This August, 2013, I almost died twice…! Yet, it was the most miraculous month ever and closing my Year of Faith with a bang!

I write this blog in honor of Our Lady of Good Health – Our Lady of Vailankanni (India), since I asked her to help me obtain good health and she led me to find the answer! Her feast day is September 8.


This will be a long blog with a long introduction in order to set the scenario for what happened. You may have to read this sharing in stages since it involves much science, but I cannot shorten too much all what I lived because I am still amazed at what happened. God came to prove to me that the gate is very narrow but His yoke is easy… No doubt in my mind. I was on a cross for several days and hanging there, my joy and peace were out of this world and evangelization was done without me even trying. I will give you just a few words regarding the core of this blog, so that you realize this was a true cross.

I was hospitalized twice, August 15 and August 19. I was bleeding from my stomach and had 7 units of blood replaced and left the hospital on August 24 still with anemia. On arrival to the emergency room on Aug. 15, I had hemoglobin of 7.2 grams. (normal: 12 to 14 grams). On Aug. 19, on arrival my hemoglobin was 5.2 grams. Our red cells are the carriers of oxygen. If the number of cells is low, the 20% of oxygen in the air we breathe can fairly soon kill the brain and heart, especially if there are blocked arteries. In my case, I have kept my body free of plaque by the way I take calcium for the last 15 years… Once oxygen is given to a bleeding patient and red cells are saturated with it, the organs have a chance to survive. I probably lost 9-10 units of blood or 5 liters altogether. Each pint of blood is equal to 0.47 liters. The average adult has 10 pints of blood or about 5 liters. Men have about 10-12 pints. Women have about 8-10 pints. In other words, my blood volume was replaced completely and now I carry the DNA of 7 different human beings!!!!

The science behind my fiasco: I will give you a few stories prior to August 15 which were actually hints of what was to come and although I have told these stories in these blogs, it must be repeated because it is part of what happened on this August of 2013. In general, the cause of the bleeding had to do with my immune system that is totally super active since 2002 in Toledo, OH, when at the dental chair I was contaminated with mercury as my dentist removed two amalgam (silver) tooth fillings without precaution despite my pleading to do so. He was a good man and said that his dentistry literature did not report any problems with removing these mercury filled material without precautions. Just notice how many people could be contaminated with mercury and the repercussions of it. If you ever want to know more about it, read the Ultramind Solution, 2009, by Mark Hyman, MD. He went to China at some time in his life and worked with a Christian group for a year and lived near a cement factory, and they use tons of mercury to make cement… He returned with memory problems and allergies.

In my case, one month after the removal of the dental fillings, everything I ate would cause severe pain all over. I ordered myself a blood test for food allergies and ended up being allergic to 54 foods. Among the foods are most fruits, onions, most fish, beef and others. I could only eat chicken, lamb, avocados, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, eggs, coffee, tea was questionable, lemons, mangos and peaches, rice, almonds, and as for milk, only rice or almond milk. These allergies grew and I realized that I became allergic to all artificial colors like red No. 40, most yellows, blues, etc. Most medications that come as pills are artificially colored!!! In general, my case was unique in two ways: the amount of items that I am allergic to are huge… and growing. My allopathic colleagues (MD’s) have little experience with the handling of the immunity associated with food allergies and may be because not many people had such a disaster as mine. In my particular case, I have the genetics for a poor immune system: there is a lot of asthma in my paternal side. Also, I was not breast fed, nor I did breast feed my kids since I had them and went to work in the operating room within a week or so! Breast feeding is essential for the mother to pass on to the babies for their first two years of life the amount of GOOD BACTERIA that will regulate the immune system cells. On those days, pediatricians never mentioned the importance of breast feeding for the immunity health of babies!!!

What is the immune system? The immune system is composed of the so called white blood cells (from now on will be referred as WBC’s). They run with the red cells in our blood and also live in the lymphatic vessels that are small vessels that run next to our arteries and veins; they also live in the bone marrow especially of our long bones like arms and legs, in the gland called thymus just behind the breast plate or bone in the upper front chest; also in the lymph nodes of the axilla (armpit), neck and inguinal areas, plus in the spleen, our appendix AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IN PATCHES IN OUR SMALL INTESTINE!

Our WBC’s that form the immune system are the ones that will protect us from infections (bacteria, viruses) and cancer. They have 11 specialized cells, and they work together, some regulating others in the production of chemicals that destroy foreign bacteria or foreign substances, like toxins, pesticides, etc. The mother of the infant passes to the baby through her milk, her immunity because we all are born without any specialized WBC’s. Some people like me, our genetics predispose us to have immune system cells in the patches of the small intestine that tend to treat food as the enemy of our body. This is how food allergies start. In fact, baby’s breast fed or not, are introduced to bland and hard foods very slowly through their first year of life, precisely to avoid those patches in the gut to react violently. And I am sure that you have heard that some people cannot eat peanuts because they can have a severe allergic reaction called ANAPHYLAXIS and could die… They have to carry epinephrine, a chemical that will bring their blood pressure up, since with anaphylaxis, the arteries relax and become enlarged or paralyzed channels and the blood is not enough to fill the channels and the blood pressure drops long enough to kill the heart and brain. Even during anesthesia, we anesthesiologists can suddenly encounter anaphylactic reactions in our anesthetized patients, and we have to have a memorized protocol as to how to act and what to give to a patient since there is no time to waste.

With this explanation you can see my dangerous state of immunity with so many foods that my intestinal patches of immunity WBC’s would declare as enemies and produce chemicals that would give me a low blood pressure and pain, since some of the chemicals are inflammatory and land in all parts of the body producing a pain reaction. In my case, in my knees and left ankle. I had to explain to you the science of our immunity because some of the miracles had to do precisely with a God of love Who decided to find a doctor (Dr. D.V.) who is a genius at treating food allergies!!!!! And of course, most gastroenterologists are not in the same page because the treatment is so simple but expensive, and it is not a pill… This doctor keeps giving lectures about it but other docs do not listen. Even on Sept. 2, AOL had a piece with the results of the latest studies as to how the treatment that Dr. D.V offered me is considered good or a myth! In medical school none of us were really taught in detail the science of the immune system. In 2012, I happened to go to the Internet and get all of it, put it in a Sam mini disk, take it to Kinkos and make a book of it… and memorize the entire thing! And thanks to God Who gave me the medical background to understand it and the idea of doing it in order to fight for my own care in this past month of August. Amazing graces He gives us. We should be in awe all day of the many little things that He takes care for us, and sometimes years and weeks and days in advance of the need to use the knowledge. Had I not been a physician, I could not have insisted in looking into my immunity as the source of the blood loss that I just suffered!

All right, no more science and I will start sharing some events that went on after my last blog and before August 15…


Thursday, August 1.

This was the anniversary of my Confirmation (I reported last month the wrong date by typing Aug. 4). Early on this day I wrote in my journal: “I still see much dissipation around me in religious terms and coming from very good people who have not been catechized to live a personal relationship with Jesus.” (I want to clarify that I suffer the dissipation but I understand that I could be in the same boat, had He not come to me at age 6.5 to let me know that He was alive in the Host that my family members received at Mass. And this was followed with such intense love for Him to this date.) I continued writing in my journal, “Yet, I must remain silent. My God is in charge. It is also a very important cross in order to remind me to pray day and night for the Church at large.”

9:30 AM. Our Lady said, “Just keep doing what you have been told to do.”

As you remember, I was trying to live each present moment with great care and attention and refusing to think of the yester-years and of the next present moment. She sent me to read in the Acts of the Apostles about the martyrdom of St. Stephen. Then she said that I must realize that we all have to have our own martyrdoms (white ones), and asked me to make a list of my present martyrdom’s with the purpose of constantly offering them up for the salvation of souls. Much later in this blog, you will find out what she said on her apparition to the children in Fatima on August 15… It was not August 13 because the Masons impeded the children to go to the Cova de Iria. In my case, on Aug. 12, I began the martyrdom of severe gut hemorrhages… So, I did write my past and present martyrdoms, like severe persecutions for no reason; the pain associated with the dissipation seen around in the parish and again, to no fault of most people who attend  Mass faithfully. My poor health: bad left eye, food allergies, and dealing with doctors who know much but nothing about nutrition to prevent health problems. They want to solve my problems with pills and I am allergic to most because even the color added to the pills is dangerous for me.

I was led by my Mother to redact another set of ideas similar to the ones shared many times in these blogs, but with a slight different emphasis.  I wrote:

August 1. Celebration of my Confirmation anniversary

My most important job for the Glory of God is to save souls as Jesus did!      

1. To do that, I have to trust God’s guidance as told to me in detail in the past and because I have the graces (talents) necessary to do so! However, right now I tend not to trust in the plan and consider it a little crazy. Therefore, I must trust God as Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Our Lady and Jesus Himself did. Yet, I keep failing at it. I must remember always that it does no matter if the plan stays as understood or not; what matters is to act in each present moment as if it will be done, because this gives glory to God and confirms my yes to that moment.

2. Therefore, I need God’s help to receive such faith, which presupposes that I obey the commandments (as in John14) in order for Jesus and my Father and their Holy Spirit to be with me and especially with my unconditional “yes” to every present moment to His will (as the proof of my great love for Him) and loving my neighbor in all aspects, especially offering my white martyrdom’s for their salvation.

3. With constant prayer, many Rosaries and the Sacraments, my obedience to His Word and exercising faith without fear (trust in God), it will prepare me to become a powerful effective tool for His Church and the salvation of many souls. This way, Satan will be contained since he will be around trying to stop this project.

4. All crosses involved must be used with total embrace of them in order to help me carry out this evangelization project. The list made today of my martyrdoms are key for this project. So help me God. (Little did I know that I would be nailed to the big cross in days to come and that evangelization was done without I even trying… Later I will share parts of a message sent to my sons and families when I arrived home from the first hospitalization and it will describe how people would come to my room and I spoke about Jesus in my life and His gifts, like a brand new memory, etc.)

5. I wrote: “I offer this plan with great desire to fulfill it to honor my Mom in her great feast of tomorrow, August 2, as Our Lady Queen of Angels, patroness of Costa Rica.”

As you can see, this August 1 was very rich and again, I was celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit at age 5 and one day before the great feast of my Mother…

Friday, August 2. I made my Consecration to my Mother on this her feast before Mass. After Communion, Jesus confirmed one more time that all that He had announced that I must do for the Church (going to tell others about His Real Presence in my life since childhood, etc.) will be done. He asked me to thank Him in my next Mass for all the blessings past and to come! (Again, little did I know that I would be thanking Him for my upcoming crucifixion…)

Saturday, August 3.

11:10 AM. I had delayed my breakfast because I did not feel well. I kept thinking of how I should just disappear from the Internet and truly retire from writing about my life on a monthly basis. Yes, I have to share what Jesus does in my life, but at the same time I have shared so much and remains there for public viewing, that I deserved retirement. The whole idea presented to me for years is that I must truly go and tell everyone about His extraordinary ways of blessing me beyond my understanding. I then turned to my Mother and said, “Mom, stop Satan and do not let him confuse me,” since I knew that the evil could be tempting me to ask for retirement, something in the future and basically telling God what to do with me. She said, “Go to page 229 NT.”

It was Romans 4: 13-25. “Wow” I said when I read it. “What a Mom.” It is all about Abraham believing that he would have a son despite his old age and Sarah’s dry womb. Verse 18. He believed hoping against hope that he would become “the father of many nations.” 19. He did not weaken in faith when he considered his own body as already dead and the dead womb of Sarah (Wow!). 20. He did not doubt God’s promise in unbelief; rather, he was empowered by faith and glory to God. 21. And was fully convinced that what He had promised, He was also able to do. 22. That way it was credited to him as righteousness. (What an answer that I received through my Mom!)

(Part of page 229 as well) Romans 5:3-5. Subject: Through faith we boast in hope of the glory of God… “Not only that but we even boast of our afflictions, knowing that affliction produces endurance and endurance proven character and proven character hope. And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.” (Wow again…)

I suddenly realized two things: 1) Abraham never asked for retirement… and never retired…Who am I to ask for one…? 2) It does not matter what kind of weird possibilities are told as part of my future life. Everything will work for my good if I have faith and even boast of my afflictions… like my listof martyrdoms… (Little did I know that all of this teaching was the preparation for my upcoming afflictions!)

Our Lady:”Did you like what you learned?

(Yes, Ma, thank you. It is so awesome)

O.L. “Was Abraham’s challenges more impossible to accept than yours?

(O yeah. Much more)

O.L. “So, work on your TRUST that every moment carries a treasure for your good and that of others, because if you doubt, you will fear and this will obstruct your love of God, and your will not be able to work for God! Satan wants to discourage you with your feelings of attachment to your own comfort. But it is your faith like Abraham’s which God will use to make miracles in your life as it happened with Abraham, Sarah and the birth of their son.

“Remember that faith brings hope and hope leads to understand God’s love. And faith in what looks impossible to do will carry out the will of God in your life and the lives of others. FAITH or BLIND TRUST IS A MAKER OF MIRACLES, OF CONVERSIONS (of those around you) and of blessings in all aspects of your life. May this be the last time that you doubt what you have been told to do.”

I suddenly remembered that readings for the Mass of August 2, the day before, had to do with the same subject.

Leviticus 23 (several verses) à God speaking to Moses tells him about the different festivals to be celebrated and how the Israelites had to “offer as an oblation to the Lord burnt offerings and cereal offerings, sacrifices and libations as prescribed for each day.” (Even then, sacrifices were always part of what God wanted)

Gospel: Matthew 13: 54-58. “Jesus came to His native place and taught the people in their synagogue. They are astonished and said, “Where did this man get such wisdom and mighty deeds? Is He not the carpenter’s sons?”…. And they took offense at Him. But Jesus said, “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and in his own house.” And He did not work many mighty deeds there because of their LACK OF FAITH.”

I then understood that we also have many proves of God’s love for us throughout our lives through great blessings of all sorts (many of us were born healthy, intelligent, industrious, hard workers and without any physical impediments. We received a great Christian formation and worldly education) and yet, we can fail and doubt that He can do even greater miracles through us than those He did, because He said so in the Bible…We tend to become the principal managers of our gifts and want to plan our lives hoping to beat even death; instead of living every moment under His love and guidance with total faith that no matter what our plans are, we cannot guarantee they will work for our good or that they will completed. Yet, God can do it all and has done it since our birth.                                                            

Why then not to trust that He can do all things, great things, miraculous things and let it stay there, waiting for Him to surprise us! But our faith must be radical, constant, and not as an effort on our part. But even boasting of our sufferings because they are allowed precisely to give glory to Him, can become a testimony of our faith for evangelization purposes.

4:45 PM – As I was eating, I had just finished repenting for not having enough faith, when my Mother said, “Memorize the lesson you learned this morning. You have received spiritual healings in your parish. Now it is the time for you to heal others with your faith! And then you must often contemplate your martyrdom’s and rejoice and thank God for them, as you clearly get prepared for what He has asked of you and as Abraham did, with total trust that it will happen. THIS IS THE FAITH required for you to implement now and before the Year of Faith is over! And when you doubt if you truly heard what He wants of you, remember that Abraham was God’s personal friend and you have been friends with Him forever and have been unduly and strangely targeted with great crosses, which means that you have heard well what He has repeated over and over as to what you should do for the Church in the future. The circumstances that brought you here to California are also proof because He healed you of your memory loss precisely for San Francisco being the Mecca of brain studies.

“However, at all times make of faith in God’s mercy and love for you A FACT and proceed as He has told you and will tell you, but always convinced as Abraham was that you are under His protective custody of mind and spirit. This is why a personal encounter with my Son is essential for everybody. Abraham lived it to hint to all his descendants that a personal friendship truly cement faith in His love.”

Sunday, August 4.

I offered the Mass in atonement for my sin of poor faith, for doubting so much that He has shown me the way as in Abraham’s case. And I then remembered one more fact about his brutal faith:  1) Abraham had to believe and move his family and possessions to a far away land…He could have found this part a needless move. Why not to stay put and keep being a friend of God? 2) Later he also had to believe the impossible: having a child with Sarah. 3) Finally and the greatest show of his trust on his friend God,  he had to proceed and take this son and kill him as the sacrificial offering that God required, and he was ready to do it. Wow!

As I was writing the above in my journal (4 PM), I realized that God had prepared Abraham little by little. First, He ordered him to move far away. He did not have to move that far, and yet, it was necessary so that Abraham could experience his Friend’s, protection. It was the start of a friendship that had to deepen little by little for Abraham to grow in faith. Moving to a far away land was not that terrible. Having a baby between two very old people was crazy in human terms and basically impossible, and be willing to kill his son and accepting  to do it was the greatest show of faith from Abraham. All these miracles were the fruit of mutual trust between two friends. For Abraham, God was real. There was hope and trust and love between them, and of course, Abraham’s power of intercession grew as we know, except that he could not find 10 believing people to stop the destruction of Sodom.

I suddenly understood that in our parishes we need programs to grow in faith. And it has nothing to do with what we call “Faith Formation” when it actually is: “Faith Information.” This growth in faith has little to do with Bible studies and ministries to talk about God. Growth in faith has to do with a radical change of our lives based in BELIEVING IN GOD’S WORD (the Bible) AND LIVING IT exactly as Abraham did! Period! At least, I must do it myself and pray for all the shepherds that their lives become also totally new… and then proceed to train the sheep.

Monday, August 5.

11 AM: There was a TV program by Dr. Mehmet Oz, so well known cardiac surgeon who talks daily about health issues. The topic for this day was “How to look younger.” I, of course, would not hear about it. In fact, in these two hospitals where I was a patient and without any care of my hair nor any makeup, so many people came to ask me why did I look so young compared to my chronological age, or the number of years my body has resided on this earth. They would argue in front of me that I looked 15 years younger and others would say, “No, she looks 20 years younger.” I had to explain that we lose or shed about 10,000 to 20,000 cells per day of the many millions of cells we have in our bodies. So, if you give your body the best nutrition possible, that is many antioxidants of all kinds and all the essential amino-acids necessary to make your new cells, through the years, your body is younger, in real terms. Since 1992, I have studied the subject matter for fun and I ended up seeing the results. And if you look O.K. outside, your internal organs are also younger…

So, later this day, I started thinking of the term “revamping the gift of faith” through a serious effort to do whatever Jesus tells us in His Word. I cannot just remain just hoping that my faith will grow on its own, as I cannot hope that my body will make new cells and that they will be younger looking. Just as pesticides, mercury and fluoride and food additives will damage my DNA, it is also a fact that I cannot expect to look younger without I supplying the right materials for my body to create a good DNA and combat intoxication; so,  the same applies to revamping the gift of faith. Worldly and satanic forces are working 24/7 opposing my living of the Gospel in my inner temple where the Holy Spirit should reign to guide me. All worldly and satanic messages have a hidden message to re-wire our brains, to take over our minds and bodies and our souls. Their main theme comes to be:”Do not deny yourself – do not suffer – all crosses are bad for your health because they produce stress hormones– do not give your future to believing in God – He is a myth. You proceed to take over your life and pursue happiness – If you work hard at it, you will be happy.”

At this point, the Holy Spirit sent me to a page in the Bible and I found this:

Psalm 81: 12-17 – “But my people did not listen to My words; Israel did not obey me. So I gave them over to hardness of heart; they followed their own designs. But even now, if My people would listen, if Israel would walk on My paths, in a moment I would subdue their foes, against their enemies unleash My hand. Those who hate the Lord would tremble, their doom sealed forever. But Israel I would feed with the finest wheat, satisfy them with honey from the rock.”

I felt that if I just changed the word Israel for the Catholic Church, it would mean that God is ready to remove our enemies, the world and Satan and to feed us with tons of more faith, hope and charity!

Our Lady came and sent me to a page: Baruch chapter 2… I cannot write so much because of my health and poor left eye, but please read it as the Spirit calls you. It also enumerates the same sins of our times and yet, there is a prayer asking God for His mercy! Very interesting!

Wednesday, August 7.

I heard a homily via television and the homilist explained how the lack of faith among the Israelites in so many occasions, kept the first generation in the desert (40 years) until they died. Then it was said that we have to believe that God is with us and fight for our rights. I instantly recognized the wrong routing. What it is urgent is for many of us so called religious people who truly go to Mass often and pray much, to newly evangelize ourselves by living in total trust of God’s love for us and act as such for miracles to occur. Then, at the very same time we should fight for our rights BUT LOVING OUR ENEMIES. If we do not love our enemies, we simply have to pray day and night for such grace. If we trust in God, then we should be obeying His commandments, and the Father will be with us and whatever we need, He will provide… (John 14). As we love, we conquer… But in order to get to the point of this trust, we must BELIEVE that He is in charge and that He will do it all as long as we become strong intercessors as Abraham was through our faith in His love… It is simple and Biblical. ALSO and mighty important: every time that we see our common persecutors as enemies and tell others about it, WE ARE INVITING OTHERS TO RESENT THEM…

And guess what? Satan will be dancing for joy… since that is what he wants us to do: to divide us by breaking the commandments. When we have to bring the subject of fighting for our rights, a little reminder should be said, “And pray that you end up loving our persecutors, since LOVE CAN DO ALL THINGS AND God is love. Therefore, in order to win our fight, our efforts to oppose it must be done in love for those who are attempting against our rights! By the way, through the last months I have grown tons in my love for President Obama and I keep offering the fifth mystery of my community Rosary for him, his wife, daughters and do it with so much happiness. Prayer works because God is so just and merciful, that He answers it…

But it seems that we have our sequence of biblical theology in the wrong order. We first resent and once we resent, we are done! FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE ARE MAKERS OF PEACE… But we not only need peace for ourselves, but we need to evangelize… with new methods and bring peace to others. This is the why we need ministries focused in rearranging the chairs of the Titanic… by doing what He told us. And we can get together in so called prayer groups but to remind ourselves of our agenda: growth in faith like Abraham, hope and love as Jesus and Our Lady showed us using faith, hope and love as our firearms. It is actually so simple because and I CAN ASSURE YOU OF IT AFTER MY CRUCIFIXION… OF RECENT DAYS… The program works. I was deeply busy in living just from present moment to present moment BUT WITH TOTAL INDIFFERENCE TO WHAT IT WAS OR TO WHAT IT WILL BE, as my Mother and the Holy Spirit were preparing me in this same month of August for the battle field…

Later in this blog, you will have details of how I was in this boat in the middle of the storm and I had so much joy that I did not know what to do. At no time did I question God’s will nor wanted to know what was next. Did I do it? Of course not! God did it for me to show me what faith can do precisely in this Year of Faith… My saintly son was by my side and going to work as he could, but since he gives so much of his time to his company out of devotion for the company, he has been given permission to take time off when he needs for an emergency with no loss of vacation days. Of course, he could not claim personal sick time but he could mix a few days off since his company recognizes that they cannot remunerate him for his many hours on Saturdays that he works as a data base engineer… while everybody else is off. I keep saying to him that such holiness is a gift of God to him to bless me… I mention this even that I know that he would probably not approve of it because I want to emphasize how God takes care of every detail in our lives. In the mean time, this son keeps storing extraordinary blessings from his extraordinary practice of the fourth commandment!!!

On this same Wednesday, August 7, I wrote this in my journal:

 “What is happening right now is what matters. The crux of the matter is where my will and His will cross each other, and where I have the opportunity to say yes to His will and deny mine. I cannot say yes to what it was because that moment is gone. I cannot say yes to what will come because is lip service until I can practice it, and since I cannot do something that is not yet happening, well, my yes is just a goof gesture and desire.  

“The new evangelization for my soul and of others always starts NOW, this moment, with my yes to His will and the nurturing of my faith by denying my own will, doing whatever He tells me at the every NOW of my life. The rest is God’s job.

“Conclusion: A YES to be a YES has to be said, meant and lived right now. Anything else is willful thinking!”

On this date I also started to offer the Chaplet of Mercy asking for our Father’s mercy not only for the sake of Jesus’ Passion, but adding my own passion and my “yes” to His will especially to all crosses embraced with great gusto. At 6:30 PM while saying the Rosary with EWTN’s Mother Angelica, I understood that my will must be buried. Why to have it if only God’s will is the safest, the best and the solution to become the best daughter to my Dad?

Thursday, August 8.

At 8:30 AM, while saying the Rosary with Mother Angelica, my Mother came and gave me two pages in the Bible to check later.

1) Page166 N.T. John 12:

Verses 27-28: (Jesus speaking) I am troubled now. Yet, what should I say? “Father, save Me from this hour.” But it was for this purpose that I came to this hour. “Father, glorify Your Name.” Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it and will glorify it again.” (I immediately understood that all my crosses are vehicles to give my Father glory)

Verses 32, 34, 37, 39-40. And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to Myself. (The crowd brought about the Law of Moses that the Messiah remains forever and yet since Jesus had said He would be lifted up, He could not be the Messiah. Notice how it looked like excellent reasoning. It made sense…) – Although He had performed many signs in their presence they did not believe in Him. For this reason they could not believe, because Isaiah said, “He blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so that they might not see with their eyes and understand with their hearts and be converted, and I would heal them.  – Many had believed in Him but the Pharisees did not openly acknowledge Him in order not to be expelled from the synagogue. For they preferred human praise to the GLORY OF GOD. (End of quote)

I realized that great human reasoning and sincere attachment to one’s prestige and power but without faith in God and willing to give Him glory regardless of consequences closed the doors for the Holy Spirit to enlighten them with the Truth.

2) Page 199 N.T. Acts 13:1-2. In the church of Antioch, prophets and teachers while they were worshipping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for Me, Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” Then, completing the fasting and prayer, they laid down hands on them and sent them off. (End of quote)

This scenario is the opposite of John 12 above with the Pharisees; this time the Holy Spirit was in charge as the Apostles were gathered in prayer and fasting showing much faith. What a lesson! It was clear: our faith is the foundation of our evangelistic work. From such faith comes up other graces which lead us to love of neighbor, which is the real key that evangelizes others. Therefore, my work is to nurture my faith at each present moment. All else is secondary.

At Mass on this same day, my Pastor spoke regarding how Moses had lacked faith in the power of God. Moses only had to talk to the rock to produce water.

Numbers 20:  — “Then the glory of the Lord appeared to them, and the Lord said to Moses, ‘Take your staff and assemble the community, you and your brother Aaron, and in their presence ORDER THE ROCK TO YIELD ITS WATERS. From the rock you shall bring forth water for the congregation and their livestock to drink.’”

THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME in my life that I got this version of the Bible. At all times I had always thought that Moses’ lack of faith consisted in hitting the rock a second time, as if just once would not be enough for the power of God to produce the water. We always learn something new, and  in this case, the subject of the importance of solid faith was given to us once again by Sacred Scripture.

I may add that unbeknownst to me, on this Aug. 8, a dear female friend and head sacristan of my parish when I was in Toledo, OH, wrote a note to me where she announced that she had schedule the offering of a Mass for me for August 22, since she knew well Our Lady under this title, and how in 1985 I had consecrated my home in Shaker Hts., outskirts of Cleveland Ohio, to Our Lady Queen of the Universe, and also had a huge painting of hers and a statue that I purchased at her little shrine in Joliet, IL. The card was mailed on Aug. 13, and arrived while I was in hospital No. 1. I came back home and returned to hospital No. 2 the following day, August 19. I did not open the card since I was so sickly… Yet, while I was in hospital No. 2’s intensive care unit (CCU), a Mass was celebrated for me in a parish in a Toledo whose pastor I know. Again, this is another example of how God plans our lives to perfection…It was precisely on Aug. 22 that late in the evening I was moved to a private room and out of CCU, because of my laboratory results of that they were good enough to get out of this unit. I wonder if his Mass said at 7 AM Toledo time, 4 AM my time, had all the blessings to help my body get healthier enough to go to a regular room.

Friday, August 9.

After Noon Mass, I went and bought a salad from an organic salad bar with only the vegetables that I was not allergic to by test of 11 years before (2002). My blood pressure before the salad was slightly high – 157/72. Three hours later and after the salad, it was 120/70 with no added medication on board. I thought it was the power of the veggies eaten… But in retrospect, it was an allergic reaction to some item(s) in this salad and I did not get it as such. Later I had much diarrhea after 7:15 PM when I ate another portion of the same salad…  (Another sign of an allergic reaction).

During the Mass for this day, I asked my Mother to intercede so that through the intercession of Venerable Solanus Casey, O.F.M., I could get healed of my bad left eye and other health problems. I said, “After all, I am a devoted friend of Fr. Solanus, have visited his tomb in Detroit twice (2006-2007) and may be my case could help in his beatification process. I am a member of his guild and receive their newsletter with the stories regarding the canonization process. I have his picture in my room and the 2002 book, “Meet Solanus Casey.” Through the newsletters, I have the prayer asking God to allow the next step in the process, which is his beatification.

Saturday, August 10.

I was up at 12:15 AM and my blood pressure was excellent… I had had no treatment since the prior day, April 9 at 2 AM in the morning, and I take it twice per day. I was running low in my pills for blood pressure, so the fact that I was not using them was helping me out. As it turns out, communication in the office of my primary physician is very delayed and I had asked them to send an Internet order to refill my blood pressure pills, but was not happening for almost 3 days!!!

I finally presumed after 3 days of waiting that the blood pressure medication through Walgreen’s had been filled out. At 10 AM and before Mass, I decided to go to pick it up at this 24 hour pharmacy which also has a drive in pick up window. As I arrived, the entrance to the window is very narrow and a 50 year or so woman was there leaning on the wall on her cell phone but still too far for me to verbally ask her to move. I waited and waited and she would not turn around or move and kept talking, obstructing my passage. I then honked and she turned around and said, “You f… woman. You have no right to honk at me!”

Me: I bless you (I had deep love for her and joy within)

Woman: “I f… you.”

Me: “I bless you.”

Finally, at the window I was told that they were still waiting for the order to refill it from my primary physician… And I WAS FULL OF JOY…

The entire episode was planned in heaven… I was evangelizing this woman who was mad at me with true love and I had to make this trip for this appointment with this soul totally tempted by Satan; yet, the office of the primary physician had to be sooo slow in wiring the refill to the pharmacy.  I had been able to see the beauty of my neighbor who was totally spiritually blind. BUT THERE WAS SOMETHING EVEN GREATER: I was growing in love for my enemy… My God wanted me to get excited and realize that my efforts of living in the present moment with indifference to everything else AS A SIGN OF RADICAL FAITH IN HIS LOVE FOR ME, were producing LOVE for my persecutor and seeding her soul with my love, evangelizing her instead of chastising her. THIS WAS A PIECE OF PROOF THAT MY YEAR OF FAITH is not just one more title to 400 + days lived under such title… No, this year of Faith, at least for me, has been a time to understand that my faith must be intensely lived to be able to touch hearts and heal them with my love, inviting the Holy Spirit to do the rest. 

Sunday, August 11

I noticed that I was using very little blood pressure medication!!!

10 PM: I suddenly realized that I should have been doing a 33 day preparation for Consecration to Our Lady for her big day, August 15. And suddenly as well, I was called to make this preparation and consecration for the members of my close family, sons and two wives, plus the three priests residing in the rectory of my parish, plus for all Roman Catholics priests and the entire Church!!! I did not understand why, but little did I know that my entire upcoming crucifixion was also offered for the same intentions.

I have told you that in 1993, I was in Cleveland Ohio and just months after my entrance to Case Western Reserve University Hospital Anesthesiology Department had been blocked by the lies of this lady anesthesiologist from Indonesia who worked at St. Joseph Hospital, near So. Bend Indiana. I had left the job because on May 4, 1989, I had been re-routed by the Lord to change jobs while attending a medical conference in Houston, TX and praying in my hotel room. He said I would receive offers for both of us to work in another State. The invitation came in on Sunday, May 7, as I arrived home.  Kaiser Permanente at Cleveland which offered the jobs, turned out to be an impossible place to direct because the three anesthesiologist my husband and I found, were extremely poor practitioners and did not want to learn, even that Kaiser would be willing to send them for 3 months each to be refreshed in at a major hospital.

After one year there, I applied at Case Western and there is where I was blocked by the lies of this lady anesthesiologist saying that I was a very poor anesthesiologist. It was eventually the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Anesthesia Department that agreed to speak on my behalf saying that they knew me as a very competent anesthesiologist, and all of this to stop Case Western from having to report by law to Washington, D.C. physician data base that I was a dangerous practitioner, which would have ended my career since  no U.S. hospital would have hired me. The process of getting privileges requires checking with this data base in D.C. As you can see, Satan has been soo busy in my life and God has allowed it… I needed much purification!

It was during this time that I was home without a job waiting for this mess to resolve, when I was moved to prepare for a Consecration to my Mom of 33 days, but in 3 days. That is, I would repeat the preparation 11 times each day. I had started doing these consecrations to Our Lady in 1985 with St. Louis de Monfort format. I had changed it in 1992, and made my own but following some points from a group from Colorado. When I did it in 3 days, A HUGE MIRACLE OCCURRED… Part of the miracle was to learn that my oldest son residing in New York City had suddenly the urge to come back to Cleveland precisely on the third day of this preparation. He did… He found a job in Cleveland but three months later he returned to N.Y. and passed the job to my second son, the one I live with… This one, had finished his college at Notre Dame and was home looking for a job. EVENTUALLY, in a couple of years, the company where my second son replaced my oldest, moved him to…. CALIFORNIA… and he has been here ever since. Even in the early 90’s, God was busy at preparing my coming to northern California… to find the knowledge to cure my memory!!!! This is another huge hint that this God is soo perfect and just, that He uses whomever to direct our lives…!!!

Monday, August 12.

I went early to church and did two Holy Hours as I prayed the first 11 preparations for Consecration. I did the same on Aug. 13. BUT NEXT, I must share with you the content of the petitions to my Father through the intercession of Our Lady of my personal format, the one that had started the many miracles in 1992… It is posted in the “page” side of this site, but I must repeat here for you to notice what I was praying for… just at the very beginning of my encounter with death via a huge gastric hemorrhage… Notice what I was asking… and I would ask these petitons on behalf of the entire group of people mentioned: family, the three Priests at the rectory, all ministerial priests and the Catholic Church at large.

          Petitions for Preparation and Consecration to Our Lady

1. For the fulfillment of the personal vocation for which I was created, but most especially for my vocation and command to become holy  through love, prayer, trust and running to meet and love my crosses as I follow Him to Calvary, which includes remembering that I must love God and His images (my brothers and sisters) or I reject them both! To give honor and glory to the Holy Name of Jesus. For the grace to understand how much the Sacred Heart of Jesus loves me and to trust in His love. For the grace to fall in love with my neighbor for the purpose of asking for mercy for them to love God, and this way, to give glory to God.

2. To obtain inner healing through the grace of the Holy Spirit in order to understand that I was created by God to love and to be loved; to be opened to every circumstance, while understanding that God is only an eternal present, and that for Him, there is no other than the sacrament of this present moment , and therefore it is holy, perfect and necessary, which is where God reveals His grace and His love to me (His mercy).

3. For fidelity to live a God centered life with DEATH TO SELF LOVE, becoming an absolute, unconditional self-donation to the Holy Trinity to give Them glory. For detachment from all possessions of mind, soul and body, that is, my self-will and self-satisfaction in total abandonment to His Divine Providence.  

4. For the grace to accept to be crucified by my afflictions and to say no to the temptation to flee my crosses, all offered as sacrifice to atone for my sins and those of the whole world. 

5. For a grateful heart, surrendered, merciful, pure, just, temperate and self controlled. For silence of spirit, mind and heart to all that separates me from God and the grace to watch and pray without ceasing.

6. For the grace to live as a disciple in an ongoing spiritual reform of self denial, embracing my crosses with great gusto, following Jesus with a daily fresh Pentecost to obtain all Gifts necessary for perseverance or a determined determination in seeking the Kingdom of God and its righteousness (being conformed to the will of God with the Yes of my Mother with purity of intention – that is a yes without doubts, fears, explanations, for His glory, out of love for Him and for the salvation of souls, and done with a sense of urgency and as a sacrifice for others). For obtaining peace of mind (knowing the Truth) and peace of heart (revealing God’s love to others) as I live in the fear of God – in holy awe for what God has done for all of us all the way to the Calvary, and for all He has done for me in particular.

7. To become an evangelist and peacemaker and thirst for the salvation of souls (missionary) a) by helping others to know the Truth, to conform their wills to God’s will and to forgive and reconcile. b) By preaching the Gospel of God’s love with my life. c) By becoming the best spiritual servant or one who trusts in God’s love and mercy and all for His glory. d) By becoming “light to the world” as I reveal God’s love to others and sacrifice for them…!

8. For the grace to be a witness to priests and laity 1) that Jesus is truly alive in the Eucharist. 2) To raise awareness that the Eucharist is desecrated when received in mortal sin, and that giving Jesus to the multitudes without frequent proper instruction, is like exchanging Him for money to upkeep the building and ministries, while their inner spiritual life is demolished. 3) To understand my need to go to Jesus through Our Lady as signaled to us at the wedding of Cana.

9. For the work of Opus Misericordiae (the preaching of the immensity of God’s Mercy).

10. For my health of body, mind and spirit in order to do all of the above.


FINAL PRAYER: Majestic Queen of Heaven and Mistress of the Angels, you received from God the power and command to crush the head of Satan. Therefore, I humbly beg of you, send forth the legions of Heaven that under your command they may seek out all evil spirits around us, engage them everywhere in battle, curb their pride, and hurl them back into the pit of hell. Holy Angels and Archangels defend us and keep us. I promise I shall try to inspire devotion to you so as to hasten, through the Queenship of your Immaculate Heart, the coming of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart into our own hearts. Spirit of Jesus fall afresh on me! Melt me, move me, fill me, mold me, heal me, use me and seal me. Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on me for the work of Mercy. I renounce Satan and his pomp. In the Name of Jesus I command all evil spirits to leave me and other workers, thus preserving our relationships for Opus Misericordiae. Amen.

After each set of the ten blessings asked, say:


1)    The Lord’s Prayer

2)    The Glory Be


3)    Prayer to the Holy Spirit


Come Holy Spirit enlighten my heart,

To see the things which are of God.

Come Holy Spirit into my mind,

That I may know the things that are of God.

Come Holy Spirit, into my soul,

That I may belong only to God.

Sanctify all that I think, say and do,

That all will be for the glory of God. Amen.

Note: at the end of the 33 days, 330 Our Father’s, Glory Be’s and prayers to the Holy Spirit should have been said in preparation for the consecration and 33 prayers to Our Lady to stop the evil one!     


This exercise would have called the Holy Spirit 330 times in three days for this big group. I would have addressed our Father in heaven also 330 times. Of course, the third day, I could only pray it 2 times (since I was dying)… for a total of 24 times…Yet, it was followed by my SACRIFICE FOR ALL OF US… We shall see the fruits of this mandate from God under the auspices of Our Lady. For the actual consecration, while arriving to the emergency room, I said to her, “Mother, I am all yours.” Just to make a point early in this loooong blog, I must remind you that part of the fruit of this endeavor was for me to keep so much joy and peace with a big yes to what was going on while basically dying and probably to prepare the hearts of the many I met in those hospitals. Not only did I say yes but I waited and waited to go to the hospital from Aug. 12 at 10:45 PM till August 15 at 7 AM, until I would hear my God giving the order of calling 911. And my patient son was kind enough to abide by my wishes…

On this same Monday, Aug. 12, after my two Holy Hours and Mass, I went to a health food store and bought a salad choosing from the salad bar only vegetables that I was not allergic to, but again, according to blood testing of 2002. I came home and at 2 PM I ate the salad with 3 hardboiled egg whites for protein. At 10:15 PM I ate the rest. For some reason, vegetables take away my hunger and waited to eat the rest. I came up to my room checked my email and at 10:45 PM as I was turning off the computer, my head started SPINNING BUT VIOLENTLY, felt nauseous, became extremely sweaty. It was a typical case of an allergic reaction. My blood pressure dropped to 120/70 without any recent treatment. I lied down and fell asleep.

On Tuesday, Aug. 13 I did not get up too early since I was a little afraid. My son by this time had left for work and did not know about the previous evening incident. At 9:30 AM I went down for breakfast and had 2 hardboiled egg whites, some cucumber slices and one slice of rice bread with coffee.  Left for church in a hurry and arrived at 10:15 AM. Completed the 11 times of preparation for consecration in front of the Tabernacle and after the 12 noon Mass, I came home and exactly at 2:30 PM, I had another episode of severe lightheadedness, sweating, low blood pressure, nausea and severe diarrhea with black stools. I started praying asking God what He wanted me to do. Call my son? I had not answers.

My son came home around 7 PM and after that and in his company, I started having bouts of dizziness and slowly by surely I could not get up from my lazy boy chair in my room. Going to the bathroom to pass black stools was difficult and I kept praying for guidance. I had great joy and peace. We spent the night with my son taking blood pressures and I lying on bed.

Eventually, it was Wed. Aug. 14 and that evening, while trying to go to the bathroom in my ample master bedroom with the help of my son, I became soo dizzy and fell near the toilet and over bent my knees. I remained in the floor from then on and praying aloud but with great joy and peace to get to know the will of my Father as to what to do.

By 5 AM on Thursday, Aug. 15, I felt that it was the time to go to the hospital. I dictated to my son the details of the prior 3 days because I knew I was too sickly to explain them at the emergency room. He made a computer copy and at 7 AM he called 911. I was carried by 6 strong men on a heavy duty mat down to the first floor and to the ambulance to this private hospital located in the city where my parish is. I had been there on Dec. 19, 2008, short 5 months after I arrived in California, for similar symptoms of low blood pressure and dizziness. Five hours later and after multiple tests and X-rays, I was discharged without a diagnosis!!!

All along, I kept offering this heavy cross with the special intentions: for my family, the three parish priests, all Catholic ministerial priests and the Catholic Church at large. In retrospect, it is obvious that I was in the hands of God, very well prepared from weeks of trying to live each present moment only, and in the last 2 days I had asked for many things to become a true servant of God through the petitions of preparation of consecration to my Mother. It also was obvious that God chose the feast of Our Lady for my entrance to the E.R.

Everybody I met was very good to me. My evangelization trip had started and of course, I hardly paid attention because I was very ill, but doctors, nurses, assistant nurses, laboratory technicians drawing my blood, etc., went out of the way to smile, to look for my comfort, etc. I truly felt at home. The E.R. physician, Dr. T.T., told me that he had 8 aunts all of whom became nuns of Loretto!!! My hemoglobin (Hb) was 7.2 grams. I had a white blood count (WBC) of 36,000…. This could mean two things: 1) severe infection…. but all blood cultures were negative and I had no signs of infection with zero fever 2) OR, I had leukemia or Hodgkin, cancers of the white blood cells. I was given 2 units of blood.

On Friday, August 16, the WBC came down to 26,000 on its own. Hb. of 9.2 That morning I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy, but Dr. Z would not see the source of bleeding in the stomach lining because there was still much blood present. The Hb. came down slightly and a third unit of blood was given.  

The third day, Saturday Aug. 17, the WBC was 12,000… Still, no one knew why! The young hematologist Dr. S came and had no explanation as to why…

I was discharged on Sunday Aug. 18 WITH NO ANSWERS…

HERE I WILL USE EMAILS SENT TO MY BOYS to continue the story in order to shorten my typing. It is difficult to type so much while my body is growing as of today (Sept. 2) in becoming allergic to many things I was not…In two days I have an appointment with Dr. D.V., the man who is treating my allergies and hopefully he will tell me if my immune system aggressiveness since I came home from hospital No. 2, is common or what to do about it.

On Sunday Aug 18, 2013, at 7:23 PM, I wrote to my family regarding this trip to the hospital:

My kids: Thank you for your calls and you know most of the info of what happened. I must say that these things happened:

1. I left the hospital without the diagnosis as to why I bled, although I know that has to do with my immune system, something that no one accepted as a fact while in the hospital…

2. This was the greatest evangelistic tour I ever done for the Kingdom of God… It was a Passion of sorts within the hospital premises (from Thursday to Sunday) plus a horror at home from Monday, Aug. 12 at 10:45 PM till my departure to the hospital arriving at 8 AM on Aug. 15. Yet, ONLY PERFECTION CAME OUT OF IT.

3. This episode has now become and clearly, a graduation for me in the Year of Faith… I HAVE NEVER BEEN SOOOOOO HAPPY AND JOYFUL in the midst of Calvary. O yeah, Jesus the Christ is alive… and we two had a wonderful time. They all came: docs, nurses, assistant nurses, housekeeping personnel and just to talk to me… and of course, with my treasure of INTEGRATIVE/FUNCTIONAL or also called NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE, they became amazed and plus God was mentioned here and there in my conversation because He had healed me of memory problems and led me to learn about carrageenan as a cause for depression, and they rejoiced with my faith… Some had watery eyes.  Some came to say goodbye when their 12 hour shift ended and hugged me tightly. The doctors were the nicest with me. My main internist, Dr. J. H, about late 30’s said upon discharging me this morning that I was a delightful patient. I then realized that I was seeding the field and many seeds will grow through the work of others, but I did my part with the grace of God. It turned out to be the greatest surprise for me of how We… went to evangelize and love them to pieces and they responded. I was sent to the entire world to do the same, of course, while at the same time getting out of His way, and He only using my absolute YES TO HIS WILL at each present moment, in order to save many. He showed me how He can do it when we become very soft dough in His hands… I cannot claim that I have to figure it out…. HE DID IT… BUT… I BELIEVE IN JESUS MORE TODAY than I DID ONE WEEK AGO… During the whole thing, my memory was SUPER…

4. If someone were to ask me if I would go through it again, I WITHOUT HESITATION WOULD SAY YES….. Not only because it was the will of God allowing it, BUT BECAUSE I learned much about how my immune system is a huge problem and the present medical experts have no answers for me… For those who prayed, thank you… It will be a jewel in my memory bank what happened near the feast of my Mother on Aug. 15. You were helping me out with my chore…  I was touching people like if I had electricity… and all done while hanging on a cross… GOD IS TRULY REAL AND HIS MERCY IS FOREVER….

Monday, Aug. 19: early in the morning I bumped via EWTN-Facebook with the following:

The Fourth Apparition, August 15 –This encounter was delay two days because of the attempts of the Masonic government to bring an end to the Apparitions, which were, by this time, drawing pilgrims from all parts of Portugal.

During this visit, Our Lady exhorted the children: "Pray, pray very much, and make sacrifices for sinners; for many souls go to Hell, because there are none to sacrifice themselves and to pray for them."

This news opened my eyes wide… Of course, I stayed home until I had to go ahead to go to the hospital and it was precisely on Aug. 15, 96 years to the date of this fourth apparition and I went offering my sacrifice for the salvation of souls and my family, priests, the Church, etc. and praying much with the consecration preparation! Interesting! I felt that it was my gift to my Mother on her day. I consecrated myself to her by doing what she had requested at Fatima.

Also on Monday, Aug. 19, around 10 AM I took one DARK BLUE pill of iron with food as prescribed when I was discharged and in order to make more hemoglobin, and in two hours I had my second bout of profuse bleeding and that night at 9 PM I was at the ER with hemoglobin of 5.2 grams… Yet, this time I was taken to another branch of this private hospital in a different nearby city and I will refer to it as hospital # 2. The 911 ambulance men refused to take me to the original hospital, just 4 minutes longer and where my records were. THIS WAS A HUGE MIRACLE but we did not know it at the time. God was in charge of every little detail.

I was discharged from hospital # 2 on Saturday, Aug. 24. Here is the story of the second hospitalization as sent to my family on Sunday, August 25, 2013, but I have added much more information that I had in notes I took for the same period of time! It so happened that in the bag I took with my tooth brush and tooth paste, etc, there were small pieces of paper from La Quinta Hotels… They helped me to jot down some facts that now make this story.


Email of August 25.

My kids: I have returned home for the second time BUT THIS EPISODE THAT COVERED 10 DAYS OF MY LIFE has been one of the greatest gifts ever received… God wanted to inform me that He is alive and totally in charge and that my presence in Little did I know that the two hospitals, and even more obvious in the second one, would be a spectacle of miracles. YEEEES, tons of evangelization happened like I would have never imagined… It was a little creepy because I did not know that God has so much power over other souls through my "passing of this very narrow gate" in these 10 days, yet I am still fascinated with the memory of what I have lived…

SO, EVANGELIZATION WAS RAMPANT, PLUS I LEARNED THE SCIENCE FOR THE HEALTH OF our family and many, many others with this second hospitalization… For example: through the science of intestinal therapy by a genius, fellow Jew whose ancestry comes from Spain like ours but moved to Turkey because in the XVI C his family did not want to convert to Christianity in order  to survive the Inquisition, I have found the way for the dietary management of my own 54 plus food allergies, and other illnesses which I do not have, like: asthma, severe chronic sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and many other allergies of the body, since the greatest percentage of cells of the immune system live in our gut.

So, my genius, Dr. D. V. has said that WITHIN ONE MONTH OR SO….!!! I will suffocate all those reactions of allergies to so many foods and color additives like red No. 4 and blue, etc. Ah… BUT if I HAD TO COME OUT OF THIS PRIVATE HOSPITAL # 1 and had to return via the second 911 ambulance to another branch of the same system but in another nearby city or hospital #2, it was due to my hero who has his office next to the hospital and presumably lives very close by (later I did found out that Dr. D.V. only has privileges at hospital #2!!! At the time of writing this note I did not know that.)  


YET THERE IS ANOTHER MIRACLE: I had undergone a gastroscopy and colonoscopy done in hospital # 1 by a gastro-enterologist (G.E.) Dr. Z. At hospital # 2, another  GE doctor came to see me and scheduled me to have another  gastroscopy on Wed. Aug 21… since the first one on Aug. 16 could not reveal much because I was still full of blood products in my gut and it was difficult to see where I was bleeding from.

HERE IS THE MIRACLE: I also had to go to hospital # 2 the second time around because the Internist Dr. M.B. who oversees all the patients in a designated zone of the hospital and converses with the specialists in the case, decided on his own to call Dr. D.V. , in order for me to hear that the latter had an answer for my food allergies. So, I had to meet Dr. D. V. but in order to do so,  Dr. M.B. had to be waiting for me in hospital # 2 to bring my healer to my bedside, since Dr. D.V. would have never heard of me because I already had another G.E.  So, the night before of the scheduled 9 AM gastroscopy, Dr. D.V. showed up at 8 PM and talked to me for 1 hour… At this point I was in the Critical Care Unit because the first time around in hospital # 1., I had arrived with a hemoglobin (Hb) of 7.2 grams.  Had been discharged with a Hb. of  8.2 gms after 3 units of blood. At hospital # 2 I had arrived in ER with a Hb. of 5.2 grams…………….!!!!!!! I was almost dead…. and at that point NO ONE IN BOTH HOSPITALS were coming with answers of where this bleeding was coming from…!!! I was conscious of the fact that my hours were counted on this earth because NO ONE knew how to stop the bleeding, nor they knew what specific part was coming from to attempt to stop it.


I am adding this part to the original email to my sons: In fact, on Tuesday Aug. 20, as I pondered on the dilemma that I would bleed to death because transfusions of blood could be done to a certain point, but the source of bleeding had to be found and dealt with, I wondered if I would be dying soon. Some 12 years ago, I was told by my God that I would die on a Thursday, August 21. I passed through one of those dates years ago and did not die. The next Thursday August 21 is in 2025! Yet, I wondered if the exact day of the week was probably not so and that I would die the following day. I called my theologian son’s home in Nebraska and found his wife who is pregnant with their fourth child. I told her about my suspicions and clearly explained to her not to come to northern California in her state or bring the children if I died. I repeated what everybody knows for years: I DO NOT WANT A FUNERAL…Since 1998, I already have a place in the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in San Jose, Costa Rica and about 10 yards from the Tabernacle where my ashes will be placed, and then, many Masses can be offered with my body present and as mini funerals.  

On this same Aug. 20, trying to assess the source of the bleeding, they did a mesenteric artery (the main intestinal artery) catheterization and it did not reveal anything. They also sent me to the nuclear lab and had drawn 10 cc’s of blood and irradiated my blood for 20 min and gave it back to me to figure out where the radiated red cells would travel to reveal the source or sources of bleeding… and did not reveal anything. It did point out that the liver had some problems, and later on, two days later, I had an ultrasound of the liver which revealed a slightly enlarged liver but normal, no cirrhosis, no  stones in the gallbladder, normal biliary duct system within the liver itself and normal kidneys…  

On Wed. Aug. 21, my hero Dr. D.V. canceled the gastroscopy scheduled for the following day at 9 AM and moved it to 12 noon and he did it and found 4 ulcers in the stomach and with a negative culture for H. pylori, a bacteria that leads to ulcers. So, these ulcers were not from this bug…. SO, WHY DID I HAVE THEM? The others doctors blamed a daily one dose of Aleve that I have taken per day to help with the pain of the allergic reaction to foods, BUT Dr. D.V.  said that HE HAD THE ANSWER and the management for healing of these ulcers and will basically cure of ALL MY ALLERGIES……..!!!! Notice that this Dr. D.V. in his late 60’s has not retired as yet… Had he being retired, then good-bye answers for me! 

O.K. God has spoken for years of my being sent out to the entire world to preach and I have suffered belly aches because I have no theology background and my spiritual formation needed many persecutions to start realizing it will probably be so… All this time I did not know that the preaching could go on in these 10 past day’s right and left, without I even trying… Yet, I needed better health to go and evangelize according the Holy Spirit’s plan…     I NEEDED A MIRACLE and find out in our allopathic medicine group someone that could say: "It is due to your immunity which is messed up and we have a way to tame it forever." On these double visits to the two hospitals, ALL DOCS were totally off, minus Dr. D.V. When I would mention the immune system as the source of constant allergic reactions started by foods that would give me severe inflammation of the lining of the gut, later forming ulcers that bled to the tune of needing SEVEN UNITS OF BLOOD and left me with still a hemoglobin of 8.2 grams as I left hospital # 2, which means I probably lost about TEN UNITS OF BLOOD ALTOGETHER, when I would bring my crazy immunity to these different docs, except one of them, they could not explain it and less accept it as good scientific reasoning.  

STILL, no one could put the puzzle together. I personally had a clear diagnosis but had to concentrate in saying ‘YES’ to my Father in heaven’s will, because He had the plan… and I did not. SO JOY AND PEACE WERE MIXED with extreme weakness and inability to even move by myself on this critical care bed. And yes… my Dad in heaven was waiting for this major act of faith on my part through His grace over me but with my free will consent to live this hell… so that He could produce the presence of Dr. D.V, by sending Dr. M. B. to call Dr. D.V on his own…. And yes, I had four ulcers by gastroscopy of Wed. Aug. 21 and the good news of a possible cure.

By now, I had passed on to many people so many stories about my cure of dementia, origin of dementia, depression with carrageenan since the partial liquid diet had to be checked over and over for food allergies and presence of carrageenan, etc.   

My recovery will be slow. It make take 4-6 weeks as I get my hemoglobin up and cure my poor immunity… but what it is certain is my God waited for this Year of Faith to send me this "big kiss" of His love and to show me that HE IS TOTALLY IN CHARGE…. So, what does that mean to me?  THAT I CANNOT BUT LIVE EVERY PRESENT MOMENT REJOICING BECAUSE ALL MY MOMENTS ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF THIS God Who is crazy about me and all of you….

Thursday, Aug. 22… In this famous feast of my Mom and when a Mass had been offered for me in Toledo, OH at 4 AM, Jesus came and asked me to read a page in my tiny bible in my purse (Protestant New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.) I did… It was Mark 5!!!! I must add that in the midst of the last 5 days at hospital # 2, I was rejoicing for He had produced Dr. D. V… my hero, etc…

So, I read the page indicated of Mark 5. It said that there was a woman who HAD A BLEEDING…  for 12 years and also had trouble with her physicians….!!! Jesus was walking by and she trusted that He would heal her. I do not know if the woman was gentile or a Jew. So, she came among the crowd and touched His tunic and knew she had been healed of this blood loss… Jesus turned around and asked who had touched Him because He felt some energy leaving Him… The Apostles said, "But everybody is touching You!" The woman heard them and had the guts to come forward and confess that she had been the one… Jesus turned around and said to her, "Woman, your great faith has healed you." 

Notice that it took great faith on her part for Him to render the miracle… I loved the story because it was like my case of bleeding and trouble with docs for years, etc. Plus I was also in the middle of having much faith and people around me being delighted with the touch of the Holy Spirit through me. BUT, THEN, MY JESUS said, "This is the point:  you are making Dr. D.V. your hero and he cannot do anything without My consent and power… Be careful… If I were to decide to abort this treatment that will help you out, Dr. D.V.  cannot do anything… So, what is it that you need? You need GREAT FAITH in ME as the woman of the story… and your faith will keep the miracle going!"   I ALMOST PASSED OUT… Wow!


At 2:30 PM, a retired priest that serves hospital # 2, came to give me the Sacrament of the Sick. I had tried to get it two days before since I was cognizant that Aug 21 could be my last day on earth, but nothing happened. So, he came on this day, precisely in this feast of my Mother. She is really a great Mom.

Friday, Aug. 23.

 7 AM. A respiratory therapist, Catholic and attending St. Bonaventure parish came to ask me if I would accept her treatment. They tried the same almost every day and I refused… My refusal was kind and to the point: “Why to fix something that is not broken. I am a physician and my lungs are perfect.” They would smile. On this particular day, she stayed to chat with me and when I told her about my food allergies and my possible cure, she said that her family, mom and two sisters are plagued with food allergies and yet no one had answers for them! She was soo happy to learn about Dr. D.V.


My breakfast came, full liquid diet with meant only coffee for me… All the other goodies had fruits that I am allergic to. This had happened over and over and I was getting weaker and weaker because I was not eating at all…


The shift’s new nurse assistant, B from Nigeria, had already heard of my cure of dementia and depression via other nurses from the previous shift, and wanted to know more and of course, I brought God as the source of such gifts. She showed up again at 9 AM and brought her smart phone and asked me if I would like to pray with her. For 5 minutes we heard great “soul” music praising God . She took my hand and placed it over her chest and I started praying in tongues. She cried. I am certain that she was Protestant but nonetheless, we were one in the Spirit.


10:15 AM. A lady C from a the  parish Queen of all Saints, a retired nurse herself, she brought me Holy Communion and also learned about Dr. D.V. and she had been plagued with severe pain with the ingestion of beef. She left smiling because now she could find answers as well. Notice how God was providing help to many others!


12 Noon. Every day I would have a member of the Physical Therapy team come by to help me. Every day, as I laid down so sickly, I would refuse any intervention since it did not make any sense at this point of my hospitalization. This is done everywhere  and in some cases, and may be most cases, to charge the insurance, especially Medicare which has no check or balances due to its immense membership, and this way hospitals make more money. Well, the physical therapist for this Aug. 23, was B from Poland!!!! And who was also full of allergies with no answers and a super Catholic. When I told her that in 2002 I had a private audience with our Blessed JPII and that he will become a saint sometime this year and that the miracle came from a woman from Costa Rica, my home country, she was fascinated.

LET ME STATE HERE THAT I am not a talkative person. Example: every month, my Verizon cell phone gives me 450 free minutes and I use about half… I was an only child plus my grandmother, my main caregiver was very quiet as well. In fact, when I was a child, may be 6 or 7, if we went to visit friends of hers, I would ask my grandma to explain to the family we were visiting that I did not enjoy going to play with the kids in their household, if there were any! So, all the talking done in these two hospitals had nothing to do with my human nature. It was God led and frankly, it was very hard for me.

4: 45 PM. I wanted to get out of this hospital since I had been graduated to a regular room and seemed that I was not bleeding. I wanted out because I kept getting a white substance, carafate, which helps heal the gastric mucosa, but to which I was very allergic. I would take it and immediately I would become slightly short of breath, my pulse would go up and I would sneeze. And my fear was that it would keep my gastric mucosa inflamed due to the allergic reaction, and its therapeutic value would actually be zero.


7: 45 PM. My Lord came and wanted to give me a series of things to do when I came out of the hospital.


1. Make a better use of time.

2. Offer sacrifice and pray constantly for the Catholic Ministerial Priesthood and the Catholic Church at large.

3. He sent me to Luke 24: 3-4, and asked me to forgive everyone.

4. He asked me to attend Mass as often as possible and used Acts. 2, which describes how the disciples daily “broke the Bread” in community.

5. Give Jesus away to everyone you find – Acts 3: 6

6. Call the Holy Spirit often. Acts 10 refer to Pentecost. Also Acts 11: 7-9.

7. Repent often. Acts 12: 21


At this point I suddenly said, “When I get out, I will add a daily prayer for the State of California never to be shaken with a huge earthquake as predicted by scientists in the next 30 years!”

 (Still message to kids) I am closing with this statement: GOD EXISTS and He is just awesome. I love Him more today than one hour ago… and I am ready to do whatever it takes to go to the entire world and tell others about Him in my life… I must mention that one of the several Eucharistic ministers who came with Holy Communion became sort of crazy… after he asked me permission (yesterday just before my leaving) to sit down and talk to me… He did for 45 min… He learned that I know the Bible backwards and forwards. Upon leaving, he cried and said to one nurse coming in, "She is not only a doctor but she is a minister and God brought me to meet her…" It was surreal for me… And surreal, not for what had happened… It was surreal because I UNDERSTOOD THAT WHILE I was NOT PLANNING ANYTHING, THE HOLY GHOST HAD A PLAN FOR THIS MAN… It brought me to tears and not about the story per se, but about all the many times I did not have the faith necessary to be used to evangelize others and therefore, I had missed many appointments that may have led others to a closer look of His Majesty and His glory but done through His Spirit and I just as simple dumb instrument… It was hard to take.


(I was discharged from hospital #2 on Saturday, Aug. 24)

The treatment to suppress my food allergies or any other allergies, consists in using probiotics that come as a powder to go into my body twice per day, and that this powder (VSL #3) with 48 BILLION special good bacteria as manufactured from the stools of very healthy humans… will take care of my allergies in one month or so… (This special army of bacteria came to be developed some 15 years ago). It also has already cured me of MRSA, or my carrying a Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus… for which I was put in isolation in my second hospitalization… Those staph bacteria’s are gone… With the treatment I am on for almost a week, they went in 48 hours. So, I am not a carrier any longer. However, in my visit to Dr. D.V., he will add a special kind of good carbohydrate and the bombardment of my gut with good bacteria, in numbers much higher than present in yogurt, will eventually tame the immune system WBC’s in my gut. In fact, one of the charge nurses came one night to tell me that one year before, she met a patient of his who had severe chronic sinusitis, and this treatment totally healed her. Why is it that this treatment has not been heard of even within the same hospital, when I found several people with food allergies and no answers?

I guess that it is due to two things:

1. MD’s practice allopathic medicine that treats disease with three things: drugs, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I learned about naturopathic/functional or integrative medicine plus other branches, like homeopathy and chiropractic medicines because I bumped into a nurse in Michigan who sold Barley Grass supplement to cure cancer… Yes, it does cure cancer. I have the audiocassette with the story of a female orthopedic surgeon who was the chief of the orthopedic department here at San Francisco General Hospital. In the 1980’s she found herself with a small breast cancer but already disseminated to other parts of her body. She refused major surgery and only accepted a lumpectomy (removal of just the tumor) and no chemotherapy. She took barley grass powder, made famous by Dr. Hagiwara, a scientist from Japan who found out it was excellent as a detoxifier of the body. This M.D. orthopedic surgeon became cured…

I found out that other herbs also cure cancer and even wrote a 6 page document with all the information, including how guided imagery where the patient in images tells the body to kill the cancer cells, and they are cured. It happened to a brother of a surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, whom I met in 1985 at this Clinic and twice daily, he would sit for 10 minutes, closed his eyes and imagine elephants eating his cancer cells in his liver. In 1975, he had terminal cancer of the liver inoperable at the Cleveland Clinic and was sent to die at his home in South Carolina. He found the 1972 book, “Getting Well Again” by Simonton and Simonton (still available as used copies via Amazon), and ten years later I found him totally healthy.  The science is based on brain plasticity… On those days, we did not know the science behind, but San Francisco is the Mecca of such discovery. Yet, the American Cancer Society, founded in 1910, is still looking for a cure for cancer!!! Ouch. 


In fact, I am using guided imagery to tame my immune system, with all the white cells that form it with different jobs, and have imagined them as birds of different colors, and now, those 48 billion great bacteria’s that I take twice daily, are visualized as tiny diamonds… going in and covering all the different colored birds or white blood cells and domesticating them.

2. The price of this powder VSL # 3 is high. I will have to spend $200/month to take two packages of powder per day and I must take until I die! Yet, it answers a major problem for some of us, of a very defective crazy immune system.   

Tuesday, Aug. 27.

I was downstairs after my breakfast and still very shaky. I have several pictures of Our Lady and one of them under the title of The Sacred Heart of Mary spoke, as I was saying the Rosary via EWTN.  She sent me to a page in the Bible and said, "Look in the middle of the page. There is a sentence that I want you to memorize and remember always." It turned out to be Isaiah 7:9b


 I then knew she was there with me…No doubt. She was so precise! I thought that she wanted me to have a major reminder of what faith is all about almost as we close the Year of Faith. She is simply a dream of a Mom. Two hours later, up in my room, I suddenly lifted my head and was looking intently at the picture of Our Lady of Good Health, of Vailankanni. Again, I have 6 other pictures of her with different titles. I had not been feeling well, and of course, since I have developed many other allergies in the last days to foods I was previously O.K. with, those symptoms remind me of possible further bleeding from the four ulcers which supposedly will take 2 weeks to heal. So, she said, “You will not go to a hospital a third time. You are not bleeding. I am here with you. I need you healthy to go to all the world to tell them what they are missing. India needs you. The U.S. needs you. The Church needs you. That is: they need the message of the Holy Spirit that you pass on to them." Since her words came on the heels of the other message, there was no doubt in my mind and heart that she was talking to me. Besides, a few hours later, I had stools that were yellow with no signs of bleeding…


Sunday, Sept. 1.


If you think that the many miracles have ceased, well not at all. I am still carrying the heavy cross of a slow recovery and with a huge yes to it… On this day, there is a 10 P M. program in the Hispanic channel called, “Sal y Pimienta,” or “Salt and Pepper.” I never, ever watch it… It is full of gossip about Hispanic celebrities. As I was looking for the weather channel, I ended up with this program and somehow left it there. Very soon after, they gave the story of a very well known, good looking with huge muscles in his mid thirties Hispanic soap opera actor from Mexico, Gabriel Soto. About 6 weeks ago, he had a perforated gastric ulcer and had to be intervened. He even showed the huge scar. So, he was in Mexico bleeding and he had to have surgery… I was just in northern California and was bleeding from the same place and had not surgery…


Had I had to have surgery, it would have required a general anesthetic. I told my son today that I if that would have been the case, I would have said goodbye to him, because the chances of waking up without ever recognizing him anymore were very high due the high acute content of fluoride delivered to my brain and with a poor liver detoxification power. My own grandmother woke up and never knew who I was all the way to her death three years later. I am sure that I kept looking at this particular program because our Lord wanted to hint me what He had done. Had they immediately found the source of bleeding, they may have proposed this treatment, surgery to stop my severe hemorrhage.


In our San Francisco PBS, we have seen a physician, Joel Fuhrman, MD, come and speak of how to keep our health with nutrition. The program is titled: 3 STEPS TO AN INCREDIBLE HEALTH… I am going to use the same title and call it: 3 STEPS TO AN INCREDIBLE SPIRITUAL HEALTH.

First Step: embracing a radical self-denial by living each present moment IN AWE of God’s graces and mercy for that moment and in total abandonment to Divine Providence.

Second Step: embracing with great delight all crosses at hand in each present moment, knowing that these two steps will represent our yes to God’s will, which is a form of showing Him how much we love Him.


Third Step: to follow Jesus is achieved by our call to love Him (done by steps 1 and 2) and to do what He commanded us and modeled for us and as we love His kids, including our enemies as He did.

The fruits of these 3 steps lead to receive many graces and gifts from the Holy Spirit in order to keep our discipleship getting better and better. While doing it, the Holy Spirit will use us to evangelize others, and I mean, the entire world if need to. He did it when Jesus ascended to heaven. Why not now?

Personally and without any theological preparation, I believe that our parishes should have training courses as to how to live our discipleship but with the clear understanding that it is the main course to lead us to an incredible spiritual health. Then, the Holy Spirit will do the rest. If we keep talking about it but do not actively train (boot camping) on a regular basis – among the young, the old and those in between, we will not open our hearts as a Church to let the Holy Spirit come and evangelize the entire world… OUR FAITH SO LIVED will make us LOVE and a NEW PENTECOST will come to stop Satan and the world at large giving us global peace. It is only love that can do all things… And the three steps of discipleship will train us to love all peoples, especially our enemies…

I have to say that the Year of Faith for me turned out to be a gigantic adventure, and that I am surer now more than ever before, that I must trust the Most Holy Trinity in a more mature way. “Jesus I trust in You” is not a slogan. I WILL NEVER FORGET, EVER, that if my faith is not firm, my salvation and spiritual journey will not be firm, and why to take chances! To evangelize is so cool and easy, if we just come up with plans to train our brains and souls to live a moment at the time, saying yes to His will and especially to all crosses as we follow Him in all He did and commanded. It is that easy!


I am sorry that his blog turned out to be so long… But I promise you that I have prayed a lot regarding shortening it, mainly because I do not have the stamina to write so much, and God has been with me giving me faith, hope and love plus strength to share all these miracles.Please excuse many mistakes in my writing, but I truly cannot do much editing… Please keep me in your prayers, especially because I will probably receive a huge bill, since Medicare and my supplemental insurance will not cover it all.


There is no doubt that I lived Psalm 23 during my hospital 2 visits, and I can attest that yes, He is my Shepherd.

The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I lack.

In green pastures You let me graze; to safe waters You lead me; You restore my strength.

You guide me along the right path for the sake of Your Name.

Even when I walk through a dark valley, I fear no harm for You are at my side; Your rod and staff give me courage.

You set a table before me as my enemies watch; You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Only goodness and LOVE will purse me all the days of my life; I will dwell in the house of the Lord for years to come. AMEN





















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