Romans 8:28 for our present times

You are right, it is not the end of the month and I am not supposed to be writing a new blog. However, I was “mandated” to do so by the Holy Ghost and it is a much shorter message. I will share some stories of what happened in my life on November 6 and 7. They gave me so much knowledge and understanding but of course, I could not make myself dare to mention them to you… because it is a painful review of our “stupidity” and St. Paul used such word referring to the Galatians… So, after saying the Rosary and convicted that I had to share these thoughts in the Internet, I requested of God three pages in the Bible, and not by number, but just opening it up three times and to find in them any form of the verb “to write,” in order for me to make it public. I called my Mother for assistance and the Holy Spirit each time just before I opened the Bible. And yes, three times, in Ezekiel chapters 2 and 9, plus Luke 16, words of writing or written were there. Also, as I was searching for such words, somehow I did not inspect the end of chapter 2 before I read Ezekiel chapter 3. There, the Lord told the prophet that he would be responsible and guilty for their actions, if he did not tell the people what He would reveal to him… Ouch! Here we go:

November 6.

Although not feeling well, I made an effort to go to early Mass and arrived at 6 AM in order to park the car just by the entrance of the church and this way to cut down the walking from the general parking lot. The Mass was at 6:30 AM. Thereafter, I spent the following hours in front of the Tabernacle until the next Mass at Noon. I was able to pray 13 Rosaries and again, for the will of God to be done… But by now, I knew why He always had insisted (for other elections) to pray just for His will to be done. This time however, I was also led to offer these two Masses and Rosaries for other things. Here is the list which I had shared with a close friend around mid afternoon on Election Day, much before any results were available:

1. Reason to ask for the will of God only when I pray Rosaries on election days. I never understood why until a few weeks ago. If I pray for X candidate to win for the right reasons, of course, I am basically already feeling some distaste or even resentment for the other… That was very important to understand. When we pray without the best love of neighbor that we can feel, we are losing power in our prayer…

2. But on this November 6, I learned something else. To ask for the will of God also covers much more territory…

1)I was asked to pray for the conversion of all voters, especially those who had voted or were voting in favor of a candidate that favors the killing of babies in the womb, but to truly think of the immense sin they were committing..My prayer of intercession had to be one in love for them… so that their sins would be expiated with the Rosaries and a cry to the Throne of God’s mercy to obtain their conversion.


2) Also I had to mention most especially pro choice Catholic voters. 


3) But I also needed to pray as well for pro-life voters since they may have voted more as an act of revenge or discrimination against Mr. Obama than actually for the sake of the babies.


Since I was praying a chaplet of Mercy intertwined with each Rosary, I offered the Eucharistic Jesus in atonement for their sins and asked God the Father for His mercy. Even more, I was asked to offer my present health problems in atonement as well… And yes, I had the grace to feel great love for all voters all throughout the 6.5 hours…

I must declare that I FINALLY GOT IT… His will is love for all, and not only to protect the life of babies and our liberties, but to protect the souls of all these candidates and voters that are pro-destroying the rights to life and to freedom of conscience, as well for those who vote out of resentment toward the other party.  

Nov. 7

With the final results on hand and just before the 8:30 AM (PT) Rosary in EWTN, I found myself understanding so many things and with a strong call to share them with you, and during the Rosary, it was when I asked for confirmation of such urge regardless of my lack of desire to pass it on, and Ezekiel and St. Luke’s writings came to light.


Here is what I found out:


1. It was evident that since the day before, the 13 Rosaries were said for many people that would elect a government full of controversy and mostly against the “family” as we know it… Of course, I did not get it at the time. The exit polls were clear:

The people who helped to continue the demoralization of this nation and were so important for this vote were “Latino’s.” (Ouch ). There is a clear reason why I was already asking Our Lady in front of His Son to pray for them, and why I was asking to the Father, atonement for their sins.

Latino vote

71% for the President (P).   27% for the Governor (G)

People attending Church weekly:

59% (G)     39% (P)

People attending church monthly

55% (P)      44% (G)

People who never attends church

62% (P)       34% (G)

Catholic voters

50% (P) Ouchhhhh  48% (G)

Protestant voters

57% (G)         42% (P)

It is interesting that there was a direct correlation between seeking God and being pro-life!


2. It is evident that the report card for our Catholic Church got an F… The Latino vote is full of Catholics… They were voting for their needs and not for moral issues. God was in the back burner.


3. When we find a report card that is this damaging, we must start changing our modus operandi and this Year of Faith is simply perfect to do so.


4. The question is, “If we stormed Heaven with prayers led by EWTN… what happened?” Great things happened… The will of God was simply perfect… He answered…

1) He sent us another and this time big reminder that prayer per se, without us learning to relate to His Son and truly following Him, has little power…

It was simple to figure it out… Here it is:

John 15: 7-17. If you remain in Me and My Words remain in you, ASK FOR WHATEVER YOU WANT AND IT WILL BE DONE FOR YOU! By this is my Father glorified, that you bear much fruit and become My disciples. As the Father loves Me, so I also love you. REMAIN IN MY LOVE… If you keep my commandments you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s Commandments and remain in His love. I have told you this so that My joy might be in you and your joy might be complete.This is my commandment: love one another as I love you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you. I no longer call you slaves, because a slave do not know what his master is doing. I have called you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from My Father. It was not you who chose Me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in My Name He may give you. This I command you:  love one another.”


There you have it… Notice how the He spoke clearly about keeping the Commandments in general, but He placed an exquisite emphasis in love of God and of neighbor.

A relationship of love is a sign of a personal exchange… But if we want to love Him as He loves His Father and remain in His love, we must KEEP HIS WORDS… If we keep His commandments we establish such personal relationship. This is not even a hint… This is clear and brutally convicting us. If we were asking for a pro-life government, we simply did not get it… Instead we got an answer that could bring us to “see” that as a Church in the U.S.A., we have to change our ways, we have to convert our souls to remain in His love by the way we follow His commandments… and this way, we get whatever good and moral behaviors are needed for our society and I am talking about for the next hundred years… We must start now, since what appears to be the end times signs and symptoms, will require us to be equipped with wisdom, knowledge, faith, hope and love that are as high as possible, so that our prayers for the conversion of others may be heard and powerfully!


2) The above indictment is hard to accept, but we must remember that the fruits of our present witness of faith and love are poor according to the report card… and we all failed in some form or another: the leadership was not paid attention to. But why? The laity acted according to their self will, not God’s will, etc. Again, this big SIGN demands a new understanding of what we must do in our Church…


3) He answered us with this rejection to our petitions because IT WAS THE BEST FOR US… The best? O yeah! (Romans 8:28: We know that all things work for the good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose)…! Just imagine if the elections had been reversed a tiny bit and the Governor had won by a tiny margin, as did the President. We would have rested in our laurels because our prayer had been heard and that is that. We would go back to our own “stupid” ways that do not seek to GROW IN GETTING TO KNOW HIM, the Messiah King but on a personal basis and remain in His love. The Year of Faith would have consisted on speaking about the power of prayer but we would have not changed anything else. In fact, many would then turn to “passing the beads” to get what they want.

4) Now, many Catholics will be harassed by unjust laws that they will continue to fight in the Courts because the right of conscience will be violated otherwise… Wow… WHAT A GIFT… Just to suffer this threat in itself is a gift. The Year of Faith under any cross is simply a gift from God!


5) The call from God is now to truly look to ourselves and find out what is not going on according to God’s will. We have had close to 3 decades of instruction via the Catholic media… Enough is enough! There is no more time to be wasted in reading books and studying the Bible as a nice thing to do but not truly interested in obeying what it says! Are books bad? Of course not, but if they take our time away from developing a relationship with Him with acts of love for God and neighbor, well, books are not going to do much!

6)  The time has arrived to clean up house at every parish and nationally… And please do not stone me even with your thoughts…

First we must clean up our hearts… Again we do not need crowds to do it to begin with. A few of us can start and LET HIM DO THE JOB OF CLEANING HIS CHURCH… Yet, all clean up starts within… If you read any of the old Prophets, Ezekiel being one of them, Israel was in the same mess that we are now. And here, many centuries later, we are still on the map using their experiences as a guide, and now with the Redemptive help of the Crucified and aided by our OWN HEAVENLY MOM… GOD CAN DO IT… Let’s change our ways and pass it on to others who do not quite yet understand this point. We must become lamps and ASAP…

5. I am certain that this Thanksgiving must be one of great rejoicing and a time to give thanks to God because He has shown us our report card and it spells trouble, unless we change now…And the great news is that once the diagnosis is made, the treatment can be prepared, applied and spiritual health can return to us, and then proceed to help out many into getting to know Him… But first, we have to grow in this relationship so that further evangelization is properly guided to our “customers.”


6. Ah, there is something else… The New Evangelization is right in our hands. But there is a huge “but… which is that we cannot just think of the Catholic Church… Nope… We have to leave the 99 and seek to save one sheep for much rejoicing to be celebrated in Heaven. Our target, after getting busy into changing our puny relationship with the Christ and after we become light to others within the Church, is to SUFFER and embrace our crosses and kiss them and offer them up for those who today have lost the way… God does the work in their souls. It is up to us to become co-redemptors with the Crucified… He does not need us… He did it already and we re-live at every Mass such event of His death on a Cross to redeem us. Yet, in order for our love of neighbor to be substantial and sanctifying for us and others, we are called to unite our crosses to His.

One more thing: the Holy Spirit could do wonders if we start praying day and night for the conversion of the members of our present Government but as we grow to love them. This would be the greatest gift we can give our God…


Let me give you another story that occurred this same day of November 7th. It will illustrate how extraordinary and alive this God is among us, and how He takes us to others in ways that are unbelievable… In this story you will see how ONE TINY demonstration of love of neighbor exploded into a huge demonstration of love of neighbor… In fact, what happened really convinced me of the importance of changing our Church inside out with ways to truly celebrate the love of God and of neighbor, since it becomes a power house… As we see His extraordinary ways using us through our following of the Commandments of love, we become fascinated and OUR FAITH INCREASES…

I had to go to the closest Target Store (2 miles from my house) in order to buy Evian, the only water I drink to stay away from fluoride. Remember that it has been chemically tested as being one of the lowest in this mineral. I was hesitant in going since sometimes just any small amount of breakfast will start a horrible pain in my knees. I was debating and debating and still full of awe regarding all that I had learned about the election results as described above. Somehow, around 9:30 AM, I suddenly started to get ready and was out of my house by 10 AM in route to Target. I found even a better sale than normal for Evian. So, I picked up 7 packs of 6 large bottles of this water per pack. When I came to inspect the different cashier lines, I stood in one but made a move to check the next one, and yet not certain…

Here starts the story: a lady around mid thirties (dark skin but not African American or Hispanic and without an accent) was just behind me with a few items in a little basket hanging from her arm. She asked me if I was going to move to the other cashier. I said no. So, she stood behind me. Suddenly, I recognized that I had too many things and she almost nothing and I said,


First act of love of neighbor: “If you are in a hurry, you come first. Go ahead of me.” She answered, “No, I am not in a hurry.”

Second act of love of neighbor: She immediately said, “May I help you placing these packs of water in the conveyor belt?” I said, “No, thank you. I only turn one of the packs upside down and the cashier with a special gadget and from afar, will get the price of the item and will multiply it seven times.” She smiled. I went through and paid and l left. Normally, the cashier will offer to get a Target employee to take this heavy load to my car. Not this day and I did not request it either. Sometimes I am the one asking for this favor.

Third act of love of neighbor: she apparently paid cash and was done fast and came after me as I was going slowly with this very heavy shopping cart. She said, “May I go with you and help you placing these packs in the car for you?” I said, “Yes.” By then I was getting a strange feeling. How many times Angels appear and since I am consecrated to the Holy Angels and my Baptismal name carries such consecration (my name ends with “of the Angels”), well, I truly felt something strange. Was she an angel?

Fourth act of love of neighbor: we got to my car and she placed everything inside. I, in turned, said, “May I give you a gift?” And started telling her all about dementia and what is the main source for it and my cure, etc… She was mesmerized. Then I asked, “Do you have any family member or friend suffering with depressions.” She said, “Yes.” I proceeded to tell her about carrageenan. All along, I kept saying to ther, “This help is from God to me and now I must share it with others. I am very religious but I do not want to offend you.” She also said that she was very religious. We never discussed our affiliation but we both were Christians. Finally, she started to hug me with great love, especially when I told her how to make a differential diagnosis regarding carrageenan: that is to give a can of Ensure or Slim-Fast to the person and wait for 2 hours, and if the person became depressed, this is because of carrageenan.

Fifth act of love of neighbor: she started saying how she is abandoning even some anti aging facial treatments and that had told her husband that they should start eating a better diet. I then offered to share with her the DVD with the information of Dr. Joel Fuhrman as discussed in previous blogs, and asked her for her address to send her one… She immediately started writing her address and it happens that she lives in Hercules, a place many miles away from this Target. God has brought me to this place on this day and her at the same time… Imagine the TIMING ELEMENT… I had to help one of His children and I was supposed to be at a particular time on a particular day and on a particular place…Then, we had to finish our shopping at a determined moment and meet at a particular cashier’s line and there are about 12 of them. 

Sixth act of love of neighbor: she offered to take the empty shopping cart to the designated area so that I would not need to walk any further…

Well, this story will prove to me and forever that we are evangelizing at all times of the day and night, but in order not to miss the meeting with X neighbor, one has to be very cognizant of the inside of our hearts and obeying His will, in order to be guided to an event like this one… Also consider that by our obedience to His will (love of God), we can go and distribute His love to others (love of neighbor), and such love becomes multiplied. It reminds me how the love of God when Jesus multiplied the fish and the loaves of bread and given to His disciples to distribute, it produced a huge miracle… It was love multiplied… and given to the 5,000… In the other hand, the Holy Spirit started the whole exercise of love of neighbor by moving me to ask her to go first. The rest of the acts exploded from the first one. In the eyes of our Dad in heaven, we probably looked just beautiful trying to help each other at all cost…Of course, these considerations came after the fact.


On November 2, on All Souls Feast Day… (Hmm), I was given a list of all things needed to do in any parish to get to know Jesus personally… In order to be sure this is from God (and before the election results), I asked for a sign from God if He wants it shared with my pastor, but the sign has to be fairly clear… If no sign appears, well, God does not want me to pass it on. Among the items that were mentioned to do in our parishes, one is crucial… We must tackle our resentments…

I think I have mentioned before that in 2005 I made a list of all people that I resent… My most horrible persecutors are not resented but there are others, not persecutors per se, whom I resent, from movie stars to media presenters to doctors and nurses with whom I worked, etc. In three days, we will have a healing Mass in my parish, and I have realized that to start my work of personal conversion for this Year of Faith, I am going to update this list and take it to Mass but before the healing service, in order to repent and ask for pardon for not loving my neighbor(s) as I should have… Hopefully during the prayer for spiritual and physical healing, I will be liberated of this chain of resentments that makes me fault my love of neighbor.

So, how I wished that we would clean up house in our Church by making of resentment a topic to be exposed and evaluated for what it is… If I do not love my neighbor, I cannot remain in His Love… If I resent anyone, the practice of my second most important commandment is a joke. So, in order to foster a personal relationship with Jesus, it would be great to have people gather in each parish with a list of personal resentments on hand, and pray as a group to be healed and may be followed with a personal confession with a priest. These are the little things that have to be worked up in our Church

We must also discuss what prayer is all about… We need to work on the purity of intention of our prayers for each other. I cannot ask for my neighbor what I think is good in my eyes, but that the will of God be done in their lives. Also, prayer has to be understood as an act of love… for God and others…

 The most important part of this sharing is that we are alright… Yes, we had a failing grade in the last days, but we also have a merciful God Who waits for us to wake up and change our ways… The BIG QUESTION is how to prepare for a new Pentecost in our hearts? Well, for that to occur so that we truly become lights to convert not just a few here and there, but the thousands, we must therefore, be trained on how to clean our act within and seek to remain in His LOVE… It is obvious that to remain in love with someone, it requires knowing the other… So, we must first establish ways to get to know Jesus as never before and to show them to others. The Holy Spirit would do His part and our conversion needed for the new evangelization would be running on eagle wings!

May you have a very blessed feast of Thanksgiving!

P.S.: Am I going to write another blog at the end of the month? I suspect that yes, but I do not want to make any decisions now, which He will make for me anyway.




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