Cancer Matters


This is a summary of some of the literature available in nutrition matters, herbology and alternative methods for the cure of cancer. I must warn those readers who work in the medical field that some terms and some explanations have been adapted to be read and understood by those who have no previous medical knowledge.

.  In the 1920-30’s, a German doctor, Max Gerson, MD, cured many terminal cancers in Germany. Dr Albert Schweitzer, the famous missionary physician to Africa, a Peace Nobel Prize winner, requested Dr. Gerson’s help to treat his wife’s tuberculosis. Gerson cured her pulmonary TB in nine months… Eventually, he asked Gerson to help him with his diabetes and depression.  Gerson helped him and within a few weeks, Dr. Schweitzer was off insulin. Gerson escaped Hitler’s Germany and came to live in New York in the late 30’s and died in this city in 1959.  Dr. Schweitzer wrote about his friend that he was “one of the most eminent geniuses of medicine”. Dr. Gerson published a book in 1956 with 50 clinical studies and X-rays of terminal cancer patients that were cured with his treatment.


There are 3 parts to this treatment:

a)    Feeding of the immune system with foods for its perfect health.

b)    Heavy detoxification of the liver.

c)    Avoiding foods and any environmental toxics that can over-tax the immune system.

He basically helped the immune system to do its work properly and as it is supposed to do.  His diet was more vegetarian than not. Red meat was forbidden. He used many fruit and vegetable juices (apple, orange, carrots) for their content of Vit. C and Betacarotene (Betacarotene should not be used for lung cancer as of this writing). He emphasized eating green vegetables.  He also prescribed Linseed oil (Omega 3!!!), lugol and thyroid supplements; potassium since he felt cancer patients had more salt than potassium.  Niacin (B 3), B12 injections and pancreatin (to help with the proper digestion of all foods since it provides protease, lipase and amylase for the 3 main kinds of foods).


For detoxification he used “coffee enemas” because they are powerful promoters of bile production (this in order to have the liver empty itself from toxins in a faster way, as the immune system started killing tumor cells and they have to be disposed of by the liver). He also used castor oil.


He warned that pesticides could retard healing (DDT in those days). He always stressed organically grown produce and condemned: bottled, canned, frozen, preserved, refined, salted, smoked or sulphured products. He also condemned alcohol, avocados and berries (both later to be found good for cancer ), commercial beverages, sodium bicarbonate in food; toothpaste, gargle products, candy, cakes, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, cream, cucumbers, Epsom salts, fat, white flour, fluorine in toothpaste, ice cream, mushrooms, nuts, oil, pineapples, spices (pepper, paprika), soy beans and soy products (found to be good by 2001), white sugar, tea and drinking water.  Temporarily forbidden while he treated the immune system: butter, cheese, eggs, fish, meat and milk.


Have in mind that he was working in the period of 1930-1960. He was right in almost everything, and now we know that fats are important (essential fatty acids) but not trans fats, hydrogenated fats (to add shelf life to products) and saturated fats (butter, whole milk, red meats). We now know that fluorine is definitely a carcinogenic… (see notes on fluoride toxicity). He used coffee enemas for liver detoxification because he did not have any other means. Now we have different ways to detoxify the liver. But it is very important to remember the main items of his treatment because you will find out corroboration in other products I will discuss. His book of 1956 was reprinted in 1999.

A Cancer Therapy. Max Gerson, MD.  ISBN # 0-9611526-2-1

II. “In 1922, Rene Caisse was head nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in Haileybury, Ontario, Canada. She was 33, a Catholic from a typical catholic family of eleven children, bright and extremely dedicated to her profession. One evening while going about her duties she noticed an elderly patient who had a strangely scarred breast… The patient revealed to Rene that more than 20 years earlier she had come from England… and shortly after, a hardened mass appeared on her breast. The Ojibwa Indians inhabited where she was camping, and by luck she befriended an old Indian medicine man… She declined his help (the offering of a holy drink) and instead decided to journey to Toronto where it was confirmed the diagnosis of cancer. The breast would have to be removed, immediately…. She had lost a friend after a radical mastectomy (and she was afraid to have one herself) plus she had no money to pay for hospitals and an expensive operation… She decided to return and try the Indian remedy. It was an herbal tea that she was instructed to take twice a day… Rene asked her for the recipe… Two years later Rene used the recipe with her aunt who had terminal cancer of the stomach and liver. In two months her aunt was better and eventually cured as she lived for 20 more years.” (Extracted from the Essiac Report).


Rene used this tea and cured many and eventually opened a Clinic (1938). The Canadian Government aided by the medical community closed it two years later. She disappeared from the public. In 1959 she re-surfaced and united her efforts with Dr. Charles A. Brusch, personal physician of President J.F. Kennedy. She came to Boston and they both researched this tea. Eventually both of them tried to get studies going in Canada with the Canadian Government permission, but the company to which they adjudicated the rights of the tea, turned out to be bogus… She died in 1979. Dr. Brusch passed the torch to a radio talk personality, Elaine Alexander, who found a good laboratory in British Columbia, Flora, and they, whose motto was “In God we trust”, produced the tea according to Rene’s recipe in 1992. They could not bring it into the US until the 1994 law passed and this tea was considered “food”.  The book, which I quote at the beginning of this second story, has all the letters and stories of patients who became healed. There are letters from surgeons from Toronto Children Hospital who reported excellent results in their oncology patient population, when the tea was tested with permission from the Canadian Government.


The main cancers cured by Essiac tea, now sold as Flor-Essence, are prostate, pancreas, breast and colon cancer. (Please pay attention to this list of cancers which are identical to the list later mentioned as being prevented with Cox 2 blockers, and because of it, probably having in common a chronic inflammatory process behind them).  However, it should help all kind of cancers in what regards to the powerful detoxification of the liver by this tea as you will read in the discussion of the different herbs that are in this product. In other words, it could help the immune system according to Dr. Max Gerson’s theory.  This tea has several herbs:


a) Sheep sorrel (the most active cancer fighter according to Rene Caisse), and it also helps many chronic conditions and degenerative diseases. It is a tonic for the urinary tract. It has high amounts of A & B complex, especially in its seed, plus C, D, E, K, P and U. It is rich in minerals (Ca, chlorine, iron, magnesium, silicon, sodium, sulphur and trace amounts of copper, iodine, manganese and zinc) Besides it has betacarotene, cholorophyll, and the following organic acids: malic, oxalic, tannic, tartaric and citric.


Chlorophyll has been reported to inhibit chromosome damage and this action may effectively block cancer. It increases resistance to X rays, eliminates germs and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria; it also reduces the damaging effects of radiation burns and stimulates de regeneration of fresh tissue. It also PURIFIES THE LIVER and relieves pancreas inflammation. It dramatically raises the oxygen level in  tissue cells as if it was hemoglobin (Hemoglobin and chlorophyll have almost identical chemical structure). It cleanses the walls of blood vessels. Strengthens cell walls and therefore may improve the function of the heart, intestines, lungs, uterus and vascular system.


b) Burdock root is a powerful BLOOD PURIFIER. In 1966, two Hungarian scientists reported considerable anti-tumor activity. It helps eliminate toxic waste. It is a diuretic. It helps treat arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica. Inulin, the principal ingredient of this root, helps regulate blood sugar metabolism; therefore it helps clear diabetic conditions.

c) Slippery elm bark “is one of nature’s miracle cleansers.” It lubricates joints and helps gather up dissolved toxic waste material from all areas in the body including the bowel. It slows down the entrance of harmful chemicals. When applied externally, it does have extraordinary healing properties.

 d) Rhubarb root is another remarkable detoxifying herb. It purges the body of bile, parasites and stagnating food by stimulating the bile duct to expel more bile with toxic waste matter (probably like coffee enemas). It improves digestion and increases appetite. It is also effective against pathogenic bacteria in the intestines and Candida albicans.


e) Other herbs: Watercress, blessed thistle, red clover and kelp (iodide).


Other diseases helped by this tea are: hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis (rheumatoid as well), chronic fatigue syndrome, fibroids, hemorrhoids, prostate and urinary problems, circulation, diabetes, sleeping disorders, warts, psoriasis, impotence, ASTHMA and allergies.


This tea comes in a powder, difficult to prepare because it requires sterilized equipment; it also comes in a liquid. Suggested use:

As a preventive tonic: 1-2 oz once daily, diluted with equal double amount of un-fluorinated boiled hot water. Sip slowly in an empty stomach, AM or PM prior to go to bed (this tea has a calming effect).


For active illness: 2 oz twice daily prepared as above.


I know of a laboratory, which has the liquid formula. The prices are very good. They sell with discount. 500 cc they sell for $16.17. Item No. R8 FL003

Swanson Health Products based in Fargo, ND

1-800-437-4148   or

The product is known as Flor-Essence tea produced by Flora laboratories.

Some health food stores sell their own mixture of the herbs, but the original formula of Rene Caisse is in Flor-Essence. For readers in the area of Toledo, Bassett’s Health Food Store (Central and Secor) carries the liquid form.


The book quoted is: The Essiac Report. Publisher: The Alternative Treatment Information Network. $19.99 ISBN No. 0-9639818-0-3


Quote from Dr. Charles A. Brusch: “ The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes and ages, with all type of cancer definitely proves Essiac to be a cure for cancer. Studies done in laboratories in the United States and Canada also fortify this claim.”

III. There is not question that Essiac tea proves the point of Dr. Gerson.  However to make his point more interesting, a book published in 1999, The Immune System Cure, by two authors, one of which is a PhD in Immunology (Lorna Vanderhaeghe and Patrick J.D. Bouic, PhD) explores how to cure the human immune system of its diseases.

The ten nutritional supplements to boost immunity are:

 Vitamins A, B6, C, E; minerals: magnesium, selenium, zinc plus Co-enzime   Q-10, Glutathione and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).  All are available in health food stores.  Caution: No. 1) Glutathione’s safest form is with the product Immunocal, which is made of mother’s milk and contains the precursor of glutathione, cystine. NAC is a precursor of glutathione but must be used in small amounts; otherwise, it may produce more free radicals… No. 2) DHEA should never be used without a physician’s advice especially for cancers of the reproductive and endocrinology systems.


Quotes from this book:  “Why should we supplement our diets with vita nutrients? If you eat junk food, or are too busy to eat, or you are under great deal of stress or simply eat foods harvested before they are ripe, foods grown on soils exhausted for their essential elements, or foods refined or highly processed, the nutritional content of your meals is inadequate.

Vitamins and minerals are essential as enzymes and co-enzymes to facilitate other reactions in the body needed to process food and to use as energy.


“Stress triggers a biological response during which powerful changes occur: heart rate and blood pressure increases; the adrenal glands are activated (cortisol is produced, a “rusting” material by itself); blood sugar rises (high blood sugar oxidizes and rusts, through the process called glycation). The body under stress increases its use of protein. All these changes deplete the body of vitamins and minerals if food is not adequate in its content of these vita nutrients.

“Little was known about free radicals up to 40 years ago. Today they are considered a major component of aging and disease progression. Many diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis are the result of free radical damage.

“Free radicals are a natural-by-product of everyday reactions that produce energy for the body. Besides, exposure to toxins as tobacco smoke, prescription drugs, environmental pollutants, radiation and even exercise, increases free radical reactions in the body.


“The immune system also produces exorbitant amounts of free radicals as a normal process to destroy invading bacteria and viruses. Destruction of healthy cells can be avoided by simply improving diet and adding nutritional supplements, especially antioxidants and nature’s powerful protectors – phytochemicals” End of quote.


IV: The main diet for the health of immune system comes from fruits, green and yellow vegetables, the right kind of fats (Omegas all, 9, 6 and 3).  Omega 3 (fish oil) is the best of all.

About phytonutrients (phytochemicals) :


1) Flavonoids (Pycnogenol from pine bark or grape seed extract) The latter is less expensive and just as good. Dr. Balch’s Grape Seed Extract seems to be one of the purest forms in the market according to reputable sources, not related to him.

Other flavonoids: Quercetin, Green Tea extract

2) Carotenoids: betacarotene or carrot juice

3) Phytoestrogens: soy

4) Phytosterols (Moducare, extracted from sterinols from plants)

Fish oil and flax oil (Omega 3 fatty acids)

In the l960’s and 70’s, a very famous German scientist, Dr. Johanna Budwig, a seven times Science Nobel Prize nominee….said that flax oil, a rich precursor of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, was the cure for cancer!!.. arthritis and heart disease. Omega 3 is made of two parts: DHA and EPA, long chemical names, one of which is the main source of food for our brains, especially the gray matter, and the other is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Fish oil is pure Omega 3 essential fatty acid. Flax oil converts into DHA and EPA in the presence of some vitamins of the B group, especially B6. Later I will discuss the role of Omega 3 fatty acids over the amount of Omega 6 that can become arachidonic acid, the precursor of very powerful inflammatory prostaglandins. Therefore, Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are probably very much related to the health of our immune system on the basis of their anti-inflammatory action. However, the health of the membrane of all cells of our body depends on the content of Omega essential fatty acids. In this respect, Omega 3 fatty acids are very important to keep the cell membrane intact in order to impede the entrance of free radicals, viruses and toxics into the cell, allowing their attack on the nucleus and disruption of the DNA genetic code for their normal replication, the basis for the beginning of cancerous cells.


Omega 3 fatty acids are also very important for that list of cancers mentioned before, which seem to have in common a chronic inflammatory process behind them.  Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be low in most of our diets. We hardly eat fish on a regular basis and we eat many forms of fats that are commercially adulterated which compete for absorption with omega fatty acids. Often I am asked about what omega 3 product is the best to take, instead of eating good portions of salmon fish twice a week.  Fish oil gels are the best for those not allergic to iodide. I take flax oil made by the Barlean Co., because of my allergy to iodide and salmon per se, one of the fishes with the highest amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Red meats are full of saturated fats which have hormones and antibiotics fed to animals. Best is the meat from free-range animals. Deep frying causes fat molecules to form free radicals and therefore should be avoided. Processed food with commercially adulterated fats (named trans-fatty acids or hydrogenated fats to avoid rancidity and increase shelf life of the product) is to be avoided. “The much-maligned avocado is a superhero of the immune system”… (Dr. Gerson’s error). Avocados are rich in glutathione. Fruits for the immune system are dark colored fruits: berries especially cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, raspberries and strawberries have great amounts of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Cranberries and blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, which not only are powerful antioxidant products but are free radical scavengers… Grapes have more than one dozen antioxidants plus reservatrol, a phytonutrient proven to have cancer protective effects. Red grapes are better than green grapes. Other phytonutrient rich fruits are watermelon, lemons, limes, and oranges. Grape fruit has lycopene (like tomatoes) and is a good source of glutathione.  Ellagic acid, a polyphenol with powerful antimutagenic and anticancer properties is found in grapes, strawberries, raspberries, black currants and walnuts.

V. Sugar severely hampers the immune system. A study was done measuring the ability of the immune system to engulf bacteria, and in those who consumed the most sugar (24 tsp in five hours) only one bacteria was destroyed… It causes macrophages to be inactive, lowers the body’s production of antibodies, raises triglycerides and blood pressure (by producing more insulin) and causes deficiencies in Vit. B, chromium, copper and molybdenum. This fact in itself could partially explain the increase incidence of cancer since our American diet is very rich in sugar.

Overeating suppresses the immune system. Yogurt and probiotics enhance immunity. Green products are very good for the immune system: alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, chorella, spirulina (remember also the chlorophyll and its great properties discussed above, that is present in all these grasses).


his book is worthwhile having in your library. It will expand for this new century the knowledge of how to improve your immune function.  I believe the immune system is the center for prevention of many diseases, and working at eating well and learning the why it is essential for all of us, so that months later we do not fall into old habits.

VI. The Zone diet I believe is the best scientific prescription for eating in the market today. In 2000, Barry Sears, the author of this diet, a former PhD from MIT, published another book of his several called the Soy Zone.  He discusses how the traditional vegetarian diet rely heavily on grains and starches with relatively little protein. This form of diet makes insulin levels soar which brings low blood sugars later, the reason for sluggishness and the desire for more carbohydrates.  By using his formula of 40% carbos, 30% protein and 30% of mostly good fats (omegas and precursors), energy increases; brain fogginess disappears; there are almost no carbo cravings, etc. I know it is the truth on a personal basis.


The premise for this prescription for consuming food that CONTROLS INSULIN LEVELS, is that glucagon, the other counterpart of insulin, increases, and it is glucagon the one hormone that suppresses the production of cholesterol, and vasodilates vessels (vs. insulin that vasoconstricts and increases blood pressure, among many other negative things). Glucagon blocks the same enzyme that anti-cholesterol drugs like Mevacor, Zocor, Lipitor and the like do, the enzyme that is essential in the production of 85% of the cholesterol that is measured in our blood. Glucagon also mobilizes stored carbos from the liver to keep the body supplied with energy, thereby eliminating hunger. Because it regulates the amount of carbohydrates, I believe it has a positive action on the immune system, versus a high carbohydrate diet. However, the source of protein should be confined to more fish (Omega 3) and animal meats should be low in saturated fats (because they do contain the highest levels of hormones and antibiotics fed to the animals). Soy is an excellent source of protein that can be used to help the immune system even more. Soy protein is not only rich in anti cancer properties but is rich in the amino acid that causes our bodies to release more of the hormone glucagon.

Soy has been found to do several other things: reduces risk of heart disease (decreases both cholesterol and the LDL part of cholesterol (bad cholesterol).  The NEJM in 1995 published an article that found the 50 gms. of soy daily, lowers cholesterol by 9 %. It protects from breast cancer (incidence is less in Asian countries). It reduces incidence of prostate cancer (lower in Japan). It also diminishes menopausal symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes by 40% in one study. It helps prevent osteoporosis.


Longevity (decreased likelihood of dying) is highest in the island of Okinawa (part of Japan). More elders reach the age of 100 years than any other part of the world. Their main diet is made of soy and fish (omega 3).


The rest of the Japanese follow the Okinawans in living longer lives with a diet also rich in soy protein and fish. France is number three in rate of longevity; they eat the most elegant diet in the West and wine seems to help out (grapes). Americans follow with their diets rich in carbohydrates and commercially adulterated fats. The worse are the rural Chinese who eat a vegetarian diet with some soy protein, but basically very low in protein altogether.

Soy is probably not recommended to people that has breast cancer under treatment. Soy protects against cancer of the breast because its chemical structure is very similar to estrogen, and therefore attaches itself to estrogen receptors in breast tissue, and true estrogen finds no receptors available. However, because it has a weak estrogenic effect, about 2 % of hormonal estrogen, helping even with hot flashes, it should not be ingested on a regular basis by these patients until we know more about it.  It is important to repeat that soy is of great value to prevent cancer precisely because it competes with estrogen for receptor sites and that the ovaries normally produce estrogen before the age of menopause, but it has to be destroyed in the liver. If drugs or excessive amounts of toxic products overwork the liver, the body is exposed to higher amounts of estrogen and soy can really be of great help in these instances.

 Although it is weakly estrogenic, the estrogen content of soy and other phytoestrogens is primarily estriol, the least carcinogenic of the three main estrogens in the body, the other two being estradiol and estrone. Other phytoestrogenic herbs include fennel, anise, ginseng, alfalfa, dong quai and red clover. I have not found studies redeeming soy with existing breast cancer. Therefore I need to go into this long explanation of the pros and cons of its use. However, if the patient with cancer does have problems with estrogen levels because of poor liver degradation or ingestion of animal fats which are rich in hormones fed to the animals, and in the absence of the drug tamoxifen which protects the body from the effects of estrogen, soy seems to be a better choice as a protein choice for daily living in the presence of cancer, again because its estrogenic semblance can block the actual estrogen from occupying its receptors.

So far we have a system delineated by Dr. Gerson that a good diet supplemented with vita nutrients, avoiding toxics at the same time and taking care of detoxifying the liver, is of the utmost importance to cure cancer.


VII. Finally, I just received notice from a very reputable group of naturopaths and MD’s who practice nutritional medicine as well, that there is a product coming from a plant in Brazil which also has a high rate of cures of some cancers (especially breast, colon, prostate and pancreas) which seem to be linked together. In a book called “Beyond Aspirin” from 2000, it was found that these same cancer tumors have high levels of an enzyme called Cox 2. It is Cox 2 blockers (Aleve, Motrin, Celebrex, Vioxx) that we take for pain and as anti-inflammatory agents. (It is important to know that Aleve or Naproxen, Motrin or Ibuprophen, Feldene, and the rest, except for Celebrex and Vioxx, are Cox 1 and Cox 2 blockers. The exceptions mentioned are pure Cox 2 blockers.)  It happens that this enzyme is the one required to make the INFLAMMATORY prostaglandin of the 2 series that comes from Omega 6, the one that produces arthritis. Omega 3, if taken in good amounts, depresses this part of Omega 6 and therefore, helps in arthritis. Besides, Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties on its own right as mentioned before. Apparently these tumors are related to an inflammatory process and do have high levels of Cox 2. We know this because patients taking Cox 2 blockers for arthritic pain (Motrin or Advil, Aleve, Feldene, Celebrex, Vioxx) have very low incidence of those cancers mentioned above. (A revision to this report done in 2005 must add that Cox 2 blockers like Celebrex and Vioxx are not to be taken any more.)


It is possible that this new product which was investigated for 7 years by a pharmaceutical company and abandoned because they could not manufacture the same product artificially in order to patent it, has some Cox 2 blocking properties, besides many of the mentioned in Essiac tea herbs. The tree is called Graviola. This product selectively targets cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched. This product seem to help other maladies as well as Essiac tea, among them, high blood pressure, rashes, arthritis, rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis), diarrhea, nausea, dyspepsia, ringworm, malaria, palpitations, nervousness, insomnia, boils, fever, muscle spasms.


More info. at Raintree Nutrition, Inc., (Austin TX) 1-800-780-5902

100 capsules of Graviola: $15.00  Dose: 6-8 caps per day for cancer.


VIII. Oralmat also from this reputable group that CAN DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE ASTHMA, has been found to inhibit the growth and spread of breast and liver cancer by 89% and kidney cell growth by 55%.


Oralmat is primarily used to relieve the symptoms associated with asthma and chronic allergies.  After taking Oralmat drops for 3 to 4 weeks, asthmatics report being able to eliminate or reduce their medications.

Oralmat can be purchased as well from Raintree Nutrition, Inc. Price: $29.95 per bottle.


IX. For 15 years  McGill University of Montreal researchers looked for ways to increase the amount of the antioxidant glutathione in our bodies. This is the chief intracellular anti- oxidant, the best product to prevent the oxidation of the human body (rusting). It is also the most important antioxidant for the liver to detoxify our bodies (remember the concept of liver detoxification of Dr. Gerson). Taken as such is poorly absorbed. Taken as NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), one of its precursors, it increases it but the body can also go in another direction, and NAC can produce rusting (oxidizing) products as well. So the amount of NAC taken orally has to be low. McGill researchers found out that the highest concentration of glutathione is in women’s and cow’s milk prior to pasteurization. They manufacture this whey protein from milk, very unstable, called cystine. Cystine becomes cysteine within the body but it makes the right amounts of cysteine automatically (instead of the ones we can ingest with NAC) so that it does not produce too much and therefore avoids oxidative products. Said in other words, science has shown that if we take cysteine (NAC), we might take more than we need (we do not know safe levels yet) and part of it, instead of becoming glutathione, can produce free radicals, which oxidize. The counsel here is that when you take NAC, take it in small amounts.  There is literature out there that advices to take NAC as a precursor of glutathione, and it is all right, but please never take high amounts.


The brand name of the product from Canada is Immunocal, and it received a patent as anti-cancer agent on March 30, 1999, in the USA. It modulates the immune system; it makes the immune system work very efficiently. In this respect and after what we have learned from Dr. Max Gerson, it feeds the immune system to do its job against infection and cancer cells as well. It is a great detoxifier of the liver as well as we said. But it works against cancer in another way. It has been found that cancerous tumors make a lot of glutathione, and they thrive with this compound. However, when we increase this substance by ingesting cystine, the tumors cease to make their own, but they fail to elevate their glutathione levels by the ingested cystine and their growth is halted. It is an expensive product sold via a pyramid company from Montreal, but one can find it in some health food stores as well .

X. Dr. Gerson proved beyond doubt that the immune system thrives with green products (chlorophyll) as well as yellow vegetables (betacarotene).  It is true still and several cases I know were cured with the “grasses” (wheat, barley, alfalfa, etc.)  A well known allopathic doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, a former assistant professor of Orthopedics at University of California at San Francisco, Loraine Day, MD, cured herself of metastatic breast cancer, after she had just a lump of her breast removed with the original cancer. No lymphatic node dissection was done. She used freshly made carrot juice and barley grass juice in conjunction with an aggressive detoxification program, even using coffee enemas. She made two videos about her experience in 1995 and 1998. Another patient, an intensive care unit RN, had a Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the late 70’s. She had chemotherapy and she went into recession. Some years later it recurred, and two different types of chemotherapy were used to no avail. She was introduced to barley grass and she became a cure in the early 80’s.  I heard this testimony from her mouth in 1990.


XI. Body-mind connection: In the mid 70’s, a PhD in Education by the last name of Esselstyn (? Spelling) was operated by Dr. Hermann, then the Chief of Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. He was diagnosed as having inoperable metastatic cancer of the liver. His surgery was actually an “open and close” procedure, since the tumor was not resectable. He was sent home to North or South Carolina to die at age 38, despite that his brother, another Dr. Esselstyn, was one of the surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic. Ten years later I attended a lecture at the Cleveland Clinic where Dr. Hermann testified of his findings in the case of this doctor. Twice more we got together with the now cured patient. This is the story of how he healed himself. He went home and read the 1976 book “Getting Well Again by Simonton and Simonton. The concept derives from the fact that our brains believe that images are reality. (If one imagines to be cutting a lemon, one starts salivating because the brain thinks that this is a real situation.)  In those days we did not know that our immune system has a neurological system of its own in sink with our brains!! The book proposed to sit twice daily and relax the body completely, and then imagine for 10 min. how the immune system would be killing all cancer cells. This doctor chose the figure of a polar bear as the good immune system cells and imagined that these polar bears would eat his cancer cells in his liver. I did happen.

Dr. Esselstyn and wife joined Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, a surgeon from Yale, and his project, a group called ECAP (Exceptional CAncer Patients).  Bernie has published two best sellers that I am aware of, “Peace, Love and Healing” and “Love, Medicine and Miracles”.  They narrate Dr. Siegel’s experience of exceptional cancer patients self-healing, those who choose to take charge of their bodies in order to establish harmony, order, etc., pretty much what Simonton and Simonton wrote about and what Esselstyn had experienced. His teachings link self-healing and faith matters as well. For audio cassette tapes of Dr.Siegel’s lectures and visualization you can contact ECAP at (203) 315-3321. These tapes describe the same visualization technique that Dr. Esselstyn used to cure himself.

Well, this completes my dissertation on alternative treatment of cancer and other related diseases.  I believe that in this information I have filtered many products that are not backed up by science. I claim no expertise in cancer. I have not vested monetary interest in any of the products or laboratories mentioned. This is just a summary of what I know today February 20, 2001 in the subject matter. Consult with your physician for approval of any product. There are other products in the market like shark cartilage (of which we need to ingest very high amounts to see results), an extremely expensive enterprise and other teas and products that might have some value. However, I am mentioning those that make sense because of their history and scientific evidence so far, but the most basic message is to study all about your individual immune systems and organize your life around ways of how to protect it the best you can.


I have edited this document in a major way, three times.  Every time I find major errors in its proper English writing structure… I am sure you will still find some more.  Please forgive me since this is my second language!!!


You may share with others this compilation of nutritional and herbal modification and prevention of cancer, but please omit my name when you do so or simply do not copy this last page. I cannot practice this specialty at this time for which I have no malpractice insurance, formal education or the time to discuss it, especially with people whom I do not know at all. If any of you my friends have any questions on this subject you may contact me and I will share whatever I know at the time and with great pleasure.                                                   

I am adding here more information on the inflammatory process that apparently is much related to cancer and coronary artery disease. In this E-mail sent in 2001, I quote inflammation being a factor in Alzheimer’s… This subject was fully covered in the previous Cancer summary, but it is always good to repeat a teaching as a tool to learn it well…

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I have researched without trying, even further of what I sent to you recently for your friend, the kind of the multiple inflammatory sites we have in our bodies, due again to the unbalanced way we eat today. I read an article back in July with the explanations of the drugs NSAID’s, the famous NON STEROIDAL ANTI- INFLAMMATORY drugs like Aleve, Advil (Motrin or Ibuprophen), which block two enzymes, Cox 1 and Cox 2. But it is only Cox 2 that should be blocked to quench inflammation. Now we have selective drugs that only block Cox 2, Celebrex and Vioxx (2006-à found to be dangerous for heart and strokes). I found the article again 3 days ago and thought of your friend, since it repeats over and over the need for Omega 3 fatty acids, but also gives all other natural products that are Cox blockers like Green Tea and Ginger, etc. By the way, ginger has almost 500 different substances and they list them in the book. Today I found a 2000-copyrighted book from which someone else had made the summary I read in July. It is so intriguing! From cancer to Alzheimer’s disease to all the "itis" in the body, they review the literature…!!!!, worldwide and from MD sources, in other words, our conventional medical literature, and all of it brings fresh good reporting that inflammation in our bodies is the center of our diseases.  IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE…  The common denominator is inflammation that brings about the beginning of several pathological entities… Blocking the enzyme Cox 2 could solve the problem because it blocks the formation of arachidonic acid that comes from Omega 6 sources… Yet, this can be not only costly but still not the right answer because we need the enzyme Cox 2 to mediate the production of good substances for our body… The rational thing to do is to avoid inflammation altogether.  There it is where the anti-inflammatory part of Omega 3 is essential like never before. 

The big question is why we have so much inflammation.  There are many logical answers: fertilizers in food, additives in food, transmission of bacteria and viruses which are more virulent that in previous years and which are passed on all over the world like never before (by air-planes and people). The constant ingestion of antibiotics and hormones with beef, poultry and milk products is a fact. These antibiotics have changed our intestinal flora over and over and other parasites like funguses then grow wild. Fish products are full of mercury and other heavy metals from the seas and rivers that are infested with industrial products.  Our water is full of fertilizers washed from the fields, plus also heavy metals and toxics from industrial grounds. I am sure our waters are not well policed. Our immune systems are depressed, at times overreacting and in general incapable to suffocate these "fires" and smokes in our bodies. We know now that plaque in our arteries start with inflammation. This book does not even touch this subject. However it is amazing to find out that people that has taken Cox 2 blockers (Aleve, Advil) for years because of pain of arthritis have a very low incidence of prostate, breast and colon cancer They found high amounts of this enzyme Cox 2 in these cancers… In fact Celebrex can diminish the incidence of diverticuli, or little finger like pouches that form in the large intestine (colon) and which are very prone to turn into cancer. So studies are pointing out that it is the blocking of the enzyme Cox-2 that is causing this great result.  Who knows if these diverticuli start with a little area of inflammation that when is quenched by blocking of Cox-2, it does not grow and does not turn into a little pouch.

The book provides a long list of these worldwide studies that point the finger to an inflammatory process as the beginning of all cancers… The inflammatory process has most likely different beginnings, from viruses to bacteria to toxics or free radicals, but the body makes more Cox 2 to convert arachidonic acid into an inflammatory product. Why?  Is genetics involved?  Who knows! (as of 2012, apparently genes do not have much to play except for two specific genes in the case of breast cancer…)

In another topic, many people form the Abeta plaque in their brains and not all turn into dementia (Alzheimer’s). Apparently due to free radicals and toxics, these plaques get "inflamed" in some of us… This starts a reaction where the dendrites or fingers coming out of neurons which permit their touching each other for communication for the transmission of knowledge, pain, emotions, etc, etc., become curled and therefore mess up part of the communication, especially in the memory area of the brain… They found out that people taking Cox 2 blockers chronically (that is advil or motrin, etc), might have the plaque Abeta, but have a perfect memory. The authors of this book proclaim that just like the discoverers of the enzyme Cox 2 and its work in the body received a Nobel Prize in Medicine, so will the scientist that can finish unraveling what makes Cox 2 work more or increase its amounts in certain people and not in others… It is FASCINATING what we know so far and it makes it obvious how important it is to keep taking our Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil or flax oil. Also it is important to turn around our way of eating, to avoid excessive amounts of Omega 6 as well as trying to cook from scratch as much as possible to avoid the use of trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils. Fish oil should be bought from reputable sources, and salmon gels from Norway may have less toxics and heavy metals than just fish in general.  Therefore the product from Carlson that is made from Norwegian salmon might be a better choice.


The book does not go into many other inflammatory diseases, but asthma has an inflammatory component due to allergies… Again, fish oil is of great use for this disease.

To review again this subject, Omega 6 (linoleic acid) produces arachidonic acid as the bad product.  It also produces a good one that is anti-inflammatory, GLA or gamma-linoleic acid. Arachidonic acid needs the enzyme Cox-2 to make prostaglandin 2 that is inflammatory. Omega 3 (alfa linolenic acid; watch how close is the name to Omega 6), if in the right ratio with Omega 6 (omega 6/ omega 3 should be 4/1) will curtail the formation of arachidonic acid from Omega 6… Our body in its wisdom has a way to keep inflammation under control. However, if the amount of Omega 6 is too great, the balance gets upset and inflammation runs in our bodies in different parts We apparently have rations of omega6/omega 3 in the range of 10/1 to 20/1). Besides this last fact, we eat great amounts of refined adulterated polyunsaturated oil products, also called partially or totally hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans fatty acids, present in many foods to add shelf life and avoid rancidity (bread, cakes, candies, canned soups and food, cereals, cookies, crackers, doughnuts, margarine, processed cheese, snack foods and grocery store oils like corn, safflower, sesame, sunflower, walnut). These hydrogenated and trans fatty acids compete for absorption in our intestines with the essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 3!!! 

The most costly and notorious problem is the inflammatory process in our arteries (this fact has been accepted as a truth in the last national cardiology meeting in Oct. or Nov. 2000 in New Orleans, this according to a recent CNN report). Inflammation always bring white blood cells and other products like platelets to the site and from there, oxidized bad (low density) cholesterol sticks to the surface of the inflamed area and calcium completes the picture in due time to form plaque and obstruct the artery.  Plaque grows in this way and finally occludes arteries and stops blood flow (oxygen) in the tissue irrigated by the artery in case, and this tissue dies (infarct).  Viruses, bacteria, high blood pressure, excessive amount of free radicals, etc can start inflammation in arteries. However, the inflammatory reaction is like a chain reaction and arachidonic acid can continue the fire supplying inflammatory products (prostaglandin 2) to keep it going on a permanent basis and form the plaque that gives coronary artery disease!!!

This book I just mentioned talks about how in the brain, inflammation is the source of most problems.  People who had had multiple cerebral traumas like boxers, football players, soccer (which uses the head to kick the ball) and hockey players are bound to have major problems of memory and attention, etc.  Again, the one time inflammatory process with trauma is not the problem but the keeping up of the fire by prostaglandins from arachidonic acid.

This book should be in the library of all human beings… It is written in plain language.  It also explains in detail the many herbs that can help as Cox 2 blockers.

"BEYOND ASPIRIN", by Thomas M Newmark and Paul Schulick. Publisher is Hohm Press and ISBN No. is 0-934252-82-3    $14.95

All the pieces of this puzzle of these many diseases that we have now seem to be coming together and fitting perfectly, and I believe we are going to have a major revolution in the aspect of nutrition in the next 10 years. This topic of inflammation will be at the forefront. Please pass on this info to your friend.


 (This was written Jan 2001. By Jan. 2003 we have the puzzle solved in the allopathic medical world: Harvard and Stanford have done studies proving that we have lots of inflammation in the body and that now we have to measure that activity in the body, as a risk factor and precursor of the formation of plaque in the body. Therefore we are now measuring C Reactive Protein as a standard lab for coronary artery disease studies…These centers are not saying how is it that we are so full of inflammatory processes, but in Naturopathy, that has been well established as explained in the book on Immunology and summarized here).

































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