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Preparation for Easter and Pentecost Sunday’s!

March 24, 2013


Once more, I sit at this computer and write about themes that God brings to me for my own understanding and salvation. And every month, this God does all kinds of things to prove to me how crazy He is about me… and how He feels toward every creature He created. So, every month as well I feel more and more excited about Him and want to tell the world that He is real and powerful to defend this love for each one of us.

This time I will use reason PLUS science to address our spiritual maladies from another point of view and will attempt to discuss what we could do differently. .

I am choosing to post this blog on this day, Passion Sunday and just before Holy Week, to attempt to underline how to improve our relationship with God as we contemplate His death as a ransom for us; His resurrection and ascension on Easter Sunday followed by fifty days where we can be opened to receive the determination and understanding necessary to clean our inner temples and receive a New Pentecost on May 19, 2013. This in an effort to become servants of the Gospel and awesome disciples to truly do whatever He tells us, in order to concoct evangelization plans but 100% under the Holy Spirit guidance and full of His gifts. And by the way, May 19 (519) appears on top of these blogs, in honor of the Holy Spirit Who came to me on a May 19 and as I reaffirmed my Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation but as an adult in the so called “Baptism in the Holy Spirit.”

So, the topics will be:

II. Personal experiences in the last four weeks

III. What are some of the root-causes of our present dissipation in the Church?

IV. BUT WHAT TO DO TO CORRECT our behavior and to use our reason and science to deal with the world and Satan?

V. As a Church, how can we accomplish this giving of ourselves to God to obtain His mercy? Or how can we improve our communications with Him?

VI. Final words.

II. Personal experiences in the last four weeks

This time there will be a very few stories using the calendar sequence. I choose it to be so despite the many teachings I have received through Lectio Divina because it is Holy Week, and I do not want to interfere much as you celebrate this very special time of the liturgical year.

Wednesday, February 27.

On this day I had an appointment to see the retinologist for a second injection in my left eye. After it was done, this was the dialogue that I had with this doctor and as I wrote it to my family:

“After the injection, Dr. B shook my hand and said as at the last visit, ‘Thank you so much for being here.’ I answered back, ‘O, no, thank you for your diagnosis and your treatment. We never think of our vision or hearing or dexterity when we are young until some of it goes away." He answered, "It is so true." I added, "And your help has been so consoling for my eye problem, that I pray for you daily and I do not want to insult you with God’s ideas." He answered, "O, no, thank you!"

“At that moment, I felt relieved that I had not offended him. Then I suddenly said and no doubt led by the Spirit, ‘I am in love with Jesus Christ since childhood and when I say that I pray, I do it with faith and for your health, your eyes, your hearing and all that God wants to bless you with. This is the way to pay you back.’ He smiled from ear to ear and said, ‘You are awesome. You made my day.’ Then he added, ‘I want to give you something also.’ He ran to a closet outside of the room and came back saying that he had no more. He said that it was a 30 minutes DVD with the story of doubting Thomas and the importance of having FAITH…!!! He thought that I would like it.

“At this time I suspected that he is most likely a very fired up Protestant brother and that since I talk about Jesus as a Protestant would do because many times I say that I met Jesus as a child, he probably thought I was one of them… He kept repeating, ‘You made my day.’ “I left this man with the widest smile possible and a face full of joy. ALL ALONG, my God had been preparing me to have a retinologist who seems to know Christ and hot on the subject matter. Since my eye sight is sooo important, it was consoling to be dealing with someone who believes in Him.  

“In fact, now I am super sure that since I have been trying very hard 1) to do God’s will with a huge yes on an hourly basis, 2) to become a friend of my crosses and 3) truly allowing the Holy Spirit to take over my soul without my plans in the middle, these three things will preach even to the animals, as they say that St. Francis of Assisi did because even the fish would listen to him. I wrote about this topic in my last blog and it now seems clearly to me that God wants to show me how true it is but without ever doubting it. 

“Well, this man will do whatever it takes to treat me, and Mr. Satan just did not have a good day. Who knows if the Lord sent me this sheep for further evangelization! Now he has become my friend… as in the case of the heart specialist.  The truth is that I believe in this God of Mercy more today than even yesterday when I visited the general ophthalmologist where I was also treated in a regal manner. What about if I had not had the trouble with my eye…? What about it? This huge cross is rendering tremendous fruits. But by then I had received the grace to accept it (since 2006) and as of late, to offer it in expiation of the sins of many.” (End of message to family)

Thursday, February 28.

I was asking the Lord to explain a few things and He answered, “As long as you pray, embrace your crosses and say yes to all things in each present moment, the next moment will come with guidance and all the graces you will need to fulfill it.”  I spent some minutes just chewing this short counsel.

On this day we lost our “Papa” in Rome and yet, you could sense without any doubt that God was running the show. I felt so happy to know that he is going to rest and have the time to pray for the Church…What a gift!!!  Of course, little did I know of the surprise God had in store for us! And EWTN started the most spectacular coverage from Rome. Joan Lewis and Colleen Carroll Campbell were extraordinary… I was so proud of my own gender journalists…

March 2, 2013. 

EWTN passed a quote from Blessed John Paul II and I am still contemplating it…"Prayer joined to sacrifice constitutes the most powerful force in human history.”

On this day I wrote in my journal, “You pray and you suffer and you suffer and you pray, and bingo, you become a force…How important it is to announce the Cross as a real friend… “Many years before, God had allowed me to be born on Ash Wednesday in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. Little did anybody know at the time that my life would be filled of crosses, blessings and love.  In hindsight, I had been hired by the Lord early in the morning and obviously I will get paid equally than those hired later in their lives. What a mystery! But that He exists, He does… That He loves us, He does… That He is funny, He is. That He is tender, ah, He is… That He is crazy about all of us, well, He is super crazy… This little Baby of Bethlehem is just like an expensive perfume in a little bottle, but when the bottle is opened, a whole room smells so good! And best of all, He decided to stay with us… to keep showing up in our lives and makes us laugh with His love and joyful with His mercy…!  He is just full of tricks… 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías died on this day. Days later, I read how many in Venezuela believed that he had much to do in heaven regarding the election of the new Pope!!! (Ouch) I must report that I felt love for this man and I was amazed to do so… It is interesting that he was a communist but not an atheist like his Cuban counterparts. He was shown kissing a small crucifix he carried.

Saturday, March 9, 2013 

We were in the period before the start of the Conclave when all the Cardinals, electors or not, were staying together and getting to know each other. At 2:40 PM, I suddenly felt so much joy and it would not go away… I asked my Ma if she could help me understand what was going on, and she said, "Rejoice. Something just happened in Rome. By now, all cardinal electors have surrendered their wills to the Holy Spirit but in a radical way. Now, God can elect the Pope He intends to!"

I did not understand at all what she meant. So, she explained this, "Remember that all these cardinals have a free will. They can choose to elect a Pope according to their human wisdom and reason, and good as it may be, it may not coincide with God’s will. And God in His justice cannot do anything about it. However, now that they all have truly surrendered their will to the Holy Spirit, He can proceed and guide them to elect whom He wants. So, rejoice… The new Pope will be the key for the renewal of the Church as God has already given him the know-how for these very difficult times. But please, do not keep thinking about this over and over… I want you to know it, to thank you for your sufferings offered for this upcoming Conclave, and as an incentive for you to keep offering your sacrifice to stop the evil one so not to bother this process and tempt these cardinals to use their free will… So, do not get distracted… It is not over."

Monday, March 11, 2013. 

I must report this long story to you because the war with Satan is real… He wants me to resent and be mad, in order to get distracted and forget my work of hourly being in the Presence of God, praying for others and saying yes to that moment. The moment I resent, that moment I brake the second most important commandment and therefore my ability to live as a true disciple vanishes and my spiritual eyes and ears become dull. On this day, I had an appointment at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to be tested in my driving skills… in order to get a permanent driver’s license.

This I wrote to my family: 

Title of the email: I went to hell and back

I went for my driving test at 9 AM to get my final driver’s license. 

1. I arrived at 8:45 AM and after checking up inside the building, I was sent outside to make a line in my car for the driving test.

2. Slowly we advanced every 10 minutes or so. When I had just two cars ahead of me, at 9:50 AM, in one of the moves, my car made a horrible noise. My security system is a headache… It was probably sensing this turning on and off of the car or whatever the computer decided to "think" and it sounded like I was using the brakes with great noise.

3. The testing official No. One, about 60 y/o and who was not attending me at the time, came to me with fury and said, "Your car is not working well (my car is a 2009 Honda Accord with 26,000 miles). I want you to explain to me convincingly that it is in good working condition." When I tried to explain that it was probably the security system acting up, he said, "O no, you will not be accepted for the driving test until you fix your car." His eyes were burning with ire and he looked furious. By now, I had said a Rosary while waiting… So, I started another Rosary for this No. One official and against Satan.

4. He went away to do what he was supposed to do with other car ahead of me and then came back AGAIN and said,  "Did you press the brake and accelerate at the same time?" I said, "I do not lie but I do not remember doing such thing." He answered, "You do not know how to drive. YOU SHOULD NEVER PRESS THE BRAKES AND ACCELERATE AT THE SAME TIME." He left and came back in seconds and said the same thing and added, "You do not know how to drive." I replied, "I have driven forever and now I do not know how to drive?" He answered, "It does not matter how long you have driven, but now, you do not know how to do it."

5. Then, another testing official No. 2, about 400 pounds and may be 50 years old and who had nothing to do with me as yet, came to my window and said, "Your car does not work." AT THIS MOMENT I started realizing that I was in hell and demons had entered these probably basically good men who had their souls opened to Satan and No. One had passed the story to No. Two. I started to think what to do… I knew it was persecution and big time… Discouragement was gaining on me. If I left, I would never get a driver’s license at all… If I stayed and one of these guys would refuse to get in my car because it was not working well, then what to do? Intimidation was written all over these events. This is exactly what Satan does: he uses others to intimidate us so that we change our routing… and he did not want me to drive so that I would not be able to even attend Mass on my own…  

6. Suddenly official No. 3 appeared, woman C in her 40’s and probably with Mexican roots. She came already ready to fight because even official No. 2 made a trip to tell her in my presence that my car was in disrepair… She looked mad and ready to make me pay for my faults. She finally said that I was there because I could not see and that it was necessary for me to be tested for the safety of others. (As if I did not know why I was there…) At this point I could have said to her, "Really, I did not understand why!" But instead of being sarcastic I found myself saying, "I know, I am a doctor." When she finally came to sit next to me, she asked, "Are you an optician". I said, "No, I am a physician." We left for the test and I have no IDEA HOW I MADE IT… I had been placed in a moment in my life of severe persecution and I knew I was with demons around. The test went well although she said I tried to drive too fast… I kept an eye on the speed limit, but I imagine that I was a basket case as well. Besides, I was wearing a pair of glasses that are not good for my eyes (the new ones…which probably Satan had something to do with as well).  At one point I realized that this attack and its consequences in my soul and brain had to be offered up for the new Pope’s election…  

7. But prayers said for me by a dear friend prevailed and at one point as we entered the expressway, I said, "This is known territory since sometimes I enter the express way here for daily Mass because my parish is in Walnut Creek.” Was that a clue from the Holy Spirit to her? Probably, because during these 10 minutes or so, she started melting and being nicer. We returned to the DMV campus and she said that she would give me a license for 2 years since my lack of vision for the left eye is permanent. I corrected her nicely with her permission and mentioned the treatment from the retinologist and the different diagnosis. She took it O.K. and told me that if in one year my eye sight is much better, to obtain another doctor’s evaluation and have another driving test, instead of waiting for 2 years. I THEN noticed THAT THIS LATINO WOMAN HAD AROUND HER NECK A CORD THAT SAID, "I BELIEVE IN GOD" AND HANGING FROM IT HER NAME AS A DMV OFFICIAL, and realized that she probably had been touched by God and demons had left. The miracle was to have had this particular woman give me the test and not No. 1 and No. 2 monsters.  The second miracle is that this driver’s license has no restrictions and I could drive in the expressway to go to church day or night… Huh!    

But there is another aspect to this: In general, this new "hell" I lived today was a great gift…  It means that Satan is furious with me and will keep at it and that God was also there taking care of me… and this only calls me to suffer as much as needed, especially with my health issues, just to be able to be faithful to God and even work more for the Kingdom… regardless of who the new Pope may be, or what priests do or not do. What matters is that I am in love with this Jesus of Nazareth since I was a small child, and I must proclaim by loving my crosses that He is alive and good and wonderful. In this case, I will add these three officials to my community Rosary… and give Mr. Satan a big heartache.  

There is another reason why I am making this summary of these events: I need to have them written clearly for my own use later. Many times I want to truly disappear from the Internet and truly retire from the Kingdom business. And these occasions of hatred by demons running around remind me that I have still much to do, and that retirement may never be in my life until my death. My argument tends to be that I am not necessary for such work of evangelization and re-proposing a conversion of us, all Church goers. Well, these acts of Satan seem to signal to me that yes, I am necessary. Otherwise, he would not get so angry at me… And nowadays that hourly I say yes to His will, the hell I lived today from 9 to 11 AM has given me more stamina and determination to say yes to whatever He proposes for my life and regardless of what others may think, and a yes that it is indifferent as to how and when and what kind of work it will be.  

BUT AT THE END, I CAN DRIVE FOR TWO MORE YEARS and who knows if God will heal my eye altogether. (End of message to family)

To my surprise, I had my driver’s license in my hands through the regular mail on Friday, March 15, four days later… and Satan had lost his furious fight.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On this day, my life changed as I was watching the live programs coming from Rome during the Conclave. What a beautiful Church! The entire world was watching this election of the new Pope, but the crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Piazza indicated that we truly are a powerful witness of His love, with many faults but nonetheless, 1.2 billion strong!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We had a Pope… and I was astonished as the rest of the world was… In my case, God has been adamant for me to give a Jesuit education to my four sons and in the process I was evangelized with St. Ignatius of Loyola’s spirituality… as I just wrote about  in a recent blog… So, I felt that a family member had become Pope!!!

I wrote the many other things that unites me to Pope Francis and shared them via email with family as follows:

1. He liked the sciences since he wanted to be a chemist.

2. His mother tongue is Spanish…

3. He is a Jesuit and again, this Order has been placed in front of me for years and years… Was it a hint? Most likely, yes. And Jesuits are in charge of the devotion of the Sacred Heart, precisely where I started as a first grader by my request… at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque grade school… For me, St. Margaret is a dear saint of my infancy, and the Sacred Heart and Perpetual Adoration are part of those memories. When I visited Paray-le-Monial back in 2003, I felt as if I were home.

4. This Pope seems very holy… His humility is so important to bring many to our Church, Catholics and new converts. He has a face full of joy… He is detached from worldly treasures… Wow and wow…

5. He is Argentinean… Hmm. Argentina and Costa Rica are twin sisters… because our Spanish is different to the rest of the other Latin American countries. The Argentinean accent is so peculiar and as a child, my mother took me often to the movies (no TV on those days), times where Argentina was making films with great actors and actresses like Libertad Lamarque. Our Costa Rican accent is closer to the Colombians, yet, we speak a different Spanish. Example:

We say in both countries: "Cómo te va a vos," instead of "Cómo te va a ti."

We do not use the "tu" but we use "vos"….  Instead of saying, "ven conmigo," we say "venite conmigo." OR "Vos sí que sos," instead of "Tú sí que eres." For those who do not know Spanish, I cannot translate it… It is imposible to do so… Sorry!

6. This Pope is Marian… and some 10 years ago, he gave Msgr. Anthony Figuereido a little medal with Our Lady Undoer of Knots… Of course, her little image is in front of my TV in my room to protect me from seeing anything that God does not want me to watch… I also found her some 10 years ago in Toledo (Hispanic TV station)… via Venezuela. The devotion started in Germany in the XVII C, came to Argentina in the XX C and was later exported to Venezuela. I have distributed prayers and novena to Our Lady under this title while in Toledo. She also has been mentioned in my blog… You can find in the Internet all about her and what intentions she specializes more in interceding for miracles! Of course, the patroness of Argentina is Our Lady of Lujan.

7. THIS POPE already SPOKE TWICE ABOUT THE DEVIL. Today he emphasized the Holy Spirit and yesterday he talked about the Cross… These are common themes in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and very familiar to me.

8. His love for the poor is magnificent. I must share here something: loving the homeless or the sick or the imprisoned is a gift from God… I never put the homeless down… Yet, I was indifferent to their needs. In 2006, when the grace came to me, my love for the homeless man that God sent me was real, like a mom who loves her baby. It is a special favor from God. And every April 14, I pray for my Mike who died on this day in 2008. And yes, as I have related before, we made an agreement that he had to go to confession, and he did some months before his death. So, if this Pope has such gift from God, it thrills me…   

My son Omar speaks his language (social doctrine of the Church and care for the poor and the immigrant) and he asked me to find out more about what the Hispanic TV local media was finding out about this Pope because he writes for several Catholic publications and it would be something important to him… He also said that he understands enough Spanish. So, on the very same day of the election I decided to read the 4 or 5 newspapers from Buenos Aires and collected much info for Omar, including some of Pope Francis’ homilies since 2010. Omar already translated some of his writings for

But it is not his writings or his ideas for the Church that makes him special. It is his humility that is huge and which will allow the Holy Spirit to direct him to speak about the devil and the cross and our need to say yes like our Mama even when we rather do things differently. No cross, no deal. No yes, no deal… We can write all we want and talk all we want and write books and speak about these topics to no end, but the force and fire that will evangelize others is our own conversion under the cross and with the "sí de María." WE HAVE TO GO AS MISSIONARIES AND PASS ON THIS info BUT WITH LIVES THAT SMELL GOOD… And then the Sacred Heart of Jesus as in the times of St. Margaret Mary, will show up with tons of His Mercy… I cannot wait… We have started… (End of email)

 Tuesday, March 20.

On this day I found myself writing and writing many ideas that all came at once, or so I thought. Because I was a manager in the health care industry, I was trained to make a root cause analysis of any problems of safety in the surgery center that I managed.  Of course, we had to propose solutions for the problems,  put them into effect and keep track of their efficacy. And from time to time, we had to re-evaluate the entire scenario. So, since my brain has been re-wired with this analytical protocol, I started understanding the following:

III. What are some of the root causes of our present dissipation in the Church?

OUR PROBLEMS IN EVANGELIZATION in the order of the least important to the most important are:

1. The world with the secular media and its wrong messages; with its pagan status and persecution of the Truth.

2. The Devil

3. Our flesh

NOW, let me show you a few things and start analyzing the most important problem to evangelize the world and will begin with No. 3 as the most important element… Here are the arguments.

1) Our flesh fails to recognize who we are, that is, images of God, powerful beings as kids of God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth. This is the product of lacking faith in what we have been told by the Scriptures, especially by Jesus Himself.

2) We look for answers to control our enemies, the world and the devil (of course if we consider Satan at all), but fail TO RECOGNIZE THAT WE CAN BE OUR OWN BEST ENEMY…by acting on impulse and with our own plans, rarely submitting to the wisdom of the Holy Ghost, and worse, never routinely doing so.

3) Some of us choose our own auto-evangelization and we learn the pros and cons of the needed spiritual renewal and start renewing ourselves one piece at the time, year after year, but we are in control. Yet, we are not too good managers because we remain growing but like turtles… when all along, we can fly into the love of God with ease.

4) We fail miserably to “train” ourselves to follow Jesus’ definition of discipleship.

5) Satan seems to be a forbidden subject matter… despite being a prevalent actor in the salvation history of man from Genesis to the present time. There is no plan to keep him tied up.

6) We keep telling others what to do but fail to tell ourselves what God wants us to do and DO IT!

7) We pray but as a way to remind God what to do for us, even that we know that it is a waste of time because He already knows what we need, instead of asking for the grace to follow the protocol explained by Jesus, that is, establishing an ongoing relationship with Him. If we remember the widow that bugged the corrupt judge, this can hint to us that we have to bug our Father in heaven to give us what it takes to open wide our souls, minds and bodies to the Holy Spirit, so that He can sanctify us and incarnate in each one of us, another Baby Jesus and Whom we can take to others.

In other words, there are certain graces that we should ask for as He told us to do, but graces that are salvific for ourselves and others and not what to eat or drink. But, why to ask at all since the Father knows about it? Of course He knows about it but our bugging Him is only meant to tell him that our will is for Him to change us; it is like giving Him permission to ignore our free will. Therefore, we should ask for the grace 1 – to be like our Mom in heaven, saying yes to everything He wants for us and with great joy; 2 – for the grace to be a true friend of our crosses; 3 – for the grace to have the power and wisdom to lay down our lives for the salvation of our brothers and sisters; 4 – for the grace to become little, like children, so that He can increase and manage our souls; 5 – for the grace to evangelize others in His terms, in His time, with His ways for each person we encounter, so that we can do it just as He wants. At times with pure love or with a smile or with our joy or just with our presence, with our service with food and money as necessary, or just presenting the Word to them, etc.

In general, prayer has become words that we read or repeat by heart, a not a time to “hang out” with Our God as we adore Him, knowing that whatever we need, He will give us. Here is a great example of how our brains have been wired to think that we are always in control and knowing what is best for us… since our freedom is to make decisions for ourselves. In general, we have been trained to think with worldly principles and apply them in our spiritual journey. Of course, we do not know in depth what this brain washing has done to us.

8) We fail miserably as well to understand that we must re-propose the Gospel to the `world in the power of a personal Pentecost, because it is only then that Satan is left knocked out and we become true “servants” with the power of facing the world and change it.

9) But we place more attention to what the world is doing to us… instead of owning the fact that we have tremendous power over the world, as long as we stop complaining all the time and getting serious to do what He told us.

10) We are extremely dumb when it comes to consider the outcome of our many ministries… We are a little retarded for not understanding that using the same methods to stop abortion on demand is not working… Yes, there are less abortion clinics and yes we have had some success, but it is obvious that 40 years later, our methods are not working fast enough because we have worked with human ideas and efforts. I wonder what would have happened if we had done the same things but under the banner of asking God for the grace to TRULY love those in the abortion industry, and grow in our own call to be holy so that we truly desire to save them….

11) When we are sent as Abraham was or Moses to do something impossible… we tend to forget that no matter what our skills are or our present life, our presence in this world is not planning for retirement, and I include here all of us, clerics, religious and laity, but to lay down our lives to save souls.  Just imagine to be told that you are going to be a father to many through the son that you will have with our super old wife? The truth is that scientifically it could not happen… Impossible and Sarah was right in laughing when she heard about it… Sarah’s ovaries were atrophied, gone, and no eggs were available to make a baby… So, Abraham’s faith invited God to do the impossible for humans… Or just think of Moses, an old man who is told to take a whole country out of Egypt against the military force and will of the king of such country. So, who did it? Of course, Moses was just a leader making the call on behalf of God, but he had faith in this God of Israel. And remember they were OLD MEN… and many of you do not understand what old age is all about…

12) The greatest fallacy of all is for us to try to understand what is ahead and why and what are the chances for us to be “successful” even in evangelizing others. If we forget Abraham’s and Moses’ stories we are done… Of course, we could think that it happened too many centuries ago and who knows if this was truly true… O.K. I will give you another convincing point… Notice how again this Holy Spirit used holy men to give us an extraordinary story.

a) The Church had seen two major world wars in the XX C. In 1917, Our Lady had come to Fatima to warn us and give us direction. We had exterminated many Jews. An Italian Pope, John XXIII was elected who came to call the Holy Ghost… and the Vatican II Council was convened.

b) But the Church was filled with the “smoke of Satan” and so said the next Italian Pope Paul VI… He announced what contraception could bring us but the same smoke gave us Roe vs. Wade in the U.S. … and we started the killing of human beings by the millions.

c) In the mean time, God came to Ohio and called a nun to start EWTN… The show and tell in our Church had started… especially to present the following Popes to the entire world. Of course, Satan became very nervous and brought them a few scandals, but now we hardly remember them. Ah… and He also sent another nun to teach the world what love is all about. Her name was Blessed Teresa of Calcutta… and also notice that she went to India … Why not Europe or Latin America with its many poor? Well, our God loves all of us to pieces and He wanted to make a show case of this nun among two other major religions: Hindus and Moslems.  Hmm.  God was trying to make us one big family and forcing some of us to look beyond our countries and customs and luxury, and wanted to expose the poorest of the poor…  

d) Then, the Church elected another Italian holy man to follow Paul VI, yet it was not the Moses she needed.

e) So God sent a Pope from Polandto bring to our attention that the cure for the smoke of Satan in the Church and the world was His mercy and made St. Maria Faustina a household name, and through her we learned how to appropriate His mercy for the end times! And of course, John Paul II came to show us what it is to carry the Cross and of its importance…He also was led by the Holy Ghost to place a Jesuit priest in the waiting list for the papacy when he made Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Bishop in Argentina…

f) A Pope from Germany came to replace him who directed our eyes to LOVE, HOPE AND FAITH, and then moved aside to pray for us. And before that, when Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio presented his mandatory resignation at age 75, he asked him to stay put for two more years… Imagine if our Pope Emeritus had accepted his resignation… Just imagine it…

So, our German Pope retired ahead of his death so that WE WOULD NOT BE DISTRACTED WITH HIS FUNERAL AND MOURNING AND THE SECULAR MEDIA WOULD NOT BE TOO TAXED… and instead we could show the world the beauty of the most gorgeous spiritual “association” FOUNDED BY OUR GOD when He came to earth to love us to pieces. I could not cease to thank God for the display He had prepared for the Media… Remember that images are essential to change our brains… Every TV station was involved, from CSPAN (announcing what U.S. government officials would attend the inauguration) to regular and cable stations in English and Spanish. And of course, EWTN helped the secular media to learn so many things… PLEASE THINK FOR JUST A SECOND: Do you think that without EWTN preparing for many years the world stage, these secular stations would have paid attention to the new Pope besides showing a few glances of it?

Which one of you would not agree that God only needed modern day Abraham’s and Moses’ to show the world Who He is? Yes, He needed men of faith who hoped and loved much. Isn’t’ this exciting?… The modern instant communications technology used by Satan to distract us, lie to us, and worse re-wire our brains, has been used to contradict the fallacies and shine the Truth for all of us. Should we then worry about how to evangelize others with our own methods and ideas? It is obvious that our only job is to work day and night to become the best servants of God, so that He can do with us what He did with our succession of Popes. We cannot have any plans of our own for our lives, but only to ignore our plans and LET THE HOLY GHOST DO IN US AND THROUGH US WHAT HE HAS DONE ALL ALONG in the history of the Judeo/Christian story…Yet, when are we going to grow up and let God do His thing in our lives without our intromission of ideas? When?

IV. BUT WHAT TO DO TO CORRECT our behavior and to use our reason plus science to deal with the world and Satan?

BY NOW after the above points, I hope that you agree with me that the world and Satan are at our disposition if we only think in the terms that Jesus gave us. In the other hand, we should accept two things:

1. The world is constantly re-wiring our brains. Whether we want it or not, our brains are plastic and more like dough. The constant messages coming from the secular media are distracting us day in and day out and reinforcing ideas that are evil by defining what happiness is all about. They are repeated day and night, so we hear that

1) Education is indispensable to be happy

2) Our freedom consists in doing what we truly aspire to do or be.

3) We come first and have the right to choose what is best for us, and it includes the termination of a pregnancy that was not programmed or that is it inconvenient.

4) Old people use much Medicare money and therefore, stopping treatment is a wise thing. Killing them when faced with a terminal disease is acceptable as a merciful act and it also saves money.

5) The thinner a woman is, the most beautiful she is.

6) The more muscle a man shows, the best looking he is.

7) Family does not require the two genders. What is needed is only love between two persons.

And there are many other such ideas, but what it does to our brains among us church goers, is not convincing us 100% that they are true, but we learn to live with them and in a quiet way, our minds tolerate them. We lose urgency to proclaim the Gospel with our own conversion, and probably feel that it would be impossible for us to change this huge culture of death, of relativism and false freedoms, when on the contrary, Goliath does not have a chance, but it is up to us to become David’s… and have God dress us with all the graces needed to bring Christ to their souls.

2. Satan is an easy target… but we have to use the tactics that God taught us in order to defeat him. I spoke about it in my last blog. If our Mother in heaven was given so much power against Satan, well, she is our model…and that means, that we should say yes to God’s will with every breath coming out of our lungs… and embrace the crosses as she did, and become spiritually pregnant with Jesus through our own Pentecost, and bingo, Satan will run because we become angels of Mercy…

And we have also to become very good at discerning evil spirits around us. We can be inspired to do something great for evangelization but actually devoid of the power of the Spirit Who is the one who can change other souls. In the other hand, we should refuse to be afraid of Satan if we stay in the “yes” to God’s will and loving our neighbor as ourselves by using our crosses as instruments of salvation.

Refining the re-wiring of my own brain that started in March of 2012

I have received some understanding as to how to tackle the world and Satan in a more organized way…Yes, I have tried to re-wire my brain since March of last year when I wrote about it, but this time, I was given like a short-cut to make it possible. I will share it with you and I want to be sure that you understand that this came to me while at prayer and was written as fast as I could and then prayed over for confirmation, and here it is.

Re-wiring our brains. PART I.

As you know, in the last months, I have been very active in hourly saying yes to whatever a moment brought me; facing my crosses and truly growing in loving them as instruments of salvation and as I use to expiate the sins of those dying, of mothers contemplating abortion, but also calling the Holy Spirit to reign fully over my soul and mind and it has brought me a sense of purpose, or living with God as a servant that actively is cooperating in evangelization. On March 12, the first day of the Conclave meetings and led by God, I put together a few ideas in a very small card, in order to keep reminding myself how to handle the hourly work, and I covered it with plastic, so that I could take with me to every place without damaging it, at home or when I go out. If I became distracted or upset about something, I pulled out the card and read it. It is a form of re-wring my brain not to forget what my life as a disciple is all about.

I carry it to use it often and also when I get curious about my tomorrow, or when I feel doubting my spiritual routing, or when writing in the Internet becomes challenging due to a bad left eye, or when I feel that I am old and someone else can do it, etc.  It truncates any fear or worry or any distracting thoughts about what I should do or not… It is like a key I give to God to be opened to whatever He wants of me and to train (re-wire) me to live in His Presence. I suspect that in due time, it will be in my memory all the time and I will not need the card any more. The card is written in both sides and measures 4 by 4 inches.

This is what it says and it contains many ideas that I have discussed before in previous blogs but this time they seem to be a short basic summary.

1. I refuse to wonder about what is next for me because God loves me so much that His will for this moment is all I need. With this refusal I want to give glory to God.

2. I am an image of God and made for a specific purpose that no one else can fulfill but me.

3. I offer my yes to His purpose for me at every moment as proof of my total abandonment to His Providence and also to stand as my perfect trust in His love, so that His mercy can pour over me and others in order to receive the grace to save ourselves of our ego and self-will.

4. I present to God my yes to His will for each present moment with total indifference to any trial that comes with it.

5. I desire to become a friend of my crosses (here I wrote a short list of them) and offer them in expiation for the sins of those dying in this hour and for mothers thinking to abort their babies.

6. I refuse to dwell on my own feelings, emotional needs or fears.

7. I will be aware of my war against Satan and in order to diffuse his actions, I will live the “yes” of my Mother; I will love my neighbor in every way possible and with my crosses offered in expiation for their sins.

8. I now pray: Holy Spirit enlighten my heart to see the things which are of God; illumine my mind so that I may know the things that are of God; enlighten my soul so that I may belong only to God; sanctify all that I think, say and do so that all will be done for the glory of God. (End of card’s content)

This last prayer I know it by heart, and so I did not write it in the small card due to lack of space…

Rewiring our brains. PART II

Let me give you a different aspect of this practice. We know that we cannot do anything as disciples without the Holy Spirit’s assistance and gifts. Zero, zilch, nada… And that is why we are Baptized and Confirmed. Even the word confirmation has a huge meaning. We are confirmed with the fire of God’s Spirit as precious images. If this is true, we need to establish a pattern of communication with this Holy Ghost, our sanctifier so that we can be transformed with His gifts and enter a personal relationship with Christ Himself.

We must stop thinking of the Holy Spirit ONLY as a dove, and as Biblical as this image is, and always remember the He is the Love between the Father and Son.  We cannot expect a better sublime gift than for this LOVE to sanctify us and lead us into an intimate relationship with the Holy Trinity. But how can we increase our immersion into this LOVE? I propose that we must learn how to tweet Him and often. But how to do it? Is it just by prayer? Well, yes, that is one way. But the best way to tweet the Holy Ghost is how the Bible tells us. There are some examples in the Old Testament but the most glorious one is the tweet from our Mother Mary to Him, by saying YES to God’s will. Now, if we keep faithful to spend two minutes every hour and saying “Here I am Lord, I come to do your will” and mean it… or “Be done unto me according to Thy will” and prove it by turning around and not wanting to know anymore, this Love between Father and Son that lives within us, will sanctify every thought, every action, every desire and give us all the gifts necessary to complete the purpose for which we were created.

And voila, in this way as described above, this faith and hope and love for God can do the rest because He is truly behind all we do, our plans, our ministries, our families, and gently will guide us to the right or to the left when we get a little lost. (Isaiah 30:21) And evangelizing the crowds will be a done deal since we show up for work but only under the fire of God who dwells inside and gives us the  words, attitudes, love, courage under persecution, excitement, joy to pass on the Great News, that Jesus is alive and here and crazy about us…

V. As a Church, how can we accomplish this giving of ourselves to God to obtain His mercy? Or how can we improve our communication with Him?

HERE IS THE IDEA RECEIVED IN PRAYER AND WHICH SURPRISED ME…  Since the state of the world with the re-wring of our brains by the secular media is a fact, we should have a plan for all Catholics that want to participate and offer a re-wiring opportunity. The plan would consist of

1. A core group of two or three people or more can sign up to pray asking the Holy Spirit to take over the effort especially with Rosaries (to stop Satan in his tracks) and offering daily Mass for those who will sign up and this done some time in advance of the beginning of the formation period. They could become part of the first group signing up, but must also carry the duty of daily intercession.

2. A formation period: will explain the science of the plasticity of our brains with the constant re-wiring going on by worldly images coming from these many sources of communication, and whether we like it or not, and therefore, the need to re-wire our brains to oppose it by bringing God into our lives as often as possible. The formation should include a refresher course on what Pentecost is for our souls and a reminder of how powerful we are against Satan. It should also bring Bible passages that back up this formation process as discussed above. Or said differently, we must re-propose the Gospel to the participants and asking them to become doers of the Word and how to proceed. Obviously, the main emphasis is in saying YES to His will at all cost, no matter what, but with brains trained to do so…to remind us to do so…

All of this information must be short, to the point if we believe that God is in charge… If information lingers, Satan will have plenty of time to destroy the seeds of the formation. It is the power of living hourly in the Presence of God abandoned to His will, seeking His mercy and getting the Holy Spirit to take over our souls, which will become the source of fire against the smoke of Satan and will entice people to continue.

3. Actual re-wiring practice: each group in a parish setting could dedicate one week per month to do it in their personal day to day routines, that is, hourly contacting God and saying yes to their present moment and complying with the several things mentioned in the card. They could meet weekly or as the Holy Spirit wants it. Phone conversations or emails can be used to share the journey. Those details can be figured out according to the needs of each parish.

4. Three months later, the practice can be up to two weeks per month.

5.  After six months, the groups can continue or members can exit.

6. According to results, a new program can be started, but this time with witnesses passing on their experience and speaking of the fruits, and those are glorious…

7. And then we will be in the business of evangelization as in the times of the Apostles.


It may be possible that this blog may make you scratch your heads and possibly not get too interested in it… So, if you are in that category, what about if you start living for a week this hourly abandonment to Divine Providence especially with your crosses, and present it to the Throne of Mercy for the Holy Spirit to bring His light to our Shepherds. It will cost you very little but you can join me because I will be doing the same thing.

Also, my readers, please forget to become activists and bother our respective pastors with these ideas. We have to first convert ourselves. It is at times difficult to underline this point: the Holy Spirit is in charge. We (especially laity) do not have to go and tell our pastors what to do in regards to evangelization… We have to let God do it all… However, the power of our “yes” with the faith it depicts, can give a major boost to our prayer for the Church and His Mercy will change hearts. Also, if we need to tell them, the Holy Spirit will easily convict us to proceed but under His tutelage and not one minute early.

Just to be in the Presence of God, having appointments each hour of 2 minutes, and using the reminders of what not to do when tempted to waste time in our tomorrow’s, not only will rewire our brains to live such life, but God will boost our faith and hope and charity (conversion) to the levels needed to evangelize thousands. And there is something also of great importance: Martha was preparing everything to serve Jesus but not really paying attention to Him. She was too busy! Time spent in His Presence is the first step. And what to pray or say while in front of Jesus? Nothing! A personal relationship cannot exist unless we are present to each other and the moment dictates what to do or say. If on top of that, we tweet His Spirit several times a day, and the preferred tweet is to accept radically all that He allows in our lives, then, the rest is living Easter and Christmas daily because He will re-wire our brains also radically…

May you have a very blessed Easter celebration.  I want to close with this famous prayer in honor of my new Pope.

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen  

P.S. A favor to ask: this Wednesday, March 27, I will have another intraocular injection, the third one. The second one did not change my vision much. Would you pray for me so that my retinologist may discern if I need more of them? Thank you!