Short addendum to previous October 2016 blog, one that taught me how to pray with faith!

My friends: I am addressing all who visit this site without knowing which presidential candidate you voted for. You know what my decision had been and simply based in the most important right there is: the inalienable right to life, the right to be born. The rest of the rights depend on having the luxury of being allowed to open our eyes in this world. To those who prayed, I HAVE TO THANK YOU SO MUCH…There you have a tremendous proof of the power of prayer.

As you know, I was praying 3 Rosaries per day and Chaplets of Divine Mercy just for these elections and most especially for the salvation of the two candidates. We know now that the cause for life of babies in the womb was the direct beneficiary of the results of the elections. I am sad that more than 40% of Catholics voted for Mrs. Clinton. It was clear for many of us that immigration and walls and poor phrases to describe Hispanics in this country were NOT as important as to stop abortion on demand. Mr. Devil had a huge defeat. However, when the time for the election came, I was given new ideas as TO HOW TO PRAY, besides accepting my suffering for this cause and trying very hard to pray much and do God’s will at all cost… So, the Lord prepared me ahead of time to be able to increase my faith as I prayed for this cause. Here it is:

Thursday, November 3

During the morning hours, I received two pages in the Bible as follows.

(Page 512)- 2 Maccabees 8: 1-6. (Please see how clear this whole chapter is about all the present difficulties in 2016… In retrospect since at the time I had no idea of the preciousness of these words, I will add in parenthesis meaning for our days.)

 “Judas Maccabeus and his companions (prolife voters)  implored the Lord to look kindly upon His people (U.S.), who were being oppressed on all sides, to have pity on the temple (wombs of women), which was profaned by godless men (abortion on demand); to have mercy on the city (in this Jubilee Year of Mercy), which was being destroyed (morally destroyed) and about to be leveled to the ground; to hearken to the blood that cried out to him (blood shed by babies); to remember the criminal slaughter of innocent children (aborted on demand children) and the blasphemies uttered against His name (everywhere by everyone); and to manifest His hatred of evil. Once Maccabeus got his men organized, the Gentiles could not withstand him, for the Lord’s wrath had now changed to mercy (results of the election). Coming unexpectedly upon towns and villages, he would set them on fire. He captured strategic positions (in order to bring merciful Judges to the Supreme Court), and put to flight a large number of the enemy (like Planned Parenthood and laws that approve euthanasia).

2 Maccabees 8: 12 and following

I will not copy the entire chapter 8 because you can read it at your discretion. However, it is clear that Maccabeus and companions trusted in God’s mercy…

(Page 777) – Sirach 51

The entire chapter is dedicated to thank God for all He has done to the person writing it.  It starts with verse 1 – “I give You thanks, O God of my father; I praise You, O God my savior! Verse 3 – You have delivered me in  Your great mercy. Verse 12 – He saved me from evil of every kind and preserved me in time of trouble. For this reason I thank Him and praise Him. I bless the name of the Lord.” (This is another chapter worthy of being read in its entirety).

I then prayed the Rosary with the EWTN viewers and a big teaching came through and this is what I wrote in my journal:

I had a clear picture that God will protect us versus our enemies. I heard this: “The correct way is for every morning to think of the power and grace of God in your own life. Therefore, know that you must thank Him daily for so many gifts and graces; expect triumph against all enemies. Keep your conversion ongoing so not to offend Him and allow the enemy to have any power over you. Thank Him for His mercy in the past, present and future. Only pay attention to what you can do to bring others to enjoy this same type of life.

“AT ALL TIMES KNOW that He is in charge of your life and that for such protection to fall over you, you need to AGREE with His will as being perfect and necessary and thank Him for such will regardless of the suffering involved!!! (I thought of my horrible knee pain). With this state of mind He will hear your prayers and answer them ASAP! In this consists the ‘yes’ of Our Lady. No more wondering on your part. The victory of Mr. Trump depends on your faith! Pray many Rosaries to live such life and for the salvation of all peoples, especially the two candidates and all voters. Secure the victory in this way. Like Judas Maccabeus, just thank Him for knowing that God is present and ready to give you as He did all your life! Realize that your healing will be here any time and the money necessary to move out of this toxic area. Thank Him for it ahead of time. With this kind of faith all is possible, EVEN MOVING A MOUNTAIN.”

All of this happened on November 3rd.  I then was led to pray for the election results but with great thanksgiving ahead of time!

Sunday, November 6

Before the Mass, I started to remind Him of the elections and He kept saying to pray giving Him thanks for the results. After Communion, He was clear and there was a certain force in His voice as He said, “PRAY IN THANKSGIVING. Do not forget this.”

At home on this same day, I was given the insight that thanksgiving can mean two things…!


1) I can pray thanking God for what He will do… (This is the wrong way… In fact it may give the impression that we are conniving God into answering us with what we want)


2) For the real thanksgiving, I had to remember and clearly that with faith I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS. So, my thanksgiving needed to come from a heart full of faith and trust that God will decide this election for the babies not yet born. BUT, HOW TO HAVE SUCH FAITH?


Ah… It is very easy (in hindsight, of course). A couple of days before, the Holy Spirit had led me to read 2 Maccabees where Judas with a few men, prayed to Yahweh for a victory against their enemies. And yes, the few Israelites were able to defeat the huge numbers in the enemy forces. And of course, we have tons of these examples like in Joshua 24… Victory after victory can be found in the Old Testament. So, when I would pray for these election results, I had to pray in thanksgiving to God with the certitude that He had done it for many of His servants as noted above. Sure enough, I felt great faith that HE COULD NOT LET US DOWN because He did not do that with the other figures in the Old Testament. So, on Monday, Nov. 7, I started praying many Rosaries IN THANKSGIVIG that the Lord would do the same for us and therefore I had to thank Him in anticipation. It was easy to have such faith behind it. I truly felt it since God is full of justice and mercy and would bless us as He did others.


On Monday, Nov. 7 during the day I prayed 8 Rosaries. I took some coffee to my second floor bedroom and prayed during the night 9 Rosaries in thanksgiving, helping myself with the coffee since I tend to sleep very easy at night time.


On Tuesday, Nov. 8 and after 17 Rosaries, I turned on EWTN/Spanish at 4 AM for the first Rosary for the daylight hours but instead, they had a Chaplet of Mercy in Spanish prayed by people in different Hispanic countries, including Costa Rica. So, I prayed it on behalf of all voters, in expiation for their sins and asking for God’s mercy for them. During the day on Tuesday, as the voters were busy voting, I prayed 8 Rosaries in thanksgiving. I wanted to pray 30 in total, but after 25, the Lord said that it was enough and that the victory was ours and of course WITH THE SENATE AND HOUSE having a REPUBLICAN majority (I was not even thinking about it).


I remember how in 2002, I traveled to Tepeyac and for Nov. 4th. I spent all day (9 hours) in the Basilica attending a Mass every hour and praying for the election of a Republican Senate, which was the one in jeopardy, so that Mr. Bush could elect the right members of the Supreme Court to approve those he chose. When I returned home on Nov. 5, as I landed in Texas, I heard that yes, the Senate was Republican.


In 2004, I spent 12 hours in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament at Christ the King parish in Toledo, and prayed 26-27 Rosaries (I forgot the exact number and you know the story). Yet, nothing was mentioned to pray in thanksgiving like this time. In other words, In 2016 I had to pray with much more faith!!!!! Well, the rest is history.


HOWEVER THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS ADDENDUM: we must pray now for the days prior to January 20, 2017, so that Mr Trump does not get too close to people that Satan will try to place around him.  He has to name 1,000 people as heads of the different areas of the Presidency. We need those people to help him also, not only not to influence him negatively, but to give him the right advice in due time to choose the right Judges for the Supreme Court and to CHANGE all his ideas about building the famous wall and deporting millions of Hispanics. If the Lord was able to give him the victory, He can also give him the wisdom and certainty to GOVERN in a MERCIFUL way… As King Solomon did, we must pray for WISDOM for this President elect.


SO, THIS MESSAGE IS SENT right now to ask you to pray with me for such petitions necessary to STOP, first of all, the division now caused by the democratic members that are furious with his win, and to a certain point with some reason since they are human and according to the polls, they were already sure Mrs. Clinton would win. We must remember that Satan divides… and it is his favorite work in our souls and minds…  but Jesus UNITES… Let’s pray at least ONE ROSARY PER DAY and one chaplet of Mercy for these intentions, so that God’s mercy can drop over Mr. Trump. Besides, those marching in the streets of many big cities are our brothers and sisters and we need to love them and pray that they can see and feel the need of unification, and that those democrats with some religious ideas, that they will pray for such unification.  WE CAN DO IT… We just did it… and nobody in our media can believe why it happened. Hatred (another instigated feeling from Satan) is preponderant and WE CAN STOP ALL OF IT… O yes, WE CAN!


It was interesting to hear in the late evening of November 8th, how the media spoke of what had just happened. These are some of their words:

Historically unbelievable; the most momentous event in America; a stunning victory; the greatest political upset of the last 100 years; a massive failure of political data; this is a bomb shell and what did we miss?; all polls were wrong.


I have prayed for the last 48 hours in order to know if the Lord wanted me to pass this information to you but right now and not later for the blog of November, and every time there was a clear ‘yes’ on His part. I understood that we need to contain Satan and his plans ASAP. Today and by chance, I heard a program in EWTN/Spanish about the Fatima apparitions, now considered extraordinary lights for us in these one hundred years since the Angel appeared to the three children in 1916. The core of the message was about praying much, offering all suffering and Francisco was the one who practiced it the most, which he offered for peace in the world. She also asked the children to pray many Rosaries. So, let us cover the President-elect with our prayer and suffering with one Rosary per day for these days before January 20, so that he makes all decisions according to God’s will and the good of all who live in this country. After the change of power, we must continue praying for him in some way or another; each one of us discerning what is God asking of us, since we need to save the lives of millions of babies not conceived as yet. The future of America is in our hands and all of us will face our God at the end of our life on earth, and we must give Him an account of our work for the Kingdom, that is, the conversion of all souls, in whatever ways He expects each one of us to do it.


Since I have some visitors for the week of Thanksgiving, the blog for November will be delayed somewhat and hopefully be posted early December. Thank you again for all those who prayed with great heart for this presidential election.




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