About hospital visit!

TESTING, TESTING, TESTING, were the words I understood as I spent 3 hours in this ER of this hospital in this area, a private and the largest around here. No doubt that my Lord was testing me regarding how I was ready to carry this cross, and I think I passed the test. The 3 PM hour (hour of mercy) spent there of this Friday afternoon, reminded me of His Passion… I definitely suffer from some toxicity from this product I was taking, but the physician in the ER was baffled. All my tests came back negative. It is now apparent that there is some blockage on all my muscles which impedes them to contract to full strength and therefore, eating is a problem because my stomach (a muscle) cannot digest (contract) as efficiently as always. Shortness of breath ensues because the diaphragm, the huge muscle under the chest that controls (mechanically) 80 % of the emptying/filling of the lungs with air  it is also impaired and therefore, generates the feeling of shortness of breath. Getting up becomes a chore because the signal sent to contract all minor arteries to avoid the escape of blood to the feet as I stand up it is also blocked, and more blood escapes down than needed and the heart does not like it, and it starts beating too fast… And so on and so forth.

They could not do much for me and gave me the alternative of staying for observation or be discharged. Of course, I took the latter. There is no time frame of when this will resolve if it will at all, but things are improving big time… My hunger for air after eating is 50% less. I can stand for longer times without terrible symptoms. All in all, thank you to those who prayed after they read my last message because the doctor I encountered was an “angel” – humble, knowledgeable, kind… The rest of the personnel was a dream! The ER was basically empty at our arrival (2:15 PM) when it is always the busiest in town according to some nurses!!!!

I offered the cross of this visit and of the possibility of being jailed in this hospital for some days — for all of you… and for our future “coming up” in front of His throne of Mercy, but united in prayer for ourselves and the rest of the world in all its facets.

His yoke was very easy… once I succumbed to say “yes” to it but from a point of view of using it to give Him glory through obedience to His will (like Jesus’ Mother did), and as the best servant I could be. I must report from the battle field that yes, He is all mercy and love and justice… and that embracing our crosses is truly a gift we give to ourselves. My faith in His Word came up a couple of decibels since yesterday. He is sooo alive… and He showed up for work all during my visit to this health center… He is alive, no kidding! Will resume the blogs by early next week (if according to His will,) when we will work on our list of petitions for His mercy but as a “team”. The Lord is my shepherd and there is nothing I shall want! NOTHING!


Mis hermanos y hermanas: mi visita a la sala de emergencias para resolver el problema de posible intoxicación por un producto que estaba tomando fue excelente porque pude ser chequeada y todos los exámenes fueron negativos. Al mismo tiempo, el médico que me atendió y el resto del personal fueron ángeles bajados del cielo. Sin embargo, no me pudieron ofrecer ningún consejo, aunque para hoy los síntomas están disminuyendo en un 25%, y esto significa que la intoxicación está en proceso de mejorarse.

Es obvio que esto fue un llamado a abrazar esta cruz y decir que “sí” como el sí de María, Su Madre, y funcionó perfectamente. Estuve ahí durante la hora de misericordia, 3 PM y por ser viernes  me recordó de Su Pasión. Mil gracias por todas las oraciones por mí. Funcionaron muy bien y este mal momento me dio una oportunidad de ser “probada” y creo que pasé la prueba… Jesús está VIVO, tan vivo como cualquiera de ustedes, y luce tan ocupado en darnos dirección para que no nos desviemos a la derecha o izquierda (Isaías 30:21), y nos mantengamos en Su Camino…  Al menos, yo lo vi en acción en las 3 horas que pasé en esta sala de urgencias. Yo crecí mucho en fe con sólo ver cómo se desarrolló el llamado a abrazar esta cruz que Él me tiro al paso… El Señor es my Pastor y a mí nada me falta… NADA… Cada cruz que nos envía es un regalo que nosotros recibimos si decimos que sí a ella, y yo lo viví ayer. El próximo mensaje llegara al principio de semana, si así Él lo quiere.

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