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My Lenten Journey for 2017: a unique look at Christ in others!

March 10, 2017


I am delayed in posting this blog and God knows I have tried to get it together but to no avail… I have to conclude that it was His holy will that I should be late… I had accumulated several messages and teachings but I could not find out what the final theme would be and much less the title… Slowly but surely He led me to SEE a new way to spend my Lent pursuing the way to find Jesus in my neighbor but almost automatically. For the very poor I have already received the grace necessary to be close to them. My needs are now on how to see Jesus in EVERYBODY… There are so many people in the media via television that are disgusting in what they say, specially announcing anti-Christian messages, that for the last couple of months I was guided by my Mother in heaven to simply stop watching a couple of programs, programs that I do not choose to see but that when I turn the TV on and was left in their channel, I end up being confronted with their sayings..

However, the regular news are also full of messages that offend my God and one never knows when they are going to appear. Well, He worked on it and this month I received a more consistent way to think of Him crucified and how He is present in each of them. This explains why I am so late in posting this message since I needed to watch a very special program in EWTN/Spanish for this month of March, one that was NOT announced to be shown. It was simply the guidance of the Holy Spirit Who led me to turn the TV on and it had been left in this station! So, at the end of this blog, you will have the entire content of such program.

MESSAGES AND TEACHINGS RECEIVED according to the calendar sequence

Saturday, February 4

I had finished the blog for January and was waiting for my son to post it for me, since I am still having problems with this new and more sophisticated computer.

I was watching the SUPER BOWL football GAME between the Atlanta Hawks and the Patriots. I showed favoritism for the latter because I knew their coach Bill Belichick from the times he had worked with the Cleveland Browns back in the 1980’s but he had left quite soon. The local press kept saying that he was hard to approach for an interview. I did not agree. Also, the Patriot’s quarterback is from a nearby city here in northern California. I believe that he was poorly treated when last year he was accused of making changes in the pressure of the footballs he used (deflate gate?). They were the champions for 2015 and it was suggested that perhaps they won the championship because of the changes made to the footballs. For  this year of 2016, he had been suspended for the first four games due to this controversy, even that he has shown through the years an uncanny ability as a quarterback . In the other hand, I was not against the Atlanta team, which had not won this prestigious sport event in the many years prior. One more thing: for a long time, the Lord has asked me to pray for all people in the crowds of the stadium plus the players of both teams, coaches and owners and I usually pray for the mercy of God to bless them. He also has led me to ask that the winner of the game be the one who would be least affected by pride and more money, etc.; that is, to pray for the best spiritual results in their souls with the win. Over all, I am still allowed to take sides wishing for one team to succeed but not praying for this to happen.

At half time, I was a little sad because the Patriots were losing to the Atlanta Hawks 21 to 3, giving an indication that the latter team was going to become the champion. Just before half time, the Lord came and clearly told me that instead of feeling sorry for them for the problem being experienced, that I should ALSO pray an entire Rosary for both team’s players for their salvation. Shortly after, I heard a voice and first I thought it was my Mother’s, telling me that this game would end exactly as the presidential elections of last November, and the Patriots winning when not expected. After I heard it, I was super sure that it had to be from the devil and dismissed it. I refused to say the Rosary for such a trivial reason and proceeded to offer it for the team that would be exempt of the least amount of spiritual losses due to fame, power, money and the like.

I did say the one Rosary at halftime but never turned the game on again. I felt good that at least I had prayed for their salvation since these players handle millions of dollars, which in turn could affect them in a negative way, that is, their religious beliefs and values. When I watched the nightly news, I was surprised as they were explaining how the Patriots won the game…I can only add that the power of the Rosary when offered for the good of others, especially the greatest good, their salvation, it truly shows great power. I was sooo edified and believed more on the power of prayer. I found myself repenting from praying at times with not much  trust in how our God is listening to every word that we say, and how He shows His love for us and even in trivial events like a football game. I also understood that He was using this mundane event to reassure me that He is with me during this cross of pain, poor sight and that I should use it to BUILD UP my TRUST IN HIS MERCY! The latter is essential for my spiritual health! Of course, trust is not a saying but something that must be lived, felt and used as one of the most important methods for me to give witness of His love for all of us.

Wednesday, February 8

It was raining although not too bad. However, with the pain of my knees, I fear the wet pavement. I had to purchase some things in two different stores: at the organic food store in a nearby city plus at Target, very close to my home. So, I only could visit one because my knees would not resist walking so much and I should leave the other for another time. I did not want to make the decision of which place to go first since the Holy Spirit knew better if I had waiting for me work to do for the Kingdom. I ended up being led to the farther one. As I arrived, there was a parking space just in front of one of the doors and a cart had been left also in front of the entrance.

As I arrived at the cart, a younger woman with four children ran to me with a clean cloth (the ones placed in supermarkets to disinfect the handle of the carts) and told me: “Please, let me clean your cart.” I was totally surprised that with the children and coming just behind me, she had run to pick the disinfectant cloth to clean it herself and not just handing it to me… Amazing! I then knew in an instant that my extraordinary loving merciful God wanted me to know that He was pleased for my decision of doing His will even in this kind of choosing a store to shop. O yes, the Holy Spirit had a surprise for me and I turned out to be the evangelized one. What a God we have, if we open our hearts to His Spirit to lead us to experience such love. This woman for sure won many graces…for being an instrument of grace.

Thursday, February 9

I looked for my latest parish bulletin (from Feb. 5) to corroborate the time for the healing Mass to be celebrated on Saturday February 11, the world Day of the Sick and the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes. I suddenly saw a bulletin on a chair and checked it and it was from January 29…!!! I opened up just in case they had announced it in this older bulletin but not, they only had a Healing Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the Light, of my Diocese of Oakland. I wondered if God wanted me there. I had not read before this announcement at all… I had missed it. I prayed about it, consulted with my son since I needed a ride. Rain was to be present and with my bad eyesight, darkness outside and a long ride, I did not want to go by myself. (He has Saturday’s off although he goes to work to find a quieter office. He is a data base engineer and has much work but other workers consult him often during the regular week days not allowing him to concentrate in his own job). My son immediately agreed to take me.

It was the Sacrament for the sick and my Lord wanted me there, or so I presumed but was it His will for sure? Of course, I wanted to know… One problem is that their bathrooms are far away and for me, it would be very difficult to walk to them and probably more than once, as I was suffering great knee pain. So, I asked the Lord to tell me if He truly was sending me there when I could go to my parish. I asked Him to give me the word “temple” as a sign that yes, He wanted me in this huge temple. He asked me to look at page 777 and yes, the word temple was there BUT as part of commentaries about the Scriptural text of Sirach 51. So, I asked for the word “yes” but as part of the Biblical text. I was sent to page 805 and Isaiah 28: 11 had the word “yes.”

Our Diocesan Patroness is Our Lady Queen of the World, the exact same picture of Our Lady Queen of the Universe, the one who appears in my computer screen and my I-phone when I open them and she has done great  miracles for friends when she asked me to help them by giving them her picture (1989 – returning a husband home in a Protestant family of a nurse; 2003 – curing a co-worker nurse anesthetist from 10 years of infertility and having 4 children; 2004 – a Protestant recovery room nurse was cohabitating with a good man and within a couple of months of giving the image to her, he asked her to be married… till this day) These miracles can prove that she is the Mother of all of us…In old blogs, I have written in detail about these miracles in prior blogs but suffice to say that this is one of my favorite titles of my Mother. Also, it was the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, and in 2003, I visited Lourdes and loved it. I brought some water from there, water that seems to have healing powers since the times of St. Bernadette (XIX C.). I had it in a plastic container conformed to the looks of her statue. I checked it up and the water had disappeared through the plastic.

Saturday, February 11 – I was given the Sacrament with the oil touching my sickly body (forehead and hands). There were several lines of people and a member of the Order of Malta, Simon, took me by the hand and helped me to get up front to one of the priests that had less people waiting. Upon returning to my pew he kept his hand on my arm helping me so much since the pain of my knees was bad. I was amazed… When God wants something, His Spirit moves people to help. This Cathedral is relatively new and with an extremely modern architecture. The sound system was not the best and it was hard to hear the homily. Yet, when He, Jesus, arrived at the Altar, I thanked Him for allowing me to be there and making my life so much easier. Afterwards, I received a little bottle with the water from Lourdes… and provided by the Order of Malta!

Tuesday, February 14

I was running very low with the pain medication (Tramadol). It was in August 18, 2015 when Tramadol was declared a narcotic… Why? It does not act or feel like a narcotic. It is a poor analgesic at best but I am allergic to oral narcotics and do not have any other alternative, except for morphine, which would not be prudent to use. Yet, I cannot have more than 6 pills of Tramadol per day for 30 days and the month of January had 31 days… On Sunday’s, I usually end up taking two pills and one more near the Mass time in order to survive the time at Church.

My Mother came and said, “You know what to do! PRAY! The times are such everywhere and in your own life that prayer cannot be substituted by anything else. Remember that you ‘should ask and receive. Knock and the door shall be opened.’ Also, you must trust that it is so and not just empty words… You must trust in His mercy. Pray many Rosaries and include them as a form of thanksgiving for what God is going to do and how He will answer your needs and those of the entire world. What you should avoid at all cost is to doubt that God is in charge and will not allow more discomfort than you can deal with.” It was then that I saw the reason why He appeared everywhere to help me (for example, the woman cleaning my shopping cart, or the Patriots winning when not even the experts could explain this “miracle” as someone in the sports media called it!)

Wednesday, February 15

My son told me that on the following Monday he would resign his job. As mentioned before, he works much more than he actually should and he is on call 24/7. Their Internet site that connects doctors, patients and pharmacies, needs a constant checking up so that it works well for his company’s customers. The job is having a negative effect on his health and his expertise and sophisticated type for work will allow him to find another place without too much problem. I immediately thanked him for giving me time to pray several Rosaries/day for protection from the evil one for this decision, one that he is leaving to the will of God as well, and for his bosses to understand. Perhaps, the latest miracles due to the Rosary were part of my formation to use this spiritual weapon for this particular decision that he has made and the future of it.

Thursday, February 16

As I came out of a supermarket, a poor looking man was sitting on the floor and seemed to be in need of money. I gave him $20 and he smiled from ear to ear. He blessed me and thanked me many times. As for me, I truly felt that I was giving this money to Jesus Himself, as the Scripture says. Let me remind you that when I do it, I feel a supernatural force to do it… It is not that I do it out of my goodness. O no, it comes from God. In fact, I know for sure that I could not live in peace for that day knowing that he was hungry and I did not help him. On the contrary, the entire day I feel so comforted with the knowledge that he had eaten, exactly like I felt with my Mike Hagan as his taxi-driver for two years in Toledo, OH, while I waited for permission from Him to sell my house to come to California.

Friday, February 17

During my prayer of one of the Rosaries that I saying daily for this future change of residence (as important as it is for my health to live in a less toxic environment that keeps my knee pain getting worse), I felt slightly concerned about the upcoming events for the following Monday when my son would resign, although ready to give the bosses ample time for him to help the one coming to replace him, so that the transition would be smooth for them. My Mother said, “Do not pray, ‘God please help him.’ Say, ‘Thank You Lord for how You will direct him.’ Also, every morning thank Him for giving you the opportunity to be directed to do His will. Thank Him for the HONOR of obeying Him, in order to give Him glory.”

Her words made me feel loved and cared for, just as if she were alive and protecting me. I was led to read Psalm 62 where ti says, “In God I will trust.” She continued, “To trust in God’s mercy is essential for this change of venue. Be happy. Be grateful. All will be well.”

Saturday, February 18

My Mother came to tell me to quit all possible wondering about what will be next. She said, “I want to remind you that trusting in God’s mercy is more important than praying many Rosaries. Of course, both together have a tremendous power to bring graces to accept all changes as the most perfect will of God. Yet, praying many Rosaries without trusting in His mercy does not bring as many graces…”

After the 12:30 PM Rosary, I was led to often review how to receive the things necessary for my day to day conversion. After finishing the Rosary, this is what I learned:

FOR MY DAY TO DAY CONVERSION I NEED the following spiritual practices:

1. Blind trust (faith with zero fears) in God’s mercy AT EACH PRESENT MOMENT.

2. Frequent thanksgiving to God for the honor of being guided by His will which is mercy itself.

3. Constant acceptance of God’s will with a big “yes” without further questions, worries, discouragement or fears.

4. Regarding prayer:

a. Abundant prayer life, especially Rosaries because they remind us of Jesus’ life and suffering, and should be prayed in thanksgiving for His mercy and love.

b. Prayer should never be a form of begging God for His help, since he already knows our needs and has an answer for them at the perfect time, all for the salvation and spiritual awakening of ourselves and the many around us.

5. Frequent review of these TRUTHS with a deep commitment to follow them and as a way of loving God and neighbor, seeking the latter’s salvation.

Monday, February 20

It was the birthday of the son whom I live with. He chose this day to announce his future exit from his company. I started praying early in thanksgiving to God for being with him in this decision and what to say, etc. The Gospel for this day was very important for me to hear. The father of a young man came to Jesus to complain that His disciples were not able to get rid of a malignant spirit from his son. Jesus took care of it and later the disciples asked Him why they could not do it. He said, “Certain malignant spirits need not only faith to command the evil spirit to leave BUT ALSO PRAYER!”

I realized that this could explain how the Rosary has so much power when simple prayers may not do the job. The Rosary asks our Mother to pray for us (to have faith… and trust) and with the Our Fathers, it asks to stop all evil, and the results are magnificent as in the case of the Gospel for this day. It also explains how Mr. Trump won the election out of the blue when everything seemed to indicate that he would not!!! The evil of destroying babies in the womb of their mothers needs prayer… and especially the Rosary, since this malignant spirit that destroys God’s images needs such force from the prayers of His Mother who has been given power over Satan… Wow! It was awesome…

I started thinking how poorly we have acted regarding the abortion issue in our country. We have huge walks against it. We speak and write and complain against this evil… Yet, WE NEED FAITH (a decisive trust with thanksgiving that He will do it for us) plus PRAYER, especially the Rosary to block the evil one from tempting mothers to abort. HOWEVER, these two actions MUST COME FROM HEARTS THAT HAVE DECIDED TO SAY “YES” to God’s will no matter what…!!!!!! Are we ready to do it? Are we ready to sacrifice our time and self-importance and say yes to God’s will 24/7? Are we?

This matter is very important for me!!! I try my best to say “yes” to this constant pain in my legs and difficulty to walk much when I need to shop (although many times I forget to truly accept it from the bottom of my heart). Then, I turn around and offer my sacrifice for the souls of the mothers who are planning the killing of their babies. With the community Rosary that I pray daily, I already ask for all mothers who are in the brink of seeking a planned abortion to decide against it. With this Rosary I bring my Mother to intercede for them and to stop Satan from procuring these homicides.

During the rest of the day, I prayed 3 Rosaries more as a gift for my son’s birthday and in thanksgiving for what God would do in his life for a new job and for all the members of his present company, for their salvation and for many blessings for them to find the right person to replace him. I asked my Mother to stop all evil that could act negatively in the events of this day, so that only the will of God would be done, even for him to stay put if he decides to stay. At 3 PM, I prayed again in thanksgiving for His help in this matter and also the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, asking for His mercy in all of this. It had been raining with forceful winds and even leaving many in this area without electricity because many trees had fallen. While praying the Chaplet, the sun came out for about 3 minutes and disappeared for the storm to continue. I knew that my Lord was telling me that He was listening and sending His mercy. He has been doing that from time to time for several years. It is a way for Him to reassure me that His mercy is with me at all times.

Thursday, February 23

I found in EWTN/Spanish, the story of a large parish in X city. The Pastor called it a very vibrant parish with 15,000 members. They have 160 ministries. He said that success can be defined by the number of people they bring into the parish and the number of people they send out to evangelize. I recognized that I have been part of such parishes in times past and yet, preaching to do the will of God at all cost is hardly mentioned. They have Scripture studies, Eucharistic adoration, a youth ministry and so on, and all of that is super good. Yet, WE KEEP FAILING TO PLACE BLIND OBEDIENCE TO GOD’S WILL UNITED TO PRAYER, AS THE TWO MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS TO GROW IN GETTING TO KNOW Jesus personally… and be ready to pass this witness to others. Our Lady showed us the way. Jesus Himself was clear that He was on earth to do the will of His Father. Even the Messiah King, took time to pray by himself… So, what are we waiting for?

Friday, February 24

During these past days of severe rain in Northern California after 5 years of drought, it has produced failures of dams, and in one area, 100,000 people were evacuated with no plans to return. The water level raised enough to almost cover most cars. On this particular date, many came to their homes to find a total destruction of everything inside that was covered with mud. Is God asking all of us to pay attention to the times? Are we listening?

Monday, February 27

In a religious program, I heard this, “We must become friendly with Jesus. We do it by talking to Him. This is a true relationship! If we engage in talking to Him (prayer), He will talk to us!”  For some years this has been a common saying, and yes, prayer is absolutely necessary. However, this relationship can only flourish if it comes from hearts that are totally dedicated to do His will. We cannot pray in the morning and go out and do whatever we want! This is precisely why we were Baptized to become children of the Father, evangelized by the Son, and living with the Holy Spirit within to guide us in becoming true followers of the Son, Who was clear about doing the will of His Father, and our Father. There is nothing as clear as that. Our surrender or self-denial while embracing our crosses, make us true disciples and Jesus’ friends… He said so… IT IS SO SIMPLE to understand and perhaps a little difficult to start doing it, but nonetheless, it is a clear plan of how to grow in our relationship with Him. Why? It happens that our obedience and total surrender produce the graces necessary through His mercy (as we show great trust in dying to ourselves as He asked us) to be more and more faithful to doing His will.

Week of Monday, February 27 to March 3

ABC presented an evening program “When we rise,” telling the story of the gay community here in San Francisco and how much they have suffered. It is similar to the story of the African/American community in the last century in the U.S. and how much they have suffered. I watched a few parts and felt sorry for them, although now they want to impose their beliefs over some of us who have no such same sex attraction. I feel sorry for their suffering as I feel for those in the last century. All of us are images of God. However, when you go to a public bathroom according to what you feel your sex is, this gives worries me… What about if some straight sex offenders use this excuse to go into the opposite sex bathroom and attack a child, for example?

This is the kind of problem that only God could fix for us, when we pray much, especially Rosaries and do His will at the same time, so that we could find a solution of love and respect for each other regardless of sex orientation. I still keep in mind that it is apparent that genetically, some men and women do have changes in their brain that leads them to a same sex attraction, and I have given twice before the name and page of the book that I found by pure chance with this information.

Here it is again: THE HUMAN BRAIN, 2009 by Rita Carter, page 194. Publisher, DK.

Just like with the abortion issue, we can help them live with this difficult genetic mishap in private and offering their sacrifice like Catholic Priests do… We should pray for them on a daily basis.

Thursday, March 2nd

In a different religious program, I heard this: “Faith is a gift and we must often ask the Lord for such gift.” In my experience, if we truly work on being His disciples and do His will and pray daily and as much as we make time for it, the gift of faith grows as if by magic. WE ONLY HAVE TO WORK in following Jesus in His own words, and in becoming a disciple, we also become full of faith, hope and love… Yet, unless we try it in our lives, we may forget about this truth! In the homily at the EWTN Mass, it was said that “there is no love without some sacrifice or self giving. We must remember that love costs us something. Pope Benedict XVI was quoted as saying that ‘when we give ourselves to Him, He gives us everything! We find true life.’ ”

On this same day it was mentioned that every 40 seconds, there is a suicide in the U.S. I am not sure if they meant in the world. So, every 40 seconds, we should be praying for the soul of the person ready to take his/her life. Or, pray for them early morning and offer the entire daily crosses and sacrifices for them, as we say “yes” to God’s will… Well, I am asking you to do something very difficult. It is almost impossible to remember ALL THE DIFFERENT THINGS THAT WE HAVE TO PRAY FOR at the beginning of each day… It is much safer and GOOD to take every day as God’s will and say “yes” to it and have the Holy Spirit receive our gift in atonement of the sins of the many who need them… In this way, we cover many causes and we grow in sanctity at the very same time!!!

Finally in this day, at 1 PM I went to a 7 ELEVEN store to get some money at the ATM machine and also bought the news paper. As I waited to pay for it, a poor younger man (in his 40’s), was counting the cents he had in his pocket to pay for a piece of pizza… I immediately offered to pay for it ($3.00). He asked me if I was sure… “Of course,” I said… When I came out, this same man was outside with another older poor man (in his 60’s). The first one, Matthew, told Verlin that I was the one who had paid for the pizza. We all three became friends and this is how I found out their names. I gave money to both for their later meal. They were almost crying. I said good-bye and I normally have trouble stepping down to the parking lot because my knees hurt much with the effort and using the cane in one hand. I usually need help from someone in the other hand. I asked Verlin to help me. He did it immediately and said, “I will take you to your car.” So, he did. He thanked me again tons of times.

I must confess that I always melt with some of these people. There are some that I doubt if they could be dangerous to deal with… However, the Holy Spirit normally helps me discern this fact. In this case, my friends were served with money for their meals of that day, and also with love and respect. In fact, we discussed how I do such thing because they are images of God. Both were religious, although Verlin seemed not to be a Christian. He looked more to be from Asia. His thanksgiving was with his two hands being placed together in front of his chest as he bowed to me.

I thanked God for this gift of truly feeling His Presence in the poorest of the poor. And this was my true birth date… I gave the wrong information to one of the social media outlets because I did not feel comfortable with this kind of public exposure! So, it was a great day for me to be able to give attention to my brothers.

Friday, March 3

Gospel for the Mass of this day: invitation to do God’s will!  It is interesting how Adam and Eve disobeyed but Our Lady and Jesus obeyed. I found myself thinking that we should never worry what the will of God is for us at any present moment. Discerning His will is not complicated at all. We do not need books or talks. In fact, I am going through such moment right now. What it is important is to be willing to do His will at all times. This shows trust in God’s mercy. Then the Holy Spirit takes over and easily let us know what the next step is… It is that simple… Otherwise, we will worry much and Jesus said not to so… We end up taking over the decision and just seeking for approval from our Father… The root of all of this is that we want to know what is next and decide to take over the process…We totally forget that only the will of God is what will give us faith, hope and love and much happiness, despite our heavy crosses. Not only that: if we worry about our next step, we gain nothing… And Jesus said so!

Saturday, March 4

My Mother said, “Stop wasting time watching TV if not led by the Spirit. Do it during Lent. The news gets repeated over and over. Try to hear the news only once. Do not worry if you move and how to get rid of so many things in this house and in storage. I will be here to help you.” She is so awesome… And I know that it is she who speaks because I get a deep peace and contentment…

On this same day I heard a 5 minute message by a Monsignor in EWTN/Spanish that he titles: “The difference between two small words.” (La diferencia entre dos palabritas). He said that there is a difference between the words “dentro” (IN) and “fuera” (OUT). IN means the work of the Holy Spirit within us to become disciples (our personal evangelization). OUT means the work of the Holy Spirit for us to become evangelizers. Of course, in both cases, we must remain open to His work since both actions are necessary to be a true Christian.

Then, I received from the Holy Spirit the following message:

The IN work depends on:

1. Careful management of my time on a daily basis so not to waste it.

2. Immediate repentance from actions or thoughts which are not Christian in nature.

3. Showing a grateful attitude 24/7 in all I receive from God, that is, His holy will.

4. A deep prayer life, not consisting in reading prayers only, but in deeply feeling with the prayer words, a longing for Him and His Mother. If not felt, to ask the Holy Spirit to bless me in the way I pray and leading me to establish a true relationship with Jesus. I should be attending Holy Mass as often as possible and for certain, every Sunday and Holydays of obligation. (I used to attend daily Mass for many years until about a year ago when the toxicity around made my knees hurt too much).

5. Receiving on a consistent basis the Sacraments and in a state of grace secured through regular reconciliations.

The OUT work depends on:

Loving my neighbor in all possible ways:

1) Announcing to them with my life the importance of loving God as well as the immense love that He has for all His creatures.

2) Staying away from any resentment against them.

3) Immediate forgiveness when their behavior affects me in a negative way. This section also requires a good examination of conscience to recognize any lack of forgiveness and resentments still present many years after and that have never been dealt with.

4) On a regular basis, to offer up my sufferings for their salvation.

5) Praying for them on a consistent basis. When watching any TV program, whether news, stories or sports, to pray for the people involved and offer for them my present sufferings. In the case of sports, to pray for the entire crowd in the stadium; never to take sides for one team to win against another even when my heart favors one of them (this was explained at the beginning of this blog)…

6) Servicing those who are in need of any help, as best as I can.

Monday, March 6

I am still putting together this blog. I have not felt too good regarding pain in the knees and trying to shop in order to cook a few things for my son. In my case, I only can eat three things: chicken avocado and sweet potatoes. It is hard… Besides, my vision becomes very tired when exposed too long to the glare of the computer’s screen.

By chance and after a program in EWTN, another one came with the life of Pope Paul VI… I was surprised to see how much he suffered… He announced that Satan had come into the Church (this some years after the closure of Vatican II) as many priests and nuns had started to leave. His encyclical with the objection of using contraceptives was not well taken, and it proved to be a true prophetic document.

On this same day, I was moved to seek a particular channel where I used to hear Dr. Oz’s program. The topic: how to de-clutter your home often. One should place some notes every place in our homes saying, “Let go now. Not later.” Let go is for the tendency of not letting go of many things…The person speaking said that we normally save things from family members who passed away. Sometimes, we save things that later cause pain when looked into again. He also said that many things can be taken to a store in consignment if the place is reputable. It can be sold at a garage sale. It can be donated if in good condition, or simply, throw it away. There was the answer for the amount of things I would have to give away or throw away in case we move! Amazing Holy Spirit…

I also heard in this program the fact that a great majority of people check their email server some 30-60 per day! This causes anxiety to our bodies and brains and can really be considered as cluttering our minds.

This fact speaks of how many live totally distracted and could have great difficulty in remembering to be in the presence of God… But later on, I had another shocker of news: on ABC, the program of the View was going on and they were discussing about being a godparent. Some of the female hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg, were sure that if one is an atheist, we still can be a godparent since an atheist can give the child love and guidance to live a clean and fruitful life… I almost lost my hope in this society. These minds were truly cluttered with false ideas. It totally translated to me in my need to suffer for them as I ask for God’s mercy…

Tuesday, March 7

I did do some shopping and it was very hard! I had quite a few things to do in the kitchen… At ALL TIMES, THE QUESTION WAS: “Lord, when are we going to finish the blog?” I was counting with the prayers of some of you. I knew that He was the one detaining the posting of the blog… But why?

Wednesday, March 8

What a day…I was present at the LIVE Mass from EWTN. Then, I switched to EWTN/Spanish and found a priest talking about a broken apart Crucifix… It was like a dialogue between him and Jesus. Jesus did not have the cross behind and some limbs were missing… His face was messed up as well. I felt asleep as always I do while in my room… When I woke up, I was able to see the very end with the name of the program, since more often than not, EWTN/Spanish has listed x program(s) BUT places different one(s)… So, the name of this dialogue was not visible until then… The title was very familiar to me in Spanish: MI CRISTO ROTO. (My fractured or broken Christ). I was sure that God wanted me to wait to finish this blog after viewing parts of this “My broken Christ,”

As I was having breakfast, the Holy Spirit asked me some questions and brought me an idea for this Lent. He said, “How many times have you asked yourself if you have broken the Crucifix apart? Have you left Jesus without one arm, two hands or a broken leg after you have offended Him? For this Lent, every day, pay attention at the times that you disobey Him and His teaching, and look at this Cristo Roto crying for the treatment of His Body by one of His own, you, and much after His enemies killed Him 2000 year ago. Every time that you think poorly of someone in your television set, you have done it to Him… Is He crying? Ask for His forgiveness after you truly repent and ask for His mercy to stop doing it. At night before bed time, ask yourself how many times you have attempted to harm His Body. Repent and try your best on the following day. Pray for those whom you offended even with your thoughts and offer your knee pain for their salvation. In this way, you will start repairing your “Cristo Roto.” (Your broken crucified Christ).

Later on, I checked it in the Internet and I found a summary of Mi Cristo Roto! At the very end, I will leave you with the entire story… I am now super sure that this presentation will become super important for my Lent and yours if you have not read it before. I was able to find a translation in English but it was very poor. This took me a couple of days more to correct but I am super sure that it is worthwhile the late posting of this blog.


We are going through extremely difficult times in the political life of the United States. We are hopefully going to protect the lives of unborn babies who otherwise will become broken “Christ’s” as well. In the other hand, we are breaking the Christ’s that committed a grave fault by coming to this country from the south of the U.S. without having as a reason to be persecuted on any grounds. It was only poverty that made them break the law, and they did break it. As a Hispanic, I must accept that. In the other hand, if we were to accept poverty as a valid reason, this country would have to accept millions of people… And I do not consider this option to be fair for the U.S. either. Yet, they are now being treated inhumanly by separating their families against their will.

In the other hand, we have our parishes extremely busy using human methods to restore the “broken Christ” within many of the souls who attend these parishes. They pray but the will of God is not a priority. Worse, they do not quite know what a relationship with Jesus truly is. In all relationships, we want to make it grow by accepting the changes as required by our elder family members. It is not happening.  Is it their fault? No… It is the fault of all of us, and some of us should truly be undergoing the surgery of spiritual conversion in order to restore these broken Christ’s! We must become witnesses of a true relationship with Jesus, of a true disciple…

As time continues to pass on and the problems after Vatican II (it closed in 1965) still live among us, we continue to multiply our ministries as any worldly human reasoning would do and we continue to experience the lack of a true resurrection in Jesus Christ. Worse, most parishes do not recognize this as a sort of spiritual tragedy.

I AM READY TO PRESENT A CALL FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. It is to make a decision and repair the brokenness of Christ within ourselves. We do not have to make any particular plan or create another ministry to do so… Everyone who reads this blog is invited to quietly summit to God’s will 24/7, but do it in order to obtain the sanctity required (as our Mother did) to become pregnant DAILY with Christ Who is being repaired by our attitude of complete obedience, without complaints, fears, plans, questions, etc. We should pray at least one Rosary/day for ourselves to restore our broken interior Christ’s with the help our Mother in heaven. We also should embrace our crosses at all cost, crosses of any kind, and accept them with much love because they are part of the restoration of our inner broken Christ.

As He becomes restored, our love for all people, enemies or friends, will be restored… as well. It is like magic. We become His and His love and Mercy comes to reside within us in abundance. It is always there but now it is amazing in the degree that it works in us… I am far from totally restoring my broken Christ but I have to share with you that through the years, He has tested me a lot plus with much suffering, His mercy has been able to send me graces that are restoring my inner broken Christ at a more rapid pace. I am in a phase right now that as shared above, I get surprised by the ways that He moves people around to love me… and they could be perfect strangers or those whom I know. At the same time, I find myself deeply loving strangers when I find them in distress.

If we BECOME A SMALL ARMY in our Catholic Church, which is seeking to embrace our God with all our heart and soul and to glorify Him day and night, God can change the entire world…We will not need books and talks and retreats as we know them… Most of them came to be but without the author saying a big yes nonstop to God’s will in his/her life, and not as lip service only. Instead, many of you, younger generation, will be speaking about your own restorations… In the other hand, the Holy Spirit will come as in a New Pentecost and reach many souls to bring them to you…You do not have to teach people… The Holy Spirit will be the printing press, the voice in television, the center in a parish to guide the masses to LOVE… and of course, He will use you to deliver AND WITNESS the message… The only requirement to repair our broken Christ’s is to do what our Mother did, to say yes to God’s will in order to bring Christ to all peoples, and the Holy Trinity will unify us (gentiles of all religions, atheists, agnostics) and all Jews. We only need to have our candles burning within us with His love and His will, so that we can be the VOICE OF GOD, HIS WITNESSES. Are we ready for His Second Coming?

Note: for all purposes, this is the end of this blog. Please, keep praying for me… My son and I are living a transitional time in our lives… Our place of residence needs to be less toxic. Only God can guide us to everything and your prayer will be so appreciated.  God bless you!






Author: Spanish, Father Ramón Cué S. J  – 1963

This story has been presented by one actor as he speaks with a Broken Crucifix that he bought. This priest acted it himself and later many others have done it.


From today on … I will live with a broken Christ.

I found my broken Christ in Seville. Within art I am subjugated by the subject of Christ on the Cross. I take my preference in the Spanish baroque Christ’s. The last time I went with a good friend of mine.  Christ (what a choice!)  can be found between nuts and nails, rusty scrap, old clothes, shoes, books, broken dolls or romantic lithographs. The thing is to know how to look for it because Christ walks and is among all the things of this unruly and unlikely trace that is Life. 

But that morning we ventured into the house of the artist, it is easier to find the Christ there, but much more expensive! Because it is already an area of ​​antiquarians, it is the Christ with luxury tax, the Christ who has enriched the tourists, because since tourism intensified, Christ is also more expensive.

We visited only two or three shops and as we walked the third or fourth. 

– (The owner) “Ehhmm Do you want something father?” 

– “Just to go around the store, to look, to see.” 

Suddenly … in front of me, lying on a table, I saw a Christ without a cross;
I was going to throw myself on him, but I stopped my impetus.
 I looked at the Christ out of the corner of my eye and he conquered me from the first moment. Of course it was not exactly what I was looking for for it was a broken Christ. But this same circumstance, chained me to Him but I do not know why. I feigned interest first in the objects that surrounded me until my hands took hold of the Christ. I stopped my fingers from caressing him! My eyes had not deceived me… No. It must have been a very beautiful Christ. It was an impressive mutilated spoil. Of course, he did not have a cross, lacked a half-leg, a whole arm, and although he kept his head, he had lost his face. 

The antiquarian (A) came near me, took the broken Christ in his hands and said… “Ohhh, it is a magnificent piece. It looks that you have good taste father; look at his splendid size; what a good bill … 

– I said, “But … it’s so broken, so mutilated!” 

(A) – “It does not matter father; next door there is a magnificent restorer;  he is my friend and is going to leave it like new!” 

He pondered it again, praised it, caressed it in his hands, but … did not caress the Christ; he caressed the merchandise that was going to turn into money.

He insisted, hesitated, paused, looked for the last time at the Christ, pretending that it was difficult to part with him, and gave it to me in a burst of fictitious generosity, saying resigned and in pain: 

(A) –
“Here father, take it, just because it is for you and be sure that I do not win much, 3000 pesetas and nothing else. You will take a jewel!

The seller kept exalting the qualities to maintain the price.
 I, a priest, kept reducing its merit to reduce the value … I suddenly shuddered. We were disputing the price of Christ, as if it were a mere merchandise! And I remembered Judas … Was not that also a sale of Christ? But how many times do we sell and buy Christ, not of wood, but in the flesh of our neighbors! Our life is often a buying and selling of Christ’s. 

Well … we both yielded … and he lowered it to 800 pesetas. Before saying goodbye, I asked him if he knew the origin of the Christ and the reason for those terrible mutilations. In vague and incomplete information he told me that he believed he came from the Sierra de Arasena, and that the mutilations were due to desecration in time of war. 

I squeezed my Christ with love … and left with Him. Finally, at night, I closed the door of my room and I was alone, face to face with my Christ. What a bloodstained mutilated spoil! Seeing him as such,  I decided to ask  him: 

– “Christ, who was the one who dared do it? Did not your hands shake when he chipped yours away from the cross ?! Does he still live? Where? What would he do today if he saw you in my hands? Would he repent?


Jesus (J), "Be quiet!" His sharp voice cut me off. 

(J) “Be quiet, you ask too much! Do you think I have a heart as small and mean as yours?” 

(J) “Be quiet! Do not ask me or think more about who mutilated me, leave him alone. What do you know? Respect him! I already forgave him. I forgot instantly and forever of his sins. When a man repents, I forgive him at once. 


(J) “Be quiet! Why, before my broken limbs, does it not occur to you to remember those who offend, injure, exploit, and maim their brothers, other men? What is a greater sin? To mutilate a wooden image or to mutilate an image of me alive, of flesh, in which I palpitate due to  the grace of baptism. Ohh hypocrites! You tear your robes before the memory of the one who mutilated my wooden image, while you shake hands or honor him who mutilates physically or morally the living Christ’s who are his brothers.” 

I replied: "I cannot see you like that, broken, even if the restorer charges me whatever money to do it! You deserve it! It hurts to see you like this. I’ll take you to the shop tomorrow. " 

“Do not you approve of my plan? Do you really like it? " 

-(J) “NO, I DO NOT LIKE IT!” – The Christ answer was dry and hard. 


There was a pause of silence. An order, sharp as lightning, came to decapitate the anguished silence: 


– “Yes Lord, I promise, I will not restore you.” 

"Thank you,"
answered the Christ.
 His tone gave me confidence again. 

– “Why do not you want me to restore you? I do not understand you. Do not you understand, Lord, that it will give me a continuous pain whenever I look at you broken and mutilated? Do not you understand that it hurts?” 

(J)  “That is what I want, that seeing me broken you always remember so many of your brothers who live with you:
 broken, crushed, indigent, mutilated, without arms because they have no chance of finding a job; without feet because others have closed their roads; faceless, because they have taken their honor away. Everybody forgets them and turn their backs on them. Do not restore me and may be if seeing me like this, you remember them until it hurts you; may be that way, broken and mutilated,  I serve as a key to remember the pain of others! Many Christians turn into devotion, with kisses, lights and flowers over a beautiful Christ, and forget their brothers, the men, the ugly Christ’s, broken and suffering. 

“There are many Christians who calm their consciences by kissing a beautiful Christ, a work of art, while they offend the little Christ of flesh, who is their brother.
 Those kisses disgust me and make me vomit! I tolerate them when placed in my feet of images carved in wood, but they hurt my heart. You have too many beautiful Christ’s! Too many works of art from my crucified image. And you are in danger of remaining only in the work of art. 

“A beautiful Christ can be a dangerous refuge to hide in order to escape the pain of others, while calming down their conscience in a false Christianity.
 That is why they should have more broken Christ’s, one at the entrance of each church, who would always shout with his broken limbs and deformed face, the pain and tragedy of my second passion in my brother men! That’s why I beg you, do not restore me and leave me broken next to you, even if I embitter your life a little.

"Yes, Lord, I promise you," I replied. And a kiss on his only chipped foot was the signature of my promise. From today … I will live with a broken Christ. 


                                   GOD HAS A LEFT HAND


The same afternoon I bought my Christ, I asked the antiquarian where would be his right arm. 

(A) – “Oh, impossible to find! And believe me, we did stir the whole haystack where the mutilated image was thrown. We found, yes, the left leg and we attached it with glue but of the right hand, there was no trace! 

“The antiquarian did not know Lord where your right hand was, but You, You do know that but you are continuously unraveling it and it always escapes you. No, no wonder you do not have it, it walks around, invisible but effective. 

“Who does not feel from time to time, the soft touch of Christ’s sore hand?! That invisible hand that, without knocking at the door it is found everywhere: in the hospital, on the deathbed, in the office, in the study, in the factory, in the cinema, in the theater. It enters tiptoeing like a luminous and musical squall. We cannot take a step through life without tripping over the hand of God. But you, my broken Christ, have only your left hand. 

And I imagined that he said, after feeling that my Christ was smiling quietly: "How little and poor do you know me. What would you men be if I had not my left hand? I have it but not to avoid being crucified, but to stop my father from condemning you. I do not use my left hand to save myself from the cross but to save you from hell! Do you understand now?" 

The whole tragic and divine adventure of our life is in letting ourselves be guided by the hands of God. But there is in us a difficult, elusive, dangerous element: freedom. And God respects her mysteriously, infinitely. 

To conquer us God has two hands, the right and the left that represent two techniques and two tactics. The right hand is clear, open, transparent and luminous. The left hand seeks shortcuts, gives rodeos, is full of calculation, diplomacy, is not in a hurry. If necessary it acts at a distance and pretends to be the voice, but although left, it is not Machiavellian or traitorous because love moves it. 

For every soul God has two hands, but uses them differently because all souls are different. With the right, like white doves or docile sheep,
 God guided John the Evangelist, Francis of Assisi, John of the Cross, Francis Xavier, the two Teresas … 

To conquer Pedro, Pablo, Magdalena, Agustín, Ignacio de Loyola, God had to employ the left.
 In front of the right hand, they rebel; then the left enters, wearing a disguise and turns into lightning, a bullet, tries to be a break to stop us; wants to lift us from the mud in which we fall, enters the chest to see if it manages to soften our hearts. Its resources are infinite; today it disguises it with modern and current methods… It breaks a dam that drags my farms! I have an unexplained oversight at work, and the machine mows my arm. We were driving at 100 per hour and we were unexpectedly driven by a truck.  My wife and son died in the act, and I was left alone in this life. I’ve never had an illness, but the doctor tells me that I have something incurable … 

Before the left hand of God, the first reaction is a cry of rebellion and despair; we forget the prey, the car, the traitor, the death, because we guess that they do not have the definite fault. We sense that God is responsible for that pain and that being so terribly deep, it cannot come from creatures and logically we confront God. We shout at Him, we find h\Him, we protest, we demand of Him, we challenge Him, we condemn Him! "FATHER…! IF YOU WERE FATHER, YOU WOULD NOT TREAT ME LIKE THIS! "We shout, protest, rebel and then … we are left alone. 

And the first nervous and burning tears come, and without realizing it, the first prayer is again to protest against God, against our first prayer … Fatigue arrives, the tears are more serene, we pray without protest, we feel like kissing something, What? Oh yeah, that, we already found it, a Crucifix, and with a kiss we say to God hat it is good whatever He disposes … 

Terrible, violent, hard, relentless, but blessed left hand of God. Absurd expressions are formulated: "Blessed be the dam that broke and destroyed my factory, but it brought me closer to God, and I was walking very far from Him". 

My broken Christ, I tell you in my name and of all because we are all brave to ask you from now on: Lord, if it is not enough the tenderness of your right hand to save us, undo your left, disguise it of whatever you want: failure, slander , ruin, accident, death. Christ, let us be children of your hand, your right or your left. 

At the head of your bed, my friend, or on your bedside table, you have a Christ nailed to the cross. Why don’t you kiss his left hand tonight before you go to sleep? God will know how to compensate you for that gesture of Christian courage and resignation.

A Cross has been lost

Attention! A cross has been lost and we cannot find it. It is that of my broken Christ. Has any of you found a cross? Do you want the signs? The size? It is not very big, but it is a cross and there is no small cross. Besides it is also a cross for Christ and then there is no way to measure it; with these signs suffice because in short all crosses are the same. 

Forgive my insistence, “Which of us has not found a cross?” Better said, “Who does not have a cross? It is an inalienable property right that is always exercised; we all carry it. We carry it on, dragging it even if we do not show it, even under our smile. 

Sometimes when hidden, it is heavier.
 Tonight at bedtime, we will not be able to leave it hanging on the perch. When we wake up tomorrow, we will not need to put it on because we will jump out of bed with her already laid. 
Who has found a cross? Everyone … good and bad, holy and criminal, healthy and sick; it does not even respect those who seem to defy the pain with laughter and revelry of his life.

That poor woman, who, repainted and bored, waits sitting at the cafeteria bar or leaning against the strategic corner, carries a terrifying cross on her back; it weighs so much that she leans back in the corner, a heavier cross than we suspect  And he who approaches her seeking pleasure, does so by fleeing from another cross.
 The two speak, bargain, promise, they manage at last and there they go down the street, in a hurry and with the cross on their back, and when they return, when they have already tried to placate their hunger for happiness, they feel disappointed that their Cross is now greater. In her, disgust and degradation; in him, desolation. 

Every city is definitively a forest, a jungle, a hive of crosses. And do you know, my friend, why sometimes our cross becomes intolerable?
 Do you know why it turns into despair and suicide? Because then our cross, is a single cross without Christ/ It can only be tolerated when it carries a Christ in its arms. 

A secular cross, without blood or love of God, is absurd, it does not make sense, so I have an idea: I have a Christ without a cross and you have, perhaps, a cross without Christ.
 Both are incomplete. My Christ does not rest, because he lacks his cross; you do not accept your cross because you lack Christ. Why do not you give your empty cross to Christ tonight? You have a single cross, empty, frozen, black and which does not make sense. I understand you, to suffer like this is irrational and I do not understand it myself.  How could you tolerate it for so long? You have the remedy in your hands … Go ahead and give me that cross of yours, give it to me and I will give you instead, this Christ without rest and without cross. Take it, it is yours, give Him your cross and take my Christ; Bring them together, bring them down, embrace them, and everything will have changed. 

My broken Christ rests on your cross; your cross becomes softer with my Christ in it.
 We have found a cross, ours, which turns out to be that of Christ …

Who broke Your face?

Christ, I had often heard this threat on lips trembling with hatred: 

"WATCH AND I WILL BREAK YOUR FACE.” And I always thought that everything ends with a punch, a slap, a slash on the cheek. Only in You has literally fulfilled the brutal threat; they have broken your face with a single cut. 

I would have restored it, but He forbade it. That is why I dedicate myself in a game of fantasy and affection, to restore it ideally, placing on its head without factions, the faces that for my Christ, have dreamed the universal art. I include in this game, museums, collections, galleries, cathedrals, art galleries. Everything is going through the face of his face in a slow parade, and I feel like Velázquez or Juan de Meza, with Baroque pathos, or Montañés with Olympic beauty, or Leonardo, of infinite sadness. 

But for a few days, I have also had to renounce the consolation of this game because the broken Christ is terrible in his demand! He does not conceive truces, and he has forbidden me too. I believed at first that he liked it, at least he tolerated it quietly, until one day he severely interrupted me: 

(J) “Enough! Do not put on me more faces. I have tolerated your game for too long. Do not you just understand? Do not put on me those faces that you ask for alms, the art of men. I want to be like this, with no face! You promised that you would never restore me … unless you want to rehearse another game, put on other faces. Those … yes I will accept them.” 

Which Lord? I’ll get them right away. Tell me what faces and put them on. 

(J) – “I’m afraid you do not understand it, even if you become scandalized like the Pharisees … I mean other faces, but real ones, unfeigned like the ones you invented, and who are also mine, like the one who cut me off.

“Ahh,  I guess Lord, you mean the faces of the saints, the apostles, the martyrs …? 

(J) “Those faces are really mine. No one denies them nor haggles. But I want others and I claim them. Very few would dare to put them on, but I do.” 

He rested, as if to gather strength. He took a deep breath. I was scared, I was afraid, but there was no other way. Then he said to me: 

(J) – Hey, do not you have a picture of your enemy out there? Of the one who envies you and does not let you live; the one which misinterprets all your things; the one who always speaks badly of you, who ruined you; the one who gave poor and decisive reports about you, of the traitor who tripped you, the one who he managed to throw you out of the position you had ; the one who denounced you, who put you in jail …” 

 I said, “Christ, do not go on!

(J) it’s too much, right?

I responded,  “It’s inhumane, it’s absurd …” 

(J) "Have you taken a good look at the faces of the lepers, the abnormal, the idiots, the dirty beggars, the imbeciles, the madmen?" 

“Y…? And are you going to tell me Christ, that those faces are yours and … and that I should put them on you? No, no, impossible.” 

(J) – Wait!
 I have not finished yet … Take note of this last list and do not forget any face. You have to put the face of the blasphemer, the suicidal, the degenerate, the thief, the drunkard, the murderer, the criminal, the traitor, the vicious. Have not you heard? I need you to put all those faces on mine!

– …”No, no Lord …” – I answered – “I do not understand anything! All those miserable and corrupt faces on yours, sacred and divine?” 

(J) – “Yes, I want it that way! Do not you see that they all belong to this poor suffering humanity created by my Father? Do not you realize that I have given my life for all? Perhaps now you understand what Redemption was. 

“Listen: I, as the son of God, voluntarily took responsibility for all the errors and sins of mankind. Everything weighed on Me; my Father appeared from the sky to see me on the cross and behold in My face; he fixed his eyes on Me and his amazement was infinite. Over my face, he saw superimposed successively and dizzily the faces of all men. From heaven, during those three terrible hours of my agony on the cross, I beheld the tragic parade of defeated humanity, while I said: 

"Father, forgive them because they do not know what they do!" It was not I who only died on the cross; there were thousands and thousands of mourning human beings, defeated many by their own passions, by their errors, by their sins.
 The parade was terrible, disgusting, rude. My Father saw the face of the proud pass over my face;  he sectarian, imagining the destruction of God; that of the cold and soulless murderer … 

“There were disgusting lips, sunken eyes marked with lust, unbearable breaths of drunkenness, pallor of dawns encased in vice, sordid rictus of bitterness and despair, haunting glances of perversion and crime. All the defeat and the scourges of an unredeemed humanity, the agony, the death.
 And my Father … God, He loved them all and He forgave their sins. " 

My Christ became silent; how poor and ridiculous the art of men seemed to me and how deep and unfathomable the love of God. And from then on, he was speechless. He never spoke to me again. 

Let us never forget this supreme and difficult lesson. Let us never forget the smooth surface of the face of my Christ, cut vertically. We could compare it with an empty frame. In it we are offered the opportunity to place the face of the one or those who have harmed us or hated us deeply, doing us more harm to ourselves than to who is the object of our resentment. 

Yes … yes, let us be brave! Let us remember the face that most hatred and antipathy causes us; let us approach Christ, even though we feel our pulse tremble. Let us place it on HHis own and imagine that our enemy, that being we hate, occupies his place on the cross. Let us close our eyes, let us approach the crucified one, and kiss his reverent and humble figure. 

By kissing a Christ, with the face of our enemy, we will be surrounded by a warm and musical, paternal and kind voice.
 That which many centuries ago will leave us the greatest and wonderful inheritance that any man can have, enclosed in only six simple words: 
"Love one another".
. .