PURITY OF INTENTION behind my “Yes” to God’s will.

I was ready to present two different major topics on this month’s blog, and somehow, the amount of experiences and teachings received were simply too many and it forced me to drop the second topic. I would have been titled: “Stress and resentment and how it can produce cancer!!!” I would have given you much information as to why this happens. I wanted to give you the science of stress and what it does to our body. As you may imagine, resentment is a source of stress by itself, among many other causes. I had all the science backing up how it affects our DNA’s health and how cancer was clearly traced in the late 70’s to how you destroy your body with substances coming from stress. So, perhaps next month, I will pass on this information on resentment and stress and its ties to our health, but God will decide if it will be so.

The topic of purity of intention for my “yes” was new for me… I had never thought much about it in regards to its importance in order to hear the quiet breeze of the Holy Spirit’s guidance… And, lo and behold, I learned that my “yes” to God’s will needs a major overhaul in the sense of the purity of intention behind it. Examples: When I say yes, sometimes I say it tentatively or wishing it may not be so because I do not like it or agree with it, or simply out of fear of what it is come. There is too much of “me” and my will in my “yes”.  Or, I say yes but not with a determined determination to do what He is guiding me to do but right away…

I had written about it in previous blogs, yet never understood well that it is in the yes that wants to run to do His will, of course in His time, but  just because I AM CONVINCED THAT IT IS THE BEST GIFT OF LOVE I CAN OFFER HIM, for His glory and the sake of other souls, including my own, that will make me a successful evangelist, and pleasing to the eyes of God. So, the rest of the month was a teaching lesson from this God Who is soo alive, in order for me to one day say yes to all things, good and bad, because I am convinced that all that comes from Him is perfect, necessary, wonderful, and it is part of my work for the Kingdom., even if I do not understand an iota of what may come and how much suffering I will encounter…

Ever since I finally understood what I was missing and repented for my distraction in not being focused enough in His Majesty’s Presence in my heart, I started to yearn for such knowledge… And as Solomon did, I asked only for a clear vision of what I have to change, and bingo, I found answers… He had no problem in showing up with occasions where I was enlightened with ideas and teaching and even went to visit some majestic mountains to sense the depth, width and height of His great love for me… and all of us in our history, from Israel to our present Catholic Church, because major covenants happened in mountain tops and hills… So, here are some highlights of this story for this past month:

Regarding my deteriorating left eye vision, I started saying yes to whatever God wants out of it. On Saturday June 25, I asked the Lord for direction after Communion … Shall I look for an ophthalmologist? And as always, He is around and in charge of everything… I came home and received a page in the Bible that brought me to Luke 9:11. “The crowds, meanwhile, learned of this (that He had withdrawn to a town called Bethsaida) and followed Him. He received them and spoke to them about the Kingdom of God, and He healed those who needed to be cured.”  It was that simple! Of course, He is in charge…

Then, I heard this: “Likewise, like the crowds of this story, seek Him and follow Him… Do whatever He has told you and tells you without fear or concerns. The point is that you should trust that He is fully in charge!” I thanked the Holy Ghost for the answer. Whatever He wants me to do, like going to an eye doctor, or just using imagery, He will tell me without any doubt in my mind. My fault seems to be related to my lack of 100% trust in His love for me…He will not advice me what to do until it is in His time to tell me, and possibly very related to my faith in His love to give me the guidance necessary…What not to do? –  I should not wonder too much about the eye. So, my “yes” to this illness MUST be accompanied with the certitude that He will answer with a perfect solution, even if it means, losing the eye. The purity of my intention for this yes to the loss of my eye sight had to do with abandonment to His will without major desire to know the final outcome…

I started translating this example and applying it to many things that I have been told to do for the Kingdom. I need to grow in purity of intention to my yes to do them. Much more I would be learning about this last topic as you will find out soon.

So, God started His teaching and between June 25 and the 29th, I found myself with many symptoms of my illness of POTS, including depression or oppression (at times I wondered if Satan was around). However, at the writing of this blog almost one month later, I have not had any major symptoms since… Hmm… Besides I keep treating this illness with naturopathic means and it seems to be working. It all probably happened precisely for God to ask me if I would say “yes” to this difficult moment… and the most important reason was to lead me later to find Satan behind some of what I will refer to “darkness” in our lives.

On June 29th, the call was clear: “Make a list of all the circumstances that you are saying yes to.” I did. I placed them in cards to have available in any place I am at. 1) I said yes to 18 different things, including a yes to any depression or oppression/darkness. 2) I said yes to every present moment events, feelings, sufferings, even if I do not understand the why of the moment. 3) Yes to all illnesses (like the leftover of POTS and diminished left eye sight.) 4) Yes to abstaining from wondering what is next. 5) Yes to live a longer life just to work for the Kingdom, since I believe firmly that dead is gain… and going home is very appealing, etc.

On June 30th, something very strange happened on this day and full of meaning… I got up with some nausea and a slight depression. I had discerned the night before about what daily Mass to attend. I was not given an answer, which usually means that I can make the decision. I went to 6:30 AM Mass and upon entering the church, very suddenly, a profound darkness covered me and immediately, without even getting to a pew, I left and came back home. I kept asking myself as I was driving, “What does this mean? Was God or the devil pulling me out of church?

I came back to pray at home and very puzzled and startled… At 7:15 AM, I said, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening… Shall I go and do Holy Hours and say many Rosaries with intertwined Chaplets of Mercy, in order to stop Satan everywhere and in case this darkness has come from him? I was planning to even go to a parish where they have Perpetual Adoration of the Eucharist, the parish of St. Agnes where I have never been at yet. And when I say many Rosaries, I mean many… My highest number in one day has been 26 during continuous 17 Holy Hours in times of national U.S. elections. I kept asking, “Shall I just pray and pray and do nothing else like I have done before when necessary?”

In other words, I was talking of spiritual warfare with prayer. Then, I was sent to a page in the Bible and it turned out to be Jeremiah’s chapters 6, 7 and 8, where he describes the dissipation he saw among Israelites of his days. At 8:30 AM and while I was praying at home the Rosary with Mother Angelica (EWTN), I understood that the most powerful “yes” to God’s will is when I am suffering from severe darkness… and this is the best gift I can give precisely on behalf of the Church. Not only that; prayer is so important, but above it, is prayer united to my “yes” to whatever He ordains… Doing so, I am paying homage and offering sacrifice as a common priestess, which is a form of praise to God (prayer). It is then that I started to “see” and “hear” more on this subject matter…

I kept thinking if the oppression I felt with this profound darkness the moment I stepped in this parish church, if it meant that I  had to move on to another place. Or, if Satan was doing his best to scare me and confuse me? My inquiry was followed with pages in the Bible that said that I must die like the grain of wheat in order to produce fruit. John 12:24.

At 10 AM and out of the blue, I turned on the television which had been left on the EWTN channel, and Fr. Apostoli was starting one of the chapters of his 1992 series on “The Consoler”…! He quoted St. Francis of Assisi and said the following:

1. The devil rejoices over snatching our joy! If we become discouraged, despondent or if we despair, it works in our unconscious mind like a dust from Satan, and we lose our peace of mind.

2. Spiritual joy is the result of prayer and purity of heart. It is here that the devil tries but to no avail! (Hmm… prayer and purity of heart which could be translated into purity of intention to do His will in everything)

3. I have recourse to prayer if I have lost spiritual joy. Prayer helps to preserve the unction (moisture) of the Spirit “in the oil of gladness.”

4. So, to avoid the spirit of dejection even a little, I run to prayer.

5. Joy is not the worldly laughter. A joyful face means to have fervor through difficulties and dissipation. We should have a joyful face instead of a face with melancholy, because spiritual joy is contagious, but melancholy is not.

I ran out of the house by 10:35 AM, and as soon this program was over because… now I was going to pray… and of course, for noon Mass. I arrived at 10:50 AM with the church totally dark and found a chair in front and near the Tabernacle under a window with some light, and it is a hiding place not seen by the entire church. I was able to pray 2 more Rosaries with Chaplets of Mercy, and one of them for myself. At 11:30 AM, when the first person came in, I ran to my usual seat. I was still oppressed.

The first reading was about how God had put Abraham to the test “(Hmm) “God said, ‘Take your son Isaac, your only one, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah. There you shall offer him up as a burnt offering on a height that I will point out to you.’ Early the next morning, Abraham saddled his donkey, took with him his son Isaac, and two of his servants as well and with the wood that he had cut for the burnt offering, set out for the place of which God had told him.” — We know that at some point he left the servants and continued with his son to the place. Isaac, in route and carrying the wood for the burnt offering, questioned his father about where was the sheep for the sacrifice. Abraham responded, “God Himself will provide the sheep for the burnt offering.”

We know the rest of the story of Genesis 22: 1b-19. The obedience of Abraham was admirable and called this site Yaweh-yireh; also known as “On the mountain the Lord will see.” Notice that the test for Abraham was a very harsh one, more so that losing an eye in my case… He had to go to a hill of sorts… to build an altar and offer his own son as sacrifice. This was a firm call to me to proceed and go to a sacred place (could be my own inner temple) and constantly offer the sacrifice of my self-will… with the clear knowledge that God will be in charge of the details, as He was in the case of sparing Isaac’s life because an animal appeared to replace him. But, at this time Abraham had completed his spiritual formation, and not so when God ordered him to leave everything and move to a distant land, years before Isaac was even born. So, let’s go back to the beginning.

On these first days of his spiritual formation, Abraham had come from Ur with his father and settled in Haran. At the ripe age of 75 (I have always wondered why God loves to call old people to major work for the Kingdom), God asked him to move to Canaan. (Genesis12) For a while, he had to migrate to Egypt with Sara because of a drought and there he lied and told Pharaoh that they were brother and sister, so that he would not be killed, since Sara was beautiful and feared that Pharaoh would like to keep her, and had to kill him to do so… Abraham was totally forgetting Who was in charge! This is a great example to all of us. He knew God quite well, and yet, was running things his way… Ouch!

In Genesis 16, God came to Abraham in a vision and made a covenant with him. It is interesting that after the covenant, in verse 12 it says, “As the sun was about to set, a trance fell upon Abram, and a deep, terrifying darkness enveloped him.” NOW, I became more intrigued than ever… Was he overwhelmed with this knowledge that he would become the father of many, as large as the number of stars in heaven?

Summary of what I learned so far: we are “fully cooked” in spiritual terms when God summons us to a mountain to do the most difficult task. In the case of Abraham, he was asked to kill his own son… But by now, his faith was completely “developed” (later you will hear more about development) with total trust (faith without fear) that God knew what He was doing… His one liner to Isaac that God will provide the sheep for the burnt offering, was HIS CREED, his profession of faith. He had graduated in the school of complete trust of God’s love for him… Abraham’s yes to God’s will, had full “purity of intention.” And thanks to it, he became our best model of faith, or as we call him, our father in faith.

AND, from now on, I will keep bringing up mountains to you… Abraham’s most complete and perfect profession of faith was done at a mountain…!!! This last exegesis that follows, I am adding it after what I learned in the following weeks… You will laugh at one point to see this God of Abraham, Jacob and Moses, always trying to make covenants in mountains… Shall I mention a few so that you keep them fresh in your mind? Here they are:

1. The Ten Commandments were given at Mount Sinai!!!

2. Elijah was a prophet in the Kingdom of Samaria during the reign of Ahab (9th century BCE), according to the Books of 1Kings (18-19). Elijah is a heroic figure in Jewish tradition. It is he who stands up to King Ahab, whose Phoenician wife had introduced the worship of the idol Baal into the Jewish Kingdom.

When Elijah meets Ahab he challenges the 450 priests of Baal imported by Jezebel to a contest at Mt. Carmel to prove whose god is the true God. The priests and Elijah slaughter a bull as a sacrifice and call on God to consume it. The priests try a variety of prayers, dances and even self-mutilation, but nothing happens. Elijah then calls on God to prove his power and a great fire comes from the sky and burns the bull.

Despite his "victory," Elijah sees no change in the kingdom and has to flee to the desert to escape the wrath of Jezebel. God then comes to Elijah again and reassures him that he is not alone, that others have resisted the temptation to worship idols. Elijah is told to go to the mountain of Horeb where he witnesses a series of examples of God’s power — an earthquake, powerful wind and fire — before being instructed to return to the city (1 Kings:19:12).

3. Jesus became transfigured  at Mount Tabor…

4. Jesus died on a hill, Calvary… Hmm… Our original sin was obliterated on a hill.

5. He summoned the Apostles after His resurrection at a mountain and sent them to preach the Gospel…—  The eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had ordered them. When they saw Him they worshipped Him, but they doubted… (Ouch – still missing the Holy Ghost)… Jesus said, “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age…” Matthew 28: 16-17; 19-20. This was a major covenant, contract… The mission of the Church of today was born on a mountain top, despite that the disciples were not totally “developed” for this mighty work…

A commentary in my Bible says this: “Mountain (Mount). A mountain is regarded as the dwelling place of divinity. Sanctuaries were set up on a good many mounts. It was on mountains that God chose to give His revelation.” 

But continuing the original story for June 30th, I came home from Mass around 1:30 PM and was still oppressed. I finally realized that my “faulty” yes to what I had being asked to do back in May 29 and mentioned in the previous blog, was causing this darkness. Satan was tempting me to hesitate…and I had done what St. Francis had said, I had prayed a lot in this first half of the day. Suddenly, my darkness/oppression lifted up as if by magic… I wrote in my dairy: “3 PM: so far the darkness has not returned.”


I went to 6:30 AM Mass. After Communion I was urged to return later for the noon Mass. I arrived at 9:50 AM and sat in the same chair by the Tabernacle. It was here that I received one of the most spectacular Bible teachings…

I was taken to the answers Jesus gave the Devil when He was tempted before He started His public life. I  had never understood that each answer was precisely what I must do in order to defeat Satan and any darkness, oppression coming from him. It was all there but in my lack of theology formation, I never knew about it!…

1. Answer to the first temptation: I must live by every Word that comes from the mouth of God or so, Jesus answered Satan when asked to change stones into bread. And I should then remember these Words of God:

1) I must die like the grain of wheat to produce fruit (John 12:24). Self-denial is not a suggestion. It is a command.

2) I cannot say, “Father, save me from this hour, because it was for this purpose that I came to this hour (suffering, darkness, illness, etc) – and this way, I will glorify my Father’s Name.

3) John 4:34. “My food is to do the will of God and to finish His work.

4) My “yes” should be pure in intention simply because He knows me like no one else, to the point that even all the hairs of my head are counted. Luke 12: 7

5) “My mother and father and brother and sister are those who do the will of my Father.” Matthew 12: 46-50. — There is no suggestion in here to choose to do the will of God only when it pleases me or if I feel like it…

6) “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the Word of God and ACT ON IT…Luke 8:21

7) If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily… and follow me.” Luke 9:23. — Following Jesus has a format to follow and it will make me His disciple with many 401K celestial benefits!

8 ) A scholar of the law said, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. Jesus replied: Do this and you will live.” Luke 10: 27. — Loving my neighbor is not a joke; it is food for my soul.

2. Answer to the second temptation: “You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.” (Matthew 4: 7)

I should not test God by doubting His love and mercy at any time, ever… In my case, I cannot doubt for an instant that He is in charge of my life and that of my sons. Doing so, will be a case of doubting in His love and mercy, and therefore, I would be testing Him…

3. Answer to the third temptation:  “At this, Jesus said, ‘Get away, Satan! It is written: ‘The Lord, your God, shall you worship and Him alone shall you serve.’”

Worship has to two parts: in words and in action or prayer and total abandonment to His will without questions, fears, or even wanting to know ahead of time what will happen. And notice, that after these three answers, Jesus categorically is sending Satan away… While I was sitting in front of His Majesty in the Tabernacle, it became so clear that Jesus in His great feast of His Sacred Heart, was teaching me what to do to dispatch Satan ASAP…It was soo clear that if I work constantly to follow His teaching on how He dispatched the evil one, I can do the very same.

It is interesting that since the Feast of His Sacred Heart, I have not been oppressed in a major way at all!!! Of course, I am constantly trying to “stand” in His Word and do it, as I ask for His mercy and the Holy Spirit to help me in my resolution… It is working! What a gift!!!

By God’s recommendation, I had taken the Diary of St. Faustina to this second time that I was in the church, and lo and behold, I was given several entries:

1491: The Lord visited me today and said, “My daughter, do not be afraid of what will happen to you. I will give you nothing beyond your strength.” After these words the Lord gave me a deep understanding of the action of His grace.

1496. January 17, 1938 (9 months before she died). Today, since early in the morning, My soul has been in darkness. I cannot ascend to Jesus, and I feel as though I have been forsaken by Him. I will not run to creatures for the light, because I know that they will not enlighten me if Jesus wills to keep me in darkness. I submit myself to His holy will and suffer. Still, the struggle is becoming more and more desperate. During Vespers, I wanted to unite myself with the sisters through prayer.

1497. When I went, in my thoughts, to the chapel, my spirit was plunged into even greater darkness. Total discouragement came over me. Then I heard Satan’s voice; “See how contradictory everything is that Jesus gives to you: He tells you to found a convent, and then He gives you sickness; He tells you to set about establishing this Feast of Mercy while the whole world does not at all want such a feast. Why do you pray for this feast? It is so inopportune.” My soul remained silent and, by an act of the will, continued to pray without entering into conversation with the spirit of darkness. Nevertheless, such an extraordinary disgust with life came over me that I had to make a great act of the will to consent to go on living…

And again, I heard the tempters words: “Ask for death for yourself, tomorrow after Holy Communion. God will hear you, for He has heard you so many times before and has given you that which you asked of Him.” I remained silent by an act of the will. I began to pray or rather, submitted myself to God, asking Him interiorly not to abandon me as this moment.

The tempter went on, “Why should you bother about other souls? You ought to be praying only for yourself. As for sinners, they will be converted without your prayers. I see that you are suffering very much at this moment. I’m going to give you a piece of advice on which your happiness will depend: never speak about Gods’ mercy and, in particular, don’t encourage sinners to trust in Gods’ mercy and, because they deserve a just punishment. Another very important thing: do not tell your confessors, and especially this extraordinary confessor and the priest in Vilnius, about what goes on in your soul. I know them; I know who they are and so I want to put you on your guard against them. You see, to live as a good nun, it is sufficient to live like all the others. Why expose yourself to so many difficulties?

1408: I remained silent, and by an act of the will I dwelt in God, although a moan escaped from my heart. Finally, the tempter went away and I, exhausted, fell asleep immediately. In the morning, right after receiving Holy Communion, I went immediately to my cell and falling on my knees, I renewed my act of submission in all tings to the will of God. “Jesus, I asked You, give me the strength for battle. Let it be done according to Your most holy will. My soul is enamored of Your most holy will.”

1409. At that moment, I saw Jesus, Who said, “I am pleased with what you are doing. And you can continue to be at peace if you always do the best you can in respect to this work of mercy. Be absolutely as frank as possible with your confessor. Satan gained nothing by tempting you, because you did not enter into conversation with him. Continue to act in this way. You gave Me great glory today by fighting so faithfully. Let it be confirmed and engraved on your heart that I am always with you, even if you don’t feel My Presence at the time of battle. (End of quotes)

I CONCLUDED THAT YES, I HAD SUFFERED AN ATTACK BY SATAN, AND THAT the Eucharistic Jesus had just explained to me how to end such attacks, because  the explanation of how He answered Satan, coincided exactly with this saint’s experience. Amazing grace…!!! By the time of the second Mass, I had only words of thanksgiving for this God/Man Who very patiently had summoned me twice to this “mountain top” of Calvary, where we are present to His death as each Mass is all about…

Even more, in these hours of togetherness, He had explained to me in very clear terms, that one of Satan temptations is to make us doubt of God’s love and care. So, Satan at times cannot interfere in our “yes” to do God’s will, but he can truly bombard and destroy the purity of intention of our yes, with doubts, mistrust or inertia to comply with what we are called to do. I realized that the power of Our Lady over Satan stands precisely in the full purity of intention of her “yes” to God… He had given me a plan to combat this possibility. It was the day before of her Feast as the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I am super sure that she was interceding for me big time…

After Communion of the noon Mass, I heard these words, “Be careful that you fail to recognize Me, so that the only thing you will need is to KNOW ME! If you do not recognize Me and keep focused in my Presence in your life, Satan will attack and convince you to take action on your own. (“But how do I do that?” I asked Him). “Do what I tell you but as you trust that I love you and that I will reveal Myself to you as you need it. My Spirit will reveal you the Way, the Truth, the Life, and this becomes a circle of light — the more you do My will and trust that My will for you is your daily Bread for every moment, because I love you too much to confuse you, that much you will feel My Presence and will comply with what I have commanded you to do. Graces will abound to help you become a mustard seed and you will not feel like rebelling to any suffering encountered.“

I then remembered that I had made my First Holy Communion in this His Feast Day many years back… By then, I already knew about His real Presence in the Eucharist. Yet, I needed “development” in order to enter into production and release of the movie of my life as part of His Life… I am still in the process of development, as evident by what I had just learned.

SO, HERE I AM GOING TO INTERRUP THE CALENDAR sequence of SHARING, and pass on to you, two programs I heard through EWTN… They all have to do with the above story on that glorious July 1, the feast of His Sacred Heart.

I. This past week, July 21, the World Over presented a great program:

Franciscan Capuchin, Archbishop of Denver, Charles Chaput came and  expressed his lack of worry about the move to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with the well known present circumstances of this place. What a confidence in God… Faith in souls speaks volumes to our hearts! In a third segment, Cardinal Weurl from Washington, D.C., shared with great joy and conviction, how he is opening a new seminary for vocations to the priesthood. They have enough requests to put one together… These two men gave me so much hope.

Then, a second segment was about Mr. Devon Franklin, a young African American, Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures. He seems to be a non denominational Christian since he mentioned his ties to Bishop T.D. Jakes of Texas. He gave me the most interesting imagery to be used for my spiritual life. I transcribed his ideas next:

Devon Franklin observes the Sabbath and he decided to honor God in Beijing while he was shooting the re-make of the movie, the Karate Kid. He abandoned production at sundown before the Sabbath and said, “Whatever happens, I am O.K. with it.” He wanted to honor God first and foremost. The following day, he received the idea of writing his present 2011 book called “Produced by Faith.”

He is from Oakland, CA and when he wanted to go to Hollywood, he was asked why he should do that being a committed Christian. “In fact,” he said, “I was sent by the Word which says, ‘Go ye therefore into the world, and make disciples.’ Besides, how can I be afraid of my faith? God is with me. We serve a God that is all powerful…”

He explained further that the book is divided in two parts: development and production.Every movie we see in the theater goes through three parts: development, production and release. But in our own lives we want to go into production and God wants us to finish our development. He will not send us without the proper development. He may say, ‘You are not ready… You have unsolved issues. Work on your character or your integrity. You have anger issues to solve.’ You should say, ‘God I want your will more than my aspirations.’ Also, you have to know what the movie is all about… The same is with our lives. God wants to develop a major hit in your life, but you need to identify what your life is all about!”

“God is preparing us not for momentary success but for a long sustainable success (and “for eternity” was added by Raymond Arroyo)… It is a long production. So, ask yourself, ‘Why am I here? What is my motivation in trying to run into production before development is done?’ You should say, ‘God, what is Your plan for me; Your will for me?’ With any movie you have to know what the movie is all about. So what is the high concept of your life?”

“Spiritual practices necessary when changing careers or casting actors:

1. Commit to a consistent prayer life.

2. See and hear the Word of God. You have to hear the Word of God. What are your ‘dailies’?. Dailies in movie making are the scenes we watch that were shot the previous day. So, in our spiritual life use the same concept as a metaphor; we have to watch our dailies like: ‘Did you spend time with Him the previous day?’

“3. Fasting is also good. Sometimes we cannot hear Him and we have to cut something out, we have to sacrifice. Paul said, ‘Submit your body as a sacrifice.’”

Mr Franklin continued saying, “With the book you learn:

“1. You should not have to compromise your faith. Your faith is much more powerful. Sometimes we decide that we have all the development necessary and write out God from the script of our life. We forget that He has a plan for our life. There is no movie/story like God is trying to write with our life. If we hurry up and go to production without the necessary development, as in a movie, our life, our spirituality, can be a success for a short while but soon the acclaim disappears. We have to tap into the audience with integrity, not pander, not downplay. Let’s make movies that are real movies.”

2. God is after something “maaaajor” in your life and we just have to let Him work it out. He has a plan for our life that is bigger than anything that we could ever anticipate. Let Him take us to development and production, and not only for us but for others to see His divine action. We have to be part of the culture. We have to be in the game and get the Gospel to those we meet. We have to influence culture in the right way. If we take our ball and go home and the game is still going on, how can we affect the score? There are people who need us. We have the Word, the Gospel and we have to get in the game and there is a wide audience that will hear us.”

Raymond Arroyo said, “The Apostles did not spend time in the boat talking to each other!” END OF STORY

II. Homily of July 20 by Bishop Jan Lien, from the Netherlands (EWTN)

Many people came to Jesus. He is sitting and the rest are standing. This is a call for us, because our minds are being addressed and our hearts touched. No notes to be taken then or now. He clearly said, “Whoever has ears ought to hear.” The seed falls in all types of soil. The seeds are His Words. The soil refers to the state of grace in which people receive His Words. Jesus is in a boat. The crowd is in land. They are the soil, so to speak. He speaks to them and about them. They must understand something about themselves. When He speaks, it is not about agriculture but something in their lives, in their situation and it is very important. The fruitfulness of their lives depends on what He is saying. In fact, the parable of the seeds and the soil express a deep desire of Jesus to be heard, to be received. He knows that everything depends on how we listen, how we respond to the Word of God. So, for all of us here and those hearing the broadcast, we are not hearing something that was said 2000 years ago. We are being addressed right now and here. Whenever this parable is read, it becomes a reality. It happens as we speak and listen. He does not only speak to us but about us.

How we are listening now creates its own actuality. God’s Words are like that, fresh and new, and not like the newspaper that becomes old by the next morning. He said in Genesis, “Let it be light and there was light.” The Word of God created its own actuality. And the reason is, of course, that it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. This Word puts us in direct contact with God and makes us responsible for a response! WE HAVE NO CHOICE in this matter. Whether we like it or not, whatever we choose to do after we hear the Gospel, that will be our answer. There is no possibility not to answer. That is what we ought to understand and it is so important.

We all like freedom and make our choices – but there is a limit to that. Many of us do not want to hear it. We are not absolute beings. We did not will ourselves into existence. We are not masters of our own lives with complete freedom, and we must understand that our future depends on it.

The fruitfulness of our own lives depends on how we listen to God, because the way we listen, the way we receive it, determines how we respond to God. He did not send a letter to the world saying, “I will let my Son become human in two weeks. Is this O.K. with you?” He did not do that. In the fullness of time, the Son of God became man. God did not trample our freedom. Our freedom came after that! It is up to us in our relative freedom to respond to the self revelation of God, the Son of God made flesh. Let’s be clear about it. Our freedom is limited. We can choose our response but we do not have freedom not to give our own; even if we choose to ignore Him, that will be our response to God.

Yes, we are free to choose how we receive it, what type of soil we are. 1) Ignoring the Gospel is like letting the Word of God fall in the path where it is ignored and gets eaten, but that is our choice. 2) Saying that it is interesting and that we will come back later to it is like letting the seed of the Gospel fall among thorns. It will get choked among many other things that take our attention. But it is our choice and it is not a good choice. 3) Or we may respond to the Gospel with enthusiasm for a moment but abandon it with the routine of daily life. It is like letting the seed fall on rocky ground. But it is our choice. 4) Or we can decide here and now for the Word of God and take it to heart and resolve to clear any obstacles that impede our acting upon It. It is like letting the seed fall on rich soil that will bear much fruit.

If we take the numbers seriously, 3/4 of the seed (in the Church) do not bear fruit; that should give us reason to think. Once we understand with our own minds, we have to will with our hearts and respond, and it is only then that our lives will bear fruit, and not only a successful life, but an abundance of life that supersedes what it is natural and leads to what is it supernatural. The best setting for this Gospel is undoubtedly the Eucharist. We celebrate that He is the vine and we are the branches, and that our lives become fulfilled when we are connected with Him and remained connected to Him. On our own we cannot bear fruit, but with Him, it is impossible not to. Let us listen carefully and let us make the right choice for Him. Amen. (End of homily)

As you can see, I have to take to heart all the development I need in order to enrich my soil, and also realize that I will always respond to His call, and no matter what my response is… I have no choice not to respond… Ouch. How many times I have felt playing dumb and postpone my response thinking I am in neutral ground… Not so…I have given an answer to God already, and one that is irreverent, careless, and poor. So, all that I had so far learned about how to purify the intention of my yes to the will of God, including how to deal with Satan, must lead me to remove all the obstacles necessary to be the best responder/servant possible… It is a matter of making the right choice…


On Tuesday July 5th I arrived early to 6:30 AM Mass and my Lord wanted to let me know something He did not like. I had just past judgment on something that disgusted me, and heard Jesus say, “Why do you keep looking at the dissipation and not at all to all your blessings and My grace that prevented you from doing the same?” (My answer: “But they produce scandal in my heart!”) He responded, “So, take the scandal and its pain and put it in a box,” and He stopped so that I would have time to process the info into actual images, and remember, images are reality for our right brain, and then He continued, “Wrap it up with your arms, embrace it tightly, and then kiss it and give it back to Me as a sacrifice for them from you.” I started to almost laugh… He took me by surprise…  My animosity was gone… and not only gone, but I felt so bad that I had not thought about the graces received… Ouch… After Communion, I was given a page number to check in the Bible when I came home.

After Mass and as I went to the supermarket, I noticed how my left eye sight was much worse…and yet, the recent encounter with the Crucified kept me smiling from ear to ear…Once home, I checked page 555 – It was 2Maccabees 6: 12-17, which described the severe persecution of the Jews, and part of it says that “misfortunes were a sign of great kindness!” On verse 16, it says,” He never withdraws His mercy from us. Although He disciplines us with misfortunes, He does not abandon His own people.” Sure enough, this day was one of great mercy. He corrected me in love, and His mercy healed my misconduct, and at the same time, the eye becoming functionally worse did not affect me at all. What a God! 

At 4 PM, I received a call from one of my sons who announced a future visit with the woman he is seriously interested on. On this day His mercy kept making noise in my heart. Only 7 months ago he had moved to this city in the U.S. with only 3% of Catholics… and he found a Catholic woman… Amazing grace, how sweet the sound… In the other hand, to have the gentility to bring her all the way to California for me to meet her, does not really match the world of today. This is straight from God moving his and her hearts. I tell you this story because it is part of my “development”… for this month. I have been in training on how to purify the intention to my yes to all that God wills for me, and as I put a lot of work into making the “right choice”, He was moving hearts to make choices that were advantageous for us as a family! I am proving to all who read this blog that we have to run and become the best “servants” and no matter what… He is too good and loving and He just explodes with graces… Besides, the more we cooperate with His plan, that much we defeat Satan in our lives.

On Sunday, July 10 and during Mass, I realized that my left eye was almost ready any time to lose its vision. I placed it (in images) on the paten before the Consecration. At was busy at the time preparing for the Consecration to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and called her for intercession in this matter.

July 11. After Communion I was referred to one of the entries in the diary of St. Faustina, No. 1706 which I checked at home and said, “During vespers today, the Lord gave me to know how very pleased He is with a pure and free heart. I felt that it is God’s delight to look into such a heart… But such hearts are knightly hearts; their life is a constant battle.”

Personally, I then heard very distinctly, “Purify your ‘yes’ with My Mercy by asking for it, and I will help you! It is in the purity of your yes without fear or possible shame or ridicule, when you give it all for My will, that most obstacles disappear, yours and of others.” I responded with a prayer, “Give me a pure heart through Your Mercy.”

July 12. I was in church by 11:10 AM and as I started praying the preparation for consecration to Our Lady, I was asked to add another request for her intercession as part of this preparation in order to obtain purity of intention for my yes.

Wed. July 13. This was the anniversary of the birthday in 1900 of St. Teresa of the Andes, from Chile. She is one of my closest friends among the Saints. As I have mentioned many times in these blogs, I grew up with St. Teresa of Avila, since my maternal family even read her life daily during the main meal of the day. And since it was on the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in 2010, that she directed me to my AOL account to reveal the diagnosis of my illness of POTS (loss of balance of my autonomic nervous system with huge swings in blood pressure, bowel activity, depression and memory loss), and I have conquered the so called incurable illness almost by 90% with alternative medicine, so this year I had to be very attentive to everything that has to do with her under this title. And St. Teresa of the Andes is one of her babies…

Some 3 days before, I was led to share with a person in church, my second class relic of the Chilean St. Teresa. The Carmelite Nuns in Auco, Chile, convent where she lived for 9 months before her death at age 19 (EWTN has passed her life several times in a form of a series), they are my friends via Internet and had supplied me with two relics of this saint. I gave one to my previous Bishop because he was born on her feast day, or when she died in 1920. This other, with a piece of her habit, I lent to my friend for a severe case of hip arthritis that led her to use a cane in recent weeks. On this date of St. Teresa’s birthday, I found this lady in the supermarket walking without a cane… Of course, my friends in Chile were praying for her, but just placing the relic in the part that was hurting, at least put the cane away…Amazing Saints and Nuns with their intercession…

July 14. I went to early Mass. By 4 PM, I was surprised to hear the following counsel from my Mother, my dearest Mom, and it was just so sweet…

“We are not thinking, we are not wondering about anything else but only believing that God will do through you what He needs to do for the benefit of others. How will He do it or what roads He will choose for you to do it are of no importance! He will tell you if to go to the right or to the left (I remembered this favorite verse of mine, Isaiah 30:21). The greatest servant is the one who serves God at each present moment without too much information ahead of time! It is in the silence of human knowledge, which tries to satisfy curiosity and invites the will to participate in the road turning decisions, that you will be of higher value to the work of the Kingdom. This is another aspect of purity of intention for your yes to His will. The little decisions of the everyday routing are best heard and followed in silence, without wanting to know details.

“This is not the case of the present times, when the call of His will may be extraordinarily challenging, especially when you are called to do things not popular with the world. Yet, these are the best times for you to grow faster in your training in discipleship. You have to trust God in almost supernatural ways. He will carry you in His arms but you have to be willing to be carried through the entire call! Your faith will be tested as the He tests all people; yet, His mercy is redoubled to assist you. Never forget it! — All human beings are given the same opportunity to grow in this relationship of love with God that allows Him to carry you. However, the words of the Creed that you recite on Sunday’s must come to life in your soul, and abandonment to Divine Providence is the only way to make of this Creed a reality in your life, and not just become empty words that you repeat every week!… Praying the profession of your faith and not believing what it says, it is tantamount to spiritual schizophrenia. That is, you are professing a set of Truths that you say you believe in, but actually, you do not abandon yourself to His love and mercy, and let Him guide you as a mother takes care of her baby.

“This is exactly why He said that you had to become like a little child in order to enter the Kingdom! Children have no agendas, no plans, they follow rules and their trust in their parents is very hard to violate even when they are abused. The best way to remember this point is always facing the beauty of little babies, their confident, tranquil smiley faces. They should remind you that the more you become like a child and trust in God’s providence, that much more you can transform your soul from glory to glory! When you fail and act more like an adult in matters of spirituality, ask for His mercy and ask to trust like a little baby.” End of counsel.

Note to the laity who is reading this blog: as I have stated before, these are locutions for my personal growth. I have received them from what appears God Himself since November 27 of 1978, and from Our Lady since sometime in 1988. I am used to them and take them to prayer. Normally, I confirm their veracity by the peace and joy they give me, and because I have seen steady growth in my spiritual life. This does not mean that they should be followed by anyone else, unless the local Church or Pastor will give you permission…

July 16. I consecrated myself one more time to Our Lady on this wonderful feast day and thanked her for the diagnosis of my illness and much of the cure in this past 12 months. She is too much!

July 17: I celebrated another anniversary of my Baptismal day… One of my local priests invited us to be present at a Mass on the following Saturday, at Yosemite National Park. A group from our parish was going to spend 4 days hiking at the place, and for those not going, we could attend Mass if we so desired. I was intrigued about this news. I have never been there. I talked to the son with whom I live and he had been there and knows a little about the place, although not recently.

July 19. At arrived at 11:15 AM for the noon Mass and entered the church with a friend. I have known her for almost two years. We arrive early and find each other in one of the two daily Masses. When the church is dark because it is early, if I go to the bathroom, she will look after my purse and vice versa. We never exchanged names…!!! About 3 months ago, she came and asked me for prayers for a daughter who apparently was living with a man without wedding vows. I decided to bring her a Rosary that I purchased in Medjugorje some 22 years ago… and advised her to pray to Our Lady Queen of Peace, the name under which she appears in this site. I have about 30 of them… and it was time to share this large silver rosary made with rose buds as beads. She kept bringing the Rosary to Church and praying with it. About 2 weeks prior to this date of July 19, she passed on to me a little note that said, “My daughter got married in St. ____ Church in the city of ________, CA, last July 1. I want to let you know that she carried the rosary you gave me in her bouquet. That was ‘her something borrowed.’ ”

What a Mom we have. On this day, we finally exchanged names… and hers  has to do with the family of Teresa’s… Hmm… She was praying for me as “lady rose.”

During my Holy Hour, I was reminded that 10 years before, my husband had fallen into a comma and I had called the two boys that were away here in California. They arrived on Saturday July 21.

Thursday July 21. THE STORY OF THE MOUNTAIN STARTS… I had been impacted by two days of homilies of Bishop Jan Liesen and one of them I shared above. My choices count and I cannot choose not to… I continued feeling called to go to Yosemite. I attended early Mass and after breakfast at home, I asked my Lord about it, if I was to go to this mountain. I said, “Give me the word mountain in the Bible.” He sent me to page 185. It does not exist in the NT. It is a prologue to one of the books. In the Old Testament,  Moses is talking to Israel, and it says in Deuteronomy 10: 5 – “I turned and came down the mountain, and placed the tablets in the ark I had made. Verse 8. At the time the Lord set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to be in attendance before the Lord and minister to Him, and to give blessings in His Name, as they have done to this day. Verse10. After I had spent 40 days and 40 nights on the mountain… etc” I was convicted twice, because I feel deep in my heart that my Jewish roots are from the Tribe of Levi… and as Moses belonged to… So, I talked to my son again about this possibility of going to Mass there.

Friday July 22. I was celebrating the great feast of St. Mary Magdalene, another of my great friends in heaven… My son the theologian did write a beautiful blog on her and how she appears in different Gospels. Ten years before on this very date and by the time I was doing the Holy Hour at 11:30 AM (2:30 PM EST), my husband had died. It was a miraculous death from an ex atheist who converted from the time of his diagnosis of cancer on the previous November, and never showed any fear to die or desire to live longer than the 6 months given to him.

But earlier that day, while saying the Rosary with Mother Angelica (8:30 AM local time), my Mother recommended that I went to Barnes and Noble in route to Mass to find a map about Yosemite. Just before I left, I checked my email and the son here had sent an email with a link to the Yosemite website. There I found three books that talked about camping and hiking. It was providential since I was in route to Barnes and Noble… I did find one book.

I arrived in church by 11:05 AM and started my Holy Hour. At 11:30 AM, here He was giving me some advice on this great day:

I had my IPod going with my favorite music as I adored Him, and the song “How Great Thou Art” was playing. He spoke and I listened… “You hurt Me when you do not trust Me. No matter what you do, or how or when, or if not at all, never fear.Your yes must be cleansed of all doubt!  Once you do not fear, once you do not doubt, then you can sing to Me, ‘How Great Thou Art’” (Ouch)

I proceeded to thank Him for what had happened 10 years before and exactly at the moment of his death, and for curing most of my POTS symptoms and giving me back most of my memory… He said,

“From this day onwards, like Mary Magdalene, SEEK ME CONSTANTLY as she did. I was lost – presumably dead – but still she wanted to find Me. Yet, I was there for her. I will be with you like I was 10 years ago. Nothing will happen, good or bad, without My consent. You are Mine. You know Me like most do not because I was there with you as a little girl.” I started crying. By now the Ave Maria was playing. I said, “Te amo.” (I love You). The song changed to “Tú has venido a la orilla” or the song “El Pescador de Almas” that I have mentioned many times.

The Mass was preached by one of our visiting priests, Fr. Paul, and he said that we Christians must be like a good trapezist (a performer of the trapeze in a circus) and like Mary Magdalene was. We have to throw ourselves and be caught by another trapezist. We know of very little accidents in this art. Likewise, we must throw ourselves to be caught by God.” It was a great imagery for me… A formidable way to remember that my trust in God should always be like the trapezist…

Once at home I checked the book I had bought on Yosemite, and one more time I asked Him to give me the word mountain in the Bible. I wanted to go because God wanted me to, but after reading the book, I thought it was too long of a trip just to go to Mass, unless He wanted to send me to the MOUNTAIN anyway… And I started thinking about all the mountain stories I related at the beginning of this blog…

Sure enough, I was sent to page 66, Matthew 28 that I already shared above. Mary Magdalene was part of the story and Jesus made an appointment with the disciples to be at a mountain in Galilee.

When my son came from work, we decided to go… He said it would take about 4 hours and we decided then to give ourselves 5 hours.

Saturday, July 23. We left at 11 AM for a Mass at 4 PM… Everything was fine until we arrived at the entrance of the park at 3 PM… We had one hour to get to nearby the Swinging Bridge to locate the people of my parish. I knew Jesus would be at the mountain sometime around 4:30 PM onwards… It was exciting to know we were going to be near where He would come! When we entered the park and paid $20, we were about 10 miles away from the general area for the Mass… Yet, we were told that it could take us two hours to get there, and sure enough, the traffic was so heavy, that we advanced bumper to bumper for the next 1.5 hours; we could not even “arrive late” to Mass because there was no one space available to park our car.

In the mean time, I was asking the Lord why He led us to this nonsense… However, I was able to admire with plenty of time from the car that was moving like a turtle, the mountains in front of me… What a scene… Here was God reminding me of what He can create, His majesty, His power, His justice, His love, all as big as these mountains… We could not turn around quickly and get out… It is impossible the way this park is designed. We arrived home at 9 PM. We drove for 10 hours…and only got out of the car twice for bathroom purposes but outside of the park.  Was this a joke from God?

However, I learned about mountains once and for all… As we left the park sometime around 6 PM, I consulted quietly with the Lord as to what He wanted me to learn. Did He want to make a covenant of some sort? I heard clearly a number of a page for the Bible. When I arrived home this page landed me at chapter 19 of the Book of Job. At this level of the book, Job was arguing back and forth with his friends… I found no clue as to why we went to the mountain.

On this very day as well, a friend of mine from Cleveland, OH, sent me an email with a recipe for a drink that cures cancer… Father Romano Zago, OFM, was born in Brazil in 1932. He was ordained a Franciscan friar in 1958. He was the first to publicize the “Brazilian Recipe of Aloe arborescens, honey and brandy” that has since become acclaimed on five continents.

I looked it up in the Internet and there was plenty of information.

On Sunday July 24, after Communion, I was reminded to look more intently into the meaning of the story of Job. I did.

1. Job loses everything because the Devil got in the way and God allowed it!!!

2. Friends appeared and condemned Job of doing things that were not even true, and blaming his bad behavior as the cause of his chastisement.

3. In due time, from chapter 23 on, Job complains that God had left him alone. He was suffering of a deep darkness…He never doubted God, but he wanted to hear Him, to be in His Presence.

4. In chapter 38, God started talking to Job and exposing to him His case: He had created the world and the sky and the stars… I thought of Yosemite. Job had to understand that.

5. Finally, God gives back to Job everything he had lost plus many years of life and the power of becoming the intercessor to save his friends.

So, what was the meaning of our strange visit to Yosemite: this visit to this Mountain (with great significance in the story of Israel and Christianity) was a call to say yes to all things He wants me to experience. He wanted me to experience the awesomeness of His creation… How can I forget Yosemite, ever? There will be dark nights, illness like Job suffered, persecution for no reason, but Job survived it all quite well. He never said “No” to the reality of God. He believed forever and ever. He simply missed Him when he could not hear Him. But God never left him… He is all powerful, the owner of the Universe, and I should NEVER THINK TWICE and say yes to Him but fully convinced of His love for me.

July 25. I bought the ingredients for this Aloe vera drink from Fr. Romano and started taking it. By July 28, I have recuperated some 25% of my vision in the left eye… Was this meaningful when we think of the story of Job and going to the mountain to receive the teaching, at the same time that God was moving someone to send me this recipe, since I may have a tumor in my eye…? It was an spectacular scenario for me to spend time entering into the mystery of His love and mercy…   

On this Monday, I did watch  EWTN’s  Journey Home program LIVE, usually difficult to watch at 5 PM local time, when is time for cooking. Most of the time I defer watching it until it is re-aired. I was taken by the story presented… since it was another huge example of how God works in our lives. A Presbyterian lawyer, married, with children, became Catholic and years later, at age 55, he loses his wife in a 2002 car accident in which he was also involved but spared from dying. He decided to ask God what He requested of him. He wanted to do a retreat at a Trappist monastery but they were no available spaces without a waiting period. He then chose to go to St. Meinrad Archabbey in south east Indiana…. And of course, half of the priests in the Diocese of Toledo, OH have gone to their seminary and I know quite well the area around.

On the third day of his arrival for his retreat in January of 2003, he was meditating in Psalm 121 which starts, “I raise my eyes toward the mountains. From where will my help come? And the rest of the psalm talks about how God is our guardian.  He then heard twice a voice that said, “Run to Mary”. He took his car and went to a little hill where the chapel of Our Lady of Monte Cassino is located.

A little story from the Internet about this chapel:

Shortly after Saint Meinrad Archabbey was founded by two Benedictine monks from Switzerland, the new foundation began its work of preparing men for the priesthood. In those early days, monks and students discovered a favorite spot for hikes, picnics and games on a nearby wooded hill. Fr. Chrysostom Foffa, OSB, named the site Monte Cassino, after the great abbey in Italy where St. Benedict had originated European monasticism in the sixth century. In the autumn of 1857, a monk and some seminary students attached an image of the Immaculate Conception to an oak tree near the entrance to the grove. In the style of a wayside shrine, they carved a niche in the oak tree and protected the lithograph print of Mary with a crude wooden roof.

During the mid-19th century, devotion to Mary at the little shrine grew. Travelers, farmers, immigrants and soldiers climbed Monte Cassino Hill to ask for Our Lady’s intercession and help. By 1866, the seminary’s first rector, Fr. Isidor Hobi, OSB, decided that a more worthy expression of the growing devotion was needed. He and the seminarians built a 12’x14′ frame building about 150 feet west of the present structure. They installed the simple image of the Immaculate Conception in this new chapel. A year later, sandstone of excellent quality was discovered on Monte Cassino Hill. When the sandstone was excavated for use in erecting monastery and school buildings, Saint Meinrad’s superior ordered the first stones to be set aside for a permanent chapel at Monte Cassino.

The chapel’s design was based on a picture of the early shrine of Our Lady at Einsiedeln, the motherhouse of Saint Meinrad Archabbey. Although only the sanctuary section was finished, the new chapel was dedicated on May 1, 1870. The rest was completed in 1873. During the dedication, a wooden statue of the Blessed Virgin and Child, hand carved in Switzerland, was blessed and installed above the altar, where it remains today. (End of story)

This lawyer ended up at the entrance of the chapel where there is a Crucifix, and there he prostrated himself to ask what was next for him. He was called to the ministerial priesthood and in a short time after selling his home and closing his law practice, by August of 2003 he was in class at the Pope John XXIII seminary in Boston( for older men with different backgrounds). Today, Fr. Fred Werth has been a priest for four years…

As you can see, God has been successful at impressing me this month with hills, mountains and even complete new destinations at an older age… Our Lady was also very present. The main teaching was a call to “choose” to follow Him with a yes that stops at nothing, because Satan will be around in every form and shape, and a yes that is pure, without doubts or fear of any kind and totally the product of my love and trust in His love for me. In fact, every time I have to sit down to compose these blogs, and I feel so inadequate, so overwhelmed by what I have learned, and yet, afraid of writing the wrong thing, I know Satan is watching closely at my weak response…

So, right now as I write these last lines on the evening of Thursday, July 28, I was asking myself: “Should I really write these things? Should I become a spiritual trapezist like Fr. Paul said? Shortly after, my son came from work and brought in the mail … And lo and behold…. he found in the mail box an unwrapped little box with no note to tell us who had placed it there… It was not the mailman for sure… since it had no wrapping of any sort. It was an “inspirational glass figurine of an angel”… and in the back of the angel there was an inscription in a separate panel. It said, FAITH: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13….. WOW!!!!!

But there is much more to it… My baptismal name is M…. A… of the Angels, plus I was consecrated to them in 1992, via the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum. It started by finding a priest from Kentucky or Iowa in Medjugorje that belonged to this association. We met again in South Bend, IN where he came specifically to prepare a group of us to be initiated when the office was in Fatima, Portugal. Later, they moved to Detroit, and now, they are about to build a monastery near the University of Steubenville, OH. PLUS, the patroness of my country of origin, Costa Rica, is Our Lady Queen of Angels, whose feast day is Aug. 2, and I am preparing for another consecration to her on that day.

So, from mountains and hills and an angel figurine coming to my house unannounced, with a message, as they always bring… the message turned out to be a huge answer to my big question if I truly should continue blogging and even choosing to go tell the world like Mary of Magdala, that He is sooo alive in every Tabernacle and that His mercy is simply a dream… Amazing…




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