A Call to a Deeper Conversion with the Help of Our Lady

Important Note: I want to start by reminding you that as I had promised, mid month I did post in the section of PAGES in this blog site, a document that I had put together in 2006 related to what are the conditions that leads to our heart suffering from arteriosclerotic coronary disease. It was the first document posted in this site where I was using the newest version of Windows, or Windows 10. The problem is that the final product that came after I hit the “publish” button has letters that are huge and some super small. This may affect this blog as well and I need time in order to borrow from my son’s time so that he can find out from Word Press how to fix it. Sorry. However, it is perfectly readable and I hope that it will help you understand many blood test numbers that you get when they order to  measure cholesterol, triglycerides and the like. You will learn a lot…

However, what is the most valuable concept is how you can minimize inflammation in all your arteries and stop cholesterol from sticking to the arterial walls. This is hardly mentioned at the doctor’s office. I also have made a long…. list of foods which are either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory.  It comes from a 2006 “The Inflammation Free Diet Plan”  book from Monica Reinagel. I have given you an example in the document under the topic of heart disease recently posted in the section of Pages … This topic should be something that you can memorize forever and ever. I will post it in a few days  the list of foods that I made for myself from this book of  Monica Reinagel; at least you can find a large number of foods with the number that addresses how inflammatory or anti-inflammatory they are. It will be posted under the heading of  “IF Rating.” I want to be sure that you recognize that it is from her book that I got this list and it may serve as a commercial for the book.


This month of July 2016 was a very interesting month… The world exploded with horrors of violence mixed with local politics and practically owned our attention… I became super sure that us, those who believe in God the Holy Trinity, MUST OPEN OUR EYES AND DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO à PRAY and pray and pray and share and share and share how God is guiding us in these dark hour. The pain in my knees has been SUPER WORSE … In due time, my Lord said that it was to remind me how much He suffers with these matters… At one point I was crying because I was not sure why this pain has become almost impossible to bear… Yet, not only He came to console me by saying that He wants me to remind myself of His pain for us, His beloved kids, but to accept it with the understanding that I am with Him, suffering and OFFERING IT UP! It was a clear invitation to walk to Calvary with Him CONSOLING HIM, LETTING HIM KNOW THAT SOME OF US ARE WITH HIM…!!!

Of course, my Ma also made an appearance in this month of July… and a formidable one… And so, I will start my calendar sharing with her coming to me under a special name.


Monday, July 4

As I woke up in the early morning, I suddenly had a severe muscle spasm type of pain in the right side of my waist and down. I went early to Whole Foods Organic food market without eating breakfast just not to produce more pain in  my knees. While there, several employees came to me to say hello. The cashier said, “I have not seen you lately and I missed you.”  A woman in line before me acted as a great friend and I had never seen her. She helped me put my items in the belt to be ready for the cashier. I started realizing that God was moving many hearts just to be sure that I knew He was around and knew of the pain of the early morning.

I came home very tired and had breakfast. At 11:40 AM, I reached for the calendar next to me to check a date. It was a calendar published by the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.  It brings a picture of Our Lady on top of each month.  I found it opened and on September of 2016!!! On top was Our Lady Undoer of Knots. She spoke to me and said “Hello.” As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I met her under this title in 1998 in Toledo, OH. I was watching a Hispanic channel and they were giving a story from Venezuela where someone was talking about the miracles she had made. Originally she had come from Argentina, and had arrived in Argentina from Germany brought by an Argentinean  priest. That priest is now our Pope Francis!!!

I loved the meaning of how she had been brought from Europe to South America and found her novena in Spanish in the Internet. I ordered her picture from a bookstore in New York. In these blogs in the section of “pages,”  for some time I have posted, the novena in Spanish which I translated into English. The novena was put together by an Argentinean priest. Since then, she has been my friend.  I have passed around her picture in two different parishes, in Christ the King in Toledo, OH and in St. Mary’s parish in Walnut Creek, CA.

Tuesday, July 5

At 12:05 PM, I turned on the television and had been left on the Hispanic channel of Univision. At that moment, this channel was airing a soap opera and the moment I turned the T.V. on, an actor was telling a woman these words in Spanish: “Los nudos desaparecieron, los ángeles nos cubrieron y milagros ocurrieron.”

(English: the knots disappeared, the angels covered us and miracles happened!!!)

I almost jumped off the couch where I was sitting… Wow… I continued watching the dialogue in this soap opera and there was no reason why these words were inserted…

4:40 P.M. Still intrigued by finding my Mother’s picture in two different ways in a period of 24 hours, I knew that my Lord wanted to do something under this title for my life and I said, “Mom, Undoer of Knots, please undo the knots of illness especially of the immune system and allow me to proclaim your great love for me and all of us for many years to come. May you be under this title the one that obtains this healing miracle from the Holy Trinity.”

Next to her image in the calendar, there is prayer to her which I modified slightly with prayers that I had found in 1998. I started praying this prayer and I want to share it with you now:


O Virgin Mary, faithful Mother who never refuses to come to the aid of your children, Mother whose hands never cease to help because they are moved by the loving kindness that exists in your Immaculate Heart; cast your eyes of compassion upon me, and see the snarl of knots that exist in my life.

You know all the pains and sorrows caused by these tangled knots; Mary my Mother, I entrust to your loving hands the entire ribbon of my life. Take into your hands today my knots and those of the entire human race full of violence, hatred and destruction of human life, AND UNDO SUCH KNOTS.

In your hands there is no knot which cannot be undone! Therefore, undo all the knots that divide the American political parties and in November intercede for the Presidential candidate that God wills

Most holy Mother, pray for Divine assistance to come to our aid and take these knots, mine and those of the electorate into your maternal hands. I beg you to undo them for the glory of God. Thank you for answering my request.

I ask you all of this the Name of your Divine Son, Jesus Christ.


Note: in the section of “pages” you will find the picture of Our Lady Undoer of Knots, history of how it arrived in Argentina from Gemany and Novena, all in English and Spanish in two different entries:

1)    Our Lady Undoer of Knots

2)    Desatadora de Nudos

However, if you use Google for her name, you will find several novenas and different prayers to her. In general, here is a short revision of her story:

The image of Our Lady Untier of Knots is a picture painted by Johan Schmittdner in the year 1700. The painter was requested by the priest, Hyeronimus Von Langenmantel  in charge of a church in St Peter am Perlach in Ausburg, Germany, to paint the Virgin Mary with certain characterisitics. He wanted to give it as a gift to a family member of the Nobility who was in crisis with his wife. The painting then was born out of the imagination and illumination of this priest who understood that we all have knots in our lives and that we have to place them in the hands of the Virgin for her to untie them.

Our Lady is accompanied by small Angels, protected under the light of the Holy Spirit with the symbol of a dove over her head. She is standing over the head of a serpent. One angel at her left side passes to her the ribbon of our lives with knots. Another Angel at her right receives the ribbon without the knots. At the bottom of the picture one can see a man walking in the darkness guided by the company of an angel, which reminds us of St. Raphael guiding Tobias in his journey to get payment for a debt owed. 

The image of the Virgin arrived in 1984 to Argentina through a priest, Fr. Jorge Bergoglio, today Pope Francis. In Argentina, she was venerated on December 8th, since she looks like an image of he Immaculate Conception. In the Internet, her Feast Day appears to be on September 28. I do not know why…

Wednesday, July 6

After breakfast I found myself receiving more advice, 5 WORDS AT THE TIME, as I had received the previous month on 6/16/16.  I want to share here the previous ones and the ones added today so that it may make more sense. The second part was given today to me on this 7/6/16…


1. Say “yes” to God’s will

2. as praise of His glory.

3. Thank Him for His mercy,

4. despite harshness of present moment.

5. Accept all that Jesus wants.

6. Yet, not there and tomorrow

7. but rather here and now.

8. Grow in trust without fear

9. for what God’s will do

10. for the salvation of souls,

11. by using the Rosary’s power,

12. added to forgiveness and repentance

13. plus graces you will receive

14. from obedience to God’s will.

15. Keep alive this truth within

16. Turning off all pride around.


17. Everything that you need now

18. has been taken care of.

19. Always remember who you are,

20. daughter of God the Father.

21. So, never despair about it

22. since you are heaven bound,

23. protected by His loving mercy

24. as disciple of Jesus Christ

25. Nothing will happen to you,

26. not allowed by God’s will.

27. Give thanks for His love

28. full of goodness and mercy! (END)

I normally receive in the mail 5×8 inches photos of Our Lady and of Jesus of Mercy, etc. I placed two of them on a hard card board and wrote on the back the previous advice, placed it on my altar downstairs near where I sit so that they remind me of reading them often until I memorize them.

On this day, the U.S. FBI director addressed the faults committed by Mrs. Hillary Clinton with the poor management of national “secrets” written in her private email site.  Yet, she was exonerated from any fault! This hurt me profoundly since I never suspected something like this could happen in this country, that is the preferential treatment of wrong and right…

Thursday, July 7

Violent acts occurred against the police force in Dallas, TX, with the death of 5 policemen by people who were upset for the killing of an African American man in St. Paul, Minnesota after a traffic stop. It opened my eyes to see how Satan is having a feast trying to divide us in whatever ways he can. The major problem is that all of us, Catholics or not, see the problem, talk about it and demand action from others, when we are the ones who have to pray and ask for our own conversion to love both political groups at all cost. Only God Himself can appease the “enemy” forces… We cannot do it but must collaborate with our Lord in praying for others, and the Rosary is an essential tool to do so! I am suspecting that in general, most people does not believe in the power of the Rosary!

In the mean time, the FBI director spoke in Congress for four hours regarding the previous talk on Mrs. Clinton poor handling of secret data, and the exoneration of this lady continues not to match with how many die under the police force for insignificant poor behavior actions.

Friday, July 8

At 11:30 AM after my breakfast, I was still mulching in the national problems of the previous days. My Mother came and said, “Do not  worry.” When I asked her what to do for this country after the Dallas and Minnesota incidents, she said, “Keep reading you ‘commands in 5 words’ and practicing them. God will do what needs to be done but your total obedience to His plan will suffice to bring the GRACES necessary to the entire world and convert thousands at a time. You do your thing. He will do His part. Try it and find out how much you can do for your brothers and sisters…

At the time, I had no idea why He was training through my Mother on how to help this country and just ahead of the conventions of the two main political parties. More on it later!

Saturday, July 9

I cleaned my son’s bath and every time, I show a severe allergy to the cleaning liquids I use, even that I wear a mask and try to hurry up as much as possible in order to shorten my exposure to these fumes. I normally finish with severe pain in my knees that makes me cry. Allergies to many things are the main culprit for my knees suffering with severe pain.

In the afternoon, I had everything ready for my son to cook 7 pounds of ground organic turkey and make a super delicious chili. Many years ago in Toledo, OH, I was by myself and often would stop at Wendy’s for a serving of chili. One day, as I sat in their small dining, an employee came to bring me my favorite chili from Wendy’s and on this day, I commented to him how delicious it was. He went ahead and dictated to me the recipe for 2 pounds of ground beef. Through the years, I kept passing this recipe to many people and eventually, I started using ground turkey.

 Well, since I cannot be standing for more than 10 minutes at the time, in order to cook the ground turkey with Campbell’s French onion soup  (7 pounds of turkey and 3 soups),  on this Saturday my son cooked his beloved chili with my guidance until he gets to remember every detail of the process. We ended up with about 10 servings of chili that I freeze in separate containers and defrost as needed on Tuesdays, the day he wants this chili. On this particular Saturday, I found out that I only had bought 2 cans of Campbell’s French onion soup. Yet, suddenly, a third can appeared from no where. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord does this to me in order to remind me that he is next to me for everything. It is a process of growth in trust in his mercy for me in moments where my knees are so painful. Obviously, at all times, I should be living my 28 “5 words” commands the best that I can. This is the gasoline that makes my soul walk under His mercy. There is little else to do. I do not have to fear or not trust in His love for me. I do what I am supposed to do and He does what is necessary for my salvation and that of others.

Sunday, July 10

During the 8 AM Mass, the pain in my knees was brutal.  By chance I turned EWTN on at 10 PM, and there it was a program from two great people who have parted from this earth: Mother Angelica and Fr. Thomas Dubay. The topic was “holiness.” It was excellent. I may add that it took much Tramadol to make it to Mass on this Sunday…. (Now, at the end of the month, I am running low in Tramadol…)

Monday, July 11

By chance again, I turned on the television and was left on EWTN. There is a program at 8 AM just before the Rosary at 8:30 AM and going on since the 1980’s titled “Women of Grace.” They were DISCUSSING A BOOK WITH THE NOVENA OF OUR LADY UNDOER OF KNOTS…..!!!!! I never see this program but since the Rosary comes after, at times I end up watching the end of the program for that day.  This marked the third occasion that Our Lady Undoer of Knots came to visit me in this month of July! Wow!

Monday, July 18

My Mother explained of my need to pray many Rosaries during these very trying times in the world and for different reasons (ISIS worldwide and politics in the U.S.); however, she explained that these Rosaries are not meant to make God more attentive to our needs since He knows all about them. THE NEED FOR MANY ROSARIES IS SIMPLY TO KEEP SATAN AT BAY.  The Rosary has proven to work against evil forces all through the centuries, and right now, it is Satan the main attacker. It is not Isis or  the politics of a presidential election in about 100 days. No… Satan is the force behind the division, hatred, lies, accusations and presence of much fear every where. This spirit is tempting many, especially when there is a general lack of love of God and trust in His mercy.

Wednesday, July 20

My knees keep hurting more and more. Just to go shopping to supermarkets, I have to go to one per day. Otherwise, my knees ache much if I go out and walk much at one time. After lots of prayer and obviously after praying the Rosary, my weapon, I decided to go to this other organic store for which I have monthly coupons with great discounts that I can get in the Internet on the first Tuesday of the month. As I arrived, the main door was opened and this door is right in front of the first cashier station. The woman there had not clients and when she saw me, she ran to hug me and kiss me… There I knew that God was saluting me through one of His children just to remind me that He was around… He loves to do it. As I paid $268 for my monthly food and supplement purchases, she gave me my receipt and bent over the counter to give me a good bye hug and kiss!

Saturday, July 23

On this day I was somewhat disillusioned with what filled the television channels after one week with the Republican Convention in Cleveland, OH and waiting to start the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.  At 10:45 AM, the Holy Spirit moved me to look for an specific page in the Bible and found this verse:

Isaiah 54:10

“’Though the mountains leave their place and the hills be shaken, my love shall never leave you nor my Covenant of peace be shaken,’ says the Lord, who has mercy on you.”

I understood how important it is to THINK OF GOD’S MERCY EVERY TIME that we bear a heavy cross on our shoulders. We should remind ourselves to immediately treat any feeling of defeat and fear for what we see and hear in the U.S. and abroad with Isaiah 54:10, and that we are loved to pieces by this God Who died for us precisely to protect us.

When we start doubting what is the Will of God for us in any present moment, we should treat it with Isaiah 54:10 in order TO KNOW WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS that He loves us and He will lead us to do His will if we so desire because His mercy is inexhaustible.

If we are confused as to what to say or when to say it, we should take refuge in His words of Isaiah 54:10 and fully trust that He will lead us to do what His will is for us for those circumstances.

When we have to hear in this election time what it is to build bridges and all about family values and religious beliefs, and see how each side has a different understanding of such important issues, we should just quit any fear or unhappiness and turn to Isaiah 54:10 and know that He is with us because He is totally crazy about us and will see to it that we do not get harmed by these clashes of ideas.

Whenever we wonder how to open our hearts to God’s mercy, we simply do His will for that moment totally engulfed in the Truth of His Words of Isaiah 54:10.

HERE ARE A FEW OTHER VERSES IN THIS SAME CHAPTER that clearly establishes that we are His kids and that He is in charge of our course on this earth!

Isaiah 54: 11, 14-15b, 17

“O afflicted one, storm-battered and un-consoled, I lay your pavements in carnelians, and your foundations in sapphires. In justice shall you be established, far from the fear of oppression, where destruction cannot come near you. Whoever attacks you shall fall before you. No weapon fashioned against you shall prevail; every tongue you shall prove false that launches an accusation against you. This is the lot of the servants of the Lord, their vindication from Me” says the Lord.

There is no doubt that this reading and teaching has helped me immensely for dealing with the pros and cons of the candidates for the Presidency.

 Sunday, July 24

This was going to be a very interesting day since a classmate of mine from my 3 years of pre-Medicine studies in Panama and husband, were stopping in San Francisco after finishing their cruise in the waters of Alaska. They had announced their coming for almost 2 months before. I had to tell them my status of health and how I could not receive them in my home because my health and mainly severe pain in my knees, will impede me from showing them all my love and cook for them, etc. She studied biology and our classes were similar for my first 3 years. After that, she continued one more year to graduate. In my case, I moved to the faculty of Medicine for four more years.

This wonderful Panamanian couple has been for many years like a true sister and brother and they went to Ann Arbor, MI to be the Baptismal godparents of my third child, the theologian, at St.Thomas the Apostle parish. Indeed, on this day, we picked them up at their hotel and went for dinner in Emeryville, a nearby city where my son with whom I live, works. They informed me of my 16 physician classmates and where they are. Four of them are dead. Many memories surfaced about those times  in Panama. They were telling the young man Daniel who came to serve us how we knew each other. Daniel was bilingual from Mexico and very nice. They introduced me as the most intelligent student that graduated from Pre-Medicine and Medicine. This gave me an indication of the humility of these two, since both were also excellent students but had not reached the highest position. It is nice to see older persons who shine with many blessings from God. It is also a very good example.

Wednesday, July 27

I prayed much during the night to have my knees feeling semi O.K. so that I could go to Whole Food Market, since the previous days I was in agony all day. Sure enough, He gave me pain but not too bad and I left around 10 AM for this market. I had prayed for a good parking place and I got it. As I came out of the car with temperatures around 80 + degrees F., a lady came to me with a cart. She is one of the employees of this market and I had been praying for her teenage son for some months, and he has turned around in a very positive way. The moment she saw me come out of the car in front of a flower corner that she was tending to, she came with the cart. Again, this is how our God works in our lives. First, He hears my prayer and this lady loves me very much and always hugs and kisses me with great enthusiasm. Then, when I needed help because with the cart I can walk much faster than with just the cane, she had been assigned to this flower area outside the building and I had found a parking place just in front of it.

Our God takes care of us like the Scriptures say, day and night but ONLY IF WE TRUST IN HIS LOVE PLUS IF WE LET HIM DO IT, with our YES to His will at every second of our existence. I have to promulgate in this section how important is to have 100% self-denial of all our plans and worries and fears, expecting Him to do the rest for us… I am sure that my Ma was praying for me and undoing any knots that could disrupt this sequence of events.

Friday, July 29

8:45 AM – My Mother asked me to summon the Holy Spirit since there was a message for me. I did and called Him from within since He lives in the temple of my soul. He answered and sent me to open the Bible without the use of a page number. I did and it was page 777 and the book of Sirach chapter 51 was in front of me. In it, Sirach reminds the Israelites of the many blessings that God had showered over them for hundreds of years and even when Moses got them out of Egypt.  My Mother then asked me to do the same with my life: to thank God for what it was as enumerated by Sirach, and with the understanding that this present moment is all about preparing for what it will be!!! In other words, to realize that what I am going through now, like with so much pain in my knees, is preparing me for the future when I will be working full time for the Kingdom.

I wrote in 2007, a list of thanksgiving phrases for what I had received in my life so far. Here are some examples…I will be a little long list but demonstrates how as Sirach had done, my Lord had made me look back and thank Him for all it was.

Written on August 29, 2007 (As I seated in Toledo, OH, waiting for His permission to place my house on the market even that my son E. in California had invited me since February 2007, to come to live with him).

1. Thank You Lord for Your love and mercy.

2. Thank you for calling me by name since my conception.

3. Thank You my Jesus for having come into this world to suffer and die because You love us so much!

4. Thank You my Jesus for leaving us your Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in each Tabernacle and for all the other Sacraments and for the Church which gives them to us.

5. Thank You Lord for earning for me the right of becoming an adopted child of the Father and heiress of heaven.

6. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to reside in my soul

7. Thank You for the Fruits and Gifts of Your Holy Spirit which have taught me and guided me in my spiritual life.

8. Thank You for your gifts of faith, hope and love

9. Thank You for the human family that you gave me, parents, spouse, sons and other members, and for the country where I was born.

10. Thank You for the spouse you elected for me

11. Thank You for all my friends, teachers, education, honors, jobs and material gifts and money you gave me

12. Thank You for my good health and for the illnesses that You have allowed to come to me

13. Thank You for teaching me to pray and for the time on this earth that You have given me to grow in my personal relationship with You.

14. Thank You for all the tribulations, suffering and crosses that You have allowed for my sanctification

15. Thank You for giving me the understanding that my crosses and sufferings are ALSO redemptive gifts for my brothers and sisters everywhere

16. Thank You for the grace of accepting my crosses and sufferings

17. Thank You for the gift of a constant conversion and repentance and for the grace to understand that I must accept Your will for everything.

18. Thank You for not abandoning me in the difficult moments of my life and for the fortitude You have given me to endure them.

19. Thank You for picking me up in those difficult moments and for carrying me in Your arms the rest of the way, when the pain of the tragedy at hand covered me with sadness and discouragement.

20. Thank You for transforming all bad and cloudy weather, all tempests of my life into something good as You have promised it in Your Word, Romans 8:28.

21. Thank You for protecting me from Satan and for assigning Angels to guard me.

22. Thank You for ending my fears with Your love and mercy.

23. Thank You for the moments when I was able to walk on water grasping Your hand, Your Word and without fear.

24. Thank You also for the patience that You had for me when I lost your protective look and I almost drowned in the turbulent water.

25. Thank you for covering all my needs in accordance to the riches of Your Glory.

26. Thank You for giving me the spirit of wisdom and revelation to be able to know the great Hope to which I have been called to live, that is, residing for eternity in Your Presence in my celestial  homeland.

27. Thank You for the grace of my having been able to pardon my enemies,  loving them and of wishing them the best.

28. Thank You for Your Commandments, Beatitudes; for your Saints and for sending all the prophets, including Your Mother the Virgin Mary, to advice us of our need to seek You, love You and do Your will.

29. Thank You for giving me the grace of keeping in my lips and heart, the phrase that says, “Here I am Lord; I come to do Your will.”

30. Thank You for having revealed to me Your Eucharistic true Presence.

31. Thank You Lord for loving me so much and calling me to be close to You when I was just a small child.

32. Thank You for Your continuous call to be close to Your Eucharistic Presence.

33. Thank You for reversing my memory loss. (Nov.10, 2009)

Sunday, July 31  Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola (my fourth grand child was name Francisco Ignacio Maria because his father was educated by the Jesuits and the child was born on a Dec. 3, feast of St. Francis Xavier, S.J.)

I was able to be awake at 12:30 AM to be present Live to the last Mass of Pope Francis in Poland for the World Youth meeting. I was also very happy to see how my adorable country Panama, was selected to be the next site for the 2019 42th World Youth meeting… This country, as written several times in these blogs, gave me my MD degree free of cost. This past Sunday July 24, I was commenting with my friends and my third son’s godparents how God had taken me to their country and how they gave me a free education, simply because their internal laws said so for anyone with a very high GPA. Yet, this was done even that I was not Panamanian…

In fact, all the things that I have shared regarding medical issues, is a gift that Panama is giving to the readers of this blog. Besides, the preparation I received was extraordinary because I entered the United States and never had any problems with my medical knowledge.  I am so happy that this, my loved country which prepared me to become a doctor of medicine, will be blessed with the presence of the Holy Father. May be we could pray for the next three years that this 2019 World Youth meeting be celebrated without any foreign attacks since the Panama Canal Zone is one of the most extraordinary man made creations, where the Atlantic and Pacific shores are only a few hours apart!!! I am sure that the kids will have a great time!




We are living a horrendous moment in the United States of America.  On July 27, during the Democratic Party Convention, many human beings, men and women sang a beautiful song: ” What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” I started crying because such love excludes the babies in the womb…!!! Is this fair? Is this crazy? On this same day, as different people came to speak about how wonderful their candidate for the U.S. Presidency is, I SUDDENLY FELT A PROFOUND LOVE FOR THE ENTIRE CROWD. I loved them because they are my brothers and sisters and they are images of God. I loved them because grace from God had descended on my heart and mind and soul to feel this way. I then asked for mercy for all of them especially during this especial Extraordinary Year of Mercy… I offered my horrible pain and low amount of Tramadol at hand in atonement for their sins. NOTICE that the elections will happen exactly at the end of this year of Mercy… Hmm… This is a great favor that God has given us by moving our Pope to declare this year to immerse ourselves in the love of God, love that is seen in the mercy with which He cover us.

Well, I could go on and on about the pros and cons of both candidates and I WILL NOT… Yet, because my Mom under the title of Undoer of Knots has decided to come to visit me in a special way… as I have shared during this blog, I feel totally SURE THAT I NEED TO WRITE THE FOLLOWING…

We cannot claim that we are celebrating this year of mercy unless we show mercy for every human being on earth… and most especially for our enemies and the enemies of the babies in the womb and the elders that are not wanted any more for the expense they cause for healthcare reasons!

I am summoning ALL OF YOU, WHO ARE READING THESE LINES, to show Jesus what it is to be merciful… Therefore, please pay attention to the following message:

“ASK FOR UNITY in each of your hearts and PRAY FOR EACH OTHER to LOVE OUR ENEMIES… as Jesus told us to do. When we receive such gift and grace, we then can triumphally say that yes, we showed mercy especially in this special year. Watch out for the following because Satan is working overtime to DIVIDE US, TO LIE TO EACH OTHER, like the lie that we are followers of Christ but only in words… and not in action and be merciful as our Dad in heaven is. Satan will incite all of us to accuse the adversary who seem to be killing babies in the name of Love!!!  Let’s follow Jesus like never before from now until November. Let’s FIGHT SATAN WITH THE BEST TOOL there is: doing God’s will in our private personal lives and regardless what is… Let us call our Lady Undoer of Knots to UNDO ALL KNOTS THAT LEAD US TO DIVISION, LIES, ACCUSATIONS, AND TO HAVE FEAR… and to help us to love everyone no matter what!

I have noticed that every time that I go to the channels which air the DNC stories for each day on a continuous basis, one channel speaks of some stories as true and details the lies told by the other party. The other channel does the opposite. In the mean time, Satan is having a ball because we leave this moment already full of disgust and actual madness for what we are seeing and hearing! We END UP RESENTING THOSE WHO ARE LYING… and we know that they are doing so! We become one of the many who have lost LOVE FOR OUR NEIGHBOR as we love ourselves.


But how to do it? DO GOD’S WILL ALL DAY Examples:

1) If you have pain in your body: embrace it, accept it and offer it up for the souls of those who are lying of whatever party… You are not Republican or Democrat. You are a child of God the Father, follower of His Son Jesus and under the guidance of their mutual LOVE, that is the Holy Spirit… REFUSE TO complain about your pain…

2) If you do not have enough money to eat: do the same thing by accepting it as the ordained or allowed will of God for you.…

3) If you are mistreated or maligned by others, please say yes to God’s will.

4) If you hear of scandals in the Church: accept them, pray for those involved, and offer your pain and any other suffering for the Church. In other words, turn what is sour and difficult, in your offering to God so that His mercy can save the souls of those who offend you or persecute you or give you scandal and for those who are spreading the killing of babies in the womb in the name of unity and love.

WE CAN STOP SATAN FROM FINISHING THE JOB OF dividing us and ISIS from destroying us in two ways: physically and spiritually by making us harbor hatred and disdain for them.

This summons is very serious… If you feel that watching these scenarios of the crowds of either party or of the two candidates speeches moving you to dislike them, THEN DO NOT WATCH… Always, always call for the mercy of God to change their souls and yours… And in your case, do God’s will at all cost with a big YES, and offer up any pain associated with the moment that you are living.

UNLESS WE already REALIZE THAT WE HAVE ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD against the destruction that Satan is producing, ask for His mercy to give it to you and expect the answer as a blessing to change these circumstances… NEVER EVER MORE, SPEAK ILL OF YOUR ENEMIES… Ever more… Why? Because they do not know what they are doing!!! Imagine them as your little babies for which you have to pray because they are seeking in the wrong places; speaking the wrong messages; fabricating lies and prejudices. Then, offer your sufferings in atonement for their sins… DETERMINE TO BE MERCIFUL TODAY… REFUSE TO SIN AGAINST EVEN YOUR ENEMIES.  And what else to do?

Ah… this is the greatest question with the greatest answer: SIT DOWN TO SEE GOD DOING HIS THING AND SAVING MANY SOULSNever forget that you were created to love and serve others and that the greatest service is to do what is necessary to save their souls. And every brother and sister is His image… As you say yes to your difficulties of each present moment, He comes with many graces for you and others, including your enemies. Every time that you see yourself disgusted by what you see and hear in these political climate of lies and fabrications, you stop yourself from resenting and if you do, REPENT, REPENT AND REPENT and keep doing God’s will to receive the grace to love them as Jesus loves them.

When you find yourself unable to love others, pray a Rosary and always, always think that Jesus died for you for your salvation and as contemplated in the Rosary. Call your Mother in heaven for help and she will run to undo the knots of your impatience and fears and resentment.  DIE TO YOURSELF over and over and over and part of it, is to accept the will of God as it is, difficult or not, but your obedience will be the seed that will germinate peace and love and destroy satanic weeds once and for all.

IF YOU EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT OTHERS, then complain about your self also because you have not loved them to pieces in order to save them from satanic influence.

Now, I am sorry for being so direct and preachy but the Holy Spirit dictated this last part on July 28… 9 AM – and I have to share it. Let’s celebrate this year of mercy by doing the right thing. No more talks about His mercy unless we live such mercy for others…

For those who have and are praying for me, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU… And I offer publicly my prayer, pain and sufferings for your complete transformation to love your enemies as Jesus loves them, this of course, in the case that you are still in need of this type of conversion. Always remember that when we sin because we are seeing how somebody else destroys the truth and call us to follow them, we are giving such people too much power in our lives! Let’s go and conquer the world in the Name of Jesus our Lord. The Lord is our Shepherd and there is nothing we shall want… I love you all (and especially U.S. readers) for traveling with me in this most difficult time in the world and in particular in the U.S.A., and let us keep our eyes fixed on Him… our Savior. BUT AGAIN, AT ALL COST, LET US NOT BE DERAILED BY WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE POLITICAL SCENARIO.

The month of August is here… The feasts of Our Lady Queen of Angels (Costa Rica’s patroness) , of the Assumption and of the Queen of the Universe , are important feasts to ask her to dissolve everywhere all the knots of discord and misunderstanding. ABOVE ALL THINGS, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT GOD CAN DO ALL THINGS, INCLUDING GIVING US THE UNDERSTANDING OF OUR SIN AND THE POWER TO CHANGE OUR BEHAVIORSO THAT WE CAN LOVE OTHERS AS HE LOVES THEM. I can assure you that acting this way and with the help of our Mother, you will have joy and peace and love for all.



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