The importance of our conversion in the daily life of our Catholic parishes and a way to do it.


I am starting to write this blog on Sunday, October 25 and feeling extremely challenged because what I must share, it may become not easy to accept… I do not want to disrespect you in any way; yet, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you may think as the rest of dedicated Catholics who are prayerful and spiritually very active, that we are doing the right thing… like praying daily, reading the Bible, being guided by the teachings of the Church and very involved within the parish fellowship. Yet, I have found that I cannot agree with all those points, that is, not with the teachings of the Church or the Bible Truth’s, but by the slow way we are seeking daily conversion, which in turn affects the managing of our parishes accentuating the role of Martha, when first and foremost we should get daily converted in becoming Mary… You will find out soon and with detail what I mean by these previous sentences. Suffice to say ahead of time that we tend to run to manage the journey of faith in others and daily we pay little attention to our own minute by minute conversion, IN ORDER TO ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT TO DO HIS WORK IN US AND IN OTHERS! We tend to become managers instead of servants!

I will give you some experiences according to the calendar sequence and tell you what has happened to me in these last weeks regarding living a life of openness to the Holy Ghost, and what I have done to receive the grace to do so and to see what this does to my brothers and sisters. In this regard, it has been very rewarding. And by pure chance, about 2 weeks ago as I was mulching in what to write for this month, I noticed that someone had checked my blog of October 2010 and as said many times before, I do not know who does it nor can I find out… So, I decided to check the blog and I almost passed out!!! It was a blog that teaches how you should live such life of openness to the Holy Spirit and I could not believe that I had been the recipient of the Holy Ghost’s grace to write it… Obviously, I could have never put it together because it was and it is still beyond my theological formation.

In fact, because my son just bought me a computer with the new program of Windows 10, I knew that I could not learn this new technical change and write this blog and post it… So, I was tempted instead of a new blog to just post much earlier a message asking you instead to re-read the blog for October of 2010. I still hope you do so… since I AM SURE THAT I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ITS CONTENT AT ALL… As it turned out, my son and I decided not to change this old computer for the new one but after I post this blog… At the end it made more sense since this month I have lived some things that are worthy of reporting and that have to do with this new life of daily conversion and its wonderful spiritual consequences, like interior excessive joy and much peace!

Since today’s Gospel for October 25th has to do with the beginning of this blog of October 2010, I will copy it in here to take a new look to this Gospel and the situation of the blind man whom Jesus made well and converted. I am also doing it because the topic of that old blog has to do much with the present blog… as I prepare for the Year of Mercy. May be, it will make you take a little more of your busy time and read it in its full content. Here it is a small quote of this old blog:

What is freedom? October 2010

This month I will report on my pilgrimage of the last 4 weeks and as the Lord guided me to understand my freedoms! This will be the outline of this presentation, just in case you may not be interested and want to quit this reading now!

1. How I was given the inspiration for this topic on freedom

2. What the world says it is.

3. What the Roman Catholic Church says it is

a) Catechism

b) Fides et Ratio Encyclical

4. Highlights of different days of this month that helped to elucidate the ultimate freedom.

5. Personal understanding of what freedom is.

6. Examples of freedom in other people

7.  Summary

8.  Update regarding my ongoing cure of POTS

1. How I found the topic for this month

September 27. I went to 6:30 AM Mass. The first reading had to do with Job and how God allowed Satan to take everything away from him. His answer: “The Lord giveth it. The Lord taketh it. Blessed be the Lord.”  Little did I know that these words would be part of the evangelization of my soul during this month! After Communion, I was asked and still in Church to look in a certain page of my little New Testament/Psalms book in my purse. It was Luke 18.

1) There is a blind beggar and he is told that Jesus was passing by. He asked for His mercy in a loud voice despite of being told to be silent… He calls Jesus, Son of David, a title related to Jesus’ role as Messiah. Of course, he gets his sight back… What do we see in the blind beggar that helped him be noticed and ultimately healed as well? He showed determination, lack of fear of those calling him to be quiet, and an inner sense of the divine by calling Jesus with a mighty title. In order words, the man had faith and “prayed” loud rendering as well honor to the King, but he was “free” to shout despite what other people said!!!  And of course, he got to “see”… Hmm… Not only that, but this beggar generated love for Jesus by moving the bystanders to praise God!

I then started pondering about how should I approach the Throne of Mercy at all times… In the case of Job, he had it all and lost it. His story was the total reverse situation of the blind beggar; Job also prayed with words of extraordinary acceptance of God’s will and without anger!  At the end, both won God’s mercy… Just imagine if Job had not been open to lose everything: family, money and his own health! His friends came to shut him up with many crazy arguments and just as the blind beggar, they asked him to be quiet. But Job never lost faith in God, and both kept their hearts opened to have God come back and render mercy to them. Notice also how Job became free to lose everything despite Satan’s work, and free to trust God despite the terrible losses. Instead, God used this tragedy to enhance Job’s freedoms and spiritually he obtained the ultimate success: the freedom TO TRUST GOD IN INFIRMITY, which actually is faith in and love for Him… Ah… what a gift!  At the end he recovers all material things plus children, but by then he was free of any attachment, human or material, since by now, He was closer to God than ever… Wow…Now, tell me if the cross is actually a straight route to freedom!!! LONG LIVE OUR CROSSES… Amazing grace, how sweet the sound… These huge crosses of Job and the blind beggar rendered magnificent fruits, and these examples should be a great hint to us… (End of quote)

It is interesting that this topic of always doing God’s will came to me over and over as part of the preparation for the Year of Mercy and I posted it in the last blog of September, 2015. I had found a plasticized card with the words that appear in point No. 6 and 7 (below) of the Personal plan to celebrate the Year of Mercy (received on September 11, while praying my second Rosary at 12:30 PM) and as follows:

“6. I must love God with all my heart and mind and soul by professing an unconditional YES to His will in my life with refusal to think beyond each present moment, and with the certitude that all which is happening or will happen to me is perfect and necessary for my salvation and of other souls. Or said differently, I must give myself to whatever God wishes and for as long as He wishes, and yet, never get personally involved in the pros or cons of each moment.

7. Trusting Jesus in action which means that I also must radically accept, embrace and offer up my crosses involved because of their sanctifying power as instruments of grace that cannot be wasted. To do so, I must often ask for assistance from His mercy with the grace to fulfill this duty of blindly trusting in His love for me.” (End of quote from last blog).

Let me now start my sharing regarding my experiences for the same month of October but in 2015!


Thursday, October 1

We had another destruction of lives in a college in Reseburg, Oregon. It amazes me how it is a common thing to kill human beings like never before. Yes, many are mentally ill but so they were in the previous century and this did not happen. So, what it is going on? I suspect that our killing of babies before they are born has brainwashed the minds of many, especially young people to see these killings as nothing, since the law of the land accepts the killing of innocent children and also of older people, like I saw being done in a hospital in Michigan back in the early nineties. Euthanasia started in MI by a famous doctor  (Kevorkian) who thought we have the right to die whenever we decide, and from MI it spread everywhere in the U.S. Of course, this had already been practiced in some countries in Europe!

Saturday, October 3

The pain in my knees if I stand for more than 10 minutes becomes unbearable. I feel like knives are entering these joints. I am taking the least amount of the painkiller because I hardly have anything left, since daily I used more than prescribed for the postoperative needs since I could not take the actual real heavy narcotics ordered by the urologist because I am very allergic to them.

Monday, October 5

I visited my primary physician and she had an answer for my problems but here is the email sent to my family which explains the things God can do in our lives better. Besides, this way I do not have to write it again since my eyes are still giving me problem if I write for too long in front of the glare of the computer screen…


I am exhausted but do not want this day to pass without telling you what happened today. I am exhausted because I had an appointment with my primary doctor Dr. Anita and I had almost no Tramadol left over for my pain in my knees that continues to be bad. I had made this appointment some time ago and it was so close in dates that I preferred not to change it for just 5 days. So, I had to go more hours between doses and practically not being able to go shopping so not to consume two tablets at one time. In fact, I almost canceled my Mass for last Sunday but my Mother came to say that I was sinning with lack of trust that going to see her Son was first in my life regardless of pain, etc. Of course, I was not driving to church since my son does it on Sunday’s and any pain present despite treatment, could be easier to handle!


And yes, God is in charge and answers ALWAYS WITH THE BEST FOR US, most especially if dear ones like you are praying for me. 

Anita was nicer than ever and when I told her that I was running out of Tramadol because I had to use more for the surgical pain of a few weeks ago, and that the urologist Dr. H. was gone from the group and unable to order more for me, she had a great answer. She would check with the pharmacy and would order 2 tablets three times per day, instead of twice per day if the pharmacist said that this higher dose was O.K. for patients. She did call and sure enough, she could order more per day and gave me a new prescription. She can do it via Internet for refills but once she had submitted to the pharmacy the original paper prescription.

WELL, HERE IS THE MIRACLE: now I will be able to attend daily Mass at least a couple of times a week!!! I kept asking the Lord why He had allowed for me to attend only Mass on Sunday’s. Also I can go shopping often enough because again, I can take two tablets before I do it. So far, if I took two tablets to attend Mass or shopping, then I would not have enough Tramadol for the rest of the day. The pain is so intense that I do not think that I can go to Mass every day, but at least I could try more often since I have more pain medication to spare than before. I do not want to overdo it with Tramadol because I get a little too drugged and become dizzy if I close my eyes.

 SOOO, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS. They worked in ways that I had not thought about it nor could I have asked my primary doctor to do it. But I am sure that the Holy Spirit gave her the idea and it was a miraculous answer. I have understood that this much pain in my knees is a call to suffer to offer it up, especially now during the Synod of Bishops, and for my own conversion.  I need to live the most perfect "fiat" regardless of whatever suffering so that I can defeat Satan and as my Mother did and this way glorify my Lord like never before, so that I can become a better witness of His Presence among all of us. Please keep me in your prayers because I am also offering all my sufferings for all of us, for our spiritual needs and growth. So, I can pay you back by offering my aches for you as well. (End of e-mail)

By the way, as of today, end of October, I cannot go to daily Mass because driving with two Tramadol’s on board truly poses a threat to other drivers. It gets me too drunk to pay attention 100% to the rest of the traffic around me. Yet, this is God’s will for me and He knows why!


Tuesday, October 6

On this day I noticed that I have so much somnolence (I am sure that it is due to toxicity in my brain besides a product of the pain medication), that during the night if I need to take Tramadol with some milk that I bring to my room and place it over some ice, there have been times that I wake up with half of the milk still in my hands… and this about half hour after I drank the other half with the pill… This truly shows what toxicity is doing to all of us in this world and worse to some of us who do not make enough glutathione, the natural detoxifier made by our livers, and this due to the lack of 6-7 genes.


Today I found again the plasticized card (size of a credit card that I cover with some plastic material) and that I made on June 29, 2013, about 6 weeks before I suffered the severe gastric bleeding on August 2013 that took me to the hospital twice to receive 7 units of blood. In hindsight, it amazed me to see how the Lord was preparing me for that moment. I remembered on this day what St. Padre Pio said, “The best Creed is the one prayed while walking during a very dark road of our lives.”

Below you will find the content of the little card and please notice the preparation received for the hospitalizations on August 2013. I remembered that I mentioned in September 2013 how nurses and cleaning personnel of these two hospitals where I was taken would come to my bed to hear me talk about God…Well, it is now that I get it!!! Of course, I had been prepared ahead of time for this evangelistic work. They were fascinated hearing that I was accepting these dangerous events of almost dying due to severe gastric bleeding twice in 2 weeks down to a hemoglobin of 5.2 grams… Well, this is the preparatory truths given to me in the prior June:

“I must refuse to think beyond the present moment to avoid any worries which are 1) unfounded, since God will give me only what I need for each moment. 2) They are also a source of fear, distraction and invitation to run away from my yes to God’s will. 3) It will also impede my acceptance and embrace of my crosses. Together, I will fail to trust in God’s love and mercy for me. Without trust (faith without fear), I will not be able to save souls and no matter how much I pray since this trust is a “yes” to GOD’S WILL BUT IN ACTION and not empty words, which brings an ocean of His Mercy to all of us. And it also becomes of infinite value, since it will bring a yes to all suffering necessary to emulate Jesus’ Passion and this way, truly follow Him.”


In hindsight, I am sure that this is what I kept repeating to all people who stopped at my bed to hear about Jesus! Notice what evangelization is made of. It requires our conversion to follow Him as He asked as to do and this is taken by the Holy Spirit to bring many to His Gospel. Seeds are sown and the rest is for us to keep such life in order to keep evangelizing little by little, at times, person by person, but nonetheless, as instruments of the Kingdom.

Thursday, October 8


I went to a nearby supermarket to buy some milk and passing by the pharmacy section, it occurred to me to ask if they sold the probiotic VSL#3, the one I was given to take by the gastroenterologist at the time of my gastric bleeding. I have other places where I order it like Target but something led me to ask them. I found a nice lady and she ordered it to be there the next day, and since it has to be refrigerated, they keep it in the pharmacy section.


Friday, October 9


I went to pick up this probiotic and found out why I had been lured by the Holy Spirit to order it there. A 40’sh year old employee named Venus took care of me at the pharmacy and it turned out that she was from Puerto Rico and spoke Spanish. There were no clients around and so I decided to tell her about how I had reversed my dementia and why. She loved the story. Then I said, “I have another story,” and proceeded to tell her how carrageenan causes depression in some of us and how to know it by taking Ensure, for example, and checking if feeling depressed within 2 hours in order to detect if this food thickener is a source of depression in our particular body. At this point, Venus’ eyes were tearing. I told her that I tell people about it because God is soo good and that I would not bug her more on that subject, but that He led me to learn about dementia and its cause in my particular case and about carrageenan. She said that God was wonderful because she had just started to take medication for depression!!!! She would check up right away if it was coming from carrageenan since this food additive is commonly found in many products like cottage cheeses, some yogurts, diet salad dressings, etc

I then openly said, “But do you believe in Jesus? She said, “yes”. Then I asked her to thank Him for having led me to use this pharmacy to get the VSL #3 and finding her in this particular morning with no clients around!!!

 IT WAS A HUGE SIGN FROM GOD OF HOW HE CAN LEAD US TO EVANGELIZE AND DO GOOD TO OUR NEIGHBOR! And I repeat, this was another example of evangelization as programmed by the Holy Spirit. Please remember these events where evangelization was amply practiced without I really knowing what would happen. This must be well reinforced in our parish life; of how each one of us and if we are faithful Christians, we simply HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO BE MOVED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT IN OUR EVANGELIZATION PROGRAMS AND PLANS. We do not have to MANAGE anything, except our souls by much prayer and constant fiat to His will especially in what respects to our crosses, and use this suffering for our own conversion as we plead for His mercy in our lives to be evangelizers, and the rest will be done


At 1:30 PM while watching the program of Dr. Oz on the subject of post surgical dementia… this 40 + year old man came to the program to tell this doctor that he had a general anesthetic and after that, he could not remember anything. 12 years later, he is still working at recovering some of the memory by associating images with stories and this way being able to remember what he needed to. Dr. Oz explained with pictures of the human brain that it was most likely a lack of oxygen during the anesthetic to the area of the hippocampus which had caused the memory problem.  I REALIZED THAT I HAVE TO FINISH EDITING THE book I am writing on this subject matter. If this man had learned what I know now and received detoxification, his memory loss would have been reversed. This day was a day of extraordinary moments where my God kept reminding that I have to publish this book ASAP… since two people needed to hear about my findings.

Before I continue with more stories, I need your prayers. I have written a very special Rosary (in the mid nineties and added in 2002, the Luminous Mysteries), where I have written extraordinary reflections on repentance and prayer regarding each mystery. I could say that it is another example of what God wrote through my brain and hands more like the blog mentioned above from October 2010… Since 2002, I have made copies and given it to some priests and friends as a gift but recently I have received the order to publish it. Worse, I have been told to send it to Ignatius Press… Well this is impossible to do without God’s intervention to even think of this prestigious publisher. So, among the things to do soon, is to send it and let my God take care of the rest! But please, pray for me that if it is His will that I hurry up and do it… He dictated these reflections for each mystery and I guess it is time to share them to make the praying of the Rosary more powerful and in general more attractive!


Also, on this day my son, with whom I live, bought me this brand new computer. Please pray for me that I can learn the new technology…in order to write more blogs with ease.

Monday, October 12

Some DAILY reports about the Synod of Bishops are coming through EWTN, but the ones that I like the most are from the Spanish ETWN… Mr. Alejandro Bermudez with several guests has superbly covered different topics.


On this day, I was able to comprehend like never before the importance to pray for this Synod. The topics are extremely important for the future of marriage and any division among the Bishops about this subject is not their problem… It is our problem because we can truly pray and get results, but this prayer must always be accompanied by our ongoing conversion!!!

For some days now, my own conversion seems to depend on living a changed life and I have understood that I must PRACTICE the next three things at every present moment, if I want to truly grow in my conversion (and obviously united to strict obedience to all commandments, Church teaching and the reception of the Sacraments). I carry three cards with me to read and pray several times per day, in order to remind myself of following Him as a disciple, one that denies herself and picks up her crosses moment by moment and asks for His mercy. In he last blog I understood what to do during the Year of Mercy. This month, those needed things have been put into practice !!! And here they are:

(1) Say yes to what is and no matter how much pain is generating.  A yes like in the card of June of 2013… Daily, I must say a prayer given to me about one year ago and of which I made another plasticized little card as follows:

“Here I am Lord to deny myself. I am here to do Your will. I am here to embrace my present crosses. Here I am Lord to follow You and Your example and to love You with all my heart, mind and soul and my neighbor as myself and as You love them. (3) Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner and increase my trust in Your love for me so that I do not worry in each present moment, not even for a second. Also, increase my fidelity to obey Your will as Our Lady and Our Mother did. Amen.



(2) I must ACCEPT and offer my sufferings and pray several rosaries (at least 3 Rosaries a day as He requested on May 4th, 2015) for a list of special intentions…, besides the one for the Family and the Rosary or what I call, the Community Rosary, where I cover many people with the 50 Hail Mary’s. I have written the names and intentions for the Family and Community Rosaries. At the end of the blog, I will share some of the special intentions for the three daily Rosaries. (3) I also must ask for God’s mercy which is covered in one of the cards above mentioned.

Notice the importance of asking God for His mercy in self denial and embracing one’s crosses… In Luke 18: 9-14:  Jesus tells the story of two people who went to the Temple to pray; one was a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The first one prayed thanking God because he did everything perfect. He was no greedy, dishonest, adulterous and was not like the other person, a tax collector who with his eyes down prayed, “O God, be merciful to me, a sinner.” Jesus told the disciples: “The latter went home justified, not the former…”


There is no question in my mind that the time has arrived when I have to truly shake the work of Satan with my LIVED “fiat” (and I am not referring to the car as the Holy Father rode in the U.S.!!!). And repeating again, consisting in the offering of my crosses moment to moment, with prayer of several Rosaries plus begging my Father for His mercy. WE HAVE SO MUCH POWER AND SATAN CANNOT DO MUCH ABOUT IT, if we take the time to act as true disciples and or as He told us in the Scriptures and through His Church BUT right now. In fact, I will touch this point in the final section of this blog.


This past Friday, Oct. 23, I heard the story of the Haitian priest Fr. Louis Merosne ( about the power of the Rosary in his evangelistic work in Haiti and he cited stories of people undergoing exorcisms, how the evil spirits scream through the person being prayed for, of how much power Our Lady and the Rosary have over them.

I also have been offering all the Rosaries I pray (Family, Community and the 3 I must pray daily) for an 11 year old child with autism and this for at least a year. Well, his mother reports how much his explosive behavior has changed and how much more he understands her requests. THE ROSARY, THE ROSARY AND THE ROSARY is a powerful tool that we simply refuse to use to save souls and convert ourselves as well!!!!!

So, to help myself in this endeavor, I carry with me the plasticized cards that I mentioned before especially while at home, so that I can read them and remember that my fiat must be lived right and there… If I am not totally convinced that God can do all things because my health problems are getting too much to bear, or if I simply say yes to His will as I offer my sufferings and pray for others asking for His mercy but still wonder about tomorrow, then I must say more Rosaries and my Mother will get it done before the Throne of Mercy. Her prayer is powerful and the Bible is clear about it… Why do we have the story of the wedding at Cana? Was it for fun or to indicate her intercessory power? And besides, it was between a man and a woman. Two birds were killed with one stone!!!! Our Lady did not want to stop the celebration of this union… Huh! She practically induced her Son to start His public life ahead of time to make of the union of marriage a super important one. Also, for Jesus it was important to celebrate it despite that the hour was not the best!


In the same manner, I MUST DO WHAT HE DID: to sacrifice myself by totally denying my own will and accepting God’s will at all times and no matter how painful it is for my knees and not even being able to attend daily Mass… plus the change of urologists and the rest, because He did it for me and does for all of us. And so, I am trying very hard to comply with this style of living each present moment… I often reflect on this: there is no past and its memories. There is no tomorrow because it will never exist until it becomes the present moment. It only points to what I do each moment and how I walk my daily “Passion” for the good of my neighbor and to give Him Glory. He will do the rest…And the rest means that we could change this country and its killings, where fans are willing to pay a huge amount of money just to see in one game, a ball being batted for 9 innings and 27 outs! I read this news from the Internet:

(October 26) Someone is selling Mets tickets for Game 3 of the World Series on StubHub for … one million dollars. (Ouch)

Thursday, October 15

The following story will be told to prove how God uses us for the sake of others, but at the same time, to give you an idea of how to cure cancer, something that I have read since the early 1990’s.

The man that picks up our trash each week is from Mexico and has a brother that was diagnosed with cancer already spread to the liver! He was going to start chemotherapy when Germán told me about it. I sent this man with his brother two containers with Barley Grass to take daily as a detoxifying agent. I had bought it because I knew of its power as detoxifier and as found out by a Japanese doctor in the 1970’s, Dr. Hagiwara. I know of several people that by detoxification with this product, they cured their cancer, including a doctor here in San Francisco who had spread breast cancer and just Barley Grass cured her. I tried to take it myself only to read the label and realize that they use powdered rice to mix with this herb and I am deadly allergic to rice although only in recent times.

On this day, Germán came to report that his brother had finished the chemotherapy but that the results were not the expected ones because his doctor was fascinated that all his metastasis to the liver were gone and that no sign of cancer was present. He could not believe what happened since the chemotherapy per se was not expected to do it, and of course, the patient did not inform the doctor since in general, our MD’s do not believe in the value of herbal supplement therapy. In this case, the Lord placed Germán as the trash collector for our house only 2 years ago. Then, he mentioned the problem to me and I already had with me the product plus I sent his brother some information of what I already knew. And yes, toxicity causes cancer… Well, this is another example of how just living in the present moment doing what I am supposed to do, the Lord can use me to help other human beings…Therefore, we can be super powerful giants in our love for our neighbor by just following Jesus and trying to do what He did…

Important news just found in AOL. à Air pollution kills 3.3 million worldwide, and may double

Air pollution is killing 3.3 million people a year worldwide, according to a new study that includes this surprise: Farming plays a large role in smog and soot deaths in industrial nations.

Scientists in Germany, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Harvard University calculated the most detailed estimates yet of the toll of air pollution, looking at what caused it. The study also projects that if trends don’t change, the yearly death total will double to about 6.6 million a year by 2050.


The study published in the journal Nature, used health statistics and computer models. About three quarters of the deaths are from strokes and heart attacks, said lead author Jos Lelieveld at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Germany. The findings are similar to other less detailed pollution death estimates, outside experts said.


"About 6 percent of all global deaths each occur prematurely due to exposure to ambient air pollution. This number is higher than most experts would have expected, say, 10 years ago," said Jason West, a University of North Carolina environmental sciences professor who wasn’t part of the study but praised it.

Air pollution kills more than HIV and malaria combined, Lelieveld said.

With nearly 1.4 million deaths a year, China has the most air pollution fatalities, followed by India with 645,000 and Pakistan with 110,000. The United States, with 54,905 deaths in 2010 from soot and smog, ranks seventh highest for air pollution deaths. What’s unusual is that the study says that agriculture caused 16,221 of those deaths, second only to 16,929 deaths blamed on power plants.


In the U.S. Northeast, all of Europe, Russia, Japan and South Korea, agriculture is the No. 1 cause of the soot and smog deaths, according to the study. Worldwide, agriculture is the No. 2 cause with 664,100 deaths, behind the more than 1 million deaths from in-home heating and cooking done with wood and other biofuels in developing world.


The problem with farms is ammonia from fertilizer and animal waste, Lelieveld said. That ammonia then combines with sulfates from coal-fired power plants and nitrates from car exhaust to form the soot particles that are the big air pollution killers, he said. In London, for example, the pollution from traffic takes time to be converted into soot, and then it is mixed with ammonia and transported downwind to the next city, he said. "We were very surprised, but in the end it makes sense," Lelieveld said. He said the scientists had assumed that traffic and power plants would be the biggest cause of deadly soot and smog.


Agricultural emissions are becoming increasingly important but are not regulated, said Allen Robinson, an engineering professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who wasn’t part of the study but praised it. Ammonia air pollution from farms can be reduced "at relatively low costs," Robinson said. "Maybe this will help bring more attention to the issue."


In the central United States, the main cause of soot and smog premature deaths is power plants; in much of the West, it’s traffic emissions. And Lelieveld said that if the world reduces a different air pollutant — carbon dioxide, the main gas causing global warming — soot and smog levels will be reduced as well, in a "win-win situation in both directions." (End of report)


Let me repeat that I live next to a huge expressway and a petroleum power plant. Here is the answer to my health problems which became terrible since 2008 when I arrived in this home. So, at times I tell my Lord as to why He has not changed my whereabouts… His answer: “Just trust in My mercy and all will be well. In the mean time, use it for the good of your neighbor.”


These words took me again to thank Him for allowing my health problems related to toxicity, since He told me how to reverse my memory loss. Many years ago, He led me to become an acupuncturist in order to now treat myself with electrical acupuncture at least 4 times per day and after every meal, since my allergy to so many foods and chemicals hidden in them cause much pain in my knees. Acupuncture diminishes the allergic reaction (pain) by 80% for at least 30 minutes. And therefore, I can share all of this in the book to be published. Well, the case of this patient mentioned above is clear evidence that detoxification killed the cancer and also fought the power of the toxicity from the chemotherapy…Please, keep this in mind…


Saturday, October 17


The pain in my knees was getting worse, and again, I was reminded that I must pray at least 3 Rosaries per day but for the list I have of special matters in the Church and in the world and some personal ones, and keep saying yes to the present moment since such moment is simply too perfect to try to get away from it. On this day, I felt a deep call to conversion like never before. I just need to enter into a yes to God’s will but for the right intentions as I forget myself and my difficult crosses. I felt that it was a time for becoming merciful towards my brothers and sisters as I deny myself and my calamities…So, I ended up praying 6 Rosaries and reflecting often during this day that we are living a horrible scenario of killings everywhere. Every day we kill many babies. In some States we kill those who decide to end their lives for health reasons. We kill in the name of mental illness many in different schools, colleges. We are going through a time of candidates to the Presidency of the United States of America speaking of each other with so much hatred that it simply petrifies me that one of them will be elected the President of this country in 2016.


Morality is basically not spoken of since immorality is accepted everywhere as our choice. Satan is reigning and many of us are not running to detain him. When I think deeply in this disaster, I know that I have TO SUFFER AND DELIGHT IN IT, and offer it up to atone for our sins in front of our merciful Father. But what are we doing as a Christian Church? We seem to be excellent at complaining about this horror but I do not see SAINTS in a every corner of our cities, people that can inspire me, this old sickly woman. Most of the time, not all the time, my Mother turns to me saying, “Why are you complaining? You know my Son and you delight in His Presence. You accept His teaching and try to follow it. Instead of getting anguished about this reality, think about it and turn around and console Him with your suffering but well accepted because you want to do what He did while on earth.” On those moments, I normally feel terrible, stupid and cruel towards the Holy Trinity. I repent and start praying another Rosary for myself and my lack of love for God. In most instances, I then receive much peace and joy and I am taking time to describe all of this because yes, God is totally alive and among us, and we simply have to walk in this journey of conversion and penance and atonement, expecting that His mercy will take care of many souls and help us grow in our work as disciples.


It was 1:20 PM when the college football teams of Michigan and Michigan State were playing. I lived two blocks from the huge Ann Arbor stadium (that can sit 105,000 fans), BUT I NEVER PRAYED FOR THE PEOPLE AND THE TEAMS DURING THOSE GAMES, games that made our lives miserable when trying to come back from shopping and fighting the crowds entering or leaving the stadium. Why did I not think about it? I was very religious… At that time I already was Baptized in the Holy Spirit, or said differently, I had renewed my Baptismal and Confirmation visits of the Holy Spirit. I was a “charismatic” and attended prayer meetings, and yet, I COULD NOT SEE THE BIG PICTURE… How sad? I was seeking God but for my own pleasure and placed the second most important Commandment in the back burner…


Sunday, October 18


For his homily, Father John Paul from EWTN gave a fantastic review of the different forms that EWTN evangelizes using the media in all its forms and how expensive it is. How wonderful it was to see how God can do all things when people have faith, from the founder to all who collaborate in this enterprise. EWTN work is GOD’S MERCY in action!


At my own local Mass and after Communion, I promised Jesus  to keep our deal, God’s and mine, that is to pray at least 3 Rosaries minimum (besides the family Rosary and the community Rosary), and to practice the three points for each present moment: 1) My fiat. 2) Offering of my crosses with great gusto. 3) Asking for His mercy and all for the list of things that He wanted me to do it for. I also offered this Mass in atonement for my own sins. Despite that I had taken two pills of Tramadol at 6:10 AM, by 8 AM as the Mass started, the pain in my knees was brutal, again, like knives entering my joints. Walking to receive Him is normally a most difficult action since I am drunk and yet in extreme pain… However, after having heard the work of EWTN only 3 hours before, I embraced my cross with great desire and actually delight.


Monday and Tuesday Oct. 19-20

I am placing these two days together because I reported it to my family of both days via email and I want to share the email with you to avoid more use of my eyes re-writing the story and because it was a wonderful experience.


My dear ones: I would not know what would be of my life without so many prayers said for me. I just lived two wonderful days. Yesterday, I had the post operative appointment with the never met urologist… I had prayed bunches, including last Sunday at Mass and for me to be a true Christian when I would meet this man since he is not directly responsible for what happened: that is 1) That Dr. H. had left. 2) That I still have a very obvious symptom of needing to go to urinate quite often, although not as bad as it was before. I least now I can last the entire Sunday Mass (50 minutes or so) without suffering too much, since this can get my blood pressure up…

BESIDES THAT, the great news is that this month my God has given me one of the most extraordinary gifts: a plan of how to live every present moment and the gift to do it and the rewards coming with it… It has been simply out of this world. I will not go in details because this morning I went to the retinologist and I cannot use my eyes for too long… And because of this plan that I have been practicing for the last two weeks with ease, without too much effort (pure grace), I ended up evangelizing the new urologist and forming a huge bond with this 40-ish man.  

Just think what some doctors of his group are suffering by having to deal with Dr. H.’s patients. I am almost sure that many patients would ask questions as to why it did happen, something that they cannot divulge (legally speaking). Others may show some disgust or fears, etc. In my case, when he came into the room I had been placed, I had much peace… Yet, I did not know how things would go. I may have found a proud man trying to exercise a controlling attitude or one discriminating this old Latino woman! He smiled as he came in and said hello. He started asking questions, some of which I already had answered via a Q/A paper they gave me on arrival. I told him that I had the same urinary urgency although with a little more time between visits to the bathroom. Then he offered to give me some medicine that could decrease the activity of the muscle of the bladder. He had not other answers for my troubles and basically, I am at square one again…

Suddenly, I said to him: "I am a very religious person since age 6.5 years of age, and I WILL NOT BUG YOU WITH THE THINGS OF GOD (I usually do that from my heart since some resent to discuss this topic or worse, do not want to be evangelized at a moment that it is not proper. I agree with them since it is not fair on a human worldly way and we should respect our neighbor). I continued by saying that despite this mess I was living, I was sooo full of joy and peace (and of course, my face was demonstrating these feelings). I also added that he had no direct responsibility for what happened to me and that my duty was to respect him for who he is: a human being who deserves respect. I also mentioned that in my many years of practice, I belonged to different groups of anesthesiologists and that at times, there were factions in the groups. I added that unfortunately we forget that we all have the same rights and should show some love in our professional relationships, and yet, many did not keep this attitude. He moved his head assenting to what I said.  

HE then STARTED TO SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR. I could see how the Holy Spirit was entering this man and he was simply fascinated with what I was saying. At the end of my short talk, he said, "But I am here to be your doctor and take great care of you." His face was beaming… It was a moment of evangelization of this soul and one that God was able to demonstrate because of the many prayers, yours and mine, asking for assistance to be a real Christian when I met him. And there is no doubt THAT PRAYER AND ASKING AND KNOCKING TRULY WORK. Part of my plan that God blessed me with and mentioned above was to always be so dedicated to do His will in everything and for everything. The fiat of Our Lady but truly lived and accepted with great gusto is a powerful tool of evangelization… Amazing. We finished and he asked me to follow him to give me the medicine samples that I will try for an entire month. I will visit with him in one month again. We parted as great friends and liking each other…

Today, as told before, I was at the retinologist office and he did not give me an intra-ocular injection because my eye is stable and looked the same as 3 months ago. He insisted in dilating my good right eye to check it again and said that this eye was doing great, most likely referring to not left over problems with the laser fiasco with ophthalmologist Dr. B. YET, I cannot read the names of streets at all. I suspect that the rather new glasses are the wrong prescription and no less and no more that coming from Dr. B’s optometrist… She is a beautiful nice doctor in Optometry but somehow could not give me the right prescription. This is an act of Mr. Satan… confusing this woman. The retinologist agreed and said that changing the glasses may help me. Of course, these would the third major expense with glasses ($500 +) in a year’s time!!! At least I did not have to have the intra-ocular injection (very hurtful) and I suspect that I am allergic to the medicine injected or the chemicals added to the chemical to keep it stable. I did have both of my pupils dilated and I am barely coming out of this dilatation. I am also happy to hear him say that my right eye was in good condition. What was horrible was to drive with the sun out at 8 AM in the morning with tons of cars around and I got lost since I could not read names of streets. But even in these tough moments, I did keep the "plan" acted upon, knowing the power of this way of living the spiritual life. (End of email)

I must add by this end of October that the medicine is wonderful for my bladder but that I am very allergic to it…


Today I saw a commercial in the Hispanic TV station offering help from a lawyer’s firm to help with problems of the mesh placed for urinary incontinence, since there are 2 billion dollars available and paid by the companies making the mesh to give to those who have had problems with this surgery. I am sure that this probably is somewhat exaggerated but at the same time, I am sure that there have been problems with this surgery!!! And yet, God allowed me to go through it. I was offered this surgery in 2012 and I turned it down by a different urologist. By 2015, my bladder had dropped much more and it needed some repair and I ended up with problems after the surgery although somewhat less pronounced and tolerable than before. Worse, the urologist in charge is gone… Here is a great example of how and why I have been trained in living God’s will as the most perfect spiritual work I could do… And, YES, I MUST REPORT THAT FROM THE DEPTH OF MY SOUL, I consider this mishap as perfect and necessary for me and others. I am here on this earth to be fashioned into the likeness of my Father’s holiness. Jesus has been holding my hand forever and showing to me His REAL PRESENCE on this earth. He has blessed me with so much that it is time to refuse to complain but at the same time, accepting that what is going on is SOOO PERFECT, THAT MY ONLY ANSWER IS TO THANK HIM DAY AND NIGHT… So, my yes to it, offering my suffering for many important intentions for the world, the Church, my family and the conversion of souls and asking for His mercy, is all I have to do… to truly say that I am in route of becoming a good disciple of Jesus and daughter of my Father, and feel joy and peace regardless of these circumstances.

Saturday, October 24

There was a very good program which discussed the work in the parish and the different problems that different parishes have. One of them is about parishioners that do not get along with the pastor. The tendency is to stay in a corner when on the contrary, as members of a parish we all have to live in community and exercising the God given gifts despite differences with the Priest. At other times, the parishes are totally by themselves and have little to do with other parishes around. This was described as a sick parish. It was mentioned that all of us must remember that the PERFECT PARISH will only exist in heaven…They added that a parish’s work is to work on a personal encounter with Jesus and that this brings graces to be able to work with other parishes. This is the culture of encounter and much spoken about by our present Pope.

Friday, October 30

I had to go shopping on this day, despite my not feeling well with much pain in my knees. I had ordered more probiotic (VSL #3) at the Target store, which is 5 minutes from this home. I still take the probiotic to protect my intestines and other vital organs from damage from toxicity. To making things worse, I just discovered that the tooth paste I use and bought at Whole Food store, a place that sells organic food products, had changed and they had added fluoride to it!!! So, in the last months and I do not know since when, I had been bringing this toxic to my body!!! I normally order the tooth paste ahead of time, and of course, my God wanted to let me know about my mistake. Otherwise, I would have never found out… The store never called me to tell me that it had arrived and I went to ask why. Notice how He makes good things happen in our lives. They could not find the order or the product itself and they asked me what flavor I use. I had no idea since I normally take the carton container for them to re-order. So, I told them that I would come home and check it and call them. Once I came come, I realized that fluoride was present and call to tell them that I would not reorder, only to find out that the tooth paste was there when I asked about it and nobody could find it…!!! This is where God got involved. Had I found the product, most likely I would never had checked the labels… Of course, I now have to buy it and throw it away, but Whole Food wants to give me 10% discount for the mishap…

Another intervention from above: yesterday midday I ordered at Target the probiotic that I take. This morning I had to shop for a few important items and went to check in the pharmacy as to when the VSL #3 would arrive since I  had to return and again, my knee pain was simply unbearable.. And sure enough, THEY HAD JUST RECEIVED IT… and less than 24 hours after the order was placed… Then I realized that God had sent me at the perfect time to coincide with the product’s availability… HE IS TOO MUCH… I kept going through other isles doing the rest of the shopping and repeating ever so quiet: “You are too much! What am I going to do with You?” Those moments simply touch me so deeply because I feel His love and mercy for me in an intense way! Again, He is too much and makes tears in my eyes! The pain intensified and my yes to it intensified as well as I asked for His mercy, offering my discomfort to help those dying on this day to repent before they passed. No doubt that His love makes us feel like a family.


One more time, I must insist that there are many activities in our parishes as the one above and that are very, very good. However, in general I see in the entire Church a tendency to have much human planning, much discussion about how good is diversity and communion among all members of each parish and that we must remember that each one of us has charisms that we have to share with others. I see a very significant effort to manage our own gifts and even manage the gifts of other companions. All parishes are different and for some us who have passed through different ones in different areas of the country, we still see a few who are in church all the time and in committees and organizing events. And yes, we have retreats and pilgrimages, and all kind of activities, but a true personal relationship with Jesus, one of total practice of what He taught us to do, is spoken of but hardly seen practiced. The attendance to Sunday Mass continues to go down since Vatican II.

The catechism is taught but individuals that do it for the school children or the parish at large, do not shine as followers themselves of what they teach. The results are of a young people that grow into adulthood and leave the Church, and all under the auspices of the teaching for the young of each parish. I have always wondered as to why we never realize this truth and do something about it!!!

I want to close with what concerns me regarding the future of our Church and as I repeat myself during this blog over and over… We have let the world’s ways become our spiritual pollution infesting our religious circles and I see too much planning and opinions about where we are going. The planning is necessary, excellent and from God, BUT it should follow AFTER WE INVEST THE MOST TIME IN LEARNING HOW TO BE A DISCIPLE… For this to happen, I feel the need to say that we must convert ourselves back to living under the Holy Spirit’s auspices. And Our Lady came to show us the way… Jesus did the same… We must first of all try with prayer and much effort to let it be and allow the Holy Ghost to lead us… He is the guide for our Church. Are we truly training our lay people to follow Jesus and do what He tells us?

One item that I feel must be discussed right now is that we speak about prayer and how important it is to do so… Yet, it is a struggle to keep a heavy practice of prayer because most people are busy. I want to tell you that if you live the 3 points, the fiat, the embracing of our crosses and offering them up for our brothers and sisters first of all, plus asking our God for His mercy, prayer becomes a way of life. Even a Hail Mary said when we are busy changing a diaper, becomes a short conversation with our Mother. She prays for us constantly, BUT IT IS BETTER when we seek the Rosary as a form of relating with her and her Son’s life (in the mysteries) plus following her yes that she came to show us. Just imagine the number of times we could repeat over and over, “Holy Mary, Mother of God, PRAY FOR US SINNERS…” Many times while living the 3 steps mentioned and without trying hard, we find time to pray, long or short, but a meaningful prayer of relationship. Therefore, saying yes to change a diaper when we would like to rest for a while or saying yes to much pain, emotional or physical and from the bottom of our hearts, places us in the family of Jesus who came to do the will of His father.

Our parishes should become centers for rearranging the chairs of our souls and hearts, and praying for each other; loving each other despite our resentments; they should be places to learn to be servants but humble ones and not managers of God’s gifts. Our relationship with Jesus can only flourish if we do what He told us to during His life. Our entire lives must be centered on how to bring others to Him by the way we embrace with acceptance our crosses and grow in our own conversion, without trying to examine where we are spiritually and where others are. We are not managers… We are servants and as servants, we must be always attentive to the Master, Who is the Holy Spirit within us… We do not have to hear voices. We only have to do what we are supposed to do and bingo, as we say yes to God’s will, suffer for the good of the parish and the Church and ask for God’s mercy, we feel the guidance of the Spirit Who places us in circumstances and gives us feelings that lead us to give our next step… IT IS SOO EASY… And by the way, I say it not because I know about it… I say it because I experienced it since I met my Lord as a child, and the blessings associated with it at an early age took me to learn these truths, not because I knew how or tried very hard, but because He led me through HIS MERCY to understand what I had to do …

Prayer became like a piece of a delicious cake that I would eat. But how? I do not know. I only know that I gave anesthetics for hours without lunch (at times due to persecution by the bosses to try to make get angry so that they could complain about me…), and I would say the Rosary when the surgery was easy like plastic surgery, and I only had to keep the patient’s vital signs within normal limits and with sufficient anesthesia on board. We were not allowed to read a book… But with my ten fingers, I did say many Rosaries (moving my lips under the mask!) and prayed for everybody in the room… and the patient would wake up exactly when the last stitch was placed and without struggles, or coughing (not desirable in cases of plastic surgery in the face), and the surgeon would be fascinated… I never put it together at the time, yet, in hindsight, my prayer had honored God and helped the patient and the surgeon!


As you can see, I am probably giving you a belly ache… and this is why I hesitated to write this as I mentioned in the opening statements. And by the way, if some days I do not get to pray as much, I also know that God so decided it because He is in charge since I have given Him permission to do whatever He wants in my soul and this done several times during the day. So, I do not even get to manage my prayer life.

Another point I need to mention. The focus of the 2015 Synod of Bishops was on the family with the theme: “The vocation and mission of the family in the Church and the modern world.” I wonder if we should have a future Synod of Bishops about “The vocation and mission of the parish in the Church and the modern world”? Yes, the family is the beginning and core of our formation, although many families in these present times and probably a majority of them are not evangelized or catechized enough to run their own families that need to know Jesus as a personal friend. I wonder if the parish should be considered the second family and vehicle to complete what was not done in the real blood family? I wonder if we should talk of the parish as our TRUE spiritual family that forms the parents to be better teachers of the spirituality of their children, who one day will then constitute the families that will be prepared almost 100% to be the families of the real NEW EVANGELIZATION. Something has to be done to change what is not working. And we should start looking into this and find an answer to start the new evangelization from the bottom. Yes, we speak about families doing it but it is not working because the present families are not ready.

So, let’s work on the parish life to LEARN TO BE DISCIPLES IN THE REAL SENSE OF THE WORD AND AS JESUS DEFINED IT. I am sure that sometimes we do not talk about hard issues like doing the will of God at all cost because many families will leave the pews.  What about it if we talk what it seems hard and call the Holy Spirit to assist us with God’s mercy to guide such families to stay. WE DO NOT HAVE TO MANAGE ANYTHING. We only have to discern what must be done according to the Gospel, and at the same time, convert ourselves as all cost by living OUR FIAT AND LOVING OUR CROSSES AS WE ASK FOR HIS MERCY, adding at least one Rosary a day for our Mother to beg for us like never before since God sees our hearts and minds and probably would like what He sees! Then, year after year we simply make a study of what this plan has done in our parish family and keep converting ourselves to be witnesses of joy and peace and love and attract probably 80% of the families with the right format, which is entering into a deep loving relationship with Jesus. What about it?

I wonder if part of our problem is that despite of the Holy Spirit’s special visit to many Catholics and parishes in the entire world with the Charismatic Movement at the end of 1960’s, we have not left our position of managing our lives and parishes and we simply pray to the Spirit but as a helper for our management job. I sense that we have not trained all Catholics to learn how to live under His guidance.

There is an example in the Old Testament when Elijah was guided by a little whisper coming from God. I have noticed and more and more in recent months, that truly giving away all my management of my own spiritually and simply being opened to say yes to God’s will, accepting my suffering as a companion for my own formation in self-denial, while asking God to cover me with His mercy, has accentuated my recognition of how the Spirit directs me and shows God’s presence in my life. As I have mentioned before, a majority of human beings whom I meet everywhere, open doors for me and sometimes waiting for 2 minutes or so for me to arrive to the entrance of different public places like supermarkets or doctor’s offices. And of course, evangelization in the form of seeding hearts with my stories of how God loves me have augmented like never before.

I am convinced that the Spirit’s guidance comes to me not as whisper with words but with a fire within that leads me to start conversations with others or changing my plans as I go out to shop and finding customers for evangelization. The first Pentecost is recognized by the tongues of fire resting over the Apostles and disciples in the company of the Virgin Mary. Well, this fire represents His love, and this love still comes over us to help others. Once we keep feeling these surges of love for others (in my case, often I feel so much love for the crowds in the different stadiums that are present to the different games, especially at this time in baseball and football games), we start feeling a sense of family or of relationship, which also covers a special feeling of love towards Jesus in the Eucharist. This stage lasts forever as we grow in this personal relationship with the Holy Spirit as our guide, and with Jesus as our redeemer, also sensing the profound love of the Father, and as the Triune God becomes part of our daily lives as we feel that we live in His Presence. Then, saying yes to His will becomes sooo easy… Our crosses are clearly felt and accepted as part of the family of God, the Trinity, to become instruments of grace for others and asking for His mercy becomes part of this relationship.

This process should be taught and lived by the shepherds of the parishes united to religious members assisting them, in order for every lay member to learn how to seek and experience the Presence of God. The Spirit of God will evangelize the entire family and members will not run away when told why to do God’s will at all cost, because we have become witnesses of such joyful life. And yes, we have to teach the Catechism and read the Word of God at home and not only at Masses, but books with opinions and stories will be just a small part of the process and never substitutes for prayer time. And why do I say the latter? Well, it is simple because we have had an explosion of books published and we hardly see MAJOR changes in the attendance to Sunday Mass. It has been our human management that has opened the doors to so many books… Can you imagine the responsibility of each author for the time consumed by the readers of their books and taken away from their prayer time especially the Rosary? I hope that we do not write books with the pretext of spreading God’s teachings, when actually we are seeking the money we can make or the glory and attention it may bring us!

It is for this reason that I tremble when I write these blogs, fearing that many may use too much time reading them and actually wasting time that could be used for prayer. This is one of the reasons of praying the 3 Rosaries as a minimum for the list of intentions that seek my conversion and also to offer them for the many needs we have in the Church and in the world in general. Here is the partial list of such intentions for the 3 daily Rosaries:

For myself:

1. For the grace to love my neighbor as God loves them plus constant prayer for their salvation with the offering of my crosses on their behalf.

2. To stop Satan in all my affairs.

3. For the grace of trusting 100% in God’s will for me as perfect and necessary, while practicing the 3 steps with consciousness of this need for my soul and for the salvation of other souls

4. For my time management not to waste it in what is not the best for my soul

5. To write blogs that are God’s will only.

6. For the grace to pray as many Rosaries per day as possible

7. In atonement for all my sins

8. For my health issues and finding a home in a less toxic area

9. For my relationship with all my doctors and blessings for their souls.

For my family members needs (spiritual and corporal and I write more detail for this purpose)

For the Church:

1. Recently I prayed for the Synod of Bishops, the very first one that I pray for…!!! Now I pray for the spiritual growth of the Pope and of all Bishops and for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to guide them in shepherding the Church.

2. In atonement for the sins of the Catholic Church.

For the world:

1. For the election next November 2016 of the most perfect U.S. President, and according to the will of God. I also ask my Mother to protect the campaign before the election from Satan’s vicious temptations to the candidates to show their worse behavior regarding the Second most important Commandment of Love.

2. In reparation of all sins committed, especially the destruction of life in all stages.

3. For mother’s tempted to abort their babies not to do it. For elder people and those with terminal illness not to be tempted to end their lives with euthanasia.

4. For all intentions that God wants my Rosaries to be applied to.

5. For all Souls in Purgatory

6. For all Catholics in the world suffering horrible persecution due to their beliefs.


I want to repeat the points discussed at length in this blog just to be sure that I make my point clear. The big question by many of us including our Shepherds, is how can we lead others to a personal encounter with Jesus to make it a true reality? My answer is simple:  in my personal experience, practicing ourselves the 3 points mentioned in this blog, our fiat, offering our crosses and asking for God’s mercy as the frame under which we offer our prayers, especially the Rosary, the Eucharistic Sacrifice of the Mass and Lectio Divina, we will see a definite growth in prayer and like never before. We will see our growth in feeling our closeness with the Person of Christ and the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives in ways never experienced before. I would say that this practice where we ask Him for His mercy (the third point) and do exactly what Our Lady and Jesus did, saying yes to the Father’s will under much suffering, brings His mercy down on our souls in ways never imagined or felt before.

Therefore, the best way to prove this point is for everyone who is in charge of the sheep in whatever way (as a shepherd or as an evangelist or teacher or simply as a lay apostle), is to practice this method of establishing an “ongoing” personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that is to do it in their own lives FIRST AND EXPERIENCE THE RESULTS… You will be marveled. Once our spiritual lives take a 360 turn in conversion as done by His grace and Mercy, we become witnesses of His marvels and love for us and many others will follow because they see results and the preaching is mostly done by example; once invited to do the same, many will feel extraordinary spiritual changes and will pass them on as witnesses to their neighbor and within their OWN families. This practice is not complicated and it is 100% Biblical. It is to do whatever He told us. At only 5 weeks from the start date celebrating the Extraordinary Year of Mercy, may be this entire year could be a way to train ourselves under all the blessings of this special celebration and emerge as true disciples to pass our conversion on to the rest of our Church THROUGH OUR PARISH FAMILY. 

And we must always have in mind that everybody talks about the New Evangelization, including myself in these blogs, and often forget that we were created for a purpose. 1) We were Baptized and Confirmed as members of the Roman Catholic Church and as such, we were inducted to be evangelizers. 2) For this to happen, we are also by logic called to undergo an ongoing conversion or a letting God’s Spirit takes us by the hand and change us. 3) For this to happen we have to say yes to this process, since God will never impose His will on ours. 4) And the final key that opens the door to the action of the Holy Spirit is our obedience to His will that includes many crosses, adding prayers asking for His mercy, the Rosary and frequent reception of the Sacraments.

Did I repeat myself too many times? O yeah! I did it because I felt pushed by the Holy Spirit to insist in this matter, so maybe out of being harassed with so much repetition, you may join me (maybe we make 1% in the Catholic Church) and take over the salvation of souls in these times that surely look a photocopy of what Jesus described to us that they will be. And we can take over only by our own inner conversion at each present moment of the days left for us to live on this earth! The taking over is of the Holy Spirit but with our acceptance to enter this alliance with Him.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast day. In just 4 days I will celebrate 7 years of writing blogs. The first one dates from November 3, 2008. Also this November 1 will be the anniversary of my most solemn consecrations to Our Lady according to St. Louis of Monfort. It was solemn because I prepared for the 30 days and went to Tepeyac, Mexico and did my consecration to her on November 1, 1992 in front of her picture painted in heaven under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I bought myself right there in Tepeyac an expensive gold chain with her image and they engraved the date, and therefore I will never forget it…

P.S.: Please, keep praying for me so that I continue undergoing a radical conversion and not to lose my health, especially regarding my eyesight, in order to keep writing blogs but only if it is the will of God for me. I also need to conquer the technology of Windows 10 or I will not be able to write a blog for the month of November! Thank you.








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