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Assessing the depth of my personal relationship with Jesus using the Canticle of Magnificat as a guide

December 28, 2013


It is December 25th when I start writing this blog. Yes, I have reviewed the material to be shared and truly wanted to be finished by today… However, I feel like a force that impedes me to spend much time in the computer. My left eye seems to be acting up and I do not have a decent pair of glasses for the vision of my good right eye since the latest version from last February, never worked well. I rather drive without glasses than the ones they twice made for me. I do know that I can get better vision because if I use the frame part to focus in whatever I am seeing even here in the computer, I see much better. Yet, it is impossible to focus for long periods in such narrow glass. I start with these stories because I need your prayer precisely to order another set of glasses in the near future and need to choose an optometrist who can use a very good laboratory to make what I need.

In the other hand, I am suspecting that the content of this blog may be very special, one that closes the year of 2013, and one that opened my eyes to the work of God in our lives but this time in a very interesting way. So, for obvious reasons, I must have to pay for this sacrifice… as King David paid for the land he wanted to purchase to offer sacrifice to the Lord, even that he was offered to get it at no cost! And for those who are praying for me already, please keep doing it. I would be very happy to stop these blogs but so far, I have no permission to do so…

As always I will use the calendar sequence to share the teachings I received. At end, I will have a summary that will bring about, among other important topics, the fruits we obtain in the confessional. I was amazed with what happened to me in this month of December… You shall be the judges.

In this month’s blog, I will share my “new” understanding of the canticle, the Magnificat. I want to remind you AGAIN that I have no theology background, and what I have received is for me, for my spiritual formation; in general, it truly gave me a great insight in assessing my personal relationship with Jesus and how to make it deeper and better. Yet, it may not be for you. Please, use your discernment.


Tuesday, December 3.

On this day, the feast of St. Francis Xavier, my fourth grand child was born in Omaha, NE. He will be baptized on December 26th. with the name of FRANCISCO IGNACIO MARIA… The Jesuit Order continues to reign among our family.  On this day, I remembered once again how I took each of my four sons and presented them to Jesus in the Tabernacle on the first day that the babies would be taken out of our home, after their birth and coming from the hospital. I kept this tradition that I invented (or that the Holy Spirit placed in my heart) for the four of them in different parishes: Precious Blood parish in Detroit, MI. St. Hugo of the Hills in Bloomfield Hills, MI, a suburb north of Detroit. And the last two boys were presented at St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Ann Arbor, MI. In this very short visit, I went, knelt with the baby in my arms and said, “Jesus, here is my son. I bring him to You, You gave him to me and I give him back to You for Your protection, blessing and guidance.” I wonder if this act of trust in my Lord brought them to be educated by the Jesuits, to the point of Him even asking me to take a new job to be offered, and sure enough, the job appeared by magic and we went back to Cleveland, and in this way, for the last two boys to attend St. Ignatius High School.

Thursday, December 5.

As you know, I had stopped attending daily Mass because the narcotic I take makes me very drowsy, and I need it to be able to even drive. For example, my right knee involved in taking care of the pedals to stop and advance the car hurt if I do not take the pain killer. On this day, I needed to go to Walnut Creek’s health food store since I was out of the few things I eat (due to my allergy to all foods). After shopping I went to do a Holy Hour and to attend the noon Mass. To save my eye sight, I will paste an email sent to my family regarding the blessings received in my Holy Hour.

Email to one of my sons and wife:  

I wanted to attend Mass and thank God for the safe birth of Paquito (the diminutive for the nickname of Paco that means Francisco). I had to go to Walnut Creek mid morning (with less traffic) and using the long way (25 minutes) to get to Whole Food Store. I arrived at 10 AM and by the time I was done, it was 10:30 AM. I felt this heavy call to go to Mass and do my Holy Hour, which I have not done since Aug. 12. Normally, I would not stay for noon Mass because at the end of this liturgy, the lunch time traffic is horrendous in this part of Walnut Creek!  I arrived at the church at 10:40 and started praying. I had not being with Him one to one in 4 months. Out of the blue, He said He had a lesson for me and that He will give me 3 Biblical readings. He sent  me to open three times the miniature Protestant Bible I carry in my purse . For the first reading, to look on the right side page. For the second one, to look in the page of the left side. For the third reading, to check the right side again. This Bible has 669 pages and it only covers the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

1. The first reading was of John 6, verse 48 or when He declares that He is the Bread of Life.

2. Second reading: Luke 22: 14 and refers to Jesus as He pronounces the words of the Consecration at the last Supper….

3. The third reading, John 6, verse 48, when He declares that He is the Bread of Life. 

My thoughts became paralyzed… Why the three of them refer to the Eucharist? Then He said, "It is simple. You need to come to daily Mass as before. I will protect you from a traffic mishap. It is only receiving My Body and Blood that you can continue getting help for your Blogs and which you cannot stop yet." 

I then realized that this had been a huge sign. How can I open the Bible to deal with the same theme three times and the particular page of John 6 twice… among 669 pages? These are the moments that I know that I have to run and work for the Kingdom big time and beyond writing blogs. After my Holy Hour, a precious time with His Presence and Love, I then became oppressed… This time I knew why: the majority of people who came, tons of them for the noon Mass, were there because they believe in Jesus… and are faithful to this belief but have not FULLY met Him… as yet. They enter and bypass Him in the Tabernacle to pray to His risen statue up high on top of the altar.

I then repented and big time for the times I have lost evangelizing others as to how to develop a personal active friendship with Him! Mine was given to me as a kid, but this has allowed me to know quite well how this relationship works. I truly felt soo bad… I realized that back in August, I was at the doors of death and He rescued me so that I could spend time at home and think… of the gifts given to me… and that I have to share. Those attending Mass are victims of some of us who have lived with Him for so many years and failed to recognize our stupidity. I thanked Him for the precious gift of Paquito and promised Him to live the rest of my life with a solid yes to His will, so that He can use me as needed. And a solid yes means that love is behind my yes, love for Him and for my neighbor… And His Presence in the Eucharist should be the center of my evangelization, and obviously because He came to show Himself to me at so early age. Now He is calling me back to make a major sacrifice since I should  come back home without the use of the expressway; it takes me 40 minutes at this lunch hour everywhere until I arrive to my home. I also have to take my Tramadol (narcotic) at the precise moment so that I am not too drunk and yet not hurting too much… 

I suspect that this is the sacrifice, the penitence I must endure and offer for people to MEET Him, and that my pain and allergies will get better since I will have a cross but a different one. As you pray with your family, keep me in your prayers so that I can learn to live with a true missionary heart as my Therese of Lissieux, also my childhood friend. I keep failing to truly work hard to take Jesus to others as He wants me to and to whom He has assigned me.  And I fail because I do not care enough… That shows you my state of holiness… And tomorrow I cannot go to Mass because I have an appointment with my doctor, Anita Gaind… Your brother will take the morning off just to be sure that I get there, a tricky area to get to her office, and probably having to go to the lab for some tests.  

Did you notice that Pope Francis’ birthday is Dec. 17. Hmm… Very close to Francisco Ignacio’s. And here there is another beauty of information: St. Margaret Mary Alacoque had severe allergies to cheese and suffered much pain because of it. At the convent, they forced her to eat it… So, she is the patroness of people with allergies… Huh! It is all in the family since St. Margaret Mary also had a Jesuit as her spiritual director…

Sunday, December 8.

I wrote in my journal: “I have easily come back to say and act the “yes” of the servant, one that does not need to know much. Joy and peace continue to be abundant.” No doubt that my purification of last August hospital events have produced fruits.

Monday, December 9 – Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

I was in my parish by 10:35 AM. During my Holy Hour I did the consecration to Our Lady. I still walk with a cane in my hand because of my being drugged and to be sure that I do not fall due to the instability of my brain under the narcotic influence. As I was arriving home, I suddenly realized that I had left my cane in church. My Pastor had just preached at this noon Mass that God has a plan for all of us, as He did with Our Lady. Little did I know that these words were prophetic.

I immediately returned to my parish and this time using the expressway… After all, my Lord had assured me that He would protect me! They looked for it even in the lost and found box in the sacristy and to no avail… So, right and there, I decided to go across the street in front of the parish entrance to a medical supply store in order to buy another cane. The time was passed 1 PM and it was empty. The owner was there and turned out to be a very rich man, a pharmacist as well, and we became kind of friends because of the science that united us. I mentioned about my memory loss and its recovery, as well as how carrageenan causes severe depression in many of us. Also, how I needed to write a book on these subjects, especially because many young people are either committing suicide or going to schools to kill many. I added that I wondered if carrageenan, this natural sea weed could be behind of some of these tragedies.

He then told me that he published a book himself and showed it to me. Then he proceeded to offer his advice, free of charge, and teach me how to publish a book using the Internet and bypassing a publishing company. He gave me his card and I left completely amazed at what God can do in our lives. Indeed, God has a plan for all of us… And of course, He chose to push the publishing of the book on this particular day, the feast of my Mother, and used the loss of the cane… although He was not done in giving me more surprises on this particular day. By the way, the lost cane was found in church and taken to the rectory; and two weeks later someone who knew I had lost it, discovered it by chance and brought to me…

While I was watching the Live Mass from the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., I started to understand a myriad of concepts that made me take notes. The Magnificat, these beautiful words of Our Lady said to her cousin Elizabeth, while carrying already the Babe Jesus in her womb, demonstrates for us the highest degree of a personal relationship with Jesus, or what it is all about. It describes the fruits that come as a product of the most perfect and profound relationship with Christ.

But before I start, I must quote this explanation about this canticle found in the Bible. “Through the centuries, the Magnificat is considered as the response of a servant in a psalm of praise. This may have been a Jewish/Christian hymn that St. Luke found appropriate in this time of his story. Some Old Latin manuscripts identify the speaker of the hymn as Elizabeth, even though the overwhelming textual evidence makes Mary the speaker.”

Well, for me, she is the one proclaiming it, and since she knew Scripture at age 15 and we know by her mentioning of Abraham in the Magnificat, she could have being inspired by the psalm of praise of Hannah, the mother of Samuel. She was without child and in the yearly pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Lord, she prayed to have a son and promised to dedicate him to God. Eli, the priest, was present when she asked the Lord for His help in curing her barrenness and he said, “Go in peace, and may the Lord of Israel grant you what you have asked of Him.” Hannah’s psalm of praise appears in 1 Sam 2:1-10. She did conceive and Samuel was sent to live in the Temple as promised, once he was weaned from the maternal milk.

On this day of the feast of Our Lady, and again, while a LIVE Mass was going on at her Shrine in Washington, D.C., I realized that we all speak of a personal relationship with Jesus as only one form of knowledge of His Presence, especially in the Eucharist. However, this personal relationship is composed of several degrees of stages, experiences or depths of intimacy, and also, each one produces different fruits. Therefore, by looking for those fruits in our souls, we can judge the degree or depth of our personal relationship with Him.

 Using the Magnificat as a guide, we should expect the following fruits as Our Lady experienced them, and she being the most perfect human being, we should expect to have a great model to follow.

1. She had perfect trust in God’s message given by the Archangel Gabriel. And we know this because she acted up this trust:

She ran to serve her cousin Elizabeth. She had no doubts or questions about her pregnancy with the Messiah King as she arrived and declared her own blessedness. This running to her cousin showed that she did not worry what would happen to her when she would come back, or what people would say especially Joseph, or if she would be stoned for expecting a baby without being married but only engaged to him. She showed total trust in God and that He was in charge and had a perfect plan.

2. “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”

In the Magnificat she proclaims the greatness of the Lord and it is a form of worship pf Him. She also had encountered Him, the baby already in her womb. A personal experience of His Presence had occurred and she rejoiced in God, her savior… She rejoiced with the Presence of her own Son. This tells us that a fruit of having a perfect and complete personal relationship with Jesus is joy and a desire to worship God. There were no signs of loneliness.

3.”For He has looked upon His handmaid’s lowliness; behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed.”

She clearly states that He has chosen her because of her humility, and how this fact will make her blessed in front of future generations. She affirms her status as a servant of God, despite being selected as the Mother of the Messiah.

4. “The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is His name.”

As she declares that God has done great things for her and once more, she asserts and believes that her pregnancy is a true event. At this early stage, she had no way to know if she truly was carrying this baby. There were no pregnancy tests at the time! It was also too early for her to experience the symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy. Trust becomes evident or faith without fear of being wrong. She again worships Him by calling His name holy.

5. “His mercy is from age to age to those who fear Him.”

Immediately she speaks of God’s mercy… Hmm. Of course, with such trust (like saying, “Jesus I trust in You”), she knows His mercy first hand…She clarifies that His mercy is for those who fear Him. Fear of the Lord is not the fear we know. I wrote a whole blog on “fear of God” in the Old and New Testaments, and how it is understood according to the Bible notes as the feeling of awe about God. So, mercy is adjudicated to those who live in awe of God’s love and care and providence, etc. She was one of them.

6. “He has shown might with His arm; dispersed the arrogant of mind and heart. He has thrown down the rulers from their thrones but lifted up the lowly.”

She described what God is all about: He is powerful… He despises pride and arrogance, and because of it, He wins battles against the powerful and uplifts those who are humble. This is a call for all of us to trust in Him with total certitude that He can win all our battles because for Him nothing is impossible. He is mighty. If we truly  trust God, even unjust laws will be defeated! It is up to us! Our faith can move mountains, and so said Jesus. There is no reason to complain about the injustices imposed on us if we truly trust that God is with us, Emmanuel, and that He can change bad things into good ones (Romans 8:28)

7. “The hungry He has filled with good things; the rich He has sent away empty.”

He is also merciful because He feeds the hungry with good things, that is, not only food and clothing but also with graces…She clearly describes that God loves us. The rich, those who are attached to worldly possessions, will be sent away empty… They perhaps will never see heaven.

8. “He has helped Israel, His servant, remembering His mercy, according to the promise to our fathers, to Abraham and to his descendants forever.”

She even went further with her trust in being pregnant with the Son of God by explaining what the Baby in her womb will mean to all Israel – He will liberate them.

9. She, herself, becomes a witness to what God can do for us, and reminds us about all the things He is capable of doing for us as future witnesses.

I also understood that for my life, whatever I end up doing as a servant for the Kingdom, or whatever happens with my immune system and left eye, are all under His merciful love for me, but as long as I trust that He is in charge and just live a day at a time, full of joy for what He will do for me. I was amazed about all the things that God can give us if we blindly trust in His love and mercy, which requires humility, love of neighbor and having a personal relationship with Him. The latter must render certain fruits in order to truly be a complete relationship as seen in the Magnificat.

The end of this year seems to be the proper time to examine how many of the fruits explained in the Magnificat I am experiencing, in order to determine how superficial or deep my personal encounter with Jesus is. This relationship is dynamic and I only have to examine those fruits that are lacking or not perfect, and should be taken to my Mother for her to pray for me and have her Son help me do better.

The most important item in the Magnificat is to see that in order to be remembered by all generations as a witness of what a personal deep relationship with Jesus is all about, we must live such life as she described it. Even some saints gave birth to other saints. For example and one of many, St. Teresa of Avila (XVI C), gave spiritual birth centuries later to St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (XX C). And here we are entering in the theme of evangelization of the world.  There is no doubt that our evangelization work depends on how complete is our personal relationship with Jesus Christ on earth, in order to multiply for future generations.

Therefore, examining the fruits shown in the Magnificat: 1) humility, 2) joy always and despite circumstances, 3) lack of loneliness (of course, not due to a clinical depression secondary to chemical imbalances in the brain), 4) lack of all pride and arrogance, 5) total trust that He is in charge of everything in our lives, and therefore, 6) saying yes to His will with total trust that He is all powerful and loving and merciful and therefore, that our yes is not a choice, but the best choice we could make ever… 7) The fruit of the certitude that God is within us and in our brothers and sisters, and treating them accordingly and regardless of how we feel, all of those things are the best way to judge what kind of witnesses we are for the new evangelization in our Church.

I became fascinated when I realized that God chose her feast day to give me some way of evaluating what we all call, “to have a personal relationship with God.” For the first time in my life, I understood how easy is to find out where we stand in this aspect of our spiritual life. Even in human terms, we have different depths of relating with other people. Now, I had the description coming from the lips of the most perfect disciple, describing what such relationship is all about. The Holy Spirit will act within us and convert us as we give Him permission to proceed. Our cooperation seems to depend on various fruits of our day to day life.

Tuesday, December 10.

On this day, I had prepared to share with one of the staff members of the parish, the picture of Our Lady Untier of Knots and the story behind her coming from Germany to Argentina and the other Latin American countries. I wrote the story in 1999 without the aid of a computer. I used a regular type writer because I was in Toledo, OH and my home and computer  was still in a suburb of Cleveland, OH. I did not have a lap top. It amazes me how my Mother has always been in the middle of my life. I was renting a home in Toledo (Maumee), and working in a large hospital. I had arrived to this city because God had a plan, and I will speak more about it under the Dec. 16 notes.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I had visited my internist back on Dec. 6th, and on this day, her office called me with the results of my hemoglobin test. I had a normal blood count… since August when I went down to 5.2 grams…

11 AM: my Mother came to give me some advice: “Study and see what ‘fruits’ in the Magnificat you are missing in your relationship with my Son.  Polish them and you will see changes in your spiritual life that will make you trust more and more, because His mercy will change you almost without knowing it.”

I suddenly remembered that on this day at midnight, Mexico celebrates our Mother of Guadalupe’s coming in 1531, painted on a tilma (cloak), and no one can figure out why this cloth still remains intact. The picture was painted in heaven and depicts important clues for 9 million of Aztec Indians who in the next ten years believed in her and her Son Jesus and became Roman Catholics. The question here is why to use St. Juan Diego as the bridge to the Bishop. Why didn’t her appear directly to the Spanish Bishop? The Spanish “conquistadores” had brought priests and bishops but the conversion to the Faith was very slow. Well, we needed someone humble and our Mother was able to use “lowly” Juan Diego as the go between the Bishop and her image. Our Mother had been sent to visit the America’s… just as she did with her cousin Elizabeth… and this time, her image never left. But the evangelization was not just for the next 10 years. When she came to the America’s she also went to every heart in this continent… Later in the XIX C, she came to Lourdes, France… In the XX C she came to Fatima, Portugal. And yes, she appeared in many other places (Africa, Japan, etc.) but with the coming of our Lady of Guadalupe, she inaugurated an evangelistic time for the entire world that continues till this night in 2013. We must say that for 5 centuries we have called her blessed!!! At 10 PM, a Hispanic channel started passing on the scenes of the many pilgrims going through her Basilica in Tepeyac, MX, and also they were celebrating her in Los Angeles, CA and San Antonio, TX.

Thursday, December 12.

In our parish we had a beautiful corner with Our Lady of Guadalupe and myriads of roses. At Holy Hour, I was paying attention to the Tabernacle and out of the blue, I turned to her statue on my right and heard her say: open the Bible three times and you will find readings that you should meditate on. I opened the little Bible in my purse, found three Bible stories that she wanted me to look into but it was time for Mass, and left it to do it at home.

The first Bible reading was of Luke 1. Zechariah doubts the Angel Gabriel and becomes mute. I wondered how many of us doubters in God’s love for us, become mute or unable to evangelize the world because we simply have not believed His Word… and acted on it and worse, we never realized what we were missing. We thought that we knew the entire Bible since we hear it every Sunday in three year cycles… Yet, we never acted on the Word heard Sunday after Sunday!

The second reading was of Psalm 106.

Verse 1: “Give thanks to the Lord, who is good, whose love endures forever. Who can tell the mighty deeds of the Lord, proclaim in full God’s praises?” (Our Lady did…)

In this psalm, Israel is invited to praise God whose mercy has always tempered judgment of Israel. Confident on God’s mercy, the speaker invites national repentance by reciting from Israel’s history 8 instances of sin, judgment and forgiveness. In verses 36-38, it reads, “They worshiped their idols and were ensnared by them. They sacrificed to the gods their own sons and daughters, shedding innocent blood, the blood of their own sons and daughters.” Wow… This is a description of our present times, but also the times of 1531, when the Aztecs were also sacrificing their children to their gods… And Our Lady came and stopped these sacrifices while converting the millions of Indians.

The third reading was of Daniel 8, which describes the end times and the Angel Gabriel appearing for the first time in Scripture to explain to Daniel the vision he had. It is interesting that all the readings can be united in one topic: the present times and the times when Our Lady of Guadalupe was sent to the America’s for similar sins of killing their own innocent children, which she stopped… and how she did a mighty evangelization of millions. Daniel reminds us of the end times, which are probably nearby. The Angel Gabriel is a common link between the concept of the end times and the birth of our liberator, the Messiah King.

There was no doubt in my mind that my Mother was hinting to me the importance of her help for us too. Ah, but she was clear with us: she was an intercessor at the wedding at Cana, but her words were: “Do whatever He tells you.” Are we doing whatever He tells us in the Scriptures? Jesus and His Mother showed us that doing the Father’s will was the most important step… This is the oil for our lamps to be super prepared for His second coming. It was clear for me that on this great feast of our Mother, she wanted to warn me that no matter what, I should say yes to whatever God wants of me, without any fear, without any wondering about it. In fact, she was rejoicing as she entered to serve her cousin and I should do the same at all times…

Friday, December 13.

The Hispanic TV presented a telethon for the good of Hispanic children and teens  in the U.S. It started at 7 PM to end on Saturday at 10 PM.

Saturday, December 14.

From time to time I watched the telethon and began to enter the depth of suffering of some families and my stupidity for basically never thanking God for the blessings received with four normal sons, all very intelligent and some extremely intelligent, as was told to me by a PhD in mathematics who taught in So. Bend, IN, regarding the son with whom I live. She said that he was in the category of a genius. And this was the son who dealt with my two hospitalizations and his job as a data base engineer and always with a big smile in his face… My third son at birth and by medical errors, was placed in the category of a potential retarded child… As I saw so many of these children being shown during these hours of the telethon, my pain kept going up and up… This third son has already published a book and when he graduated at the University of Dallas with a Master in Theology, his thesis received an A+ grade. But what about if he were retarded? Have I thanked God enough for protecting him? I suspect that I have not done it enough!

Let me repeat: I never took serious time on a frequent basis to thank my God for such gifts… I never truly had my own Magnificat recited to Him for His goodness and love for me… And there is something else that I want to bring up right now… I have never, ever, ever felt any pride for my son’s accomplishments or mine for that matter. I was the best in every school from grade school to medical school. And always I knew that these successes were not mine at all… I always knew that He was behind them for whatever His reasons were; that these were gifts and as such, I had nothing to do with them. I have been accused from time to time of how I want to call the attention of others… and I never wanted to do so because I never felt the need for it… It is hard to explain, but please, if you know me personally, remember that my triumphs were His idea and that I never worked hard to obtain them for my own sake nor did I coveted them at all even ONCE!

In this telethon, they presented the story of a mom, Victoria, who is married, deaf-mute and has three children. The oldest, 12, has cerebral palsy. She explained in sign language how she cannot hear this son if he needs something by the noises he emits. She cannot console her son with words. She can only love him in silence and with touch. Someone said about her that Victoria sees and hears with her heart! Someone also came to say that all the gifts we have, we should not ask ourselves why we have them, but FOR WHAT reason we have them.  Where are they needed?

Noon time: my Mother in her feast day gave me a nice teaching and rules to be followed..

“Rule for your life No. 1: Never listen to me without first invoking the Holy Spirit to give you understanding and discernment regarding the evil one, and not confuse me with him.

 “Rule No. 2: Always say yes to what the present moment puts in front of you and no matter what, and remember that even the loss of your cane was good! So, God’s will for you demands a most perfect yes since it is already sooo good!

“Rule No. 3: your life ahead will have crosses, even huge ones. You may feel resentment towards the dissipation you observe in the Church. It will be a cross, but stay away from further judgment and use your pain by offering it for the Church.

“Rule No. 4: often think of the many times you have walked on water (Toledo) or the many times you have traveled in a boat with a very stormy weather (during professional persecutions), and yet, many blessings were received to survive those moments. In every case, God’s mercy came to your rescue, and His mercy is available 24/7. This is another reason to say yes to whatever God calls you to do.

“Rule No. 5: your yes to God’s will in each present moment, even when such will looks very different to what you would have expected, is the way to allow the Holy Spirit to truly reign in your heart but in real terms, not as a concept that He is there. This yes in itself will safeguard you from anything that is not the will of God!!! So, your yes must be decisive, fully trusting that God has a plan for you even before you were created. This attitude, in turn, moves the mercy and justice of God to allow you to do it. Then, He will take care of the rest, that is, He will protect you from sinning if you trust that He loves you. He will win the daily little and huge battles against the devil. But all rests in always trusting that you are a servant with a job to be accomplished, and that you say yes to such job all day…

“Obvious fruits coming from your determined “yes”: Always remember that a determined yes to whatever His will is, guarantees that you will not make a mistake and listen to Satan (as he uses other human beings as counsels) or listen to your own will. The first fruit to be found in this determined yes is that you will feel detached from wanting to be in charge of your life. This guarantees your self-denial. The second fruit is that you become a friend of the crosses received. These fruits are important tools to become a fruitful servant.

“A third fruit of a determined yes is that you frequently recount your blessings and remember that the more you receive , that much more you have to give back. Finally, the fourth fruit is that the love for God and neighbor are practiced without major difficulty.

“Then you become a disciple in formation who seeks to follow God’s will for the sake of His glory (not your own glory) and to give witness to all generations.  In this consists the true trust, the one that knows that saying “yes” while loving God with all your heart, mind and soul and seeking the salvation of His children is the best action on your part, in order to open the ocean of His mercy to win all the battles in the hearts of those pilgrims only in name, or those who do not believe at all.

“So, work on your “yes” to be pure and decisive, without questions or fears, as the only remedy for preparing the world for His second coming. And it should start with you. Talking or writing about it is cheap. Acting on it is bringing fire onto the earth with a true new Pentecost that should start in your heart.”

As I finished this teaching while taking notes at the same time, I suddenly turned on the television and had been left on CNN. There it was the desert for the previous meal (teaching)!!!! It was the story of a man who had been jailed for 25 year for a crime he did not commit, killing his wife and leaving their small child alone. He was left free because finally it was found out that there was no proof that he had committed this crime, and actually, the jurors had been misinformed by the prosecutor. Yet, every time that he was recently interviewed for this program about his life in prison, he had this beautiful joyful face. It is important to remember that for 25 years he had also lost sight of his 3 year old son. At the end, the CNN interviewer asked him what he had to say about this injustice and with a huge smile, he said, “I know God exists. I know God is all wisdom. I know God loves me. I do not care about anything else.”

I then knew that my God wanted me to see what truly joy is all about… This man had not resentment… He had no regrets. He had no fear because he had a beautiful deep personal relationship with God. And this was true joy… because with his joy he was sanctifying many of us. It was not his personality. It was his discipleship that showed up and powerfully.  Then, I really felt that my Mom wanted me to focus in my yes to God’s will as explained by her, in order to become a joyful servant, not a smiley servant but one who constantly rejoices in God our Savior… Real joy should be understood for what it really means and is. And yes, I can tell the difference in people who appear in television, and this program was in CNN. I knew his joy was supernatural. And it smelled purity of heart, beauty, and his joy was a REAL GIFT to me FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT…

Monday, December 16.

I bypassed the noon Mass in my parish in order to be Live with my previous Bishop from Toledo, OH during his installation as Archbishop of Hartford, CT. I wanted to pray for him. In fact, his name is written in my “community” Rosary, and I have prayed for him for many years. When he came to Toledo in 2003, we heard rumors that he wanted to make a chapel in his home in the back of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, in order to pray.

Well, Bishop Leonard P. Blair, was a nice man to me. In 2005, he reviewed two chapters of the never published book I wrote and finished in 2004, “The King of the Jews is the Mercy of God”, and felt that it was O.K. regarding its theology and that I could publish it, of course, without an imprimatur. When I remember the Catholic Church in Toledo, this now Archbishop kept me from leaving the Church. He was from Detroit, MI, the city that my Lord brought me to as a young physician, after being also accepted in other four hospitals in other States. He was born on April 12, the same day that the Carmelite St. Teresa of Jesus of the Andes from Chile, died at age 19! I became friends with the nuns that today reside in the same convent she was, and they sent me several relics made of pieces of St. Teresa’s habit! I gave one to the Bishop since they have a common date.

This Bishop is also a man who loves the devotion to the Divine Mercy of God. His Mother was Polish and named Helen as St. Faustina was before receiving her religious name. She was born on October 5, precisely the same day and month that St. Faustina died… His Mom died on Divine Mercy Sunday, and as some of us had traveled to downtown Toledo to spend the Hour of Mercy (3 PM) in a parish with many Polish parishioners, we were told at the last minute that the Bishop was there to pray with us and had appeared   un announced … He prayed with us the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and said that his visit was due to the fact that he needed to be with us, his sheep, on this day when his mom had died that morning! As you can see, the connections with my life were all there: Detroit and the Divine Mercy devotion. So, I truly was interested to be accompanying him on this special day of his installation in Hartford.


Seeing him being installed brought back so many memories. One of them: my life in one of the parishes in the Diocese of Toledo which was very hectic. I have mentioned this story before. If you do not believe in Satan, I can assure you that he does exist. By pure chance and just last week, I found in an old email for my boys from 2008, what where the accusations against me that a sacristan of this parish submitted to the Ohio Board of Medicine in Columbus which I have mentioned before.  Let me share the actual words of the complain so that you can see what persecution is all about and how it becomes a bridge to resent and even hate.

This is part of the email sent to my sons (July 28, 2008)

I received an Email from an investigator of the Medical Board of Ohio and he wanted to know where I was and to call him. He gave me his cell phone which by the way had an area code for the Toledo area!!!

THESE ARE THE ACCUSATIONS filed with the Board on June 9, 2008 (the day that I closed on the house sale…)

1. In 2005, I paid someone for some work done with a false check and supposedly I was taken to a civil court and the investigator wanted to know if I ever closed this case or what happened. Was I convicted?

2. I have another name and address that I go by. I had to ask the investigator to spell for me: I am supposedly Maria del Carmen Chaudry-Arteaga and I live some place in Sylvania (a Toledo suburb), except that the number of the street address does not exist! (He thought that may be I had remarried?)

3. I also threatened to kill the person who filed the accusation at a Catholic Church function… Hmm! (This  gave her away… She had to be Catholic!) 

The investigator has not been able to find the person who filed the complain by name or address… Hmm!  This is typical of miss M.W., the sacristan woman who disliked me so much! She works for a lawyer as a simple office helper and part time. Accusation number 3 is the clue! Some 7 years ago, she had another vendetta against an old lady sacristan and she kept sending her letters without a signature, and telling her how she would die if she did not quit the sacristy. The woman kept the letters, left the parish completely (who wouldn’t) and showed the letters to my friend M. My friend recognized Miss W.’s handwriting… !

As I kept talking to this investigator, he started to apologize and realized that there was something very wrong. I told him how my credit score is very hi as found out by the man who rent us this home and at the bank where I had just opened my account in California; the lady who opened it said that the computer reported that I had a great credit report number but did not tell her what the number was… I also said that I have never had an alias ever and that I am not remarried… Obviously, my name is not in the civil courts because I never had anything done and paid with a false check. However, he will give this info to the Board who will examine it to exonerate me or make me culpable and probably lose my lousy license that ends this January 2009… Anyway, he cannot find her or him.  I told the investigator that I was not going to renew my license anyway and that I had moved to live in California in retirement but that I wanted my name completely cleared. (End of story in email)

You may ask, “But why to divulge this in the Internet?” Well, the Gospel for December 26 has Jesus telling us, “You will be persecuted because of My Name.” I want you to know that this injustice NEVER, NEVER, EVER produced hatred towards these people. Love: yes. He gave me love for them, except for Miss. W. I do not love her but I do not hate her and want her salvation. I feel neutral towards her and actually compassionate. However, we must share these stories to realize that we are going to be persecuted in the craziest ways possible in order to make us hate others and be kept in bondage with resentment… Once the Holy Spirit finds us in bondage to sin, we cannot hear Him well and much less become dedicated to do God’s will.


Worse: we go through the years without truly looking into these feelings as sinful… After all, a persecution as ugly as this one, merits such feelings… And there, Satan has us…  The Ohio Board of Medicine found me not guilty… But, I could have lost my Faith…!!! This time, it was not a professional persecution. This time it was in the heart of the Church!!! In the other hand, I did not feel an orphan. I did not keep a close friendship with the Bishop but I knew he was there if I needed him.

When I started writing this blog (November 2008) and 4 months after my arrival in California, I asked Bishop Blair if he could overlook its content for some theological error. I wrote that he did not even have to answer if he could do it. He never did. So, I knew he was peeking at them for the sake of errors. One year later, I let his help go. After all, I was in a different Diocese and I felt guilty for imposing such cross on this Bishop.

Tuesday, December 17th.

On this day, our new Pope had a birthday… With all the memories that were resuscitated around the date of the installation of Archbishop Blair, here came a major answer that God is in charge. I cannot understand what God has done with this new Pope. This man, like Our Lady of Guadalupe, is touching thousands in the world… AOL will not stop placing stories about him. Let’s review a few of the commentaries:

CNN on Sunday Dec. 15: a Jewish man said that now he follows whatever Pope Francis says… He is very interested in his messages…!!!


Wednesday, December 18. ABC’s, Good Morning America, transported two of their hosts to Rome and spend time  seeing Pope Francis as he went along shaking hands before the Angelus, and also, these hosts were given tours of different parts and museums of the Vatican.

AOL opened its doors for people’s comments, and here are some:

1. This man blows me away, I maybe an Atheist but I can respect someone who follows his beliefs without any bunk.  (17 Dec. 8:12 PM) 

2. Happy Birthday to the BEST POPE EVER!!! Pope Francis: you are an inspiration, and you are following what Jesus preached. Pope Francis where have you been? Pope Francis we needed long time ago, but we are happy that you are here!!! Long Live Pope Francis!!! I think that I am your biggest fan. (18 Dec. 8:35 AM)

3. Happy Birthday, Pope Francis! You inspire SO many by your outpouring of generosity of spirit and love!   (18 Dec. 7:20 AM)


December 17.  "Four homeless people, one of them bringing his dog, helped Pope Francis celebrate his 77th birthday at the Vatican Tuesday."

December 2013.  Pope Francis has been selected by Time magazine as the Person of the Year.

“In only his first year, the pope was selected by the magazine’s editors as the person who had the greatest impact on the world, for good or bad, during 2013.” (My note: notice how they write for good or bad… Hmm.)

Time Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs said “Pope Francis had changed the tone, the perception and focus of one of the world’s largest institutions in an extraordinary way.

Dec. 24, 2013 – Pope’s Approval Rating Soars: CNN Poll

“The Holy See is about to get an early Christmas present this year.

“A new CNN poll released Tuesday found that 88% of American Catholics view Pope Francis favorably. Additionally, nearly 75% of Americans in general think he’s doing a good job.

“According to the CNN poll, the Pope has received high marks among American Catholics for his views. His handling of the priest sex abuse scandal also scored well, with over 60% of responders saying he’s managed the fallout well

“Pope Francis took over as leader of the church, which lists 1.2 billion in membership, in March after Pope Benedict XVI resigned.

“According to a Global Language Monitor study the Pope was the most talked-about person on the internet in 2013.”

The question is: What is God trying to tell us?

Friday, December 20.

I had made an appointment with my pastor for my confession. The parish had had its reconciliation service but at night, and I do not want to drive in the darkness. I cannot go on Saturday’s because in the English confessional that is used, there is not a face to face side, where I can sit. Obviously, I cannot kneel in the regular confessional. For several days, the sense that I have wasted much time throughout my life was bugging me big time. I had wasted all the persecutions suffered in the past. I never offered them up! Evangelization or bringing others back to my parish had been placed in a back burner. At the same time, in the last 3-4 months, everybody open doors for me including a very old lady…! There is no question that God was changing hearts to serve me, to do something nice for me, and I had no explanation as to why He was doing it.

My penance for my confession was “to do something nice for someone else.” I immediately thought of others opening doors for me everywhere… I left the church thinking that this penance would have to be completed as the opportunity arose. The Holy Spirit would guide me!

Sunday, December 22

FROM CCN as it appeared in AOL –

Mr. N.V., author of ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story,’ commits suicide at 32

Ned Vizzini, who shot to fame at a young age for his teenage novels focusing on depression and anxieties, has died. In his books, N.V. openly talked about his struggle with depression. He died Thursday, December 21, of blunt impact injuries to the head, torso and extremities. The N.Y. City medical examiner’s office said, “The manner of death was suicide.”

The young author won accolades for his book, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” for its portrayal of teenage depression. His other novels included “Be More Chill” and “The Other Normals.” Shortly after “Be More Chill” was published to critical acclaim, Vizzini said that he checked himself into the New York Methodist Hospital for help with his depression. “Through individual and group counseling, medication management, therapeutic activities on the unit, sincere care from the people who worked there, and some very eye-opening conversations with my fellow patients, I made it.”

He was 32 years old and is survived by his wife and son. (End of report)

I started crying while I read this story. I immediately knew that my sin of wasting time was huge and real… Since 1992, I have known about carrageenan, the natural food thickener which gives me depression. Here this man was making public his depression since his teens and what about if I had not known about carrageenan. This Lord of mine organized my life to be professionally persecuted so that I would have to do temporary jobs in anesthesia. One of them took me to Phoenix, AZ to work at a surgery center, with expectations to stay there if my job was O.K. for them!!! I would fly every two weeks from Arizona to Cleveland in South West airlines. I would eat cottage cheese in the plane and within two hours I would be depressed. I was given an apartment to stay in Arizona and would use prepared commercial foods. I bought some Weight Watchers cottage cheese and became depressed. This gave me the clue that something was in this particular brand that made me depressed, since I could not have found it out via the airline… Back in Cleveland, I compared the Weight Watchers brand with the one I had been using and carrageenan was the difference. I looked for other products with carrageenan as a thickener like ice creams, diet salad dressings, and all made me depressed. GOD HAD VISITED ME AND HIS HOLY SPIRIT REVEALED TO ME SOMETHING AS IMPORTANT AS THIS FOR MY HEALTH AND MY FAMILY.

I also have known that it is present in the protein drink Ensure, and that many elders in nursing homes are given this drink to supplement their poor eating. I am sure that some percentage does have my same genetic background, and that they may have lived terribly depressed… How many of these people who have killed many in schools and malls, do suffer the same and they become crazy… If you have never been depressed, you could not understand the pain that a depressive mood gives one. And I have sat for more than 20 years with this information and never truly finished the book that will narrate this fact. This is a very serious sin… And then I realized that not only and recently I had been told in a Bible reading that I had to write this book, but that I found a person to help me with the publishing. My 2004 book on Mercy was not published because no publisher wanted to hear about it!!! They apparently get some 1,000 (?) requests per month to publis books. And finally, when I was confessing this horror of my poor management of time which I had wasted, my pastor (through the Holy Ghost) gave me a penance to fit the entire scenario…

Of course, the BEST THING TO DO SOMETHING NICE FOR OTHERS, is to finish arranging the book since it is all basically put together, and to publish it as fast as I can. And I must insist that it was through my confession that I was able to grasp my ingratitude with my fellow brothers and sisters… and the right penance was given to me precisely to convict me of my waste of time that have cost many lives. And of course, I am pro-life, or so I think… Well, not entirely so. And all along, this God of love has kept blessing me with many graces and even healed my memory loss… Yes, with my most recent weight loss, memory loss also came to knock at the door and I will detoxify myself again, since the fat that melted contained fluoride and mercury which landed in my memory centers in the brain. It is interesting that his time around it is English language that has suffered much… Spanish has remained intact… But in general, He keeps loving me like a crazy lover and so, there is no question that He is pure mercy!

I also wonder if my left eye has been in jeopardy precisely as chastisement for my lack of love of neighbor… How easy it is to mismanage our gifts.

Monday, December 23.

Alright, this God of ours is soooo real, so majestic, that He continued organizing my conversion and amendment of my sin of wasting time… In my Holy Hour, I found the school children practicing for their Christmas Mass. I prayed two Rosaries and tried to keep my cool and not get distracted. They left at 11:30 AM. I finished my second Rosary by 11:50 AM, and then He spoke and organized the offering of my suffering. As I wrote above, in my confession I mentioned that I had failed to properly offer all the past suffering due to persecutions, and do it for the salvation of my brothers and sisters. But this time He gave me the whole picture of what to do. He said,

“1. Offer the difficulty of writing the blog with your poor sight for all the school children and teachers.

“2. Offer the suffering of editing and finishing the book for the Roman Catholic Church, both priesthoods.

“3. The boredom of doing the twice/day imagery to subdue your immune system offer it for the book’s publication, and for everybody who will help you with this job, so that no one may advice you incorrectly! (I never even thought of asking for this item ever…)

“4. Offer the suffering you encounter when you see those ignoring “Me” in the Eucharist as being totally present, for your health of mind, body and spirit, in order to go and tell everyone about “My Real Presence in the Host.”

“5. Offer the pain in your knees and left ankle especially when you have to stand for long periods for cooking or going to shop for food and offer it for your sons.

“6. Offer your future work for My Kingdom for the salvation of souls, and when the book is completed, offer it for the Roman Catholic Church as well.”

As we recited the Angelus just before the Mass started, my heart was melted. I had never thought of keeping a list of different items for which I should offer my daily sufferings. This was the very first time that I was finishing my confession by not only repenting for my sins and complying with my penance but also by planning my compliance in amending the sin of wasting time… Where was I all these years? And yes, I had learned that at each confession, I must be careful to plan the amendment of the sins confessed and act on it…  Wow!

Tuesday, December 24.

I attended a 3:15 PM Mass that was added this year at the school gym, as a 3 PM Mass for children was being celebrated in the church, and all of this seeking to alleviate the congestion of human beings for the Christmas’ Masses. It did work and the gym was full… My son took me since driving around close to Christmas is a nightmare, and I had to be full of narcotics to make it. There were several Life Masses in EWTN, from Rome to Washington, DC and Birmingham, AL, but around 11:30 PM, NBC was airing the Mass of Christmas Eve from Rome, one that had been celebrated some 18 hours before. The spot belonged to comedian Jay Leno and his nightly program. However, our present Pope is so popular that NBC decided to air this Mass…


1. I have no hesitation in affirming that we could know the Bible by heart, or go to Mass daily or participate in whatever ministry of evangelization, and if we do not say “yes” to the will of God at each present moment but in action, without questions or fears, we are deceiving ourselves.

2. We could say that for a relationship to work, we have to spend time with the person with whom we want to deepen such relationship. A wonderful teacher was shown recently who said the following and this is just a very general explanation of what was said.

“We have three paths to know God: find the center. Know the center. Realize that life is not about you. You find the center by going to Mass, doing a Holy Hour, praying. This recovers our relationship with Jesus and makes us part of the new evangelization.

“What is the new evangelization? It is declaring the lordship of Jesus Christ, finding life in Him. For this to happen we need a new ardor, a new expression and new methods, as explained by Blessed John Paul II.

“How to live the new evangelization? It begins at home by showing our faith. We must let people know about our faith. So, we need to re-educate ourselves and learn the theology of faith. Then, be willing to share it publicly. This confidence is born out of reading about what others have done in this aspect.” (End of quotes)

I say that this counsel is the truth, but in my humble opinion, there is much more to do than just knowing what to do. Our Lady was 15 years of age, basically a kid, and she gave us the shortest way to receive all we need to evangelize the entire world with a new ardor, a new expression and new methods as Blessed John Paul II suggested. Of course, we need to pray day and night, we need to go and receive Him in the Eucharist after confessing often our sins; we also need to be transformed in the way we relate to Him, but besides knowing that, only the Holy Spirit can do the job. And in order to summon the Holy Ghost there is one way that is effective and powerful: the yes of Our Lady, or saying yes to God’s will, especially to our crosses. And to be able to say yes to everything, we need to ask Him in a constant way for all the necessary gifts to say that “yes” to His will with total trust that He is all powerful and loving and merciful and therefore, that our yes is not a choice among other possible choices, but the best choice we could make ever…

I can guarantee that He will show up in the most interesting ways. Of course, we have to know some theology and study the Scriptures and know our Faith in all kind of ways, but the most powerful force for us to say yes, is seeking this encounter with God in the Eucharist, in our brothers and sisters, in the Word, and showing love for God by refraining from questions and fears, or wanting to know ahead of time what is next. Yet, for this plan to be successful it requires that we TRUST in His love and mercy as we travel on this earth because it brings the graces necessary to keep saying yes to His will which is key to show fruits to evangelize others. The Holy Spirit will also direct our searching for God, regarding what to read, when to read it, and how to act on what we read. Our yes invites the Holy Spirit to make us new!

3. Regarding Pope Francis, I know for sure that God is sending us a message. It is not just because he is a holy man… This has some other meaning. Our Lady of Guadalupe came to evangelize in big numbers and fast… and not only Mexico but the rest of the continent. So far, this Pope has managed to impress not only Catholics, but also our Protestant brothers and sisters and even atheists. The pagan media has given him much coverage! It all smells as if something big is going to happen. Our Lady Untier of Knots, his favorite title of our Mother, is untying knots right and left. In view of this so extraordinary time for the Papacy and our Church at large, I want to run and get further converted in those things that I have ignored, out of ignorance or negligence. Amending my sins after a confession will become an important item for me to do. My yes to God’s will, will be refined, especially in the presence of great crosses with my health.


I have summarized in the next and last part of this blog, what I have felt led to do in order to aid my conversion in the fastest way possible. But let’s consider first a list of general spiritual resolutions that we all should be familiar with:

1. To be always joyful

2. To be more giving to others especially for the poor, the sick, the lonely. We can give money, medicines, company, love in general.

3. To be patient with oneself and others

4. To get rid of all worldly idols, whether ideas or objects or people

5. To forgive all offenses

6. To get rid of all resentment

7. To get rid of all fear

8. To never doubt the love of God for us

9. To truly believe that the Holy Spirit is in charge of our spiritual growth and prove it by the way we consult Him during each day!

10. To do a Holy Hour as often as possible

11. To grow in our personal relationship with Jesus

12. To be able to say yes to the will of God

13. To be able to embrace all our crosses

14. To read Scripture on a daily basis and practice lectio divina as called for

15. To read the lives of the Saints often

I am sure that most of us reading this blog have made such resolutions at different times of our spiritual life and they look very good in appearance. However, our parishes still lack the attendance of most of the baptized Catholics in its geographical area. I say it because since Vatican II I have not seen lasting changes from year to year. IT SEEMS THAT our resolutions do not get us anywhere and possibly because we are sowing these seeds in rocky ground. Of course, God will honor our intentions and will bless us but not with the fire necessary to change the world around us. This hints to the reality that just making resolutions is not enough. We need a revolution in our hearts.

Alright, let’s consider another list of resolutions that MAY help us more as far as the end-results and our power to evangelize others.

1. Pray daily, especially at least ONE ROSARY… contemplating the power of our Mother and the power of our contemplation of the birth, life and death of the Lord Jesus.

2. Attend daily Mass as often as possible and for sure every weekend.

3. Make use of the confessional often and as needed

4. Cultivate a desire to forgive, forget and terminate all resentment

5. Read the Scriptures with lectio divina as called for.

6. RE-WIRE OUR BRAINS TO BE IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD by calling the mercy of God upon ourselves and others at least every hour on the hour, saying,

“I am the servant of the Lord. Here I am Lord. I come to do Your will.”

Follow it with a call for the Holy Spirit within to direct us, and if felt led, to proceed to do what we are called to do. My favorite prayer that I know by heart despite memory problems has been posted before and it is as follows:

“Come Holy Spirit, enlighten my heart to see the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into my mind that I may know the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into my soul that I may belong only to God. Sanctify all that I think, say and do that all be done for the glory of God.”

This list of resolutions desensitizes our beings from the call from our own will, the world or Satan, and at the same time brings upon the power, the fire for us to TRUST IN GOD and have His mercy change us like never before. It is a form of getting the Holy Spirit to impregnate us with a real personal relationship with Jesus, as He did with Our Lady. He will give us the joy we need, the courage, the wisdom to do all required to grow in this relationship. He will dismantle fears, idolatry of any kind, resentments. He will cultivate in us, fervor for prayer, desire to serve the poor, the sick, the forgotten. BUT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND BLESSED FRUITS of this re-wiring of our brains is to truly BELIEVE THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN DO SUCH JOB and to experience the love of God for us at every corner of our lives… and all of these blessings at a very low cost for us. He only needs our determined “yes” to God’s will.

Let me mention something else. In the Magnificat, Our Lady mentions Abraham!!! Hmm. Yes, Abraham’s faith was unique because he had a very personal friendship with Yahweh… He had no maps, no I-phones, no pharmacies to buy medicines to help his old age for this long journey, and he did not hesitate to move to another land and leave all his belongings behind, except for some sheep and the essential needs for survival. Ah, there is another huge example. Let’s consider Moses.

What about if in 2014, God comes to any of us and says, “I want you to move all Catholics in New York State to California.” And yet Moses did something similar… He moved the people of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land. He did it because he had a supreme personal relationship with Yahweh!!! It is all about relating to God day and night. There is no space for doubting… When Moses doubted, he was prohibited to enjoy the good sunny climate of California and died at the top of the mountain named Tahoe, only being able to look from away the valley and the Pacific Ocean and its beaches! Our Lady did the same but she never doubted!!! Big difference.  She said yes to God, she believed that yes, the Holy Spirit of God had impregnated her with the Messiah King and took off to visit her cousin in a far away area, some say, about 3 days walk.. She did not take Joseph to help her. She did not worry about what would happen after she came back. She only was possessed by love for Elizabeth and wanted to serve her. She had joy, humility, a MOST PROFOUND RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, the child in her womb, plus no doubts, no fears, perfect humility and all along, she was witnessing to what God can do for each one of us. à  He wins ALL our battles because Gabriel had said so, that “For God all things are possible!”

So, here we have to contemplate these scenarios in the Bible, and stop trying to humanly understand why it happened or all the do’s and don’ts in order to do what she did. We only have to OBEY God’s will and every hour on the hour, confess our belief that we are servants and want to serve, asking for the graces necessary from the Holy Spirit. This second group of resolutions will OPEN our SOUL to OBEY THE HOLY SPIRIT’s guidance since He gives the graces and fruits necessary for the job of doing God’s will. Even if we do not have the time to pray for long periods of time or attending daily Mass or becoming an expert in the Bible, the re-wiring of our brains can scientifically take us to live attentive to the Holy Spirit within, and hourly ask Him to give us whatever we need to be the best servant as our Mother in heaven was. It is fun to just trying to be like a 15 year old who rejoiced in God and was humble and ran to help her cousin. We do not have to understand much. We will suffer much and yet survive our trials. It is fun to have a relationship with a God Who is soo alive… He only wants our yes to transform us into powerful witnesses of the Gospel. Pope Francis is doing so and yes, even in this kind of society, it can be done.

May you have a very blessed 2014!


1) Thank you again for your prayers.

2) Forgive my English and spelling mistakes.

3) Please pray for me that I can find an optometrist to order the right prescription for my right eye. I need to publish this book with vital medical information… and my eye sight must be made better.

4) In my Community Rosary, I have as one of the intentions to bless all who read this blog, and that no error of mine in it, may confuse your understanding of God.

5) Finally, when I post this blog, Word Press will not allow me to copy it exactly as I have written it. I usually spend close to an hour re-writing the parts in red ink… and posting sections at the time. I cannot do it all in one session. Please pray that somehow, I can find answers for this dilemma! Thank you.