Our difficult times urge us to become the best disciple possible!

I am very late posting this blog and you will be surprised as to why… I was late starting it on January 3 because of the problems with my vision. I have to type only 30 minutes at the time and since I have to take medication for the pain in my knees, there are times during the day that I am sleepy and not ready to share the notes that I have taken since my previous blog. Besides, this computer as new as it is, keeps doing weird things and at times, I become tired of fighting the issues. I always have to wait for my son (a data base engineer) to fix them. Of course, this little cross is always a reminder that my sharing must cost me something!

I completed the first blog 48 hours ago, Friday, January 6 but it needed much editing. Sometimes I take out things; sometimes, I add others according to how I feel led by the Holy Spirit and after calling Him to take over. AS I WAS EDITING it, the document disappeared!!!! I waited for my son to see if he could retrieve it… He could not. In order to delete a document one has to follow a sequence of clicks and I had not done anything as such. I was simply changing a few things and suddenly, it was a white page. So, my question was, “What is the Lord trying to tell me? I asked myself if it was Satan doing it, but my Lord allowed it? Why? Do I have to stop writing them? I then told the Holy Spirit, “Please help your servant understand” and I was sent to the Scriptures by page and these are the answers:

1. Wisdom 6 – In this chapter, the reader is sent to seek wisdom. Well, what did I need to know in reference to wisdom?

2. I was sent to another page and it was Psalm 96: 2-3

“Sing to the Lord all the earth; announce His salvation. Tell God’s glory among the nations; among all peoples, God’s marvelous deeds.”

3. Finally in another page I found the Book of Ester 4 – Chapter C. Mordecai and Queen Ester fervently prayed to the God of Israel for His protection..

I became certain that I must continue sharing God’s marvelous deeds in my life and pray for the wisdom to do it according to His will.

It was then that I realized that the original blog was done in the same fashion of other blogs, sharing what I had received in the last weeks, whether teachings or moments when the Lord was showing His Presence while I was out shopping. Apparently, this blog was not God’s will but He let me do it simply to show me how careful I must be. Apparently I cannot follow the same format every month. I have to ask Him how He wants to write it. Good teaching!

My second problem is that with my eyes so problematic, I thought of taking two weeks to write the new blog and just post today a note saying what had happen and asking for some time to re-write it. Well, this was not the answer either!!!

HE WAS ABOUT TO FOCUS ME TO LOOK INTO THE PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD AT LARGE, AND TO ASK ME HOW I HAD TO PROCEED TO PRAY AND SACRIFICE FOR THE NECESSARY CHANGES… Of course, it made a lot of sense especially at the beginning of the year… My Mother also came to remind me to thank Him for deleting the previous blog and also not to think that He was terminating me in this job. The blog was alright but it did not have the write wisdom for the present times…

So, NEXT, I will put together two different chapters. First, I will enumerate in a succinct matter, what is wrong in many angles of our present life and that I have to pray and suffer for. It does not mean for me (or you) to think and write (or read) about these problems and become fearful. On the contrary, it is only for me to see HOW BAD we all are doing in so many things, and how I am called to live my obedience to the Commandments so that I can grow daily in becoming the best disciple I can, and from that stage of conversion, pray and suffer for the changes needed, remembering that God can do them as fast as necessary. I remembered the case of the election of Mr. Trump and how our prayer took over and a pro life president (regardless of the many character problems that he shows, because God will be there protecting us and the life of many babies and elders). 

I. Some of the world problems as of January 2017

1. Some of these topics will not make happy some of my readers. They are not discussed on a regular basis from the pulpit because it may scare souls… Yet, in this blog I must bring them up or it may disappear as the previous one!

a) Division in the Roman Catholic Curia secondary to decisions of the Papacy and as pros and cons are discussed by important members of the Magisterium. I could not even mention my opinion because I have no formation to pass judgment. However, it causes some fear on me since other members of the Church will be feeling not only fear but will be divided, suffering resentment for either side, which translates into lack of love among the members of the Church. It also concerns me that news on the subject are showing constant opinions, agreement or unhappiness, without this helping solve anything. It only contributes to division and resentment. We must remember that Satan is busy trying to shame our Church… We should be busy loving both sides and praying for wisdom to resolve the differences.

b) Many lay members who normally attend Sunday Mass, seem not to recognize the REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS… This is not a judgment. I am only voicing what appears to be obvious. They are devoted but not in love with the Crucified. It is not their fault; it is our fault… In my opinion, our own lives are not showing the world the love for Him as truly Present in the Bread and Wine. I need to pray for this with great devotion and never forget that the Rosary and our Mother’s prayer for us can change these souls and convert our souls so to shine this Truth to them. It seems that we simply do not care too much about it. Otherwise, we would be busy praying and offering our suffering for them.

c) One thing that it is very obvious to me in all the parishes that I have been a member of, and it is that we have an enormous amount of plans to bring others to Jesus and prayer groups, retreats and many other activities are established towards this goal. They are all very good! Yet, I am certain that this is a way to CONTROL the work of the Holy Spirit. We first have to submit to our own daily conversion, especially with our Yes to His will and seeking ways to be the best disciple; then, all those activities will be planned as God wills them for the parish and success will be the end result! In other words, we need to be cleansed constantly from our human plans in order to hear what our Lord wants…

2. Plans for the “Walk for Life” in the East and West coasts of the U.S., showing the world that the law passed precisely in this month of January but many years ago, is a major sin against LIFE… Yet, in my OPINION, this effort is not truly changing anything… Yes, a few lives of infants in the womb have been saved but we continue destroying them and committing a huge destruction of human beings, all made in the image of God! I wonder if instead of walking for one day a year, we walk with a big yes to God’s will every day of our lives…

3. Prayer in general has become a superficial exercise for most of devoted Catholics. We do not pray WHILE our souls are submitting to a constant process of conversion. In fact, for my recent confession, the Lord prepared me to find out that I carry resentment for at least 20 people. I never remember because when I think of them, I have pardoned them and I do not feel too much problem interiorly. However, He asked me to revisit in images what these people did or said to me that were a lie and persecuted me without any reason. It is then that I realized that I still resented them!!! This was extremely important for me to repent and to allow my soul to be converted and truly practice my love for neighbor, so my prayer for these problems worldwide can ALSO be answered with great graces for these people and for the sake of their salvation. This is a very quiet evangelization moment but significant in the eyes of God .At the same time, it allows my generated joy and peace after the confession and as I released them from their sin, to help me look for a deeper conversion of my soul.

I also must mention that in the worldwide media, many times you hear people saying, “I will pray for you.” Or “My prayers are with you.” However, this is like a saying to be nice to the other. I doubt that they truly dedicate some daily time to do it. So, prayer has been converted in a nice gesture instead of a true conversation with God.

4. We are seeing a brutal political division among U.S. citizens. The two factions use the communication media in all its forms to destroy the members of the other side in every form possible.

5. The definition of the “family” has become whatever each citizen wants it to be. In fact, quite often I hear in the media ideas about how important is to avoid marriage until a couple lives together for a while to find out if they would get along forever!

6. I must mention the many “gods” that we have created as a society. Sports have become a true god.

Money for very expensive tickets and transportation to huge stadiums that all seem full, is invested on a regular basis, especially on Sundays, the day to glorify the Lord. Yet, much worse is the VIOLENCE that the youth and children are submitted to while watching these games, most especially American football. The viewers are being brainwashed into believing that violence and winning go together. In some games, you see a tinge of hatred coming from the players when they throw to the ground with great force, the opposite team member. They celebrate with huge gestures, and again, making seem these attacks to the other team, something good and great.


1. The time is here for all of us, but especially for me as a sinner, to evangelize the entire world WITH MY PRAYER AND MY LIFE DEDICATED TO OBEY THE WILL OF GOD AND TO LOVE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS and I am not doing it. Yes, I pray daily a community Rosary for many people, including Senators, House Representatives, the U.S. President, etc. and all are written in each Hail Mary… However, I do it without truly being in love with them I forget that I only have to ask God to give me such grace and He would do it… Well, it ALSO means that I do not care that much for them… (OUCH) I forget that once I pray for others but loving them, my prayer can change many things. This is spiritual dementia on my part.

2. This is the time to pay attention to myself in a very serious way and seek all the ways to stay on the path of an ongoing conversion… Of course, God is the one Who does it to my soul, but

a) I have to work daily on becoming the best disciple I can be and follow Jesus’ instructions to do so. I must OFTEN look into my conscience and look for all the areas that seek power, control, possessions and any form of lack of love for my brothers and sisters, like the quiet resentments that I carried.

b) I have to work daily in thanking God for my crosses, simply because those crosses are blessed instruments to assist me in my conversion. They are full of power since He sends them to me as His will, and if it is His will, they have to be embraced… When I find myself rejecting the crosses in any way, like by asking for them to be changed or less heavy, I am insulting Him for what His will is for me!!! (Ouch)

c) I must understand that I have to follow Jesus and that means to do and obey what He said… There is no other alternative. Following Jesus does not mean that I just say that I have a relationship with Him. I have to investigate what kind of relationship I have. Is it just a verbal statement? Or, does it mean that I was created to evangelize everybody that He sends in my daily path? I am here to announce His salvation that carries certain risks of being opposed in word and in action. It means that I may risk to be crucified in the cross of persecution and hatred and even quiet resentment like mine…

3. Once I become aware of the kind of discipleship that I must follow, then MY DUTY IS TO EVANGELIZE with prayer, with love for all, which is the power to live a life that reflects such love for them. It is the time to allow the Holy Spirit to do it for each person (as they need it) but using me as the messenger.

4. a) I must remember that these times were described by Jesus with great similarity to what we are seeing as expressed in part II. I must remember that I MUST HAVE ENOUGH OIL to keep the lamp of my soul shining for the rest of the world. BUT,

b) I ALSO MUST REMEMBER THAT GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS and for Him NOTHING is impossible (as we saw this past November in the U.S.) and that I simply must become His right hand to serve my brothers and sisters day and night.

c) I must pay attention to the importance of GETTING BUSY and DO SOMETHING right now to fix all the 6 different problems enumerated above and many more not mentioned… By “to do something,” I mean, to become the light that God wants me to be in order for Him to use me…

d) I must remember that evangelization is a merciful act, just like Jesus did when He died for us to become the Father’s children. I must add here that on January 1, I heard someone in television say that “doing the works of mercy shall change the world.” I immediately realized that those works of mercy MUST START IN MY SOUL. That I must do all necessary to be evangelized to the point of daily working on my sanctification but not to become important or recognized as special; it has to be done precisely to become servants of evangelization in the present world. I must constantly remember that if I do God’s will, first and foremost to show Him how much I love Him, He will transform me for the job intended since my creation.. I also must remember that I cannot give what I do not have! Then, I must do many works of mercy, spiritual and corporal, and yes, I can also pray on a daily basis for God’s mercy to save the entire world…


As you have read, I have been called to follow Jesus doing all that He said regarding discipleship. After attempting to obey the instructions, I have been given a clear call to change the world by allowing Him to use me, especially through prayer of the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I AM SUPER SURE THAT WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER… This past November we saw it done in the U.S… Even if it is only a few of us who want to enter a conversion stage as we try our best to follow the guidelines for discipleship, let’s get together and pray ONE ROSARY AND ONE CHAPLET OF MERCY per day as we call Our Mother in heaven and all the Saints to pray for us, so that we can shine with our words and deeds and obtain from God a massive conversion.

He already did it in 1531… I am certain that He prepared us for these times showing us HOW HE CAN DO IT. He dressed His Mom in a way that all Mexican Indians could understand that she was real and their mother!!! 9 million Indians converted in 4-5 years!  I still want to translate and summarize the content of the 6 different 30 minutes presentations of Msgr. Eduardo Chavez , to be sure we understand how God planned the entire thing to bring His Mother to appear to a 59 year old lay widower… These programs are a little different to a program already translated of the story of St. Juan Diego. If He did this in Mexico, then, He can do it now and WE CAN DO IT with Him…Let’s change for the sake of the Kingdom and do our part… Then, let God give us the faith, hope and love necessary to become powerful agents in the salvation of the ENTIRE WORLD… Period!

WE NEED TO STOP SATAN and his work to divide, to accuse, to give fear, to distract us. IT IS SOO EASY… Let’s start by seeking sins that are buried in our soul as my sins of resentment were! Let’s repent and confess them and receive absolution. Let’s seek any sins of control opposed to the will of God; of fear that breaks up any trust in God’s mercy (trust= faith without fear). Let’s find time for ONE ROSARY and CHAPLET OF MERCY A DAY, for the Lord to conquer sin in the whole world.

Somehow I have been able to write this second blog in just two days…!!! He has insisted that it was extremely important to post it in this month and right away. I suspect that the time of having enough oil in our lamps is here. And yes, it is great to be present in the walks for life but as men and women who are seeking sanctity as Jesus asked us to do!!! We need to create clean, gorgeous vessels to be sent as He did the 12 first Apostles and tell the entire world that yes that He is here in every Tabernacle and within ourselves and that we want to do His will because we love Him. Let’s call the Holy Spirit to do whatever is needed to save every soul on this earth.

Several years ago, I wrote a blog similar to a letter to his small children left by a famous younger scientist, as he was dying of cancer. I wrote the letter for my grandchildren, so one day they could know why Jesus is alive In the Eucharist…How He came to me and revealed His True Presence when I was 6.5 years old. How I loved Him so much that I accepted to live in a convent for my first grade, just to be near Him and sleep nearby, Who was exposed 24/7. I still remember such love and it never left me…

IN THE SAME FASHION, I want to leave this blog as a reminder that WE MUST RUN and do whatever He tells us… And what He wants of us is to love God and others like He did and does, to the point of paying for our sins through His crucifixion and to be present in all Tabernacles of the world. So, I want to repeat that we must run and work in our souls with what we can (repentance, accepting our crosses, thanking Him for His will for us, etc.) and be open to the Holy Spirit to save many souls regardless of persecutions, misunderstandings, or any difficulty, in order to see all the problems that were enumerated, be solved once and for all… Only obedience to His will can keep our lamps full of oil…If He became a baby in the body of a Virgin, and the Archangel Gabriel told Our Lady that for God all things are possible, the same He can do in our times, as long as we act like His mother and say, “May Thy will be done.” Amen.

Come Holy Spirit into our hearts to see the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into our minds that we may know the things that are of God. Come Holy Spirit into our souls that we may belong only to God. Sanctify all that we say, think and do, so that everything may be done for the glory of God. Amen

P.S.: 1) I would love for you to keep praying for me. I pray for you daily… for  all readers of this blog. Let’s become a “TEAM OF MERCY” FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD.” May you have a blessed 2017, the centenary of the apparitions of our Mother in Fatima.

2) I must mention that two days ago, the priest who gave us the gift of re-creating the Franciscan University of Steubenville, passed away… To him I owe the spiritual education of my third son (soon to be ordained a Deacon) and of his wife…What a gift from God was to end up moving abruptlyfrom Indiana (as God led us) in order for my son to be closer and know more about the existence of this University.  






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