God’s mercy in action!

I was going to start  my favorite part of becoming a discipleship: the theme of the cross… but God had other plans…

About 2 months ago, we (four sons and I) were deciding in what house we would celebrate Thanksgiving, a very American feast but extremely meaningful in God’s terms. My son in Nebraska with wife and two small children invited us.  Last year they had come to my house in Ohio with one other son. Immediately I knew I would  not go. This year of 2008 has been pivotal in our lives. Miracles have grown in trees and fallen upon us like the rain does. For example, two houses that needed to be sold, did sell in a short time despite the problem with the real estate market and just prior to the Wall Street debacle and the banking chaos.

It started to become clear that I had to take the day off from anything else to thank God… He even reminded us of how important it is to come back and give thanks… like the one leper of the 10 healed (Luke 17) and I am sure He was not kidding. So, through the light of the Holy Ghost, this would be His day to purposely give thanks. The delight of seeing my grandchildren, most especially the one who was born last March and who is changing so much in just a few months, had to be replaced by His words in the Bible and paraphrasing He said, “Unless you deny your mother, father, children, etc., you cannot be my disciple.” Yet, He had more in mind…

One son flew  from a large city south of where I live on Tuesday just to see me and in order to fly yesterday afternoon to Nebraska together with the son who houses me. Perfect plans we had made… We hardly have rain and the sun is always out, but not on the eve of Thanksgiving. The flight was to leave at 4:10 PM from this large international airport of a nearby city. I had gone to  pick up my oldest son on Tuesday after I had received an on the ground training on how to get to this airport… So yesterday, at 12:15 PM we received a call from my second son with whom I live saying that his data base server in his company had major problems and that he may not be able to fly… I ran to my room and asked the Mother of the King to intercede, since after all, she mediated big time the transformation of water into wine by her Son for the wedding feast; but of course, with the condition that only God’s will would be done… and she is an expert at it as well.

At 2 PM, it was decided that he would go but directly to the airport, instead of coming here to leave the car and for me to take them both. He had packed and instructed his brother to take it to him. We left for the airport and the rain was not fun. The trip usually takes 30 minutes. This time it took 45. I dropped the one son exactly at 3 PM and yes, they made it to Nebraska… But, mother got lost coming back and here is the mercy of God in action.

I missed the exit to expressway 24 East… vital to get to this part of where I live. I turned back trying to re-route and I drove 45 minutes in this large city whose airport I had just left and had no idea where I was… I had no map of this particular city, and hardly remembered when last September I attended the very first public Mass at its  brand new Cathedral inauguration. I asked for His mercy over and over and was getting impatient with this God of ours… He is hard headed some times in my human understanding… I just needed to find a gas station or a pharmacy or large market to buy a map and re-route, but oh no, nothing was in site, but a crowded downtown under the rain and cars all over.  I kept saying, “Where is your mercy, my Lord… I do not see it. Where is Your love for me like a mom loves a baby in her womb? Hmm.” 45 minutes later after going around and around I found myself stopping on a red light and there it said, entrance to 24 East. Notice that it was the 3 PM hour, the hour of Mercy, and I had prayed for mercy and I never needed the map. He had a plan…. 

From there it took forever to get home because although I was in the right road, there were thousands of cars and much rain… I finally arrived safe and sound and there it was, a great parable of His mercy in my life. I understood it very well… The bustling city with many streets and not knowing at all where I was going, it represented my life. I asked for His mercy and He led me to the right road; yet, it was a long congested road that took me home, and it will be the same in my spiritual life. I will get to my Father’s mansion in due time if I only stick with His Presence, His love and expect that He will take me home if I trust in His mercy and observe His commandments.

I had been bugging Him a lot regarding the writing of this blog. I thought I should stop since I am not a theologian and should not venture in such a topic… After seeing His mercy in action, I knew He was admonishing me, teaching me, as Sirach 18:11-12 says. I knew He had propitiated the whole event so that I would have one more prove to write it to share with others, His mercy in action, and to thank Him today.

Today, there was a Mass celebrated and offered for me in the town I came from as a gift from a friend. I got up at 6 AM, 9 AM their local time for this Mass, and stayed up thanking God for this Mass, for the celebrant priest, for my friend and for His Presence. Here, I attended 10 AM Mass and thanked God for the many gifts He has sent me. I thanked Him for showing me how His mercy work, as He did yesterday. I understood more than any other recent day that He is in charge and that all crosses, including this driving in what it looked a ghetto part of this city, with no company but Himself, it is all what it is needed, because He is mercy and He was teaching me a big lesson… 

I thanked Him today for my crosses of the last recent years. I needed them very much. There were a few persecutors that probably did not mean what they did or say, but nonetheless the wounds they inflicted still exist, and yet, I had to learn to forgive them not in word but in action…  And the action requires to love them and not just  to dislike them, and under His mercy, it is very easy. He did it but only after I expressed my desire to love them, because He is as crazy about them as he is about the rest of us. He was training me in how I should extend mercy to others… and only on the cross I could have learned it.

Yesterday and up to this morning, the blog site was not functioning well… So, my Spanish version of the last blog and even today’s will have to wait. I do not want to place much writing in one blog in case it is bothering the site. When my son comes from Nebraska and figures out my domain hicoughs, then I will translate it in a separate blog. Something else: apparently one page is made of 10 blogs. Soon, I will start in a new page (2), and  the previous writings can be found in page one, so you know.


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