Sickly. Going to hospital!

My friends: this a short note to alert you that since Monday I have been showing signs of toxicity at a cellular level… I was taking a product from a reputable place to help me with inflammation since I was tainted with mercury in 2002 when my dentist removed two silver fillings (they contain mercuy), and he did not take precautions to do it without my blood absorbing any of it. Since, I became allergic to 60 foods by lab. test… He is a great young man, great dentist but would not believe in mercury toxicity… Of course, if I eat the wrong thing, I get inflammation in differents parts of the body as my immune system reacts… Onions are one of the worse ones, and it is hard to ask for food in a restaurant without onions.

So, after two weeks of taking this product ,I have developed a problem with oxygen getting into my cells, or at least it sounds like it. I do not know how long I will be there, and therefore, I hope my son can give you a one sentence report every week, if need to, of when the blogs will resume.

In the mean time, since we are going to start with some of you, a group of people willing to ask for mercy from God while seriously trying to be disciples as He told us, and most importantly for these very tough times in the world, if I were you, those who would like to start this communal prayer next Jan. 1, reflect in the mercy of God… We know what it is… Yet, reflect in the mercy of God in your lives… How many times He had loved you like a Mom loves a baby in her womb… Your parents, your upbringing, studies, vocations, loves, intelligence, people you have met, etc. It is about time to make a list… and I mean a list of those acts of love of God, the rahamin ones, this crazy love He has for each of us, and give HIM thanks in this Christmas.

I leave you with this story and I love this example of mercy from God to Israel. In Exodus 17, only 0ne month and 15 days after the Israelites had left Egypt, they were grumbling big time.. Well, we know that… God gave them meat and bread (manna) this first week after the grumbling… They had to trust in Him and were ordered not to save it for the next day… Period… But of course, even the huge miracle of food coming from the skies was not sufficient proof… for them proving that He loved them to pieces…  So, what they saved would be rotten by the next day. However, on the sixth day they were to pick up enough for the Sabbath day… and that did not get rotten… Hmm..

Now, the punch line is this: then Moses asked Aaron to pick up save one homer (10 bushels) and to keep it next to the commandments… Big sign… This fed them for the entire next 40 years…!!!! If this is not mercy, what then could it be… Yet, I wonder how many times I have done the same thing in my life…when I mistrusted His crazy love for me in the presence of huge miracles… God closed their eyes (as in Mark 4:11-12) to the immensity of this daily miracle of multiplication of the bread, and I am sure it was done to serve us as an example of how we also can mistrust God… For us Catholics, we have the multiplication of the Bread of Life… to this very second in some part of the world where a Mass is being celebrated… and we cannot comprehend the immensity of this miracle either.

Then poor Moses, he was so exausted and in another story tries to remind them of the miracles they have lived since the parting of the Red Sea and tells them in Deut. 5: 2 “The Lord made a convenant with us – not with our fathers but with us… (we also have one through Jesus). Verse 10:  speaks about how God bestows mercy to the thousandth generation on those who love Him and keeps His commandments. Verse 32”-33: “Be careful therefore, to do as the Lord Your God has commanded you, not turning to the right or left, but following exactly the way chosen by God for you.” (As in Iasiah 30: 21)

So, this mercy He showed to Israel is ours as well… When the Mother of Jesus visited her cousin Elizabeth, the Holy Spirit placed in her lips the same message: Luke 1: 50 “His mercy is from age to age.” 54: “He has helped Israel His servant remembering His mercy.”

My thought in this is that if He has a plan of mercy for each one of us and the world at large from generation to generation , it is about time that we enter first into the mystery of such mystery in our lives, what we have lived… From there, we could ask for mercy for others as a team starting Jan. 1. And the promise is sooo good because through the prophet He said, “Let the outcasts of Moab live with you, be their shelter from the destroyer. When the struggle is ended, the ruin complete, and they have done  with trampling the land, a throne shall be set up in mercy, and on it, shall sit in fidelity, a Judge upholding right and prompt to do justice.” (Jesus, Mercy Himself).

PS: sorry for any major errors in spelling… I have no time to edit much.


Estoy enferma con intoxicación por una yerba que estaba tomando y voy en camino al hospital. No tengo tiempo de traducir to anterior. Pero lean en Exodo 17 cómo Dios produjo mana para comer y Arón guardó una cierta cantidad y esta les duró por los proximos 40 años… Sin embargo, teniendo al frente al milagro de la multiplicación del mana por 40 años, sus ojos estaban cerrados… Así me pasa a mí, me cierro a pensar en todos los actos de misericordia que he recibido del Señor… Algo importante de analizar en cada una de nuestras vidas para comenzar al año 2009 con acción de gracias por todo el mana que el Señor nos ha dado, y el más importante, Jesús en la Eucaristia…

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