Another major step in my ongoing conversion!

My friends: you did a wonderful intercessory job in praying for me since I was able to understand that I must continue with these blogs at all cost, at least for the mean time. Our Lord will decide when to stop.

I am writing this blog in a shortened fashion because I learned something sooo important for our prayer prior to November 8, that I must t summarize it and perhaps for the month of November, I will add a few things that happened in this month of October, which are irrelevant to our need to pray with efficacy for the new President. I need to post this message as soon as possible and I beg you to join me in prayer in the new format given to me by Him, the love of my life, under  the intercession of Our Lady, most importantly under her title of Santa Maria de Guadalupe!

On October 10, I was directed to pray 3 Rosaries just for the presidential election, bringing the salvation of the two candidates as petitions for these Rosaries, among other urgent needs that I have, like moving away from this super toxic area, etc. Of course, I also had to pray the family and community Rosaries besides the 3 Rosaries mentioned. So, I started to do so.

On October 22, the wonderful feast day of St. John Paul II, my PK or Papa Karol as I call  him, and he must have prayed much for me because I was told and very clearly how poor my yes to God’s will still is! Ouch! Here is what I wrote in my journal:

On this day, I prayed several Rosaries one after the other at 1:32 PM, 1:50 PM, 2:10 PM and at 2:35 PM.

At 2:50 PM I started wondering what to do for this election. I called the Holy Spirit. I was sent to page 565 of the Bible and found Psalm 13 about prayer in time of illness…! Psalm 14 had as title, “A lament over widespread corruption.” I was fascinated about the topics…because they pertained to the intentions of the 3 special Rosaries mentioned above.

At 2:55 PM, I called the Holy Spirit and said, “What shall I do in these circumstances of my illness and widespread corruption?”

He answered, “You can do much more as follows:

I. With much prayer as you are doing it now.

II. Offer up your suffering in all aspects of your life, but never forget that 1) you have to hear My Truth and share it like you are doing with the blogs even if you suffer with your eye. 2) But also by working with others to spread the Truth of My Real Presence and my love and mercy for all, YET do not do it if deep in your heart you do not want to do it due to your poor health!” I took a deep breath and thanked Him for such permission.

“However,” He continued, “would you say yes to do it for the salvation of souls, especially those in your own household?”

I thought about it and realized my sin since I was ready to use His permission not to work with others speaking on His Real Eucharistic Presence and His love and mercy for all of us; yet when my family members were mentioned I was ready to sacrifice it all! Wow… I was greedy for graces for mine only. What a spiritual horror! So, I said, “Yes I am willing to do it.”

He said, “But it must be a true yes, not just a yes to get something for the family but a yes to sacrifice yourself for all in need. They are as important as your own.”

I said, “I am sorry for my sin of wanting to go and work with others but mostly because I want to benefit my own! Right now, my yes is clean of avarice and I truly want to do it to love all as You love them.” I had received the grace to feel much love for my brothers and sisters as if they were blood related. It was awesome!

3 PM: “Speak Lord, What else do You have to say?”

He sent me to page 888 – Jeremiah 39:18

III. “I will make certain that you escape and do not fall by the sword. (I understood that the sword was to care only for my own) Your life shall be spared (will obtain salvation) as booty because you trusted in Me,” says the Lord.
I realized that when He said, “I will make certain,” it meant that I had to be obedient to His will for this promise to be fulfilled. I also understood that saying yes to His will also meant to trust that His will by itself will protect me from my own sword, my own sin of only thinking of my family


1. I have to pray much (and of course the Rosary was so important. In fact on this day, it was after 4 Rosaries that I had been illumined about my own sin and how to correct it!)

2. Accept suffering at all cost for the good of others, and accepting it with a clean heart to help their salvation, was part of this plan of preparing for this election.

3. Doing His will with total trust (or with FAITH WITHOUT FEAR) that His will is perfect for me and necessary to combat the widespread social corruption existing today.

This plan looked universal, catholic in nature, a form of spreading the Kingdom of God in these moments of so much confusion, division, physical assassinations of babies and spiritual assassination of those who work to kill them, whether their own mothers or health professionals that do the abortions.

3:07 PM. I said to the Lord, “It is a deal.”

HERE IS WHEN I REALIZED THAT we as a nation have allowed the law that gives permission to mothers to kill their babies, plus we are still preaching and talking about praying for this not to happen anymore, but many years later, nothing has worked. Wouldn’t this be a good example of our stupidity of not realizing that our prayer has not worked? But why? That our preaching has not worked? That complaining about our religious liberty is so unimportant compared with the life of a baby killed without any problem if he/she resides in a womb of a woman, but it cannot be done if the baby is out of the womb?  We have the latest most advanced communication technology possible and most of it coming from California, but we only complain about the abortion on demand disaster and not dig the reasons as to why our prayer and preaching on this subject has given very weak results, when we as children of God have all the power on earth to end abortion on demand ! But why have we being so poor in judging these issues?

Let’s face it, “our eyes have not seen; our ears have not heard; our brains have not understood that we are failures in this matter.

ALL WE HAD TO DO was to pray much BUT COMING FROM A HEART totally accepting His will, and trusting 100% that His mercy, His many graces of His love for us, will demand of us love for our crosses and ALL DONE FOR HIS GLORY AND FOR THE SALVATION OF ALL SOULS… Once done, we could see God ending abortion on demand!

This matter is not complicated whatsoever. The yes of Our Lady was clear… And what happened? Ah, she received the grace or power to walk for three days to go and serve her cousin Elizabeth… She had had an encounter with the Holy Spirit (a Pentecost of sorts) which not only left Jesus in her womb, but blessed her with the gift of service for her neighbor. After all, she was only 15 years old… She took her own Son, just a few cells in development… (hmm) and took the Holy Spirit with which she had been covered to visit her family and even the 6 month old fetus in Elizabeth’s womb danced for joy when he met the Holy Spirit and his own second cousin… Huh! In the mean time, she was accepting the suffering of having to return home and explain to Joseph the source of her pregnancy without being married! Besides, just to say that an angel had come to announce this and that she had accepted and therefore that she was pregnant with Jesus, was close to be considered totally crazy…!!! BUT HER FAITH was sooo robust that she took very seriously her yes to God’s will and acted it out…

My question for any of us is this: How many of us are ready to truly say yes to God’s will without ever praying about a change of any kind? Are we praying Rosaries for these elections and truly not happy with our yes to do God’s will or saying yes from our teeth out but not in our hearts, that is waiting for God to change His mind regarding His will for us? Are we praying Rosaries passing the beads and truly not encountering our state of conversion and wanting to change NOW and not after Nov. 8th? Are we truly hurting for the babies that are killed every hour on the hour? Or we just show our disagreement but never truly hurting for the babies? If we are not doing so, have we asked God to give us a love like the one He has for us? Or are we simply doing or talking the right words but truly not wanting to change our ways in order for our Rosaries to reach God TODAY and change the hearts of many, all done by the Holy Ghost? Are we saying yes to God’s will in our lives but with a sad face as we refuse to believe that it is His love and mercy for us that flows through whatever suffering we are going through? Are we insistent like the old widow in front of the judge as Jesus told her story, and insist in converting ourselves starting right now? Do we understand these truths and repent for the little we do to change ourselves and ask for God’s mercy for all of us for these elections?

On October 24, the famous religious quarter back who was successful in college American football but not in the NFL, he said, “LOVE IS TO SEEK THE BEST FOR OTHERS AND ACT ON IT.”          Well, to feel such love we have to pray, embrace our crosses with gusto and do God’s will with a super PURIFIED yes. The power of these three actions will be immense and miracles could happen on November 8th.

On the same day of the feast of St. John Paul II, a program in Spanish was presented in the Univision channel. One of his major reporters and news maker, Mr. Jorge Ramos, showed his visits to several areas where the Klug Klux Klan exists. This was done following an event on August 14, 2015, in one of the firsts meetings with reporters by the Republican candidate, Jorge had some questions for him and the candidate ordered Ramos to be expelled… So, Jorge wanted to find out more about the reason behind it and Ramos is white with white hair although he is young. By now, we know how this candidate feels about Hispanics in general and in particular, against those without proper immigration papers. I want to confess to you that to a certain point. I can see anyone born in this country to feel offended by the number of immigrants that want to come to live here without proper paperwork. When will it stop? So, this night of October 22, I learned more about this point from KKK followers…

The KKK members clearly expressed to Ramos that they do not want to be a minority in this country! They clearly said to him that white people are more intelligent and gifted. They are superior in every form. This person who said it was older, ugly with broken teeth and did not sound particularly intelligent in his words. There it was Satan working overtime. In fact the entire program was titled, “Sembrando Odio,” or “Seeding Hatred.” The KKK expects Mr. Trump to do the necessary to clear their path in governing this country with the right ideas coming from white people.

I realized that in one side, one candidate is totally fine with killing babies in the womb by whatever methods. The other one, wants to establish a reign of the white people and get rid of those who are inferior, especially Mexicans who come from the indigenous settlers of the south of the U.S. all the way to Central America. They were the original habitants of the land… Little did I know that I would learn so much more about the people who received Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531!!!

Here is my chance to clarify something: in order to ask our Lord to help us in Nov. 8th, and that is that I MUST ASK FOR MY LOVE FOR THE KKK… THEY ARE HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS IN NEED OF SALVATION… I must work hard to convert my heart at not hating these people; at not feeling anything negative towards them… Then, I will be able to pray my many Rosaries and even suffer the pain of knowing that the KKK exists and seeing it as an opportunity to pray for them by loving them first, and be certain that the Holy Ghost can do that in my soul… Sooo easy! It only demands my desire to convert this part of my soul in order to pray for all souls who will be voting in this election. I suspect that if I truly get to love the KKK members just because they are sons and daughters of God, they will convert because Mr. Satan will run faster than ever… It all depends that a few of us, especially Christian Catholics start working in our own conversion by submitting to suffering of any kind with a great embrace, wanting to do God’s will no matter what and praying the holy Rosary to ask our Mom to do what she did at Tepeyac… More on it later.

Sometime after October 22, I saw the story of the Spanish Queen Elizabeth the Catholic, or Reina Isabel la Catolica. She was the one who sent Columbus to the Americas and she also showed many, many times how she treated her enemies with great compassion and love… Amazing. She should be one of our canonized saints. She was the first evangelizer of the Americas…

Eventually about October 24, I saw in EWTN in Spanish a wonderful program of the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe to St. Juan Diego by Msgr. Eduardo Chavez who was in charge of the canonization process of Juan Diego and now resides at the Basilica of Guadalupe as rector, or so I understood in Spanish. The program was presented by Mr. Jonas Soto from EWTN. Msgr. said that after Juan Diego’s canonization and in 2008, the Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico City established an institute to study more in depth the apparitions of Our Lady. The program is called “Donde Dios llora” and in English we know it as “Where God weeps.” By chance I found it and I was super fascinated with its content. It explains in detail how Our Lady convinced the Indians to even beg for their Baptism. Wow! It relates the stories that Juan Diego revealed to a Spaniard who wrote it after 1531. Msgr. Chavez discovered in 2008 that the key of this massive conversion comes from Our Lady taking the good that there is in every human being and placing it in front of her Son… However, I did record this program in a later showing and I am now trying to translate it into English for the blog of November, prior to her Feast Day on December 12… My eyes could not help me to do it fast enough to post this blog on Nov. 1. Yet, you would be fascinated with the entire story that was not known up to 2008… Wow! It is possible that EWTN has presented this program with English subtitles since it took place on a December 12, most likely of 2015. Yet, it will give me much pleasure and feel honored to post the translation in my blog.

The Aztecs had many, many gods… Our Lady came dressed in such a way that they could read many truths just from her picture as it was created by God… They loved her because she spoke to them without specific words of Nahuatl, the local language and just using how she looked. But first, let me give a few ideas of the times in 1531 from the Internet…

Mexican Indians at the time of Our Lady of Guadalupe apparitions

On August 13, 1521, Tenochtitlán – the capital of the extensive Aztec Empire – fell to a large force of Spanish and indigenous soldiers. The magnificent city had been under siege for 79 days, as many of its Mexica warriors fought with great courage against an enemy that numbered between 100,000 and 150,000. However, with their lifeline to food sources and water supplies cut off, women, children, and men were dying from dehydration, starvation and disease (smallpox) at an incredible rate. According to Aztec historians, 240,000 inhabitants of the great city had died by the end of the siege.

The conquest of Tenochtitlán spelled the end of the great Aztec Empire. But even with the death of the political entity that had ruled over so much of central and southern México, the Aztec culture – together with the Náhuatl language that its people spoke – endured through much of central and eastern México. In some communities, the Aztec culture and language actually thrived over the centuries. The Mexican census of 2000 indicated that 1,448,936 persons spoke the Náhuatl language, representing 24.0% of all indigenous speakers in the country. And, among the Náhuatl speakers, 195,934 persons (or 13.5%) were actually monolingual and unable to speak the Spanish language.

After forging important alliances with several Indian leaders, Captain Hernán Cortés had led a large coalition of Spanish soldiers and indigenous warriors against the Mexica of Tenochtitlán. Once they had consolidated their position, the Spaniards laid waste to the city, leveling the majestic temples, pyramids and palaces that had dominated the capital’s landscape. Tenochtitlán itself was rebuilt as a Spanish-style colonial capital and was renamed La Ciudad de México (México City).

Although the Spaniards and their Christian Indian allies sought to remove all vestiges of the Mexica’s culture and heritage, Cortés and his military advisers also recognized that their victory was only made possible by the help of their indigenous allies, most of whom were, like the Mexica, members of the Aztec culture and speakers of the Náhuatl language.

The Mexica had ruled over the vast Aztec Empire from Tenochtitlán, but they were actually only one ethnic group of many that made up the Aztec culture. The Náhuatl language that they spoke was just one component of the widespread Aztec culture that dominated much of central and eastern México.

Although Spanish has greatly influenced the Náhuatl language over the last five centuries, the influence of Náhuatl on the Spanish and English languages has also been profound, albeit not as recognizable. It is a tribute to the Aztec culture and people that a very large percentage of Náhuatl toponyms (place names) can be seen when looking at a map of México. Countless towns and cities from Sonora to Tabasco carry Náhuatl designations. As a matter of fact, the word México finds its origin in the language of the Mexica.

Náhuatl has provided an extraordinary number of words to the Spanish language, including aguacate, capulín, chile, chocolate, coyote, guacamole, mescal, peyote, and tomate. The English language has also adopted as its own many words that have their origins in Náhuatl, including avocado, chocolate, coyote, ocelot, tomato and tequila.” (End)

By the way, according to the program from EWTN from Msgr. Chavez, the word Mexica has Hebrew and Arab roots!!!!! It is pronounced in Spanish as “meshica.” Also, Our Lady was the one who chose the name of Guadalupe!!! It did not come from a place in Spain where the name of Guadalupe also appears. And one more thing: she makes a point by choosing a lay person to talk to… but sends him to the Bishop. The entire affair is a wonderful event where the laity and the Church come together to pass on this great event to the entire world, even in this XXI century!

I am sorry if I am giving you too much information on the state of Mexico in 1531 but when I post the entire story of this program in English, some of you will love to learn so many other things… For example, the Aztecs had one god that they did not know well at all… They had complained much about not knowing him and felt abandoned… Our Lady used their idea about this God and placed in them the story of her Son. She never said that such Aztec god was Jesus. She simply brought the infant in her womb as the one who would never abandon them… NOTICE HOW SHE IS A FAMOUS MAKER OF MIRACLES, as at the Wedding of Canaan.

She was able to convert millions… in just a few years… What could she do for us and convert many to love babies in the womb? Well, for that we must ask her and show at the same time that we are true disciples who follow Jesus with our crosses; that we DO NOT MIND OUR CROSSES as helpers of the power to attract others to Him. But above all, that we are saying yes to God’s will from a converted heart and trying to emulate how she said it and therefore, that we can be true intermediaries for the conversion of millions, including the KKK and those who do not care for the killing of the babies in the womb. In the other hand, we laity have to stop reading books and telling others what to do UNTIL WE ENTER A TRUE WAY OF CONVERSION AS EXPLAINED BEFORE. We cannot worry about how to raise our kids. The Holy Spirit will raise them by guiding us as to what to do if we work in our own conversion.  We cannot worry about religious liberty until we enter a true path of personal conversion and ask our Lady with many Rosaries to take care of asking the Throne of Mercy to solve the problem.

There is no doubt in my mind that we continue to make plans as to how to work for good marriages and with children, and talk and talk about it… We do not have to do it by ourselves with our own ideas as good as they may sound. We have first to become converted to become true followers of Jesus in every way… He prayed… He suffered immensely… He did the will of His Father all the way to the Cross. Once we do try to live such life, His mercy will cover us with the graces necessary truly do it and to be His ambassadors and evangelize the entire world. 

WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THESE ELECTIONS… Please join me and let us enter a vibrant path of self conversion by doing what God and Our Lady have told us to do. The next 8 days can make a big difference… In my case, every time that my knees get worse by the week, and the Tramadol is not sufficient, I will TRY VERY HARD TO SAY YES TO GOD’S WILL FOR HIS GLORY AND FOR THE SALVATION OF THE MANY VOTERS, BUT TRULY WANTING to be an associate disciple who wants to be the best servant of the Lord. I repeat, please JOIN ME! We can do it! Of course with the sincere desire to change further even after Nov. 8th…. Let’s show the world that Jesus Christ is alive and that He is crazy about us.

The last five words above come from a little story. This Sunday October 30, I was not sure if I could attend 8 AM Mass. We were expecting a storm to start around 5 AM with tough winds and in these circumstances, with so much pain hardly covered by Tramadol, my feet are not secure enough to walk on a very wet cement or asphalt, while using a cane and holding an umbrella… I told Him to take care of the weather if He wanted me to be there. On my part, I told Him that I wanted to be with Him. Sure enough, there was no wind. No water. At 5 AM, the weather channel had the rain coming around 9 to 10 AM…

I went to Mass and sat in the last pew in this huge church building. Walking all the way to the front going downhill and later coming uphill, with much pain is not easy for me. Of course, I love the first pew just to look at Him during the entire Mass… I wished I could live under the Tabernacle forever and ever. We got there and at the time of Communion, they send Eucharistic Ministers to the back of the church. On this day, the lady that came with Him somehow came into my pew as I was already sitting but half way while waiting since other parishioners were slowly moving toward the lateral back corner. She came and gave me Communion as if she knew of my pain…. Then, the other minister came from behind and offered me His Blood… Wow… Did we had a ball while we were talking after Communion. He was clear: “I want your blog posted at the latest on Nov. 1…” I promised even that I have to take many rests to allow my left eye to stop aching…Then my son and I went to the Whole Foods store where my son buys his breakfast and salad for the week and I bought a few things so that later this week I do not have to go there using the expressway. We came out with no rain. We arrived home and 15 minutes later the famous storm arrived and the trees seeing through the kitchen window were furiously moving.  Of course, He wanted to be sure that I understood that His request was truly important and that He had made Himself present in handling nature for my safety… All along, even during the Mass, I was taken by the EVENT OF GUADALUPE, as they call it…She did bring many conversions with the power of God behind it because of her Yes…

It is time for us to wake up. Let’s get converted and never talk about Him, write about Him, preach about Him and His Mom, if we are not trying to enter a process of conversion to be the BEST SERVANT OF THE LORD. And then, we could sit down to see what happens! We will love each other and serve each other like never before. By the way, Mr. Satan has been after me big time. I have to say yes to that too. After all, Jesus and His and my Ma are with me!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and please pray for me… I truly need it… Thank so much to those who have prayed for me to find out if I would write more blogs! I always pray for all those who read this blog monthly.  We have to share our God’s goodness, love and mercy and grow in the trust that He is always by our side… Hopefully, next blog will have the entire story of the event of Guadalupe as it is referred to, and may be add a story or two from this month, if God so desires it.

CLOSING WORDS coming from a short quote of Servant of God Archbishop Luis Maria Martinez, and as it appeared in the Magnificat Missal for Tuesday, October 18th.

“St. Thomas teaches that the precept of God’s love has no limit, but that however much we may love Him, we are always under the pleasing obligation of loving him more. Something similar should be said of our love for souls: we ought always to love them more. He who is loved more by God must love souls more, for the measure of our love toward others is the love of Jesus for us. He has loved our souls with the same love with which He loves His Father and as the Father has loved Him.

“Through us Jesus wishes to continue loving souls. Within us He desires to continue His immolation for them, illuminating, wooing, purifying, sanctifying and beatifying them. How sublime our mission! How sublime our mission! How sacred our duties! How unspeakable our happiness!”





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