I.INTRODUCTION (A long, long one…)

I started this blog on September first…! So far, I have not been able to write it because day by day my exposure to this contaminated environment around me is destroying my body functions … and I am not capable to even put together the notes I have received from my Lord and Mother for the month of August of 2016. It was this morning when I found myself present to the LIVE celebration of the Second World Day of Prayer for the care of Creation… Every day I am more convinced that the chemicals coming from petroleum keep my brain functioning in a weird way, whether toxics coming from the busy expressway next to my home or from the refinery nearby (one that keeps breaking the rules of being properly kept to avoid the escape of their chemicals to the environment, even after being fined two years ago for some 200 infractions).

Yet, this horror especially for someone who knows about medicine and feels oppressed by the knowledge of the damage happening to my physical being, I know that God is permitting it in order for me to find out that memory loss and obesity are related to it. In fact, my memory is again being affected especially in the English language which is the one I use the most in my daily existence. Since my Spanish got a tremendous recovery with the detoxification of 2009 and the not planned one that happened in 2013 when I lost 7 units of blood!!! I was able to lose 40 pounds in 3 months without any exercise or diet, since I was just recuperating from the major blood loss. This, in scientific terms, is essential to prove how weight gain is related to environmental toxicity. The Lord promoted all of this in order for me to learn those two health issues in my own body… It was a huge gift…

Not only that, but right now San Francisco, CA through PBS TV stations, are showing another extraordinary teaching from Dr. Mark Hyman, the man who hinted to me at my arrival to the West coast in 2008, how toxicity can cause memory loss. He simply explained how some of us are missing 3-4 genes which do not allow our liver to produce enough glutathione, the chemical that detoxifies our body in a natural way. Such hint led me to undergo a natural detoxification and sure enough, my memory came back.  In 2009, I even went to San Francisco (about one hour from here) to attend one of his lectures and to meet him. This doctor is a wonderful man who speaks, believes and even coined the name of “functional medicine,” to everything that has to do with nutrition and its effects on our bodies. He is now director of the Functional Medicine Department of the Cleveland Clinic, the greatest center in the world for heart surgery! Dr. Hyman clearly establishes that our present medical teaching is wrong and totally confused with the truth that food acts as a drug.

His rather recent teaching is titled, “EAT FAT and GET Thin.” Yes, this concept is true and the non sense of cholesterol levels is not important at all… So, had I not being exposed to this toxic environment in 2008, I would have never detoxified myself by 2009 to recover my memory and the Spanish language, but also I would have never studied how WE all LIVE IN A TOXIC ENVIRONMENT of some sort, one that has produced inflammation and heart disease and cancer and dementia, weight gain, etc…Not all geographical areas are toxic to a degree like mine, but any large city with many cars in their streets is also full of toxicity.  He published a book with the same name, EAT FAT and GET THIN, and there he has 388 scientific references… to everything he says in the TV program and in the book. He clearly establishes that sugar and carbohydrates cause obesity. Flour increases our blood sugar more than the table sugar!!! And the “bad” cholesterol is produced by sugar! Our bodies are intolerant to carbohydrates. Just imagine the help he is giving diabetic patients in order to control their sugar levels. He rather wants his patients to eat certain fats (not all) and these fats on their own totally decrease the desire for sugar!!!!!!!!! He has been treating patients on his own clinic for at least 30 years and has seen his ideas work in the lives of many.

He establishes that in the 1980’s, allopathic  (MD’s) medicine preached that cholesterol was the cause of atherosclerosis and therefore, fat, especially saturated, should be avoided. The truth is that cholesterol does not come from fat; it is made in our livers and if we eat correctly and not inflammatory foods, cholesterol cannot adhere to the wall of a normal (not inflamed) arterial wall. His DVD is the perfect companion to the prior DVD by Dr. Joel Fuhrman mentioned before and I will buy a copy for each of my sons; so, when I die, they should have in their hands a way to keep a normal weight and not a major problem with atherosclerosis and we can say bye, bye to cardiac infarcts due to coronary artery obstruction and lack of oxygenation of part of the heart muscle with death of such. I will also buy a DVD for my Priests in Alabama, the ones that preach to the world about the mercy of God… Actually, it is more expensive to have surgery to correct the errors of eating the wrong foods plus eating well is more predictable regarding success for our health when we eat the correct way and also knowing well why we do it. The person can eat more as the title suggests (not tons but never a minimal amount of food) and lose weight and have a healthy heart… So, my coming to this toxic ridden area is simply a gift from God’s mercy… And this heavy cross has been a SUPER BLESSING AND FOR OTHERS WHO CAN LEARN WHAT I HAVE IN THIS AREA.

Again, please be aware that most of the physicians called MD’s DO NOT KNOW A THING ABOUT THIS TRUTH that Dr. Hyman and Dr. Fuhrman are teaching us… In medical school we were never taught to understand that food is a drug… and can damage or prevent disease. Our so called allopathic medicine (MD’s) only uses drugs and most of the so called studies on this subject, are funded by the gigantic money making Pharmaceutical companies! So, if you were to ask your own MD, he will declare that all of what is preached by Drs. Hyman and Fuhrman is an error… But, the Cleveland Clinic, a place that I know well because I worked there in the early 1980’s, had the gift of humility to understand and be opened to the TRUTH… Food can kill or heal… It is time that we all learn from these experts, who are MD’s as well and who were given the grace to study this subject and treat their patients with absolute great results of illness cures and prevention.

Yes, this introduction is very long but will explain how I ended up writing so late ; I needed to communicate how God’s mercy is operating right now in my life despite my super heavy cross…It also coincided with the importance of our environment on this occasion of remembering our need to clean the creation from all that is making us so sickly.

At one point and as I could not put together this blog any earlier, I asked my Lord if He wanted me to quit writing them… He answered right away. First with page 888 in one of my Bibles (they have different page numbers and I have to ask Him what Bible to check!). It is Jeremiah 39 where this prophet relays a message from God to Ebedmelach, one that was comforting to him, and in verse 18b, God tells Ebedmelach that his life will be spared because he trusted in Him… I was led to believe that when we share God’s merciful acts for us, we also console others who may be living similar moments.

Then I was sent to St. Faustina’s Diary (entry 164) and Jesus tells her, “As often as you want to make Me happy speak to the world about my great and unfathomable mercy.” Wow… Of course, I need to continue writing but how and when?… There, He also came to tell me that any fear… regarding how and when, was lack of trust that He can do all things in my life… So, I consoled myself by thinking that is better late than not doing it…

I then remembered the words of Pope Francis.  “Jesus directs us to a one-way street: that of going forth from ourselves.  It is a one-way trip, with no return ticket.  It involves making an exodus from ourselves, losing our lives for His sake and setting out on the path of self-gift.” (July 30, 2016). He spoke about our conversion and in a way, this lack of ability to write earlier this blog, is another conversion for me since I have to realize that it is His blog. He knows what to do with me and how He wants me to serve Him and my brothers and sisters. I should simply TRUST and His mercy will do the rest.


Tuesday, August 2

This is the Feast of Our Lady Queen of Angels… the patroness of my home country where she appeared in the late XVI C. The night before of each year, thousands will walk from several parts of this country to her Shrine (Minor Basilica) in the city of Cartago (about 45 minutes from San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica) to arrive in the morning to pay homage to her. At 11:30 AM, I asked her what would be regarding my health problems. She said that all answers will arrive within days of each other but to keep my eyes fixed in the work of the Kingdom and the fact that many souls are being lost on a daily basis unless we collaborate with God in bringing them back.

I was sent to page 581 in the Bible and it was 1Maccabeus 16. John Maccabeus – Pontiff and high Priest was able to win against enemies that had killed Simon, his father and his brother.

God then said to me, “With Me nothing is impossible. My blessings will take care of you in whatever you are called to do. (I understood that it meant working for all Catholics, Christians and all beings created by God in His image). Do not worry for the things that are bothering you! Every second of your life will be covered.”

12:40 PM. I received another reading in the Bible

Isaiah 7: 4a; 9b. “Take care you remain tranquil and do not fear; let not your courage fail before the stumps of smoldering brands (poor health, all needs, etc.) Unless your faith is firm you shall not be firm.”

Psalm 27: 5a; 7 “For God will hide me in His shelter in time of trouble. Hear my voice, Lord, when I call; HAVE MERCY ON ME and ANSWER ME.”

Wednesday, August 3

In a religious TV program, a married couple spoke of the psychology for couples. I instantly realized that not all couples have the background to understand psychological terms and ways to deal with problems. It is like buying a car (information) but not knowing how to drive it! Or, not having gasoline to turn it on! Therefore, we need to truly rely on God’s mercy and belong to Him by doing His will at all times, in order to receive the proper psychological guidance from the Holy Spirit to guide us in getting along with others, especially one’s spouse. It seems to me that most of the time, there is an effort to make things work in our lives through human knowledge… Or we are led to work and then ask God (if we do) for His help. There must be a revolution in our spiritual beings to truly accept that God has a way IF we simply follow His will.

5:30 PM. I started asking myself, “What is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?” Most religious people speak about it and seem sure that they have it! However, I do not see proof of such in the witness of their lives! For me, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is “TO LIVE WITH HIM EACH DAY, ALL DAY. It is just exactly like living with our families with whom we interrelate often and care for each other. It is liaison of love.”  But this form of living comes to us after we say yes to His will (which in itself opens the door to the Holy Spirit’s guidance) and truly LIVE THE YES to God’s will and not simply repeat that we do… Words do not work. Action does confirm our “YES.”

Our Pope was visiting Poland for the World Youth meeting (July 29 to August 2) and he said to them that they should build bridges, not walls.” His message also brought me the same question? Am I building bridges or walls in my relationship with others? As an only child I always enjoyed being by myself. I never felt or feel lonely… Right now I receive about 2-3 phone calls a month… There is no question that I may be building a wall. However, all my life I was active not only in my professional life but in my parishes… I suspect that I left the world because many times I was persecuted for the most trivial things, including from religious people…  These are the little things that Satan does for us… by tempting people to persecute us, and in my case may be one of division that he has caused. I was trained to speak in public since I was a child. In primary school, my teachers would tell me that I should become a lawyer… I am mentioning this now in order to bring up the surreptitious ways that Satan can work in our lives to destroy our gifts.

Friday, August 5

The Gospel for this day had the famous words of Jesus in order to truly be His disciple: “Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me.”

At the 3 PM hour, my Mother asked me to make a list of the things I believe that I need the most right now like money to move away from this highly toxic environment, healing of all allergies and pain of knees, etc. Then she asked me to deny myself of the desire for answers for all these truly needed things, and simply because it was God’s will for me. I have to live my YES at all times and this constant bugging of Him to change them when I know that He is totally in charge and are allowing them, well, it represents a very poor “yes”. It is amazing how easy we get confused and want to change things happening. She said that the sooner that I accept them, that is, accepting these hard crosses, the fastest I become a TRUE DISCIPLE of her Son. Once I keep doing it 24/7, I can become a great intercessor for others and at the same time, truly show my love for Him. Once THE LOVE OF GOD AND NEIGHBOR becomes a reality as in her case, saying yes to the Angel regarding becoming the Mother of the Messiah King and loving her cousin Elizabeth with service, then, we are truly Kingdom workers. She also asked to add to this menu, a constant thanksgiving for my crosses since it has great spiritual power for my ongoing conversion to truly become holy. She reminded me that I should live thinking that we all disciples live always as in route to Calvary, and such behavior TOGETHER, BECOMES A WAY TO GIVE GLORY TO GOD…!!! She insisted that my ulterior spiritual job is to glorify Him for the ways He creates to take me back home to live with Him forever.

Monday, August 8

The Olympiads started in Brazil and I was mesmerized by the training that these athletes from all over the world have to submit themselves to. These extraordinary human beings have to train many hours per day and most people believe this is simply great. I could not think that way for the two weeks that it lasted. The evil one has infiltrated every place and group in this world and I only could see the waste of time if these athletes are not spending much time with God as well. An American young man who received 3 gold medals was involved in a scandal due to drunkenness. I would say that he was not happy enough, satisfied enough with having these medals since God is our only fulfillment.

Tuesday, August 9

A 1983 program from Fr. Robert Barron at the time, now Bishop Barron, beautifully explained what the Olympiads are all about. He never mentioned them by name nor it was a topic at all in this talk; yet, he referred to the “prophets of Baal” who worship the gods of wealth, power, pleasure and honor (Olympic medals).  He advised that we should stop making altars to those 4 Baal gods, and rather surrender to God adding that our spiritual well being increases in the measure that we give it away. He concluded that the prophetic message comes to its richest expression in Jesus Christ. What a beautiful consoling message for me. It truly touched me to know that I should never go after wealth, power, pleasure or honor, but at the same time day by day, become a better disciple of Jesus .So far, none of the four have had any power over me… In fact, at times I have asked myself why is it that I do not care about money or power (even that I have had it as director of a surgery center) nor have I tried to find pleasure per se or honor… I have been given many honors as a student since elementary school and as a professional, but never truly sought it nor cared for it. But why not? There is no doubt in my mind that one of His great gifts has been receiving the grace not to be enticed by these four “gods” and I suspect that His Eucharistic Presence revealed to me as a child, has fulfilled me so completely that I have not sought  these four “Baal’s”. It suggests and very clearly that a personal relationship with Jesus protect us more than we expect!

Tuesday, August 16

The Gospel for the daily Mass contemplated how with our strong faith we can move mountains. Of course, Jesus has said that TRUST IN HIM will inundate us with His mercy… The question keeps resonating about what to do about our religious liberty. The general idea is to fight for it I hear it over and over and we simply are missing the point. We feel that way because we are fearful about it… Well, it only means that we are not TRUSTING IN JESUS to win this battle and we could lose it… In fact, this cross that has come to touch many, starting with the Little Sisters of the Poor, and that has revealed the mischievous behavior of the judicial system, should be the greatest opportunity to prove to Jesus that we trust in Him. We can move mountains if we only realize that He will take care of it and we should only keep saying yes accepting this cross and actually thanking Him ahead of time for His mercy in this topic. If we cannot feel such faith, then we should ask for the grace to feel that way…

 We should never talk about how we are going to defend ourselves and only do it in consultation with the Holy Spirit. It is a simple matter. We ask for the graces not to fear (so that we can truly TRUST) and to say yes to this cross and in this way, ask the Holy Ghost to guide us… It is only at this stage of self denial that we can gather together to plan what to do. Yet, resentment towards those who are persecuting us comes to bug us and we do not even SEE how our non Christian behavior is helping our enemies be further tempted by Satan to persecute us even more. The wisdom necessary to deal with these problems is available but only comes when we behave as true disciples. Said in other words: our tendency is to fight the battle before we gather the faith to MOVE this mountain. And such faith is a gift from His mercy that comes only when we Trust that yes, we can move mountains with Him alone at our side! The moment we worry about what will happen in the future with are religious liberty, at that same moment we lose our faith and His mercy cannot do much for us.

There is another point that I was able to understand. Every time that Satan divides us in this way, we should exercise the gift of evangelization for our persecutors and it has been taught to me before. We should ask Jesus with the intercession of His Mother, to see in our persecutors, souls that need to be spiritually changed. We should see ourselves as Olympic workers that need to save souls and the entire problem becomes a great opportunity to ask for our own love for our enemies and to stop all resentment. I assure you that we can win the battle because LOVE HEALS AND PARDONS AND SAVES, just as Jesus did with us. Any felt fear and resentment are ALWAYS Satan’s temptations and capable of paralyzing the grace of true discipleship.

Thursday, Aug. 18

In our religious world, we are constantly advertising books and more books, all probably excellent and spiritually very helpful, yet, if we do not do God’s will with a big Yes, we will never get much from reading and reading so many books. The books are written to promote a deep relationship with Christ but even if it helps, will not last.  Just imagine if one gets married and turns to books about how to relate with the husband or wife… No, we seek the person himself or herself and build a relationship that brings LOVE and TRUST to this union. We can preach forever and yet, we need the Holy Spirit to do the interior work and truly LOVE the other one. And to LOVE we need to show our love to the other. In the case of Jesus, we need to say yes to His will at all times for all things and never feel fear about whatever He brings to us. Then, we need time to spend with Him (prayer) to receive the graces necessary to grow in knowing Him, in relating to Him. Again, most books touch people… No doubt about it. Yet, it is for a short time. I say it because if we truly were evangelized with just books and DVD’s and preaching, we would show much holiness and truly attract others with our witness and our parishes would be full for Sunday Masses. We need to pray and believe and love, all of which come through our yes to God’s will for every second of our lives…

I rather follow the person who wrote the book or who preached if I see such person to be full of the Holy Spirit, like Bishop Barron and there are many other Priests like him, than to compare the book contents with the author and realize that they are not similar in power to bring me to change spiritually. And most of us are truly desirous to be great disciples but we still keep trying to plan our own conversion… It is a big error. We can go to tons of retreats, and I did that in past years, and never truly become infected with holy behavior. We need to allow the Spirit to change us, to make us models of sanctity if this is the will of God, and if not, we simply keep loving Jesus and our Father and letting their mutual Love (Holy Spirit) infect us with humility and patience and all His gifts. Our yes to His will gives us the power necessary to know what to do and to power to do what it is necessary for our conversion to advance and to take us to a point where we can attract others through God’s Spirit.  

Saturday, August 20

I watched via EWTN, a talk from the USCCB National Evangelization Conference in Alabama 2016. The speaker Director of Hispanic Youth for the USCCB, talked about the formation of people for missionary work. He said that there are five ways necessary to have in order to become a missionary in the world. They are:

1. He/she must have had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ

2. They should have had a conversion. Example: working for the poor.

3. They should be disciples who have started walking with the Lord and show how they have learned from Him.

4. They should show communion: they should walk together in solidarity as a family.

5. They should become missionaries, that is, feeling like disciples moved to go out and share this life with Jesus Christ’s Body.

He made many other points and they seemed good and doable and probably leading to success. In the other hand, all through our Catholic history since the coming of Jesus to this world, His Mother did exactly what was needed to keep Christianity alive in 2016. She first loves God with all her heart by saying Yes to His will for her in a rather difficult situation at such young age, just 15 (personal encounter)… Immediately, she ran to serve her cousin Elizabeth and giving us the example of how we should love our neighbor (conversion for service as a disciple, as a family member). But in doing so, she was evangelizing everyone, from the baby John at 6 months of gestation to Elizabeth (missionary). John was born and continued evangelizing and giving his life for the Gospel. Many people followed him. Notice how powerful his work was because of his encounter with the Holy Spirit passed on from Our Lady and Baby Jesus in her womb…

WE MUST RECOGNIZE that our yes to God’s will is key for our conversion and our transformation into disciples of Jesus Christ. This Yes had the graces necessary coming from the Holy Spirit Himself and Whose power brought the formation of baby Jesus in the womb of this teenager. By loving her neighbor as she did, she sort of infected Elizabeth and her child with the Holy Spirit. Well, this evangelization was so powerful that John became the announcer of the Messiah King, his cousin, and died for the Truth of the Gospel. So, Our Lady and Elizabeth and John the Baptist all showed their personal encounter with Jesus. The three of them became extraordinary disciples and missionaries!

It amazes me how this story that we repeat every Christmas cannot be emulated by all of us and when re-lived, the entire world would be evangelized by now… Our Lady and John were super missionaries. Wow! Why is it that all of us, all of us, fail to try to do the same, knowing that the Holy Ghost would empower us to do the same. This is the reason why we were baptized and confirmed. On top of it, the other Sacraments were created by Jesus, and He Himself giving the example of His Baptism by no less and no more than His cousin John… He chose to stay on earth to accompany us and created the Sacraments of matrimony for a man and a woman and for Holy Orders, those who administer the Sacraments. Wow…What a plan!

On this day, I cried… Why couldn’t I GIVE GLORY TO GOD by acting like the people He gave us to demonstrate the Truth of saving souls. I had all the brakes necessary… I knew that He was truly present in the Sacred Host and felt His Presence with me over and over in difficult moments. I was exposed as a child to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Spanish … I also encountered the topic of His mercy in 1985 and read for the first time the diary of St. Faustina. In 2002, I met personally the other Saint of Mercy, John Paul II…I was a great follower of my Mother because of my maternal grandma… I was led to a elementary school (St. Margaret Mary’s) and was exposed to all the beauty of the blessings of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus… I was given an education to become a physician without investing any money. I was given the English language at age 17, even that originally I had not been chosen to be the exchange student selected by a program that started in Costa Rica precisely when I was in the high school year required to participate. Yet, right now, I still waste time and not pray more and love more and try to submit my soul to be changed by the Holy Ghost! Ouch and ouch and ouch…How many souls could I have saved if I had been properly catechized? But the catechesis was available through the power of the Holy Spirit and I also went to tons of retreats and read the lives of many Saints, and prayed many Rosaries and even was given the great gift of talking to Jesus starting in 1978 and with my Mother in 1988…Yet, I am still asking if I should quit writing these blogs…or if possibly to be taken from this earth without a any sign of depression or due to it… because my pain is so tough! LORD, HAVE MERCY ON ME A SINNER…This is why I cried!

On this Saturday was the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy, and I was baptized (July 17) in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy…I was Confirmed (August 1) in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception! She has been near me in many important circumstances!

Monday, August 22

This was the feast of Our Lady Queen of the Universe also known as Queen of the World. Several times I have mentioned how I encountered her and the miracles she made for me but in the lives of others. I found her through a lady who came to Cleveland to talk about this particular title of Our Lady and told us that if we were interested, she had personnel that could come to our homes and consecrate our families to Our Lady under this title. I immediately said yes. It was 1985 and I was home because for the first time I had been persecuted in my job. Here are two miracles that she helped me with and which I have shared before!

1. There was an operating room nurse in a hospital that I worked in who was ready to separate from her husband. They had 3 children, the smallest still very young. The husband lost interest in his family and moved to live with his mother. He would cover the night shifts of my friend the nurse and sleep in their home to take care of their children. They were Protestant but she was a great believer in Jesus. By counsel from my Mother Queen of the Universe and because this nurse knew I was very religious, I offered her a picture of Our Lady under this title and told her to just hide her in her home. I also told her that she did not have to do it since it could be a sore point for her in regards to devotion to Our Lady. She gladly took the picture and actually placed it in her bedroom. Within one week her husband would come to sleep in an adjacent room in their house regardless of her not being on call. In three months, he had moved back home and slept in the guest room. Shortly after, he asked her to forgive him and told her the reason as to why he had tried to separate from her. He said that when she would come home, she would talk about all the things she was involved in the hospital and her dealings with surgeons. He felt very inferior and not important because of his own job description. They made peace and by the end of that year, they were madly in love again and trying to have another baby… My Mother kept being displayed in their bedroom…Notice how Satan works in our lives and how our Mother comes to deal with him.

2. Short years later, I met a recovery room nurse in a hospital in Steubenville, OH where I worked at. She was Protestant, divorced and living with a man. We share the month and day of our birthdays. I had left Steubenville but we continued writing to each other (up to the present time) because of our common birth date. As a recovery room nurse, she was outstanding. She admired me because my patients would arrive in recovery room almost wide awake. She had lost her mom and asked me if I could serve as her adoptive mother. I agreed!  On a Christmas of the 1990’s, I sent her the usual Christmas card and told her that I was uncomfortable as any mother would be to have her daughter living with a man and giving scandal.  I sent her a picture of Our Lady Queen of the Universe and asked her to place it anywhere in her home and that I would be asking my Mother for help in this matter. The card arrived around Dec. 18. The man’s Christmas gift for her was a ring and asked her to marry him!!! And to this date, they are married and happy and she also became a nurse anesthetist… Like mother, like daughter!!!

Needless to say, every August 22, I pay special attention to her for her feast and I thank her for the miracles. They were miracles for them but also for me since they proved how close she is to me… Therefore, the screen for all my computers ever since, displays her picture. Even my recently bought I-phone has it because my son without even asking me, placed her there… And let me repeat that it was to this title that in 1985 in Cleveland I had consecrated our family to her and also I visited her NATIONAL SHRINE OF MARY IMMACULATE QUEEN, at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Lombard, IL.


(Published by the Mary Immaculate Queen Center in Lombard, IL).

O Mary Immaculate Queen, glorious Queen of the Universe, most powerful Virgin, merciful Mother of a merciful God and refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves to your Royal and Immaculate Heart.

It is through you that Jesus Christ, our King, has come into the world to save it. It is also through you that He is to reign over the world.

In order to obtain this great benefit for ourselves and all mankind, we come to your feet to consecrate to your our persons, our lives, all that we are, all that we have, all that we love. Keep us, enlighten us, dispose of us, and reign over us.

May all hearts and all homes willingly proclaim you as their Immaculate Queen.

FAMILY PRAYER FOR PEACE with imprimatur by Bishop of Joliet, IL, Romeo Blanchette on July 22, 1977

“O Mary Immaculate Queen, look down upon this distressed and suffering world. You know our misery and our weakness. O you who are our Mother, saving us in the hour of peril, have compassion on us in these days of great and heavy trial.

“Jesus has confided to you the treasure of His Grace, and through you He wills to grant us pardon and mercy. In these hours of anguish, therefore, your children come to you as their hope.

“We recognize your Queen ship and ardently desire your triumph. In your clemency obtain for us the courage and the confidence of which we have such need.

“Most Holy and Adorable Trinity, You Who have crowned with glory in Heaven the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of our Saviour, grant that all her children on earth may acknowledge her as their sovereign Queen; that all hearts, homes and nations may recognize her rights as Mother and as Queen. Amen.”

Thursday, August 25

This was aired in the media and I could not believe to what point we have arrived with stupid ideas…

It said that more children brought to this world will produce more CO2 or carbon dioxide which leads to more global warming. We must then stop bringing more children into existence through abortion, contraception, etc. In some places, they are trying to approve “the carbon law” applied to all children who are born and who then need to pay a fine…

Friday, August 26

In Facebook I saw the announcement of the presentation of Puccini’s 50 minutes opera called “Suor Angelica.” It will be directed by my third son’s wife in Omaha, NE. where they live. If you are interested in the details, the site is; it is a community based initiative and it seeks to offer exciting performance opportunities to high school and college students. This will be their first project to be presented September 9-11.

It was a surprise for me since I did not know that my daughter-in-law had such a vast preparation in theater performance… I have known her for more than 11-12 years and never was I informed about her curriculum vitae… She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. She has acted professionally at Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Vancouver’s Pacific Theatre and Ontario’s Theater and Company. And there are more stories about her capabilities to direct opera. I would call it a show of humility on her part… She is a very religious Roman Catholic and married to my son who holds a Master in Theology. She home schools their four children, cooks, shops for family needs and will direct this Giacomo Puccini’s opera… Recently at the end of August, they had their wedding anniversary which took place in Vancouver and my son wrote this in Facebook,  Happy Anniversary to my beautiful, wonderful, talented, intelligent, loving, incredible, patient, caring wife Miriam. The best years of my life have all been with you. Thanks be to God.”

I bring this to be shared in this blog because I prayed forever, NOT TO HAVE ANY OF MY BOYS BECOME A PRIEST IF HE WOULD NOT BE A HOLY PRIEST… My son thought he had received a call to the priesthood while visiting St. Padre Pio’s place in Italy, while he was a student in Rome. BUT MY PRAYER WAS HEARD and it all started when we moved from Indiana back to Cleveland as told many times before in these blogs, directed by the Holy Spirit during a medical conference in Houston, TX on Assumption Thursday, May 4th.    I was reading the Bible in my hotel and the Lord sent me to Joshua 4 and explained how we would be offered jobs and to accept them. I returned home on Sunday, May 7th and in the same evening we received the offer from Kaiser Permanente in Cleveland offering jobs in anesthesiology to both of u,!!! I had a good job in Indiana and it did not make sense but we obeyed despite that we had just bought a home … Now in Cleveland, my son attended his senior year at St. Ignatius High School despite that there was no space for him, but because his two older brothers had graduated there, they admitted him. This led him to visit the Dominican Republic with the high school senior class, and somehow he got interested in studying Theology. Franciscan U. of Steubenville in Ohio was fairly close to Cleveland and he chose to go there where he met his future brother-in-law. This led him to meet his wife.

I have told this story several times; yet, notice how doing the will of God and praying for good things was heard, like having in my family holy priests. God can do all things but we must follow His will and He will take care of all the moves we do to execute His will. It is soo simple… The present way of doing things even among Catholics is to worry about the kids and trying to plan how to lead them through the best way to be holy. In general we want to be in charge of our families and bring God along to help out, rather than denying ourselves, picking up the crosses of daily living with a big yes and following (doing) what Jesus did. He was clear and taught us exactly what to do:

Matthew 6: 25; 33.  Therefore, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you besides.”

Matthew 12:50. “For whoever does the will of My heavenly Father, is my brother, and sister and mother.”

Sunday, August 28.

I could not attend Mass because the pain in my knees was horrible and I did not have enough Tramadol to take in order to last me until the time prescribed to get a new batch for 30 days. Besides, July and August have 31 days and those days are not accounted for! Over and over, I understood that this is the will of God for me and that I have to say yes no matter what. Not going to Mass is hell for me. The least I need is not to embrace Him within me and be with Him ALIVE for some 15 minutes. My parish cannot help me because I am far away and it is too far for their Eucharistic ministers to drive back and forth. ALL IN ALL, the point I am making is that this is the most perfect will for me… and that my Daddy knows all about it. I bless EWTN’s Priests and the whole enterprise, all members that are involved in bringing the Mass LIVE to me…

On this day, A VERY FAMOUS 66 year old Mexican composer and singer from Juarez, MX, “Juan Gabriel,” died suddenly with a heart attack in his apartment near Los Angeles. He had had given a major concert the previous Friday and had planned 47 more in many cities in order to stop and have open heart surgery. He had convinced his heart doctor to let him wait until these concerts would be concluded. Juan Gabriel composed close to 200 songs and it is famous for all of us in Latin America. He left a mansion in Florida and another in Juarez, MX plus a beach home in MX. He was a genius as well.

Since his death, crowds in the 100 thousand’s have gathered around the different places that he owned. His body was cremated, taken to Juarez, MX but was taken to Mexico City to be shown before his burial in Juarez, in the Palace of Beautiful Arts. (On September 5, 200,000 fans were in line to enter and touch the box with his ashes!). This entire event has given me the most profound sadness. Many are shown crying for him and saying that they had traveled many miles just to be able to touch his ashes…These occasions mark for me a clear description of the end times and the many Baal’s gods we have and no one around them seem to SEE this fact

Tuesday, August 30

I was able to get a new batch of Tramadol and made plans to start the blog, although I inquired if I should continue doing it and I mentioned in the introduction what I found from Sister Faustina’s diary, entry 164, where announcing God’s mercy makes Jesus happy!

Wednesday, August 31

I wondered why my Lord is letting so many problems with my health continue? I found this nice explanation about suffering from a revered and loved author who has always come to bring light to my soul.

“What is Lucifer? He is a brilliant intelligence, the most enlightened of all but an intelligence discontented with God and His order. .. The more lights, knowledge and general capacity a person has, the more he is to be feared, if he has not the foundation of piety which consists in contentment with God and His will. It is the regulation of the heart that places us in union with the divine will; without that union, everything is but pure nature and, usually, pure opposition to the divine order; God has not, properly speaking, any instruments but humble souls.

Father Jean Pierre de Caussade, S.J. (Died in 1751)


 Monday, September 5th

I was led to complete this blog with the following points and of course, they have been mentioned in one way or the other in previous blogs.

The main way to do what God expects of us for each particular stage of our lives is to ask ourselves OFTEN DURING THE DAY: “Am I giving glory to God with this thought, with this action, with this plan?” At the same time, we offer Him our desire to truly do so and end with the short prayer to the Holy Spirit that I have written several times in these blogs.

“Come Holy Spirit enlighten my heart to see the things which are of God.

Come Holy Spirit into my mind that I may know the things which are of God.

Come Holy Spirit into my soul and that I may belong only to God.

Sanctify all that I think, say and do that all will be for the glory of God.


Immediately after, remember that temptations from the flesh, the world and Satan will start working in our minds and hearts. We should be ready to recognize them with the aid of the Holy Spirit. A short review of such temptations as listed below may help us deal with them.

1. THE HORRORS WE CAN SEE going on in the world at all levels will come to hunt us. Fear could ensue. We should refuse to pay attention to them and repent if they take over our attention.

2. We may start creating plans and projects to bring others to become true disciples of Jesus. It is a good deed but we have to truly ask the Holy Spirit to take over and trust that He will. Only the Holy Spirit can produce the wisdom for us to evangelize souls according to their spiritual needs.

3. We need to embrace all our crosses, the horrors we see outside the Church and the few within the Church. But embracing those crosses does not mean to mulch about them and pass judgment and opinions of pros and cons… To embrace the crosses that the world and even Christians impose on us is to beg our Lord for His mercy for us so that we can SEE those scandalizing us AS HIS KIDS CREATED IN HIS IMAGE; for love for them on our part and then ask Him for their salvation. We embrace the cross by kissing it… If they scandalize us, then we respond with prayer, especially to our Mom with the Rosary, for us to love like Christ does and for their power to overcome sin (flesh), the world and Satan. So, this is an act of self denial to examine other’s sins and craziness and only focus in following Jesus’ way of loving them. Period. In this act of mercy, we will have a lot of graces to get it done, especially against Mr. Satan, through the power of our Mother and the Rosary.

4. We need to read His Word daily, as much or as long as He guides us to. We must trust in His Word by asking for that grace if it is not ours yet. We must memorize what is what He asked us to do and beg for His mercy to be able to LIVE HIS WORD at each moment as necessary. We may be tempted to ignore the power for our lives of His Word.

5. Daily, WE MUST pay attention to what we do and think and say and ASK FOR HELP TO DO IT TO GIVE HIM GLORY… If I am doing something and ask for the grace to hear if this is giving Him glory, then proceed. If something does not give Him glory, let it go immediately, whether is watching a TV program or reading or writing something. The Holy Spirit will give us the feeling of giving God glory or not. The prayer to the Holy Spirit that I have mentioned is key to be converted into a glory giving child of God.

6. When we find ways to help our brothers with a smile or money or counsel or whatever the Spirit is leading us to, we should place the needs of our neighbor before ours, and that is always. If we find ourselves not doing it, we ask for help and repent for our non merciful behavior.

7. We need to often receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation with a true desire for repentance and change and also frequent the Eucharist asking always for the favor of understanding more and more His Real Presence.

8. ONCE WE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES, a simple list and a combination of prayer and action and stopping any temptation not to do so, WE THEN CAN SIT DOWN AND PLAN OTHER’S CONVERSIONS, simply because the Holy Spirit will be there to assist us. Of course, there should be plans and projects to bring others to Christ, but we have to be SUPER SURE that we are in the journey as well and NOT PRESUME THAT WE KNOW JESUS…Whether we do or not, it is up to God to decide and help us recover the innocence of a child for ourselves in order to be able to save others as we becoming extraordinary witnesses in this enterprise of evangelization. Meetings among the members of a parish who are setting up guidelines to bring others to Christ, should include a review of our personal faults regarding our lack of giving glory to God in all we do, think and say.

9. Preaching by our Pastors and our lay people working with them should always make of “doing the will of God at all times”, the main feature. However, it is probably very hard to sell this counsel to others. I understand that the only way to do it is to have the Holy Spirit do it for us… This is obtained when Pastors and Associates enter the path of self denial and a serious attempt to practice of the points above. It will be amazing how the Holy Spirit will direct the evangelizer to say, to look, to love as only Jesus would and as the teaching to do God’s will is promulgated. Since for God all things are possible and with faith (shown by doing what is explained above) we can move mountains and evangelization will take place despite our own defects of character or lack of theological studies. A good example is St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Since the 1970’s after the closing of Vatican II, in some parishes, Masses became ways to entertain with music of all kinds in order to attract the people to attend Sunday Mass. Even in a parish in Adrian, MI, they would have clowns play in front of the altar during certain parts of the Mass… We misunderstood the teaching of this Council and forgot that the first ones to give glory to God were reserved for the pastors and lay close associates.

May you have a wonderful rest of September, remembering that we have some feasts of Our Lady to help us grow spiritually as we prepare for Advent.

September 8: 1) The Nativity of the Virgin Mary. 2) Feast of Our Lady of Vailankanni (India), also known as Our Lady of Good Health.

September 12: The Most Holy Name of Mary

September 15: Our Lady of Sorrows

September 24: Our Lady of Mercy (Dominican Republic and Peru)

September 28: Our Lady Untier of Knots

Note: I want to assure you that in the future if I happen to fall sick and unable to write the monthly blog, my son Ernesto will post a note in this site with the announcement.

The same, if I were to die, he will post a note in this site.

In all instances, please pray for me.


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