The Annunciation – (or any other first mystery)

Say the Our Father followed by, “Father, I offer you, the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for the sins of these people mentioned in this mystery .”

1.Pope Benedict XVI


Hail Mary followed by “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on Pope Benedict (Do same for the rest of the Hail Mary’s mentioning the different persons)

2.Local Bishop (s)___________________________

3. _____________________________________

4. Mercy for pornographic distributors, producers, actors, promoters. All pornographic Internet chat rooms users.


5. Mercy for Hollywood actors, directors, producers, writers, studios.

6. God’s mercy to reign over all sports: players, coaches, team owners, and fans.

7. Local Parish______________________________

8. Parish Priests:_____________________________

9. Order of the Holy Cross and Notre Dame University

10. Mercy for the Catholic Church to thrive as a resurrected Church in union with Christ. For Church members to fervently believe that Christ is here on earth, and to rest assured that His mercy and love will triumph over any evil in or around His Church.


The Visitation – (Or any other second mystery)

1.        For a new Pentecost for the Ministerial Priesthood.

2.        ________________________

3.        __________________________

4.        Mercy for Shiites, Sunnis, Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah,Taliban, Al Qaeda, radical Hindu’s (Mujahadeen), all groups who want to impose their religion and ideas on us. For all forms of piracy.

5.        Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Venezuela, Iraq, Israel, Russia, North Korea, Bolivia, Pakistan, India (Orissa), Kenya, Afghanistan, Colombia (FARC), Australia, Georgia, communist China, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Belgium and all their leaders.

6.        EWTN – Nuns, Priests, Brothers, Employees.

7.        ______________________________

8.        Mercy for gay brothers and sisters, especially those living the life. 

9.        ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________

10.   ________________________________

The Birth of Jesus (Or any other third mystery)

1.        US Congress House and Senate

2.        U.S President, Cabinet, Advisors

3.        U. S. Supreme Court Justices

4.        Media moguls and employees who produce: newspapers, TV, videos, DVD’s, CD’s, books, movies, magazines, Internet chat rooms, all Cyberspace

5.        ____________________________

6.        All homeless people

7.        All women planning to abort.

8.         Mercy for all prochoice brothers and sisters – and doctors performing abortion/euthanasia- For Plan Parenthood Federation, Inc. Judges out of control with pro-choice decisions. Dignity Clinics in Switzerland, Belgium Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

9.          ____________________________________

10.   ______________________________



The Presentation in the Temple –

(Or any other fourth mystery)

1.      Own teachers ____________

2.        Children teachers_______________

3.        ______________________________

4.        ____________________________

5.        ____________________________

6.        For the local Diocese ___________

7.        _____________________________

8.        ______________________________

9.        Personal physician_______________

10.   Insurance agent___________________


Jesus lost and found teaching in the Temple

(Or any other fifth mystery)

1.         ___________________________

2.         ____________________________________

3.         ___________________________________

4.         For Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Profession.

5.         For FOCA never to be passed… ever!

6.         For those in need for prayers especially those dying today.

7.         For all atheists à Madeline Murray O’Hare; agnostics, Masons and nominal Catholics.

8.           ____________________________________

9.         For past, present and future persecutors, enemies

10.    Anyone who asks for prayer ____________


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