1. A way of offering “Thanksgiving” to God as a daily event instead of a yearly celebration 2. Pyramid with steps for building my spiritual house on rock

It is Sunday, November 29th and I am about to start the blog for this month. Yes, I have thought about it and took notes from many teachings I had on how to thank God and knew that the core of the blog has to do with thanking God for so many gifts and that includes His most particular unique will for me! However, I was never able to sit down and start the blog! My eyes have been bothering me more than ever and using the computer and exposing them to the glare of the screen gives me soreness.

I do know that I have prayed much in recent days and that I spent 2.5 days by myself because my son with whom I live, went to Omaha, Nebraska to spend Thanksgiving Day with his brother and family and joined by my oldest son  who lives in Los Angeles. I encouraged him to go and have 3 short days away from the routine enjoying his three nephews and one niece. They all deserved to be together.

I cannot travel since the pain in my knees does not give me the ability to run in airports if need be for a change of flights. Of course, there are wheel chairs available but not when flights are too close in departure than anticipated due to the huge amount of travelers for this time of the year. In the other hand, I was not born in a country which celebrates this feast and therefore, if I do not get to eat turkey with family members it is not a major problem for me. So, I was able to pray much and feel at home with my Mother’s visits and with the indwelling Trinity. Also, knowing that last month as in every month, I had asked for prayers for the content of this blog, I felt that I was extra protected by my God due to your prayers. I must report that I had a great month and learned much about thanking my Lord several times a day, plus being able to underline my need to do God’s will at all cost, day and night, in order to come out of this year of Mercy with as many graces as He wants me to receive. !

And sure enough, as I was looking in one of many flash drives storage devices for the list of thanksgiving that I made in 2007, I also found the story of my five years in Toledo, OH when I was retained by God by not allowing me to sell house in order to come to California or before the invitation of my son, to even move back to Costa Rica.  I found extraordinary writings that I jotted down at the time when I was not working and I had no permission to sell it. It was actually at Thanksgiving time in 2007 that I was given permission to do so and found overnight a parishioner real estate agent and the home sold in just 4 months, something impossible at the time since in my own street, there were 11 homes in the market, and some had been for sale for more than a year. I have mentioned this story several times in past blogs.This is how the Lord speaks to me of His love and of my need to do His will at all cost because it was and is and will be perfect. These findings of the stories detailing how I had this big cross of looking basically crazy and staying in a home which required $ 2,000 a month just for the mortgage payment plus the payment of property taxes and water, electricity, phone and the like while not working, was the most perfect will of God for me.

Just imagine how much more I would have suffered if I had just placed the property in the market which required keeping the home tidy and clean in case a buyer would ask to see it, and going through these showings and not getting anywhere! … Of course, I lacked one thing: I did it but it was painful to look like a crazy woman in front of my sons and friends … I should have never doubted and not be afraid of doing something as crazy as this move but I did not trust 100%. Yet, the will of God was sooo perfect that in hindsight, I should have been dancing with joy and THANKSGIVING FOR WHAT HE ASKED ME TO DO, knowing that His will for me has been, is and will be SIMPLY PERFECT…Unless we see what He does in our lives and reminisce on it even years later, we could not grow in faith!

With the retelling of this past story in Toledo, I am introducing the topic of this blog… Day and night, minute by minute, I must say yes to His will BUT besides that, I must THANK HIM FOR IT… with the certitude that any other way of solving the problem would be imperfect

So, before I tell you about a few things in my life for this month, I will share with you stories that I found in one of the flash drives and that will expose you to the way the Lord was teaching and directing me. I will copy directly from what I wrote then.

I must tell you that I  have not used as yet my new Windows 10 computer to avoid problems in posting the blog this late. And I also must remind you that this computer or system of Word Press uses different fonts for the letters and I do not know how to fix it… Besides, I have to spend a long time re-writing most of the passages that I want with red ink.


January 12, 2008 – Throwing papers out, I found the following written in a tiny notebook:

A.   From: February 10, 1997

I.              The power of God comes through us only in love. We must exercise love to have Him anoint the other, our neighbor!

II.            How to rise above my suffering?

1.    Embracing Christ and entering into fellowship with His sufferings in order to become conformable to His death and crucifixion.

2.    Doing it as a sacrifice of total self-denial to become a praise of the Glory of the Holy Trinity.

3.    Persevering in hymns of thanksgiving for all trials in order to offer Him the sacrifice of total trust in the middle of the darkness of pure faith!

4.    Offering my humanity for Him to be crucified again in my own body. In this way, I will make up for what it is lacking in His sufferings to ransom souls and the Roman Catholic Church (as of 2008)

III.           Every time that more suffering comes and I receive more humiliations, scourges and persecutions everywhere, I must:

1.    Understand that moving down into nothingness through death of self-pride and attachments, is a redemptive force for others that better worships, glorifies the indwelling Trinity.

2.    Recognize that this is precisely the way God wants to be glorified at this moment within myself.

3.    Remember that discouragement is a form of self-pride.

Sunday, January 13, 2008 — Before 12 Noon Mass

I wanted to give thanks for all the revelations of the past days… and how I was able to embrace the cross of 4 shredded bags of papers and documents, which were done in the midst of much pain due to the memories they brought me.  

Jesus Crucified: “No, thanksgiving is very important but not just as a word. Thanksgiving must be lived! How? By accepting all your crosses for the sake of the Church, both priesthoods, and then you become like Me, accepting Calvary out of love. Love of neighbor does not just love your brothers and sisters the best you can and no matter what. It goes much farther à It is to be willing to live very diligently with all your present sufferings (especially seeing the Church so sickly at times) and not wanting these crosses to pass you by, all according to my Father’s will. It is to be willing to lay down your life as I did, for her, My Church! This is true lived thanksgiving and not just said as a mere word…”  

At home 3 PM: “If you accept carrying this cross of the times when the Church shows dissipation, confusion, emptiness, persecution (at the time I was being persecuted by one of the sacristans who was a Eucharistic Minister as well!)  and put it together with the crosses of what you need (money, sale of home, painful memories as you throw out papers and many other things that forces you to review past events), and you do not complain or want to change them for the sake of other souls, then, you would have truly done what a good spiritual servant should do…”  

I suddenly realized that I hate all form of TV and even religious reflections and more reflections, and how much time I have wasted in these things probably because since I was not trying to embrace my crosses as He did, I therefore lacked graces thereof. I felt that tomorrow’s Mass must be offered in atonement and reparation for this waste of time.  I also understood that in 1997 I had heard how the power of God comes through us only in love. We must exercise love to have Him anoint the other, our neighbor! In 2008, I understand that this love is not only loving others but willing to embrace my crosses with great gusto for their salvation without trying to escape them. I then composed this prayer:

I thank my Father for these Crosses of the past, present and to come. I accept them with delight as I follow Jesus in our Way to Calvary. I welcome the suffering they produce and offer the pain in atonement and for reparation for all the sins against the Eucharist and to glorify and exalt the Holy Trinity, as I beg for the Mercy of God for the Roman Catholic Church (both Priesthoods)


B – Battle of Lepanto – Crushing the wall of Jericho

January 24, 2008    St. Francis de Sales Feast                                           

I. Intentions for all Holy Hours, Rosaries/Chaplets of Mercy, Novenas to Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, fasting from wheat and sweets and doing sacrifice (e.g. use of treadmill) 

1.    For Opus Misericordiae foundation: monies, assistant, organization.

2.    For me to trust like Our Lady did and to remember that she was full of grace but that I obtained many graces at Baptism and Confirmation to be a servant and .

3.    In atonement and reparation for the times I doubted God’s love and did not trust that what has been told to me for many years would truly happen  à huge ministry, book writing, a companion/helper for the road and all while walking on water.

(Note from 2015: notice how God was preparing me for the ministry done through this blog which started that same year on Nov. 3 but in California… Of course, at the time I had no idea what a blog was; therefore, I was imagining traveling with the message of the “work of mercy.)

II. Walk in God’s Presence and be blameless (covenant with Abraham)

1. Build a throne of praise, thanksgiving and exaltation, so that I can cooperate with God in winning all my battles. On even hours of the day à prayers to the Holy Trinity (Most Holy Trinity: I adore you profoundly. I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ  in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world)    Odd hours  àJesus’ Prayer (Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner.)

2. Build a throne of trust but for the right reasons and to draw God’s mercy for this mandate/vocation

·         God will win all my battles and He has done so in the past.

·         My actions have been led by the Holy Spirit all my life (major signs and miracles) to the point of being born in a very religious family where I was baptized and confirmed; knowing as a child His Real Eucharistic Presence ; knowing Him through His Holy Spirit (1977) when He called me to Ann Arbor (jobs that became available out of the blue) and finding the nun (Sr. Mary Faith) who would take me to meet Him in a new way, plus hundreds of incidents of supernatural guidance (e.g. in Houston, TX – 1989) or through locutions (starting in Puntarenas, Costa Rica on Nov. 1978) added to severe persecutions. Therefore, my work for Opus Misericordiae and assistant must become a reality.

·         I should trust that no matter what is going on, what I have heard that I am supposed to do and as crazy as it may sound, it will be because God loves me, will not lie or confuse me for so many years, and this united to all the signs I have received in that time.

3. Build a throne of obedience

1) By submitting to the will of God (which was the food of Jesus) and do it every hour as possible

·         With deep and purposeful embracing of the crosses for that hour.

·         By making I present to His Presence and asking for His Mercy in order to keep focused in what He expects of me.

2)    By rejecting excessive thinking on what others have done to me and therefore, purifying my memory of all that contaminates it.

4. Build a throne of love and mercy

·         Love God by trusting (faith) in His Love for me and by submitting to His will.

·         Love my neighbor to the point of willing to suffer for them, as a lived thanksgiving for having being given me so many blessings and using them for their sake with many remaining  blind, confused, divided by the world’s standards, lied to by the Media with billions of messages in TV, movies, books, magazines, videos, DVD’s, CD’s, I-phone texts.

5. Build a throne of spiritual servanthood, always seeking to leave the 99 sheep for the one lost and through a lifestyle of service as Our Lady did when she went to visit her cousin or when she mediated the miracle at the wedding feast of Canaan. A service focused on bringing mercy to the whole world through Opus Misericordiae. 

6. Build a throne of hope – that all will be well if I do and think and act with “faith.”

7. Build a throne of silence – saying the least, yet being present to others in love, service and forgiveness, tolerance and mercy.

8. Build a throne of sacrifice with a repentant heart and willingness to follow Him to Calvary every hour on the hour! 

9. Build a throne of self forgetfulness (of my will, desires and needs)

10. Build of throne of Glory to God by doing all of the above for His pleasure. 

11. Build a throne of persistent prayer, every hour on the hour and others (Mass, Rosaries, Chaplet of Mercy, Novena to the Holy Spirit)

12.Build a throne of fasting of senses (TV), food and walking as an exercise and as a form of suffering.

13.Build a throne of remembrance with thanksgiving for what God has done to prepare me for this moment as in the years  1957 – 1964 – 1965 – 1977 – 1978 – 1984 – 1989 – 1991- 2002 – 2008 and what God has done to prepare others for this Work of Mercy, and as He has done for me.

A final thought From Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar , SJ  (Eminent Swiss theologian — died 1988): “The future of the Church depends on whether laymen can be found who live out the unbroken power of the Gospel and are willing to shape the world.” 

III. Anticipate Satan’s attacks by always expecting him around, knowing well his tactics  and showing indifference through perfect confidence that my Lord will deliver me from evil, as I ask it daily in the Our Father.

I am the servant of the Lord. Therefore, here I am Lord, I come to do Your will. 

Luke 19:44 – “My house shall be a house of prayer”

·         I must have a sense of urgency for this job… “I must have an open heart not two sizes too small and a comfortable pair of shoes to step in no man’s land where the Kingdom of God is located.”

·         I must remember that what I lack now and probably always is a final address in a land of darkness.  This is a call to give myself permission to just get going… since with God at my side in charge of my battles, I only need a big heart and comfortable shoes.


C -To draw the Mercy of God to launch Opus Misericordiae as understood on this day, January 25, 2008, Conversion of St. Paul

 Praise, exalt and glorify God in word and action!


1. Trust like a child would that all battles present and to come are already  won, remembering that Moses and Aaron doubted and God punished them. Abraham and Joshua did not doubt Him and they accomplished extraordinary things for God and His Kingdom (hint, hint)

2. Embracing the will of God for each present moment without questions, and most especially of all crosses with great love for what they represent à many blessings and the highest of all à to comply with the command to be His disciple by following Him to Calvary as Our Lady did .

 3. Loving neighbors regardless, including total forgiveness, compassion, tolerance for their sins and willing to bear crosses/laying down my life for those sins.

4.Building spiritual thrones as noted yesterday

(End of old writings)


Sunday, November 1

Last month, I found a Rosary that addresses in each Hail Mary a blessed behavior of Our Lady and for which she was called “full of grace.” Yet, I forgot to share it. Here it is.

1. Hail Mary, full of Grace and the most faithful, The Lord is with thee, blessed are you amongst…

2. The most devout

3. The most humble

4. The most merciful

5. The most obedient

6. The most patient

7. The poorest

8. The most prudent

9. The most pure

10. The most sorrowful

Notice how one can remember it by  memorizing them according to the alphabet sequence –> F-D-H-M-O-P-P-P-P-S

Monday, November 2

Just before 8:30 AM when I pray the Rosary with the EWTN Spanish channel, I was worrying about my constant somnolence.. Of course, it is due to environmental toxicity in a body which has poor natural detoxifying abilities, yet, what should I do?

During rosary No 2 at 11:40 AM—I understood through the Holy Spirit that I needed once more to be corrected because my fidelity to pray three extra Rosaries/day is still due more based on the hope of solving with their power my numerous health issues, rather than to pray for others according to the list received on May 4th, 2015; things like the future U.S.A. Presidential election, souls in Purgatory, the healing of an autistic child from a close family friend, my own growth in trusting God’s love for me and others as well as my fidelity to persevere in my fiat at each moment as Our Lady did! I became startled with this understanding and agreed with it. (At the time I did not know that this experience had other consequences as you will read next).

3 PM: at the Hour of Mercy I was taking some medication and trying to wake up from a deep somnolence. Then my Mother asked me: “How is this moment?” I then remembered that I had forgotten to say “yes” to my problems of pain and extreme sleepiness as I am supposed to do as often as possible. She added, “This moment is so perfect that you should not want to change it in any way! Your entire life should be dedicated to thank God for what it is at each moment. He loves you so much as He does every other creature, that you should be totally sure of that truth! No matter what, He is always seeking your conversion in realizing that His mercy is abundant and dedicated to your coming back to Him for His glory. Your heart should be filled with thanksgiving for such deep love; therefore, just a simple yes to His will must be accompanied of a proof that you do not want it changed in any form, and this is done by thanking Him for what it is and for what it will be.”

I took my pen and piece of paper to jot down such extraordinary truth and it was then when I UNDERSTOOD THAT I SHOULD NEVER WANT TO CHANGE MY CIRCUMSTANCES IN ANY FORM… What is, is simply so perfect that the only thing I must do instead of complaining or even wondering why, is to thank God for it!!! Wow!!! THIS WAS HIS MERCY SHOWN LIKE IN A NEON SIGN…

Friday, November 6

At 8:55 AM and after the Rosary, my Mother said, “Do no keep fearing about your personal needs (she referred to my questions of living in this so toxic environment). THE LEAST AMOUNT OF WORRY about your future neutralizes the power of your prayer and suffering because God’s mercy is blocked due to your lack of trust in the TRUTH OF HIS GREAT LOVE FOR YOU!”

Saturday, November 7

In a homily recently heard in EWTN about our vocation, I suddenly thought:

MY VOCATION IS TO GLORIFY GOD at every second of my life. And the best way to do it is doing what Our Lady did with her complete, perfect, loving and pure Yes to God’s will followed by a life of many other FIAT’S.

Therefore, by doing what she did, the Holy Spirit will take me to different places to announce the Good News just as it was in her case. After she gave life to the Messiah King in her womb, she left to proclaim the Kingdom to her cousin and her 6 month old fetus, and in this way, they both were filled with the Holy Spirit, and we know because the Gospel of St. Luke’s describes how the infant in Elizabeth’s womb leaped for joy with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Then notice how Our Lady recited the Magnificat, a hymn that has many roots in the Old Testament (e.g.: Isaiah 61). I understand that it is a form of thanksgiving for what was going on in her life. Over all, this story reveals the whole secret for a successful evangelization for our soul and for others. It is so simple! So, my vocation is to worship God Who loves me soo much. And I worship Him by my constant fiat to all things that He wants of me, as I thank Him for what He has done in my life. After that, all of the work is divine and done by the Holy Spirit. In the Magnificat, Our Lady mentions God’s mercy. In my case, the topic of His mercy has been central in my soul since 1985, when I read the diary of St. Faustina. It was years later while working in Steubenville, OH, that the Lord expressed His desire for me to write a book on His mercy using the Latin words Opus Misericordiae (The Work of Mercy and presumably in conversion).

Since then, little by little, I was prepared with many crosses and blessings to end up in California on July 8, 2008. Four months later, I had started this blog even that I never knew what a blog was!!! All along, He worked very hard on my soul to teach me to live a constant fiat, which was not too perfect but nonetheless, He kept guiding me to stay very obedient to His will even when I did not understand why He was leading me through very perilous roads while asked to embrace all crosses. AT THE END and in 2015, I must solemnly declare that He was teaching me what His mercy is all about. It has been 30 years of living immersed in the topic of Mercy, although I still have with me the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Spanish and printed in Dearborn, MI which my grandmother gave me when I was still very young in Costa Rica. Therefore, the topic of God’s mercy has been around since my young years, as well as His blessings showing me His mercy in action. This was a wonderful First Saturday reflection…  

On this day I also learned that about 2 million people choose to buy cheaper medications online. They are contaminated with rat poisoning, toxic paint and even fake medication in them. Of all online pharmacies, only 4% are properly regulated and they have to have a particular seal called “VIPPS”. Every time we turn around, something else come to our attention that point to a total degradation of our love for neighbor. Personally, my secondary insurance after Medicare, denies coverage of enough pills per day for my blood pressure control unless I buy it through their online pharmacy. Of course, I do not do it and must pay from out of pocket! It is like everybody is engaged in trying to make money at the cost of making others pay for it.

Thursday, November 12.  

During the 8:30 AM Rosary, I remembered that I had composed a list of all the things for which I was thankful. I looked for it in my prayer folder and later looked it up in the computer. Since Thanksgiving was coming, I started reflecting on the fact that I wrote this list on August 29, 2007. However, I hardly go over it and remember of all what has happened since that time while living in Toledo, OH under the orders not to sell the home as yet. Probably this cross gave me the grace or the fruit of making such list. I am going to share it with you at the end of the blog in case you want to review it, although I may have shared it before in a blog of the past. Since the original without the updates was written in Spanish, I will copy it at such and add a translation.

I believe that this time of the year it is good to remember HOW RICH WE ARE…

Friday, November 13

Fr. Leonard from EWTN preached a wonderful homily on personal conversion. The Life on the Rock Program showed a young woman, Jessica Cox, who was born without arms. (www.Jessicacox.com). Born in 1983 in Sierra Vista, Arizona, Jessica has learned to live her life with her feet. There were many questions at the time about whether Jessica would be able to live a “normal” life. However, Jessica’s father has said he never shed a tear about her birth condition. He had full confidence in her potential. With the support of her parents and family, Jessica became confident in herself as an adult and continued to explore the world with her feet. As a child, Jessica studied dance in her home town. When the first performance arrived, she asked to be put in the back row. Her dance teacher told her there was no back row. Tentatively she took the stage with the other students and performed her routine. When she finished, the applause from the audience gave her encouragement and the confidence to continue dancing for 14 years.

Jessica’s parents eventually met a Taekwondo instructor named Jim Cunningham. His response when told of her birth condition was that she would be more than physically able and that only her attitude could hold her back. At the age of 14, Jessica earned her first Black Belt in the International Taekwondo Federation.

After graduating from high school, Jessica attended the University of Arizona where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. When talking about her degree, she frequently explains that psychology credits the way people think has a greater impact on their lives than a physical limitation. During college, Jessica found an ATA Martial Arts club and resumed training in the sport of Taekwondo. Even though Jessica already had one black belt in a different style, she had to relearn all of the color belt material. The instructors created a curriculum that would be accessible to any future armless students. Jessica then became the first armless person to earn a black belt in the ATA. Jessica’s most famous accomplishment was learning how to fly. It took three states, four airplanes, two flight instructors and a discouraging year to find the right aircraft: a 1946 415C Ercoupe Airplane. She received the Guinness World Record for being the first person certified to fly an airplane with only their feet. She  now works as a motivational speaker. She travels the world sharing her story and encouraging people to be creative and innovative with the slogan “Think outside the shoe.”™  

The program left me with a great deal of pain for my ineptitude in my many years of walking with Jesus. Why did I EVER WONDERED ABOUT GOD’S WILL FOR ME, especially in days when persecutions were overwhelming, and yet, I had two arms and the ability to work and do many things without any impairment in my body? Why have I been such a moron? Why? I had money, intelligence, knowledge to work as a physician in the United States; I knew how to speak almost perfect English and had four normal children… Yet, I never stopped and truly looked into my blessings and decided to accept the call to holiness by saying yes to God’s will with THANKSGIVING for all that went on? Why?

I did pray many times in repentance and little that I knew that soon, I would see other cases of extreme suffering and I actually had ignored them…

Saturday, November 21  

At 10:15 AM, my Mother in heaven started to say many things, all of which left me in deep awe.

1. Do not look back. Suffering has been so fruitful for you that looking back is senseless.

2. Thinking much now about what you have not done but without true repentance is good but only to avoid same future behavior. Therefore, once you repent, let it go!

3. Do not look into the future because it does not exist. Therefore, trying to plan your future is in act of self love and lack of trust in God’s mercy for you.

4 Only stay in the “yes” to the will of God and practice GRATITUDE for “what is” because it is the most perfect moment.. Thanksgiving celebrated once a year is good but not essential for your spiritual growth. On this national feast day, give thanks to God with your ongoing “fiat”. And that is true thanksgiving! Review the list of thanksgiving that you wrote years ago and meditate on the grace and mercy of God which gave you such blessings for which you have thanked Him, so that your “yes” to His will can be very powerful and full of trust. This practice will give you many more graces for the entire year!

5. As far as whatever you can do or not complete like chores in your daily life at home (cooking, shopping for food, etc.) remember that whatever you can do physically is the will of God for you for that day or hour or moment. Why then worrying for what it is left undone? On the contrary, center your attention in thanking Him for what you are able to do!

6. In the midst of every moment, think of those who have no money, food, a roof over their heads, lack of health, cell phone/Internet addiction. Those thoughts of how much you already have, will help you to recognize the love and mercy of God for you and move  you to obey Him even more with thanksgiving. The more you do it, that much more you will receive more blessings to continue thanking Him all day long, plus growing in trust for His love and mercy in order to witness this way of life to others and helping them find the way to salvation.

7. This is an example of evangelization like no other! Try it, taste it, make of each day a “Thanksgiving Day” and offer it up for yourself and the entire world and as you do it, ask for His mercy for the world which has lost their understanding of how to truly thank Him day and night! Work at this during the next 3-4 weeks so that you can present it to Baby Jesus as the welcoming gift into this world, and this welcome will give the Divine Child a feeling of warmth and comfort for all that He still constantly suffers with cold hearts and the persecution in these times of His Church.

8. AGAIN, the main ingredient of your welcoming arms and heart to the Baby is agreeing to not remember the past, have no future and only “what is now” as you wrap His tiny Body with the covers of your total consecration to “say yes” to His will for you, regardless of whatever is happening within you or in the outside world. He will fall asleep very fast as He  did as a Baby and we had to choose a manger for His birth plus a long trip to Egypt to protect Him! Again, say “yes” to all sufferings and help Him rest with a smile!

12:30 PM: during the Rosary, I was led to choose a page in the Bible and after my prayer, I checked it and it was Proverbs 10. After meditating on it, I wrote this, “The present moment is all what I have. Why not then invite the Holy Spirit to manage it for me?

Then I heard this, “Your life should consist in a chain of “Yes’s” to God’s will, and this way, you do not have to plan how to further convert yourself or how to evangelize the entire world! Let it be! The more you do it, that much faster you will be holier as your Father is holy in order for the Holy Spirit to guide you and empower you with His Gifts to do the work for the Kingdom that you were chosen to do for all eternity.

It is obvious that

this was another Saturday full of great teaching.

Sunday, November 22

I had pain in my knees as never before especially during Mass and after… In hindsight I can see how He was creating a scenario for me to practice my thanksgiving with a solid yes to what He wants for me at each moment.  

Monday, November 23

I went to the Whole Food Store (organic food and supplements) in nearby Walnut Creek. I had much pain to also go to Harvest, another similar health food store where I can get 25% discount with an Internet monthly coupon. In the early afternoon, I wondered if I should go to Harvest store and asked Him to tell me if I should do it, since the traffic is heavier than midmorning. He sent me to a page and yes, it was even underlined form a previous visit, and it said on page 115, “May go.” Leviticus 25:25! So, I went.  

After that I visited a supermarket because I felt OK pain wise. As I came out with very heavy bags and opened the trunk of my car, a very old man came out of another car which had just parked next to mine and ran to me to say, “May I help you place your bags in the trunk?” Of course, I said yes since they were super heavy and he had some trouble but I learned one more time of how my God wants to tease me with so much attention by sending me all kinds of angels as I call my human helpers. And this is part of my daily life: when I approach any store or ATM place, I know that someone will come from inside or outside and run to open the door for me!!!!! Even the women’s bathroom in my parish, Christ the King, has very recently installed automatic devices to push and open the door. I also remembered that He had given me permission to go to Harvest and to the supermarket on this afternoon… It was as if saying, “When I send you, all will be ready for you.” What a God we have… He is simply too much!  

November 25-30 – Visit of Pope Francis to Africa (Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic)

It was totally shocked by watching the crowds of these countries as they welcomed the Holy Father. The poverty in general was sensed, tasted and admired as they danced and seemed to have a good time. I am sure that similar events were televised in years past but I was working and too busy to watch the details. This time, I felt very sad for not understanding well their way of living with so little. Even that I was born in a small country and poor (not excessively but poor nonetheless), I had so much and have had so much… What have I done with so many riches, even now when I gave all my monies away but still have closets full of very expensive clothes that remind me of the past? It gave me a profound desire to thank God for the way He has provided! However, notice how it has taken so many years to live in awe of His Majesty’s blessings…

Thursday, November 26 – Thanksgiving Day

I was by myself and praying much. I had prayed six Rosaries the prior day and wanted to pray more on this day. It was a true thanksgiving day for me after having reviewed so much the need for my thanks to God for each moment of my earthly life. By pure chance I had a wonderful surprise. I ended up with the EWTN channel at 11 AM and Fr. John Paul and his mother were the guests of the Jim and Joy Program. It gave me so much peace and joy to see what a real Catholic family is all about! His mother exuded holiness and of course, this EWTN priest is a great preacher.

At the same time, three of my sons, one daughter-in-law and four grandchildren were together in Omaha, NE. For what I heard, apparently the 7 year old girl wants to become a religious. In the recent past, my theologian son and father of these four children had told me how the oldest boy who is 9 ½ years old, wants to be a priest. For the Mass of Thanksgiving he was one of the altar servers… Here again I see how God was working in Omaha while I was also involved with much joy and peace..

Also, at the hour of mercy (3 PM) on this Thanksgiving Day, my Mother asked me if I promised to work day and night to finish the book which will give many answers to medical problems (memory loss, depression, etc.) as soon as my health gets better, so that my eyes and pain do not get in the way. Of course, I promised. The book is done but it needs much editing…  

Friday, November 27

At 11 AM and while praying the Rosary, I understood this said by my Mother, “Whenever you feel content, at peace and joyous for not particular external reason, it means that your soul is dong God’s will for that moment. Thank Him for it!”

Tuesday, December 1

Not feeling too well, I went to a health food store and one of the bags was again too heavy. An older woman came out of the store just behind me and ran to me just to help me with the bags… It amazes me than everyplace I go, people run to open doors or carry things for me!!! Only my Lord could be behind this phenomenon that repeats over and over!!! He does not tire showing me His love and mercy! I wish I could do the same and never tire of thanking Him!!!


I do not want to add too much more to this blog or it will become too long. I have had much trouble in writing it because of my eyes… I do not know what it will mean for the future. I thank you very much for your prayers. I feel them over me… I am sorry that I have added many old writings; yet, I prayed about it and found that God wanted them here in this blog dedicated to thank Him for everything in our lives. Please pray for me as always just in case I may have to stop writing them.

May you have a wonderful blessed kick-off for the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy” and a very blessed Christmas. May we all experience the most wonderful year 2016 when we will celebrate the love of our Lord for us that it is also called His mercy.

If someone would ask me what I should do during this year of Mercy in order to end up with a major conversion on Christ the King Feast of 2016, 1) below is what I have been called to follow besides 2) daily Rosaries to Our Lady to secure her help, 3) the Holy Mass plus 4) the Sacrament of Reconciliation This will repeat much of the material I received in previous months to prepare for the Jubilee. However, this came in a nice way to remember it.


(Start at the bottom of the pyramid with step 1)


9. Then go and tell everybody about it!

        8. Graces like perfect trust

       In the love of God For me and

     My perfect love for neighbor plus  

       All the gifts of the Holy Spirit

         7. I sit down and wait for a

              Shower of graces

     6) I prove my readiness not by

           saying ‘Lord, Lord’ but by

             Obeying His will 

   5. Send a telegram to the Holy Spirit:

             “Yes, I am here ready

          To do Your will

       4.Trust meaning doing the will

           of God as He has asked us

    3. By trusting in Jesus Words and

          Acting on them- Mathew 7:21

   2. By building a solid relationship with

                   Jesus Christ

1. A personal conversion during the Year of

        Mercy needs a rocky foundation

Out of my personal experience, I want to emphasize that trusting God is a grace that comes from obeying His will. I feel that there is much emphasis in our Church to send us to do things for God with our desire to do them only. Yes, we can desire to trust in God and work for Him and ask for the grace necessary, but according to Scripture, THE KEY TO OPEN THE DOOR to do all things, from growth in our daily conversions to evangelize the entire world to the point of stopping the senseless killings going on everywhere in the world, that KEY is God Himself and acting in the sequence written above, gives us the answer because the Holy Spirit enters and does it for us.

Once again, this could be my last blog and I am very serious as I write this, since my health especially with my eyes is getting worse. I have no doctors with answers. My scientific answer and I believe it also comes from Him, is that I must move out of this area to a not so polluted place. Besides that, I need a couple of injections of Glutathione (each one $15,000 worth) to acutely clean my brain and eyes of toxicity. Once this is done, I am sure that my allergies to foods and imbalance of my blood pressures and sight problems will be resolved. However, it is up to the Lord to provide the means. I have proved in my own body the science behind the explanation I just gave.

Therefore, if this would be my last or one of the last blogs I write, I HAVE TO REPEAT IT OVER AND OVER: trust in God is all about obeying His Word which calls us to do His will at each moment, and to obey His Word we have to say yes to it and ask the Holy Spirit to take over and stop trying to worry about it or using our plans… The rest is history. Once we spend most of the day submitting to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and saying yes with thanksgiving to God’s will, we end up having tons of power to forgive, to trust, desire to pray tons and all day with joy and peace. It is fun to see and feel and taste God’s mercy all over around us, in us, over us, at our side… Why to complicate it when He is crazy about us and only wants our YES!!!!

As always, I ask you for your patience with my English. At times, I hurry up in order to finish and post the message because my eyes are in pain and do not edit it as I should.

I leave you with my translated 2007 list of thanks as mentioned before and some that were added afterward.  



1. Gracias por tu amor y misericordia (Thank you for Your love and mercy)

2. Gracias por llamarme por mi nombre desde mi concepción y nacimiento (Thank you for calling me by name since my conception and birth)

3. Gracias mi Jesús por haber venido a este mundo a sufrir y morir porque me amas mucho (Thank You my Jesus for coming to this world to suffer and die because You love me so much)

4. Gracias mi Jesús por dejarnos tu Cuerpo y Sangre, Alma y Divinidad en cada tabernáculo, por todos los otros Sacramentos y por la Iglesia que nos los da. (Thank You my Jesus for leaving us Your Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in each tabernacle, for all the other Sacraments and for the Church that gives them to us)

5. Gracias por obtener el derecho de ser hija adoptiva del Padre y heredera del cielo. (Thank You for obtaining for me the right to be an adopted daughter of the Father and an heiress of heaven)

6. Gracias por mandar tu Santo Espíritu a residir dentro de mí. (Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to reside within me)

7. Gracias por los Frutos y Dones de tu Espíritu que me han enseñado y guiado. (Thank You for the Fruits and Gifts of Your Spirit, which have taught and guided me)

8. Gracias por tus regalos de fe, esperanza y caridad. (Thank You for Your gifts of faith, hope and love)

9. Gracias por la familia humana que me diste: padres, familiares, hijos. (Thank You for the human family that You gave me: parents, sons and relatives)

10. Gracias por el esposo que me mandaste. (Thank You for the husband You sent me)

11. Gracias por todos los amigos, maestros, educación, honores, trabajos, regalos materiales y dinero que me mandaste. (Thank You for all my friends, teachers, education, honors, jobs, material gifts and money that You sent me)

12. Gracias por mi salud y por las enfermedades que has permitido que me lleguen. (Thank You for my health and all the illnesses that You permitted)

13. Gracias por enseñarme a orar y por el don del tiempo en esta tierra que me has dado para crecer en mi relación contigo.(Thank You for teaching me how to pray and for the gift of time on this earth that You have given me, in order to grow in my relationship with You)

14. Gracias por todas las tribulaciones, sufrimientos y cruces que has permitido para mi santificación. (Thank you for all the tribulations, sufferings and crosses that You have permitted for my sanctification)

15. Gracias por entender mis cruces/pasiones como regalos redemptivos para otros. (Thank you for having understood all my crosses/passions as redemptive gifts for others)

16. Gracias por darme la gracia de querer ser la dueña de mis pasiones/cruces. (Thank you for giving me the grace of wanting to be the owner of my passions and crosses)

17. Gracias por el regalo de una constante conversión y arrepentimiento y por entender que debo aceptar tu voluntad en todo. (Thank You for the gift of an ongoing conversion and repentance and for undersanding that I must accept your will in everything)

18. Gracias por no abandonarme en los momentos difíciles de mi vida y por la fortaleza que me has dado para sobrevivirlos. (Thank You for nort abandoning me in the difficult moments of my life and for the endurance that You have given me to survive them)

19. Gracias por recogerme en tus brazos en esos momentos y cargarme el resto del tiempo en que el dolor de la tragedia me inundó con tristeza. (Thank You for holding me in Your arms in those moments, and for carrying me the rest of the time when the pain of the tragedy inundated me with sadness)

20. Gracias por transformar todo tiempo malo y nublado,  toda tempestad en mi vida, en algo bueno como lo promete tu Palabra en Romanos 8:28. (Thank You for transforming all bad cloudy weather, all storms in my life, into something good as promised in Romans 8:28)

21. Gracias por protegerme del demonio y por designar Ángeles que me guarden. (Thank You for protecting me from the devil and for sending Angels to guard me)

22. Gracias por desechar mis miedos con tu amor. (Thnak You for throwing away all my fears with Your love)

23. Gracias por los momentos en que he podido caminar en agua cogida de tu mano, de Tu Palabra y sin miedo; gracias también por la paciencia que me tuviste cuando perdí tu mirada protectora y me quise hundir en el agua turbulenta. (Thank You for the moments that I have been able to walk on wáter holding Your hand, Your Word ans without fear; thank You also for the patience that You had for me when I lost Your protective look and I almost drowned in the turbulent waters)

24. Gracias por mi vida enToledo y persecuciones sufridas para ser purificada en mi vida espiritual. (Thank You for my life in Toledo and the persecutions suffered to be spiritually purified)

25. Gracias por suplir todas mis necesidades de acuerdo a las riquezas de Tu Gloria. (Thank You for supplying all my needs according to the riches of Your Glory)

26. Gracias por darme el espíritu de sabiduría y revelación para conocer la gran esperanza a la cual he sido llamada de llegar a vivir eternamente en tu Presencia en mi patria celestial. (Thank You for giving me the spirit of wisdom and revelation in order to know the great hope to which i have been called in order to live eternally in Your Presence in my celestial homeland)

27. Gracias por darme la gracia de haber perdonado a mis enemigos y de desear lo mejor para ellos. (Thank You for giving me the grace to pardon my enemies and of wishing the best for them)

28. Gracias por tus Mandamientos, beatitudes, por tus santos y por haber mandado a los profetas, incluyendo a tu Madre María, la Santísima Virgen, a advertirnos de la necesidad de buscarte y amarte. (Thank You for your Commandments, Beatitudes, for your Saints and for having sent the prophets, including our Mother the Virgin Mary, to warn us of the need of finding and loving You)

29. Gracias por darme la gracia de tener en mis labios y en mi corazón la frase: “Aquí  estoy Señor, vengo a hacer tu voluntad.” (Thank You for giving me the grace of keeping in my lips and heart, the phrase, “Here I am Lord. I come to do Your will.)

30. Gracias, en fin Señor, por amarme tanto. (Thank You for loving me so much)                                                 (8-29-2007)

After the above date I added: 

31. Thank You for my loss of memory and recovery that led me to find out how reversible it is.

32. Thank you for learning how the food additive carrageenan can cause depression in some of us.

33. Thank You for this home which has alerted me to the seriousness of environmental pollution.

33. Thank You for retiring in California with spectacular weather compared to the Mid West.

35. Thank You for my severe gastric bleeding of August 2013, which detoxified my body and allowed a 40 pound weight loss in 3 months, since this event proved how obesity in some of us is related to toxicity.

36. Thank You for allowing me to write blogs on the topic of Your Divine Mercy and for the help of Your Spirit while writing them.

37. Thank You for all the joy and peace that accompanies me day and night.

38. Thank You so much for my medical degree that have allowed me to understand my multiple health problems.

39. Thank you for the medical mistakes that I have suffered in my life, about 6 of them, in order for me to better understand the lack of true knowledge for all illnesses, despite all the technology available, and in this way, to pray for the culprits (e.g.: pharmaceutical companies) (END)

As you can see, it is important for me to read this list several times during the year, in order to SEE THE IMMENSITY OF GOD’S MERCY for me… and never complain about my problems but on the contrary, to say yes to all that He allows and thank Him for them.






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