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I. Reasons for being late in posting this mini blog.

February 16, 2019

II. Training on purifying my “yes” to God’s will.

The title means that I could not send a small blog around February 1, as promised. Well, I did start late in January before being interrupted and why.  In part A I will share what I was able to write prior to the interruption. In Part B, I will share a few things about my training in living my fiat.


I.GPS for a personal ongoing conversion

II. Another anniversary of the law that allows the killing of babies in the womb

III. World Youth Meeting in Panama City

Last month I had written that I would write a very small message and possibly coming from my writings in the past so that I would not have to spend much time, this in order to work on finishing the book that I need to publish and soon due to the importance of the medical topics. For this month, the Lord insisted that I had to write about our Fiat in our daily living. So, I will do so but make it as short as possible. It was interesting that the topic for the World Youth Meeting was also about doing God’s will as Our Lady showed us.

I.GPS for our conversion: P – O – O – G

1) Prayer (Importance of the daily Rosary(s); prayer using the reading of the Scriptures; prayers calling the Holy Spirit to make us docile; the  Chaplet of Divine Mercy asking for His mercy in order to receive the graces to be obedient, accepting our crosses and to be grateful).

2) Obedience (Total dedication to do God’s will and to do whatever Jesus told us in His teachings. The key to become saints is “to do whatever Jesus tells us.”)

3) Offering (Using our suffering to atone for the sins of all of us in the world)

4) Gratitude (Thanksgiving for being formed in the womb with a particular set of jobs to be fulfilled for the salvation of souls, and for the love of God that continually lead us to participate in this work with Jesus’ Passion).

In Spanish is almost the same: O – O – O – G

1)    Oracion

2)    Obediencia

3)    Ofrecimiento

4)    Gracias

The key to become saints is “to do whatever Jesus tells us,” and it was the second of the teachings of Our Lady using words. The first one was her “yes” to the Archangel Gabriel. In order to comply with both of these two teachings using words, since the rest of her teaching was in her actions (by example), we need to pray, to ask God to give us the graces necessary to do the other three parts (obey, offering and thanks)  and to offer worship and glory to Him with our words. Part of the prayer has to do with the reception of the Sacraments.

We need to obey His will. This is the key that opens all the doors to the Holy Spirit for our spiritual growth. This yes covers a big fiat to our crosses. Then, we use the suffering to atone for our sins and those of our neighbor. Finally, we thank God for His will, for His sending us to work for His Kingdom saving souls.

II. Another anniversary of the law that allows the killing of babies in the womb

Once again we went to the streets to show our support to protect our babies in the womb and in both sides of the U.S. It became evident once more to me that we have gained some ground but basically not a major change in the killing of millions of babies. I am super sure that if we all, thousands of people would work in our POOG with all fidelity, but most especially with total dedication to do the will of God in our lives, we would have conquered this problem. In fact, recently in a wonderful homily by one of our EWTN priests, he mentioned that a saint had said that one petition from an obedient person has more power in front of God than 100,000 prayers from a disobedient one!!!

III. World Youth Meeting in Panama City

For me, this meeting was very exciting because I lived 7 years in Panama City, and the Panamanians worked their best (the Medical School) to get me cash for daily survival, plus naming me the recipient of a scholarship by the U.S. from the Panama Canal Zone even that I was a foreigner (in those days the U.S. governed this area of the country in both sides of the canal per arrangement made in 1901 for one hundred years). Besides it, if I kept a GPA of 3.75 or over, I would not have to pay any tuition for my studies.  God had arranged my life to be a physician and from a wonderful Medical School as I found out when I came to the States. He had a plan and He carried it out…

At age four I already knew that I wanted to become a medical doctor and a secretary. Both were accomplished at the right time. I became a secretary at age 11 by attending evening classes for two years while I was in 4th and 5th grades during the day. Please, pay attention to the love from this God Whom I never ignored while attending medical school. I never missed my Sunday Mass. I was always in love with the Messiah King.



The reasons behind my delayed posting of this mini blog are various:

1. My health suffered much with very high blood pressures which I could not control with medications. Of course, with numbers like this: 198/97, the chances for a stroke were huge. This also affected my vision since I felt like burning in both eyes. Many times, I felt a sense of passing out and getting up and walking was a no-no. Here, my medical knowledge helped to keep a close eye in the numbers, taking my blood pressure 6-10 times per day.

Because of severe pain in my knees, I cannot stand for long periods of times. Even during the Mass, sometimes I have to sit during the reading of the Gospel and the prayer of the Creed. Of course I cannot kneel but even standing becomes a major problem. Obviously, my leg muscles are weak… and getting worse by the month!

One of my difficulties is that when I visited my general physician for the first time on Sept. 11 (I had another wonderful doctor before but he moved to another job in this Vincentian medical group), this second lady doctor told me to get an appointment IN ONE YEAR… Well, I had some laboratory studies 6 months prior to 9/11… I take medication for my thyroid and the level has to be checked at least every 6 months. As it turns out, it will be one year and one half before another laboratory check can be done!!! A perfect case of malpractice!

2. The allergy to foods got worse, and the pain in my knees would tend to increase my blood pressure.

3. I could not attend Mass for three Sunday’s in a row!!!

In the other hand, many things were going on that reminded me of the love of God for me. Next I will write examples of such things.

1) EWTN/Spanish showed a chapter of a program, “Cristonautas” where Fr. Hernan Pereda (from South America?) discussed at length the love of God for each one of us. He explained that God has a weakness… His weakness consists in loving us so much that He chose to suffer dying on a Cross just to atone for our sins so that we could go and live eternally with Him. His behavior can only be seen as coming from a crazy lover. The title of this program in English can be translated as “Navigating with Christ.” It left me with a surety that He is crazy for me and that my Yes to my suffering was a way to imitate Him and offer it up for the conversion of souls…

2) There were several homilies that touched my heart. 

a) For example, the Theologian of the Papal Household, Fr. Wojciech Giertych, spoke about faith saying that it has the power to open the understanding of the divine mysteries. This leads us to recognize that God is in charge. It turned out that this priest was a teacher to my son the Deacon while the latter attended the Angelicum (Rome) in the late 1990’s after his Theology degree from Franciscan U. of Steubenville.. After 3 semesters, he decided to come back home to take care of his dying father, my husband who passed away on July 22, 2001. I was paying for his studies but he chose to obey the 4th Commandment. God is very good. The fruits of such obedience got him a holy wife with 4 holy children… I mention this because it represents an example of the fruits of obedience.

b) In another homily, one of the EWTN Priests gave the story that I wrote above, that one prayer of a really obedient person has more power than 100,000 prayers from a disobedient one. He added that obedience and repentance are best lived in a personal relationship with Jesus. Every time that we collaborate with God and reject sin, we become closer in such relationship, or better said, we have a little resurrection. Every time that we say yes to God, we experience a resurrection. He comes into our lives to feed us, to save us. We should never be static. We should be ready to change. Mediocrity must go – a resurrection should occur.

3). Opening more boxes after our move to Alabama exactly one year ago, brought important messages to think about.

a) I found a book with a summary of the writings of St. Paul of the Cross, (whose huge church-size picture I have had for some 20 years) titled “Spiritual Direction according to St. Paul of the Cross.” I was led to find a page where I had underlined the following:

“As you are crucified with Christ, you become more and more transformed in God through faith and love.”

“Unless a person is willing to give him/herself to a life of prayer and daily seeking of God, they are not yet ready for ongoing spiritual direction. I seek nothing else; I long for nothing else save in all things to be transformed by love into the divine will.”

“Faith is an action that involves the whole person, a complete surrender to God to be led by His Holy Spirit in everything.” “When you, stripped of everything, gently feel yourself on the cross, stir up your faith in God’s presence, and abandon yourself in the immense sea of His love.”

 “God is love as the Scriptures tell us (1John 4:16). Therefore, His will has to be all love, even when we do not recognize it as love. Be faithful to God, accepting every trial from His loving hand, in silence.”

These were examples found in the writings of letters to many people of his time that filled 4 volumes. I read all of them and now they must be in another closed box, but the above quotes are sufficient for me at this point of my life.

b) A second small book also appeared by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. I met him in Detroit some 30 years ago and as a very holy man. The book is titled, “Retreat with the Lord,” a guide to the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

From the latter I will share this: “If God gives us a harvest of trials, it is a sign of the great holiness to which He desires you to attain. Do you want to become a great saint? Ask God to send you many sufferings. The flame of divine love never rises higher than when fed with the wood of the cross, which the infinite charity of the Savior uses to finish His sacrifice.”

“All the pleasures of the world are nothing compared with the sweetness found in the gall and vinegar offered to Jesus Christ, that is, hard and painful things endured for Jesus Christ and with Jesus Christ.” (End of quotes)

As you can see, these last days were planned and thrown in my path to lift my soul into a great happiness for all that I was suffering. This last book is full of much material to change any spiritual path. I have used it through the years and done the exercises at least 10 times.

OUT OF THE BLUE, I started to say “yes” to everything that was painful and finally I understood that this was a loving training to complete this part of my running of the race in route to moving my residence to Purgatory/Heaven.

c) Another book appeared… but this time copied from the original. It is the book dictated by Jesus to Blessed Concepcion Armida de Armijo (also known as Conchita, name with give to those women called Concepcion), a mystic from Mexico from the 1920’s when Catholics were killed and persecuted by the Masons. I have the original in Spanish but this time I found the translation of the book, “To My Priests.” If I recall correctly, I found somebody in Cleveland that had the translation since you could not find the book in either language. It has extraordinary counsels by Jesus to His Priests. This translation gives the name of the Bishop in Mexico behind the publishing of the Spanish form and the Bishop from California who authorized the publication in 1999 in the English language… How I would love to send copies of this book to many priests…In one of Jesus’ statements He says that many of His priests do not know Him in the Eucharist!!!

I can testify to that… While traveling for one week through Spain in the early 1980’s with the entire family during a post Easter Sunday vacation, I asked my Mother to get us a hotel next to a Church. Of course, she did… and I never missed daily Mass… Most of the Masses would last a total of 20 minutes…I started offering whatever difficulties we had for those priests. Our major difficulty consisted in not finding hotels with a room for us. Apparently, the entire Europe travels in this week and hotels have no space. Yet, somehow, she would guide us and we would find two adjacent empty rooms… for the 6 of us!!! I left Spain with my heart full of love for my Mother in heaven… She is too much at times…! How not to be crazy about her?


As you can see, the more I suffered in the last weeks, that much more I was directed to embrace my cross as never before with immense joy…

The times are simply horrible. We now kill babies just minutes before they are born (New York – Mr Cuomo, a Catholic). One political party lies about everything said. Hatred for the U.S. President is unprecedented. Satan seems to be super active. Our “good” Catholics are not being led in a ‘HURRY” to a major conversion in most of our parishes. Thank God for EWTN spiritual work for this entire world. Recently my Lord sent me to a page in the Bible, which covered Ezequiel chapters 7-9. In his times, God called their behavior as ABOMINATIONS. I consider the new law for N.Y. State as an abomination!

Also, recently I received an envelope from a very well known group that seeks us Cahtolics to listen to Our Lady of Fatima’s message. I have received tons of their messages and this time they sent me a card (like a credit card) which said that I was a follower of Our Lady of Fatima. It also said that if I did TOUCH this card, Our Lady would be with me… I almost died… I took the card and sent it back telling them that this theology was in error and to be careful. Later I received a gift: the book of St. Louis Marie de Monfort, True Devotion to Mary, and they asked me for the favor to write back to see if it did arrive in good shape…

Well, the problem is that I have read all things written by this Saint since the 1980’s and that I have consecrated myself to her according to his plan of 33 days preparation for about 20 times. Later in the late 1990’s, I made my own preparatory plan of 33 days and continued consecrating myself in her major feasts. There is no doubt that Satan is all over. To touch a card and invent that we are going to be near her is difficult to accept. My work is now to ask for love for those who are dedicated to bring her message but that have no idea that other souls are running the race as well in a different way!

I now understand the need that I have to convert a bunch more in order to be super obedient to God’s will, so that one prayer, for peace in the world, for the end of abortion on demand, for Mr. Trump to be re-elected in 2020, may have more power in order to obtain these graces. I still pray my Holy Hour and say several Rosaries on a daily basis.

Right now, during the Holy Hour prayer, I am asking my Lord to open the eyes of all of us Catholics to start a marathon of POOG for ourselves to be transformed while binding the work of Satan in our ongoing conversion, so that the entire Catholic Church apostolates stop thinking that there are ways to foster a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Evangelization starts and finishes with our FIAT… The moment we use the example of Our Lady, the Holy Spirit will come to possess our minds, hearts and souls and He, only He, can direct us to make us an example of sanctity in order to go to other souls and bring them home with His power, His Love and His Mercy… Yes, our preaching and writings can bring many to Jesus, but just for a while. In the other hand, our obedience will bring the salvation of the entire Democratic party of any religious affiliation to SEE that the so called bunch of cells in a womb of a mother have audible cardiac sounds. This was done for the Pro-Life Walk in San Francisco in 7 mothers to be, and I am sure that the noise of those babies can do what nobody else can.

The most important message of this blog is that with all the problems that I have had health wise in the last 3 weeks, plus with the pain of seeing our Church’s Priests abusing our children, all have been the WILL OF GOD FOR ME, and as such, I have had enough reasons to PRACTICE my “yes” to such sufferings… My Mother during my Rosaries, has been very clear to me to keep saying yes to my pain and suffering with no requests to be changed… I have been able to enter the glorious mystery of doing His will, of accepting His will especially when I cannot even attend Sunday Mass, just because He mandates it so. One of the fruits that I want to mention of this new phase of my conversion into a perfect Fiat, happened last Sunday at Mass.

The Priest brought HIM to me in the very back of the church (God bless him…) I closed my eyes as always and suddenly and very quietly I started crying… for about a minute or so… Later at home I received the understanding for this crying moment. I was not crying for my sins. I was not crying because I was sad. I was not crying for my difficulties to even attend Mass. I did cry because He allowed me to feel in my body the majesty of HIS GLORY saturated with His LOVE and MERCY. Wow… I wonder if heaven will be like that…There is no doubt that God’s love is soo vast, profound and crazy, that we can be and will be great evangelizers and perfect servants if we allow God to be in charge 100% of our lives through our obedience. No more books on how to do it… Only one Book has the answers: His WORD in the Scriptures.  God only needs our “yes.”

Thank you so much to those who have prayed and are praying for my soul. There is no question that your prayer has given me a chance for a spiritual retreat that has provided me with so much wisdom to understand God’s plans for all of us in the world and especially for our Church. God bless you.

What is the plan for future blogs? As you can imagine, the book I am writing has not been advanced at all… So be it… He is allowing it. In the same manner, I have no idea what His plans are for the next blog. May be by mid March I can send a few words. Please pray that I can keep saying yes to everything He plans for me. Right now my eyes are burning… (Today Saturday Sept. 16).

Remember that you, readers, are in my daily prayers with your own Rosary/Chaplet of Mercy. I pray for EWTN, (my neighbors) that their programs can have the seal of the Holy Spirit; that is that every person that comes to participate in their programs and all employees and obviously, all Priests, Brothers and Nuns in Hanceville, can grow in a perfect Fiat  in their personal lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. I am also asking the Holy Spirit to bring a new Pentecost to BAMA (short for Alabama). Our Church in BAMA must hurry up and grow in sanctity with perfect obedience to God’s will so that we can STOP ALL THE ABOMINATIONS GOING ON in the world and before it may be too late. We cannot allow more babies to be destroyed by the law of the land. We have allowed it!!! We have the power to stop it with our obedience to His Will. “So help us most Holy Trinity! I will try very hard to be very obedient to Your will in order for this prayer to be answered ASAP!”

The Lord is my Shepherd and there is nothing I shall want! (Psalm 23)


January 1, 2019

I. With this word repeated three times you could not decipher what it is all about it. I had promised to let you know today regarding if I would continue writing monthly blogs… I asked for your prayers and I am sure that they worked…

1. Shortly after I posted the November blog, I was given the idea of stopping the blogs but only for 3 months, in order to finish the book with medical information of extreme importance for all my brothers and sisters worldwide. The Lord took me to several Biblical verses where He told Israel to work for Him in whatever they were called to do. So, the first yes means what I just wrote: to re-start them in 3 months, but later on, I was led to do something else…

2. The second YES refers to the fact that I will post in the next 3 months some past written stories sent to some friends regarding my spiritual life or regarding the direction given to me by God, in order for me and you to see how little by little God prepare us to follow Him. So, in the next 3 months I will copy some of those spiritual directions of years ago.

3. The third YES has to do with my resolutions for the New Year 2019. It so happens that the resolution is only one: my closely watched adherence to the will of God even hour by hour. In order to start this new way of life, and because with the visit of my sons from Omaha, NE, many boxes were opened and paintings came out of them after 10 years in storage in California, I found a fairly large one of the Annunciation and I asked my son Ernie to place it in the wall just in front of my room’s door.

This means that I have to see it as I come out of the room! It will remind me of the fiat of Our Lady and emphasize the importance of imitating her in the most perfect way; that is, to do His will as best as I can in everything. When I say everything, I mean to do my few daily chores, whether writing in this computer or cleaning dishes, etc., exactly at the time that the Holy Spirit leads me to do them! This is important because sometimes I have just sat down after working in the kitchen and turn the TV on and found a very important program for me. He leads me not to miss it. However, the most important part of this practice is for me to become totally dedicated to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey Him for everything I do… It is a way that will train my memory to remember to do it.

One of my automatic actions is to watch college football games and especially now during the “bowls” time. Sometimes, I interrupt the game to pray the Rosary or simply to stop viewing x game when led to do it. The big question is: “Am I wasting time that I can dedicate to prayer?”  When I interrupt the viewing, I feel peace within. In other occasions, I am called not to stop viewing the game per se but leaving the picture without any sound and without the specific viewing of the action, as I pray for all in the stadium: fans, players (for spiritual health and lack of any major physical destruction of their bodies, especially their brains), referees, coaches, NFL owners of teams, etc.

II. To comply with the number 2 “yes,” this is part of a letter sent to friends in 2002.

While giving an anesthetic, I understood this: if Love/Trust (faith without fear) in God’s immense love for us leads us to receive His MERCY, we will have His mercy all over us when we practice the love for God and neighbor in the operating room, since this obedience will lead us to experience more TRUST, more faith. In the Catechism, the only time that you sin against the Holy Spirit is when you resist His mercy, that is, when you do not repent and amend your ways in order to increase your faith (trust) and receive more of His Mercy (Prodigal Son parable).

No. 1864: “Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.” There are no limits to the mercy of God, but anyone who deliberately refuses to accept His mercy by repenting, rejects the forgiveness of his sins and the salvation offered by the Holy Spirit. Such hardness of heart can lead to final impenitence and eternal loss.

Every morning when I go to work and hate it with passion for many reasons, I often go through this practice: à I enter into the mystery of the passion of this cross plus the passion of my aches and pains and sick gallbladder. I try to detach from everything that may bring me satisfaction, like even thinking about retirement that will get rid of this particular passion due to this job. I stop here and there to adore the will of my Dad in the midst of the anesthetic for horrible plastic surgeries, with terrible music around me, in the company of spiritual dead souls, and I praise Him for this His will for me, knowing how wonderful it is, how perfect and how important it is for me not to ignore this moment and this His will.

 I actually then see the perfection of this Will for my formation, and for giving me the ability to glorify my Daddy with this acceptance as Jesus and His Mom did. THE REST IS HISTORY. I become a spiritual giant and then I lie down in the beach of my Dad’s mercy in order to be loved by Him over and over. Try it! It is awesome… Suddenly, I would love everybody around me and because I was able to love them, I am able to bring the peace and love of my Beloved Jesus to others and they feel it! (End of the 2002 notes)

2019: I am adding the following information to give an idea of how difficult these surgeries were for me. They would last for 5 to 10 hours….!!! The surgeon, a good friend of mine, would work in the nose and face of the patients, and at times we would have to turn the patient to each side for him to suction as much fat as possible from their hips. In some cases, he would add the placement of artificial breasts. I was the director of this surgery center and sometimes, we only had one operating room running, which meant that we would not need a nurse anesthetist and I could not have food or bathroom privileges… If necessary, I would leave the patient under the chief nurse to watch her vital signs, while I went to the bathroom.

At the end of the surgery, these patients had to be wide awake right away and never cough against the endo-tracheal tube when extracted. The coughing could cause bleeding from the many surgical cuts, plus the surgeon needed at the end to evaluate the surgical results by having the patient wide awake. Thank God that I had a special anesthetic formula using Diprivan dripped intravenously during that many hours, instead of sodium pentothal with a high amount of anesthetic gases, which renders patients very sleepy some time after the end.  Yes, I could pray one or more Rosaries in a quiet way. Yet, to see the desire of some women to look young and beautiful, would make me very sad. Of course, I would pray for them.

I must add that I was paid well: $225,000 per year! At the time, it came to my life when I had no desire for money. In fact I never did love money and the expensive homes and Mercedes Benz’ and Cadillac cars paid by my hefty salary were never my thing. Most of the thousands made in previous years had been given away to the poor or paid for my son’s education all the way to college.

FINAL WORDS: thank you for your prayers. Please continue praying for me in order to finish the editing of this rather long book. As the daily news brings the stories of many people committing suicide, I truly feel so sorry and culpable from not publishing my personal stories. In fact, the Lord has told me in a couple of occasions how little I love my brothers and sisters. He has said, “If it had to do with your own sons, you would have finished the book a long time ago!” (Ouch… He is right! Mea culpa).


Understanding how prayer, suffering and the recent sexual abuse in our Catholic Church, are related topics in the eyes of God.

December 7, 2018

 I am starting to write this blog on December 5th even that I have much material to share with you. My problem has to do with God’s timing, and of course I did not know that back on early November when I started thinking what the topic would be and taking notes to later in the month let the Holy Spirit put the blog together, and by later I mean some time after the 20th of the month. This has been my normal routine. Well, God was using these last weeks to teach me something extraordinary for my spiritual formation. It has been most likely a true Christmas gift… So, I have started to write it so late.


Since I have much to share, it is likely that I would stay away from the calendar type of format.

As you remember in my last blog, I was praying for the midterm elections of November 6th and I had received a plan of prayer for a 3 PM Holy Hour and I was using it to pray for all the people that would vote. After the election, I received a clear message that I had to do the Holy Hour for the restoration of the Catholic Church. I had read how St. Paul had already taught Timothy how he had to pray for priests. At the same time, I was also asked to offer this Holy Hour for a few other intentions. For example, 1) I had to pray for the conversion and unification of the major political parties of the U.S. and 2) for my own health in order to finish the book that has important news for health issues.

On Sunday, November 11, I found in the Magnificat Missal that the meditation of the day was exactly what I needed to do. It was a quote from the Diary of St. Faustina, 1767. When I came home and looked it up in the actual Diary since the meditation was not giving the entry number, I found that two other quotes were also super important as follows:

“Conference on spiritual warfare. First day.

1760: Jesus to St. Faustina: “My daughter, I want to teach you about spiritual warfare. 1) Never trust in yourself, but abandon yourself totally to My will. In desolation, darkness and various doubts, have recourse to Me and to your spiritual director. He will always answer you in My name. 2) Do not bargain with any temptation; lock yourself immediately in My Heart and, at the first opportunity, reveal the temptation to your confessor. 3) Put your self-love in the last place, so that it does not taint your deeds. 4) Bear with yourself with great patience. 5) Do not neglect interior mortification. 6) Always justify to yourself the opinions of your superiors and of your confessor. 7) Shun murmurers like a plague. 8) Let all act as they like; you are to act as I want you to. 9) Observe the rule as faithfully as you can. 10) If someone causes you trouble, think what good you can do for the person who caused you to suffer. 11) Do not pour out your feelings. Be silent when you are rebuked. 12) Do not ask everyone’s opinions, but only the opinion of your confessor; be as frank and simple as a child with him. 13) Do not become discouraged by ingratitude. 14) Do not examine with curiosity the roads down which I lead you. 15) When boredom and discouragement beat against your heart, run away from yourself and hide in My Heart. 

Second day.

1761 “My daughter, today consider My Sorrowful Passion in all its immensity. Consider it as if it had been undertaken for your sake alone.

Conference on Sacrifice and Prayer

1767: My daughter, I want to instruct you on how you are to rescue souls through sacrifice and prayer. YOU WILL SAVE MORE SOULS THROUGH PRAYER AND SUFFERING THAN WILL A MISSIONARY THROUGH HIS TEACHINGS AND SERMONS ALONE. I want to see you as a sacrifice of living love, which only then carries weight before Me. You must be annihilated, destroyed, living as if you were dead in the most secret depths of your being. You must be destroyed in that secret depth where the human eye has never penetrated; then will I find you a pleasing sacrifice, a holocaust full of sweetness and fragrance. AND GREAT WILL BE YOUR POWER FOR WHOMEVER YOU INTERCEDE. Outwardly, your sacrifice must look like this: silent, hidden, permeated with love, imbued with prayer… You shall accept all sufferings with love.

1768: My daughter, in this meditation consider the love of neighbor. Is your love for your neighbor guided by My love? Do you pray for your enemies? Do you wish well to those who have, in one way or another, caused you sorrow or offended you? (I dated this entry and wrote: January 8, 1997. This copy I used soo much since the 1970’s, that eventually I bought a new one because the pages of the old one were coming apart. However, this was the only one that came out of a box after our move from California. There are many boxes with books that are still untouched…”

Please notice how Jesus refers to the importance of the confessor and how He would talk to her through him. Later I will explain my sad story with confessors… and how God has allowed it and most likely coming from Satan’s temptation for the different priests (not primarily their fault ). The Lord wanted me to suffer in this aspect of my spiritual life since I love to go to confession… Also remember these passages that will teach all of us of our power to restore the Church…!

On Monday, November 12, I found a program on prayer by Fr. Cedric Pisegna. It was the first of a series but I am reporting all of them together in the next paragraphs and it had extraordinary teaching. The content of the program was difficult to grasp by taking notes, especially the actual Biblical verses. I wished I had the DVD with me to truly give you a complete picture. Remember that the quality of our prayer has a lot to do in order to unite it with our suffering and make a very powerful tool for our intercession for the Church or for any other needs!

1. Prayer must be consistent (pray daily). It is believed that St. Monica brought her sinful son St. Augustine of Hippo back to God by praying daily for him.

2. Prayer must be persistent. One has to keep at it as the woman who bothered the judge with what she wanted until he gave in.

1Thes 5: 17 – “Pray without ceasing.”

3. In Luke 6, Jesus prayed all night prior to calling the 12 apostles.

4. St. Paul became a Christian after being part of the group who attacked and killed St. Stephen who prayed, “Lord, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

5. The Holy Spirit came to rest in all the Apostles at Pentecost as they were praying together.

6. The Transfiguration occurred when three of the Apostles accompanied Jesus to pray.

7. With prayer we get meaning and understanding of our suffering

8. Prayer protects us from Satan’s temptations. Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray prior to the start of His passion, and He was tempted by the evil one but with no success. (My idea: of course Jesus could have done it without prayer but He wanted us to understand how prayer can stop the devil)

9. Jesus in the Cross and as He suffered, He prayed “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? – Psalm 22:2a – Again, prayer protects us in moments that are difficult.

10. When you pray, believe that God is listening. Before Jesus brought Lazarus to life, he prayed, “Father, I thank You for hearing Me. I know that You always hear Me.”

11. The Father does not need us to pray (He knows what we need) but he wants us to participate in bringing good to the world.

12. Prayer begins with thanksgiving, worship and praise. Each day has 86400 seconds. How many have you used for thanksgiving?

1Thes 5:18 – “In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.

Mathew 11:25-26 – “At that time Jesus said, ‘I give praise to You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth for although You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, You have revealed them to the childlike. Yes, Father, such has been Your gracious will.’”

Also, the Our Father starts with praise.

13. Silence is part of prayer. In John 10:27-29, Jesus said, “My sheep hears My voice”.

(I do not have the Biblical verse number for the following story). Elijah went up to Mount Carmel and an earthquake came but the voice of God was not in it. The wind came and His voice was not in it. But there was a still small voice, a whisper that Elijah recognized as being the voice of God. So, these examples teach us how we have to spend time in silence, and the time of prayer is the appropriate moment to remain silent waiting for the Lord to talk to us. We also have the example of Samuel who 3 times heard God calling but he thought it was Eli calling him. Finally, Eli said to him that it was God Who was calling and told him to respond by saying, “Speak Lord; your servant is listening.”

Fr. Cedric added that in the same way, God had called us, the viewers, to see this program. He mentioned the verse of Mathew 7:7-8 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives, and he one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”


During this second week in November, the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) started their Fall meeting and began to discuss what to do with the scandal of priests abusing children and Bishops covering it up. The attending Bishops were surprised when they learned that no decision on how to remedy this problem in the U.S. would be made, because the previous day the Vatican had asked to wait until all meet in Rome this coming February to determine the plans to stop any future abuse.

The Bishops expressed concern regarding how late it would be to take decisions in order to fix the credibility damage caused by this grave abuses. They spoke of the importance of finding the source of this problem and not only about the sexual abuse but the abuse of power by the respective Bishops. One of them spoke of the need of reform and how it always should start with the Bishops themselves on an individual inner spiritual journey. Another one was angry and embarrassed, confused and disgusted with this scandal. Some expressed the need to preserve ecclesiastical unity and committed to prayer in order to walk with Christ.

I felt sorry for them since most of seemed to be innocent of the charges of sexual abuse. In the other hand, I felt upset with the Church in general for not paying attention to the problem and doing something to end it. Worse was to feel left alone because in general now I could not trust all Bishops and Priests … Here is when I remembered my problems through the years of going to confession. Jesus told St. Faustina to trust her confessor. For me, the confessor was always working in “Persona Christi,” which meant that Jesus was always one with the priest hearing my confession…

In a past blog, I have shared these stories but I will repeat them. Some 30 years ago, I went to confession in my new parish (I had just moved to this city) and I mentioned Medjugorje where the Virgin Mary was appearing, even without any official endorsement of these apparitions by the Church. I already had visited Bosnia-Herzegovina 4 times and had seen thousand of Catholics visiting the parish where she was appearing. The priest stopped me and said, “Unless you renounce to talk about Medjugorje, I will not give you an absolution.” I instantly said, “You can keep your absolution,” and got up and left. To this day, I believe that he could have addressed in a different way his disgust with these apparitions for whatever reason; instead, he could have used the Mercy of Jesus Whom he was representing to tell me his problem when hearing about them! I was appalled…

From then on, I tried to find one priest who could hear my confessions and with whom I could develop some trust in his representation of Jesus. Eventually, I used my pastor as my confessor, someone who would know my relationship for many years with Jesus and His Mother. It was important for me to have only one priest for him to know me and to understand that I was not trying to impress anyone with these graces. Some years later in Ohio, my pastor said to me after my confession and before absolution that I did not know how to go to confession…but he would give me absolution. And so he did!

This new scandal for my soul gave me much remorse because if he was in Persona Christi, he was judging me well and I certainly truly did not know how to do it. I decided to seek a Jesuit priest and friend of mine, with whom some 3-4 years before I had visited France, with 30 other Catholics. I had gone to confession with him in Lourdes and at the end, he shed a couple of tears, and said that he was impressed with my knowledge of the Father in heaven. When I made the appointment with him at a Jesuit Center near Detroit some 90 minutes from my home, I told him what it was for. I went to confession with him specifically for him to find out why was it that I did not know how to do it! He gave me absolution and said that I had no problems whatsoever.

I am now praying for the Holy Spirit to guide me and take me to the priest that might accept me as my only confessor. It is in His hands. Please pray for me regarding this topic. However, with the recent scandals of sexual abuse, my heart has not been upset with the involved Priests in general. I simply have lost TOTAL TRUST in their representation of Jesus for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The big question now is who can clarify this for me? At the very same time, my Lord keeps bringing me to His Truth… “Do not be afraid. I am with you always.” I suspect that Satan has tempted these priests to act as they have in order for me to stop receiving this Sacrament. Of course, there is no chance about it. My Lord and Savior is in charge of my life and He will see to it that I find the right person to represent Him in the confessional.

Well, things have changed somewhat in regards to the sexual abuse topic. A box was opened by my son and I found the information published in 2002 by the Dallas News. I had found it in the Internet in 2010 and had made copies of it. In 2002, this newspaper published the story of 103 Bishops in 43 States who have covered up to some extent the sexual abuse of some 150 priests. At this point, I became alarmed and more so than from the recent discoveries in Washington, DC and Pennsylvania. How was it possible that the Internet knew through this news paper about these cases dating from the 1970’s and nothing had been done since then?

I must say that my findings above made me sad but at no time did I feel angry with these Bishops and Priests. Now, the 3 PM Holy Hour made more sense than ever. I started to say the Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy for them. I consecrated them to Our Lady. I called the Holy Spirit to illumine the Church hierarchy as to how to stop these abuses forever. I offered my suffering with much pain for them and as St. Faustina learned from Jesus. Of course, prayer with my suffering can heal all of us as read in entry 1767.

My Lord added fuel to my above agenda and by chance I found a meditation from the Magnificat Missal from years ago. With much pain, I did throw away all these missals for the 9 years that I lived in California and before we moved here. These missals are extraordinary in content.  I was able to tear this meditation out of one of them. It was written by a famous holy French Jesuit who died in 1751, Father Jean-Pierre de Caussade, S.J. He was a revered spiritual director. I am quoting below some parts of this meditation:


A simple soul is more fully enlightened by a grain of pure faith than Lucifer by all his intelligence. The knowledge possessed by a soul faithful to its obligations, quietly submissive to the intimate orders of grace, gentle and humble towards all, is worth more than the most profound penetration of mysteries. If we would infallibly conquer our enemies, we must oppose them with no other arms than fidelity, gentleness and humility. Jesus Christ has put these in our hands for our defense; there is nothing to fear when we know how to use them.

What is Lucifer? He is a brilliant intelligence, the most enlightened of all, but an intelligence discontented with God and His order. Lucifer, as far as lies in his power, wishes to leave nothing in the state in which God has ordained and placed it. Wherever he penetrates, you will always find the work of God disfigured. The more lights, knowledge and general capacity a person has, the more he is to be feared, if he has not the foundation of piety which consists in contentment with God and His will. God has not, properly speaking, any instrument but humble souls. (End of meditation)

This meditation clarified for me that Satan entered the Church as foretold by a 19th C Pope (Leo XIII?). Here I found a confirmation of how important it is to pray for the restoration of the Church during the 3 PM Holy Hour, especially praying against the forces of the devil. (End of quote)

For my family, the Thanksgiving celebration of Thursday, November 22, happened in Alabama. The 2 sons living in Omaha, NE drove to spend time with my other two sons. The fourth son and wife living near me had a wonderful meal for all of us. Since I am allergic to everything, I decided to eat with them a little of whatever they would serve besides the turkey. And yes, the pain in my knees became so bad and furious, that I could hardly walk out to get in the car to come home.

The good news is that for God all things are possible. One of my sons living in Omaha and who had major problems with the Church and left it, came to tell me that he was back… despite the recent scandals… He thanked me for my prayers. And yes, daily I say a Rosary and a Chaplet of Mercy for my entire family using the first 4 mysteries of the Rosary, one for each son, two of them with families. The fifth mystery I offer it for everybody dying on that day, for ETWN at all levels, and a few other needs. So, I must say that prayer and suffering are powerful instruments of grace, of course, if united to a serious dedication to do God’s will.

On Friday, the 2 sons from Omaha came to our home to open many boxes with paintings that were kept in a storage place in California after my arrival from Toledo in 2008. They also hanged them all over the living and dining rooms and many came to my room which now has become an altar-prayer room. One of the pictures was from St. JP II and attached to it was this message written the day before my birthday in 2006 (still living in Toledo without permission for selling my home even that I was not working to pay the bills!). I wrote at the end that this was my gift for my birthday and it says:

“My daily work is to be contemplating the Word of God as I quietly do His will – not looking at what is there to do tomorrow, nor anticipating the pain and struggles but how much I love everyone today (personally and in my memory), and always under the auspices of the Holy Spirit by constantly calling Him to guide me.”

So, this Friday after Thanksgiving was extraordinary because it brought to me the memories of part of my life story during very difficult years, and was able to thank God for His help to survive them.


So far, these past weeks have been super filled with reflections on the importance of daily prayer, which added to my present heavy cross with health issues, has become a powerful tool to see God doing so much for my family. It came at the time that I had to reassess the scandals present for the last 60 years in our Catholic family. They always existed but since after Vatican II, it is apparent that Satan has worked 24/7 tempting many of our Priests and some Bishops to act as we know by now…

I have realized that not only these horrible acts of abusing children and young adults, making seminaries difficult places to live for those called by God to become ministerial priests, but that it has also sent many Catholics to talk and give opinions as to how to stop this spiritual disaster. It made clear to me that the priests committing these abuses have never known Jesus in the Eucharist. This speaks loudly that seminaries have been places where the formation on getting to know Jesus does not exist.

Even to this point, I NEVER RESENTED either group: the Bishops or priests who knew what was going on and did nothing about it, or the abusers. I looked in the Dallas newspaper site about the 2002 publication and could not find it. I “googled”, Catholic Bishops sexual abuse and found it. I have kept praying for the restoration of the Catholic Church at 3 PM and as described in my October blog.

On Sunday, December 2nd, I could not go to Mass… The pain in my knees was impossible to bear even with medication. I was present to the LIVE Mass in EWTN (7 AM C.T.) and out of the blue, I felt the most PROFOUND LOVE FOR ALL THE PRIESTS AND BISHOPS INVOLVED IN THIS SCANDAL…(I then remembered the words of Jesus to St. Faustina, “I want to see you as a sacrifice of living love,”) Oh yeah!!! I had found the answer of how to restore the Church… If the Lord fixed my heart and mind and soul in regards to profoundly loving these men, WE CATHOLICS, good Bishops/Priests and laity can fix the problem.

Well, I just wrote it wrongly… If we ask at 3 PM for the mercy of God and to Our Lady for her intercession via the Rosary and from other Saints intercession, and call the Holy Spirit and stop Satan in his tracks, God will change our hearts… Once WE LOVE and unite our prayer with our suffering and offer it up, GOD WILL FIX THE PROBLEM…

WE CANNOT WASTE TIME trying to invent all kinds of ways and plans to bring Catholics back, those who have left after this scandal. I have this very clear: our plans without a major inner conversion and much love for those we need to bring back to God, will always be OUR PLANS… Our HUMAN PLANS… Satan will play with us to confuse us… WE MUST TRUST in the LOVE OF GOD FOR US… We must trust in His mercy. We must pray and suffer as we say yes to such suffering, and God will restore the Church in one week, one year or in one minute. It depends on our faith and trust in His mercy. Each of us MUST REFUSE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT TO DO!!! In the other hand, we must pray much, especially at least ONE ROSARY PER DAY for the Church. We must pray daily one Chaplet of Mercy in atonement for the sins of our mother Church and asking God for His mercy for her. We must do His will and accept our crosses with great desire to give Him glory. And the rest, it is up to Him. We must seek our own daily spiritual restoration and thank God, ahead of time, for His love for us and for His work of restoration of His Body… It is very simple!

Our daily prayer must be a true encounter with the Holy Trinity… We could call prayer what it is lip service and use it to ask for favors… Please join me in seeking our own spiritual restoration through prayer united to a big “yes” to His will for all suffering. Expect Satan to prowl around but keep calling St. Michael for help and ask Jesus to identify the moments that Satan has created around us. WE ALREADY HAVE THE VICTORY… I say it with certainty after I prayed, suffered and obeyed God’s will, because I got the miracle of loving those who damaged the Church’s reputation!

Finally: I am very interested in ending the writing of these monthly blogs. My present health with allergies to about every food, of course, with different reactions, that is, with sensitivity to some foods that cause so much pain and others mild pain, it is producing a discomfort around my eyes. They do not hurt per se but it makes reading and writing a very difficult chore. I will pray all month to obtain a “yes” from my Lord and suspend these blogs. I will obey His will, but I need to hear His voice to be clear regarding this issue and His will for me. Please pray for me. My health does not have to be totally corrected. I only need to be partially helped in order to write so much material without excessive abuse of my vision. I appreciate your prayer. If I receive the O.K. to stop them, I will write a note saying so on January 1, 2019, God willing.

I thank you for all your prayers of these last weeks, since I must repeat that I love my Mother Mary very much… but on December 2nd. I felt profound love for my Mother the Catholic Church including all the abusers, and as profound as I love my Mom in heaven. Your prayers were heard and the miracle came to be.

May you have a very blessed Christmas and a very grace filled 2019.




Sharing the recently received format for prayer for the present forces that are (1) politically dividing the U.S., (2) bringing great numbers of migrants to the border with Mexico and (3) producing scandals in the Roman Catholic Church.

November 1, 2018

All Saints in Heaven, pray for us.

This blog will be again a little different regarding the previous formats of following the calendar sequence to share many stories. It is due to my health that continues to be worsening and mostly because my immune system keeps reacting to almost everything I eat. I understand that this period of suffering is very important during these days when our world and the U.S., seem to be surrounded by many serious problems. I need to suffer to help out with prayer the U.S’s midterm elections coming up in just a few days, so that the will of God may be done. 

The number of problems seems too much to bear for all of us at all levels, but in our Catholic Church things seem to get worse by the day as many past scandals are being made public. In the case of politics, hatred is present all over. Bombs are sent to destroy the lives of the opponents. Racial prejudice has killed several people in a Synagogue. World peace seems to have lost importance and different countries are fighting against each other. A human caravan of migrants is advancing towards the U.S to cross the border and no matter what. I have never written the following but I respectfully disagreed with our Bishops to call for the U.S. to open its borders. Three important points are behind my decision:

1. If we open the border out of mercy for those in need, how could we promise that the caravans will not continue in years to come? This could become in a nightmare. Besides it, most of them are coming due to hunger and lack of jobs. They are not directly persecuted. This means that the entire world may desire to come to this country because of its better economy and this is frankly, unfair.

2. It is also unfair because there are not enough resources to feed, educate and give jobs to the thousands, taking away these blessings from our own poor Americans…

3. Worse than the above, we are opening the doors to supposedly people in need, and yet, while suspecting that there are powers behind that have organized these caravans and that they may bring dangerous peoples with drugs and attempts to destroy our people. The safety of this country could be compromised to a maximum which is super unfair.

My own country, Costa Rica, has become a horror. It used to be the Switzerland of the Americas. We have no army, only a regular police force. Nowadays, it is part of the passing of many drugs to the U.S. and walking in down town San Jose has become dangerous.  As a child and young adult I never feared to walk along. Nowadays, you

just do not walk through certain areas. You have to shop in the peripheries and hopefully use your own car to cross the city or use a reputable taxi company!!!

On October 31, I found out through a Hispanic television news that  for the last 48 hours there is a second caravan of migrants in route, plus on this day, a third caravan left the country of El Salvador! Babies as young as 4 and 6 months are part of these caravans. Of course, many other children are traveling and they have forced some mothers to slow down and walk behind with great difficulty…I saw the pictures and how these mothers describe their problems. Several of the adults were interviewed and they clearly said that they are tired of not having enough money for their sustenance due to lack of jobs and for how dangerous their streets are. They seem to feel that the U.S. should help them… In general, they are living what many Latin countries have lived in past times with well known past dictatorships, where the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. The only change is to pretend that the U.S. should get involved and bring them over… Obviously, they are not realizing that the number of migrants may grow to infinity…!!!

 This is why personally, I have felt a deep call to do more regarding prayer for the mercy of God to protect us and them and save all of us. Satan seems to be working very much in all areas and in general, we Catholics are not running to pray day and night and to convert ourselves to become true soldiers of His Kingdom asking for His mercy in these terrible times.

In the midst of these truths, I understood a few things that I have not done well. Sharing about it gives me much happiness since it makes a lot of sense and I have noticed the power of praying as such.

Evangelization of those that have lost their love for God is primordial. I always thought that it had to be done personally and with the help of others. Not so… In some cases like mine with serious health problems, I can become an evangelist right from my home by praying in a way that brings the Holy Spirit to change souls. Of course, the evangelization methods are many but it does not take much to start one within our hearts with dedication to prayer.  

I was sent to read Sirach 6:37 that say, “Reflect in the commands of the Lord and the wisdom you desire He will give you.” And the commands of the Lord are based on love of God and of neighbor. The love of God can be synthesized in saying yes to His will at all times and with great desire to give Him glory. The love of neighbor at its best, it means to seek their salvation at all cost. And so, I started to suffer and offer for my brothers and sisters to find Him, with a huge yes to my health ailments simply to keep my soul centered in loving Him and them.

Then is when I understood my job as an evangelizer from home… One day I was told that ALL FEAR OR SIMPLE WORRY about my circumstances that have not allowed me to attend Mass for 3 Sundays in a row, it produces violence to my soul. Therefore, I cannot see my suffering as a problem. On the contrary, it is call to work with Jesus to save many people. This violence should be treated with constant PRAYER and repentance, asking for God’s mercy to restore my personal relationship with Jesus after I show fear for what He is allowing in my life, and in this way, to continue the journey towards my Father’s home but facilitating many to do it with me.

On October 19, I received the way of prayer to be followed in my quest to evangelize.. I was shown how effective this format of prayer was when I saw changes in people in the media, for example. The stories are wonderful but my health is not allowing me to write about it. This new knowledge came after I read in Sirach 4:20 a – “Use your time well.”

On Sunday October 28, I joined the final LIVE Mass of the Synod on Youth in Rome (3:30 AM). I prayed much for the youth who are living these difficult times in our Church. On this same day, through the program 60 Minutes at CBS, I learned about the scandal in the Catholic Church in Buffalo, NY.  I realized that from now on, we are going to learn of other huge scandals in different parts of the world and that the times are calling some of us TO RUN AND BEG FOR GOD’S MERCY, with our love for God and love for neighbor and in my case, using this new way of praying.

Yet, I am so relaxed regarding this topic of the possible consequences of these scandals because as of late, I am growing in believing that God will restore us… I have noticed that since I started praying as led to do, I have more peace and trust (faith without fear) that our Lord is totally in charge and that there will be a huge positive change principally in our Catholic Church, His Church.

To finish this blog, here I will share how I pray and when I do it…

I. First of all, I have put together a list of intentions for which I will pray, covering the names of many people who need this prayer for their salvation. Here are some examples of my list of intentions:

Peace in the world – For worldwide denuclearization. Respect for the right to live for babies in the womb. – For the spiritual health of all Youth in the entire world. For personal needs (health in general and salvation of my family members; sanctification of all of us, etc.) – For all my blogs’ content to be from the Holy Spirit. – For the total restoration and sanctification of the Catholic Church. – For all Catholics who receive Holy Communion while not in the state of grace. – For the salvation and sanctification of all Catholic Ministerial Priests members of all ranks. –  For the midterm U. S. elections to render results according to the will of God for this country and to bind the evil one during the day of November 6th. and in the ongoing early voting. – For all the Americans voting on that day. – For EWTN’s personnel and spiritual direction of programming plus sufficient funds to cover its needs.  

For the disappearance of all hatred between the two American political parties and for the truth of the need of mutual love to become understood among them. – In atonement for the sins and sanctification of all different media outlets. – For the salvation and sanctification of all pro-choice members in the entire world. – For the end of all acts of violence within the U.S. – For the protection of all Central American migrants. – For the protection of all police forces that will meet the migrants at the border and for mutual respect to grow among the two groups. – For all narcotic traficant’s in the entire American continent. For the U.S. economy to prosper – For jobs for all Americans and for serious efforts to take care of all in need and for general poverty to diminish – PLUS some other intentions.

II. Plan of prayer at 3 PM daily (the Hour of Mercy).

1. The Holy Rosary

2. Chaplet of Divine Mercy since Jesus promised to answer all prayers if done at 3 P.M. (time of His death) and if according to God’s will.

3. Consecration to Our Mother, the Virgin Mary, of all peoples mentioned in the petition list.

4. Prayer to the Holy Spirit to take over our lives

5. Binding of Satan and all evil spirits

6. Prayer asking for the intercession of particular Saints according to each evangelist’s desire and as led by the Holy Spirit

7. Personal prayer to receive the graces necessary to evangelize all involved in the petition list, and for personal sanctification with a profound desire to obey the will of God, repent, seek Reconciliation and pray several Rosaries daily

8. To be attentive to accept all suffering and to be offered for the people in the petition list.

9. Thanksgiving prayer for the answers to be received with this form of prayer at the hour of Mercy.

Other stories regarding the format above: It was very typical of God’s mercy to lead me to a box that was semi open, one of the many ones that came from California, and to find the “Consecration to Mary Immaculate” by Saint Maximilian Kolbe… I had no idea that I had it with me. I have consecrated myself to my Mother many, many times, starting in the 1980’s. I have used the 30 day preparation for Consecration by St. Louis Marie de Montfort. I also wrote my own form of consecration and 30 day preparation. Yet, in this card, I had written the date of my first consecration according to St. Maximilian, July 16, 2009. This is one year later after arriving from Ohio to California! Since this card appeared out of the blue, I realized that it is the one I must use. I will share it with you but I had to change it from the original to be personal that says “I consecrate” to one that includes all the peoples in the list of petitions and I acting as a representative of all of them.

In regards to the prayers to the Holy Spirit, I again, suddenly found a note book where I had placed a long prayer that I put together from what I had read in a book, and sometime in the 1990’s. So, the words are not mine per se… They belong to some author and I only adapted them into a prayer form but because again I suddenly found it, I am using them. I may have shared it in a previous blog but I have no recollection of such.

In regards to binding Satan, again, I had taken these words from the same book or another one (I do not remember) and I made a prayer out of them… Yet, they are extraordinary in its content.


O Immaculate Queen of Heaven, refuge of sinners and our most loving Mother, God has willed to entrust the entire order of mercy to thee. I, a repentant sinner and on behalf of all the persons mentioned in this list of petitions in my hands, we cast at thy feet humbly imploring thee to take us with all that we are and have, wholly to thyself as thy possession and property. Please, make of us, of all our powers of soul and body, of our whole lives, death and eternity, whatever most pleases thee. If it pleases thee, use all we are and have without reserve, wholly to accomplish what was said of thee: “She will crush your head,” and, “Thou alone have destroyed all heresies in the whole world.”

Let us be fit instruments in thine Immaculate and merciful hands for introducing and increasing your glory to the maximum in all the many strayed and indifferent souls, and thus help extend as far as possible the blessed Kingdom of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. For whatever thou enter, one obtains the grace of conversion and growth in holiness, since it is through thy hands that all graces come to us from the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. (End)

(Let me add that in this same large beautiful card, I wrote in the back not only the date of the first Consecration but a second time exactly one year later, July 16, 2010 and how on this date I had found out about my diagnosis of POTS, the infirmity that I had been suffering without an actual diagnosis up to that point! It consists in an imbalance of the two nervous systems that regulate important functions of the body. Example: when we get up, one of the nervous systems constricts the arteries so that the blood pressure does not drop too much. If we sit again, the other system is in charge to relax the arterial tree of our bodies. I also suspect that these systems became erratic in their action because of too much toxicity in my body.

(These two nervous systems are called autonomous and known as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It is obvious that my consecration on the feast of Our Lady of Carmel in 2009, rendered the fruit of getting to know my disease exactly one year later by finding a program in television with my same symptoms and which gave me a reason for my blood pressures to be changing far too low or too hi. Yet, most doctors have no idea of what it is. Since then, I have had to explain to my physicians of what I have and what it consists of…)


 Prayer of Surrender

Father we surrender to You today with all our hearts and souls. Come into our hearts in a deeper way. We open all our secret inner places to You and say, “Come on in.” Jesus, You are Lord of our lives. We believe in You and receive You as our Lord and Savior. We surrender all to You: health, resources, skills, occupation, relationships, time management, successes and failures. We surrender our understanding of how things ought to be, our choices, and our self will. We surrender to You our emotions, fears, insecurities, sexuality, and our entire lives, past, present and future.

“Take, Lord, and receive all our liberty, our memory, our understanding, and our entire will, all that we have and possess. You have given all to us. To You, O Lord, we return it. All is Yours. Dispose of it wholly according to Your will. Give us Your love and Your grace, for this is sufficient for us.” St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Release of the Holy Spirit

“…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses… to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Come Holy Spirit and baptize us with the fire of Your love. We have surrendered to the best of our ability, and now we want to be filled with Your Spirit. We need Your power in our lives. Surface out of our inner beings and fill us anew with your gifts.

Lord, You are the vine and we are the branches. All that You are is within us. Our life flows from You. We believe that as we yield and ask, You will release Your strength, wisdom, healing, to meet the needs of the hour.

We yield now to receive your sanctifying gifts of Isaiah 11:2: wisdom, understanding, counsel and might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

We yield and ask You to release Your manifestation gifts of service, as listed in 1Corinthians 12: wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discernment, tongues and interpretation of tongues.

Holy Spirit, melt us, mold us, fill us, use us. Give us opportunities to use your gifts to reveal Your love, Your mercy. Stretch us, Lord. Holy Spirit, expand our capacity and let every purpose God has for our lives to be fulfilled.

Holy Spirit, flood the deep places of our lives with Your love, washing and cleansing any wounds and scars from the past that still have the power to dominate our thoughts and suppress our physical and emotional health. May your Light cover the shadows of our dark inner rooms of our soul and dry our un-cried tears, unfinished grieving, the pain of loss, the traumas, the fear, the emotional hurts so painful that they remain buried inside. Come Holy Spirit, come!

Spiritual Warfare

1. We place ourselves now under the cross of Jesus Christ and cover ourselves with His Precious Blood. We surround ourselves with the light of Christ and say that in the Name of Jesus nothing shall interfere with the Lord’s work being accomplished in our lives.

We put on God’s armor to resist the devil’s tactics. We stand our ground with truth buckled around our waist and integrity for a breastplate. We carry the shield of faith to put out the burning arrows of the evil one. We accept salvation from God to be our helmet and receive the Word of God from the Spirit to use as a sword. (Ephesians 6: 10,11,14,16,17)

Father, show us any way that Satan has hold of our lives. We let go of all those ways now. Any territory we have handed over to Satan we now reclaim and place under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

In the Name of Jesus we bind all spirits of the air, fire, water, ground, under-ground and nether world. We bind all forces of evil and claim the Blood of Jesus to be over them. In the Name of Jesus Christ we seal our homes and sources of supply with His Blood. In the Name of Jesus we forbid every spirit from any source from harming us in any way.

In the Name of Jesus we reject the seductive lure of the evil in all its forms and refuse to let sin have dominion over us. We reject Satan and all his works and all his empty promises. Heavenly Father, we ask forgiveness for ourselves and relatives and ancestors for calling upon powers that set themselves up in op-position to Jesus Christ. We renounce every power apart from God and every form of worship that does not offer true honor to Jesus Christ. In His Name we break any curses that may have come or are coming against us, and stop the transmission of those curses through our ancestry.

In the Name of Jesus we bind the spirit of fear with Your love; of weakness with Your strength; the spirit of illness with health; the spirit of unforgiveness with reconciliation.

Loving Father, let the cleansing healing waters of Baptism flow back through the past generations to purify our family lines of evil contamination. Thank You Lord for setting us free because “in al these things we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us.” Romans 8:37.

2. Prayer to St. Michael Archangel

Intercession from Saints: I was led to choose 6 Saints to intercede for these petitions and for the success of the 3 PM prayers. They are: St. Teresa of Avila, St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of the Andes, St. Paul VI and St. John Paul II.


I have been asked by the Lord to offer the 3 PM prayers on the 3 days prior to November 6 (Nov. 3, 4, 5), specifically and only for all voters.

So, a Rosary will be offered for them.  The Chaplet of Mercy will atone for their sins and will ask for His mercy for them. They all will be consecrated to Our Lady and the Holy Spirit will be summoned to actively work in their souls. Satan will be bound in their hearts. St. Michael the Archangel will protect them. Six Saints will intercede for them and all my sufferings will be offered for them.

This blog is short because I ALSO need the time to pray many Rosaries for the November 6th midterm elections, and for the imminent coming clash at the border.

If you feel like joining me using these 3 PM prayers format, please do so. The more we are, the more we  have His mercy protect all of us, Americans and migrants, the poor and rich, and mostly all voters for the 3 days prior to November 6.

May you have a very blessed Thanksgiving celebration.



The Power of God’s Mercy in defeating Satan for Pro-life needs through Prayer

October 9, 2018

One more time, I will try to share my experience with God’s Mercy in times of super confusion for the protection of babies in the womb. Also, it is difficult when my body has been so sickly and my eyes do not want to help… More on it later.

This time, I will not follow the calendar sequence per se. Yes, I will mention dates but in different order according to the stories. I am starting this writing on October 4 and have contacted St. Francis of Assisi to pray for me so that I can do a decent job and only according to God’s will.

Since my dinner of October 2, I have not had any solids. I only have taken about 5 glasses of milk with my medications, and now I found out that I am allergic to one of them since I have not consumed any other foods. I could not eat solids because I had loose stools that I could not control with the proper medication. Just about one hour ago, I realized that the 42 hours so far without solid foods (it turned to be 48 hours) goes hand in hand as a form of non planned fasting for what it is going on at the U. S. Senate, when the Senators are reading the final FBI report in the case of Ford versus Kavanaugh, and those in our country know what I refer to. I will explain below a little more of this story because of those reading this blog in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America. I do not know who the readers are but only the countries where it is read.

Story of Ford versus Kavanaugh: it was on July 11 or so, that Judge Brett Kavanaugh (from now on to be referred as BK) was nominated by President Trump to become a Justice for the highest Court of this country, in order to fill out a recent opening and the nomination is for the rest of their lives unless they retire or die. This Judge BK is 53 years old years, married and with two daughters ages 13 and 10; he is Catholic and for elementary and high school education he was educated by the Jesuits in the Washington, D.C. area. In every form he has had a very successful career as a Judge. After his nomination, he needed the confirmation from the Senate to become a Justice of the Supreme Court.

On September 17, we had the news that a woman (Dr. CBF) had written a letter to a Democratic Senator from California where she lives. She reported that 36 years ago, Judge BK as a teenager had tried to rape her and that he was very drunk. Another male friend of his was present. At this time he was attending this all-boys Jesuit High School. Dr. CBF is married and has a PhD in Psychology. She wanted this problem to be private. However, by September 17, someone leaked it to the media.

On September 21, I was already getting tired of this ongoing fight, especially because Judge BK being pro life, could help reverse the famous law known a Roe v Wade (1973), which nationally makes a planned abortion legal. This law was approved to give women the right to protect their body, or that they can make any decision regarding their body, like having a planned abortion. Unfortunately, those in favor of this law forget  that the baby has equal rights for his/her own body, and one which is the most important of all, the right to LIVE…

I still cannot believe how pro-choice individuals can simply ignore the rights of the baby. Yes, they have not completed their physical growth to survive by themselves outside of the womb, but they have a soul and a future like anyone of us outside of the womb and we all started in the same way. This has been one of the most horrendous jobs of Satan over this group, lying to them, confusing them when simple logic could properly inform them otherwise.

As I contemplated with horror the above circumstances, the Holy Spirit sent me to a page in the Bible, 579, which was Maccabeus 3:18-24. In there it is written that Maccabeus told his people not to fear (regarding an upcoming battle) because God was in charge! It did refresh my soul and mind.

Dr. CBF ended up being required to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She wanted it done by Thursday, September 27, date that was determined by her lawyer. The truth is that this encounter could have occurred back in July after Dr. CBF had informed the Democratic Senator of the offense. It was apparent that “politics” was involved since the midterm elections for Congress will be in early November and if the Democratic Party takes control of the Senate, this nominee would be defeated. In the other hand, the Republican Senators of this Committee wanted to have the final vote by Monday, October 1.

When they testified LIVE on national TV, this lady seemed credible but had many gaps in her memory on details of what happened. Judge BK was extremely upset with such accusation and he showed much feeling, tears and being uptight. I would have done the same… Yet, he was accused of not having the proper behavior and demeanor for a Judge. Unfortunately and weird to some of us, he was not a judge at the time. He was a human being accused of something he apparently had not done.

Before this meeting, the Democratic Senators had already condemned him in the media as culpable and denying him of his right to be considered innocent until proven otherwise. (Ouch!) There was no proof that the lady was telling the truth all through the debates. She has suffered and been treated for anxiety. Clinically, it was apparent that she was suffering from many memory lapses.

I wrote this in my diary: “Father, in the Name of Jesus, I ask You to give me the grace to love my sister CBF, so that my prayer can be effective and help her be transparent with her memory of things (if they happened) and for her to be saved.” I also realized that many Rosaries were needed to help her .Because I have been accused of things that were lies by physicians with whom I worked, plus 2 times needed to leave my job as an anesthesiologist for no reason at all (and I say for no reason because in one of those occasions, my persecutors offered “mea culpas” to my husband while in a medical meeting), BUT perhaps the worse one, to be accused of having conceived one of my sons from another man because the color of my son’s skin, I immediately felt that this was the work of Satan!!! In fact, I never had relations but with one man, my husband.

Anyone who has not suffered such persecution can ever realize the suffering involved. It is obvious that this was Satan’s work in order for me to recent forever those who persecuted me… I must share that NOT ONCE WAS I RESENTFUL OF ANY OF THEM… This was a case of God’s mercy to teach me how much He loves me and that for Him all things are possible… Of course, I did not understand it at the time since in the case of loss of a job, I had to resolve monetary problems and accept the fact that for a new job, these people could also lie about my skills. It did happen once by a lady anesthesiologist from Thailand, and I could not accept a job at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH…

As you can see, I became very involved in this case where the pro-choice party was denying this judge the right to be innocent until PROVEN OTHERWISE…Also, with much physical pain most of the time which I was offering, doing some unplanned fasting and praying TONS OF ROSARIES, I was obstructing the work of Satan for the sake of the rights of our babies in the womb. It was a gift from God since I had not planned it on my own. I was simply led to do it. Awesome!

Here is the prayer schedule regarding Rosaries for the days before the testimony and only  after the daily rosaries for the family and the community. All Rosaries were offered to Our Lady, asking her to accompany everyone involved in this process, binding Satan’s actions, and for all of us to trust in God’s love, especially for those who want to destroy babies, since I want them spiritually saved. All of them are images of God and my Lord would be glorified if I did pray much for them.

September 19: 10 Rosaries –

September 20: 2 Rosaries

September 21: 2 Rosaries 

 September 22: 2 Rosaries 

September 23: 1 Rosary –

September 24: 11 Rosaries

September 25: 2 Rosaries    

September 26: 2 Rosaries. I had asked the Lord on this day if He wanted me to stay up all night and early hours of September 27 praying as many more Rosaries as He wanted me to pray. He said not to do so.

Thursday, September 27: 5 Rosaries were prayed with the LIVE TV program ON but the sound turned off, during the questioning of both CBF and BK. These Rosaries were offered as well for the Holy Spirit to reign in the room where the meeting was being held  à By this day I had prayed a total of 37 Rosaries.

Also in the afternoon (9/27 at12:30), I asked the Holy Spirit again to take over all souls in the meeting room and soak them in His mercy! I claimed as well for the salvation of my brothers and sisters in the Judiciary Committee who agree with the killing of babies in the womb. I offered my severe pain in the right knee for them.

Then the Lord asked me to adopt forever until I die, all members of CONGRESS who were pro choice. I proceeded to pray: “Lord, give me much love for all of those Democrats who agree with the legal killing of babies in the womb. I offer my severe knee pain for them and I officially adopt them as if they were my own kids. From now on, the Rosaries will be offered for their salvation as well, and not just for J.K to be confirmed. Amen.”

At 2:50 PM and as Judge BK was testifying, I said, “I, once more, embrace and pray for my kids who are misbehaving against this man because I also love all the babies that my adopted kids want to keep killing! I want to do it to save my adopted children with God’s Mercy. Here are some of their names… (I wrote many names that by now I could remember like Feinstein, Lahy, Durbin, Whitehouse, Coons, Blumenthal, Hirono, Booker, Harris, Fallon and I added everyone who would vote NO for Judge BK to be confirmed)

3 PM – HOUR OF MERCY – I prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

“Eternal Father, I offer You, the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ and ALL MY SUFFERINGS in atonement for the sins of all the people above, including those whose names I do not remember. For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on all of them. Amen.”

“In the Name of Jesus I bind Satan and all evil spirits from tempting any Republican Senators to vote against Judge BK. I ask my Dad in Heaven to give us a majority vote for his confirmation.

September 28: 8 Rosaries

At 12:40 PM, I prayed, “I, MAG, offer my Father in heaven the sufferings of the Passion of Jesus, my sufferings and my prayers for the salvation of all pro-choice members of the media (especially CNN and other TV stations openly anti-life) and I adopt them as my spiritual children. So help me God. I beg my Mother Mary to intercede for us all, the media and all of us in the Body of Christ (Catholic Church), so all her children may be converted for the sake of saving the lives of babies in the womb.”

“In the Name of Jesus, I bind Satan and all other evil spirits from tempting those Republican Senators who do not want to confirm J. BK. I beg you, Mother Mary to defeat Satan in all what they do, say or vote for. I ask my Father to give us a majority vote for Judge BK confirmation.”

 September 29: 2 Rosaries (I was very sickly).

September 30: 2 Rosaries (I could not attend Sunday Mass). I heard this in a TV program: “Perfection consists in doing His will in order to be what He meant us to be.” I wondered then if He meant to make me a Samaritan woman taking care of my pro-choice brothers and sisters. And I thought of it because by now, I was loving them…I felt sorry for them in their carriers of destroying lives in order to defend the right of women to kill babies in their wombs… Amazing reality!

Sunday, September 30: 4 -5 PM just before the Holy Hour in EWTN – I wrote in my diary:

1. When are we going to let God plan our lives, direct us and make us holy Priests, Kings and Prophets?

2. Until when are we going to allow for innocent human beings to have the right to live and be respected by all adults?

3. When are we going to recognize that the first act of evangelization should consist in reviewing our degree of daily conversion, in order to become effective witnesses to evangelize others?

4. When are we going to recognize that Martha and Mary should be imitated; however Mary’s work should always be done before Martha becomes a busy worker for the Kingdom?

WE WILL DO SUCH THINGS when we seriously consider to:

Repent and confess – suffer and offer – pray (especially Rosaries and at Mass) – Daily review of Scriptural passages and as led by the Holy Spirit. – Say YES to the will of God with each breath from our lungs!!!

Above are the points necessary to execute daily, in order to act as disciples of Jesus, our King, and this action will produce much light to end all the darkness around, whether in the Church, in all Christianity and in the pagan world.

October 1: 2 Rosaries

October 2: 2 Rosaries

October 3: 2 Rosaries – Unable to eat any solids.

Thursday, October 4: 2 Rosaries – Unable to eat any solids. 48 hours of fasting were added to the many Rosaries prayed for the will of God to be done in this difficult time of defense of the right to live for innocent babies. I heard in a FOX program what Gregg Gutfeld said: “For the 12 years that I spent as a Catholic, I can say that as Jesus was crucified, so has been Judge BK.” (It was awesome to hear it. I had already thought many times of this similarity).

Friday, October 5: 2 Rosaries – Feast of St. Faustina, the Secretary of God’s mercy. At 9:30 AM, there was a vote emitted to stop any other investigation on the story of sexual misconduct by Judge. BK.

Up to this moment, there were many questions regarding if there were enough votes to confirm this judge. At 1 PM, the Holy Spirit was working overtime and I am sure that a sort of Pentecost moment was going on. A Republican Senator, Susan Collins, who had not given her answer as to voting yes or no for his confirmation, came to speak for about 45 minutes. She gave the most extraordinary talk on the reasons that she had examined in order to make her decision. In the media, her talk was described as impressive, incredibly rare! She explained the process that she underwent to make up her mind even that she is pro-choice. There was no question in my mind that how she explained it was only coming from God… She impacted many. She announced that she would vote yes for this confirmation.

SATURDAY, October 6: 1 Rosary

On this day, Judge Kavanaugh had enough votes (48 to 50 final count) and he was confirmed. He was sworn on the same day. SO FAR I HAD PRAYED 60 ROSARIES from September 19 to October 6 and had a total fasting for solid food of 48 hours.

I WAS FASCINATED, THANKFUL, SOO HAPPY, and yet, on this day my God had one more thing to surprise me. As I was preparing to go to sleep (11 PM) I decided to check EWTN and there it was the most fascinating program about the Rosary that I ever heard… “History of the Rosary – the Spiritual Sword of Our Lady” (not sure exactly of the title!) by a younger priest well known to me, Fr. Donald Calloway although I never personally met him..

I highly recommend this program to be seen by all Catholics. I will buy 3 DVD’s to send to Omaha, NE for my family there, to give to my local son and wife and for this son with whom I live. It does explain exactly what I experienced during these days of waiting and wondering what would happen at the end and the power of these holy beads. I am sure that many other Catholics in the U.S.A were also praying Rosaries.

You may go the and look for their catalogue. They have a direct email to their catalogue but I am not totally sure of the address. You can ask for item number 4194D


The salvation of the world is in our hands, yes, us the Christian/Roman Catholic believers. This story for this blog can prove it. Since for God all things are possible and this is repeated several times in the Bible, it is obvious that what is lacking is our obedience to God’s commands. I must also say that we cannot seat and pray Rosaries just for our will to be done!!!! In these past 2 weeks, several times I asked my Father to help us confirm Judge BK but only if it was His will… since this now Justice could change his mind and become pro-choice! Also, several times my Lord told me that my prayer for the salvation of those opposed to His will  in protecting the life of babies, was super important as well, and probably even more important But why? He said that these babies will not be able to be killed if those who want to keep laws allowing it, convert and repent. The babies are saints already. Their persecutors will not go to heaven if they persist in killing them.

In cases where we need peace in the world, what we really need is the conversion of those who live trying to make weapons of mass destruction. It is all ABOUT LOVE… of God by following His commands and of neighbor, by seeking their conversion and subsequent salvation. The scandals recently revealed in our Church are sooo easy to disassemble… As written before, let us: Repent and confess – suffer and offer – pray (especially Rosaries and at Mass) – Daily review Scriptural passages and as led by the Holy Spirit. – Say YES to the will of God with each breath from our lungs!!! As we need oxygen to subsist, so we need to convert and become distributors of God’s mercy. The rest is up to God on how He can use us. The Holy Spirit will lead us to make the right plans and establish successful encounters with the Crucified…

We must remember to be persistent. Also, if we write books and read many others, and opinionate about the plans of evangelization, etc., we must understand that we are in the right track but walking like turtles and as dark lamps in order to bring others to God and ASAP. We must seek Our Lady and ask her to take us to Jesus and try to do what she did… when she was in this world. She was the one who brought Jesus to us as she did the will of the Father… She was made our Mother minutes before Jesus died! Why not to pray as many Rosaries as possible, for her to intercede for us to have the power to oppose Satan and to bring many to Jesus, as she did for all of us…

Finally, it is up to us to test what he taught us… and to experience so many changes in our souls and minds… Reading about it does not convert us on a daily basis, but praying much can take us to LOVE through forgiveness and reconciliation and to become very good hearers and doers of the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I still become amazed on how He leads me to pray Rosary after Rosary (in difficult times as the present) as if being filled with a special spiritual gasoline. Granted that I have the time and the peace to do it. Yet, any waste of time brings my Mother to remind me of such behavior.

Even watching football games, as my dear Notre Dame’s (where my son attended), is not allowed to be watched unless I pray at least 2-3 Chaplets of Mercy in atonement of the sins of the fans and the teams as well as for the safety of the players,  and never asking for my team to win… Evangelization is an ongoing job and duty for us as creatures who have the power and love of God within our souls.  And yes, I sound very preachy. I am sorry but I feel the call from within to do so! In fact, I had finished the blog or so I thought and asked my son to post it the evening of October 8. He forgot and he never does forget anything! I immediately realized that my Lord wanted me to do some editing…This means that I had to add the “preachy” section…


Thank you so much for those who pray for me. My health is worse in the sense of a more powerful reaction to ALL FOODS, and I know that if I get detoxified, this will help me a lot. However, I cannot take any products for detoxification because of a severe allergy to the ones I know. I suspect that only a miracle will do it. There is where I am right now: saying YES to His will and simply accepting what He is allowing. He can heal me directly or lead me to X product or doctor to be detoxified.

I need to publish the book with so much information to reverse memory loss, avoid depressions and some other important items, but which I cannot complete. My eyes truly burn when I sit at this computer to finish it. I would appreciate your prayers a lot for protection from Satan, who makes my life miserable and often. Thank you very much… If I had a better vision, I could give you many examples of how Satan works around me…







Teaching received for me to spiritually grow despite the recent scandals in the Catholic Church

September 10, 2018


I was not planning on writing a blog for the month of August but the Lord insisted with signs and wonders to do so and only on the topic above! Other important teachings received will be shared in September’s blog. At the end of the completion of this message, personally I was left with great peace and knowledge of how to deal with these sad moments! Obviously, I insisted in getting clear signs as to proceed and write about it not waiting until September, and sure enough, He sent them as follows:


A. August 8, 2018

In past years, my youngest son, now a physician living 20 minutes from my house, had broken with the Church because he was in Boston, Massachusetts (2002 and on) as he was doing his residency in nephrology (Harvard associated Massachusetts General Hospital), when the scandals in the Church coming from Boston were made public. He was a very good Catholic and even years before, he had been teaching Sunday school in his local parish in upper N. Y. as he attended college at Columbia University.  As before, I knew that Satan had done his work and that I could not truly defend the Church in this matter. He decided to do his specialty studies in research in the field of nephrology at the University of Miami. He chose to work in Birmingham, AL despite that Harvard had offered him to do so with them… God’s ways are always special and touches the lives of others. I am sure that I would not be in Alabama, had he not live in here, since my health is poor and he could help my other son with whom I live, to make decisions regarding my status.

When he moved to the South, he found a very nice woman, a PhD in Ophthalmology who was doing research at the U. of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB). She was also a Catholic who in the North East had suffered much with scandals in the Church. They decided to get married by a Judge. On my side of things, I knew they could not get married in the Church because I did not know how to get his Baptismal certificate from the Church of Our Lady of Desamparados  (Our Lady of the Forsaken), in Desamparados, C.R., a very small town just outside of the capital city of San Jose.

1) First of all, I had forgotten the date of his Baptism and probably due to my past memory problems. I did take him to my country because I had there a very good friend of mine, another physician and who I wanted to become his godmother. Again, after so many problems with my memory, I had no idea when in 1976, we had taken this child to be baptized.

2) Another problem was that even if I knew the date, the certificate needs to be confirmed as legitimate by a series of steps from Costa Rica all the way to the United States. I had to do the same when I married in Detroit, MI.

3) Yet, as mentioned above, the greatest problem was that both, my son and now his wife, who presently form a beautiful and happy married couple, had clashed with scandals in the Church in the U.S.

At the time, my faith was strong and I knew that God had a plan and that I only had to pray and trust in His mercy when saying yes to this difficult problem…because “God is good and His mercy endures forever.”

MIRACLE: What started the present story? I keep my medications and supplements (vitamins) in a Target’s plastic box next to my chair where I sit. On this day, as I looked to get X medication, I saw something yellowish and shining in the bottom of this box, which I had never seen. I picked it up and it was a tiny medal. It had my son’s name on it and the date, 8/8/76. In the other side, it had the image of a guardian angel that is following a child, and we know it from an old painting depicting our GUARDIAN ANGEL. After finding this medal, I remembered that it was given to my son by his godmother. Now I had the date of his Baptism!


WELL, I also KNEW THAT GOD WOULD NOT ALLOW SOMETHING LIKE THIS happening WITHOUT A PURPOSE… This medal had been lost in my memory and I never saw it, ever, since his infant days. For this medal to appear in Alabama in this box that came empty from California, it had to be God and may be with the help of his own guardian angel. Not only that, but we have been here since February 24… and it was exactly on the anniversary of his Baptism that it appeared…!!!! My son living with me was fascinated. Days later, I called my Deacon son and told him and he called it a HUUUGE miracle.

I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do with this medal besides giving it to the rightful owner. His answer: 1) This miracle proves to you that I am with you always and taking care of you in times where pain is bothering you day and night. It is My will that you suffer this way, especially to be offered for the sins of the Church (this was before the scandal of the 300 priests who sinned against 1,000 children in PA. 2) It also tells you to pass this information to your son to be able to get married in My Church when My Holy Spirit will call him and wife to do so.”

It was obvious that this was a huge miracle for me, first and foremost, for Him to let me know that all this disaster with my health has a purpose and that He is in charge of my life, as always and since I was a child…Also, without His teaching, perhaps I would have never given the medal to my son, or simply had given it to him but without any further explanation… He never knew that at the time of his wedding, I had no way to get this certificate when I did not even remember the date of it!


B. August 15 – The media reported that in the last 70 years in PA, more than 300 priests abused about 1,000 children. These priests were moved around and the behavior was covered up by their superiors.


August 16 – EWTN’s Mass (Notes from homily by visiting Filipino priest, Felvert Reyes)

Gospel- Matthew 18:21 – 19:1

Peter approached Jesus and asked Him, “Lord, if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus answered, “I say to you, not seven times but seventy-seven times.”


Christian charity equals forgiveness. How often we forget the Our Father where we pray, “forgive us our trespasses as we forget those who trespass us.” True forgiveness cancels the debt!  How can we say that we have forgiven if we keep recalling the debt?


1) There is a need for unlimited forgiveness.

2) Forgiveness is essential for happiness in life. We should forgive because it is good for ourselves. If you just keep grudges and resentment, in reality, you are harming yourself. It means that you have self-hatred because we become a prisoner of the hatred against enemies.

3) As we can see, forgiveness is difficult but very necessary in several fronts. (End of notes)

This homily started my understanding of the TRUTH, that resentment cancels love. It also became a new call for me to end all resentment of what was done to these children, and worse, that it was covered up. It was clear to me that I had to go beyond forgiving them and offer prayers and my sufferings for the salvation of the Priests, Bishops involved and first and foremost for the people abused, so that they can start healing themselves with forgiveness. God can do it for them if they ask for it. However if they are prisoners of their resentment, I should pray for them and sacrifice for them in order to see the truth of what resentment is all about!


Sunday, August 19

From my Lord: “This is what should be done:

1) Stop all your resentment

2) Seek to love all those who committed these grave actions and those who acted with fear and covered them up.

3) Keep asking yourself, ‘What would I do if any of them were my son?’ The right answer should be: “I would love them first and foremost and then pray for them and the entire Church, so that God’s Mercy can heal everybody involved.”

4) When confronted with above suggestions and how to do it, think of the following:

a) It is obvious that you must work in your daily conversion

b) Remember that if you find yourself in this position, you must recognize that your daily work is to follow Me with perfect self-denial and embracing with a loud YES this cross imposed by these members of My Church. The next step is to love them as I love all of you.

c) Once you recognize your sins, repent for doubting in My mercy; then graces will come to stop all resentment and to become your brother’s keeper. You will become your brother’s keeper by following Me and doing My will, which is to pray for them, sacrifice for them and PRAY FOR THE ENTIRE CHURCH, and this will start the purification of My Church with your merciful love for them. If a large number of the members do the same, everything would change for the good.

d) With the above plan of action for the spiritual redemption of My Church and in My Name, bind Satan, since his work is not fully opposed by My Body with prayer (Rosary asking for the intercession of My Mother). Bind him also with your witness of My love for you and yours for Me, and the latter based on obedience to My will, something that Satan opposed.

e) At all times, remember that you are in charge of helping out in these difficult moments by working under My Spirit while you do whatever My Spirit tells you.

5) Write this message in a blog for August

 6) Read how I dealt with Israel when they were assaulted. As in the times of King David (I was sent to 1Chronicles chapters 18 and 19), I won many wars for him. In the same manner, I will be with you all in My Church and will win all the battles necessary. However, it requires from all of you, a perfect Trust in My Mercy… The Rosary should be the helper for those who may consider leaving the Church. Pray one Rosary for this intention, so these scandals cannot touch their hearts and minds. A chaplet of Mercy in atonement for their sins is a plus in order for My Mercy to protect them despite how they may feel about these difficult moments. 

7) As in the times of Jeremiah (Chapter 33) with the restoration of Jerusalem, I will restore My Church. Be part of such grace and pray for it to come very soon.                                                                             

Wednesday, August 22 – Feast of Our Lady Queen of the Universe

While being spiritually present at the LIVE EWTN Mass, and during the Consecration, I understood that the main problem of the ministerial Priesthood at all levels, is LACK OF PRAYER and lack of a perfect “yes” to all situations encountered daily. A third problem is not to call the Holy Spirit often during the day to be protected with His gifts.

Sunday, September 9

During the Mass, I kept saying quietly to Him: “I love You.” At the Consecration, I understood and very clear that He was saying to me, “You do not love Me!” I immediately and quietly said, “Whaaat?” He answered, “You are still resenting someone nearby. Therefore, you are resenting Me since whatever you do to the least of your brothers, you do it to Me!”

Monday, September 10

While being spiritually present to the LIVE EWTN Mass and at the Consecration, I heard Him say, “You still do not believe in My love and mercy for you! Otherwise, you would not disobey one of My commandments which tell you that you should love others as yourself.” I repented and asked for His mercy to increase my degree of ongoing conversion.

It was super interesting that the homilist, Fr. Wade Menezes, was explaining in great detail how our sins have a negative effect over the entire Church… and why! At one point he said, “We have to confront sin in ourselves.” He amply discussed how our sin affects us personally, socially (our neighbor), ecclesial (the Church) and in the cosmos (in Genesis, it says that the very cosmos is affected by original sin). He also discussed how it exhorts us to repentance and reconciliation (through the Sacrament of Confession) and penance.

He said it clearly that sin is always a personal choice and that our personal sins affect others but that the Sacrament of Reconciliation restores us. He mentioned how the Body of Christ is failing the Church: 39% (it could be as low as 25%) do not go to Mass on Sundays. 82% accept the use of contraception. Some even accept abortion on demand for certain cases. 68% accept gay marriage. Only 2% go to confession regularly.

Here we have a clear explanation of scandals going on that led to the grievous acts of priests, Bishops and Cardinals for the last 70 years. They were not alone in their sins… We contributed a great deal by not becoming witnesses of extraordinary ongoing conversion of our souls… If they had seen many of their parishioners act differently, they may have stopped choosing to sin in these ways.


All the scandals have a common source: Satan, the world and the flesh unopposed by all of us because we lack a true personal relationship with Jesus… For many years, I have observed that many members SEEM to confuse what a personal relationship with Him truly means. I have also wondered why? Any relationship is based in mutual love. Mutual love depends in my obedience to the God Who created me and Who loves me in a very personal way!!!

It seems obvious to me that through prayer, sacrifice and rejection of sin with deep repentance and desire not to sin again , all of us could have gotten the grace to feel how much He loves each one of us. When we are in love, one trust the loving mercy of the lover, and truly want obey His will in every little or major event of life; then huge graces are received in abundance and any temptation dies as it arrives. I have noticed in many religious programs from all Christian sources that they preach to have a human plan to stop this or the other, or say this or the other to follow Jesus. Many seem not to understand that He provides all we need if we simply choose to belong to the “fiat” group. Our job is not difficult or based in our psychological status. Once we truly say yes to His will and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to take over, Satan, the world or our flesh have no chance to get us in trouble. We only have to pray for such grace to say “yes” not as lip service, but as a desire to give glory to God through our obedience, just like Jesus and His Mother did. Here is an example of someone who fell in love with Jesus:

In the 1930’s, Sister Maria Faustina was considered to be a crazy nun by some of the other Nuns, because she was supposedly talking and seeing Jesus… It was not easy for her. On March 1, 1937, she wrote while living in Cracow, a prayer of confidence (1004 in her Diary):

“O will of the Omnipotent God, You are my delight, You are my joy. Whatever the hand of my Lord holds out to me, I will accept with gladness, submission and love. YOUR HOLY WILL IS MY REPOSE; in it is contained all my sanctity, and all my eternal salvation, for doing God’s will is the greatest glory… Do with me as You will, Lord. I place no obstacles, I make no reservations. For You are my whole delight and the love of my soul, and to You, in turn, I pour out the confidence of my heart.”

Another Saint obeyed and grew in his conversion. In Luke 5: 1-11, Peter and other Apostles were washing their nets because they had caught nothing at the lake. Jesus got in Peter’s boat and said, “Put out into deep water and lower your net for a catch.” Simon told Jesus how they had worked hard all night with no results and added, “But at Your command I will lower the nets.” And they did catch a great number of fish. Then, Peter exclaimed, “Depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man.” Then Jesus said, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.” After this, they left everything and followed Him!!!

We have here the most fantastic teaching of what doing the will of God can do. As written above, King David followed the instructions from God to win many wars against Israel’s enemies. St. Peter obeyed and this gave him the grace to follow Jesus and even become the first Pope! St. Maria Faustina became an instrument to divulge the mercy of God up to these days. Therefore, God can win the battle that will stop any possible exodus of Catholics that become disillusioned with the recent scandals.

The time has arrived when we must answer the call and sign up to become soldiers of the Kingdom of God by:

1) Working in our own conversion and say yes to the will of God without any fear, hesitation, question or the like. This is clearly important in order to catch many fish, many Catholics that have abandoned the Church much before the present scandals. This “yes” to God’s will includes to forgive and seek graces to love those who offend us. It also means that we should accept and offer our sufferings for the salvation of our brothers and sisters, the greatest example of love of neighbor.

2) We must become people of deep prayer with great trust in the love of Our Lady for us. The Rosary is a must and as many prayed daily as possible. We need to win the battles against Satan, the world and our flesh, and the Rosary is powerful in these areas. 

Regarding the letter recently published by Archbishop Carlo Vigano, we simply have to have the guts to have a total CONVICTION THAT FOR GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, especially the good things… He will win this battle according to His holy will in this matter. Our faith in the love and mercy of God for us can move mountains and this mountain can be moved according to what is best for our Church. I cannot opinionate regarding this letter and what it says. I tend to believe that what he wrote may be true because we know he was a credible Vatican representative for us, but at the same time, was he tempted by Satan to make the content of this letter public at the right time?

In view of the latter story, I started an explosion of Rosaries, as many as I can pray per day, for the sanctification of our Church and my own sanctification or major growth in my ongoing conversion, so that my God and my All, can truly move many hearts to trust in His mercy and to pray like never before. 

I must report that all the resentment I had felt for the people that gave us the recent scandals, is gone. I actually love them. I feel that they did not know what they were doing. At no time during the moments I felt resentment, did I feel the need to leave the Church. On the contrary, I felt a call to pray for her like never before. I am now totally devoted to pray for her restoration and to fight for her (with Rosaries) with all my love as Jesus does love her.

I keep praying for myself that I keep repenting for any sin of any kind that could affect our Church at large. I am also asking for the grace to take my conversion very seriously on a daily basis.

I am asking my Lord to give understanding to our practicing Catholics that prayer full of resentment for those who caused these scandals, is a prayer that lacks 100% spiritual power. As discussed above, our sins can have a negative effect in the Church.  

Last but not least: my health is deteriorating and I know that I need this to be so, in order to offer it up for all of us Catholics and for the entire world, especially in the U.S.’ world of politics, to stop fighting each other in a miserable way. O yes, we can do it… We can defeat Satan, the world and our flesh if we truly believe that the Son of God is so crazy about us, that He waits for us in every tabernacle as He prays for us at the feet of the Throne of the Holy Trinity’s Mercy.

Please pray for me that I can dedicate my last years on earth to fight any sin of any kind in my life, especially the sin of disobedience to His will, plus  to pray and sacrifice much, and in this way, become a true daughter of the Church that Jesus left us for our sanctification.

My new understanding of Heaven!

August 7, 2018

 (Note: the blog for August will be posted together with the one from September at the end of the latter month).


The reason why I am not posting the blog for August until September is to give myself time to finish the book with important medical issues (memory, depression and others) since my visiom is forcing me to do that.

These past weeks have been simply a dream in every form… although united to the reality of Satan in my life.  However, what I have learned I can hardly wait to share it with you who are reading this blog…  God is alive and His plans and graces are simply awesomeand breath taking!

Despite my previous words, during this month my health has been hellish!!! In retrospect, I am sure that the devil did not want me to write this blog. As we keep opening boxes that came from California, I have found many of my writings from the years prior to 2008 when this site was started. And one for example that it was already stored in a flash drive, proves my point about Satan in our lives. This is what St. Therese of Lisieux wrote about the devil in her life!!!:

Oct. 1, 2007 – Feast of St. Therese.

From St. Therese:

1. “My soul has matured in the crucible of exterior and interior trials and now like a flower strengthened by the storm, I can raise my head and see the words of Psalm 23 – the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, etc.”

2. “The flower about to tell her story rejoices at having to publish the totally gratuitous gifts of Jesus. She knows that nothing in her was capable of attracting the divine glances, and His Mercy alone brought about everything that is good in her…”  (In 2007 when I was stuck in Toledo, OH for 5 years without a job and permission to sell my house to move to California, I wroteà”Wow, it sounds somewhat similar to my life for many years with many trials from different sources, but with many spiritual gifts. and I realized that I should feel joy to adventure one day to publish the totally gratuitous gifts of Jesus for me since I was born, instead of giving Him ultimatums… I stood corrected!.”  At this point I had finished a book telling the story of my life, book that was not published because my Lord did not give me permission!)

3. At age 10 she had headaches and finally a horrible fever. She wrote, “I cannot describe this strange sickness, but I’m now convinced it was the work of the Devil.” Later on she could faint any place. For a long time after these ceased around age 14, she thought that she fainted on purpose, obviously a huge temptation from Satan as well.

“I believe that the Devil had received an external power over me but was not allowed to approach my soul nor my mind except to inspire me with very great fears.” (For those who do not know, she died at age 24 of tuberculosis). (Wow… the power of evil for certain souls can be huge like in the case of Job and with permission from God… Satan as we know, divides, confuses, accuses, lies and gives fear…  So, in her, he produced fear… I realized how my present fears of using my sons’ monies during this time of waiting for the Lord’s permission to place my house in the market. It could come from lack of faith plus Satan’s action) (End)

Also, in the right side of this site and under the section of “Pages”. I will post what Pope Paul VI spoke about Satan titled, CONFRONTING THE DEVIL’S POWER, at the General Audience of November 15, 1972.

With the most recent scandals exposed in our Church on the part of our Clergy, Blessed Pope Paul VI’s words are from the Holy Spirit and extremely important to help us not to despair when we see how Satan has led some Priests to scandalize us. Later, I will have something else to add to this topic after a recent homily I heard.

Let me move to my sharing’s according to the different dates.


Friday, July 6

I ordered via Internet a new test to find out to what foods, colorants and other chemicals I am allergic to at this present time. I had this test (ALCAT) in 2002, 2014 and 2017. Each time it cost me $500 to $700. The one of 2017 was a wrong test since the results did not match my sensitivities to foods when I ate them. Therefore, I was in need to know to how many more foods I am allergic to by 2018 and since 2014! Nowadays, I react to almost everything and this expense was necessary in order to decrease the insult of inflammation that I give to my body when I eat the wrong things, which in turn gives much pain, especially in my knees. Little did I knew that I was starting another fight with Satan… My blood had to be drawn in a local laboratory and sent overnight to Florida for the test. The kit with 6 small tubes that need to be filled with my blood, NEVER GOT HERE…

I had to fight this issue with the laboratory in Florida since they had already received payment of the $700 and a note from FEDEX that the kit was delivered. Eventually, another kit was sent and finally, I drew my own blood with assistance from my son and it arrived there on August 1st.  However even trying to deal with FEDEX for the sending of this little box, became a night mare. On July 30, I called FEDEX to come THE NEXT DAY on Tuesday, July 31 to pick up the box. They pick up only from 12 Noon to 4 PM. Well, they showed up a couple of hours later, at 12 Noon… We had to fight the issue telling them that I had made the appointment for Tuesday. On this Tuesday, I was ready at 9 AM with the blood drawn… but they did not show up at 12 Noon. When we called them, they said that they were short of drivers!!! Finally, they arrived at 4 PM. Satan did not want my blood to be tested…or God wanted me to have an extra cross with the FEDEX service!

Monday, July 9

At 6 AM I prayed with EWTN the family Rosary in Spanish. At 6:30 AM, I prayed the Holy Land Rosary with EWTN and in English. I offered it to the Lord for His will to be done in regards to President Trump choosing a new Supreme Court Judge candidate.

While praying the third Rosary with EWTN at 10:30 AM, in the third Mystery (Joyful Mysteries) when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, I started wondering if Our Lady had a regular delivery but without pain since she was without original sin. Or if suddenly, the Baby appeared next to her? So, I said to my Mother while still praying the third mystery, “Hopefully I will learn about it whenever I get to heaven!

She answered, “No, when you get to heaven and experience the GLORY OF GOD, you will not be interested in such information because the experience of His Glory will suffice and you will not think or be interested on anything else!

“This experience in heaven is unique and impossible to even imagine with your present human brain. If you could understand it during this present life, you would be living mostly dedicated to purify yourself, in order to spend the littlest time in Purgatory completing your purification, so that you could enter this eternal life in heaven surrounded by the love of God expressed in all its power… Therefore, anything that may increase your purification like severe trials, you should welcome them with much love, thanksgiving and even enthusiasm!

“Eternal heavenly life means eternal true happiness, a happiness that no human being has ever experienced on earth. Remember that his happiness is the culmination of God’s mercy, since you will be able to experience WHAT THE LOVE OF GOD IS ALL ABOUT. For example, one feeling on earth that hints to such experience of love, is the happiness felt by a child when exposed to the love of their parents or caregivers. Another one is when later in life, you fall in love with another human being and you are reciprocated. However, such happiness is only a very small hint of the love of God experienced in heaven (less than 1 %) compared to once all the purification of your soul is finished and you enter heaven!

“Every time that you suffer and embrace all your crosses derived from it, it means a step towards one day experiencing the greatest happiness possible! Every time that you feel tempted to plan and act in your life according to your own will, refuse to do so, since only the will of God for you which is all love, can direct your process of purification so that one day you get to experience what “eternal happiness” truly means! Any part of your life that is not under the guidance and power of the Spirit of God should be vehemently avoided, because it is only the will of God that can make you travel with the least sinful patterns that will need much purification!

“Every time that you are tempted to sin, you know that you are delaying your journey to experience the maximum happiness possible! Never forget that you still do not know what happiness is… If my Son came to redeem the world, was out of His profound love for all so that one day they would experience true happiness. Remember what He said, ‘I am the Life (the source of all happiness), I am the Truth ((to live eternal happiness), I am the Way (that leads to all happiness).’

“Satan will do his best to intercept such experience of the greatest happiness possible, which is of living surrounded by His love for all eternity. The evil one does it because he lost this great gift when he disobeyed the will of God, and therefore, will never experience such happiness. He uses every possible way to distract you not to comply with total obedience to do  God’s will.

“He has tempted the human race with ways to find earthly happiness and pleasure, all of which are short lived (e.g.: sports, social media, addictions, etc.). He has emphasized sexual encounters as the source of happiness and therefore, he seeks to confuse human beings by calling them to have these sexual experiences outside of marriage, conducive to experiencing these moments with different partners. Hence, a wedding should be postponed until later in life or not at all.

“These scenarios mentioned completely obliterate and impede your journey to experience the greatest happiness possible. Also, Satan has lied by elevating all that contributes to earthly happiness like power, possessions, money, etc. to the level of true happiness without which we will never be totally happy.” (End of teaching)

By the time I finished writing these things after stopping the Rosary until I jotted all down since my memory could not retain the detail of this teaching, I was mesmerized but at the same time, SO HAPPY… I am not a theologian and I am sure that some of you have known this concept of experiencing the love of God in heaven as the greatest happiness possible, yet I did not understood it as such until now. It did bring me much peace.

This same day, the TV news was showing a woman, Michelle W. saying: “God bless abortion. Abortion should be available in the dollar menu at McDonald’s.” She then shouted, “Salute to abortion.” I could see Satan tempting this woman to make such statements in front of a camera so to confuse women who may have been considering an abortion.

During the evening and after praying another Rosary, I was asked to daily pray ONE ROSARY for all members of Congress that will try to stop the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Judge and a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, atoning for their sins and asking God’s mercy to take over this process. I have been doing so since.

Wednesday, July 11

I found by chance, a TV channel airing a homily from a Protestant Pastor who said, “You find happiness when you live your dreams!” (Ouch)

Monday, July 16

I prayed at 6 AM, one Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy as Mr. Trump and Vladimir Putin started their meeting. It was 2 PM in Helsinki, Finland.

Tuesday, July 17

This was my anniversary of my Baptism at age 4 months… I do have pictures of what I was wearing. It coincided with the date of Baptism of my oldest grandson (minus the year…) He was only 3 weeks old, now 13 and an Altar server…

Friday, July 20

I called Citibank for the second time, my bank in California. The first time was done about 2 weeks before in order to close the account to get my almost $2,000 they had in my account. They required calling them with my son next to me because we had a joint account. This time, the person who answered was from Guatemala and he could not find a record of the previous request!!! (The check did arrive on July 31…) By this time I could not believe what was going on and how I was wasting so much time dealing with the Florida Laboratory, FEDEX and now with Citibank!!!. I asked myself if Satan was also behind it trying to delay this blog… I asked myself, “Or is it God doing it because there is something in this document that He does not want to be shared?” However, these are times to practice my total trust in His love for me and simply ignore the why’s…

Saturday, July 21

The EWTN Live Mass was celebrated by Fr. John Paul Mary, one of their Priests. For the homily, he referred to the latest scandal in our Church and with extreme wisdom he told us how not to pay attention to the grave sins of the Catholic Church’s ministerial Priesthood including the higher ranks, because the Catholic Church is holy no matter what since her founder is Jesus… At this point, I was resenting too much what this Cardinal had done, but most especially for those who had covered up his grave sins and all the Bishops worldwide who have done the same for other Priests. After listening to this homily, I was healed and was able to see this old man as an image of God who had lost the way. In regards to those who covered him up, I still felt indignant but not resentful… I started seeing them as sinners, who did not pray enough, did not have a true relationship with Jesus, but who are still in need of salvation and I saw my responsibility to pray for them and the Cardinal as Jesus would have done it. I realized that this homily had come from a priest who had contacted the Holy Spirit for guidance, since there was power in his words, and this power was not his own but came from God Himself through him.

On this same day, one of the Hispanic TV channels aired the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, now a saint. She was quoted as saying, “Loving is how we receive. Dying to ourselves is how we enter eternal life”. She was persecuted in many ways. From the moment she did not agree with the work of her first Order regarding helping the poor and she trying to get out, she was mistreated by her superior. When she tried to form her own Order to help the poor, a local Bishop and other members of the Church tried to impede her from doing so. All along, she was suffering from a deep spiritual darkness. Yet, today she is enjoying herself with the happiness of experiencing the love that God has for her… She also encountered Satan while on earth!

Tuesday, July 23

EWTN aired a conversation with the mother of now Blessed Mattie Stepanek, a young boy who was born with a genetic defect that gave him a generalized weakness and he could hardly breathe. He died at age 11 after writing many things and preaching in many places. He said,

“FOR PEACE we need to forgive.”

“When you become hope for others, then you have reached your purpose.”

“Life is a gift, not a choice!”

Saturday, July 28

My health was not good. I had only one meal around 5 PM on Friday July 27. On this Saturday, I had my first and only meal… at 8 PM… I suffered of a moderate headache that would not go away with treatment. My stomach ached and probably from inflammation from gluten I had eaten on July 26!!! My eyes were burning and probably from this inflammatory reaction. I kept wondering what was going on.  My ALCAT test was still in limbo! In the midst of this problem, I heard from Jesus:

11:15 PM: “Write what I have to say.” (He meant to take notes because my memory is not super good and my detoxification treatment had to be discontinued one more time due to a powerful sensitivity to it).

I took my journal and a pen and wrote as I understood what I was hearing.

Jesus, “The stone that derails the arrival of your soul in heaven, is the lack of trust in My love for you ALL. You cannot expect living surrounded by My love in heaven experienced as supreme happiness, if you do not trust My love for you on earth! This lack of TRUST (I always keep the definition He gave me many years ago of what trust is –> faith without fear. So, He meant “this lack of faith without fear” on my part) in My love for you leads to losing hope in what is coming to you (heaven itself).

“In your particular case, the presence of pain as a reaction to food is worse than before. You SHOULD ONLY TRUST in My will as being My most perfect gift for you. Your yes to all out of love for Me because it is My will for you, is the key that will make your Rosaries save many souls, especially within the Church. Do not fear your present moment because it is full of My love for you and for your brothers and sisters. This is the only way that you can confront Satan and his lies as you ask for My loving protection for the Church.

“Do not feel let down by all the cover-up operations for those who have committed grave sins against her. This is not a new knowledge. Remember that Satan did it in the times of Adam and Eve. He sought to abolish the first couple’s trust in My love for them by choosing to disobey God’s command. You do not have to know why you are suffering so much and why your suffering has increased to levels higher than ever before! You only need to obey without any questions as to why it is so because you trust in My love for you and for no other reason.

“Always walk with your yes in your mind, heart and soul, while knowing only one thing: that My Spirit will show you the Way (the route to heaven), the Truth (that I am in charge of your life) and the Life (Myself), which will make you recover your perfect TRUST in Me in route to eternal  happiness, that is, I loving you and you experiencing the depth, length and height of My love for you that will give you ETERNAL happiness without measure.” (End)

After this extraordinary teaching, I realized that I was praying the novena to obtain the canonization of Blessed Solanus Casey and for my needs. I have been asking for the intercession of Fr. Solanus to receive the healing I need to finish the book that it is so important for humanity at large. Yet, I also realized that I have been attempting to use this future saint help to obstruct the will of God in my life…I have not trusted in the love of God for me by asking for my will to be done… I realized that I should ask for a miracle for his canonization but nothing that is not the will of God for me…I suspect that Blessed Solanus intercession led me to realize my nonsense.

Wednesday, August 1st.

Anniversary of my Confirmation at age 5 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in the Archdiocese of San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Gospel for the Mass of this day was from Matthew 13: 44-46

“Jesus said to His disciples, ‘The Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field, which a person finds and hides again, and out of joy goes and sells all that he has and buys the field. Again, the Kingdom of heaven is like a merchant searching for fine pearls. When he finds a pearl of great price, he goes and sells all that he has and buys it.’”

After hearing this Gospel I wrote: “I got it. Heaven is the fine pearl that I need to possess and therefore, I must sell everything especially my free will, by placing it in God’s hands and follow Jesus through thick and thin, through much suffering in order to get this fine pearl, this treasure, which is experiencing for all eternity the happiness of knowing how much He loves me ! No illness or blindness or severe pain or many persecutions in years past, compare to the finding of the treasure of heaven, the heaven that now I know consists of àthe experience of the totality of the love of God for me!”

Thursday, August 2 – Feast of Our Lady of the Angels, the patroness of my country Costa Rica, where she appeared some three centuries ago. On this day, more than one million people come from every corner of this small country (with 4 million people) to visit Our Lady. I rejoice because the daily Rosary prayed in EWTN/Spanish from Monday to Friday, shows several images of the different titles of Our Lady, including Our Lady of the Angeles that appeared in Cartago, Costa Rica, some 45 minutes from San Jose. She has a minor Basilica there.

On this great day, EWTN had a program with extensive coverage of the present scandals that plague the Catholic Church. The two guests also were asked regarding their opinion on a recent Papal teaching on the death penalty and how and why they dissented with the Pope’s decision. I will not describe more of what it is because I have no theological formation to give my opinion. Not only that, but even if I could formulate my opinion, I would not do it without the Holy Spirits permission, since I could be sowing more seeds of dissension.

As a simple lay woman, I felt very sad with the opinions expressed because they confused me big time! For one, how do I know that those expressing their opinion are people that I could trust? If several Bishops all over the world have covered up major sins from other members of the ministerial Priesthood, how can I trust anyone for that matter? Even more, I learned that this decision had been made last March or May and it was made public in late July. Was the Holy Father praying to proceed with this decision?

Personally, I always have felt that we cannot destroy a human life no matter what! What bothers me the most is to know that there have been times when a person has been executed and he/she was innocent!!! After praying a Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy to receive guidance regarding if I should even mention this topic in this blog, I was given a clear path as to what to do on a personal basis… I am not inviting anybody to do the same. These are the notes I wrote after my prayer:

I refuse to be distracted by Satan.

1) My work is to pray and suffer for all involved, and especially to pray for myself to love those who are responsible for the present scandals in the Church by ministerial Priests.

2) My work is pray for myself to increase my growth in my ongoing conversion, in order to receive guidance in matters like this one: dissenting with the Holy Father. And not only grow in my conversion but to receive protection from the evil one, and not to resent anyone regardless if I agree or not with their opinions.

3) My work is to pray for those who need to make the day to day decisions for the Church, so that they seek their own conversion in order to stop Satan’s temptations to divide and not to unite and to be opened to the Holy Spirit to do only His will for our Church. (I was consoled to know that the President of the USCCB , Cardinal DiNardo has published his view on this scandal and his interest in avoiding any further cover-ups).

4) My work is to pray for the promotion from all governing members of the Church of a worldwide daily Rosary to bind Satan in the Church affairs. Also for the prayer of a daily Chaplet of Mercy asking for God’s mercy in these matters. His mercy will see to it that we become obedient to His Holy Spirit.

5) My work is to pray for a new Pentecost for the entire Church to be sent and spiritually heal all of us. For the entire Church to learn to always  depend on working with the Spirit of God in all they do, write or say. 

6) My work is to pray for all of us, so that NO MORE TIME SHOULD BE WASTED in the pros and cons and why’s of these present scandals. Yes, we should learn from past mistakes but RIGHT NOW let us have the Holy Spirit guide us to the cure of this past and present disaster. Later, let us look back and learn from the mistakes made so not to repeat them.

When I write: “let us have the Holy Spirit guide us,” it truly means: “let us get out of the way of the Holy Spirit’s action by working in our own conversion to clean up our souls in order to be able to deny ourselves and let Him take over like never before.” Actually, let us remind ourselves as often as possible that there is no major problem that cannot be resolved in a short while because GOD IS WITH US and therefore, not even Satan can be against us. If Satan is doing this horrible job of trying to destroy our Church, it will never happen because the Bible says so… However, he still can capture many souls to live with him in hell. Therefore, we must be aware of this calamity and work hard at becoming an instrument for the Holy Spirit to heal us and for us to be witnesses of His Love for us.

To say it in other words, every day that passes by, we may have more lay members become disillusioned and quit all kind of relationship with Jesus. It has been happening for decades, and yearly, we have less and less lay people attending Sunday Mass. The time has arrived for us to become holy and no matter what. The present moment in the life of the Catholic Church is loudly asking for all of us, that is, Priests and lay members to embrace a serious life of prayer, sacrifice (accepting all suffering with a big yes), servant-hood and love for God and neighbor as never before.

WE ALL MUST MAKE A 360 degrees turn around and stop wasting time with our social communication technology. We must use such time to pray and to serve others. We must appear in front of God as people in need of living holy lives to have a new Pentecost descend upon us, so that we can prepare the world and ourselves for Jesus’ Second Coming.

So far, I have written bunches of words that are preachy but I have been led to invite you to be part of this spiritual awakening. Start at a personal level and seek your own conversion into holiness of life as described above by daily calling the Holy Spirit with a prayer that I have shared several times in these blogs and it says,


Come Holy Spirit; enlighten my heart to see the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into my mind and that I may know the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit in my soul that I may belong only to God. Sanctify all that I think, say and do that all may be for the glory of God. Amen.

Saturday, August 4

On this day I had a conversation with a local Catholic who confused me greatly with his words! In general during the last days, I have been feeling somewhat down as I thought of the lack of trust that I was developing towards the Ministerial Priesthood. I was feeling isolated and actually alone with all the behaviors not proper of men who are blessed with Holy Orders. Yet, I have felt so happy that I can see the Priests from EWTN for the 7 AM Live Mass and now my neighbors, acting in a holy manner… They seem to know that Jesus is totally present in the Eucharist. I say it because for many years, I can tell that some Priests consecrate the bread and wine in an automatic manner. It is very painful for me and I always pray for them in a special manner when I receive Him in Communion. If I am just watching a LIVE Mass, I pray for them as well.

Sunday, August 5 to Tuesday, August 7.

My health has taken a jump for the worse and I could not type for more than one hour at a time. Right now, my eyes would become very painful with a burning sensation and that is why I could not finish this blog, even that only needed the final editing. I kept asking my Lord if it meant that I had to stop writing blogs? I even called my Deacon son to ask him to elucidate for me some ideas regarding the death penalty. He had just being invited by EWTN daily news to explain the status of this subject matter in the State of Nebraska.

My biggest question was if I should not share this subject of what heaven is all about. Was Satan behind it? Or, was the Lord showing me the urgency to accept with a big YES my huge crosses, between my physical illness and the status of the Ministerial Priesthood and the Laity (both that seem not to be running a race for personal conversion to become saints), as an answer to these perilous times. Notice the many questions I was posing to my Lord!

On Aug. 6 and by pure chance, I was able to watch for the first time in Alabama, a 2 PM ABC program with Dr. Oz. One of his guests was the physician Mark Hyman, author of the DVD “Eat Fat. Lose Weight.” He used to appear many times in San Francisco, CA’s PBS TV. Thanks to this PBS station and Dr. Hyman, I was able to end up detoxifying myself and recovering my memory, especially the Spanish language.  Birmingham, AL, has almost no PBS programs for health issues.

My California stay permitted me to be able to learn so much about these illnesses of dementia, depression, detoxification for weight loss and other small items. However, during 10 years in California, I had to suffer more intoxication of my brain due to the closeness of our house to a huge expressway and to a petroleum refinery (4 blocks from our home).

Today I thanked my Lord because I was able to remember one more time that I was sent to the San Francisco area in order to learn about toxicity and dementia. Had I never lived there, today I would be in a nursing home suffering dementia. Finding that Jesus was really present in the Eucharist at age 6 ½ has been the greatest gift after my Baptism… In third place stands the gift of how I reversed my memory loss for the sake of millions of people… All my crosses put together have been a gift in order to become a servant of my brothers and sisters.

After going one more time through these huge gifts given to me, I realized that I was bugging Him one more time when I have no need to do so… I only need to trust in His love for me and let His Spirit take over what I say or write or do…I could see my flesh and Satan working overtime and tempting me to make me feel sad because of the confusion I am getting from my Church. Yet, I only have to deny myself, embrace my crosses with a huge “yes” for them and let the Holy Spirit guide me to follow Jesus. After all, the greatest gift is to end up one day living the greatest happiness possible and for eternity…

The following closing words came during these hard last 5 days of Aug.3 to Aug. 7.


We must stop evangelizing if we are not seeking our personal conversion as yet in PRACTICE, seeking holiness of life at all cost before we jump to evangelize others. We URGENTLY need to do so in order to cooperate with God in our own conversion so that we can hear the Spirit’s guidance to help others. Any HUMAN plans that I may make to witness my personal relationship with Jesus, can fall in dry ground… And our own conversion depends on our YES to God’s will. God takes care of the rest and even HOW WE WITNESS to others of this relationship.

We MUST ACCEPT that the present scandals are the worse in the last century, but at the same time, WE MUST BELIEVE that God can change these difficult times in a short period, if we cooperate by embracing 24/7our own call to become holy. Again, our call is not to create more studies of the Bible and how to plan to change our parishes…Our call is entering a serious plan of personal conversion in order to get the grace TO LOVE others where they are at (not changed), specially our ministerial Priesthood, in order to become a light and a force used by the Spirit for all of us one day to experience the love that God has for us, that is, when we arrive in heaven. The serious plan of conversion is to practice as best as we can the steps of discipleship under a constant YES TO GOD’S WILL. If we try it, results will start coming!!!

In 2007 and while living in Toledo, OH, I was given a list of do’s seeking to become holy. I found this writing by pure chance in one of my flash drives, which came out of a box just 2 weeks ago!!! Let me share it with you in order to start our own path to holiness:


1. I must say a yes to His will convinced with total trust that He loves me. That is faith without fear.

2. A yes that believes that what has been told to me will be fulfilled precisely because of His great love for me. Thereby He would not confuse me. That is faith in His love.

3. A yes framed in the hope that there is a plan of salvation for me and for all humanity. That is TRUST IN HIS LOVE.

4. A yes that is tranquil, silent and only waits for the results of this divine salvation plan for all of us.

5. A yes that is MAINLY rooted in love of God and of brother and sister.

6. A yes that practices this love of God by living all day in “vigilance” or watching with Him as in Gethsemane (with a few selected ones like Peter, John and James) watching how He was and is in agony even today for this hardheaded, dissipated Church that He founded. To realize that He chose just three disciples to be with Him, to keep Him company, to be His backbone since He knew his suffering to come, the betrayal just to happen, and yet these three failed Him as well and fell asleep. (It seems that we are sleeping in our Church, regarding our need to say Yes to His will). Eventually He asked them to pray as well, but not in the first instance (Mathew’s Gospel). To remember that He just needs to be loved in the midst of the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He was and is offended…

7. A yes that manifests itself in service to others, that is with love, patience, forgiveness while ignoring others’ rejection, hardened faces, indifference.

8. A yes that waits orders from God for everything and will not be anxious about the next present moment.

9. A yes coming from constant prayer – Mass, Holy Hours and permanent praise that substitutes all fears and doubts of each present moment added to many Rosaries and Chaplets of Mercy.

10. A yes that seeks to keep company to the Son of God in the Tabernacle.

11. A yes that forgets about me and my needs but never of the spiritual, moral, emotional and monetary needs of my brother and sister.

He then said, “This is the way to a life of holiness and of constant giving glory to God, the Trinity, because the yes to the will of God is done while picking up your  crosses, denying yourself and following Me to do what I did. Remember that all healing, all battles were won through faith while on earth … If faith was present in those asking for sight or cure of diseases, this was the gate to win their battles as God did for Israel and as Moses reminded them in Deuteronomy 1. If you doubt, if you have fear, if you dread any part of the will of the Father for you or even disagree with His will in your past, which means to mistrust His love for you, then faith is also gone, and with it, hope and love for Me.”

I realized that a simple yes to God’s will without accepting the crosses with “gusto” was very little in order to grow and be able to beg for mercy for others. I then heard:

1. Work on your own yes to establish rocky grounds for your relationship with God. That is, increase your faith in God’s mercy for you.

2. Pray for this Church from the pulpit of your conversion! Then, God will be prompt to answer.

3. Finally, preach the message of mercy as the only solution to this Church in chaos. With this background, the people will hear through His mercy! (End of writing from 2007)

P.S. Thank you very much for those who pray for me…I am sure that I would not be posting these blogs without your spiritual help. I am sure that for this month I am delayed in doing it because evil forces have been very active, but the Lord has allowed it and He knows why. Please keep praying for me to finish the book that will tell how to avoid some depressions, which are now the third cause of death by suicide in this country and how I dealt with memory loss. Thank you. I pray for you, my readers, with the Community daily Rosary.



1. Spiritual Detoxification of my Soul for these critical times.

July 4, 2018

2. Direction received to bind Satan everywhere


Little did I know that what I shared last month was “part one” of what I am supposed to do to help myself and others in these days when things everywhere and of every nature seem to get worse every day!

Well, this blog will be mostly about Satan and his brutal power and insistence in destroying all souls by inviting them (via temptations) to live in hell. At the same time, it has become super clear to me that at all levels, WE AS EARTHLY CREATURES made in the image of God have ignored the devil almost 90% of the time. We know about him but do not take him seriously. In these past 3 weeks I have understood how I can pray and what I must do to get Satan bound.

The idea started coming to my conscious mind in a very funny way. I was watching some of the NBA last games and the Lord showed me how much sin is present everywhere, from the fans to the players, coaches, and so on. Most of them are living a moment of dislike against the opposite team and of extreme distraction about what is the most important truth: that God loves us so much or at times that God even exists.

During those games, He showed me how I could bind the evil one in the players, for example. I knew this during last month’s writing of the blog but I could not share it, nor can I do it now… Suffice to say that we have the power of doing it. My Lord used this occasion to show me how powerful I could be when binding in His Name, all evil from human hearts. From then on, I was led to make it a daily job to bind the evil one everywhere.

I must add that my allergies to foods and even some of my medications have increased and that my body reacts with brutal inflammation… To begin with, it makes my eyes very sore. Exposing them to writing for long periods of time makes it worse. In the other hand, getting behind date wise in completing the blog has been a blessing since I have learned so much of what is going on around the U.S., like the recent election of a new Mexican President. Since we have a major division among Americans regarding how to handle the immigration at our borders, this new Mexican President may make things worse or better… We do not know yet. But it is up to us to understand what is going on in Mexico regarding violence and hatred.

Listen to this: 200,000 people have died in Mexico in the last 12 years (or during the two presidential cycles of President Peña Nieto)… In this election of Sunday July 1, there were 3,400 positions in play for governors and attorney generals, etc. There were also 88 million Mexicans ready to vote.

Since 1968, Mexicans have sought changes to enter into an era of democracy. As you remember, at the beginning of the XX century, the persecution of the Catholic Church was clear and brutal and many Cristeros, those Roman Catholics who yelled everywhere, “Viva Cristo Rey” or “Long Live Christ the King,” were killed, including many Priests, and many of them are now canonized. The Masons had started this horror at the end of the XIX C.

For this last election, there were 4 candidates for the presidential post. However, ONE OF EACH 3 MEXICANS received an offer to buy their vote!!! The person who won, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, did it with great numbers. Yet for me, I still wonder who MAY have bought votes for him since the narco-traffic cartels and the organized crime are the ones in possession of the money, power and possibly of some of the candidates. Who knows! He is a leftist who said that he wants to deal with corruption, violence and Trump!!! At the same time, the narco-traffic pays well to kill people who oppose them. In general, Mexico lacks a new judicial system to end all of this. But what Mexico lacks the most is to be true disciples of Jesus Christ…

Question: Where are we, Roman Catholics in all of this? For example how many Rosaries have we prayed for Mexico in the last month? You CAN SMELL SATAN working 24/7 in this horror going on to where our Mother was sent in 1531!!! ARE WE SPIRITUALLY ORGANIZED AGAINST THE CRIME that is committed south of us? Crime that tries to destroy our peace by bringing not only illegal aliens used as mules to carry narcotics (source of crimes), but also much fighting within the U.S. by dividing the two main political parties like never before. In general, many want to open the gates for immigrants to help them in their poverty. The question is: is this what God wants? What about the organized crime that enters with them from Mexico? Is it the will of God that we allow narcotics to come to the American citizens and destroy their lives? How about the worsening of the division among Americans on immigration?

One big question that my Lord asked me to write about, is: an American political party is against separating children from their parents at the border with Mexico and as we know very well. YET, THAT SAME POLITICAL PARTY wants to keep the law that came from Roe vs. Wade in the 1970’s that SEPARATES a baby from his/her mother!!! It is obvious that you cannot have it both ways… But I am sure that this horror is the fruit of Satan tempting this people with lies and misunderstandings of what they stand for.

What bugs me the most is: where are the Mexican Catholics in all of this? How is it possible to have millions come to Tepeyac every December 12th, and yet, not getting together to pray many Rosaries for her intercession? They call Our Lady of Guadalupe for everything for their own needs but show no faith whatsoever in the power of Jesus Present in every tabernacle and of our Mother who was sent precisely to them many centuries ago! Is this related to a Catholic Church that is not leading well? Let me be clear: this is not passing judgment… This is the truth from facts that are obviously behind this spiritual tragedy. I make a point out of it to incite many of us to pray for the Catholic Church in Mexico, and for the clergy to organize the laity in prayer and trust in God’s mercy!

In this past month, I was directed to find many stories about Satan by major Catholic writers regarding this spirit. I have also received an agenda of how I must pray and sacrifice for all my brothers and sisters to be protected from the evil one. I will share it with you and will place it at the end of this blog. Next, I will share a few things according to the calendar.


Friday, June 8

I only had one meal because I had zero hunger, something that is being happening for almost 2 months. I had breakfast at 11 PM… Even with eating so little, I have not lost weight. I suspect that He wants me to prove to all in the book being written, that it is toxicity that produces obesity in some of us and only detoxification can allow us to lose weight.

On this date I wrote in my diary that four days prior, a clothing designer lady, Kate Spade had committed suicide. By June 7, Anthony Bourdain had also committed suicide. Both of them suffered from depression. A few days ago, the singer Janet Jackson, sister of the famous Michael Jackson, made public that she suffers of depression…

I felt sooo sad… On this wonderful day of the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the anniversary of my First Holy Communion, I felt that I was part of their decision by not publishing what I knew about the food thickener that gives me depression plus of an artificial sugar found in diet drinks  I learned of this in 1992-1993… and I have kept it quiet… for no particular reason, except for my very poor love of neighbor… I will die feeling guilty and I am sure that I will have to answer to my God for this sin of omission.

I found myself realizing how powerful the Rosary is in regards to Satan. At the end of each Our Father, we say, “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” Jesus Himself taught us to pray against Satan. Do we realize what we are doing when we pray the Our Father at the beginning of each mystery? I sensed that when praying the five Our Father’s, if we simply ask our Father to help us with the devil, He would answer such prayer. On the contrary, if we just simply repeat these words without paying attention to what they mean, for each Rosary we may have wasted five times a powerful prayer against Satan!

Saturday, June 9

On this day I had planned to go to confession at 4 PM. However, I was very sickly with diarrhea and nausea. I then left my confession for the following Wednesday at 6 PM before the 7 PM Spanish Mass. The confessor would be a Hispanic Priest who serves this parish.

Sunday, June 10

I woke up very sickly and unable to go to Mass. The EWTN Mass was my only good moment at its 7 AM Live showing. The homily was wonderful regarding the action of sin in our lives and our spiritual well being. It comforted me quite a bit.

On this date, I started to pray Rosaries with Chaplets of Mercy for the upcoming meeting of Kim Jong-Un and Mr. Trump in Honolulu, Japan.

Monday, June 11

It was wonderful to be part for the Live Mass through EWTN celebrating the 25th year anniversary of Ordination for Fr. Joseph Wolfe. Just days before on June second, we had the Mass of Ordination of another Priest for EWTN, now Fr. Mathew. It was also awesome… I prayed for both of them during these Masses.

I called the parish to find out who would be hearing confessions at 6 PM on Wednesday June 13, only to learn that the Hispanic Priest is the only one who takes care of them and that he would be out of town… Again, no Confession possible! I started wondering why? In the other hand, I suspect that the Lord wanted to see how repentant I was for my sins by not giving up. Remember that I do not drive and that I had to find a time suitable for my son to take me!

At the end of this day (11 PM my time), I prayed two Rosaries and one intertwined with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for Jong-Un and Trump JUST BEFORE THEY WERE TO MEET at 12 midnight, my local time. With the Rosaries I asked for the intercession of our Mother for the salvation of both and with the Chaplet plus my suffering, I atoned for the sins of both, but especially for the N. Korean president who has destroyed many lives.

Tuesday, June 12

12 AM: the meeting between them started. At 2 AM, we had Live from Japan the signature of this document for the full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. There is when I truly saw Satan trying desperately to get down Mr. Trump in his accomplishment of getting such agreement and tempted his political opponents to do it. The Democratic members kept saying that this agreement meant nothing and that Jong-Un will never do it. When they spoke, they looked super angry! This was Mr. Satan tempting them to destroy the triumph of a pro-life President!!! And they continue doing so. It is at this point that I realized how important will be for me until I die, to try to do my best to ask my Father to bind Satan no matter what in this situation and others. This was also the moment when I was furious with them and filling much resentment for their unjust position but realized that Satan tempted me to sin that way… What a horror! Notice that we hardly think of the evil one when tempted to sin…He takes us by surprise when we should not be…

Friday, June 15

After praying the Rosary at 6 AM with EWTN/Spanish, I asked my Mother for help and I asked her to pray that I would understand who could also pray for me at the Throne of Mercy, so that I finish the book with so many medical solutions for very important problems. They had said that there has been a 30% increase of death by suicide since 1999. I need to help with what I know and I want to have my health partially taken care of so that I can finish this book. I asked her if 1) Blessed Archbishop Luis Maria Martinez, Archbishop of Mexico City could be the one since he wrote so much about the Holy Spirit, or 2) Blessed Conchita, the Mexican widow who died in 1937 after publishing a book that Jesus dictated to her for His Priests which I have and read, or 3) any other one?

As I started the fifth mystery of the family Rosary, a mystery that it is not for any of my sons since I have only four of them, I felt clearly that Mother Angelica’s spirit asked me to dedicate this fifth mystery for EWTN… I already have been praying the fifth mystery with the Chaplet of Mercy intertwined with the Rosary mysteries, in atonement for all people who would die that day and for the mercy of God to atone for their sins to be saved as they die.

Well, now I was to pray for EWTN. For years I have been doing so with the community Rosary but now it has to be done with the family Rosary… So, as a spiritual mother of this extraordinary TV network, I have been doing so since. I was sure that this encounter with Mother Angelica was true because it happened as I was praying the Rosary. Satan had not a chance to get me confused. She asked me to pray also for any action of Satan in the network. And yes, we have seen a couple of mishaps of people that lived a double life tempted by Satan and I wonder if the Priests and Nuns are regularly tying the devil up? 

Saturday, June 16

I finally was able to go to confession with the Pastor of my parish that I officially belong to! He was very nice and very meek. Finally I felt clean enough to keep writing blogs!!!

On this day I received a letter from The Father Solanus Guild. I love this Franciscan priest who finished his life in a convent in Detroit, MI. He was born in Wisconsin and had problems with Latin, language used for his education to become a Priest. Therefore, his grades were not the best. Upon his ordination, he was not allowed to celebrate Mass in public nor hear confessions!!! He eventually ended up in a convent of his Order in Detroit where he was a porter. He was a great lover of the poor. Today, they have a huge dining room where many poor people are fed. He died at 11 AM on July 31, 1957. In 1997, he was found incorrupt.

In 2006, I visited him and prayed in front of his body. I kept his picture in my room’s altar, in Toledo, OH and in California. He became Blessed in the fall of 2017. In the letter I received, the Director of Fr. Solanus Guild stated that they are starting a new chapter of working towards his canonization, including the same procedures that had been required for his beatification.

His official Feast Day is July 30. They invited me to pray a novena starting on Sunday, July 22 through Monday, July 30, with Masses offered during these 9 days. Bro. Richard Merling, Capuchin and Director who wrote the letter, said that they would be praying for my personal intentions as well as for his Canonization. I have the exact time of the 9 Masses and the Novena prayers. I will certainly pray the novena during those Masses celebrated in Detroit, MI. You may like to pray for his canonization as well.

The Mass schedule is as follows:

July 22 – 9 AM

July 23 to 27 – Noon

July 28 – 5 PM

July 29 – 9 AM, 11AM and 1:30 PM

July 30th – Noon

The Novena will consist of

1. The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2. Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Solanus Casey

O God, I adore You. I give myself to You. May I be the person you want me to be, and may Your will be done in my life today. I thank You for the gifts You gave to Father Solanus.

It it is Your will, bless us with the canonization of Father Solanus, so that others may imitate and carry on his love for all the poor and suffering of our world.

As he joyfully accepted Your divine plans, I ask You, according to Your will, to hear my prayer for (intention….), through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

“Blessed be God in all His designs.” Amen.

Well, obviously I felt that I had the answer of whom shall I invoke to pray for me and my health problems, besides the prayers said during these 9 Masses for those who are participating in the novena for his canonization. I almost passed out… Of course, whether God wills that a possible cure of my health issues be the miracle needed for his canonization or not, I will pray fervently for him to get canonized very soon. If you can, please keep me in your prayers in those 9 days besides also praying for his canonization.

Monday, June 18

EWTN aired an interview with Norma McCormick, the lady of Roe vs. Wade. She became a Christian and eventually a pro-life Roman Catholic with the aid of Fr. Frank Pavon. She never aborted her child to begin with and died on February of 2017, after much suffering for being the main reason for this law that gives permission to kill little babies…

Tuesday, June 19

In EWTN/Spanish, they aired the story just mentioned in the introduction  regarding Mexico. They had pictures of the late XIX C and early 1920’s when Catholic temples were destroyed and Catholic Priests killed. One of each 15 people died… In 1924, President Plutarco Elias Calles not only ordered the destruction of the Church buildings but stopped all Masses from being celebrated. They were celebrated very quietly in private homes, but this led to the killing of many Priests… who were not following Calles’ orders!

Thursday, June 21

It is amazing how Satan gets us so busy… I had ordered a re-fill for my thyroid medication and when I opened it up, it was the wrong dose amount… This came from my new doctor in Alabama who already left and I have not even met my next one, a lady physician to be visited this coming September. I had to make a trip to Walgreen’s and take my present almost empty bottle and the new one. I was treated super well but this disaster was not corrected despite Walgreen’s offer to call them. They called and to no avail, BUT this pharmacy failed to let me know of the refusal from this Vincentian Office Center to contact my future doctor to change the dose. Two days later when I called the pharmacy again, I was asked to repeat the inquiry the following Monday directly to the offices of the future doctor whom I had not met yet. How did it happen? No one knows… But the whole incident sent me to become irritated since I have suffered 9 major errors by MD’s… Yet, I understood that I have to be very careful and be fast in thanking God for His allowed will for me and stop any resentment. I wondered if Satan was in the middle of it!

Saturday, June 23

On this day, I woke up and realized that we need a spiritual detoxification, especially within our Church but also worldwide. Our growth in our relationship with Jesus needs to be detoxified with 1) PRAYER, especially with the Rosary asking for Our Lady’s intercession.

2) With the reception of the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist on a regular basis. Any mortal sin is pure profound spiritual toxicity for our souls. Any venial sin is toxic as well!

3) It needs for us to keep an eye on all wasted time and fill it with “Lectio Divina” or the use of the Scriptures to hear from the Holy Spirit as to how to change our lives and ask Him to do so.

4) We must keep an eye on how much are we embracing or repudiating our crosses, which are a gift from God for our purification in order to get closer to Jesus.

5) It needs an opened eye for the work of Satan around us and why.

 6) Last but not least, it needs our fiat or yes to His will with total conviction that it represents the shortest and safest way to the Father and it is the antidote to Satan’s work in our lives, since he was thrown out of heaven by refusing to do the will of God! Yet, I cannot do it out of fear… On the contrary, we must be certain that Heaven in its entirety starting with God the Trinity, our Mother, Angels, Saints and souls in Purgatory are behind us to help us against Satan and all his demons. We must remember that OUR FIAT is the corner stone of all spiritual detoxification.

At 4:30 PM, I heard one more chapter of the program titled: Beauty, Truth and Goodness. It was about our Mother Mary, how she is mediatrix of all graces, all graces without exception. It gave me much peace and felt that she is so important for our ongoing spiritual detoxification and for fighting the evil forces.

Father Robert Altier from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis explained that all graces of salvation come through Our Lady. She did not have to die because she was born without original sin, but Jesus did. So, she could have died or not. Tradition says that she died in Ephesus and was buried.

(Important 🙂 Fr. Altier also explained that the Virgin Mary shows with her assumption that she has defeated Satan… Genesis 3:  13-15 reads, “The Lord God then asked the woman, ‘Why did you do such a thing?’ The woman answered, ‘The serpent tricked me into it, so I ate it (the fruit of the forbidden tree).’ Then the Lord God said to the serpent: ‘because you have done this, you shall be banned…I WILL PUT ENMITY BETWEEN YOU AND THE WOMAN and between your offspring and hers’”

Sunday, June 24

Archbishop Sheen was shown saying, “You learn wisdom from obedience.” It was interesting to hear that our obedience to the will of God will bring us the wisdom to find out what such will is second to second! Wow!

The World Cup started. The Hispanic TV explained that Russians believe in all kind of superstitions to have good luck, like:

1. They spit three times on their left shoulder against bad spirits!

2. When they pay in a restaurant, they never hand in the money. They place it on a little plate.

3. They never shake hands under a door because it is then that demons can enter the home!

4. When they give flowers, they always give 5 or 7 or 9 of them, but never a paired number.

5. If they leave the home and realize that they left something behind, they return but take their shoes off before entering!

They mentioned that these superstitions are close to one hundred!

It occurred to me if Satan has been involved in the lives of Russians for a long time and who may have opened the door to him with all these superstitions. It is also interesting that Our Lady of Fatima asked to pray for Russia…

Thursday, June 27

On this date, we heard about the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy by the end of July. I pray for the Supreme Court Justices every day with my community Rosary and I have written all the Judges’ names. I was fascinated that this Judge decided to make this announcement with plenty of time for the President to name another one and hopefully someone that can stop the killing of babies in the womb of their mothers.

I want to remind you, my readers, that this is the time for us to PRAY many Rosaries before July 7th when the name of the future Judge will be announced, according to Mr. Trump.  I have been begging my Mom to intercede for President Trump to choose only what the will of God is for this U.S. AND I AM binding Satan in the Name of Jesus so that he has nothing to do with the final decision and later, with his or her confirmation by Congress. Walking for Life every January is great but truly praying and offering our penances for this process to be protected from demonic intervention in the minds of Congressional members, is pivotal… We need to pray for wisdom and the salvation of the latter group in the Senate and House. We need to ask for the protection of their souls from satanic forces!

Saturday, June 30

On this day I saw another chapter of Fr. Robert Altier’s presentation of Beauty, Truth and Goodness. He said that the one Catholic Church was founded by Jesus. He founded ONE Church (Matt. 16:18)… and now we have 33,000 Christian denominations. This is a clear example of Satan confusing so many lovers of Jesus…

Another example of Satanic presence is the confusion that exists on the importance of the ICE Police force. They cover many angles but were created to find immigrants who are criminals and for deporting them. However, many will come back. If ICE is terminated as one political party insists in doing, the border will have no police coverage and thousands will enter again… Yes, most immigrants are poor and needy but are not truly being executed as the Cristeros were and mentioned above… They were separated from their children because they brought them to the border. They could have left them with relatives… The confusion and lies on this topic has all the symptoms of coming from Satan.

On this weekend, we have some Senators inciting the crowds to persecute those who work for President Trump. Again, Satan MUST be behind it!


1. The Imitation of Christ – by Thomas Kempis

Chapter 13- On resisting temptation

“We will never be free of trials and temptations… Therefore we should always be on our guard against temptations, always praying that our enemy, the devil, who never sleeps but constantly looks for someone to devour (1Peter 5:8), will not catch us off guard.

“In the early stages of temptation it is necessary to be watchful, for it is easier to overcome the enemy if he is not allowed to enter into your mind, but it is resisted and shut out as soon as he knocks.”

2. The Spiritual Combat by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli  (The first edition was published in Venice in 1589 with only 24 chapters.)

Chapter 27  On the Methods used by the Devil to tempt and seduce those who desire to acquire virtue and those who are still the prisoners of vice

“My beloved son, never forget that the devil continually seeks your destruction. But his attacks against each soul are varied.” (There is a long explanation of all possible attacks from Satan, too long for me to quote)

Chapter 28On the cunning devices used by the devil to destroy completely those he has already drawn into sin

“When the devil has enmeshed the soul in sin, he uses every means at his disposal to distract its attention from anything that would enable it to recognize the terrible condition into which it has fallen.

“The devil is not content to stifle every inspiration from Heaven and to suggest evil thoughts in their place. He endeavors to plunge it into new faults, either of the same or a more vicious nature by supplying dangerous opportunities to sin.”

Chapter 29 has many more counsels on how to defeat Satan. I cannot quote all due to my vision problems.

3. Spiritual Diary – Daughters of St. Paul – 1962

“Since the devil knows that obedience (doing the will of God) is the quickest road to perfection, he makes distasteful and offers many objections to it under the pretext of a higher good.” St. Teresa of Avila

4. Scripture:

There are many stories regarding Satan. It appears in Genesis right away and the Holy Spirit guided the Gospel writers to mention how Jesus was tempted 3 times. Just these hints are enough for all of us to become alert…

The Hebrew word which signifies “accuser” (corresponding to diabolos in Greek), came to designate the enemy of God and men relatively late, as it appears below.

The Book of Job that appeared between the 7th and 5th Centuries B.C.

Job 1: 6 and following

One day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, Satan also came among them. And the Lord said to Satan, “Whence do you come?” Then Satan answered the Lord and said, “From roaming the earth and patrolling it.” And the Lord said to Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job and that there is no one on earth like him, blameless and upright, fearing God and avoiding evil?” But Satan answered the Lord and said, “Is it for nothing that Job is God fearing? Have You not surrounded him and his family and all that he has with Your protection? You have blessed the work of his hands and his live-stock are spread over the land. But now put forth Your hand and touch anything that he has, and surely he will blaspheme to Your Face.” And the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power; only do not lay a hand upon his person.” So Satan went forth from the Presence of the Lord. End.

As we know, Satan directed Job’s so called friends to discourage him. At the end, God comes to his assistance and Jobs repents for being upset with his difficulties. God restores him spiritually and with more possessions and even asked Job to intercede for his attackers.

I have read these 42 chapters of this story many times since I have suffered from many persecutors and many years ago, this is what I wrote in my Bible at the end of the 42th chapter: 1) Job forgave his friends and 2) by interceding for them, he showed love for them. 3) Finally, he had to do it in order for God to restore all he had lost…

However, it always helped me realize what Satan did against me by tempting my persecutors to attack me without any reason to what they did, but that God protected me against any form of resentment towards them…End.

Just as this story of Job has helped some of us, it is time for us to work against Satan as he is destroying souls and we are letting him by our lack of love for those souls, even that we can bind this evil spirit with the help of Our Lady and her Rosary, offering our crosses with a big embrace of them, while asking for God’s mercy to stop Satan everywhere to save everyone from his temptations.

Wisdom 2: 24 and Revelations 12: 7-18 also refers to Satan’s work over us.


1. To keep the cornerstone of my spiritual life by always agreeing to do the will of God.

I do so by praying for the help of God several times a day. I keep it written in a small card, the size of a smaller credit card. I typed it and covered it with plastic. This is what it says.

Side 1Prayer to open my soul to the Holy Spirit (to be prayed daily  and often)

Here I am Lord to deny myself. I am here to do Your will. I am here to embrace my present crosses. Here I am Lord to follow You and Your example and to love You with all my heart, mind and soul and

Side 2

My neighbor as myself and as You love them. Jesus have mercy on me a sinner, and increase my trust in Your love for me so that I do not worry in each present moment, not even for a second. Also, increase my fidelity to obey Your will as Our Lady the Virgin Mary did. Amen.

2. Daily prayer

Family Rosary/Chaplet of Mercy, Community Rosary, more Rosaries as possible to pray for my present needs and the needs of family, friends and as shared in a recent blog.

The Fifth Mystery of the Family Rosary/Chaplet if Mercy to be offered for:

1) Those dying during that day and offering atonement for their sins to be saved

2) For EWTN, for its spiritual and physical needs (especially monetary funds) to keep the network going. For all Priests, Nuns, Employees, Hosts and Guests.

3) To bind Satan from our lives

a) With this fifth mystery of the family Rosary and chaplet of Mercy I ask the Father in the Name of Jesus to bind all the forces and sources of evil, in order to keep Satan out of our lives.

b) For understanding in what ways Satan has hold on our lives, personally, family, friends, enemies, the Catholic Church and worldwide.

c) In the Name of Jesus, I claim and seal with His Blood as protection from Satan – ourselves, families, parishes (Priests and laity), EWTN, the Vatican and the Holy Father, all Bishops, Ministerial Priests, Religious Orders, U.S. Government, U.S. Military, U.S. enemies.

d) In the Name of Jesus I bind all evil forces in the lives of those who play with nuclear power, especially Mr. Kim Jong-Un. For those who destroy human beings with toxins. I also ask for their salvation.

e) In the Name of Jesus, I ask for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to understand how to reclaim any territory that we have handed over to Satan, and how to place ourselves and others back under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and as we learn how to receive the Eucharist with a new fervor and ardor that leads to keep our souls clean from sins via frequent Reconciliation.

f) I ask the Father in the Name of Jesus to bind all evil that may prevent all Catholic Ministerial Priests from appreciating their chastity as a magnificent form of offering Penance as asked by Our Lady of Fatima.

g) In the Name of Jesus, I ask the Father to bind Satan in the lives of those who destroy the lives of babies in the womb, and for His mercy to lead them to be converted into Jesus’ followers.

h) In the Name of Jesus, I ask the Father to bind Satan from tempting TO WORK AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD, those making the decision for the choosing and confirmation of the next Supreme Court Judge.

i) In the Name of Jesus, I ask the Father to bind Satan from tempting all Catholic members who are making plans of their own to evangelize others, without first praying for their own obedience to the will of God to obtain the wisdom to direct those plans.

P.S.: Thank you to all who pray for me…During this past month I was tempted to stop writing blogs. I asked the Lord to give me the word “yes” in the Bible to show me that I have to continue. Sure enough, He gave me a page and the word “yes” was there. However, my health is a major problem for writing them. My vision has become worse because my allergies have augmented… My detoxification has been stopped due to severe allergies to the different detoxifying agents. So, please keep praying for me. Thank you.



1. Practicing penance and praying the Rosary as in a new Lepanto battle in order to follow Our Lady of Fatima recommendations.

June 8, 2018

2. The importance in my life of the Sacrament of Reconciliation


This is the first blog that I start very late (June 1) and I am still unable to figure out what my Lord wants me to write about! My health has become a nightmare because I am growing in my allergies to foods of all kinds, especially garlic and other products that give flavor to them.. The pain in my knees has become a true cross that takes my attention from everything. This happens because I have to take Tramadol to help me survive it and it makes me sleepy.

Through EWTN, I have been reminded that my actual work is to suffer for the good of others. During this month, I have been exposed to horrific things being mentioned in the media in different ways. I have tried to continue detoxifying my body but I react much worse to some of the components of the products that I bought to do so… In the midst of this scenario of health issues, I live in a home that is simply a dream… The inside temperature is perfect day and night… I enjoy the LIVE Masses that I find in EWTN, especially during the Consecration time. Some of the homilies are fantastic and help me a lot.

One thing that has been constant is to remember is that Our Lady of Fatima came to ask the children to pray and do penance…!!! For prayer, she recommended the Rosary. This is exactly what I do all day… I have found out that I simply tend to WASTE MY TIME as I listen to repetitious news or to the fights between Republicans and Democrats, which are so full of lies… If I listen to Fox news, I hear very clear explanations of what is going on… If I listen to CNN, they twist and turn everything and I end up furious and disgusted… Also, ALL COMERCIALS in television are partial lies… There is one on Aleve and it recommends it for pain that is totally covered for 12 hours… However, it does not completely cover pain and IT can DESTROY your kidneys…

One of the two most popular Hispanic channels presents sexual scenes that are SO HORRIBLE AND TAKEN TO A POINT OF DISGUST, that I simply will not check this particular channel ever. The other one is much better with religious themes here and there and related to Our Lady of Guadalupe. All of these horrors send me to pray more Rosaries for their salvation. But what gives me a much deeper pain, is to hear about how our Priests have abused children… Of course, it is happened all over the world and not only involving our Priests; however we must never forget that they have been given the privilege of bringing Jesus to reside ALIVE in bread and wine and from there to come to our souls and bodiesIT IS MORE THAN OBVIOUS that Satan is desperate but in general, we are not doing anything to stop his job within the Church. The Rosary can do it… and especially Rosaries prayed by members who live saying “yes” to His will.

It is so common to hear religious programs where they are telling you what to do to live a better life, to have a happy marriage, to grow spiritually but THEY NEVER MENTION the fact that the YES of Our Lady opens our soul to the work of the Holy Spirit Who is within, and THIS IS SUFFICIENT to KNOW WHAT TO DO AT EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES… It is sooo simple that psychologists are not needed except for real cases of pathology of the mind… In the midst of my health issues, this lack of explaining the way to grow spiritually by our “yes” make me depressed… In our parishes, people seem to lack the conviction that He is truly Present in the consecrated Host! I cannot say much because this knowledge was given to me at no cost and as child. I understand that we need to pray much and offer penances to have the entire Church get to know Jesus to be truly Present in the Eucharist. We do not need to understand it… We only need to PRAY AND DO PENANCE to have the Holy Spirit give us to live the “yes” that Jesus and His Mother said to God.

This “yes” will make us grow in holiness and give us the guidance to obtain the salvation of many… It is that simple. It is in these moments of feeling down because of what I see and hear in a few good programs but spiritually empty programs, that I KNOW SATAN is in the midst of all of us and for me, I only have to say many Rosaries asking my Mother to ask her Son to change our doubts and plans to evangelize with words only, into a full YES to all that God gives us and to KEEP SATAN OUT of our lives. Again, it is so simple… Please notice how I allow what is going on to distract me and waste even more time, time that I should use to pray and to offer my sufferings for the salvation of souls as we heard the children of Fatima relate to us.


I start writing this section on June 7… I could not type any part of this blog since June 1st. because my vision suffered a big blow. For many years I have used eye drops to alleviate dryness in my eyes … I have used the product made by Visine. On June 2nd. I opened a new bottle and the drops made my left (sickly) eye burn as if I had placed a little fire over it and it lasted for almost 24 hours!!! This was very strange. Since then, I have had to use the leftover of the previous bottle which is identical but does not produce such burning sensation..

Thursday, May 10

As always, I ate only one meal per day. I had my breakfast/dinner meal at 3 PM and it was composed of the same foods: egg whites or chicken from the well known “Whole Foods Market” that has a food bar with most products that are organic… To the eggs or chicken, I add avocados or some veggies from Whole Foods. I drink a glass of milk about twice a day to take my medications since I am allergic to some of them and the milk helps with the discomfort.

As I ate my food at the Mercy hour, 3 PM, I was watching some news and suddenly I realized how terrible is to waste my time… I have known for some time that I need to stop this tendency and to pray more Rosaries in those times. Suddenly, again, I felt a strong call to stop writing the blogs. I asked for God’s help to discern this call and it was coming from my flesh… and probably due to my problems with my health and especially with my vision. Through the Bible, I was led to understand that I should not stop them… This was crucial for the times when I felt the burning with my eye drops (June 2)… Had I not being counseled to keep writing them, this would have been the time to stop all writing. Even that I did not understand why my eye sight was so bad, I also knew that I had to wait for God to resolve the problem in order to write this blog.

Tuesday, May 15

For some days, I have had lots of trouble trying to change my address with Medicare and my secondary health insurance… I could not make them change the automatic payment to my Alabama bank account. Confusion and more confusion went on with the people that I talked to… There was no doubt that Satan was right there confusing me and everybody else. For example, when I thought I had changed it, I would receive letters saying that I was behind in my payments…

At 3 PM, I felt a strong call to write what I understood. The title would be, HOW TO BECOME HOLY

“I must trust all day on God’s will by saying “yes” to all that He orders or allows in my life at each present moment! I should unite such trust to much prayer, especially the Rosary, asking for the grace of understanding the moment to moment guidance of the Holy Spirit. I must trust that such guidance it is meant for me to become the best witness to my brothers and sisters, in order for all of us to grow in sanctity, so that each one of us in unity can truly say, “JESUS I TRUST IN YOU.” I should remember often to thank God for His love and mercy through Jesus’ death and suffering for our redemption, and especially for His Real Presence that will stay with us until His Second coming.”

In hindsight, this also would help me as a reminder at the time that the eye drops burned my left eye. I had to accept the burning pain and pray more Rosaries to understand what God was trying to tell me and always living the words, “Jesus I trust in You.”

Friday, May 25

Again and again I kept listening to many religious programs where the question raised was, “How to know what the will of God is for us.” In general, the answers I heard indicated that finding His will for us is not easy. It was said that we must pray much and read the life of the Saints whose lives can direct us as to what to do.

I realized that seeking to know what is the will of God for us should be secondary to our disposition of always saying “yes” to His will at each present moment and regardless of what it is. Our Mother in heaven did it…Once she knew that she would get pregnant with the Messiah King and to which she said, “yes”, she took off to help her cousin Elizabeth… She never stopped to think if she should do that…. She was full of the Holy Spirit and with Jesus already in her womb, she complied with her call to love her cousin as herself…

We tend to waste time trying to figure what is the will of God for us, knowing well that Satan, our flesh and the world can interfere in identifying correctly what such will is. Once we remember what our duty is and say a big “yes” to whatever that will is, the Holy Spirit will give us the understanding of the true will of God for us for that moment and will not allow our flesh, world or Satan to interfere in our execution of such will.

Therefore, we must do God’s will at each present moment without fearing not to know the details of such will, but on the contrary, being totally convinced that our “yes” guarantees that the Holy Spirit is the One in charge to guide us to stay doing His holy will moment to moment, regardless of what it may be. This is how Our Lady spent 3 months far away from her family and Joseph… This also makes us disciples of Jesus, Who said, “deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me.”

Jesus denied Himself through the obedience to His Father, accepted the Cross all the way to His death while curing many and pardoning all His enemies. It should be the same for us. If WE DEDICATE OURSELVES TO LOVE GOD through our decision to do His will with a blind obedience and without fearing our crosses, always seeking ways to love our neighbor, with this plan we are guaranteed that the Holy Spirit will guide us to recognize God’s will at each moment. There is no need in wasting time to figure what the will of God will be tomorrow. It is today, in the NOW, that I conquer this issue opening our souls to the Spirit so that tomorrow I will know what to do…

Right and there, I was able to see the need to pray, especially many Rosaries, so that we can have the intercession of Our Mother in order for us to stay focused on today’s “yes” to God’s will. And I have to place myself in the Spirit’s arms in order to remember that my work of loving neighbor is to pray for their salvation.

Sunday, May 27

Another visit to my future parish Prince of Peace showed me the way these parishioners treat me. On this day, “Sherry” insisted that my son would get my walker from the trunk in order for her to give me her hand to pull me out of the car seat and then, she closed the door. They keep insisting that this is southern hospitality… For me, is the first time ever in any State, including Alabama when twice I visited it in the early 2000’s, that I find so much love… Wow. Also, now I do not even have to ask ahead of time to have the Eucharist be brought to my pew, the last one in this huge church. They run to ask me and sure enough, someone comes. I have not registered as a parishioner as yet because I need to do it when it is convenient to my son’s schedule with his work in California with two hours difference… I do have the registration paper and only need to know if I can send it via mail with a canceled check for them to get our monies on a monthly basis directly from the bank account.

Monday, May 28

I found in the Hispanic channel the stories of how children and teen agers are being captured to be sold and used in a prostitution ring; worse, they capture them and kill them to sell their organs… for transplantation. In my country of Costa Rica, a woman sold two Nicaraguan’s 11 year olds for $180… They were suffering malnutrition and had been beaten all over! All these stories clearly indicate to me the need to pray a lot and accept my sufferings as I offer them for the salvation of many souls.

Tuesday, May 29

Ireland joined the nations that allow the killing of babies in the womb… And who is responsible for this? Of course, Satan and all of us who have the POWER to stop him. The Holy Spirit should reign in our souls through our “Yes” to God’s will, our prayer (Rosaries) and penance secondary to all our crosses and being offered for their sins as Our Lady of Fatima came to advice us to do…We are wasting the power of the Rosary and of our crosses… Worse, we are allowing Satan to tempt us to remain indifferent to all the needs of our brothers and sisters.

Sunday, June 3

After receiving Communion, I asked Jesus to help me with my vision to write this blog. He asked me to check page 877 in my Bible and to find a word in the middle of the page that will make me understand what it is that I should write about…

Tuesday, June 5

I must warn you that this section of this blog may not give you consolation or you may not agree with what I understood. However, the word in the Bible given to me in page 877 was “PRESENCE.” I understood that we all must make Jesus Present in every heart… A new Lepanto should be organized and at least in the U.S, we should start doing it! I am not here to tell the Church what to do… I am only writing what He suggested to do! In case you wonder what happened at the battle of Lepanto, at the end of this blog, I will copy a short story of how this battle and others were won through the Rosary.

Next, I will share what we should be doing to conquer souls from the hands of Satan and this world’s paganism or our new Lepanto victory. First of all, all parishioners should be prepared for 3 months (or more) so that the these practicing parishioners (attending at least Sunday Mass) can understand the work to be done, review the Rosary as to what it really is à a review of the life of Jesus, and how it won battles for the Christian world.

The new Lepanto

The time has arrived when we practicing Catholics should be doing something to stop these horrors as mentioned above and to prepare us for His Second Coming, as we rescue ourselves from the lack of love of God and of neighbor. I pray about 3-6 Rosaries a day but could not add too many more even if I do not waste my time. We also need to pray for ourselves as well in order to become true evangelizers.

The time is here to form this army of spiritual soldiers. NOTHING CAN STOP US in our seeking the conversion of all human beings. Jesus said it, “When two or three gather in My Name, there am I with them.” Mt. 18:20. And if He is with us, who can be against us since everything is possible with God!

All parishes should be organized and assign the members that are practicing and attending at least to Sunday Mass, to pray for half hour, one Rosary and one Chaplet of Mercy ONCE PER MONTH… They should be given a specific time and reminded often to keep their promise. If for some reason, they cannot pray it, to do it later on the same day. Doing this, the entire U.S. can PROMISE the Universal Church that second to second, someone is praying a Rosary and a Chaplet of Mercy in atonement for all of our sins worldwide. Those who are older or do not have to get up to attend a family and job, could be given the half hour during the night hours. You do not have to pray as a family since you are already praying as a Church family with many others in the U.S. Catholic Church. Eventually, if other countries start the same program, in the US we could pray only during the waking hours of the day, since the other countries can cover our sleep hours due to the different hour schedules and we as well would cover their sleep hours.

These would be the intentions for the thousands of Rosaries with Chaplets of Mercy.

I. For ourselves

1. For all of us to say “yes” to the will of God 24/7

2. To stop Satan in our lives and all worldly pagan influence

3. For all of us to become disciples of Jesus by accepting our crosses with denial of ourselves, and with an intense vocation to follow Jesus’ teaching and mode of life, loving God and our neighbor.

4. For all of us to receive the grace to know Jesus as truly Present in the Eucharist.

(Let me explain what that means since I have lived it for so many years. This is a feeling of knowing that Jesus is right in the Host and in the Wine previously consecrated to be His Body and Blood. Yes, most Catholics believe it, yet this is not enough. For example, when I enter Church, I say hello to Him like I would say hello to a fellow parishioner who is really present to me. It is as if know that another human being is truly alive when we speak in the phone with him/her, and we know that such person exists at the other end. It is to feel that He is there in the Tabernacle or in the monstrance when exposed. When I enter the Church my eyes are on Him. I cannot see Him as in a phone conversation or when talking to someone in another room of the house, but He is there! I normally say, “Hello, how are You doing? I love You. Thank You for the graces, love and mercy received since we saw each other last Sunday. I come to do Your will.” During the Mass I thank my Mother in heaven for being the instrument for Jesus to be there waiting for me and usually I pray for all the people in that Mass and for Jesus’ mercy to give them graces as I offer my pain in atonement for my and their sins. After I receive Him at Communion time, I tell Him how much I love Him and ask if He has any counsel for me. Sometimes, I do not even have a chance to ask. He immediately makes me understand what He wants me to do… like checking page 877 in my home Bible!

(If one does not find such clear Presence of Jesus when we get close to where He is, we must remember that we are entitled to it just by being sons/daughters of our Father, redeemed by His Son and guided by Their Spirit. This is a grace that can come from our prayer and our penance offered for the salvation of others. It is important to know that this is not just KNOWING THAT JESUS comes to the Altar at the time of the Consecration and that He is there. No and repeating it again, it is a sense of true presence like we have with our friends or family members. Once you get to feel that way (if you are not already there), you can see the difference. I received such grace without any reason except for His will to bless me with this knowledge and probably have me write it in these blogs and many years later…)

5. For all of us to feel that we are an army of Jesus’ followers that can evangelize without knowing much of theology, except for the basics of being kids of the Holy Trinity.

6. Chaplet of Mercy: in atonement for all our sins

II. Praying for the Church

1. To ask for Satan to be annihilated through the power of the Rosary

2. For the sanctity of the Pope and Bishops

3. For the sanctity of all Ministerial Priests and Religious

4. For wisdom for the Pope and his companions to rule over the Church according to God’s will.

5. For all fallen away Roman Catholic members

6. For those who belong to other Christian groups to be guided by the Holy Spirit into the Roman Catholic Church

7. For all Catholic men who have been assigned since their creation to be Priests, to hear the call and to comply.

8. Chaplet of Mercy: in atonement for all serious sins of members of the clergy and for the sins of the laity.

III. For the entire world

1. For all members of other religions that they may understand who Jesus is and to be able to hear His loving call.

2. For all atheists and agnostics

3. For all governments and their leaders


Thursday, June 7

BY THE WAY, I was able to sit down on this June 7 and be able to write most of this blog in about 3-4 hours with just a minor problem in my left eye. However, it did happen ONLY AFTER I understood that the reason behind my problems that had stopped this writing was because I have not been to confession in almost 5 months… When I left California, we already had one car, mine, and my son used it to go to work. Here, I have neither my own car nor a driver’s license to do so. Worse, OUR car is “intelligent” and I could not even drive it! Therefore, trying to survive my bad health has not placed my confession in the first place… Ouch…

I do not have a major sin to confess but I KNOW THAT I AM WASTING MY TIME AND THAT MORE ROSARIES SHOULD BE PRAYED… and this could be a major sin of disobedience to God. I have been placed in this brand new home with all my needs met and yet, I do not use time properly as I have been asked to do… My primary work is to pray many Rosaries for the salvation of souls… I understood that my grave fault is not to have my soul being washed with God’s mercy on a more frequent basis (Reconciliation), and that this had stopped my ability to write this blog.

I did promise my God to run to the confessional as soon as this coming Saturday or the following Tuesday at 2 PM…I was aware of my need to go to confession, but I had to make a plan to be driven to do so and felt that I could wait… But wait for what? Normally, I have a personal confessor since my spiritual life is so complicated and I have run into problems before. I have to hide my relationship with Jesus and His Mother because if I tell the Priest that I talk to God and the Virgin Mary, I could truly look like a crazy old woman or worse, someone who is very proud of such thing. Also, a venial sin of wasting time may never be taken by X Priest as truly important… unless it represents disobedience to God Who wants me to pray many Rosaries…

In general, I wanted to become a parishioner but needed first to have a local bank account and checks to be able to get my membership well established. I also have been praying a lot to know to whom I should ask to be my personal confessor. I even have been tempted to ask a Priest from EWTN to be my confessor… I know them well and would love to deal with someone I know to a certain extent! Yet, I doubt that I will choose the latter option.

Friday, June 8

I celebrate on this day the anniversary of my FIRST HOLY COMMUNION at age 7 when I knew Him as alive in the Eucharist. It was on a Friday June 8, on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and exactly as it is in 2018… It is interesting that on this great anniversary, I am asking my readers to consider the plan of using THOUSANDS OF ROSARIES to ask our Mother in heaven to intercede for the salvation of the entire world. Knowing what happened at the Battle of Lepanto, it is the most powerful and easy way to end the loss of so many souls to Satan. These Rosaries will also increase our ongoing conversion to witness holiness to all peoples… In my particular case, I would pray once a month the assigned Rosary/Chaplet of Mercy, and will continue praying several Rosaries for my family and the many intentions I have and that I have shared before… All of this after seeking the mercy of God in the confessional and to be done often enough.

It is also interesting that my Lord did not reveal to me the cause of my inability to write this blog until it coincided with this particular day when the Church designated it as a day for PRAYING A GLOBAL ROSARY RELAY for Priests!


I conclude this blog with 1) a big thank you for all your prayers… It was of great importance for me to get to understand the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, a huge grace of mercy for our relationship with God. I never gave it the importance necessary to keep our souls scrubbed and washed from all kind of sin, even the smallest, in order to see the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know what the will of God is at each present moment!!! Your prayers opened my eyes and prove that prayer is powerful for our spiritual survival until we get home… Thanks again.

2) I am also asking you to keep praying for me… for my spiritual health and for my crosses to be accepted with delight and enthusiasm to be offered for the salvation of all souls. I must remind you that I pray for you as well with a Rosary.

3) Please, also pray for the idea of seeking the victory against sin with our new Lepanto Battle plan or something similar. We know what is wrong and it is time to stop finding plans to bring others home. The time is for the Rosary to end the evil’s work and for us to be converted to say “yes” to His will as a matter of fact… as we wait for the second Coming of Jesus. Thank you.

The Story of the Battle of Lepanto…

Almost from the very beginning of Islam, there were wars upon wars between Christians and Muslims. We remember the Crusade wars, seven major and several minor, which lasted for centuries. This is the story of the Battle of Lepanto, which marked the end of the Crusades and was a turning point in the history of Christianity.

Charles Martel’s victory at Poitiers definitely stopped the Moslem invasion of Western Europe. In the east. Christians held firm against attacks of the Muslims until 1453. In that year, Mohammed II threw huge assaults against Constantinople and by the evening of May 29 the Byzantine capital fell. By 1571 the Muslims were firmly installed in Europe. Their ships ruled the Mediterranean Sea from the Strait of Bosporus to the Strait of Gibraltar and constantly preyed on Christian vessels unless they flew the French flag. 

Pope Pius V, in the last year of his papacy in 1571, tried to rally the nations of Europe to join in a Holy League to stop and roll back the Moslem enemy which threatened the entire continent. Spain, whose King Philip II was also King of Austria, responded favorably.

At dawn on October 7, at the entrance to the Gulf of Patras, the Christian and Moslem fleets finally came face to face for the battle of Lepanto.

The wind and all military factors favored the Muslims, but Don John was confident. He boarded a fast ship for a final review of his fleet. He shouted encouraging words to the men and they shouted back. After Don John returned to his own position, the wind mysteriously changed to the advantage of the Christian fleet. First-hand witnesses wrote about this moment as a most dramatic turn-of-events resulting from an "unknown factor". 

At that very moment, at dawn on October 7, 1571– as Vatican Archives later revealed–Pope Pius V, accompanied by many faithful, was praying the Rosary in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.  From dawn to dusk the prayers continued in Rome as the Christians and the Muslims battled at Lepanto.  When it was all over the Muslims had been defeated. Of some 270 Moslem ships, at least 200 were destroyed.  The Turks also lost 30,000 men while Christian casualties numbered between 4,000 and 5,000. The Rosary had won a great military victory

The Origin of the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary on October 7th…

Following the great Christian victory at Lepanto, Pope St. Pius V declared that henceforth a commemoration of the Rosary would be a part of the Vatican’s Mass on every October 7.  His successor, Pope Gregory XIII, went further. In 1573 he established the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary–to be celebrated at all Churches which had specific altars dedicated to the Rosary.

In 1671 Pope Clement X extended observance of the feast to all of Spain.

Only 12 years later in 1683 the Muslims again swept into Europe. With 200,000 men, they laid siege to Vienna. After months of valiant resistance by a small garrison, the city was relieved by an army under John Sobieski, King of Poland. The Rosary, to which the King was dedicated, was again instrumental in a military victory. Pope Innocent XI consecrated September 12 of that year to the Holy Name of Mary. The Moslem hordes were hurled back yet again at Peterwardein in Hungary by Prince Eugene on the Feast of Out Lady of the Snows, August 5, 1716. As a result of this victory, Pope Clement XI extended the Feast of the Rosary to the Universal Church.

I. The Eyes of the Body and the Eyes of the Soul.

May 5, 2018

II. Sharing my spiritual life and health problems.

III. The 15 Promises that Our Lady gave to St. Dominic when we pray the Rosary.


It is amazing to realize how our human plans and God’s plans, even for a simple blog on His mercy coming from a simple woman who loves Him, can be so different. I wanted to share first all the teachings received in this month of April, yet, a huge teaching/explanation on the celebration of the Mass, the Latin Tridentine Mass and the Novus Ordo, made me realize that I had to begin with His first idea given to me at the beginning of April, and that is to share with you a document I wrote in 2006 while living in Toledo, OH and just to share with friends.

I had so many things going on between the recent move to Alabama and my health, all while I was diligently trying to say “yes” to this complicated scenario, when suddenly out of one of the boxes came this document and I felt that I had to use it as my blog for this month and nothing else… Its spiritual value seemed worthwhile to do it and that it was truly coming from God’s will. As the month of April progressed, His teaching was profuse and I realized that I also had to share it…! So, I ask you for your patience!



Luke 11:28 – Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and observe it.

Mark 10: 46-53. (Gospel for Sunday, October 29. 2006)

Jesus and His disciples came to Jericho. And as He was leaving Jericho among a sizeable crowd, Bartimeus, a blind man, the son of Timeus, sat by the roadside begging. On hearing that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, “Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.”

And many rebuked him telling him to be silent. But he kept calling out all the more, “Son of David, have pity on me.”  Jesus stopped and said, “Call him.” So, they called the blind man, saying to him, “Take courage; get up; He is calling you.” Bartimeus threw aside his cloak, sprang up and came to Jesus.

Jesus said to him in reply, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man replied to Him, “Master, I want to see.” Jesus told him, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Him on the way.

Luke 11: 33-35

“No one who lights a lamp hides it away or places it under a bushel basket, but on a lamp stand so that those who enter might see the light. The lamp of the body is your eye. When your eye is sound, then your whole body is filled with light, but when it is bad, then your body is in darkness. Take care, then, that the light in you not become darkness.”


On November 1st. on the Feast of All Saints, my Lord emphasized in His teaching to me that the eye of the soul (and not about the eyes of the body, as he says in Luke 11:33-35  with a warning) is the trust we place in His love for each of us, and just as the light penetrates the body through our eyes (Luke 11), so holiness will penetrate the eyes of our soul via our trust in His love, and our work is simply to grow in this trusting as a child does. The Lord used the story of Bartimeus read the prior Sunday to give me a major hint… The blind man believed that Jesus was sent by God by calling Him Son of David; he then prayed because he kept calling Jesus as if trying to establish a relationship with Him. He had no fear because he did not care what others said upon his persistent screams. By this persistence, he trusted that Jesus had the answer. Finally, he used the “weapon” and begged Him by appealing to His mercy, His mercy that would reveal an action, and that action was Jesus’ love for him. He never mentioned he was blind. In fact, “The eyes of Bartimeus’ soul were very healthy.” And my Lord said to me, “And therefore, he received a huge miracle for his sick bodily eyes…”


With the story of Bartimeus, my Lord was calling me to trust every second of every minute that He loves me so much that he will take care of everything else, and this is to show me to proceed in this new profession that will move me very soon into a full time job for the Kingdom.

Note: 2018: and this was a prophetic revelation because at this time, I was in Toledo, OH and I had been without a job since mid 2003 and asked by God to stay calm, despite that I needed some $3,000 per month to pay the mortgage, electricity, water, insurances (car, home), snow plowing and grass cutting, etc.). I had to wait for miracles (they came with two of my sons and right now here in Alabama) by sending me enough money to survive. Let me say that I had RECENTLY prior to this day received the idea that I would be involved with the topic of God’s Mercy. This came because at the time, members of the Divine Mercy Devotion in the United States were planning on building another place to become the Western site for this devotion, as the one in Stockbridge, Mass. They had bought several acres of land nearby San Francisco and I did visited this  empty land when I arrived in California.

However, by 2006 when I wrote this document, I had no permission to sell my house. That came on Thanksgiving of 2007, and the house entered the market on January of 2008. It sold in May 2008, even that for at least the previous year some 10 homes around were for sale … The real estate market for homes was down… I arrived in California on July 7, 2008. My first blog was posted on November 1, 2008, even that I did not know what a blog was… I still believed that I would be part of the effort of building this place for Divine Mercy, and which never came to be.

I still do not remember where the idea of writing a blog came from… However, this present story from 2006 seems to be like in a blog format that was written ahead of November 2008. I would share this writing with a few religious friends. (End of 2018 note)

Copy continues from the November 3, 2006 document

I realized that this time of waiting for my further formation in absolute trust in God’s will was starting right here in Toledo. As I did my Holy Hour with the exposed Blessed Sacrament on Monday, October 30, Jesus asked me to thank Him for everything, for so much that He has favored me with… I was starting to read a list of things that I had written thanking Him for every aspect of my life when He said, “Not so fast! That is precisely lip service. Anyone can do that. You do it in action… Thank Me by the way you submit to My will with “el silencio de Maria!” (With the silence of Mary!).

On this same Monday, I saw a program about Purgatory. It was a re-run from 2004. A very holy priest, Fr. Benedict Groeschel from New York City was talking through the phone because he had just suffered a major traffic accident (he was hit by a car) and was recuperating. He was explaining how for 20 minutes he was without vital signs (no blood pressure or pulse), and he was probably in his late sixties with coronary bypass grafts placed in the recent past. He apparently went through an “after death” experience. He was successfully resuscitated and spent two months with an endo- tracheal tube on a respirator but in a conscious state. He had to live these two months in pure silence with the knowledge of all his sins, which was equivalent to time, lived in Purgatory.

He was a holy kid: an Altar server at age 9. He attended daily Mass at 14; entered the seminary at 17, became a priest and graduated with a PhD in Psychology from Columbia University. He ended up being part of the reformers of this branch of the Franciscan Order, now known as the Friars of the Renewal, pretty much as St. Teresa of Avila did. He had been a formidable preacher, author of many books and well known for his sanctity. Well, when in 2004 he saw his past sins (while conscious with an endo-tracheal tube in place not allowing him to speak), he said in this phone conversation that these sins that lingered throughout his life were important: 1) some came from pride; 2) some from self-adulation but 3) the most exasperating of all: the many times that he did not respond (omission) in his life to the grace of Christ …

I suddenly became fully awake; my spiritual sight was wounded and I decided to tape the program in its re-run at 4 AM. The next morning I listened again to the 15 minutes of Fr. Groeschel’s story while getting ready for Mass. This priest recovered and today he has a Live program on Sundays’ at 7 PM in EWTN. (2018: Fr. Benedict passed away a few years ago but the program still goes on). His memory is intact… and he is still an extraordinary presenter of the Truth… Scientifically, he could have lived but not with a perfect memory or clear speech. No way! His return to this earth was allowed by God in order to tell us more stories that we all needed to hear, and therefore, his message gained even more importance for me! He came back from the grave to warn us!

Well, my Lord asked me to offer the Mass of October 31 in atonement with repentance for exactly those sins of omission. It is not what we do, but what we fail to do!!! As I contemplated my own life, I realized that I have been very complacent in wasting my talents… I asked myself, “For how long can I go on not responding to the graces that have been given to me for the sake of the Kingdom? Ouch, ouch and ouch!!! As I drove to Church I thought of the Ministerial Priesthood and how this Fr. Groeschel is a gem of a priest!

While doing my Holy Hour after Mass, I still had some pain in my right side lingering from my gall bladder inflammation, which has been going on for 3-4 weeks, and my chest was not back to normalcy after my flu just ending. I noticed that I was not coming out of this problem fast enough… I then asked Him to give me a message and answer the following question, “Shall I go to see a doctor? What to do?” He said, “Go to the laboratory (in the same building of my previous job in a surgery center) and order yourself some tests.” I have done it before and I realized that it was a great idea because in California (I had already being invited by son E. to come to live with him) I would not have a license to practice medicine to be able to order them. It was 9:30 AM when I left and visited the lab. I found the same phlebotomist (laboratory technician who draws the blood) and who knew me from the times when I was the director of the surgery center. We talked tons… and she said that a few days before she had asked the operating room nurses about my whereabouts.

Everybody was still questioning my leaving (2003) since I had passed this surgery center after the review by Joint Commission (Federal agency to secure medical safety) regarding our policies and procedures to keep this place in strict adherence to the best practice of medicine for the security of the patients, I had passed it with the highest percentage ever in the U.S.. Yet, the phlebotomist and all other employees of the center did not know that I had been asked to be part of another anesthesia group and to cover through them the surgery center, in order for the owners not to spend my annual $ 225,000 per year salary! I would be paid by the Anesthesia group from another hospital. I did not like the deal at all!

She is a devoted Protestant and of course we talked about the Lord, and she added that she missed me because of my “sermons” on the Crucified during our lunch time periods. Shortly after this meeting, I realized that I had a power within but coming from the Holy Spirit to arouse souls… This was a grace to which I must respond and work as much as my Lord wants me so to remind others about His Kingdom within us and His love for us. What a treasure I had been given. On the same day, I received a fax with the laboratory results and I was not dying. All my organs were functioning well. There was only a slight elevation of the blood count denoting a minor infection going on in my body and probably left over from my gallbladder trouble.

I must add that when I came home, I had forgotten to connect my fax machine. But the Lord is sooo fantastic that He suddenly reminded me to do it and 4 minutes later the results came in!!! I clearly realized that if I repent and want to change my ways, He does the impossible to bless me… He is alive and He is soo good that He sent me to obtain these parameters of my blood chemistry as an answer to do the right thing and at least wait for now to visit a doctor, since I have no health insurance being jobless

In the mean time He used me and I went and preached to Betty, the phlebotomist. I taught her the definition of Mercy. We spoke of Jesus death on a Cross as the greatest act of His mercy for us. We talked about the movie that had come in 2004 and repeated in 2005, “The Passion of Christ.” I said to her that with this movie, He wanted me to have an indelible photograph of His last 12 hours on earth, so that when I feel I am hanging on the cross, I can simply look at Him like the good thief and say to Jesus, “Master, remember me now that You are in Your Kingdom.” He also wanted me to have a clear plan in my spiritual life for this time and do what He asked His apostles to do. He said to them, “Watch and pray.” When I told her that I had been sent to watch this movie 22 times, she laughed but then she cried because she was amazed at the reasons why I had been sent to do so…

I said to her that I had been watching and praying. I had been watching the forces of nature, the hatred among nations, the divisiveness just before a national election with so many lies disguised as truth. I had been praying for His mercy to descend like never before. But His mercy can only be drawn by trusting in His love for me and for the whole world from any nation, creed and race like a child. No other patients were waiting. He simply chose the right time for me to talk about Him with Betty! That is the way He is… He blesses everyone He can and uses us as carriers of the blessing.

During the All Souls evening prayer service of November 2, I saw a baby opposite to my seat across the aisle, and his very young mother was weeping much before the service. However, she never let go for one second of the care with great love for this baby, and I thought of “rahamin.”  This is the Hebrew word that denotes the love of a mother for her baby and which is the mercy of God. If I just automatically believe that I am loved by my Dad in heaven just like that baby was by his mother, I would have won the greatest battle there is. What intrigued me the most was the trust of this 14-16 month old baby in the care and love of his mother. The service lasted almost one hour and he kept rather quiet, awake most of the time, from time to time drinking from his bottle but totally comforted since he was in his mother’s arms. He did not show any desire to move around or to show fear upon seeing so many people around and as WE loudly prayed and sang. What an image!

This question remains, “How to become a child to trust like this one in order to keep the eyes of our souls healthy and truly say, “Jesus I trust in You?

1. We must follow His precepts and obey His Commandments with great determination. We must remember the extra Beatitude, “Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and observe it.”

2. We must keep the silence of our Mother Mary, saying “yes” to all present moments for all the right reasons, as we reject fear, doubts and desires to control our future decisions and plans, all of which represent acts of mistrust in His love.

3. Instead, we must dedicate every moment to: “watch” and identify the graces given to us and respond immediately using them in the ways He leads us but with the very important desire to build His Kingdom, as we beg for His mercy (His love in action), and as we “pray” that we could truly become the best servants possible, so that Our Master may find us prepared for His coming to take us home to the mansion He has prepared for us.

4. We must take heed of the hints given to us by Bartimeus: he prayed with persistence; he trusted that Jesus could heal him; he ignored what anybody else could say or opine. Finally and most importantly, he begged Jesus to show him His mercy, that is, by revealing to him His love through the healing of his eyes. In other words, Bartimeus kept a watch with the eyes of his soul, a form of praying, and he received his bodily eyesight in order to follow Jesus…

5. And as in Fatima, we must constantly make sacrifices for ourselves by following the above divine plan so that we can “see.” We must understand that the building of His Kingdom on earth is all what should interest us… and that we must sacrifice and pray for this to happen.

Building the Kingdom of God means:

1. To officially become fishers of men and direct all we do to save souls. Of course, all we do should always be under the guidance of His Spirit to do God’s will.

2. To pray for the healing of all aspects of the Catholic Church (Ministerial and Common Priesthoods) as she deals within her ranks with the invasion of secularism and indifference.

3. Offering daily atonement and reparation (through Holy Hours, First Friday’s and Saturday’s devotion and the prayer of the Chaplet of Mercy) for the sacrileges, outrages and indifference by which the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary are offended.

4. Acquainting the whole world with the power of His mercy and what it truly means, begging Jesus for it (since He is mercy Himself), for us and the whole world

5. Praying for His Kingdom to reign in our hearts (by offering Masses, Rosaries, Holy Hours and other devotions).

6. Constantly going to Our Mother, the Holy Angels and Saints in heaven to intercede for us for His Kingdom to grow in our hearts.

After receiving this plan, Jesus said to me, “If you want your move to California to be effortless and with all needs met, but most importantly, if you want to build My Kingdom through Opus Misericordiae, be sure that you follow all of the above and as best as you can. The health of the eyes of your soul, like Bartimeus, must be attended to at all times in order “to see” My will in every decision you make, and to have success in submitting to it as a matter of fact out of Love for Me and your brothers and sisters. You have all the knowledge you need. Simply call for My Mercy to implement it and serve me as the best disciple possible.”

Toledo, Ohio, November 3, 2006. (End of document)

2018: Closing note after the document of 2006

As I wrote before, this document appeared out of the blue in X box that was opened. I was not even checking this box opened by my son when I entered this bedroom and felt called to check up what was in it. When I read it, I immediately realized that because of my health plus the power of the planned detoxification to be started, I probably could not write a regular blog and this would serve the task for this month. Looking back, it was not to serve as the blog for April by itself… IN HINDSIGHT, I found this document to clearly bring up the fact that the WILL OF GOD is soo perfect for all of us, that trying to offer novenas, rosaries and Holy Hours to ask God to give us what WE THINK we need and how fast we need it, is the work of Satan in our lives… We cannot improve the will of God for each one of us… Look at these facts:

1. He retained me in Toledo without a job from June 2003 to July 2008.

2. I wanted to move to California much earlier (2005 when my son Ernie invited me to do so) but I was not given permission to sell the house. I had to look like the craziest woman on earth, and as Mother Angelica said, I had to do the ridiculous for God to do the miraculous. I was financially soo tight , before my sons started helping me financially, that I tried to find out if I could get some help from the parish’s societies for the poor… But, I was told by a clergy member to be real and look for a job instead, as if finding jobs in anesthesiology was easy in the this small area I lived. They refused to accept my God’s guidance as a true fact! So, my own local Church failed me… Well, that is that their humanity failed me… Was Satan involved? Perhaps! Yet, my God was as alive as ever…

3. Had I disobeyed the orders from God, I would have placed my home in the market and keep cleaning it often for showings but not been able to sell it because other homes were not selling in my area. (Many of these showings are done for clients to compare prices…)

4. When the will of God was to sell, the right family appeared which needed wide halls within the house because the 41 year old husband had had a recent stroke and needed to use a wheel chair… In fact, they had already placed an offer for another home but at the last minute cancelled it and bought my home!!!

5. When the will of God was to sell, I had spent 4 + years obeying His will without any money or job available. This VERY DIFFICULT  time OF PRUNING  was used to pray much and love much and spiritually grow much. In other words, His will was super perfect… as He said, “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vine grower. He takes away every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, and every one that does, He prunes so that it bears more fruit… I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever, remains in Me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without Me you can do nothing…” John 15: 1-8

6. The truth is also that this time was needed for the preparation needed for my son in California to move to another home to occupy one of its rooms and for his two friends to move out, so that I would end up near an expressway and a petroleum refinery to increase the toxicity that already was growing in my brain for some years through anesthetic gases… but at a much slower pace.

7. THE MOST FANTASTIC gift and fruit from His will was to move precisely near San Francisco where they have an extraordinary group working for a huge PUBLIC  BROADCASTING STATION ( TV ) that brought many scientists and physicians to speak on health matters… It was through this PBS that I found Dr. Mark Hyman who led me to think on detoxification in general. Then, my Lord gave me the idea that my memory problems prior to my arrival in California had not been detected as related to toxicity.

Dr. Hyman spoke about his year spent in China as a college student in a factory with much mercury around. He became ill and had to come back and that led him to put together toxicity with illnesses. I already had much knowledge in naturopathic medicine, the one that uses foods and natural products to PREVENT DISEASE… versus allopathic medicine (like Dr. Hyman’s and my degree as MD’s).

It was then that I used products to detoxify my body and in 2009 I was able to reverse my dementia. I was not expecting such a miracle…. It is obvious that it was all coming from the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, without this move to California, I could not have found this information so easily.  My sons would have had to place me in a nursing home (expensive!) since people with dementia cannot take care of themselves. MORE IMPORTANT: without this move to California and precisely near this PBS and being close to a very toxic area where my memory got worse almost immediately, the ENTIRE WORLD WOULD NEVER HAVE KNOWN of this gift from God: to BE ABLE TO reverse dementia…

WHAT ABOUT IF I HAD NOT DONE THE WILL OF GOD? What about if I had tried to sell the home very cheaply to go and reside in Costa Rica? And yes, I had that thought and a friend of mine offered me to receive me in her home. With my Social Security money (a little hi in numbers because I paid much) I could have survived in Costa Rica and eventually be trapped there among friends since my dementia would have grown year after year.

8. My trip to California was one of the greatest gifts from God in many other aspects, and one of them is because the son who took me in, is a data base engineer who created this website and actually does the monthly posting of the blogs… Please, keep looking at what the will of God for all of us is: a huge gift in sooo many aspects.

9. ALSO: the time spent in Toledo, OH doing His will as I looked super crazy, was one of spiritual growth needed for the blogs… since I needed much pruning to be able to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit… Why am I in Alabama? I am not certain but I am sure that whatever the reason, my God is behind it because many miracles have occurred, like my son working from home even after he wanted to leave his job in California. Now we have our own family nearby (EWTN) and live in a brand new home full of intelligence and an intelligent car to match it! Also, I have the resources and witness to teach the world (with the book to be published) that dementia is reversible… and that depression can be experienced with a food thickener… as well as the miracle of losing pounds in some of us by detoxification. Cancer is also in the category of coming from toxicity!

FINAL WORDS for this section: you, my reader, from this day on, do not waste one moment in trying to do your own will. It is stupid and crazy… The “yes” of Jesus and His Mother are the MOST POWERFUL EXAMPLES of what to do… Let us remember that part of “their yes” was to love the Father and to obey all that the Holy Trinity through the prophets, especially Moses all the way to Jesus, gave to us, especially the call to love God and our neighbor as ourselves.

II. April’s teachings

1. Introduction: this month has been full of events secondary to my rather poor health but always finding God all over my life… Amazing! There is no question that I believe in His love and mercy more this month than last month!!! I prayed much and of course, fully aware that I am accompanied by your prayers for me and realized that I need to detoxify my body as soon as possible. I probably mentioned before that this past March 2018, the edition of the Townsend Letter, a naturopathic magazine came with tons of information regarding the problem with toxicity for all of us and the commercial for a company that sells a combination of 7 bottles to detoxify the body. The price was high and again, through much prayer, I ordered it.

Some of the products in these bottles are herbs and of course, I knew that I would be allergic to some of them. I was supposed to take 2 treatments per day and away from any food in the stomach. 4 of the products are given as sprays in the mouth so that they can be absorbed immediately. They unlock some of the toxins and the liver and kidneys start sending them out via the bile/gut and urine. After 30 minutes, I have to take another product with charcoal and three other products that will collect these toxins so that they cannot be RE-ABSORBED… This treatment takes one month. Right from the moment I started, I decided to take ONLY one treatment per day, since I would be allergic to some of the herbs. Then the treatment would take two months.

Sure enough, I had a huge reaction with much pain in my knees and inflammation all over. At this point, my son opened one of the boxes that came from California and I found my 5 BOOKS on detoxification… In my next blog, I will give you the names and a little content of what I read . However, I became super convinced that I truly needed to continue my detoxification plan no matter how much I would be suffering… Again, my Lord led my son so open this particular box to find these books, all wonderful and written by Naturopaths (ND’s), and they gave me much hope on doing this detoxification. Unfortunately, I ended up with a severe intestinal infection that made me stop the detoxification and I will try to continue in the month of May.

2. Calendar sequence events and teaching

Sunday, April 8 – Devine Mercy Sunday

1) I came back from Mass just before the homily from the LIVE Mass in Vilnius, Lithuania where St. Maria Faustina was from.

2) At 12 noon, I was able to be spiritually present for the LIVE Divine Mercy Solemn Mass in Stockbridge, MA, at the Shrine of Divine Mercy. The celebrant Archbishop’s (did not write his name!) homily was excellent.

3) 3 PM – LIVE Holy Hour in Hanceville, AL at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. I thanked God for Mother Angelica who was a saint and sent to share her holiness even after her death with the entire world. I was able to meditate in how God used her to bless us and how He is ready to do the same with anyone else, as long as we obey His will, as she did.

Monday, April 9 – The Feast of the Annunciation

The Feast of the Annunciation of March 25 was changed to this date because it had fallen during Holy Week.  The homily from Fr. Joseph was excellent as well.

I was in my final prayers to order the detoxification product ($525) when I received a call from my local doctor’s office nurse telling me that the laboratory results from the blood drawn the day I visited him for the first time had come normal… Wow! This God of mine is too much! Of course, it was important to know the status of my body in order to take the detox products I was about to order… In the other hand, it showed me the kindness of this doctor instead of waiting for May 3( my second appointment). When the call came in, I was in the middle of praying the Rosary. Huh! I wonder Whom else was involved in moving this doctor to tell his nurse to call me!!!

Wednesday, April 11

There is no question that we need His mercy over our world at large. Examples:

1) An actress said during X TV program that she did well in the movie that is about to be shown in theaters because she knows how to empower herself to be happy, and that is, to think more of herself… She also said how her 9 year old daughter had lost her most important possession: her teddy bear. The mother told how she was able to find it to make her happy…

2) There was a talk about how many cats end up in a public place and they become euthanized. They were asking for money to feed them in order to avoid euthanasia! Yet, we euthanize babies in the womb… with no regret!

3) D. F. (artist) said that the best artists are those who know what they want and who they are…

I felt very sad and realized that I was wasting my time tempted by my own flesh that was watching this weird news.

I proceeded to pray 4 Rosaries between 2:30 and 4 PM. I had severe pain despite the fact that I had taken pain medication two hours before.  Since my blood pressure was hi (161/81), I had to take more pain medication to help with the blood pressure since I had taken medication for blood pressure not long ago… Therefore, it was the pain causing the elevation of such. I started to wonder what was going on?…

This last story united to the above statements was giving me a severe pain in my heart or soul. Then, my Mother started saying,

 “Everything is alright. Remember that you are in God’s hands, but only if you allow Him to do it by trusting in His love for you. Always let it be. Worrying is NEVER a form of loving God because it means that you are doubting His mercy.

“It will be a daily struggle to consider your health needs and trust that God’s will for you is always perfect. Your sanctification depends on your release of all fears regarding any problems in your life. You cannot do it by yourself. You need much prayer to receive the grace necessary to be able to trust and ignore all other things around you. PLUS, you need a constant “yes” to your circumstances as the road to be traveled to truly live as a daughter of the Father and redeemed by my Son with guidance by the Holy Spirit. Work on it! Keep it on your mind and pray and agree with God’s will as the two necessary grace filled roads.”

Friday, April 13

The expensive detoxification products arrived today.

Saturday, April 14

My son and I opened accounts with Wells Fargo Bank. It turned out to be the most extraordinary visit to a bank to open an account. The younger bank employee, J. B. was extraordinary. Even as recent as two days ago, I found out that the Bank changed my social security money automatic deposit to this bank from the one in California… Of course, J. B knew that it was my desire to do so… Yet, we never thought that they could it directly with the government…

I told JB that we had prayed much about choosing Well Fargo due to its poor recent record but it was a bank with more ATM’s than other banks that we have no idea at all of. Not only that, but that the federal supervision that this Wells Fargo is going through, pretty much helped us choose it. JB seemed to be religious as well… He said that he wants always to serve others in order to fulfill his own life… It truly helped me a lot as I compared it with the stories related above…

Sunday, April 15

There was much rain on the day before and early on this day. We decided to attend the 5 PM Mass. As always, a male parishioner came to help me get to the church area. At the time of Communion, he had arranged to have someone give me the Eucharist by walking all the way to the last pew. It turned out to be the priest celebrant! Once before, another priest had come to give me the Eucharist but this time, a different priest came to me ahead of the congregation.  There is no question that God is telling us to register in this parish, which I could not do it until I got my bank account opened in order to give them checks, or better, to have the parish monthly subtract an amount from our bank account.

Monday, April 16

My oldest son sent us all a message that out of the blue, someone he knew in Los Angeles offered him a new job, even that he wants to move to live in Omaha, near my deacon son and family. This is the third son that will be working from home. God has decided to place us all in two cities in the U.S. In the previous plan, my oldest was planning to move to Omaha by June but hoping to find a full time job in this city… As you can see, this was a SUPER MIRACLE. I try very hard not to give private stories of my son’s lives; however, this miracle had to be shared with you, my reader, to be able to see that for 3 days in a row, extraordinary events came to my life, which speaks of the Holy Spirit moving hearts to help us. These stories surely help me in these moments of bad health for me. Of course, I have been praying several Rosaries per day including  a job for my oldest!

The Rosary, the Rosary and the Rosary… She can do great things by our praying this extraordinary sequence of the life of Jesus with Biblical words.

Tuesday, April 17

I started my detoxification on this day but I did react poorly to the products. I felt much pain.

Wednesday, April 18

It was on this day that I found the document from 2006 that I shared with you above.

Saturday, April 21

I found the books on detoxification, which gave me important information to hopefully continue with the product to which I was reacting badly.

Sunday, April 22

I placed my parish to-be in the list of intentions of my Rosaries. I also asked for all parishioners to receive the same grace I received at age 6 ½ of knowing without any question that the Body and Blood of Jesus are present in the consecrated bread and wine.

A well known program, 20-20, had stories about the amazing technologies that started to come in the late 70’s when Siri and Alexia were created…  In another section, they presented the story of 8 years following an older married couple where the wife started losing her memory. It was frightening to see the husband staying with his wife and how she eventually could not recognize him. He also spoke of her difficulties to walk and when she lost the memory of her own name.

It touched me deeply to realize how my Lord had detained me in Toledo for 5 years to prune me and bring me to an area where the idea of using detoxification would reverse my memory loss. By the way, the Spanish in 2009 was almost all gone from my memory. Today, it gets better daily. On the contrary, my English got almost perfect by 2009, but it continues to leave me and as of today, I tend to speak in Spanish with my son. In fact, to write this blog, I have to think in Spanish and even look in a dictionary to get the English translation. The name of the bank mentioned could not come at all… I had to look for some recent emails where I found the name!!! I am sure that my Lord is trying to remind me daily that my reversal in 2009 was real and that with the new detoxification, I will recover my English language again… Please pray for me so that I can finish the detoxification, now stopped.

Friday, April 27

I was very consoled by the EWTN Priest’s homily in the LIVE Mass. I enjoy those Masses much more than before because I am quite close to where the Mass is being celebrated.

Saturday, April 28 – Feast St. Louis Marie de Montfort

The celebrant priest in EWTN gave a wonderful review of the life of this Saint. I had kept this saint very close to me for many years and I did read his books… He wrote that Jesus and Mary were inseparable… From the point of view of science, they had to be physically identical since the genes of Jesus were all from His mother because God the Holy Spirit has no physical body for the Body of God Jesus to inherit them.

On this same date, the Most Reverend Alexander K. Sample, Archbishop of Portland, Oregon, celebrated a Solemn Pontifical Tridentine Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. in honor of the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, the 2007 Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI, which encouraged the wider celebration of the ancient form of the Mass, proclaiming that it is “to be considered an extraordinary expression of the same lex orandi of the Church and duly honored for its venerable and ancient usage.”

THE FOLLOWING PERSONAL IDEAS MUST BE READ WITH GREAT CARE because I am not a theologian and I asked my Lord for an explanation for something it was bothering me. Please keep this into consideration…

In general, I liked this Mass because I grew up with this form of celebration. My grandmother was a member of the choir and my grandfather was the music director of one of the parishes that at one point they attended. Therefore, Latin was very familiar to me as a child but I truly never understood what it meant in Spanish. After Vatican II (1965), I liked the “novus ordo” or present Mass in the local language. I was able to truly meditate during the Mass in what it was prayed at all parts of the Mass. It made more sense to me!

I then asked my Lord to explain to me which of the forms of celebration of the Mass was His preference… By the way, when I write that God said something, these are not actual words. The content of the teaching comes AS AN UNDERSTANDING of what He wants to tell me and I take notes most especially with my present bad memoryNormally, it comes with great peace, which helps me differentiate from any content coming from Satan!!!  He then said the following.

 “How I get to you in the celebration of one or the other Eucharistic form is not the first item to consider at My arrival to the Eucharistic table. The first one is with how much LOVE you are ready to receive Me, and that goes for all souls present at any Mass. The type of music or type of language used will attract each one of you according to your own humanity! As for you, it does not matter what way the Ministerial Priest does it since I am real to you. For many others, their preference for Latin or local language and especially for the type of music they enjoy becomes an obstacle for My Spirit to unite souls using one or the other form.

“When you were a child, you NEVER understood the prayers before My arrival using the Latin language as you did later using the English language, even more than using Spanish. THERE IS ONLY ONE UNIFYING element to unite My people, and that is, to enter the sanctuary with one attitude coming from your soul, one of total obedience to My will at all times, as a prove of your love for Me.

“Genuflecting more times by the Priest with the old form of the Mass and showing more reverence by doing so, does not mean that your heart has left your fears and doubts in your particular lives. Such obedience to My will also MEANS to have total trust in My love for you while knowing that such trust becomes My mercy, that is, My love expressed in blessings and graces for you and others for whom you are praying. One of the blessings or graces is your desire to obey My commandments, which are based in your “yes” to whatever obstacles you find in your life, obstacles like Satanic, worldly and human temptations, and knowing that My mercy will take over your life.

“You should pray for the Church and suffer for her. Pray that all members that come to Mass will come not because they have to do it on Sundays but because they want to see Me, love Me and reiterate their “yes” to My will. Their spiritual transformation will come with time when they would rather trade their attendance to all kind of sports where a ball is moved by accomplished athletes according to the human rules established for each sport, and instead attend the Mass out of love for Me.

“Saying ‘yes’ to My will with the expressed desire to do so and not as lip service, will CONCEIVE in your souls the knowledge of My Presence as Real in the Eucharist. Then, My Spirit within your Baptized soul will bless you with My mercy, that is the need to come and receive Me, see Me, and even to cherish any opportunity to attend daily Mass. Then, the language used in the Mass  or the type of music played will have less importance as My mercy leads you to fall in love with My Real Presence. It is then that your faces will look radiant with joy and the satisfaction will be more abundant than the one of watching a ball move at any stadium or through television or I-phone. (Here I remembered how some clergy members for this Mass in Latin, did not show any special joy in their faces. It was noticeable for me and it started my intrigue and the questions to my God!)

“Be clear that you cannot get this conversion until you know Me through your ‘yes’ to My will for everything, good or bad. Even more, once your ‘yes’ to do so is part of your spiritual life, while asking for My mercy to help you with the grace to always want to say ‘yes’, you or anybody else will feel the need to go to the confessional to receive My merciful pardon for your sins.

(In one of the readings for this Mass, 2 Chronicles: 20-21, it speaks of an ambush to the enemy by God. I want to write the whole text in order to remember and expect this for ourselves in our daily living.

2 Chronicles 20:20, 21b-23

(The invaders are destroyed)  “Trust in the Lord, your God and you will be found firm. They sang ‘Give thanks to the Lord for His mercy endures forever.’ At the moment that they began this jubilant hymn, the Lord laid down an ambush against the Ammonites, Moabites and those of the Mt. Seir’; so those who were coming against Judah, were vanquished.”

(In summary, the Moabites and Ammonites completely exterminated those from Mt. Seir. When they were done, both groups turned against each other and in this way, the Lord vanquished Israel enemies!)

It was my own feeling that my Lord wanted me to remember what He can do for all of us….

Isaiah 63: 7 – “The favors of the Lord I will recall; the glorious deeds of the Lord because of all He has done for us; .. He has favored us according to His mercy and His great kindness.” (Very wonderful words for His kids!)

Jesus let me understand, “This is the way to ambush the devil, the world and your humanity for your daily existence since My Loving mercy will follow you.

3:34 PM (within the hour of mercy) “Otherwise, whatever Mass in whatever language and with the Priest looking back or towards the people will not glorify Me as MUCH AS “A MASS” in which when I arrive at the Altar of Sacrifice, all souls present KNOW Me as Present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, and most importantly if ALL ATTENDING souls are FREE FROM MORTAL SIN when they come to receive Me.” (End)

Eventually I did look for stories of what other Catholics think of this subject matter. I was amazed at the variety of ideas showing a true division regarding this topic. Here are two of them just as sample of what others think of the two rites.

1. This is nothing but different groups claiming spiritual superiority over each other. Jesus upset the apple cart as well with the Pharisee holding on to ritual (for ritual sake) and never really honoring the Lord from within their hearts.  You can have ritual without righteousness. What’s more important than the practice is *WHO* is being honored and *WHO* is the object of our worship? November 2015

2. A year and half ago a new pastor was assigned to our parish.  He is a Latin Mass proponent.  A small group have enthusiastically joined his crusade in returning our parish to 1958. Don’t get me wrong, this pastor is holy, reverent and a true servant of our parish.  It’s just that his very enthusiasm for “pre-Vatican” practices is beginning to cause a “rift” in our parish. Proponents of the Latin Mass are implying that it is more “spiritual, more superior” than our Masses said in English. 
  Lastly….at the Consecration…when we sing or say reverently….“Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts….” we are proclaiming in LANGUAGE WE UNDERSTAND that we are worshipping our Savior Who we are about to receive. Saying this in Latin sounds like gibberish to me…it is NOT my language…my prayers are merely syllables put together to make a word in a foreign (dead) language. Nov. 2015 (End of two people’s ideas on the subject matter)

One of my major problems is to realize that we are living moments of great physical distress for many people. Television is a powerful instrument to waste time. It bugs me to see those in every TV station duri8ng certain programs like GMA, laughing for everything they say. It is a forced laugh and that drives me crazy. ALL COMMERCIALS are made of lies… In Birmingham, AL, the most commercials come from lawyers (at least 8-9)… There is one from Alexander Sh…, which truly makes me crazy. I never found this phenomenon in any other U.S. city, and I did travel to many places due to my need to attend medical conferences all over the country to the tune of credit 50 hours, in order to renew my medical license every 2 years. However, only in Birmingham, AL area l have I seen Politian’s announcing their upcoming elections but saying that they are Christians… and pro life! Wow! I enjoy that very much!

In general, I found certain points that I noticed to be very obvious: 1) Awareness of sin is ignored as well as the negative results of such living. 2) There are many cases where the Bible is quoted, mostly within our Protestant brothers and sisters and yet, the “yes” to God’s will from Our Lady and her Son are NEVER MENTIONED as vital for our spiritual growth. 3) There is a general tendency among all Christian religions to try to explain how to resolve our problems within our marriages, for example, but no one truly insists for all of us to undergo a major conversion and spiritual growth in order to have the Holy Spirit guide us to resolve any problems. Only human reasoning is brought up as an answer but based on the science of psychology. A personal ongoing conversion would bring divorce rates to be very low.

Later on this same day, I understood the following:

THE TIME HAS COME to live a constant “yes” to God’s will. In cases of suffering, or when others persecute us for whatever reason, living this “yes” second by second,

1) Will give us spiritual direction through the power of the Holy Spirit.

2) Will give us understanding of those who are sinning against us or those we do not like for whatever reason. We can end up loving them through patience, forgiveness, etc. It happened to me with President Obama.

 3) It will make our prayer very powerful in obtaining the salvation of other souls

4) It will obtain atonement for their sins.

5) In time, our yes to God’s will, will unite us ALL in the womb of the Roman Catholic Church.

6) In other words, a NEW PENTECOST will descend upon the Church and brought about by our communal “yes” to the will of God for everything He places in our path, and AS HIS HOLY SPIRIT will lead all members to live under HIS GUIDANCE. It is clear that we do not bring the Holy Spirit only by calling Him! We bring Him in our lives and lives of our neighbor by “our yes” to His will. We bring the Holy Spirit to our Church by our obedience to His will in order to let our Father make us One Body.

Said in other words: the Holy Trinity will take over and the love between the Father and Son (The Holy Spirit) will CONCEIVE a converted and fully evangelized Body of Christ united for the work of the Church, to bring all souls to eternal salvation (all races, all Faiths, all who got divided after being created as one in the image of ONE God, the Father almightily, creator of heaven and earth, the Son and the Spirit)).


Tuesday, May 1

2:45 PM – After watching Fox News where they reviewed the pros and cons of the investigation by Mr Mueller regarding President Trump’s supposedly collusion with Russia in order to get elected, I could indentify Satan’s tactics, the evil spirit that cannot take a pro-life President living in the White House. Yes, Mr. Trump is not perfect but the other candidate was worse, allowing the killing of unborn babies as a revered right for all women.

This week, a wonderful program has being airing where a surgeon specialized in breast cancer presented the most complete scientific explanation of the relationship of breast cancer and pregnancy. Abortion represents the highest chance of getting cancer. Full pregnancy (after 32 weeks) represents protection against breast cancer. Please, get hold of this information and pass it on to women that you may know or show it in your parish… I was amazed… This surgeon, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, was a super speaker: spoke slowly and clearly and it was extraordinary to hear her.

I checked her out in the Internet (Google) and found out how much she has been persecuted and MANY saying she is lying. If you feel like checking her out at Google, you will find how she has been treated and also notice how Satan is desperate to divide us, lie to us so not to stop abortion on demand at any cost. If you want to see her many teachings all based in studies done, you may inquire at

At 2:30 PM, I prayed the Rosary with EWTN/Spanish and at 3 PM… I said 3 more Rosaries… All these 4 Rosaries plus one chaplet of Mercy, were offered in atonement for the sins of all  involved in these fights, Democrats, Republicans and the investigating council headed by Mr.  Mueller. I prayed for their conversion and asked Our Lady to stop Satan in these horrible constant fights where many are being tempted by him to get us a pro-choice President. Now, daily, I added it as one of the petitions for my many daily Rosaries, to convert all involved and to detain Satan once and for all,  in dividing us as he is doing through his temptations.

Thursday, May 3

I had my second visit with my new primary physician… Everything went well until the very end when he told me that he had accepted another job and would not be seeing patients at this St. Vincent Center. He told me that he had the name of the best physician to see me in the future, in Sept… It turns out to be a female doctor… I do not like female physicians in general but he told me she is very good and also Catholic!!!

I got out of this place confused but I immediately knew that it is the will of God for me. In fact, I had prayed all month for Dr. K.S. and he made another important decision in his life because his new job has to do with finding a way to make medical care less expensive!!! I do not like the fact that I have to start from point zero getting to know this new physician, but again, I had just listened in EWTN Spanish, the following: “El mejor compañero de viaje es el sufrimiento, el dolor, es la cruz de nuestra vida.” “The best companion in our travel is suffering, it is pain, it is the cross in our life.”

Friday, May 4, 2018

1. I must start by remembering the anniversary when while attending a medical meeting in Houston, TX, I was told to expect a new job offer coming and to take it. I was living in Mishawaka/South Bend, IN and had just finished the basement in a house bought 6 months prior. My husband had returned to live with us after selling our home in Cleveland but he did not have a full time job. I will repeat this story but I will never forget a May 4th for being a time when God re-routed our lives and should report it again.

This May 4th was a Thursday. I returned to Indiana on Sunday, May 7th and that same evening, my husband received a call from Kaiser Permanente in Cleveland (where he had worked) offering jobs for both of us. I signaled to him to say “yes” and later told him about my talk with the Lord. My husband was uncertain when he heard the offer because Kaiser would pay us a low salary, but he said yes after my signal for acceptance.

We were sure that it would not be a reality due to money matters, but I told him about my talk with the Lord at the hotel, when He had sent me to read Joshua chapter 4, where God parted the Jordan River for Israel to pass through. God had added that just like Joshua had experienced His protection, so we would also experience His protection and cross our own “river”. Sure enough, they wanted me as chief of the department since I had more years of the practice of anesthesiology and was board certified and they would pay me $200,000; my husband would receive $150,000. He was a pathologist before re-training to become an anesthesiologist and had no board certification. Just imagine that some years before, my husband had to decide to become a ‘resident’ at an old age to become an anesthesiologist… There was an abundance of pathologists and Kaiser Cleveland would not have invited us to move with them.

This is another example of doing the ridiculous to receive the miraculous. We had to place our home in the market, transfer the two younger children to a Cleveland high school which was great because they ended up at St. Ignatius High School, where their older brothers had attended. However, my second son, Ernie, needed an apartment since he had been accepted at Notre Dame for the following September. All in all, it demanded many changes for us which meant like crossing the river Jordan but definitely under God’s will for us, and He was clear by telling me what to do with the offer, one that we had no idea would be coming or would have accepted at all without His intervention!

2. I have been trying very hard to finish this blog since my health is not good at all… For example, twice before (a couple of weeks apart) I have had blood coming through my nostrils … Why? I have no idea… I did not mention it to my doctor because he would send me to see a specialist and I have so little faith in doctors (MD’s) after 9 major errors done in my care through the years. This afternoon, as I sat to finish the difficult part of sharing what I understood regarding the High Mass of April 28, again I started bleeding profusely from my right nostril. I wondered why? Was it a sign from God to stop all blogs? Was this cross a good thing to be able to share what I had learned regarding the Latin Mass but exactly how He wants it?

3. I also watched today the life of St. Catherine of Siena and she had a miserable sickly life… She has been one of my favorite saints and in the early 90’s, I bought her book and read it. She endure many pains (with no narcotics or Tramadol available…) and could not eat anything… Satan was constantly bugging her! She died young and her suffering always comforted me because of my many crosses. She had to dictate her book because she did not know how to write… On the contrary, I have a good life… I am a physician who understands what is going on in my body; I have pain medications; I can write and type and live in a “smart” home and travel in a smart car!!! My smart home has a perfect air conditioning system and high temperatures outside are converted into normal for us inside!

There is no doubt that I cannot aspire on becoming as holy as she was with so much goodness around me. I loved that she wanted to initiate a major reform in the Church, which speaks of a lot of problems within It, even in those times. For example, her Pope was forced out of Rome and lived in Avignon, France. She convinced him to go back to Rome. He died soon after. Another Pope was elected, but a group inside our Church, elected a second Pope. Catherine was very unhappy about it.

Saturday, May 5

The EWTN Mass homilist reminded us of the credit due to the Holy Spirit for our guidance and how much we can get from Him. It was good to make this fact something to be remembered at all times. There is only one thing that I would add. He said that we all want to be liked and accepted but that we should expect being persecuted and disliked for being followers of Jesus and as the Gospel for this liturgy read and explained by Jesus Himself.

I want to add something else: once years ago when I started to say “yes” to all my crosses through the grace of God’s mercy and many times an imperfect “yes”, I have not felt the need to be liked or welcomed. This gift from Him has proven to me that slowly by surely, God can do in our souls and minds what seems impossible to obtain, and in my case, a simple agreement with His will has brought the grace of total lack of the need to be recognized in any way or form. On the contrary, I want to hide and not be positively alluded to in any way or form. I want to add this little note just to prove to all that agreeing with God’s will is a powerful instrument and especially for own spiritual growth. 


Mr. Devil has been so active and ONLY US, EACH ONE OF US, can get him defeated with our own “yes” as our Mother did… and with the prayer of the Rosary… I only have to add that all of us, who love our Church, should do that… à Say “Yes” to His will with the Rosary in our lips while contemplating what we are praying. And basically with all the mysteries, contemplating the life of Jesus and His sacrifice for us, which means His love for us in ACTION OR HIS MERCY… It is only THEN that many souls will be saved and that we can sit down and wait for the New Pentecost for the entire Church to conceive a NEW BODY in Christ that awaits His Second Coming!

Please continue praying for me… if you do, thank you very much. If you do not do, please start. All readers of this blog are in my intentions for my community Rosary plus chaplet of Mercy.  I have to work for the Kingdom at a moment in my life that suffering is a little tough to endure. Also, I am sorry for writing soo much but although it was hard on my eyes, I know He wants it that way!


Alanus de Rupe (Alain de la Roche) was a 15th-century Dominican preacher, best known for his efforts to promote the Rosary. Alanus claimed to have experienced a vision by which it was revealed to him that the Blessed Virgin Mary had appeared to St. Dominic and gave him the Rosary as a means to combat the Albigensian movement. Alanus de Rupe’s revelation concerning St. Dominic and the Rosary was generally accepted until the 17th century when the Bollandists concluded that the account of Dominic’s supposed apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary is not mentioned in any documents of the Church or Dominican Order prior to the accounts of Alanus over two hundred years later.

A popular prayer card listing the promises bears the imprimatur ("let it be printed") of Patrick J. Hayes DD who was Archbishop of New York from 1919 to 1938. It was issued after a finding of "nihil obstat" (nothing obstructs) by an archdiocesan censor who reviewed the material to determine if it contradicted Catholic teaching. Neither a "nihil obstat" nor an "imprimatur" would necessarily reflect the personal opinion of either the censor or the archbishop regarding the document reviewed. Hayes’ predecessor, John Cardinal Farley, issued an imprimatur for the edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia that holds the Rosary promises as not historical.

The 15 promises fall under the category of "private revelation", and as such are a pious tradition, which a person is free to believe or not believe.

1. Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall receive signal graces.

 [A signal grace may be a simple sign in daily life that answers a question made in prayer or points towards God’s will. For example, seeing a rose after finishing a novena to St. Therese of Lisieux could be considered a signal grace. Signal graces are often subtle or seemingly coincidental.]

2.    I promise my special protection and the greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary.


3.    The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against hell; it will destroy vice, decrease sin, and defeat heresies.

4.    It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God; it will withdraw the heart of men from the love of the world and its vanities, and will lift them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means.

5.    The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary shall not perish.

6.    Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying himself to the consideration of its sacred mysteries, shall never be conquered and never overwhelmed by misfortune. God will not chastise him in His justice, he shall not perish by an unprovided death (unprepared for heaven). The sinner shall convert. The just shall grow in grace and become worthy of eternal life.

[An unprovided death means dying while not in a state of grace (that is, in dying with unconfessed mortal sin in the soul). The Blessed Mother promises that anyone who regularly prays the Rosary, and earnestly tries to live according to God’s will, will be spiritually prepared when their time of death comes.]

7.    Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die                   without the sacraments of the Church.

[Our Lady ensures that the soul will receive sanctifying grace through the Sacraments prior to its departure from the body.]

8     Those who are faithful to recite the Rosary shall have, during their life and at their death, the light of God and the plenitude of His graces; at the moment of death they shall participate in the merits of the saints in paradise.

9     I shall deliver from purgatory those who have been devoted to the Rosary.

10  . The faithful children of the Rosary shall merit a high degree of glory in heaven.

11  . You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.

12  . All those who propagate the holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities.

13   I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary shall have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and at the hour of death.

14  .All who recite the Rosary are my sons, and brothers of my only son Jesus Christ.

15  . Devotion of my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.

[By this the Blessed Mother means that a devotion to the Rosary is a good indication that the devotee is on the path to Heaven.]