1. Do we really believe that God can win all our battles, personal and for our country? 2. Hope for patients with Parkinson’s and perhaps for autism as well.

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My friends: this month of January has been a dream in spiritual terms… I am starting to write this blog somewhat late (January 22) because there have been so many other things in my daily living and you will know soon why, some of which are Satan’s way to distract me, and others, God’s plan to train me.

At times, I would like to divide these blogs by topics and stop sharing only  by calendar date.  Yet, I am not sure if this is what God wants. There is one thing for certain: in this first month of 2014, I have understood so much… And this God of ours has shown me how close He is by how He has excelled at teaching and training me on how I should expect Him to win all my battles… For example, the major fight we have with pro-choice forces is such an easy fight for Him to win it for us, and yet, we never expect Him to do it, despite that the Old and New Testaments are full of examples of how He has done it since the times of Adam and Eve. We instead, keep planning ways to fight this battle going on and some of those are very good, like having centers to help women with pregnancies that they tried to abort and did not. In the other hand, WE CANNOT CONTINUE allowing babies to be killed in the womb… It seems that we spend most of our time either condemning those who oppress or persecute us, and no time “in letting God” go to battle and save many lives, as in the case of abortion on demand, or win other battles of oppressive laws or of Christian unity. (Letting God meaning that we trust blindly that He will win this battle and that we simply let Him use us as He deems necessary). The question remains: “But why we do not trust God as the primary general heading this fight to win it?” I hope that my bad left eye will allow me to expand this topic to the fullest.

This time, I will divide this blog in several topics and bring the story for each one, in a calendar sequence. Let’s see if it works. HOWEVER, I may be bothering your conscience quite a bit… Or put in other words, the Lord has bothered my conscience a lot with this subject… and I will pass this pain to you. In the other hand, enough is enough, at least for me, personally. There is no doubt that we are blind… and worse than that is that we do not even know we are… So, please, bear with me and suffer with me… At no time I want to offend you.



1. A reminder of how God won the battles of the Israelites and even for gentiles

The entire Old Testament is full of stories of how Yahweh fought for the Israelites multiple battles and won them. I could not start quoting the battles because they are many… One of the main ones is how Israel left Egypt… and Yahweh sent calamities to Pharaoh until he released them, sort of, and even the huge RED SEA was parted for Israel to become free… Yes or no? They spent 40 years in the desert because they did not trust God even after seeing their majestic departure from Egypt; they only complained of what they did not have but never understood what they already had, that is the love of God which had defied even nature laws to free them to proceed to the Promised Land and end their slavery.

In the New Testament, Jesus is quick to heal many when they show Him that they believe He can do it!!!! It is all about faith but a double dose of it: first, that they can be healed; second, that He can do it…Or said in other words, it is trust which means faith without fear of being wrong, that He could cure them ASAP. Here are a few reminders of such stories:

Matthew 8: 1-3 – A leper said to Jesus, “Lord, if you wish, You can make me clean.” Indeed, he was cured immediately. This leper knew that Jesus could win this battle with this most tough incurable disease in those days.

Matthew 8: 5-13 – A Centurion asks Jesus to cure his servant who was lying at home paralyzed, suffering dreadfully. (Notice the love for neighbor that this gentile showed to Jesus and how he believed that He could win this battle for his servant). Jesus answered him, “I will come and cure him.” “The Centurion said in reply, ‘Lord, I am not worthy to have You enter under my roof; only say the word and my servant will be healed.’ Jesus was amazed and He said to the Centurion, ‘You may go; as you have believed, let it be done for you.’ And at that very hour his servant was healed.” (I have a question here: how many of us repeat those precise same words just before we receive His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus and truly believe that all our battles will be won in His time, in His way, but won for sure? In my case, I love the words that say what type of healing I will get: the healing of my soul… Wow. I guess that this month I received a major healing for my soul by just understanding how to follow Him so that He could win a major battle at hand, of the several I have…)

Mathew 8: 23-27 – Jesus and the disciples were in a boat when a storm came up on the sea. Jesus was asleep at the time. “They came and woke Him up saying, ‘Lord, save us! We are perishing.’ He said, ‘Why are you terrified, O you of little faith!’ He rebuked the winds and the sea and there was a great calm.” (It is obvious that the disciples were clueless … Are we the same in so many battles that we are facing?)

Matthew 9: 16-22 – A woman with a hemorrhage for many years believed that touching the tassel of Jesus’ cloak will cure her. “Jesus turned around and said to her, ‘Courage daughter! Your faith has saved you.’ And from that hour the woman was cured.”

Matthew 9: 27-29 – “And as Jesus passed on from there, two blind men followed Him crying out, ‘Son of David, have pity on us!’ …. Jesus said to them, ‘Do you believe that I can do this?’ ‘Yes, Lord,’ they said to Him. THEN, HE TOUCHED THEIR EYES AND SAID, ‘LET IT BE DONE FOR YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH.’ And their eyes were opened.”

B. Personal battles that the Lord has won for me!

1) This is the story of a huge battle that I fought in these last 4 weeks… and yet, it was God’s way to teach me what I need in order for Him to do it… As you will read, it was an unexpected nightmare! The sharing will be long but it was also a long time that God took to win this battle and I must tell it all to show you how He carried me in His arms until the battle was won!

January 10

I had seen my primary physician this past December 6th. 2013. In fact, the very first time that I consulted with her was on December 6th, 2012. She is a lady, in her early 40’s, Dr. A.G. We had a great meeting this past month and I updated her with all the things that went on August 2013 with my double hospitalization for gastric bleeding. She told me that the entire professional group (87 doctors plus nurses and secretaries) from now on being identified in this blog as JM Medical Group or JMMG, would move to just one building that will house an urgent care, laboratory, X-ray department and offices for each doctor specialized in different areas. She was very excited.

On this date, I needed more thyroid medication and went to Walgreens Internet site to put the order. It did not go through. I called and was told that I did not have any more refills, except that my bottle said I did!… (Notice the very beginning of a long and huge battle…) They said they would contact my doctor but as before, Walgreens called to no avail… So, as I have done before, I called my doctor’s office to place the order with Walgreen’s  and to ask for this refill to be made with white pills. The 100 micrograms I take is a yellowpill and I am terribly allergic to colorants since my allergies became more severe after my blood loss and 7 different DNA’s were transfused, which seemed to  have made my immune system totally crazy for all food and medicines that passed through the intestines, one of the locations of the immune system . With Walgreen’s I had found out that the 50 microgram dose came in white pills, that is, with no colorants added. So, I wanted to ask the doctor’s aid to ask Dr. A.G to order two of the 50 ug… instead of the yellow one of 100 ug.

BUT I was told that my doctor WAS GONE… She had left the group and no one knew why! Hmm!!! Therefore, I needed a new primary doctor… They asked for my phone number to call me with some answers for this dilemma but of course, nothing happened. In fact, a couple of days later when I tried to call, my phone must have been blocked because I spent 45 minutes waiting to be connected to no avail!!! (The battle was getting ugly…)

Wednesday, January 15.

I called again and did not get the connection as a machine generated messages kept saying, “Wait in line.” I then called the central office and I explained what happened… The woman said, “Do you want to file a complaint.” I said, “NO, I want a prescription for my thyroid… Is that too much to ask? Please do something. ” I was getting mad… She then said that in her computer, my new doctor would be a Dr. J.S., and gave me the number of her office in the NEW BUILDING. She even connected me. I called and my phone call did not go through again…

Friday, January 17.

I received a letter from this JMM group and had the names of 5 doctors who were receiving new patients. It said that if I was part of their HMO, I had already being assigned to this Dr. J.S.  Otherwise, if I did not do anything with this info, that I would belong to her. The problem is that I am not part of the HMO, and that I did want to do something about it. I went to the NET and studied these docs. The original young girl J.S. graduated in 2012 from a Caribbean Medical School which does not even have a hospital… to send their medical students to start getting trained in hospital care…..!!!!!! They have to come to the U.S. to be sent to hospitals as students. No all States accept this particular medical school, except N.Y. and California. You may have heard that in years past there were scandals with different Caribbean islands schools of medicine. They basically sell the diploma… (Notice how the battle was getting hotter…) The others, one man and two female docs, all were recent graduates. Two of them were D.O.’s (Doctors of Osteopathy) and no M.D.’s, but in recent years, both diplomas and training are comparable.

In the middle of this, I found a male older MD who graduated in California and who has a video in this group’s Internet site. I liked him.  My son who works for a company that connects via Internet doctors, patients and pharmacies, knew of his name… Well, this seemed to me that it was God’s way to alert me if this Dr. P.E., would be the person. However, I had to find out if he was receiving new patients… Notice how the battle consisted in not allowing me to get my thyroid medication and I was out of it…Did I have the right to get angry and send them to….? Well, this is the point… ALL ALONG, GOD WAS TEACHING ME THAT MY TRUST IN HIM WAS not quite perfect… I wanted to win this battle but had not stopped to think that I cannot win it. He has to do it, and that I have to remain calm and happy and do this automatically…

Let’s stop here for a minute: Do you have any battles in your life? Think about it… Do you? Now, continue reading so that if you have battles that you want to win, you start applying some of the instruction given to me by a God Who is crazy about all of us… It may help you in case that you are not “expecting” God to win your battles but not as a concept, but as a fact.

Sunday, January 19

I offered the Mass to get help in this matter. After Communion, He said, “Pray many Rosaries for this intention just to keep Satan out of the way so that you can understand what to do.” Well, He did not tell me whom to choose. By the way, as of this moment, I was not blaming Satan for this mess.

Monday, January 20 – Feast of Our Lady of Sion, a title of Our Lady started by two convert Jewish priests, Theodor and Alphonse Ratisbonne. Father Alphonse was converted through Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Later these two priests traveled to the Holy Land and founded a congregation for priests and nuns, and the Nuns of Our Lady of Sion are popular in Costa Rica.

I prayed 6 rosaries in this her feast day just for this intention to keep Satan away from this battle of choosing my primary doctor according to God’s will.

Tuesday, January 21 – Feast of Our Lady of High Grace (Dominican Republic)

Before I left for noon Mass, I asked Our Lady for help during my Holy Hour. I received no answers as to who should be my new primary physician. Later in the afternoon, I received a message from Walgreen’s that my prescription was ready and that I had 48 hours to pick it up. However, I was wondering if all my calls had reached X doctor who ordered this prescription which I supposed would be my thyroid medication

Wednesday, January 22 – March for Life in Washington, D.C.

I called the office of this older doctor I was after, Dr. P.E. and this time, a woman by the name of Kat promptly answered and I explained my dilemma. She was excellent. She said that this doctor was not receiving new patients but that always they ask doctors if they would do accept another patient. In the mean time, that I should go to Urgent Care and ask for the prescription for Thyroid and possibly receive one month’s amount of pills until I got a new doctor. Of course, my records are in the main computer of this group and they could find me in Urgent Care. She said that I should call around 8:30 AM to make the appointment for the same day.

I left for Mass, repented big time for my lack of interest in truly growing in trust that He can win this battle against babies aborted and I offered the Mass for myself in atonement. I thought that I had the war won with the call I had made. After Communion I was told, “You all are where you are because you do not believe that I can win this war to stop these killings.”

I wanted to come home soon in order to work on this blog, but had to go to Walgreen’s to pick the prescription and interested in finding out who the ordering doctor would be. I went to the drive in window and they said that there was no prescription for me… They acknowledged their mistake and I acknowledged to myself that Satan was after me… He wanted to make me mad and upset so that I would not hear what God wanted to write in this blog! Notice how active he is… Because this was a mistake and I  had no doctor to begin with, I decided to call the urgent care just to check if I had to call on the day of the visit. A lady said yes, but to call earlier than 8:30 AM, and nobody is told such thing but my case merited to call at 7:30 AM when all employees are already there….!!!!

Thursday, January 23

I called Urgent Care at 7:40 AM and the appointment was for 9:15 AM and was advised to be there by 9 AM. I started my journey early since the expressway was a nightmare at this early time and therefore I needed to take the long way towards Treat Blvd. in Walnut Creek. It took forever but eventually I was taken to a room and a blood pressure was taken by an assistant. They had 3 doctors and he said that one of them would come, who ever would be free. And lo and behold, I had a dream of a physician. He was his mid forties (Dr. B.S. and please do not read much in his initials), American, nice and believed my distress with the present problems. He said that recently he had an emergency near a southern California Medical School hospital and he was treated poorly!!! He understood my need of white pills and to order the 50 ug times two per day.

He suddenly turned around and with a funny smile said, “What about if I give you a gift. What about if I give you this prescription with eleven refills!!!!” I said, “Yeeees, and I will give you a gift as well.” I proceed to tell him how I cured myself from memory loss and the fluoride connection and how carrageenan causes depression and all I know now about how to reverse Parkinson’s…. He was fascinated. He wrote the topics in a little paper and said he would study it more. Suddenly, I realized that they would charge real money for a visit to urgent care, instead of an office visit. I had to stay and clear this up… Yes, the insurances will pay but it would be an unjust bill (much higher)  when it was just to get a refill for a medicine.

I proceed to go to Mass and thanked God so much that His ears probably were tired of listening to me. At least I had a real prescription. YET, I STILL HAD NO PRIMARY PHYSICIAN…

Friday, January 24

I called this older physician’s office, Dr. P.E. and this time, again no answer for 15 minutes. Out of the blue I decided to go personally to his office and the Lord agreed. In the express way, the Holy Spirit said to me: “Dress yourself with charity and mercy, so when you get there, you can hear My instructions.”  I had been in this building the day before and it was easy to locate his office. It turned out that the same group of assistants and secretaries of my old primary physician, Dr. A.G., were there. I had to wait for the patient coordinator for this particular office and her name was Cat… Not the same Kat… It turned that Kat was not in this office. When I had called two days before, I talked to a coordinator in the front office for the entire building… Yet, they thought I had talked to this other Cat and when I explained to her my problem, she corroborated that this older Dr. P.E. has not taken new patients at all for the last 2.5 years. So, the other Kat had given me the wrong information. Yet, it led me to believe that I could get in and I continued seeking this doctor in his office, and did not end up in another section of this huge building where some of the other doctors in the list work and whom I did not want for me. (Notice how the Lord was managing this battle!!!)

While I was waiting, full half hour, the Holy Spirit decided to talk and I took notes:

“Concentrate in this moment. When you say, ‘I come to do Your will,’ what is My will? It is to dress yourself with trust that I AM FIGHTING THIS WAR for you. And how to dress with trust? Simply ignore any moment that brings to your mind all the probabilities to end this battle of finding a primary doctor. Believe that I am in charge of every breath that comes from your lungs (here I remembered that even the hairs in my head are counted.) Your assignment is to love and to be merciful as the circumstances arrive and repent immediately for any lack of trust. Let it be. Dr. P.E. or not, it is alright. Offer this suffering for your blog. Satan wants you distracted and upset with this disorganization. I want you only doing My will as explained before.”

Then the present Cat explained to me all about the doctors available in this particular office and who are receiving new patients… Two of them where in the letter I had received with the five names. I had studied them and knew where they graduated, etc. She described them and said that they are new but that she has observed them for some time and that this male D.O. was someone that was opened to learn new things and treated patients very well… and was under the general supervision of the older doctor I wanted to see. I made the appointment for March 20.

By the time I finished it was noon time and I had to miss Mass. However, this war was won and big time.

2) Other MAJOR wars already won for me:

a) Cure of dementia

b) Cure of migraine headaches with acupuncture when I was young. Because of it, I became an acupuncturist, used it for my practice many years later treating pain problems, and still use it with an electro-acupuncture small machine to give myself treatments for pain in my knees…

 c) Cure of back pain that lasted for 15 years, and disappeared in 30 minutes with guided imagery (use of the right brain)!

d) Cure of obesity. I have lost 40 lbs without dieting or exercise… with the VSL#3 probiotic… I never overate but I presume that my genetic code predisposes me to deposit fat even that I have used all kinds of diets since the birth of my second son. Right now I do not want to lose any more weight (I never thought I would say that) because the melted fat releases toxins and I want to protect my brain….

e) How to prevent depression caused by a food thickener.

f) How to survive persecutions of all kinds without being infected with lasting resentment or losing my faith!!! In fact, on January 27, 2008, in my previous parish in Toledo, OH, I had someone say to me, “Maria, you are a disgrace.”  This battle had been won from the beginning. I had felt love for many around and ahead of time in order to quench what was coming to me… and not lose heart. I tell you this to give you a small example of how God win our battles.

As you can see, the love of my life, Jesus the Lord, has won 5 major medical battles for me… and many other smaller ones as the one I just explained.

3) I still have a few battles that need to be won:

a) My eyesight.

b) The need to find an optometrist to get another set of glasses (the third one in 8 months) and help the vision of the good eye.

c) I need to have my immune system quieted down in order to stop most of my pain since I have to terminate all narcotics. Doctors will not keep ordering them. I cannot take Tylenol or Aleve. This one is a major battle.



THE DEFINITION OF SIN in the Catechism:

1849 – “Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods. It wounds the nature of man and injures human solidarity. It has been defined as "an utterance, a deed, or a desire contrary to the eternal law."121

1847 – “God created us without us: but he did not will to save us without us."116 To receive his mercy, we must admit our faults. "If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness."117

1848 “As St. Paul affirms, "Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more."118 But to do its work grace must uncover sin so as to convert our hearts and bestow on us "righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."119 Like a physician who probes the wound before treating it, God, by his Word and by his Spirit, casts a living light on sin:

From my encounters with Jesus I learned this about sin:

Monday, January 6

At the end of my Holy Hour, I realized that Jesus wanted to say something! It is hard to explain how I know when He wants to do it, although sometimes He surprises me with straight, “I want to teach you something.” This time I was given a page in the Bible. Normally, I do not hear the page number. I see it in an image inside my head! The page took me to Luke 15 where He said that you leave the 99 sheep in order to seek the lost one.

Then the Lord said, “Conversion starts with repentance. Repentance starts when a person recognizes that he/she has sinned. So, offer your sufferings for the Church, for your family members and for the entire world to realize that they have sinned and in need of repentance.” I immediately recognized that I normally pray in general for the salvation of souls and do not stop at considering that I must be more specific and charitable and offer my crosses for their realization that they have sinned. If they do not think of sin at all, how can they repent?

After Mass, I asked Him if I had permission to go to the Bed, Bath and Beyond store to look for a special plate to protect the kitchen counter from the heat of my little grill where I cook my chicken (my main food). I was given a go ahead. I normally ask for guidance because He knows where He needs me and when. I may have an appointment for evangelization or I may need to be protected from an accident if under His complete will for me for that moment.  In fact, I also needed a pyrex container to keep my grilled chicken since I usually cook 5 pieces at a time. I found everything but the pyrex belonged to a set, although I found it by itself. The cashier would not let me go until she got permission to sell it to me by itself and with a ridiculous price of $3.85. The cost should have been at least $15. Normally, these are signs from Him to let me know that He is with me and that by acting as a servant even asking for permission to visit this store, He was pleased and wanted to let me know. He is always such a detailed merciful God… But He had more in store…

I left the place and parked the empty shopping cart near where my car was parked. I went to an ATM machine to get some cash. It was a busy time for traffic reasons and I was very tired, after going to make my Holy Hour, staying for Mass, shopping at this place and going to a 7 Eleven to get the money. When I came back to the car I realized that I HAD FORGETTEN MY CANE IN THE SHOPPING CART of Bed, Bath and Beyond store. I had to go back, drive at least 15 minutes in the opposite direction of my home and ask in the store if they had seen the cane…

While driving back to this store I inquired of God as to why this had happened and ended up making a deal with Him and said, “If I find the cane, I promise always to include in my family Rosary those who do not recognize sin for what it is, and for them to repent.” I arrived and the cart was still in the same place and the cane was hanging from it! And old lady was getting into her car which was parked where mine had been… and saw me take the cane. She screamed at me saying, “Why are you taking the cane?” I smiled and said, “Because it is mine.” She was not that convinced but she never saw it when she arrived and left it alone before entering the store and coming out of it… Thank God! With all of this, the Lord was making a point: He wanted to emphasize that I should never forget to pray for others to recognize their sin and repent.

I came home exhausted and had some lunch and at 2:45 PM, my Mom said, “You seem to feel very happy for having found the cane?” “Yes,” I answered. She continued, “Well, the same you will feel when you pray for your brothers and sisters to recognize sin for what it is. The world aided by Satan has given them a new set of truths in morality and values, where virtue is of little use for happiness and of course, sins are not being recognized as such and therefore, repentance is impossible. And without repentance, how impossible it is for them to enter into a personal relationship with my Son! You now will be seeking the lost sheep… with your intercessory prayer.” There it was Luke 15 again.

Wednesday, January 8

At 9:45 AM – I was asked to check a page in the Bible.

John 13:35 – “This is how I will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Hmm!

Later I found myself writing these following thoughts:

John the Baptist came to preach that we have to REPENT!!! Jesus said exactly the same, “REPENT, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND.” We in the Catholic Church know what sin is, or at least, we should know. The Catechism defines it just in case we get confused. In order to seek God and establish a relationship with Him, we have to repent. However, some Catholics and the rest of the world have a different definition of sin. As I was given much understanding in this subject matter, I suddenly realized that even some of us who know what sin is and regularly visit the confessional, even us may have some wrong definitions of sin… without even noticing it. Let’s examine some of those:

For the world standards, sin is

1.To bring a child to this world against the mother’s wishes and right to choose even his/her death but to preserve the freedom to decide if this baby is worth waiting to be developed intra uterus.

2. To let someone with a terminal illness suffer when they will die anyway. Mercy is to accelerate this passage to death and stop the suffering.

3. To deny the sick with chronic illnesses but not terminal, a faster death to stop their suffering.

4. To waste money in keeping alive those who are dependent on a ventilator care.

5. To be denied of educational opportunities since this will guarantee happiness and money for retirement.

6. To allow a wanted child to be born, if this child does have physical genetic mishaps in its normal development and recognized in the womb. 

7. To oppose the killing of babies is a form of being anti-women because abortion liberates women.

8. To label the abortion of babies as a human rights issue.

Suddenly, I realized that one of my most important intercessory prayers is to pray for those who have a different meaning for what sin is. How can they repent of sins that they recognize as good deeds? They need a full conversion and it has to do with the lies that Satan and the world have engraved in their minds. As St. Paul said in one of his letters: the fight is with Satan.

Thursday, January 9.

I saw a pro-life video about the development of a fetus in the womb in the first weeks after conception, and it was said that these women have lost the sense of shame by killing these beautiful children who have a heart beat and electrical waves coming from their brains. I then remembered John 13:35.

It was then that I realized that we in this side of the right of life issue also have committed sins which we do not recognize as such.

1. We should be also ashamed for not taking seriously these killings. We have allowed 41 years to pass… and basically done very little. And I am sure because if we, as a Christian Church (Catholic or not) had decided to pray daily for the pregnant women and those making money from the killing of their babies, fast at least one day per week, offer our crosses but accepted with a big yes in atonement for their sins, we would have complied with John 13:35 and would have ended this massacre. If our own daughters were part of this infanticide, would we be so laid back in our prayer and fasting and offering of crosses?

2. We have sinned by seeing the pro-choice members as our enemies. And how many times have we repented of this sin?

3. We have sinned by not praying for ourselves to grow in the love of those who destroy life in the womb! I know that He answers such prayer because I love Mr. Barack Obama, when at one time I only saw his faults. He still has the same ones… I see him as a child in need of merciful love. In other words, we need to repent from our lack of discipleship when it comes to love those who belong to the abortion on demand band.

4. And as long as we see our enemies as such and not grow in true forgiveness for them, how CAN OUR PRAYER BE HEARD by God in order to win this battle for the babies and the pro-choice members? What would have Jesus done with the pro-choice movement members? O yes, He, God, may have condemned their behavior as He did with the Pharisees and Sadducees, but always, He would have loved them to pieces… regardless. Do we do the same?

I think that we are getting used to talk the pro-life agenda (very good) but actually care little about the babies and their killers even if we do not realize it is so…If we truly cared as if those babies and workers in that movement were our own blood, I would probably see many of us fasting and praying very much and out of love… for them.

5. The greatest sin we commit and often and never recognize it as such is to pretend to win all our wars by ourselves with the help of God, instead of asking God to win them for us and use us in this process as He deems necessary, BUT TRULY TRUSTING THAT HE CAN DO IT as we deny ourselves and carry our crosses…

6. Let me add here some sayings from Pope Francis and which I consider to be sins not recognized as such and not repented from.

a) We seed violence when we do not help a brother in need… (And I personally believe that the help could be fasting and prayer for their conversion and of course, plus helping the poor with food and shelter and jobs).

b) For the sin of just calling others to our parishes, instead of going and looking for them in whatever ways God wants it done. (I add that we evangelize as something very good to do, but lacking the urgency needed to change souls who could be caught with an untimely death. On January 5th, a colleague who did his internship with me, died with Alzheimer’s. One of my half sisters died on January 26, 2014)

c) This is a sin of governments and the rich: for the uncertainty created in countries damaged by the privileges of the powerful that live hiding in a bubble of opulence while they ask the people to sacrifice. 

2. Marching for Life

Saturday, January 11

Our Lady came to lead me to Wisdom chapter 7 and then said,

“Pray as Solomon did for wisdom to love all peoples: from those who terminate the life of little ones in the womb to those who are obstructing your need for the refilling of one of your medications. Ask for wisdom to regain a source of urgency for prayer, sacrifice and the fasting of your will at all times and offer it up for the many that have not recognized sin for what it is.”

Sunday, January 19.

By pure chance and changing the channels, I found a TV station showing “The Last Temptation of Christ.” The movie was shown from 4:30 PM to 8 PM. I found it at 7 PM. I was appalled at this grotesque portrayal of Jesus. There was only one thing that was good. Jesus was advised by a beautiful girl, around 14 or so, who identified herself as his guardian angel… to come down from the cross just before his death because he deserved to live with Mary of Magdala. He did and married her. After two kids, she died. He found some other woman. He became old and St. Paul came to visit him and thanked him for what he did on the cross. Jesus kept saying that he had come down and never died and less, resuscitated. Therefore, that he never appeared to Paul in the road as we know it. St. Paul insisted that he died and resurrected. Jesus decided to call his guardian angel to explain the whole thing, and as the girl appeared, it became smoke. It was Satan who was advising Jesus all along.

As you can see, the horror of this story was a shock for me. Mohamed would have never being portrayed in this way. The fact that Jesus was directed by a guardian angel, who was actually Satan, made me nauseous. What truly opened my eyes was that Satan can be around us advising us humans (not Jesus) and we can easily not know it because our life has not being lived as true disciples, with a yes to God’s will at all times and loving our neighbor as ourselves. It did help me very much and I suspected that God was behind the finding of this movie and my patience to watch it…It fortified my desire to keep working very hard to be the best servant possible. (Eventually, this story helped me to understand something else, and of course, He is always in the processof winning our battles even if we are not aware of it!).

Wednesday, January 22

I started the day with an early Mass from Washington, D.C. plus the March of Life starting here in California around 6 AM. Again, I began to recognize that I had failed to do anything meaningful regarding the 56 millions babies being killed. The Gospel for the Mass was about how teen ager David won a war by killing Goliath with a stone (1Samuel 17). I suddenly found myself thinking more about my lack of true work for this killing of innocents. I recognized that I had not prayed enough for the abortionists and all pro-choice people involved. In the other hand, we had allowed the killing of as many humans as found in England and more than those killed in all wars together in the XX C.

After saying a Rosary at home, I heard within my soul the following, “Like in the first reading, David answered the Philistine, ‘You come against me with sword and spear and scimitar, but I come against you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel that you have insulted. Today the Lord shall deliver you into my hand; I will strike you down and cut off your head…’ I continued hearing, ‘The battle to end abortion on demand has not being won because you only complain about it. Yes, marches are important in human terms. In divine terms, if you pray a daily rosary for the lives of all involved in this fight, yourselves the pro-life group and the pro-choice group while embracing your crosses and offering them up for their salvation, living in total CERTAINTY that this battle will be won and no matter what exactly as David spoke to the Philistine, the law (R v. W) will be repealed. Right now, you have NO trust that I will win this battle despite many examples in the past of how I have won your personal battles. Remember, trust comes from a true relationship with Me. That is what holiness consists of, a blind trust that I am in charge and can defeat the strongest! I am calling you to become a true servant of Mine. Accept all things that I ask you to do even if they seem insurmountable and this will train you to trust in my mercy to stop these killings.”

Saturday, January 25

I had to buy a few things from two different health food markets and I prepared myself to go in the mid morning with less traffic. I was at Whole Food Store in Walnut Creek paying for my things and the cashier is a friend of mine. He is from Kenya and a religious Protestant, and so much, that about a year ago he married the woman he had lived with for 20 years… Knowing that, when he asked me how was I doing on this particular day, I said, “Health wise not terrific but I am learning to allow Jesus to win this battle for me.” He was surprised at my answer. Then I added, “And by the way, claiming that we have a personal relationship with Christ is a lie unless we believe that He can win all our battles…” He smiled from ear to ear and I suspect that the Holy Spirit was giving him some understanding of the matter. I then knew that I had seeded him with the Gospel truth and that in the future he will remember this and apply it to his crosses.

I came home to watch the March for Life West Coast (my own territory) and liked very much the different ideas given by the speakers of why we are pro life. However, different to other years, I was for the first time understanding that 41 years in this bloody desert of the killings of babies and elders, matches quite well the 40 years that Israel spent in the desert. Personally, I will be seeing this battle already won…without any more arguments between the pro-choice and pro-lifer’s. For me, it is done, finite. Like the Centurion, I know that I know that we will wake up and believe in the Gospel… and that possibly for next year, we will be in the process of dismantling our pro-life efforts.

One of the speakers quoted General Patton saying, “The best defense is a good offense.” And the best offense in this case of protecting the right of life for babies is to pray day and night for ourselves, not to be afraid of this 41 year old storm… Not to forget that it is a double battle: 1) saving the physical existence of babies and of all human beings until they depart in God’s time. 2) Saving the spiritual life of those who have created a different list of sins for themselves, and have made the choices of a woman for her body, more important that the life of a beautiful baby in development, with a soul and a brain and a heart, and a smile that we will see about a year after conception.

I found myself praying, “Have mercy on me, a sinner. I repent for not understanding that this war is over, since I am asking You to take over as I love the babies and the adults who do not know what they are doing.” I would argue that the march for life should be within my temple, and going on daily until Roe v Wade is overturned. This march for life means running to Jesus daily and asking Him, “Please help my unbelief. Sorry for having ignored what Your Word has clearly established that You are in charge and can change anything, but I have not believed so.”

We can talk about the mercy of God all we want. We can say the Chaplet of Mercy over and over, but I must believe that He is Mercy Himself, and that when I trust in Him, I am serving myself big chunks of this ice cream called Mercy and with it, the partying of the Red Sea or the Jordan River in order to win all battles that Satan, the world or my flesh manage to create… Also, if I do not take seriously my adopted Mom in heaven, and ask her to cut all the knots that keep my brothers and sisters in the pro-choice group tied to satanic lies, well, we have let go the best spiritual lawyer there is.

We do not have to organize ourselves with arguments and attacks against the other side. We have to organize our “faith” to live it and believe that if we ask our Dad in heaven in the Name of Jesus, all will be given to us. 1) And the first thing we ask for is not to defeat the pro-choice side… No… 2) We ask that we can fully realize that Jesus is the Savior of all and that He can win the battle of errors and lies within these souls. 3) We ask that we become lovers of those images of God who are confused and do not know it. Once we trust in Jesus in such a way, we simply have won the battle within our temple and the end of the 1973 law is predictable because it is so easy for Jesus to do it.

And if you think that once the law is repealed, we will have nothing to do in this battle, it will not be so and we will work in many fronts. The law can change but the minds of many women have been contaminated with these lies for a couple of generations. So, it will be even impossible for us to finally repudiate this law and not antagonize those who believe in it. Hatred will become part of the rebuttal of Roe vs. Wade and Satan will have us where he truly wants us to be…divided and resentful. Therefore, the battles will be different but still around this issue. For example:

1. Some of the existing programs wil have to continue like the ministering to wounded women who had abortions, or making adoption a wonderful possibility for those mothers that do not abort but do not want the responsibility of raising a child.

2. Also, abortions will continue as before 1973 but Jesus will win this battle all around, winning the hearts of women who want to destroy the baby in their womb, and this will require our work in prayer and trust in His mercy to stop abortion altogether.

At the end, we will be victorious in all fronts: many lives of babies will be saved and many women and even the entire abortion industry will be converted. Yet, just doing that for ourselves as we are trying right now is next to impossible. But Jesus needs an army of lovers of the right of babies to be born and of those who believe that it is their right to terminate them. When this is done, America will be saved… Right now, we are tempting God to send us more plagues as He did with Pharaoh. And let’s examine what plagues we already have:

1) And here we can see that toxicity of the environment is a plague causing so many illnesses!!! 

2) The cure of cancer is possible but nobody knows about it.

3) Parkinson’s can be contained and possibly totally cured with a good program of nutrition to help our livers detoxify properly the part of the brain where the dopamine neurons are, and yet, nobody knows about it.

4) Of each 56 born children, one is autistic… and again we have no laws to avoid this toxic environment.

5) Dementia is an epidemic and it is reversible but nobody knows how…

6) Mercury is still placed in the teeth of children and adults (silver fillings) and nobody does anything about it even that mercury fumes are constantly bathing their brains.

7) We pray but mostly to ask God to go along with our will… even that the Bible says not to do it. We have Bible studies but stop at practicing what we study.

8) We talk of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ but we refuse to give Him our battles… for Him to handle and win them for us. We SIMPLY DO NOT TRUST HIM as capable of doing so and I even bet that many will refuse to accept this statement. It does not seem possible and yes it is… We count on Him but as a helper and not as a general. Ouch!

9) Our Christian unity is making some progress but nobody wants to have one church, even that Jesus founded only one… 

10) The entire world talks about education as a form of freedom… We need to go to college to be somebody. Do we? Happiness does not depend of titles. Happiness only comes from knowing the Christ and doing everything He wants, as He wants it and for His glory.

11) We want to be saints but as St. Augustine put it, “but not yet…”

12) The trust in our ministerial priesthood has been damaged with the scandals we have experienced. We laity are heavily responsible for it… What about if we had started a movement to offer the Communion of every First Friday to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to help each and every priest in the entire world with their battles, the principal being when there is no growth in a priest in his personal relationship with Christ? Had all of them being busy growing in this friendship, that by itself would have “aborted” the scandals. See, when Jesus is truly a trusted friend, there is no need of anything else. There is no loneliness or tiredness or boredom. I sometimes wonder where have we been? I suspect that we lay people have little trust in our own power as baptized and confirmed Catholics to protect those who are essential for us to receive Jesus in our own body and daily if we want! We need to give them hope with our faith and trust in the Crucified. We need to pray for them day and night to live the will of God in their lives at all cost. But it all depends on our own relationship with Him.


To say yes to God’s will is a battle and no doubt about it. At the root of it is that we do not want to give the control of our lives to anyone. However, if we grow in trust that He is in charge of such battle, He will win the battle and we will find ourselves saying yes to His will with ease and without forgetting. So, here we have the link to say the “yes” that our Mother said because she was full of grace. In our case, with so many Biblical hints, we must start asking Him to give us the grace to believe that He will win this battle for us.

In the other hand, do we really believe that this 1973 law will be repudiated? Or we just hope it will be so. Do we live with the conviction that this battle to repeal it will be long and tough and perhaps years away? This is a major mistake because for God all things are possible and He only wants our trust that He is in charge, but really in charge… and with our faith in Him as we read in the Bible passages, it will get done and fast. Theology is not enough. Knee-ology is required but this knee-ology (prayer) should be for us so that we become converted and never feel any antipathy or resentment against those who kill babies. Any time that we talk about pro-life, we should also mean pro-spiritual life of those who destroy life backed by a law and the confusion and lies that Satan has seeded the world with. And if we think of the U.S. only, we are kidding ourselves. In India, baby girls are aborted as well because of their gender. This war is out of our hands… and we should think of our own conversion to believe that God can do it, and live sanctified lives offered for their well-being.

 Well, it is hard to stop so not to make you upset with all this review; yet, we CANNOT AFFORD THE KILLING OF MORE INNOCENTS… The time has come for some of us TO TRULY BELIEVE IN JESUS and let His Holy Spirit takes us by the hand to evangelize the entire world but as torches of light, people who deny their own will… and embrace their crosses as means to evangelize others, to atone for their sins, and to be witnesses of not only of life on this earth but of life eternal.

Recently someone asked in a television program how to switch from a hard day and keep a decent prayer life? Many answers were given as to how to try to do it. In a certain way this is misinformation… Actually, we only have to be an intentional servant, one that constantly is ready to say yes to the will of God. Anything else is our own human work trying to be good but unable to be faithful… And our  trying to conform to God’s will brings the graces necessary to live in His Presence and to have the stamina to pray after a long day at work. How does it work?

Living in the present moment with a big yes to His will, closes the door of our soul to Satan and his temptations. It closes the door to our flesh, that is our will and passions and desires. It closes the door to the world, slowly but surely. We become detached from hearing constant news or spending too much time watching sports. I have learned this by experience. I have so little desire to watch television and find it a waste of time on my part; I have magically lost interest for many programs. This was not so 20 years ago!

In other words, we do not plan our spiritual life. Even here, the Lord wins such battles mentioned above when he finds us living this intentional servanthood. He takes over and changes us without us really having to try hard to switch to a prayer time after a busy day. We only plan to become little so that He can become larger in our souls, and it is obtained with our consistent yes to His will. Even when persecuted, we do not get too alarmed since after all, the gate is narrow. However the freedom within, peace and joy of being a servant is all what is needed. He wins all the little battles around us and the major ones as well. As we see Him doing it, we grow in our love and relationship with Him!

Therefore, I intend to finish my days trying as hard as I can to practice the most perfect intentional servanthood, and do whatever I am called to do regardless, but I will pray and offer my crosses with a big yes to His will, begging for His mercy to give me the faith I need to expect that this war will be done with in just months. I invite you to speak to the Lord and ask Him what He wants you to do. Today, when I finish this blog, January 27 and at 11:05 AM during my Holy Hour, I found myself saying to Him, “I thank You  for all the things that I wanted  and You did not give me. Thank you for all my persecutions and the pain allowed by my immune system chemicals. Thank You.”  I hope that soon, very soon, I will live totally certain that every battle in my life has already being won… because God’s mercy is the answer to all I need.

I edited this blog many times during the evening of Monday January 27 and decided to take a nap since posting this blog on a monthly basis for the last 5 plus years, it will not allow the red ink on certain phrases to come through. So, I have to correct it one by one and post it again…Therefore I wanted to give my eyes a little retrieve. At 1 AM on January 28, I tried to post it but the Internet was not functioning in our house. I immediately suspected that God was obstructing the posting of the blog. I did not think it was Satan at all.

And sure enough, my God wanted to end this blog with a new teaching which came today after breakfast. By then, I had checked and yes the Internet was working fine!!! I had asked my Mother to help me recognize what I had to edit… But I really had to write more instead. And I have a question for anybody who is reading this part of this blog. How many times in your life you have discerned major changes in your life? For example, to enter the religious life or get married or stay in the single state but as a choice. Unfortunately or fortunately, I never had to discern anything… At age 4 I knew clearly and even still remember it (this has remained in my hippocampus without memory loss or not), that I would become a physician and a secretary. During my first grade, I became totally sure (age 7) that I would not become a nun. So God did it all for me and I never regretted my choices (I should probably say His choices). I would do it again.

However, I never understood well how one discerns God’s will for whatever stage of our life. ! Right now, what kills me at times is to understand over and over why God keeps saying that I must go and tell everyone about the beauty of His love. It is not enough to write so much about it in these blogs. He does have a plan and I do not agree 100% with it. When I say that I am too old, He answers, “Many of the great evangelists were very old! (Abraham, Moses). You have a body old in years but in “real age”, your body is much younger. (Of course, He led me in the path of practicing anti-aging medicine for my own body for the last 20 years). When I say that perhaps I should remain praying and fasting my will for the salvation of many, He answers that He has already prepared me for many years to go an evangelize.

For at least 10 years, He has said that my book with answers to memory loss, source of depression found in some foods, knowledge of brain physiology in order to cure cancer, plus now toxicity as the source of many illnesses, will attract the multitudes and that then I can offer evangelization to many who need to deal with dementia in person or in the family; to deal with depression personally or in the family; to deal with Parkinson’s or autism; to deal with obesity and the illnesses that come with it like diabetes type 2, hypertension, etc. In other words, we will use attractive easy natural solutions to medical important problems that have not been solved at all, and attract the crowds. So, this plan has been enacted for many years. And to make things worse, this past August He could have led me to death but refused to do it.

However, ALL ALONG, I HAD NOT UNDERSTOOD HOW TO LIVE SO TO ALLOW JESUS TO WIN MY BATTLES BUT IN A CONSCIOUS WAY. Therefore, I keep going over and over the pros and cons of a future that seems to be very busy. I have asked and asked for confirmation of such plans, despite that He has won so many battles in my life. Many people have expressed their opinions on how to know the will of God for our life but in general, there is a vacuum as to how to be sure it is the will of God for us. Well, this blog could not be finished until I pass on what I was told this morning… It was super cool!

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS FORMULA: IT SOUNDS VERY EXCITING in order to have God win our battles. I heard this from my Mother at 8:45 AM, just before the LIVE Mass from Washington, DC, in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas… The preacher, a Dominican priest was fantastic. Of course, he belongs to the Order of Preachers. In general, St. Thomas Aquinas gave it all to God and in all humility. He wrote so much… He understood so much. He was a genius!

My Mom said, “In all your battles you are at the entrance of the road to eternal life. The door is narrow. Satan is in one side. Worldly figures with their ideas are behind him. Jesus and I are in the other side. You are in the middle. You must have only one occupation: 1) to love God which you show when you trust in His love for you by saying yes to everything He asks you to do, including to all crosses. 2) To love your neighbor as yourself. You should make some stops along the way to examine how these two loves are lived. Many battles surround you; however, you know that in the middle of each battle or each storm (persecution or wondering how to do what He has told you already or how to know what He will want of you in the future), you will sail with no difficulties because your love for God and others is the principal work of your daily life, which allows God to fight the battle and win it for you. He will re-direct your life as needed. So, even that Satan is around, he cannot confuse you even if he tries. (Here I remembered the movie of the Last Temptation of Christ, and how many friends or the world could come to give advice that is tainted by Satan like the beautiful guardian angel around the Jesus actor, because they are not allowing the Holy Spirit to speak what God’s actual will is for you.)

“Your living the Gospel of love and giving God the power to win all the battles that surround you, will fully prepare you to preach the Gospel in action (with your example) and with words, since the Spirit of God will be present to guide you to say and do what God’s will is for you and others. This is how you can find what the will of God is… Satan will try his best to obstruct it while you try your best to love in every form that God leads you, especially with the “yes” to His will for everything. Jesus will be fighting the storm (battles) around you and I will be praying for you to stay firm and busy with loving and NOT WANTING TO KNOW how to get to the other side of the lake. You will not want to know because my Son will take you there and actually knowing what is next, is more of a curiosity than actually a need. And this is how you must live the trust in my Son so that His mercy can take care of every battle. Go the page 299.

I found in this page the prayer from Solomon asking God for wisdom to distinguish right from wrong,

1Kings 3: 5 ,7-9. In a dream the Lord appeared to Solomon. God said, “Ask something of me and I will give to you.” “O Lord, my God, You have made me Your servant, king to succeed my father David; but I am a mere youth, not knowing at all how to act. I serve You in the midst of the people whom You have chosen, a people so vast that it cannot be numbered or counted. Give Your servant, therefore, an understanding heart to judge your people and to distinguish right from wrong…”

My Mother said to me, “Often ask for such wisdom to understand that the evil one is always around, but if you are found loving God with exquisite trust in His guidance and protection in all your battles and proving it by accepting His will no matter what, then, you have little to worry about. You will end up doing God’s will, and no matter how strange or difficult it may sound, you will walk on water and get where you are supposed to go and do what you are supposed to do. Satan is present because his primary work is to lie to you, to confuse you and/or make you worry about what is next, when it has little to do with being a dedicated servant. Jesus is there because He is in charge of your life since you were formed in the womb of your mother. I am in this picture because you are my adopted child.”

Today’s Gospel also brings the theme of doing God’s will as a primary reason of our existence.  Mark 3: 35. Jesus said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.”

Thank you for all your prayers. There is no doubt that they are helping me to be patient with this recovery of my health and TO EXPECT THAT THIS PERSONAL BATTLE WILL BE WON BY MY MASTER. Joy and peace continue to live with me day and night. Even the little missal, Magnificat, has been of great help because in this month of January they have presented all the saints who suffered from chronic illnesses… It surely gives me hope, especially when I am called to write blogs like this one! It is funny but just a few minutes ago, in Dr. Mehmet Oz program, brand new one (2014), they said that a special Chinese herb can take care of any kind of PAIN without getting addicted or having any secondary effects on the body. The product is called Corydalis… It comes in granules and you put a little scoop that comes with it in hot water and drink it and pain goes away. I guess, this battle is being won aleady by my God Who is too  much! You may find more information at www.doctoroz. Com

It was also funny that after my Holy Hour, I went to the bathroom without my cane because I had no pain at all. I walked across the church to speak to my pastor and found that I was free of pain as well. This is how He communicates with me His power in winning battles. Also, recently I have been using fewer narcotics for my discomfort.

P.S.: Remember that in the “page” side, I will post the novena to Our Lady Untier of Knots in English (as “Our Lady Untier of Knots”) and in Spanish (as “Desatadora de Nudos”). I suspect that Our Lady under this title could be a key to our needs of conversion by untying the knots of our stubbornness of not loving our babies in action and have let them die in the millions by us just talking about it, and not praying and fasting on a regular basis in order for us to believe that Jesus can heal the abortion industry in seconds and win that battle in no time!

I met Our Lady Untier of Knots in 1999 in Toledo, OH via a Hispanic TV program coming from Venezuela. She became again very present in 2005 and I ordered her picture from a Hispanic bookstore in New York City. A tiny picture of hers has been place in front of my televison, so that she can oversee everything that I watch in T.V. At the time, I gave copies of her image to some friends in Toledo. I am asking her to carry this difficult message of our own sins… in regards to the Right to Life movement to your hearts with all the splendor of the Truth of the Holy Spirit. There are some pictures in these novenas and I hope that they will be posted without any problem…


On January 8, I was busy trying to get some nutritional information for a Monsignor who recently retired and live here in my parish. He suffers with severe pain in his knees due to arthritis. I had asked him if he wanted to know what foods are inflammatory, like sugar, and which ones are anti-inflammatory, like garlic, sweet potatoes, etc. and to try to eat of both kinds, but never just inflammatory ones. He accepted the information. Then, I suggested taking a good regime of vitamins to neutralize the oxidation going on in our bodies. He and I live close to a busy expressway (the rectory and my home which are miles apart but close to the same expressway)… and we are exposed to petroleum products day and night. Unless you buy organic foods, all fruits and vegetables are full of pesticides and other chemicals. Many foods are preserved with chemicals that are “oxidants” to our bodies. We become rusted with time!

He accepted the idea and my son paid for some vitamins that I bought for him. I told him to try them and see if they helped… But I wanted to give him all these supplements or vita nutrients with the information as to why they are so important. On this particular day, as I was reviewing old newsletters for information that may help him get educated as to why they are so important, I found TWO different 2011 newsletters from different MD’s who practice nutritional medicine, well known and respected, and both newsletters came with information as to how stop the Parkinson’s tremors 2 to 4 months at the time. I had those newsletters with me for 3 years and I had not paid attention to this subject. It is like reading the Scriptures: we read certain passages over and over and years later we truly pay attention to them in a different way. I immediately share this information on glutathione and Parkinson’s disease with a dear friend in Toledo who has it. Intravenous glutathione is administered in many clinics all over the country. In fact, she found one about one hour from Toledo… A major place here in California is in Los Angeles, at the Whitaker Wellness Institute Medical Clinic (www.whitakerwellness.com)

I was going to just mention it and let you do the investigating in the Net… However, I decided to give you three reports at the end of this religious blog. I thought that if you do not have the illness, you may not want to explore this science; but if you know something about it, at least you can alert others. However, the subject of glutathione is CENTRAL FOR OUR HEALTH, all of us… We all live in this toxic environment and cancer and surviving heart attacks and even autism, all are tied up to the “rusting” that we suffer with toxicity from the environment, from foods that are soaked with pesticides and other chemicals. I placed it at the end in case you do not feel inclined to inform yourself. I leave that decision to you!

Report from Internet No. 1 – Parkinson’s

IV Glutathione

IV glutathione is becoming an increasingly important part of the intravenous nutrient therapy toolkit. The scientific basis of intravenous glutathione therapy is well established, and clinical studies have demonstrated excellent results across a variety of conditions, including serious chronic diseases.

What is glutathione?
Glutathione is a protein called a tripeptide – a molecule composed of three amino acids. It is a potent antioxidant and quenches dangerous free radicals. It also binds to dangerous toxins through a process called "conjugation" so that they can be safely eliminated.

Why is intravenous glutathione better than oral glutathione?
Oral glutathione is not very stable; stomach acid and enzymes break it down (into its three component amino acid parts), rendering it useless. Therefore we have to use IV glutathione to ensure effective delivery of the nutrient directly through the bloodstream into the cells

IV Glutathione Shows Promise in Treating Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

In Parkinson’s disease, dopamine-producing neurons in an area of the brain called the substantia nigra die off as a result of free radical-based oxidative damage. Researches observed that a high proportion  of Parkinson’s’ patients are deficient in glutathione.
Glutathione protects against oxidation by free radicals. Clinical studies now clearly demonstrate that IV glutathione significantly improves Parkinson’s symptoms, and may very well retard progression of the disease.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurodegenerative disease in which the neurons are stripped of their myelin. This inflammatory process leaves lesions called plaques throughout the neurons in the spinal cord and brain. The inflammation is also thought to be caused by free radicals. A wealth of experimental evidence shows that glutathione is severely depleted in the brains of MS patients, making repletion with IV glutathione a rational therapeutic approach.

Report from the Internet No. 2 –  Aging and glutathione

Glutathione was discovered in 1888 and introduced into biochemistry in the 1920s In the late 1920s and 1930s, there was a burst of research activity on glutathione, particularly in ophthalmology. (My note: amazing that our eyes are so dependent in good levels of glutathione…!!!) The reason the research tapered off was the instability of glutathione assays. Being a powerful antioxidant, it is very sensitive to air, light and heat. It oxidizes so fast it is hard to assess its true value before it degrades or oxidizes.

Reduced glutathione (GSH) is a substance made in the cells of our body and is unique because it is both a reducing and a conjugating agent. This means that it is a major antioxidant as a free radical scavenger and an essential component of phase two liver detoxification. It’s an unusual amino acid because it can do two jobs to protect us from toxins: First, it neutralizes free radicals in our body, like toxic compounds from Phase 1 detoxification. Second, it combines with Phase 2 toxic chemicals to form a water-soluble conjugate that can be excreted in the bile and urine. Because glutathione is not broken down easily by digestive enzymes in the intestines, it’s available to intestinal cells for local “first pass” detoxification.

There are also other important functions of glutathione. Besides protecting cells against the destructive effects of radicals and detoxifying substances such as drugs and environmental pollutants, it also maintains cell membrane stability. Glutathione has been found to regulate protein and DNA biosynthesis, cell growth and it enhances immunologic function through it’s effects on lymphocytes.

Ninety percent of the glutathione in a normal cell is in the cell cytosol or fluid, the rest is in the powerhouse of the mitochondria. Doctors specializing in nutritional medicine feel that small decreases in mitochiondrial GSH can result in cell death. Unfortunately mercury such as the material found in dental amalgams, preferentially targets mitochondria and GSH depletion. This is one of the main reasons dental mercury can do so much damage.

The body must manufacture glutathione from other amino acids in the liver for more efficient detoxification in the blood. It is found in fruits and vegetables and is assembled in the body from the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. Glutathione deficiency comes from poor diet, free-radical stress, and toxic overload. The recommended dosage of glutathione consists of daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Biological Aging and Glutathione

Glutathione, the tripeptide amino acid composed of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine got its’ first link between aging when it was discovered in the aging human lens. Today, all eye diseases are linked to depleted levels of glutathione. The widespread functions of glutathione indicate that the level of glutathione in ones body has major health effects on the molecular, cellular and organ levels of the individual. One author’s research showed that correction of glutathione deficiency can enhance longevity in the mosquito by 40%. In studies of healthy men and women, glutathione levels were significantly lower in the elderly (60 to 79 years) when compared to mature (40 to 59 years) subjects. However, levels in the very old (80-99 years) were similar to those of the mature group. People who maintain high levels of glutathione represent survivors with extreme longevity.

There are few studies with definitive answers on how to correct glutathione deficiency efficiently. Two basic approaches are to use precursors of glutathione such as N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and secondly to give glutathione itself. Instead of waiting for disease to occur and then treating it, physicians should use glutathione tests as a diagnostic tool and use glutathione in the form of drug or food supplements to slow down or reverse accelerated aging changes at the cellular level before they advance into pre-disease or frank disease states.

Why Use Inravenous Glutathione?

Witschi, Reddy and Stofer and Lauterburg have established that glutathione in oral doses does not cross the intestinal barrier. Taking oral glutathione does not increase plasma glutathione levels because the hydrolysis of glutathione by intestinal and liver enzymes (gamma-glutamyl transferase). In one study 7 healthy volunteers were given oral glutathione and it was found that the concentrations of glutathione, cysteine and glutamate in plasma did not increase significantly. To significantly increase glutathione in the blood stream, intravenous application is necessary. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables provides adequate glutathione for localized intestinal detoxification. Other oral agents besides supplemental glutathione which help maintain or elevate glutathione levels include N-acetyl-cysteine, cruciferous vegetables, fresh fruits, grape seed and pine bark extract, melatonin, milk thistle, bilberry, turmeric, lipoic acid, selenium and vitamins E and C.

Who Should Use Intravenous Glutathione?

For many patients who have problems with severe toxicity, central nervous system damage, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, Meditrine Clinic has been using intravenous glutathione with excellent results. Since it does not absorb well from the gut, the intravenous route has shown promise as a powerful way to offer protection to the body with a tool that is fast and effective. Two very interesting medical studies have been published showing dramatic results with intravenous glutathione. One study showed that patients after a heart attack were benefited by intravenous glutathione. Another study was done in Italy by a neurologist named Sechi who showed that intravenous glutathione (600mg twice daily) significantly improved patients with early Parkinson’s disease giving a 42% decline in disability.

Glutathione and Aging

Julius, M Sc.D. "Glutathione and Morbidity in a Community-Based Sample of Elderly,"  The Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 1994;47(9):1021-1026.
This study evaluated blood glutathione levels in 33 subjects over the age of 60.  Higher glutathione levels were associated with fewer number of illnesses and higher levels of self-rated health, lower cholesterol and lower body mass index and lower blood pressures.  Those who had diagnoses of arthritis, diabetes or heart disease had at least marginally significant lower glutathione levels than those who were disease-free. Glutathione, together with age and measure of suppressed anger, accounted for 39% of the variance of an index of morbidity. Glutathione by itself accounted for 24% of the variance.  The authors note that this study appears to be the first study showing an association of higher glutathione levels with higher levels of physical health in a community-based sample.

Report No. 3. Autism and glutathione

A New Possible Cause of Autism

New research is beginning to show that toxins and oxidative stress contribute to autism.  These toxins and oxidative stress damage brain cells and upset the delicate balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which can cause neurological damage, and in extreme cases, autism.  Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant in the body.  One of its key functions is to reduce oxidative stress and remove toxins.  If you don’t have enough – bad things start to happen.  Things like oxidative brain damage.

Children with autism have low levels of glutathione, and often have impaired glutathione detox pathways.  The causes of this are many.  Increased mercury levels in the environment, bad gut bacteria, and poor diet can all decrease glutathione levels.  However, knowing this also lets you attack the problem.

A large-scale review published in the journal of Nutrition & Metabolism looked for possible mechanisms by which glutathione levels could affect autism risk.  They found that reduced glutathione synthesis could easily be a key contributor to autism.  This theory has sparked a new field of research focused on optimizing glutathione levels as a way to treat autism.

Glutathione for Autism

If children with autism have low levels of glutathione, could increasing their glutathione levels decrease their symptoms of autism?

To answer this question, researchers from Stanford University decided to test the effects of N-acetyl cysteine supplementation on autism symptoms in children.  N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a precursor to glutathione that increases the body’s production of this vital antioxidant.  NAC may also reduce the formation of glutamate, and excitatory neurotransmitter that kills brain cells in excess.

In this new study, 33 children were randomized into two groups.  One group consumed 900 milligrams of NAC per day for 4 weeks, and the dose was increased by 900 milligrams every 4 weeks for 12 weeks.  At the end of the study, the kids in the intervention group were consuming 2.7 grams of NAC per day.  The other group took a placebo for the same amount of time.  At the end of the trial, the kids who consumed NAC had a reduction in irritability scores by 80%.  There were also minimal side effects.

This was an early study, and more trials are needed to confirm the results.  However, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of this new evidence and start Bulletproofing your child against autism before he or she is even born.  In a future article, you’ll learn how to fight autism with glutathione.



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