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July 2, 2017

I am late posting this message but I have much to share with you and my good right eye is not doing well. It has a cataract that one year ago was not huge but I suspect that by now is growing. Of course, my left eye is worse. So far, I cannot come up with writing a long blog because physically I cannot… So, after much discernment and being that this blog will carry the story of huge miracles in my life, I will simply will be succinct and write it all in a shortened fashion…

I will abstain from using the calendar sequence to write what I have learned or what events have come into my life. I will divide the message in three sections:

1. My present status regarding health and what I have learned about it in these past 6 weeks.

2. My spiritual needs and how they have been helped in the last 6 weeks

3. My move from this area and big miracles!!!


My health seems to get worse by the week. Main problem is constantly breathing air full of petroleum toxics. It seems that now my immune system is reacting to all foods. I want to remind you that the most important amount of cells belonging to the immune system is in our gut. So, what we eat or drink meets these cells.

 My youngest son, a physician in Birmingham, AL, gave me the money to order another test for my allergies to foods, chemicals of all sorts, herbs, etc. This is my third one. First one: 2003 when my dentist removed two silver fillings (full of mercury) without avoiding this toxic to enter my blood, and this started my allergies to many things. Normally, nothing happens but when these cells are covered by toxics like the mercury in 2003 and fluoride from anesthetic gases for about 40 years of practice, they become infuriated with many things that reach the gut via what we eat or what we smell that goes through the blood and finds them.

 I had the second test for allergies in 2014. The company is ALCAT and is located in Florida. They send a laboratory employee to draw the blood in my house. I paid $800 for the most complete test due to the gravity of my pain symptoms when I eat the wrong things. The results came and they did not match reality. Many things were supposed to be alright and yet, I reacted to them with much pain… I changed eating chicken with garlic for turkey with plain salt and onions, and I reacted badly… even that the test results said they were O.K…. I called ALCAT and they refused to accept that something was wrong… I lost $800.00… Of course, Satan wanted me to hate them and resent them forever in order to keep me from understanding what you will learn later in this message… I did not fall for it and simply accepted what the will of God had allowed… Of course, it was God Who gave me the grace not to fall for it… and to change my state of mind into a spiritual gain.

In another disaster, about 4 months ago, my blood pressure medication lisinopril had been changed to clonidine. Lisinopril was requiring higher doses. My physician ordered a low dose of clonidine because it is supposed to be super powerful to control blood pressure. Of course, this toxicity for so many years has produced the IMBALANCE OF THE TWO NERVOUS SYSTEMS that control our second to second blood pressures, and reaction to hot or cool weather with severe heat/sweat or exaggerated coldness. This imbalance which when working well  NORMALLY closes somewhat our arteries so that our blood pressure does not drop when we get up from lying down or sitting, or relaxes our arteries when we sit or lay down, apparently also poses a problem of how I react to the different blood pressure medications.

As time passed after I started clonidine, I was having severe problems with dizziness,     By June 5th I was able to identify that this medication was doing these things to me… I am taking Tramadol that gives some degree of sleepiness with Clonidine that produces it as well… 1) It was a serious mistake by my doctor. Clonidine can also produce shortness of breath (we call it SOB and this in our medical conversations. Please do not think of the other meaning for SOB). I remember that going to 8 AM Mass on Sundays was horrible. I would become short of breath without I knowing why… SOB is usually suspected in the case of heart failure! Of course, every early Sunday morning, I would take clonidine for blood pressure… The pharmacy list of secondary effects also instructs about how 2) it also produces excessive urinary output and yes, at Mass I now sit in the last pew to be closer to the bathroom, not only for the problems with clonidine (which I have stopped) but the main reason of my frequent visits to it has to do with the major error when I was operated to correct my urinary bladder drop… Normally I used to sit up front…  3) It also warns to be careful climbing stairs and 4) of giving a feeling of passing out or dizziness plus feeling weak… And yeah, all of them were problems for me as well. So part of my horror in these past months, was mostly produced by clonidine. Worse, 5) I also realized that when I took a very small amount of this drug with lisinopril when dealing with a very high blood pressure, that I am deadly allergic to it… It increases the pain in my knees. Simply put, thanks to my God, I was able to figure out what was behind all my nightmares for the 8 AM Mass of Sunday’s…  

If you add my problems due to the toxicity around this home, the need to move out of this so toxic environment was and is simply a must… My question to my Lord was, “When are You going to get us out of here?”

Of course, my Lord is always around helping out. For example and unfortunately, lately my blood pressures are going up and up… Lisinopril is not taking care of them too well just as before.…But I DID FIND OUT SOMETHING THAT IS HELPING ME… At least for now, when the pressures are very high, I discovered that ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate with water drops my pressure by 40 points at least for an hour or so!!!! God is everywhere in this fight regarding my health. I never knew that bicarbonate could do such a thing…

2. My spiritual needs and how they have been helped in the last 6 weeks.

On Friday, May 26, after praying one of the daily Rosaries, I started reflecting in the readings for the Mass when Jesus said to His disciples, (John 16:23)  “…Amen, amen,  I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in My Name, He will give to you.” I realized that many of us are missing the power of His words…!  Well, I suddenly found myself saying this prayer:

“Father, in the Name of Jesus, I ask You to give me the grace to say the most perfect YES to Your will, especially to my crosses, for Your glory and for the salvation of all souls especially those dying today.” I immediately thought, “I finally got it…” Of course, if Our Lady and her Son came to show us the way, the way is in that yes to God’s will, and the best way to do it, is not only wanting to do so but asking the Father in Jesus’ Name to have His mercy help us to be obedient to this spiritual need, one that will save many souls and will solve many problems worldwide…

I now understand that I needed to get to this point of conversion in order for my Lord to get us out of here. My crosses needed to be brutal and heavy, in order to purify my understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit

3. My move from this area and big miracles!!!

Back on February 20, my second son with whom I live and precisely on his birthday, told his bosses that he needed to leave his job. Of course, as mentioned before, he would spend week after week solving the problems of other employees and his own job as data base engineer had to wait, which forced him to go to work on Saturdays, even that it was a day off. Eleven years later, this situation was causing too much tension. Two years ago he tried to leave and they convinced him to stay and he got a big jump in his salary. This time, he was earning the maximum amount and nothing like that could be done. He offered to help out to train other workers to do his job. Of course, he did not have to do that but he is a very dedicated man and in my opinion, a holy man and a genius as was told to me by one of his teachers in hi achool.  They were glad about this offer and told him to stay until the month of June so that he could pick his bonus of $10,000.00!!! PLEASE NOTICE HOW GOD IS SIMPLY TOO MUCHHowever, a bigger miracle was coming!

On my side of things, for me it was urgent to leave this area. I am certain that in scientific terms, I would get cancer (due to toxicity) or a stroke because of the problems with very high blood pressures. With the major error suffered in 2015 when my urologist supposedly lifted my bladder up so that I would not have to visit the bathroom often and as mentioned above, I need to pass urine every 2 hours maximum… So, I cannot take an airplane since my bladder may force me to get up in a moment when I am supposed to sit down due to bad weather, as an example. This cross is a tough one!

In the mean time, Ernie was prepared to start looking for a new job late May into June. From the time that I knew of this plan, I bombarded my Mother with prayer to intercede for us. It would be a tough time but I wanted Mr. Satan to stay out of his way. The future move would require an extensive work to throw out many things; give away many others and select and take some items but well labeled so as to find things wherever home or apartment we get to, and put the rest away in a storage place. As you can imagine, these thoughts were truly giving me much concern, etc. From February 20 to May 26, I did have some concerns.

The future move will take me to another parish and who knows what kind of pastor I will find… It will also take me to new doctors and those are dangerous in many ways… In my case I have had 9 mistakes done by doctors… However, from May 26 I have kept praying every early AM, the prayer alluded above and yes, it has given me extraordinary  fruits… Now, I hardly think of what has to be done before departing this area. I simply have this certitude that yes, God is doing His will in our lives (Ernie’s and mine) and I am simply giving Him permission to take over my life as He so chooses but this time, I am using the Name of Jesus for my Father to answer my prayer in every present moment. Also, I now know what a high degree of servant hood feels like. There is peace and joy as always but now I laugh often just to think how God will do many things. I know that the place we are going is the most perfect place for Ernie who will live much longer than me. AND I NOW KNOW that I have to teach the entire world who want to do the will of God, to pray early morning this prayer from the bottom of their hearts for the glory or love of God and for the love of neighbor, and voila, we easily give our will away with great desire and passion and with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit upon us, so never to despair or think what is next; much less, to think what tomorrow will be like.

AND YES, THIS IS WHAT SATAN HAS FOUGHT VIGOROUSLY NOT TO SHARE WITH YOU and why I am so late… Satan seems to be very active. This computer continues to play games and I keep suddenly losing some documents and without any clear reason behind it. I have placed a Rosary over the computer and hanged Our Lady of Mount Carmel Scapular from the screen… Hmm! After typing some parts, I also store the new document in a flash drive device just in case the computer makes the blog disappear!

I must add that his kind of prayer will purify me to continue growing in holiness but under the strict direction of the Holy Ghost… I have noticed that in our Catholic media, especially on EWTN, we are speaking much about the Holy Ghost. It gives me much pleasure, although I sincerely feel that we talk about the Third Person of the Holy Trinity much but do not truly give our lives for Him to guide us all day and sanctify all that we think, say and do. With this prayer, our Dad in heaven will see to it that we are led by His Spirit…

In recent weeks, something else happened and this one is truly a HUGE MIRACLE, and I have to say that your prayers for me must have been super powerful… Wow! As Ernie started looking for jobs, his bosses said to him something like this, “Wherever you want to go in whatever State, we will hire you to work from home… to do something very needed for our service (connection between doctors, patients and pharmacies). We want you to receive the same salary although with no bonuses or raises in salary; we need you to cover an area of our service that is not done as of now. We need for you to find all the new technology as it comes all the time and apply or adapt it to our present Internet service.” Well, these words are in general just my words because I know little about computer engineering. The good thing is that my son wanted to switch his expertise and would love to do this job for his company and all of it from home…!!!!

For some months (since February 20) and out of the blue, I have been led by the Lord to believe that we should move to Alabama but I never learned why nor mentioned it to anyone. In my case, with the presence of my fourth son who is a nephrologist, researcher and clinician in this State, he could find me good doctors and those would be nice to me being his mother!!! Also, his wife is a PhD in Optometry at UAB as well (University of Alabama at Birmingham), and she could help find for my sickly eyes, the best ophthalmologists in town!!! I even started asking myself if my son could find a wife as well. He is not married but not closed to the idea of getting married. Again, all of this was in my head for some time.

In general, my son here ended up not having to look for a new job and in fact will be practicing the specialty in data base engineering that he truly enjoys. He wants to buy a home and is working with the real estate agent used by my other son and wife when recently they bought a home in Vestavia, a suburb of Birmingham. It so happens that Whole Foods Store, a national chain of stores that sell organic products and that we use a lot here in this area, just opened a new one, and their second one in Birmingham. This brand new Whole Food is in Hoover.  It interests me a lot in order to decrease the amount of toxicity coming from regular foods not labeled organic.

At times I laugh because I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and my Lord wants me to close my eyes in Birmingham, AL (If I make it)… However, I must emphasize that all these wonderful things came after May 26 when I started praying to my Father in the Name of Jesus to receive the grace to do His will, and that Ernie was sort of rehired and paid a good basic salary. THIS MIRACLE IS SIMPLY EXTRAORDINARY AND I NEVER IMAGINED SUCH A GIFT FOR US.

To those who have prayed for me I must not only thank you but insist that you are powerful intercessors. We still have many things to do in this area before we move. In fact, Ernie will be flying soon to give a down payment for “x” home and go through the process of getting a mortgage. We suspect that it will be towards the end of September that we will arrive there. The amount of work to be done and as mentioned above, in order to get rid of many things, is monumental and all while I do not feel too well.

My present Pastor just departed for Spain to do a one month silent Ignatian retreat precisely where St. Ignatius lived. I went to confession with him hours before he parted and confessed to him of how much I do resent so many people. One cannot hear any TV news without getting tired of condemning Mr. Trump and talking about Russia. In these instances, I now repeat the prayer about doing God’s will because it is His will that I love my brothers and sisters no matter what. I have noticed that I easily change my bad feelings towards them into a more motherly love that asks for their salvation. I keep praying for Mr. Trump’s salvation and especially for the entire Congress…

To conclude I must remind anyone reading this message that we must start becoming the most obedient children of our Father because IT IS THE WAY to become a true relative of Jesus or the best disciple possible, and all by asking His Holy Spirit to take over our will. After that, I have no plans for my spiritual life. He will develop such plan for me. I do not even have to know the Bible from beginning to end. He will lead me to study it according to His will for my particular moment in life. I do not have to understand anything. I am certain that if all our members could pray as described but with a sincere heart and with purity of intention, we COULD EVANGELIZE the entire world in a short time.

I have been watching the Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Orlando, FL. It is a super extraordinary encounter of practicing Catholics who want to become the best missionaries and using their example to call many to convert. One of my most respected Cardinals, Donald Wurl, spoke of what we need to do to become the best witnesses of the Gospel. We must be bold, have courage, a sense of fortitude and much wisdom and he explained why we must have these gifts to witness to others. We also must have connectedness to the Church and a sense of urgency to witness the Gospel. We must show compassion and joy.

On my side of things, I want all of those but they represent the will of God for all of us. Therefore, I will continue to live my daily life as I move to a different State and home and parish, asking my Daddy in the Name of His Son to give me the graces necessary to do His will every second of my life on earth until He calls me Home.

And ONE MORE TIME: those who pray for me, please help us to survive these future weeks remembering us in your prayer. The kinds of miracles that lately we have received have to be the product of your beautiful loving prayers… God bless you!  I leave you with His WORD:

Matthew 7: 21-23

“Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord,’ will enter the Kingdom of heaven, but ONLY THE ONE WHO DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER in heaven. Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your Name? Did we not drive out demons in Your Name? Did we not do mighty deeds in Your Name? Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I NEVER KNEW YOU. Depart from Me, you evildoers.’ “