the same! But still at a later date I will mention another story quite similar to these first two.

Wednesday, March 22

By the end of the Kimmel story, it was already a new day…

12:00 AM – I called my Mom and complained to her by saying, “This is too much. This world is a disaster.” My Mom said, “Yes, there is much to do for both of us but ALWAYS REMEMBER that God is in charge. I will be with you. Offer your crosses, including this one for their salvation and the salvation of all of those who are part of showing these stories.” I felt better and went back to sleep.

I had to go shopping to one supermarket (I have to divide the places I go for different days not to bother my legs with long periods of walking…) I chose the afternoon at the best time possible with the least amount of traffic, between after lunch and 3 PM when many are already coming home from their work places. I left at 1:50 PM. I was in need of buying Evian water, the only one that I drink and cook my meals with because it has the least amount of fluoride… They keep packs of 6 one liter bottles right in front of the cashier’s area. I needed someone to place these heavy packs in my cart. Out of the blue, a man who seemed to be an employee, offered to do it and said, “I will open my cash register and take care of you so that you do not have to make a line. He did and called someone to help me out to my car. He turned out to be the manager of this supermarket. I arrived home at 2:35 PM… In only 45 minutes I had returned home…Of course, this was my Lord saying to me, “Remember what your Mother told you. I am in charge of your life and can do all things.”  The whole event helped much in restoring my faith and to pray and sacrifice for those who just hours before had scandalized me.

Friday, March 24

I spent most of this day offering all my pain for the new health care plan to replace Obamacare. I only wanted God’s will in all of this. I have no expertise to judge which one is the best to protect all people with a decent health insurance coverage. Suddenly, I heard that Mr. Trump had pulled it out  from consideration in the House or Senate for a later date and just  before the voting took place… I knew it was God’s plan… I have been praying also much for the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court if it is God’s will. I also know that He is in charge of this horrible show of politicians acting as 5 year olds…However, it is hard to see grownups taking the serious matter of electing a decent  judge just because they are in favor of killing babies… Of course, days later, Judge Gorsuch was nominated when the 5 year olds were outsmarted by their opponents. It is hard to see how beautiful images of God, Senators and Representatives of the House, allow these things…

Sunday, March 26

1. This was a day of much reflection, thanksgiving and amazement as to what God can do. 42 years before, my third son was born and I will repeat the story of his birth mentioned in old blogs, because it will illustrate how our Lord manages all our lives from the womb to the tomb! Many mistakes were done in the hospital (one of the best in the U.S., William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, MI, north of Detroit), by simply ignoring me as I entered it the night before(March 25) in early labor. They came to check the degree of evolution of my labor the following day at 6 AM… They ruptured the membranes to accelerate the birth of the baby and water came up totally green, a sign of SEVERE FETAL DISTRESS… They ran to prepare an operating room for an immediate cesarean section. Yet, I gave birth within minutes of rupturing the membranes. The child was almost dead and sent to the neonatal intensive care unit. He remained there for two days. I took him home on March 28 and was told by my pediatrician, a greatly respected man, that he most likely would be retarded in some form or other because his brain had suffered severe anoxia (lack of oxygen).for too long.

As it turned out and after I presented him to the Eucharistic Jesus at St. Thomas Apostle Parish some 2-3 days after coming home to Ann Arbor, MI, this child developed well and on this particular day of his birthday in 2017, he was the person giving a Lent retreat to his parish in Omaha, NE. Soon, he will be able to baptize and conduct funerals as a permanent Deacon. He is married to a very holy woman and has 4 holy children… He attended Franciscan U. of Steubenville for his first degree in Theology, and subsequently he attended a university in Dallas, TX (I forgot the name) to get his Master in Theology. On this day I kept thinking of my Mother’s words not to worry because God is in charge!!!! At Mass, I thanked Jesus for His mercy in his situation and how poor I act when I worry about how to close this home and move somewhere else… Remembering this story moved me to contemplate my poor behavior of lack of trust in His mercy, when 4 decades before the Lord had defied the odds that science had placed on his life. There is no question that God is good and His mercy endures forever.

2. On this same day in the Hispanic channel, they showed how the recycling of used car batteries was moved from the U.S. to Mexico! These batteries have several sheets made of lead… They did move this job to Mexico because in that country they allow very hi levels of environmental lead versus much lower levels in this country of ours. Of course, lead is a horrible toxic agent that can cause all kind of illnesses in our bodies… What an injustice this is!

3. To aggravate even more the stories for this special day, I learned how the deportation of illegal immigrants are done in the middle of the night!!!!! In this way, many are taken away while leaving behind children born in this country and the media and people around pay almost no attention, stopping in this way all negative points of view…

4. I ended up finding an EWTN program that discussed how to pray. The author, Matthew Kelly in his book “The Prayer Process,” describes it as a method to initiate a time of prayer. He mentioned the points below, all excellent but I wonder how many people can remember them and do them daily!  I am sure that practicing to be a true disciple will bring the graces necessary to start falling in love with prayer… However, it is important to mention these points for those who may find them helpful, especially as there are Scripture verses that find Jesus going to pray all the time!!!

1) Close the eyes.

2) Seek a comfortable position.

3) Take deep breaths to reduce stress or anxiety.

4) Initiate a time of thanksgiving to God with a personal dialogue. Think what you are grateful about for that day, including other people around.

5) Initiate a time of awareness by talking to God recalling what situations had been encountered in the previous 24 hours. Bring to mind what your feelings were, like feeling good about yourself or how you did not handle well some situations. Recall significant moments for that period with the people around and talk to God about it.

6) Seek a time for peace by asking God for forgiveness for all sins encountered in that period against Him, neighbor or self. If you feel any shame, ask for forgiveness and healing.

7) Seek freedom. Speak to God as to how to change your life to experience freedom. Ask for courage to make the necessary changes in your life.

8) Regarding neighbor, lift people up to God asking for special blessings for them but do it one person at the time.

9) Pray the Our Father but paying attention to the words, slowly and deliberately.

10) Open your eyes.

11) DECISION TIME: Check Scripture about prayer –

Mark 1: 35 – “Rising very early before dawn, He left (Capernaum) and went off to a deserted place, where He prayed.”

Matthew 14: 22-23. (After feeding the 5,000) “Then He made the disciples get into the boat and precede Him to the other side, while He dismissed the crowds. After doing so, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray.”

Luke 5: 15-16. (After the cleansing of a leper). “The report about Him spread all the more, and great crowds assembled to listen to Him and to be cured of their ailments, but He would withdraw to deserted places to pray.”

Luke 9: 28-29. (After Jesus explained the conditions for discipleship). About 8 days after He said this, “He took Peter, John and James and went up the mountain to pray. While he was praying, His face changed in appearance and His clothing became dazzling white.”

CLOSING OF PRAYER time: Ask yourself if prayer is in the center of your life or in the periphery. (The author advices that if the question is to pray or not to pray, to try this method for 30 days, and after this, one will be convinced do it! (End of quotes)

As you can see, this day was filled with special messages, some of cruelty for our brothers and sisters, and one that brought the fact that prayer was at the center of Jesus’ life…             SO FAR, I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT THE TOPIC FOR THIS MONTH’S BLOG WOULD BE!

Friday, March 31

I heard via EWTN that St. Therese, St. Faustina and other Saints said that PRAYER AND SACRIFICE will lead us to the Truth! Apparently my Lord was emphasizing the importance of suffering and of prayer…

Shortly after I prayed the first Rosary for this day, I was sent to page 115 to find the theme of this blog… It turned out to be Luke 9:23, all about discipleship!!!

“Then He said to all, ‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.’

Sunday, April 2

The Hispanic channel showed a program titled: Torture in Mexico. They explained how in a large prison in Mexico, many are falsely accused of committing acts that deserve incarceration. They are kept in jail up to two years without any trial to proof their guilt! In the mean time, many women prisoners have been raped on a consistent basis by the marine guards of one particular prison. This is known by many and nothing gets done to stop it…

It hit me that Our Lady of Guadalupe came to this country in 1531 and converted millions in short years. Now, this country is full of drug cartels and much violence in the streets. However, the horror stories in Guatemala and the abuse of workers in Mexico that are working to recycle used car batteries, practically SCREAMS TO ME that I must truly get to be a super disciple. I could evangelize the entire world from my home as St. Therese did during her short life (24 years). How could I do it? Prayer and suffering could be perfect tools to pray for all who are living such horrors, plus our own national problems that are getting worse by the week…

I re-read the definition of discipleship:

Luke 9: 23 – THE CONDITIONS OF DISCIPLESHIP: “Then, He said to all, ‘If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.’ “

It was the time to dig deeper into what this definition of discipleship calls me to. In the next two days, I was able to enter into a deep exploration of what I need to do to be able to grow in my discipleship… I WILL POST IT AT THE VERY END OF THIS BLOG because it is too long and you may want to bypass it… I will continue with a few stories from recent days.

Tuesday, April 4

I am so tired of hearing about Russia electing Mr. Trump with its Internet shrewdness to do so…However, it is obvious that NO ONE could truly believe it because Mr. Trump lost with the majority of votes nationwide being much lower. He won only because he had the majority according to what each State added to the electoral number. Russia could have never gone State by State and give him that majority in CERTAIN States. Of course, God gave Mr. Trump the win… because some of us were truly praying to HIM for this miracle in order to protect babies and elders from being killed… by abortion or euthanasia. Let me add that only the Holy Spirit could have led some voters for Mrs. Clinton to stay home and those in favor of Mr. Trump to go and vote in order to obtain the win of the electoral vote for each State needed. Also, we needed a majority of votes in both the House and Senate to elect Judges to the Supreme Court that could stop this destruction of human lives that if not done, WOULD DESTROY THIS COUNTRY AS IT IS… In fact, it is happening to a certain point with so many killings going on in different States for no reason at all…

At this point, I was digging the Scriptures to find what I need to do to be the best disciple possible, and I kept finding myself “resenting” this constant story of Russia having elected Mr. Trump… How easy it is to resent…

Wednesday, April 5

On this the date, the anniversary of when our St. John Paul II died and when he came to tell me at what time he would be going to the Father (I was in Toledo, OH and I have written in these blogs about it, even if it sounds crazy!), I kept asking my P.K as I call him, (Papa Karol) to intercede for us… He helped in bringing down the wall in Europe that divided it; why not to help us obtain from the Lord the destruction of the wall that now divides this country into pro-killers of human beings and pro-lifer’s.

On this same day, we heard how Dr. Bashar al-Assad (ophthalmologist) had ordered the killing of many people with a poison gas attack… At times I wonder if many of the present and previous politicians who murder their own are evil possessed… 

Thursday, April 6

1. Early morning, President Trump explained why he ordered a strike to destroy the place from where the airplanes that released the poison had departed. He mentioned God several times and even prayed for the souls of Syrians killed.

Later, the news brought the question as to why Mr. Trump had mentioned God several times. I was also surprised but proud of him. I hope that some of you are praying for him; I keep saying one Rosary with Chaplet of Mercy for his soul and his decisions for this country.

2. I also ended up on this day remembering that I needed to come to this very toxic environment to be able to watch many health programs through a public television in San Francisco. It is a huge enterprise and they bring important speakers and produce their own programs. Shortly after I arrived, I saw a great program by a Dr. Mark Hyman, now associated to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and who also practices the so called “functional medicine,” the one that puts together how to avoid illnesses by what we eat. In late 2008 (just 3 months after I arrived in California), he spoke about his latest work on how to get help for our brain. He called it “The Ultramind Solution.” I bought his program and from there, although Dr. Hyman did not mention it as such, the Lord led me to put together my existing dementia and toxicity as the cause.

I also found evidence in the Interne of how toxic fluoride happens to be, important information for us anesthesiologists because all our anesthetic gases are fluorinated… Dr. Hyman mentioned in his book that some of us have a genetic makeup that does not make enough glutathione, the natural chemical made in our liver to normally detoxify our bodies. I then remembered how my grandmother had received in Cleveland a general anesthetic at age 84 and never recognized me until her death a few years later. I was her first grandchild of 3 and she helped my mother raising me with all the Catholic great practices like the daily Rosary. She was the one who could not detoxify her body naturally and I probably inherited it. It all came to prove that yes, I could reverse my dementia and I did!!!

Since I kept living in this area and with time, I found out about the nearby refinery and the next to our home huge expressway with toxic fumes… This was like the way to understand better what toxicity can do to us. JUST NOTICE HOW GOD HAD PREPARED FOR YEARS my coming to this particular home…where I would find excellent health programs in this public television, KQED… The Lord wanted me to write blogs and had to preserve my brain and He did… JUST IMAGINE IF I HAD MY OWN PLANS AND NEVER ACCEPTED TO LIVE IN CALIFORNIA! I would have missed my call, especially because I did not know what a blog was!!! I would have suffered dementia with no clue as to why and no idea on how to reverse it!!!

I am making this blog too long; yet, it is so important to see the love and mercy of God for us, when we receive the grace to deny ourselves and do whatever He tells us as our Mother invited us to do, because in this way, we can witness to His immense providence and evangelize others without even trying. Not following His will is a very dangerous and risky proposition!

Friday, April 7

I was praying my second Rosary (12:30 PM with EWTN) and it was the Rosary for Mr. Trump but I decided to also pray for Bashar al-Assad when A MIRACLE OCCURRED! I felt so much love for the latter… I cried for his sins and offered my severe pain at that moment for his soul. I asked the Lord to convert him or at least to make him repent, and once he repented, to possibly free him from Satan. After I finished the Rosary I understood that I had felt love for Bashar in his likeness of God… I did not feel love for him for what he did. I understood that the miracle consisted in being able to feel love for him in order for my prayer for his salvation to be answered very soon. The story of the broken Christ came home again. Of course, Jesus loves him a lot… and He died for Bashar as well as He did for me… My brother Bashar will be in my prayer although I have had his name written in my community Rosary list since he started to mistreat his people; may be this is the time to complete the job since for a few years my Mother has been interceding for him.


The time is here to drop our own plans of work for the Kingdom. I am certain by my experience of many years in several parishes that we should stop 1) Wasting time in repeating over and over what is wrong in our society or in our Church! 2) Stop giving and getting more information about what to do to evangelize through reading more books, texting, even writing blogs and attending conferences. Of course, all those things are wonderful but in general they have not worked for several decades. The fruits are minimal. On the contrary, despite having the luxury of EWTN’s help with many very important programs, less and less people attend Sunday Mass on a regular basis. If we did not have EWTN, we probably would be experiencing a worse scenario!  The time is here when we must accept that even great communication about the things of God is not working 100%. Of course, many change their ways for a few days, weeks or months but eventually come back on a regular basis to a rather poor obedience to God’s commandments and never actually work on discipleship.

But why? In part, the problem is the aggressive Internet media and television’s abundance of non religious programs that distract us and worse, deny God and His Truth. In other words, the minds of most human beings have been infected and filled by the wrong message. This message falsely claims that the dignity of humans depend on their worth, power, education, etc. and not from God Himself at the time that He created us as His images.  This has led us to kill babies and elders as something necessary to respect our right to decide what is best for us.

At the same time, a large number of people dedicate their lives to destroy others in different situations. The latest is how to place bombs inside lap top computers to explode in mid air. I do not want to waste any more time mentioning the innovative ways for some to kill others in different countries. It is clear to me that it has nothing do to with us humans as much as Satan tempting people to produce chaos everywhere.  

LET’S REMEMBER THAT these evil forces cannot be attacked by us with words and programs. No, only our Lord has the power to undo this mess. However, as part of being His Body, we have to become TRUE DISCIPLES… and let Him use us in whatever way He needs to. A true disciple has to have a deep personal relationship with the Master… and MUST FOLLOW HIM…

In general, the results of following God’s will the best we can with the deep desire to become TRUE WARRIORS in the salvation of all souls, will bring results… Our Mother is the best human model of such assertion. As we do God’s will 24/7, we will easily sense the Presence of God within us and in the person of everybody around, friends and enemies. It is only then that we find ourselves becoming witnesses of the love of God for us and the entire world. Also, we lose the desire to plan anything… or do things without checking with Him for His O.K. This way of living becomes easy and doable… and I have seen it happening for several years in my own life.  The power to embrace all other crosses becomes doable as well. All along, we cannot figure out how we do it except for our “yes” to His will and denial of ours. Yet, no one can completely convince us of this truth until we try it ourselves.

As we find ourselves multiplying the bread of witnessing, without prior plans except through our obedience, many get fed and we do not even know about it… This is a form of spiritual power where God uses us and we feel honored but never proud, since it becomes super clear that we are only living as true servants. It must be clear that the battle is God’s and we simply become soldiers who know that God’s mercy is always available for ourselves and others. It is then that we read a book only when we feel the call to do so… and God has suggested what kind of book. The Internet has no power over us; we use it but as guided by the Holy Spirit. Of course, we constantly pray for the salvation of all souls and follow His guidance when we find “a customer of His.”

In summary, our personal ongoing evangelization must occupy our interest at all times. Following Jesus becomes a super attraction. Slowly but surely, through the years, we lose our fear of death or of suffering. We keep remembering to use our suffering for the salvation of others. We recognize that we live in times of powerful spiritual warfare, but we have also power over it if we accept that the battle is God’s and that the Holy Trinity will give us all we need to win every battle through the Holy Spirit within, our lawyer received at Baptism and Confirmation. We also truly feel accompanied and loved by the Father and the Son.

May this Easter start in all of us, a serious growth time in our discipleship to become witnesses of His love, as we resurrect with Jesus on Easter Sunday. Also, may Mercy Sunday be a special time to ask God for His mercy in order to become aware 24/7 of 1) our dignity as kids of our Father; 2) the powerful consequences of our “yes” to His will which includes feeling much love for ALL our brothers and sisters and how He can correct us when we feel anger or resentment for anyone and bring us to repentance. Our constant yes to His will acts as healing oil that eventually erases the lack of anger, resentment or envy and even we find ourselves loving our enemies. 3) We find the way of how prayer becomes a super attraction to keep alive our relationship with Him at all times of the day and night!

I promise you that from now on and since I have much time to do it, that I will offer all my suffering due to my health problems for those who read this blog; I will also pray a daily Rosary that I will call, the “Rosary for the battle of souls” for us to become TRUE servants/disciples of the Lord and for His glory! Please pray for me that I keep up my “yes” to all my suffering. Thank you for all your prayers… I am super sure that as my pain increases in both legs, that it is your prayer that keeps me accepting this heavy cross!  


1. A true disciple or follower of Jesus has to give up his/her free will, exactly of Our Lady and her Son did. IT IS A SIMPLE MATTER. If this sacrifice of total self- denial is protected by an intense life of prayer, prayer meaning a serious effort to communicate with God day and night, plus using the Rosary as a powerful tool against Satan, we truly can become great disciples. As we grow in becoming great disciples, our prayer for the conversion of others will be answered every time we present it to our Lord.

At such time, we find ourselves refusing to plan anything until the Holy Spirit will lead us to do so and the courage and wisdom to stay within the boundaries of God’s will for us at each present moment. Our true denial of our will is the first cross that we embrace by acting as just described.

A constant desire to repent from any sin of disobedience or any other sin with a desire not to sin again, keeps the evil one tied up.

II. We must embrace our crosses daily…! Only by the grace of God, on April 4th, 2017, I noticed in this site that someone had read a blog I wrote on April 4 of 2009 but in Spanish…!!!! In those days, I would translate every blog but usually post it in the section of “pages”. So, eight years later, I looked for the English translation within the blogs for 2009. I was fascinated…At the time, I had posted a prayer I wrote in 1992 in order to become a “friend of the Cross. So, our Lord had moved someone to take a look at it in Spanish and it hit me that I had to post it here in its English form! I am super sure that the Holy Ghost had done this job in my soul and mind. HERE IT IS:

1992 – Cleveland, OH

FRUITS of this Lent from mixing prayer and embracing my crosses as best as I could during these special 40 days of 2009:

1. I am finding out that every time that I am concerned about some item, whether seen in TV or at Church, something that needs fixing, I switch immediately to pray for mercy for the person (s) who is(are) involved. Before, I would stay pondering in the scandal I had just received. Now, without much thinking, I am reminded that my reason to be present to this event is to pray for the people in it…

2. I am finding that I am loving people who offend me with their sins like I never did before. In fact, this love shows as that of a mom for her children, as merciful love… I do not work at it. It is just grace given to me… I have also arrived to the complete surety that all prayer done for others must come from a loving heart, and if one does not love the person we are praying for, we must ask for this grace, and we get the answer quite soon. It is happening to me often…

3. I noticed that in the XVI C., the Lord sent us two prophets to put together for us exactly this sandwich of prayer and the cross fully embraced, in order to grow in the spiritual life as never before. Two giants and now Doctors of the Church were born in Spain almost at the same time: St. Teresa of Avila who suffered immensely while fighting to renew her Carmelite Order, and writing for us the stages of union with God through PRAYER. St. John of the Cross explained the cross as no one before him… His cross was huge as well, suffering persecution and being incarcerated by his own. And he grew in intimacy with God via the cross… It is interesting that he wrote most of his acclaimed book while in jail…

4. So, now I am quite comfortable at saying that prayer with love and embracing of our crosses as a sacrifice for others, are  the fastest way to convert the entire world… Nothing different of what Jesus did for us and that we are about to refocus in this coming Holy Week. So, embracing our crosses is one of the keys (besides loving the ones we pray for). But while asking for love for others, we also have to ask for the grace to embrace our crosses…

The miracle has been that by God’s grace, just one week ago, I ended up with a notebook I started in the 90’s and which I found in one of the boxes in this garage, precisely focused on asking God for the grace to embrace our crosses. I will share these prayers with you, which I composed based on the writings of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, who promulgated the need to become “Friends of the Cross.” If you feel called to it, pray them and sit to see the results… on how you can evangelize many united to prayer… and as you get transfigured yourself. I suspect that all of this done in those years, a prayer that as I always tell my Lord, will be present to Him even if I do not repeat it, but that the fact that I wrote it and signed it… means it is present always in front of His Throne of Mercy, this brought with prayer, the salvation of my spouse in such a miraculous way at the time of his death. He went from non believing and actually being offended by the things of God, into acceptance of his death with joy, very little pain from his advanced cancer, and reverting to be a Catholic as if nothing had happened… So, becoming a “friend of the Cross” is spiritual money…

Here is the prayer:

January 1992:

1. Father, take away my fear to take up the cross that leads to Your Kingdom!

2. Make me understand that in the cross of every day, there is:

1) Salvation. 2) Eternal life. 3) Protection. 4) Heavenly sweetness. 5) Strength of mind. 6) Spiritual joy. 7) Supreme virtue of faith, hope and love. 8 ) Perfect holiness. 9) Heaven on earth. 10) The source to enkindle the fire of divine love in our heart by detaching from creatures. 11) The abundant source of every delight and consolation; it brings joy, peace and grace to our souls. 12) It is conduit for the salvation of my neighbor.

3. Dad, give me the faith to believe and understand the paradox of the CrossàThat to die in and with Him, in order to live with Him and to join Him in Glory, I must join Him in suffering, through daily dying to myself.

4. Make me understand the wisdom of bearing the cross: that if I bear my cross willingly, it will carry me and lead me to my desire goal, where suffering will end as I go to be with You.

5. Make me believe and remember that if I throw away one cross, I will certainly find another and, perhaps a heavier one!

6. Lord, show me Your Truth: that the more I get weakened by affliction, the more my spirit is strengthened by inner grace, by divine comfort, and that eventually, I will receive the great reward of embracing warmly those things from which I naturally recoil, and that being comforted by trials and afflictions, there will be a point where I will not want to be without the crosses themselves.

7. Dad, my nature is not to bear the cross, to love the cross, to discipline myself, to avoid seeking praise, to suffer insults willingly, to think humbly of myself, to appear humble to others, to endure adversity and loss, and not to seek prosperity as my first goal. Make me understand, then, that by not avoiding my crosses, by enduring them patiently, by drinking lovingly of Your chalice of the bitter cup, my nature will change, and suffering will become a great consolation instead; and that by enduring pain and sorrow to please You and my beloved Jesus, I will experience paradise on earth. Show me how You have enclosed in the cross such an abundance of grace, life and happiness, that only those who enjoy its special favors know about them. (From God Alone, Chapter 22)

8. Father, teach me that one must be humble, little, self disciplined, spiritual and despised by the world, in order to learn the mystery of the Cross! “Father”, said Your son, “I thank You for having hidden these things from the wise and prudent of the world, and revealed them to the little ones.” And I ask You therefore, to always remind me that I must be a little one to have the revelation of Your mysteries, most especially the mystery of the Cross!

9. Remind me always that however excellent is the gift of faith by which I please You my God, and draw near to You and overcome my enemies, the Cross is even a greater gift.

10. Remind me Father, that I am a living temple of Your Holy Spirit, and like a living stone, I am destined to be set by You out of love, into a building of the heavenly Jerusalem. And so, I must expect to be shaped, cut and chiseled under the hammer of the Cross; that I must respect the chisel that is carving me and the hand that is shaping me into that building.

11. My Lord, my Lord, as I resolve to become a saint, I thank You for I having found the pearl of great prize, a treasure,  my cross, fashioned by Your own hands with great exactness: its length, breadth, thickness and depth, according to the prescriptions of the Cross of Calvary that You carved for Your Son Jesus.

The thickness of my cross if made up of:

1) Loss of possessions: jobs, money, professional success according to the world standards.

2) Humiliations

3) Contempt

4) Illnesses

5) Spiritual trials

The length of my cross consists of:

1) Slander, persecutions

2) Suffering the temptation of fleeing the cross, as the twelve did.

3) Desolation because of it.

The breadth of my cross is made up of:

Harsh and bitter circumstances brought about by family, relatives, friends, servants and enemies.

The depth of my cross is made up of:

1) Hidden trials like negative memories that lie buried in my mind

2) Inability to find comfort in other people, spiritual partners who would like to run the race towards You with me, accepting to discuss my crosses, and holding my hands; however, when the going gets bitter and over powering for me, they fail me with their presence and love.

12. Therefore, my Father, thank you for the exactness of my cross: its size is perfect as You are perfect; this gift is your Love, as You are love Yourself.

13. And Father, my last request: give me the grace to boast about my cross, my rather little cross compared with others. I willingly accept it and willingly choose to embrace it, not drag it…

14. I love You  my God, Three in One; grace me with the power and the wisdom and love to dedicate my body, mind and spirit to the exclusive embrace of all my crosses with joy, with a “yes” larger than my own cross, and a “yes” that will resound in heaven as a love song to You. But I need perfect strength from You to attend to this work.

15. As I write this prayer, I see Mr. William Jefferson Clinton become President Clinton. He calls for renewal, responsibility, union and sacrifice. But I call for Your passion, Your passion to love me through Your Son’s Passion, and this will control little by little my transfiguration into whom You predestined me to be for all eternity, even before I was knitted in my mother Sarah’s womb.

Dad, when tears fall down my face because of my cross hurts too much and I am unable to embrace it tightly, do not worry about me. I understand the road. I want to climb the stairs of Your freedom. Just hold me tight, very tight, as You have been doing for so many years before when I have walked over turbulent waters. It is that tightness of Presence and Love which holds me the best, and make me feel the safest. Do not forget to hold me tight, Daddy, very tight. And please remind me often that every time I tend to flee the cross, I am like St. Peter to whom Jesus said, “Get away from Me, Satan.”Remind me that in these instances, I am seeing my life with my human eyes, and not through Your eyes.

My beloved Jesus, love me with Your Presence, with Your eyes of compassion and mercy; with the patience and the intimacy of the lover as You have shown me.

Holy Spirit of my Father and of My beloved Jesus, take over my all: my true and false self and my body. May You and my spirit be one in wisdom, love, compassion, mercy, understanding and knowledge for everybody in this world.

I want, Holy Spirit, to become a friend of the Cross, and as a friend, I want to grow in this relationship and intimacy; for it is the Cross, the royal path to You, that will finally subdue  my false self and its idols, which are dust, the cloud between You and me. I love You Holy Trinity. I love You. Amen.

III. We must follow Jesus

We can say it over and over BUT never stop to dig into the detail of what this following consists of. I realized on this day that to be a follower of any philosophy, religion, ideals, etc. means to do, accept and practice as “good” what that person, organization or religious group stands for as being the truth and worthy of being practiced… Well, the Holy Spirit led me to find out what Scripture says regarding Jesus’ practices, ideas, desires and commands at the center of His belief as our God, creator and redeemer. This search has taken me a couple of days and that is why I became much later to post this message… Yet, I think that we all have to review what WE HAVE TO FOLLOW in Jesus…

1. He wanted most of all to TELL US HOW MUCH HE LOVES US… One God with Three Persons and one of the Persons takes a human physical appearance out of love for us in order to teach us how to make it possible and how to bring others to Him! Therefore, as His follower I have to love everybody… Period! (New Testament)

2. He chose to be born in poverty and never owned any property. He worked for several years as a carpenter in order to pay for the expenses of survival. My call is to never seek riches; if they come, never to be attached to them, and on the contrary, to use them for the good of others. (New Testament)

3. He came to show us that Baptism was essential for our soul to become a child of God because He even went through it as God Himself. (Mathew 3:13)

4. If Jesus allowed Satan to tempt Him and as His follower, I know Satan will do so to me. (Mathew 4)

5. He prepared Himself to face Satan’s temptations with 40 days of fasting. I must always remember this fact and use fasting (food or fasting of the senses) as a good help for me to recognize when the evil is near. (Mathew 4)

6, Jesus said that we must live by every Word of God and not only by bread alone! (Mt. 4:4). Therefore, I must read the Word of God often/daily and reflect on it for the particular needs of any present moment.

7. Jesus said that I should NOT put the Lord, my God to the test. (Mt.4:7)

8. Jesus said that I must worship and serve my Lord. (Mt. 4:10)

9. I must repent often since the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. (Mt. 4:17)

10. I should expect to be called to be His disciple and become a fisher of men. (Mt. 4:19)

11. Just as he went around teaching and proclaiming the Gospel and curing every disease and illness among the people, I should go proclaiming the Gospel and praying for the cure of those in need. (Mt. 4: 23)

12. He asks me to seek His blessing in many different moments of my life. Examples: 1) To posses the kingdom of heaven by being poor in spirit, 2) To receive comfort when mourning. 3) To inherit the Promised Land with meekness. 4) To be satisfied when I hunger and thirst for righteousness. 5) To receive His mercy if I am merciful to others. 6) To see God by having a clean heart. 6) To become a child of God by being a peacemaker. 7) To inherit the kingdom of God when persecuted because of my righteousness. 8) I should become glad and rejoice when they persecute me and utter every kind of evil (falsely) because of Jesus, since my reward will be great in heaven. (Mt. 5:3-12).

13. As a follower of Jesus, I AM THE salt of the earth and the light of the world; yet, as salt I must not lose the taste. As light I cannot hide it for others so that they can see my good deeds and glorify my heavenly Father! (Mt. 5:13-16)

14. If I break the least of the commandments of the Law or of the prophets and teach others to do so, I will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. If in turn, I obey and teach these commandments, I will be called the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Mt. 5:19)

15. If I get angry with my brother/sister, I will be liable to judgment (Mt. 5:21-26)

16. I should never commit adultery, which also means not to look to a man with lust; otherwise, it is better to lose any of my organs like my eyes, than losing my whole body ending up in hell. (Mt. 5:27-30)

17. For other believers (sinceI am a widow): divorcing a spouse after a lawful marriage, causes the other spouse to commit adultery. (Mt: 5:31)

18. I should not swear at all. I should let my yes mean yes, and my no, mean no. Anything else comes from Satan. (Mt. 5:34-37)

19. I should offer no resistance to one who is evil. When I get struck in one cheek, I should turn the other one as well. If someone wants my tunic, I should hand my cloak as well. I should give to the one who asks of me and not turn my back on the one who wants to borrow.(Mt. 5: 39-42)

20. I should love my enemies and pray for those who persecute me, so that I may become a child of my heavenly Father. I should be perfect as my Farther in heaven is perfect. (Mt. 5:44-48).

21. I should give alms without telling anyone. My right hand should not know what my left hand does so that my almsgiving be secret, and my Farther Who sees in secret, will repay me. (Mt.6:3-4)

22. I should pray to my Father in secret in my inner room and use a few words because my Father knows what I need. (Mt. 6: 8)

23. I must pray the Our Father because Jesus gave it to me (Mt. 6:9- 13)

24. I should forgive others for my Father to forgive me (Mt. 6:14-15)

25. I need not to worry about what I need for daily living but I should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and things will be given to me besides. I should not worry about tomorrow. Otherwise, Jesus will remind me that I have little faith. (Mt. 6:30-34)

26. I should not judge. If I do it, likewise I will be judged. I need to remember always that I must remove the wooden beam in my own eye to be able to see clearly to remove the splinter from my neighbor’s eye. Otherwise I will be a hypocrite. (Mt. 7: 1-5)

27. My Father will give me all that I need always. (Mt. 7:7)

I should always remember what happens when I ask my Father:

From the Internet:

When I asked for strength, God gave me difficulties to make me strong.

When I asked for wisdom, God gave me problems to solve

When I asked for prosperity, God gave me brawn and brains to work.

When I asked for courage, God gave me dangers to overcome.

When I asked for patience, God placed me in situations where I was forced to wait.

When I asked for love, God gave me troubled people to help.

When I asked for favors, God gave me opportunities.

When I received nothing I wanted, I received everything I needed.

The Truth: my prayers have all been answered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

28. I should do to others whatever I would have them do to me. (Mt.7:12)

29. I should choose the narrow gate because it leads to life, although only a few find it. I should never choose the wide gate (easy to pass through) because it leads to my destruction and many take it. (Mt. 7:13-14)

30. False prophets are known by their fruits. Rotten trees cannot bear good fruits and will be cut down and thrown into the fire. I must be aware of them and look for those prophets who bear good fruits, as a good tree would do. (Mt. 7:18-19)

31. I SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER that only those disciples that do the will of the Father will enter the Kingdom of heaven. (Mt. 7:21)

32. The wisdom to build our spiritual life on rock comes from listening to His Word and acting on it. (Mt. 7:24)

33. I should always remember that Jesus cleansed a man from his leprosy as His response to the leper’s faith that Jesus would do it. (I should pray often for my faith to grow). (Mt. 8: 1-3)

34. A Centurion showed great humility and trust in Jesus’ power to heal his sickly servant, and Jesus applauded it and said to him,”You may go. As you have believed, let it be done for you.” The servant was healed at that hour.  (I should ask often for the grace to have humility and faith in the love and mercy of God). (Mt. 8: 5-13)

35. When God calls me to do something, especially to follow Him as I obey His counsels and share my life with Him with others, I must never show hesitation or make an excuse. (Mt. 8: 18-22)

36. Since I travel with Jesus within my soul, I should never fear any stormy events around, and not like the His disciples did while traveling with Him in a boat. Otherwise, I will also hear His Words, “O you of little faith, why are you terrified.” (Mt. 8:23-27)

37. When the Pharisees questioned why Jesus met with tax collectors and sinners, He reminded them that “The sick need a physician; go an learn the meaning of the words, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’” It is clear that to follow Jesus I must look at other sinners like myself with mercy, with compassion, with love because they are His images. (Mt. 9: 9-13)

38. I cannot follow the New Wine, Jesus, and pour it into old skins (my soul without an ongoing yes to His will); instead, I must practice in my soul what I need to become a true disciple with total obedience to His teaching (new skins). (Mt. 9:16-17)

39. I must practice what it is needed to be the best disciple possible in order to receive more of the gift of faith, and this can bring abundant healing from God. (Mt. 9:20-22)

40. Such healing as above mentioned, can heal our blind spiritual areas. Jesus did it with the two blind men. (Mt. 9: 27-29)

41. I must pray for more laborers to bring God’s message and His love to all those who are spiritually abandoned. (Mt. 9: 35-38)

42. My job as a disciple is to go and preach with words or without, that is using my witness, about His love and mercy for me, without ever worrying in regards to my physical needs, since the laborer deserves to be taken care of. (Mt. 10: 5-10)

43. As a true disciple I will be persecuted by wolves. I should never worry about to say in my own defense. I will be given at that moment what to say. (Mt. 10: 16-25) I MUST REPORT THAT I LIVED SUCH SITUATION in one of my professional unjust persecutions… It is a long story to add and that I have shared in old blogs but necessary to prove how Scripture becomes a light at the time needed.

We had moved to Cleveland when the Lord told me in Houston, TX on May 4, 1979 that we would receive job offers and to take them. The offers came on Sunday, May 7. We started to work at Kaiser Permanente in Cleveland, OH. I was chief of the department of anesthesia. I had to leave the place after one year because the 3 anesthesiologists that we found were totally inept and committed many major errors, plus they were not willing to accept to be retrained for 3 months at a nearby university, Case Western. From there, I went to a small hospital run by an Egyptian doctor. I lasted only 6 months since I would be assigned to my own operating room and supposedly, I would supervise two other nurse anesthetists in nearby rooms…This meant to charge for three different cases in my name at the same time!!!

I applied for a job at Case Western U. School of Medicine. They knew me because my husband had trained there as his second specialty (he was a pathologist). When they asked for references to other hospitals, the one in South Bend where we came from (a small Catholic hospital), they gave the request to the head anesthesiologist (a lady from Indonesia who had shown great envy towards me) She wrote that I was the worse anesthesiologist possible and very dangerous and that I did not get along with people!!! (Clear presence of a wolf).

Case Western referred the case to their Catholic lawyer to deal with me since they could not give me the job based on this reference. Besides, it had to be reported to Washington, D.C. for my name to be added to the list of poor practicing doctors, so that in the future, other places would have to check this brand new way of policing bad physicians for the entire country.

 My own lawyer had no idea what to do but he was a wonderful religious Protestant. The Holy Spirit told me what to answer to the Catholic lawyer from Case Western (I have forgotten the detail because this legal answer  was dictated to me by the Holy Spirit and it is gone from my memory). This university agreed not to pass on the bad info to D.C. A priest from South Bend and Chaplin of this small hospital offered to send a letter to Case Western explaining the good person I was and how religious as he would find me often praying in the chapel. The Cleveland Clinic sent a letter saying that I had been a great anesthesiologist while with them and that I got along with everybody!  I did not get the job but my name was protected for future jobs.

44. I should never be afraid under persecution (as it happened above). I should trust in Jesus’ love since He even knows how many hairs I do have in my head. (Mt. 10:31-33)

45. I must love Jesus more than anyone else on earth! I must lose my life for Jesus’ sake in order to be able to find it! (Mt.10:37-39)

46. I will be rewarded when as a disciple of Jesus I give a cup of cold water to the least of my neighbors. (Mt. 10:42)

47. I become the sister or mother of Jesus when I do the will of my Father. (Mt. 12: 46-50)

48. Unless I become like a child, I will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. If I humble myself like a child, I will be the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven. (Mt. 18:3-4)

49. I must forgive others FROM MYHEART as much as 77 times, if I want God to forgive me. (Mt. 18: 21-35)

50 I must give up family and riches for the sake of Jesus’ Name in order to inherit eternal life. (Mt. 19:29-30)

51. When I get invited to a wedding feast (heaven), I must dress with a wedding garment (lack of deadly sins). (Mt. 22: 1-2; 11-14)

52. I must love God with all my heart, soul and mind and love my neighbor as myself. (Mt. 22: 37-40)

53. Jesus will return one day unexpectedly at an unknown hour. As His true disciple/servant  I must take care of His household (Church) and distribute food (love) while He is away. He then will put me in charge of His property (the Kingdom) helping others to do the same. (Mt. 23: 45-47)

54. I have given many talents and instead of hiding them not to lose them, I have the duty to multiply them. (Mt. 25: 14-30)

55. I should always remember that I must give food to the hungry; drink to the thirsty; welcome strangers; take care of the sick; visit the incarcerated. I must do it because they all are images of God, and when I do it, it is as if I do it to Jesus Himself. (Mt. 25: 31-40)

56. I must remember that when suffering is around, I must pray and accept it as the will of my Father. Jesus Himself prayed three times and accepted His Father’s will at Gethsemane. (Mt. 26: 36, 46)

57. I need to remember always that He resurrected but is sending me, as He sent His disciples, to teach others what He commanded us while on earth, knowing that He is with us to the end of time, which means that He is in charge of my work and truly present in the Eucharistic form. (Mt. 28: 19-20)

58. I need to remember that Jesus warned us about the end times when many will come in His Name and deceive me. I cannot be alarmed when I hear about wars, famine, nations rising against other nations and earthquakes, because they must happen and not yet be the end. I must watch for persecutions and yet, THE GOSPEL MUST BE PREACHED at all cost. I need to persevere to the end. (Mark 13: 3-13)

59. I need to remember that there will be a great tribulation which could happen while I am alive. There will be false Messiahs and prophets. (Mark 13: 14-23)

60: Often, I need to thank Jesus for all His blessings in my life and for the ones to come. In this way, I am going to be healed of my spiritual maladies in order to become a true disciple, since my thanks represent a sign of my faith in His love and mercy… (Luke 17: 11-19)

61. In my growth to be a true disciple, I must always see myself as a sinner in need of God’s mercy. (Luke18: 13-14)

62. I must remember how powerful the prayer of Our Lady on our behalf…is. The story of the wedding at Cana did not need so much detail except for Jesus’ actions to make more wine. However, the Spirit led the writer of this story to make clear that Our Lady basically left no alternative to Jesus than to make more wine… (John 2: 1-11)

63. I need to always believe that Jesus is truly Present in the bread and wine that becomes His Body and Blood through the hands and words of our Priests. Also and as important it is to remember that I need to consume the Eucharist to have life within me and be raised in the last day. (John 6: 53-57)

64: I always should refer to Jesus’ Mother as my Mother as well, since He gave her to me… to take care of me! (John 19: (26-27)

FINAL THOUGHT: In order to become a true disciple of Jesus, I must aim to do what He left us as the way He wanted us to live and give glory to His Father. We do not have to worry about how to do it. Simply, we have to aim to do God’s will with the most perfect self-denial possible,  while becoming a friend of the Cross and doing what He tells us in the Gospels. He will provide the graces necessary to become such disciple.

I have understood that during this Lent of 2017, I did have to write a summary of His main teachings in order to read them here and there and remember how to act as a true disciple… plus often ask for His grace and MERCY to do so


My Lenten Journey for 2017: a unique look at Christ in others!

March 10, 2017


I am delayed in posting this blog and God knows I have tried to get it together but to no avail… I have to conclude that it was His holy will that I should be late… I had accumulated several messages and teachings but I could not find out what the final theme would be and much less the title… Slowly but surely He led me to SEE a new way to spend my Lent pursuing the way to find Jesus in my neighbor but almost automatically. For the very poor I have already received the grace necessary to be close to them. My needs are now on how to see Jesus in EVERYBODY… There are so many people in the media via television that are disgusting in what they say, specially announcing anti-Christian messages, that for the last couple of months I was guided by my Mother in heaven to simply stop watching a couple of programs, programs that I do not choose to see but that when I turn the TV on and was left in their channel, I end up being confronted with their sayings..

However, the regular news are also full of messages that offend my God and one never knows when they are going to appear. Well, He worked on it and this month I received a more consistent way to think of Him crucified and how He is present in each of them. This explains why I am so late in posting this message since I needed to watch a very special program in EWTN/Spanish for this month of March, one that was NOT announced to be shown. It was simply the guidance of the Holy Spirit Who led me to turn the TV on and it had been left in this station! So, at the end of this blog, you will have the entire content of such program.

MESSAGES AND TEACHINGS RECEIVED according to the calendar sequence

Saturday, February 4

I had finished the blog for January and was waiting for my son to post it for me, since I am still having problems with this new and more sophisticated computer.

I was watching the SUPER BOWL football GAME between the Atlanta Hawks and the Patriots. I showed favoritism for the latter because I knew their coach Bill Belichick from the times he had worked with the Cleveland Browns back in the 1980’s but he had left quite soon. The local press kept saying that he was hard to approach for an interview. I did not agree. Also, the Patriot’s quarterback is from a nearby city here in northern California. I believe that he was poorly treated when last year he was accused of making changes in the pressure of the footballs he used (deflate gate?). They were the champions for 2015 and it was suggested that perhaps they won the championship because of the changes made to the footballs. For  this year of 2016, he had been suspended for the first four games due to this controversy, even that he has shown through the years an uncanny ability as a quarterback . In the other hand, I was not against the Atlanta team, which had not won this prestigious sport event in the many years prior. One more thing: for a long time, the Lord has asked me to pray for all people in the crowds of the stadium plus the players of both teams, coaches and owners and I usually pray for the mercy of God to bless them. He also has led me to ask that the winner of the game be the one who would be least affected by pride and more money, etc.; that is, to pray for the best spiritual results in their souls with the win. Over all, I am still allowed to take sides wishing for one team to succeed but not praying for this to happen.

At half time, I was a little sad because the Patriots were losing to the Atlanta Hawks 21 to 3, giving an indication that the latter team was going to become the champion. Just before half time, the Lord came and clearly told me that instead of feeling sorry for them for the problem being experienced, that I should ALSO pray an entire Rosary for both team’s players for their salvation. Shortly after, I heard a voice and first I thought it was my Mother’s, telling me that this game would end exactly as the presidential elections of last November, and the Patriots winning when not expected. After I heard it, I was super sure that it had to be from the devil and dismissed it. I refused to say the Rosary for such a trivial reason and proceeded to offer it for the team that would be exempt of the least amount of spiritual losses due to fame, power, money and the like.

I did say the one Rosary at halftime but never turned the game on again. I felt good that at least I had prayed for their salvation since these players handle millions of dollars, which in turn could affect them in a negative way, that is, their religious beliefs and values. When I watched the nightly news, I was surprised as they were explaining how the Patriots won the game…I can only add that the power of the Rosary when offered for the good of others, especially the greatest good, their salvation, it truly shows great power. I was sooo edified and believed more on the power of prayer. I found myself repenting from praying at times with not much  trust in how our God is listening to every word that we say, and how He shows His love for us and even in trivial events like a football game. I also understood that He was using this mundane event to reassure me that He is with me during this cross of pain, poor sight and that I should use it to BUILD UP my TRUST IN HIS MERCY! The latter is essential for my spiritual health! Of course, trust is not a saying but something that must be lived, felt and used as one of the most important methods for me to give witness of His love for all of us.

Wednesday, February 8

It was raining although not too bad. However, with the pain of my knees, I fear the wet pavement. I had to purchase some things in two different stores: at the organic food store in a nearby city plus at Target, very close to my home. So, I only could visit one because my knees would not resist walking so much and I should leave the other for another time. I did not want to make the decision of which place to go first since the Holy Spirit knew better if I had waiting for me work to do for the Kingdom. I ended up being led to the farther one. As I arrived, there was a parking space just in front of one of the doors and a cart had been left also in front of the entrance.

As I arrived at the cart, a younger woman with four children ran to me with a clean cloth (the ones placed in supermarkets to disinfect the handle of the carts) and told me: “Please, let me clean your cart.” I was totally surprised that with the children and coming just behind me, she had run to pick the disinfectant cloth to clean it herself and not just handing it to me… Amazing! I then knew in an instant that my extraordinary loving merciful God wanted me to know that He was pleased for my decision of doing His will even in this kind of choosing a store to shop. O yes, the Holy Spirit had a surprise for me and I turned out to be the evangelized one. What a God we have, if we open our hearts to His Spirit to lead us to experience such love. This woman for sure won many graces…for being an instrument of grace.

Thursday, February 9

I looked for my latest parish bulletin (from Feb. 5) to corroborate the time for the healing Mass to be celebrated on Saturday February 11, the world Day of the Sick and the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. I suddenly saw a bulletin on a chair and checked it and it was from January 29…!!! I opened up just in case they had announced it in this older bulletin but not, they only had a Healing Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the Light, of my Diocese of Oakland. I wondered if God wanted me there. I had not read before this announcement at all… I had missed it. I prayed about it, consulted with my son since I needed a ride. Rain was to be present and with my bad eyesight, darkness outside and a long ride, I did not want to go by myself. (He has Saturday’s off although he goes to work to find a quieter office. He is a data base engineer and has much work but other workers consult him often during the regular week days not allowing him to concentrate in his own job). My son immediately agreed to take me.

It was the Sacrament for the sick and my Lord wanted me there, or so I presumed but was it His will for sure? Of course, I wanted to know… One problem is that their bathrooms are far away and for me, it would be very difficult to walk to them and probably more than once, as I was suffering great knee pain. So, I asked the Lord to tell me if He truly was sending me there when I could go to my parish. I asked Him to give me the word “temple” as a sign that yes, He wanted me in this huge temple. He asked me to look at page 777 and yes, the word temple was there BUT as part of commentaries about the Scriptural text of Sirach 51. So, I asked for the word “yes” but as part of the Biblical text. I was sent to page 805 and Isaiah 28: 11 had the word “yes.”

Our Diocesan Patroness is Our Lady Queen of the World, the exact same picture of Our Lady Queen of the Universe, the one who appears in my computer screen and my I-phone when I open them and she has done great  miracles for friends when she asked me to help them by giving them her picture (1989 – returning a husband home in a Protestant family of a nurse; 2003 – curing a co-worker nurse anesthetist from 10 years of infertility and having 4 children; 2004 – a Protestant recovery room nurse was cohabitating with a good man and within a couple of months of giving the image to her, he asked her to be married… till this day) These miracles can prove that she is the Mother of all of us…In old blogs, I have written in detail about these miracles in prior blogs but suffice to say that this is one of my favorite titles of my Mother. Also, it was the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, and in 2003, I visited Lourdes and loved it. I brought some water from there, water that seems to have healing powers since the times of St. Bernadette (XIX C.). I had it in a plastic container conformed to the looks of her statue. I checked it up and the water had disappeared through the plastic.

Saturday, February 11 – I was given the Sacrament with the oil touching my sickly body (forehead and hands). There were several lines of people and a member of the Order of Malta, Simon, took me by the hand and helped me to get up front to one of the priests that had less people waiting. Upon returning to my pew he kept his hand on my arm helping me so much since the pain of my knees was bad. I was amazed… When God wants something, His Spirit moves people to help. This Cathedral is relatively new and with an extremely modern architecture. The sound system was not the best and it was hard to hear the homily. Yet, when He, Jesus, arrived at the Altar, I thanked Him for allowing me to be there and making my life so much easier. Afterwards, I received a little bottle with the water from Lourdes… and provided by the Order of Malta!

Tuesday, February 14

I was running very low with the pain medication (Tramadol). It was in August 18, 2015 when Tramadol was declared a narcotic… Why? It does not act or feel like a narcotic. It is a poor analgesic at best but I am allergic to oral narcotics and do not have any other alternative, except for morphine, which would not be prudent to use. Yet, I cannot have more than 6 pills of Tramadol per day for 30 days and the month of January had 31 days… On Sunday’s, I usually end up taking two pills and one more near the Mass time in order to survive the time at Church.

My Mother came and said, “You know what to do! PRAY! The times are such everywhere and in your own life that prayer cannot be substituted by anything else. Remember that you ‘should ask and receive. Knock and the door shall be opened.’ Also, you must trust that it is so and not just empty words… You must trust in His mercy. Pray many Rosaries and include them as a form of thanksgiving for what God is going to do and how He will answer your needs and those of the entire world. What you should avoid at all cost is to doubt that God is in charge and will not allow more discomfort than you can deal with.” It was then that I saw the reason why He appeared everywhere to help me (for example, the woman cleaning my shopping cart, or the Patriots winning when not even the experts could explain this “miracle” as someone in the sports media called it!)

Wednesday, February 15

My son told me that on the following Monday he would resign his job. As mentioned before, he works much more than he actually should and he is on call 24/7. Their Internet site that connects doctors, patients and pharmacies, needs a constant checking up so that it works well for his company’s customers. The job is having a negative effect on his health and his expertise and sophisticated type for work will allow him to find another place without too much problem. I immediately thanked him for giving me time to pray several Rosaries/day for protection from the evil one for this decision, one that he is leaving to the will of God as well, and for his bosses to understand. Perhaps, the latest miracles due to the Rosary were part of my formation to use this spiritual weapon for this particular decision that he has made and the future of it.

Thursday, February 16

As I came out of a supermarket, a poor looking man was sitting on the floor and seemed to be in need of money. I gave him $20 and he smiled from ear to ear. He blessed me and thanked me many times. As for me, I truly felt that I was giving this money to Jesus Himself, as the Scripture says. Let me remind you that when I do it, I feel a supernatural force to do it… It is not that I do it out of my goodness. O no, it comes from God. In fact, I know for sure that I could not live in peace for that day knowing that he was hungry and I did not help him. On the contrary, the entire day I feel so comforted with the knowledge that he had eaten, exactly like I felt with my Mike Hagan as his taxi-driver for two years in Toledo, OH, while I waited for permission from Him to sell my house to come to California.

Friday, February 17

During my prayer of one of the Rosaries that I saying daily for this future change of residence (as important as it is for my health to live in a less toxic environment that keeps my knee pain getting worse), I felt slightly concerned about the upcoming events for the following Monday when my son would resign, although ready to give the bosses ample time for him to help the one coming to replace him, so that the transition would be smooth for them. My Mother said, “Do not pray, ‘God please help him.’ Say, ‘Thank You Lord for how You will direct him.’ Also, every morning thank Him for giving you the opportunity to be directed to do His will. Thank Him for the HONOR of obeying Him, in order to give Him glory.”

Her words made me feel loved and cared for, just as if she were alive and protecting me. I was led to read Psalm 62 where ti says, “In God I will trust.” She continued, “To trust in God’s mercy is essential for this change of venue. Be happy. Be grateful. All will be well.”

Saturday, February 18

My Mother came to tell me to quit all possible wondering about what will be next. She said, “I want to remind you that trusting in God’s mercy is more important than praying many Rosaries. Of course, both together have a tremendous power to bring graces to accept all changes as the most perfect will of God. Yet, praying many Rosaries without trusting in His mercy does not bring as many graces…”

After the 12:30 PM Rosary, I was led to often review how to receive the things necessary for my day to day conversion. After finishing the Rosary, this is what I learned:

FOR MY DAY TO DAY CONVERSION I NEED the following spiritual practices:

1. Blind trust (faith with zero fears) in God’s mercy AT EACH PRESENT MOMENT.

2. Frequent thanksgiving to God for the honor of being guided by His will which is mercy itself.

3. Constant acceptance of God’s will with a big “yes” without further questions, worries, discouragement or fears.

4. Regarding prayer:

a. Abundant prayer life, especially Rosaries because they remind us of Jesus’ life and suffering, and should be prayed in thanksgiving for His mercy and love.

b. Prayer should never be a form of begging God for His help, since he already knows our needs and has an answer for them at the perfect time, all for the salvation and spiritual awakening of ourselves and the many around us.

5. Frequent review of these TRUTHS with a deep commitment to follow them and as a way of loving God and neighbor, seeking the latter’s salvation.

Monday, February 20

It was the birthday of the son whom I live with. He chose this day to announce his future exit from his company. I started praying early in thanksgiving to God for being with him in this decision and what to say, etc. The Gospel for this day was very important for me to hear. The father of a young man came to Jesus to complain that His disciples were not able to get rid of a malignant spirit from his son. Jesus took care of it and later the disciples asked Him why they could not do it. He said, “Certain malignant spirits need not only faith to command the evil spirit to leave BUT ALSO PRAYER!”

I realized that this could explain how the Rosary has so much power when simple prayers may not do the job. The Rosary asks our Mother to pray for us (to have faith… and trust) and with the Our Fathers, it asks to stop all evil, and the results are magnificent as in the case of the Gospel for this day. It also explains how Mr. Trump won the election out of the blue when everything seemed to indicate that he would not!!! The evil of destroying babies in the womb of their mothers needs prayer… and especially the Rosary, since this malignant spirit that destroys God’s images needs such force from the prayers of His Mother who has been given power over Satan… Wow! It was awesome…

I started thinking how poorly we have acted regarding the abortion issue in our country. We have huge walks against it. We speak and write and complain against this evil… Yet, WE NEED FAITH (a decisive trust with thanksgiving that He will do it for us) plus PRAYER, especially the Rosary to block the evil one from tempting mothers to abort. HOWEVER, these two actions MUST COME FROM HEARTS THAT HAVE DECIDED TO SAY “YES” to God’s will no matter what…!!!!!! Are we ready to do it? Are we ready to sacrifice our time and self-importance and say yes to God’s will 24/7? Are we?

This matter is very important for me!!! I try my best to say “yes” to this constant pain in my legs and difficulty to walk much when I need to shop (although many times I forget to truly accept it from the bottom of my heart). Then, I turn around and offer my sacrifice for the souls of the mothers who are planning the killing of their babies. With the community Rosary that I pray daily, I already ask for all mothers who are in the brink of seeking a planned abortion to decide against it. With this Rosary I bring my Mother to intercede for them and to stop Satan from procuring these homicides.

During the rest of the day, I prayed 3 Rosaries more as a gift for my son’s birthday and in thanksgiving for what God would do in his life for a new job and for all the members of his present company, for their salvation and for many blessings for them to find the right person to replace him. I asked my Mother to stop all evil that could act negatively in the events of this day, so that only the will of God would be done, even for him to stay put if he decides to stay. At 3 PM, I prayed again in thanksgiving for His help in this matter and also the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, asking for His mercy in all of this. It had been raining with forceful winds and even leaving many in this area without electricity because many trees had fallen. While praying the Chaplet, the sun came out for about 3 minutes and disappeared for the storm to continue. I knew that my Lord was telling me that He was listening and sending His mercy. He has been doing that from time to time for several years. It is a way for Him to reassure me that His mercy is with me at all times.

Thursday, February 23

I found in EWTN/Spanish, the story of a large parish in X city. The Pastor called it a very vibrant parish with 15,000 members. They have 160 ministries. He said that success can be defined by the number of people they bring into the parish and the number of people they send out to evangelize. I recognized that I have been part of such parishes in times past and yet, preaching to do the will of God at all cost is hardly mentioned. They have Scripture studies, Eucharistic adoration, a youth ministry and so on, and all of that is super good. Yet, WE KEEP FAILING TO PLACE BLIND OBEDIENCE TO GOD’S WILL UNITED TO PRAYER, AS THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS TO GROW IN GETTING TO KNOW Jesus personally… and be ready to pass this witness to others. Our Lady showed us the way. Jesus Himself was clear that He was on earth to do the will of His Father. Even the Messiah King, took time to pray by himself… So, what are we waiting for?

Friday, February 24

During these past days of severe rain in Northern California after 5 years of drought, it has produced failures of dams, and in one area, 100,000 people were evacuated with no plans to return. The water level raised enough to almost cover most cars. On this particular date, many came to their homes to find a total destruction of everything inside that was covered with mud. Is God asking all of us to pay attention to the times? Are we listening?

Monday, February 27

In a religious program, I heard this, “We must become friendly with Jesus. We do it by talking to Him. This is a true relationship! If we engage in talking to Him (prayer), He will talk to us!”  For some years this has been a common saying, and yes, prayer is absolutely necessary. However, this relationship can only flourish if it comes from hearts that are totally dedicated to do His will. We cannot pray in the morning and go out and do whatever we want! This is precisely why we were Baptized to become children of the Father, evangelized by the Son, and living with the Holy Spirit within to guide us in becoming true followers of the Son, Who was clear about doing the will of His Father, and our Father. There is nothing as clear as that. Our surrender or self-denial while embracing our crosses, make us true disciples and Jesus’ friends… He said so… IT IS SO SIMPLE to understand and perhaps a little difficult to start doing it, but nonetheless, it is a clear plan of how to grow in our relationship with Him. Why? It happens that our obedience and total surrender produce the graces necessary through His mercy (as we show great trust in dying to ourselves as He asked us) to be more and more faithful to doing His will.

Week of Monday, February 27 to March 3

ABC presented an evening program “When we rise,” telling the story of the gay community here in San Francisco and how much they have suffered. It is similar to the story of the African/American community in the last century in the U.S. and how much they have suffered. I watched a few parts and felt sorry for them, although now they want to impose their beliefs over some of us who have no such same sex attraction. I feel sorry for their suffering as I feel for those in the last century. All of us are images of God. However, when you go to a public bathroom according to what you feel your sex is, this gives worries me… What about if some straight sex offenders use this excuse to go into the opposite sex bathroom and attack a child, for example?

This is the kind of problem that only God could fix for us, when we pray much, especially Rosaries and do His will at the same time, so that we could find a solution of love and respect for each other regardless of sex orientation. I still keep in mind that it is apparent that genetically, some men and women do have changes in their brain that leads them to a same sex attraction, and I have given twice before the name and page of the book that I found by pure chance with this information.

Here it is again: THE HUMAN BRAIN, 2009 by Rita Carter, page 194. Publisher, DK. http://www.dk.com

Just like with the abortion issue, we can help them live with this difficult genetic mishap in private and offering their sacrifice like Catholic Priests do… We should pray for them on a daily basis.

Thursday, March 2nd

In a different religious program, I heard this: “Faith is a gift and we must often ask the Lord for such gift.” In my experience, if we truly work on being His disciples and do His will and pray daily and as much as we make time for it, the gift of faith grows as if by magic. WE ONLY HAVE TO WORK in following Jesus in His own words, and in becoming a disciple, we also become full of faith, hope and love… Yet, unless we try it in our lives, we may forget about this truth! In the homily at the EWTN Mass, it was said that “there is no love without some sacrifice or self giving. We must remember that love costs us something. Pope Benedict XVI was quoted as saying that ‘when we give ourselves to Him, He gives us everything! We find true life.’ ”

On this same day it was mentioned that every 40 seconds, there is a suicide in the U.S. I am not sure if they meant in the world. So, every 40 seconds, we should be praying for the soul of the person ready to take his/her life. Or, pray for them early morning and offer the entire daily crosses and sacrifices for them, as we say “yes” to God’s will… Well, I am asking you to do something very difficult. It is almost impossible to remember ALL THE DIFFERENT THINGS THAT WE HAVE TO PRAY FOR at the beginning of each day… It is much safer and GOOD to take every day as God’s will and say “yes” to it and have the Holy Spirit receive our gift in atonement of the sins of the many who need them… In this way, we cover many causes and we grow in sanctity at the very same time!!!

Finally in this day, at 1 PM I went to a 7 ELEVEN store to get some money at the ATM machine and also bought the news paper. As I waited to pay for it, a poor younger man (in his 40’s), was counting the cents he had in his pocket to pay for a piece of pizza… I immediately offered to pay for it ($3.00). He asked me if I was sure… “Of course,” I said… When I came out, this same man was outside with another older poor man (in his 60’s). The first one, Matthew, told Verlin that I was the one who had paid for the pizza. We all three became friends and this is how I found out their names. I gave money to both for their later meal. They were almost crying. I said good-bye and I normally have trouble stepping down to the parking lot because my knees hurt much with the effort and using the cane in one hand. I usually need help from someone in the other hand. I asked Verlin to help me. He did it immediately and said, “I will take you to your car.” So, he did. He thanked me again tons of times.

I must confess that I always melt with some of these people. There are some that I doubt if they could be dangerous to deal with… However, the Holy Spirit normally helps me discern this fact. In this case, my friends were served with money for their meals of that day, and also with love and respect. In fact, we discussed how I do such thing because they are images of God. Both were religious, although Verlin seemed not to be a Christian. He looked more to be from Asia. His thanksgiving was with his two hands being placed together in front of his chest as he bowed to me.

I thanked God for this gift of truly feeling His Presence in the poorest of the poor. And this was my true birth date… I gave the wrong information to one of the social media outlets because I did not feel comfortable with this kind of public exposure! So, it was a great day for me to be able to give attention to my brothers.

Friday, March 3

Gospel for the Mass of this day: invitation to do God’s will!  It is interesting how Adam and Eve disobeyed but Our Lady and Jesus obeyed. I found myself thinking that we should never worry what the will of God is for us at any present moment. Discerning His will is not complicated at all. We do not need books or talks. In fact, I am going through such moment right now. What it is important is to be willing to do His will at all times. This shows trust in God’s mercy. Then the Holy Spirit takes over and easily let us know what the next step is… It is that simple… Otherwise, we will worry much and Jesus said not to so… We end up taking over the decision and just seeking for approval from our Father… The root of all of this is that we want to know what is next and decide to take over the process…We totally forget that only the will of God is what will give us faith, hope and love and much happiness, despite our heavy crosses. Not only that: if we worry about our next step, we gain nothing… And Jesus said so!

Saturday, March 4

My Mother said, “Stop wasting time watching TV if not led by the Spirit. Do it during Lent. The news gets repeated over and over. Try to hear the news only once. Do not worry if you move and how to get rid of so many things in this house and in storage. I will be here to help you.” She is so awesome… And I know that it is she who speaks because I get a deep peace and contentment…

On this same day I heard a 5 minute message by a Monsignor in EWTN/Spanish that he titles: “The difference between two small words.” (La diferencia entre dos palabritas). He said that there is a difference between the words “dentro” (IN) and “fuera” (OUT). IN means the work of the Holy Spirit within us to become disciples (our personal evangelization). OUT means the work of the Holy Spirit for us to become evangelizers. Of course, in both cases, we must remain open to His work since both actions are necessary to be a true Christian.

Then, I received from the Holy Spirit the following message:

The IN work depends on:

1. Careful management of my time on a daily basis so not to waste it.

2. Immediate repentance from actions or thoughts which are not Christian in nature.

3. Showing a grateful attitude 24/7 in all I receive from God, that is, His holy will.

4. A deep prayer life, not consisting in reading prayers only, but in deeply feeling with the prayer words, a longing for Him and His Mother. If not felt, to ask the Holy Spirit to bless me in the way I pray and leading me to establish a true relationship with Jesus. I should be attending Holy Mass as often as possible and for certain, every Sunday and Holydays of obligation. (I used to attend daily Mass for many years until about a year ago when the toxicity around made my knees hurt too much).

5. Receiving on a consistent basis the Sacraments and in a state of grace secured through regular reconciliations.

The OUT work depends on:

Loving my neighbor in all possible ways:

1) Announcing to them with my life the importance of loving God as well as the immense love that He has for all His creatures.

2) Staying away from any resentment against them.

3) Immediate forgiveness when their behavior affects me in a negative way. This section also requires a good examination of conscience to recognize any lack of forgiveness and resentments still present many years after and that have never been dealt with.

4) On a regular basis, to offer up my sufferings for their salvation.

5) Praying for them on a consistent basis. When watching any TV program, whether news, stories or sports, to pray for the people involved and offer for them my present sufferings. In the case of sports, to pray for the entire crowd in the stadium; never to take sides for one team to win against another even when my heart favors one of them (this was explained at the beginning of this blog)…

6) Servicing those who are in need of any help, as best as I can.

Monday, March 6

I am still putting together this blog. I have not felt too good regarding pain in the knees and trying to shop in order to cook a few things for my son. In my case, I only can eat three things: chicken avocado and sweet potatoes. It is hard… Besides, my vision becomes very tired when exposed too long to the glare of the computer’s screen.

By chance and after a program in EWTN, another one came with the life of Pope Paul VI… I was surprised to see how much he suffered… He announced that Satan had come into the Church (this some years after the closure of Vatican II) as many priests and nuns had started to leave. His encyclical with the objection of using contraceptives was not well taken, and it proved to be a true prophetic document.

On this same day, I was moved to seek a particular channel where I used to hear Dr. Oz’s program. The topic: how to de-clutter your home often. One should place some notes every place in our homes saying, “Let go now. Not later.” Let go is for the tendency of not letting go of many things…The person speaking said that we normally save things from family members who passed away. Sometimes, we save things that later cause pain when looked into again. He also said that many things can be taken to a store in consignment if the place is reputable. It can be sold at a garage sale. It can be donated if in good condition, or simply, throw it away. There was the answer for the amount of things I would have to give away or throw away in case we move! Amazing Holy Spirit…

I also heard in this program the fact that a great majority of people check their email server some 30-60 per day! This causes anxiety to our bodies and brains and can really be considered as cluttering our minds.

This fact speaks of how many live totally distracted and could have great difficulty in remembering to be in the presence of God… But later on, I had another shocker of news: on ABC, the program of the View was going on and they were discussing about being a godparent. Some of the female hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg, were sure that if one is an atheist, we still can be a godparent since an atheist can give the child love and guidance to live a clean and fruitful life… I almost lost my hope in this society. These minds were truly cluttered with false ideas. It totally translated to me in my need to suffer for them as I ask for God’s mercy…

Tuesday, March 7

I did do some shopping and it was very hard! I had quite a few things to do in the kitchen… At ALL TIMES, THE QUESTION WAS: “Lord, when are we going to finish the blog?” I was counting with the prayers of some of you. I knew that He was the one detaining the posting of the blog… But why?

Wednesday, March 8

What a day…I was present at the LIVE Mass from EWTN. Then, I switched to EWTN/Spanish and found a priest talking about a broken apart Crucifix… It was like a dialogue between him and Jesus. Jesus did not have the cross behind and some limbs were missing… His face was messed up as well. I felt asleep as always I do while in my room… When I woke up, I was able to see the very end with the name of the program, since more often than not, EWTN/Spanish has listed x program(s) BUT places different one(s)… So, the name of this dialogue was not visible until then… The title was very familiar to me in Spanish: MI CRISTO ROTO. (My fractured or broken Christ). I was sure that God wanted me to wait to finish this blog after viewing parts of this “My broken Christ,”

As I was having breakfast, the Holy Spirit asked me some questions and brought me an idea for this Lent. He said, “How many times have you asked yourself if you have broken the Crucifix apart? Have you left Jesus without one arm, two hands or a broken leg after you have offended Him? For this Lent, every day, pay attention at the times that you disobey Him and His teaching, and look at this Cristo Roto crying for the treatment of His Body by one of His own, you, and much after His enemies killed Him 2000 year ago. Every time that you think poorly of someone in your television set, you have done it to Him… Is He crying? Ask for His forgiveness after you truly repent and ask for His mercy to stop doing it. At night before bed time, ask yourself how many times you have attempted to harm His Body. Repent and try your best on the following day. Pray for those whom you offended even with your thoughts and offer your knee pain for their salvation. In this way, you will start repairing your “Cristo Roto.” (Your broken crucified Christ).

Later on, I checked it in the Internet and I found a summary of Mi Cristo Roto! At the very end, I will leave you with the entire story… I am now super sure that this presentation will become super important for my Lent and yours if you have not read it before. I was able to find a translation in English but it was very poor. This took me a couple of days more to correct but I am super sure that it is worthwhile the late posting of this blog.


We are going through extremely difficult times in the political life of the United States. We are hopefully going to protect the lives of unborn babies who otherwise will become broken “Christ’s” as well. In the other hand, we are breaking the Christ’s that committed a grave fault by coming to this country from the south of the U.S. without having as a reason to be persecuted on any grounds. It was only poverty that made them break the law, and they did break it. As a Hispanic, I must accept that. In the other hand, if we were to accept poverty as a valid reason, this country would have to accept millions of people… And I do not consider this option to be fair for the U.S. either. Yet, they are now being treated inhumanly by separating their families against their will.

In the other hand, we have our parishes extremely busy using human methods to restore the “broken Christ” within many of the souls who attend these parishes. They pray but the will of God is not a priority. Worse, they do not quite know what a relationship with Jesus truly is. In all relationships, we want to make it grow by accepting the changes as required by our elder family members. It is not happening.  Is it their fault? No… It is the fault of all of us, and some of us should truly be undergoing the surgery of spiritual conversion in order to restore these broken Christ’s! We must become witnesses of a true relationship with Jesus, of a true disciple…

As time continues to pass on and the problems after Vatican II (it closed in 1965) still live among us, we continue to multiply our ministries as any worldly human reasoning would do and we continue to experience the lack of a true resurrection in Jesus Christ. Worse, most parishes do not recognize this as a sort of spiritual tragedy.

I AM READY TO PRESENT A CALL FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. It is to make a decision and repair the brokenness of Christ within ourselves. We do not have to make any particular plan or create another ministry to do so… Everyone who reads this blog is invited to quietly summit to God’s will 24/7, but do it in order to obtain the sanctity required (as our Mother did) to become pregnant DAILY with Christ Who is being repaired by our attitude of complete obedience, without complaints, fears, plans, questions, etc. We should pray at least one Rosary/day for ourselves to restore our broken interior Christ’s with the help our Mother in heaven. We also should embrace our crosses at all cost, crosses of any kind, and accept them with much love because they are part of the restoration of our inner broken Christ.

As He becomes restored, our love for all people, enemies or friends, will be restored… as well. It is like magic. We become His and His love and Mercy comes to reside within us in abundance. It is always there but now it is amazing in the degree that it works in us… I am far from totally restoring my broken Christ but I have to share with you that through the years, He has tested me a lot plus with much suffering, His mercy has been able to send me graces that are restoring my inner broken Christ at a more rapid pace. I am in a phase right now that as shared above, I get surprised by the ways that He moves people around to love me… and they could be perfect strangers or those whom I know. At the same time, I find myself deeply loving strangers when I find them in distress.

If we BECOME A SMALL ARMY in our Catholic Church, which is seeking to embrace our God with all our heart and soul and to glorify Him day and night, God can change the entire world…We will not need books and talks and retreats as we know them… Most of them came to be but without the author saying a big yes nonstop to God’s will in his/her life, and not as lip service only. Instead, many of you, younger generation, will be speaking about your own restorations… In the other hand, the Holy Spirit will come as in a New Pentecost and reach many souls to bring them to you…You do not have to teach people… The Holy Spirit will be the printing press, the voice in television, the center in a parish to guide the masses to LOVE… and of course, He will use you to deliver AND WITNESS the message… The only requirement to repair our broken Christ’s is to do what our Mother did, to say yes to God’s will in order to bring Christ to all peoples, and the Holy Trinity will unify us (gentiles of all religions, atheists, agnostics) and all Jews. We only need to have our candles burning within us with His love and His will, so that we can be the VOICE OF GOD, HIS WITNESSES. Are we ready for His Second Coming?

Note: for all purposes, this is the end of this blog. Please, keep praying for me… My son and I are living a transitional time in our lives… Our place of residence needs to be less toxic. Only God can guide us to everything and your prayer will be so appreciated.  God bless you!






Author: Spanish, Father Ramón Cué S. J  – 1963

This story has been presented by one actor as he speaks with a Broken Crucifix that he bought. This priest acted it himself and later many others have done it.


From today on … I will live with a broken Christ.

I found my broken Christ in Seville. Within art I am subjugated by the subject of Christ on the Cross. I take my preference in the Spanish baroque Christ’s. The last time I went with a good friend of mine.  Christ (what a choice!)  can be found between nuts and nails, rusty scrap, old clothes, shoes, books, broken dolls or romantic lithographs. The thing is to know how to look for it because Christ walks and is among all the things of this unruly and unlikely trace that is Life. 

But that morning we ventured into the house of the artist, it is easier to find the Christ there, but much more expensive! Because it is already an area of ​​antiquarians, it is the Christ with luxury tax, the Christ who has enriched the tourists, because since tourism intensified, Christ is also more expensive.

We visited only two or three shops and as we walked the third or fourth. 

– (The owner) “Ehhmm Do you want something father?” 

– “Just to go around the store, to look, to see.” 

Suddenly … in front of me, lying on a table, I saw a Christ without a cross;
I was going to throw myself on him, but I stopped my impetus.
 I looked at the Christ out of the corner of my eye and he conquered me from the first moment. Of course it was not exactly what I was looking for for it was a broken Christ. But this same circumstance, chained me to Him but I do not know why. I feigned interest first in the objects that surrounded me until my hands took hold of the Christ. I stopped my fingers from caressing him! My eyes had not deceived me… No. It must have been a very beautiful Christ. It was an impressive mutilated spoil. Of course, he did not have a cross, lacked a half-leg, a whole arm, and although he kept his head, he had lost his face. 

The antiquarian (A) came near me, took the broken Christ in his hands and said… “Ohhh, it is a magnificent piece. It looks that you have good taste father; look at his splendid size; what a good bill … 

– I said, “But … it’s so broken, so mutilated!” 

(A) – “It does not matter father; next door there is a magnificent restorer;  he is my friend and is going to leave it like new!” 

He pondered it again, praised it, caressed it in his hands, but … did not caress the Christ; he caressed the merchandise that was going to turn into money.

He insisted, hesitated, paused, looked for the last time at the Christ, pretending that it was difficult to part with him, and gave it to me in a burst of fictitious generosity, saying resigned and in pain: 

(A) –
“Here father, take it, just because it is for you and be sure that I do not win much, 3000 pesetas and nothing else. You will take a jewel!

The seller kept exalting the qualities to maintain the price.
 I, a priest, kept reducing its merit to reduce the value … I suddenly shuddered. We were disputing the price of Christ, as if it were a mere merchandise! And I remembered Judas … Was not that also a sale of Christ? But how many times do we sell and buy Christ, not of wood, but in the flesh of our neighbors! Our life is often a buying and selling of Christ’s. 

Well … we both yielded … and he lowered it to 800 pesetas. Before saying goodbye, I asked him if he knew the origin of the Christ and the reason for those terrible mutilations. In vague and incomplete information he told me that he believed he came from the Sierra de Arasena, and that the mutilations were due to desecration in time of war. 

I squeezed my Christ with love … and left with Him. Finally, at night, I closed the door of my room and I was alone, face to face with my Christ. What a bloodstained mutilated spoil! Seeing him as such,  I decided to ask  him: 

– “Christ, who was the one who dared do it? Did not your hands shake when he chipped yours away from the cross ?! Does he still live? Where? What would he do today if he saw you in my hands? Would he repent?


Jesus (J), "Be quiet!" His sharp voice cut me off. 

(J) “Be quiet, you ask too much! Do you think I have a heart as small and mean as yours?” 

(J) “Be quiet! Do not ask me or think more about who mutilated me, leave him alone. What do you know? Respect him! I already forgave him. I forgot instantly and forever of his sins. When a man repents, I forgive him at once. 


(J) “Be quiet! Why, before my broken limbs, does it not occur to you to remember those who offend, injure, exploit, and maim their brothers, other men? What is a greater sin? To mutilate a wooden image or to mutilate an image of me alive, of flesh, in which I palpitate due to  the grace of baptism. Ohh hypocrites! You tear your robes before the memory of the one who mutilated my wooden image, while you shake hands or honor him who mutilates physically or morally the living Christ’s who are his brothers.” 

I replied: "I cannot see you like that, broken, even if the restorer charges me whatever money to do it! You deserve it! It hurts to see you like this. I’ll take you to the shop tomorrow. " 

“Do not you approve of my plan? Do you really like it? " 

-(J) “NO, I DO NOT LIKE IT!” – The Christ answer was dry and hard. 


There was a pause of silence. An order, sharp as lightning, came to decapitate the anguished silence: 


– “Yes Lord, I promise, I will not restore you.” 

"Thank you,"
answered the Christ.
 His tone gave me confidence again. 

– “Why do not you want me to restore you? I do not understand you. Do not you understand, Lord, that it will give me a continuous pain whenever I look at you broken and mutilated? Do not you understand that it hurts?” 

(J)  “That is what I want, that seeing me broken you always remember so many of your brothers who live with you:
 broken, crushed, indigent, mutilated, without arms because they have no chance of finding a job; without feet because others have closed their roads; faceless, because they have taken their honor away. Everybody forgets them and turn their backs on them. Do not restore me and may be if seeing me like this, you remember them until it hurts you; may be that way, broken and mutilated,  I serve as a key to remember the pain of others! Many Christians turn into devotion, with kisses, lights and flowers over a beautiful Christ, and forget their brothers, the men, the ugly Christ’s, broken and suffering. 

“There are many Christians who calm their consciences by kissing a beautiful Christ, a work of art, while they offend the little Christ of flesh, who is their brother.
 Those kisses disgust me and make me vomit! I tolerate them when placed in my feet of images carved in wood, but they hurt my heart. You have too many beautiful Christ’s! Too many works of art from my crucified image. And you are in danger of remaining only in the work of art. 

“A beautiful Christ can be a dangerous refuge to hide in order to escape the pain of others, while calming down their conscience in a false Christianity.
 That is why they should have more broken Christ’s, one at the entrance of each church, who would always shout with his broken limbs and deformed face, the pain and tragedy of my second passion in my brother men! That’s why I beg you, do not restore me and leave me broken next to you, even if I embitter your life a little.

"Yes, Lord, I promise you," I replied. And a kiss on his only chipped foot was the signature of my promise. From today … I will live with a broken Christ. 


                                   GOD HAS A LEFT HAND


The same afternoon I bought my Christ, I asked the antiquarian where would be his right arm. 

(A) – “Oh, impossible to find! And believe me, we did stir the whole haystack where the mutilated image was thrown. We found, yes, the left leg and we attached it with glue but of the right hand, there was no trace! 

“The antiquarian did not know Lord where your right hand was, but You, You do know that but you are continuously unraveling it and it always escapes you. No, no wonder you do not have it, it walks around, invisible but effective. 

“Who does not feel from time to time, the soft touch of Christ’s sore hand?! That invisible hand that, without knocking at the door it is found everywhere: in the hospital, on the deathbed, in the office, in the study, in the factory, in the cinema, in the theater. It enters tiptoeing like a luminous and musical squall. We cannot take a step through life without tripping over the hand of God. But you, my broken Christ, have only your left hand. 

And I imagined that he said, after feeling that my Christ was smiling quietly: "How little and poor do you know me. What would you men be if I had not my left hand? I have it but not to avoid being crucified, but to stop my father from condemning you. I do not use my left hand to save myself from the cross but to save you from hell! Do you understand now?" 

The whole tragic and divine adventure of our life is in letting ourselves be guided by the hands of God. But there is in us a difficult, elusive, dangerous element: freedom. And God respects her mysteriously, infinitely. 

To conquer us God has two hands, the right and the left that represent two techniques and two tactics. The right hand is clear, open, transparent and luminous. The left hand seeks shortcuts, gives rodeos, is full of calculation, diplomacy, is not in a hurry. If necessary it acts at a distance and pretends to be the voice, but although left, it is not Machiavellian or traitorous because love moves it. 

For every soul God has two hands, but uses them differently because all souls are different. With the right, like white doves or docile sheep,
 God guided John the Evangelist, Francis of Assisi, John of the Cross, Francis Xavier, the two Teresas … 

To conquer Pedro, Pablo, Magdalena, Agustín, Ignacio de Loyola, God had to employ the left.
 In front of the right hand, they rebel; then the left enters, wearing a disguise and turns into lightning, a bullet, tries to be a break to stop us; wants to lift us from the mud in which we fall, enters the chest to see if it manages to soften our hearts. Its resources are infinite; today it disguises it with modern and current methods… It breaks a dam that drags my farms! I have an unexplained oversight at work, and the machine mows my arm. We were driving at 100 per hour and we were unexpectedly driven by a truck.  My wife and son died in the act, and I was left alone in this life. I’ve never had an illness, but the doctor tells me that I have something incurable … 

Before the left hand of God, the first reaction is a cry of rebellion and despair; we forget the prey, the car, the traitor, the death, because we guess that they do not have the definite fault. We sense that God is responsible for that pain and that being so terribly deep, it cannot come from creatures and logically we confront God. We shout at Him, we find h\Him, we protest, we demand of Him, we challenge Him, we condemn Him! "FATHER…! IF YOU WERE FATHER, YOU WOULD NOT TREAT ME LIKE THIS! "We shout, protest, rebel and then … we are left alone. 

And the first nervous and burning tears come, and without realizing it, the first prayer is again to protest against God, against our first prayer … Fatigue arrives, the tears are more serene, we pray without protest, we feel like kissing something, What? Oh yeah, that, we already found it, a Crucifix, and with a kiss we say to God hat it is good whatever He disposes … 

Terrible, violent, hard, relentless, but blessed left hand of God. Absurd expressions are formulated: "Blessed be the dam that broke and destroyed my factory, but it brought me closer to God, and I was walking very far from Him". 

My broken Christ, I tell you in my name and of all because we are all brave to ask you from now on: Lord, if it is not enough the tenderness of your right hand to save us, undo your left, disguise it of whatever you want: failure, slander , ruin, accident, death. Christ, let us be children of your hand, your right or your left. 

At the head of your bed, my friend, or on your bedside table, you have a Christ nailed to the cross. Why don’t you kiss his left hand tonight before you go to sleep? God will know how to compensate you for that gesture of Christian courage and resignation.

A Cross has been lost

Attention! A cross has been lost and we cannot find it. It is that of my broken Christ. Has any of you found a cross? Do you want the signs? The size? It is not very big, but it is a cross and there is no small cross. Besides it is also a cross for Christ and then there is no way to measure it; with these signs suffice because in short all crosses are the same. 

Forgive my insistence, “Which of us has not found a cross?” Better said, “Who does not have a cross? It is an inalienable property right that is always exercised; we all carry it. We carry it on, dragging it even if we do not show it, even under our smile. 

Sometimes when hidden, it is heavier.
 Tonight at bedtime, we will not be able to leave it hanging on the perch. When we wake up tomorrow, we will not need to put it on because we will jump out of bed with her already laid. 
Who has found a cross? Everyone … good and bad, holy and criminal, healthy and sick; it does not even respect those who seem to defy the pain with laughter and revelry of his life.

That poor woman, who, repainted and bored, waits sitting at the cafeteria bar or leaning against the strategic corner, carries a terrifying cross on her back; it weighs so much that she leans back in the corner, a heavier cross than we suspect  And he who approaches her seeking pleasure, does so by fleeing from another cross.
 The two speak, bargain, promise, they manage at last and there they go down the street, in a hurry and with the cross on their back, and when they return, when they have already tried to placate their hunger for happiness, they feel disappointed that their Cross is now greater. In her, disgust and degradation; in him, desolation. 

Every city is definitively a forest, a jungle, a hive of crosses. And do you know, my friend, why sometimes our cross becomes intolerable?
 Do you know why it turns into despair and suicide? Because then our cross, is a single cross without Christ/ It can only be tolerated when it carries a Christ in its arms. 

A secular cross, without blood or love of God, is absurd, it does not make sense, so I have an idea: I have a Christ without a cross and you have, perhaps, a cross without Christ.
 Both are incomplete. My Christ does not rest, because he lacks his cross; you do not accept your cross because you lack Christ. Why do not you give your empty cross to Christ tonight? You have a single cross, empty, frozen, black and which does not make sense. I understand you, to suffer like this is irrational and I do not understand it myself.  How could you tolerate it for so long? You have the remedy in your hands … Go ahead and give me that cross of yours, give it to me and I will give you instead, this Christ without rest and without cross. Take it, it is yours, give Him your cross and take my Christ; Bring them together, bring them down, embrace them, and everything will have changed. 

My broken Christ rests on your cross; your cross becomes softer with my Christ in it.
 We have found a cross, ours, which turns out to be that of Christ …

Who broke Your face?

Christ, I had often heard this threat on lips trembling with hatred: 

"WATCH AND I WILL BREAK YOUR FACE.” And I always thought that everything ends with a punch, a slap, a slash on the cheek. Only in You has literally fulfilled the brutal threat; they have broken your face with a single cut. 

I would have restored it, but He forbade it. That is why I dedicate myself in a game of fantasy and affection, to restore it ideally, placing on its head without factions, the faces that for my Christ, have dreamed the universal art. I include in this game, museums, collections, galleries, cathedrals, art galleries. Everything is going through the face of his face in a slow parade, and I feel like Velázquez or Juan de Meza, with Baroque pathos, or Montañés with Olympic beauty, or Leonardo, of infinite sadness. 

But for a few days, I have also had to renounce the consolation of this game because the broken Christ is terrible in his demand! He does not conceive truces, and he has forbidden me too. I believed at first that he liked it, at least he tolerated it quietly, until one day he severely interrupted me: 

(J) “Enough! Do not put on me more faces. I have tolerated your game for too long. Do not you just understand? Do not put on me those faces that you ask for alms, the art of men. I want to be like this, with no face! You promised that you would never restore me … unless you want to rehearse another game, put on other faces. Those … yes I will accept them.” 

Which Lord? I’ll get them right away. Tell me what faces and put them on. 

(J) – “I’m afraid you do not understand it, even if you become scandalized like the Pharisees … I mean other faces, but real ones, unfeigned like the ones you invented, and who are also mine, like the one who cut me off.

“Ahh,  I guess Lord, you mean the faces of the saints, the apostles, the martyrs …? 

(J) “Those faces are really mine. No one denies them nor haggles. But I want others and I claim them. Very few would dare to put them on, but I do.” 

He rested, as if to gather strength. He took a deep breath. I was scared, I was afraid, but there was no other way. Then he said to me: 

(J) – Hey, do not you have a picture of your enemy out there? Of the one who envies you and does not let you live; the one which misinterprets all your things; the one who always speaks badly of you, who ruined you; the one who gave poor and decisive reports about you, of the traitor who tripped you, the one who he managed to throw you out of the position you had ; the one who denounced you, who put you in jail …” 

 I said, “Christ, do not go on!

(J) it’s too much, right?

I responded,  “It’s inhumane, it’s absurd …” 

(J) "Have you taken a good look at the faces of the lepers, the abnormal, the idiots, the dirty beggars, the imbeciles, the madmen?" 

“Y…? And are you going to tell me Christ, that those faces are yours and … and that I should put them on you? No, no, impossible.” 

(J) – Wait!
 I have not finished yet … Take note of this last list and do not forget any face. You have to put the face of the blasphemer, the suicidal, the degenerate, the thief, the drunkard, the murderer, the criminal, the traitor, the vicious. Have not you heard? I need you to put all those faces on mine!

– …”No, no Lord …” – I answered – “I do not understand anything! All those miserable and corrupt faces on yours, sacred and divine?” 

(J) – “Yes, I want it that way! Do not you see that they all belong to this poor suffering humanity created by my Father? Do not you realize that I have given my life for all? Perhaps now you understand what Redemption was. 

“Listen: I, as the son of God, voluntarily took responsibility for all the errors and sins of mankind. Everything weighed on Me; my Father appeared from the sky to see me on the cross and behold in My face; he fixed his eyes on Me and his amazement was infinite. Over my face, he saw superimposed successively and dizzily the faces of all men. From heaven, during those three terrible hours of my agony on the cross, I beheld the tragic parade of defeated humanity, while I said: 

"Father, forgive them because they do not know what they do!" It was not I who only died on the cross; there were thousands and thousands of mourning human beings, defeated many by their own passions, by their errors, by their sins.
 The parade was terrible, disgusting, rude. My Father saw the face of the proud pass over my face;  he sectarian, imagining the destruction of God; that of the cold and soulless murderer … 

“There were disgusting lips, sunken eyes marked with lust, unbearable breaths of drunkenness, pallor of dawns encased in vice, sordid rictus of bitterness and despair, haunting glances of perversion and crime. All the defeat and the scourges of an unredeemed humanity, the agony, the death.
 And my Father … God, He loved them all and He forgave their sins. " 

My Christ became silent; how poor and ridiculous the art of men seemed to me and how deep and unfathomable the love of God. And from then on, he was speechless. He never spoke to me again. 

Let us never forget this supreme and difficult lesson. Let us never forget the smooth surface of the face of my Christ, cut vertically. We could compare it with an empty frame. In it we are offered the opportunity to place the face of the one or those who have harmed us or hated us deeply, doing us more harm to ourselves than to who is the object of our resentment. 

Yes … yes, let us be brave! Let us remember the face that most hatred and antipathy causes us; let us approach Christ, even though we feel our pulse tremble. Let us place it on HHis own and imagine that our enemy, that being we hate, occupies his place on the cross. Let us close our eyes, let us approach the crucified one, and kiss his reverent and humble figure. 

By kissing a Christ, with the face of our enemy, we will be surrounded by a warm and musical, paternal and kind voice.
 That which many centuries ago will leave us the greatest and wonderful inheritance that any man can have, enclosed in only six simple words: 
"Love one another".
. .

Loss of religious liberty in Mexico

February 4, 2017

1. Loss of religious liberty in Mexico

2. Mary and the Gift of Mercy

3. Margaret Sanger

4. Instructions received to stop the present crisis of political division and aggression among U. S. citizens


Before I start, I want to speak of the mishaps upon posting that Word Press allows in these blogs, like a change of font and size of the letters.In case you have wondered, the original document t was not written as such!

This blog will be a long one… Sorry! Yet, all the parts to be discussed are of great importance for all of us to work for the evangelization of our country and also worldwide! We have lived almost a month of unusual events with the election of our new U.S. President and the people who have been named by Mr. Trump as heads of different departments, and now going through the process of being confirmed or rejected by the Congress. Also we have lived a full show of many women claiming their right to kill babies in the womb as a right and marching in the West and East coasts. On the other hand, other citizens have marched claiming that babies in the womb are not tumors but human beings made in the image of God. At the center of these events we can see obvious division, accusations, fears, lies, etc. and we can recognize their source, Satan himself. So, for this first month of 2017, I will share with you four major topics and once again, I will not follow a calendar sequence of sharing what I learned from the Lord.

I will relate the history of how Mexico lived the loss of their religious liberty rights. The reason why I am showing some of the main facts of the attempt to end Catholicism in Mexico and deny all religious liberty, is precisely for us to review it as an example of what could happen here in the U.S. I am quite sure that the Mexican Church in the early 1920’s, especially the Pastors, never imagined what they were going to encounter in spiritual terms… They had Our Lady of Guadalupe waiting to be asked to intercede to her Son to stop this horror… Yet, there was not a real PLAN to do so in order to protect Priests and laity who were killed calling it a duty of the State to protect the people! In our case, let us be aware that we have to be prepared for similar attempts and how in recent times we saw such attempt to ignore our religious liberty rights

I will delve in our need to stop this aggression on the life of babies whose rights to life are ignored and DENIED and how the work of Margaret Sanger initiated this form of persecution… Please notice that I wrote: “the need to STOP this aggression.” O yes, we as baptized Catholics and initiated in the other Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and Communion with the real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, we CAN STOP this aggression if we want… Margaret Sanger was born in 1879 but came to national attention in 1920; as she started the use of contraceptives up to the point of being successful (with her ideology) in passing a law in 1972 (despite that she died in 1966), denying the right to life to all babies not yet born and ending the life of elders and terminally ill with or without their permission. Notice how no one even thought in 1920 what this woman could lead us into by 1972! And that I know of, our Church never organized a solid plan to combat this monstrosity.

The last section will give you the story of what the Lord wants of me to change these injustices.

II. The story of how Mexico lived the loss of their religious liberty right

The end of Catholicism in Mexico 1914-1937

This is partially a translation from a video in Spanish watched in EWTN/Espanol with Father Fidel Gonzalez Hernandez. I have added a more detailed history of this loss of religious liberty in Mexico and I have mixed Fr. Fidel’s words with information from the Internet.. If felt called by the Holy Spirit to do so and as you read it, it will give you a closer look at what Satan did in Mexico and could do in the U.S. if we let him!

Two things are behind this attack on religious liberty and the Roman Catholic Church in Mexico:

1. In 1917, a new Constitution was written in Queretaro following the ideas of the French Revolution. It established a policy that denied juridical personality to churches, prohibited clergy participation in politics, deprived churches of the right to own real estate and prevented public worship outside of temples. Some estimates put the number of people dead around 250,000 between civilians, members of the “Cristero” movement and the Mexican police.

After a period relatively quiet during the governments of Carranza and Obregon, the anticlerical pressure intensified with the election of Plutarco Elías Calles to the presidency. In 1925, the Catholic Apostolic Church of Mexico (!!!) with the support of the Mexican Workers Confederation was created providing it with buildings, resources and means to break with the Vatican.

2)  The Cristero War, also called War of the Cristeros or Cristiada , was an armed conflict of Mexico that extended from 1926 to 1929  between the government and militias of laity, presbyters and religious who resisted the application of legislation and public policies oriented to restrict the participation of the Catholic Church over the assets of the nation as well as in civil proceedings. Said in other words, people had religious liberty but only as the Government would allow it and using the ideas of the Philadelphia Masonic Logia of 1910…

It should be mentioned that the Calles Act is a modification to the Penal Code in 1926 by President Plutarco Elias Calles and is known as the Calles Law, to limit religious demonstrations in order to have more precise instruments to exercise the controls established by the 1917 Constitution in article 130,  as part of the model of subjection of Churches to the State.  This provided specific penalties for priests and individuals who violated the provisions of the 1917 Constitution. For instance, wearing clerical garb in public (i.e., outside Church buildings) earned a fine of 500 pesos ($250 U.S. per the historical exchange rate). A priest who criticized the government could be imprisoned for five years. Some states enacted oppressive measures.

 Chihuahua enacted a law permitting only a single priest to serve the entire Catholic congregation of the state. In general there was one priest per 100,000 people.To help enforce the law, Calles seized church property, expelled all foreign priests and closed the monasteries, convents and religious schools. Some states came to establish laws that required ministers of religion to be married persons and prohibited the existence of religious communities, in addition to limiting religious worship solely to churches, as well as prohibiting the use of habits outside religious enclosures. 

Skirmishing broke out in 1926, and violent uprisings began in 1927. The rebels called themselves Cristeros, invoking the name of Jesus Christ under the title of "Cristo Rey" or Christ the King. The rebellion eventually ended by diplomatic means brokered by the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Dwight Whitney Morrow, with financial relief and logistical assistance provided by the Knights of Columbus.

The rebellion attracted the attention of Pope Pius XI, who issued a series of papal encyclicals between1925-1937. On December 11, 1925, the Pope established the Feast of Christ the King. Persecution of Catholics and anti-government terrorist attacks continued into the 1940s, when the remaining organized Cristero groups were incorporated into the Sinarquista Party.

Peaceful resistance: in response to these measures, Catholic organizations began to intensify their resistance. On July 11, 1926, Catholic Bishops voted to suspend all public worship in response to the Calles Law, with the suspension taking effect on August 1. On July 14 they endorsed plans for an economic boycott against the government, which was particularly effective in west-central Mexico. Catholics in these areas stopped attending movies and plays and using public transportation and Catholic teachers stopped teaching in secular schools.

The Bishops worked to have the offending articles of the Constitution amended. Pope Pius XI  explicitly approved this plan. The Calles government considered the bishops’ activism sedition and had many more churches closed. In September 1926 the Episcopate submitted a proposal for the amendment of the Constitution, but the Congress rejected it on September 22. Calles presidency came to an end by Dec. 1, 1928.

Ku Klux Klan involvement

High-ranking members of this racist and anti-Catholic US organization in the mid-1920s offered President Calles $10,000 to help fight the Catholic Church. The offer came when the Knights of Columbus in the US secretly offered a group of Cristero rebels, $1,000 of financial assistance for guns and ammunition. This was made after the fact that Calles also sent a private telegram to the Mexican Ambassador to France, Alberto José Pani Arteaga, advising that the ". . . Catholic Church in Mexico is a political movement, and must be eliminated in order to proceed with a Socialist government free of religious hypnotism which fools the people . . . Within one year without the sacraments, the people will forget the faith . . ."

End of the rebellion: U. S. Ambassador Morrow managed to bring the parties to agreement on June 21, 1929. His office drafted a pact called the arreglos (agreement) that allowed worship to resume in Mexico and granted three concessions to the Catholics: only priests who were named by hierarchical superiors would be required to register; religious instruction in the churches (but not in the schools) would be permitted, and all citizens, including the clergy, would be allowed to make petitions to reform the laws. But the most important part of the agreement was that the Church would recover the right to use its properties, and priests recovered their rights to live on such property. Legally speaking, the Church was not allowed to own real estate, and its former facilities remained federal property. However, the Church effectively took control over them. It was a convenient arrangement for both parties, and the Church ostensibly ended its support for the rebels (Cristeros).

As promised by President Portes Gil, the Calles Law remained on the books, but no organized federal attempts to enforce it took place. Nonetheless, in several localities, officials continued the persecution of Catholic priests based on their interpretation of the law.

Cárdenas Era (1934–40) and the Catholic Church

The Calles law was repealed after Lazaro Cardenas became president in 1934. Cárdenas earned respect from Pope Pius XI and befriended Mexican Archbishop Luis María Martinez, a major figure in Mexico’s Catholic Church who successfully persuaded Mexicans to obey the government’s laws in a peaceful manner. The Church refused to back Mexican insurgent Saturnino Cedillo’s failed revolt against Cárdenas, despite the fact that Cedillo endorsed more power for the Church as well.

Socialist Education: Cárdenas’ government continued to suppress religion in the field of education during his administration (1934-1940). Congress amended Article 3 of the Constitution in October 1934 to include the following introductory text (textual translation): "The education imparted by the State shall be a socialist one and, in addition to excluding all religious doctrine, shall combat fanaticism and prejudices by organizing its instruction and activities in a way that shall permit the creation in youth of an exact and rational concept of the Universe and of social life."

This amendment was invalidated by future President Manuel Avila Camacho and was officially repealed from the Mexican Constitution in 1946. Constitutional bans against the Church would not be enforced anywhere in Mexico during Avila Camacho’s presidency.

The promotion of socialist education met with strong opposition in some parts of academia and in areas formerly controlled by the Cristeros.

Pope Pius XI also published the encyclical Firmissimam Constantiam on March 28, 1937, expressing his opposition to the "impious and corruptive school" (paragraph 22) and his support for Catholic Action in Mexico. This was the third and last encyclical published by Pius XI making reference to the religious situation in Mexico.

In 1992 the Mexican Government amended the constitution by granting legal status to all religious groups, conceding them limited property rights and lifting restrictions on the number of priests in the country.

Cristero War Saints

From this Cristero Movement, we have 22 canonized Saints plus Blessed for a total of 49. There are about 300 cases being considered in the process of canonization and who were killed.  All religious properties like churches were converted into museums, public schools, etc. 

The Catholic Church has recognized several of those killed in the Cristero rebellion as martyrs, including Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro, S.J. who was shot dead without trial by a firing squad on November 23, 1927, on trumped-up charges of involvement in an assassination attempt. In November 1927, a bomb was tossed at Calles’s car from an auto previously owned by one of Miguel’s two brothers. All three brothers were rounded up and condemned to death. The youngest was pardoned, but Padre Pro and his brother Humberto were executed by a firing squad. Calles had news photographers present, expecting the Pros to die cowardly. But Padre Pro refused the blindfold and welcomed the bullets with his arms extended in the form of a cross, crying out, “Viva Cristo Rey!” Although Calles outlawed any public demonstration, thousands of Mexicans defiantly lined the streets, honoring the martyr as he was carried in procession to his grave. His beatification occurred in 1988.

On May 21, 2000, Pope St. John Paul II canonized a group of 25 martyrs from this period. They had been beatified on November 22, 1992. Of this group, 22 were secular clergy and three were laymen. They did not take up arms but refused to leave their flocks and ministries, being shot or hanged by government forces for offering the Sacraments. Most were executed by federal forces

Battle Hymn of the Cristeros

Juan Gutiérrez, a surviving Cristero, penned the Cristeros hymn, "Battle Hymn of the Cristeros", which is based on the music of the Spanish-language song, "Marcha Real".


La Virgen María es nuestra protectora y nuestra defensora cuando hay que temer. Vencerá a todo el demonio gritando "¡Viva Cristo Rey!" (x2)

Soldados de Cristo: ¡Sigamos la bandera, que la cruz enseña el ejército de Dios! Sigamos la bandera gritando, "¡Viva Cristo Rey!"


English translation

The Virgin Mary is our protector and defender when there is to fear.

She will vanquish all demons at the cry of "Long live Christ the King!" (x2)

Soldiers of Christ: Let’s follow the flag, for the cross points to the army of God! Let’s follow the flag at the cry of "Long live Christ the King!" (END)



Once again, the Lord surprises me when I am writing a blog. I had started it and on Saturday, January 28, out of the blue I turned EWTN on and there it was: I saw a program that spoke about the Virgin Mary as a seat of mercy for us… I already had a plan that the Lord had given me as to how to fight our present problems to end the lack of peace and restore the reign of Christ the King in our land, and this particular view of her in the Bible, gave me a profound desire to comply with the plan… I am sure that this past Saturday many watched this program but for those who did not, I am sure that you will enjoy reviewing its content…

The program was presented this past Fall 2016 by Mr. Jeff Cavins at the “Ignited by Truth Catholic Conference.”  I will paraphrase most of the story.  He said, “The New Testament is the fulfillment of what was written in the Old Testament. Jesus said so in Mathew 5:17 – ‘Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill it.’ ” (From here on, I mixed his message with other studies done on the same subject).

Some examples of this fulfillment:

1. When Jesus chose 12 disciples, it referred to the 12 Tribes of Israel.

2. Moses went to Mount Sinai and received the Ten Commandments, the Law. Similarly, Jesus went to the mountain and we received the New Law, Jesus and the Beatitudes. Here there is a geographical correlation.

3. The prophet Elijah, in 2 Kings, was at the Jordan River and went up in flaming chariots. In Mathew 3:6 of the New Testament, John the Baptist was at the Jordan River (where Jesus was baptized) and took a prophetic role like Elijah and announced the coming of the Messiah.

4. In the Old Testament the queen mother was Bathsheba. Her role was as an intercessor and advocate for the Kingdom. She interceded for the people and was like a mother. In the Old Testament and in the Eastern region, the King and his Mother are mentioned together. In the New Testament, Mary is the queen mother. In the West, the queen mother is the wife of the king.

Mr Cavins narrated a funny story. Talking to a Protestant brother, he asked, “Is Jesus God? “Yes,” he answered. Is Jesus the Son of God? “Yes.” Is Mary the mother of Jesus? “Yes.” So, is Mary the Mother of God? “No.”!!!

The truth is that Mary is also our Mother given to us in a super natural way at the foot of the Cross. She also stands at the foot of the Cross with Jesus and as she stands at the foot of our crosses!

5. She is the new Ark of the Covenant.

There are some striking parallels between David bringing the Ark into Jerusalem in 2 Samuel 6: 1-19 and St. Luke’s account of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth in Luke 1: 39-56.

In 2 Samuel 6: 2, “David arose and went” to Judah

In Luke 1:39, “Mary arose and went” to the hill country of Judea

In 2 Samuel 6:9, David cries out: “How can the ark of the Lord come to me?

In Luke 1:43, Elizabeth asks, “Why is it granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?

In 2 Samuel 6: 14-15, David is found leaping and dancing before the Ark of the Covenant.

In Luke 1: 41-44, “the baby in Elizabeth’s womb is leaping for joy in Mary’s presence.

In 2 Samuel 6:11, the Ark of the Covenant remained at the house of Obededom for three months.

In Luke 1:56, Mary (the new Ark of the Covenant) remained at the home of Elizabeth and Zechariah for three months.

Another interesting comparison between the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant and the New Ark (Mary) is that the Old Testament ark contained a bowl of manna , the two tablets of stone (10 Commandments) and Aaron’s budding rod (speaking of his authority). In Mary, the new Ark of the Covenant, we find Jesus, the living bread from heaven, the Word made flesh and the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.

When Israel came out of Egypt they had nothing. They stayed at the base of Mt. Sinai for one year. It is during this year that they received a new Priesthood, the Levites. They received the Law and the Tabernacle. Then they break up from Sinai and go north, and every place they go, the Arch of the Covenant was essential to be with them. It is the holiest pick 

Here are other points in Scripture that show the fulfillment in the New Testament of what was written in the Old Testament.

Exodus 26:34, "You shall put the mercy seat on the ark of the testimony in the holy of holies."

Leviticus 16:2, "The LORD said to Moses: “Tell your brother Aaron that he shall not enter at any time into the holy place inside the veil, before the mercy seat which is on the ark, or he will die; for I will appear in the cloud over the mercy seat."

The tabernacle was the structure ordered built by God so that He might dwell among His people (Exodus 25:8). It was to be mobile and constructed to exacting specifications.  They shall make an ark of acacia wood… Then you shall make a mercy seat of pure gold… And you shall put the mercy seat on the top of the Ark, and in It you shall put the testimony that I shall give you. There I will meet with you, and from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim that are upon the ark of the testimony, I will speak with you of all that I will give you in commandment for the people of Israel.” (Exodus 25:10-25)

It is referred to in Exodus 25-27, 30-31, 35-40; Num. 3:25 ff.; 4:4 ff.; 7:1ff. In all of Scripture, more space is devoted to the tabernacle than any other topic. The tabernacle stood within the court (Exodus 26: 1 ff.). It was divided into two main divisions: the holy place and the holy of holies which were separated by a veil (Exodus 26:31 ff.), the same veil that was torn from top to bottom at the crucifixion of Jesus (Matt. 27:51). Where the veil had represented the barrier separating sinful man from a holy God (Heb. 9:8), its destruction represented the free access sinners have to God through the blood of Christ (Heb. 10:19 ff.). In the Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant which contained the Ten Commandments (Exodus 25:16). The holy of holies was entered only once a year by the high priest who offered sacrifice for the nation of Israel. 2 Chronicles 3:10, "Then he made two sculptured cherubim in the room of the holy of holies and overlaid them with gold."

The Holy of Holies was the place where blood was sprinkled on the Mercy Seat (the lid on top of the Ark) as an atonement for the sins of Israel (Leviticus 16:15-33). The only person allowed to enter the Holy of Holies was the high priest once a year.

The mercy seat was one of the most distinguishing features of the Ark; it was the place from where God would speak to His people. Mary, the new Ark, appeared in Fatima in 1917. She held back an angel with a flaming sword from executing justice upon the world. God announced this from the Mercy Seat (Our Lady). For shortly after, in the 1930’s, Jesus appeared to St. Faustina, naming her His "secretary of Divine Mercy" (a grace He said would continue once she was in Heaven.) Her role was to announce to the world that it was now living in the "time of mercy," before the "Day of justice" would come upon the earth.

When I asked the Lord Jesus how He could tolerate so many sins and crimes and not punish them, the Lord answered me, I have eternity for punishing [these], and so I am prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of [sinners]. But woe to them if they do not recognize this time of My visitation.’ “ Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary of St. Faustina, n. 1160

The appearance, then, of the Ark with its Mercy Seat in our times, particularly as we see daily the signs of a growing persecution and nature itself in mysterious convulsions, gives us pause to reflect upon the prophetic words of St. John in the Apocalypse. It is a call to deepen our response to Jesus who asked us to "watch and pray." It is a sign from Heaven calling us to sincere repentance, to abandon the foolish pursuit of illusory desires, to pursue with renewed zeal the will of God, and to remember that we are merely strangers and sojourners in this world. It is significant, then, that in light of Revelation 11:19, "the Ark", the Blessed Mother, appeared to St. Faustina speaking these words:

“Oh, how pleasing to God is the soul that follows faithfully the inspirations of His grace! I gave the Savior to the world; as for you, you have to speak to the world about His great mercy and prepare the world for the Second Coming of Him who will come, not as a merciful Savior, but as a just Judge… Speak to souls about this great mercy while it is still time for [granting] mercy.—n. 635

Mary’s Immaculate Heart is Full of Divine Mercy

Saint John Eudes tells us: “To the heart of Mary God communicated in great abundance His merciful inclinations, and established in it the throne and reign of His mercy more gloriously than the heart of any other creature, save the sacred humanity of Christ.”

Divine Mercy reigns so perfectly in Mary’s heart that she bears the name of Queen and Mother of Mercy. And the most loving Mary has so completely won the heart of God’s mercy that He has given her the key to all His treasures, and made her absolute mistress of them. St. Bernard says, "She is called the Queen of Mercy because she opens the abyss and treasure of divine mercy to whom she chooses, when she chooses, and as she chooses.” "Her heart is the ladder by which sinners go up to heaven; this is my reliance; this is the only reason of my hope." (The Admirable of Heart of Mary, pp. 126-127)

Divine Mercy holds such complete sway over Mary’s heart and fills it with such compassion for sinners and for all persons in need that Saint Augustine addresses her thus, "Thou art the sinner’s only hope" after God.


What does this mean for us today? It means that Mary’s heart is now a living fountain of divine love and sanctifying grace. She looks upon the hearts of her children as parched and arid ground, but with plenty of potential, needing only to be watered by divine grace, and planted with the seeds of the gospel in order to spring into abundant life. In fact, there is no place in the whole created universe where we can draw closer to the Heart of Jesus than the heart of Mary. Her heart is the chapel where Jesus forever dwells, ready to pour out His merciful love upon us whenever we come to Him.


From Mr. Cavins talk: In 930 BC, after King Solomon’s indiscretions, it led to a split of the Kingdom of Israel and ten Tribes went to the north (Israel) and two Tribes went south and took the name of Judah. Jesus came from the latter one. The prophets came to call these two kingdoms to change their ways but little was done and in 722 BC, the Assyrians came and destroyed the northern tribes. Judah was not doing much better. In 587 BC the south was destroyed by Babylon. Judah’s people took some furniture from the Temple built by Solomon and also took the Ark of the Covenant. The latter was hidden by Jeremiah it in a cave and sealed the entrance. They left and were in captivity for 70 years. The Arch was never retrieved.

2 Maccabees 2: 4-9 – “The same document also tells how the prophet (Jeremiah), following a divine revelation, ordered that the tent and the Ark should accompany him and how he went how he went off to the mountain, which Moses climbed to see God’s inheritance. When Jeremiah arrived there, he found a room in a cave in which he put the tent, the Ark and the altar of incense; then he blocked up the entrance. Some of those who followed him came up intending to mark the path, but they could not find it. When Jeremiah heard of this he reproved them: “The place is to remain unknown until God gathers His people together again and SHOWS THEM MERCY. Then the Lord will disclose these things and the glory of the Lord will be seen in the cloud, just as it appeared in the time of Moses and when Solomon prayed that the Place might be gloriously sanctified.”

In Rev 11:19a, John wrote, “Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the Ark of His Covenant could be seen in the temple.”

Rev. 12: 1 ff. – “A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars. She was with child and wailed aloud in pain as she labored to give birth.

“Then another sign appeared in the sky; it was a huge red dragon…. Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth. She gave birth to a son, a male child, destined to rule all the nations with an iron rod. Her child was caught up to God and His throne. The woman herself fled into the desert where she had a place prepared by God, that there she might be taken care of…

“Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels battled against the dragon. The dragon and his angels fought back, but they did not prevail and there was no longer any peace for them in heaven. The huge dragon, the ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, who deceived the whole world, was thrown down to earth… Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: … ‘They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; love for life did not deter them from death. .. But woe to you earth and sea, for the Devil has come down to you in great fury, for he knows he has but a short time.’

“When the dragon saw that it had been thrown down to the earth, it pursued the woman who had given birth to the male child…… Then the dragon became angry with the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring, those who keep God’s commandments and bear witness to Jesus.”

Mr. Cavins reminded us that these Revelation passages describe our Lady of Guadalupe’ s painting made by God and imprinted in St. Juan Diego’s tilma in 1531. And since she is the Mother of Mercy (which is Jesus Himself), she will do the same for us, as she did for the Mexican Indians… through God’s mercy. Satan will be around but we have God with us and her intercession for us before the Throne of Mercy… As in 1531 plus some 5 years, 9 million human beings had been converted to our Faith, the Roman Catholic Church! No doubt that we will see a major conversion worldwide…

IV. Margaret Sanger

Margaret was born into a large family. When she was a child, her mother died of tuberculosis but she believed that her mother died because she had had many children. She studied to be a nurse but never graduated and went to work in the slums of N.Y. city where poverty was prevalent and women had many children.

By 1920, she started to proclaim 1) that the many children born to each family was the source of their poverty. 2) That some women should not be allowed to have kids at all. 3) That preventing pregnancies was the solution for all women and for society as a whole. 4) That birth control could solve all problems for women. 5) That each family should be limited to have 2-3 children and otherwise, women would act irresponsibly. 6) It was best to abort an unfit baby.  7) Birth control and sterilization made society stronger and created a better breed of humanity. 8) Only certain women from certain backgrounds should be able to have children because the disable, the mentally handicapped and the physically defective can only help the decline of society. 9) Birth control permits the cleansing of the mentally handicapped, the physically unattractive, racially inferior and others unfit, and make society a better place. 10) “If you do not meet these points, you are not fit to live and less to reproduce.” 11)  She believed that eliminating the poor and sick women was important so not to pollute the gene pool! 12) No woman or man have the right to bear kids without a permit. 13) She believed that eugenics will help society at large and not only the work of the Nazis during the holocaust

She wrote, “The most merciful thing to do in a family with many children is to kill all infants that come at the end. Pregnancy is a disease, an abnormality that produces divorce. The unchecked birth of morons and mentally challenged would over run the American society.”

In 1922, she left her first husband and married an older man, and both agreed to have an open marriage. She, by then, believed that chastity was an outdated idea.

She founded the Birth Control League, today known as Planned Parenthood!  She died on September 6, 1966, but her ideas on eugenics have continued.

My note: I believe that this poor woman was clearly mentally challenged herself but many people believed that her ideas were commendable. This is a great example of what Satan can do… Remember, he divides, confuses, accuses, lies and gives fear!!!

V. My call to share with you how to establish peace and love among us, U.S. citizens ending in that way, the killing of human beings as a right!

The Lord was passing all this prior information and analysis to me and He asked me to do something He wants, in order to stop the potential for further division of our country and for us Catholics, who are just using words and yearly marches, all good things but not truly bringing the Lord of Lords, to end the killing of innocent human beings…So, He asked me to do something and I said yes, and He asked me to share it with you and invite you to participate if you so desire.


A. The time has arrived to TREAT our spiritual dementia of NOT REMEMBERING that “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.” He did not say that only some things were possible, but that ALL things are possible (especially for those who believe in His love). It came from the mouth of the Archangel Gabriel when our Mother was curious as to how she would become the Mother of the Messiah.

For our part, the time has come for ALL OF US to believe such truth as told to our Lady. However, TO BELIEVE it, we have to LIVE it. So, if for God all things are possible, we must conclude that we have to obey God’s guidance for Him to take over and give us such SPIRITUAL VICTORY. The following is what He explained to me.

What is spiritual victory?

1. The ultimate victory is the salvation of all human beings for the Glory of God.

2. The price for such salvation is TO LOVE, which entices whatever sacrifices that are asked of us with a huge acceptance on our part; that is with a huge “yes” to any suffering involved and a total certainty that we then become part of Jesus’ sacrifice at Calvary.

3. Besides loving with suffering at times, we must wrap our love with faith, the faith of Abraham, always ready to obey God’s will; and with hope, or the certainty that with God, we will enjoy His Presence for all eternity.

B. This is the time to THINKwhile we work on totally reversing our spiritual dementia. We must start training ourselves to encounter difficult situations, decisions, thoughts, and apprehensions, fears, etc. and asking ourselves the following:

1. Is it True?

2. Is it Helpful?

3. Is it Inspiring?

4. Is it Necessary?

5. Is it Kind?

With this introduction to fully enter the belief and practice that for God all things are possible, WE MUST UNDERSTAND day and night that we are disciples of Jesus, the Christ Who died for us to become children of the Father under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. With this act of faith, God will start transforming us into true disciples, and as such we must go and take over announcing the Good News, seeking the redemption of all people involved, that is, those who oppose the right to live and those who are pro life.

C. The Rosary that we were called to pray for the election of Mr. Trump continues to offer the key to solve this problem, as we ask Our Mother to intercede and have Jesus make wine from the waters of resentment and division. The prayer of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy completes our intercession asking our Lord for His mercy (His love put into practice) to secure the spiritual victory needed to secure the salvation of all Americans.

At this point, as the Lord was revealing to me the basis of His plan, He called the Rosary to be prayed daily (as mentioned in my previous blog), but now it has a name: the Pro-Life Rosary. He proceeded to mention the intentions to be brought to His Throne of Mercy with each Rosary.

1. For us believers to be converted into lovers of all our brothers and sisters, carrying our personal crosses for the sake of those who oppose the right to life, avoiding any resentment of any kind.                                            

Sirach: 30:21,23 – “Do not give into sadness, torment not yourself with brooding; distract yourself, renew your courage; DRIVE RESENTMENT FAR AWAY FROM YOU; for worry has brought death to many, nor is there anything ought to be gained from resentment.”

2. For President Donald Trump, Vice President Pence and the Cabinet: to obtain wisdom and to practice the “THINK” ideas as explained before and for their “growth in their spiritual life” and sanctification. For their protection from any human attempt on their lives and for the influence of Satan to be stopped by our Mother. Regarding the President, I have been led to offer this Rosary and my sufferings for his health, stamina, purity of heart, conversion of his soul and wherever is necessary for his job to be just, kind, merciful and successful. The same I ask for Congress and the Supreme Court members.

3. For the confirmation of the new Supreme Court Judge without the childish behavior of members of Congress who are using political thinking and not a juridical examination of this Judge.

With the Chaplet of Mercy I am asking for atonement of all the sins of the people mentioned above and for God to have mercy on all of them.

4. For the “spiritual life” of all members of the “Women’s Movement” and for all citizens who are pro choice. With the Chaplet of Mercy I will atone for their sins and ask the Lord to cover them with His mercy.

5. For the spiritual life of all enemies of the present Government and with the Chaplet I will atone for their sins and ask for God’s mercy to cover them.

6. For the physical and spiritual right to life of all unborn and elder human beings to be respected 100% of the time.

7. For all branches of the Media, Internet and the like, to receive a Pentecost with the wisdom necessary to stop unnecessary talk, harsh opinions and stopping all lies and suppositions regarding public figures. For the mercy of God to reign in their hearts and minds and for atonement of their sins.

8. FOR PEACE TO REIGN IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , under the protection and love of God, the Holy Trinity and of His Mother, our brothers and sisters Saints and all the Angels. This peace to flourish among our border countries and with other nations, moving them to accept us as people who respect human life.

9. For all of us who will be praying this daily Rosary and Chaplet. It is not easy to sit down and daily pray as explained, especially among those who are busy. However, we cannot ignore “what the cost could be” if we simply do not sacrifice and find the time. Also, the ingredient of us loving them is essential for God to answer us right away… We are somewhat responsible for the salvation of the women’s movement. It is an opportunity of evangelization like never seen… Yet, we need to LOVE THEM in order to truly treat their blindness (towards the truth) and reverse their spiritual dementia… of negating how beautiful each of them are as images of God Himself; also their denial of how much God loves them and us… So, if love is the ingredient necessary for the present times, the first point of the agenda to conquer hatred, division, blindness, deafness, confusion and fear is TO LOVE THEM AS THEY ARE…

To this effect, with this Rosary we are asking for our brutal conversion from resentment to forgiveness and eventually, DEEP LOVE, something that by GRACE (through the Rosary) we will obtain!

In order to help us develop such love, we must imagine them as our own “BLOOD” related MEMBERS, like a son/daughter, brother/sister, father/mother, uncle/aunt, etc. It is a call to pray for them as if they truly were part of our family! This reflection, here and there, will be honored by the Lord and love will start flowing from our hearts for them. With the Chaplet of Mercy, we should ask for atonement for our sins of any hatred and madness against them for walking and showing us signs of their right to do whatever they want without any respect to human life…At times, we do not show resentment but indifference and this has to be converted into actual love, and again, God can do that in our souls and minds. During the Our Father, we should say with purity of intention, “forgive us as WE FORGIVE THEIR TRESPASSES”.  It is very important that we pray with the right intentions and desires to forgive them for the scandal they produce in our hearts.

As you can see, this Pro-Life Rosary refers to the “spiritual” and physical life of a large section of American citizens. Remember that any prayer must be sent to God surrounded by the fumes of our obedience to His will at all times, with acceptance of our sufferings, offering them for these causes as enumerated here.

In another explanation received, I was asked to remind myself and others of the importance to pray this Rosary specially paying attention to the words said. It is much easier if there is a picture or statue of Our Lady, so as we say the Hail Mary, to tell her over and over that she is full of grace in the Presence of the Lord, as we bless her and her Son, asking her to intercede for us at that moment and at the time of our death. This way, the Rosary becomes a conversation with and glorification of our Mother. About 2-3 years ago, I received the grace of praying the Hail Mary’s in this way, and I can assure you that it works in a very positive way and distractions are minimal.  

The Our Father should lead us to say it as we know that our Father is within us and with the words and petitions that Jesus taught us to say with this prayer. Again, it should be a prayer/conversation with our Dad and we can simply ask for such grace.

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy should be directed at asking for atonement for the sins of all of us, pro and against the right to live and asking for His mercy for our spiritual life and the physical life of unborn babies, elders and terminally ill patients.

At the time of the Lord asking me to say this Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy, I sensed some urgency on the part of God to cease this war from Satan tempting men and women made in His image, to destroy lives and calling this a “right”.  In the Presence of God, this war could be considered lunacy or a severe case of spiritual blindness, deafness and dementia. I also felt that He was reminding me that we, the so called pro-lifers, should pray not just in case, but with total TRUST that He could do it for us since nothing is impossible for Him. So, thanking Him ahead of time with surety that He would do it with our participation, and feeling our participation as a grace, should be done as well. He reminded me that if He is with us, who could be against us?… I am sure that He referred to the evil one.

He also reminded me of my spiritual power as one baptized with His Spirit. In other words, I felt that He was referring to our Mother’s words, “Do whatever He tells you.” So, I must pray this Rosary and Chaplet as He has told me for our “U.S. family REUNION feast” to have much wine (healing) from the waters of spiritual blindness, or to have the present day of unbelief and blindness converted into faith, hope and love. I also was sure that this Rosary must be offered to her under the title of “Guadalupe” as you can imagine with the stories of her powerful role in evangelization through history.

10. This Rosary should be offered for all people of all faiths, most especially for our brothers and sisters of the Moslem faith who persecute us and seem to hate us so much. For the intercession of our Mother and the Mercy of God to bless them and save their souls, especially as we are given the grace to truly love them as images of God.

But there is something else BESIDES the intentions for this pro-life Rosary…I felt that I was brought to this country with a scholarship as an exchange student,  even that I had not been selected to begin with because another girl knew more English than I did. So, I learned English  FOR ITS USE TODAY and this scholarship was paid by the U.S. Government!!! I came back to this country again to receive post doctoral training and did practice for many years. I felt and clearly, that I was meant to be here right now. I knew and also clearly that I have to be Mr. Trump’s spiritual right hand FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS, like a mother would do and even that he does not know it. I intend to pray this Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy with special attention to Mr. Trump’s success for the service of all U.S. citizens…This call I am sure that it is also for you who are reading this blog…  I repeat, this Rosary is for the life of babies and elders and terminally ill, but it is also for the SPIRITUAL LIFE of all who are being manipulated by evil forces to cause a terrible division and hatred among all of us, and this way, our democracy gets tainted with lack of democracy for those they want to kill.  A democracy negating the rights to some of the citizens, it is not a democracy but it is DEMO Crazy…

I must add this long story about my life in a detail form because the Lord insists that I do so… So far, this blog is long… yet He insists that I add it to demonstrate HOW HE CHOOSES US AND PREPARES US FROM THE MOMENT WE WERE TWO CELLS IN THE WOMB OF OUR MOTHERS to do a special service and for which we were created…

1. My mother was a heavy smoker when she became pregnant with me at age 19 ½ years old. Suddenly, she hated cigarettes until I was delivered… It was interesting that she started smoking immediately after my birth and I refused to be breast fed and my grandma was explicit in telling me how I did it… Breastfeeding is a gift for a baby. I now wonder if God made me hate it to protect me from nicotine products…A recent study demonstrated that smoking provokes early labor and children are born prematurely!!! I was born weighing 10 lbs…

2. I was born into a devoted and practicing Carmelite family as I have written before and even shared it in a story placed in the “pages” section of this site.

3. By age 4-5, and I remember it… I knew what I would become as an adult: a doctor of medicine and a secretary with typing as one of the gifts. Indeed it happened and at age 10, I attended a night school 3 times a week to become a secretary while attending regular grades IV and V. I still use some shorthand when I take notes in Spanish in my journal. The typing helped me enormously for my university studies and RIGHT NOW…A member of the U.S. army stationed in the Panama Canal Zone and married to a friend of ours, gave me a typewriter! I graduated at age 11. I also became a doctor of medicine with no problem and no expense to me… Long story but God did it!

4. At 6.5 years I knew that Jesus was PRESENT IN THE EUCHARIST and I fell in love with Him to this day. This is why death is gain for me… since I want to be with Him for all eternity.

5. At age 17 I was chosen to become an exchange student in Manhattan Beach, CA, even that I did not win to begin with. My mother had insisted that I had to attend Lincoln High School in San Jose as a freshman, and I did for one year but turned out to be too expensive for us. Yet, it gave me a foundation to be able to compete for the exchange student scholarship. However, when I met Jesus in the Eucharist and ended up in a brand new school which opened that year in Costa Rica and this to be close to Him, I had English classes and I still have my notebook from my first grade…This is a great example of how our God prepare us…

I must mention that the scholarship was provided by the AFS, American Field Service, founded by an ex member of the U.S. armed forces… It was the FIRST YEAR FOR LATIN AMERICA but for years they had brought students from Europe. They chose 4 countries: Nicaragua, Costa Rica Argentina and Chile. Furthermore, the Costa Rican Government chose my public hi school for the one scholarship for a girl since they were not prepared for the AFS service, as they did later and had other hi schools participate to this date…Not only that, but a girl named Carmen Lidia Guerrero Lobo who had attended for 3 years the Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano (The Cultural Costa Rican American Center) to learn English, she knew this language much better than I did. This selection occurred in August of our junior year. At the beginning of our senior year, she was dropped and I was selected… Nobody gave us an explanation.

Years later, I realized that it was due to my physical appearance. I can pass as an American and she was darker. My foster parents in California wanted a German boy…!!!! They were Catholic!!! For them to accept me, a girl, I had to at least look like an American… (Ouch). They told me on day one to never associate with Hispanics, Jews or African Americans… Also, in order to graduate at Mira Costa Hi, I had to take U.S. History at the junior level. The teacher created a competition to see which student knew the most of American History… I did!!! My picture even appeared in the local paper! My foster parents were soo happy… Some of my Catholic class mates remarked that I was soo devout when I went to receive the Eucharist and returning to my pew I would cross my arms on top of my chest with my head down. Little did they know why!!!

As ordered by the AFS, we had to speak in several clubs (Soroptimist, Lions, ect) about the AFS and what this program meant to us. Then it was when I became notorious for speaking well in public, compared to the other local exchange students from Germany and Denmark! I also took classes on public speaking with a Hollywood actor! We, exchange students were taken to say hello to Mr. Walt Disney!!!! However, since grade school, I was also chosen often to speak during school assemblies and recite poetry. I started writing poetry in my teens. Does this mean that I still have to talk to the masses about Jesus? Who knows!

6. I wanted to become a cardiologist…Yet, when I was already in my first year also known in those days as internship, overnight the Lord placed in my heart that I had to go into anesthesia, and I hated the operating room… I could not talk to Him in those days to ask Him and corroborate the change, but I did change it and it was too late to find an open position for an anesthesia residency. I decided to go into a general practice residency for a year waiting for the next year to start anesthesiology… Yet, out of the blue, Sinai Hospital in Detroit decided to create another residency position just for me…. Of course, my Jesus wanted me to learn that fluoride is the culprit in memory loss in some of us who do not make enough glutathione, the natural detoxifier of our bodies…

7. Eventually and while practicing in Ann Arbor where I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit (in the Catholic Charismatic Movement), my husband and I decided to return to Latin America, even that I did not want to but he was crazy about going back and helping our people. So we did and after practicing for a year and a half with a very poor scenario of socialized medicine, where patients were mistreated in many ways because the money paid to physicians for their services was low, we decided to return to the U.S. Of course, in hindsight, the Lord needed me to comeback for many reasons… One being to pray for now my country that I love so much!

May this long story and partially shared before, help you be certain that He is in charge of our lives with so much detail for us to comply with our job for which we were created, that trust in His guidance is a must… He takes care of every detail. We only have to say yes to His will and a huge thanks besides.

VI. Final Words

I formally accept this challenge of saying this Pro Life Rosary for the next 4 years, and I place you as my witnesses of my promise to God and His Mom, that I will love my brothers and sisters the best I can and obey His calling for further conversions to even give my life for them. I want to face Him at my personal judgment and tell Him that I did whatever Jesus told me for His Glory and the salvation of many souls.

Let’s give ourselves four years to see what LOVE can do and how His love and mercy will change us to become lovers of all people, just as He has loved us and keeps loving us. Let God change us as we say “yes” to this challenge to truly be and act PRO LIFE, and not just be a verbal promise without truly helping to save babies and the souls of their parents. The thousands of women who marched last January 21(the largest inaugural protests or 670,000 demonstrators worldwide in U.S. history) like in New York, Chicago, Ohio, Los Angeles, etc. and a few other countries (Australia, Antartica) are our target to love. Let us enter a process of self conversion in order for our love of neighbor to become a torch of graces coming from the Holy Spirit for all of them.

Let us do it with hearts full of thanksgiving for this so great act of mercy on His part. It will happen since for God all things are possible. This miracle will bring many back to the Catholic Church (or Christian churches) as the fruit of witnessing to the world what His love can do through us. HOWEVER, IT ALL STARTS WITH US, with our own conversion into lovers of our brothers and sisters with the help of Our Mother, our Lady of Guadalupe, our guardian angels AND UNDER THE POWER OF GOD’S MERCY. Amen.

I thank you very much for your prayers for all this understanding of what my duties as a citizen are and the deep desire to comply with God’s plan, and these fruits can only come from God’s mercy stirred as never before by your loving and kind intercession! I must add that after being an exchange student in the house of politically affiliated democrats, I became a Republican with President Reagan. Now, I do not have a party affiliation. Now, I am pro-life first and foremost.

Also, your prayers have helped much because my eyes are not happy with this much typing but I made it… Thank you again.

P.S. Today I found in Face book (February 3) that my theologian son had written an article for the Catholic newspaper The Register, explaining many things about Mr. Trumps two weeks in office and doing it with Pope St. John XXIII counsel… It was very clear and nice. You may like to peek at it at the address below:


Let me add that on the recent Feast of the Visitation, I suddenly realized what I have shared before, and that is that I presented my four sons to the Tabernacle where Jesus is present, and the four of them went after 2-3 days after birth… They had their own visitation to the Temple… I vividly remember what I said to Jesus: “You gave him to me: I give him back to You. Please bless him and protect him.” Well, now I realized that I was also presenting them to the “Seat of Mercy”… That is, Jesus and His Mom…All of them turned out so good and loving. I do not know what it is to raise teenagers… This visitation seems to have helped much.








Our difficult times urge us to become the best disciple possible!

January 8, 2017

I am very late posting this blog and you will be surprised as to why… I was late starting it on January 3 because of the problems with my vision. I have to type only 30 minutes at the time and since I have to take medication for the pain in my knees, there are times during the day that I am sleepy and not ready to share the notes that I have taken since my previous blog. Besides, this computer as new as it is, keeps doing weird things and at times, I become tired of fighting the issues. I always have to wait for my son (a data base engineer) to fix them. Of course, this little cross is always a reminder that my sharing must cost me something!

I completed the first blog 48 hours ago, Friday, January 6 but it needed much editing. Sometimes I take out things; sometimes, I add others according to how I feel led by the Holy Spirit and after calling Him to take over. AS I WAS EDITING it, the document disappeared!!!! I waited for my son to see if he could retrieve it… He could not. In order to delete a document one has to follow a sequence of clicks and I had not done anything as such. I was simply changing a few things and suddenly, it was a white page. So, my question was, “What is the Lord trying to tell me? I asked myself if it was Satan doing it, but my Lord allowed it? Why? Do I have to stop writing them? I then told the Holy Spirit, “Please help your servant understand” and I was sent to the Scriptures by page and these are the answers:

1. Wisdom 6 – In this chapter, the reader is sent to seek wisdom. Well, what did I need to know in reference to wisdom?

2. I was sent to another page and it was Psalm 96: 2-3

“Sing to the Lord all the earth; announce His salvation. Tell God’s glory among the nations; among all peoples, God’s marvelous deeds.”

3. Finally in another page I found the Book of Ester 4 – Chapter C. Mordecai and Queen Ester fervently prayed to the God of Israel for His protection..

I became certain that I must continue sharing God’s marvelous deeds in my life and pray for the wisdom to do it according to His will.

It was then that I realized that the original blog was done in the same fashion of other blogs, sharing what I had received in the last weeks, whether teachings or moments when the Lord was showing His Presence while I was out shopping. Apparently, this blog was not God’s will but He let me do it simply to show me how careful I must be. Apparently I cannot follow the same format every month. I have to ask Him how He wants to write it. Good teaching!

My second problem is that with my eyes so problematic, I thought of taking two weeks to write the new blog and just post today a note saying what had happen and asking for some time to re-write it. Well, this was not the answer either!!!

HE WAS ABOUT TO FOCUS ME TO LOOK INTO THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD AT LARGE, AND TO ASK ME HOW I HAD TO PROCEED TO PRAY AND SACRIFICE FOR THE NECESSARY CHANGES… Of course, it made a lot of sense especially at the beginning of the year… My Mother also came to remind me to thank Him for deleting the previous blog and also not to think that He was terminating me in this job. The blog was alright but it did not have the write wisdom for the present times…

So, NEXT, I will put together two different chapters. First, I will enumerate in a succinct matter, what is wrong in many angles of our present life and that I have to pray and suffer for. It does not mean for me (or you) to think and write (or read) about these problems and become fearful. On the contrary, it is only for me to see HOW BAD we all are doing in so many things, and how I am called to live my obedience to the Commandments so that I can grow daily in becoming the best disciple I can, and from that stage of conversion, pray and suffer for the changes needed, remembering that God can do them as fast as necessary. I remembered the case of the election of Mr. Trump and how our prayer took over and a pro life president (regardless of the many character problems that he shows, because God will be there protecting us and the life of many babies and elders). 

I. Some of the world problems as of January 2017

1. Some of these topics will not make happy some of my readers. They are not discussed on a regular basis from the pulpit because it may scare souls… Yet, in this blog I must bring them up or it may disappear as the previous one!

a) Division in the Roman Catholic Curia secondary to decisions of the Papacy and as pros and cons are discussed by important members of the Magisterium. I could not even mention my opinion because I have no formation to pass judgment. However, it causes some fear on me since other members of the Church will be feeling not only fear but will be divided, suffering resentment for either side, which translates into lack of love among the members of the Church. It also concerns me that news on the subject are showing constant opinions, agreement or unhappiness, without this helping solve anything. It only contributes to division and resentment. We must remember that Satan is busy trying to shame our Church… We should be busy loving both sides and praying for wisdom to resolve the differences.

b) Many lay members who normally attend Sunday Mass, seem not to recognize the REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS… This is not a judgment. I am only voicing what appears to be obvious. They are devoted but not in love with the Crucified. It is not their fault; it is our fault… In my opinion, our own lives are not showing the world the love for Him as truly Present in the Bread and Wine. I need to pray for this with great devotion and never forget that the Rosary and our Mother’s prayer for us can change these souls and convert our souls so to shine this Truth to them. It seems that we simply do not care too much about it. Otherwise, we would be busy praying and offering our suffering for them.

c) One thing that it is very obvious to me in all the parishes that I have been a member of, and it is that we have an enormous amount of plans to bring others to Jesus and prayer groups, retreats and many other activities are established towards this goal. They are all very good! Yet, I am certain that this is a way to CONTROL the work of the Holy Spirit. We first have to submit to our own daily conversion, especially with our Yes to His will and seeking ways to be the best disciple; then, all those activities will be planned as God wills them for the parish and success will be the end result! In other words, we need to be cleansed constantly from our human plans in order to hear what our Lord wants…

2. Plans for the “Walk for Life” in the East and West coasts of the U.S., showing the world that the law passed precisely in this month of January but many years ago, is a major sin against LIFE… Yet, in my OPINION, this effort is not truly changing anything… Yes, a few lives of infants in the womb have been saved but we continue destroying them and committing a huge destruction of human beings, all made in the image of God! I wonder if instead of walking for one day a year, we walk with a big yes to God’s will every day of our lives…

3. Prayer in general has become a superficial exercise for most of devoted Catholics. We do not pray WHILE our souls are submitting to a constant process of conversion. In fact, for my recent confession, the Lord prepared me to find out that I carry resentment for at least 20 people. I never remember because when I think of them, I have pardoned them and I do not feel too much problem interiorly. However, He asked me to revisit in images what these people did or said to me that were a lie and persecuted me without any reason. It is then that I realized that I still resented them!!! This was extremely important for me to repent and to allow my soul to be converted and truly practice my love for neighbor, so my prayer for these problems worldwide can ALSO be answered with great graces for these people and for the sake of their salvation. This is a very quiet evangelization moment but significant in the eyes of God .At the same time, it allows my generated joy and peace after the confession and as I released them from their sin, to help me look for a deeper conversion of my soul.

I also must mention that in the worldwide media, many times you hear people saying, “I will pray for you.” Or “My prayers are with you.” However, this is like a saying to be nice to the other. I doubt that they truly dedicate some daily time to do it. So, prayer has been converted in a nice gesture instead of a true conversation with God.

4. We are seeing a brutal political division among U.S. citizens. The two factions use the communication media in all its forms to destroy the members of the other side in every form possible.

5. The definition of the “family” has become whatever each citizen wants it to be. In fact, quite often I hear in the media ideas about how important is to avoid marriage until a couple lives together for a while to find out if they would get along forever!

6. I must mention the many “gods” that we have created as a society. Sports have become a true god.

Money for very expensive tickets and transportation to huge stadiums that all seem full, is invested on a regular basis, especially on Sundays, the day to glorify the Lord. Yet, much worse is the VIOLENCE that the youth and children are submitted to while watching these games, most especially American football. The viewers are being brainwashed into believing that violence and winning go together. In some games, you see a tinge of hatred coming from the players when they throw to the ground with great force, the opposite team member. They celebrate with huge gestures, and again, making seem these attacks to the other team, something good and great.


1. The time is here for all of us, but especially for me as a sinner, to evangelize the entire world WITH MY PRAYER AND MY LIFE DEDICATED TO OBEY THE WILL OF GOD AND TO LOVE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS and I am not doing it. Yes, I pray daily a community Rosary for many people, including Senators, House Representatives, the U.S. President, etc. and all are written in each Hail Mary… However, I do it without truly being in love with them I forget that I only have to ask God to give me such grace and He would do it… Well, it ALSO means that I do not care that much for them… (OUCH) I forget that once I pray for others but loving them, my prayer can change many things. This is spiritual dementia on my part.

2. This is the time to pay attention to myself in a very serious way and seek all the ways to stay on the path of an ongoing conversion… Of course, God is the one Who does it to my soul, but

a) I have to work daily on becoming the best disciple I can be and follow Jesus’ instructions to do so. I must OFTEN look into my conscience and look for all the areas that seek power, control, possessions and any form of lack of love for my brothers and sisters, like the quiet resentments that I carried.

b) I have to work daily in thanking God for my crosses, simply because those crosses are blessed instruments to assist me in my conversion. They are full of power since He sends them to me as His will, and if it is His will, they have to be embraced… When I find myself rejecting the crosses in any way, like by asking for them to be changed or less heavy, I am insulting Him for what His will is for me!!! (Ouch)

c) I must understand that I have to follow Jesus and that means to do and obey what He said… There is no other alternative. Following Jesus does not mean that I just say that I have a relationship with Him. I have to investigate what kind of relationship I have. Is it just a verbal statement? Or, does it mean that I was created to evangelize everybody that He sends in my daily path? I am here to announce His salvation that carries certain risks of being opposed in word and in action. It means that I may risk to be crucified in the cross of persecution and hatred and even quiet resentment like mine…

3. Once I become aware of the kind of discipleship that I must follow, then MY DUTY IS TO EVANGELIZE with prayer, with love for all, which is the power to live a life that reflects such love for them. It is the time to allow the Holy Spirit to do it for each person (as they need it) but using me as the messenger.

4. a) I must remember that these times were described by Jesus with great similarity to what we are seeing as expressed in part II. I must remember that I MUST HAVE ENOUGH OIL to keep the lamp of my soul shining for the rest of the world. BUT,

b) I ALSO MUST REMEMBER THAT GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS and for Him NOTHING is impossible (as we saw this past November in the U.S.) and that I simply must become His right hand to serve my brothers and sisters day and night.

c) I must pay attention to the importance of GETTING BUSY and DO SOMETHING right now to fix all the 6 different problems enumerated above and many more not mentioned… By “to do something,” I mean, to become the light that God wants me to be in order for Him to use me…

d) I must remember that evangelization is a merciful act, just like Jesus did when He died for us to become the Father’s children. I must add here that on January 1, I heard someone in television say that “doing the works of mercy shall change the world.” I immediately realized that those works of mercy MUST START IN MY SOUL. That I must do all necessary to be evangelized to the point of daily working on my sanctification but not to become important or recognized as special; it has to be done precisely to become servants of evangelization in the present world. I must constantly remember that if I do God’s will, first and foremost to show Him how much I love Him, He will transform me for the job intended since my creation.. I also must remember that I cannot give what I do not have! Then, I must do many works of mercy, spiritual and corporal, and yes, I can also pray on a daily basis for God’s mercy to save the entire world…


As you have read, I have been called to follow Jesus doing all that He said regarding discipleship. After attempting to obey the instructions, I have been given a clear call to change the world by allowing Him to use me, especially through prayer of the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I AM SUPER SURE THAT WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER… This past November we saw it done in the U.S… Even if it is only a few of us who want to enter a conversion stage as we try our best to follow the guidelines for discipleship, let’s get together and pray ONE ROSARY AND ONE CHAPLET OF MERCY per day as we call Our Mother in heaven and all the Saints to pray for us, so that we can shine with our words and deeds and obtain from God a massive conversion.

He already did it in 1531… I am certain that He prepared us for these times showing us HOW HE CAN DO IT. He dressed His Mom in a way that all Mexican Indians could understand that she was real and their mother!!! 9 million Indians converted in 4-5 years!  I still want to translate and summarize the content of the 6 different 30 minutes presentations of Msgr. Eduardo Chavez , to be sure we understand how God planned the entire thing to bring His Mother to appear to a 59 year old lay widower… These programs are a little different to a program already translated of the story of St. Juan Diego. If He did this in Mexico, then, He can do it now and WE CAN DO IT with Him…Let’s change for the sake of the Kingdom and do our part… Then, let God give us the faith, hope and love necessary to become powerful agents in the salvation of the ENTIRE WORLD… Period!

WE NEED TO STOP SATAN and his work to divide, to accuse, to give fear, to distract us. IT IS SOO EASY… Let’s start by seeking sins that are buried in our soul as my sins of resentment were! Let’s repent and confess them and receive absolution. Let’s seek any sins of control opposed to the will of God; of fear that breaks up any trust in God’s mercy (trust= faith without fear). Let’s find time for ONE ROSARY and CHAPLET OF MERCY A DAY, for the Lord to conquer sin in the whole world.

Somehow I have been able to write this second blog in just two days…!!! He has insisted that it was extremely important to post it in this month and right away. I suspect that the time of having enough oil in our lamps is here. And yes, it is great to be present in the walks for life but as men and women who are seeking sanctity as Jesus asked us to do!!! We need to create clean, gorgeous vessels to be sent as He did the 12 first Apostles and tell the entire world that yes that He is here in every Tabernacle and within ourselves and that we want to do His will because we love Him. Let’s call the Holy Spirit to do whatever is needed to save every soul on this earth.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog similar to a letter to his small children left by a famous younger scientist, as he was dying of cancer. I wrote the letter for my grandchildren, so one day they could know why Jesus is alive In the Eucharist…How He came to me and revealed His True Presence when I was 6.5 years old. How I loved Him so much that I accepted to live in a convent for my first grade, just to be near Him and sleep nearby, Who was exposed 24/7. I still remember such love and it never left me…

IN THE SAME FASHION, I want to leave this blog as a reminder that WE MUST RUN and do whatever He tells us… And what He wants of us is to love God and others like He did and does, to the point of paying for our sins through His crucifixion and to be present in all Tabernacles of the world. So, I want to repeat that we must run and work in our souls with what we can (repentance, accepting our crosses, thanking Him for His will for us, etc.) and be open to the Holy Spirit to save many souls regardless of persecutions, misunderstandings, or any difficulty, in order to see all the problems that were enumerated, be solved once and for all… Only obedience to His will can keep our lamps full of oil…If He became a baby in the body of a Virgin, and the Archangel Gabriel told Our Lady that for God all things are possible, the same He can do in our times, as long as we act like His mother and say, “May Thy will be done.” Amen.

Come Holy Spirit into our hearts to see the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into our minds that we may know the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into our souls that we may belong only to God. Sanctify all that we say, think and do, so that everything may be done for the glory of God. Amen

P.S.: 1) I would love for you to keep praying for me. I pray for you daily… for  all readers of this blog. Let’s become a “TEAM OF MERCY” FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD.” May you have a blessed 2017, the centenary of the apparitions of our Mother in Fatima.

2) I must mention that two days ago, the priest who gave us the gift of re-creating the Franciscan University of Steubenville, passed away… To him I owe the spiritual education of my third son (soon to be ordained a Deacon) and of his wife…What a gift from God was to end up moving abruptlyfrom Indiana (as God led us) in order for my son to be closer and know more about the existence of this University.  






Gratitude: an important step for my daily conversion!

December 8, 2016

I dedicate this blog to my Mother the Virgin Mary, on the occasion of the celebration of her Immaculate Conception.

As promised last month, I will try to report a few stories from October that I did not add because my eyes were giving me too much problem and I had to post the blog right away in order to cover the subject of prayer for the then upcoming U.S. Presidential election. These are the important points to report:

1. On Sunday, October 16, there were several “Blessed” men who were canonized and one woman. She was a French Carmelite nun by the name of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity. In the mid 1980’s, I became interested in Blessed Elizabeth’s spirituality and the time to understand it was during a year that I did not work following my first major professional persecution in Cleveland, OH and to no fault of my own. I needed to let the storm subside so that my two persecutors (chief anesthesiologists) would think of what they had done and not write something horrible about me when asked as a reference for a new job.

Many people around me like other doctors and nurse anesthetists kept insisting that I should hire a lawyer and fight this injustice. I checked with the Lord and He led me to just stay home for a year, since I had plenty of money in the bank. God knew what He was allowing to happen and sure enough, they apologized to my husband for the things they had done, who was an anesthesiologist working with the Kaiser Permanente group but using the same operating rooms at St. Luke’s hospital. Well, God’s plan is always SO PERFECT that to this day I am grateful for what happened since I met (spiritually) my later on great friend Eli, as I call her ever since.

In fact, recently during his recent visit my theologian son told me that when he studied in Rome in the 1990’s, he found Blessed Elizabeth to be very popular and he knew her from my attraction to her spirituality. It is interesting that by November 23, a little over a month after her canonization, I had in my hands a Rosary dedicated to St. Elizabeth, which my daughter in law gave me as a gift and that was given to her by someone who was present at her canonization. It is amazing what God does and when we cannot go to Rome, Rome comes to us… Since from childhood I am a Carmelite by knowing St. Teresa of Avila through my grandmother and having St. Therese of Lisieux perform a daring drop of her picture on me at age 2, but returning to the wall as my grandma ran to console me (she thought I would wake up and cry); well my Carmelite attraction was clear and decisive and even the Lord chose to console me (with my poor health) with this rosary by the splendid gift of my family member and which came to her from someone else. There is no doubt in my mind that He can do all things… Now I am using St. Eli as one of my main intercessors at the Throne of Mercy to obtain some healing for my body, a body sickly but with two arms!!!! See below.

2. On October 17, by pure chance again (no doubt that God wanted me to see it) I watched an episode in EWTN titled “Armed with Faith,” presented during an episode of the program “At home with Jim and Joy.” The guest was a man who had been born without arms. He has written a book, “What is your excuse.” His name is John Foppe. He was the fourth son of 8 boys. Please stop here and if you have not seen this presentation, just think of yourself having no arms from birth and also born with some irregularity in his hips. Now think of your daily life and how could you survive without arms!

His mom and brothers helped him with many personal chores until age 11 when she realized that he had to learn to do it all by himself. At that age, his first major problem was getting dressed, especially putting his pants on and securing this clothing piece at the waist level. Again, please think of yourself getting dressed without the help of arms. In my case this story has led me to thank God everyday for all my organs and body parts. Even today on early December, I am still asking my Lord for pardon for ignoring such gift as my arms! I could go on and on and pin point the many gifts we have been given with our brains… I sometimes laugh about the beauty of our God, the most Holy Trinity, Who went as far as inventing the sexual act and the anatomy necessary for it… To me, this is a great proof of His desire and enticement to procreate. Amazing funny and loving God that we have!

John Foppe eats with his feet! He drives with his feet. He is married and has a child. However, he was also born with a genetic deformity in his hips, and the latter is giving him some problem as he has to bend his lower extremities to an extreme to be able to eat, drive, write, etc. You can find more about this person at the following sites: http://www.johnfoppe.com  – armedwithfaith.org

He is a motivational speaker and executive director of St. Vincent de Paul in St. Louis, MO. The DVD of Foppe’s story can be bought from EWTN and you may refer to it as HDAWF

Among the things that Mr. Foppe said: 1) Always there is a reason for our suffering. Our inconvenience is what God uses to show the good of things. (In his case, John has great determination and has learned to value his struggles). 2) The strongest the trial, the strongest the truth. It is living day to day to have God reveal Himself. 3) God is in all these pendulum swings but always with Easter in the other side! 4) At the end of the day, faith comes with the purpose that God has! 5) In whatever reality you live, you have the capacity to bring others to Christ!

3. As you can figure out, the previous story was related to the proper handling of extreme suffering. The very same day in the Journey Home program, I found a couple who suffered from infertility. The wife’s name is Neesha Oliver and she has a blog site, neeshaoliver.wordpress.com

From her blog in 2015, she wrote, “Being a housewife and a mother were always linked in my mind. I never really imagined being one without being the other, and if I ended up being one and not the other, I definitely thought I would be a mother before ever being a housewife. However, I’ve found myself in the opposite situation.

“I’ve really enjoyed being a housewife, but I can’t deny that I’ve had my moments of feeling odd. Sitting on the opposite side of the coin than I thought I’d be on has its challenges. It’s strange being a housewife to take care of my family of two – me and my husband. I’ve had my moments of feeling like somehow I’m less than other women who have children and are stay-at-home mothers because I have less to take care of.”

Her husband wanted to become a Deacon and moved from church to church trying to find a way to do it. He started in a Nazarene Church and then moved to the Episcopal Church. Eventually the Lord guided them to the Catholic Church where they finally found the VALUE OF REDEMPTIVE SUFFERING… and allowed by God for the good of others. (This was a wonderful teaching for me…)

4. Regarding redemptive suffering, the Lord did not stop there in his teaching for me. Just this past weekend of December 3-4, there was a telethon in the Hispanic channel for the maintenance of a place in San Antonio, TX, which gives children and young adults born with disabilities, a chance to develop skills to give them more mobility and sometimes even the ability to walk. This was another reminder to many of us who brought children into this world with normal brains and other organs and who grew in perfect health… The presence of autism in many human beings gives me a terrible sadness because the parents of these children not only suffer from the pain of their difficult behaviors but also pose the question: who is going to take care of them when we die?

Therefore, every day I should wake up and thank God for so many gifts that our families and ourselves have received Do we do that? Well, in my case, I never did it until very recently… I am ashamed and feel guilty for ignoring the HUGE GRACES RECEIVED and that I never truly paid attention to… Now, when I am cooking or passing the pages of the Magnificat Missal, which are very thin, I thank God for my arms and hands! Gratitude, gratitude, screams for attention on our part!

Tuesday, October 18

On this day I understood that my “yes” to God’s will goes hand in hand with my constant desire for the salvation of all peoples. Put in a different way, my obedience to bring others to Jesus (like He said, to go deep into the water to catch more fish, which was also handed to me in a little piece of paper in 2003 at Paray-le-monial by a Visitation nun) depends on my constant “yes” to His will. My ongoing conversion is crucial to be able to have a healthy amount of caught fish to bring to Jesus. This double work means the best scenario to obey the two most important commandments: love of God and of neighbor.

This completes the sharing from October

For the month of November:

Week of Thanksgiving Feast: my third son and family were in transit to visit us from Omaha, NE.

Monday, November 21

. They were arriving in San Francisco airport during the morning hours; they would rent a car and come to Walnut Creek, a nearby city where they had reservations in a hotel. It is amazing about the technology of this present age. With the famous I-phone GPS, my son Omar and family were able to arrive to the hotel by mid day. He drove at least one hour in very busy expressways and made it without incident. I had no Tramadol left for the pain in my knees; so my son Ernie went to eat with them that night. I had told them that I could not receive them because I was without pain medication and did not want the children, ages 11, 8, 5 and 3, to see me in such condition.

Tuesday, November 22

This family went to the beach by invitation of an Omar’s friend and the children were super tired when they arrived to their hotel. On this date, Tramadol was available since the famous narcotics laws for pharmacies are very strict and with reason. Of course, there are many people who are taking them and the vigilance must be strict. However, Tramadol became a narcotic as recent as August  2014. Out of the blue, the Government’s respective agency declared it a narcotic. My own doctors told me that they never found a patient becoming chemically attached to this drug. I can confirm it. When I have had to take narcotics for surgery reasons, for example, there is a sense of satisfaction and well being. With Tramadol, there is none ever. I have wondered if Satan had convinced the FDA to do so knowing by then that I had pain in my knees and my great allergy to different oral narcotics related to codeine. However, God has allowed it and this is another chapter of suffering for each month. Suffering with its redemptive power becomes an important help for the salvation of many!

Wednesday, November 23

Finally I was able to receive my son and family and that is when my daughter-in-law gave me the great gift of the Rosary of now St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. This time, after we fed this family with the Olive Garden Restaurant’s food, which they love, they departed to their hotel and I spoke to my friend now St. Eli; I asked her to pray for me regarding my problem with so much toxicity around and the need to move out of here. She said and clearly: “I will pray for you if you promise me to do two things: 1) always do the Father’s will at all cost! No distraction should come between your yes and honoring the Holy Trinity with your acceptance of His will, like embracing this pain in your knees without any questions. 2) Open page 222 in the Scriptures.

I did and in Judges: 6: 34-40, Gideon asked God to send him signs that he should fight the Medianites. The description is long but God did all what Gideon requested. Then, in chapter 7 (a must read chapter for all of us), God said to Gideon, “Call all who want to fight against Median.” Gideon did and 30,000 responded. Then, God said, “Well, you have too many men and when you get the victory, all will think that it was due to the number of fighters against Median.” Then, Gideon was asked to describe to the 30,000 all the possible consequences for their lives and asked them to leave if they felt afraid. Only 3,000 stayed. Still God asked Gideon to repeat it and only 300 soldiers were left. Gideon divided the 300 in three groups of 100 and proceeded to attack the Medianite camp and others who by now have joined them. And YES, they claimed a victory of Israel over the enemy camps.  It was obvious that God wanted to prove to Gideon that He was the one in charge of their protection and not related to the number of fighting Israelites. This also proves that what God wanted was to increase the faith of Gideon and his people. How interesting is to see our Lord how He treats all of us with such mercy and deep love, like that of a mother to her children and uses all opportunities to teach us how to follow Him..

Then St. Elizabeth said, “In the same fashion that Gideon was able to be victorious with the help of God, you must go and proclaim the Gospel.” I immediately realized that the war is God’s and that I only have to say “yes” and expect my health and other issues to be remedied by Him, and proceed to proclaim HIS LOVE FOR ALL OF US, most specially by what He does with mine… In fact, with this great show of power from the Lord to Gideon, my immediate response was to say, “Thank You for what He will do in my life,” and did it with lots of confidence that I could do it. I knew that He would take me away from this area and stop so much toxicity that is ruining my body. It is affecting my kidneys with polyuria (excessive urination); it is affecting my body weight with weight gain with little eating since I can only eat two meals a day of chicken with avocado or sweet potatoes plus one glass of milk in between the two meals to take medications to which I am a little sensitive to. I am losing my memory again… especially in English (fact that does not bug me too much because I know that with detoxification I can reverse it). Yet, in the mean time, I HAVE TO SAY YES TO ALL OF THIS DESTRUCTION OF MY PHYSICAL BODY, and say it with total certitude that He is in charge…

 I am in a process of conversion regarding my desire to be an instrument (as Gideon was) of His mercy for others. I also understand that the loss of memory and weight gain is simply a way to prove to the scientific community of these truths (when I publish my book)… Then, overweight people will not be seen as people that eat too much. Some of the overweight population simply does not have a good efficient NATURAL DETOXIFICATION process by the liver and too much toxicity tells the brain to retain fat… And this is a true scientific point… You can be in all sorts of diets and gain weight after a good amount of lost pounds, and all related to the fact that NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION TO IT AND THAT GOD HAS USED ME TO PROVE IT IS A FACT… Like Gideon, my Lord is using me to prove this point and help many of His children… In fact, I just read in AOL about the 10 reasons to gain weight (besides overeating) and none mention toxicity as one of them.

I agreed with my sister St. Eli and promised to do what she was asking for since God was using her as an intermediary to make me understand many things regarding this point.

Thursday, November 24 – Feast of Thanksgiving

We all went to Mass to my parish. After receiving Jesus at Communion, He was clear and said, “Your illness will be cured in order to preach the Gospel with your life as a source of inspiration and most importantly for my Priests. Their lives are not easy and good examples of people seeking a life close to Me is an incentive for them. The world around has taken over and even those who regularly attend Mass. The attention of the world is into hearing  the latest news and to pass judgment on every aspect of daily life. Do not fear. Just do My will and proceed daily with trust based on knowing that I will take care of everything, if you go and proclaim the Gospel WITH YOUR LIFE BUT NEXT TO ME. Never forget what St. Elizabeth asked of you. This friendship started years ago precisely for you to have her intercession at this time of much need in the Christian world.”

I suddenly found myself asking Jesus for one thing only: for the grace of a constant conversion aided by a feeling of constant great gratitude; I offered my repentance for my weak faith and the fears that make it weak to begin with. At this moment, I had no agenda regarding my health or how to proclaim the Gospel with my life. I only felt the need to be converted every day of my life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit until my time to go to my Father’s home. At this time, my total faith that He would take care of my health and moving out of this so toxic area was deep and actually trusted this fact like never before.

I cooked a meal for all of them and that was easy for me, since the Olive Garden was closed… It had turkey and everybody liked it. During this longer visit with my son, wife and children, I was full of stupefaction by the way these children behaved… I HAVE NEVER SEEN FOUR YOUNG CHILDREN GET ALONG SO WELL AND BEING SO OBEDIENT TO QUIET DOWN WHEN THEY STARTED TO MAKE MUCH NOISE. It proved to me that the faith of their parents is so deep and their prayer life as a family is so effective, that the Holy Spirit was the One raising these children by directing their parents.

AGAIN, this is a war in many families… Satan feasts on causing problems in families with their children’s behavior and uses this topic for parents to be constantly advised by Christian and non Christian people as to how to raise children but on their own power. They hear what to do and what no to do;  when to start and how to prioritize the raising of their kids. Obviously, since faith is rare among these counselors and I mean real faith, not just to believe in God as a concept, the Lord is never mentioned as the One raising the children by guiding the parents… With the Holy Spirit’s guidance as In the case of Gideon, the parents simply trust in Jesus and are guided by the Holy Spirit to do the parenting according to God’s will… Again and again, “the Lord is our Shepherd and there is nothing we shall want,” says Psalm 23.

Friday, November 25

My visiting “holy” family departed very early from San Francisco airport and eventually got to their home in Nebraska. 

On this day, Fidel Castro passed away in Cuba at age 90. He was educated by Jesuits and came with good intentions to fight the government of a Cuban dictator by the name of Fulgencio Batista… In his time, Havana was full of prostitutes and other visitors coming from other countries including the U.S. to spend weekends swimming in pools of moral pestilence and casinos. Well, the story of Fidel we know well and he became another dictator with socialist tendencies and destroyed many lives who opposed him.

 I wonder what could have been done if the mostly Catholic Cubans had truly asked their Patroness in heaven to help this man change this horror. This is a short story of this title of the Virgin Mary in Cuba from the Internet:

Our Lady of Charity also known as Our Lady of El Cobre or Nuestra Senora de la Virgen de la Caridad is a popular Marian title of the Blessed Virgin Mary known in many Catholic countries.

Several known Marian images with the same title exist around the world while a particular Hispanic image is pontifically designated by Pope Benedict XV as the Patroness of Cuba. The present image is enshrined in the National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre and was built in 1926 situated in village El Cobre, near Santiago de Cuba. Pope Pius XIgranted a Canonical Coronation towards the image on 20 December 1936. The feast day of Our Lady of Charity is September 8; the solemn Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.[1]

After what have seen recently in the political scenario in the U.S., WE CAN DO THE SAME EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD… We simply need to PREACH THE GOSPEL WITH OUR LIVES AS WE SUBMIT TO GOD’S WILL regardless what the cost is. With God, we could win any war and hopefully, MANY OFUS WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT GOD CAN DO, as He just did for us… In all instances, our Mother would be around taking care of us.

Monday, November 28

At 3 PM, I had a revelation: I was led to understand the importance of the mercy of God to solve my health problems, eyesight to be corrected, and all other needs like finishing the book, which will reveal to the world huge truths about dementia and depression. The immensity of the latter is beyond understanding. I was called to pray a Rosary and a Chaplet of Mercy every day for a month at the 3 PM hour, and asking Our Lady of Guadalupe to pray for me, since it will be under her intercession with this title that I will get the help needed.

I have seen another program regarding the story of Our Lady in Tepeyac, Mexico. Since my eyes are worse than ever… regarding the use of this computer with much discomfort every time that I use it for more than 30 minutes, I have not been able to translate the entire story of her apparition and as related in the last October’s blog. Now, I have much more to pass on since the same priest who explained so many things about her coming, has continued explaining how the Franciscan priests who came from Spain to Mexico, thought that the painting as it appeared in St. Juan Diego’s cloak was from Satan since the Indians fell in love with her!!! In 1523, three Franciscan priests had come from Spain. One died shortly after. In 1524, 12 more arrive. In 1554, a Dominican priest who in time would become the Archbishop of Mexico City, arrived and the rivalry between the two Orders increased!

By 1546, some 15 years after her coming in 1531, the locals in Tepeyac were inventing that this picture actually was a copy of the one of Santa Maria de Guadalupe from Extremadura, Spain. Others said that the image was painted by an Indian on orders of a cleric. The confusion was huge and Satan was working over time (notice how he confuses, divides, accuses and gives fear). The Archbishop of Mexico City, the Dominican, was the one who defended the 1531painting as the original and according to the story known from Juan Diego.  In this program, Father Chavez went into great length to prove that all these suppositions were simply impossible to sustain. I hope that one day, and with the help of her intercession, I will be able to translate the entire story.

In the mean time, I have started the task of praying at the 3 PM hour. There is so much to be done since the times are getting worse by the hour with much confusion!  On this same day, it was announced that Amazon, based in Tracy, CA, was receiving 620 orders per minute via Internet as people buy things to “celebrate” Christmas. They have robots to bring the items to the employees to be placed in boxes to be dispatched everywhere. If this is not crazy, well, I do not know what to call it! As you may know since I have written about it in previous blogs, I do not give gifts to others for Christmas (except a few dollars to my grand kids) nor expect anyone to give me anything and my sons know about it. The moment they  became teens, we stopped placing Christmas trees and interchanging gifts.  As for me, Christmas is every day since He is here with us in every Tabernacle.

Tuesday, November 29

1:45 PM – I suddenly found myself thinking of the many programs that discuss the topic of how to be holy, the do’s and don’ts. Yes, many will say that reading the lives of the Saints is very important. Others write or speak about the struggles with suffering and how to handle it. Others claim that evangelizing with words is a road to sainthood. All of these possibilities are part of the road to holiness but it is a tough road to follow and to remember to do at all times.

I understood the following to make it an easier road:

1. Never look back except when led by the Holy Spirit. This is because some memories may lead me to resentment again…

2. Never plan or wonder about the future unless guided by the Holy Spirit. This is because fear can easily creep up and interfere with my faith in His love for me.

3.Live the NOW in prayer and with the suffering allowed by God saying Yes to it and in thanksgiving for His Presence within, His love, His mercy, His promises and for realizing that at each minute we are on the way with His protection and care, while surrounded by Angels, Saints and our Mother

4. As this is done, the following happens!

1) All fear disappear, or any fear that rises up is handled right away and ignored (It has happened to me).

2) Faith, hope and love increases as if by magic and in surprising ways.

3) Attachment to worldly desires also disappears.

4) Serenity, peace and joy augments. There is no loneliness.

5) The run towards the heavenly residence proceeds without too many stops and distractions in trying to do the “right thing.”

6) There is plenty of spiritual gasoline, interior power, ongoing conversion and a deep sense of being in heaven while still on earth.

7) This routing is clearly explained in the Bible BUT by doing POINT 3, the world with its huge electronic communication capabilities will fail to brainwash us to become independent and do that what pleases us.

8) Love for money, prestige, power and control lose their dominion over our minds and souls.

5. The net result is the ability to preach the Gospel with our lives, although our transformation is actually the grace coming again when we live point 3 with all our desire to do it for the glory of God and for the salvation of all souls.

Thursday, December 1

The news came out about an upcoming movie titled, “The Pope.”  For what I saw in the commercial for this movie, it is a grave insult to our Catholic Church since they are going to invent lies. I would like to ask you, and if you agree to do it, DO NOT GET YOUR MIND INVOLVED IN ANY  RESENTMENT TOWARDS THOSE WHO ARE PART OF THE MOVIE IN WHATEVER WAY like the actors, the producer and the director of the film. In this way, we will defeat Satan who will lose the battle of seeding us with lack of love for them, dividing us, confusing us. And please think that all opposition to our Faith is a great opportunity for us to recognize the people behind it and pray for them like never before and save their souls!!!

We are here to love everybody, regardless of what they do or not; we are here to save souls at all cost… If self denial is needed on our part, let’s act like Jesus would act and forgive them from the start. Ask Him for the grace to love them and proceed to include them in your Rosaries. Our Mother will obtain the rest at the Throne of Mercy to save them. We cannot speak about mercy and turn around and fight them even in our thoughts. If it becomes the will of God that something gets done publicly against this sort of persecution of the Church, the Holy Spirit will let those Catholic members know and even more, WIN THE WAR!!! The more we talk publicly about it without guidance from the Spirit, that much more we entice many to go and see the movie and in general, we could become commercials for this persecutory film.

On this same day of December 1, I was given a nice teaching on how to seek my conversion. It came BEFORE SEEING THE NEWS ABOUT THE MOVIE MENTIONED ABOVE… My Lord was preparing me!

I understood the following:

Those who attack us personally or the Church are our best reminders to practice our second most important Commandment to save their souls. We must proceed and do the following:

1) Mention them in our Rosaries

2) Offer all our suffering for their redemption

3) REFUSE the devil’s attempt to make us sin with hatred or resentment.

4) Each day upon waking up, give thanks to God for another day of living loved by Him, guided by His Spirit and persecuted as a TRUE worker of the Kingdom.

5) Keep clear in your mind at the beginning of each day that God’s will for that day and my total desire to obey it opens the door to my constant living in the Holy Spirit. Each day is a Pentecost for my soul since I was Baptized and Confirmed in the Spirit’s love, and this means that He will keep me in route to my Father’s home. This plan is perfect for my soul as long as I live this understanding and truth.

Matthew 7:21, 24-27 is clear!

“Not everybody who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of My Father in heaven.

“Everyone who listens to these words of Mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock. The rain fell, the floods came and the winds blew and buffeted the house. But it did not collapse; it had been set solidly on rock. And everyone who listens to these words of Mine but does not act on them will be like a fool who built his house on sand. The rain fell, the floods came and the wind blew and buffeted the house and it collapsed and was completely ruined.” (End of quote)

Each day then becomes a reminder that all I do on the following hours is to check with Him regarding what to do first. Sometimes I have to shop in two different places. I then ask where I should go first. I do it because He may have some customers for evangelization purposes and sometimes because I can find the items I need on sale, as an example. I did happen on Dec. 2. I needed the water I drink Evian (which has the least amount of fluoride) and not always I can find it. I was led to go to a supermarket which I had visited the day before but in a different location and had none. I went then to the same supermarket but on a different place and sure enough, I found lots of Evian on sale, important because it is expensive. I exploded with thanksgiving to my Lord… Once this is established as a routine, the Holy Spirit is summoned to take over every decision on my part.

However, if on the contrary I constantly worry about how to follow Jesus, how to deny myself, I AM DOUBTING His love and mercy to guide me! It is a matter of give and take. I give Him my attention and recognize His love and mercy for me and He takes over… I hear so many ways described as to how to establish a personal relationship with Jesus. Yet, we do not give Him space to guide our lives and day by day, to grow in this personal dependence on His love that it is the equivalent to a close relationship with Him.

With this certitude we find ourselves in storms but also certain that He is in charge. In this area, I need much conversion since many times I find myself wondering what is next! Not such thought should come since no matter what suffering is present, whether physical or mental or spiritual, all will take me to advance in my love and trust in His mercy. Any little wondering regarding what will be next (pretty much what happened to St. Peter when he doubted as he walked on water toward Jesus and his doubt made him fall in the water), totally closes the door to the gifts of faith, hope and His love is not felt because of the wall placed by any worries or fears, etc.

Saying ‘Lord, Lord,’ will not work. What works is the expectancy at all times of His love and mercy without any worry or fear. Unfortunately, this is what we do and as the world does: we have methods and ideas to get from point A to point B. However, in the spiritual world we simply thank Him ahead of time for the beauty of His will in our lives for each day. We thank Him for His direction as long as we have agreed to do His will and ignore ours, the basis for self denial. We should be as well super happy for the results to come that will guide us to give Him glory.

Saturday, December 3

10:45 AM – I found myself worrying about how to put together this blog since I had so much information. My Mother came and said, “Again, thank God for having so much information available. Grow in certitude that the Holy Spirit will organize it according to His will. Never forget that this blog is His, not yours. The only thing you should do is submit to the difficulties with your yes so that He can honor your constancy and your desire to do it for His glory and the salvation of souls.

“Never forget that the Holy Spirit is the Love between the Father and the Son and that such Love is directing this operation! This love between them is the most extraordinary gift for the human race, and so much so, that it was sent to all the earth after my Son’s ascension to heaven.

“From now on, every time that you speak of the Holy Spirit, like when you start your prayer or when all are present at the beginning of the Mass, as you say ‘In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,’ you should think that it is in the name of the Father, Son and Their mutual love. If you call the Holy Spirit at any moment during the day, think immediately that you are calling the LOVE between the Father and Son to assist you with direction and thank God for this gift of His Love because IT CAN DO IT ALL.” (End of her teaching)

Since I am not a theologian, I want to remind you that I have felt comfortable with the Holy Spirit being the love between the Father and the Son as I have read it from St. Augustine. Yet, I will place this weekend of Dec. 10-11 in the section of “pages” a series of questions and answers regarding the Holy Spirit according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in case anyone feel like reviewing what we believe as a Church.

This picture of the Spirit as the mutual love between the Father and Son goes back to St. Augustine who wrote: “And the Holy Spirit, according to the Holy Scriptures, is neither of the Father alone, nor of the Son alone, but of both; and so intimates to us a mutual love, wherewith the Father and the Son reciprocally love one another. (Augustine, On the Trinity XV, 17.24)

Wednesday, December 6

At this late time and not finished with this blog, I went to Whole Foods Health Store to buy several organic foods. I really wanted to finish this blog first but from tonight on, there will be heavy rain in the area and I do not want to drive in those conditions, since my sight is not perfect and walking with a cane makes the wet cement become dangerous for me. As I gathered in this store all I needed, I proceeded to the cashier’s area and there were only two open! A woman named Dora and probably in her 50’s arrived to one of these stations while another person was being served with a full cart. The other station was also full of waiting clients. Dora insisted that I would go first since she was in no hurry… I insisted that she had arrived first and in all fairness she should go ahead of me. She would not do it and I went first… She then came to unload my cart so that I would not work much at it…

At this point, my cane was hanging from the side of the cart but she did not know me at all… She could not figure out how painful my knees were and of course I had had to take 3 Tramadol’s for pain before I left my house… I asked her about her first name to pray for her and called her an angel. She insisted that it was wonderful to help me!!! Since there was someone ahead of us, I was able to tell her that dementia was reversible and how the food thickener carrageenan could cause depression in some of us. In fact, I mentioned that just yesterday, the famous singer Naomi Judd came to explain at ABC how she suffers from depression that is untreatable!!!!!!  Dora was fascinated with my gift…

I realized by now that God was doing His work for both of us. In my case, He was saying, “We need this story to be included in this blog. I am happy that you obeyed and came today. For Dora, she will make use of this knowledge for her good and the good of others.” I also remembered my Mother recently telling me that I had to be relaxed regarding the blog because the Holy Spirit was in charge, and indeed He was… He had moved Dora to insist in making my life easier and acting with so much love for neighbor that He blessed her with the important health knowledge. Amazing God… He is simply a dream…


A new year is coming. I am certain that I will continue finding ways for my further conversions, but one thing is certain: from now on GRATITUDE MUST BE A WAY OF LIFE for me. Years ago, I wrote a thanksgiving list to God but I hardly go over it on a routine basis. Yet, now I can SEE how important is to realize how many gifts I have received and for which I should thank God on a regular basis. As of late, every time that I open my Bible looking for a page, I thank God for my arms and hands… If my eyes continue to suffer, by 2018 when I have to renew my driver’s license, maybe I will not have enough vision to pass the tests. Yet, I am already accepting such difficulty. He will never allow anything that will not bring many graces from suffering for my conversion and the salvation of other souls.

Recently I have been told that I have permission to see football or basketball games (the latter especially because my local team is the most extraordinary one, the Oakland Warriors with the star players of Steph Curry, KlayThompson and Kevin Durant!) BUT provided that I pray for everyone in the stadium and for both teams, never wanting one team to win against the other (He said that it was inconsequential who the winner was. What was important would be to pray for their salvation) and asking for God’s mercy for their souls and do it always, often and with love. And yes, I have been given a profound love for all at each game.

 I can watch the news as well but always also praying for all who appear in the TV screen. I have also have given orders to avoid programs where I will easily feel resentment for those in them. One example is “The View” with a great actress, Whoopi Goldberg and companions. The group is always discussing political issues but in terms that are hard and unloving. Well, the Lord said to avoid watching such programs since I can easily and automatically switch to resentment and even with a slight sentiment of hatred for them. Worse, I am adding sins to the life of “The View” members by the promoting in my mind of such negative feelings.

IN SUMMARY, there is no question that my ongoing conversion includes how to use my time to give glory to my Lord and asking for His mercy to save many souls, all wrapped with a blanket of spiritual gratitude. Therefore, any television viewing must keep me away from fracturing in a thousand pieces my obedience to the Second most important Commandment, that of loving others as I love myself.

Please pray for me! Satan is constantly harassing me. He tries very hard to make me feel inadequate to preach the Gospel with my daily life. He also often obstructs me. Example: I have tried hard to purchase the DVD mentioned before by Dr. Mark Hyman from the Cleveland Clinic, one that will give an answer to everyone who watches it regarding how to prevent diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, all done by the way we eat. At one point I called the San Francisco Public Broadcasting group (KQED) where the program was made and the lady who answered did not even know what program I was talking about. She went into their Internet site and told me that there was no mention of such title. My son helped me by finding two PBS’s stations in two different States (even that the program was taped in San Francisco) and found that they were selling the DVD. Finally, during the last local showing of this program at KQDE in San Francisco, at a time when they have several people waiting for calls, I did call and finally was able to order several DVD’s for my sons, EWTN Fathers and companions and for a couple of friends. Of course, they refused to accelerate the sending of these DVD’s and I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks!!! I am certain that Satan was doing his best to stop my gift from reaching 7 different people!

May you have a wonderful blessed Christmas and an extraordinary new year of 2017. Thank you for your prayers.

“Thank You Holy Spirit for directing me for the writing of this blog and in this way, in allowing me to be your servant.”

Short addendum to previous October 2016 blog, one that taught me how to pray with faith!

November 12, 2016

My friends: I am addressing all who visit this site without knowing which presidential candidate you voted for. You know what my decision had been and simply based in the most important right there is: the inalienable right to life, the right to be born. The rest of the rights depend on having the luxury of being allowed to open our eyes in this world. To those who prayed, I HAVE TO THANK YOU SO MUCH…There you have a tremendous proof of the power of prayer.

As you know, I was praying 3 Rosaries per day and Chaplets of Divine Mercy just for these elections and most especially for the salvation of the two candidates. We know now that the cause for life of babies in the womb was the direct beneficiary of the results of the elections. I am sad that more than 40% of Catholics voted for Mrs. Clinton. It was clear for many of us that immigration and walls and poor phrases to describe Hispanics in this country were NOT as important as to stop abortion on demand. Mr. Devil had a huge defeat. However, when the time for the election came, I was given new ideas as TO HOW TO PRAY, besides accepting my suffering for this cause and trying very hard to pray much and do God’s will at all cost… So, the Lord prepared me ahead of time to be able to increase my faith as I prayed for this cause. Here it is:

Thursday, November 3

During the morning hours, I received two pages in the Bible as follows.

(Page 512)- 2 Maccabees 8: 1-6. (Please see how clear this whole chapter is about all the present difficulties in 2016… In retrospect since at the time I had no idea of the preciousness of these words, I will add in parenthesis meaning for our days.)

 “Judas Maccabeus and his companions (prolife voters)  implored the Lord to look kindly upon His people (U.S.), who were being oppressed on all sides, to have pity on the temple (wombs of women), which was profaned by godless men (abortion on demand); to have mercy on the city (in this Jubilee Year of Mercy), which was being destroyed (morally destroyed) and about to be leveled to the ground; to hearken to the blood that cried out to him (blood shed by babies); to remember the criminal slaughter of innocent children (aborted on demand children) and the blasphemies uttered against His name (everywhere by everyone); and to manifest His hatred of evil. Once Maccabeus got his men organized, the Gentiles could not withstand him, for the Lord’s wrath had now changed to mercy (results of the election). Coming unexpectedly upon towns and villages, he would set them on fire. He captured strategic positions (in order to bring merciful Judges to the Supreme Court), and put to flight a large number of the enemy (like Planned Parenthood and laws that approve euthanasia).

2 Maccabees 8: 12 and following

I will not copy the entire chapter 8 because you can read it at your discretion. However, it is clear that Maccabeus and companions trusted in God’s mercy…

(Page 777) – Sirach 51

The entire chapter is dedicated to thank God for all He has done to the person writing it.  It starts with verse 1 – “I give You thanks, O God of my father; I praise You, O God my savior! Verse 3 – You have delivered me in  Your great mercy. Verse 12 – He saved me from evil of every kind and preserved me in time of trouble. For this reason I thank Him and praise Him. I bless the name of the Lord.” (This is another chapter worthy of being read in its entirety).

I then prayed the Rosary with the EWTN viewers and a big teaching came through and this is what I wrote in my journal:

I had a clear picture that God will protect us versus our enemies. I heard this: “The correct way is for every morning to think of the power and grace of God in your own life. Therefore, know that you must thank Him daily for so many gifts and graces; expect triumph against all enemies. Keep your conversion ongoing so not to offend Him and allow the enemy to have any power over you. Thank Him for His mercy in the past, present and future. Only pay attention to what you can do to bring others to enjoy this same type of life.

“AT ALL TIMES KNOW that He is in charge of your life and that for such protection to fall over you, you need to AGREE with His will as being perfect and necessary and thank Him for such will regardless of the suffering involved!!! (I thought of my horrible knee pain). With this state of mind He will hear your prayers and answer them ASAP! In this consists the ‘yes’ of Our Lady. No more wondering on your part. The victory of Mr. Trump depends on your faith! Pray many Rosaries to live such life and for the salvation of all peoples, especially the two candidates and all voters. Secure the victory in this way. Like Judas Maccabeus, just thank Him for knowing that God is present and ready to give you as He did all your life! Realize that your healing will be here any time and the money necessary to move out of this toxic area. Thank Him for it ahead of time. With this kind of faith all is possible, EVEN MOVING A MOUNTAIN.”

All of this happened on November 3rd.  I then was led to pray for the election results but with great thanksgiving ahead of time!

Sunday, November 6

Before the Mass, I started to remind Him of the elections and He kept saying to pray giving Him thanks for the results. After Communion, He was clear and there was a certain force in His voice as He said, “PRAY IN THANKSGIVING. Do not forget this.”

At home on this same day, I was given the insight that thanksgiving can mean two things…!


1) I can pray thanking God for what He will do… (This is the wrong way… In fact it may give the impression that we are conniving God into answering us with what we want)


2) For the real thanksgiving, I had to remember and clearly that with faith I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS. So, my thanksgiving needed to come from a heart full of faith and trust that God will decide this election for the babies not yet born. BUT, HOW TO HAVE SUCH FAITH?


Ah… It is very easy (in hindsight, of course). A couple of days before, the Holy Spirit had led me to read 2 Maccabees where Judas with a few men, prayed to Yahweh for a victory against their enemies. And yes, the few Israelites were able to defeat the huge numbers in the enemy forces. And of course, we have tons of these examples like in Joshua 24… Victory after victory can be found in the Old Testament. So, when I would pray for these election results, I had to pray in thanksgiving to God with the certitude that He had done it for many of His servants as noted above. Sure enough, I felt great faith that HE COULD NOT LET US DOWN because He did not do that with the other figures in the Old Testament. So, on Monday, Nov. 7, I started praying many Rosaries IN THANKSGIVIG that the Lord would do the same for us and therefore I had to thank Him in anticipation. It was easy to have such faith behind it. I truly felt it since God is full of justice and mercy and would bless us as He did others.


On Monday, Nov. 7 during the day I prayed 8 Rosaries. I took some coffee to my second floor bedroom and prayed during the night 9 Rosaries in thanksgiving, helping myself with the coffee since I tend to sleep very easy at night time.


On Tuesday, Nov. 8 and after 17 Rosaries, I turned on EWTN/Spanish at 4 AM for the first Rosary for the daylight hours but instead, they had a Chaplet of Mercy in Spanish prayed by people in different Hispanic countries, including Costa Rica. So, I prayed it on behalf of all voters, in expiation for their sins and asking for God’s mercy for them. During the day on Tuesday, as the voters were busy voting, I prayed 8 Rosaries in thanksgiving. I wanted to pray 30 in total, but after 25, the Lord said that it was enough and that the victory was ours and of course WITH THE SENATE AND HOUSE having a REPUBLICAN majority (I was not even thinking about it).


I remember how in 2002, I traveled to Tepeyac and for Nov. 4th. I spent all day (9 hours) in the Basilica attending a Mass every hour and praying for the election of a Republican Senate, which was the one in jeopardy, so that Mr. Bush could elect the right members of the Supreme Court to approve those he chose. When I returned home on Nov. 5, as I landed in Texas, I heard that yes, the Senate was Republican.


In 2004, I spent 12 hours in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament at Christ the King parish in Toledo, and prayed 26-27 Rosaries (I forgot the exact number and you know the story). Yet, nothing was mentioned to pray in thanksgiving like this time. In other words, In 2016 I had to pray with much more faith!!!!! Well, the rest is history.


HOWEVER THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS ADDENDUM: we must pray now for the days prior to January 20, 2017, so that Mr Trump does not get too close to people that Satan will try to place around him.  He has to name 1,000 people as heads of the different areas of the Presidency. We need those people to help him also, not only not to influence him negatively, but to give him the right advice in due time to choose the right Judges for the Supreme Court and to CHANGE all his ideas about building the famous wall and deporting millions of Hispanics. If the Lord was able to give him the victory, He can also give him the wisdom and certainty to GOVERN in a MERCIFUL way… As King Solomon did, we must pray for WISDOM for this President elect.


SO, THIS MESSAGE IS SENT right now to ask you to pray with me for such petitions necessary to STOP, first of all, the division now caused by the democratic members that are furious with his win, and to a certain point with some reason since they are human and according to the polls, they were already sure Mrs. Clinton would win. We must remember that Satan divides… and it is his favorite work in our souls and minds…  but Jesus UNITES… Let’s pray at least ONE ROSARY PER DAY and one chaplet of Mercy for these intentions, so that God’s mercy can drop over Mr. Trump. Besides, those marching in the streets of many big cities are our brothers and sisters and we need to love them and pray that they can see and feel the need of unification, and that those democrats with some religious ideas, that they will pray for such unification.  WE CAN DO IT… We just did it… and nobody in our media can believe why it happened. Hatred (another instigated feeling from Satan) is preponderant and WE CAN STOP ALL OF IT… O yes, WE CAN!


It was interesting to hear in the late evening of November 8th, how the media spoke of what had just happened. These are some of their words:

Historically unbelievable; the most momentous event in America; a stunning victory; the greatest political upset of the last 100 years; a massive failure of political data; this is a bomb shell and what did we miss?; all polls were wrong.


I have prayed for the last 48 hours in order to know if the Lord wanted me to pass this information to you but right now and not later for the blog of November, and every time there was a clear ‘yes’ on His part. I understood that we need to contain Satan and his plans ASAP. Today and by chance, I heard a program in EWTN/Spanish about the Fatima apparitions, now considered extraordinary lights for us in these one hundred years since the Angel appeared to the three children in 1916. The core of the message was about praying much, offering all suffering and Francisco was the one who practiced it the most, which he offered for peace in the world. She also asked the children to pray many Rosaries. So, let us cover the President-elect with our prayer and suffering with one Rosary per day for these days before January 20, so that he makes all decisions according to God’s will and the good of all who live in this country. After the change of power, we must continue praying for him in some way or another; each one of us discerning what is God asking of us, since we need to save the lives of millions of babies not conceived as yet. The future of America is in our hands and all of us will face our God at the end of our life on earth, and we must give Him an account of our work for the Kingdom, that is, the conversion of all souls, in whatever ways He expects each one of us to do it.


Since I have some visitors for the week of Thanksgiving, the blog for November will be delayed somewhat and hopefully be posted early December. Thank you again for all those who prayed with great heart for this presidential election.




Another major step in my ongoing conversion!

November 1, 2016

My friends: you did a wonderful intercessory job in praying for me since I was able to understand that I must continue with these blogs at all cost, at least for the mean time. Our Lord will decide when to stop.

I am writing this blog in a shortened fashion because I learned something sooo important for our prayer prior to November 8, that I must t summarize it and perhaps for the month of November, I will add a few things that happened in this month of October, which are irrelevant to our need to pray with efficacy for the new President. I need to post this message as soon as possible and I beg you to join me in prayer in the new format given to me by Him, the love of my life, under  the intercession of Our Lady, most importantly under her title of Santa Maria de Guadalupe!

On October 10, I was directed to pray 3 Rosaries just for the presidential election, bringing the salvation of the two candidates as petitions for these Rosaries, among other urgent needs that I have, like moving away from this super toxic area, etc. Of course, I also had to pray the family and community Rosaries besides the 3 Rosaries mentioned. So, I started to do so.

On October 22, the wonderful feast day of St. John Paul II, my PK or Papa Karol as I call  him, and he must have prayed much for me because I was told and very clearly how poor my yes to God’s will still is! Ouch! Here is what I wrote in my journal:

On this day, I prayed several Rosaries one after the other at 1:32 PM, 1:50 PM, 2:10 PM and at 2:35 PM.

At 2:50 PM I started wondering what to do for this election. I called the Holy Spirit. I was sent to page 565 of the Bible and found Psalm 13 about prayer in time of illness…! Psalm 14 had as title, “A lament over widespread corruption.” I was fascinated about the topics…because they pertained to the intentions of the 3 special Rosaries mentioned above.

At 2:55 PM, I called the Holy Spirit and said, “What shall I do in these circumstances of my illness and widespread corruption?”

He answered, “You can do much more as follows:

I. With much prayer as you are doing it now.

II. Offer up your suffering in all aspects of your life, but never forget that 1) you have to hear My Truth and share it like you are doing with the blogs even if you suffer with your eye. 2) But also by working with others to spread the Truth of My Real Presence and my love and mercy for all, YET do not do it if deep in your heart you do not want to do it due to your poor health!” I took a deep breath and thanked Him for such permission.

“However,” He continued, “would you say yes to do it for the salvation of souls, especially those in your own household?”

I thought about it and realized my sin since I was ready to use His permission not to work with others speaking on His Real Eucharistic Presence and His love and mercy for all of us; yet when my family members were mentioned I was ready to sacrifice it all! Wow… I was greedy for graces for mine only. What a spiritual horror! So, I said, “Yes I am willing to do it.”

He said, “But it must be a true yes, not just a yes to get something for the family but a yes to sacrifice yourself for all in need. They are as important as your own.”

I said, “I am sorry for my sin of wanting to go and work with others but mostly because I want to benefit my own! Right now, my yes is clean of avarice and I truly want to do it to love all as You love them.” I had received the grace to feel much love for my brothers and sisters as if they were blood related. It was awesome!

3 PM: “Speak Lord, What else do You have to say?”

He sent me to page 888 – Jeremiah 39:18

III. “I will make certain that you escape and do not fall by the sword. (I understood that the sword was to care only for my own) Your life shall be spared (will obtain salvation) as booty because you trusted in Me,” says the Lord.
I realized that when He said, “I will make certain,” it meant that I had to be obedient to His will for this promise to be fulfilled. I also understood that saying yes to His will also meant to trust that His will by itself will protect me from my own sword, my own sin of only thinking of my family


1. I have to pray much (and of course the Rosary was so important. In fact on this day, it was after 4 Rosaries that I had been illumined about my own sin and how to correct it!)

2. Accept suffering at all cost for the good of others, and accepting it with a clean heart to help their salvation, was part of this plan of preparing for this election.

3. Doing His will with total trust (or with FAITH WITHOUT FEAR) that His will is perfect for me and necessary to combat the widespread social corruption existing today.

This plan looked universal, catholic in nature, a form of spreading the Kingdom of God in these moments of so much confusion, division, physical assassinations of babies and spiritual assassination of those who work to kill them, whether their own mothers or health professionals that do the abortions.

3:07 PM. I said to the Lord, “It is a deal.”

HERE IS WHEN I REALIZED THAT we as a nation have allowed the law that gives permission to mothers to kill their babies, plus we are still preaching and talking about praying for this not to happen anymore, but many years later, nothing has worked. Wouldn’t this be a good example of our stupidity of not realizing that our prayer has not worked? But why? That our preaching has not worked? That complaining about our religious liberty is so unimportant compared with the life of a baby killed without any problem if he/she resides in a womb of a woman, but it cannot be done if the baby is out of the womb?  We have the latest most advanced communication technology possible and most of it coming from California, but we only complain about the abortion on demand disaster and not dig the reasons as to why our prayer and preaching on this subject has given very weak results, when we as children of God have all the power on earth to end abortion on demand ! But why have we being so poor in judging these issues?

Let’s face it, “our eyes have not seen; our ears have not heard; our brains have not understood that we are failures in this matter.

ALL WE HAD TO DO was to pray much BUT COMING FROM A HEART totally accepting His will, and trusting 100% that His mercy, His many graces of His love for us, will demand of us love for our crosses and ALL DONE FOR HIS GLORY AND FOR THE SALVATION OF ALL SOULS… Once done, we could see God ending abortion on demand!

This matter is not complicated whatsoever. The yes of Our Lady was clear… And what happened? Ah, she received the grace or power to walk for three days to go and serve her cousin Elizabeth… She had had an encounter with the Holy Spirit (a Pentecost of sorts) which not only left Jesus in her womb, but blessed her with the gift of service for her neighbor. After all, she was only 15 years old… She took her own Son, just a few cells in development… (hmm) and took the Holy Spirit with which she had been covered to visit her family and even the 6 month old fetus in Elizabeth’s womb danced for joy when he met the Holy Spirit and his own second cousin… Huh! In the mean time, she was accepting the suffering of having to return home and explain to Joseph the source of her pregnancy without being married! Besides, just to say that an angel had come to announce this and that she had accepted and therefore that she was pregnant with Jesus, was close to be considered totally crazy…!!! BUT HER FAITH was sooo robust that she took very seriously her yes to God’s will and acted it out…

My question for any of us is this: How many of us are ready to truly say yes to God’s will without ever praying about a change of any kind? Are we praying Rosaries for these elections and truly not happy with our yes to do God’s will or saying yes from our teeth out but not in our hearts, that is waiting for God to change His mind regarding His will for us? Are we praying Rosaries passing the beads and truly not encountering our state of conversion and wanting to change NOW and not after Nov. 8th? Are we truly hurting for the babies that are killed every hour on the hour? Or we just show our disagreement but never truly hurting for the babies? If we are not doing so, have we asked God to give us a love like the one He has for us? Or are we simply doing or talking the right words but truly not wanting to change our ways in order for our Rosaries to reach God TODAY and change the hearts of many, all done by the Holy Ghost? Are we saying yes to God’s will in our lives but with a sad face as we refuse to believe that it is His love and mercy for us that flows through whatever suffering we are going through? Are we insistent like the old widow in front of the judge as Jesus told her story, and insist in converting ourselves starting right now? Do we understand these truths and repent for the little we do to change ourselves and ask for God’s mercy for all of us for these elections?

On October 24, the famous religious quarter back who was successful in college American football but not in the NFL, he said, “LOVE IS TO SEEK THE BEST FOR OTHERS AND ACT ON IT.”          Well, to feel such love we have to pray, embrace our crosses with gusto and do God’s will with a super PURIFIED yes. The power of these three actions will be immense and miracles could happen on November 8th.

On the same day of the feast of St. John Paul II, a program in Spanish was presented in the Univision channel. One of his major reporters and news maker, Mr. Jorge Ramos, showed his visits to several areas where the Klug Klux Klan exists. This was done following an event on August 14, 2015, in one of the firsts meetings with reporters by the Republican candidate, Jorge had some questions for him and the candidate ordered Ramos to be expelled… So, Jorge wanted to find out more about the reason behind it and Ramos is white with white hair although he is young. By now, we know how this candidate feels about Hispanics in general and in particular, against those without proper immigration papers. I want to confess to you that to a certain point. I can see anyone born in this country to feel offended by the number of immigrants that want to come to live here without proper paperwork. When will it stop? So, this night of October 22, I learned more about this point from KKK followers…

The KKK members clearly expressed to Ramos that they do not want to be a minority in this country! They clearly said to him that white people are more intelligent and gifted. They are superior in every form. This person who said it was older, ugly with broken teeth and did not sound particularly intelligent in his words. There it was Satan working overtime. In fact the entire program was titled, “Sembrando Odio,” or “Seeding Hatred.” The KKK expects Mr. Trump to do the necessary to clear their path in governing this country with the right ideas coming from white people.

I realized that in one side, one candidate is totally fine with killing babies in the womb by whatever methods. The other one, wants to establish a reign of the white people and get rid of those who are inferior, especially Mexicans who come from the indigenous settlers of the south of the U.S. all the way to Central America. They were the original habitants of the land… Little did I know that I would learn so much more about the people who received Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531!!!

Here is my chance to clarify something: in order to ask our Lord to help us in Nov. 8th, and that is that I MUST ASK FOR MY LOVE FOR THE KKK… THEY ARE HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS IN NEED OF SALVATION… I must work hard to convert my heart at not hating these people; at not feeling anything negative towards them… Then, I will be able to pray my many Rosaries and even suffer the pain of knowing that the KKK exists and seeing it as an opportunity to pray for them by loving them first, and be certain that the Holy Ghost can do that in my soul… Sooo easy! It only demands my desire to convert this part of my soul in order to pray for all souls who will be voting in this election. I suspect that if I truly get to love the KKK members just because they are sons and daughters of God, they will convert because Mr. Satan will run faster than ever… It all depends that a few of us, especially Christian Catholics start working in our own conversion by submitting to suffering of any kind with a great embrace, wanting to do God’s will no matter what and praying the holy Rosary to ask our Mom to do what she did at Tepeyac… More on it later.

Sometime after October 22, I saw the story of the Spanish Queen Elizabeth the Catholic, or Reina Isabel la Catolica. She was the one who sent Columbus to the Americas and she also showed many, many times how she treated her enemies with great compassion and love… Amazing. She should be one of our canonized saints. She was the first evangelizer of the Americas…

Eventually about October 24, I saw in EWTN in Spanish a wonderful program of the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe to St. Juan Diego by Msgr. Eduardo Chavez who was in charge of the canonization process of Juan Diego and now resides at the Basilica of Guadalupe as rector, or so I understood in Spanish. The program was presented by Mr. Jonas Soto from EWTN. Msgr. said that after Juan Diego’s canonization and in 2008, the Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico City established an institute to study more in depth the apparitions of Our Lady. The program is called “Donde Dios llora” and in English we know it as “Where God weeps.” By chance I found it and I was super fascinated with its content. It explains in detail how Our Lady convinced the Indians to even beg for their Baptism. Wow! It relates the stories that Juan Diego revealed to a Spaniard who wrote it after 1531. Msgr. Chavez discovered in 2008 that the key of this massive conversion comes from Our Lady taking the good that there is in every human being and placing it in front of her Son… However, I did record this program in a later showing and I am now trying to translate it into English for the blog of November, prior to her Feast Day on December 12… My eyes could not help me to do it fast enough to post this blog on Nov. 1. Yet, you would be fascinated with the entire story that was not known up to 2008… Wow! It is possible that EWTN has presented this program with English subtitles since it took place on a December 12, most likely of 2015. Yet, it will give me much pleasure and feel honored to post the translation in my blog.

The Aztecs had many, many gods… Our Lady came dressed in such a way that they could read many truths just from her picture as it was created by God… They loved her because she spoke to them without specific words of Nahuatl, the local language and just using how she looked. But first, let me give a few ideas of the times in 1531 from the Internet…

Mexican Indians at the time of Our Lady of Guadalupe apparitions

On August 13, 1521, Tenochtitlán – the capital of the extensive Aztec Empire – fell to a large force of Spanish and indigenous soldiers. The magnificent city had been under siege for 79 days, as many of its Mexica warriors fought with great courage against an enemy that numbered between 100,000 and 150,000. However, with their lifeline to food sources and water supplies cut off, women, children, and men were dying from dehydration, starvation and disease (smallpox) at an incredible rate. According to Aztec historians, 240,000 inhabitants of the great city had died by the end of the siege.

The conquest of Tenochtitlán spelled the end of the great Aztec Empire. But even with the death of the political entity that had ruled over so much of central and southern México, the Aztec culture – together with the Náhuatl language that its people spoke – endured through much of central and eastern México. In some communities, the Aztec culture and language actually thrived over the centuries. The Mexican census of 2000 indicated that 1,448,936 persons spoke the Náhuatl language, representing 24.0% of all indigenous speakers in the country. And, among the Náhuatl speakers, 195,934 persons (or 13.5%) were actually monolingual and unable to speak the Spanish language.

After forging important alliances with several Indian leaders, Captain Hernán Cortés had led a large coalition of Spanish soldiers and indigenous warriors against the Mexica of Tenochtitlán. Once they had consolidated their position, the Spaniards laid waste to the city, leveling the majestic temples, pyramids and palaces that had dominated the capital’s landscape. Tenochtitlán itself was rebuilt as a Spanish-style colonial capital and was renamed La Ciudad de México (México City).

Although the Spaniards and their Christian Indian allies sought to remove all vestiges of the Mexica’s culture and heritage, Cortés and his military advisers also recognized that their victory was only made possible by the help of their indigenous allies, most of whom were, like the Mexica, members of the Aztec culture and speakers of the Náhuatl language.

The Mexica had ruled over the vast Aztec Empire from Tenochtitlán, but they were actually only one ethnic group of many that made up the Aztec culture. The Náhuatl language that they spoke was just one component of the widespread Aztec culture that dominated much of central and eastern México.

Although Spanish has greatly influenced the Náhuatl language over the last five centuries, the influence of Náhuatl on the Spanish and English languages has also been profound, albeit not as recognizable. It is a tribute to the Aztec culture and people that a very large percentage of Náhuatl toponyms (place names) can be seen when looking at a map of México. Countless towns and cities from Sonora to Tabasco carry Náhuatl designations. As a matter of fact, the word México finds its origin in the language of the Mexica.

Náhuatl has provided an extraordinary number of words to the Spanish language, including aguacate, capulín, chile, chocolate, coyote, guacamole, mescal, peyote, and tomate. The English language has also adopted as its own many words that have their origins in Náhuatl, including avocado, chocolate, coyote, ocelot, tomato and tequila.” (End)

By the way, according to the program from EWTN from Msgr. Chavez, the word Mexica has Hebrew and Arab roots!!!!! It is pronounced in Spanish as “meshica.” Also, Our Lady was the one who chose the name of Guadalupe!!! It did not come from a place in Spain where the name of Guadalupe also appears. And one more thing: she makes a point by choosing a lay person to talk to… but sends him to the Bishop. The entire affair is a wonderful event where the laity and the Church come together to pass on this great event to the entire world, even in this XXI century!

I am sorry if I am giving you too much information on the state of Mexico in 1531 but when I post the entire story of this program in English, some of you will love to learn so many other things… For example, the Aztecs had one god that they did not know well at all… They had complained much about not knowing him and felt abandoned… Our Lady used their idea about this God and placed in them the story of her Son. She never said that such Aztec god was Jesus. She simply brought the infant in her womb as the one who would never abandon them… NOTICE HOW SHE IS A FAMOUS MAKER OF MIRACLES, as at the Wedding of Canaan.

She was able to convert millions… in just a few years… What could she do for us and convert many to love babies in the womb? Well, for that we must ask her and show at the same time that we are true disciples who follow Jesus with our crosses; that we DO NOT MIND OUR CROSSES as helpers of the power to attract others to Him. But above all, that we are saying yes to God’s will from a converted heart and trying to emulate how she said it and therefore, that we can be true intermediaries for the conversion of millions, including the KKK and those who do not care for the killing of the babies in the womb. In the other hand, we laity have to stop reading books and telling others what to do UNTIL WE ENTER A TRUE WAY OF CONVERSION AS EXPLAINED BEFORE. We cannot worry about how to raise our kids. The Holy Spirit will raise them by guiding us as to what to do if we work in our own conversion.  We cannot worry about religious liberty until we enter a true path of personal conversion and ask our Lady with many Rosaries to take care of asking the Throne of Mercy to solve the problem.

There is no doubt in my mind that we continue to make plans as to how to work for good marriages and with children, and talk and talk about it… We do not have to do it by ourselves with our own ideas as good as they may sound. We have first to become converted to become true followers of Jesus in every way… He prayed… He suffered immensely… He did the will of His Father all the way to the Cross. Once we do try to live such life, His mercy will cover us with the graces necessary truly do it and to be His ambassadors and evangelize the entire world. 

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THESE ELECTIONS… Please join me and let us enter a vibrant path of self conversion by doing what God and Our Lady have told us to do. The next 8 days can make a big difference… In my case, every time that my knees get worse by the week, and the Tramadol is not sufficient, I will TRY VERY HARD TO SAY YES TO GOD’S WILL FOR HIS GLORY AND FOR THE SALVATION OF THE MANY VOTERS, BUT TRULY WANTING to be an associate disciple who wants to be the best servant of the Lord. I repeat, please JOIN ME! We can do it! Of course with the sincere desire to change further even after Nov. 8th…. Let’s show the world that Jesus Christ is alive and that He is crazy about us.

The last five words above come from a little story. This Sunday October 30, I was not sure if I could attend 8 AM Mass. We were expecting a storm to start around 5 AM with tough winds and in these circumstances, with so much pain hardly covered by Tramadol, my feet are not secure enough to walk on a very wet cement or asphalt, while using a cane and holding an umbrella… I told Him to take care of the weather if He wanted me to be there. On my part, I told Him that I wanted to be with Him. Sure enough, there was no wind. No water. At 5 AM, the weather channel had the rain coming around 9 to 10 AM…

I went to Mass and sat in the last pew in this huge church building. Walking all the way to the front going downhill and later coming uphill, with much pain is not easy for me. Of course, I love the first pew just to look at Him during the entire Mass… I wished I could live under the Tabernacle forever and ever. We got there and at the time of Communion, they send Eucharistic Ministers to the back of the church. On this day, the lady that came with Him somehow came into my pew as I was already sitting but half way while waiting since other parishioners were slowly moving toward the lateral back corner. She came and gave me Communion as if she knew of my pain…. Then, the other minister came from behind and offered me His Blood… Wow… Did we had a ball while we were talking after Communion. He was clear: “I want your blog posted at the latest on Nov. 1…” I promised even that I have to take many rests to allow my left eye to stop aching…Then my son and I went to the Whole Foods store where my son buys his breakfast and salad for the week and I bought a few things so that later this week I do not have to go there using the expressway. We came out with no rain. We arrived home and 15 minutes later the famous storm arrived and the trees seeing through the kitchen window were furiously moving.  Of course, He wanted to be sure that I understood that His request was truly important and that He had made Himself present in handling nature for my safety… All along, even during the Mass, I was taken by the EVENT OF GUADALUPE, as they call it…She did bring many conversions with the power of God behind it because of her Yes…

It is time for us to wake up. Let’s get converted and never talk about Him, write about Him, preach about Him and His Mom, if we are not trying to enter a process of conversion to be the BEST SERVANT OF THE LORD. And then, we could sit down to see what happens! We will love each other and serve each other like never before. By the way, Mr. Satan has been after me big time. I have to say yes to that too. After all, Jesus and His and my Ma are with me!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and please pray for me… I truly need it… Thank so much to those who have prayed for me to find out if I would write more blogs! I always pray for all those who read this blog monthly.  We have to share our God’s goodness, love and mercy and grow in the trust that He is always by our side… Hopefully, next blog will have the entire story of the event of Guadalupe as it is referred to, and may be add a story or two from this month, if God so desires it.

CLOSING WORDS coming from a short quote of Servant of God Archbishop Luis Maria Martinez, and as it appeared in the Magnificat Missal for Tuesday, October 18th.

“St. Thomas teaches that the precept of God’s love has no limit, but that however much we may love Him, we are always under the pleasing obligation of loving him more. Something similar should be said of our love for souls: we ought always to love them more. He who is loved more by God must love souls more, for the measure of our love toward others is the love of Jesus for us. He has loved our souls with the same love with which He loves His Father and as the Father has loved Him.

“Through us Jesus wishes to continue loving souls. Within us He desires to continue His immolation for them, illuminating, wooing, purifying, sanctifying and beatifying them. How sublime our mission! How sublime our mission! How sacred our duties! How unspeakable our happiness!”






October 6, 2016


On Tuesday, September 6, I posted the blog for August and I wrote this:

 Note: I want to assure you that in the future if I happen to fall sick and unable to write the monthly blog, my son Ernesto will post a note in this site with the announcement. The same, if I were to die, he will post a note in this site.

Well, it turned out to be a prophetic note… You shall see!


Thursday, September 8

I did not feel well but was able to shop in the supermarket for a few things. That evening I started to have some discomfort in my belly area. During the night it became worse since there was no pain but severe unbearable nausea.

Friday, September 9

By 3 AM I had to call my son because I truly was desperate with this constant need to vomit. At times I did vomit but basically a watery stuff since my dinner from the day before had passed to the large colon. By 6 AM, I asked him to call an ambulance since I had no medical reason for this nausea. There was no diarrhea or pain involved.

I arrived at a private hospital, the same where I had ended up for my second gastric bleeding in one week’s time in August of 2014. When in the emergency room, some studies were done and a C.T. scan performed over my abdomen and the DIAGNOSIS OF SMALL BOWEL OBSTRUCTION came to be!!! Immediately I KNEW THAT IT WAS NOT! From here on I was exposed to a comedy of errors… for the next 60+ hours (2.5 days).

I was placed in this bed with no medication and waiting for the floor doctor to come and see what to do. She eventually came and said that they would insert an NG (naso-gastric tube or a tube through my nostrils to my stomach) in order to hope to get better (apparently this is the new way of treating such obstruction) instead of having surgery. Of course, surgery for me makes me cringe because I may wake up without memory at all… and also because I do not trust doctors in general. Maybe I could have similar results as in my bladder suspension, when the urologist condemned me to visit the bathroom very often or pass urine all over… He does not know what happened since when I had my first post-operative visit, he had been let go after 30 years of experience. I dealt with other urologists who would look at me as if waiting for a law suit for the entire group… Shortly after, my surgeon urologist had joined another group, his secretary called twice to offer his services and to answer any questions. Obviously, I did not answer because even if this error requires another surgical revision, he would not touch me…!!! I actually need lots of money to pay cash in a major place like the Mayo Clinic to hopefully get it fixed correctly. Besides, this reality places me in a difficult situation: I could never travel in an airplane… If the weather is bad, the pilot may ask to remain in our seats regardless and I would go crazy needing to empty my bladder or else… As you can see, the cross is getting heavier by the week.

 Wednesday, September 14

But now look at a few more mistakes… I underwent during my hospitalization. This is what I wrote to my sonsà


I went to hell and back by spending 2.5 days in this private Hospital… Error after error had me in total anguish. For example: 1) they ordered pain medication in a form of a pill while I had an N-G tube in my stomach connected to suction!!!!! In other words, the pill would dissolve in the stomach and be extracted by the NG tube into a suction device on the wall…2) On top of it, the medication was Hydrocodone to which I am deadly allergic. 3) I had very high blood pressures but they did not seem too preoccupied… I kept saying that if I got a stroke, I surely would tell the story in the courts. They would treat it with IV medications but in minor amounts and of course I would have BP’s of 190/102 for example that would come down to 170/90, also a very dangerous number. The nurses would themselves tell me that it was too small of a dose. 4) THEY INVENTED THAT I HAD A SMALL BOWEL OBSTRUCTION by CT scan… I knew it was an error since I had zero pain or cramping in my abdomen… I underwent terrible torture until they proved that I DID NOT HAVE IT through a series of x-rays that they took of my abdomen after injecting via the NG tube, a contrast substance to see if it would advance to the colon. Of course, I was nicely irradiated… 5) plus I had to lie down for some 3 hours on a metal bed under the x-rays emitting cone, which gave me severe pain and my blood pressure was high to begin with! Ouch. 6) When I was changed to have clear liquid diet, they kept sending me stuff with fruits to which I am allergic to, even that they had a list of my allergies and the dietary chief had called me to inquire about this list. One of them had carrageenan but they of course did not know my connection of this thickener with depression and obviously I did not touch. So my clear liquid diet was basically nonexistent! 7) Some nurses came to tell me that they read that I had had multiple abdominal interventions…! And no… never had except for the laparoscopy (small instruments placed in the lower abdomen to suspend the bladder from the outside and without opening the abdomen …).


I was sent home on Monday, September 10. My nausea had subsided by pure luck but I had gained much irradiation and thanked God for my medical knowledge since I was able to point to some errors… Friends from Panama who recently had visited sent me a note saying that they could not imagine how in a private well known and respected hospital in the U.S., things like that were possible. They said how they felt knowing that they were living in a third world country and with no knowledge of medicine.


I came out still unable to understand why my God sent me to suffer this horror. Well, I came out worse exhausted than I went in with the only symptom of SUPER SEVERE NAUSEA, with no answer as to why of the nausea. I had been in bed for 2 1/2 days and going through the hell of errors and this made me feel a little upset with my Lord….!!!! Ouch and ouch!!!


But yesterday, (September 13) the mail brought a card from a high school classmate in Los Angeles when I was there as an exchange student. We became very good friends since I was Catholic… She always tells me that I was sooo religious that she became attracted to my demeanor… She now lives in Washington State. Well, the card is very tiny but was full of little and yet extraordinary quotes like:


"We always find that those who walked closest to Christ were those who had to bear the greatest trials." St. Teresa of Avila


"Let us understand that God is a Physician, and that suffering is a medicine for salvation, not a punishment for damnation." St. Augustine


"Suffering is the very best gift He has to give to us. He gives it only to his chosen friends." St. Therese of Lissieux


"The soul that is destined to reign with Jesus Christ in eternal glory must be remodeled by the blows of hammer and chisel. The Heavenly Physician is treating you so as one chosen to follow Jesus closely up the Hill of Calvary…"

St. Padre Pio


"Can you expect to go to heaven for nothing? Did not our Dear Savior track the whole way with His Blood and tears?" St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


Well, I wished I had received this card while in the hospital or just before! Now I can have something in my hands ready to re-read for my troubles. (End of email)


I felt sorry for questioning the Lord as to why I had been submitted to this horrific series of errors, and now I am sorry more than ever because he had sent me the medicine to feel better after receiving this card with these quotes… He is always one step ahead of us… I needed this, especially because the hospital gave me an envelope with indications to follow at home, instructing me about what an obstruction of the intestine is all about…!!! Plus, it said that the symptoms for this obstruction are two: nausea and severe pain in the abdomen! There was the 8th error… I had zero pain in the abdomen and they asked me tons of times about it and touched my belly trying to be sure I was answering correctly. So, I was discharged with no explanation about the nausea plus 8 errors… I must add that all nursing personnel were very nice in each shift, except for one young nurse in the night shift. I had no suffering related to their demeanor towards me.


Friday, September 16


There was a beautiful program in EWTN about the Infant Jesus. It dates from 2005 by the departed couple Bob and Penny Lord called, “Miracles of the Child Jesus.” While in a church, the statue of the Infant of Prague (in Czechoslovakia) had suffered loss of His hands from enemies of the Church and the Child came to speak to Fr. Cyril (promulgator of the devotion). He heard a voice dip in the rubble. He found the statue. The voice said, “Give me hands.” A parishioner gave the money to restore the hands of the statue. In 1902, a new Shrine was built in Milan, Italy and the Infant of Prague came to reside there. Many miracles came to be from the Infant, especially financial help. Pius XI crowned the statue and wrote the document declaring the shrine a Minor Basilica, giving in this way a sign of approval to the devotion of the Infant of Prague.  They said that “the smiling face of the statue asks us to trust in Him.”


Deep devotion to the Infant was present in great Saints of the past. 1) St. Teresa of Avila, founded 17 homes of Discalced Carmelites and in each one, she left a statue of the Infant Jesus. She would call him “El Fundador” (The founder); “El Peregrinito,” (The little pilgrim); “El Mensajerito” (The little Messenger). She wrote that one day she found the Infant in the stairway and He asked her, “Who are you?” She responded, “I am Teresa of Jesus.” He responded, “I am Jesus of Teresa.” 2) St. Therese of Lisieux is also known as Therese of the Child Jesus! 3) St. John of the Cross would carry the Infant Jesus in his arms during processions. 4) St. Anthony of Padua is depicted with the Child Jesus sitting on top of the Bible.


Of course, all throughout this program, I remembered the story of the Divine Jesus (El Divino Niño) from Colombia and how He spoke to Mother Angelica and asked her to build the present beautiful Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL. All of this I immediately took as a call for me to show an increase in devotion and love for the Divine Child. I realized that it would be the Child Jesus who would be directly responsible for my healing. I did not hear it; I just felt it. In fact, I had found recently a little card with the Infant’s picture as He was depicted appearing in Colombia and with a little prayer in the back. In fact years ago, a good friend of mine bought me via EWTN, a statue of the Divine Jesus identical to the one in the little card but it is still in the storage place as it came from Toledo… However, I also have in my bedroom an identical and large picture of His. The little card says in Spanish, “Divino Niño Jesús en Ti confío” or Divine Infant Jesus, I trust inYou, similar to the one appearing in the Jesus of Mercy picture.


In years past, I had explored the entire story of the Divine Infant in Colombia and the many miracles He has obtained, just as He has done for Mother Angelica’s Shrine. I have the favorite prayer written by Father Juan Rizzo, the priest who made of this devotion in Colombia, a worldwide story, noting besides that Mother Angelica’s last name was Rizzo… Wow!


On this day, I already had prayed two Rosaries. At 11:45 AM, I got up to go to the bathroom and heard clearly, “If you renew your devotion to My Mercy coming from my Infant devotion, I will convert your entire family (two sons who in the 1980’s were scandalized by the Church and still have problems with any devotion to Jesus, except that they live very holy lives in general and are good to me), and all of them will become very loving to Me as they enter a deep conversion. You will also be able to work for Me in the spread of the Gospel of Love with the blog and in other forms and I as the Divine Child will accompany you.”


I went, “Wow. Amazing.” Somehow, I started realizing that my recent hell in the hospital needed to be in order for me to offer it up for what it is going on in the entire world, and mostly in our U.S. political scenario. Then, I heard, “Would you do it despite your poor health?” I answered, “Yes.” I heard, “It has to be such so that you can save many, many souls. Would you do it for those souls?” I instantly responded, “Wow, it will be hell but yes, I have to save souls regardless of my health issues. Those souls must come first. Yes, I will do it.” I then realized that such cross could be worse than I expected!


I came back to my seat in the living room, and on a wall I have multiple pictures of Saints and of Jesus. I was fascinated with the recent conversation realizing that it was NOT made up by me because the dialogue was fast and with a sense of peace and joy on my part! At one point, my Mother said, “You have done well. Asking for Baby Jesus mercy and offering His cross and yours for your sins, will help you especially for the previous days when you wanted to disappear from this earth due to the mess in the hospital! It was a sin to feel that way, instead of saying yes to His will. You have to confess this sin but it frees you right now to continue waiting for some physical healing.” “Wow,” I thought! No doubt that this was a super Friday? I realized that now more than ever I should continue with an ongoing novena to the Divine Infant.


Saturday, September 17


My son had the mishap to lose my debit card. I suspect that Mr. Satan was involved. In fact, there have been several instances this month where things have happened that look like Satan’s work. Another example of his work is how AOL decided not to open for me at all… I keep my main email with them because their system is the easiest for me than Yahoo, for example, and I do have an address for yahoo but do not use it. Of course I have to pay a monthly fee for AOL which is done directly from my account. So, they have no right to bother me and I know why they do it. This account was opened by my husband some 25 years ago. They have refused to take his name off, although I am the one paying for the service. After he died in 2001, they refused to erase his name unless he would call and discontinue the service!!! I had to scream at them and tell them that the man was dead and unable to do so!!! They then changed the account number to deduct the monthly payment!!!!


They still keep offering me tons of good things of protection. I do not accept them because if I do, they will soon increase the monthly stipend. Well, I had to call AOL subscriber department and they corrected the error and connected the site to this computer!!!… Hmm… But still, they wanted to sell me a $6 a month service, to make very fast the AOL use … I told them that it was done EVEN when other groups like Yahoo and Google do not even charge a monthly fee? Of course, now, the AOL service is slow… on purpose on their part. That is Mr. Satan so that I can despise their behavior and not love them… So, I have added AOL to my community Rosary… I have to love them all in that group, in order to fight Lucifer!


On this Saturday, my son and I went to our bank to get a debit card until I would get the final one, about a week later. I was able to minister to Jennifer (very obese), who took care of us. I told him about how memory loss is reversible and how one can get depressed with carrageenan. I added that I do it because since Jesus gave me these gifts, I had to pass them to her, until I finish the editing of the book and get it published. I also told her that some us gain weight just with toxicity in food (non organic food full of toxic sprays while being produced) and toxicity in the environment… She was very interested and would say, relieved to hear that toxicity can cause obesity in some ofus. I keep finding ways to evangelize, like it happened on this Saturday at the bank. Was the loss of the debit card important? O yes… I took me to Jennifer and she was fascinated with my gifts for her health and perhaps I just seeded her spirit for a future encounter with Jesus.


On this same Saturday, I also understood how important is to work in the purification of my intentions in my life. I was given this example in a matter of seconds and here it is:

A purified soul is like an engine together with all its parts in place and all screws keeping the engine ready to spread the Gospel. That is, to always show how much God loves us and through His mercy, He shows how His love in ACTION works in spreading of the Truth, the Life and our future resurrection as He did, but always under the cross! In the process of driving this engine (our soul), many stones will be found and the engine takes a beating. For the above not to become a problem once in the full swing of evangelization, we need to tighten all the screws to a maximum. It means to always, always do God’s will with the most perfect intention of loving our neighbor as Jesus does, and such love means to save their souls and our own! The tightening of the screws is an ongoing job since as humans under the ferocious attacks of a pagan world and of Satan, the screws tend to get loose!


Again, the only way of doing this job of tightening them as much as possible, is to live all day in the Presence of the Holy Trinity with a most perfect, solid, pure yes to deny ourselves, embrace the present crosses with great passion and to follow Jesus WHEREVER His Spirit takes us. The sign that we are on this mode of tightening our spiritual screws at all times, shows up as patience, love, joy, a joy that is profound or intense, fascinating at times, and principally to see our neighbor with great mercy and with love that reminds us that they are God’s images, worthy of our attention, of our desire to become their servants as called by the Holy Spirit! OUR PAY in all of this consists in falling in love with them to see them save even ahead of us, if necessary. This feeling is not constant but it is not rare.


One feels like a kid of our Daddy, great follower of Jesus in everything that He asks of to do, despite any difficulty of any kind. In other words, when we feel and want to be servants of the Lord and of our beautiful brothers and sisters, one even finds feeling love for those who have ruined our lives. In my case, for the urologist that condemned me to go to the bathroom so many times a day. I know also that out of God’s justice and mercy, He will fix this problem, sooner or later in whatever way (with human intervention or without it). Ah, but it was necessary for me to learn this lesson that I am sharing and remember to always tighten the screws of my soul/engine as I say and mean it, “Your Will be done. I am the servant of the Lord.” I must add that the heavier the cross is, the easier it becomes to tighten the screws of our engine/soul.


On this day and by pure chance, I found a program where they were explaining how to raise children and the opinions were varied. We must think that the spiritual life for all of us is one where each one of us gets remodeled by God. Just to pay attention to the many do’s and don’ts when raising a child will never be an efficient way. On the contrary, our Lord will show us the road for ourselves and for our children provided that we truly trust in HIS LOVE AND MERCY, mercy being understood as His love shown to us by actions that He lead us to take. Or said better, mercy is His love in action in our lives. This package is complete and totally according to the gifts He has blessed us with and to our weaknesses and sinful tendencies. Again, we need to practice self denial and our God comes and takes over. I SAY THIS because I have no idea how I raised four sons and they were simply wonderful children and teens. So, I am sure that as I sought the Lord day and night, despite my very busy life as a professional, He took care of them. On this day, it was clear that faith and trust (faith without fear) in His love for me, or gifts themselves given to me as I sought His Holy Spirit’s guidance for everything with the best yes I could come up with, was the source of the correct divine babysitting these four boys. I did not know that it was going on. It is now, years later, that I see the big picture. He is a faithful friend and lover!


Well, I thought this was all for this day, Saturday, Sept. 17, when looking for the readings for the next day Sunday Mass, Magnificat had quoted the Servant of God (died in 1956) and archbishop of Mexico City, Luis Maria Martinez. Here are some quotes.


“If we only knew how God longs to possess us? Love is possession, and as love is insatiable – because it is infinite or has the stamp of infinity – the lover is never satisfied with possessing the beloved. Even our poor hearts, so limited and miserable, have something of the infinite when love fills them, for they never tire of craving complete possession. If the human heart is never satisfied, how can the Heart of Jesus, both human and divine, be satiated with possessing the souls He loves so much?


“But for each act of a new love, a new possession, it demands a new surrender, more generous, more trustful, more tender than ever. And for such surrender a new forgetfulness is necessary, one full and perfect. To rest in the Heart of Christ is to submerge and lose oneself in Him. For these celestial attainments the soul must disappear in the ocean of oblivion, in the ocean of love.”


Monday, Sept. 19


A. Here is a little story of the mentioned Archbishop of Mexico City, Luis María Martinez. During my first visit to Mexico in the early 1990’s, we learned about this Archbishop and left Mexico knowing a lot about his holiness. What called my attention the most was his extraordinary teachings about the Holy Spirit. In fact, I bought a book he wrote on this subject. He also was the spiritual director of another future saint, Venerable Maria Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, also known as Conchita (this is the name we give to all the women named Concepcion). She came to become a light in the Catholic Church in the 1920-1930’s, exactly at the moment when the Catholic Church was being persecuted the most. She had many locutions that came to give hope to the Catholics in Mexico, especially to Priests. I have a book on all the teaching given by the Lord to Conchita for the Priests of Mexico, a time when they were been martyred by the Mexican Government, which was heavily manipulated by the Masons. In her writings, Jesus seems to speak directly to priests! I am trying to find the book of Archbishop Martinez among my many books and perhaps I will share some of his writings on the Holy Spirit in future blogs if the Lord allows me.  


As I was relishing the meditation of this Archbishop for this day, I felt that it is possible that he would be the intercessor who will bring the healing of my body with so many allergies, and what it is worse is that these allergies are growing by the week. In other words, the pain in my knees is worse than ever as I become allergic to foods I was not before! And I also noticed that during the 2.5 days I spent in the hospital, I had no pain in my knees… Of course, I was not eating and only receiving intravenous fluids!!! Our immune system mostly resides in our small intestine, and if I would stop eating all together, I could rest from this pain. It would be a great honor for me to be the conduit for Archbishop Martinez to become “Blessed.” I decided to start asking him to pray for me before the throne of God’s mercy.


B. In EWTN/ Spanish, I heard a beautiful presentation of a group of young people who got together to form the “Soldiers of Mercy.” It is a Catholic ministry dedicated to help saving the youth of the errors and confusions that this world presents today, providing a system of support so that they can learn about the Faith and discover their vocation and the purpose that God has for their lives. It is comprised of young people for young people. Three of them are co-founders and the fourth one is one of their directors. It was founded on January 25, 2009 in Miami, FL.They belonged to different countries: Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba and U.S. from Latino parents.


Tuesday, Sept. 20


Much has been shown about St. Pio since his feast day is on Sept. 23. I woke up at 3 AM on this day and I had fallen asleep with EWTN/Spanish on. They were saying that Costa Rica is the second country after Mexico that has most visited San Giovanni Rotondo where this Saint lived and died. He built a huge hospital there and his love for the sick was obvious. I felt like at home with the story of this hospital and the sick since I lived for 43 years inside hospitals giving anesthetics! I felt I had much in common with him, and now my own birth country has also shown great predilection to visit him there. Somehow, I wondered if these two holy men, Archbishop Martinez and Padre Pio could be involved in obtaining my healing in order to work for the Kingdom like never before.


Also in this day, EWTN showed an ecumenical gathering to pray for peace. It was very interesting. The Jewish Rabbi said that the spirit of Assisi is the best example of humility and peace based on holiness of life as we recognize that we all are images of God. The representative from Islam said that our responsibility is to solve the problem we have of lack of peace, with the spirit of Assisi guiding us to solve the problems of the world.


It was also said that this work of Assisi came from God. St. Francis did not do it. God did it THROUGH him. I found myself thinking that God can do the same with us. But why do I say that God can produce peace through us? Well, the BEST EXAMPLE and the latest of us to recognize this truth, is St. Teresa of Calcutta. She did it and brought peace as a Christian to ALL PEOPLE FROM ALL FAITH’S!!! She brought more than peace. She became an example because she did what our Mother in heaven did… Our Lady ran to visit another human being to serve her. But above all, BOTH OF THEM RAN TO SERVE WITH THEIR LOVE…


In the same way, we need peacemakers as Francis of Assisi and Mother Teresa. SO, LET’S CHANGE the world. One of our prayers should be that we become peacemakers! We should pray that we become infected with the HOLY VIRUS OF LOVE! At the same time, become disposed for this job trying to be holy through denial of self, embracing our crosses as a GIFT TO GROW IN THE LOVE NEEDED FOR OTHERS, just as Jesus and His Mother did, or St. Francis or Mother Teresa. Men should ask St. Francis for his intercession to become lovers of all around them. We women should ask for the intercession of Mother Teresa to become lovers as well, and these two groups should also ask to become the best true disciples of Jesus transformed into peacemakers with their help.


We could start a spiritual revolution starting immediately and STOP RIGHT NOW emitting all the pros and cons of what is wrong and what should be done by others to proceed to bring peace in the world. God will bring peace one person at the time, as Mother Teresa used to say. Bringing peace is a universal responsibility for all of us. Also, it is not a topic to be developed in parishes with talks and reflections. Each one of us, one at the time, should enter this concept and ask for help to God and to our great models and work daily in our seeking of discipleship. GOD WILL DO THE REST! He will bring peace and I have no doubt about it.


Once love for others start running through our hearts, Jesus’ LIGHT will be shown to all, a light that is made of His love that in action, is also called His mercy.  The worse violence in the world is when we allow in ourselves, in our hearts, hatred, resentment or simply becoming bystanders and only repeat what is wrong in the world, when the source of what is wrong is within us, our own violent attitude of doing nothing about it. We should constantly call the Holy Spirit to truly reign in our hearts and do the job for us. May His mercy become our other “I” – If I am merciful, I would offer myself day and night to be used to show the light of Jesus Christ, and this light is simply LOVE for all.


Somehow, despite great pain, I made it to a health food store and saw two tall blonde women, totally identical. I passed by them and stopped and looked at them again. They turned to me and we started a conversation. I realized that his was an evangelization meeting. God is always giving us clients without us thinking about it. I went to this store pretty late in the morning. I usually want to make it mid morning because the lunch time adds many cars to the roads. These girls were from Lincoln, Nebraska and were visiting the daughter of one of them. They were 42 year old twins and very religious… I gave them the gifts (which I usually do as I have written in other blogs) of knowing that dementia is reversible and that the thickener carrageenan gives depression to some of us. They were fascinated and one of them suffered from depression and a relative had dementia.


They asked me why it was that I found these so important facts. I opened up with my Roman Catholic background and how I had found that Jesus was totally present in the Host that the Pries consecrated at Mass. We finished the conversation with a big praise to Jesus Christ. I realized that this was a seed that I had planted for a future encounter they will have to join the Catholic Church. Otherwise, how could it be that we met when I was late for my shopping and they had come all the way from Nebraska and chose this precise time to visit this health food store in order to praise Jesus together!


For this Sept. 20, Fr. Miguel for EWTN spoke about our need to vote in the upcoming elections and mentioned 5 non-negotiable points:


1) Abortion on demand

2) Euthanasia. (I am adding that in Belgium they just passed a law allowing euthanasia practiced in small infants…)

3) The use of embryonic cells for research

4) Cloning in humans

5) Same sex marriage


It was excellent to tell it like it is and be very clear about those points that are not allowed in the candidate that we vote for or at least for the candidate that shows the best picture regarding these five points.


Wednesday, September 21


A. EWTN homily for the EWTN Mass of this day was preached by a visiting Polish priest, Fr. Pawel Rytel-Andrianik. He said (paraphrasing) that “Protestants go to church for their preaching. We go to church despite the preaching! (Laughs were heard). This is because we go to meet Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. It is not a symbol of God’s presence. Corpus Christi is the FLESH OF CHRIST. We do not adore bread. We adore Jesus. You can eat 4 pounds of bread (Hosts) and never meet Jesus Christ. Have you met Jesus Christ?” It was a very effective homily.

B. On one side I heard a great homily. In the other hand I learned that since 2011, the Well Fargo Bank started creating bogus accounts under customer names without their permission. It came to light just a few days ago. All of this with the Bank’s CEO knowledge! Ouch! What a contrast of topics, A and B.

Friday, September 23


On the feast of St. Pio, Fr. Miguel preached again a great homily. Using Padre Pio as an example, he explained how to embrace our crosses and how to offer them up. The topic is the same as Blessed Luis Maria Martinez wrote: self denial at all cost.


Monday, September 26


We had the first debate between the two candidates for the Presidency of the U.S. elections of next November. I just could not listen to it. I knew I had to pray and did pray for the ENTIRE time they argued. I said three Rosaries and Chaplets of Divine Mercy, asking God to elect in November, whomever He wants; of course, personally there is only one choice because the right to life on this earth is primordial for my decision.


Friday, September 30


I was very impressed with a report in EWTN News program by Robert Jones from the Religious Public Research Institute.


In 1991, 6% of the population had no religious affiliation. In1998, 14% had no religious affiliation. In 2016, 25 % reported no religious affiliation!!!


Tuesday, October 4


I have been sort of agonizing because I could not finish this blog… My eyes kept bugging me enough that I only can write for one hour at the time and stop… The eyes hurt me quite a bit. I was questioning the Lord if this was the end of the blogs plus in the closing comments (already written) you will also find out my mental anguish for other things happening. Besides this, having pain in my knees that is getting worse by the week, is deteriorating my physical and emotional status. My memory in English that I am losing due to toxicity of the environment, makes the writing of the blogs a huge task. By the end of the blog, I cannot remember what I wrote at the beginning!!!  My problem has been to figure out what is God trying to tell me? AND, BELOW IS THE ANSWER


By pure chance again, at 11:30 AM I ended up watching a very interesting program through EWTN in Spanish. The name: Consuelen a mi Pueblo or “Console my People.”  Fr. Ruben Francisco Bellante from the Orange County, CA EWTN site and in 2016, spoke about how Jesus asked us to take up our cross, and in Luke, it added, “Each day,” and to walk with Him. These are some notes I took, although I already taped the program on October 5 at 2 AM… In the future, I will probably translate the entire program. The notes are the following:


“The one, who does not embrace the cross, has not learned how to deny himself!  We have to live our crosses, crosses of all kinds, like when we are attacked for no reason, persecuted, having illnesses. It is not a matter of yes or no to the embrace. It is actually yes or not to follow Him…


“Our Crosses are daily and it is not a case of ignoring them but how I can use them! It is not the case of living our crosses in the darkness since now we can receive the fruitfulness of the daily crosses associating them to the passion of Jesus. I can live them with His passion so that the Church can receive many blessings. We are a mystical body united to the head Who is Jesus Christ. Baptism is what unites us with Christ, dying to ourselves so that we can be new men and women. Our cross continues to be the center.


“In 2Cor 12:10, St. Paul said, ‘Therefore, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions and constraints for the sake of Christ, for when I am weak, then I am strong.’ St, Francis of Assisi was converted in front of Jesus Crucified. He found a new light. With a kiss to a leper he started his life of holiness. This is similar to St. Teresa of Calcutta. We must love with Christ crucified Who is a channel of mercy. Accepting our crosses that maybe others give us, is a way to feel the internal peace of the disciple who follows Jesus and walks with Him. In the pain of every day from other people, I find the cross that will give light to others.”


Ha ha… There was my answer! This is why I taped the program a few hours later. Yet, in my final comments I am extending the description of my crosses… including crosses at Mass… NOW, whenever I get a new cross, I will remember this wonderful program, which I believe should be translated into English and run it in EWTN in English




Time flies and our pagan world is winning big time over us, as we see in the previous news of Sept. 30. This is the point that truly makes me very sad. Knowing our Lord, at least to a certain extent, He is allowing this situation grow and we believers, we who never have doubted God’s existence and His Real Eucharistic Presence, we are trying very hard to do something, but so far whatever that is, is not working. I only see so many associations within parishes and no answers. I suspect that we have too many Martha’s and a few Mary’s. On the October 1, Sunday Mass, a lady in the front row and directly in front of me, distracted me twice. During the reading of this Sunday Mass Scriptures, she read the bulletin. During part of the homily, she also read the bulletin. And being in the first row, there was no doubt that the homilist was able to see it.


As a Roman Catholic of many decades, what shall I do about it? Was it my duty to nicely talk to her at the end of Mass and explain to her how much I was scandalized by her behavior?  Or is it my only duty to pray for her? Frankly, at this time in my life I am lost as to what to do! This type of scene normally takes me to want to stop this blog. I lose faith in my own love for Christ. Year after year we have so many retreats and thousands of people giving an opinion as to how to become a true disciple, but I do not see it and the percentage of people without a religious affiliation is going up! My main problem is that I should not judge anyone… But how not to do it when this was poor behavior from someone of faith since she was taking the time to attend Sunday Mass. It does not speak about her behavior only but about the state of spirituality of the entire parish and in the Church in general. I have seen many people reading the bulletin in church through the years in other parishes. In fact, in the Jesuit parish of Gesu in Toledo, OH, the bulletins were not distributed before Mass, precisely to avoid this problem.


My health as you have read through these blogs and in recent times is a disaster! God is allowing me to suffer immensely and to a certain point, this suffering is necessary to be offered for the Church, my Lord’s Church. I do pray several Rosaries per day and in the Chaplets of Mercy that I recite, I say, “Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ and ALL MY SUFFERINGS (I add this part to the original words) in atonement for the sins…” of different groups of people, some by name and including myself. But what else can I do? Where should I go for help? Among my own parish parishioners, most of the time I feel like a stranger!  From time to time I cry loud in my house when I am by myself. I think that I mentioned before that at one time I audio cassette taped my own screaming for the pain of seeing my Lord alone, sort of speak, and my physical pain exhausting me. It is not that I am depressed or oppressed at all. My friends, some Saints, have asked me to stop viewing television that shows a pagan world. EWTN is the answer but not all the times either. I am being asked to pray more and to suffer with a big yes in my heart. Yet, the suffering is getting out of hand. While writing blogs, my eyes require many resting moments. Of course, I do not want to damage my good right eye nor I want to get my left eye in more trouble. I had to stop my visits to my retinologist because when I am going through the dilatation of my pupils for the study of my retina (via a special scan and prior to seeing the retinologist), I cannot go to the bathroom… and in this office, the rest rooms are very far away from it.


My memory in English is sleeping away, although I know how to reverse it; yet, I cannot take any of the veggies that give the liver what it needs to produce more glutathione, the natural detoxifier of our body. Writing blogs are posing a tough exercise since I have to depend on the notes I have taken because right now, I easily forget the detail of what they say. Any other experience or Bible teaching is forgotten right away. Many words in English are simply gone and it is impossible to remember. At times, only the Spanish alternative comes to me and I have to check it in the English/Spanish dictionary next to my computer.


Even getting my medications can become a problem. The director pharmacist of this particular pharmacy that I chose because it has a side window (like MacDonald’s) to pick up the medicines, she is extraordinary. Yet, from time to time, the other employees either write the wrong things in my computer history that they keep, or simply are confused. My secondary insurance will NOT PAY FOR MORE THAN 2 PILLS a day OF MY BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION. But I need 3 pills per day most of the time because my blood pressures vary a lot, and so I asked the pharmacy to let me pay for my third pill out of pocket instead of the regular secondary insurance (after Medicare). It worked for a while but the last time I was there, the confusion was exhausting. The story is too long and difficult to narrate but the girl that took care of me was totally confused about this agreement. So, for the next filling of this prescription, I will have to get out of the car and walk for a long distance within this huge pharmacy building in order to see what will happen. Obviously, the director pharmacist if in the building will have to get involved somehow but again, she is blessing for me. In this case, I wonder if Satan is involved in this confusion…


Well, as you can see I am going through a tough time in my life. I will try to write the next blog for October but maybe not. Of course, I keep telling Him that it is up to Him to decide what He wants to do in this aspect. I know He is around and also know that He loves me… My faith is the same but the present circumstances are eating me little by little. I have chosen to explain so much about this health problem with respect to the posting of more blogs so that you can help me with your prayers. Perhaps, the time has arrived for me to retire from worldly and Internet presence and become a recluse like many great Saints gives us as an example to do. I do not mind it. I do know that I have to finish the book with very important medical information and dedicate my days to pray many Rosaries and Chaplets of Mercy for the Church and the world at large and all united to this extreme physical suffering, My joy and peace still are my faithful companions and thanks to the graces I receive from God, graces that I am sure are due in part to your prayers for me. Thank you so much.


The last possibility is that my time to leave this world may be near. I have already discussed this possibility with my sons… To the one with whom I live, he has been directed to use any funeral home in the parish bulletin. To the other three, they know that I do not want a funeral. I want my body to be cremated in order to go and live inside a cup and in a niche that I own in the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in San Jose, Costa Rica, some 10 yards from the Tabernacle!!!!! I have asked for many Masses to be offered in this Temple instead of the funeral Mass. I will be so much fun…for my body to finally rest near His Eucharistic Presence, just as I wanted to be at 6.5 years old. What a delight! And hopefully, with the Masses offered for my soul, I would be doing some short time in purgatory in order to go and rest in His SUPER REAL PRESENCE in heaven…


We shall see what will happen to this blog for next month. I will certainly tell you if I would have finished these writings! I know that there are a few mighty Saint’s feasts during October such as St. Therese of Lissieux, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Faustina, St. John XXIII, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Paul of the Cross, St. John Paul II PLUS SEVERAL FEAST DAYS OF OUR MOTHER:


Oct. 7 – Our Lady of the Rosary; Oct. 8 – Our Lady of Good Remedy; Oct. 11 – The Motherhood of Mary; Oct. 12 – Our Lady of the Aparecida. There are others like Our Lady of Toledo, Spain on October 25; Our Lady of the Pillar (Nuestra Señora del Pilar)  also on October 12 and Feast of Mary, Wonderful Mother on October 20.


And with the help of all of them, I may have a major miracle one way or the other (I did on Oct. 4). Until then, may you have a wonderful month of October. In my side of things, I am offering this suffering for the good of this world. I pray for the presidential elections and all the lies and cover ups of both candidates, and pray as well as for EWTN, to continue growing to keep our eyes opened and in prayer together for the salvation of all souls through the sanctification of the entire Church, while we grow in trust that the Infant Jesus will cover us with His mercy.


P.S.: I LEFT MY “LAST WORDS” INTACT although they are repetitious and written at the end of September, in order for you to SEE how my Lord Divine wanted me to focus my messy cross from a different point of view as it happened on October 4. St. Francis was busy praying for me! Now I understand why I am so late with this blog… He wanted me to share with you what He can do to help us… He is too much! In the other hand, I may or not write a blog at the end of this month. If God does not help me to do it without so much difficulty, I will surmise that He wants me to stop them. We shall see. He has the last word. I always think that there are so many talks, opinions, books, TV programs all related to His mercy, that perhaps my words are not that important! Just help me praying to do God’s will and for me to know such will.






September 6, 2016

I.INTRODUCTION (A long, long one…)

I started this blog on September first…! So far, I have not been able to write it because day by day my exposure to this contaminated environment around me is destroying my body functions … and I am not capable to even put together the notes I have received from my Lord and Mother for the month of August of 2016. It was this morning when I found myself present to the LIVE celebration of the Second World Day of Prayer for the care of Creation… Every day I am more convinced that the chemicals coming from petroleum keep my brain functioning in a weird way, whether toxics coming from the busy expressway next to my home or from the refinery nearby (one that keeps breaking the rules of being properly kept to avoid the escape of their chemicals to the environment, even after being fined two years ago for some 200 infractions).

Yet, this horror especially for someone who knows about medicine and feels oppressed by the knowledge of the damage happening to my physical being, I know that God is permitting it in order for me to find out that memory loss and obesity are related to it. In fact, my memory is again being affected especially in the English language which is the one I use the most in my daily existence. Since my Spanish got a tremendous recovery with the detoxification of 2009 and the not planned one that happened in 2013 when I lost 7 units of blood!!! I was able to lose 40 pounds in 3 months without any exercise or diet, since I was just recuperating from the major blood loss. This, in scientific terms, is essential to prove how weight gain is related to environmental toxicity. The Lord promoted all of this in order for me to learn those two health issues in my own body… It was a huge gift…

Not only that, but right now San Francisco, CA through PBS TV stations, are showing another extraordinary teaching from Dr. Mark Hyman, the man who hinted to me at my arrival to the West coast in 2008, how toxicity can cause memory loss. He simply explained how some of us are missing 3-4 genes which do not allow our liver to produce enough glutathione, the chemical that detoxifies our body in a natural way. Such hint led me to undergo a natural detoxification and sure enough, my memory came back.  In 2009, I even went to San Francisco (about one hour from here) to attend one of his lectures and to meet him. This doctor is a wonderful man who speaks, believes and even coined the name of “functional medicine,” to everything that has to do with nutrition and its effects on our bodies. He is now director of the Functional Medicine Department of the Cleveland Clinic, the greatest center in the world for heart surgery! Dr. Hyman clearly establishes that our present medical teaching is wrong and totally confused with the truth that food acts as a drug.

His rather recent teaching is titled, “EAT FAT and GET Thin.” Yes, this concept is true and the non sense of cholesterol levels is not important at all… So, had I not being exposed to this toxic environment in 2008, I would have never detoxified myself by 2009 to recover my memory and the Spanish language, but also I would have never studied how WE all LIVE IN A TOXIC ENVIRONMENT of some sort, one that has produced inflammation and heart disease and cancer and dementia, weight gain, etc…Not all geographical areas are toxic to a degree like mine, but any large city with many cars in their streets is also full of toxicity.  He published a book with the same name, EAT FAT and GET THIN, and there he has 388 scientific references… to everything he says in the TV program and in the book. He clearly establishes that sugar and carbohydrates cause obesity. Flour increases our blood sugar more than the table sugar!!! And the “bad” cholesterol is produced by sugar! Our bodies are intolerant to carbohydrates. Just imagine the help he is giving diabetic patients in order to control their sugar levels. He rather wants his patients to eat certain fats (not all) and these fats on their own totally decrease the desire for sugar!!!!!!!!! He has been treating patients on his own clinic for at least 30 years and has seen his ideas work in the lives of many.

He establishes that in the 1980’s, allopathic  (MD’s) medicine preached that cholesterol was the cause of atherosclerosis and therefore, fat, especially saturated, should be avoided. The truth is that cholesterol does not come from fat; it is made in our livers and if we eat correctly and not inflammatory foods, cholesterol cannot adhere to the wall of a normal (not inflamed) arterial wall. His DVD is the perfect companion to the prior DVD by Dr. Joel Fuhrman mentioned before and I will buy a copy for each of my sons; so, when I die, they should have in their hands a way to keep a normal weight and not a major problem with atherosclerosis and we can say bye, bye to cardiac infarcts due to coronary artery obstruction and lack of oxygenation of part of the heart muscle with death of such. I will also buy a DVD for my Priests in Alabama, the ones that preach to the world about the mercy of God… Actually, it is more expensive to have surgery to correct the errors of eating the wrong foods plus eating well is more predictable regarding success for our health when we eat the correct way and also knowing well why we do it. The person can eat more as the title suggests (not tons but never a minimal amount of food) and lose weight and have a healthy heart… So, my coming to this toxic ridden area is simply a gift from God’s mercy… And this heavy cross has been a SUPER BLESSING AND FOR OTHERS WHO CAN LEARN WHAT I HAVE IN THIS AREA.

Again, please be aware that most of the physicians called MD’s DO NOT KNOW A THING ABOUT THIS TRUTH that Dr. Hyman and Dr. Fuhrman are teaching us… In medical school we were never taught to understand that food is a drug… and can damage or prevent disease. Our so called allopathic medicine (MD’s) only uses drugs and most of the so called studies on this subject, are funded by the gigantic money making Pharmaceutical companies! So, if you were to ask your own MD, he will declare that all of what is preached by Drs. Hyman and Fuhrman is an error… But, the Cleveland Clinic, a place that I know well because I worked there in the early 1980’s, had the gift of humility to understand and be opened to the TRUTH… Food can kill or heal… It is time that we all learn from these experts, who are MD’s as well and who were given the grace to study this subject and treat their patients with absolute great results of illness cures and prevention.

Yes, this introduction is very long but will explain how I ended up writing so late ; I needed to communicate how God’s mercy is operating right now in my life despite my super heavy cross…It also coincided with the importance of our environment on this occasion of remembering our need to clean the creation from all that is making us so sickly.

At one point and as I could not put together this blog any earlier, I asked my Lord if He wanted me to quit writing them… He answered right away. First with page 888 in one of my Bibles (they have different page numbers and I have to ask Him what Bible to check!). It is Jeremiah 39 where this prophet relays a message from God to Ebedmelach, one that was comforting to him, and in verse 18b, God tells Ebedmelach that his life will be spared because he trusted in Him… I was led to believe that when we share God’s merciful acts for us, we also console others who may be living similar moments.

Then I was sent to St. Faustina’s Diary (entry 164) and Jesus tells her, “As often as you want to make Me happy speak to the world about my great and unfathomable mercy.” Wow… Of course, I need to continue writing but how and when?… There, He also came to tell me that any fear… regarding how and when, was lack of trust that He can do all things in my life… So, I consoled myself by thinking that is better late than not doing it…

I then remembered the words of Pope Francis.  “Jesus directs us to a one-way street: that of going forth from ourselves.  It is a one-way trip, with no return ticket.  It involves making an exodus from ourselves, losing our lives for His sake and setting out on the path of self-gift.” (July 30, 2016). He spoke about our conversion and in a way, this lack of ability to write earlier this blog, is another conversion for me since I have to realize that it is His blog. He knows what to do with me and how He wants me to serve Him and my brothers and sisters. I should simply TRUST and His mercy will do the rest.


Tuesday, August 2

This is the Feast of Our Lady Queen of Angels… the patroness of my home country where she appeared in the late XVI C. The night before of each year, thousands will walk from several parts of this country to her Shrine (Minor Basilica) in the city of Cartago (about 45 minutes from San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica) to arrive in the morning to pay homage to her. At 11:30 AM, I asked her what would be regarding my health problems. She said that all answers will arrive within days of each other but to keep my eyes fixed in the work of the Kingdom and the fact that many souls are being lost on a daily basis unless we collaborate with God in bringing them back.

I was sent to page 581 in the Bible and it was 1Maccabeus 16. John Maccabeus – Pontiff and high Priest was able to win against enemies that had killed Simon, his father and his brother.

God then said to me, “With Me nothing is impossible. My blessings will take care of you in whatever you are called to do. (I understood that it meant working for all Catholics, Christians and all beings created by God in His image). Do not worry for the things that are bothering you! Every second of your life will be covered.”

12:40 PM. I received another reading in the Bible

Isaiah 7: 4a; 9b. “Take care you remain tranquil and do not fear; let not your courage fail before the stumps of smoldering brands (poor health, all needs, etc.) Unless your faith is firm you shall not be firm.”

Psalm 27: 5a; 7 “For God will hide me in His shelter in time of trouble. Hear my voice, Lord, when I call; HAVE MERCY ON ME and ANSWER ME.”

Wednesday, August 3

In a religious TV program, a married couple spoke of the psychology for couples. I instantly realized that not all couples have the background to understand psychological terms and ways to deal with problems. It is like buying a car (information) but not knowing how to drive it! Or, not having gasoline to turn it on! Therefore, we need to truly rely on God’s mercy and belong to Him by doing His will at all times, in order to receive the proper psychological guidance from the Holy Spirit to guide us in getting along with others, especially one’s spouse. It seems to me that most of the time, there is an effort to make things work in our lives through human knowledge… Or we are led to work and then ask God (if we do) for His help. There must be a revolution in our spiritual beings to truly accept that God has a way IF we simply follow His will.

5:30 PM. I started asking myself, “What is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” Most religious people speak about it and seem sure that they have it! However, I do not see proof of such in the witness of their lives! For me, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is “TO LIVE WITH HIM EACH DAY, ALL DAY. It is just exactly like living with our families with whom we interrelate often and care for each other. It is liaison of love.”  But this form of living comes to us after we say yes to His will (which in itself opens the door to the Holy Spirit’s guidance) and truly LIVE THE YES to God’s will and not simply repeat that we do… Words do not work. Action does confirm our “YES.”

Our Pope was visiting Poland for the World Youth meeting (July 29 to August 2) and he said to them that they should build bridges, not walls.” His message also brought me the same question? Am I building bridges or walls in my relationship with others? As an only child I always enjoyed being by myself. I never felt or feel lonely… Right now I receive about 2-3 phone calls a month… There is no question that I may be building a wall. However, all my life I was active not only in my professional life but in my parishes… I suspect that I left the world because many times I was persecuted for the most trivial things, including from religious people…  These are the little things that Satan does for us… by tempting people to persecute us, and in my case may be one of division that he has caused. I was trained to speak in public since I was a child. In primary school, my teachers would tell me that I should become a lawyer… I am mentioning this now in order to bring up the surreptitious ways that Satan can work in our lives to destroy our gifts.

Friday, August 5

The Gospel for this day had the famous words of Jesus in order to truly be His disciple: “Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me.”

At the 3 PM hour, my Mother asked me to make a list of the things I believe that I need the most right now like money to move away from this highly toxic environment, healing of all allergies and pain of knees, etc. Then she asked me to deny myself of the desire for answers for all these truly needed things, and simply because it was God’s will for me. I have to live my YES at all times and this constant bugging of Him to change them when I know that He is totally in charge and are allowing them, well, it represents a very poor “yes”. It is amazing how easy we get confused and want to change things happening. She said that the sooner that I accept them, that is, accepting these hard crosses, the fastest I become a TRUE DISCIPLE of her Son. Once I keep doing it 24/7, I can become a great intercessor for others and at the same time, truly show my love for Him. Once THE LOVE OF GOD AND NEIGHBOR becomes a reality as in her case, saying yes to the Angel regarding becoming the Mother of the Messiah King and loving her cousin Elizabeth with service, then, we are truly Kingdom workers. She also asked to add to this menu, a constant thanksgiving for my crosses since it has great spiritual power for my ongoing conversion to truly become holy. She reminded me that I should live thinking that we all disciples live always as in route to Calvary, and such behavior TOGETHER, BECOMES A WAY TO GIVE GLORY TO GOD…!!! She insisted that my ulterior spiritual job is to glorify Him for the ways He creates to take me back home to live with Him forever.

Monday, August 8

The Olympiads started in Brazil and I was mesmerized by the training that these athletes from all over the world have to submit themselves to. These extraordinary human beings have to train many hours per day and most people believe this is simply great. I could not think that way for the two weeks that it lasted. The evil one has infiltrated every place and group in this world and I only could see the waste of time if these athletes are not spending much time with God as well. An American young man who received 3 gold medals was involved in a scandal due to drunkenness. I would say that he was not happy enough, satisfied enough with having these medals since God is our only fulfillment.

Tuesday, August 9

A 1983 program from Fr. Robert Barron at the time, now Bishop Barron, beautifully explained what the Olympiads are all about. He never mentioned them by name nor it was a topic at all in this talk; yet, he referred to the “prophets of Baal” who worship the gods of wealth, power, pleasure and honor (Olympic medals).  He advised that we should stop making altars to those 4 Baal gods, and rather surrender to God adding that our spiritual well being increases in the measure that we give it away. He concluded that the prophetic message comes to its richest expression in Jesus Christ. What a beautiful consoling message for me. It truly touched me to know that I should never go after wealth, power, pleasure or honor, but at the same time day by day, become a better disciple of Jesus .So far, none of the four have had any power over me… In fact, at times I have asked myself why is it that I do not care about money or power (even that I have had it as director of a surgery center) nor have I tried to find pleasure per se or honor… I have been given many honors as a student since elementary school and as a professional, but never truly sought it nor cared for it. But why not? There is no doubt in my mind that one of His great gifts has been receiving the grace not to be enticed by these four “gods” and I suspect that His Eucharistic Presence revealed to me as a child, has fulfilled me so completely that I have not sought  these four “Baal’s”. It suggests and very clearly that a personal relationship with Jesus protect us more than we expect!

Tuesday, August 16

The Gospel for the daily Mass contemplated how with our strong faith we can move mountains. Of course, Jesus has said that TRUST IN HIM will inundate us with His mercy… The question keeps resonating about what to do about our religious liberty. The general idea is to fight for it I hear it over and over and we simply are missing the point. We feel that way because we are fearful about it… Well, it only means that we are not TRUSTING IN JESUS to win this battle and we could lose it… In fact, this cross that has come to touch many, starting with the Little Sisters of the Poor, and that has revealed the mischievous behavior of the judicial system, should be the greatest opportunity to prove to Jesus that we trust in Him. We can move mountains if we only realize that He will take care of it and we should only keep saying yes accepting this cross and actually thanking Him ahead of time for His mercy in this topic. If we cannot feel such faith, then we should ask for the grace to feel that way…

 We should never talk about how we are going to defend ourselves and only do it in consultation with the Holy Spirit. It is a simple matter. We ask for the graces not to fear (so that we can truly TRUST) and to say yes to this cross and in this way, ask the Holy Ghost to guide us… It is only at this stage of self denial that we can gather together to plan what to do. Yet, resentment towards those who are persecuting us comes to bug us and we do not even SEE how our non Christian behavior is helping our enemies be further tempted by Satan to persecute us even more. The wisdom necessary to deal with these problems is available but only comes when we behave as true disciples. Said in other words: our tendency is to fight the battle before we gather the faith to MOVE this mountain. And such faith is a gift from His mercy that comes only when we Trust that yes, we can move mountains with Him alone at our side! The moment we worry about what will happen in the future with are religious liberty, at that same moment we lose our faith and His mercy cannot do much for us.

There is another point that I was able to understand. Every time that Satan divides us in this way, we should exercise the gift of evangelization for our persecutors and it has been taught to me before. We should ask Jesus with the intercession of His Mother, to see in our persecutors, souls that need to be spiritually changed. We should see ourselves as Olympic workers that need to save souls and the entire problem becomes a great opportunity to ask for our own love for our enemies and to stop all resentment. I assure you that we can win the battle because LOVE HEALS AND PARDONS AND SAVES, just as Jesus did with us. Any felt fear and resentment are ALWAYS Satan’s temptations and capable of paralyzing the grace of true discipleship.

Thursday, Aug. 18

In our religious world, we are constantly advertising books and more books, all probably excellent and spiritually very helpful, yet, if we do not do God’s will with a big Yes, we will never get much from reading and reading so many books. The books are written to promote a deep relationship with Christ but even if it helps, will not last.  Just imagine if one gets married and turns to books about how to relate with the husband or wife… No, we seek the person himself or herself and build a relationship that brings LOVE and TRUST to this union. We can preach forever and yet, we need the Holy Spirit to do the interior work and truly LOVE the other one. And to LOVE we need to show our love to the other. In the case of Jesus, we need to say yes to His will at all times for all things and never feel fear about whatever He brings to us. Then, we need time to spend with Him (prayer) to receive the graces necessary to grow in knowing Him, in relating to Him. Again, most books touch people… No doubt about it. Yet, it is for a short time. I say it because if we truly were evangelized with just books and DVD’s and preaching, we would show much holiness and truly attract others with our witness and our parishes would be full for Sunday Masses. We need to pray and believe and love, all of which come through our yes to God’s will for every second of our lives…

I rather follow the person who wrote the book or who preached if I see such person to be full of the Holy Spirit, like Bishop Barron and there are many other Priests like him, than to compare the book contents with the author and realize that they are not similar in power to bring me to change spiritually. And most of us are truly desirous to be great disciples but we still keep trying to plan our own conversion… It is a big error. We can go to tons of retreats, and I did that in past years, and never truly become infected with holy behavior. We need to allow the Spirit to change us, to make us models of sanctity if this is the will of God, and if not, we simply keep loving Jesus and our Father and letting their mutual Love (Holy Spirit) infect us with humility and patience and all His gifts. Our yes to His will gives us the power necessary to know what to do and to power to do what it is necessary for our conversion to advance and to take us to a point where we can attract others through God’s Spirit.  

Saturday, August 20

I watched via EWTN, a talk from the USCCB National Evangelization Conference in Alabama 2016. The speaker Director of Hispanic Youth for the USCCB, talked about the formation of people for missionary work. He said that there are five ways necessary to have in order to become a missionary in the world. They are:

1. He/she must have had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ

2. They should have had a conversion. Example: working for the poor.

3. They should be disciples who have started walking with the Lord and show how they have learned from Him.

4. They should show communion: they should walk together in solidarity as a family.

5. They should become missionaries, that is, feeling like disciples moved to go out and share this life with Jesus Christ’s Body.

He made many other points and they seemed good and doable and probably leading to success. In the other hand, all through our Catholic history since the coming of Jesus to this world, His Mother did exactly what was needed to keep Christianity alive in 2016. She first loves God with all her heart by saying Yes to His will for her in a rather difficult situation at such young age, just 15 (personal encounter)… Immediately, she ran to serve her cousin Elizabeth and giving us the example of how we should love our neighbor (conversion for service as a disciple, as a family member). But in doing so, she was evangelizing everyone, from the baby John at 6 months of gestation to Elizabeth (missionary). John was born and continued evangelizing and giving his life for the Gospel. Many people followed him. Notice how powerful his work was because of his encounter with the Holy Spirit passed on from Our Lady and Baby Jesus in her womb…

WE MUST RECOGNIZE that our yes to God’s will is key for our conversion and our transformation into disciples of Jesus Christ. This Yes had the graces necessary coming from the Holy Spirit Himself and Whose power brought the formation of baby Jesus in the womb of this teenager. By loving her neighbor as she did, she sort of infected Elizabeth and her child with the Holy Spirit. Well, this evangelization was so powerful that John became the announcer of the Messiah King, his cousin, and died for the Truth of the Gospel. So, Our Lady and Elizabeth and John the Baptist all showed their personal encounter with Jesus. The three of them became extraordinary disciples and missionaries!

It amazes me how this story that we repeat every Christmas cannot be emulated by all of us and when re-lived, the entire world would be evangelized by now… Our Lady and John were super missionaries. Wow! Why is it that all of us, all of us, fail to try to do the same, knowing that the Holy Ghost would empower us to do the same. This is the reason why we were baptized and confirmed. On top of it, the other Sacraments were created by Jesus, and He Himself giving the example of His Baptism by no less and no more than His cousin John… He chose to stay on earth to accompany us and created the Sacraments of matrimony for a man and a woman and for Holy Orders, those who administer the Sacraments. Wow…What a plan!

On this day, I cried… Why couldn’t I GIVE GLORY TO GOD by acting like the people He gave us to demonstrate the Truth of saving souls. I had all the brakes necessary… I knew that He was truly present in the Sacred Host and felt His Presence with me over and over in difficult moments. I was exposed as a child to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Spanish … I also encountered the topic of His mercy in 1985 and read for the first time the diary of St. Faustina. In 2002, I met personally the other Saint of Mercy, John Paul II…I was a great follower of my Mother because of my maternal grandma… I was led to a elementary school (St. Margaret Mary’s) and was exposed to all the beauty of the blessings of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus… I was given an education to become a physician without investing any money. I was given the English language at age 17, even that originally I had not been chosen to be the exchange student selected by a program that started in Costa Rica precisely when I was in the high school year required to participate. Yet, right now, I still waste time and not pray more and love more and try to submit my soul to be changed by the Holy Ghost! Ouch and ouch and ouch…How many souls could I have saved if I had been properly catechized? But the catechesis was available through the power of the Holy Spirit and I also went to tons of retreats and read the lives of many Saints, and prayed many Rosaries and even was given the great gift of talking to Jesus starting in 1978 and with my Mother in 1988…Yet, I am still asking if I should quit writing these blogs…or if possibly to be taken from this earth without a any sign of depression or due to it… because my pain is so tough! LORD, HAVE MERCY ON ME A SINNER…This is why I cried!

On this Saturday was the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, and I was baptized (July 17) in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy…I was Confirmed (August 1) in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception! She has been near me in many important circumstances!

Monday, August 22

This was the feast of Our Lady Queen of the Universe also known as Queen of the World. Several times I have mentioned how I encountered her and the miracles she made for me but in the lives of others. I found her through a lady who came to Cleveland to talk about this particular title of Our Lady and told us that if we were interested, she had personnel that could come to our homes and consecrate our families to Our Lady under this title. I immediately said yes. It was 1985 and I was home because for the first time I had been persecuted in my job. Here are two miracles that she helped me with and which I have shared before!

1. There was an operating room nurse in a hospital that I worked in who was ready to separate from her husband. They had 3 children, the smallest still very young. The husband lost interest in his family and moved to live with his mother. He would cover the night shifts of my friend the nurse and sleep in their home to take care of their children. They were Protestant but she was a great believer in Jesus. By counsel from my Mother Queen of the Universe and because this nurse knew I was very religious, I offered her a picture of Our Lady under this title and told her to just hide her in her home. I also told her that she did not have to do it since it could be a sore point for her in regards to devotion to Our Lady. She gladly took the picture and actually placed it in her bedroom. Within one week her husband would come to sleep in an adjacent room in their house regardless of her not being on call. In three months, he had moved back home and slept in the guest room. Shortly after, he asked her to forgive him and told her the reason as to why he had tried to separate from her. He said that when she would come home, she would talk about all the things she was involved in the hospital and her dealings with surgeons. He felt very inferior and not important because of his own job description. They made peace and by the end of that year, they were madly in love again and trying to have another baby… My Mother kept being displayed in their bedroom…Notice how Satan works in our lives and how our Mother comes to deal with him.

2. Short years later, I met a recovery room nurse in a hospital in Steubenville, OH where I worked at. She was Protestant, divorced and living with a man. We share the month and day of our birthdays. I had left Steubenville but we continued writing to each other (up to the present time) because of our common birth date. As a recovery room nurse, she was outstanding. She admired me because my patients would arrive in recovery room almost wide awake. She had lost her mom and asked me if I could serve as her adoptive mother. I agreed!  On a Christmas of the 1990’s, I sent her the usual Christmas card and told her that I was uncomfortable as any mother would be to have her daughter living with a man and giving scandal.  I sent her a picture of Our Lady Queen of the Universe and asked her to place it anywhere in her home and that I would be asking my Mother for help in this matter. The card arrived around Dec. 18. The man’s Christmas gift for her was a ring and asked her to marry him!!! And to this date, they are married and happy and she also became a nurse anesthetist… Like mother, like daughter!!!

Needless to say, every August 22, I pay special attention to her for her feast and I thank her for the miracles. They were miracles for them but also for me since they proved how close she is to me… Therefore, the screen for all my computers ever since, displays her picture. Even my recently bought I-phone has it because my son without even asking me, placed her there… And let me repeat that it was to this title that in 1985 in Cleveland I had consecrated our family to her and also I visited her NATIONAL SHRINE OF MARY IMMACULATE QUEEN, at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Lombard, IL.


(Published by the Mary Immaculate Queen Center in Lombard, IL).

O Mary Immaculate Queen, glorious Queen of the Universe, most powerful Virgin, merciful Mother of a merciful God and refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves to your Royal and Immaculate Heart.

It is through you that Jesus Christ, our King, has come into the world to save it. It is also through you that He is to reign over the world.

In order to obtain this great benefit for ourselves and all mankind, we come to your feet to consecrate to your our persons, our lives, all that we are, all that we have, all that we love. Keep us, enlighten us, dispose of us, and reign over us.

May all hearts and all homes willingly proclaim you as their Immaculate Queen.

FAMILY PRAYER FOR PEACE with imprimatur by Bishop of Joliet, IL, Romeo Blanchette on July 22, 1977

“O Mary Immaculate Queen, look down upon this distressed and suffering world. You know our misery and our weakness. O you who are our Mother, saving us in the hour of peril, have compassion on us in these days of great and heavy trial.

“Jesus has confided to you the treasure of His Grace, and through you He wills to grant us pardon and mercy. In these hours of anguish, therefore, your children come to you as their hope.

“We recognize your Queen ship and ardently desire your triumph. In your clemency obtain for us the courage and the confidence of which we have such need.

“Most Holy and Adorable Trinity, You Who have crowned with glory in Heaven the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of our Saviour, grant that all her children on earth may acknowledge her as their sovereign Queen; that all hearts, homes and nations may recognize her rights as Mother and as Queen. Amen.”

Thursday, August 25

This was aired in the media and I could not believe to what point we have arrived with stupid ideas…

It said that more children brought to this world will produce more CO2 or carbon dioxide which leads to more global warming. We must then stop bringing more children into existence through abortion, contraception, etc. In some places, they are trying to approve “the carbon law” applied to all children who are born and who then need to pay a fine…

Friday, August 26

In Facebook I saw the announcement of the presentation of Puccini’s 50 minutes opera called “Suor Angelica.” It will be directed by my third son’s wife in Omaha, NE. where they live. If you are interested in the details, the site is http://www.omahaoperaproject.org; it is a community based initiative and it seeks to offer exciting performance opportunities to high school and college students. This will be their first project to be presented September 9-11.

It was a surprise for me since I did not know that my daughter-in-law had such a vast preparation in theater performance… I have known her for more than 11-12 years and never was I informed about her curriculum vitae… She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She has acted professionally at Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre and Ontario’s Theater and Company. And there are more stories about her capabilities to direct opera. I would call it a show of humility on her part… She is a very religious Roman Catholic and married to my son who holds a Master in Theology. She home schools their four children, cooks, shops for family needs and will direct this Giacomo Puccini’s opera… Recently at the end of August, they had their wedding anniversary which took place in Vancouver and my son wrote this in Facebook,  Happy Anniversary to my beautiful, wonderful, talented, intelligent, loving, incredible, patient, caring wife Miriam. The best years of my life have all been with you. Thanks be to God.”

I bring this to be shared in this blog because I prayed forever, NOT TO HAVE ANY OF MY BOYS BECOME A PRIEST IF HE WOULD NOT BE A HOLY PRIEST… My son thought he had received a call to the priesthood while visiting St. Padre Pio’s place in Italy, while he was a student in Rome. BUT MY PRAYER WAS HEARD and it all started when we moved from Indiana back to Cleveland as told many times before in these blogs, directed by the Holy Spirit during a medical conference in Houston, TX on Assumption Thursday, May 4th.    I was reading the Bible in my hotel and the Lord sent me to Joshua 4 and explained how we would be offered jobs and to accept them. I returned home on Sunday, May 7th and in the same evening we received the offer from Kaiser Permanente in Cleveland offering jobs in anesthesiology to both of u,!!! I had a good job in Indiana and it did not make sense but we obeyed despite that we had just bought a home … Now in Cleveland, my son attended his senior year at St. Ignatius High School despite that there was no space for him, but because his two older brothers had graduated there, they admitted him. This led him to visit the Dominican Republic with the high school senior class, and somehow he got interested in studying Theology. Franciscan U. of Steubenville in Ohio was fairly close to Cleveland and he chose to go there where he met his future brother-in-law. This led him to meet his wife.

I have told this story several times; yet, notice how doing the will of God and praying for good things was heard, like having in my family holy priests. God can do all things but we must follow His will and He will take care of all the moves we do to execute His will. It is soo simple… The present way of doing things even among Catholics is to worry about the kids and trying to plan how to lead them through the best way to be holy. In general we want to be in charge of our families and bring God along to help out, rather than denying ourselves, picking up the crosses of daily living with a big yes and following (doing) what Jesus did. He was clear and taught us exactly what to do:

Matthew 6: 25; 33.  Therefore, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you besides.”

Matthew 12:50. “For whoever does the will of My heavenly Father, is my brother, and sister and mother.”

Sunday, August 28.

I could not attend Mass because the pain in my knees was horrible and I did not have enough Tramadol to take in order to last me until the time prescribed to get a new batch for 30 days. Besides, July and August have 31 days and those days are not accounted for! Over and over, I understood that this is the will of God for me and that I have to say yes no matter what. Not going to Mass is hell for me. The least I need is not to embrace Him within me and be with Him ALIVE for some 15 minutes. My parish cannot help me because I am far away and it is too far for their Eucharistic ministers to drive back and forth. ALL IN ALL, the point I am making is that this is the most perfect will for me… and that my Daddy knows all about it. I bless EWTN’s Priests and the whole enterprise, all members that are involved in bringing the Mass LIVE to me…

On this day, A VERY FAMOUS 66 year old Mexican composer and singer from Juarez, MX, “Juan Gabriel,” died suddenly with a heart attack in his apartment near Los Angeles. He had had given a major concert the previous Friday and had planned 47 more in many cities in order to stop and have open heart surgery. He had convinced his heart doctor to let him wait until these concerts would be concluded. Juan Gabriel composed close to 200 songs and it is famous for all of us in Latin America. He left a mansion in Florida and another in Juarez, MX plus a beach home in MX. He was a genius as well.

Since his death, crowds in the 100 thousand’s have gathered around the different places that he owned. His body was cremated, taken to Juarez, MX but was taken to Mexico City to be shown before his burial in Juarez, in the Palace of Beautiful Arts. (On September 5, 200,000 fans were in line to enter and touch the box with his ashes!). This entire event has given me the most profound sadness. Many are shown crying for him and saying that they had traveled many miles just to be able to touch his ashes…These occasions mark for me a clear description of the end times and the many Baal’s gods we have and no one around them seem to SEE this fact

Tuesday, August 30

I was able to get a new batch of Tramadol and made plans to start the blog, although I inquired if I should continue doing it and I mentioned in the introduction what I found from Sister Faustina’s diary, entry 164, where announcing God’s mercy makes Jesus happy!

Wednesday, August 31

I wondered why my Lord is letting so many problems with my health continue? I found this nice explanation about suffering from a revered and loved author who has always come to bring light to my soul.

“What is Lucifer? He is a brilliant intelligence, the most enlightened of all but an intelligence discontented with God and His order. .. The more lights, knowledge and general capacity a person has, the more he is to be feared, if he has not the foundation of piety which consists in contentment with God and His will. It is the regulation of the heart that places us in union with the divine will; without that union, everything is but pure nature and, usually, pure opposition to the divine order; God has not, properly speaking, any instruments but humble souls.

Father Jean Pierre de Caussade, S.J. (Died in 1751)


 Monday, September 5th

I was led to complete this blog with the following points and of course, they have been mentioned in one way or the other in previous blogs.

The main way to do what God expects of us for each particular stage of our lives is to ask ourselves OFTEN DURING THE DAY: “Am I giving glory to God with this thought, with this action, with this plan?” At the same time, we offer Him our desire to truly do so and end with the short prayer to the Holy Spirit that I have written several times in these blogs.

“Come Holy Spirit enlighten my heart to see the things which are of God.

Come Holy Spirit into my mind that I may know the things which are of God.

Come Holy Spirit into my soul and that I may belong only to God.

Sanctify all that I think, say and do that all will be for the glory of God.


Immediately after, remember that temptations from the flesh, the world and Satan will start working in our minds and hearts. We should be ready to recognize them with the aid of the Holy Spirit. A short review of such temptations as listed below may help us deal with them.

1. THE HORRORS WE CAN SEE going on in the world at all levels will come to hunt us. Fear could ensue. We should refuse to pay attention to them and repent if they take over our attention.

2. We may start creating plans and projects to bring others to become true disciples of Jesus. It is a good deed but we have to truly ask the Holy Spirit to take over and trust that He will. Only the Holy Spirit can produce the wisdom for us to evangelize souls according to their spiritual needs.

3. We need to embrace all our crosses, the horrors we see outside the Church and the few within the Church. But embracing those crosses does not mean to mulch about them and pass judgment and opinions of pros and cons… To embrace the crosses that the world and even Christians impose on us is to beg our Lord for His mercy for us so that we can SEE those scandalizing us AS HIS KIDS CREATED IN HIS IMAGE; for love for them on our part and then ask Him for their salvation. We embrace the cross by kissing it… If they scandalize us, then we respond with prayer, especially to our Mom with the Rosary, for us to love like Christ does and for their power to overcome sin (flesh), the world and Satan. So, this is an act of self denial to examine other’s sins and craziness and only focus in following Jesus’ way of loving them. Period. In this act of mercy, we will have a lot of graces to get it done, especially against Mr. Satan, through the power of our Mother and the Rosary.

4. We need to read His Word daily, as much or as long as He guides us to. We must trust in His Word by asking for that grace if it is not ours yet. We must memorize what is what He asked us to do and beg for His mercy to be able to LIVE HIS WORD at each moment as necessary. We may be tempted to ignore the power for our lives of His Word.

5. Daily, WE MUST pay attention to what we do and think and say and ASK FOR HELP TO DO IT TO GIVE HIM GLORY… If I am doing something and ask for the grace to hear if this is giving Him glory, then proceed. If something does not give Him glory, let it go immediately, whether is watching a TV program or reading or writing something. The Holy Spirit will give us the feeling of giving God glory or not. The prayer to the Holy Spirit that I have mentioned is key to be converted into a glory giving child of God.

6. When we find ways to help our brothers with a smile or money or counsel or whatever the Spirit is leading us to, we should place the needs of our neighbor before ours, and that is always. If we find ourselves not doing it, we ask for help and repent for our non merciful behavior.

7. We need to often receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation with a true desire for repentance and change and also frequent the Eucharist asking always for the favor of understanding more and more His Real Presence.

8. ONCE WE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES, a simple list and a combination of prayer and action and stopping any temptation not to do so, WE THEN CAN SIT DOWN AND PLAN OTHER’S CONVERSIONS, simply because the Holy Spirit will be there to assist us. Of course, there should be plans and projects to bring others to Christ, but we have to be SUPER SURE that we are in the journey as well and NOT PRESUME THAT WE KNOW JESUS…Whether we do or not, it is up to God to decide and help us recover the innocence of a child for ourselves in order to be able to save others as we becoming extraordinary witnesses in this enterprise of evangelization. Meetings among the members of a parish who are setting up guidelines to bring others to Christ, should include a review of our personal faults regarding our lack of giving glory to God in all we do, think and say.

9. Preaching by our Pastors and our lay people working with them should always make of “doing the will of God at all times”, the main feature. However, it is probably very hard to sell this counsel to others. I understand that the only way to do it is to have the Holy Spirit do it for us… This is obtained when Pastors and Associates enter the path of self denial and a serious attempt to practice of the points above. It will be amazing how the Holy Spirit will direct the evangelizer to say, to look, to love as only Jesus would and as the teaching to do God’s will is promulgated. Since for God all things are possible and with faith (shown by doing what is explained above) we can move mountains and evangelization will take place despite our own defects of character or lack of theological studies. A good example is St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Since the 1970’s after the closing of Vatican II, in some parishes, Masses became ways to entertain with music of all kinds in order to attract the people to attend Sunday Mass. Even in a parish in Adrian, MI, they would have clowns play in front of the altar during certain parts of the Mass… We misunderstood the teaching of this Council and forgot that the first ones to give glory to God were reserved for the pastors and lay close associates.

May you have a wonderful rest of September, remembering that we have some feasts of Our Lady to help us grow spiritually as we prepare for Advent.

September 8: 1) The Nativity of the Virgin Mary. 2) Feast of Our Lady of Vailankanni (India), also known as Our Lady of Good Health.

September 12: The Most Holy Name of Mary

September 15: Our Lady of Sorrows

September 24: Our Lady of Mercy (Dominican Republic and Peru)

September 28: Our Lady Untier of Knots

Note: I want to assure you that in the future if I happen to fall sick and unable to write the monthly blog, my son Ernesto will post a note in this site with the announcement.

The same, if I were to die, he will post a note in this site.

In all instances, please pray for me.


A Call to a Deeper Conversion with the Help of Our Lady

July 31, 2016

Important Note: I want to start by reminding you that as I had promised, mid month I did post in the section of PAGES in this blog site, a document that I had put together in 2006 related to what are the conditions that leads to our heart suffering from arteriosclerotic coronary disease. It was the first document posted in this site where I was using the newest version of Windows, or Windows 10. The problem is that the final product that came after I hit the “publish” button has letters that are huge and some super small. This may affect this blog as well and I need time in order to borrow from my son’s time so that he can find out from Word Press how to fix it. Sorry. However, it is perfectly readable and I hope that it will help you understand many blood test numbers that you get when they order to  measure cholesterol, triglycerides and the like. You will learn a lot…

However, what is the most valuable concept is how you can minimize inflammation in all your arteries and stop cholesterol from sticking to the arterial walls. This is hardly mentioned at the doctor’s office. I also have made a long…. list of foods which are either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.  It comes from a 2006 “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan”  book from Monica Reinagel. I have given you an example in the document under the topic of heart disease recently posted in the section of Pages … This topic should be something that you can memorize forever and ever. I will post it in a few days  the list of foods that I made for myself from this book of  Monica Reinagel; at least you can find a large number of foods with the number that addresses how inflammatory or anti-inflammatory they are. It will be posted under the heading of  “IF Rating.” I want to be sure that you recognize that it is from her book that I got this list and it may serve as a commercial for the book.


This month of July 2016 was a very interesting month… The world exploded with horrors of violence mixed with local politics and practically owned our attention… I became super sure that us, those who believe in God the Holy Trinity, MUST OPEN OUR EYES AND DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO à PRAY and pray and pray and share and share and share how God is guiding us in these dark hour. The pain in my knees has been SUPER WORSE … In due time, my Lord said that it was to remind me how much He suffers with these matters… At one point I was crying because I was not sure why this pain has become almost impossible to bear… Yet, not only He came to console me by saying that He wants me to remind myself of His pain for us, His beloved kids, but to accept it with the understanding that I am with Him, suffering and OFFERING IT UP! It was a clear invitation to walk to Calvary with Him CONSOLING HIM, LETTING HIM KNOW THAT SOME OF US ARE WITH HIM…!!!

Of course, my Ma also made an appearance in this month of July… and a formidable one… And so, I will start my calendar sharing with her coming to me under a special name.


Monday, July 4

As I woke up in the early morning, I suddenly had a severe muscle spasm type of pain in the right side of my waist and down. I went early to Whole Foods Organic food market without eating breakfast just not to produce more pain in  my knees. While there, several employees came to me to say hello. The cashier said, “I have not seen you lately and I missed you.”  A woman in line before me acted as a great friend and I had never seen her. She helped me put my items in the belt to be ready for the cashier. I started realizing that God was moving many hearts just to be sure that I knew He was around and knew of the pain of the early morning.

I came home very tired and had breakfast. At 11:40 AM, I reached for the calendar next to me to check a date. It was a calendar published by the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.  It brings a picture of Our Lady on top of each month.  I found it opened and on September of 2016!!! On top was Our Lady Undoer of Knots. She spoke to me and said “Hello.” As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I met her under this title in 1998 in Toledo, OH. I was watching a Hispanic channel and they were giving a story from Venezuela where someone was talking about the miracles she had made. Originally she had come from Argentina, and had arrived in Argentina from Germany brought by an Argentinean  priest. That priest is now our Pope Francis!!!

I loved the meaning of how she had been brought from Europe to South America and found her novena in Spanish in the Internet. I ordered her picture from a bookstore in New York. In these blogs in the section of “pages,”  for some time I have posted, the novena in Spanish which I translated into English. The novena was put together by an Argentinean priest. Since then, she has been my friend.  I have passed around her picture in two different parishes, in Christ the King in Toledo, OH and in St. Mary’s parish in Walnut Creek, CA.

Tuesday, July 5

At 12:05 PM, I turned on the television and had been left on the Hispanic channel of Univision. At that moment, this channel was airing a soap opera and the moment I turned the T.V. on, an actor was telling a woman these words in Spanish: “Los nudos desaparecieron, los ángeles nos cubrieron y milagros ocurrieron.”

(English: the knots disappeared, the angels covered us and miracles happened!!!)

I almost jumped off the couch where I was sitting… Wow… I continued watching the dialogue in this soap opera and there was no reason why these words were inserted…

4:40 P.M. Still intrigued by finding my Mother’s picture in two different ways in a period of 24 hours, I knew that my Lord wanted to do something under this title for my life and I said, “Mom, Undoer of Knots, please undo the knots of illness especially of the immune system and allow me to proclaim your great love for me and all of us for many years to come. May you be under this title the one that obtains this healing miracle from the Holy Trinity.”

Next to her image in the calendar, there is prayer to her which I modified slightly with prayers that I had found in 1998. I started praying this prayer and I want to share it with you now:


O Virgin Mary, faithful Mother who never refuses to come to the aid of your children, Mother whose hands never cease to help because they are moved by the loving kindness that exists in your Immaculate Heart; cast your eyes of compassion upon me, and see the snarl of knots that exist in my life.

You know all the pains and sorrows caused by these tangled knots; Mary my Mother, I entrust to your loving hands the entire ribbon of my life. Take into your hands today my knots and those of the entire human race full of violence, hatred and destruction of human life, AND UNDO SUCH KNOTS.

In your hands there is no knot which cannot be undone! Therefore, undo all the knots that divide the American political parties and in November intercede for the Presidential candidate that God wills

Most holy Mother, pray for Divine assistance to come to our aid and take these knots, mine and those of the electorate into your maternal hands. I beg you to undo them for the glory of God. Thank you for answering my request.

I ask you all of this the Name of your Divine Son, Jesus Christ.


Note: in the section of “pages” you will find the picture of Our Lady Undoer of Knots, history of how it arrived in Argentina from Gemany and Novena, all in English and Spanish in two different entries:

1)    Our Lady Undoer of Knots

2)    Desatadora de Nudos

However, if you use Google for her name, you will find several novenas and different prayers to her. In general, here is a short revision of her story:

The image of Our Lady Untier of Knots is a picture painted by Johan Schmittdner in the year 1700. The painter was requested by the priest, Hyeronimus Von Langenmantel  in charge of a church in St Peter am Perlach in Ausburg, Germany, to paint the Virgin Mary with certain characterisitics. He wanted to give it as a gift to a family member of the Nobility who was in crisis with his wife. The painting then was born out of the imagination and illumination of this priest who understood that we all have knots in our lives and that we have to place them in the hands of the Virgin for her to untie them.

Our Lady is accompanied by small Angels, protected under the light of the Holy Spirit with the symbol of a dove over her head. She is standing over the head of a serpent. One angel at her left side passes to her the ribbon of our lives with knots. Another Angel at her right receives the ribbon without the knots. At the bottom of the picture one can see a man walking in the darkness guided by the company of an angel, which reminds us of St. Raphael guiding Tobias in his journey to get payment for a debt owed. 

The image of the Virgin arrived in 1984 to Argentina through a priest, Fr. Jorge Bergoglio, today Pope Francis. In Argentina, she was venerated on December 8th, since she looks like an image of he Immaculate Conception. In the Internet, her Feast Day appears to be on September 28. I do not know why…

Wednesday, July 6

After breakfast I found myself receiving more advice, 5 WORDS AT THE TIME, as I had received the previous month on 6/16/16.  I want to share here the previous ones and the ones added today so that it may make more sense. The second part was given today to me on this 7/6/16…


1. Say “yes” to God’s will

2. as praise of His glory.

3. Thank Him for His mercy,

4. despite harshness of present moment.

5. Accept all that Jesus wants.

6. Yet, not there and tomorrow

7. but rather here and now.

8. Grow in trust without fear

9. for what God’s will do

10. for the salvation of souls,

11. by using the Rosary’s power,

12. added to forgiveness and repentance

13. plus graces you will receive

14. from obedience to God’s will.

15. Keep alive this truth within

16. Turning off all pride around.


17. Everything that you need now

18. has been taken care of.

19. Always remember who you are,

20. daughter of God the Father.

21. So, never despair about it

22. since you are heaven bound,

23. protected by His loving mercy

24. as disciple of Jesus Christ

25. Nothing will happen to you,

26. not allowed by God’s will.

27. Give thanks for His love

28. full of goodness and mercy! (END)

I normally receive in the mail 5×8 inches photos of Our Lady and of Jesus of Mercy, etc. I placed two of them on a hard card board and wrote on the back the previous advice, placed it on my altar downstairs near where I sit so that they remind me of reading them often until I memorize them.

On this day, the U.S. FBI director addressed the faults committed by Mrs. Hillary Clinton with the poor management of national “secrets” written in her private email site.  Yet, she was exonerated from any fault! This hurt me profoundly since I never suspected something like this could happen in this country, that is the preferential treatment of wrong and right…

Thursday, July 7

Violent acts occurred against the police force in Dallas, TX, with the death of 5 policemen by people who were upset for the killing of an African American man in St. Paul, Minnesota after a traffic stop. It opened my eyes to see how Satan is having a feast trying to divide us in whatever ways he can. The major problem is that all of us, Catholics or not, see the problem, talk about it and demand action from others, when we are the ones who have to pray and ask for our own conversion to love both political groups at all cost. Only God Himself can appease the “enemy” forces… We cannot do it but must collaborate with our Lord in praying for others, and the Rosary is an essential tool to do so! I am suspecting that in general, most people does not believe in the power of the Rosary!

In the mean time, the FBI director spoke in Congress for four hours regarding the previous talk on Mrs. Clinton poor handling of secret data, and the exoneration of this lady continues not to match with how many die under the police force for insignificant poor behavior actions.

Friday, July 8

At 11:30 AM after my breakfast, I was still mulching in the national problems of the previous days. My Mother came and said, “Do not  worry.” When I asked her what to do for this country after the Dallas and Minnesota incidents, she said, “Keep reading you ‘commands in 5 words’ and practicing them. God will do what needs to be done but your total obedience to His plan will suffice to bring the GRACES necessary to the entire world and convert thousands at a time. You do your thing. He will do His part. Try it and find out how much you can do for your brothers and sisters…

At the time, I had no idea why He was training through my Mother on how to help this country and just ahead of the conventions of the two main political parties. More on it later!

Saturday, July 9

I cleaned my son’s bath and every time, I show a severe allergy to the cleaning liquids I use, even that I wear a mask and try to hurry up as much as possible in order to shorten my exposure to these fumes. I normally finish with severe pain in my knees that makes me cry. Allergies to many things are the main culprit for my knees suffering with severe pain.

In the afternoon, I had everything ready for my son to cook 7 pounds of ground organic turkey and make a super delicious chili. Many years ago in Toledo, OH, I was by myself and often would stop at Wendy’s for a serving of chili. One day, as I sat in their small dining, an employee came to bring me my favorite chili from Wendy’s and on this day, I commented to him how delicious it was. He went ahead and dictated to me the recipe for 2 pounds of ground beef. Through the years, I kept passing this recipe to many people and eventually, I started using ground turkey.

 Well, since I cannot be standing for more than 10 minutes at the time, in order to cook the ground turkey with Campbell’s French onion soup  (7 pounds of turkey and 3 soups),  on this Saturday my son cooked his beloved chili with my guidance until he gets to remember every detail of the process. We ended up with about 10 servings of chili that I freeze in separate containers and defrost as needed on Tuesdays, the day he wants this chili. On this particular Saturday, I found out that I only had bought 2 cans of Campbell’s French onion soup. Yet, suddenly, a third can appeared from no where. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord does this to me in order to remind me that he is next to me for everything. It is a process of growth in trust in his mercy for me in moments where my knees are so painful. Obviously, at all times, I should be living my 28 “5 words” commands the best that I can. This is the gasoline that makes my soul walk under His mercy. There is little else to do. I do not have to fear or not trust in His love for me. I do what I am supposed to do and He does what is necessary for my salvation and that of others.

Sunday, July 10

During the 8 AM Mass, the pain in my knees was brutal.  By chance I turned EWTN on at 10 PM, and there it was a program from two great people who have parted from this earth: Mother Angelica and Fr. Thomas Dubay. The topic was “holiness.” It was excellent. I may add that it took much Tramadol to make it to Mass on this Sunday…. (Now, at the end of the month, I am running low in Tramadol…)

Monday, July 11

By chance again, I turned on the television and was left on EWTN. There is a program at 8 AM just before the Rosary at 8:30 AM and going on since the 1980’s titled “Women of Grace.” They were DISCUSSING A BOOK WITH THE NOVENA OF OUR LADY UNDOER OF KNOTS…..!!!!! I never see this program but since the Rosary comes after, at times I end up watching the end of the program for that day.  This marked the third occasion that Our Lady Undoer of Knots came to visit me in this month of July! Wow!

Monday, July 18

My Mother explained of my need to pray many Rosaries during these very trying times in the world and for different reasons (ISIS worldwide and politics in the U.S.); however, she explained that these Rosaries are not meant to make God more attentive to our needs since He knows all about them. THE NEED FOR MANY ROSARIES IS SIMPLY TO KEEP SATAN AT BAY.  The Rosary has proven to work against evil forces all through the centuries, and right now, it is Satan the main attacker. It is not Isis or  the politics of a presidential election in about 100 days. No… Satan is the force behind the division, hatred, lies, accusations and presence of much fear every where. This spirit is tempting many, especially when there is a general lack of love of God and trust in His mercy.

Wednesday, July 20

My knees keep hurting more and more. Just to go shopping to supermarkets, I have to go to one per day. Otherwise, my knees ache much if I go out and walk much at one time. After lots of prayer and obviously after praying the Rosary, my weapon, I decided to go to this other organic store for which I have monthly coupons with great discounts that I can get in the Internet on the first Tuesday of the month. As I arrived, the main door was opened and this door is right in front of the first cashier station. The woman there had not clients and when she saw me, she ran to hug me and kiss me… There I knew that God was saluting me through one of His children just to remind me that He was around… He loves to do it. As I paid $268 for my monthly food and supplement purchases, she gave me my receipt and bent over the counter to give me a good bye hug and kiss!

Saturday, July 23

On this day I was somewhat disillusioned with what filled the television channels after one week with the Republican Convention in Cleveland, OH and waiting to start the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.  At 10:45 AM, the Holy Spirit moved me to look for an specific page in the Bible and found this verse:

Isaiah 54:10

“’Though the mountains leave their place and the hills be shaken, my love shall never leave you nor my Covenant of peace be shaken,’ says the Lord, who has mercy on you.”

I understood how important it is to THINK OF GOD’S MERCY EVERY TIME that we bear a heavy cross on our shoulders. We should remind ourselves to immediately treat any feeling of defeat and fear for what we see and hear in the U.S. and abroad with Isaiah 54:10, and that we are loved to pieces by this God Who died for us precisely to protect us.

When we start doubting what is the Will of God for us in any present moment, we should treat it with Isaiah 54:10 in order TO KNOW WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS that He loves us and He will lead us to do His will if we so desire because His mercy is inexhaustible.

If we are confused as to what to say or when to say it, we should take refuge in His words of Isaiah 54:10 and fully trust that He will lead us to do what His will is for us for those circumstances.

When we have to hear in this election time what it is to build bridges and all about family values and religious beliefs, and see how each side has a different understanding of such important issues, we should just quit any fear or unhappiness and turn to Isaiah 54:10 and know that He is with us because He is totally crazy about us and will see to it that we do not get harmed by these clashes of ideas.

Whenever we wonder how to open our hearts to God’s mercy, we simply do His will for that moment totally engulfed in the Truth of His Words of Isaiah 54:10.

HERE ARE A FEW OTHER VERSES IN THIS SAME CHAPTER that clearly establishes that we are His kids and that He is in charge of our course on this earth!

Isaiah 54: 11, 14-15b, 17

“O afflicted one, storm-battered and un-consoled, I lay your pavements in carnelians, and your foundations in sapphires. In justice shall you be established, far from the fear of oppression, where destruction cannot come near you. Whoever attacks you shall fall before you. No weapon fashioned against you shall prevail; every tongue you shall prove false that launches an accusation against you. This is the lot of the servants of the Lord, their vindication from Me” says the Lord.

There is no doubt that this reading and teaching has helped me immensely for dealing with the pros and cons of the candidates for the Presidency.

 Sunday, July 24

This was going to be a very interesting day since a classmate of mine from my 3 years of pre-Medicine studies in Panama and husband, were stopping in San Francisco after finishing their cruise in the waters of Alaska. They had announced their coming for almost 2 months before. I had to tell them my status of health and how I could not receive them in my home because my health and mainly severe pain in my knees, will impede me from showing them all my love and cook for them, etc. She studied biology and our classes were similar for my first 3 years. After that, she continued one more year to graduate. In my case, I moved to the faculty of Medicine for four more years.

This wonderful Panamanian couple has been for many years like a true sister and brother and they went to Ann Arbor, MI to be the Baptismal godparents of my third child, the theologian, at St.Thomas the Apostle parish. Indeed, on this day, we picked them up at their hotel and went for dinner in Emeryville, a nearby city where my son with whom I live, works. They informed me of my 16 physician classmates and where they are. Four of them are dead. Many memories surfaced about those times  in Panama. They were telling the young man Daniel who came to serve us how we knew each other. Daniel was bilingual from Mexico and very nice. They introduced me as the most intelligent student that graduated from Pre-Medicine and Medicine. This gave me an indication of the humility of these two, since both were also excellent students but had not reached the highest position. It is nice to see older persons who shine with many blessings from God. It is also a very good example.

Wednesday, July 27

I prayed much during the night to have my knees feeling semi O.K. so that I could go to Whole Food Market, since the previous days I was in agony all day. Sure enough, He gave me pain but not too bad and I left around 10 AM for this market. I had prayed for a good parking place and I got it. As I came out of the car with temperatures around 80 + degrees F., a lady came to me with a cart. She is one of the employees of this market and I had been praying for her teenage son for some months, and he has turned around in a very positive way. The moment she saw me come out of the car in front of a flower corner that she was tending to, she came with the cart. Again, this is how our God works in our lives. First, He hears my prayer and this lady loves me very much and always hugs and kisses me with great enthusiasm. Then, when I needed help because with the cart I can walk much faster than with just the cane, she had been assigned to this flower area outside the building and I had found a parking place just in front of it.

Our God takes care of us like the Scriptures say, day and night but ONLY IF WE TRUST IN HIS LOVE PLUS IF WE LET HIM DO IT, with our YES to His will at every second of our existence. I have to promulgate in this section how important is to have 100% self-denial of all our plans and worries and fears, expecting Him to do the rest for us… I am sure that my Ma was praying for me and undoing any knots that could disrupt this sequence of events.

Friday, July 29

8:45 AM – My Mother asked me to summon the Holy Spirit since there was a message for me. I did and called Him from within since He lives in the temple of my soul. He answered and sent me to open the Bible without the use of a page number. I did and it was page 777 and the book of Sirach chapter 51 was in front of me. In it, Sirach reminds the Israelites of the many blessings that God had showered over them for hundreds of years and even when Moses got them out of Egypt.  My Mother then asked me to do the same with my life: to thank God for what it was as enumerated by Sirach, and with the understanding that this present moment is all about preparing for what it will be!!! In other words, to realize that what I am going through now, like with so much pain in my knees, is preparing me for the future when I will be working full time for the Kingdom.

I wrote in 2007, a list of thanksgiving phrases for what I had received in my life so far. Here are some examples…I will be a little long list but demonstrates how as Sirach had done, my Lord had made me look back and thank Him for all it was.

Written on August 29, 2007 (As I seated in Toledo, OH, waiting for His permission to place my house on the market even that my son E. in California had invited me since February 2007, to come to live with him).

1. Thank You Lord for Your love and mercy.

2. Thank you for calling me by name since my conception.

3. Thank You my Jesus for having come into this world to suffer and die because You love us so much!

4. Thank You my Jesus for leaving us your Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in each Tabernacle and for all the other Sacraments and for the Church which gives them to us.

5. Thank You Lord for earning for me the right of becoming an adopted child of the Father and heiress of heaven.

6. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to reside in my soul

7. Thank You for the Fruits and Gifts of Your Holy Spirit which have taught me and guided me in my spiritual life.

8. Thank You for your gifts of faith, hope and love

9. Thank You for the human family that you gave me, parents, spouse, sons and other members, and for the country where I was born.

10. Thank You for the spouse you elected for me

11. Thank You for all my friends, teachers, education, honors, jobs and material gifts and money you gave me

12. Thank You for my good health and for the illnesses that You have allowed to come to me

13. Thank You for teaching me to pray and for the time on this earth that You have given me to grow in my personal relationship with You.

14. Thank You for all the tribulations, suffering and crosses that You have allowed for my sanctification

15. Thank You for giving me the understanding that my crosses and sufferings are ALSO redemptive gifts for my brothers and sisters everywhere

16. Thank You for the grace of accepting my crosses and sufferings

17. Thank You for the gift of a constant conversion and repentance and for the grace to understand that I must accept Your will for everything.

18. Thank You for not abandoning me in the difficult moments of my life and for the fortitude You have given me to endure them.

19. Thank You for picking me up in those difficult moments and for carrying me in Your arms the rest of the way, when the pain of the tragedy at hand covered me with sadness and discouragement.

20. Thank You for transforming all bad and cloudy weather, all tempests of my life into something good as You have promised it in Your Word, Romans 8:28.

21. Thank You for protecting me from Satan and for assigning Angels to guard me.

22. Thank You for ending my fears with Your love and mercy.

23. Thank You for the moments when I was able to walk on water grasping Your hand, Your Word and without fear.

24. Thank You also for the patience that You had for me when I lost your protective look and I almost drowned in the turbulent water.

25. Thank you for covering all my needs in accordance to the riches of Your Glory.

26. Thank You for giving me the spirit of wisdom and revelation to be able to know the great Hope to which I have been called to live, that is, residing for eternity in Your Presence in my celestial  homeland.

27. Thank You for the grace of my having been able to pardon my enemies,  loving them and of wishing them the best.

28. Thank You for Your Commandments, Beatitudes; for your Saints and for sending all the prophets, including Your Mother the Virgin Mary, to advice us of our need to seek You, love You and do Your will.

29. Thank You for giving me the grace of keeping in my lips and heart, the phrase that says, “Here I am Lord; I come to do Your will.”

30. Thank You for having revealed to me Your Eucharistic true Presence.

31. Thank You Lord for loving me so much and calling me to be close to You when I was just a small child.

32. Thank You for Your continuous call to be close to Your Eucharistic Presence.

33. Thank You for reversing my memory loss. (Nov.10, 2009)

Sunday, July 31  Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola (my fourth grand child was name Francisco Ignacio Maria because his father was educated by the Jesuits and the child was born on a Dec. 3, feast of St. Francis Xavier, S.J.)

I was able to be awake at 12:30 AM to be present Live to the last Mass of Pope Francis in Poland for the World Youth meeting. I was also very happy to see how my adorable country Panama, was selected to be the next site for the 2019 42th World Youth meeting… This country, as written several times in these blogs, gave me my MD degree free of cost. This past Sunday July 24, I was commenting with my friends and my third son’s godparents how God had taken me to their country and how they gave me a free education, simply because their internal laws said so for anyone with a very high GPA. Yet, this was done even that I was not Panamanian…

In fact, all the things that I have shared regarding medical issues, is a gift that Panama is giving to the readers of this blog. Besides, the preparation I received was extraordinary because I entered the United States and never had any problems with my medical knowledge.  I am so happy that this, my loved country which prepared me to become a doctor of medicine, will be blessed with the presence of the Holy Father. May be we could pray for the next three years that this 2019 World Youth meeting be celebrated without any foreign attacks since the Panama Canal Zone is one of the most extraordinary man made creations, where the Atlantic and Pacific shores are only a few hours apart!!! I am sure that the kids will have a great time!




We are living a horrendous moment in the United States of America.  On July 27, during the Democratic Party Convention, many human beings, men and women sang a beautiful song: ” What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” I started crying because such love excludes the babies in the womb…!!! Is this fair? Is this crazy? On this same day, as different people came to speak about how wonderful their candidate for the U.S. Presidency is, I SUDDENLY FELT A PROFOUND LOVE FOR THE ENTIRE CROWD. I loved them because they are my brothers and sisters and they are images of God. I loved them because grace from God had descended on my heart and mind and soul to feel this way. I then asked for mercy for all of them especially during this especial Extraordinary Year of Mercy… I offered my horrible pain and low amount of Tramadol at hand in atonement for their sins. NOTICE that the elections will happen exactly at the end of this year of Mercy… Hmm… This is a great favor that God has given us by moving our Pope to declare this year to immerse ourselves in the love of God, love that is seen in the mercy with which He cover us.

Well, I could go on and on about the pros and cons of both candidates and I WILL NOT… Yet, because my Mom under the title of Undoer of Knots has decided to come to visit me in a special way… as I have shared during this blog, I feel totally SURE THAT I NEED TO WRITE THE FOLLOWING…

We cannot claim that we are celebrating this year of mercy unless we show mercy for every human being on earth… and most especially for our enemies and the enemies of the babies in the womb and the elders that are not wanted any more for the expense they cause for healthcare reasons!

I am summoning ALL OF YOU, WHO ARE READING THESE LINES, to show Jesus what it is to be merciful… Therefore, please pay attention to the following message:

“ASK FOR UNITY in each of your hearts and PRAY FOR EACH OTHER to LOVE OUR ENEMIES… as Jesus told us to do. When we receive such gift and grace, we then can triumphally say that yes, we showed mercy especially in this special year. Watch out for the following because Satan is working overtime to DIVIDE US, TO LIE TO EACH OTHER, like the lie that we are followers of Christ but only in words… and not in action and be merciful as our Dad in heaven is. Satan will incite all of us to accuse the adversary who seem to be killing babies in the name of Love!!!  Let’s follow Jesus like never before from now until November. Let’s FIGHT SATAN WITH THE BEST TOOL there is: doing God’s will in our private personal lives and regardless what is… Let us call our Lady Undoer of Knots to UNDO ALL KNOTS THAT LEAD US TO DIVISION, LIES, ACCUSATIONS, AND TO HAVE FEAR… and to help us to love everyone no matter what!

I have noticed that every time that I go to the channels which air the DNC stories for each day on a continuous basis, one channel speaks of some stories as true and details the lies told by the other party. The other channel does the opposite. In the mean time, Satan is having a ball because we leave this moment already full of disgust and actual madness for what we are seeing and hearing! We END UP RESENTING THOSE WHO ARE LYING… and we know that they are doing so! We become one of the many who have lost LOVE FOR OUR NEIGHBOR as we love ourselves.


But how to do it? DO GOD’S WILL ALL DAY Examples:

1) If you have pain in your body: embrace it, accept it and offer it up for the souls of those who are lying of whatever party… You are not Republican or Democrat. You are a child of God the Father, follower of His Son Jesus and under the guidance of their mutual LOVE, that is the Holy Spirit… REFUSE TO complain about your pain…

2) If you do not have enough money to eat: do the same thing by accepting it as the ordained or allowed will of God for you.…

3) If you are mistreated or maligned by others, please say yes to God’s will.

4) If you hear of scandals in the Church: accept them, pray for those involved, and offer your pain and any other suffering for the Church. In other words, turn what is sour and difficult, in your offering to God so that His mercy can save the souls of those who offend you or persecute you or give you scandal and for those who are spreading the killing of babies in the womb in the name of unity and love.

WE CAN STOP SATAN FROM FINISHING THE JOB OF dividing us and ISIS from destroying us in two ways: physically and spiritually by making us harbor hatred and disdain for them.

This summons is very serious… If you feel that watching these scenarios of the crowds of either party or of the two candidates speeches moving you to dislike them, THEN DO NOT WATCH… Always, always call for the mercy of God to change their souls and yours… And in your case, do God’s will at all cost with a big YES, and offer up any pain associated with the moment that you are living.

UNLESS WE already REALIZE THAT WE HAVE ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD against the destruction that Satan is producing, ask for His mercy to give it to you and expect the answer as a blessing to change these circumstances… NEVER EVER MORE, SPEAK ILL OF YOUR ENEMIES… Ever more… Why? Because they do not know what they are doing!!! Imagine them as your little babies for which you have to pray because they are seeking in the wrong places; speaking the wrong messages; fabricating lies and prejudices. Then, offer your sufferings in atonement for their sins… DETERMINE TO BE MERCIFUL TODAY… REFUSE TO SIN AGAINST EVEN YOUR ENEMIES.  And what else to do?

Ah… this is the greatest question with the greatest answer: SIT DOWN TO SEE GOD DOING HIS THING AND SAVING MANY SOULSNever forget that you were created to love and serve others and that the greatest service is to do what is necessary to save their souls. And every brother and sister is His image… As you say yes to your difficulties of each present moment, He comes with many graces for you and others, including your enemies. Every time that you see yourself disgusted by what you see and hear in these political climate of lies and fabrications, you stop yourself from resenting and if you do, REPENT, REPENT AND REPENT and keep doing God’s will to receive the grace to love them as Jesus loves them.

When you find yourself unable to love others, pray a Rosary and always, always think that Jesus died for you for your salvation and as contemplated in the Rosary. Call your Mother in heaven for help and she will run to undo the knots of your impatience and fears and resentment.  DIE TO YOURSELF over and over and over and part of it, is to accept the will of God as it is, difficult or not, but your obedience will be the seed that will germinate peace and love and destroy satanic weeds once and for all.

IF YOU EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT OTHERS, then complain about your self also because you have not loved them to pieces in order to save them from satanic influence.

Now, I am sorry for being so direct and preachy but the Holy Spirit dictated this last part on July 28… 9 AM – and I have to share it. Let’s celebrate this year of mercy by doing the right thing. No more talks about His mercy unless we live such mercy for others…

For those who have and are praying for me, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU… And I offer publicly my prayer, pain and sufferings for your complete transformation to love your enemies as Jesus loves them, this of course, in the case that you are still in need of this type of conversion. Always remember that when we sin because we are seeing how somebody else destroys the truth and call us to follow them, we are giving such people too much power in our lives! Let’s go and conquer the world in the Name of Jesus our Lord. The Lord is our Shepherd and there is nothing we shall want… I love you all (and especially U.S. readers) for traveling with me in this most difficult time in the world and in particular in the U.S.A., and let us keep our eyes fixed on Him… our Savior. BUT AGAIN, AT ALL COST, LET US NOT BE DERAILED BY WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE POLITICAL SCENARIO.

The month of August is here… The feasts of Our Lady Queen of Angels (Costa Rica’s patroness) , of the Assumption and of the Queen of the Universe , are important feasts to ask her to dissolve everywhere all the knots of discord and misunderstanding. ABOVE ALL THINGS, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS, INCLUDING GIVING US THE UNDERSTANDING OF OUR SIN AND THE POWER TO CHANGE OUR BEHAVIORSO THAT WE CAN LOVE OTHERS AS HE LOVES THEM. I can assure you that acting this way and with the help of our Mother, you will have joy and peace and love for all.