The Human Brain & Evangelization

This month I have received an extraordinary amount of information regarding the many aspects of evangelization. After the fact, I went to dig every possible piece of information coming from Rome. What I found intimidated me big time! But God knows my heart and mind and keeps reminding me how close He is to me. This is the way how He hints to me that what I am writing is pretty much His teaching, although I am sure that a little of my fleshy mind may escape at times. I will share with you how He did it this month; that is, how He signaled not to worry and to write anyway.

What was interesting is to realize that for almost three decades so many extraordinary documents are there for all of us to know this topic of the “new evangelization” and, and yet, I had no idea! This fact by itself truly spoke to me that my notes taken during the month and prior to reading the documents, were coming from the Holy Spirit and right on target! I was amazed to realize that the “new evangelization” topic has been discussed so eloquently by these bright minds in theology and philosophy, minds that belong to these Popes… and regarding what it means… It is not just evangelization, but it is “new.” It was so evident that much has been said and little has been sown in my own brain! Ouch! Why? Ultimately, who is responsible for this “dummy” status of my mind in regards to the “new evangelization” concept? Well, I will have an answer for you later and also a possible solution!!! So hang in there and be patient with this dummy!

But to give you a taste whoever you are, learned or not, about how confusing this topic is, I found this synopsis in the Internet about the term new evangelization:

“The key reference point for the new evangelization is the encyclical letter,Redemptoris Missio of Pope John Paul II. In order to better understand this document this paper argues that it needs to be discussed in the light of a historical continuum starting with the documents of the Second Vatican Council and continuing through postconciliar writings such as Pope Paul VI’s apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Nuntiandi.

The new evangelization in John Paul’s conception is a response to new cultural realities. In this regard, it is an example of the Catholic understanding of tradition as both (1) conserving the essentials of the past as well as (2) responding to new situations and challenges. In John Paul II thought the new evangelization expresses a Pauline emphasis on inner conversion to Christ as a basis for outreach to others and to the wider culture.” (End of quote)

Sure enough, by the time I read this statement I already had a response to the challenge! Hmm.

But first I have to share with you how difficult it is to post these messages… My son knows everything about computers, but when he posts what I have written, it takes me two hours after the fact in order to make what was marked in red letters in my paper, red at the site… The posting process eliminates at least 75% of the color… Why? We do not know. But the worse is that I have to change it little by little and not bunches at a time. Worse, in order for the site to obey me, I have to erase what is written and re-write it and then make it red… If I simply make red what is already posted, it will not work! So, for those who are subscribed (and I do not know who you are), you may be getting the blog without the red markings until two hours later when they will appear, and I insist in placing them as a technique to truly invoke in your brains what truly I felt was the most important message from God to me. You will understand very well what I mean as I develop this topic.  

Also, no matter how hard I edit the message, I always find errors of all kinds in spelling or sentence construction. I do correct them in time, but that part takes a few days! Sorry! Finally, at times and at least in my computer, I find parts underlined in green  that if clicked upon will take you to a commercial… If you find them, there is nothing I can do either. Sorry!

This is an outline of what comes next:  

Section A

A few encounters with the Crucified as I mentioned before that truly convinced me that He was trying to be sure I knew He was around and to write even that I have no background in anything except the sciences… Some of the encounters were actually extraordinary…

Section B.  (Each section will be known as a chapter)

1.  How I encountered the topic

2. The urgency to proceed ASAP in this matter of the new evangelization

3.  What is the root cause of our failure to evangelize right and left!

4. Highlights regarding this topic from different documents from past Popes.

5. Review of the anatomy and physiology of our brain and its implication for the “new evangelization.” Where is that in the Bible?

6. Diagnostic work up of what and why we have our brains occupied with intruders.

7. Patterns of evangelization.

8. New evangelization is a communal work between the Holy Ghost, Our Lady and us.  Examining the method of “Look, judge, act.”.

9. Treatment to remove worldly intruders from our brains. Plan to evangelize ourselves first… to bring about a personal encounter with Christ. Preparation of the Church to execute the plan

10. Building a place of evangelization in Cyberspace using the scientific method. Our slogan to be: – Yes we can. “If we build it, they will come” in the power of the Holy Spirit united to the powerful intercession of the Mother of God.

Are you disheartened at this huge agenda? I am because I have to still write it! Yet, this is my gift to Baby Jesus for this Christmas… He will smile when He sees the whole message finished and will have a longer nap in the crèche of my inner temple! By the way, I tried very hard to move the posting to Friday, December 31, and part of the next weekend, but to no avail. The Baby insisted that it had to be posted on this Christmas Day of 2010, in order to honor Him. Who can argue with such beautiful Baby?

A. Encounters with the Crucified

1) I wrote this to my son Omar on Dec. 14.

And it happens that today I was looking for green plantains for your brother. He loves “patacones”… and I have chili made with the Wendy’s recipe… He likes it with green plantains cooked a la Dominican and Panamanian way… So, not feeling well, I pushed myself to Los Rancheros Supermarket to see if they had them… We find them in most American supermarkets but at times only ripened and not green… I did not find them, but found at the door of this Mexican establishment a homeless man with a mutilated right eye… The man at the door was selling DVD’s (ambulatory salesman) and he gave a few coins to the man in rags. I ran out of the car to give him what I had: just $20. I needed to go the ATM machine but had not done it. I LOVED THIS MAN SOOO MUCH… I wished I could have embraced him, kissed his head, and say hello to this Christ dressed in dirty rags… I remember my Mike Hagan, my homeless friend, whom the Lord called on April 14, 2008, just 3 months before my departure from Toledo. I had asked for his demise before my departure if possible because he would lose his chauffer.  He had been to confession and for Christmas of 2007, we had collected $157 bucks for him, and he spent 8 days regally sleeping in a poor motel in East Toledo. I did not want to leave him alone and God heard my prayer. With this man today and just hours before I read your blog of Dec. 13, I understood that his poverty enriched my soul… He was doing good on earth… even that this society does not have a system to help him.

I ended up going to Lucky supermarket looking for green plantains, since I still had ample time for 12 Noon Mass. I found them and a woman was behind me at the cashier’s line… She also had green plantains… She turned out to be Panamanian as I asked why she had these plantains since Americans have no clue as to how to cook them… She was born in Panama from American parents but left at age 6… and does not know Spanish, but needs help finding someone in Panama to get the social security funds left for her mother when her dad died 4 years ago… Apparently the Panamanian law says so… I offered to be the go between and find a friend to help her. God was showing off His love for others today, and used me… He was also showing me what His Holy Spirit can do in our lives… There is never a meeting that He did not order or allow, as long as we are tuned on to His inner voice. 

2) December 16. Email to son:

Your last blog was awesome… The centrality of Christ in our lives should be written as a fact and over and over … BUT, Jesus is with us, as you said in your blog, and we do things for Him as the old lady of your story did… Yesterday, I needed to go to Whole Food Market in Walnut Creek for some organic produce… Well, you cannot enter this market except when they open at 8 AM… I had to pray and pray to find out if I should wait for a parking space and I went during the 2-3 PM hour just to avoid the even worse crowds of lunch and after work people. And He did direct me and so clearly… It was a fact that He was doing it.

But today, I forced myself to go to 6:30 AM Mass, again to Walnut Creek as you know, and to go afterwards to a supermarket in the next city and as early as possible because everyone is out shopping. My Pastor spoke of the funeral of this 69 year old priest to be celebrated at 10 AM  at Christ the King in Concord. He was Irish but a heavy duty voice for social justice!!!!! He preached all Masses of two Sunday’s ago and made it without problems… He was suffering from esophageal cancer and suddenly got worse and died. It brought to me the fact that we travel constantly to our final destiny, and it reminded me of the Spaniard Friar Luis de Leon who said, “How fast life passes away; how fast death approaches, so quietly!” (Cómo se pasa la vida; cómo se viene la muerte, tan callando!)

THEN…. after Mass I forced myself again to go to this supermarket I use the most. While in one of the isles, one of the employees was placing goods in the frozen section and I had met her when I arrived in California. At the time, she found me looking for Evian water and she inquired why? I had to explain of the need of using less fluoride since I was losing my memory and suspected fluoride, etc…

Well, I have seen her here and there in the last 2 years, but we never really struck a conversation again. Today, she said, “I remember about you telling me about fluoride.” So, I had to tell her about my advances in regaining my memory and about the reason for losing it, POTS…. And she knows of a young man who suffers from POTS… !!!!! She knew that it took a long time for the doctor to figure out what it was. He complained of being unable to stand for long periods of time…

Then she proceeded to tell me about her daughter. She does not know where she is and suffers from mental illness. I immediately said, “What church do you go to?” She attends a Protestant church. Immediately and possessed by Christ, I delivered a small sermon about how she has no problems because in Christ, everything will be solved for the good… She said that she believed in Jesus… I said, “No, you do not. You do not know it but you doubt Him when you are so sad about not having answers for your daughter, as you just said. Remember that you ask and you get. When you believe in Him, the HOPE of His love and care for you and your child as He promised, will give victory to both.”  I told her about becoming a true disciple according to the definition and about reading the Bible daily!!! Here is a Catholic telling a separated sister about the Bible! 

She was then totally immersed in the Truth that came out of my mouth. I suddenly realized that Jesus wanted to tell her all those things, and used my mouth, vocal cords and our togetherness (He and I) to say exactly what she needed to hear. But I must say that I loved this woman so much as I was telling her these things, and I know that this was grace from Him… as well. The Holy Spirit had increased the level of fire in my heart in order for me to be a mini Christ for my sister! She cried, hugged me, and said, “I will become the best disciple.” I had already given her my email address since she wanted to contact me regarding POTS for this young man. As I was driving back, I thought about the centrality of God in my soul… From the constant encounter with Him in our hearts, love for neighbor and evangelization become a reality.

Later, I kept thinking of how important it is to grow daily in an encounter with Him in order to be used as needed, or PRN as we say when we order drugs for patients, to be used as they need them. Here He had made it possible to strike a conversation with this lady more than 2 years ago, and precisely for this moment when she needed the Truth to be given to her in the power of God the Spirit. I then remembered that behind this centrality of Jesus in our lives, there is always a huge cross, and in order to grow, those crosses can become truly tough. In fact, I wrote this to a friend in a Christmas letter:

“Today, looking at a program on St. John of the Cross, he was in prison in Toledo, Spain, and it said that out of it, his mystical experience flowed out, despite the exquisite suffering. He wrote in prison, “O guiding night, more lovely than ever, one that unleashed the love with the Beloved. O night that guided me with the light of the noon time sun.” I suddenly felt that such poem was mine too… I was in prison in another city named Toledo for 10 years as well… and suffered much, but now I live this fiery love that has become more intense since I left two and one half years ago… I believe in God more today than I did when I left Ohio. So, my living there turned out to be such a grace…What was sour became sweet…”

He arranges my appointments and I only have to tune on to His guidance. If this is not life giving to my soul, what else could be? Our love propitiates scenarios to love my neighbor. And out of it, evangelization come to be as well… Amazing! God is good and His mercy endures forever. And yes, you are right Omar, as the Social Doctrine of the Church teaches, evangelization is a byproduct of the centrality of Christ in our lives and of our love for neighbor. What an important message for all of us who are sent (via our Baptism) to preach the Good News!

3) December 18. I was not feeling well at all but I pushed myself to go to noon Mass; it was raining cats and dogs, and the early Mass was prohibited due to the weather. I arrived at 11:25 AM with ample time to say the community Rosary since I had already prayed earlier the family Rosary. I had taken with me my audiocassette ensemble, and when I am sick, it helps me so much to say the Rosary with the one I had dictated. But this day I was terribly attracted to the Crucified and refused to say it. I wanted to serenade Him with the Taize songs I have in another cassette. It is impossible to describe what it is to feel the love of this God/Man and the profound need to adore Him… I cannot spent time with Him the days He is exposed in a little room called “adoration chapel” in the back of the church. I have gotten sick (with a cold) twice before after spending time there, and I suspect that my frail health does not do well with a “possible” poor air circulation in this tiny place, or it may have been a coincidence. But this day, I could not say this Rosary (it was left for later at home). He is soo alive that I suspect one feels like the Angelic cohort, with this command to render praise to the Lamb of God. This powerful feeling of His Eucharistic Presence also hinted to me how He wanted me to have courage and write about this topic.

After Mass, I needed to visit the same chain of supermarkets, but in the city I live, because two important items I could not find on Dec. 16. However, I asked the Holy Spirit to make the decision. I was truly wanting to cancel any further driving. Yet, I clearly felt the O.K. from God because He reminded me that the following day would be Saturday, a worst case scenario for driving with all the commotion of buying gifts for Christmas. Since I left this custom more than 20 years ago, I only have to become aware of those days that are the easier to share the streets with the huge crowds.

I did my shopping but was sweating, even that the outside temperatures were in the mid 50’s… This is because the temperature control of my body is also unbalanced by this POTS.  At a certain distance from my car, I used my keys to open the trunk, and a man (in this 50’s) parked next to me, was finishing the placement in this large white truck of the things he bought. He looked at my car opening it by itself and as I got to there, he offered to unload my cart. I had four gallons of distilled water, precisely the item that was missing in the other supermarket. I cook rice and pasta with this kind of water. I use no tap water for cooking because of the fluoride! He mentioned that these gallons were heavy for me and he should do it.

I called him an angel and said, “What is your first name so that I can pray for you because I do not feel well.” (I immediately wanted to explain that I did not have a cold in case he would be worried). So I continued saying, “I do not have a cold but I have an illness where my blood pressure easily drops when I stand and I am a retired physician and know what is going on.” He asked, “What kind of a physician are you?” I said, “An anesthesiologist but now retired and able to pray much” So, he gave me his first name – “Michael.” I said, “Wow… One of my favorite names because I am Roman Catholic and St. Michael the Archangel is so important for us.” He smiled and said, “I was raised Catholic.” In an instant I realized this was another show from my Lord. Of course, his words hinted to me that he is not a Catholic any longer… Then, this good man with a great smile said, “I will also take care of the cart and put it away.” And so he did after blessing me profusely! As I drove away, tears came out of my eyes… God had planned this encounter… and I had to be there at the precise moment for this to happen and for me to add his name to the community Rosary. My fellow Catholic was sent to me to love and take care of and he was also sent to help me carry my own cross… Amazing God we have…

But God was not done. I also had the Christmas letters ready to be placed in the postal receptacle at the nearby branch of the Post Office. I had to make a decision as to where to go first, supermarket or post office. And again, I felt that it was better to wait for later so that this tiny branch may have parking spaces for me not to struggle too much. Indeed, I found a space, and left the car running while I went to deliver these letters, and AGAIN, an Asian young man saw me coming but at a distance, and remained there just to keep open the flap where the letters would be placed! There is no question in my mind that we do not get because we do not believe that He loves us in every present moment…and He loves to show such love over and over…

December 21.

I had to visit Whole Food Market again… which is a place with organic foods. How many times I remember that if the Lord had not sent me to St. Mary’s parish in Walnut Creek, I would have never found this establishment. My son had seen the name since he lived in that city in years past but never entered it… With my present illness where detoxification has returned at least 80% of my memory, this was part of the plan that God had for me… Some of the cashiers know me well but there are many others whom I have not met. On this day, a younger male employee appeared out of the blue and asked me what I was looking for. I told him and he took me to the place and gave me information on the different items. I thanked him profusely and said, “You are an angel.” I had noticed an accent and asked if he spoke Spanish. He said, “Yes.” So, in Spanish I said that he  had to be from South American. He assented… Then, I said, “And you are Chilean.” He said, “Yes.” I told him about an email/E-card I had recently received from friends, the Carmelite Nuns of Auco, the convent where St. Teresa of the Andes lived and died…Some 5 years ago they had sent me second class relics of the Saint, pieces of her habit! He immediately spoke of their two famous saints: Saint Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga and St. Teresa…and he had just returned from vacationing in Chile. His name is Cristian and I knew that he needs to be in my list of prayers for the Rosary. I recognized his accent because of the Chilean miners where were recently rescued… God uses many ways, including tragedies, to make us get together as a “communion” of souls.

But this day, the Lord again was not finished… In my previous visit, the bagger was an Asian looking mid thirties man who had lost one of his eyes. He had helped take my things to the car and I did not have small bills to offer a tip. He had given me information about when not to come to the store because of the parking. I truly wanted to give him something although in some establishment around here, some baggers are not allowed to receive any… On this December 21 there was another God encounter with this man. He came to bag my items and as always, he is the jolliest, nicest man possible. I mentioned to him that a few days back I had not given him a tip but would like him to receive one on this day. He answered that I did not have to do it and  simply because I cared. “You already have given me a tip by caring.” What wisdom!

As we went out, he decided to teach me Chinese… He was born in Walnut Creek from Chinese parents. He took time to tell me how to say, “How are you?” Here is the lesson and written using how it sounded in his perfect English: “Knee – how – ma…” If I want to say, “good”, I must say: “how”. If not well and basically it also means lousy, I should say “poo how.”

I laughed big time and thanked him even more… I asked if he went to any church. And yes, he did; he attends The Latter Day Saints.” I smiled inside of my heart… I have mentioned before that when I was a medical student in Panama, a good Costa Rican friend of the family had brought a Mormon young man to instruct me on this religion. She had challenged me to be exposed to it… She had switched from Catholic to Mormonism and was sure that it was the perfect move… In fact, I sensed that she really wanted me to learn something about it as an act of kindness for my status as a Roman Catholic. So, she came one day to our apartment around 10 AM. The three of us sat around our dining table and the young man had brought me a Catholic Bible as a gift in order to compare with his teaching. After some 45 minutes, everything that he tried to bring down in my own Faith, I had refuted in the Bible. He kept smiling but suddenly he gave up… He said, “You do not need me.” This family friend, some 30 years older than me, was livid but unable to say a word…

Only in hindsight I can assure you that it was the Holy Ghost doing the job… Yes, I knew the Bible but not that well at age 22! My only knowledge was of the Crucified in the Eucharist… Here again, the centrality of Christ in my life was proclaiming the Good News to this young nice Mormon man. When he left, he looked soo happy… It was precisely at this moment in the parking lot that I realized that God is soo alive and here I was with another very nice Mormon. So, I proceeded to tell Johnston (his first name) that  we was so blessed with so much goodness for the clients in his heart and that he had to receive my tip. He asked permission to give me a big hug and then he said that he had lost his eye while doing his junior year at Brigham Young University and had been shot and how he lost his left eye and was in coma for 6 months…! I then asked if Johnston (written on his tag) was his real first name? He said yes and laughed and said, “My name is Johnston Tong,” And tong means “soup.”

I was fascinated to realize that I always loved Mormons but did not know why…Yes, as a teen I slept in South Lake City while traveling by bus from California to New York to return home from my year as an exchange student. Also, when last June I drove through Utah, I prayed for them. But it took Johnston to remind me of the young man in Panama who had the grace to quit because the Holy Spirit was using my mouth to evangelize him without I even knowing about it. This was a huge teaching for me to hint me that I had to write this looooong blog… And remember, you now know some Chinese as well. It is curious that my oldest son took Chinese at the University of Michigan, and my second one took Russian at Notre Dame. Both of them with St. Ignatius High school in Cleveland visited Russia before the Iron Curtain came down…

December 24.

On this day I wanted to go to an earlier Mass because I have my oldest son visiting and had to be home to serve dinner for these two boys or mine. I did not want to risk going to my favorite Mass close to midnight, because of my health. I also needed Saturday Dec. 25 to finish this blog and post it. Of course, all the Masses are crowded. So, I chose the 3 PM Mass. To my surprise, I arrived at 2:15 PM and the church was already half filled. I ended up sitting next to a column that gets in the way. Worse, it was a children’s Mass… I love kids but was not sure I wanted to be there on this particular Christmas celebration.

Of course, my Lord tricked me… The first thing He did was to ask me to act and think as a child would; to look at everything with the eyes of a child and join their spontaneity, their freedom to be worriless… To celebrate Him as a Baby but with the imagination of a child. Since from very recent weeks I have developed the most acute form of food allergies (more so than the 64 items I was allergic to by blood test), I have much pain in my legs all the time and especially in my right knee. And so, I was not feeling well at Church but suddenly I understood the gift! I would offer my pain for everybody there. The moment I did so, a profound love for every one invaded my heart.

The Mass started and many people were standing everywhere. The lectors were children of rather young age (may be 3rd to 5th grade) and did very well. The choir was of course made of children, some with solo parts and they sounded to be very young.  The Gospel was not read by depicted with children acting as the Holy Family and Angels and shepherds and kings. Then, our Pastor gave a short homily, but one that came from a heart that is convicted with what he was preaching. He asked us to “make room” in our hearts for the Baby… but not only today but tomorrow and every day. He also emphasized that we all have a mission, we all carry a gift for others and that we must make room for Jesus in our heart in order to be able to fulfill our mission. With a great smile he also urged this huge crowd to be back every Sunday, in order to keep close to God and be able to become a gift for others. I was proud of this “adopted” son who will celebrate 20 years of priesthood on January 1.

At the Consecration, I placed everybody in that building on the paten as I asked for special graces, most especially for His mercy for those who were not in the state of grace when they received the Eucharist. Again, I felt soo much love for everyone. After Communion, I came to my place to contemplate the Real Presence in my tongue and said to Him, “Give me a double dose of Your Holy Spirit” (later in this message you will know why). I started crying… Of course, there it was the double dose…! Then I found myself saying, “I consecrate myself to You, my Lord, for the work of evangelization of anyone you need me for.” It was a children’s Mass but a superb liturgy. And then I remembered how He pleaded for the children not to be taken away from His side! And unless I become like one of those little ones, I CANNOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD… He wanted to be sure that in 2011, I chew these Truths over and over.

December 25. On this day I found my son’s blog of December 24 and I was simply astonished… I liked a lot what he said about my Baby Jesus… It was a gift for me from the Little One, to read what my own flesh and blood says about Him…

Section B

CHAPTER 1. How I encountered the topic for this month

On November 30, I saw a TV announcement saying that Disney’s “new computer game” would give players 14 hours of fun. I immediately and clearly understood ONCE MORE that we have had some 60 years where gadgets have changed our way of thinking, and they made us addicted to needing constant noise and fun or entertainment, simply out of the plasticity of our brains and which I have discussed at length before (June 2010 blog). All of us, most especially in countries like ours, have been influenced by the media in its many forms and our brains are not ours any more, but theirs, partially or totally. No matter how much I pray and believe in God, there must be some remnants of worldly ideas and reasoning that have re-wired my brain through repetition. If we do with evangelization what the pagan media has done to us and even without trying too hard to convince anyone but simply using the same scientific ideas, we can re-wire our brains. Later you will see how this plan was contemplated by Popes and their prophetic voices hinted the topic, although they were not scientists and did not think in those terms.

CHAPTER 2. The urgency to proceed in this matter of the new evangelization

We all know what is going on in the XXI Century. In fact, at times I wonder why we know it and not run to find a cure for this malady. Worse, we, the ones who try at least to be good Christians, keep doing the same things to pass on the faith to our youth, but always expect different results. As I have written before, is it amazing that we still have a huge number of Catholics practicing their belief on Easter and Christmas only? Remember the CEO’s? “Christmas and Easter only!” On a personal note, I feel like an idiot… I have accepted this modem operandi of CEO’s and never decided to sacrifice and pray day and night for them? Why? Ouch!

Well, things have gotten worse in the world at large even since last month. I am jotting here a few examples.

1) The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Ireland’s laws banning abortion breach European human rights law.

In a landmark and binding case that could have implications for other European countries, the court ruled that Ireland had breached the human rights of a woman with a rare form of cancer who feared it would relapse when she became unintentionally pregnant.

2) From the Internet: “In less than seven years, Zuckerberg wired together a twelfth of humanity into a single network, thereby creating a social entity almost twice as large as the U.S. If Facebook were a country it would be the third largest, behind only China and India. It started out as a lark, a diversion, but it has turned into something real, something that has changed the way human beings relate to one another on a species-wide scale. We are now running our social lives through a for-profit network that, on paper at least, has made Zuckerberg a billionaire six times over.”

3)  Costa Rica under pressure to lift ban on in vitro fertilization (Ouch)

“Costa Rica is under pressure to overturn its ban on in vitro fertilization — and as a result abandon long-held Catholic teaching — or risk sanctions for violating international accords on human rights. The threat of sanctions has led Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla to pursue legislation that will make the reproductive procedure legal even at the risk of offending the Catholic Church.

“The dilemma arose in August when the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asked Costa Rica to reverse the IVF ban so that it would comply with international accords to which it is a signatory such as the American Convention on Human Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Cairo Program of Action of the United Nations International Conference on Population and Development. (My note: It is so strange to talk about human rights but embryos who are human beings in a stage of developing so to become a baby, are not considered to have rights…!!!)

One of only a handful of nations that professes Catholicism as its official religion, Costa Rica has an accord with the Catholic Church that "expressly recognizes the value of human life from conception." The Legislative Assembly is expected to hear from scientists, religious leaders and social groups in the coming weeks and plans to respond to the human rights commission in early 2011.(Note: my country needs evangelization ASAP! Did you know that crime is so bad that in capital city of San Jose, one cannot go out after 6 PM except using a taxi and only knowing the taxi car driver…? It is related to drug trafficking. Some Mexican cartels have properties in Costa Rica and I know because on a regular basis I talk on the phone with a friend)

4) The U.S. political scenario seems to grow by the day with more division. Socially, we see very brutal crimes going on that make no sense… Just to underline the horror of what it is going on, in recent months and nearby my home, a girl came out of her Prom gathering with an alcohol level of 300 plus. For two hours she was gang raped by 7 men (teens and not so young) while lying unconscious, and while spectators watched!!!!!

5) Internationally, we are seeing scenarios described by Jesus. Hatred among peoples is pervasive and furious. For example: the two Korea’s, the middle East, Mr. Assange’s need to place in jeopardy the safety of Americans. Famine and nature’s destruction of lands is everyday news.

I do not know about you but in my mind, the present state of all of us, religious or atheists, is crying for help. There is cancer in our midst. We know it and we call it relativism, indifferentism, paganism. However, in my view, we have to proceed to examine the causes behind it and ask the Holy Ghost how to solve this crisis of faith. But for us Roman Catholics, what are we missing?

6) Massachusetts school issues permission slips for Pledge of Allegiance

The principal of a public school in Brookline, Mass., is asking parents to fill out permission slips before their children can participate in a weekly recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Gerardo Martinez, the principal of The Devotion School, informed parents that the school would begin reciting the pledge in January over the public address system. Attached to the letter was a form that asked parents to check either: "Yes, my child will participate in the weekly Pledge of Allegiance" or "No, my child will not participate in the weekly Pledge of Allegiance."

"I urge you to have a conversation as a family to help your children understand why I will be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and to support them in feeling comfortable and confident in the decision on whether or not to participate," Martinez wrote in the letter. The school also sent parents a copy of the Pledge of Allegiance along with a note that defined the words "under God" as meaning "there is one Supreme entity for every citizen."

School officials told Fox News Radio they are in the process of offering some sort of clarification about the school’s policy as well as the definition of the words "under God."

"It’s actually not a permission slip," said Superintendent Bill Lupini, in an interview with Fox News Radio. "There’s no intent this was a permission form." Lupini said students will not be forced to recite the pledge, regardless of a parent’s wishes "If a student’s parent checked yes and the student chose to remain seated, no one was going to compel that student to stand and vice versa," he said.

As for the definition of "under God?" "My sense is that particular reference will be removed when he (the principal) clarifies it," Lupini said.

Sarah Wunsch told the newspaper the permission slips were "really strange." "It suggests that this is a decision for parents alone," she said, noting that children don’t lose their right of expression once they walk into a school building. Under state law, teachers are required to lead students in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of every school day. Those who fail to do so for at least two weeks could face fines of up to five dollars. "It’s never been enforced,” Lupini said. "We will not be fining anyone."

7) In Iraq, all Christmas liturgies were cancelled due to recent acts of terror in the Church of Our Lady of Victory (this is for thereabouts 300,000 to 600,000 Christians). They cannot even calculate how many Christians are left because their exodus is massive at this point.


What is the root cause of our failure to evangelize with permanent success and easily!

You will read below some ideas as to what we have to do and possible causes for the lack of faith and difficulty in the evangelization of many groups. But these are only some general ideas and opinions that are true, and yet, do not solve the problem. This is diagnostic work. It is the therapy that we keep repeating and that it does not work 100%. Of course, many preachers, lay people and different associations have brought many to the Truth and they became Catholic. But we still have 2/3 not going to Mass for 52 weeks a year. Nor we know how many of those who came stayed forever! I have read that only 12% become active Catholics.  In other words, we are doing good things and we are preaching the Gospel, and we are better, but far from preparing the Church for the end times (a date we do not know) despite great Popes and myriads of lay associations working at it. 

1) VATICAN CITY, DEC. 10, 2010

 Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa says that a renewed faith in eternal life is one of the keys to the New Evangelization. Father Cantalamessa proposed at the beginning of the series to offer "a small contribution to the need of the Church" for a New Evangelization, concretely by examining three obstacles to the Gospel message: scientism, secularism and rationalism. 

As for scientism, speaking also of secularism, the most effective answer does not consist in combating the contrary error, but in making shine again before men the certainty of eternal life, appealing to the intrinsic force the truth possesses when it is accompanied by the testimony of life. An ancient Father wrote, "An idea can always be opposed by another idea and an opinion by another opinion; but what can one oppose to a life?"

December 17 2010. The third obstacle, which makes so much of modern culture "refractory" to the Gospel, is rationalism. We will address it in this last meditation of Advent.
Cardinal, and now blessed, John Henry Newman has left us a memorable address, given on Dec. 11, 1831, at Oxford University, entitled “The Usurpation of Reason.”
Defined already in this title is what we understand by rationalism.[1] In a note of comment on this address, written in the preface to its third edition in 1871, the author explains what he intends with such an expression. Understood by usurpation of reason is "a certain popular abuse of the faculty, viz., when it occupies itself upon religion, without a due familiar acquaintance with its subject-matter, or without a use of the first principles proper to it. This so-called Reason is in Scripture designated ‘the wisdom of the world’; that is the reasoning about Religion based upon secular maxims, which are intrinsically foreign to it."[2]

Faith and Sense of the Sacred
Cardinal Newman was very conscious of this who, in another of his university addresses, warns of the risk of distorting the faith in the desire to run behind reason… 
Perceived in all Newman’s interventions on the relationship between reason and faith, debated no less today than it was then, is an admonition: Rationalism cannot be combated with another rationalism, although of a contrary sign. 
Hence, another way must be found that does not pretend to replace the rational defense of the faith, but to accompany it, also because the recipients of the Christian proclamation are not only intellectuals, able to engage in this type of debate, but also ordinary people who are indifferent to it and more sensitive to other arguments. 
If this is so, the re-evangelization of the secularized world must pass also through the recovery of the sense of the sacred.  The terrain of culture of rationalism — its cause and at the same time its effect — is the loss of the sense of the sacred; it is necessary therefore that the Church help men to re-ascend the slope and rediscover the presence and beauty of the sacred in the world. (My comment: notice how images are brought here as a source of help to combat rationalism)

Need of Witnesses
When the experience of the sacred and the divine that reaches us spontaneously and unexpectedly from outside ourselves, is received and cultivated, it becomes a lived subjective experience. Hence there are "witnesses" of God who are the saints and, in an altogether particular way, a category of them, the mystics.
The mystics, says a famous definition of Dionysius the Areopagite, are those who have "suffered God", that is, who have experienced and lived the divine. They are, for the rest of humanity, as the explorers who entered first, in a hidden way, the Promised Land and who returned to refer to what they had seen of "a land flowing with milk and honey" — exhorting all the people to cross the Jordan (cf. Numbers 14:6-9). Reaching us in this life through them are the first flashes of eternal life.
When their writings are read, how distant and even naive seem the most subtle argumentations of atheists and rationalists! Born, in confrontations with the latter, is a sense of wonder and also of pity, as when one is before someone who speaks of things that he manifestly does not know. As one who believes he can discover constant errors of grammar in an interlocutor, and does not realize that he or she is simply speaking in another language that he does not know. But there is no desire to get involved in refuting him, so much do even the words said in defense of God appear, at that moment, empty and out of place.
The mystics are, par excellence, those who have discovered that God "exists"; in fact, that He alone truly exists and that He is infinitely more real than that which we usually call reality. It was precisely from one of these encounters that a disciple of philosopher Husserl, a Jewess and convinced atheist, one night discovered the living God. I am speaking of Edith Stein, now St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. She was a guest of Christian friends and one evening when they had to go out, she stayed alone in the house and not knowing what to do, took a book from their library and began to read it. It was the autobiography of Saint Teresa of Avila. She went on to read it the whole night. Having come to the end, she simply exclaimed: "this is the truth!" Early in the morning she went to the city to buy a Catholic catechism and a Missal and, after having studied them, went to a neighboring church and asked the priest to baptize her.
I also had a small experience of the power that the mystics have to make you touch with your hands the supernatural. It was the year in which there was much discussion on a theologian’s book entitled "Does God Exist?" (Existiert Gott?") but, coming to the end of the reading, very few were ready to change the question mark of the title to an exclamation mark. Going to a congress I took with me the book of the writings of Blessed Angela of Foligno that I yet did not know. I remained literally dazzled; I took it with me to the conferences, I opened it at every interval, and in the end I closed it saying to myself: "Does God exist? Not only does He exist, but he is truly a devouring fire!"
Theologian Karl Rahner, taking up, it seems, a phrase of Raymond Pannikar, affirmed: "The Christian of tomorrow, will either be a mystic or he won’t be." He intended to say that, in the future, to keep faith alive would be the testimony of persons who have a profound experience of God, more than the demonstration of his rational plausibility. Essentially, Paul VI said the same thing when he affirmed in "Evangelii Nuntiandi" (No. 4): "Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses."
When the Apostle Peter  recommended to Christians to be ready to "give … a reason for your hope" (1 Peter 3:15), it is certain, from the context, that he also did not intend to speak of speculative and dialectic reasons, but of practical reasons, namely their experience of Christ, united to the apostolic testimony that guaranteed it. In a comment to this text, cardinal Newman speaks of "implicit reasons," which are, for the believer, more profoundly persuasive than explicit and argumentative reasons. (End of quote)

2) My very personal opinion and with no formal theology background behind.

 Above we read about the need of growing in the sense of the sacred (art, music) and to witness as the Saints and mystics did. But now we have to “create” more saints than the few we have had after Vatican II. And how do you become a mystic but by the grace of God? So, these ideas are true but not the complete answer for the new evangelization. We still have many reasons for different groups not to encounter Christ and we could spend hour’s opinionating about it. These are some of what I understood this past month:

a) I am sure that we have taken evangelization as a task that we have to organize, direct, seek success for it, etc. and all of this divorcing ourselves “in practice” of the One Who will evangelize. We need the Spirit of God and some of us love Him, call Him but without urgency because we have very little faith of what He can do; the majority of the Church knows Him as a concept mentioned in all the Sacraments.  But the truth is that we have not called Him enough (the entire Church for this one purpose) to take over this new evangelization and in total certitude that He will do it His way. We keep too much of our brains into the evangelization process as if He could not do it on His own, or with us but totally under His command… WE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF HIS WAY, and then, say a big YES to whatever ways He will use us in this new evangelization… And the worst part is that our brains are soo contaminated by the world’s ways of doing things, and not entirely our fault, that we truly do things with a pagan perspective… Notice what John Paul II said (below) in regards to this most powerful Master –

Meeting with Ecclesial Movements – Pope John Paul II

Pentecost May 30, 1998

3. In Jerusalem, about 2,000 years ago, on the day of Pentecost, before an astonished and mocking crowd, due to the unexplainable change observed in the Apostles, Peter courageously proclaims: "Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God … you crucified and killed by the hands of lawless men. But God raised him up" (Acts 2:22-24). Peter’s words express the Church’s self-awareness, based on the certainty that Jesus Christ is alive, is working in the present and changes life.

The Holy Spirit, already at work in the creation of the world and in the Old Covenant, reveals himself in the Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery of the Son of God, and in a way "bursts out" at Pentecost to extend the mission of Christ the Lord in time and space. The Spirit thus makes the Church a stream of new life that flows through the history of mankind.

4. With the Second Vatican Council, the Comforter recently gave the Church, which according to the Fathers is the place "where the Spirit flourishes" (Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 749), a renewed Pentecost, instilling a new and unforeseen dynamism.

Whenever the Spirit intervenes, he leaves people astonished. He brings about events of amazing newness; He radically changes persons and history. This was the unforgettable experience of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council during which, under the guidance of the same Spirit, the Church rediscovered the charismatic dimension as one of her constitutive elements: "It is not only through the sacraments and the ministrations of the Church that the Holy Spirit makes holy the people, leads them and enriches them with his virtues. Allotting his gifts according as he wills (cf. 1 Cor 12:11), he also distributes special graces among the faithful of every rank…. He makes them fit and ready to undertake various tasks and offices for the renewal and building up of the Church" (Lumen gentium, n. 12). (End of quote)

b) Satan

 I have commented over and over on spiritual warfare in several blogs. However, God had one more message for me… Looking into boxes brought from Toledo which still contain treasures, I found a 17 page document that I put together on spiritual warfare and dated February 20, 2005. I found there references to:

General Audience of November 15, 1972 by Pope Paul VI, titled “Confronting the Devil’s Power.” Here are some excerpts:

“What are the Church’s greatest needs at the present time? Don’t be surprised at Our answer and don’t write it off as simplistic or even superstitious: one of the Church’s greatest needs is to be defended against the evil we call the Devil.

“Before clarifying what We mean, We would like to invite you to open your minds to the light that faith casts on the vision of human existence, a vision which from this observation point of faith reaches out to immense distances and penetrates to unique depths. To tell the truth, the picture that we are invited to behold with an all-encompassing realism is a very beautiful one. It is the picture of creation, the work of God. He Himself admired its substantial beauty as an external reflection of His wisdom and power.[1]

Seeking an explanation

It is a departure from the picture provided by biblical Church teaching to refuse to knowledge the Devil’s existence; to regard him as a self-sustaining principle who, unlike other creatures, does not owe his origin to God; or to explain the Devil as a pseudo-reality, a conceptual, fanciful personification of the unknown causes of our misfortunes. When the problem of evil is seen in all its complexity and in its absurdity from the point of view of our limited minds, it becomes an obsession. It poses the greatest single obstacle to our religious understanding of the universe it is no accident that St. Augustine was bothered by this for years: "I sought the source of evil, and I found no explanation."

Thus we can see how important an awareness of evil is if we are to have a correct Christian concept of the world, life and salvation.  We see this first in the unfolding of the Gospel story at the beginning of Christ’s public life. Who can forget the highly significant description of the triple temptation of Christ? Or the many episodes in the Gospel where the Devil crosses the Lord’s path and figures in His teaching?[10] And how could we forget that Christ, referring three times to the Devil as His adversary, describes him as "the prince of this world"?

Man’s fatal tempter

…So we know that this dark disturbing being exists and that he is still at work with his treacherous cunning; he is the hidden enemy who sows errors and misfortunes in human history. It is worth recalling the revealing Gospel parable of the good seed and the cockle, for it synthesizes and explains the lack of logic that seems to preside over our contradictory experiences: "An enemy has done this."[18] He is "a murderer from the beginning, . . . and the father of lies," as Christ defines him.[19] He undermines man’s moral equilibrium with his sophistry. He is the malign, clever seducer who knows how to make his way into us through the senses, the imagination and the libido, through utopian logic, or through disordered social contacts in the give and take of our activities, so that he can bring about in us deviations that are all the more harmful because they seem to conform to our physical or mental makeup, or to our profound, instinctive aspirations.

Presence of diabolical action

We have to be cautious about answering the first question, even though the signs of the Evil One seem to be very obvious at times. We can presume that his sinister action is at work where the denial of God becomes radical, subtle and absurd; where lies become powerful and hypocritical in the face of evident truth; where love is smothered by cold, cruel selfishness; where Christ’s name is attacked with conscious, rebellious hatred, where the spirit of the Gospel is watered down and rejected where despair is affirmed as the last word; and so forth.

But this diagnosis is too extensive and difficult for Us to attempt to probe and authenticate it now. It holds a certain dramatic interest for everyone, however, and has been the subject of some famous passages in modern literature. The problem of evil remains one of the greatest and most lasting problems for the human mind, even after the victorious response given to it by Jesus Christ. "We know," writes St. John the Evangelist, "that we are of God, and the whole world is in the power of the evil one."[26]

Defense against the Devil

It is easier to formulate an answer to the other question- what defense, what remedy should we use against the Devil’s action?—even though it remains difficult to put into practice. We could say: everything that defends us from sin strengthens us by that very fact against the invisible enemy. Grace is the decisive defense. Innocence takes on the aspect of strength. Everyone recalls how often the apostolic method of teaching used the armor of a soldier as a symbol for the virtues that can make a Christian invulnerable. The Christian must be a militant; he must be vigilant and strong; and he must at times make use of special ascetical practices to escape from certain diabolical attacks. Jesus teaches us this by pointing to "prayer and fasting" as the remedy. And the Apostle suggests the main line we should follow: "Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. "

With an awareness, therefore, of the opposition that individual souls, the Church and the world must face at the present time, we will try to give both meaning and, effectiveness to the familiar invocation in our principal prayer: "Our Father . . . deliver us from evil!" (End of quotes)

c) But also, we never paid attention to the science that runs our brains and created by God, and how we have the capability in 2011 of totally reversing the brain-washing that the outside world in conjunction with Satan have so well done in all of us, and worse, in countries like ours… where the science of communication resides (Just miles from here are Facebook’s headquarters! And the Mecca for computer technology resides in the West Coast)

To summarize we could say that the cause for the present lukewarmness we find in many of the laity and even some Priests and/or the failure of evangelizing those who left the pews, has several possible roots. Yet, Satan is in the middle of it and we seem incapable to solve the problem that requires simple traditional means that are all in the Bible and in the history of the Church. I hesitated very much to add Chapter No. 4 that follows because of the length of this document, but we have to start by saying that the Church has been clear and with a prophetic voice as to what to do and hinting on how to do it…



Highlights of different documents from Pontiff’s regarding the topic of the NEW EVANGELIZATION.   

I read several of the Encyclicals, Vatican II documents and pastoral letters and have made a summary of very important statements on evangelization. I did not commented on Evangelii Nuntiandi since it was discussed in a recent blog. The entire document with summaries appears in the right side of this site under “pages” with the title of Papal documents- evangelization .

Examples to whet your appetite and look up more extensive highlights:

1) Gaudium Spes    Dec. 7, 1965

21… The remedy which must be applied to atheism, however, is to be sought in a proper presentation of the Church’s teaching as well as in the integral life of the Church and her members. For it is the function of the Church, led by the Holy Spirit Who renews and purifies her ceaselessly,(17) to make God the Father and His Incarnate Son present and in a sense visible (JUST REMEMBER THE PHRASE OF PROPER PRESENTATION of the Church’s teaching. I will make sense when we talk about our brains)

2) The Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life
Dominum et Vivificantem

John Paul II     May 18, 1986 

2. This faith, uninterruptedly professed by the Church, needs to be constantly reawakened and deepened in the consciousness of the People of God. In the course of the last hundred years this has been done several times: by Leo XIII, who published the Encyclical Epistle Divinum Illud Munus (1897) entirely devoted to the Holy Spirit; by Pius XII, who in the Encyclical Letter Mystici Corporis (1943) spoke of the Holy Spirit as the vital principle of the Church, in which he works in union with the Head of the Mystical Body, Christ;[5] at the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, which brought out the need for a new study of the doctrine on the Holy Spirit, as Paul IV emphasized: "The Christology and particularly the ecclesiology of the Council must be succeeded by a new study of and devotion to the Holy Spirit, precisely as the indispensable complement to the teaching of the Council."

47. The action of the Spirit of truth, which works towards the salvific "convincing concerning sin", encounters in a person in this condition an interior resistance, as it were an impenetrability of conscience, a state of mind which could be described as fixed by reason of a free choice. This is what Sacred Scripture usually calls "hardness of heart".[184] In our own time this attitude of mind and heart is perhaps reflected in the loss of the sense of sin, to which the Apostolic Exhortation Reconciliatio et Paenitentia devotes many pages.[185] Pope Pius XII had already declared that "the sin of the century is the loss of the sense of sin",[186] and this loss goes hand in hand with the "loss of the sense of God". In the Exhortation just mentioned we read: " In fact, God is the origin and the supreme end of man, and man carries in himself a divine seed. 
60.  When, under the influence of the Paraclete, people discover this divine dimension of their being and life, both as individuals and as a community, they are able to free themselves from the various determinisms which derive mainly from the materialistic bases of thought, practice and related modes of action. In our age these factors have succeeded in penetrating into man’s inmost being, into that sanctuary of the conscience where the Holy Spirit continuously radiates the light and strength of new life in the "freedom of the children of God". Man’s growth in this life is hindered by the conditionings and pressures exerted upon him by dominating structures and mechanisms in the various spheres of society. It can be said that in many cases social factors, instead of fostering the development and expansion of the human spirit, ultimately deprive the human spirit of the genuine truth of its being and life – over which the Holy Spirit keeps vigil – in order to subject it to the "prince of the world.”

62. The most complete sacramental expression of the "departure" of Christ through the mystery of the Cross and Resurrection is the Eucharist… For this reason the early Christians, right from the days immediately following the coming down of the Holy Spirit, “they devoted themselves to the breaking of the bread and the prayers, and in this way they formed a community united by the teaching of the Apostles.

65. The breath of the divine life, the Holy Spirit, in its simplest and most common manner, expresses itself and makes itself felt in prayer…

The Holy Spirit is the gift that comes into man’s heart together with prayer. In prayer he manifests himself first of all and above all as the gift that "helps us in our weakness". This is the magnificent thought developed by Saint Paul in the Letter to the Romans, when he writes: "For we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words. Therefore, the Holy Spirit not only enables us to pray, but guides us "from within" in prayer: he is present in our prayer and gives it a divine dimension. Thus "he who searches the hearts of men knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God". Prayer through the power of the Holy Spirit becomes the ever more mature expression of the new man, who by means of this prayer participates in the divine life

66. The Church perseveres in prayer with Mary. This union of the praying Church with the Mother of Christ has been part of the mystery of the Church from the beginning: we see her present in this mystery as she is present in the mystery of her Son. It is the Council that says to us "The Blessed Virgin …, overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, brought forth ..the Son…. he whom God placed as the first-born among many brethren (cf. Rom 8: 29), namely the faithful. In their birth and development she cooperates with a maternal love"; she is through "his singular graces and offices… intimately united with the Church… (she) is a model of the Church". "The Church, moreover, contemplating Mary’s mysterious sanctity, imitating her charity, …becomes herself a mother" and "herself is a virgin, who keeps… the fidelity she has pledged to her Spouse. Imitating the Mother of the Lord, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, she preserves with virginal purity an integral faith, a firm hope, and a sincere charity".

3) Mission of the Redeemer     December 7, 1990

2Twenty-five years after the conclusion of the Council and the publication of the Decree on Missionary Activity Ad Gentes, fifteen years after the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi issued by Pope Paul VI, and in continuity with the magisterial teaching of my predecessors,[2] I wish to invite the Church to renew her missionary commitment. The present document has as its goal an interior renewal of faith and Christian life. For missionary activity renews the Church, revitalizes faith and Christian identity, and offers fresh enthusiasm and new incentive. Faith is strengthened when it is given to others! It is in commitment to the Church’s universal mission that the new evangelization of Christian peoples will find inspiration and support.

On the other hand, our own times offer the Church new opportunities in this field: we have witnessed the collapse of oppressive ideologies and political systems; the opening of frontiers and the formation of a more united world due to an increase in communications

God is opening before the Church the horizons of a humanity more fully prepared for the sowing of the Gospel. I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church’s energies to a new evangelization and to the mission ad gentes. No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples.

23. The different versions of the "missionary mandate" contain common elements as well as characteristics proper to each. Two elements, however, are found in all the versions. First, there is the universal dimension of the task entrusted to the apostles, who are sent to "all nations" (Mt 28:19); "into all the world and…to the whole creation" (Mk 16:15); to "all nations" (Lk 24:47); "to the end of the earth" (Acts 1:8). Secondly, there is the assurance given to the apostles by the Lord that they will not be alone in the task, but will receive the strength and the means necessary to carry out their mission. The reference here is to the presence and power of the Spirit and the help of Jesus himself: "And they went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them" (Mk 16:20).

24. The mission of the Church, like that of Jesus, is God’s work or,as Luke often puts it, the work of the Spirit.

After the resurrection and ascension of Jesus, the apostles have a powerful experience which completely transforms them: the experience of Pentecost. The coming of the Holy Spirit makes them witnesses and prophets (cf. Acts 1:8; 2:17-18). It fills them with a serene courage which impels them to pass on to others their experience of Jesus and the hope which motivates them. The Spirit gives them the ability to bear witness to Jesus with "boldness."[

25 Under the impulse of the Spirit, the Christian faith is decisively opened to the "nations." Witness to Christ spreads to the most important centers of the eastern Mediterranean and then to Rome and the far regions of the West. It is the Spirit who is the source of the drive to press on, not only geographically but also beyond the frontiers of race and religion, for a truly universal mission. 

28. The Spirit manifests himself in a special way in the Church and in her members. Nevertheless, his presence and activity are universal, limited neither by space nor time. The Second Vatican Council recalls that the Spirit is at work in the heart of every person, through the "seeds of the Word," to be found in human initiatives–including religious ones–and in humankind’s efforts to attain truth, goodness and God himself.[36]

29. Thus the Spirit, who “blows where he wills” (cf. Jn 3:8), who "was already at work in the world before Christ was glorified," and who "has filled the world,…holds all things together [and] knows what is said" (Wis 1:7), leads us to broaden our vision in order to ponder his activity in every time and place. I have repeatedly called this fact to mind, and it has guided me in my meetings with a wide variety of peoples.

37.  c) The first Areopagus of the modern age is the world of communications, which is unifying humanity and turning it into what is known as a "global village." The means of social communication have become so important as to be for many the chief means of information and education, of guidance and inspiration in their behavior as individuals, families and within society at large. In particular, the younger generation is growing up in a world conditioned by the mass media. To some degree perhaps this Areopagus has been neglected. Generally, preference has been given to other means of preaching the Gospel and of Christian education, while the mass media are left to the initiative of individuals or small groups and enter into pastoral planning only in a secondary way. Involvement in the mass media, however, is not meant merely to strengthen the preaching of the Gospel. There is a deeper reality involved here: since the very evangelization of modern culture depends to a great extent on the influence of the media, it is not enough to use the media simply to spread the Christian message and the Church’s authentic teaching. It is also necessary to integrate that message into the “new culture” created by modern communications. This is a complex issue, since the "new culture" originates not just from whatever content is eventually expressed, but from the very fact that there exist new ways of communicating, with new languages, new techniques and a new psychology.



4) Ecclesia in America

Apostolic Exhortation of the Holy Father John Paul II
Given at Mexico City, January 22, in the year 1999

6… "The commemoration of the five hundred years of evangelization will achieve its full meaning if it becomes a commitment by you the Bishops, together with your priests and people, a commitment not to a re-evangelization but to a new evangelization – new in ardor, methods and expression.”

11 How can we fail to emphasize the role which belongs to the Virgin Mary in relation to the pilgrim Church in America journeying towards its encounter with the Lord? Indeed, the Most Blessed Virgin "is linked in a special way to the birth of the Church in the history … of the peoples of America; through Mary they came to encounter the Lord".(18)

Throughout the continent, from the time of the first evangelization, the presence of the Mother of God has been strongly felt, thanks to the efforts of the missionaries. In their preaching, "the Gospel was proclaimed by presenting the Virgin Mary as its highest realization. From the beginning – invoked as Our Lady of Guadalupe – Mary, by her motherly and merciful figure, was a great sign of the closeness of the Father and of Jesus Christ, with whom she invites us to enter into communion".(19)

32. Conversion (metanoia), to which every person is called, leads to an acceptance and appropriation of the new vision which the Gospel proposes.This requires leaving behind our worldly way of thinking and acting, which so often heavily conditions our behavior. As Sacred Scripture reminds us, the old man must die and the new man must be born, that is, the whole person must be renewed "in full knowledge after the image of the Creator" (Col 3:10).

66 …As I have said on other occasions, the new and unique situation in which the world and the Church find themselves at the threshold of the Third Millennium, and the urgent needs which result, mean that the mission of evangelization today calls for a new program which can be defined overall as a “new evangelization.” As the Church’s Supreme Pastor, I urgently desire to encourage all the members of God’s People, particularly those living in America – where I first appealed for a commitment "new in its ardor, methods and expression"

70Hence the Synod Fathers rightly felt that "the new evangelization calls for a clearly conceived, serious and well organized effort to evangelize culture"…. The gift of his Spirit and his love are meant for each and every people and culture, in order to bring them all into unity after the example of the perfect unity existing in the Triune God. For this to happen, it is necessary to inculturate preaching in such a way that the Gospel is proclaimed in the language and in the culture of its hearers.

 In America, the mestiza face of the Virgin of Guadalupe was from the start a symbol of the enculturation of the Gospel, of which she has been the lodestar and the guide. Through her powerful intercession, the Gospel will penetrate the hearts of the men and women of America and permeate their cultures, transforming them from within. (266)

In the overall work of the new evangelization, the educational sector occupies a place of honor.

Evangelization through the media

72. For the new evangelization to be effective, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the culture of our time in which the social communications media are most influential. Therefore, knowledge and use of the media, whether the more traditional forms or those which technology has produced in recent times, is indispensable. Contemporary reality demands a capacity to learn the language, nature and characteristics of mass media. Using the media correctly and competently can lead to a genuine enculturation of the Gospel.

5) The New Evangelization
Jospeph Cardinal Ratzinger.

December 10, 2000

In the face of a growing indifference to God, the new evangelization must not be about a social or political structure, but the person of Jesus Christ, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger told a world gathering of catechists and religion teachers in Rome, December 10, 2000

2. The method

The correct method derives from this structure of new evangelization. Of course we must use the modern methods of making ourselves be heard in a reasonable way – or better yet: of making the voice of the Lord accessible and comprehensible…

We must add another step. Jesus preached by day, by night He prayed – this is not all. His entire life was – as demonstrated in a beautiful way by the Gospel according to Saint Luke – a path towards the cross, ascension towards Jerusalem. Jesus did not redeem the world with beautiful word but with His suffering and His death. His passion is the inexhaustible source of life for the world; the passion gives power to His words.



Of His Holiness Pope John Paul II   

Epiphany 2001


58. Let us go forward in hope! A new millennium is opening before the Church like a vast ocean upon which we shall venture, relying on the help of Christ. The Son of God, who became incarnate two thousand years ago out of love for humanity, is at work even today: we need discerning eyes to see this and, above all, a generous heart to become the instruments of his work. Did we not celebrate the Jubilee Year in order to refresh our contact with this living source of our hope? Now, the Christ whom we have contemplated and loved bids us to set out once more on our journey: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Mt 28:19). The missionary mandate accompanies us into the Third Millennium and urges us to share the enthusiasm of the very first Christians: we can count on the power of the same Spirit who was poured out at Pentecost and who impels us still today to start out anew, sustained by the hope "which does not disappoint" (Rom 5:5).


7) A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel

January 24, 2002 Feast of St. Francis de Sales


It is fitting therefore that on this World Communications Day 2002 we should reflect on the subject: “Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel".
For the Church the new world of cyberspace is a summons to the great adventure of using its potential to proclaim the Gospel message.
This challenge is at the heart of what it means at the beginning of the millennium to follow the Lord’s command to "put out into the deep”: Duc in altum! (Lk 5:4). (Wow!)

The Church approaches this new medium with realism and confidence. Like other communications media, it is a means, not an end in itself. The Internet can offer magnificent opportunities for evangelization if used with competence and a clear awareness of its strengths and weaknesses. Above all, by providing information and stirring interest it makes possible an initial encounter with the Christian message, especially among the young who increasingly turn to the world of cyberspace as a window on the world. It is important, therefore, that the Christian community think of very practical ways of helping those who first make contact through the Internet to move from the virtual world of cyberspace to the real world of Christian community. At a subsequent stage, the Internet can also provide the kind of follow-up which evangelization requires. Especially in an unsupportive culture, Christian living calls for continuing instruction and catechesis, and this is perhaps the area in which the Internet can provide excellent help… It is clear, then, that while the Internet can never replace that profound experience of God which only the living, liturgical and sacramental life of the Church can offer, it can certainly provide a unique supplement and support in both preparing for the encounter with Christ in community, and sustaining the new believer in the journey of faith which then begins. Therefore, on this World Communications Day, I dare to summon the whole Church bravely to cross this new threshold, to put out into the deep of the Net, so that now as in the past the great engagement of the Gospel and culture may show to the world "the glory of God on the face of Christ” (2 Cor 4:6). May the Lord bless all those who work for this aim.




A. A short review of the ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF OUR BRAIN and its implication for the new evangelization.

B. Where is that in the Bible and in the history of the Church?

A.I made a summary of this subject and will place it in the section of “pages.” However, it will not be posted until December 31st of 2010 because it still needs editing. This will be my Christmas gift to all of you who read this message since every human being on earth should know about it… Doctors will not have to time to teach it to patients and we spend our entire lives ignoring the gift of this computer inside our head. I have alluded to the science of rewiring our brains in a past blog (June 2010). However, I really need to explain the complexity of this computer so that you can truly take care of it by understanding well the gift of gold you have within your skull… After age 40, everyone should be taking their  blood pressure daily because a stroke can destroy this computer in an instant… Please, read these words which will be found the pages section after December 31. They will surprise you…

“The most basic function of the brain is to keep the rest the body alive. Among brain’s 100 billion neurons, there are more potential connections between them than there are atoms in the Universe (Wow!) A fetus grows neurons at a rate of 250,000 a minute…”

Roughly, 10% of the 100 billion neurons are specialized electrical cells that send signals to one another; this signal transmission makes brain function different from any other bodily process. Although the signals are electrical, the mode of transmission between cells is chemical through substances called neurotransmitters

Brain tissue can be “strengthened” and built up like a muscle according to how much it is exercised. So, if a person learns and practices a skill, such as playing a musical instrument or doing mathematics, the part of the brain concerned with that task will grow physically bigger. It also becomes more efficient and enables he person to perform the task more skillfully. This is called plasticity.  

The brain stores languages in different places…  I always think of what is going on in my brain since I have two exact but separate memories in unison with a cousin of mine as well… Does it mean that I store my two languages in 4 different places? In fact, it is fascinating that my memory to come back had to do it in both memories…

B. Now I want to show a few interesting facts to start giving you insights of your 3 pounds of brain/computer. It will also reveal how it is in the Bible and in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

1. If I say the word Obama or Beck, I bet you that you immediately have an image of the faces of these two men. But why? Because part of your memory has been put together by the right brain hemisphere that deals with images, and not with letters or numbers or names. Without your permission, those photographs live in your different memory centers… With the photos you have their philosophy inside your neurons and this is not a problem if the rest of your brain is healthy regarding morals, so that you can pick and choose regarding their ideas…The truth is that the different political systems compete for your neurons in order to succeed. It is all right in a free society as long as you know the treasure in your skull that has to be exercised, re-wired with moral contents and always alert to understand the evil one playing tricks on your neurons…

2. Christmas is the most “wired” event in our brains. One Christmas carol or a sound of “ho, ho, ho,” or a picture of the Nativity will bring memories, joy or sadness, but every time it will cause a stir in our neurons. This Baby Jesus story still has power over all the earth…

3. The “Ave Maria” music with or without words and for us Catholics, will transport us to visualize one of many pictures of Our Lady. In my brain, it usually produces an emotion of love and great awe for my Mother.

4. The Tantum Ergo will immediately place most of us Roman Catholics  in front of a Monstrance within our brain.

5. (Bible) But Jesus used imagery… Hmm. He almost always preached with parables… The prodigal son scene is one that reminds of “forgiveness” of the Father to us. The story of sheep and leaving the 99 for the one strayed brings us images of Jesus with one sheep on his neck, and the main topic is His love for us. He could have taught without these stories, but the chances of the many hearing Him and of remembering it after a few days would have been much less. But why? Because concepts cannot be visualized and a story can. In other words, with stories we can pass them on even with our words and not exactly how we heard them, but keeping the meaning intact. The concept has to be passed on with the exact words since images are not there to help remember it. However, with His power He could have taught and truly move hearts without parables; yet He chose to do it and I am sure He wanted not only to hint to us the power of imagery in our brains, but He had to leave a method for many generations after the crowds that were listening to Him; but also for us to evangelize others with the power of images… What a God…!

6. And guess what? The very first time that we had an apparition of Our Lady, God sent us a PICTURE… There was no printing press for books at the time in the America’s (1531) and He chose to evangelize 9 million people in 10 years; so He had to talk to them without words, and He did … The picture spoke volumes to the Aztec Indians and they believed big time. But there was more meaning for us too… She came pregnant… Wasn’t that what she did when she went to visit Elizabeth? Hmm… So, most likely, the Holy Spirit came as in a new Pentecost for this land and through her in the picture, converted the millions… Hello! Wow! But why did God choose America? This is a huge story that I had never looked into until December 2010… It was all there… In the Bible and in the history of the American Continent, from Alaska to the Patagonia…!!! More on it later. 

7.  But in other apparitions that followed, she frequently asked the seer (s) to make a picture of her… Hmm, again! The Jesus of Mercy asked St. Faustina to paint His image… Now, when we see it we know immediately what this particular picture of Jesus means: not only His mercy but also that we have to trust in Him…

8. But someone very well known to us manufactured 30 days of spiritual exercises as a retreat and he used images… Look at the Holy Spirit working with St. Ignatius of Loyola: he used 30 days… Of course, like any commercial, you need to train people’s imagination.  And these exercises met with success simply because we still do them all over the world in 2011… Wow!

9. And so, many Catholics feel more devout if they hear Latin or Sacred Music. But some like just plain English or music with guitars… It is all in our brains or how our brains have been wired with information. We have to be careful and keep in mind that not everyone gets turned on with Latin or with guitars… The menu should keep all items being used! I must say from having been formed in Latin for the Liturgy as a child, it bugs me that when I see Jesus elevated before Communion, there is nothing better than a proclamation in the vernacular: “This is the Lamb of God.” We must also remember that Latin or the vernacular will not save us. What will save us is the way we PRESENT HIM to others as REAL…and it may be that a foreign language may not mean too much for many in the world. Again: IMAGES, IMAGES… plus the language and the love attached to the image!


Diagnosis of what is going on in our minds in 2010

1. We haven been wired to be constantly entertained, to have fun, to do things we love but for fun!  So, our spiritual life has been affected because our brains seek entertainment at all cost. We have become addicted to seeking fun.

2. Our society has been brain washed to believe that if we work hard enough, we are entitled to have fun, which is what we yearn the most to do.

3. The worldly philosophy has made enjoyment an end to itself while it ignores and or denies altogether that God is the ultimate source of true joy.

4. In the 1970’s we started to make the liturgy of the Mass as an occasion for fun. In 1978, I was in Adrian, MI and I visited this parish for the first time and we had clowns dancing right in front of the Altar at the beginning of Mass, during the Offertory and during the Our Father. I never went back…

5. Imperceptibly, our Christian world followed the ways of major News Cable stations. And so, we started offering retreats, homilies, talks, stories and saying that it would lead us to encounter Christ. Opinions followed as to how to do it.

In the process some separated brothers preached from the Bible that we are to expect riches but ignored Christ who was poor, dejected, and Who said that He did not have a pillow to place His head on!!! With their preaching of prosperity, they had to abandon the Cross… which is not Biblical at all!

In Catholic circles, in 1967 the Holy Spirit came marching in … We grew by leaps and bounds until we started suffocating the Holy Spirit and we stopped growing so fast… We suffocated the Spirit by keeping quiet the Cross, the Eucharist and Our Lady, all in the name of ecumenism. We kept the Holy Spirit but put His spouse in the closet. We brought the Spirit to many in the world and evangelization went rampant but by now we should have renewed the entire Church and we should have everyone in Church every Sunday everywhere… So, there is no question that Satan entered and tempted the leaders to opt for the great cause of ecumenism. However, I wonder if we had placed right in the open Our Lady and the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus Himself, if by now we could have a renewed Church and brought many to the Church from other denominations. Very soon, you will find out why I think so!

6.  Radio waves, telegraphy, television, showed up for more than a century. I will post a very short history of the radio and TV in the “pages” section on Dec. 31, along with the information on our brains. The title will be: Radio and Television. It should give us an information of how man’s abilities and intelligence to communicate has taken us to our present brain washing. Of course, it was followed by videos, DVD’s, CD’s, the Internet and every form of gadgetry to talk to each other, and this DISTRACTED US TO HEAR THE HOLY SPIRIT AND ESTABLISH A CONVERSATION WITH THE TRINITY, which at the end it meant not encountering Christ in a personal way altogether!

And every piece of information via radio waves, television technology or Internet, all has been aimed to give us pleasure, entertainment…. and now our brains prefer such stimulus… NOISE is the queen in our brains. NEWS is our alcohol…We are addicted to them, even the most menial stupid pieces of information. FUN is the aphrodisiac we seek day and night. Our temples of the Holy Spirit are full of garbage and we must bring the same Holy Spirit to clean us up… He has done it before. Let’s rehash some of those big cleaning times of a society that we call Pentecost!


I. Patterns of Evangelization

1. Jesus came to bring salvation and this Good News had to be spread. He sent His own with the Holy Spirit to do it and yes, in the first century, we saw miracles and wonders when these few basically uneducated men went everywhere to bring the Gospel. Yet, notice how the Virgin Mary is with the Apostles at Pentecost, although she already had had her own Pentecost at the Annunciation. She did not have to be there! Well, actually, she was there for the birth of the Church… and since she had been an evangelist already days after the Conception of the Messiah, she would signify for us one of the members of the team to change hearts… The Holy Spirit TOGETHER with her “Yes” and with her immaculate body, had brought salvation to the world as the Son of God was brought to us. HINT, HINT… And so, theThird Person of the Trinity and the Immaculate Virgin manufactured the first team of evangelization of the New Covenant, the Mother and Son.

2. What we call the America’s was unexplored because its existence was not known by the Europeans, while many indigenous men and women were living in her territories without the Gospel. Just think that we could have had Asians coming from the Pacific and discovering this vast American Continent… We could be a Buddhist hemisphere… Or another India with the Hindu religion as our bastion. Or, the Moslem world could have invented to do the same that Christopher Columbus did in the XV Century… But guess what? Even before the Church founded by Christ split with Martin Luther, God moved an Italian man to ask the Spaniard Queen to help him come to discover something, a possible new continent… So, God moved a Roman Catholic man to ask a Roman Catholic Queen to make such a “crazy” trip, but he did… The exploring courageous mind of a man with the “genius” of the brain of a woman are given the task to bring the Roman Catholic faith to all of us… Wow!

This was the greatest possible journey of evangelization so far! There we have the pattern: Columbus brings 3 ships and one of them is called, “The Santa Maria”… St. Mary…! In his first trip he landed in Haiti/Dominican Republic’s common island. More and more came from Spain and Portugal in subsequent trips and more Catholic priests arrived at our shores. BUT HERE WE HAVE ANOTHER EVANGELIZATION pursuit. Priests came but there were too many natives with a world of gods that was full of images for their brains… Therefore, for some years (October  12, 1492 to Dec. 12, 1531 – almost 40 years!), the evangelization of America’s was not too productive.

3. Well, our heavenly Dad decided to do it again… In 1531 He sends Our Lady of Guadalupe to the Americas in a visit exactly to the one done to her cousin Elizabeth. She comes to invite another John the Baptist who is also named John… Juan Diego. It is interesting that there three Juanes (John’s) involved in the story: Juan Diego, Juan Zumárraga, the Archbishop and Juan Bernardino, Juan Diego’s uncle who saw Our Lady and who received the name under which she wanted to be known… It sounded in the native language very similar to the name of Guadalupe in Spain.

Our Lady spoke to the Aztecs through her image painted by God… But was she really talking to them in images? Well, not at the beginning. She personally spoke to Juan Diego and Juan Bernardino in their native language. However, in images the Holy Spirit spoke to Archbishop Juan Zumárraga, his entourage and to 9 million Aztec Indians in the next 10 years. And guess what? Mexico was infested with paganism through the visit of the Masons in the late XIX Century and during the XX C, but to no avail… On this past December 12, the Basilica of Our Lady in Tepeyac received 6 million visitors… Every year one sees via live television a constant passing of groups processing from the main entrance towards the main Altar in the direction of the miraculous image and turning immediately to exit the Basilica, while the rest of this huge Basilica’s pews are already filled up.

You may like this piece of story:

From the Big Book of the Maya Indians (like the Aztecs but they lived nearby)

The legend says: “One of ours will liberate us. A sign appeared – it was a woman who was standing in front of the sun and resting on the moon. She was dressed with all the stars of the firmament, but she is bigger than the firmament. She asked to place our hearts in her hands to present us to a new god. She promised us a new race. In her dress appeared everything that exists in the universe next to the little angel that was holding heaven and earth.” !!!!

SIX MILLION soulsEach year they count about 22 million coming to visit her! Hello! Last year they had about 7 million visitors for December 12 of 2009. Are we blind? Are we deaf? Are we crazy? Who brings those souls to her? Well, they believe… in God, in the love of Our Lady, but there must be a force behind their own wills… It is not easy to walk for miles and miles from distant places without a motel to stay at because they are mostly poor and because there is not space for them in the city (like the case of the Holy Family) and probably eating little of what they bring in their back packs… There must be a force… behind it. Just think: you can do it one year and no more. But every year the millions come, which means that many keep coming on December 12 and the entire year. I would say that the Holy Spirit moves these souls to do the impossible, so that we, sitting in our rich homes in front of a TV set see this miracle over and over and over… AND LEARN and GET THE HINT… And let me add that there is not other place in the world, whether a Marian apparition or not, which gets that many visitors per year and much less, in a yearly 24 hour period!  And of course, our John Paul II called her the “Star of Evangelization.” Hmm…


So, the New Evangelization is a communal work between the Holy Ghost,Our Lady and us.  We must bring the three together and we will bring Christ to the millions as well. We all Roman Catholics must grow in faith as the Mexican people that have kept for 500 years a Vigil with Our Lady.

In what respect us, WE MUST HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH CHRIST first. From such encounter, we become lovers of our friends, enemies and all around us. From that encounter we look, judge and act as our John XXIII taught us. Please notice that this Pope brought this call to pursuit the Holy Spirit… Then came Paul the VI, a great Marian man himself who invited us to evangelize, followed by a great lover of Our Mother… our John Paul II. They all hinted to the three parts needed for evangelization. God the Spirit, His Mother and our dignity of kids of our Dad, with our intelligence and scientific knowledge and FREEDOM… to act.

Also notice two things: 1) Pope Paul VI spoke of the need to give witness as more productive than just words. Why? It is the same answer. I could tell the whole world about what I believe… In the other hand, if I act as a true disciple, my witness becomes an image… and images can be easily remembered and passed on. Images of righteous living can move mountains. It impresses the minds and hearts of everyone around. Just remember our John Paul II and his Parkinson. What an image he became of Jesus under the Cross. 2) Also remember how Pope John Paul II came to exalt the mercy of God, and it is God’s mercy that teams up with the Holy Spirit, Our Lady and our witness to bring many to salvation.

 Let me share here some of the words of Blessed John XXIII about the method… of “look, judge, act,” and this I owe to my son Omar who had a recent radio program (in his blog site also) about this topic. I also added some words of Blessed John XXIII in regards to human freedom which was part of the encyclical where he talks about look judge, act… They are spectacular and prophetic for the USA today.

Mater et Magistra

Encyclical of Pope John XXIII   May 15, 1961

55. But however extensive and far-reaching the influence of the State on the economy may be, it must never be exerted to the extent of depriving the individual citizen of his freedom of action. It must rather augment his freedom while effectively guaranteeing the protection of his essential personal rights. Among these is a man’s right and duty to be primarily responsible for his own upkeep and that of his family. Hence every economic system must permit and facilitate the free development of productive activity. (What a message for the U.S. right now!)

56. Moreover, as history itself testifies with ever-increasing clarity, there can be no such thing as a well-ordered and prosperous society unless individual citizens and the State co-operate in the economy. Both sides must work together in harmony, and their respective efforts must be proportioned to the needs of the common good in the prevailing circumstances and conditions of human life.

212.  After all this scientific and technical progress, and even because of it, the problem remains: how to build up a new order of society based on a more balanced human relationship between political communities on a national and international level?

213.  The attempt to find a solution to this problem has given birth to a number of theories. Some of these- were little more than ephemeral; others have undergone, and are still undergoing, substantial change; others again are proving themselves less and less attractive to modern man.

Why is this? It is because these ideologies do not take account of the whole man, nor even of his most important part. In particular, they take little account of certain inevitable human weaknesses such as sickness and suffering, weaknesses which even the most advanced economic and social systems cannot completely eliminate. Finally, they fail to take account of that deep-rooted sense of religion which exists in all men everywhere and which nothing, neither violence nor cunning, can eradicate.

214. The most fundamental modern error is that of imagining that man’s natural sense of religion is nothing more than the outcome of feeling or fantasy, to be eradicated from his soul as an anachronism and an obstacle to human progress. And yet this very need for religion reveals a man for what he is: a being created by God and tending always toward God. As we read in St. Augustine: "Lord, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts can find no rest until they rest in you."

236. There are three stages which should normally be followed in the reduction of social principles into practice. First, one reviews the concrete situation; secondly, one forms a judgment on it in the light of these same principles; thirdly, one decides what in the circumstances can and should be done to implement these principles. These are the three stages that are usually expressed in the three terms: look, judge, act.

237. It is important for our young people to grasp this method and to practice it. Knowledge acquired in this way does not remain merely abstract, but is seen as something that must be translated into action

1.    Principle for reflection (look)

2.    Criteria for judgment

3.    Directives for action, called the social teaching of the Church

The latter is the ability to look and it comes from a relationship with Christ. It is a grace. We have to pray for it. It is formation that form us to see the real need in society. The need of the widow, the orphan, the abandoned, those in pain because of rejection. We need to see spiritual pain, alienation from God. We should also be able to see what it is to come. Have solidarity with those who come after us.

The person has to be formed by Jesus in order to find the criteria for judgment and not just a cold calculation. Efficiency is not for the heart. It is only for the mind. (My note: I presume that the Pope speaks of the heart as our soul). Linking our hearts and minds requires a formal understanding, a formation to see. For this criteria for judgment, charity should not be base in sentimentality or a good feeling or emotions, and not informed by the mind but formed in Truth! It all has to come first from a relationship from Christ and love of neighbor. Then wisdom comes out to help others find the same path. (End of quotes)

1.  “Look, judge, act”

1). I want to tell you that I have already used principle number one from Blessed John for this matter of the new evangelization and I have looked and found:

a) Our brains, where our will resides and our soul makes decisions and subsists or gets undermined, need a cleansing.

b) The Holy Spirit and Our Lady seem to be a pair that is crucial for this cleansing of our temples in order to re-evangelize our brains and turn around to tell the Good News to others.

c) It is evident that a personal encounter with the Crucified similar to the one of Mary Magdalene or the Apostles when they were called, or the ones the Saints had with Him, is not been paid attention to. We may not find Him in an apparition, but we can find Him in the Tabernacle.

d) As part of this “look,” I see so many different programs to prepare the laity in this new evangelization effort. And we must agree that most of them have not been effective in a large scale, or a la Mexico style of the XVI C. And let’s remember that these Aztecs were also heavily wired  with images of their own gods and similar into what the Internet has done for us. Their brains were full of ideas and myths as ours are.

2) Judgment: We need to centralize the teaching of the Church under one program and “not left to the initiative of individuals or small groups and enter into pastoral planning only in a secondary way”!. Remember these words you already read:

Mission of the Redeemer Encyclical – 1990

Generally, preference has been given to other means of preaching the Gospel and of Christian education, while the mass media are left to the initiative of individuals or small groups and enter into pastoral planning only in a secondary way. Involvement in the mass media, however, is not meant merely to strengthen the preaching of the Gospel. There is a deeper reality involved here: since the very evangelization of modern culture depends to a great extent on the influence of the media, it is not enough to use the media simply to spread the Christian message and the Church’s authentic teaching. It is also necessary to integrate that message into the "new culture" created by modern communications. This is a complex issue, since the "new culture" originates not just from whatever content is eventually expressed, but from the very fact that there exist new ways of communicating, with new languages, with new techniques and a new psychology….!!!

3). Action

But to do so, we need to prepare ourselves as a U.S. Catholic Church with a program to bring the Holy Ghost and Our Lady to the arena of this new evangelization. With “organized” prayer and fasting we can first foster an encounter with Jesus in the Tabernacle. We need to prepare the troops in general, and let the Commander (the Holy Ghost) choose souls and equip them with all they need, including a fresh encounter with the Crucified, in order to launch the new evangelization.


Treatment to remove intruders from our minds: there is no question that we have to re-wire our brains. But some of us called by God to be missionaries for the Third Millennium need to prepare first by encountering Christ in a new way, like never before, and we have to ask God for this grace.

Preparation of the Body of Christ in the U.S.This should be ongoing for 5 years or more in order to bring about an encounter with Christ BUT HOW? Notice that I say the U.S.Catholic Church only. Why? Because we have the most possibilities of Internet use, and the most active cybernetics in the Americas. And why not to involve the entire Church? Well, with the greatest, most productive evangelization event in the planet as it occurred in 1531 in Tepeyac, this is the continent to start and the U.S. again is in the best shape to enact it. Remember our beginnings, with the Fathers of this country bringing very unique ideas to start this country which would become the most known, powerful, free country in the world… Did this happen just for kicks? Nah… Here there is a prophetic hint…

1. Division of the Church in groups to pray as a Body

I have brought ample proof to you that our Popes present the encounter with Christ as primary in evangelization efforts. You cannot sell what you do not know! But how to do it? Well, it is pretty easy. We have to ask

We need to evangelize ourselves first in route to meet Christ in a personal way. But how?  We need to organize ourselves to call the Holy Spirit constantly as we ask Our Lady to intercede for us with Rosaries and more Rosaries ( (just remember the words of the Hail Mary asking for such intercession over and over…!); we also make a decision to embrace all our crosses (sacrifice) and fasting for this cause of evangelization of those in great need. Doing these, the Holy Spirit will raise Saints, mystics, and many souls who will know Jesus well. But in order to do it day and night, I was given this idea:

Each Diocese in this U.S.A., will pray, fast, call the Holy Spirit and say many Rosaries with chaplets of Mercy for ONE WEEK. Each Diocese may designate a number of parishes for each the seven days of its particular week. The week of Christmas and Holy Week should be exempted. So, it gives us 50 weeks/year. I have no idea how many Dioceses we have in total, but each one will have one week to do the following:

2. And to whom and how shall we pray?

1) HOLY SPIRIT: novena to the Holy Spirit and other short prayers that can keep this call for a new Pentecost ongoing day and night.


1. Rosary

Did you know that there were 17 Papal documents on the Rosary up to Paul VI? I have a book bought years ago and copyrighted 1980 by the Daughters of St. Paul. Since the book may be out of print, this is the list of Papal documents that can give us an idea of the importance of the Rosary for these times.

Paul VI

1. Rosaries to the Mother of Christ

2. Month of Mary

3. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Marialis Cultus) Feb. 2, 1974


1. Mysteries of the Rosary (these meditations are beautiful but only of 15 mysteries)

2. Grateful memory


1. Efficary of the Rosary in History

Encyclical Supremi Apostolatus  Sept. 1, 1883

2. Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

Apostolic Letter Salutaris ille Dec. 24, 1883

3. In prayer with Mary

Encyclical Superiore anno – August 30, 1884

4. The Victories of the Rosary

Letter Vi e ben noto, to the Bishops of Italy – September 20, 1887

5. The Perfect Mediatrix

Encyclical Octobri mense  Sept. 22, 1891

6. Power and Bounty of Mary

Encyclical Magnae Dei Matris  – Sept. 8 1892

7. The Practice of Mediation

Encyclical Jucunda simper – Sept. 8, 1894

8. The Mother of Christian Unity

Encyclical Adiutricem populi – Sept. 5, 1895

9. Close to the Mediator

Encyclical Fidentem Piumque – Sept. 20, 1896

10. Mary’s Imploring Omnipotence

Encyclical Augustissimae – Sept. 12, 1897

11. Marian Accomplishments of Leo XIII

Encyclical Diuturni Temporis – Sept.5, 1898

12. Restorer of the Christian Order

  Apostolic Letter Parta humano generi  – Sept. 8, 1901                                                                                               

2. Other devotions: Consecration to Our Lady during the week designated to the Diocese  and to the particular parish after 33 days preparation according to St. Louis de Montfort


Daily Mass, Holy Hours

4) SACRIFICES AND FASTING to be offered for this new evangelization


THIS PRACTICE WILL PLACE THE U.S.A. Catholic Church in the attitude of the first Christians who prayed together and lo and behold, the Holy Spirit came to them or the first Pentecost came to be. There is no doubt that the Apostles were able to evangelize because they had the backup of the first Christians also praying and living detached lives. The Bible says this:

“When they entered the city (after the Resurrection) they went to the upper room where they were staying, Peter and John and James and Andrew, Philip and Thomas, Bartholomew and Mathew, James son of Alphaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James. All these devoted themselves with one accord to prayer, together with some women and Mary, the mother of Jesus, and His brothers.” Acts 1: 13-14

Under the powerful twosome of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady, and the nation in prayer together for 50 weeks a year, we have to aim at using the new technology to bring about our re-wring of our brains, using the same methods that the world and Satan are using to make us live as pagans because they have usurped our brains.


Building a place of evangelization in Cyberspace using the scientific method

Remember what you read before:

A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel

January 24, 2002 Feast of St. Francis de Sales


It is fitting therefore that on this World Communications Day 2002 we should reflect on the subject: “Internet: A New Forum for Proclaiming the Gospel".
For the Church the new world of cyberspace is a summons to the great adventure of using its potential to proclaim the Gospel message.
This challenge is at the heart of what it means at the beginning of the millennium to follow the Lord’s command to "put out into the deep”: Duc in altum! (Lk 5:4). (Wow!)

The Church approaches this new medium with realism and confidence. Like other communications media, it is a means, not an end in itself. The Internet can offer magnificent opportunities for evangelization if used with competence and a clear awareness of its strengths and weaknesses. Above all, by providing information and stirring interest it makes possible an initial encounter with the Christian message, especially among the young who increasingly turn to the world of cyberspace as a window on the world. It is important, therefore, that the Christian community think of very practical ways of helping those who first make contact through the Internet to move from the virtual world of cyberspace to the real world of Christian community. At a subsequent stage, the Internet can also provide the kind of follow-up which evangelization requires. Especially in an unsupportive culture, Christian living calls for continuing instruction and catechesis, and this is perhaps the area in which the Internet can provide excellent help… It is clear, then, that while the Internet can never replace that profound experience of God which only the living, liturgical and sacramental life of the Church can offer, it can certainly provide a unique supplement and support in both preparing for the encounter with Christ in community, and sustaining the new believer in the journey of faith which then begins. Therefore, on this World Communications Day, I dare to summon the whole Church bravely to cross this new threshold, to put out into the deep of the Net, so that now as in the past the great engagement of the Gospel and culture may show to the world "the glory of God on the face of Christ” (2 Cor 4:6). May the Lord bless all those who work for this aim.

Our Holy Father knew that we were lacking a method that covered “the preparation of the Christian to encounter Christ and to sustain him in the journey of faith”… The answer came to me aided by my own experience with the software that is re-wiring my brain to establish new routes for my memory to be refurbished in some parts and totally restored in other areas.

It was clear to me on Saturday, December 4, the first Saturday of the month dedicated to our Mother, that the secularization of our brain brought about by the re-wiring going on by so many media outlets, had brought certain indifference even for the results or the success of the ongoing efforts of evangelization within the Church. We got caught between “announcing” the Gospel as a duty but not as an act of love. We became re-wired to think that all it takes is our work to evangelize others, and yet, as we keep our passions intact, like our self-esteem, self-worth, our good works for the Church but lacking the zeal that Jesus would have put on these actions. 

Regarding our own state of personal evangelization, we act pretty sure that by doing so much good for others, we feel entitled to keep our own personal religious practices intact. This means to go through the motions as we practice our Faith, but our inner Temples remain “ours,” and we do not want to go inside and inspect the premises. This way we completely ignore that to announce the Gospel requires death of self. It is only then that we can be sure that we can be fully guided by the Holy Spirit, because we do not compete with Him with our own ideas. The God Son re-wired a few during His three years of ministry, and then the Holy Spirit came to guide them and use them to change hearts as easy as 3,000 in one they after one homily of St. Peter, the first Pope.

We need to build a site in Cyberspace with the latest scientific advances that can exchange the philosophy of this pagan world, with the Truth, and the Truth seen in the many forms found in the Church: in Scriptures, in the writings of Popes, in the lives of the Saints. But let me tell you that our God is sooo alive… so much so, that He does not leave doubts when guiding us. On this Saturday Dec. 5  I received in about 45 minutes time and taking notes very fast, a series of “understandings” and not words heard, about what this site should consist of.

However, by December 20 and after I was truly wondering if I should write this blog at all, our local newspaper, The Contra Costa Times had in the front page of one of the sections the importance of keeping our brains fit with the technology that I am using already.


“You can shape up your biceps and abs – but what about your gray matter? At an Oakland adult education class, students are working on “brain health” software exercises to do just that, specifically to hone their abilities to hear and process sounds quickly and accurately – and may be, in the process, rewire their brains. Jim Borland, 56, of Alameda, swears it is working.

“The idea of “brain training” has been gaining popularity since a 2006 study from the National Institutes of Health suggested that a cognitive training program can have lasting, if narrow, benefits. It showed that 10 brain-training sessions of 60-75 minutes resulted in measurable benefits five years after the training was completed.

“Some of the biggest-name companies in the brain fitness business are bases in the Bay Area (San Francisco).” (End of highlights of this article.)

I use the Posit Science Company and I know for a fact that the staff of creators of their different programs are highly recommended known brain scientists in this country, but the founder of the company is a Professor of Neurology at the U.C. San Francisco, a man who seems to appear very nice. So, a program as such can be built but using “images” and stories to tell all about the Catholic Church. I understood that it is not for sale. It will be available to all who come through a simple registration.

The work would be monumental in creating the different programs with different information as you will soon see, but as Posit Science does with me, after I unloaded the program in my computer, and every time I finish an hour of training, it is sent to Posit Science quarters. So, in a way, it could be created as a source of education, and if credits are needed once the site is accepted as a serious center of learning, and like any long distance learning conduit, it could ask for remuneration by number of credits.

The building, the creation of the different programs and resources could take 5 years? Possibly. The expense could be monumental because we have to hire scientists willing to do it once we give the information to them. It will evangelize those whom the Spirit sends, as the entire United States Catholic Church remains at prayer, calling the Holy Spirit, asking our Mother to do her thing…and  as we fast and sacrifice. With the latter stronghold of prayer and fasting, all things will be possible. Money will appear. Some scientists may give away their work for free. And if this is of the Holy Spirit, if we build it, they will come, as it was repeated in the movie “The Field of Dreams.”

There are many advantages to build such place:

1. Privacy – no peer pressure pro or con

2. Time is when available

3. The Holy Spirit will summon the soul

4. This re-wiring with the Truth will supplant all wiring done against our will and will be freeing our minds.

5. IT will catechize all generations producing a revolution in man’s heart.

6. In time it will summon souls to seek the “real” Church on this earth and become a very well formed person with a brain full of Truth, and the Truth will set them free.

7. This will be the most extraordinary act of social justice within the Church because IT WILL INTRODUCE SOULS TO CHRIST, and from then on, this Throne of Mercy will transform all cultures. Once built, prayer and fasting must continue to protect the site and to make of this site a true ecumenical meeting of God and man. This will be a site of massive evangelization.

8. It aims to the next generation of Catholics, and to the next and beyond because the Truth is only one.

On December 14, I received a list of what we are doing now.

1. We have many websites, and very beautiful and powerful, but there are so many that many of us end up not getting used to one particular one.

2. We tend to recommend the latest video, book, DVD, but it is impossible on a personal note to check them all up.

3. We present the Saints as models but with no particular program to emulate them.

4. We quote encyclicals but cannot keep track of the spirit of each one.

5. We are told to “change” like going on a diet to lose wt. but a practical system is not there to keep the soul engaged in changing.

6. The Rosary has been in existence for a long time. Yet, then and now, most of us pass the beads as a routine, as a habit, as one more thing to do.Have you ever said a Rosary for the person sitting next to you in the pew? It is mostly said in a subservient fashion.

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN THIS SITE: please do not laugh but this list came to me in a matter of minutes as a bang, bang, bang.

The WHOLE SITE MUST BE BUILT aiming at producing some fun with drawings and tables that stimulate the brain appetite for entertainment (since this what we have become addicted to) of those coming in and it could contemplate these matters.


50 – one hour lessons of the Bible. Example: we do not want to transcribe the text. We transcribe stories with drawings and the text exactly from the Word of God but with many explanations. We must keep the Spirit of the text and yet, make it stick with images.

30 – one hour lessons with the contents of the Catechism

30 – one hour lessons with the lives of most Saints

20 – one hour lessons about the Father’s of the Church

20 – one hour lessons with the history of the Catholic Church

20 – one hour lessons with the Old Prophets announcing the New Covenant

10 – one hour lessons on the Sacrifice of the Mass

10 – one hour lessons with the Sacraments of the Church. The Holy Spirit.

10 – one hour lessons about discipleship – how to live it

10 – one hour lessons on Our Lady in all her aspects

10 – one hour lessons on prayer: what it is.

10 – one hour lessons on Religious Orders

5 – one hour lessons about the life in the Spirit as found in the Bible and in the life of the Saints

5 – one hour lessons of what it means self-denial and its importance

5 – one hour lessons on the “Wisdom of the Cross”

5 – one hour lessons on the Ministerial Priesthood

5 – one hour lessons on the Common Priesthood

5- one hour lessons on the Nine Choirs of Angels

5 – one hour lessons on evangelization

5 – one hour lessons with a list of encyclicals and short summary of each one



IV And all kind of new ideas as the Spirit brings it to the Church

In general, we do not have give up what has been built. What we have to do is to build a central headquarters with ONE ADDRESS that will give us a complete vision of what the Church teaches and models.

I am done… Of all what I have written, there is one topic that should be paid attention to: Let’s get out of the way of the Holy Spirit in order for Him to do the work of the new-evangelization through us and/or directly in souls, as we PRAY AND FAST TOGETHER, in union with our Mama but with great zeal (love) for those who have heard the Good News but partially, for those who left the Good News after accepting it, and for those who have never heard it…

Have a wonderful New Year!

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