The Power of God’s Mercy and the Life in the Spirit


A. One more time I sit at my computer to share with you all that I have lived in the month of May… It was full of extraordinary teaching and blessings and frustrations with the outside world. There is no doubt in my mind that Satan exists and that in my particular case at this particular time of my life, he seems to be desperate. He has been tempting people around me in many fronts. 1) Remember that I am still embroiled with difficulties to renew my driver’s license which was to be done before March 2. Somehow, I am under an investigation regarding my photo on my driver’s license. Well, you will learn what happened and only Satan could have orchestrated that mess. 2) In another front, I have had tremendous fights with my secondary health insurance that covers what Medicare does not. I will give you an update of what is the latest. 3) On top of those two fronts, my ex-good right eye continues to be in jeopardy although with some good news!

The stories are many and I have accumulated some of the information as I shared it with my children and friends, so that I do not have to re-write so much, and all because of my eyes that need not to be submitted to too much use. However, I have been trained to fight Satan like never before… 

It is interesting that by pure chance (well, no, by the Holy Spirit leading me to do it), I ended up reviewing the blog I wrote for April of 2012, and it was all about Satan. It also covered some stories regarding Cuba and the visit of our then Holy Father, Benedict XVI to the island. Later, I will have something else to add regarding Cuba for May 29 with some important points for us to pray for and stories you may not know!

B. I was led to change the format of the blog and before I continue I want to share ahead of time, what I found myself writing in my journal on May 25th that was a product of what I lived on Friday, May 22. It is simply a dream to see what spiritual warfare is all about. Satan does not want us to evangelize. Period!  I have found out that God, in the other hand, allows me to suffer in different ways in order to TRAIN me to overcome Satan and to grow in what many call, “LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.” It has been simply a marvelous time to grow further in intimacy with the Third Person of the Holy Trinity… But, to give you a little taste of what I experienced I will tell you about my stories for those two days as part of the introduction for this month’s blog. Here it is:

Friday, May 22

As you know, I only drink Evian water and cook my meals with it, since it is supposed to have the least amount of fluoride.  Target Stores have it and usually $2 less than all other supermarkets for a six pack of one liter bottles. The Target store closer to my home did not have it for at least 4 weeks. This was strange and the employees could not find a reason for it… Then, days before this Friday, May 22, I was very low on Evian and this made me go to check in a supermarket for a price of $2.50 higher than at Target for a six pack. Yet, I found a major sale… It was $2 less than even Target’s price… and they had 13 six packs… I bought them all. I made $26 by Target not having the product! And by the way, I recently learned that products go on sale on all supermarkets nationwide on the Wednesday of each week. So, I went on Wednesday, May 13. In fact, I surmised that it was my Mother who led me to stop at this supermarket on this her feast day and after Mass…

On May 22, I had to go to Target again to get something else and of course, I was not planning to check for Evian since I had tons at home. However, after the 8:30 AM Rosary in EWTN, my Mother said to go and check on the Evian as well… She repeated it twice and I was questioning if I truly was hearing well.  I left and obeyed her counsel. I found 6 packs and for the first time, resting one shelf lower than the super high top shelf where they usually place this product, which meant that I could finally get it by myself without help from taller people. The product was not on sale but at least lower than in supermarkets when they do not have it on sale. I placed 3 of them in the cart and there were 3 more a little deeper inside. Suddenly, a young man, maybe in his 30’s, came to me and said, “May I help you to retrieve the bottles?” I was surprised since again, they were not too high. I said yes, and he did place them in my cart. I turned around and said, “If you have 5 minutes, I will give you a gift for your super nice gesture.” He probably thought that I was going to waste his time and said, “No, no, it is O.K.” I immediately realized that he was my man to evangelize in some sort of way. I answered, “So, you do not want to know how I reversed my memory loss and I am a retired physician and know about this disease?” He immediately opened his eyes wide and said, “”You did?” I proceeded to tell him my story and he asked me how did I found out. I said, “I hate to bug you about God because you may be offended but He was the one Who led me to pinpoint the source of my intoxication and to naturally detoxify myself and my memory in two languages returned. Imagine if I had not had this blessing! I would be right now in a nursing home and becoming an expensive problem for my sons.” Then he told me that his grandma, residing in Florida, is precisely in a nursing home with dementia!!! I asked for the first name of the lady to pray for her if he did not mind. He told me that it was Betty and with a smile. We said goodbye and he added, “Thank you so much and God bless.”

My Mother knew what would be coming and pushed me to keep my appointment. The Holy Spirit took care of the timing for both of us to be there at the same time, and moved this man to help me get the last 3 Evian packs. I have been led to place this story right at the beginning because it will be the core message of this blog. THIS IS HOW THE MERCY OF GOD WORKS and evangelization occurs… We make ourselves available and He directs us to pass on His mercy to others. God’s mercy is God’s love for us but demonstrated in our lives… just to be sure we learn how much He loves us. In fact, I pinpointed to this man that this encounter had divine origin and for him to try to help his grandma.

I will now share what I wrote in my journal regarding the understanding I had of my life as a 24/7 evangelizer.

Monday May 25

4 PM: “Now EVERY TIME that I go out, I should be expecting to find customers for evangelization. However, it is rather recently that I have realized that every time I step out of my house, I should call the Holy Spirit and request from Him to use me in whatever way. It is important that we give consent to be a conduit of God’s mercy. I have come to realize as well that evangelization goes on in my heart 24/7 in order to prepare me for the evangelization of brothers and sisters, and that as soon I arrive to a public place, be it the parish, supermarkets, doctor’s office, etc. I should wear my evangelization garb which consists of a determined dedication to love my neighbor at all cost and to trust (faith without fear) in God’s mercy for me and all His children, which consists in His total direction for my job as an evangelizer, in order to render Him glory and to give my brother/sister the most important gift, that is, to know that God loves them in a way no one else could do it.

True discipleship should convey to me that I am on the job of proclaiming the Gospel 24/7, and that covers my own conduct and service to any brother/sister I meet. It may not be a major act of love, since love can do it all even in a small amount. It is as if I would hand God to them, Who is Love Himself, and then the Holy Spirit does the rest of getting me to a certain place at a certain time, to meet that person who needs my love.

C. As part of this blog, you will also read how I now live the “life in the Spirit,” but much different than what I was told back in the time of my baptism in the Holy Spirit in Ann Arbor, MI, which again, is like a renewal of the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation but as an adult. I ALSO WANT TO ADD ONE MORE THING: remember that these stories are about how God is training me for His service, and in no way is a teaching of theology for any of you, unless you take it to the Holy Spirit and ask Him if you should accept them as theologically sound.

II. I am done with the introduction and here are the stories of the rest of the month of May 2015

Sunday, May 3rd

Around 11 AM, I received a call from a woman who said works with United Healthcare Insurance to find out why I was discontent with their laws in the covering of the cost of my blood pressure medication. In a previous letter from some chief pharmacist for this company and based in Oklahoma, I was denied to have my blood pressure medication ordered for three months at the time, and for ordering 3 tablets per day because they only cover 2 per day. I answered this man with a long letter about the injustice being done and she was just checking on me as a follow up. Well, on this Sunday after Mass… I did MUCH EVANGELIZATION to the United Healthcare Insurance Co… I was surprised as how God places us in circumstances to proclaim His glory… There is no doubt that this company is feeling a little intimidated if I, as a physician and something that they did not know until I told them, open my mouth to the AARP or Association of American Retired People, since they make much money by getting insured so many retirees. At least, they will be careful regarding my particular account!!! I was able to tell her how they are proceeding this way for me to use their own pharmacy located some place in this U.S via Internet and not a local Walgreens, and simply to make more money.

I evangelized this lady by turning around and saying to her: “I did mention in my letter to your chief pharmacist that I had reversed my dementia, and this is good for you because the company could end up covering my needs in a nursing home, and probably more expensive when under the care of a general doctor who may order more stuff than I normally need. Well, now I am going to pay you back with a gift for your injustices. I will reveal to you how I reversed my memory, and I do it because I have to love my enemies and never pay you back with the same lack of love for me.” She was sooo happy when I told her how I reversed my dementia. I am sure that she did not expect such Biblical treatment at all…

At 3:30 PM, we had a 4.0 quake with the epicenter being in the city next to my house… It only reminded all of us that at anytime we could have the famous “big earthquake” along one of the faults in this State and which is programmed within the next 30 years!

Monday, May 4th

This was the 26th anniversary of a major conversation I had with my Lord in Houston, TX (of all places, now submerged in water…) I was attending a medical meeting on this Ascension Thursday, May 4th, a Holyday of obligation on those days. I had attended Mass at noon time in a nearby parish. I have told this story many times and I will only repeat that at bedtime and after reading Joshua Chapter 3-4 in the Gideon Bible at a Marriott hotel, I heard this: “Like Joshua, who crossed the Jordan River without getting wet, the same will be for you. You and husband will have offers for jobs and should take them. You will not get wet”

Joshua 3: 17 – “While all Israel crossed over on dry ground, the priests carrying the ark of the covenant of the Lord remained motionless on dry ground in the bed of the Jordan until the whole nation had completed the passage.”

Joshua 4: 23-24 – (Joshua talking to the Israelites) “For the Lord, your God, dried up the waters of the Jordan in front of you until you crossed over, just as the Lord, your God, had done at the Red Sea, which He dried up in front of us until we crossed over, in order that all the peoples of the earth may learn that the hand of the Lord is mighty, and that you may fear the Lord, your God, forever.”

Amazing teaching that I wanted to write here for all of us to ALWAYS be aware that we should live in fear of the Lord, that is, IN AWE OF HIS MIGHT and OF THIS LOVE…

The offers for jobs came on Sunday, May 7th, as I returned home in South Bend, Indiana. We had been in Indiana for three years, after I had to move there because of my first major professional persecution by the Anesthesiology Department bosses in Cleveland, and an act of pure injustice. And God was sending us again to Cleveland, OH? O, yeah… His Words in Houston, TX, helped us to  have the courage to accept these offers and it helped all of us in our family, in different ways.

The plan proposed to me on this May 4th, 2015 was to fight a Lepanto style battle. I need to pray 4 Rosaries per day plus using some imagery three times a day for my right brain to stop my immune system from reacting so powerfully against most foods I eat. This is primarily a plan to stop Satan tempting people to make my life impossible. I was told that this is my part but God’s mercy will do the rest and not to worry about anything else! Of course, HE IS MIGHTY… About one week later, I ended up by pure chance checking on a blog I wrote for April of 2012, exactly with the same message: using the Rosary as the WEAPON against Satan. These are the kind of points of how God’s mercy is so detailed in leading us to follow Jesus and to defend ourselves from the attacks of the enemy.  I never read my old blogs. In fact, I have written so much, that I have little idea of the content of so many blogs and especially because I write what I am told to… It is not my original opinion and ideas on different topics.

On this day, I called a DMV department in a nearby city as recommended by the local DMV which was trying to find out what was wrong with my by now expired driver’s license photo. They have an office for this kind of investigation. I was treated very well by Sheryl and she was emphatic that yes, I was going to be investigated but that I had not done anything wrong. She commented about the many mistakes the DMV office that I go to, had done in my case. Of course, this corroborated my understanding that Satan was behind my problems with confusion among the people that had to solve my problem. This investigation should have been done back in January when I started the process of setting a time for my driving test, and was told that they could not do much because I had to be investigated. Yet, they did not refer me to this office to start the process. The lady, Sheryl, told me that the following day, she would personally tell her boss about my case and for him to designate an investigator who will be calling me in the near future.

Wednesday, May 6. 

I went to the office of my retinologist in order to deliver a letter explaining to him why I was canceling my next appointment for May 13, for another intra ocular injection for my left eye. I wanted him to understand the nightmare I had lived on April 8 after the laser treatment of my good right eye and the horror I lived in a local motel of this distant city from where I live. I parked in a next door parking structure and walked to enter the building where his office is, and a woman in her mid thirties, ran to open three very heavy doors for me to pass without any problem. It was Gabriela Millan. I thanked her profusely as another angel who came to help me and noticed that she had an accent. Yes, she was Mexican and we started speaking in Spanish. She was born near Tepeyac, and when she said that, I knew that I had an appointment with her. I shared with her my encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist as a little child. She was fascinated. I offered to pray for her and she told me her full name (I always ask just for the first name) and told me that she works in housekeeping in this building called Metroplex. She wanted me to write all of that in my intentions in the community Rosary. I left this encounter knowing full well that the Holy Spirit had arranged the timing of our encounter.

I decided to go to a nearby supermarket looking for Evian and as explained in my introductory story of May 25, I found the 13 packs of Evian and two dollars less than the regular price at Target! I realized it was a miracle since I was out of this product. At this supermarket, a man who was placing items on a nearby shelf (not an employee but from X company), offered to place the 13 packs in my cart! I asked for his first name to pray for him. It was Sergio. I offered to give him a gift for his great help and proceeded to share my memory reversal and my depression secondary to the food thickener, carrageenan. I also shared my encounter with the Eucharistic Jesus at an early age. He was fascinated. After I paid at the cashier’s, a young girl, Lily came to help me to the car. She looked a little under the weather. Was it a depression? I also gave her the gifts of memory recovery and prevention of depression, and she opened her eyes wide and smiled. I bet that she was depressed and the information was exactly what she needed. Again and again, we, His disciples, are the conduits for His mercy. 

By the time I came home, I was in a state of semi shock… Wow… I had three appointments and became fascinated with His mercy. These encounters were all due to His great love for them… my brother and two sisters. This story can point to my realization of May 25, where I was convinced that whenever I leave my home, I must understand that I may have appointments for evangelization…I also realized that as Pope Francis has said that we should not wait for people to come to us but that we should go to them. In my case, with the guiding hand of the Holy Spirit, His advice is being kept. Once said that, it is OBVIOUS THAT EVANGELIZATION is done by the Holy Spirit, and our aim is to be in constant contact with Him for instructions. Evangelization turns out to be an easy task. We simply seed the soul of an image of God, and we proceed to the next client. God’s mercy takes care of everything else!  

Thursday, May 7

Somehow, I ended up with severe gastritis, a headache, and by late afternoon, I could not have any food since I felt nauseous and had the feeling that I was about to die. What was it? It could have been a virus but I never knew what happened. In the midst of this, I missed a call and a message was left from a Mark E. who would be my investigator from the DMV. He told me that he could meet me at my local DMV office the following Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning and to let him know. I returned his call but only found an answering machine… He never answered and the weekend went by stressing my mind with this problem that did not seem to end.

Friday, May 8

I still had a headache and did not feel well at all. After the Rosary at 8:30 AM, I heard this, “Do not be afraid! You have done well. These crosses that come your way and are allowed by God, are only to remind you that Satan is around and will try to stop you. However, your yes to them and your charitable action of offering them up for those dying at that moment, in order to repent and also offered for the good of the Church, defeats Satan every time, and better than that, you receive special graces to write the blog for the glory of God and for His mercy to be showered over many souls around you. It was then that I thought that all my encounters for evangelization had been helped precisely by submitting to these crosses with those intentions.

I became engulfed in a profound feeling of love for God and said in Spanish, “Te amo, Señor, te amo.” (I love You Lord, I love You.) I heard, “Notice that this understanding came as you have been praying several daily Rosaries, even when you feel so sickly.”

Monday, May 11

Mr E., my investigator, called me and asked me if I could go to see him that afternoon.

I will copy an email I wrote to my sons regarding what happened in this appointment.

Email to kids:

There were interesting moments today with my visit to the DMV.

1. Mark E. turned out to be about 25 years old and he became my friend… I am sure that your prayers were heard.  

2. The problem is big… I was absolved of any culpability but learned what the mess is all about. Someone whose driver’s license numbers were identical to mine except for the last number, changed it to be identical to mine (they changed a 6 for a 5). And of course, they used the photo of a man around 35 y/o. The DMV somehow was able to catch the thief… and never gave him a driver’s license with those numbers and his picture, etc. In other words, he could not steal my identity .This at the level of Stockton, Ca, a city nearby Martinez. HOWEVER, the DMV in Stockton forgot to clear my name from this mess.

It is scary to realize of what is going on right now since we know that because there are millions of Hispanics without papers or residence and waiting for California to help them with a new law to legalize their status, many thieves are selling driver licenses’ and mine could have been one of them.  

3. The other bad news is that Sacramento will take about 3 weeks to fix my problem of the investigation and I cannot do much about it. Mark gave me a phone number to contact Sacramento DVM in case I do not hear from them after the 3 weeks. Once that is done, then I have to schedule a driving test in Concord, and there is usually a long wait, about 5 weeks… Therefore, I may have to wait for almost 2 months for that to happen. 

4. The good news is that Mark took it upon himself to get me a new driving permit since my present one is done in 2 weeks. The other super good news is that he went to ask for this to the manager who happened to be today my other friend, Tina, and she went ahead and gave me a permit for 2 months or up to July 11!

5. An extra good news is that Mark said that if at any time I had any problems, to call him directly. So, this nightmare will last for a while and your prayers are sooo needed… It is interesting that during my talk with Mark I had so much joy… I mentioned it to him and told him that I did not want to bug him with the things of God but that instead of resenting the Stockton DMV for their mistake, I had a lot of joy. He smiled. For me, it was very helpful to see that God wanted to be sure that He was right there judging by this great joy… and therefore, to let it be.

Another interesting point is that while I was waiting for Mark to get me a new drive’s permit, I sat close to a young mother and a little 3 year old, Yaní. It turned out that Yaní was adorable (yet, not beautiful nor ugly face wise) but full of joy and good behavior while he played with a very small truck. His hair had been combed with bunches of gel so it was straight up. I conversed with him in English and later in Spanish, and he is bilingual. After Mark came and gave me the new permit, I told Yaní that I was going to the bathroom and that I would wave goodbye when I would pass in my way out. He asked me over and over to please stay. After the bathroom visit, I stopped to get a card to write something nice re: the managerTina, and he ran to me and held my legs and begged me not to leave him. He said, "Why are you leaving me. Please stay with me." Again, this was another sign from God that He was around… There was no reason for this child to be doing it that. His mother seemed very nice and he did not seem to be upset with her. On the contrary, he was a super happy kid before I even started talking to him. Again, God has His ways. On a day that just by being at this DMV makes me somewhat sad and fearful of Satan with several visits and many mistakes on their part, He moved a little child to show me special attention. I thought of Baby Jesus!

Tuesday, May 12

My retinologist called me today and asked me if he could see me even if just one more time in order to examine my injured right eye and find out that truly happened to it. I immediately realized how important this is to really know what the damage is… He may have answers for me and he is a dear friend. I thought immediately about prayers said for me in the last days since the Spirit touched the heart of this man to offer such help. 

Wednesday, May 13

I was able to go to Mass being the feast of my Mother. As of late, daily Mass is impossible because I need to take two tablets of the pain reliever and early 6 AM) to be ready for 8 AM Mass, and it leaves me with only two more pills for the next 24 hours, which is not enough. In fact, when I have to go shopping, I try to delay taking the two tablets that I need to walk to places and shop so that I am covered until early afternoon and this way, use the other two pills, one every 6 hours for the rest of the day. I will try to ask my primary doctor when I meet with her this July 21, to give me 5 tablets for per day, so that I can resume my daily Mass. However, I know God knows why and also has permitted so much pain in my knees due to so many food allergies, even when I eat what does not seem to be a problem. He could diminish my immune super activity and has not. He has the plan and I do not…

I came from Mass and by chance found my dictating little machine (which I had misplaced and I use with audiocassettes, which are even hard to buy nowadays since everything is DVD’s and CD’s)… I ended up dictating the 4 Rosaries and some prayers to the Holy Spirit and my preparatory prayers of intercession from my Mother that I like to say daily if possible, in order to make the major consecration to her in each of her feasts. Well, in this way, in 90 minutes I have a way to pray 4 Rosaries with the audiocassette as I answer to myself  with the second part of the Hail Mary’s and the Our Father’s, since saying the entire 4 Rosaries can dry my mouth in excess. In this way, I do not have to be always subject to the schedule of the 3 Rosaries I can pray with EWTN. I knew right away that this was a huge miracle from my Mother. She is soo awesome! 

8:15 PM: My Mother said, “As in Fatima I told the children, you must remember two things: pray and sacrifice for souls for their salvation.  This is the time for basketball’s important games to choose a champion. You can watch them since you like sports but never pray for them to win. If you spend time watching these games, be sure that you do it primarily out of love for them, your team and the opponent, and all the people in the stadium as well, plus all those watching with you from every part of the country asking for God’s mercy for them. Do it as a spiritual mother would do, and you will give glory to God with your practice of the second most important commandment.” Huh! Yes…. She had made it easier for me to do it with the dictated Rosaries!!! She gets us to make wine from water in so many aspects of our life. Long live my Mom. “Que viva mi Mamá.”

Thursday, May 14

I needed to go shopping to the organic store, Whole Foods in a nearby city. It was supposed to rain enough to make the streets slippery in the morning hours. However, it was not raining at all and I knew it was O.K. to go. I do not want to expose myself to slippery streets and promote an accident at a time when my driver’s license is still being processed for renewal…I young man, Hunter, offered to bring my groceries to the car. He was an adorable 20 something black man. I smelled that I had to do something with so much love from him and offered to tell him about how to reverse memory loss. He loved it. Then, I asked if he knew of anybody who suffered from depressions. He answered, “I do and my mother suffers with it as well.” (Wow)… I proceeded to tell him about carrageenan and he was even more fascinated. He was also a very religious young man. Again and again, this is how my God shows me how crazy He is about us and how His mercy is always around us, just waiting for a disciple to come and deliver it to His children. It was mercy for me too because I get goose pumps when I see His work… I had to be there in this store precisely at a particular time and at a particular cashier to have Hunter come around and offer to help. Of course, the weather had to fit the occasion and the rain expected did not materialize! Evangelization and God’s mercy are simple things to do and live. It is a matter of living attentive to the voice of the Holy Ghost to sanctify our present moments.

Sunday, May 17 – Feast of the Ascension

During the 8 AM Mass I felt a profound disillusion with people who attend and seem clueless regarding the Real Presence of Jesus. God knows that I do not want to judge but their witness is powerful and clear and depresses me. After Holy Communion my Lord said to check at home page 1050 in my downstairs Bible and that I would find an answer to my disillusion and what to do. 

Page 1050: Hosea 10:12 – “Sow for yourselves justice, reap the fruit of piety; break up for yourselves a NEW FIELD, for IT IS TIME TO SEEK THE LORD, till He comes and rain DOWN JUSTICE UPON YOU.” It was underlined with red ink and dated June 21, 2007, when I was living in Toledo, one year prior to my departure for California. I was not working at the time and having my children send tons of money to keep my house without the order from the Lord as yet to sell it…

I do not remember what this message of Hosea meant for me on those days, However, in 2015 I clearly understood that I need TO PRAY MY ROSARIES and suffer my many crosses in order to offer it for the Church. In Hosea 10, the prophet wrote about the disaster going on within Israel and announced punishment of the idolatry of this people. In fact, chapter 10 is titled, “It is time to seek the Lord.” Then the Holy Spirit came and led me to read other verses with oracles against the nations where the Lord is determined to destroy Judah (Jeremiah 46).

On this Sunday I understood that the entire earth and the Church are under the Lord’s plan to be destroyed if we continue to live without paying attention to our duties that God has for us. The most important point for me is the call to pray much and offer my sufferings for our spiritual survival and not to be dismayed by what I see at all. My work is not to diagnose as much as to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to submit to His call to intercede for all of us. And this should be my attitude when I see the lack of personal attention to Jesus in the Tabernacle, that is, not to get depressed but to lead an active life of atonement for them and calling His mercy upon the entire Church (which I think is the main reason for the call to live the Year of Mercy), so that Satan gets once and for all defeated, while the mercy of God can heal hearts and lead them back to Him with a massive evangelization worldwide.

Monday, May 18

This is part of what I wrote to a friend and it describes Satan’s activity in my life…  

1. Today after the 8:30 AM Rosary, as always I was not feeling well and questioning how much I have to endure my present circumstances. I was told by my Mother and the Holy Spirit in separate teachings that I must start TRULY trusting in His mercy for my problems, and to share it with others (I imagine through the blog) of how I am growing in this TRUST. I heard, “Your doubt is the worst thing you can do and of course, it is your not trusting that I am in charge!" I realized that yes, as of late, I have this deep hope that I may die soon, and not out of depression but out of tiredness to undergo so much harassment from the devil and much testing from the Lord Himself. I have been saying 5 Rosaries per day to stop Satan and for me to say a perfect "yes" as never before to all health problems to offer them for the Church. The Lord mentioned today that I had written several petitions for these Rosaries but that I did not write the most important: FOR THE GRACE TO TRUST IN HIS MERCY TO DO WHAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO ACCOMPLISH WHEN I WAS FORMED IN THE WOMB OF MY MOTHER. Of course, I added it.

I had to go a supermarket in Martinez, not far from my home, since the one closer to me was recently closed. I was not sure if going on this day or the following one, but because of the state of my health, I have to divide different shopping events in several days. I went and stopped at a 7 Eleven to get some money from the ATM machine that works with my bank. To my amazement, the machine refused to get me $60… and I did it twice. Because of the messes going on with my driver’s license, almost hacked by someone else, I thought of the worse, like truly, truly, someone had hacked our joint account (my son’s and mine) and that all the money had disappeared!!! Instead of continuing to the supermarket, I took off south to another city to visit my bank. I had to wait for two other people ahead of me. Angie, a Filipino lady and a bank employee, who had helped me with the mess of Macy’s store when they found that my check paying the $79 that I owed the store was without funds and how she called Macy’s and told them they had used the wrong number for my account, well she was not there.

I STARTED CALLING FOR HIS MERCY, but several times. I was corrected… I heard, "You do not have to repeat it over and over with anxious thoughts. That is not trust in My mercy. Just ask for it and realize THAT TRULY I am in charge and stop as if you are begging for it. You do not have to beg! My mercy is all yours and just call it once.” I then realized that this whole event was a test and teaching for what I had been learning all day. I was next in line when Angie walked in (probably from lunch) and took care of me. It was so much easier for me to deal with someone who knew me in case there was a problem with my identity… Well, she could not understand why the ATM machine had refused to give me the $60 and thank God I had asked for a receipt of the transactions. So, there was proof that truly the machine had not given me the money. When I did the same thing but this time in the Bank’s ATM, it worked with no problem… Angie was very nice as always.  

I left and very sure that this was Mr. Satan… obstructing my bank account in order to give me another bout of fear… It corroborated my teaching of the morning, and as in the Old Testament, God allowed Satan to bug me in order for me to learn that at all times, I have to remain in His merciful Heart and let it be, until the waters calm down. I WONDER WHEN WILL THE DAY BE THAT I TRULY TRUST IN HIS LOVE FOR ME! 

2. On top of everything, they have summoned me for jury duty, which I cannot do precisely because of my health. I am writing a letter explaining why not and hoping that this does not become another major problem.  

3. And by the way, a friend from Costa Rica wrote and said that since Pope Francis came to be, the churches are full, many are going to confession and often, they run out of Hosts… Nice news and amazing!

Tuesday, May 19

It was my anniversary of my Baptism in the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Charismatic Ecclesial Movement, and event that started my relationship with this Person of the Holy Trinity in a more intimate way to the present time. And to honor such day, my Internet address and my Internet Name that appears at the top of this blog, is part of my single name and 519 is to remember this date. The intention was from the beginning to bring the Holy Spirit to reign in everything that I write in the Internet under this address.

Wednesday, May 20


From email to a friend:

I visited my retinologist at his request to go and for him to check my good right eye to see what damage was done to it on April 8, at the time of the treatment with laser.

It was early and cloudy when I left my home for this 7 AM appointment and I still had trouble reading the street names in route to his office. Again and again, many people opened doors for me when I entered the building. It makes me uncomfortable to see how this God of mine is so faithful… Even his morning, the office was still close and next door within the building there is a small diner and an Asian young man opened its door around 6:45 AM and I was standing nearby (not easy for me). He came out of the diner and invited me to come in and sit down while I waited for the doctor’s office to open…

When the office opened, I went in and had a test done by a technician and trying the read letters on a wall as one has when one is being fit for new glasses. From there, I had as always, a special photo of my retina. Finally I saw Dr. B. who examined me with a microscope and with the pictures he had and information from my reading the charts with letters, he concluded that my right eye is perfect and even looking better than before!!!!!!!!!! Nothing was wrong any place. I told him that it was impossible because even this morning as I drove there, wearing the glasses made 3 months ago, I could not read the name of the streets…. except very near to them. Also that when I write in the computer I have to use old glasses to see better. 

HE DID NOT KNOW WHY! He had not answers for me. He repeated several times that it would be a matter time and that the eye would be O.K. 

I left this office with both eyes with dilated pupils and had little problems driving back because of the cloudy weather. When the sun is out, it is tough to drive with dilated pupils. Thank God. Yet, by now, I was smiling within… and questioned, “HAS GOD CURED THE DAMAGE to the right eye and I ONLY NEED A NEW SET OF GLASSES?…” He had to do it that way just to prove that it was a miracle. Otherwise, if I could use the same glasses, any one could say, including myself, that it was a matter of time… No one can tell me that because I still cannot read the street names. If and when I order new glasses, would this then bring my vision to normalcy? I have no idea except to say that I am hitting Mr Devil with many Rosaries and that yes, God is totally in charge and wants to tell me that His mercy can do it all… Amazing life with this merciful God! 

Personally, I am kind of waking up to the power of God as I had never experienced it before. Of course, I feel at times a little afraid because I am being attacked in weird ways like 1) the ATM machine story. Or… 2) when a few months ago in the same bank they had to call Macy’s department store to prove to them that they were wrong claiming that I had paid with a check without funds… and simply, because they wrote the wrong account… from my check. 3) Or the mess still going on with the DMV… 4) Or the super activity of my immune system that makes my eating a major disaster! 5) Or the health insurance that wants to stop payment for my medicines and the fight that I still have with them!!!!  


Thursday, May 21

I will write now about something strange going on in this house. The main entrance door has on top a rather large window divided in 9 squares. From this day on, I have had a visitor. A bird (or may be others) have come and tap one of the glass squares of this window with its peak. It is very audible in the living room where I sit part of the day. This bird is whitish and not too small or too large. It comes every 3 minutes or every 5 or every 10 minutes. It does it most of the day. I remind you that this activity started 3 days before the feast of Pentecost!!! In fact when we went to Mass on Pentecost Sunday, there was a huge picture of a bird meaning the Holy Spirit, reflected in a large wall in front of the pews where they also show the songs we sing and some of the prayers we say at Mass. I had to smile because this particular “Holy Spirit” bird was identical to the one that comes to tap this front window.

After I prayed the Holy Rosary with EWTN at 8:30 AM, I was taught the following:

1. The most important war is not against the devil or the world. It is within us to conquer our hearts to do the will of God, that is,

  1) Obedience to the 10 Commandments and Jesus’ teachings

  2) Love for everybody around us or before us (e.g. TV viewing) without    resentment and asking often for their salvation.

2. A victory within brings about a victory without or outside when we treat other people.

3. The excessive religious information available (books, media in general) is a distraction for learning and understanding and has little power to change others within. It ends up creating the need for more information for the sake of knowing and not for the sake of the Kingdom itself.

4. If we pay attention to the battle within our souls, the God Who resides there will pour His mercy upon us and the Holy Spirit will promote to desire knowledge for the Word of God.  It will further give us clear understanding and fortitude to be His disciples and in this act of humility on our part, He will fight for us the action of the devil and of the world, since we have taken care of our flesh desires by bringing God’s mercy to do so.

I visited the organic food store and as I was trying the get a plastic bag to place some avocados, a woman about 50, ran to me and helped me to pull it since the container delivering these bags was not working well. I thanked her very much. About 5 minutes later I found her in another isle and we smiled at each other. A little later on, again, I saw her and the Lord said, “Go, tell this lady about your memory loss reversal.” I had to do it and open a conversation with this stranger, but started by telling her that she had been so nice that I wanted to share this experience with her. After she heard me, she asked me how I had learned about it. I had to disclose the fact that I am retired physician and God was the middle of it, since I wanted to become a cardiologist and He changed my wishes and I became an anesthesiology which led me to use fluorinated anesthetic gases, fact that later would help with His aid, to find out that it was fluoride what causes memory loss in some of us. As we were saying good bye, she asked me for my name. After that she said, “Ah, my name is Teresa.” Of course, this is the Spanish version of Therese and I asked her why she had been named with a Hispanic name. She was blonde and very white. She answered that she comes from Polish and German Catholic ancestry but that she is a Buddhist now. I immediately realized that this lady had been placed in my path simply to be prayed for, as God’s mercy for her was moving the whole deal!!! 

Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25 . The events were already presented in the opening message.

Saturday, May 23 

I prayed the Rosary at 8:30 AM, and after, my Mother said, “Do no fear any of the present problems and I should remind you that you still have to grow much. Remember to ask for God’s mercy when you are in need of help but with TRUST that your petition for His mercy is immediately answered according to His will in the matter. These are two different actions and asking and trusting are essential. Trust means not to fear anything of what it is going on or what will be because His mercy will take care of everything when you ask for it.

I then wondered about the bird hitting the glass of the window. I heard, “Much will be given to you for your work for the Kingdom on earth on the feast of Pentecost.”

I had to visit the organic food store and left at 10 AM. I also had to pick up some medication at the pharmacy. When I had finished my small shopping at the organic food store and with the cane still hanging on the side of the cart and basically not obviously visible, I came to my car and another lady was coming out with a small basket with the things she had bought and the basket was mounted on wheels as we see in airports with luggage. She ran to me and told me that she would hold my cart so that it would not roll away as I transferred my items to the trunk. She also took my cart back to the building and then came to pick up her basket, which I was now watching it for her so no one would take it. It was amazing to see the love of this 50 or so year old woman. Immediately I realized that God keeps moving strangers to help me and to train me to trust in His mercy by showing me that He is able to be in all the details of my daily life. I left the place totally engulfed in the beauty of our God… He is too much! And yes, I remembered the words of my Mother who had said that same morning that I need to grow in my trust in God’s mercy.

Sunday, May 24 – Feast of Pentecost

At Mass and after Communion, I heard from Jesus that I would be receiving special graces on this feast. Then I realized that this was the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians, the title which Don Bosco chose as his favorite. We have a high school for girls in Costa Rica called Colegio (School) de (of) Maria Auxiliadora and refer to this same title of Our Lady; however, her name in Spanish is more descriptive of her charism. It is more powerful to say that she rescues us than that she helps us…

Tuesday, May 26

Early this morning after praying the Rosary, my Mother explained the following:

STEP I If you have

1. Fear.…… the Holy Spirit asking for the gift of hope that comes from God’s mercy and Who can do all things.

2. Doubt…. ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of trust in God’s mercy.

3. Questions regarding your health, the future or any present problems like the renewal of your driver’s license….. ask Him for indifference because His mercy is in charge. You do not need of anything else.

4. Disillusion with some aspects of the state of the Church…. ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of love for her, since she has what you need to become His disciple for the glory of God.

After letting the Holy Spirit give you the graces necessary, go to…

STEP II – say yes to the above temptations as God’s precious will and offer thanksgiving for allowing you to grow in intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and bringing you closer to my Son.

STEP III. Think of the bird tapping at the window as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is within you 24/7, in order to guide you in your spiritual battles.

Remember this advice because it gives you the tools to live the “Sacrament of the Present Moment” under an ongoing Pentecost. This is also a form of living the LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.”

Later that same day, I suddenly developed a severe depression… I had not eaten anything with carrageenan and did not understand what was going on. I started praying one of the Rosaries that I am supposed to say daily and within 5 minutes and while praying it, the depression disappeared. It was clear that this was a case of “oppression” by Satan Himself.  So, I decided to add a fifth item to the above list.

5. Depression… call Our Lady by praying the Rosary to overpower the influence of Satan around you.  

Needless to say, this was an extraordinary teaching and covered many angles for spiritual warfare. And of course, this was part of the graces received at Mass on the Feast of Pentecost.

Wednesday, May 27

9:30 AM – My Mother came to remind me of the importance of saying the Rosary to intercept Satan in his constant harassment, trying to tempt me with fear, doubt, questions and disillusion. She said, “If you train yourself to act in the way shown to you on the day before, it will wire your brain to automatically deal with any temptations of any other kind, not only the ones mentioned since this practice will open your soul  to live in the Spirit, and then  you will have the understanding to deal with any other form of harassment from your flesh, the world or demonic in nature.”  Later that afternoon I received a huge message with more explanations regarding leading a “life in the Spirit.” I decided to place this extra teaching as part of the closing message below. 

Friday, May 29

On this day, President Obama removed Cuba from the list of countries that are our enemy. In general, I am super happy that the Cuban people (the poor and forgotten) may have more jobs due to American tourism. As far as Raul and Fidel Castro, they came to power in 1958, and I was young but remembered the time. If I recall well, we did not see the problem then because Cuba was worse that Sodom and Gomorrah in moral issues, and they had no democracy and were living under a corrupt dictator. However, Cuba was known at the time by other nearby countries as the place to spend weekends with prostitutes, women plus men for those with homosexual tendencies. My concern now is that we go back to those days because Satan would be happy to see this country falling into this deviant way of life. I am mentioning this because Cubans attracted the actions of Fidel and Raul in order to stop the government corruption, lack of freedom and immorality all around. We, as Roman Catholics, should place Cuba in our daily prayers, especially because it would bring corruption to America as well and because this country is supposedly Catholic. The responsibility is theirs and ours equally. This is a call for those reading this blog to spread this idea and a warning that we can do much through the Mercy of God for all of us, images of God. Definitely, we should be ahead of Satan with prayers for Cuba.

Saturday, May 30.

The bird keeps coming to tap at the window!

III. Closing Message (using the teaching received on May 27)

We have many battles in our world but the most important and powerful one is within our minds and souls between our guiding light, the Holy Spirit and the present time world confusion twisting the Truth and Satan working 24/7 attempting to destroy us.

In our religious world, books are written in an endless repetition by many extraordinary authors and all the way to mediocre ones in an endless repetition of what Jesus said, what He condemned and also bunches of endless do’s and don’ts. This is a good but VERY MUCH ONE SIDED VISION of what it is going on, and of course, Satan wins this battle that seems so good for us, but actually, one that distracts us from our personal ongoing conversion. Reading of books and articles should be done only with permission from the Holy Ghost Who knows our spiritual needs. 

Therefore, the real work is for all of us believers to call the Holy Spirit for everything we do in each moment of our lives. The latter has been called by a famous Jesuit writer, “the sacrament of the present moment,” alerting us to the fact that it is sacred because it guides us to follow Jesus at all times, and only the Holy Ghost can do that, in virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation. Jesus came, suffered for us, died and went to the Father, leaving us His Spirit to guide us to do the same as He modeled for us.

In these many books, articles and sometimes media programs, suffering is often ignored as an important subject matter, or simply mentioned as one that Jesus underwent for us but never elevated to the ranks of essential for our sanctification. So, we are left with the notion of suffering in our lives but as something that we should escape from just because God loves us so much, when He is loving us even in difficult times!

Our Mother in heaven continues to be mentioned and Rosaries encouraged to be prayed but some books and programs do not encourage us to GROW IN OUR INTIMACY WITH THIS HOLY WOMAN, FULL OF GRACE, and one that He gave us as our own Mother. Knowing her and growing in intimacy with her are two different things… She is real and busy as an intercessor and works exactly as it was depicted at the wedding feast in Cana. And just saying the Rosary is not enough if we pray it just in case. We should understand that she was given to us as our own mother, and as such, we should run to her often and with total trust that she will intercede for us to do God’s will only.

And is this that I am writing something important and true? Well, yes and first because the Spirit of God dictated these ideas during a Rosary that I was praying on May 27, and which I wrote shortly after the prayer was finished. However, the greatest proof that this is true comes from the fact that our Church has been losing many Catholics and not because they all go to other Christian churches, but mostly because they have abandoned the practices established in our Catholic Church of going to Mass on Sunday’s and to confession and Communion. We get very involved in talking about a relationship with Jesus but our lives are not truly witnesses of such feelings. In scientific terms, we call it “Root Cause Analysis,” because we examine our practices in hospitals and medical centers and look for errors committed on an ongoing basis and then, seek the roots of such mistakes and aim at preventing them. We set up plans to continue monitoring if the changes established have truly avoided the same mistakes, and this is done for months after the changes are implemented. I guess, this pagan culture is more intelligent that we are…

As an example, let me share with you what I wrote some years ago regarding the root cause analysis of problems for any of us Christians and I did it using the format I learned as a director of a surgery center, format established by a group which wrote the ways of monitoring any error in the medical practice in such places, or Joint Commission Association of Hospitals. I wrote it as a reminder to anyone who is interested in monitoring their own spiritual lives so not to commit the error of acting as the “religious” and yet cold Christian community. I suspect that I may have shared this list in a past blog, but I am not totally sure.

Root cause analysis of why I could fail my plan of action to become a good witness of my belief in Jesus Christ

1) Resentment towards any group of organized religion for whatever reasons.

2) It is too constrictive without choices that appeal to me.

3) Due to laziness. Attachment to seeking fun in all I do.

4) Fear to encounter my shadow, my sinful patterns

5) Due to subconscious issues not resolved and that these rules remind me of.

6) Lack of trust in God’s power, love, mercy, justice.

7) Poor catechesis of God’s existence in my childhood, or at any other time in my formative years.

8) Coasting well without too much involvement with God, and therefore, not needing Him.

9) Unwillingness to re-define true happiness, or believing that the happiness defined by the Media is the last word.

10) Unwillingness to start because it is too late in my life and I have done O.K. so far.

11) Suspicious about the fruits of this way of life as being “too good to be true.”

12) Pride of what I already know and have read and heard, and the belief that there is nothing else I could learn.

And now that I have mentioned the many sources of our rather poor living a as a disciple of Jesus, I will mention what I was taught on this same day of May 27, after praying the Rosary.  

The new practice to be set up in order to avoid the above serious mistakes so that we can transform our unsound judgment in our minds is to learn LIVING IN THE SPIRIT… The entire teaching was somewhat new for me in its description. This is what I heard:

“The Lord created each one of us since Adam and Eve as an act of love on His part and He made us in His image, in this way reminding us that we were chosen to be His adopted children. Then, He chose to reveal this great love for us through His mercy. Or said differently, His mercy is the love of God shown through His many graces and blessings upon us. Because of original sin (where Satan tempted Adam and Eve to commit it) He sent His only begotten Son (or God’s Mercy Incarnate) to atone for that sin and left His Spirit to be the sanctifier of our souls on this earth, that is for Him TO BECOME A BRIDGE to allow God’s mercy to reach us and sanctify us.

Our lives, therefore, should be seen as an eternal Pentecost experience, an eternal coming of the Holy Ghost to be the CONDUCTOR of this orchestra of God’s love or to be the bridge for this act of His mercy to occur. My training right now appears to be how to live among the world, my flesh and the devil but in constant relationship with the Holy Spirit or in an ongoing Pentecost, in order to enter into the mystery of God’s love for me, His mercy. As of this moment, this subject matter’s understanding and practice appear to be my formation in preparation for the upcoming year of Mercy. I need to enter more deeply into sensing HOW MUCH GOD LOVES ME through the aid of His Spirit, once I open the door of my soul to Him and like never before, and as I do, His mercy will form me into a true full time evangelizer, always guided to love my brother and sister according to God’s mercy for each one of them.

Repeating: WHAT IS THE LIFE IN THE SPIRIT? It is that life where the Spirit of God is the conductor of the orchestra of His love for us, a.k.a. God’s mercy! It is the life where the Holy Spirit becomes the bridge to bring to us God’s love (His mercy). Satan will be always part of the scenario and he and his spirits will work day and night to deflate our interest in God’s love for us and in this way, make us miss the bridge-to or the Conductor Himself. I have seen Satan working overtime when in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the Holy Spirit was passing through so many prayer groups of the Catholic Charismatic movement. Our Lady was openly omitted not to cause an scandal for our separated Christian brothers through whom the movement was started in our Catholic side. The Eucharist was never mentioned and the subject of Satan was also totally ignored. The main menu was the joy which the Holy Spirit imparted within these groups, and of course, no mention of suffering was possible in moments when we felt the Spirit’s Presence. We called this, “Life in the Spirit,” and it was but partially.

To live in the Spirit also means to pay attention to His Spouse, Our Lady, and to the Real Presence of the Son of God on this earth. It means to frequent the Sacraments, especially Reconciliation and Holy Communion. And in order to live in an eternal Pentecost, we need Our Lady to intercede for us and to be a shield against the attacks of the devil; we need to confess our sins often in order to receive Jesus ALIVE… AND WE NEED TO SAY YES TO GOD’S WILL at all time in order to make sacred all our present moments. We need to confront our roots for sin and to want to change and to pray for His mercy to lead us to change our lives from inside out. 

To close this blog with so many tips that I received to lead a life of power over our flesh, the world and Satan, I will share what came through Facebook from EWTN’s newspaper, The Register, and it quotes parts of a book with reflections as to how St. Teresa of Avila dealt with Satan. May it also serve as a commercial on behalf of EWTN’s sale of religious items and for the benefit of the author’s. I should also explain that I have not received permission to copy them

How to Approach Spiritual Warfare, According to Teresa of Avila

This is the third book of Dan Burke’s Navigating the Interior Life Series that brings the wisdom of the saints into your hands. These unedited letters of Teresa of Avila to her friends offer a rare window from which to gaze upon the Saint’s genuine witness and pragmatic advice on pursuing an intimate friendship with God. Dan Burke and Anthony Lilles provide rich reflections to encourage a deeper and more prayerful reading of these fascinating letters to those who want to sit at the feet of this great doctor of the interior life


Valladolid, February 19, 1569
To Alonzo Ramirez
Cause of the delay in the journey to Toledo.
Encouragement in the difficulties likely to arise.


As regards the licenses, with the help of heaven I hope to get the king’s easily. There may be a certain amount of worry about it, as I know by experience that Satan cannot endure our houses and always persecutes us, but God is all-powerful and the evil one goes off with a broken head.

We had a great deal of trouble here from the leading men of the city but it is all over now. Do not suppose that you will have to offer God no more than you have planned; you will have to give Him much more. He rewards good works by sending us an opportunity for greater ones.  It is nothing to give coppers—they cost us little—but when people stone you and your son-in-law and all of us who have taken part in the matter (as they nearly did in Avila when St. Joseph’s was founded), then the project will succeed, and I believe that neither the convent, nor we who suffer in the cause, will be any the worse for it, but will gain greatly. May God direct the whole affair as He sees best! Do not feel at all anxious. . . .

Your unworthy servant,
Teresa of Jesus, Carmelite


Spiritual Warfare: One can almost see a smirk on the face of Teresa as she writes the last line of this paragraph, “Do not feel at all anxious.” After letting her victim know that he will have to give far more than he is prepared to give, and reflecting on the devil’s response to the advance of the kingdom, she seems to find a bit of fun in the battle.

Teresa was ever aware of the work of the enemy in and through people. But she was even more aware of the strength of God’s kingdom as it advances: “Satan cannot endure our houses.”

Many rightly quote Matthew 16:18 when speaking of the battle we face as we advance the kingdom of God:

And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.

However, the common interpretation is often far from the meaning of Jesus’ words. He proclaims that He will build His Church on the confession and ordination of Peter, and that the gates of hell will not be able to hold back the advance of the kingdom as it breaks in and invades territory otherwise occupied by the enemy.

The mighty warrior mystic knows firsthand the proper interpretation of Jesus’ words in this passage. She rightly sees the establishment of her monasteries as an assault and occupation of enemy territory. As such, as when a beehive is disturbed, she also knows the consequences and the heavenly rewards as she reveals in The Way of Perfection chapter 38:

I feel convinced that souls which have arrived at this degree of perfection in prayer do not ask God to deliver them from trials or temptations, nor from persecutions and combats. This is another unmistakable and noteworthy effect, showing that the contemplation and favors given to such people come from the Holy Ghost and are not illusions, for, as I said just now, these souls wish for and demand such troubles and love them instead of hating them. They are like soldiers—the more they fight, the better they like it, for thus they hope for a richer booty. When there is no war they live on their pay, but they know they will not grow rich on that. Believe me, sisters, the battle never comes soon enough for the soldiers of Christ. I allude to contemplatives, and people who practice prayer. They have little fear of open enemies, knowing them well already and being aware that such foes have little power against the strength given them by God through which they always gain the victory and come forth from the fray with great spoils and riches, so that they never beat a retreat.

With this faith-filled conviction and an extraordinary strength of will, she unhesitatingly disturbs the hive knowing she will be stung, but that the suffering—rather than weaken her—will only make her stronger and further establish the work of God in her heart and in her mission.

Her comfort comes not from any human ability to endure the assault, but from knowing that God is working in and through the assault, and that by her “yes” and His grace, she will conquer all the territory that He assigns to her.

P.S. Your prayer for me will always be very needed and appreciated. Every month I suffer the temptation to stop these blogs due to my problem and now with both of eyes. It used to be just one… I sincerely do not know for how long I will be able to share my stories with you. Yes, we are called to witness regarding our belief and love for our God as well as the many ways that He uses to love us. However, the job is getting harder and harder and perhaps, it is getting time to quit. I also think that many theologians besides our Holy Father are going to be writing on the mercy of God as we approach the Year of Mercy. I have been writing about His mercy for almost 7 years and I could surmise that I am done with this subject matter.

In the other hand, if God wants it done, I should find a way to at least have better eyeglasses. I have an appointment for this June 5th to make another set of glasses since the ones from 3 months ago do not permit me to read the name of streets, even that my right eye is supposed to be seeing better than before, according to the recent visit with my retinologist. We shall see. Thank you for any prayer you may feel led to say for me.


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