Embryonic stem cell research

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This is another answer to prayer, but not mine, but the whole world’s prayer, all of you…


I normally watch Dr. Mehmet Oz (Turkish ancestry) in Oprah’s show. He also appears in PBS since with Dr. Michael Roizen, they have put together some very important videos for health issues. Roizen is the present Chief of the Dept. of Anesthesia at the Cleveland Clinic… and therefore well known to me for other reasons. Dr. Oz is presently a cardiac surgeon in one of the major medical school health centers in the city of N. Y.


Dr. Oz presented yesterday March 31, the case of Michael J. Fox, who as you know suffers from Parkinson’s, the same that our deceased JP II. Mehmet brought the brain of a cadaver an explained how

1. We capture in the outer part of our brain (called cortex), the info needed to start a command to be sent to the center of the brain, and from there, it goes to the spinal cord and other centers (eyes, ears) so that we can move our arms, legs, talk, see, etc.

2. The command has to pass to the bottom of the brain where there is a part called the “substantia nigra”, and it does have a darker color, and it houses tons of a chemical called dopamine. This is the “oil” that lubricates the command to go to this other parts to make the body move.

3. In Parkinson’s, partially genetic in nature, dopamine is very low and so, the lack of this lubricant action makes the different commands sort of STICK… and the body responds with odd movements… that cannot control. .

4. Medication is needed because if not taken, this sticky phenomena ends up freezing the muscles and they cannot move. Too much medication can produce some dyskinesia (or odd movement of muscles on its own, separate from the disease…)

5. They also showed a 37 year old woman… with dystonia… or a disease where one side of the body contracts more than the other, and she always looks like the inclined tower of Pizza (? spelling) in Italy, one sided… Tremendous suffering…


But this is the greatest story for today: Dr. OZ said that the embryonic stem cell research is a dead subject. Preparing for this program, he talked to many experts on the subject matter, and all said that within a single digit number of years (9 maximum), all that has to be done is to collect cells from any part of the body, let’s say, the skin, and to submit them to a process of rejuvenation in the lab and already known how to be done, and then to inject them in the area of the subtanstia nigra, and they will produce dopamine… and the stickiness disappear, as well as the external symptoms.


On the other hand, this way the patient has cells with its own genetic code, which means it does not have to harbor a foreign tissue like we have with transplant of adult organs, plus avoids the hi potential of embryonic stem cells to become cancerous because they are very difficult to control…. I understood that they are so young that they tend to easily change into cancer (abnormal replication of themselves because of DNA mishap). He said, that this is the way of the future to cure just about everything, from cancer, to diabetes, etc. So, for this reason, embryonic stem cell research is of no use anymore…


They had presented in this program the scene that occurred last March 9 with the U.S. President suspending all the no, no’s to use embryonic stem cell research lines that are in the labs… On that same day, Michael J. Fox was in the Himalaya’s, and guess what? While there, all his symptoms stopped… This is another chest of future research to find out why. Apparently he went there because of this having happened to other patients.  


One more piece of info: last week, Mehmet showed how when we need an organ, they simply can make a rough replica of the organ, like a heart or kidney. Then, taking our own cells, submit them to rejuvenation, or sending them to a phase of stem cell status, place these cells in this replica, and in weeks… not  months or years, one could have a new organ to be replaced…. To make the point, they brought an old man who had lost the tip of one of his fingers. He placed a powder on top of the raw tip given by his brother who is a researcher physician, four times a day for 10 days, to impede its healing, and a new tip with nail grew in about 4 weeks!!!… The powder given by Dr. Allen Spivak (brother) is made of extracelullar matrix material from pig bladders. In fact, he said that his brand new nail (3.5 years old) grows faster than the others that are 70 years old!… In other words, they gave time to the body to regrow what was missing… This was done in Pittsburgh, and they expect soon to come up with the making of organs for transplantation. This also frees the use of unconscious humans, when at times there is a rush to be declared “brain dead” in order to harvest various organs for transplantation.


I taped both programs, just to re-listen to the whole thing, and have proof of what was said. The press probably knew about it, but kept us in darkness. Yet, Mehmet said that the controversy between those who do not want embryos to be used this way, and the other side, have kept this science from growing faster. BUT STILL, LAST YEAR… WE GREW IN THIS KNOWLEDGE AND THAT NORMALLY COULD HAVE TAKEN US 10 YEARS… What a miracle! I wonder if our JP II is into this!


For this coming Easter, please thank God in a new way for this miracle… For God, all things are possible!


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