Sharing God’s merciful love for me in the New Year


Well, here is the first blog for 2016. I learned many things, especially how to become a better disciple of the Lord Jesus. I get amazed every time I learn something because for many years I had not understood it and in a detailed manner of how actually do things for the Kingdom. In this particular time, I can say that I still need many, many conversions in order to try to follow Him.

I want to remind you once again that there are a lot of repetitions of the Truth related to different daily events. This I am sure is due to my need of keeping me alerted to the same topics… so that I can memorize these situations and the next time around, react to them in a holier manner.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

At 12:30 PM, I had prayed the Rosary with the Spanish EWTN, adding on my own a Chaplet of Mercy intertwined with the Hail Mary’s, offering them just for myself and atoning for my sins, as I asked my Lord for His mercy for this terrible pain especially in the right knee.

2:10 PM – I realized that it is hell even to stand for washing dishes and cooking. In any occasion that I have to stand for more than 10 minutes at the time, the pain in my knees becomes unbearable.

Here I want to mention the many ways that God does things for me… He has a plan for everything and of course, it is different for each one of us. Well, the pain forces me to take robust amounts of pain killers within the maximum doses and do several treatments of electro-acupuncture in my body to decrease for a while the acute pain in about 50% until the medication takes over … Of course, I had to become an acupuncturist in the 1970’s just because I used to suffer from migraine headaches (like my maternal grandmother) and a local Chinese acupuncturist in Pontiac, MI, with 3 treatments cured me from migraines. Since then, if for some reason I eat the wrong foods, like chocolate or a sharp cheese with much tyramine, I can stop a migraine headache with one treatment with electric acupuncture or simply with acupressure in specific points of my body.

As you can see, finding the cure of my migraines had to happen many years before in order for me to get interested in acupuncture, and then decades later use it for this present malady! HE IS AMAZING… as Justin Fatica would exclaim!!! This story makes me remember that every cross has a meaning, and most of the time that meaning is destined to help us for something else.

At mid afternoon, my Mother asked me if I was ready to TRADE my pain for a life of evangelization with the specific purpose of saving souls! I said, “Yes,” although I had no idea what that meant… I wondered if becoming an evangelizer will be a painful experience that can be traded for another difficult one! I immediately understood that once we proclaim the Good News, there could be some persecution from Satan and the world which does not accept our faith, and we have many examples worldwide of persecution and even martyrdom for our Christian beliefs.  

I also understood that my present pain has another meaning: to purify my FIAT… I often accept with a big yes my health issues and want them gone to evangelize instead of living taking care of how to survive the pain hour by hour; however, almost never I tell the Lord that my yes is moved by my sincere desire of saving many souls and not just for my convenience (to alleviate my painful condition)…

Purity of intention in my yes is not always obvious and decisive; that is, to seek the salvation of many souls out of pure love for them. At first sight it does not seem too important because in general I want to save souls; however, I do not place this intention of saving souls as a major reason due to my love them! So, I repeated my Yes to this deal of switching crosses, since evangelization it not an easy chore but this time doing it for the good of other souls… I realized that it also requires my total ongoing conversion to stop falling in the traps of my own plans and needs!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

After Communion at the Mass of this holy day of obligation, I consecrated myself to go the way He wants me to and for the right reasons: love for Him and my neighbor with perfect denial of self.

Saturday, January 2

My Mother wanted me to ask the Holy Spirit for three things I needed to know from the Bible. I asked Him to proceed and told Him that I stood firm on our latest topic as discussed above. I then remembered that the day before I had received the following page and forgot to look into it as follows:

Page 799:  Isaiah 19: 16-34 – It covered the conversion of Egypt and Assyria and eventually Israel (that is, Moslem and Jews). I understood how the LORD WILL MAKE HIMSELF KNOWN with the conversion of the entire world. — It was very interesting for me to see this so well described and giving me a possible scenario for these times.

Three new Bible messages for today:

Page 259: 1Sam 9:14-26 – Verse 16: “For I (the Lord) have witnessed their misery and accepted their cry for help.” I understood that the Lord looks at our misery (in my case severe constant pain) and with prayer (as I cry for help) He will answer!!! This was a very consoling message.

Page 815: Isaiah 38: 1-20 – Verse 1: “Hezekiah was mortally ill. Verse 3: through Isaiah, Hezekiah received this message, ‘God has heard your prayer and seen your tears (and says), I will heal you in 3 days and add 15 years to your life!’” This is followed by Hezekiah’s prayer in thanksgiving. It was super interesting to receive an example of how the Lord answers our needs for health reasons!!! I was also consoling and brought me much hope.

Page 88:  Exodus 38-39. It talks of the Dwelling of God and how it is renovated! I understood that it announces for our times, the RENEWALOF THE CHURCH!

In the afternoon, I watched parts of the college football game where TCU was playing with another university for a particular bowl’s title. I do not remember details but TCU, a Christian University from Texas was losing at half time by 37 points to zero! I was also watching a program with Father Roberto M. Cid from Miami and the host Mr. Pepe Alonso. Fr. Cid said many interesting things but before I talk about them, when I checked on TCU in the second half, this university had tied the game!!!! I immediately started thinking that someone was praying for it and that prayer had been answered. The game ended with a tie. In a second overtime TCU won!!! In my estimation this was a miracle. The sport narrators were fascinated and could not believe what had happened. Well, because of it, I missed the second part of the story of Fr. Cid!!!

Yet, God is a good captain of our souls… Hours later I came back to the TV and turned it on and I had left it with Fr. Cid and found Fr. Cid once more!!! Again, this was an encore presentation and I was able to see it all! This is what this priest said answering what the present times plans are for him: “I now try to be a holy priest.” He quoted Father Hurtado in Chile (he died in 1956 and today he is St. Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, SJ.) who said, “Hay que animarse a dar el paso para dejar de ser un buen sacerdote y convertirse en un hombre santo. La Iglesia de nuestros días será lo que somos nosotros.” Translation: “We have to feel moved to give the next step and let go of being a ‘good priest’ to become a holy man. The Church of our times will be what we are.”

Fr. Cid now works in several positions in the Archdiocese of Miami: 1) He carries the emergency phone for a hospital for any call for their patients. 2) He is Director of Catholic Radio Paz. 3) He is pastor of the parish of St. Patrick. 4) He is the chaplain of the port of Miami, covering the “apostolate of the sea” that also oversees the pastoral for immigrants. He also said that he feels certain about one thing: that God loves him! Over all, it was a great message and God wanted me to see it all.

Tuesday, January 5

I wanted to pack large photos of my sons as little babies and as young children and later as teens, and send them to two of them in Nebraska and Alabama. I decided to send them via Fedex and I found a nice male employee who did it for me. He turned out to be a member of my parish! In another nearby section and copying some material, there was a woman who became interested in my photos and she also was a member of my parish… And this is strange… There are several parishes around and I had to meet with two of them from my own?

And of course, among my items there was a picture of the Eucharist and the date of the First Holy Communion of my youngest son that I painted on cloth, and both parishioners became very interested and I started telling them how I met Jesus in the Host at age 61/2! It turned out to be a time of evangelization. They loved the story and became mesmerized… Wow! Our God’s plans are simply extraordinary as long as we follow His guidance to be at the right place and at the right time where He will bring us His children! The obvious remark here is to underline the importance of truly trusting that we are disciples at all times and places and ready to share our experiences with Him!

Sunday, January 10

On this day, the media announced the death of a famous singer from the 1970’s, Mr David Bowie (1947-2016), who also published his latest album on his birthday or the previous day, and while many celebrated his new album, it was announced that he had just died.                                                                                                                       

In television they said that he always gave permission to others to be what they wanted to (a typical assertion by many modern people). Many came to talk about him and one lady said that he was to her like a God or like a Pope… It was interesting to me to see how he who had terminal cancer put together the release of a new and last album hours before his death…  I wonder if in this case some form of quiet euthanasia went on! Singer Madonna said the he had changed the course of her life forever! It was hard for me to see to what extent our society pays attention to wrong messages and adore the messengers for the lies that are told!

Monday, January 11

Several times I have received the page for Wisdom 10 and I eventually understood that our yes to God’s will is an act of wisdom on our part. Notice the connection with the Holy Spirit!

Tuesday, January 12

After breakfast, my Mother asked me to check a page in the Bible à 105 or Leviticus 16. It explained how God explained to the people of Israel how to atone for their sins. It is obvious that for Him, atonement for our sins is necessary. Later I understood that my suffering was serving to atone for my sins, all venial but sins nonetheless. It is only in this way that I can get out and evangelize with success. My Mother explained that success in evangelization or the salvation of many souls depends on my holiness of life, on my ongoing conversion! It was exactly 3:15 PM, the hour of Mercy.

This explains how the Saints were so successful. It explains how many centuries later, St. Francis of Assisi is still a powerful missionary when we review his holy life. It is also true of St. Teresa of Avila. The Carmelite Order is as popular today as in the XVI C. when she came to reform it. St. Therese of Lissieux is as popular as ever as it is St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuit Order. In other words, the more we work and look like Jesus, that much more the work of the Kingdom becomes a powerful tool to bring others to God. Another present example is the story of Mother Angelica, the founder of EWTN, plus the two Orders for religious women and men. Through her love for Jesus, she was able to create a source of evangelization of great success and power using the Internet and cable, never seen before in the history of the world.

Therefore, seeking holiness of life is not a private matter. It has eternal consequences for the salvation of many souls! And the good news is that the more we seek holiness of life to bring salvation to our neighbor, that much more we receive help from the Holy Spirit to witness to others the importance of following Him.

Here I am going to insert what I learned days later on January 25 and that is related to our duty to atone for our sins!!!! While praying my third Rosary, I suddenly realized that my sin of not publishing the information regarding depression caused by the food thickener carrageenan, and since 1992 has led some to commit suicide, when my Lord led me to figure it out so long ago!… On this later date, my Mother explained that my sin is very important and to atone for it (as the Lord taught Israel in Leviticus) since my laziness demonstrates my lack of love for others. If I had known that one of my sons needed this information, I would not have hesitated in doing whatever was needed to inform him. Yet, knowing very well that some of us suffer of this kind of depression if we eat the wrong food and not doing anything about it, is simply a major mistake which have led some to commit suicide… I felt soooo sad and remorseful! I cried and repented! Of course, I must finish the editing and publish the book in order to complete my repentance phase, which is to stop the sin altogether.

Wednesday, January 13

I happened to see in EWTN a program reviewing what Our Lady said in Fatima asking the children for sacrifice. Later as I was cooking but not feeling well, yet doing it to sacrifice myself as I had heard earlier, I understood that I had to be aware for the rest of my life that I have to accept sacrifice (suffering of any kind) as part of my work of evangelization under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In other words, that I have to elevate suffering of any form to a different level of priority and like St. John of the Cross and the Passionist Order’s founder, St. Paul of the Cross did. Yes, Rosaries are very important and asking for mercy is also primary in the work of the Kingdom; however, they must go together with suffering. Also, when sacrifice is available like cooking and having to stand for a longer period of time, this should be sought after having in mind the conversion of souls.

Summary: my job as a disciple and evangelist IS TO LOVE GOD (or saying yes to His plan for me) and LOVE MY NEIGHBOR!

This is a plan of Love, one that Jesus emulated for us and asked us to do. This plan could be summarized as follows:

1) To receive the Sacraments to help me in my own daily conversion into loving above else with denial of self.

2) Personal prayer, Mass, Rosaries, Chaplet of Mercy, Lectio Divina and using all prayers in atonement for my daily sins and those of the whole world.

3) Accepting sacrifice or suffering in atonement for my sins and of others.

4) Regularly and that is often during the day, asking God for His mercy to accept the guidance from His Holy Spirit in obeying His will.

5) Sharing and announcing to others, God’s blessings for me.

6) Often thanking God by saying yes to His will full of suffering

7) Often repudiating sin in all its forms, especially resentment, passing judgment on others with immediate repentance and not waiting for the Sacrament of Reconciliation to do it!

(Notice how the Holy Spirit was calling me to review what I must do to be ready to announce His love for me as He will repeat it days later. I can now smell the importance of these points in 2016 during the year of His Mercy)

At 10:35 AM, my Mother asked me to read specific entries of the Diary of St. Faustina.

1720: There are moments when Jesus gives me knowledge within my soul, and then everything that exists on earth is at my service: friends, enemies, success, adversity… all things, willing or not, must serve me. I do not think of them at all; I strive to be faithful to God and to love Him to the point of complete forgetfulness of self. And He Himself looks after me and fights against my enemies.

1721: After Holy Communion, when I had welcomed Jesus into my heart, I said to Him, “My Love, reign in the most secret recesses of my heart, there where my most secret thoughts are conceived, where You alone have free access, in this deepest sanctuary where human thought cannot penetrate. May You alone dwell there, and may everything I do exteriorly take its origin in You. I ardently desire, and I am striving with all the strength of my soul, to make You, Lord, feel at home in this sanctuary.”

722: I heard these words: “If you did not tie My hands, I would send down many punishments upon the earth. My daughter, your look disarms My anger. Although your lips are silent, you call out to me so mightily that all heaven is moved. I cannot escape from your requests, because you pursue Me, not from afar but within your own heart.”

The content of these three entries gave me much consolation since Jesus Himself confessed how powerful prayer is.

Thursday, January 14

I am sharing here one of the ways that I use to check with the Lord regarding my daily agenda.

I had gone to shop at our regular health food store in a nearby city and needed a few things from Target Department Store but was not sure if I should stop and shop at this place or not. Sometimes, I get super tired when I push myself and walk a lot, like one does at supermarkets. So, I did what I am used on doing. I said to the Lord, “If it is Your will, find me a parking space that is very near to Target’s front door. And yes, the first space of the first row of this huge parking area was opened even that the time was within the lunch hour, normally busy because of a small cafeteria inside the store. I entered very sure that I was supposed to be there. I found several one-liter 6 pack of Evian water and the latter with other items made the cart full and very heavy to push. I needed to buy some smaller containers for the chili I had cooked, since the freezer was quite full and some of my empty containers were too big and used too much space.

I was sent to section A of the store and I never found it… I decided to go to the bathroom and found one of the employees inside and asked her if she knew where section A was… She explained to me in great detail where to find these plastic containers. I needed 6 of them and had found one package of three only. Suddenly, an employee named Jonathan appeared with two groups of containers and one of them was identical to the one I had in my cart. I reacted in a very surprised way when he showed me the three containers like if I had asked him to find them and he would have come back with them. I quickly explained to him why I was so surprised and shared with him my experience of God’s love for me. He smiled from ear to ear. I was in the verge of crying to see my God and my ALL, meeting all my needs. It was a sacred moment for Jonathan and me. This God is sooo extraordinary regarding how close He is to each one of us, and how He solves our problems in magical ways. How could I not be aware of His Presence wherever I go and need some help?

Friday, January 15

11:15 AM. My Mother said, “Because of God’s mercy, you should not fear anything. Keep in mind what He is doing for you and keep doing His will.”

Saturday, January 16

11:20 AM. I was talking with my Mother regarding my pain in the knees and other problems, all due to toxicity. If I asked my primary physician to help me, I doubt that she could accept toxicity as the culprit. Our environment is full of chemicals that affect our organs when one does not have a good working detoxifying system. I am constantly breathing the petro-chemicals coming from the nearby refinery and the huge expressway next to my home.

Suddenly she said, “Have you thanked God that even with this much pain and sometimes shortness of breath, you can still walk?” (Of course, she was right in pointing out this lack of thanks on my part!) She added, “Every morning when you wake up, the first thing you do is to thank God for what you have. Do not pay attention to what you do not have. It should be ignored since it is the allowing will of God that permits it.”

As I started thanking the Lord, I suddenly saw much more for which I had to thank Him for.

1. Besides being able to walk, I thanked Him for having a large bedroom with a private bath, a nice TV and a comfortable lazy-boy chair.

2. I thanked Him for my computers, the old one that I am still using and the new one that I am waiting to be instructed in with the windows 10 technology.

3. I thanked Him for the organic food in my kitchen, more expensive than  regular food but with much less toxicity.

4. I thanked Him for the wonderful neighbors we have.

5. I thanked Him for the 7 wonderful dishes I have to offer my son. I cannot go in detail of the stories but just one example: I am now cooking his favorite dishes and some are products that I found by chance in the organic store and tried them and he loves them, like mini turkey balls. The cashier in the health food store told me to mix them with finely cut French green beans and a can of Campbell mushroom soup and to cook them in the oven. The end product is simply delicious. Only the Holy Spirit could have move the cashier to share this information with me!

6. I thanked Him for my knowledge of medicine in order to understand my health issues and in some cases, take supplements that help me out. For example: because of passing much urine (no doubt that the kidneys are also affected by the toxic environment), I have to take magnesium and potassium on a regular basis because I lose them and the consequences are not good: low magnesium produces  muscle spasms and low potassium leads to heart arrhythmias. The miracle is that so far, every time that I have blood tests, I come up with normal numbers for these minerals!

12 Noon: My Mother said, “From now on, REMEMBER ALL YOU HAVE and be thankful, but not only in words. Offer thanksgiving by the way you accept your pain and other health issues, AND as you offer your maladies for the salvation of many souls who have no one to pray for them.” I said, Amen, Ma.” She continued, “Every single day in the morning inspect with tears of gratitude the half of your cup (your soul and body) that is full of blessings! Then imagine the empty half of the cup filled with the words, “Perfect will of God.” See it again and try to keep this image all day long as you hold it in your hand, half full with blessings and half empty allowed by God. It will help your heart and mind to remain in “thanksgiving mode.” It will become your own personal “magnificat” that says that your soul worships the Lord as you become joyful in His Presence.”

12:15 PM. I started checking some mail just before the 12:30 PM Rosary and felt some resentment for what the paper said. She immediately asked me to repent and to pray for those who had produced such feeling plus to offer my suffering for their souls and to keep doing these things until my resentment disappears! It did work!

Tuesday, January 19

12 Noon: while waiting for the EWTN/Español Rosary at 12:30 PM, my Mother gave me some advice. I was sent to the Song of Songs 8:6-7. It states, “Set me as a seal in your heart, as a seal on your arm; for stern as death is love, relentless as the nether world is devotion; its flames are a blazing fire. Deep waters cannot quench love, nor floods sweep it away. Were one to offer all he owns to purchase love, he would be roundly mocked.”

My teaching: how to profess true love to God!\

Genesis 7:6-23. This story of Noah and the ark where God protected him ends with this verse 23: “The Lord wiped out every living thing on earth: man and cattle, the creeping things and the birds of the earth; all were wiped out from the earth. Only Noah and those with him in the ark were left.”

It is interesting that in Genesis chapter 9  verses 5,6  and 7, it says the following, “For own lifeblood, too, I will demand an accounting: from any animal I will demand it, AND FROM MAN IN REGARD TO HIS FELLOW MAN I WILL DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING FOR HUMAN LIFE. If anyone sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has man been made. Be fertile, then, and multiply; abound on earth and subdue it.”

At this point I almost passed out!!! This is 3 days prior to our remembrance of the anniversary of the law that does exactly what the Lord said not to do! I thought, “We are doomed.” In an instant I understood ISIS and the violence in our streets… It is interesting that it covers even contraception… Any so called Christian of any denomination, who is pro-choice, cannot be a Christian denying what the Bible says!

I started praying the Rosary with EWTN and during it, my Mother explained this: “His love is His mercy or His love in action! Therefore, be merciful to everyone as God was to Noah. Show your love by being merciful and pardoning, serving, praying for others but with a heart full of TRUE LOVE. Clean their inner wounds left by sin with your care and as you invite God by following Him with your love, exulting Him with your love and rejoicing with Him in this process of healing of other souls.”  I understood how we become Divine Mercy messengers through a process of conversion of our own souls while we go and practice mercy on our brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, January 20

I had a visit with my retinologist and he found a perfect right eye vision (pointing to the wrong glasses prescription as my problem) and the left sickly eye vision was stable.  They take the intraocular pressure for each visit and the numbers were normal.

January 21, 2016 – Feast of Our Lady of Altagracia (High Grace), patroness of the Dominican Republic.

3 PM– As I was driving to the nearest supermarket, I had left the radio in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Radio station. The host related a personal story and said that after Mass and the Rosary, he, his wife and kids said the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, one that we all know or so I thought. Afterwards, a 70 year old lady came to them and said that she liked very much the prayer to the Archangel and one that she had never heard before!!! (I almost past out…)

I entered this Lucky supermarket and I had a few heavy things in my cart and the cashier asked me if I wanted some help out to my car. It happened that the employee packing my items was the same young man who had looked for a box of gloves for me. I have to clean the dishes with gloves because I am allergic to all cleaning agents. He had been very solicitous asking other employees of the whereabouts of these gloves. As we walked out, I thanked him much for his job in finding the gloves and in helping me. I said that I would pray for him with my community Rosary but that I did not want to bother him if he did not believe in God.

He then explained that he is a Presbyterian believer in God, ex Catholic who attended primary and secondary Catholic schools. Sometimes He goes to church with his mother. I did not ask if they went to a Catholic church or not. I apologized for anything that led him to leave the Church and he said that it was because of the problems with priests… As I left the place, I realized that without a deep personal relationship with Christ, some Priests are tempted to sin in ways that take away the faith of many. In the other hand, what are we doing in Catholic schools to allow the students to relate to Jesus in a personal way? They pass through and eventually leave the Church because of major sins… If one has a great friendship with Jesus, we overcome the scandals and even pray for those who do the wrong thing. Have we as a global community of Roman Catholics, prepared our Catholic school teachers to grow in love with the Lord and know Him personally? If not, as it is obvious in many cases, why not? Or is it that those in charge of Catholic studies also lack a personal knowledge of the Crucified?

But there is also something else that is worse: how is it that all in our Church do not kneel down and pray TOGETHER to the Holy Spirit about what we have to do in order to bring them back to the Church! Yes, we can gather some cases that have returned to the Catholic Church, but that is not enough! I am almost sure that paying of the Rosary for this intention from the whole Church, and sacrifice of any kind offered for us to learn more about the plan that God would like us to develop, are part of the unraveling of what to do.

I see that many great groups develop plans of their own to bring Catholics back and yet, how many of those plans are not God’s per se but ours, even if they are wonderful ones? And I know that they are not working even if locally they seem successful because the problem does not get solved at all on universal terms! I must repeat this because I lived it, that when the Holy Spirit came to revolutionize the Church with His Presence back in the late 1960’s and during the 1970’s, WE CHARISMATICS ended up very distracted by healings and wonderful prayer groups with great music and that was it!!!

Again, I want to repeat what I have written before: the charismatic leaders left out Our Lady and the Eucharist… just to not be divisive with other Christian groups!!! Yes, they were trying to be inclusive and that is nice but if they had believed in the power of Our Lady through the recitation of the Rosary and in the REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS in the Eucharist, they would have brought them center stage and let THEM bring in the other separated brothers… So, even that the Holy Spirit was pouring weekly the mercy of God over 2-3  prayer meetings in this particular city with 400 people attending in each gathering, we forgot all about the power of the YES OF OUR LADY and of Jesus being there as well, and not only within ourselves but also His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity…

At 12:30 PM and as I started to pray the Rosary with EWTN/Español, my Mother reminded me that I HAD NOT THANKED THE LORD for the good intraocular pressures in both eyes!!! As you may remember, the scare I received in my right eye was after a laser treatment to decrease the intraocular pressure that was minimally elevated…  This story tells all of you of my poor behavior in thanking God FOR EVERYTHING!

On this day they had a Mass for the “Prayer Vigil for Life” prior to the Friday’s March in the capital of this country. They announced the horrible weather expected for the following day! I was surprised that they did not add to the overnight prayers, some for a PERFECT WEATHER. I have asked my Lord several times in years past to fix the weather for me (especially while in the Midwest), and He did it. I SUSPECT that many of us talk about His mercy most especially in this special year… but do not believe in its power!!! (OUCH)

Also on this day of the Feast of my Mother, I started realizing that one of our candidates for the U.S. Presidency has all the characteristics of Satan… I hate to even mention it but we know that the Devil lies, divides, accuses and gives fear!!! Just this thought gave me fear!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

There was a closing Mass for the Solemn Prayer Vigil for Life starting at 4:30 AM P.T. and the celebrant was Bishop Zubik. His homily was wonderful. He truly mesmerized me with his words.

6:40 PM – while praying the Rosary and Chaplet atoning for my sins, I became furious with myself as well for the POOR MANAGEMENT of my time. I watch the News too many times and they repeat the information many times over. I have been working on watching less TV and seem to fail. My Mother came through in the middle of praying and quickly asked, “Are you mad at yourself out of perfectionism or out of love for God?” I started smiling because she knows me better than I do myself… Of course, it was a combination of my tendency for perfectionism but also for taking away time from God, out of love for Him. What a lesson! What a Mom we have in heaven!!!

Saturday, January 23

After the EWTN 8:30 AM Mass I was led to seek a page in the Bible, 711. It was Wisdom 6:4-8 – the section was titled, “Exhortation to seek Wisdom” (directed to Kings and all those in power).

“Because, though you were ministers of His kingdom, you judged not rightly, and did not keep the law, NOR WALK ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD, terribly and swiftly shall He come against you, because judgment is stern for the exalted –for the lowly may be pardoned out MERCY… but the mighty shall be mightily put to the test.” Wow! Are our presidential candidates experts at trying to do God’s will? We must pray day and night until November’s election, exactly all during the Year of God’s mercy. He could bless us with the right person for the U.S. Presidency! But are we all doing it?

A different topic: as you all worldwide must know by now, that the Mexican man who is responsible for the marketing of narcotics in Latin America, Joaquin Guzman, also known as Chapo, and this nickname means to be very short in stature or “shorty”, has been in different prisons and had escaped. He escaped in 1992 for the first time; then some 6 months ago through a tunnel that he paid to be made and for which, he had to “buy” many prison’s personnel not to report the making of this long 2 mile tunnel which eventually led him to freedom. He was captured again in recent weeks and now they are also revealing that a Mexican actress who lives in the U.S. named Kate del Castillo, and an American actor, Sean Penn, had visited el Chapo in the place where he was hiding in order to finalize the paper work to make a movie where his life will show the world what he has done through the years.

It is interesting also that now Bishop Robert Barron from Los Angeles but when he was just a pries/professor if a Seminary in an area near Chicago, had published an extraordinary work about Catholics in many parts of the world and that he titled, Catholicism. This series of programs have been narrated (doubled) in Spanish representing then Fr. Barron and by no less and no more than a very well known and great Mexican actor, Eric del Castillo, father of Kate! I wonder if Mr. Satan has something to do with all of this and to penalize the great work of Kate’s father, Eric in the narration of Catholicism. The U. S. has been touched by the huge amounts of narcotics that have come in this country proceeding from el Chapo narco-business and wants to bring him here. For this fact, Kate may have been close to breaking the law as asserted by some lawyers. Others claim that she has not committed any crime. Nonetheless, for her father, this story has not finished and he probably is suffering somewhat until all is resolved. 

Sunday, January 24

As you may know well, the Super Bowl (for those readers not in the U.S., that is from Europe, Asia and Africa and Latin America, this is the final encounter of the best 2 American Football teams) will be played in a couple of weeks. San Francisco has prepared several blocks in the center of the city by closing all streets around and one week in advance of the game and has named it Super bowl city. They will have many festivities and concerts. They expect 1 million people that will come for this famous game to be played in a city close to San Francisco called Santa Clara, city named after St. Claire! Part of the preparation is bringing prostitutes mostly from Latin America, but some who are actually being forced to do so. This is a common practice in the world for all major sports finals.

Another interesting fact is that the tickets go from $2,000 plus to $1,380 up in the highest distant parts of the stadium and fans have to watch it via a huge screen. Hotels vary their prices for the 2 night’s weekend. In general hotels will cost about $1,090 dollars per night. However, the well known modest motel, Travelodge, will charge a little more… $1,199. If the fan wants a home, they can rent it for two days for $60,000.

This seems to be a golden calf adored by people because of the fun of watching the game and to participate in San Francisco in other activities for an entire week. I wonder how God is seeing all of this. WILL YOU PLEASE PRAY for God’s Mercy FOR THIS SITUATION for the good of all those souls? This is why I have taken time to write some details on this matter so that we can pray for those souls.

Tuesday, January 26

I would like to place here a piece of information especially for those readers who do not live in the U.S. Planned Parenthood is comprised of a group of clinics that was put together several years ago after it became lawful to kill babies in the womb of their mothers. They claim that their main work is to give women care regarding their reproductive system and do some abortions on demand as well. Below is what was published in the media:

 “Two anti-abortion activists behind the filming of videos on fetal tissue procurement by Planned Parenthood were indicted by a Texas grand jury on Monday, while clearing the women’s health group of any wrong-doing.

“The videos released last summer led Texas and other Republican-controlled states to try to halt funding for local Planned Parenthood operations, with Republicans in the U.S. Congress also pushing for a funding cut.The grand jury reviewed the case for more than two months and its decision was a result of a probe launched last year under Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, who accused Planned Parenthood of the "gruesome harvesting of baby body parts." After a lengthy and thorough investigation by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the Texas Rangers, and the Houston Police Department, a Harris County grand jury took no action Monday against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast," the Harris County District Attorney’s office said in a statement.”


This should be also placed in our daily prayers for those indicted in the above story. If we all ask for God’s mercy for the grand jury members, for the innocents who wanted to stop the sale of baby parts by Planned Parenthood, and also for Planned Parenthood itself, so that all its employees open their eyes and SEE what they are doing. These prayers are acts on our part that can be called “merciful prayer.”  Unfortunately, the story has developed much resentment on our part for this injustice and this is precisely what Satan wants. In this year of mercy, we should pray for our own conversion not to fall in Satan’s trick to lose love for our enemies.


Also on this date I had to visit Harvest Health Food store to buy a supplement named Co-enzyme Q10, the source of energy to make ATP, the chemical that gives us the power to walk and do things and it is sold here with a 10% discount. I was not sure if God wanted me to go because it was close to the lunch area and this particular city of Concord gets very busy. I was given the O.K. and asked to go a little passed the lunch time. I did so and while in there, a woman was shopping and in her cart, a four year old girl was using what I thought it was a tablet. I stopped and said to the mother how amazing it is to see this rather small child being so good with this technology. The little girl turned to me and said, “This is not a tablet; this is an I-pad.” Well, this truly amazed me and told the mother that I always wonder where these children would be and do 20 years from now. They already are learning so much at such a young age that one wonders what will be of their lives. She agreed with me. I also mentioned to her that her daughter seemed to be very intelligent and she said that she is. I suddenly felt the urge to pass on to the mother, the story of how I reversed my dementia. It turned out that she is already losing some memory and she seemed to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s.


She wanted to know more details about it and I mentioned that it has been God Who had helped comprehend this matter. The conversation turned into God’s love for all of us and I told this woman that it was the Lord Who had placed us exactly at that corner of the store at this particular time in order to share with her something that will help her.


When I mentioned that I was Catholic, she said that she converted and became Catholic exactly when she was pregnant with the four year daughter. It was a solemn moment especially because I reminded her that Jesus had placed us together to pass this information to her. She was fascinated. AND HERE WE HAD AN APPOINTMENT for her to grow in hope and faith for her future memory problems.


Thursday, January 28


10:40 AM – I was preparing my breakfast and I felt an interior call to pray every morning for wisdom in order for the Holy Spirit to assist me when I need to make a quick decision (for example: when I am discerning if I must go out for whatever reason) and to detect Satan’s temptations! 


Later after breakfast, I received many ideas regarding this topic. I understood that to be alert in praying for wisdom, I must do what the Virgin Mary did, that is, saying yes to God’s will, which will allow me to become pregnant with the Truth, the Way and the Life, as she did! Doing His will help me to bypass myself with all my plans of how to know Jesus and how to approach others with the Good News! It seems to me that the major problem we, or at least just me, is that we are or I am unable to truly believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. If I do not live with a constant “yes” to whatever God wants of me and do it without doubts, fears or questions, it only means that I do not trust that the Holy Spirit is all I need to become further evangelized and a true disciple of Jesus Christ.


Giving myself away to Him is the magic step that throws me in the fiery ocean of His love, and then, He will respond with His mercy for everything I do or say. Then, no devil, no man, no spirit can re-route me to the wrong way! This is so important in the spiritual life that at least, all of us should try to do it to see what happens! The world, the flesh and Satan will bombard us with their famous mundane “gospel” that we should be in charge of our happiness.


After breakfast, I hurried up to come up to my computer and continue writing this blog and my Mother said, “Remember that before you write or edit the blog, call the Holy Spirit and say, ‘Help me Holy Spirit as I submit my intellect and body to write whatever You want! I say yes to Your guidance in writing only what You want me to share of my life.’ ” I immediately realized that she was asking me to comply with the teaching of trusting the Holy Spirit with any writing I do.


Friday, January 29


I had a super experience with God’s love for me. I get my medications at a Walgreens Pharmacy in Walnut Creek, which is somewhat distant because I can pick them up at a side window, like a MacDonald’s one, without having to get out of the car. However, in past months things got a little difficult. All the changes in medication for my knee’s pain made me live difficult moments. I felt all along that this pharmacy employees looked at me with a question in mind: “Is she an addict to narcotics.” Right now I only use Tramadol, a drug that was considered a narcotic until August 18, 2013. It means that it requires a prescription written in paper and that I have to take to them to be filled. Other drugs can be ordered by my doctors via Internet.


Well, when my secondary insurance over Medicare refused to pay for my blood pressure medication beyond 2 tablets per day and I needed 3/day, my primary physician ordered that extra one tablet per day in a separate prescription so that I could pay for it out of pocket. However, confusion was created within my list of drugs that I use and at times they would use the insurance to cover the one tablet per day and eliminated the 2 tablets per day. Eventually, I had to write to whoever was the chief pharmacist to ask for help with this confusion. I imagined all along that Satan was at the head of the confusion and of course, I started feeling some resentment and also sadness with the problem.


Recently, I ended up hearing from the chief pharmacist, Mary Anne P—–and she fixed many of the problems. Lately via text, I was asked to review the list of medications and keep just the ones that I needed but I did not know how to insert the story that the one tablet per day I would pay out of pocket. I then had to contact her again to let her know in order for her to fix my account.  I had to write another letter or try to call her on the phone, sometimes a difficult chore because one time I spent one whole hour waiting for other calls ahead of mine to be taken care of, and eventually, my call was not answered anyway. Once again, I was getting very resentful of the system. Today it was raining and I had ordered a refill for two medications and had to pick them up. One of them I needed right away.


Because of my eyesight, I rather do not drive while raining. It was announced that the rain would become stormy here and there. I then asked the Holy Spirit to tell me when to go if at all. I was sent ASAP as soon as I asked. It was 11:10 AM. Of course, it is almost the lunch hour and normally I avoid this time of the day because the traffic increases. However, I obeyed. I wanted to write the note for the chief pharmacist but seeing the short time I had, I decided to do it another day. So, I went and it was raining very mildly. No one was in line for the side window service. One young man was nearby the window but I decided to wait. When I was going to ring for service, a young woman came and said, “Hi, Dr. Gutierrez.” I did not understand how she knew me since I had never seen her before. I guess they take pictures from hidden cameras of all customers. I told her that I was there to pick up my two medications and she went to get them. When she came back, I noticed that her name was Mary Anne P—-!!!!! I then talked to her about what I needed, that is, to add the prescription for the blood pressure medication for one tablet a day to be paid out of pocket and make sure that other pharmacy employees understood what was going on…


I left and cried for about 5 minutes as I drove back, this time with more rain drops falling. My God had sent me to this pharmacy exactly at a time when she was taking care of the window, possibly because it was lunch time. I was able to meet her and now I do not have to write another note and leave it there.


It was obvious to me that finding the chief pharmacist at the window was a way for God to tell me that HE IS WITH ME EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE AND ATTENTIVE TO MY NEEDS, WHICH HE solves them right away. I kept praying as I cried: “I love You my Lord; I adore You; I give You glory; You are everything to me. All what I need is for You to keep me at Your Throne of Mercy, serving You in bringing to You all the sheep that have lost the way. Please pardon them because they do not know what they are doing!”


THESE MOMENTS ARE TOO POWERFUL FOR MY SOUL TO EVEN DESCRIBE THEM. I can say the following: GOD IS ALIVE. JESUS IS WITH US 24/7 AND TREAT US AS A GOOD MOTHER TREATS HER BABY. All suffering is worthwhile because His love would not allow it if we did not need it, most likely to purify us to hear His Spirit guiding us to become the best servants, the best disciples who only want to join Him in the salvation of souls.



Several things come to my mind: 1) His closeness to me and making it obvious when I needed Him the most. 2) The presence of my Mother with excellent advice to grow in my discipleship. 3) My growth in appreciation of all crosses. 4) The profound need that our brothers and sisters have to know Him at a deeper level because the power of Satan grows by the day.


I WANT TO CLOSE THIS BLOG WITH A PROFOUND CALL TO EVERYONE WHO READS IT, TO BELIEVE HOW MUCH EACH ONE OF US IS LOVED BY GOD. I will summarize what it takes to live near Him and letting Him run our lives. This is common knowledge and also something that I have written about numerous times. Yet, in 2016 DURING THIS YEAR of MERCY, with 10 months to go, let me bug you with what you already know.


As Yahweh called the Israelites to do in the book of Leviticus, (1) we need often to atone for our sins. (2) One of the greatest sacrifices we can offer in atonement is self-denial, (3) which is the mother of doing God’s will, the most important work we have to do since Jesus and His Mother showed us the way in this matter. She brought us Jesus with her Yes in circumstances that were rather strange, but she denied herself and said “Your will be done.” Jesus said Yes to the Father to die in atonement for our sins to give us eternal life and to bring and leave us with His Holy Spirit to guide us in the process.


(4) Our constant yes to God’s will is the one that opens the door of our souls to the Holy Spirit. Once we do that or try to do that over and over, (5) the Holy Spirit brings us His Gifts and Fruits; (6) with the latter we will easily or without too much difficulty, (7) keep doing God’s will. (8) ONCE WE GET THERE, we do not need plans to evangelize the world nor work hard at our own conversion! It is done through us and despite our sinfulness.


As of 2016, in religious circles we have speakers and writers commenting and suggesting ways to become holy or how to guide others to find Jesus or how to establish a personal relationship with Him and on and on. But they mostly use human logic like psychology to lead us to raise religious children or how to bring them back if they have run away from the Faith. The Truth says that just asking the Father for His merciful help is sufficient. I am sure that most of us have been brain washed with mundane ways to solve such problems. Another fact is that we waste much time in listening to many, many ways as to how to become evangelized or to evangelize others, and at the end, we cannot even remember all the possibilities to grow in holiness and to carry out our work for the Kingdom. And worse, they do not work because we keep losing members in our dominical Masses! Therefore, something has to change!


The spiritual life is super simple! It only takes following the manufacture’s  guidelines to do it. God makes us and God also has a plan to takes us back to Him. It could not be simpler than that. The Creator’s guidelines are extensive and unique with all we need to know how to arrive at the Promised Land. Of course, our humanity needs help beyond our desire to comply with the guidelines. And we start again with giving ourselves to God by doing all that He wants of us. The POWER TO DO IT or giving ourselves to Him with profound self-denial resides in opening minute by minute the door of our soul to the Holy Spirit, always in a spirit of atonement of our sins, receiving the Sacraments to complete our readiness for the Holy Spirit to proceed, enter and do what He needs to do.


Once we enter this way of life, we will evangelize without even trying! Suffering and crosses will be accepted as needed ways of purification so that we can grow in self-denial and continue the process. Satan will have little success since our love for our Mother will also grow as if by magic, and she will help us to recognize and intercept Satan’s advances in tempting us to destroy our self-denial and growth in doing God’s will.


The happiness of living this NEW way of life, new because we see our own growth in fidelity to the Gospel’s values without too much effort, is simply wonderful, enticing and generates love for enemies and strangers, love that comes from within towards the other who is seen as an image of God and no matter how much damage they have caused to us or others. The mystery of the spiritual life is too good to be true… One finds saying and often, “The Lord is my Shepherd and there is nothing I shall want.”



I want to thank all who pray for me!!! I have added “you,” whomever and wherever you are, to my community Rosary so that every day I ask my Mother to mediate many graces especially during this year of Mercy, and through the intertwined Chaplet of Mercy, I ask the Father for His mercy for all of you. Please keep helping me in this way since I hear more often than not and from Catholic sources of our DUTY to share what the Lord does for us. In order to keep doing it for His glory and not writing messages with dubious content coming only from the Holy Spirit, I need your prayer. Thank you! I also would appreciate your prayers to protect me from the evil forces to get in the way of completing and publishing the book with great information for those with dementia and suffering depression.



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