Anniversary blog!

One year ago, this blog site was born…!

In the silence of the past months, my Lord kept giving me a beautiful understanding of His Presence in my life in so many ways’ with tiny miracles and “huge” miracles… and all fruits of His love and His craziness for me… The payment for the first year to keep this site in cyberspace had to be renewed in the middle of October for another year. I was clearly convicted that many signs kept showing up for me to understand that I should not stop writing. For example:

1. The present Holy Father keeps insisting and saying that we should use the Internet to tell our stories of how God works in our lives. And this site keeps getting visitors, a few because I’ve hardly written since May 31, but they still come; of course, I do not know who they are. I only get the number of visitors per day. From Nov. 2, 2008 to Nov. 2, 2009, 1, 106 people visited the site and I never told that many people about it. So, the Holy Spirit must have sent some others, unknown to me.

2. I was prepared with learning to type very fast and properly (using all my fingers) by the age of 11… Of course, in the plasticity of my brain, this action is simply soo easy that if I do not use it, I would be at fault…

3.  Computers are so easy to use. They correct the spelling and even the writing of sentences, especially for someone where English is the second language.

4.  I was having tons of problems with my lap top, a Toshiba, fairly new (18 months), but with the obstinate feature called “vista.” It was driving me crazy… So, my son with whom I live offered to buy me a new P.C. – the old kind, no vista or the new software that just came in to correct vista. He had to order it for Dell to put it together… So, I have no excuses to write for the rest of my life.

5. Of course, I always remember that Scripture says that a poor widow had nothing and she offered a little coin that she needed, and Jesus considered that she gave more than others. I do not want to write for the entire world out there (Internet). It frightens me… So, writing these blogs is a form of giving what I do not have (desire) and my Lord will be pleased…

6. The state of the world is at very high time of disorder, division, confusion. Any time that I see a commercial in T.V., I know that at least half of the message is a lie. The stadiums fill up on weekends for different sports…I wonder if the same enthusiasm would be found to attend Sunday church services. I must confess that I like sports very much, follow them to a certain point, but have not attachment to any of them.

Regarding these times of relativism and total moral confusion, I must tell you that the man who kept an 11 year old girl as a prisoner for 18 years and who bore him two girls, lived 25 minutes east of my house. The recent two hour gang raping of a 15 year old occurred 25 minutes south west of my house. In view of so much violence, I felt that I must share the goodness of the Lord in my life, as a kind of visitation with a different message for anyone reading. And I was reminded of the words of Blessed John XXIII who said that God will not ask him if he made priests holy or if he converted everybody, but He will ask if he tried new roads to make Him known… (Ouch!)

 7. But what broke the camel’s back was a huge miracle that He granted me. May be one day I will share the whole story to the “world” (Internet) or write a book about it, but it turned out to be one of the greatest gifts possible. I was losing my memory slowly but surely. In one blog from January 6 of this year, I spoke about fluoride and how it affects my memory… Little did I know that my encounter with another metal, mercury in 2001 via the dental chair, would make me start walking the path of losing my memory as any Alzheimer’s patient does… But part of the miracle was for me to end up here in the northern part of this State of California and learn much about the brain; and so, a doctor came to share via PBS how some of us could miss some genes and lose our memories and get foggy minds with chronic low depression because we cannot detoxify our bodies.

If interested, find the book “The Ultramind Solution” by Dr. Mark Hyman. On June 20, I applied the counsel in this book but used three detoxifiers that my Lord had sent to me via other people in 1996, 1998 and 2007. Most of you reading this story have already received details of this miracle. But for those who have not read it, day by day, my memory is coming back since. Even my mother language, Spanish, was in the process of being forgotten… I tremble now by the extent of memory loss I had, and most especially for proper names. Now, some proper names or words come back on their own. Some I have to look up, but they do not disappear anymore… So, to the one that has been given much, much is expected

So, I entered into big discernment asking the Holy Ghost to let me know very clearly if I should continue writing blogs, and of course, I already knew that it was what I had to do. However, I was able to make a deal (I have Jewish roots and it helps in dealing…) and I will write only once a month near the end or beginning of the month, and only to share what He has done for me in the previous 30 days.

Well, now to the meat of this blog…

A. I DID CONTRACT THE H1N1 virus. However, I think I just discovered something very important that may help any of you for any powerful virus like this one.… Here is the story:

From Julian Whitaker, MD – Health and Healing Newsletter – Nov. 2009

Hydrogen Peroxide for disinfecting toothbrushes

“I recently ran across another use for trusty old hydrogen peroxide that’s bound to come in handy with cold and flu season upon us – you can disinfect your tooth brush with it. Your bathroom is home to a multitude of nasty germs, and millions of them live on the very toothbrush you rely on daily to keep your mouth clean. For quick and easy sanitation, purchase some inexpensive 3% hydrogen peroxide. Pour a little into a container big enough to cover the head and bristles of your brush and let it soak for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water, and allow it to dry. I recommend doing this at least once a week. If you’ve been sick, toss out your old brush once you feel better just to be on the safe side.”


My “possible” discovery à I started with symptoms of the H1N1 on a Monday (Oct. 5). By Sunday, Oct. 11, I went to 8 AM Mass with almost perfect health and stamina… That same night I started coughing. The night of Monday to early Tuesday (Oct. 12 to O Oct. 13), I almost die and coughed at least 100 times…

Well, I suddenly had an epiphany… We know that this vaccine for this H1N1 virus takes 2 weeks for full immunity to start… I am sure that the same occurs with the actual infection with the virus. I realized that my tooth brush was full of this virus from the moment I was infected and had symptoms… Yet on day 7, Sunday Oct. 11., although I felt well, full of energy and went to Mass without any incident, I most likely had been re-infected via my own tooth brush some 48 hours before and after incubation with this virus from this second encounter and the afternoon of this same Sunday, I became sick, and precisely it was in my tracheo-bronchial tree because the infection source was in my mouth… It makes soo much sense.

The CDC came up with the counsel to watch for days 6-7. When one feels O,K., if one gets sick again, watch out… And some cases end up in hospitals and precisely in respirators… Isn’t that interesting? Why on days 6-7? Besides, the very first infection should have given acute trachea-bronchial symptoms, but not, just a slight cough… It is the second infection in my humble opinion… that tends to kill because the body has not had sufficient time to build immunity. Also, by now the body defenses are even lower because of the first infection, and the virus can do more harm and in the area closest to were the infection came through (tooth brush and mouth)..

Lo and behold, this newsletter from Dr. Whitaker arrived about 5 days ago and it gave me an idea to decipher the second infection and precisely with severe viral bronchitis and/or pneumonitis.  Some physicians are claiming that a secondary bacterial infection is the cause.  Well, not in my case.  And I know because I examined the color of the phlegm and it was clear and not abundant. The cough was rather dry. For the rest of my life, especially with very virulent viruses, like the H1N1, I will do what I will explain next.

What to do?

1. If anyone has any cold, flu or H1N1, it makes sense to disinfect the tooth brush within 3 days of the primary infection, and probably repeat it a couple of days later…

2. All of us should HAVE  two new tooth brushes at all times. Disinfect the one in use each week with peroxide, most especially during the flu season… Then, after the cleaning, place the tooth brush in a bag and freeze it… Did you know that viruses and bacteria die with the extreme cold temperatures of the freezer? Isn’t’ this why we place all our meat and cooked food there? So, you can disinfect and freeze and every time, you put one brush in the freezer and get the second one out for use… I have also been told that there is a “VIOlight” machine that sanitizes tooth brushes with UV rays.


(The Spanish version will not be available due to my frail health as I recover from the H1N1 virus, and sitting for too long to type has proven to be difficult. )

My discipleship duties have been expanded in understanding of what I must do. Yet, before I continue, I was led to examine the story of Mary who was at the feet of Jesus and how Martha was upset about it for not helping her.

Luke 10: 38-42. “As they continued their journey, He entered a village where a woman whose name was Martha welcomed Him. She had a sister named Mary who sat beside the Lord at his feet, listening to Him speak. Martha, burdened with much serving, came to Him and said, ‘Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me by myself to do the serving?’ The Lord said to her in reply, ‘Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her.’”

I suddenly understood beyond any doubt that listening to Him speak as He does when I read the Bible, is the only thing required to do first, when I am pressed to do chores that are needed (of course chores that are not super urgent like picking up a child from school)… But in the following chapter and the same page of my Bible (Luke 11:9-13), Jesus said that if I ask for anything it will be given to me, and concludes that if we ask the Father for the Holy Spirit, I will receive Him. So, I was listening to what Jesus spoke and as recorded in the Book, and I realized that I have to take time to listen as I pray to the Father to send me the Holy Spirit for everything I do, because it is the only thing necessary and it will not be taken away from me. And so, I have intensified my listening and asking for His Spirit to enlighten my path of discipleship. Of course we read the same in:

Sirach 6:37 – “Reflect on the precepts of the Lord, let His commandments be your constant meditation (listen to His Word); then, He will enlighten your mind, and the wisdom you desire He will grant. (Holy Spirit’s gift of wisdom)”

Deuteronomy 27:9 –Be silent, O Israel, and LISTEN! This day, you have become the people of the Lord, your God. You shall therefore hearken to the VOICE OF THE LORD, your God, and keep His commandments and statues, which I enjoin on you today.”

Now regarding the embracing of our crosses and to follow Him, I was led to see what this following of Him means. He did many things for us, but at the top of the list I would put His faithfulness to do the will of His Father all the way to death on a Cross in order to lay down his life for us. So, part of this embracing of my crosses is to offer them to God the Father in union with Jesus’ sacrifice and as discussed in a previous blog, in order to tame Satan. St. Faustina once stated that her sufferings united to His became mighty in obtaining mercy for others. Moses did tell the Israelites to offer sacrifice. He was not telling this to the priests but the whole people of Israel.

Deuteronomy 27: 6 –  Moses and the elders gave this order to the People of Israel – “You shall make this altar of the Lord, your God, with undressed stones, and shall offer on it holocausts to the Lord, your God.”

But now, other forms of offering sacrifice or holocaust as followers of Jesus consist in this: Sirach 35: 1-2; 4. – “To keep the law is a great oblation, and he who observes the commandments SACRIFICES a peace offering. In works of charity one offer fine flour, and when he gives alms he presents his sacrifice of praise. Appear not before the Lord empty handed, for all that you offer is in fulfillment of the precepts.”

With all this insights, I suddenly realized that He was polishing my practice of being the best disciple I could and as follows:

I.  (P) So, when I pray, I KNOW I AM OFFERING A SACRIFICE. Again, I have to go back often to the words of Fr. Carlo Carreto who said, “Prayer starts when I do not think or ask but let myself be led in adoration.”

II.(C) Fidelity to keep all the Commandments.

Love of God: ways I must remind myself of what it means.

1. It means to love God alone, that is, to consider that my food is to do His will, as Jesus said and did.

2. It means to seek this inward pilgrimage to my heart where the Holy Trinity resides, and to become a hymn of praise and thanksgiving as often as possible.

3. It means to remain abandoned to God’s will for each present moment as A MATTER OF FACT! No questions. No fears. No doubts in His love for me as a mother loves the infant in her womb, so tenderly, so completely, so purely, that HIS WILL is the most precious gift He has for me, and precisely because His love is soo intense, unique and sanctifying. This abandonment has two very important requirements, since the past is gone and the future is not here. Therefore no time should be spent in past memories or fear for the future, or on plans how to live it. It is all a waste of time since any sad memories were allowed by God, and therefore they contain ample meaning for my salvation and of others. Plans for the future are all done by my self-love that seeks to please my own will… Of course, if the Holy Spirit wants us to plan a future retirement (besides the normal savings for old age), He will let us know!

4. It means that knowing the above truth, I must take the battles/passions/crosses that are part of His loving will and place them in the altar of my soul (temple of the Holy Spirit) as a victim, on behalf of my brothers and sisters, becoming this way altar,victim and priestess at the same time, in union with Jesus’ holocaust and passion. That is, exercising my royal priesthood as part of a holy Church, as a daughter of my Father, in order to approach the throne of grace seeking  His mercy for me and the whole world.

5. It means to often repent for my sins of commission (breaking the commandments); of omission for the things that I was destined to do and failed.

Love of neighbor

“God will not ask me if I did not make priests holy and if I converted everybody, but He will ask me if I prayed, suffered and laid my life for them, and if I tried new roads to make Him known.” Blessed John XXIII.

I add: God will ask me

1) If I forgave all their offenses

2) I f I was right there for them when they needed me, with love, monetary help, compassion, companionship, patience, understanding, as a silent witness of love for them, etc.

3) If I loved them where they were at, spiritually or emotionally, with all defects of character and not changed as a prerequisite for me to love them.

4) If I acted as a true disciple of Christ with a missionary mind and who goes out to preach the Good News without words, just in action, seeking to bring them to the Master.

III. (C). Crosses

1. I must daily understand that if I follow Jesus as He invited me to do, my route is to Calvary, which means to be sacrificed again and again through my total self-denial and the actions of others.

2. Understanding that in order to enter the Kingdom of God, it must be through a narrow gate and with the purity, honesty, littleness and trust of a child.

3. Understanding that this is the only way of living the Gospel of the Cross that Jesus came to model for us, and the one way that I can help souls to open to the action of the Holy Spirit.

4. Accepting always the scandal of things that I do not understand as part of the will of God, and as very good for me.

5. Showing patience in adversity. When struck in one cheek, I must offer the other one. When sickly, I must rejoice.

IV. (T) Total Trust

I must be certain that trusting in God’s love for me and in His Word, which promises that fidelity to prayer, His commandments and the embracing of my crosses, will meet the requirements of discipleship, will render the following fruits:

1. Outpouring of His mercy over me and others

2. I will be glorifying the Holy Trinity in a very high degree

3. I will be preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom without words.

4. I will participate with Jesus in the salvation of my family and many others.

5. I will part of restoring the Roman Catholic Church at large, and will see the Ministerial Priesthood receiving a new Pentecost.

6. I will be part of St. Francis of Assisi’s desire, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me,” because I will be a disciple, and as such, I can be part of securing peace  and solidarity across barriers of hatred, division, accusations, lies and fear with which Satan has embroiled the entire world.

7. I will be taming Satan and his demons

8. I will be fulfilling the call to be a missionary through the mercy of God, since His mercy  will abound if I LIVE THIS TRUST IN HIS LOVE FOR ME, because Jesus said so to St. Faustina, and it is accepted by the Church as part of His revelations to  her.

9. And all along I will have the Son of God, Jesus, my Master, securing protection from my Father for me “as a practicing disciple” and asking the Father to protect me from the evil one…

John 17: Excerpts of Jesus’ prayer: “(Father) I revealed Your Name to those whom You gave me out of the world. They belonged to You and You gave them to Me, and they have kept Your Word…. I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for the ones You have given Me, because they are Yours… I gave them Your Word, and the world hated them, because they do not belong to the world any more than I belong to the world.  I do not ask that You take them out of the world but that You keep them from the evil one. Consecrate them in the truth. Your Word is Truth. As you sent Me into the world, so I sent them into the world. And I consecrate Myself for them, so that they also may be consecrated in truth.  I pray not only for them, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word, so that they may all be one, as You , Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. “

Well, PCCT  as described above is another way to remember my routing – prayer, commandments, crosses and trust. The first three, PCC, will prove that I trust my God, and if I trust, His Mercy will pour over me and anything I ask Him during the 3 PM hour, the Hour of Mercy, He will answer… He promised it to St. Faustina. It also places me in the category of being protected from the evil one, as Jesus is praying for me in this way for eternity, since He and His Word are eternal.

Final comment: I was very taken by the homily delivered by the Pastor of my Church this past Sunday, the Feast of All Saints. “Yes we can” and “Sí se puede” in Spanish, are slogans that apply to his homily. This younger priest in a very nice and clear way finally said what I have never heard before from the pulpit… Fr. Paulson explained how the Saints, our brothers and sisters, are given to us as models, and our novenas and multiple prayers asking for favors should take a secondary place to the call they represent to us: to try to imitate their holiness, their way of life. Yes we can, that is, it can be said with love and tenderness as this priest did and change the mind of the immense majority of Catholics who pray to the Saints and even to Our Lady asking for favors. He did not say it, but it was implicit in the content of his words. When we pray for favors, we usually are asking the Saints to intercede to God to change our circumstances or that of others. We must remember that we may as well be opposing the will of God for us or others…!!!

May you have a very blessed Thanksgiving Day celebration!

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