RESOLUTIONS FOR 2015 edited to be used to prepare for the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy

I. To become a better disciple I must deny myself. Therefore, this list of ways of doing it that I wrote in 2006 and posted on December 2009 are pertinent 

Self-denial means to become a sacrifice made of my becoming one with the will of God where:

 1.The only noise I make is with my “mea culpa,” Latin for “being sorry.”

2. The only word expressed is thanksgiving for my crosses as I embrace them.

3.The only work I do is TO LOVE in all circumstances and regardless.

4. The only gift I seek is the mercy of God for me and the world through my decisive trust in His love for me, which I can live by saying yes to His will day and night..

5. The only  desire I have is to do all of the above for the praise of the glory of God and for the salvation of mankind.

My helpers in denying myself are:

1. Silence to yesteryears –  because what I suffered was perfect and necessary since every morning God knows even the number of hairs in my head. If He allowed a difficult moment, He did it for my formation in my call to holiness as He is holy. I must remember the past crosses only to thank Him because I survived them and they gave me much fruit in my spiritual life. I would not be the same without them since they contoured the excesses and laxities of my soul in order to daily regain my attention of seeking the Kingdom of God, and therefore, I should not even waste time in looking back except to thank Him.

2. Silence to tomorrow – because tomorrow will never exist, ever. All tomorrows are a fantasy. They need to become my present moment in order to be real. Therefore, they can change in many ways from my images of what may be to the reality of this day, and thereby, it is a total waste of time to think about what is not even real. Any fear about tomorrow’s possibilities denies the Word of God, which forewarns me not to worry or be afraid, plus He said that my Father knows what I need and will provide accordingly.

3. Silence to the present moment – all present crosses and all needs for self gratification or “mundane happiness” must be indentified and recognized as a major silent stumbling block to my true and permanent happiness on this earth and eternal life for my soul. My work is one of silence in the Presence of the God within, and Who is in charge. My work is one of saying “yes” to all present moments and to say it like a child would, with total trust in my Father’s love for me (His mercy), just as Jesus taught me. My work is one of listening BUT in the midst of silence to yesteryears and tomorrows, in order to work for the coming of the Kingdom to many souls, including my own, and according to His plans, not mine, as I wait for Him to do it all in my soul denied of self and under the umbrella of my yes, mea culpa, thanksgiving, loving God and neighbor to the highest form I can, asking for His mercy and just to praise His glory and be the best servant possible in the work of the Kingdom for the sake of others. Huh!

I must say that the above plastic changes are secured in my brain by now, and that I often automatically remember them and re-route myself from the extreme noise from yesteryears or tomorrows, of course all through the power of the Holy Ghost residing in His temple within me. Next time I will start the topic of what following Jesus has meant in my life.

IMPORTANT:  the temptation is to read all of these words and think that the work is impossible to be applied in our lives… May I repeat to all of you that it only takes the understanding of the conversion involved plus a solid  yes to live it, and He does the rest.  

II. To inspect AT LEAST ONCE PER MONTH, the resolutions of previous years (added below) and work on keeping as best as I can those poorly followed, and keep an eye on how I grow in this aspect.

From 2012

I will ask day and night to be given the soul and mind of a little child, but I will also ask the Holy Spirit as often as possible and all day long to take over my soul and to impart all the wisdom and other gifts to become a child.

I am going to place this devotion to the Divine Child Jesus in the center of my spirituality… Besides, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese, St. Anthony of Padua, they also placed the devotion to His Infancy in the center of their apostolate. I will be praying daily to Him as a little Child and asking for His protection so that I can also become a child in the ways I approach Him.

I will also be very diligent to say “yes” to everything He allows in my life, but a yes that trusts like a baby.

From 2013

Daily Mass offered in the next 8 months for my growth in faith and to trust like a child would. This means that instead of condemning the world or religious scandals, I must be merciful as my Father is and offer my suffering and prayer for them, and trust like a baby, that Daddy loves all of us.

I will take very seriously the idea of becoming a “victim soul” for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

From 2014

To be patient with myself and others

III. To monthly review the three part definition of being a disciple of Christ plus my resolutions for 2015, and review my work for the past month and pray that I change as God wants me to change, as fast or as slow as He pleases, but all to give Him glory and worship. Said in other words, just to be a piece of dough in His Sacred Hands to be able to emulate His Sacred Heart, and to conform in the best possible way to the “yes” that Our Lady modeled for me.

IV. To keep seeking to love my neighbors no matter what and when scandalized or upset with their behavior towards me or in general, to pray every time for them right and there with a Hail Mary or any other short prayer… To remember that any of my tormentors is an image of God, and to repent big time and pray dutifully for the person that has caused me pain.

V. To keep in mind what it is to follow Jesus, that is, how He lived His life on earth and we trying to emulate Him, plus praying daily to the Holy Spirit for myself to do so.

VI. To pray a daily Rosary for peace in the world

VII. To pray for all priests, from Bishops/Cardinals to Priests that they can see with their inner beings that every day, He is born on the Altars of the world and feel His Real Presence each time. We do not have to visit the Holy Land where He lived, because He is not personally present. We all need to live His coming over and over to the Altar if we truly believe that He does it to be with us. The Consecration moment should be seen in the faces of all of us: celebrant Priests and all of us. If we do not feel His closeness and love touching our hearts, then we should pray for such grace.

VIII. To ask at Mass DAILY, for all the Baptized Catholic members to enter into the realization and total certainty in their hearts that Jesus is ALIVE, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in every Consecrated Host, and to trust in this truth in their souls as a child would do! Also, to ask for the grace for them to recognize what they are lacking and for them to pray for themselves to reach this stage of faith on the Real Presence.

IX: To daily watch carefully how I use my time, especially how much of it I spend doing nothing but watching TV…

X: Every morning to thank God for my vision, my hearing, my brain with all what it does for me and for the rest of my organs, as well as the chemistry and electricity that makes my body run.

XI. To remember often the words of the Holy Father to the Vatican Members that could be applied to all of us laity:

1. To accept that the radical reform of the structures of the Church power must be accompanied by an even more radical spiritual reform on my behalf

2. To always remember that gossip is a form of terrorism and as a Baptized Catholic, it should not enslave me ever.

3. To choose JOY in my life to avoid ever having a funeral face. However, the choosing of joy is to invite God in my life with my way of living the Truth, and the shortest way to do it is by doing God’s will. The Sacraments by themselves will not invite the Holy Spirit to fill me with joy. I must give Him permission and the best way to invite Him, is to say the FIAT as Our Lady did!

4. To pray that the wounds of the sins that each one of us carries are healed and that the Church and Curia itself are made healthy.

XII. Every day when I pray the Family Rosary (and always mention myself without any special requests), but from now on I will place one request: to comply with my resolutions for this year of 2015. I know my Mother will see to it!

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