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1. Almsgiving – 2. A new way of practicing spiritual almsgiving while praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary 3. The brain and heart of the Body of Christ!

December 7, 2017

I write this blog to honor my Mother, under the titles of 1) Our Lady of Guadalupe -December 12 and 2) Our Lady Untier of Knots – December 8th, for her to be with me as the Holy Spirit directs me to share these stories, but also to give her thanks for being the best Mother in every sense… “I love you Mom.”

It seems to me that these last 4 weeks have been simply extraordinary in my understanding of practicing spiritual almsgiving as a disciple. I am amazed… Perhaps this is a great introduction for me to celebrate the 2017 Advent in a brand new way… You shall be the judge but perhaps, your prayers for me are truly spiritual bomb shells… Thank you. I will have to type bunches and you will need time to go over the long dissertation of how I must live the act of almsgiving. Sorry! I am posting this blog rather late but my eyes are getting worse and worse regarding their use in typing several pages!

Besides the three topics announced above, there will be some teaching for me during this difficult time of transition for us as we move to Alabama. I will relate all according the calendar sequence. But first, let me start with a review of what almsgiving is all about and types of it. You may know the subject matter very well but the Lord has insisted in reviewing it for those who do not know all the details of this merciful act, just like me!

I. Almsgiving


ALMS noun (used with a singular or plural verb) means:

1. Money, food, or other donations given to the poor or needy

2. Anything given as charity.



Not found in the Old Testament, but repeated in the New. The Mosaic legislation (Leviticus 25:35; Deuteronomy 15:7) tended to promote a spirit of charity, and to prevent the occurrence of destitution among the people. Such passages as these, Psalms 41:1; 112:9; Proverbs 14:31; Isaiah 10:2; Amos 2:7; Jeremiah 5:28; Ezekiel 22:29 would also naturally foster the same benevolent spirit.

In the time of our Lord begging was common (Mark 10:46; Acts: 3:2). The Pharisees were very ostentatious in their almsgiving (Matthew 6:2). The spirit by which the Christian ought to be actuated in this duty is set forth in 1 John 3:17. A regard to the state of the poor and needy is enjoined as a Christian duty (Luke 3:11; 6:30; Matthew 6:1; Acts 9:36; 10:2; 10:4), a duty which was not neglected by the early Christians (Luke 14:13; Acts 20:35; Galatians 2:10; Romans 15:25-27; 1 Corinthians 16:1-4). They cared not only for the poor among themselves, but contributed also to the necessities of those at a distance (Acts 11:29; 24:17; 2 Corinthians 9:12). Our Lord and his attendants showed an example also in John 13:29.

In modern times the "poor-laws" have introduced an element which modifies considerably the form in which we may discharge this Christian duty.

Alms and Almsgiving

Any material favor done to assist the needy and prompted by charity is almsgiving. It is evident, then, that almsgiving implies much more than the transmission of some temporal commodity to the indigent. According to the creed of political economy, every material deed wrought by man to benefit his needy brother is almsgiving. According to the creed of Christianity, almsgiving implies a material service rendered to the poor for Christ’s sake. Materially, there is scarcely any difference between these two views; formally, they are essentially different. This is why the inspired writer says: "Blessed is he that considers the lowly and the poor" (Psalm 40:2) — not he that gives to the needy and the poor.

The obligation of almsgiving is complementary to the right of property “which is not only lawful, but absolutely necessary" (Encycl., Rerum Novarum, tr. Baltimore, 1891, 14). Ownership admitted, rich and poor  must be found in society. Property enables its possessors to meet their needs. Though labor enables the poor to win their daily bread, accidents, illness, old age, labor difficulties, plagues, war, etc. frequently interrupt their labors and impoverish them. The responsibility of succoring, those thus rendered needy belongs to those who have plenty(St. Thomas  Summa Theol., II-II, Q. xxxii, art. 5, ad 2am), For "it is one thing to have a right to possess money, and another to have a right to use money as one pleases." How must one’s possessions be used?

The Church: “Man should not consider his external possessions as his own but as common to all, so as to share them without difficulty when others are in need.”

 Whence the Apostle says: “Command the rich of this world to give with ease. This is a duty not of justice (except in extreme cases), but of Christian charity — a duty not enforced by human law. But the laws and judgments of men must yield to the laws and judgments of Christ the true God, who in many ways urges on His followers the practice of almsgiving.” (Encyclical, Rerum Novarum, 14, 15; cf. De Lugo, De Jure et Justitiâ, Disp. Xvi, sect. 154).

The Fathers of the Church frequently and unequivocally inculcated the necessity of almsgiving.

  • To this matter St. Cyprian devoted a complete treatise (De Opere et Eleemosynâ, P.L., IV, 601 sqq.).
  • St. Basil recounts how St. Lawrence distributed the treasures of the Church to the poor. Questioned by a pagan governor regarding the treasures which he had promised to transmit, Lawrence pointed to the poor, saying: “They are treasures in who is Christ, in who is faith.”
  • Contrary to the envy of the Arians, St. Ambrose lauds the breaking and selling of sacred vessels for the redemption of captives (De Officis  Ministrorum, xxviii, xxx, P.L., XVI, 141 sqq.).
  • The more effectively to urge the precept of almsgiving, the Fathers teach that the wealthy are God’s stewards and dispensers, so much so that where they refuse to aid the needy they are guilty of theft (St. Basil, Homil. in illud Lucæ, No. 7, P.G., XXXI, 278;St. Gregory of Nyssa, De Pauperibus Amandis, P.G., XLVI, 466; St. Chrysostom, in Ep. I ad Cor., Homil. 10, c. 3, P.G., LXI, 86; St. Ambrose, De Nab. lib. unus, P.L., XIV, 747; St. Augustine, in Ps. cxvii, P.L., XXXVII, 1922).
  • Discretion in almsgiving is counseled in the ApostolicConstitutions: "Alms must not be given to the malicious, the intemperate, or the lazy; lest a premium should be set on vice" (Const. Apost., ii, 1-63; iii, 4-6).
  • St. Cyprian asserts that adherents of other religions must not be excluded from a share in Catholic charity (De Opere et Eleemosynâ, c. xxv, P.L., IV, 620).

After the Patristic epoch the teaching of the Church regarding almsgiving did not vary throughout the ages. Aquinas has admirably summarized this teaching during the medieval period (St.Thomas, Summa Theol., II-II, QQ. xxx-xxxiii, De Misericordiâ; De Beneficentiâ; De Eleemosynâ). No writer of modern times has so admirably epitomized the position of the Church as Leo XIII (Encyclicals, Rerum Novarum, 15 May, 1891; Graves de Communi, 18 Jan, 1901). In so much as the obligation of almsgiving is coextensive with the obligation of charity, everyone falls under the law. The donor, however, must be entitled to dispose of what he contributes, because almsgiving usually implies that the beneficiary acquires a title to whatever his benefactor gives. Ecclesiastics are bound in a special way to observe the precept of almsgiving, because they are constituted fathers of the poor, and are besides obliged by their example to lead the laity to entertain correct views concerning the importance of this duty.

As a general rule, the indigent of every class, saint or sinner, countrymen or foreigners, friend or foe, have their claims upon the charity of those competent to give alms (Proverbs 25:21; Romans 1220; Sylvius, Summa, II-II, Q. 32: art. 9; De Conninck, Disp. 27:Dub. 6, No. 70). The conjunction of genuine indigence in the poor and ability to minister relief in the rich, is necessary to concrete the obligation of alms-giving (St. Thomas, op. cit., II-II, QQ. xxxii, art. 5, ad 3am).

Qualities of spiritually fruitful almsgiving

In addition to its innate characteristics, almsgiving should be vested with qualities tending to garner fruitfulness for giver and receiver. Hence, almsgiving should be discreet, so as to reach deserving individuals or families (2 Thessalonians 3:10; Sirach 12); prompt, so as to warrant opportuneness (Proverbs 3:28); secret and humble (Matthew 6:2); cheerful (2 Corinthians 9:7); abundant (Tobit 4:9; St. Thomas, Summa Theol., II-II, Q. xxxii, art. 10).

The harvest of blessings to be reaped by almsgiving amply suffices to inspire noble-minded Christians "to make unto themselves friends of the Mammon of iniquity". First of all, almsgiving renders the donor like unto God Himself (Luke 6:30, 36); even more, it renders God Himself debtor to those giving alms (Matthew 25:40 sqq). Moreover, almsgiving adds special efficacy to prayer (Tobit 4:7); tends to appease divine wrath (Hebrews 13:16); liberates from sin and its punishment (Sirach 29), and thus paves the way to the gift of faith (Acts 10:31). Daily experience proves that those lending a helping hand to stay the miseries of the poor frequently prepare the way for the moral reformation of many whose temporal misery pales before their spiritual wretchedness. Finally, almsgiving tends to guard society against turbulent passions whose fury is often checked by almsgiving. (End)


Monday, November 6

After praying the Rosary, my Mother indicated that I had to learn something in Scripture and to call the Holy Spirit for His teaching. I did and I was sent to open the Bible in its third section. As I did, I ended up with my fingers in two different pages.

Isaiah 58:4 – Here the prophet speaks of what God wanted, to give alms like feeding the poor, etc. The other reading was, Matthew 6 also about almsgiving… Wow! I was told that this would be the topic for this blog… I was mesmerized since I usually get the topic until much later in the month and this was the day after posting the October blog. 

On this day, I also learned about the upcoming Mass in Detroit, MI on Sunday November 18 to declare Venerable Francis Solanus Casey a Blessed… I know this now Blessed very well. I arrived in Detroit many years ago to start my training in a medical specialty after my graduation from medical school. I heard several times of the then Father Solanus. Between 2003 and 2008 while I was waiting to leave Toledo, OH (about 75 miles south of Detroit) in route to California, I ended up going to visit the convent where he lived part of his life and where he died. At the time I took a couple of friends from Toledo and we had a great time visiting his tomb.

Nowadays, I have his large picture in one of my 2 altars in my bedroom and also receive a twice a year publication: THE FATHER SOLANUS CASEY NEWSLETTER and that comes from his center in Detroit. http://www.solanuscenter.org

It is interesting because this place now is a place of almsgiving. They feed the poor on a daily basis… In hindsight, I can see God sticking to this theme of giving alms. Amazing!

Wednesday, November 8

I keep gaining weight and several times a month, I have only one meal a day because I am not hungry. The rest of the time, I only have two meals a day…I have not had three meals daily in at least 2-3 years. Of course, my internal toxicity is growing and this proves to me that in some of us the source of obesity comes from toxics… Amazing discovery! I realized that even that I would love to die since I have no attachment to this earth whatsoever, I am called to live as long as He wants me to, in order 1) to finish the book telling of my discoveries shown to me by the Lord and that are super important to reverse dementia, prevent some types of depression, etc., and 2) to write these blogs, a way to proclaim His mercy on a monthly basis, and this is an act of almsgiving, to stay here just to serve others. I did not see it that way prior to this month of November!  I then started to put together my present call to give alms in this way for His glory and for the good of others. It made sense that I had been led to find two different parts in the Bible speaking of giving alms.

I learned that another form of almsgiving is to patiently wait for a solution to my health issues, because this is not the time as yet for some neighbors to process the deep belief on the mercy of Jesus for all of us. This truth cannot be imposed on his/her free will. There is extra time needed and my sacrifice/suffering can increase the graces necessary for a change of hearts needed in my neighbor. I can participate in my neighbor’s evangelization even if I do not know exactly the person (s) who is in need of God’s message. This is all part of spiritual almsgiving!!!

At all times we all have been sent to make disciples of all nations and do what  Jesus did, to offer His life for our salvation. Evangelization is one of the most important forms of spiritual almsgiving that we can render….!!!! We have to make disciples. (This was repeated in the future Mass of November 30… I also received precisely this message at the site where St. Margaret Mary had the apparitions with messages of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Paray-le-Monial, France. As I passed by in 2003, a nun was giving the visitors a piece of paper with a verse from the Bible. Mine said that I would be fishing souls….!)

Friday, November 10

2:45 PM – I was not sure if I should do something in my house and asked the Holy Spirit to tell me yes or not to it…I prayed in tongues. He sent me to open the Bible and right in the upper verses I found the word “yes”. It was Ezekiel 28:3. Every time that He shows me a “yes” in Scripture, it truly amazes me… It shows me how diligently His Spirit guides me!

5 PM: There was a program in EWTN/Spanish showing an area in the Andes, Peru where a community of Sisters, some seminarians formed in Spain and lay people from other countries who have arrived to aid impoverished and abandoned children with incapacities. The nuns visited homes and told them that sanctity was also for them. The Order is called Missionary Sisters Servants of the Poor. Their call is to serve Christ in the children. It has members from the entire world!

The lay couples are called “missionary couples” and one family with 3 children moved to Peru from France. They left everything to come to help the poor and seeking holiness/sanctity for themselves. The parents serve as teachers and also give professional formation besides school teaching. This latter service facilitates for the older children to find jobs to pursuit normal lives without extreme poverty. One of the couples said this, “We give them at a human level. We receive at a divine level that provides for us in every way.”

Sunday, November 12

2 PM – LIVE opening Mass of the USCCB for the fall meeting in Baltimore. I prayed for all of them.

On this day a major earthquake 6.7 hit Costa Rica near the Pacific Ocean… I remember some temblors while being in grade school. My country is accustomed to them!

Monday, November 13

7 AM: the first day of meetings of the USCCB. A video was shown where the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Panama, in Panama, Jose Domingo Ulloa Mendieta spoke of their preparation for the World Youth Day’s  celebration of January 22-27, 2019. It was a very nice moment for me since I lived in that country for 7 years and the Panamanians paid for my studies in their University, a medical school and extraordinary teacher for us future physicians, as I found out when I came to the United States. Most of my teachers had been trained in the U.S. and Europe. I only kept a high score average and they gave me scholarships year after year… Without this medical preparation, I could not have solved my problem of dementia and since one of my most beloved organs was the brain (I became a neuro-anesthesiology)! Please pay attention to how God prepare our lives to serve others. If we do not, well, we are truly failures at alms giving!!!

While cooking my hard boiled eggs (my only source of protein), I thought of the pain they give since I am allergic to the white and yellow. Allergy to the yellow part is worse and that is why I only eat the white. I heard a voice within me saying, “Trust that all will be well. All your suffering is for the love of your brothers and sisters. Seeking their salvation it is an act of almsgiving.”

3:45 PM (Hour of Mercy). I understood that Our Lady after her “yes” to God, which was a way to love Him, 1) she ran to help her cousin Elizabeth, in this way obeying the two most important commandments… This was almsgiving at its best since it did involve sacrifice because she did not know how St. Joseph would react to her story that the Holy Spirit had impregnated her with the Messiah King. It would have looked like this 15 year old girl was crazy. Yet, she did it… She trusted in Yahweh and He fixed the problem with Joseph through a dream. It taught me that an act of almsgiving have a great priority.

Besides this story, 2) she also showed another act of almsgiving by asking her Son to provide for more wine at the wedding of Cana.  3) She also stayed for some 20 years after the violent death of her Son to become a holy companion to His disciples, who started evangelizing as they were persecuted as well.

Also on this date, and after a series of recent unbelievable acts of destruction of life, there was another shooting in a grade school in Tehama, CA, 150 miles north of Sacramento. 10 people were killed including children.

Thursday, November 16

I prayed my second Rosary at 12:30 PM. Shortly after I heard the following message:

“To live a perfect present moment is to say a perfect “yes”; to live a perfect present moment, you must anticipate and refuse any worry of what is going on! Even if you have much to clean and choose to do for the upcoming move when pain in your knees is unbearable, you should never worry regarding how you will do it. God will give you the graces necessary to do as much or as little according to His will for each present moment. You must practice this complete confidence in divine providence as a must to achieve holiness.  Always remember that this is another opportunity to intercede for others with your suffering.

“At all times, suffering and evangelization are the rock to save souls, and only God knows the plan for you and them. Also remember that you are a servant of the Lord offering to do His will as a worker for the Kingdom. Day and night keep remembering these words and act accordingly. This is the program of self denial because you are picking up your crosses (by your yes to the suffering without worrying or fear of what it intends to do). It is a gift by doing it to the major glory of God in order to let the Holy Spirit show you what to do in the next present moment. It is a way of following Jesus. It is the training you need to become a true disciple, which means to be blessed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bring others to love God at every present moment.

3 PM: the program above seems difficult. It is not! Your acceptance of each present moment events avoiding all possible worries will bring all the power you need. If you, on the contrary, keep worrying as to how to do it and trying to remember what steps to take versus just accepting each moment as perfect as it can be, you will become confused, doubting and finally afraid. Satan will work in tempting you with the fear of not being able to do it. Repeating, it all starts with total trust that yes, each present moment whether ordained or allowed by God, is full of the Holy Spirit resources to defeat all temptations from the evil one.

“Many will spend time in remembering what to do, but there is ONLY ONE THING TO DO: to trust (faith without fear) in God’s love, and this trust is practiced by loving God back, that is to say “yes” to His will at each present moment no matter what. With this determined and solid  “yes” not only you love God but His Holy Spirit will lead you through His graces to GIVE ALMS, whether physical (like money) or spiritual because you are letting the Holy Spirit lead you to bring your  brothers and sisters to eternal salvation. This form of living is the best form of thanksgiving for His love and mercy for you and to be passed on to your neighbor.”

Friday, November 17

The life of Venerable Solanus Casey was aired in EWTN, one day before his becoming Blessed in the Archdioceses of Detroit, MI. It was celebrated by Archbishop Vigneron of this city and he was the one that was serving my present Diocese of Oakland in 2008 when I arrived here. What a small world!

The now Blessed Solanus was born in Wisconsin and his name was Bernard Casey. He entered the seminary for the Capuchin Order in 1896 and was given the name of Francis Solanus Casey. He was ordained on July 25, 1904 without permission of hearing confessions or preaching because the formation received in seminary was in Latin or German and he did not know them. In time he was sent to Yonkers, NY, to the Sacred Heart parish. In 1907 his job was that of a porter. He was moved again in 1918 and 1921. Many people started seeking him.

In 1923 he was moved to Detroit and he started keeping a journal. Many miracles were granted when he was sought to pray for different people. He died on July 31,1957. Years later, his body was found incorrupt.

Tuesday, November 21

During the 6:30 PM Rosary via EWTN, I found myself crying during the first mystery because Jesus looked so alone in Gethsemane. How much I wished to be there with Him. Then, I heard the following:

“Every time that you help any of My children, you are accompanying Me as if it were in Gethsemane. So, you can still console Me. Offer this mystery for yourself that you often serve your brothers and sisters (almsgiving) in order to console Me for those who do not do so.”

Second Sorrowful Mystery:

“When you see Me being scourged, think of all who are doing so now by mistreating my creatures. With this decade pray for their salvation.”

Third Sorrowful Mystery

“Every time that you see Me crowned with thorns, remember all those of my children who at that precise moment are doing the same to Me with their thoughts full of fears, lack of trust in My love and mercy for them; with their eyes watching or reading pornographic material; with their ears paying attention to those who hate Me; with their mouth while speaking messages of hatred against Me or mine! Pray for their salvation as an act on your part of spiritual almsgiving.

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery

“Every time that you see Me carrying the cross and needing the help from Simon the Cyrene, think of all the ministerial Priests and members of religious Orders who are supposed to be my helpers by accepting all the sacrifices needed for evangelization, especially witnessing holy lives but they do not do it! With this mystery pray for them. You be my Cyrene by forgiving them and becoming an example for them to ease their hard lives of ministry.”

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery

“Every time that you see pictures of my crucifixion which I accepted for all of you to become children of My Father in heaven, accept your own suffering as a form of crucifixion for those who ignore Me or still persecute Me in the many whom they kill for being my followers. Offer this mystery for them to understand how much I love them.”

As I finished this particular Rosary, I was mesmerized as to how much I can do for the Kingdom with just the Sorrowful Mysteries. The worse part for me was to realize how poor my power of prayer has been through the years…with just offering the Rosary mysteries for my brothers and sisters without paying attention to His suffering right now in His images, and my lack of consolation for Jesus. His crucifixion is still going on daily! It was clear that to pray the Rosary in this way is a form of spiritual almsgiving in both ways: it consoles Him and it seeks the salvation of His enemies.

Thursday, November 23

On this Thanksgiving feast, I started to daily say a prayer that St. Padre Pio used to pray when he was asked to intercede for someone in particular. It has 3 mysteries composed of 5 beads and calling the Sacred Heart of Jesus to answer the needs of those who had requested his prayers. Out of the blue, I hardly had any discomfort in my knees despite eating egg whites. I considered it a sign from heaven and to call this great Saint to pray for me.

This special chaplet had arrived in the mail at the same time that I had found in EWTN/Spanish the first part of the life of St. Pio. He endured horrible persecution from his own confreres who even said that this Saint had a lover! She was only a follower of him, like many others. The wounds in his hands were considered self inflicted in order to call the attention of many. I then recalled my many forms of persecution and wondered how I survived them. I thanked my God for being with me through those sufferings and for having survived them without any leftover resentment against my persecutors.

Friday, November 24

The readings for the Mass had to do with Jesus entering the Temple and throwing out all those merchants that were doing business inside it. He reminds them that this place was a house of prayer.

Shortly after the homily from EWTN Mass, I understood something that I had not thought about it before. We know that ALL OF US ARE TEMPLES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT the moment we are baptized. Therefore, we must take the Words of Jesus seriously and keep praying in our inner temple instead of having sins of any kind occupy it. We should use our temple for prayer. We cannot spend time in our temple wasting it and not witnessing how we are constantly seeking holiness and how to become true disciples. Daily we should stop and inspect how we live within our Temple of the Holy Spirit! We should repent as many times as necessary and worship the Lord in the power of His Spirit to deny ourselves as we embrace our crosses and love our neighbor as best as we can. The Lord will do the rest to make us warriors for the Kingdom.

I must confess that I always have acknowledged being a temple of the Holy Ghost but that is it… I did not act on this truth at all and live in His presence within me and inspect the ways that I may be using it, that is not giving glory to God. This is the kind of disciple that I am, one very dumb! I realized how important has been to have been persecuted in order to purify and clean my inner temple. I thanked Him for the gifts of persecution.

On this same date of November 24, I understood why we are acting like dummies ignoring our temples, especially among us Roman Catholic worshipers… The negative consequences that follow are many. Here are some examples:

1. In our modern world, we use plastic materials for everything. Water and drink of all kinds come in plastic bottles and these plastic is supposed to be safe for us and are labeled as  # 1 and 2. #3 is not so safe. #4 and 5 are not to be used for food. You can see it at the bottom of the container and the number is within a small triangle. It happens that all plastic materials including those that we recycle break up in small pieces and end up in the ocean. All plastic material attracts toxics and fish swallow them. They end up in our plates when we eat the fish and we are getting worse polluted even that we started with safe plastic bottles. Even some clothing has micro plastics and upon washing the clothes they also end up in the ocean for the fish and eventually our tummies.

2. Thanksgiving to God feast was mixed with great sales followed by “black” Friday… and in 2017, 2.8 billion dollars were spent in the U.S. On “black” Saturday, $3 million more were spent in preparation for Christmas.

3. In an Egyptian mosque, 235 worshipers were killed. The aggressors had closed all possible escape routes and even ambulances that came to treat the wounded, were attacked. These worshipers were members of a Sufi religious group, those that spend time in contemplation.

4. A London subway was also attacked.

5. I must add that thousands of fetuses were being killed with abortion on demand.

If you add all these calamities, we ALL MUST START PRAYING IN OUR INNER TEMPLES DAY AND NIGHT, just as Jesus did 2000 years ago. Wouldn’t this be a very special call for the year 2018? AND this would be a huge form of almsgiving…

Sunday, November 26 – Feast of Christ the King

MAJOR TOPIC – I prayed two Rosaries with EWTN/Spanish (4 AM) and English (4:30). During these Rosaries I understood one of the most extraordinary topics I ever heard… It was all brand new to me. Here it is:

I understood that in general we believe the soul is in our heart, an organ always considered the source of love. We hear say, “I love you with all my heart!” In our human bodies, the heart is necessary and indispensable to keep us alive… However, there is another organ which is very important: our brain. This organ is the source of feeding our heart. It is in the brain where we feel hungry and receive orders to move our arms/hands to bring food to our mouth. In the mouth we have nerve endings to appreciate the flavor of the food. We also depend on the brain to order the mouth to masticate the food. We need the brain for the food 1) to be processed and taken apart into nutrients (essential amino acids) and vitamins, 2) to be absorbed by the blood vessels in the gut and 3) and for the gut to have nerve endings to eventually get rid of parts of the food not necessary for our nutrition,

Well, the important point here about the heart is that THE BRAIN for its survival IS TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THE HEART to pump the blood with the nutrients that the brain had ordered to be processed and absorbed in the gut,. So, just as the heart needs the nutrients processed by the brain for its contractions, thereabout 60-100 times a minute (extraordinary work from the muscles forming the heart), the brain is totally dependent on also receiving the nutrients via the blood sent by the heart through many arteries. The brain is also able to supervise the electricity that gives life to the liver, pancreas, to our muscles to walk, to run, to sit, to lay down, etc…

Here is the most fascinating part of this understanding: there is a very close relationship from the moment we became formed in the womb of our mothers between heart and brain. The brain actually represents the LAITY. The heart represents the Magisterium. Together they form the BODY OF CHRIST! They are ONE! There is no survival of our relationship with the Holy Trinity if both are not considered dependent on one another for the salvation of every creature in the universe.

The HEART of the Body of Christ, made up by Priests and religious is needed in two ways. The religious members provide love with prayer, catechesis and almsgiving in all its forms. The Ministerial Priests provide the BODY AND BLOOD OF JESUS to sustain the spiritual brain of the laity plus the other Sacraments for the brain/laity to become Temples of the Holy Spirit. The brain/laity keeps the Body of Christ working with the spiritual nutrients necessary to make it one, united Body. They help the heart with love, respect, witness of holy lives, holy lives that could not be obtained without the heart’s bringing Jesus to them. Of course, the HEART OF THE BODY OF CHRIST must be healthy just as is needed in every human being. The route (arteries) that connects the heart and the brain must also be healthy. The spiritual arteries are represented by the Vatican, parish life, EWTN, different ministries, etc. that seek the formation of holy lives of both organs.

Both heart and brain must live accepting this inter dependence because either spiritual organ cannot do it on its own. Both need the graces of the other. Both must seek to live holy lives in order to keep the Body of Christ functioning at its maximum. If one organ becomes sickly, the other organ will end up also sickly. Otherwise the heart will not be able to bring spiritual food to the brain and the latter may eventually become paralyzed (similar to a stroke) and will poorly process the food that the heart needs for its holy functioning.

PRAYER is a powerful medication that helps both organs to work as ONE and be able to conquer the lost sheep to fill up entirely the Body of Christ. Therefore, besides prayer SUFFERING of any kind and magnitude is necessary to purify both organs to grow and accept the inter dependence of both, destroying in this way the potential to give Satan any power so that he cannot attack our self denial, the carrying of our crosses and the perfect following of Jesus.

To see it in another way, without saying “yes” to all suffering, the inter dependence of heart/brain is lost because the heart cannot extract the most important food for its sustenance, that is the witness of a healthy brain and vice versa.

So, prayer, suffering and a sense of duty to live lives dependent on perfect love between the brain and the heart are the holy darts that penetrate the Body of Christ the King to take us by the hand into the home of His Father, while each one of us bring others behind that come to be companions for this journey of LOVE, where we all are ONE in Jesus.

On the following Thursday, December 7, I received more ideas on the subject matter above. I am adding them right here because it makes sense to keep the topic together. Now it seems to me that the Lord was insisting that I should truly learned these ideas and repeated some of them. So, here it is:

The new  knowledge about the brain and the heart of the Body of Chris, taught me that members of the brain (laity) must look after the heart in order to contribute to the health of the Body and vice versa. When a human heart has an infarct (a heart attack), the pumping of blood (which carries the graces coming from the Sacraments provided by the Ministerial Priesthood) is inadequate and the brain WILL SUFFER FROM LACK OF SPIRITUAL OXGEN. It is then that the brain (laity) will become distracted, dizzy, confused up to the possibility of suffering a stroke, etc.

To avoid this disaster, we members of the brain must take good care of the heart, sickly or not, and become patient without resenting the heart since without its proper function we could not grow in our relationship with Jesus. We can do it by realizing that we can pray many hours for the Body of Christ at large and for the heart itself to grow in holiness. We also can offer all our sufferings for this to happen.

It is in these times that Our Lady offers her maternal spiritual womb to carry us during the struggles of both the heart and brain of the Body of her Son. As we work in a unified way for the good of the other organ, we start to shine and attract those who are lost. Of course, at all times, both organs must say “yes” to whatever we must do and suffer! It is then that the Holy Spirit will get involved in this process and many souls can also be saved!

IN ALL, THE BEST ACT OF ALMSGIVING is for the brain and heart to take care of one another, and in doing so, to sanctify the Body of Christ. Not doing it invites the evil one to divide us even further and many members of both organs will leave. There is no time to keep looking at what is going on and write books about it with possible solutions. THE BASIC PROBLEM is clear. THE CALL IS TO LOVE AS WE PRAY FOR EACH OTHER and to call the Holy Spirit to take over with our “yes” to God’s will. This is the best and merciful spiritual almsgiving and the BEST GIFT FOR BABY JESUS.

It is also the best way to celebrate Christmas. The Baby is hungry for our love. Let’s feed this hungry Child. He wants His bottle full of our “yes” to His will, that is our love for Him and for each other. He will smile to us after being fed with His own essence, LOVE. Then we can pick Him up and take Him everywhere we go in order to feed other members of His Body.

Monday, November 27

For all my life I have been confused when I and others pray: “Come Holy Spirit, enlighten my heart to see the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into my mind to know the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into my soul that I may belong only to God.” Why should I call the Holy Spirit when He is already in my Temple? Also, since my Father knows what I need, why should I ask for it?

On this day I received the following explanation and please remember that I am not a theologian: “The Father knows what you need but at all times you must say, ‘yes’ to My will precisely by inviting Me to do so. When you pray, come Holy Spirit, this ‘come’ does not refer to My actual arrival to your soul since I have been there since your Baptism and repeated at your Confirmation. ‘Come’ means that you are saying yes to My will. Even that I reside in your temple, you have a free will to invite Me to proceed with your guidance or not.”

 Again, this explanation helped me much and sorry for those who may think this theology is not so… For me, it has been great to pray “come Holy Spirit” and I sense that I am saying to Him, “yes”, I am asking for Your  will to be done.

On his same day I saw part number 2 of the life of Padre Pio in EWTN-Spanish. Because he used to celebrate Mass in 3 hours, he was ordered not to celebrate Mass with laity around. He could not hear confession not could he get out of the monastery. His best companion Capuchin was sent to another State. All of this provoked that many of the laity did not have a Mass around the monastery where Padre Pio was living, and had to walk a long distsance to attend Mass. At one point in his life, he was able to get money to build a hospital to help those who could not pay for medical service. Other group of Capuchins needed money for some project where they lived and they came and asked Padre Pio for the money he had to build the hospital. When he refused, a new war was started against him. Padre Pio said that it was the work of Satan, one that he encountered as a ferocious dog since he was a child.

Tuesday, November 28

I woke up with a huge headache that was not getting better with any pain medicine. I started reminiscing on the life of St. Pio and wondered if it would be this Saint that could provide the intercession to the Throne of Mercy to help me with my health. I need to publish the book with the several things I have found out and that I have mentioned before, and with my eyesight getting so bad (as the toxicity augments living here), I can see that I need a miracle to finish the book. I suddenly prayed to this Saint: “Would you send me a sign if it is the will of God that I should regularly seek your intercession. May the sign be, to stop my headache even for a few minutes?”

 Sure enough, for full 15minutes it disappeared… Well, my question was amply answered. Of course, Saint Pio was extraordinary against the evil one and I know Satan has been after me several times for my many persecutions. So, as of now, I am praying the daily chaplet that he prayed for others and that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog.

Saturday, December 2

The TV showed a 2014 movie in a Hispanic channel titled, “For greater glory.” In the 1920’s when the Catholic Church was attacked by the Mexican government, many were killed for following Christ the King. The program was hard to watch… The victims were called Cristeros and among themselves they would ask in Spanish, “Quien Vive?” They would answer. “Viva Cristo Rey,” which means, “Who is alive?” The answer was, “Long live Christ the King.”  The recent feast of Christ the King should have an extra meaning for us in the Americas! Many died, including many Priests because they wanted to follow Him!

Monday, December 4

The proper work of the Body of Christ is distorted to some extent with the  excessive use of the Internet. It was reported on this day that 781 billion texts are sent each month. It is incredible that this constant communication will distract us from any form of prayer in our inner temple… Jesus is finding our lives totally dependent on what the other is thinking. And then we complain of what is going on in the world!  No, the truth is: what is going on with ourselves?

Tuesday, December 5

I found in EWTN/Spanish a full two hours on the life of St. Juan Diego. I had watched it last year and wrote about it in a blog. To repeat, a Priest and a Bishop came to review the encounter of this Saint with our Lady of Guadalupe. From 1492 to 2017, this lay man still makes a super interesting person to know well. Our Lady came to Mexico and thank God she did… The religious persecution against the Catholic Church in the first half of the 1900’s was unbelievable like the 2014 movie mentioned above showed. Satan was furious and without her, Mexico could be another Russia. Still, the narco-trafficants live there and send drugs to this country. Yet, every December 12th millions come to visit Our Lady at Tepeyac. She is still a source of spiritual almsgiving for the Americas.

St. Juan Diego was chosen to be the spokesman for Our Lady. He was canonized by Saint John Paul II on July 3, 2002, three years before his demise and his feast day is December 9. In the program of two hours on his life, they showed the canonization ceremony and Mass at the Basilica and it was simply unbelievable to see the crowds gathering there.

On this day I received a piece of mail from Planned Parenthood. They wanted me to belong to them and sent me a card with my name as a member. They reminded me of my need of its existence to defend my rights for my health. I answered that I was only interested in defending the rights of the babies in the womb that are killed. I blessed them and told them that I pray for them daily and I do! Years ago, I had placed their name in the community Rosary. I truly love them now. In the past, I did resent them big time. Not any more… This is the work of the Holy Spirit in my temple within. This proves how God can work in our souls…


We are concluding another year on this earth! It is time to pay attention to what we need to do different in the care of our inner Temples. I have discussed this topic in one way or the other and yet, these are only words. The time is calling us to truly turn around our lives and pray without ceasing. We have to be opened to God’s will like never before without any fear or complaint. HOWEVER, IT IS IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD CAN DO IT FOR US; we do not have to find ways to do it… I see a tendency to constantly come up with plans of action for whatever spiritual changes we are called to do… It will never work… We only have to diagnose our spiritual status and call the Holy Spirit to take over, and as said before, it means to say “yes” to what the Spirit leads us to change and do it.

I have experienced this change through the years. In the past, I would attend all kind of conferences and retreats to hear about how to do the changes… At least for me, it never worked. I would come out of each event full of enthusiasm with great plans to do what I had heard; unfortunately, a few weeks later, I would have forgotten to work at it on a daily basis. THE ONLY THING I HAD TO DO was to pray enough, and to be determined to call the Holy Spirit to do the changes necessary in my soul, mind and heart… by saying “yes” to His will, regardless of the suffering involved. He then would give me the endurance, knowledge, wisdom and the rest of His gifts for me to follow His direction. From time to time, I would find out how changed I was. For example, the fact that I never missed the close relatives who died, proves to me of the Spirit’s graces being given. I was Baptized in Him via the Charismatic Movement on May 19, 1977 in Ann Arbor, MI. This Baptism only meant the re-affirmation of His coming in my Baptism and Confirmation and saying “yes” to Him but as an adult, and not through my godparents. Even my regular email address has 519, which refers to May 19…

Somehow, we have to be careful in creating all kind of ministries, prayer groups and the like without monitoring our spiritual growth. We only need to get together to reaffirm our desire to say “yes” to His will… His Spirit takes over and we follow. In our following, we practice almsgiving as the Lord call us to do. ALMSGIVING IS ONLY THE PRACTICE OFMERCY… towards our brothers and sisters. The good thing is that our suffering in different ways continues but many people come to our help at all times in all places. It amazes me how people run to open doors for me with a huge smile. Just last week, I opened the garage door to move the empty trash containers (one of recyclable goods and the other for real trash) and a neighbor across the street, a 40ish short woman ran fast to at least help me with the second container. I never knew her after 9 years of living here. This constant care from many human beings that I encounter keeps me reminded of the presence of God in my life. He moves them to help me in times when my knees hurt a lot. I am sure that He does it just to let me know that He is with me!

Finally, I want to ask for more prayers for me in order for my health not to get in the way of the many things I need to do. The closing of the house in Birmingham, AL will be on December 21. My sons from Los Angeles and Omaha, NE will come at the beginning of January to help out in the decision making of what to take with us and what to throw or give away. We expect to get there by mid January. I have contacted two different women to help clean this home after all is completed, but they did not answer!!! Of course, my Mother keeps reminding me that it is up to God to provide the right person to do it. And that is so consoling. Sure enough, my entire life is made of moments where He provided in marvelous ways. He only wants me to GROW IN EXPECTING HIM TO DO THE SAME! Once I get to Alabama, I have to look for a primary physician, an ophthalmologist and someone to detoxify my body. I know what to do: to let the Holy Spirit do the job while I trust in His Mercy with a big “yes” to what He wants. It is here where I need much intercession in order for me to follow Him in the way of a true disciple!

There is no doubt that God is good and His mercy endures forever! I count with your support. May you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and New Year 2018. If you find that some of the ideas written in this blog are contrary to the Truth, the Life and the Way, please pray for me even more!

Tobit 4:7-11

“Give alms from your possessions. Do not turn your face away from any of the poor, and God’s face will not be turned away from you. Son, give alms in proportion to what you own. If you have great wealth, give alms out of your abundance; if you have but little, distribute even some of that. BUT DO NOT HESITATE TO GIVE ALMS; you will be storing up a goodly treasure for yourself against the day of adversity. Almsgiving frees one from death, and keeps one from going into the dark abode. Alms are a worthy offering in the sight of the Most High of all who give them.”