How to fill up the empty half of the cup of my soul with a frequent short inventory of my spiritual life!

In this blog, I will share the way that my Lord has indicated I should live my spirituality, and spiritually being understood as the road to follow in seeking Him at all times to establish a LOVE relationship and not just to look very Catholic in the eyes of the world. In fact, in practicing this way of life, the graces themselves that come from it will protect me from many sins without I even trying… I want to remind you that this is my personal guidance and you are free to adopt it or dislike it. Also, remember that I am not a theologian! However, as I have followed it in the last 2-3 weeks, I have felt a huge difference in how I love more, situations and human beings!!!

As time passes by and our lives change in so many ways, and as our cups (souls) are partially filled with knowledge, experiences, fears, happiness plus great blessings, I wonder if we ever think of how to fill the half or 1/4 of the cup that remains empty? Do we? I suspect that we keep doing the same things, like accumulating possessions of any kind including knowledge of the Bible and preaching the greatness of Jesus in our lives but we never often inspect our interior spiritual status or ongoing conversion!  In general and in recent times, the social media and our controversial political scenario in the U.S., have robed us of the time to meditate in our previous years and where we are now and where God intends us to go as we say “yes” to His will to allow the Holy Ghost to take over the vacuuming of our souls. Distractions come by the millions and with the distractions also comes our tendency to judge and fear, approve or disapprove, like or dislike, to the point that we forget that our passing through this life in the world is rather short and it needs attention in order to become every day a better witness of His mercy!

As I was thinking on the above terms, I realized that there is much said, discussed, opinionated upon and written about our next steps. People bring ideas and plans of how to grow in spiritual terms, but always with words and without a clear witness of living such life. However, we never touch the subject of how to die in peace. Death is not something that we are willing to accept as the most certain event in our earthly journey. Our efforts are usually aimed at retarding death by procuring a better health and hopefully never face leaving this earth. Sometimes, I see God being brought to the forefront but with the idea of saving us from departing. In general, I do not see much progress in spiritually preparing our years left on earth.

The Lord ( and I will Him, “Doctor Holy Trinity”) whose other name is Mercy, has prescribed for me a spiritual treatment, which assesses several times a day, my walk towards Him but always seeking as well the salvation of other souls. So, it is a matter of following His lead as I try to correct my routing and recognizing the stones in my path, like those that Satan, the world and my flesh throw at my passing.

Personally, the treatment of any distractions, fears, major health problems and all that keeps my cup half emptied consists of 3 principal practices. Sure enough, as I agreed to do it, I invited my DOCTOR to TAKE OVER and this opened the door of my soul to receive the guidance of the Holy Ghost within, and hearing Him, understanding Him and having the courage to proceed in each instance LIKE NEVER BEFORE. It has been a wonderful 2 weeks of learning how to fight the exterior and interior forces that try to derail my journey and keeps the half cup (soul) empty/dirty. In the process I was sent to read a page in my first floor Bible. It had to do with 2 Maccabees, chapters 6 and 7, where Israel was being persecuted (as we are today as Catholics) and God’s mercy changed everything and exactly what we should expect happening in this special “Year”…It gave me much hope!

After this Bible teaching received on February 26, I will give you following the calendar sequence, a few stories of the events that I encountered and that made me recognize His Presence around me and within my brothers and sisters. The experience of His Presence in so many ways helped me to remain faithful to the frequent daily inspection of my soul/engine. Doing so, I have noticed a sense of love for others deeper than before, whether they are my enemies, or if I do not like their behavior or if they are my friends. This is the grace of God protecting me from reacting to distractions caused by my own dislike of people or by my desire to change them, or my reaction with resentment or fear. The love I feel for them cures the possibility of negative feelings on my part. It happens that through His Plan of treatment to help me grow, I have become merciful as my Father in heaven is! You will see that later ashown in how I treated two people who came to my door to sell me their beliefs as Jehovah Witnesses! I was surprised at my own behavior. I realized that Jesus and I had opened the door to offer them love. Again, His Presence was awesome!

As mentioned above, I will start with MANY Biblical quotes because the Holy Spirit wants it that way in this Year of Mercy…!!! You shall see how important God’s Mercy in the Old Testament was.

From the two BOOKS OF MACCABEES – I will summarize the general story of Maccabeus which means hammer, for those like me not instructed well in this section of the Old Testament, and finally conclude with the exact section that I was sent to on February 26 and that started it allà about the power of His Mercy!!!!!! We have to discover the power of His love by the way He is merciful to us!

General historical data copied from two different Catholic Bibles and identical summaries:

“1 Maccabees was written about 100 B.C. in Hebrew. We only have the pre-Christian Greek translation. The author probably a Palestinian Jew is unknown. His purpose in writing is to record the salvation of Israel (like the salvation we need in 2016), which God worked through Mattathias, especially through his three sons, Judas, Jonathan and Simon and his grandson, John Hyrcanus. The doctrine expressed in the book is the customary belief of Israel, without the new developments which appear in 2Maccabees and Daniel. The people of Israel had been especially chosen by the one true God as His covenant-partner.  HE IS THEIR ETERNAL BENEFACTOR AND THEIR UNFAILING SOURCE OF HELP. The people, in turn, MUST BE LOYAL to HIS EXCLUSIVE WORSHIP and must observe exactly the precepts of the law He has given them. (There is no doubt that these chapters show us how WE ALL ARE CREATED AND CHOSEN FOR A PARTICULAR JOURNEY TO CONVERT SOULS AND LEAD THEM TO SALVATION IN JESUS CHRIST. The question then is how much attention we pay to our particular duty as willed by God, without us trying to do our own work even if it is not exactly what we were created for?).

“2 Maccabees like the preceding one, receives its title from its protagonist Judas Maccabee (or Maccabeus), and it is not a sequel to 1 Maccabees. The two differ in many respects. Whereas the first covers the period from the beginning of the reign of Antiochus IV (175 B.C) to the accession of John Hyrcanus I (134 B.C.), 2 Maccabees treats of the events in Jewish history from 180 B.C. to 161 B.C.  Of theological importance are the teachings on 2 Maccabees of the resurrection of the just on the last day, the intercession of the saints in heaven for people living on earth, and the power of the living to offer prayers and sacrifices for the dead. “(Wow… Love this last part. It offers so much history of our own practice in our Catholic Church).

As I reviewed later these readings of 1 and 2 Maccabees in a different  older Bible, I found out that I started reading it on January 20, 1996 (20 years ago). And I had discovered in 1996 how much it talks about the mercy of God and so I wrote in the areas that it does so. I will try to quote several short verses that bring the mentioning of God’s mercy like no other section  in the Old and New Testaments…

CHAPTER ONE OF 1 MACCABEES:  “The Maccabean revolt: After Alexander died, his officers took over his kingdom, each in his own territory. “There sprang from this sinful offshoot, Antiochus Epiphanes, son of King Antiochus in the year 137 B.C. In those days there appeared in Israel men who were breakers of the law and they seduced many people saying, ‘Let’s go up and make an alliance with the Gentiles around us…’; some among the people promptly went to the king and he authorized them to introduce the way of living of the Gentiles… They covered over the mark of their circumcision (similar in semblance to our Baptism); they altered and abandoned the holy covenant (Exactly what we have seen happen in our land in the XX C up to today!)

“Antiochus proposed to be king of Egypt. He invaded Egypt with a strong force and Ptolemy was frightened at his presence and fled. After Antiochus had defeated Egypt in the year 143, he returned and went up to Israel and to Jerusalem with a strong force. He insolently invaded the sanctuary and took away the golden altar, the lamp stand for the light with all its fixtures, the offering table, the cups and the bowls (etc.) (Verse 25) And there was great mourning for Israel in every place where they dwelt and the rulers and the elders groaned.  (29) Two years later, the king sent the Mysian commander to the cities of Judah and he came to Jerusalem with a strong force. He spoke to them deceitfully in peaceful terms, and won their trust. Then he attacked the city suddenly, in a great onslaught, and destroyed many of the people in Israel….

“Then they built the City of David with a high massive wall and strong towers, and it became their citadel. There they installed a sinful race, perverse men… storing up weapons and depositing their plunder they had collected in Jerusalem. The citadel became an ambush against the sanctuary, and a wicked adversary to Israel at all times, (27) and they shed innocent blood around the sanctuary; they defiled the sanctuary. Because of them the inhabitants of Jerusalem fled away, and she became the abode of strangers. She became a stranger to her own offspring and her children forsook her. (39) Her sanctuary was as desolate as a wilderness; her feasts were turned into mourning, her Sabbath to shame, her honor to contempt, her dishonor was as great as her glory had been, and her exaltation was turned onto mourning. (I sense that this could be compared to what we have seen happened to our Catholic Church in the XX C).

(Prohibitions against Religion) (41) “Then the king wrote to his whole kingdom that all should be one people, each abandoning his particular customs. All the Gentiles conformed to the command of the king, and many Israelites were in favor of his religion; they sacrificed to idols and profaned the Sabbath (Ouch!). (In verses 44-50 there is a list with all the prohibitions against religious practices). (Verse57) “Whoever was found with a scroll of the covenant, and whoever observed the law, was condemned to death by royal decree. Women who had their children circumcised where put to death, in keeping with the decree, with the BABIES HUNG FROM THEIR NECKS; their families also and those who had circumcised them were killed. (62) But many in Israel were determined and resolved in their hearts, not to eat anything unclean; they preferred to die rather than to be defiled with unclean food or to profane the holy covenant; and they did die. Terrible affliction was upon Israel.

1 Maccabees 4:24 – ”As they (Judas and army) returned (after winning the war against Antiochus), they were singing hymns and glorifying Heaven, ‘for He is good, for His mercy endures forever.’

(Below are the readings, which I was led to on February 26, 2016, in page 512 of my Bible in the first floor)

2 Maccabees Chapter 6 – (Verse 6) – A man could not keep the Sabbath or celebrate the traditional feasts, nor even admit that he was a Jew.

(Purpose of Divine Judgment) (Verse 12) – “NOW I BEG THOSE WHO READ THIS BOOK NOT TO BE DISHEARTENED BY THESE MISFORTUNES, but consider that these chastisements were meant not for the ruin but for the CORRECTION of our nation. (I love these words; they can be applied to our times and not to become disheartened.)  It is, in fact, a sign of great kindness to punish sinners promptly instead of letting them go for long. (Verse 14) Thus, in dealing with other nations, the Lord patiently waits until they reach the full measure of their sins before He punishes them; but with us He has decided to deal differently, in order that He may not have to punish us more severely later, when our sins have reached their fullness. (Wow… His mercy has no limits!) HE NEVER WITHDRAWS HIS MERCY FROM US. Although He disciplines us with misfortunes, He does not abandon His own people. LET THESE WORDS SUFFICE FOR RECALLING THIS TRUTH. Without further ado we must go on with our story.

(Verse 18)  “Eleazar, one of the foremost scribes, a man of advanced age and noble appearance, WAS BEING FORCED to open his mouth to eat pork (Basically as EWTN is being forced to pay for the insurance for its employees to cover birth control pills and abortions on demand). But preferring a glorious death to a life of defilement, he spat out the meat, and went forward to his own accord to the instrument of torture, as men ought to do who have the courage to reject the food which is unlawful to taste even for the love of life. (In the next verses, those in charge of that unlawful ritual in private suggested to him to give them the right kind of meat he could eat to bring it for him to eat it without sinning; yet, Eleazar preferred death than to leave the impression that he had eaten pork…)

2  Maccabees Chapter 7.

A mother and 7 sons were tortured and martyred for refusing to eat pork.

(Verse 20) – “Most admirable and worthy of everlasting remembrance was the mother who saw her seven sons perish in a single day, yet bore it courageously because of their hope in the Lord. Filled with a noble spirit that stirred her womanly heart with manly courage, she exhorted each of them in the language of their forefathers with these words, ‘I do not know how you came into existence in my womb; it was not I who gave you the breath of life, nor was it I who set in order the elements of which each of you is composed. Therefore, since it is the Creator of the universe Who shapes each man’s beginning, HE IN HIS MERCY, will give you back both breath and life, because you now disregard your selves for the sake of His law.’

(Verse 24) “Antiochus suspecting insult in her words, thought he was ridiculed. As the youngest  brother was still alive, the king appealed to him, not with mere words, but with promises on oath, to make him rich and happy if he would abandon his ancestral customs: he would make him his Friend and entrust him with high office. When the youth paid no attention to him at all, the king appealed to the mother, urging her to advise her boy to save his life. (She went through the motions and when closer to him said in their native language,) ‘Son have pity on me who carried you in my womb for 9 months, nursed you for 3 years, brought you up and supported you to your present age. I beg you child, to look at the heavens and the earth and see all that is in them; then you will know that God did not make them out of existing things; and in the same way the human race came into existence. DONOT BE AFRAID of this executioner, but be worthy of your brothers and accept death, so that in the time of MERCY, I may receive you again with them.

(Verse 30) (The youth refused to obey the Kings command and spoke long to the executioner.  (Verse 37) – “ ‘Like my brothers, I offer up my body and my life for our ancestral laws, imploring God TO SHOW MERCY SOON TO OUR NATION, and by afflictions and blows to make you confess that HE ALONE IS GOD.’ (Verse 40)Thus he too died undefiled, putting all his trust in the Lord. The mother was last to die after her sons.

2 Maccabees Chapter 8 – (Verse 1) “Judas Maccabeus and his companions entered the villages, secretly and summoned their kinsmen and by also enlisting others, who remained faithful to Judaism, assembled about 6,000 men. They implored the Lord to look kindly upon His people, who were being oppressed on all sides; to have pity on the temple, which was profaned by godless men; to HAVE MERCY ON THE CITY, which was being destroyed and about to be leveled to the ground; to hearken to the blood (In 2016, the blood of aborted babies) that cried out to Him; to remember the criminal slaughter of innocent children (aborted babies) and the blasphemies uttered against His Name, and to manifest His hatred of evil.

(Verse 5)ONCE MACCABEUS GOT HIS MEN ORGANIZED, THE GENTILES COULD NO WITHSTAND HIM, FOR THE LORD’S WRATH HAD NOW CHANGED TO MERCY. (Wow) He captured strategic positions and put to flight a large number of the enemy.” (End of Biblical quotes)

I was amazed to see how similar this story is to our present days. It only suggests that some humans fall into the same ways of denying God and the consequences that come with it… You could place instead of the word temple, the Roman Catholic Church, and next to word Israelites who never denied the law of God, all of us who want to keep the Commandments. YET, AT THE END, GOD’S MERCY TOOK CARE OF THEM… Therefore, our present work is to keep worshiping our God in every way stipulated by His law and the temple rules (The Catholic Church) as we expect His mercy to bless us.


Wednesday, February 3

I needed to purchase some food and it meant to drive to another city’s organic health food store and to the nearby Target store. I usually ask the Holy Spirit to lead the way and do only what He wants me to do. I do it for two reasons: because my flesh wishes may take me to be tempted with people that may make me upset, like cars that try to move in front of me at 65 miles per hour and with no enough space to do it… I also do ask God for guidance because He may have customers for me or He wants to show me how much He loves me by the way some help me… BUT THE MAIN REASON THAT I ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR GUIDANCE, is because I want to exercise my yes to His will… which is the key to my building my love relationship with Him. That early morning I heard a Hispanic priest say that for God to act immediately in our affairs, I only need the faith that God will solve all problems in the most perfect time. (Read the story below and you shall find an example!)

I prayed the Holy Rosary with EWTN/espanol and by 9:50 AM I felt certain to leave for the health food store. On this date, the fruits of always following the guidance of the Holy Spirit were clear: I found an organic hot tomato sauce with garlic that my son loves to put over the fish pieces I also get at this store. I had been looking for this item everywhere, including this store without any luck. On this day, without me knowing about it, I walked through an aisle and placed my eyes on the very bottom shelf and voila, they were there, tons of jars. These moments are always full of awe, love for God and happiness to see how He solves all my problems and while I still had a couple of unopened  jars at home… I also bought 3 cupcakes for my son which he likes very much, to eat one after dinner. As I finished my shopping and came to the car, I asked Him for guidance if I could stop at Target (needed some Evian water which has the least amount of fluoride and sells with the better price at this store…).

In route to my city I remembered that I needed a special sugar called Ribose. It is this sugar taken with Co-enzyme Q10 that produces a chemical called ATP, the source of energy for every cell in our bodies… Anyone who is tired all the time should take these two products twice per day, in order to feel full of energy by the third dose or so. I asked for permission to stop at this other health food store in between the previous one and my home. I was led to proceed. I had shopped there just the day before and forgot to get ribose. I went in and another customer passed me in order to open the door for me…and I got the product and the manager of this store saw me line to pay and she opened another register just to take care of me and with tons of smiles. This was another hint that my Lord was shopping with me and wanted me exactly there at that moment in time. It was by then close to 11 AM, and in that area the traffic is brutal at lunch time. If I had thought about it while at home, I would have avoided going there on this particular day.

Then I went back to the expressway and again asked the Lord about stopping at Target or not. Lunch time in this shopping center is also crazy and finding a place to park is impossible. As I approached the Target area, I exited the expressway and felt that if He would find me a good parking, I would stop. If not, I could not walk a long distance to enter the store. As you may have read before, I do that in cases where I am passing during the lunch time. I did not find a space as I went through several rows of parked cars and with many other cars doing the same in front of me. Some 5 minutes later I decided to leave and bingo, the space of the first row right in front of Target was empty!!!! He did it again!!!  This is the type of merciful action that He uses to make feel loved!

Thursday, February 4

It was early in the afternoon and I needed to go just to put some gasoline in my car. I could not do it the day before because I had done much and my knees were complaining. I went to this Chevron nearby gas station. A woman about 35 y/o, was about to fill out her own car. She left it going and ran to me to help me with my own car!!! She left me to disconnect her own car and pay. She ran back to me again and asked how much I wanted in… I said $30.00. She disconnected my car when it got to that amount and I thanked her a lot. There were no more cars waiting for us to leave. So, I told her that I had a gift to give her for her and mentioned about how to reverse memory loss. She was super interested and told me that she is a registered nurse in route to the hospital to work. I then also mentioned how the thickener of food, carrageenan, can give depression to some of us, especially because in her job she can find many patients that could be helped with this information. She was even more interested and knows of someone with depressions that have been hard to treat!!! Tana and I became friends. God had done it again!!!!

After filling the car and full of joy and thanksgiving, I was given permission to go to a nearby place to buy a special tape needed in our home. As I was walking to the front door of an ACE hardware, a man ran to me with a cart!!!! It is easier to get a cart even if I am not going to buy much because it helps my knees much more than just walking with a cane.

As I arrived home, the mail carrier was arriving and I know him. He is Filipino and Roberto came all the way to my garage to give me the mail. He mentioned how he is losing his memory!!!!!! I gave him the short teaching in how to reverse it… He was fascinated!!!! I promised to leave for him the entire story of how to do it and asked if he had an email that I could send it to. He said that his kids have a computer but that he is not good at using it. Three days later, I left for him 20 pages about how toxicity produces memory loss and could produce Parkinson’s as well, in case he ends up with the problem. About 2 weeks later, I ended up diagnosing a priest  and guest in one of EWTN’s nightly programs who presented himself as having short memory loss and some Parkinson’s symptoms. It is clear that toxicity is making many very sick. Of course, how I wished I could find this man and let him know about it, because general doctors will never make the diagnosis. And this is one of the reasons that I need to publish the book with so many important points for many people, like my mail carrier and this priest.

Friday, February 5

Close to 12 noon, I had much pain in my knees and some swelling in my feet and a very painful callus has developed under my left foot. By the way, I found out that Co-enzyme Q10 in a higher dose plus Ribose sugar can produce extraordinary diuresis (much loss of urine). So I took it and then asked my Mother what to do about my health problems. Yes, the toxicity in this area where I live with my poor natural detoxification is part of the problem. My son has decided to look for another job far from here and in order to get a less stressful present one, since many of his co-workers call him day and night with questions about the upkeep of their site, even that he has nothing to do with that part of their jobs… Yet, he will answer to them and has no desire to negate his help.

This man was born with a “genius” of a brain as told to me by many of his teachers, including at Notre Dame University. As a Data Base engineer, he is strangely knowledgeable and then consulted by co-workers at any time, any day of the week, etc. The stress is extreme and he wants to find another job. He told me of his plans and he wanted first to pray to know when to start. We are in this phase, waiting for the Holy Spirit to guide him. Your prayers would be appreciated. It will offer me an answer to move out of so much environmental petro-toxicity. 

At 12:40 PM, my Ma came and said, “When you ask about any of your needs, have always in mind that you are more interested in saving souls than in solving your health problems. You seem to forget it! And you proceed to forget the finishing the book. Do it for me! (“For you?” I asked)

O.L.: “Well, maybe you will care more and really finish it. Then I will pray that you can do it soon. You are home wasting time. Your health is getting worse by the day! Once I pray to God to help you with the book, AND IF YOU DO IT for the good of others who need the information, then your maladies will get better. Yet, you must get serious and work to finish it. Heaven is waiting for this book with ideas and solutions for the human race. Remember that your findings were given to you by God Himself. It is His material that you should publish. It is not yours!!! It will be an act of Mercy from God to His people through you and especially in this Year dedicated to His Mercy. Otherwise, just praying for your health will not work because you are not obeying the second most important Commandment, which is your first duty. Each month, work 3 weeks for the book and one week for the blog. Again, finishing the book is the key for your physical well being. Be sure that you examine the use of your free time and avoid wasting it.” 

I asked for some Biblical confirmation of what I had heard and I received this: John 13: 34-35 – 14: 7, 10 – I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another.  This is how all will know that you are my disciple, if you have love for one another.”  If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask for whatever you want and it will be done for you. If you keep My commandments, you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and remain in His love.”

John 14:21 – “Whoever has My commandments and observes them is the one who loves Me. And whoever loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and reveal Myself to him.”     

There was no doubt that I had lost the way and did not love my brothers and sisters more than my own interests and well being! I was remorseful and asked for His pardon.

Saturday, February 6

My son suddenly became very sickly. I knew that it was a bug (bacteria) but from what food? At one point, I thought of the meal he had on this day for lunch in a restaurant. However, one does not get that sickly in just 2-3 hours, since by 4 PM he was deadly ill. Eventually we suspected of the plain cupcakes that I had bought at the organic health food store. We made it to Mass on that Sunday but he was only able to eat some soup all day.  He was so nauseous that I wondered if he had had the symptoms of a small stroke… One cupcake was still there. On Monday Feb. 8 he stayed home. Wednesday he was feeling fairly O.K


Thursday, February, 11


With great difficulty I went to Mass to offer it for a dear friend, on his birthday and to honor my Mother as she appeared in Lourdes. After Mass, I threw away the cup cake that was left but thought: "Hmm, what about if it was really the cupcake or something else going on in his brain?" I decided to eat the cupcake and I almost died…!!!!!!! Since I am allergic to gluten, I expected a mild diarrhea, but instead, I had the very same symptoms that he had shown a few days before. Yes, the cupcakes were the culprits… By Sunday, February 14, there was no way for me to attend Mass. Yet, at least I knew that it was a bug… And at least I was feasting with the Holy Father’s many talks in Mexico and Live Masses…

 February 12 to 17 – Pope Francis visited two countries: Cuba for a few hours and Mexico for 6 days. The trip to Mexico was a dream for me because I was able to hear him speak Spanish at all times and translations are never the same. The Hispanic TV station Univision had their own people in Mexico and they reviewed many stories about each city.

He spoke with great wisdom and the Holy Spirit was truly speaking through him. The Seat of Peter has a great representative. I have copied all his words that appear in the Vatican site and I will study them, in order to remind myself of what the Holy Spirit said through Pope Francis.

I have being led to ask for Mercy for everyone who has contributed to create this empire in the Internet of sites that allows reviewing anything and everything that we like and need to study for our own spiritual benefit.

The Univision Mexican crew gave us much insight of the different cities and Bishops and Dioceses involved in his trip. For example, they said that some workers will earn $7 per day! What an atrocity! The stories of why Mexico does not have an official religion came to be reviewed, all tied up with the work of the Masons which came to this country at the end of the 1800’s. In fact, A few years ago, I wrote a lot in a blog on this problem of Masons and the persecution of Catholics in no less and no more than in the country of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the most famous and first apparition of sorts of Our Lady in the entire world.

Monday, February 15

It was while I saw the Holy Father’s travels through Mexico that I understood so much more. On this day, the Mass was in Tzotzil, in the State of Chiapas with a huge crowd of Indigenous communities, followed by his visit to a children’s hospital in the Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas. The children were the same that I have anesthetized in my professional practice. They were mostly in treatment for cancer. They accepted the visit of the Pope with great happiness, ignoring completely their own health issues (A great lesson for me).

It was at 9 AM and during the Mass that suddenly I was moved profoundly and said to my Father, “¡Papa tea mo! Ayúdame a ser tu verdadera hija y enséñame a seguir Tu voluntad como nunca antes, esto es, con gozo y certeza que me amas y quieres sólo lo mejor para mí. Te amo, Papito! (Translation: “I love You, Dad. Help me to be your true daughter and teach me to follow Your will like never before, that is, with joy and certitude that You love me and want only the best for me. I love You, Daddy.”)

At 9:15 AM and just before the Consecration, my Mother came and said, “You need to know three things: FOS or FPS in English… 1) FE – Faith, which means TRUST in His love and blessings for you and certainty without any fear that His will is the most perfect gift you will receive. 2) ORACION – Prayer with the celebration of the Mass, and abundance of the prayer of the Rosary and the Chaplet of Mercy asking for His mercy. 3) SACRIFICIO – Sacrifice composed of suffering with present health problems and any other problems.

Towards the end of the Mass at 9:30 AM, I received a page to check in the Bible, 788, Isaiah 7:9b. “Unless your faith is firm, you shall not be firm.”

At 11:15 AM, I was in the kitchen cleaning dishes when I heard that  FOS (or FPS), must be lived surrounded by a feeling of gratitude, of thanksgiving, and this practice will fill what it is still empty of the cup (soul) in my life.

At I PM (my time and 3 PM Mexico time), Pope Francis went to the Cathedral to visit with the elders and sick people.

Later he visited a stadium in Tuxtla-Gutierrez in the State of Chiapas and he received different family groups. A 14 year old boy, Manuel, had lost his muscle power since age 5. He suffers from muscular dystrophy. The young man could not hold the paper with the words to be said to the Pope and his parents knelt next to his wheel chair to hold it for him! The young man spoke very well and said that his incapacity was aimed at teaching other young people that God exists!!! He looked radiant, full of grace as he said such words. Even the most humble people who spoke, did it with profound truths.

Thursday, February 18

I was still mesmerized by the words of Pope Francis and how I have to keep doing what will fill the half empty cup of my soul. His visit to Mexico was a show of the Holy Spirit for these end times. I learned that the government of the country of Mexico has no religious affiliation!!!  Yet, knowing that it was due to the Masons that the Church received a horrible persecution since the early XX C, I could see the thousands of people coming to be with the Holy Father and just as Our Lady of Guadalupe did when she appeared four centuries before and millions converted in short years. I am more than certain (my own opinion) that she was behind the people that helped the Holy Father plan this trip choosing the different groups that he addressed in only 6 days, plus giving him stamina to make it… It was a true miracle…

This truth made me think that yes, our Mother is also behind my call to CONVERT, TO CHANGE by doing something so simple. On this day the section on Faith was explained to me considering all what it means: 1) Doing the will of God; obeying His commandments no matter what, especially those of loving God and neighbor. 2) Prayer is essential not only for others but for my need to “see” and “hear” and have the courage to work on my soul to become malleable to God and His designs for me for the good of the Church and to give Him glory. This has to be a clear mandate on a daily basis as I ask for His mercy. 3) Suffering is essential for my own purification and to expiate for my sins and those of the whole world united to the suffering of Jesus, with the offering also done to save their souls.

Saturday, February 20


The sudden death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia was another major beautiful strike of God. Pope Francis has talked much about the importance of the family. In Mexico he met with 200 couples. And of course, the death of this very Catholic man showed with great “NEON” lights what a family is all about. His funeral Mass was celebrated by his son, Fr. Paul Scalia, at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. His 8 other children were there and thousands filled this precious church. The Mass was carried by EWTN, CNN and Fox.


His son gave us the most extraordinary homily that moved me and many others. From the very beginning it was Christ-centered and his father’s extraordinary work as a Supreme Court Judge for 30 years, was never put first or to make much talk about it. His homily was TOTALLY FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST…Some members of CNN and Fox became hysterical with the homily (one of them is Hebrew); they commented the wisdom and beauty of Fr. Scalia’s words. I also could not believe what I had heard… I know that all the Judges from the Supreme Court present must have been touched… It will help them make fair decisions… now that the Court is divided after his death with 6 conservative and 6 liberal Judges.


Saturday, February 27


The front door bell rang and then someone knocked and usually I do not open because of many cases where vandals come and kill the person answering. I looked through the little hole in the door and saw a man with a big hat. He looked older and then I decided to open. It was a couple in their 60’s and trying to give me a card inviting me to attend a meeting where the death of Christ would be discussed. I listened to them with GREAT PEACE… I then asked what denomination they belonged to and they said that they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.


I felt a PROFOUND LOVE FOR THEM AND SPOKE LIKEWISE, saying, “I am a Roman Catholic all the way to Rome. It is obvious that your beliefs and mine differ much, but thank you so much for coming!” The lady was smiling from ear to ear and super happy. The man seemed also touched and they said good-bye. I was left totally taken by my own behavior. It is obvious that I had nothing to do with this love. It was Jesus” love for them and using me to deliver it. In other similar occasions in my 40+ years in this country when I opened the door to Jehovah witnesses, I was left with some resentment and never felt love for them. But I remember that they would attack me with words trying to make me fight about Bible truths. As they left, I would be furious. This time it was different! Love was present on my side and produced love in them to respect my wishes.


Sunday, February 28


The Oscar’s took place on this evening and it was very interesting!!! The best movie, Spotlight, was about the story of the abuse of children by priests that went on in Boston, Mass and covered up by the Cardinal in charge of this Archdiocese. Interesting that the Passion of the Christ was never even mentioned at the Oscar’s of 2004. Yet, this movie was chosen as the best!!! This was a big triumph of Satan since in years to come the movie will keep this major sin of our Church refreshed in the mind of many, more so with winning the Oscar. BUT, the BEST ACTOR Leonardo DiCaprio said at the very end of his acceptance speech, short words about Pope Francis and how the Holy Father asks us to have faith and love for others!!! Recently, this actor visited the Holy Father and of course, both want to protect the environment. However, he did not have to mention the Pope in his accepting speech for his Oscar. Pope Francis is right now so well received by most people in the entire world, that DiCaprio’s kind words will help those who see Spotlight, with the hope generated by this Pope’s worldwide acceptance. It is interesting that today, many have talked about this actor and re-play his speech but they cut his words about Pope Francis!!!




You may ask why did I quote the 2 books of Maccabees so much? I understand that the Holy Spirit insisted in me doing so to underline the deep emphasis that God’s mercy had for the Israelites. Even more important is to see how they so often prayed to God for His mercy after having so many problems with their enemies, and how Judas Maccabeus was able to conquer all the enemies and bring peace to the Israelites. The author’s words are so full of meaning… Again, let me repeat what was read before:


(Purpose of Divine Judgment) (2 Maccabees 6: Verse 12) – “NOW I BEG THOSE WHO READ THIS BOOK NOT TO BE DISHEARTENED BY THESE MISFORTUNES, but consider that these chastisements were meant not for the ruin but for the CORRECTION of our nation.” What a beauty for us to read them in our present times…


It is also necessary to insist in remembering these two books of Maccabees in order to expect that as this year goes on, that we believe in how God’s love for us shows up as acts of mercy over us, and that when we pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, we are recalling the power of His love with great faith. 


Regarding the way I was asked to practice FPS many times during each day, I will explain how I do it… And remember that I received it on February 15 and by February 27, I already received the Jehovah Witness couple with great love… a first in my life.


Right as I wake up, I review what faith means for that moment. Normally, much pain is already felt if I had not taken Tramadol within the 6 hours before to ease the pain. I immediately refuse to question what am I going to do with this enormous pain and instead, I say yes to it because His will is everything for me. I usually thank Him for understanding such truth. Often I used to wonder when this problem is going to end and how little my doctors can help out, especially because all is due to toxicity and most doctors have no idea of what toxicity can do. In fact, in the last two days, they are repeating over and over in the news that they found out that obesity produces some memory loss…  I smile when I hear this so call new “study” since some obesity is due to toxicity, as I have experienced in my life. Let me review it for you and no to forget if you need some day this knowledge.


As you may remember, after I bled from a gastric ulcer in August of 2013 and 7 units of blood were given to me, I lost 40 pounds in 3 months without diet and with zero exercise since I was recuperating from these two hospitalizations. Let me explain it better: I had lost 7 units of blood or all my blood volume and replaced it with blood from other human beings, most likely from people who have a normal detoxification activity in their bodies. Those 7 units most likely were pretty free of toxics. My brain received such blood and immediately ordered my fat cells to die… It is clear to me that toxic’s create the necessity in the brain to store fat. Toxicity also produces memory loss and with detoxification, the memory comes back… and in my case, in two languages, since Spanish was gone and it is back 100%.


In fact, because of my allergy to foods, I cannot consume what I need for my liver to make enough glutathione, the chemical that detoxifies our bodies. Therefore, within this home located some blocks away from a petroleum refinery and next to a very busy 8 lane expressway (four in each side), I have started to lose my memory in English… I also smile about it because I know that if we move away from so much environmental toxicity and if I get injections of glutathione, I can lose the weight and reverse all my memory problems, and most likely reduce my food allergies or shall I say, “reverse my food allergies”? Once the allergy to the foods that the liver needs to make glutathione is reversed, I could start eating them and also help out by taking Barley Grass, a powder made with the green plant of barley and known as a great detoxifier according to the Japanese Dr. Hagiwara who found this out in the 1970’s; in this way, I would detoxify normally and my memory loss and extra weight could be just history. Of course, it seems that obese people lose their memory more often than normal weight people; yet, both are really caused by toxicity and this is the kind of NEW information that I have for my book to be published…


All of these blessings support my faith and I want to do His will just because I KNOW THAT HE LOVES ME SO MUCH! Just to reverse my memory loss is simply the pure mercy from God. So, when I reflect for just seconds on my faith, I know that God exists and loves me so much!


Then I can pray for a few seconds and usually consists in telling my Lord how much I love Him; but more than that, I must find the time to pray several Rosaries per day with intertwined Chaplets of Mercy, where I ask my Father to cover me with His mercy.  At times, I end up praying what the Angel of Fatima prostrated himself, prayed to the Blessed Sacrament suspended in the air, in 1916, 100 years ago, and that I know by heart:


“O most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly. I offer You the most precious Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the  outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended, By the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of  poor sinners.”


At other times, I simply pray the Our Father or a Hail Mary or both.


Suffering the pain in my knees that to do not allow me to go to Mass at the early hour of 8 AM, because I have to arrive one hour earlier to compete for parking space with the members of the school, in order not to park in the huge parking lot that is very far from the church’s main entrance, is immediately offered for my sins and of the many in the world. I also make sure that I say “yes” to my suffering as a great way to offer praise to the Holy Trinity. I have been doing it as stated before, for 14 days and I can see the difference…


These three exercises done often during the day, create in me a desire to thank God without even thinking about it and also, I do not wonder too much as to what is going to happen next in my life regarding so much pain. I find myself serving others without even planning on it. When I am in line for a supermarket’s cashier to pay for what I bought, if I see someone with just a few items, I immediately offer to let them go first. It is interesting because by the time I do the shopping here and there, and trying to buy all needed so not to come back… because walking so much makes me ache much more regardless of the pain medication taken close to this event, I still let others go. Last Tuesday, I did it and gave a 60+ year old the chance to go first, and she accepted but as she was waiting for another client ahead to pay her bill, she got out of my basket all my items… It was a huge gift for me… and my knees… Love generates love.


On the Hispanic radio, I heard someone say these words, “Si no vives para servir, no sirves para vivir.” Or, “If you do not live to serve, you are not good to live.”


There is no question that these three easy ways (FPS) to be practiced all day are full of graces and remind me of my Mother’s actions. She had faith and said yes to the plans of God… She left immediately to serve Elizabeth, her cousin and to bring the Holy Spirit to her and the child in her womb. She spoke the Magnificat and mentioned God’s mercy twice. After Elizabeth gave birth to St. John the Baptist, people around her spoke of the Mercy of God over Elizabeth to allow her to conceive at such an old age…It is clear that the Mercy of God was something of great importance for Israel.  


However, the practice of FPS is also of great value in evaluating our faith, our prayer life and how we handle our suffering. As I go through them during each day or if I find myself wondering as to what will be next with these ailments, I immediately confess any transgressions and ask for God’s pardon. All of these steps are filling the empty half of the cup (my soul). It truly works!  And I have to thank God over and over and write about it, because this is the treatment I should follow and it came to be during this Year of Mercy!  


P. S.: 1) Thank you to those who pray for me each month. I know that such prayer opens the door of my soul to the Holy Spirit and I feel so liberated, so joyful and peaceful. Please keep praying for me so that I can clean my soul and fill it with the prescription I received this month.


2) Our political situation in the U.S. for electing this November our next President is beyond my understanding. Perhaps some of you reading this blog could start filling your soul with the same prescription I received and this way, our prayer could be heard so much faster, so that it is only Jesus Who could do the choosing by moving the people to elect the best candidate. For those who do not live in the United States, please keep us in your prayers. Thank you for doing so.


3) I need to finish the editing of the mentioned book full of important information for all human beings. I  need fair health for my bad left eye so that I can finish it as my Lord and His Mother are asking me to do. PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS… Thank you so much.



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