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All about the Superb Gift of Suffering!

May 3, 2016


It is Friday, April 29 and I am just starting to write the present blog.  It has been a huge struggle between my health and the immensity of teaching that I have received this month. For about 6 months, I have been suffering from intense pain at the bottom of my left foot that I thought was a simple callus that had formed. However, it has remained there with intense discomfort similar to a knife being inserted. I have only one pair of shoes (of the several I have) that allows me to walk and survive. This callus has given me suffering that at times I feel I cannot take it anymore. It always comes to mind the pain that our Jesus suffered during His Passion and how important it is for me to understand why He did it! YET, my God in His extraordinary love for me, this month gave me a huge formation on the importance of suffering!

Of course, 1) my Lord had ready the topic of this blog because on April 3, being the first Sunday of the month, Franciscan University of Steubenville presented their monthly program. This time the topic was SUFFERING!!! And it was fantastic. If you have not ever watched these presentations, they are aired at 10 PM EST all first Sunday’s of the year. Because of the death of Mother Angelica, around this time I had watched many programs related to her passing and funeral and I was tired. It was by pure chance that I turned on EWTN at 7 PM (PT). Usually at this time I am finishing my duties in the kitchen … They have three people from the university: Mr. Hern, the host who is Vice-President of Advancement plus Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn, both professors in the 1990’s of my third son, my theologian boy. I met Dr. Martin once because we had an extra car in those days and Omar learned that he needed an extra car for his family and we gave it to him. THE PROGRAM WAS THE BEST I EVER HEARD ON SUFFERING. Jeff Cavins whom I also know for many years (not personally), wrote a book on this subject and the Biblical reason for embracing suffering as a true gift!!!

To add more reasons to dedicate this blog to the topic of suffering, when I watched it the first time, I remembered that it would repeat some time at 2 AM whether Thursday or Friday of the same week in order to take notes and perhaps make a DVD.  My pain and troubles made me forget it and one early morning, I suddenly woke up at 1:50 AM, and EWTN was running. I had fallen asleep! I checked what was coming in the next hour and it was precisely this Franciscan University program… So, I had enough time to set up the DVD and taped it!!! Let me tell you, this is how God reveals His mercy to me… Amazing grace! How sweet the sound! I will try to summarize this teaching as best as I can and it will be a little difficult because it was profound in theology and Bible content. Yet, the Holy Spirit will be with me since I was able to tape it! It can be bought from them and at the end of the summary I will give you the Internet address in case you want to do so.

2) About 3 days later, among all the programs that they aired of Mother Angelica after her death, there was one on “suffering.” The same program appeared that same evening and both times I simply was listening by pure chance.  It was then that I knew that suffering was the topic for this blog.

3) After I wrote the previous lines and on May 2, suddenly, my Mother took me to a page in the Bible and the story of Job… Well, this Lectio Divina was a HUGE MIRACLE FOR ME… I will add this last story to the content of the book from Mr. Cavins just to put these two suffering topics in context and admire its great blessing.

Stories according to the calendar sequence

Friday, April 1

Funeral Mass for Mother Mary Angelica by Archbishop Chapuit.

It was a gorgeous ceremony in Hanceville. I have thanked my Father for one of their priests who organized it all, Fr. Joseph.

Saturday, April 2

I watched LIVE from Rome the Vespers for Divine Mercy Sunday. Pope Francis said, “We have to stare with others at the Mercy of God in our entire life! And we must be merciful as our Father in Heaven is!”


It was a huge day for me in spiritual terms… HUGE!!!

1. We attended the 8 AM Mass in my parish. When we came back, I was able to be present LIVE for the Mass for this Feast of Divine Mercy at the Divine Mercy Center in Stockbridge, Mass, with the local Bishop as celebrant. As always, the crowd was huge and the rain was present as well…!!! For me this day was extraordinary since we are celebrating as well the Extraordinary Year of Mercy. My Lord had already told me that anytime we ask for God’s mercy during this year, the chances of seeing a formidable RAIN OF MERCY on us should be expected…Of course, we Catholics know that mercy is one of the most extraordinary gifts from God.

2. The prior day, my Mother had suggested checking a page in the Bible (777) and I forgot to do it. So, on this day, I did and it was Sirach 51.

I checked it in the Bible in my room and I found that I had been sent to read it on two other occasions: on May 13, 1994 and on April 29, 2008. (This is my oldest Bible and full of little messages). On this last date of 2008, my home in Toledo was in the market since January, after the 5 years that I spent doing nothing but waiting for God to tell me when to do it! I wrote in the Bible that it was St. Catherine of Siena’s feast day, one of my favorite saints and also Doctor of the Church! In the 1980’s I had already read her book titled, “The Dialogue,” as she wrote her conversations with God the Father. In this Chapter of Sirach 51, I had underlined several paragraphs from the 30 verses as follows:

“(Verse 1) I give You thanks, O God of my father; I praise You, O God my savior! I will make known Your Name; refuge of my life… (3)You have delivered me, in your great mercy, from the scourge of a slanderous tongue, and from the lips that went over to falsehood; from the snare of those who watched for my downfall;… (4) From many a danger You have saved me, from flames that hemmed me in on every side; …(7) I turned every way, but there was no one to help me, I looked for one to sustain me, but could find no one to help me… (8) But then I remembered THE MERCIES OF THE LORD, His kindness through ages past; for He saves those who take refuge in Him, and rescues them from every evil… (10) I called out: O Lord, You are my Father; You are my champion and my savior; do not abandon me in time of trouble, in the midst of storms and dangers. (11) I will ever praise Your Name and be constant in my prayers to You. There upon the Lord heard my voice, He listened to my appeal; (12) He saved me from evil of every kind and preserved me in time of trouble. (In the next verses the writer speaks about how he sought WISDOM and describes how God’s wisdom came to flourish in his life!!! Wisdom gave him great instruction, understanding…) (24) How long will you be deprived of wisdom’s food, how long will you endure such bitter thirst? I open my mouth and speak of her: gain, at no cost, wisdom for yourselves… (29) Let your spirits rejoice in the mercy of God.”

I imagine that this chapter was very consoling to me when it was sent on April 29, 2008, just days before an offer was made for the house!!! At this time in 2016, near the feast of St Catherine of Siena, it was super consoling to me as well, since I think it was last month when the Lord asked me  to pray for wisdom every early morning!!! How wonderful is to have the Bible as a source of wisdom for us! What a gift! It was also beautiful that I read it on this Divine Mercy Sunday… PLUS, it was this day when I heard the program on suffering from Steubenville University faculty and guest. God truly celebrated with me His Mercy and suffering had now become for sure a source of happiness… Wow!

3. But He was not done… On this day and late in the evening, my son returned to me an article on fluoride that I had received from a very good Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, and he was able to transform it into an Internet document especially since it is difficult to make copies in commercial places like Kinkos. They do not allow it…I wanted to share it with some family and friends because it clearly explains how fluoride can be the source of autism and why. The patho-physiology produced by fluoride for connecting the different neurons in our brains is extraordinary… It explains clearly of how and why it can give dementia as well… It was a huge gift for me… Even the amniotic fluid in the pregnant patient can be full of fluoride with the baby drinking it over and over!!! Of course, this in a mother that drinks tap water, fact that is possible in most cities of the U.S. and also using fluorinated tooth paste!

4. On this day is when I watched the program on suffering from Steubenville. Here is the summary of what I learned about suffering with the group from Franciscan University of Steubenville. I truly wanted to place it as a “page” on the right side of this site, in case you wanted to read it later or not at all. Then I thought of placing it at the very end of this blog. Well, my Lord said no to both proposals. He wanted it exactly on the day that it was received… since the title of the blog is on suffering and I am sorry if you know all about it and do not want to read it. Try to move to the next date, April 13. I also want to clarify that I have no permission from Steubenville to share this information. At the end of the article I will place the information of how to buy it from Franciscan University.

I love this university very much and my third son went there because the Lord moved us from South Bend, Indiana to Cleveland, Ohio for the second time. My son was given admission to St. Ignatius High School where his two older brothers had attended even that there was no space left this late May. There, he heard of Steubenville (also in Ohio) much easier than had we being in Indiana. And it was at St. Ignatius that he went abroad with the yearly senior trip somewhere, and this time was to the Dominican Republic (his father’s country) and there he felt called to study theology! By the way, his older two brothers had gone much farther away. The oldest went to China. The second son with whom I live, went to Russia!!!  

The entire event on this Mercy Sunday also reminded me of the reason for this move because on Ascension Thursday of May 4, 1989, (27 years ago), the Lord had told me in Houston, TX that my husband and I would have offers for new jobs and to take them. He said, as I was reading the Bible in a hotel in this city where I was attending a medical meeting, that just like Joshua in chapter 4, had crossed the Jordan River with all the Israelites without getting wet, so we would move without any problems, being this rather late to find schools for all the four boys. And sure enough, I returned to Indiana on Sunday May 7th when the call came from Cleveland offering us jobs at Kaiser Permanent! So, my theologian son was destined to attend this university, the son that should have died at birth secondary to a medical error, or grow up with retardation!!! 

From the Book “When You Suffer: Biblical Keys for Hope and Understanding” by Jeff Cavins – (I am transcribing most of what was said by each member of the panel, but not identifying what person said what! I tried to write as close as what was said. In some places, it may not be word by word. Any writing in parenthesis is from me)

Talk: “The core of this information is based on the call to suffer and live with great joy, with great happiness. Even the great philosophers of the pre Christian era said that the source of happiness is based on a life of goodness and not of pleasure. In order to be fully alive, suffering should be included. In other words, we should make provision for pain.

In the Christian life, Christ comes to redeem our suffering and not to eliminate it. He fills it with His presence. However, the whole world tries to flee from suffering. We should look for the meaning of suffering; otherwise we despair. If we attach meaning to suffering, then we can deal with it. Hebrews 5:8 says– “Son though He was, He learned obedience from what He suffered.”

 “There are two kinds or general meanings for suffering: the physical suffering and the moral suffering or the suffering of the heart like betrayal or loss of life of a dear one. C. S. Lewis wrote that God takes us so seriously because He loves us so much, that He becomes our last bridge. Mortal sin robs us of eternal life but Divine Mercy comes to our help. We, therefore, should detest sin.

“There is a connection between moral and physical pain. The author had a severe neck pain (physical pain) and after nine months of offering it up, it became also a moral pain when he started to think for how long it would last? He asked himself, “What will happen when I am in my 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s?”

“Biblically, suffering has a connection with Adam and Eve. God asked Adam to take care of the garden and never to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge; otherwise he would die. Out of his work in the garden, Adam obtained bread to subsist but when he disobeyed God, he did not die. Yet, Eve had children with suffering. Now we have a second Adam in the Garden, Jesus!  St. John Paul II said that we can only understand suffering if we understand the suffering of Christ. He is the only way.

“Our Lady was another model from the Bible regarding suffering. She was told she would suffer and to be opened to it. She was. (Luke 2: 35 – a sword would pierce her heart – told by Simeon when Baby Jesus was presented at the Temple). St. Paul suffered of a thorn in his side. God told him, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” It is in the midst of weakness that springs of divine power gush forward. We accomplish more in weakness than in success. If we cling to Jesus, we are able to let Him enter us into suffering and together we sanctify suffering. Suffering becomes a source of grace. It opens our heart to God. (I SHOULD NEVER FORGET IT, EVER!)  We should not drop out of the school of suffering. It is in suffering and weakness that we can accomplish much.

“Some of us cannot graduate from the school of suffering but it draws us closer to Jesus Christ as in Colossians 1:24  that says, “Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of His body, which is the Church.” In this verse, Jesus suffered much but did not lack anything. However, lacking refers to our lack of embrace of suffering like Jesus did. How to live out the filling up? There is meaning in our suffering because Jesus brought meaning to it by inviting us to participate in His mission. It is not just acknowledging suffering but He shares with all of us His intercessory role. He opens the door to the Father by giving us a father role in our Priests. It is not a substitutionary but participatory role in His work and mission.

“But if He already died for me, why do I have to pick up the cross? Romano Guardini wrote that in the experience of a great love, everything that happens is related to that great love. What then is greater than the love of Christ? It is the Cross. He creates the space but we have to put on Christ, His love, and become an extension of His. Now our suffering becomes redemptive; it has a new meaning.

“We have to go to the entire world to preach the Gospel… But is it just that, preaching? No, it is more than that. It is a covenant, a sacred family bond. Love transforms pain into passion. And so, before He died, He left us the Eucharist. He gives us His life before He loses it.

“The author of this book went to pray quietly near his sleeping daughter and offered up for her the pain of his neck. Immediately he felt a profound joy never experienced before. (Why?) Because he loved his child like Jesus. Now it becomes a vocation and he was able to offer up his pain without any complain!

“The cross is a mystery to all. It is foolishness. The Son of God was beaten, spat upon, semi-naked and nailed to a cross publicly. We call it the Triumph of the Cross because sacrificial love is salvific. At each Mass we repeat this ultimate sacrifice and we are invited to join in. It is the great exchange…!!! It is possible to draw grace and strength from suffering if I look back to this redemptive figure, Jesus the Christ.

“In the case of the Saints, they had trust-knowledge, not book-knowledge. If you suffer, do it and offer it up because God has redeemed your suffering. (Therefore) Do not waste your suffering. Bishop Fulton Sheen said “that the hospitals are full of wasted suffering. We all are afraid of death because we have not practiced it before. Therefore, mortify your flesh, die to yourself daily, pick up the cross and at your final hour, you find yourself saying, ‘Have been there and done that!’ “. Then there will be no fear!”

May buy book at or calling 1-888-333-0381 –

Other previously aired episodes of “Franciscan University Presents” can be reviewed at

On Monday, May 2…. I received another story of suffering and it is placed here much ahead of its true date so that it can be related to the talk..

At 12:30 PM during the Rosary at EWTN/espanol I received from the Holy Spirit a page in the Bible to be checked. It was all about Job, one of the most extraordinary stories about SUFFERING and one that we know very well but I will repeat some of the story in order to interpret it as God led me to!

Job was a very pious good man. God sought Satan and asked him about Job, what he thought about His friend. After conversing, God gave permission to Satan to test the love of Job for Him but respecting his life. Thereafter, Job lost his possessions, family and ended up covered with boils, therefore, losing also his health. Job ACCEPTED THIS TRIAL saying in Job 1, 21-22 – “‘Naked I came forth from my Mother’s womb, and naked shall I go back again. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.’ In all of this Job did not sin, nor did he say anything disrespectful of God.”Three of his friends came from different cities to console Job. Satan tempted them to say to Job that the reason he had lost all these things was because he had sinned against God and needed to repent. Job had 9 conversations with his friends trying to prove that he had not sinned.  The friends actually thought that they were helping Job to do the right thing in order to stop the suffering!!!

Notice how 1) Satan used his friends to create much isolation and produce RESENTMENT in Job… 2) His friends became blind to the truth and in fact were confused! Worse, they thought they were helping Job! – NOTICE HOW SATAN always WORKS: he confused Job’s  friends and they under the auspices of friendship accused Job of something he had not done … The evil one divided (separated) Job from his friends. His friends actually also could have frightened Job or given him fear but it did not happen… What the friends did represents how Lucifer works in our souls: he accuses, divides, lies, confuses and attempts to give fear. It is also worthy of mentioning that Job never reacted to Satan’s attacks because he loved God so much that he was willing to accept His holy will as he lost everything (Job 1:21-22).

Verse 3) In due time, the Lord came to answer Job since the latter had asked Him for help. God showed Job that He had created everything and every creature and had a plan for all, and Job realized that by complaining he had sinned against God and repented…4) God restored Job’s fortune and gave him another family. 5) God then reprimanded his friends and was ready to chastise them but Job came to intercede for his friends and God pardoned them…

LOOK NOW AT THE GIFTS coming FROM SO MUCH SUFFERING: Job was able to gain back all material possessions including a new family and ABOVE ALL, Job who loved God very much, also complied with the second most important Commandment… He interceded for his friends showing how he loved them. So, Job ended up richer in material possessions and in spiritual blessings… SUFFERING had been a real gift for Job… And all of this much before the coming of the Messiah King!!! Job gives us another Biblical explanation for the GIFT OF SUFFERING.

April 13, 2016

Our world is coming apart and some of us should be running to become transformed from our iniquities to live a life of total hope and trust in God’s mercy and act as such, in order to have our God’s mercy change some of these scenarios to SAVE MANY, MANY SOULS.

If you are an American and even if you do not watch basketball, you know who the player Kobe Bryant is… For many years he has played for the team called Los Angeles Lakers. The man has been spectacular with many skills for this sport. Well, on this day he would retire with the last game in L.A. The average ticket cost $1,450… Yet, if you wanted to sit close to the court, you had to pay $55,000.00 per ticket… This is a great description of one of the “gods” that is worshipped by many… Of course, American football is even more prone to have many more adorers… God, have mercy in all of us! If you are not an American and do not do the same with other sport, please pray for us.

Friday, April 15

If I am correct with the date, one of the most admired Priests from EWTN had a heart attack and had a stent inserted in one of his coronaries. Unfortunately, about 26% of the stents end up failing and closing in the following 6 months. Well, this is a scientific fact published some years ago. It may have changed!

Now, what truly kills me is thinking of this horror happening in allopathic medicine (MD’s). It is soooo simple to prevent the formation of plaque in the arteries… anywhere in the body. For many years I have studied this subject matter and have proof of what I say. I even dissolved some stones I had in my biliary vesicle. Stones need calcium to become stones and the dissolution of plaque has to do with Calcium and I have all written in a paper I put together for friends back in 2004. As a matter of fact, there are a few well recognized doctors (MD’s) who have written books on the subject matter. One is Dr. Julian Whitaker who wrote the 2002 book titled, “REVERSING HEART DISEASE, a vital new program to help prevent, treat and eliminate cardiac problems without surgery.”

Another MD, a surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic wrote a similar book. The question is why many simply do not pay attention to these books? But I promise to give you an account of this matter in my next blog since this one is way too long… What you do with the information is up to you. But remember, it is pure science!!!!! And yes, I dissolved my own biliary stones and in the same way, you can dissolve with NUTRITION any plaque in your arteries. The story starts with 7 areas of the world where no one has heart attacks…!!! The reason is calcium… More coming next month.

Tuesday, April 19

The homily at the daily Mass in EWTN was given by Fr. Leo Patalinghog. The Gospel was from John 10: 22-30. Fr. Leo spoke about the fact that we have to encourage each other. Literally the word means that if I encourage someone, I am replacing their hearts in. If we discourage, we are taking their hearts out and often we can do that. Furthermore, every Mass is a heart transplant. Jesus places His Heart into ours. In fact, we announce it at each Mass. The priest says: “The Lord be with you.” We answer, “And with your spirit.” The priest says, “Lift up your hearts.” We respond, “We lift them up to the Lord.”  Clearly we are announcing an exchange before the heart transplant takes place. Then, He gives us His Heart and we give Him our broken hearts. Therefore, take to heart what it means how to encourage others.  AND, the work I do, speaks of who I am! After the transplant, we become the “incarnate Good News.” We become “Sacramental sources of encouragement to others.”

I never had listened to a homily so rich in content and encouragement… He truly gave his heart to millions of people via EWTN!!!

Thursday, April 21

At 10:30 AM, EWTN/Spanish was airing a half hour with Mother Angelica from 1980 and the topic was suffering! She said, “Christianity is beautiful but also uncertain. St. Teresa of Avila died of stomach cancer and she said, ‘I am chosen because God sent great suffering. We are taught to be auto sufficient like a child would do and we do not accept suffering as a gift”. She mentioned the Scripture below:

1 Peter 4: 1-3; 7-8; 12-14. “Therefore, since Christ suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same attitude (for whoever suffers in the flesh has broken with sin), so as not to spend what remains of one’s life in the flesh on human desires, but ON THE WILL OF GOD. For the time that has passed is sufficient for doing what the Gentiles like to do: living in debauchery, evil desires, drunkenness, orgies, carousing, and wanton idolatry. … The end of all things is at hand. Therefore, be serious and sober for prayers. Above all, let your love for one another be intense, because love covers a multitude of sins… Beloved, do not be surprised that a trial by fire is occurring among you, as if something strange were happening to you. But rejoice to the extent that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that when His glory is revealed you may also rejoice exultantly. If you are insulted for the name of Christ, blessed are you, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you. “

She ended quoting Hebrews but I did not get the chapter but said that “God treats us as sons when He ordains or permits suffering.” That same night, by chance I ran into the same program… At this point, my Lord wanted to make sure that the topic on suffering was to be discussed in this blog.

I also found elsewhere what St. Padre Pio said, “The best Creed is the one recited when we are suffering.”

Friday, April 22 

At 9:15 AM, my Mother found me thinking about the blog with fear… I had too much to write about and my left eye is not to be overworked plus the topic itself was so extensive! She sent me to page 788 of the Bible and it was Isaiah 7: 3-4a; 9b.The prophet told Ahaz, King of Judah what the Lord sent him to say, “Take care you remain tranquil and do not fear; do not let your courage fail… Unless your faith is firm, you shall not be firm.”

Then my Mother said, “Do not worry at all about the blog. Let the Holy Spirit write it for you. All you need to do is living each moment accepting whatever suffering is allowed. All assistance possible will fall from the mercy of God and you will never be confused because the Holy Spirit will be there with you with all you need for each moment, in order to be lived in perfect harmony with the will of God. Remember each morning to ask for wisdom in order to discern ideas that are from the flesh versus a true message.”

Tuesday, April 26

Mother Angelica narrated how when she was very young, she would talk with an old lady that she would see off and on sitting in front of her house. The woman told her, “If the Lord sends you tribulation, you will tribulate.” I was taken by the idea that God permits suffering and now I know why! Mother Angelica continued with her teaching on suffering (the second on this subject in just a few days!). “Faith is not a spiritual anesthetic but a special power that allows you to live the life of Jesus. St Paul said that he bore the marks of Jesus Christ. Faith lifts you up so that the life of Jesus becomes clear. In the face of trials I must believe that God is with me. The enemy will give you all kind of reasons to mistrust.” (She was 68 years old on this May 3 of 1991, when she gave this talk.)

Friday, April 29 – Feast of St. Catherine of Siena

As written before, this is one of my favorites Saints. She died in 1376 at the age of 33. She was illiterate and other people would write what she dictated them. She had 24 brothers and sisters and through mystic phenomena she met the Lord. She was a Third Order Dominican and as a young woman lived like a recluse when the Lord told her, “You are here by yourself but now you must go with Me everywhere.” And she did. She traveled to Avignon, France and to several areas in her native Italy. In Avignon she found many corrupt people living near the Pope, who resided there for a while due to other problems at the Vatican.

She wrote that the Law of Christ Crucified is based on love and mercy. The injustices are perpetrated by men and the more the soul gets closer to God, that much more the soul esteems Him. The soul that becomes close to God is like the deep sea: the more she looks for Him, that much more she finds Him and the more she encounters Him, that much more she looks for Him. The soul becomes hungry for Him, and she seeks wisdom above all!

The Pope (the real one) had immigrated to Avignon. She asked the one in Avignon to go back to Rome and he did. Her health was precarious. She could hardly eat. She had much pain in her body! Here is another example of extreme suffering and great sanctity for which now she is a Doctor of the Church.

I learned about St. Catherine through EWTN but after watching for a short while the national ABC TV station program, Good Morning America or GMA, which was hosting the celebration of 20 marriages, my soul sank. As they processed to be in front of the person who would marry them who turned out to be a previous weather announcer for GMA, Sam Champion, a known gay man, two couples were interesting to watch: two men and two women who had beautiful wedding gowns were holding hands. After the ceremony, they were kissing. Throughout the media, this topic of gay marriages is a constant theme. On this day, even a possible Republican presidential candidate declared the following as posted in AOL:

“San Francisco, Calif – Ohio Gov. John Kasich was pressed by a man to answer whether or not he believed people are born gay, setting off a lengthy and somewhat testy exchange that resulted in the Republican presidential candidate declaring that he believes gay people are ‘probably’ born that way.”

On page 794 there is an introduction with many pictures and it says, “Everyone’s brain is different – gender and sexual orientation are reflected by changes in the brain anatomy and functioning. The brains of right-handed people and left-handed people are organized differently, and even social and cultural influences can shape the way brain carries out certain tasks.

THE GENDERED BRAIN: a number of structural and functional differences have been found between male and female brains. Both the corpus callosum and the anterior commissure (a more primitive connection between the two hemispheres that links the unconscious areas) are larger in women than in men. This may be why women are more emotionally aware- the more emotional right sided is better connected to the more analytical left side of the brain. It may also allow emotion to be incorporated more readily into thought and speech. When doing complex tasks, women use both sides of their brain, while men use the side more obviously suited to the task.”

(There are four pictures from brain scans done in heterosexual and homosexual men and women with the following explanation) à “Brain scans show how, in homosexual people important brain structures involved in mood, emotion, anxiety and aggression tend to resemble those of heterosexuals of the opposite sex. Heterosexual men tend to have asymmetric brains, with the right hemisphere slightly larger than the left, a characteristic shared with gay women. Patterns of brain connectivity are similar between heterosexual women and gay men, particularly in areas involved with anxiety.”

I must add that we all know of children who at a very young age want to do what opposite sex kids do and look like. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a daughter Shiloh, born in May of 2006, who dresses and has a haircut as if she were a boy. Other much younger children display clearly attraction to be considered from the opposite sex… I would say even that I am not a Priest or know any theology per se, that this so called inclination is not sinful. It is a genetic trait that was present as back as the Old Testament. It probably represents a major cross or suffering for many, but when they choose to be chaste, they are holier than many of us who are heterosexual. When they try to push this topic on the entire society and change laws accordingly, Satan is tempting them to make us resent them… There, is our problem. They are images of God and God allowed this genetic mishap; as such, we should try to love them where they are at, so the we do not allow Satan to tempt us with any resentment, and this way, becoming disobedient to the second most important Commandment. I want to delve deeply into this subject matter mostly to call all of us to stop resenting gay brothers and sisters even when they want to change the law of the land, and instead, to pray for our conversion to love them no matter what and then we should pray for them to be chaste. Another example will be shared next which happened on this same day.

On this afternoon, a very close and religious friend of mine who lives in another State, called me. She and her husband are very devoted Eucharistic adorers. She asked me for prayers for one of her sons, a professional who practiced in a group setting. A major company bought this practice and let him go, supposedly because he did not make enough income for the group, which is not true either. Immediately, my soul was illuminated with HIS TRUTH, especially because I suffered the same type of disaster in my career. At the time, I was still very religious but was not spiritually formed as yet to handle this type of problems in order to do what Jesus would have done. I never hated or resented my colleagues who did such things to me, yet, I never understood that my call was to do something else…!!! I had missed the point. My work was to pray to be able to love them or like them and then pray seeking their salvation. I was created to follow Jesus, Who came to this earth to save our souls. I must do the same.

I told her that at one point, I simply resented President Obama and deeply… Ever since, some 7 years ago, he has done other things that truly deny many of us to be treated as equals with the same religious rights as the Constitution gives us. The case of EWTN that is still in the Courts is a great example. When they force you to pay for things like contraceptives via an employee health insurance, and collaborating for your neighbors to commit a sin, we all should feel simply super upset and resent the man (Obama). However, 7 years ago, I started praying for myself to love this man exactly where he was at… and the Lord gave me a great love for Mr. Obama despite the fact that I do not agree with him whatsoever… I did this seeking to abstain from my sin of resenting him and hoping that he would change. I have done the same in other cases in more recent times and sometimes I do not get to love them but when I think of them, I do not feel resentment and actually feel sorry for them. This can be understood only by grace. There is something good about my prayers for my son the President which is that he loves our Pope!!!

In the case of my friend, I asked her to ask the Eucharistic Jesus to convert her and husband from any resentment against this company, and to pray for their conversion. I told her that the reason we were created was to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls and to love our neighbor as Jesus loves them… Jesus loves them to the point of dying on a cross. So, as a disciple I MUST FOLLOW MY MASTER and offer my suffering for their conversion and pray much with the Rosary for them to become actually very holy! So, once I ask Jesus for this help, I am sort of evangelizing these people who sinned against me or any member of my family. So, she should do the same and ask for her conversion to STOP ANY RESENTMENT FOR this company. This is a prayer that is heard ASAP! I have no doubt about it. It is then that the prayer should be for her son so that he can use this opportunity to grow in holiness and do not resent either.

I told her that this advice did not come because I know much about it. I only was telling her how my Lord has formed me during my professional career persecutory events and that it did work very well… I also told her that Satan runs a marathon away from us when this angel sees people changed… because we LOVE THEM DESPITE THEIR MALEVOLOUS ACTS and because love can do all things, and this company may even  call him back… As far as her son, this type of scenario will spiritually fortify him in many ways and provide for his sustenance with another job, for which he does not have to suffer from this fact that he was considered not making enough money for his group.

 For me it was a painful story. Remember that as woman and Hispanic, if the future boss would be told the lies that the persecutors said at the time, I would not get a job ever. Therefore, at the end of 1984 (in one of the cases), I decided to stay home all of 1985, in order to cool off the facts that led these two colleagues who had moved from the Cleveland Clinic to form a new department of anesthesia at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cleveland, to lie about me… They asked me to go with them because I was good. They cruelly let me go after 2.5 years together and almost 6 months of persecution by not allowing me to even have lunch in long cases… They were trying to make me furious and quit… The actual reason for my letting go according to them was that one of the urologists did not like me… Of course, when I went back to work in mid 1986 and had to move from Cleveland to Indiana, they had changed their hearts and had asked through my husband to be forgiven because they had done something terrible to me!!! NOTICE HOW SATAN WORKS… Always, he has sought to make me angry and super resentful in order to destroy my spiritual path, yet, the Lord was there guiding me with many graces not to resent!!! Satan simply tempted these two people, one of which was gay and always told me that anytime he saw me, he thought of his mother… (He knew that I was very religious and probably was conscious of what I would say about his inclination and living with another man!)

Well, Romans 8:28 became a truth in my life. In the year off where I lost about $100,000 for home expenses and payment of schools for the boys, I found the diary of St. Faustina and so, Divine Mercy entered my soul as a major topic to delve on. My Lord was paying me with spiritual dollars to what would be my new job since then and for the last 31years, that of proclaiming His mercy!!! Notice what suffering can do… In hindsight, this professional nightmare and others after it, were a huge blessing in disguise.

I had entered the Catholic Charismatic Movement since 1977… It is apparent that the Holy Spirit was doing great things and in 1985 brought me the topic of His Mercy! All of the suffering involved became a huge gain and even now, in the last year since the 2015 Pentecost Feast, my work with the Holy Spirit has become of true partners and like never before. Below I will write more about what  I was promised on the 2015 Pentecost Feast and sure enough, life with the Holy Trinity has become a delight, more so than prior to the Feast. I even made a card where I wrote that He promised to change my soul more deeply and I have experienced it. Obviously, I must convert many more times but I can say that there has been progress. And from this change came my plan for my close friend to act in the case of her son who lost his job! As we said good bye, I immediately realized that this would be the main topic to preach when I have to move out of this quiet life in my house, so ill that I cannot attend daily Mass, in order to go with Him as Jesus told St. Catherine of Siena. All I needed was purification on my part and I know that my health will become much better, in order to do what seems obvious as my next step.

It was on Pentecost Sunday, May 24, 2015, that I received the promise of special graces for me. And sure enough, by May 26, I was given what I wrote at the time saying, “Congratulations. You have received the tools to live the Sacrament of the Present Moment, one of God’s merciful love actions for His children! This what was taught to me in 2015:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Early this morning after praying the Rosary, my Mother explained the following:

STEP I If you have

1. Fear.…… the Holy Spirit asking for the gift of hope that comes from God’s mercy and Who can do all things.

2. Doubt…. ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of trust in God’s mercy.

3. Questions regarding your health, the future or any present problems like the renewal of your driver’s license….. ask Him for indifference because His mercy is in charge. You do not need of anything else.

4. Disillusion with some aspects of the state of the Church…. ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of love for her, since she has what you need to become His disciple for the glory of God.

After letting the Holy Spirit give you the graces necessary, go to…

STEP II – say yes to the above temptations as God’s precious will and offer thanksgiving for allowing you to grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and bringing you closer to my Son.

STEP III. Think of the bird tapping at the window as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is within you 24/7, in order to guide you in your spiritual battles.

Remember this advice because it gives you the tools to live the “Sacrament of the Present Moment” under an ongoing Pentecost. This is also a form of living the LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.”

“I even checked the blog for May of 2015 in order to find the details that I just shared with you from one year ago. In that blog I wrote of a bout of depression without eating the wrong things. But it is interesting that I have never had another bout of “oppression” since and coming no doubt from Satan… I enjoyed the list of things that I was given on May 26 to live the Sacrament of the Present Moment. It is fantastic. At the time, I had had like 2 months where birds would come to tap a high window on top of the main entrance door of this house.  Well, in due time they left and never came back… Now, in retrospect, I realized that they came to announce these graces of living closer to the Holy Ghost. It also refers to how to deal with fear, doubt and questions regarding my health, etc. Truly, truly, these promises have become a delight ever since!


It is clear that we have to grow in our faith by being totally faithful to do His will at every present moment. We have to pray daily and as often as possible. This involves our devotion to our Mother who is our great defender from Satan. AND WE HAVE TO SUFFER… in order to grow and convert. OUR CONVERSION into more faith, prayer and embracing suffering presupposes never TO RESENT ANYONE EVER… If we resent, we will be breaking the Love of Neighbor Commandment.

There is another point that I must insist in repeating. No matter how many people teaches us what to do, what not to do, what to read, what to avoid in our daily life with others, we can only do it by the power of the Holy Spirit. In order to enter this close relationship with Him, again WE MUST INCREASE OUR FAITH by doing God’s will at all cost and no matter what; WE HAVE TO PRAY no matter what and frequently call on Him… WE HAVE TO RUN AND EMBRACE ALL OUR CROSSES AS SOURCES OF GRACE and union to Jesus in order to participate with Him in the redemption of many souls. It is this schedule that opens our souls to the Holy Spirit in ways that are simply amazing. It demonstrates beyond any question that we truly love God with all our heart, mind and soul and our neighbor as JESUS LOVES THEM…The rest will be given to us as Job had done in his life, and family members will walk the spiritual life without any problems… If a problem comes, God intervenes. We become witnesses to many of HOW TO LIVE in the Spirit that does not consist in huge miracles but the little daily miracles that transform our soul and sanctifies it, so that we are evangelizing 24/7 close to others or far away. I can say that I normally have much, much pain but lots of joy. Yes, it is possible to suffer and be glad! I finally understood why of the joy after the program heard from Franciscan University of Steubenville and the life of Job…

I want a big favor from you. 1) Yes, I still need your prayers. They are awesome… They lead me to find the topics for these blogs. Thank you so much for your prayers.2) BUT I ALSO need to invite you to pray for ourselves to love Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Kasich, Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton and all active American voters. And YES, we are to offer all our crosses and suffering of any kind for the salvation of their souls… THEN, AND ONLY THEN, we can stop bickering about what they say or not, and wait for God to surprise us with the best next President for our dear U.S.A. And WE  WILL FIND OURSELVES not being able to RESENT… Huh!

And by the way, we should be doing that for us ALL, in order to defend the life of all babies in the womb of mothers AS WE SEEK THE SALVATION OF ALL PARTICIPATING IN THE ABORTION BY DEMAND INDUSTRY AND IN ALL DISRESPECT FOR LIFE IN GENERAL. The next step is NOT TO WORRY or HAVE FEAR of what will happen in our country. Our God is capable to save all and simply we are collaborators with His Son Jesus in saving everybody. At the end of our personal lives, we will be judged and we will hear the most Holy Trinity saying, “Well done child! Well done!” Have a super blessed Pentecost Feast!