1.Learning how I should pray each month during this Extraordinary Jubilee Year of God’s Mercy 2. Learning how to grow in trusting God’s mercy, that is, with faith but without fear


It amazes me how much one can learn about God’s mercy and love for us and when I think I know it all, I am not truly there… Ouch! Well, this could be a little dose of pride that I can get to know His mercy on this earth, which actually is a mystery because His love is imaginable, so immense it is for our human understanding. Besides, Jesus is the Incarnate Mercy of God the Father. Just on those terms, how can we really enter the depth and width and length of such love for us, which took Him to die in the most heinous way just out of love for us? It is obvious that His mercy is truly incomprehensible to us but it is for sure, His love in action in every aspect of our lives.  

Our journey full of His mercy is very particular for each one of us and depends on many factors, most of which rest on our availability to embrace whatever cross He sends us with the certainty that He is leading us to be the best servants, a.k.a. disciples. In this blog you will read some factors that I learned this month of this subject matter. However, the road is all full of lights and goodness from the Lord as He carries us to the Promised Land, which for us is to live in heaven with Him for all eternity showered by His mercy, and it is a major prize we get for working hard at following Him as faithful disciples and doing all that He wants us to do.

In my particular case, this month was wonderful in the sense that He was teaching me with much detail how He wants me to spend the year of Mercy… Of course, I have been given many ideas about it but He also divided the year with different intentions for praying in each month of the 11 that are ahead. At least I know that I have an agenda, month after month, and this gives me much purpose to suffer and offer all for the intentions for that particular month. He is a genius and I write it as if you did not know about it!!!

I hope to make this blog a little shorter since many of you are probably busy and tired from the many activities for Christmas and New Years. But before I proceed, I want to EXPRESS AGAIN MY TOTAL BELIEF THAT OUR GOD IS ALIVE AND CRAZY ABOUT US… And why do I say that? Simply because in three different occasions and days apart, He wanted me to do something in particular and I refused since I did not think it sounded to be a correct move, always of course being aware of the work of Mr. Satan trying to confuse me, and so, to be super sure, I asked Him for the word “yes” in the Bible…!!!

And yes, He sent me three times to a particular page and exactly seconds after I asked, and as follows:

Page 877 – Jeremiah 29: 13-14 – “When you look for Me, you will find Me. YES, when you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me with you, says the Lord and I will change your lot…(What a message of mercy for those times and for our times!)

Page 879 – Jeremiah 31: 6 – “YES, a day will come when the watchmen will call out on Mount Ephraim…

Page 999: Joel 4: 1 – “YES, in those days, and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem… (What a message of hope!)

Each time that it happened, I felt like crying for seeing His mercy do marvelous things for me; I also wanted to laugh because He truly acts like a crazy Shepherd trying to convince His sheep that His routing is the only one to be followed, and that He will go to any extremes to guide us!

II. SHARING HIS GOODNESS according to the calendar sequence

Monday, December 7

At 11:30 AM I had an appointment with my primary physician. During the 8:30 AM Rosary with EWTN/espanol, I heard these words, “Strive to grow in your role as a servant.” I left my home and there are two ways to get to her office. One uses two expressways and it is the least I know. The other one does not use the expressway. Since my sight it is no well at all, I have problems with very sunny days (and also with the darkness of the evening). So, I wanted to avoid the expressway altogether because I have lenses that do not allow me to read names of expressway exits nor of streets. If I add to it the shining sun, well it would be a disaster. However, I got behind time wise and had to use it because it is the shorter. My plan was to leave at 10:45 AM but actually left at 11:05 AM… (I must remind you that I am a perfectionist and I want to be early to any appointment). Also, I had no time left and if I became lost or confused trying to read the exit sign names, I could have equal problem with re-routing. Somehow… I arrived at 11:27 AM but absolutely sure that I did not know how I did it!!!! HE BECAME THE DRIVER or GPS AND TOOK ME… Wow! In these kinds of events, I become like a little child looking up at Papa and thanking Him for His great love!

When I came back, I used the expressway and this time by mistake since I ended up in a lane that took me to it! After I arrived home, my Mother said, “This is the way that you should run your life, like you rode today unable to see well the name of the exits nor recognize the geography, but you did it under His mercy, changing lanes while trusting in your ability to do it with safety because you were under your Dad’s protection. Never forget it! The Rosary and Chaplet of Mercy that you prayed his morning opened your soul to trust in His mercy but in action!” On my side of things, the feeling was awesome, humongous, incredible and fascinating… There is no doubt that in this example He was showing me how He creates circumstances to lead me to prove to Him how much I trust in His love for me in action, and that is His mercy.

Tuesday, December 8th.

Even with great difficulty to drive in a very sunny day, I went to Mass and fully reassured with what had happened the day before. After Communion, Jesus asked me to pray a daily Chaplet of Mercy during the Jubilee Year on behalf of the Church asking for atonement for all our sins.

Monday, December 14 – Feast Day of St. John of the Cross

This was a major feast for me since I grew up with St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. In 1975, after a major professional persecution, I spent a year at home with the purpose of cooling off the people who did it, so that they would not write a bad recommendation letter for my next job. It was very hard to spend $100,000 from my savings and not knowing what would happen when I looked for a new job. By the way, I was saving some money because I was making way too much. At no time in my life have I worried in my future needs, not out of sanctity but out of His grace for me since it never became an issue! This was in Cleveland, OH and my parish was a Jesuit one. I used the time to attend daily Mass and to read in depth the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, which I knew in general but had not reviewed in many years.

The EWTN Mass had Fr. Trigilio as the celebrant and his homily helped me much. These are notes I took: this priest started saying that our love for God has to be purified… and St. John of the Cross worked on perfecting his love for God. (My opinion: this should be at the top of our agenda for our daily lives.) St. John Paul II read St. John of the Cross and he learned all about redemptive suffering. The end result is union with God or said in other words, one road to heaven is the cross. St. JP II suffered the night of the soul as St. John of the Cross did when his own confreres incarcerated him. Fr. Trigilio spoke about how God allows things to happen to make us strong. Blessed Mother Teresa also carried the cross of faith even that she did not get consolations.

At 11:40 AM, I said to my Mother, “I am tired (“harta” in Spanish) with many lay people in television talking about the family and what to do, how to do it and why. There is no need to do it if we parents do God’s will always, which in itself will redeem the family!” She answered, “But Jesus never became tired (harto) of you or of anybody else, and instead accepted to die on a cross! Today, what you understand is only through the graces you have received from Him, and therefore, you have not right to get tired but on the contrary, to become merciful by asking for mercy for them and if possible to pray the Chaplet for them right and there.” I immediately realized that this was a great teaching.

Friday,December18While saying the Rosary and the 50 Hail Mary’s, my Mother said, “Do not answer – ‘Pray for us sinners now and the hour of our death’ with any fear of any kind and with begging eyes in order to ask me to intercede for what you want. Always say this part of the Hail Mary with peace and joy because if you are asking for His mercy for EVERYTHING you need, you will get the will of God done in your life! This means that the results for these difficult times with many health problems will be perfect for your soul and body and for others.

“THEREFORE, each morning as soon as you face your daily challenges like pain and difficulty doing the cooking and cleaning after, if you ask for God’s mercy (that is His love in action), nothing will be needed, from resolving your crosses to receiving many graces like fidelity to His will and for finishing jobs in the house or driving to the supermarket. Otherwise, you may meet with  more difficulties and worse pain than ever.

“Learn in this first month of the Year of Mercy to bear everything with total trust in God’s love for you, asking for the total certitude that with His mercy you can overcome all crosses and besides, receive the graces for becoming a true disciple who seeks to save many souls! “

1)Meet the New Year with new eyes and new ears. In the next 11 months, re-read the diary of St. Faustina. Through it, the Lord your God will teach you many things using her writings. Divide the Dairy in 11 installments.  2) Show Jesus how much you trust in Him by often saying, ‘I am here to do Your will because it is the best that I can do to celebrate this year dedicated to exalting Your infinite mercy.’ 3) Choose a topic for which to ask God’s mercy for each of the following 11 months as follows:

1. January: pray for the Pope and Catholic Bishops to receive all the gifts of the Holy Spirit for shepherding the Church. Pray in atonement for all past and present sins of the Catholic Church.

2. February: pray for all ministerial Priests, most especially to grow in holiness of life and growth in pursuing a personal relationship with Jesus.

3. March: pray for all the Catholic laity especially for the following graces:

a) To daily pray the Rosary

b) To become a true child of the Blessed Virgin Mary

c) To become TRUE DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ

d) To daily practice Lectio Divina (reading the Bible with meditation)

e) For the end of abortion on demand and euthanasia plus daily praying for the parents who are planning such sins and for those who help them to do it.

f) For marriage to become what Jesus celebrated at the Wedding of Cana and what Yahweh created at the beginning of the world, the union of a man, Adam and a woman, Eve.

g) For the grace to always say yes to God’s will regardless of the crosses involved

h) For our obedience to the Ten Commandments, most especially loving God by doing His will, and loving our neighbor dealing with any hatred or resentment (this is done by asking for God’s mercy to cease doing those things). In doing so, to live in such fashion that the only noise we make is with our mea culpa; the only word expressed is thanksgiving; the only work is to love in all circumstances and regardless; the only gift we seek is the mercy of God and the only desire we have is to do all for the praise and glory of God and for the salvation of all mankind.

i) For the practice of self denial by observing mental silence to yesteryears, silence to tomorrow and silence to the present moment except for being present to God within, listening to His guidance and acting on it.

j) For the gift of receiving the soul and mind of a little child.

k) For the grace to pray day and night

l) For daily review of how we use the gift of time

4. April: for the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit to become evident in the Catholic Church. For some of us who live in the U.S.A., to daily present to the throne of God’s mercy,  the lives of all candidates to the Presidency and that the Holy Spirit may choose the next President according to God’s will for us.

5. May: for the youth of the entire world to escape the lies of the media and to find good sponsors to live a holy life.

6. June: for deep love and respect for brothers and sisters of other Faiths including those who are not Christians.

7. July: for God’s mercy to fall on all enemies of our Catholic faith in the entire world

8. August: for all Roman Catholics and all Christians to personally get to know the Lord Jesus

9. September: for the entire world to get to know and recognize publicly the Presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic Bread and Blood.

10. October: 1) For all Catholic couples not married in the Church, for them to do so and to baptize their children. 2) For all fallen away Catholics to come back to the Church.

11. November 1-19: 1) For vocations to the religious life and ministerial Priesthood but with purity of heart; that is, not to claim a call from God when actually there is a desire to have a free good education and growth in importance in the world’s eyes. 2) For all souls in Purgatory

Saturday, December 19

I did not feel well and actually pain and shortness of breath were present regardless of treatment for it. I became a little upset and told the Lord that the stress was so bad that I rather announce to Him that I would quit all further work for the Kingdom if He did not fix my situation of health. Deep in my heart, I know that my problems will be part of the book to be published since I keep finding many interesting things for the treatment of toxicity and which are not drugs per se, topic that should be well known by all, since toxicity is a source of cancer as well as obesity. I also know that the problems are important sources of suffering for my own salvation and the salvation of others.

On this day I was getting ready to go to Church for Confession, and the stress from pain in my knees despite treatment was so bad that I knew that I had to confess my inadequacy as a believer and ask for God’s pardon. At 11:10 AM, my Mother came to give me some counsel! She said, “Do not do that anymore. You cannot say ‘no’ to God’s will. You can ask for a change of venue but at no time you can give Him an ultimatum. His will is perfect. Remember that! Never doubt it! The physical scientific truths behind the toxicity of your body and what it is causing are no equal to the spiritual truth that God is in charge and will not allow anything to happen unless He ordains it or allows it!”

I went to church and my regular confessor was absent despite that he knew I was coming. Well, he had to be delayed for just 10 minutes but I did not know it and therefore, did not wait for him. I ended up going to confession with a priest I have never met, and it is hard to confess your sins to someone who is a stranger. My sins are serious if put side by side with my graces, so that I can receive a proper evaluation and counseling. Not only that, but with priests who are strangers, I have to mention what God has done for me for the proper evaluation of the gravity of the sins confessed; yet, I end up sounding like I am proud of my graces, which is not the case. Many years ago in South Bend, IN and Cleveland, OH, I had two priests who ended up giving me a horrible scolding for being sooo proud in exposing my blessings… Suffice to say that I rather have only one confessor and avoid these possible cases of confusion for my soul and also because they are sources of resentment on my part. All in all, on this day I suffered much… Yet, after all of this mess, joy and peace were present as always…  This is how He makes sure I know that He is behind what has happened. This is another huge proof of His Merciful Heart.

Monday, December 21

1:30 PM – I had gone shopping to the nearby Target store and upon arrival home, I felt a foreign body (FB) in my right good eye. I worried because it could damage my cornea in this good eye. Several times, I used drops that make tears in order to wash the FB out but nothing happened; I then complained to God about it. He said, “Always when you need something ask for My mercy!”  I did ask for His mercy but doubting… He said, “No, no, My mercy will always answer! Just know that there must be a reason why I have not fixed it after the drops.”

My lack of trust grew as I started thinking: “What if I need to go to an ophthalmologist ASAP? My most recent one is one hour away… Yes, I have the name of another that my retinologist recommended for the care of the good eye but as of yet, I have not made my first visit! Besides, it is raining and the streets are full of heavy traffic of people who are buying gifts!” Notice how my brain was storming with many ideas and it is obvious that I was asking for God’s mercy but not quite trusting in it! I ended up saying to Him, “What do I have to do in order for Your mercy to wash this foreign body?”

He said, “It is very simple. During this Extraordinary Year of Mercy, problems of any nature MUST BE PLACED UNDER MY MERCY with total certitude that I will answer immediately with what you want or not!”

Me: “But why are You not solving this simple important matter?

Jesus: “In this case because you doubt that I am with you always and taking care of everything. My answer in this case is not solving your problem… and simply because you are a doubter! Repent and then ask for My mercy to clean your heart. And how can you clean your heart? Again, by saying “yes” to My will for you and accepting that I am not allowing this FB to leave your eye and doing it convinced that it is for your own good!”

Me: I started to understand His point of view, repented and yes, accepted the presence of this FB as His will for me at that moment while asking again for His mercy.

Jesus: “Again, it is not My lack of mercy but your lack of openness to do what you should, like using these drops and even repeat them because they do not contain chemicals to decrease redness, and do it as you ask for My mercy and being ready from your heart to accept whatever outcome, since I am in charge and always listening to you and resolving your needs. In this case, the answer was to teach you first what trust in My mercy is all about! 

“This is the plan: 1) Walk in My Presence. 2) Never despair. 3) Ever! 4) Then be prepared to receive a resolution in the most perfect time. 5) Do the same with your health problems. 6) After you place them under the care of My mercy, expect them to be resolved in the time I have planned. 7) DURING THIS YEAR, TRAIN YOURSELF TO WALK IN MY MERCY as I have explained to you with this present problem.”

I immediately took a piece of paper to write this dialogue and before I could forget the exact teaching. At 2 PM, I finished jotting it down and I noticed that the FB was gone! I was amazed! I said, “I am sorry Lord for my stupidity. Enfold me in Your mercy to be able to love You and my brothers and sisters like never before, and use me to proclaim the Kingdom.”

As always, He repeats these teachings, and in this case it was very important to do so and He said, “This is the way to live this Year of Mercy: 1) Walking in My Presence wherever you go! 2) Calling on My mercy for all your needs but with the certitude that I am answering immediately. 3) Add your ‘yes’ to My answer and from the bottom of your heart, totally convinced that it is the best for you. 4) If you cannot feel this way, simply call for My mercy to give you the grace to trust in My love for you! 5) This training will allow you to live with the freedom of My love, once this Year is over. 6) Then you will be prepared to evangelize even when you do not even realize that you are doing it! 7) More than that, your petitions as I have asked you to write them for the next eleven months, will be answered much quicker, coming from a soul that dutifully lives united to My mercy. It is as if you will share with their souls the essence of My mercy.”

Thursday, December 24

At 2:30 PM, by chance I ended up watching a half hour story of the birth of Jesus but for young children. I became very sad as I saw the ugly status of the manger, dirty and cold. I had tears in my eyes and suddenly I realized that this is exactly a prophecy for these times. The majority of Christians in the entire world offer Jesus an identical state of their souls as a manger dirty with sin and cold with lack of interest for seriously following Him. Many others simply tell Him that there is not space in the Inn and send Him away. I finally understood of the why He had to show us His birth in such a way. He could have appeared as an adult but did not. He could have chosen to come as a baby but to find a nice Inn where to be born but it did not happen. He did not have to be born precisely during their journey, but He did!

At this point of my understanding I heard the Holy Spirit say, “At Mass tonight, consecrate your entire family to Me.” I already had promised my third son to offer this Christmas Eve Mass for him and family. The Holy Spirit said, “Yes you can offer the Mass as planned but consecrate the entire family to My Eucharistic Presence during this extraordinary grace-filled year. Remember that you consecrated each of your sons as newborns to My Eucharistic Presence. Now, consecrate all of you as a family to receive the graces necessary to become holy, merciful, obedient to My commandments and witnesses of My love for you as true disciples. The Church needs of such servants.”

Shortly after, I felt very ill with severe diarrhea. I worked very hard to be ready for the 8 PM Mass by taking a few medicines. And yes, my son and I went to this Mass and I placed the entire family on the Altar and after Communion, I consecrated myself and sons and their families to His Eucharistic Presence.


As you can surmise with the prior stories, this month was full of graces and scoldings that brought me to recognize and AS NEVER BEFORE, the importance of my crosses and how to be merciful in many ways. After 7 years of writing blogs on Divine Mercy, I can say from the housetops that Jesus, the Christ and Messiah King, is as crazy for each of us NOW as He was when He walked on earth. Just to make Himself present at every Mass in the entire world in order to come to our mangers or “Inn’s” and receive our love and worship, makes Him the only God that truly lives what He teaches. The time has arrived for all of us to turn to Him like never before and experience His mercy, which is a source of extreme joy and peace and love for Him and others.

May you have the most extraordinary new year of 2016, turning into disciples full of love for the entire world, most especially for all enemies. Only love can redeem this world… His love and ours are determinants of the future of this earth.

Thank you for all your prayers for me. Only with them I am able month after month to use these eyes that are sickly, and survive health problems without losing my peace and on the contrary, experiencing joy. God bless you!

I am still in the process of starting my use of the new computer with Windows 10 plus my new I-phone. I had resolved never to have an intelligent phone. Since I am retired, I hardly speak on the phone. Perhaps I use 200 minutes/month out of the free 450 with Verizon. Yet, since my memory is getting worse AGAIN because of the toxicity that I carry at present (point that proves how reversible it is), I love the GPS feature that takes me to wherever I need to go. Losing one’s memory covers the geography of places. Of course, as I have shared before, I have two identical memories and yet totally different… and so does a first cousin of mine, which points to a genetic trait. So, for each place, I have to memorize it in the two memories because if not, I may change memories (without my permission) and be lost immediately while driving. It is certainly, a cross.

So, I saw in AOL that I-phones were selling for one dollar at Best Buy with accessibility to Verizon, my carrier. I told my son and he found out that yes, but that it had to be purchased by the following day and it was days before Christmas. Therefore, quantities were low. He checked further via Internet and found an I-phone for $100 also a Best Buy. He bought one for me. Well, now I am navigating in the multiplicity of things that I can do and learn with this phone and he had to write all that I can do and how to do it… This son is a saint! My poor neurons are probably claiming a time off but now I can even read my emails when I am not near my computer! God is soo good!

So, regarding prayers for me, please continue doing so and that I conquer the present technology. Again, upon posting as it has happened with others, this site will change many things in this blog, like spaces between paragraphs and fonts and sizes of the letters. I am sure that somehow this could be fixed but so far, I have not asked my son to work on it. Since he is a very busy data base engineer, I have not tried to add more work to his own duties. He is on call 24/7, keeping the site always intact and working well for which he works and that is dedicated to communicate,  patients, pharmacies and medical profession,. Thank you so much for your help.

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