Consecration to Our Lady

                 Blessings needed for family- Church –  myself 

           Asking Our Lady for intercession – 33 day consecration/preparation

 * After each petition, pray one Our Father, Glory Be and this prayer to the Holy Spirit:

 Come Holy Spirit enlighten our hearts, to see the things which are of God. Come Holy Spirit into our minds that we may know the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit, into our souls that we may belong only to God. Sanctify all that we think, say and do, that all will be for the glory of God. Amen.


1.For the fulfillment of the personal vocation for which we were created, but most especially four our vocation and command to become holy  through love, prayer, trust and running to meet and love our crosses as we follow Him to Calvary, which includes remembering that we must love God and His images (our brothers and sisters) or we reject them both! To give honor and glory to the Holy Name of Jesus. For the grace to understand how much the Sacred Heart of Jesus loves us, and to trust in His love. For the grace to fall in love with our neighbor for the purpose of saving them (merciful love). *

 2. To obtain inner healing through the grace of the Holy Spirit in order to understand that we were created by God to love and to be loved; to be opened to every circumstance, understanding that God is only an eternal present, and that for Him, there is no other than the sacrament of this present moment , and therefore holy, perfect and necessary, which is where God reveals His grace and His love to us (His mercy). *

 3. For fidelity to live a God centered life with DEATH TO SELF LOVE, becoming an absolute, unconditional self-donation to the Holy Trinity to give glory to the Three Persons. For detachment from all possessions of mind, soul and body, that is, our self-will and self-satisfaction. *

 4. For the grace to accept to be crucified by our afflictions and to say no to the temptation to flee our crosses. To engage often in the practice of meditating on the Passion of the Christ, in order to consent readily to our own passions and crucifixions to save souls. *

 5. For a grateful heart, surrendered, merciful, pure, just, temperate and self controlled. For silence of spirit, mind and heart to all that separates us from God watching and praying without ceasing. *

 6. For the grace to live as a disciple in an ongoing spiritual reform.  For a fresh  Pentecost in our lives as it happened in Cornelius’ life. For perseverance in seeking the Kingdom of God and its righteousness (conforming to the will of God). For obtaining peace of mind (knowing the Truth) and peace of heart (revealing God’s love to others). For the grace to minister to priests and the laity as led by the Holy Spirit in order:

1) To know that Jesus is alive in the Eucharist and that at each Mass the Father keeps sending His only begotten Son to save us through His Mercy as in John 3:16. 

2) To stop the desecration of the Eucharist when It is received without being in the state of grace (without mortal sin).

3) To understand our need to go to Jesus through our Lady. *

7. To become evangelizers and peacemakers and thirst for the salvation of souls (missionaries) by:

a) Helping others to know the Truth.

b) Helping others to conform their wills to God’s will.

c) Helping others to reconcile.

d) By preaching the Gospel of God’s love with our lives.

e) By becoming the best spiritual servants or those who trust in his love and mercy for the glory of God.

f) By becoming “light to the world” as we reveal God’s love to others. *

 8. For physical health. *

Final Prayer

Majestic Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the Angels, you received from God the power and command to crush the head of Satan. Therefore, we humbly beg of you, send forth the legions of Heaven that under your command they may seek out all evil spirits around us, engage them everywhere in battle, curb their pride, and hurl them back into the pit of hell. Holy Angels and Archangels defend us and keep us. we promise that we shall try to inspire devotion to you so as to hasten, through the Queenship of your Immaculate Heart, the coming of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart into our own hearts. Spirit of Jesus stir us, move us, fill us, heal us. Spirit of Jesus seal us. Amen.

We renounce Satan and his pomp. In the Name of Jesus we command all evil spirits to leave us, thus preserving our inter-relationships for the Work of the Kingdom.

Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us! Melt us, mold us, heal us, use us.  Spirit of the living God, fall afresh in us.

      Final Consecration on a Feast of Our Lady

 Dear Mother: we, the _______family/group, pray to be carried within your maternal arms to be presented to God the Father in heaven and to be placed in the service of your Son. We pledge to live only in the present moment, in total attention to love God with a perfect Yes to His will, as servants and under our crosses, and to love our neighbor by using every opportunity to ask the Father, in the Name of Jesus, for their salvation, as we forgive and forget their faults, atone for their sins and lay down our lives on our own accord for their redemption when we exchange our love for their offenses, never allowing ourselves to think anymore of any scandal or hurt they have left in our hearts. Give us faith to quench our fears – hope to quench our doubts – love to guard us of indifference, and all to be done for the salvation of souls for the glory of God.

 In this solemn act, we as your children, offer to you our yes in unison with your own to be obedient to the will of God, in order to be fortified and stand strong in this final battle for the fulfillment of the promises you gave in Fatima: the conversion of Russia, the land of your greatest victory, and through this the conversion of the entire world and the reign of global peace.

 Queen of Apostles and of the Universe, Help of Christians, patroness of evangelization and Co-Redemptrix, Our Lady Who Unties Knots, Our Lady of Guadalupe, under all your titles guide us in the midst of darkness in this time. With the refuge of your Immaculate Heart as our beacon, lead us into the field of this battle as we proclaim the infinite mercy and love of God the Father, the love that He has for us a that of a mother for the baby in her womb (Rahamin!).

 We promise to you, our Mother, our fidelity to Our Holy Father Benedict XVI, and may this consecration give to him the unity of our hearts, minds and souls to bring the reality of the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart. We promise to forgive and forget the sinful patterns present today within the Church.

 As an apostle of your Triumph, I, the mother (father) of this family, pledge to you Mother, to give witness to the divine presence of your Son within the Holy Eucharist, the unifying force of your mighty army. May we find conviction, confidence and a single-minded focus before the Blessed Sacrament. May He create in us souls of perfection that can reflect and shine His love forth to all in the world, Christians, Moslems, Buddhists and atheists.

 In the presence of all the Angels and Saints in heaven and in union with the Holy Mother Church, we renew the vows of our Baptism. We offer to you dear Mother, all our past, present and future joys and sorrows, prayers and sacrifices, all that we are and all that the Father shall mold us to become, for the salvation of souls and in atonement and reparation for our sins.  We renounce Satan and all his pomp and lies. We ask you to obtain for us that all our prayers be always accompanied by a deep desire to do God’s will. That our love be exercised under perfect obedience to the will of God, that is in obedience to all the Commandments and with a repentant heart. That our trust in God should always mean that as we trust in His love so perfectly with faith and dispelling fears, we also may trust that all is well if we are faithful to obeying His will, regardless of our crosses and difficulties.  We also promise to spread the message of the need to consecrate our hearts to your Immaculate Heart. All these promises are made in order to give glory to God, the Holy Trinity. AMEN.








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