Prolozone Therapy – Use of Oxygen to cure some ailments

From Second Opinion magazine written by Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Winter 2018

I am sure that you are aware that antioxidant nutrients are the natural enemies of free radicals (products of our metabolism). And one of the strongest antioxidants of them all is glutathione peroxidase, which your body produces from the nutrient glutathione.

As you may know, Alzheimer’s develops when brain cells (called neurons) become damaged by free radical molecules (a result of oxidative stress). Researchers have theorized that if they could limit this oxidative damage, they might be able to slow the progression of the disease. But how, they wondered, is the best way to achieve this?

Researchers wanted to see if levels of glutathione peroxidase effect the progression of Alzheimer’s in patients.

To slow down the disease, researchers had to increase the production of glutathione peroxidase from glutathione. And they found that ozone therapy is perfect for this! In fact , several studies show that ozone therapy increases your body’s levels of all antioxidants enzymes – and especially of glutathione peroxidase!

ONE STUDY FOUND A WHOPPING 78% INCREASE OF GLUTATHIONE PEROXIDASE after a standard course of ozone treatments – with the corresponding decrease of the glutathione levels.

 “Super oxygen” Cure ends your back pain or neck misery – for good!

Example: George’s back pain was making his life miserable. And now, after his second surgery, he was worse than ever. His quality of life was spiraling down like water exiting a bathtub drain. He could not work… could not work out… and could barely make it to the mailbox and back without hurting. He had been suffering for 5 years and still needed narcotics every day to manage the pain.

As a result, George put on weight – and his risk factors for heart disease and diabetes were out of control. Worse, he had lost his self confidence and was ashamed of his appearance. When I first saw him, he was seriously depressed from the constant pain, lack of sleep and all the pain meds. Fortunately, George had come to the right place. Thanks to the treatment I gave him, he is a new man today. He is off all this drugs… is completely pain-free… and is now in good health, good shape and good spirits.

It took me 10 minutes to give George the treatment right there in my office. After 15 minutes, George – like so many patients before him – was pain fee for the first time in years!


George’s case is not unusual. At least 50% of the back pain patients I see have had one or more failed surgeries. The most common surgery is called spinal fusion and does not usually help – and often leaves patients much worse off.

In a recent study, 36% of surgery patients suffered serious complications. 27% of them required a second corrective surgery. 41% experienced much greater use of narcotics and addiction. Even worse, the surgery patients were 5 times more likely to be permanently disabled!

The treatment I used on George and my other back pain patients works much better than surgery. I simply “inject” a type of “super oxygen” called ozone into the painful areas and the pain vanishes within minutes.

Independent researcher tested this ozone therapy and the majority of them had a dramatic reduction of pain with some receiving up to 95% relief. I was not surprised because I have used these ozone injections for more than 29 years.


Ozone gas is an oxygen molecule (O2) with an extra electron, making it O3. This extra electron creates ozone, a supercharged oxygen – and gives it three remarkable medical properties:

1. Ozone exerts remarkable anti-inflammatory powers that deliver immediate pain relief.

2. It is a power stimulant of cellular growth factors which are responsible for forming new cartilage.

3. Ozone also directs your immune system to launch a cascade of powerful healing chemicals called cytokines.


You see, any area of pain and injury is begging for oxygen – because oxygen heals the damaged cells that are causing the pain. Without oxygen, the damaged cells simply cannot repair. They might remain in an injured state for years – or simply die. It is difficult for joint cartilage and disc tissue to repair themselves because, unlike muscles, they do not have a direct blood supply to bring them oxygen.

This is the great benefit of ozone therapy. It dramatically improves circulation through those smaller blood vessels, so cells receive far more oxygen and nutrients than normal. This extra oxygen allows the cells to excrete wastes and debris… triggers the production of extra energy in their mitochondria… and stimulates their ability to repair themselves and the tissues around them.


Ozone treatment takes about 10 minutes and is performed in the doctor’s office. It is quick, easy and painless.

After just one injection, most patients are completely pain-free for the first time in years. And after 3-5 treatments, the improvement is usually permanent.


Prolozone therapy treatments are about as close to a miracle treatment as I have ever seen for painful back, neck and joint conditions. Clinical studies published in Italian medical journals report that 63,000 patients have been treated in Italy with ozone injections – with a better than 80% success rate, which is confirmed in CT and MRI scans.


Implant manufacturers and drug companies that market pain meds would lose a fortune if the truth got out about ozone injections and Prolozone therapy. So, they are doing their darnest to suppress the news and discredit these alternative therapies.  (This is the same strategy that Big Medicine used against chiropractors for decades).

But word of mouth is getting around nonetheless. In addition, I have established the American Academy of Ozone Therapy (AAO) to help popularize this wonderful therapy – and to lobby insurance companies to cover it. END OF ARTICLE.

This part I am adding for your knowledge

1. Price for injection: it varies… Some areas in the USA charge about $110 per injection. The injections are repeated every 2 weeks or so and varies how many, but in general about 4-5 times. In California is more expensive

2. I just made an appointment with a doctor in naturopathic medicine. She is nearby and she charges $250 for the first 30 minute visit to evaluate the patient and give the first injection. The injection itself costs $350. Subsequent injections do not charge as the first visit of 30 minutes. The pain I have in my knees is worth the expense.

3. Frank Shallenberger, MD, has an office in Nevada but as founder of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, he has trained about 800 docs in this technique.  The doctor I will be seeing belongs to his group. I have known Shallenberger for several years and have been subscribed to his letters of information with all kind of naturopathic information for about 5 years. You can find more information at:

4. Notice how glutathione is the natural detoxifier of our bodies and made in our liver. If oxygen therapy helps increase the amount of glutathione, well, it is a form of detoxification which for me is the source of my reversal of dementia…!!!

5. Prolozone therapy is the treatment with ozone plus using some vitamins like B12


 Information copied by M. A. Gutierrez, MD


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